My girlfriend and I enjoy rubbing up against each other in musical concerts

girlfriend Hi Black Shogun. Hi dear Chikan friends How are you doing ?. I feel like a new man since I met my girlfriend KISSI. We like to go to musical concerts and get into the mosh pit and stand rubbing up against each other during many hours. It feels great. I like concerts at night and day. I like to smell KISSIs hair heated by the sun, it is a special scent. I like feeling the way we get crushed by the people, and the way we move back and forth everytime the crowd surges. When we go to a party she pleases me dressing a white elegant dress wich is almost transparent, revealing her round onion bum, using a small panty that gets stuck between her butt cheeks. The dress has a small and hidden hole to plug my finger into her pussy during the party. I like to taste the juice of her pussy and mix it with my Scotch or Rum ( RON ). KISSI has noticed that I can not control my urge of touching and openning up her bum, but she likes pleasing me. I like when she sits on my lap during any party, and when we dance she stands backwards so her bum rubs my cock. I was lucky to meet her.

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