Nuts to Butts

It filters up through the line that it is so packed inside that they canít guarantee that everyone in line will be able to get in to the show. Conversation had buzzed about how far the response surpassed expectation and how the club was already packed beyond capacity. This info came by means of people already inside in touch with their friends still in line by cell phone. A member of the event staff approaches a group of fans; maybe 10 people behind me and begins talking persuasively to them. He tells them that for $20 he will ensure that they get inside. By now I am only about 5 or 6 people away from the security barrier so Iím not worried. I now have the task of getting myself reorganized and zipping up before being frisked by security. I make sure Short Stuff has her attention elsewhere then turn to the fence and surreptitiously reach in pull my briefís waistband under my balls and zip up. Itís now 10:30 and itís taken one hour and a half just to get inside. One step over the threshold was enough to reassure me that it was well worth the wait. The entrance I was ushered through opened onto the bar. It was packed 4 and 5 deep with very little discernable movement going on. Clustered around the bar was a scattering of small high tables with people packed around them too. Even had I wanted to it would have been impossible to make my way any distance along the bar without poking prodding and sliding against a multitude of shapely asses and thighs. Though itís not my main objective, situations like these lend themselves very well to random tit brushing. The really savvy women knowing whatís going on make sure to be covered up in these gatherings. It amazes me how often women will work their way through a crowd like that leading with their breasts. I kept moving steadily forward with no destination in mind, only the knowledge that the more I moved the more woman flesh I would come in contact with. Each bottleneck, each tie-up presented the opportunity to choose another ass to poke. After reaching the end of the room containing the bar there was a momentary clearing. Directly to my right was an exit, straight ahead was a narrow hallway packed with people. Down the hallway I could see the signs for the only restrooms. I wanted to go down the hall for two reasons. I wanted to get to the menís room to get my dick in prime frotting position, and there was a multitude of girls crammed into this narrow space with only a scattering of guys. I had my eye on two lone brunets in the rear of the pileup in particular. One was wearing a contender for eveningís best outfit a frilly baby blue corset type thing over an especially thin baby blue version of the pleated mini, I love so much. The other had an excellently shaped full round posterior encased in black spandex. In addition to their being 2 unattached females in this extremely crowded situation was the fact that they were right up against the left wall. Standing behind them so closely for a moment only increased my appreciation both were tall girls wearing spike heels, which accentuated two great pairs of legs. I eased in behind the mini with my hand hovering around the spandex in less than a minute I was packed in by an additional 10 people or more shoving my dick and hand into their targets almost simultaneously. The women had spread out to fill the entire hallway so unless you were willing to bull your way forward there was no way to get through to the menís room. I had no interest in getting through, because even though my zipper was still up after the frisking, my dick was outside my briefs. One thing this years round of GA concerts has shown me is that women are much worse than men when it comes to pushing and shoving in lines. These women had been in line outside about 2-Ĺ hrs and wanted to get that bathroom break before the show started. They shoved they tried to cut the line, anything possible to shorten their time in line. All the shoving served only to sink the old Throbber deeper into the yielding cotton covered crack of Liz, the mini wearer. One of the things that I like to do, if possible is to get the names of my playmates. In the course of the next 10 to 15 minutes Ms Spandex must have whined, ďLiz this is just crazy. Lets come back laterĒ or words to that effect at least 3 times. Of course I sympathized with Ms S it wasnít just hot it was steamy, and her ass had become my left mitten. I started off with my fist; thumb up, pressed into her ass crack. When the shoving escalated I slowly loosened my fingers to make it as unnoticeable as possible and ended up using what I believe Shogun calls the tomahawk. Got to be one of the best feelings in the world for an old pervert; your dick twitching away in the ass of one girl while your hand is buried in the ass of another. It turned out that Liz had to perform some wardrobe repair and was too vain to wait till after the show. Liz kept shifting from foot to foot and her fidgeting greatly increasing the sensations being delivered to my crotch. Under cover of the shuffling and shoving I decided to rectify the one thing keeping this session from being perfect. I slowly and reluctantly removed my hand from its spandex encasement and used it to release the Throbber, still outside my briefs, from my zipper. The next 10 minutes, because thatís how long it took my two little hostesses to traverse the 15 or 20 feet and actually enter the ladies room made my earlier experiences outside pale by comparison. The difference was amazing Iíve tried a couple of different types of dress for these activities and nothing compares to being able to actually take your dick out whether clothed or bare and insert it between a pair of cheeks. We both noticed the difference immediately. Without the restraint imposed by the fabric of my pants my erection sank in so deeply that it wedged the fabric of Lizís skirt into her ass. Her only reaction was to freeze, as much as the jostling of the crowd would let her. Neither she nor her spandex clothed buddy had turned to look at me. There was a sudden surge during which I moved my right hand down around my dick with my thumb wrapped over the top. Liz seemed to relax again slightly now that I wasnít rammed in so deeply, though she had to know what was still rammed into her crack. We were just about at the point where I would have to work my way around the girls or leave no doubt that I was only interested in riding their asses and not getting to the menís room. Spandex suddenly wormed her way directly in front of Liz which had the effect of easing Liz back into me even more fully. I let the hand that had been holding the Ol Twitcher slide down so that it was pressed into the underside of Lizís ass just about at the hem of her skirt. Lizís reaction to my cockís increasingly insistent intrusion into her ass was unique in my experience. She reached down a couple of times to the hem of her mini and tugged in a futile effort to dislodge the wedgie and itís cause from her crack. When I realized that, though the pressure of my steadily pulsing dick was not only unwelcome but also uncomfortable to the girl, she was not going to resist or complain I was even more excited. Her resignation or timidity appealed to that darker side of me which sometimes delights in imposing myself on a seemingly unwilling female. The reason that I coined the handle of ďCon-SenualityĒ was to assert the idea that for me a consensual experience where a woman is not only a willing but also an active participant is the ultimate in gratification for me. Still all these musings aside with a passive subject in front of me I rocked side to side slowly which not only forced me deeper into her ass but rubbed the sensitive underside of my glans against the inner curve of her ass. Shogun asked the group once concerning which members actually engaged in humping. I will hump at concerts where it can be disguised as dancing but in my incidental activities humping is not practical. A subtler motion such as rocking side to side or heel to toe is sufficient. It was surely working here I could feel my dick swelling even more at the excitement which the situation was giving me. Spandexís departure left a space between my shoulder and the wall about 8 inches wide. When she saw that I wasnít moving over to claim it a short busty dark haired girl decided to take advantage of this situation to get closer to the ladies room. Her efforts to force her way through gave me the perfect opportunity to press my hand firmly into the junction of the bottom of Lizís ass and the top of her thigh. Little Bustyís boyfriend wormed his way in to the pile behind her this forced her 36ís or 38ís whatever they were to practically envelope my left elbow. How much stimulation can an old perv stand! Bustyís boyfriend noticed the contact between my elbow and his girlís tit. Smiling knowingly he forced his arms around her to cut off the contact. I kind of liked his attitude. Its like he was saying ďI know itís fun old dude but thatís enough of thatĒ. His intrusion actually forced my hand more fully onto what was practically Lizís naked ass, and I abandoned any pretext that the hand on her ass was an accident. I closed my hand completely around her ass cheek not squeezing but holding it with my thumb on the outside and three fingers just at the edge of her crack. Her response was to grab the opposite edge of the hem and just hold it. The reaction to the molestation she was receiving was so helpless and inept that it was all I could take. I just had time to shove the Big Dripper back into my briefs and slide it back between Lizís cheeks before all my resources were required to keep from drooling as I spasmed into an A number 1 orgasm. My shorts and the underside of my shirtís hem absorbed all the goo, but Lizís ass absorbed all the steadily diminishing pulses as my dick released all the tension that had been building up for the last few hours. I know it seems silly that with all the precum that I dripped into Lizís crack I was so preoccupied with not ruining that mini with gobs of cum. First the altruistic reason: I just donít do that. The last time I drizzled an entire load on a girls dress was 2 yrs ago at the College Fest featuring Busta Rhymes and I felt like shit. I guess its all part of the self image Iíve created for myself as the ďkinder gentler ChikanĒ and Iíd already done enough damage to that facade with my performance with Liz. The other slightly more practical reason is that I didnít want to give her that 1 factor that might push her over the edge and make her want to contact security, after she attempts whatever wardrobe repairs she intended. I still had 3 hours of concert to enjoy. With nothing keeping me there but the effort required to politely but insistently force my way past Busty and her boyfriend I broke free of the crowd and tottered the remaining few feet to the menís room. There was an attendant seated on a high stool right next to the entrance to the menís room. I realized that it would have been simple for him to keep the lines in an orderly fashion if that had been a priority to management. But had they done so I would have been denied one of the better rides Iíd had all summer. Whatever his purpose he caught my eye as I came abreast of him and said ďkind of rough in there huh?Ē I gave a kind of non-committal nod and grunt and shouldered my way into the facilities to clean up. Inside a stall I repaired the damage as best I could and once again pulled my now limp dick, still covered by my briefs, through my zipper, which was at half-mast. On leaving the menís room in full possession of my faculties I realized the purpose of the guard. The door to the ladies room, perhaps because of the heat was standing wide open. Mr. Muscle was there to ensure that no guys parked there to enjoy the free floorshow. In the few seconds that it took me to navigate the less congested, now visible, side entrance to the main room, a couple of mini wearing lovelies gave mini flashes as they adjusted hems and seams after exiting stalls. What a night! Now all I had to do was recover enough energy and wood! so that I could enjoy all this rampant pulchritude in true Opportunist fashion.
(Cont. in More Nuts to Butts or Oppy rises again)

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