Story - no pics this tike

This happened one morning at bus. I sat beside about sixteen-years-old girl who
was wearing thight blue jeans and thight long sleeved shirt. I was wearing also
jeans and t-shirt. She had brown hair that was on ponytail, slim sporty body and
small tits. Definitely one of those bit shy good home girls. The bus was one that
has narrow benches, so we were sitting very close to each others. I use the same
bus almost every morning but I didn't recognize her faces and I noticed that she
was holding a single ticket in her hand. I pressed softly my bare upper arm
against her arm. I let my muscels relax gradually so that the touch increaced
naturally. I could feel that she was tensing her muscels at the begining but
soon she was relaxin and let her arm freely press against my arm. As there was
only one layer of thin fabric between us, I could feel the warmth of her
body and that felt good. I guess she felt the same. The bus took a couple of
thight turns and as we were rocking against each others I let my thight
press against hers. She was looking out of the window, like that she didn't
notice at all, but from her face and deep breath I could tell that she was
starting to get bit excited. In fact she started to lean against me and the
touch get pretty intime. We were touching each others all the way from the
knee up to shoulder. The bus braked and I used the opportunity to land
my hand on my thight - and of course simultaneously touching also her.
She flinched a bit but relaxed soon and I let my hand lean against her
thight. Now we were really leaning against each others - the girl had eyes
closed and I jast could imagine what dreams were going on there. I could smell
her nice smell in my nose my dick dick got very hard in the pants. We had
"mutually accidentally" ended up in a position that would be inappropriate
for two strangers. It would have been sooo easy for the girl to get away
from the situation by adjusting her postion - there was lots of space
on the window side. But she didn't want to as she enjoyed the intime touch.
We were leaning against each others something like twenty minutes and I
stayed in the bus way past my destination. The illusion was perfect - the
process of getting in that position was so smooth and natural - neither of
us did anything that was too obvious and both of us behaved like we didn't
notice anything. Yet but were excited for sure. I know that if I had done
something obvious - like moved my hand on her inner thight, that would have
broken the illusion and she had escaped the situation. I was curious how
this would end - would she give me a big smile that admits that she
was on the game. Well, as we approached the final bus stop, she started to
dig her purse, took her mobile from there and called her friend. Well, this
seems to be very typical escape routine that girls use nowdays to get away
from a unconfortable situation.


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