Warped Tour Part 2

I was rested up, after my first grope, and decided it was time to find another target. I waited for a new band to start and started making my way into the pit.

I spotted a girl about five rows back from the from the front who looked like a good target. She was young, probably 14, with dark brown hair. She was wearing sports/sweat shorts with a white tank top and a bikini top instead of a bra. I had to fight hard to get up behind her, but i was very motivated. Once i was behind her i got a better look. She had decent B sized titties, which looked sexy as hell on her small frame and a nice teenage ass.

This being the main stage at warped tour there was no need for subtlety. These bitches are at your mercy. You can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want with almost zero risk. I reached out and palmed her ass. Damn it felt nice ! One warped tour a year is not enough. I continued rubbing my hand all over her ass while i undid my fly.

My dick was hard as a rock again and i couldn't wait to fuck this bitch. I let my cock sink into her ass crack. It was sweet, her shorts were super thin and my dick was free and out there. I started rubbing my dick up and down her ass crack, feeling that young bitch with my dick. She could obviously feel me, so she turned around and gave me a dirty look, but i wasn't going to let that stop me, this was warped tour!

I started squeezing and palming her ass. It was soft and firm at the same time. God I love teenage ass! She tried to push my hands of her ass and looked at me again, but i kept groping. I grabbed her by the hips and started really humping her. Thrusting my dick, deep into her ass. She kept looking back at me. There was something about her face that made me want to just fuck this little sluts brain's out. She looks kind of like my friend's younger sister, who i've always wanted to fuck, so maybe that was it. I could see her shorts getting really scrunched up into her ass.

I had been behind her for about 5 minutes at this point, but i wanted to stretch things out for the whole half hour set, so i slowed down a bit. I wanted a feel of her nice little titties. I don't know why, but that's what always seems to piss girls of the most, when you go for the tits. They rarely care if you grab their asses, but the tits are different. But this was warped tour, and it doesn't matter how pissed the girl is. They're jammed into a huge, loud, sweaty moshpit with almost no room to maneuver. I reached my right hand around in front of her and mashed it into her tittie. She was wearing a bikini top, so the feeling was even better than with a bra, She grabbed my hand and pulled it down. " Now this won't do" i thought to myself, so i put my hand back on her boob and this time i was ready for her defense and i just held my hand firm on her tit. She started struggling and wiggling her ass her ass all over the place, which of course felt great.

After a while she gave up and just let me keep my hand on her tit. Once i knew she had stopped fighting i started playing with her boobs more. I started going at it with both hands, sqeezing her nice little titties. They were perfect, little, apple sized and nice and firm. As i did this I resumed softly humping her ass. She was starting to get really pissed now and was pushing her ass back into me trying to create some separation, which as any concert chikan knows, is the dumbest thing you could possibly do. She was just pressing my dick farther into her ass crack.

I was really getting up into her crack, and i was curious to see what kind of panties she was wearing. I started pulling down slightly on her shorts and to my delight found that she was wearing a little black thong. I pulled her shorts down a little bit more, exposing the top of her sexy thong. I started rubbing her ass some more now that i knew that there was only her thin shorts between my hand and her ass cheeks. I also played with her thong a bit, sticking my fingers through the top of it and pulling.

I reached my hands up to her tits again and started squeezing, one in each hand. Moving her tits up and down and pressing them together, revealing her nice cleavage. The sight of her cleavage gave me an idea. She was wearing a pretty low cut shirt, but I started pulling it away from her chest so that i could get an even better view of her tits. She was wearing a small flowery bikini top and i was getting a nice eyeful. I decided that before i was done i would get some more of those tits, but there was only about ten minutes left in the set now and i wanted to get my fuck on.

I started thrusting deep and slow into her ass, letting her know she was getting ass-fucked. I grabbed her by the hips and started really fucking away. i was really digging in, almost lifting her off her feet. My cock felt so good, pressed deep into her ass-crack. I knew it was going to be a huge load of cum. I could feel it building inside of me, even though it was the second of the day. I was fucking her harder and harder and getting closer and closer to cumming. I pulled her back into me as hard as I could and came with my dick deep in her crack. I arched my back in pleasure and looked up at the sky. Cum shot out my dick for what seemed like a 20 second straight jizz. Pouring onto her shorts. God damnit i love warped tour ! After I had recovered I looked down at her ass and saw it soaked in cum, with some thick white blobs sticking on the outside too. Since she was wearing a thong i knew she could feel it on her ass!

There was about 5 minutes left and i decided to do a bit more groping. I brought both of my hands up to her tits and cupped one in each hand. I gave them some nice squeezes, but my real target was to get my hands under her shirt. I pulled her shirt down a bit more and stuck my right hand down the top of her shirt. The only thing between us was her thin bikini top. When i did this she grabbed my arm and was able to pull it down since it was at an awkward angle. Before she pulled it away, though, I was able to give her tit a nice hard squeeze.

She would be the last girl I would fuck that day, but that didn't mean the day was over...


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