Just another Saturday!

Don't you just love it when there is a festival in town? Dr. Dry Hump does. Where there is a festival there is also plenty of crowds. Crowds on the streets and even better ...... crowds on the buses.

Yesterday I was at a town festival in the early part of the day. That meant that there were would be more mature women out and about. That was definitely the case yesterday. I actually didn't go out on a prowl like I do sometimes. (perhaps I'm growing up a bit) I just went about my normal days business. I just let fate happen.

My day out was actually coming to an end when I all of a sudden got lucky. Yeah, got lucky. Lucky as in finding a pot of gold. The best asses to hump on would be that pot. Of course I'm talking about a big round nubian luscious ass. I think more than just a few of you know what I mean. No ass is better to get lost in.

This encounter happened completely accidentaly even though I watched the ass enter the bus and wished I could get some of that. I was completely out of position when she (with her baby stroller) entered the bus. Nothing better to cause crowded humping than mothers with strollers. Or as I like to call them M.I.H.L(mothers I'd hump longtime). She enters the bus opposite side of where I was standing in the middle of the bus. An area with extra space for strollers. Her stroller being parked next to another stroller of which I am on the other side of. This seemed like a fat chance hump until we hit the next stop and here comes another woman with a baby stroller. And guess who needs to move out of the way so she can park her stroller on the bus?

That's right, yours truly! There was no where else to go other than standing behind the big booty sister to my left. I couldn't get over there quicker. Of course while moving over there I was laughing my ass off inside at my good fortune. It was definitely on now!

So there I am standing not directly behind her but behind and a little to the back facing the front of the bus. She of course was facing the side of the bus in front of her stroller. Actually a bit at an angle. I was also not completely facing the front of the bus. I had my back pack on and it was stuck on a glass wall section on the bus. (doorway section) This was the only thing preventing me from making contact with that fat ass. It was also kind of uncomfortable so I looped my bag over from one side of the glass to the other side. This gave me a relief in more ways than one.

Now I'm standing about three inches from the queen of all asses and ready to be served. The bus takes off and, "We are now in business!" The bus first pushes her back on me and I feel that soft deep ass right on my dick. Ahhhhhh! And then the motion takes me back the other way on her but even harder. Ooooooooh! There is no question that this is a product of bus movement. (it was) Two long butt rides that had me on the verge of wood.

It didn't stop there though. People were getting on and off the bus so that made more opportunities for contact. I had to move to let people off the bus and the only place that I could move was directly on her juicy booty. So that's where I went. In real deep. Actually maybe too deep. But, hey! I'm a big muscular guy and people need room to go around me.

After I dig in to move out of the way of the people walking by and then of course move away again the lady turns around. I was thinking this was to insure that I went enter her because of the crowd movment. But I then discovered that I may have been wrong with thinking that because just seconds after looking back the lady moves ass directly on my dick. The lower angle of her left cheek right on my dick. If that was not on purpose I don't know what is. Man .... it took everything inside of me to not go completely hard. That would have been a disaster. I had sweat pants on and a jersey so there is no way I could have hidden my wood.

I also didn't want to just become aggressive with her because she could have been testing me. Some bitches are crazy like that. I just let her get her feel of me and me of her from her movements towards me. When she moved away I just let her go. After her move on me there were a few bus tilts on her and her on me and then it was time to exit the bus. I wish I could have just stayed behind her and rode that ass forever. Unfortunately I couldn't but all in all it was definitely damn good day for Dr. Dry Hump. The memory of that ass will last with me for a very long time.

For those of you that want a visual of what she looked like just put Brandy's face with a J'Lo high booty wearing white tight pants showing all the ass.


"Don't hate the playa hate the game! Mmm-kay?" - (Dr. Dry Hump)

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