The return of the cock block

I’m late! I got held up at work and have already missed the Roots autograph session at Tower Records. Rather than dwelling on having missed what I’m sure was a grope fest I will concentrate on the free concert at a new, at least for me, venue. I decided to take the train in rather than have the hassle of parking my car at 2 different locations, when I had originally planned to attend both events. Now something is wrong with the trains. They are behind schedule and I’ll arrive just in time for the doors to open at the concert. I trot up to the venue at 9 sharp and there is a line out front the length of the front of the parking lot. Things are looking up! The doors are not opening and people are still streaming into the steadily expanding line. If you are into incidental groping the worst thing you can do in this type of situation is just get into line anywhere. Do you want to spend half an hour in line behind a couple of dudes? After waiting till 2 lone cuties joined the end of the line I got in myself. They were a couple of bubble butt Sistahs who started chattering about how they hoped they could still get tickets. I had insisted on receiving a ticket, when I registered, not trusting assurances that an online listing would be enough. The line however was too loose in back where I was and gave no justification for crowding in on anyone. I initiated a conversation with my targets about the turnout. I positioned myself behind the prettier of the two, a slightly taller Jada Pinkett-Smith look-alike with an additional, well-distributed 15 lbs or so. I was trying my favorite strategy of talking right at the outside shoulder of “Jada” maybe she would lean back into me to reply and we could start something to help alleviate the boredom. No dice. They had no interest in talking to the middle-aged guy and even less in touching him. Cool. I don’t chase ‘em I just replace ‘em. As I’m talking to the parking attendant, who’s standing nearby, he suggests that, since I already have a ticket I should go up front to the entrance. Once I saw how congested it was up there I decided it was a good idea. My first good time of the night was supplied by a cute, blonde 20-something affiliated with a local radio station .I know this because she kept insisting to the event staff that she should be let through. You could tell this chicklet loved the gym. She was such a little hardbody that she had distinct abs, almost a 6 pack, displayed by her cutoff top. Between her tanning booth bronzed breasts hung her laminated VIPs placard. I took up position an inch away from her right buttock and waited for the crowd motion to bring her to me. Once it did I stayed glued to her for the next 25 minutes. Every time another supposed VIP approached she was obliged to step back into me forcing my now pulsing dick deeper into the crack of her skin tight, satin, powder blue hipsters. There is something special about the ass of an especially fit woman. The cleft of her ass was so deep that I could feel the bump as the head of my dick nudged against the inner curve of that unbelievably firm ass. Ms VIP was so focused on the injustice of having to stay outside with the riff raff she was completely oblivious to my dick’s insistent poking into her posterior. As she was pushed back into me yet again by the crowd shift, I held my place and ground myself forward even further into that gap between her cheeks. I imagined for a moment what it would be like if she were to clench those cheeks while I was still spearing her mmmm! The crowd was thick enough that I was able to lean back and surreptitiously pull the bottom of my shirt aside and get a good look at what I was feeling. The sight of the Throbber pocketed into that beautiful heart shaped ass was almost too much to resist. I always color coordinate my boxers with my shirt to create as little color contrast as possible for any “Looky Lous”. That night I was wearing black briefs and a black patterned shirt. One glance increased my enjoyment tenfold because the contrast between the black projectile embedded in the warm baby blue of her hipsters was especially sharp. I had the sudden urge to give her a series of steady thrusts, knowing that that would be enough to put me over the edge. Instead I backed off knowing that this was only the start of the evening. Also, since she was oblivious and not a willing participant it would alert her to my intentions. A few minutes later as she and the other VIPs were allowed to enter I gave her one last slow thrust as a way of saying goodbye, as she slid past me to the entrance. The event staff then announced that due to the unexpected turnout even ticket holders would have to stand in the line. I half-heartedly tried to make a case for being at least allowed to stay at the front of the line but no luck. I then happily made my way back to the end of the line, which in my absence had grown to encircle half the parking lot. Luck was with me because there were 2 groups of girls at the end of the line with no guys in evidence. I also noticed that this was by far the best looking batch of women I’d seen at a show this year. There were knockouts scattered everywhere, none however in my immediate vicinity. The 1st trio in front of me consisted of 1 okay chick and 2 mugwumps (girls you wouldn’t want to fuck even if you could use another guy’s dick). The group directly in front of me, however, contained 3 attractive girls. First was a pretty blonde, too thin for my taste wearing jeans a western hat and a goofy shawl-looking thing maybe she was trying for a Clint Eastwood effect. The 2nd girl was short, curvy and pretty. A brunet, she was wearing a black miniskirt and patterned hose. The 3rd was most interesting to me. She was tall and athletic looking with a body like you’d see on a swimmer, pretty face with brown hair drawn back in a ponytail. The only flaw was that her ass, squeezed into worn, soft looking jeans wasn’t as prominent as I would have liked, but still acceptable. Her athletic shoulders were visible since she wore a sleeveless cutoff denim vest over a tight black tank top. The only complication was that she had too much junk on her ass. In her right back pocket was an oversized pack of cigarettes or cigars; she also had a set of keys dangling on a clip right down the center of her ass. This would restrict me to her left cheek if she turned out to be agreeable. Since we were on the left side of her friends that was all right. The line was now so long and moving so slowly I knew that I had time to really prepare and test these 3 to determine if any of them would be agreeable to playing with old Oppy. It was like having my own version of the three bears. The thin blonde was eliminated when I realized that she was hopping around constantly and never stood still long enough even if I had tried to get close. The short one, though I really liked her outfit, was too negatively aware of me. She would turn her head quickly in my direction, suspicion emanating from her like a force field whenever I approached. The tall one however initiated a conversation with the other 2 about her attendance at the earlier autograph session. Her friends weren’t interested so I asked her a question. She half turned to answer over her shoulder. That slight movement was enough to bring her left cheek into contact with my semi erect cock. The preliminary hurdle was cleared successfully since she stayed relaxed during the short time it took to answer my question. She went on to tell me how she had spoken to a couple of members of the Roots, who had personally encouraged her to attend the concert. Keep in mind that the whole time we spoke my rapidly hardening boner was nudging into her left buttock .When she turned to speak I caught the faint aroma of Eau de Bud Lite wafting from her. A slightly loopy expression on her face indicated that she’d had more than 1. The other 2 were preoccupied with a cell conversation communication with other members of their group yet to arrive and basically ignored her. I let the conversation lapse since I wanted to speed up my usual maneuvers for 3 reasons. First our brief chat had already broken the ice between us, her being tipsy was obviously the second reason and the third was that whoever they were talking to on the phone might soon be joining them. For all I knew their boyfriends were on their way. As I moved in closer I noticed that she, tipsy or not, was still very aware of me. She wore this intriguing little half smile as she slowly turned to put her back against the wall ringing the parking lot. I had the feeling she had made a decision as she turned to once again turn her back to me. I closed the distance and took hold of one of the bars of the wall right next to her inside shoulder. When she didn’t move, despite seeing my hand and knowing how close I was I closed the distance and softly brushed the head of my dick against her left cheek making physical for the second time. She didn’t move. In fact when her friends, still huddled around the phone took a half step forward she remained against my dick. When the entire crowd took a number of steps forward she stepped up with her friends, once again put her back to the wall casually and reached behind her back. When her hand emerged it was holding the set of keys that had been dangling from her belt along the center of her ass. She clipped the key chain to one of her front belt loops. Either my being so close to her keys made her uncomfortable, highly unlikely! or I was being given an engraved invitation to step up the action. As soon as she turned around I slowly stepped forward again to brush against her ass. She not only didn’t step away but settled back against me. You experienced chikans know what it means when a woman settles back and picks the angle and amount of pressure from you dick that is comfortable to her. Being assured that that this was a consensual opportunity I firmly inserted my dick, which was now twitching in anticipation, between the cheeks of her ass. I pressed in more steadily applying that unmistakable pressure to the soft yielding cleft between her cheeks. I slowly pushed my hips forward then relaxed them to begin that pulsing, forward rocking motion that I usually initiate when I am absolutely sure my advances are welcome. I never take camouflage to a concert because the crowd, the darkness and the fact that most people are focused on the stage, is usually more than enough cover. This situation, out on the sidewalk with the lights of the parking lot only a few feet away, however begged for some additional cover. The wall to our left protected me on that side but I needed something to shield my actions from her friends and the others in line. Fortunately the organization sponsoring the concert, Voting Is Power was kind enough to hand out posters promoting the Roots and their own organization. I was able to position my poster to provide perfectly adequate cover to conceal my exploration of Tipsey’s waiting ass. In a concert setting you are rarely able to back off your prey to indulge in some of the variations I like to perform if I have adequate room and cover. After removing my dick from the confines of my boxer briefs, I backed up a few inches until just the tip of my dick was pressing into the inside of her right cheek at about a 40 degree angle. I then slid the old throbber the depth of that cheek so that she could feel my full length as I stroked in to nestle against her little butt button. Knowing a few more strokes like this would have me spurting onto the back of her jeans I re-covered myself. The crowd moved forward more quickly now, but I still seemed to have another 10 minutes to accomplish one good cum even before getting into the concert! I now began swaying my hips slowly side to side. The first couple of inches of my boner rested against the inside of first the right cheek and then the left. Corkscrewing my dick into this chick, whose dreamy expression never changed no matter how vigorously I gouged into her ass, until I came was my immediate goal, but I wanted to see how far I could go. I am a greedy man!! I brought my left hand, the one closest to the bars of the fence up alongside her body so that it touched the material of her vest. I waited a minute to see if she would move into my hand or away from it, but she just continued to press back steadily into my pulsing, dripping dick. Don’t you love pressing your cock into a girl’s ass so firmly that you can watch her hips slowly press forward. As much as I was enjoying this action I was also losing patience, knowing I had only a few minutes to go before I had to zip up, I brought my knuckles up to brush against the outside of her back. I moved them extremely slowly, never losing contact with her body, so that she would be able to move away if she chose, knowing what my ultimate destination had to be. Her only movement was a marked increase in the speed of her breathing. Finally my knuckles were pressed against the outer curve of her full left breast under her vest. In the few minutes I had left I was going to cum, humping a strange woman’s ass while simultaneously fondling her tit, something I hadn’t accomplished in an incidental setting since 2 years ago with the soccer mom at the Eagle’s pep rally playoff ticket sale. I prepared to reverse my hand so that it would cup the heavy outer half of her tit in my palm when we got set up again. We had established a rhythm, she would move forward with the crowd I would stop immediately behind her and she would settle back comfortably on my dick. Once again we broke apart as the crowd advanced to within a few feet of the security fence and as we settled in, a guy eased into line alongside the other 2 girls. About 5’ 8”, goateed and nerdy looking, and evidently the blonde’s boyfriend he immediately captured her attention. The short chick turned to finally pay attention to Tipsy just as she was lowering that big ass back onto my waiting, soon to be spurting erection. Maybe Tipsy had a habit of getting herself into situations, when they went out, or maybe Shorty was just looking out for her buddy who had obviously been drinking. All I know is that Short stuff adopted this horrified expression, grabbed Tipsy by the hand and pulled her forward roughly, saying “Why don’t you move up here with me, you don’t want to be crowding people”. She and Tipsy exchanged indecipherable expressions. They then shared a quick smile after which short stuff turned to curl her lip at me contemptuously. I just stared back at her levelly and calmly till she looked away. If the woman happened to be oblivious like Ms VIP then discovery by her friend might make me uncomfortable, but a little cooperative grinding being noticed doesn’t bother me much. And it’s a good thing too since I’ve been in that situation so often during concerts this summer. I think that my habit of going after pairs of girls is primarily responsible. The thing that got me wasn’t that my chance with Tipsy was gone. What got me was the irony that in the space of a couple of days I had lost 2 consensual line humping opportunities, a relatively rare occurrence, if you are as careful about them as I am. It may be weeks sometimes months between opportunities that good outside of a club or a concert. To have both of them disrupted by outside interference would ordinarily have pissed me off a lot more under different circumstances. Though I regretted not being able to ride Tipsy into the home stretch, suspecting what awaited me inside the venue, which reports indicated was already packed to the rafters, mollified my disappointment. And fear not fellow pervs when Ol’ Oppy got off he got off! (To be continued in Pt 3 “ Nuts to Butts”)

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