Bus Ride

I had a nice bus ride home from school today. I was coming home at 5:30 today and the bus was nice and crowded.

I managed to get myself positioned behind a nice big butt italian girl. Her ass was squeezed into some tight ass jeans.

She was facing the back of the bus talking to her friend and I was directly behind her also looking towards the back of the bus. I stood a couple of inches behind her and waited for more people to get on the bus.

Once we started moving I started softly pressing my dick on to her ass and was hard in no time at all. The feeling wasn't great since we were both wearing jeans, but anytime you get to rub up against a nice looking girl is a plus.

At first she didn't seem very receptive and put a little separation between us. We got to the next stop and more people crammed onto the bus. At this point the bus driver gets up and tells everyone to push towards the back.

This was a perfect opportunity to press my dick into her ass again. So we start moving again and my dick is reting in her butt crack. She glanced back at me and i guess she decided she liked what she saw and this time she didn't move away.

She had a nice fat ass and even through the jeans I was getting some nice contact. I started humping her ever so slightly and rubbing my cock from side to side. It's been a while since i've been out chikaning so this was feeling great.

I was getting more and more excited, but keeping myself under control and restrained. If i could of had a good 20 minutes i figure i could have busted a nut, but i didn't want to cream in my pants and after a few stops the bus started emptying out and i couldn't justify standing so close to her.

All in all a good day, i'll have to try to catch that bus more often.


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