Give it to them stripper bitches

Shogun, u are the man, just giving to these chicks at the strip club. I see what u mean though all that is a violation of strip club rules. I remember last year I was in the strip club with this fine bitch, looked like Rachel from that Bet show carribean rhythms a few years back. This bitch was mixed French, Spanish, Caribbean and White. This chick was grinding the shit out of me I mean I was really into it, and she was even saying "u can only touch my butt a little" Well I kept my hands on that ass the whole time, squeezing those buttcheeks. She was rubbing them titties all over my face, upper body and she pulled her g- string to the side and showed me the goods but as it is up to the girl she wouldn't let me kiss her ass. You are right the strip club u go has no rules but I am sure not every girl takes it further. I mean I was looking over at other peeps getting the dances and u know how it is some get more than others. I just wanted to make the point I know exactly what u are saying shogun, some clubs will definitely go against the rules and u can fuck and get head from the strippers.
Last night was a jump off, just got back from a club last night, orgy up in there at a friends house after, they were 4 guys and 6 girls in this girls house after we got back from the club, got head this white shortie there BUT THE latina I was counting on hooking up with the Double D's was not there. It was crazy, one guy slayed one of the chicks mom, a 40 year old rican chick . She was there in the club with us too. I can't front I kinda wanted to fuck her myself. it was crazy, cause the daughter was telling the mom u gotta stay in some other room she was in there with another chick and my boy, so she just grabbed the guy sayin like "u come here, I'll stay with u." like some shit out of a movie. The chick I had just had an average body, some tits, a little ass, but she worked her mouth pretty good. I messed with this chick for about an hour and 15 mins feeling her up, grabbing the ass and kissing her the whole time. All in all a good night. It is funny too cause with a ratio like 4 guys and 6 girls u figure each guy get something, the fourth guy got shut out. Not that he is ugly or whatever just mad annoying, he got nothing. The other girls just stayed with themselves. So that was kinda funny, got to laugh at this clown not getting anything after he bought them drinks and all during the night. I mean he was making out with them and shit but when the fun started he was left out. Like Black Shogun did before, this not truely a chikan story but still not something that happens every night so I thought I'd talk a little about it. Later

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