Frottage and Frotteurism in the Caribbean

Definitions first.I define frottage as the act of rubbing your genitals against the body of another and frotteurism as the practice of rubbing the genitals against a stranger. A man and and his wife,then, might engage in frottage but only a sexual deviant practices frotteurism.
Frottage is an accepted part of life in the Caribbean. It usually happens when couples are dancing, typically with the man behind the woman. It is something like freak dancing in the US except that nobody is scandalised by it and it is not restricted to teenagers. In Jamaica there are dance events called 'rubs' where pelvic thrusting is meant to happen. In the Caribbean when a man presses his penis against a woman while dancing he is said to be 'jamming' or 'sticking' her.
Many popular songs refer to frottage. Here are a few lines I have been able to pick up:

She: Something in your pocket is sticking me.
He: It's a ripe banana, it's a ripe banana.
She: If it was ripe it would be soft, you think I'm foolish?

In another song a man talks about how good he feels 'getting tipsy on the rub'.
There is a song by Bob Marley where he tells a woman that he wants to 'jam it' with her.
Of course frotteurism happens too, but you can't sing about it explicitly since it's against the law. If a woman goes to a dance someone she doesn't know will probably try to stimulate himself against her, you hear about that sort of thing all the time. I have heard some women say they don't mind if their partner becomes erect while they are dancing, but they object if the fellow is already aroused at the start. I am told that some women encourage it by dancing without underwear.
It's a funny thing that eventhough the legal systems throughout the world are probably roughly similar in many respects, certainly in the English speaking world, what is considred permissible behaviour can vary greatly. In some Caribbean countries the maximum penalty for indecent assault is fifteen years imprisonment, in Britain it is ten, but no Caribbean woman is going to get too bothered about a stranger who tries to stimulate himself against her at a dance.

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