My new girl


I currently dating a sexy indian girl with a lovely petit tight ass. Last night we out to a crowded bar on our second date. I got her to stand near the crowded bar and then I pretended to be a stranger and began pressing my inner thighs against the back of her thighs. I then dug my nose in her hair and began pumping my hips back and forth moaning very softly in her ear.

She always washes her hair and wears good perfume. So when I dig my nose in her and lick it like a hungry dog. I breath hard allover her neck like a pervert.

She seemed to enjoy playing the game. Got all excited and next second my hands were passing themselves all over her body. Rubbing, touching, feeling ahhhhhhhh. I whispered in her ear "Your ass is so fucking gorgeous baby". She giggled and then I began rubbing my hard on in her crack. Fantastic !! aaaaaaaaaaahhh. So good to find a girl who like role playing chikan games.

Next I am going to get her to squash inside a crowded london train so we can role play again. eheheheh. Such is the way of the nanbread, a very sneaky gentleman.

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