One story for a video

Video number 8 shows the interactivity of this board. Somebody on this board had
commented that I am using always my index finger in the pictures - why not to use
a thumb? The next day I was following about 18 years old girl in a mall - long curved
brown hair and tight blue jeans. First we went down the escalators. I pressed my knee
against her buttocks. She moved a bit like she was feeling a bit unconfortable but the contact
was maintained all the way down. (The film starts here.) I followed her accross an atrium
and to another escalators going up. The escalator was completely empty, so it felt a bit
unnatural to stand at the next step below. I did a hasty reaction testing with the back
of my hand. She didn't mind. I then remembered the thumb trick and pressed my thumb
direcly to her ass crack. That felt marvellous! At least my thumb gets bit curved when
I put my thumb up, It fits very nicely to curved ass crack giving more contact surface.
The encounter was relatively short but the feeling was high and the resulted video
is one of my favorites.


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