At the Emergency Room

This happened Saturday night. I drove my friend and her son to the emergency when her son fell and split the skin right above his left eye wide open. Kinda like a boxers cut. He was actually cool on the way to the hospital so we weren't in a hurry. To make a long story short, the doctor used some kind of solution to glue the skin together. Same effect as stitches but much better if you ask me. When it was time to apply the glue, the nurse (I think she was El Salvadorian upper 30's) pulled the bed that was against the wall so she can get on one side of him. The baby's head was on his moms lap, the Doctor was sitting down next to him, and the nurse was holding the baby's hands on the opposite side of the bed. She was bent over and her right side was up against the wall. I walked over to offer a helping hand with his feet and my cock was about a foot away from this nurses booty. She wasn't really packin a lot of junk in her trunk but her butt looked really nice bent over. She had on some hospital scrubs. The boy kicked really hard and she moved back like 10 inches. I took one step forward and planted my cock right into her soft booty. We stayed in that position for like a minute. The baby kept moving and she kept rubbing that butt against this cock. Don't get me wrong, the baby was cool. Otherwise I wouldn't have gave a fuck about some ass.

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