Was it opportunist that commented not too long ago about getting sloppy with some gropes they did. I was in the city on sat and saw a fabulous ass, a rican chick looked like a bootleg JLO. I mean she had the cute cute face,light skin PR and just phat thick ass. sHE had those creme colored sort of capri pants so the ass was just sticking out. I really did not intended to try to get this ass but I thought it was too good to pass up. I was on an elevator this was in a train station that u have to take a big elevator to switch lines. I saw how cute this chick was but she was so cute it was drawing too much attention from all the guys on this elevator but I thought here goes nothing. I was sort of to the right of this woman u know right behind her but it was really packed, so there were two other guys right there packed directly behind this ass. I was thinking that since it was this packed I was not 100% sure this chick was on this elevator alone. I thought I'd just take the chance and grab this ass anyway. Tough positioning for me cause I was not directly behind her but I thought I can reach around this one guy sort of tickle her ass just barely then maybe change positions and get a firm ass grab later and that is exactly what I did.I liked the whole ass tickling thing cause she sort of started to wiggle her ass since my hand was just laying on her ass. I am sure she was annoyed but I guess not enough to turn around. There was a guy though she seemed to be looking over to the left about two people over from me but I just thought it was a guy who maybe smiled and her and that was that. So here it was I reached around the guy on the left side and started to lightly rub this puerto rican ass. After maybe 15 seconds I thought I'd off for a sec and try to do my position change. That one guy in front now had more room so he moved to the right and I had the quick chance to move up slightly and then move to the left 90 degrees so I thought I can now grab her ass in a postion heard on this site before "parade rest " some thing like that. I was then in this position and proceeded to use the right hand to just palm her left ass cheek while facing the complete opposite direction. She sort of looked back but not completely. So lets just say after another 30 seconds of me still palming and grabbing at her ass. The elevator ride was coming to an end. People are starting to get out and she is still looking over at the guy standing right next to me---The same dude she was looking at before. Everyone is getting off and I thought maybe I should give this ass one last palm but instead I held back and just brushed across the right ass cheek but to my surprise the guy then grabs her, like puts his arm around her as they are leaving. I was like Holy cow, how the fuck did this guy not see this shit? I think this guy was daydreaming or something he was fucking right next to me so I am just lucky this guy didn't get rowdy and punch me right in the face. I consider this just luck. I mean on one hand the girl never turned around 100% and looked at my face and the guy was in this haze he didn't actually see me grabbing his chicks ass. I was really rattled at least for a chick second. Fuck, I couldn't believe I had just gotten away with what I did. I was like I grabbed a fine latin ass right in front of her man on a crowded elevator. What can I say I had a good time with the ass grabbing and just thought man, I am fucking lucky today.
Message: Bad boy--- the west indian parade sounded like fun. I am in NY too, I have gone almost every year except maybe the past 3 years since I was 12. I now prefer latin chicks mostly for dating or ass grabbing but I still chill with some black girls on occassion. When I was like 12, I would whine that ass at the parade hardcore. I was just shocked these chicks let almost anyone just ride that ass.

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