Bar Bum

As advertised, I went out "poop chutin" the other night at the bars. Even though I didn't get to nut, I did get in some good ass hump action. There was this one fat ass brunette who I repeatedly dicked in the butt all night long. She was one of these types who just appears to be completely oblivious to what you're doing, and it seems like you can totally get away with bloody murder. Either that, or she was just plain ignoring me. She did smile at me one time though. In addition to boning her in her ass, I regularly traced my index finger through her buttcrack, feeling gently into her warm booty crease.

She was about 5'6" or so, and was wearing this THIN black dress that was pulled nice and tight over her big, fat, soft, round, wide and white ass. As she would dance with guy and gal friends in the packed crowd, I would just get behind her and grind and rub my stiff dick all against that heavenly soft bum of hers as she swayed and moved to the music. Her buttcheeks made my dick feel so good, and I was digging so up into that crack so nicely, that I decided to follow her when she pushed her heavy ass through the crowd up to the bar to get some drinks. I stayed right on her big ass too.

When the cute brunette got her big ass up to the bar, I took a chance. Already, my zipper had been down and my dick had been out throughout the night, but still covered by my shirt. I took my "Jimmy", which was now hard as a rock with excited anticipation about what was gonna happen, and literally SHOVED it right BETWEEN the chick's DEEP, SOFT buttcheeks! I mean I THRUST my hips forward causing my boner to be BURIED DEEP up her butt in the classic "hot dog" position . . . all dug up in between her cheeks! I took the chance because I had been dickin' her in her crack so good and often earlier, but not like this! Damn that shit felt good too chikans!

And the thing is, she didn't say or do a thing! I couldn't believe it. I was like, " Now I KNOW she HAS to feel my STIFF DICK stuffed right between her buttcheeks . . . all up in her ass crack! There's just no way she can't!" This was one of those situations where I couldn't out and out hump, so I started doing the classic things that chikans like to do when they can't aggressively hump . . . the rocking back and forth . . . the up and down on the toes . . . making my hard dick do "the flex" and "the pulse" in her big ass . . . you all know the routine.

Then, the bartender came over and asked her what she wanted, and the bitch leaned over the bar . . . sticking her big butt back into my throbbing, twitching weenie! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I put on extra pressure and pushed into the crack of her ANAL CAVITY even more! Then, I started a subtle slow hump . . . not aggressive but just lightly and slowly massaging my "piece" around into her soft, fleshy arse gap. The bartender came back with a question about something . . . she leaned her big butt over the bar again . . . PUSH!!! YYYEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!

Next, I did something I love to do when I'm doing the "doggy bone" up a chick's butt when she's standing at the bar. I leaned forward all up on her back and shit, put my mouth up to her ear, and with my dick JAMMED DEEP between her pooty cheeks, I asked her if she would ask the bartender to get me some water to drink. The girl nodded yes, THEN LEANED THAT BIG ASS OVER YET AGAIN . . . right into my STEEL HARD DICK!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! GAWD I love chikan buttfucking girls this way! I actually got my water first before she got what she had ordered. I was like, "Damn, I should have asked for something else that would have taken longer to get!" There was no way I was ready to remove myself from in between them fat ass cheeks, so I decided to STILL stand there, plastered against the chick's back with my dick deep up her butt even though I had gotten my water! Hahahahahaaaaaa!

Well, soon she turned and looked at me a little funny, so I just stepped to the side a bit, removing my dick from betwixt the crack in her buttcheeks, but then leaving it resting against her plump right ham. I continued on with my rubbing and light humping, this time just against her right cheek. Several times, I reached down and adjusted my dick against her ass to get a better angle. She looked at me a little funny again . . . more like, "Why are you still standing here after you've gotten the water?" :-) This hump up against the bar went on for several minutes as the place was very crowded and busy, and it took a while for her to get the drinks she had ordered.

When the girl finally did get her drinks, she leaned over to pay, and I gave her big pooter another hard hunch in the ass. YAY-UUHH-UUHHH-UUUUUUHHHHHH! Then, she struggled to turn her fat ass in the crowd and leave the bar. I gave her big butt one last good thrust against her right cheek, then I reached my left hand down and gave her fleshy left bum cheek one hell of a damn good squeeze! I did it so as the blame would be put on somebody else though ;-) She just looked back at who she thought had felt up her fat ass, then turned and continued on her way.

There's just no way to explain the behavior of some women when they run into a chikan. Or rather, when a buttfucker chikan runs up in between their prescious, female buttocks cheeks! Hahaha! You've got your dick WAY up in her ass, and she does nothing. No reaction. Nothing. All I can say is that if you find one like that in the crowd, don't ask why. Just do it. If you like to chikan buttfuck, then stay on her big ass. It's there for you . . . so fuck those accommodating strange girls chikans . . . in their bums!

One other humping experience that I really liked happened in the same bar on the same night. There was this blonde wearing jeans who was standing facing this guy. As they talked, I got behind her. The crowd had really thinned out substantially by that time in the night as we were approaching closing time. I think last call had already been made. Anyway, I got behind the blonde and began to gently cup her ass . . . running my entire right hand all over her butt. I then decided I wanted to try to bum her. Get high off of her forbidden crack.

I lifted my shirt enough to gently rest my RAW dick against her ass crack, then began slowly rocking back and forth. I was EXTREMELY excited since there was really not a thick crowd, and I was totally getting away with humping that chick in public . . . with my dick partially exposed (raw dick against her butt crack covered with my shirt over the top). The head of my dick began to moisten with pre-cum. The girl moved a bit causing separation between her butt and my dick. I cupped her ass some more again, then closed the space and placed my dick back against her crack again for more light humping.

I kept at it for several minutes before I decided that I should call it a night before I got found out and knicked. No need to keep pushing my luck. I have to say that sometimes, I just can't believe what a skilled chikan can get away with. Other people just don't seem to have a clue or be aware of what's going on in their surrounding environment. Any other chikan would have seen clearly what I was doing. Bar bum . . . that's usually somebody who hangs out at the bar all the time drinking and smoking and socializing. I happen to be a bar bum myself. But for a different reason. I'm a bar bum too. Because I hang out at bars . . . where I fuck strange women . . . in their asses . . . in their bums. Bar bum!

Black Shogun

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