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Standing on line in Philly waiting for a balloon ride in grocery store parking lot (some sort of PR thing) the balloon was tethered. Young lady in front of me with silk mini-skirt that the wind was playing with (no thongs in those days, just very flimsy panties. This chick had an ass that you may have wished you had not seen, because it would haunt you for a life-time (ya know?) The basket on the balloon would only accomodate six people at the time. I was with my wife to make it even more interesting, and the girl with the silk skirt had a six year(guessing)old child w/her, and it was our turn to board the balloon basket for our descent of about sixty feet or so. Well, just before we boarded the basket, I was a gentleman and allowed my wife and this dream ass kid to take their place in the basket. Just before I got to step up into the basket, I was directly behind miss pretty tush when the wind pushed up her skirt to reveal her perfect rounded symmetrical glory crack five inches from my anxious eyes and I wasn't about to let this situation go to waste! We took our respective positions in the basket, and, being a bit on the tight side, I ended up right behind her with her butt pressed against my captive dick. She bent-over to tend to her child and I looked straight down only to perceive her her nicely spread ass-crack straining against her silk skirt, with the lump of my deprived prick in the center of it all. The whole balloon experience took only about five minutes, but this was an experience that lasted me a life-time.........she knew..and I know she knew....she straightened up and my bulging image was directly involved with her most intimate places. I could smell the perfume in her hair as I experienced the willing pressure of her ass pushing against me. It was tough not to reach around and grasp her tits and utter the unpredictable blunders of a stranger into her soft ear; but I alas, unabashedly grasped the moment and experienced a moment that may come only once in a lifetime. My wife had not a clue of my little mini-trek into the taboos of this willing kid. She smiled at me when I said "nice ride for free huh?" She simply mothered her child upon descent and went about her way..........mean-while my prick was stuck to my shorts through our morning shopping trip in Safeway. I must say that "close" can be sometimes be better; it has afforded me many episodes of corn-husking nirvana, and my wife need never know of the libido-enhancing effect it has had on our married life. Long live plump butts in shirt silk mini-skirts; it's a fine madness as they say.

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