Today's Events

Gerry & I are resting up between "gigs" at this time. We've attended two funerals so far. Those are the best "gamehunting grounds" for chikkans on a Saturday. Esp. a funeral for a younger person. We did our homework of course. One should know something about the decedant in case you are approached by friends or family. Of course being over six feet tall and white I do tend to stand out! We are working on a plan for "an adventure". You see there are those sweet, round asses that both of us want to come into contact with. However those particular asses belong to females with whom we have almost daily contact with. Being that we don't want to have any type of relationship-other than that of "client"-Gerry had a wonderful idea! I have access to a certain "Theater". We know of different "onions" that we want to massage. Now I can get a the place reserved for a certain day. We have to somehow get our co-workers involved in some sort of contest. Gerry says that we should have some cards/letters printed up saying that she's won or that she's a runner-up. She'll have to go to that particular place to see if she's a winner. Somehow we have to get a "crowd for hire" so that we have cover for our "fun". The fewer people who know what is ruly transpiring the better! Esp. if there's the possibilty of getting the neighborhood girls to "attend"!Of course it will be dark in the place. We'll need a quality distraction(s) too. It's not a bad idea but I like some of the results of our brainstroming sessions.

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