Night bus

I have not travled much in public transportation for a while,
but a few days ago I had a special encounter in a night bus.
I had taken a couple of beers with my friends so I was a bit
drunk. The clock was around 23 and there were only few busses
running. When I arrived to the bus station, the bus was already
waiting at the platform. I ran quickly to the bus that left
immediately. I looked for a place to sit down. There were two
girls sitting alone, so I had to make a quick desicion. I choosed
one that was sitting in the front of the bus. In that type of
bus there is one row of seat that are facing backwards i.e. two
rows of seats are facing each others. The girl was sitting there
facing forward and the seats opposite were empty. She was about
17-19 years old, dark hair in ponytail, not very tall, slim
good looking body and small tits. She was weraing a pilot jacket
and light coloured thight jeans.
She was already reading a book when I entered the bus. I sat down
and immediately took contact with her thigh with the back of
my hand. I gently rubbed my hand against her thigh taking advantage
from the movements of the bus. The girl kept reading like
she hadn't notice anything.

I was more bold than normally because I was a bit drunk but
at the same time I was very cautious because I hadn't been
groping for a while. I moved my hand to horizontal position and
let my index finger linger on her thigh. I bent slightly my wrist
outwards and my fingers were already on top of her thigh. She moved
quickly and I immediately took my hand away. I thought that
she was upset, but she just reached her purse, took
a paper napkin and wiped her nose. Then she continued reading.
And I continued the play. She was completely ignorant, she did not
any movement to move away although she had plenty of space on the window
side. I interpreted this as a positive response, and I made it more obvious
for her that I pet her intentionally. She was still trying to read,
but I noticed that it took veeery long time to turn a page to next.
The bus stopped and new people entered the bus. I retired my hand because
it was completely exposed to people walking in the bus and I was afraid
that someone may notice what I was doing. As the bus left, I continued the
play with my fingers. This lasted for something like twenty minutes and
both of us were pretending that we were not aware what was going on. We finally
arrived to my bus stop but the girl was continuing further so I decided to
stay couple of more stops. Plenty of people stepped out in that stop, including
two women at their 40's who had been sitting on the other side of the aisle.
I had been a bit worried of those ladies noticing my play because they seemed to
be of that type of people who just can't be so that they mind only about their own
business. As the bus continued, I noticed that the front of the bus was completely
empty. Only me and the girl (and of course the driver). Although the girl had chosen
total ignorance mode I interpreted that she was consent and I decided to push the
play one extra mile further than ever before. I shamelessly placed my hand
on the top of her thigh and started genltly fondle her thigh with my fingers. My
hand was resting heavily on her thigh and I could feel very well her nice, warm
and firm muscles. She was still staring at the book (or beyond it at my hand).
Her posture was stiff showing excitement and her faces looked very concentrated.
She didn't seem to be worried though, just curious about what is happening. Like
she was listening with her body every movement I made. And there were no single
movement telling that she wants away from the situation! I then reached my hand
further down to her inner thigh, all the way down to the inner seam of her jeans.
I started genltly rub her inner thigh at the half way between her knee and her crotch.
You can imagine how excited I was about the situation. So was she - she closed
her eyes and just enjoyed. I started to move my hand very slowly towards her crotch
and managed to get only two inches away from her pussy when she suddenly opened
her eyes, and picked up her purse like she was going to leave. I of course took
my hand away immediately and tried to interpret from her body language what she
was thinking. She didn't look to my eyes although I tried to catch a contact. I think
that she was feeling confused and bit embarrassed because she had let the situation to go as
far as it had gone. I decided to step out at the same stop because I was already two stops away
from my home. As the bus was approaching the final stop, most of the passengers still
at the bus (about 5 persons) stepped out. I decided to do something very exceptional
to me. As I stepped out from the bus I stopped and turned around to the girl. I lightly
touched her arm and whispered to her ear that "It was a pleasur to travel with you."
The girl was completely speechless, she just looked in my eyes and nodded her head like
for approval. For a second we broke the "total ignorance wall" and then she turned around
and started walking to opposite direction were I was going. As It was dark, late and
only very few people were around, I decided not to scare her by following her and I
headed back to my home.

On the way back to home I wondered why she let me go all the way. Firstly, she was feeling
safe. She had plenty of room around and allways a possibiliy to get away from the situation.
Secondly she knew that she was in control. I had taken my hand away several times. Any time
she gave a smallest indicator that she might not like it. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly,
nobody was there to see what was happening. I guess that girls scare that
someone sees that they are groped. And even worse it is if someone sees that she is groped
but she allows it to happen (or even enjoys it). Nobody wants other people to think that she
is a bitch. Many people seem to think that groping requires big
crowds, but some times it may be complete oposite.


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