The Lady On The Bus

I got a good one this past saturday !!! I was going to my parents house when the train i nornally transfer to for the last leg of my trip wasn't running Fuck !! but as i was walking outside of the train station to my shuttle bus i saw her. she was a black woman about 5'7" with a long dress on and a Donkey Ass!! I saw her out of the corner of my eye, she was coming up on my left to board the shuttle also so i stepped back a bit to let her step up first. All of the seats on the bus were already taken so she had to grab the over head pole i settled right next to her on her left. we got on at the rewar door of the bus so as more people piled in i was pushed a little closer to her,Her reation? she looked back at me smiled and stepped to her left which put her directly in front on me !! I had on Light sweatpants and her dress was hella thin and i was on her big ass immediately. Now ther was a little problem all the people to the left of us could see what was about ot happen, now ask me did i give a fuck! her ass was to big and i couldn't let this opportunity pass, first i rubbed my dick across her ass kinda soft, and she actually turned back to me and said "sorry i'm to close" " i said "it's ok you don't have to move" so she moves her ass back on me even more now i'm humpin' rubbin my dick is bulging out of my pants, i can even feel pre-cum running down my leg, and everytime i dig my dick deep in to her big soft ass she pushes back on me so much her back is pressed against my chest her ass was big and soft and juicy i was lovin it, then suddenly she got off the bus, just like that she just got off! well i don't know what came over me but i got off too! that's right i went after her, cause i knew she felt my dick and she was lettin me do it hard, so i felt like i had to holla at her. when she saw me get off the bus she says to me " oh this is your stop too?" " i felt you on the bus you were really hard". this threw me off i was stunned for a minute, then i said "well you moved over", she giggled a little bit , she wasn't cute but her ass was to big to ignore especially in that dress. so we walked and talked she told me her name was Tammy(real name) and i told her mine and she gave me her number. I'm supposed to go see her this week.

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