Nomination for August

I nominate Pervman, the concert master for august award. I just love the stories too. It feels like the reader is right there ass jacking with you or it just paints a more vivid picture in one's imagination of the ass jacking. Warped Tour wow, I missed it this year in NY but damn I need to go. What state are u in? Young chick really got it, yeah 14 or 15 year old girl ass do sometimes feel weird that mix of firm and soft...You get the feeling it will be a massive ass in the future. I have a friend I used to mess around with who is 18 but would have some 16 and 15 year olds that hang with her. So sometimes we would get to play wrestle and shit. So tits and ass and my dick obviously get in the way, even if it didn't start out sexual. Have this chick in like a full nelson or million dollar dream and just like u guys say chick back her ass harder on my cock to try to escape. I mean just rams it hard right into my dick. I tell u that does not work on me, honey. Other guys might get intimidated knowing they are older so they let go quick but not me. I keep the flow going. The 15 year olds ass is so big I mean massive but it is not that firm yet but I tell u if she was 18 now. I'd be fucking her. Thanks for the fucking extra nut butter recipe. I might be getting real lucky tomorrow, my first threesome. I know the chick I am gonna chill with will be a least down for both giving me head so if the liquor keeps flowing I think I can fuck these two. A latina with some double D titties and nice ass and a white girl with an average body, she got some ass on her. So I'm just chillin waiting for sat night all this will start poppin off. Later Chikan. Keep the stories coming.

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