sandwiched between two girls

hi fellas,

i am lucky enough to be in a country wif unreliable public transport and a cramming asian population in a big city. being a modern islamic country the girls wear their headscarf and their thin dresses that fall all the way to their ankles. the advantages of these dresses allow you to achieve maximum warmness unlike jeans. the people here are meant to be conservative and not allowed to indulge in things that we discuss on this great forum.

the train was especially packed today when two trains did not arrive during the peak hour traffic at the main central station. we were packed in like sardines and it was unavoidable to probe a girl on her ass and feel a few asses wif the back of your hand. but what happened next was quite amazing. the girl in front of me was getting a big agitated from me slowly humping her from behind. she was in her early 20's and was shorter than me that made me able to position myself directly on her ass crack without much effort. she tried to move to her right but was blocked by another girl that was facing away from her holding the pole on the opposite side. she persisted in moving away to her right and i followed her until my pole was sandwiched between the girl i was humping and the girl behind her. it only lasted a few minutes but it was worth mentioning.

during less busy hours i tend to search for girls that are sitting by themselves and i usually sit beside them when i hop on. the seats here are quite small and doesnt leave much room between passengers. the train pulled to the platform and i noticed a girl in her early 20's sitting by herself and looking quite bored. so i sat next to her and started to test the water. checking whether she was a player or not. i first start to move my arm to be in contact with hers and noticed that she did not move away. slowly i could feel the heat eminating from her as her chest started to rise and fall more rapidly. so i took the next step and place my hand next to her thigh and started to lightly stroke the side of her thigh. she pretended to close her eyes and started to nod to sleep but i could tell from the flush on her face and increased heartbeat she was enjoying every moment of it. i was able to do all this because the seats in the older trains had taller seats and neighbouring passengers were not able to see what we were up to. i started to rub her right thigh more firmly and her face was flushed with excitement. i wish i had been bolder and gone for the pot of honey but i thought that would spoil the moment and i would be taking it to far. when she reached her stop she got up, looked at me for the first time and gave a big smile. i replied by giving the full length of her thigh a final stroke and smiled back as she pointed her ass in my direction and headed to the door.

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