Asshole momment

I got in at 2am from an especially hot night seeing George Clinton and the Parliament/Funkadelic, my favorite band of all time. Not only was the music great but the humping was exceptional. I fired up the laptop to begin putting my keywords down for my eventual contribution to the board. I was reflecting on the scarcity of stories contributed recently, when it hit me "Hey asshole you havent contributed anything lately yourself". Question for you Shogun: pursuant to your last post have you had the opportunity to buttfuck an ass wearing one of those pleated minis yet. It gives new meaning to the term wedgie. Anyway my only excuse for not having contributed is a time consuming project that's been kicking my ass at work. I still am averaging at least 2 concerts a week though. And since my writing procedure consists of putting down a series of keywords to remind me of events and sensations that I experience, I currently have shells for stories describing about 15 concerts and parades. Right now I have tickets for 2 upcoming concerts in my wallet. So without further ado here are the next 2 installments on the best concert I attended all Summer.

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