The stories

The girls at pictures 319 and 332 both were wearing black tight trousers from synthetic material and strings underneath. I like this combination very much as the feeling is incredible. You can feel the warmth of her body and it is almost as intime as touching the skin. If the girl is wearing jeans or cotton pants, the feeling is not so good. And you can be sure that the girle also feels your touch even if its very light. The girl at 318-324 was consious what I was doing but let me touch her round butt from the outer side and at the top of the hill but as I slid my finger to the crack side she got upset and walked away. At the traffic light she looked at me very curiously. Not angry at all - just curious. Unfortunately she was heading to a direction where I couldnt expect any more groping opportunities. Girl at pictures 332-335 was just a short grope. I waited almost all the way up the escalators because I noticed other guy watching the girls and propably see if I was going to do something. Girl at pictures 325-321 was talking her friend and I suspect that she didn't even pay attention that I inserted my finger directly in her butt-crack.


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