Fucked That Stripper Bitch Up!!!

OK Chikans . . . here I sit after a night at the strip club . . . my shorts still a little moist with cum. I know that's kinda gross, but I'm gonna change out of these as soon as I finish this post. Also, I know this board is about chikan and not strippers, but I gotta tell just a little bit about what happened last night. I just GOT TO! And believe me. This really is just a little bit because a lot happened. But this is the best of it.

I bought some dances from this stripper who goes by "Penelope". She's a cute little blonde with a nice ass and a decent rack on her. She used all kinds of positions on me, but what did it was when she got another chair and rested her arms and torso on it while she grinded me doggy style, her butt facing me. She laid her head down on the chair and closed her eyes, then bobbed her ass up and down on my dick like a mad woman! I reached out and gripped and kneaded her buttcheeks, pulling them open WIDE to look at her prescious arsehole. The place wasn't bottomless, so she had a thong on. But still . . . if you spread a woman's ass cheeks open wide enough, you can still see parts of her bum hole, even if she is wearing a thong.

It was all too much for me to bear, and Penelope made me spunk after only two songs. Then, I couldn't believe what she did next. She pulled a "Petra" (that's the redhead who used to rub her titties in my cum). What I couldn't believe was how Penelope did it though. After I shot my load, Penelope turned back around and got down on her knees in front of me. She lifted my T-Shirt all the way up out of my crotch AND RAN HER HANDS ALL BETWEEN MY LEGS!!! I know she felt the cum because I wasn't wearing any underwear. Next, SHE CAREFULLY TOOK A TITTY IN EACH OF HER HANDS AND STARTED RUBBING HER JUGS BETWEEN MY LEGS . . . INTO THE CUM!!! God almighty!!! You wanna know how to get spunk on a stripper ho??? This is how!

I got a second round of "dances" from Penelope later (dance . . . yeah . . . right!). She got me off again, this time by facing me and grinding her phat pussy lips into my dick. She closed her eyes and rested her forehead HEAVY into mine (Shogun's kinda SKULL . . . YES!!!). I closed my eyes too and enjoyed the good smelling scent coming from her blonde hair . . . her bangs falling all down into my face. I savored the weight of her head against mine, and then I popped a nut again, also about after 2 songs. I groaned out loud this time when I came. Penelope threw her head back and "kissed the sky", a look of complete satisfaction on her face in that she had done her job. She didn't rub her titties in my cum this time. No . . . it was her leg! She stood up and faced me and kept running her leg (shin) back and forth against my spunk dampened shorts! Cum on the shin bone . . . God bless her soul! She then turned her ass to me and put it in my face. I pulled her booty cheeks apart and admired her "brownie" . . . HE-HE-HE-HE-HEEAAAAVEN!!!

As my wallet can attest, I bought many, many so-called "dances". One was from this absolutely gorgeous Asian girl. I have no idea where she's from (somewhere in east Asia for sure), but she was hot with this really long brown hair. She didn't have a big ass (she's Asian . . . LOL), but I didn't give a rip. That girl was hot! I got a dance, and she turned around and sat her tender ass crack right down on my dick! My boner sunk in between her buttcheeks, and she began to rock back and forth. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was chikaning her in the ass . . . at the show . . . up against the barricade. I opened my eyes again and saw her long brown hair and beautiful face . . . and my dick in her tender ass crack . . . I came in her butt gap . . . maaaaaaannnn!!! I'm telling you!

There is one more girl I must tell you about. She was numero uno for the night. She goes by "Christina" and is model-quality gorgeous. Shoulder length blonde hair, a beautiful face, perfect skin, round tender butt, long legs . . . perfect. She was actually the very first one I bought a dance from, and she got me off . . . straddling my crotch and hunching and groaning and shit. Sometimes, you know you're getting an act from the girl. But not this time. Christina was clearly turned on. Her shit was so good, I decided to spend a little extra and get a couch dance from her. You lay down on the couch, and the chick gets on top of you and humps. Well, I turned the tables on her ass. Here's how.

Christina used several positions on me on the couch. At one point, she turned over and laid directly on top of me, but facing away. That is, her backside was planted right on my stiff dick. The Shogun grabbed that FINE, model-quality bitch by her hips and began to fuck her IN THE ASS. I held her tight against me and started taking long, slow, deep but ROUGH thrusts into the crack of her ass! I knew that Christina was super aroused because her pretty, pink nipples looked like giant erasers on the end of a pencil, and she started to moan and groan! Next, SHE TOOK MY HAND AND PLACED IT IN BETWEEN HER LEGS!!! This was a blatant violation of the law and club rules (like the law ever stopped me before).

After getting dicked in the ass for several minutes, I let Christina roll over, and she started humping me like a tigress! Again, I decided to take control, but this time, my takeover would be 100% complete. I GRABBED that fine white bitch and started to SLAM her ass down onto my dick! Only, I didn't grab her by the hips. Ohhhhhhhhhh no! I took my hands and dug my fingers and nails into her tender, fleshy ass cheeks. Then, gripping her ONLY by the flesh of her ass, I started to FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER UP by slamming her up and down HARD on my dick. Take all my money you pretty, gorgeous bitch??? TAKE THIS! Damn straight!

Where JMoney at? Dude . . . I FUCKED THAT STRIPPER BITCH UP! I mean, she immediately surrendered to me and went totally limp like a RAG DOLL . . . GASPING for air as she got SLAM FUCKED in the club . . . and moaning and groaning with pleasure too! I was banging her down onto me so damn hard that our bodies started making that "clapping sound". You have to imagine this now . . . I was manhandling her body with a grip on her ass cheeks only . . . can you imagine how much I had to be digging my fingers and nails into her ass cheeks to do that??? I wondered if she was feeling any pain. I didn't give a shit . . . her onion ass belonged to me!

I too began to moan and started to kiss Christina's perfect face and neck as my excitement grew from the power I now exercised over her very desirable body. I kept holding her only by the ass and slamming her up and down till I finally spunked between her legs. When I spewed, I slammed her down one last time and just held her firm against my body for several long seconds . . . listening to her moans and feeling the "nut butter" flow out of my dick. I think . . . no I KNOW . . . Christina liked how I had become the "boss of her body". She came over to talk to me in the club several times later that night . . . smiling and hugging me and kissing me on the cheek and calling me "baby".

I got another dance from Christina for the road, but this time just a regular one. No couch dance where I was laying down. She was obviously still hot and bothered, and she started to grind the shit out of me again. It was like she was waiting for me to take control of her body again, but it had been a long night of spunking on strippers. I was about spent. She was facing and straddling me, and since I wasn't banging it to her like I did earlier, I guess she decided to send a signal. The bitch started to RAM her pelvis into me and was looking at me like, "Give it to me hard you bastard! Give it to me hard!"

I was like, "OK . . . OK . . . you got it then bitch!" I gripped her buttcheeks like I had done earlier . . . digging my nails all into her fleshy arse cheeks . . . and started to slam fuck that motherfucker one more time! Christina closed her eyes, laid her head onto my shoulder, and started gasping for air and moaning again. I was yelling directly into her ear, "COME ON!!! COME ON!!!" Then, I started kissing her face and neck again . . . and I "popped that cootchie" till I had to bust a nut just one mo tiiiime!

I came a lot last night y'all . . . I guess that's why my shorts were still moist with cum when I got back home ;-) I can't wait to slam fuck Christina in the club again. It was worth the money. She likes it rough. I just can't wait to fuck that bitch UP . . . again! I know it's not chikan . . . but damn it I haven't had a night at the strip club this damn good in a long time!

Black Shogun

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