groping at traffic lights

The outdoor pictures have been taken at trafic lights. When the light turs red, I position myself behind the girl, but not directly behind, only so that my left hand is behind her right butt cheek. At semi-crowded places this distance feels rather confortable for most girls. Then I wait something to happen: sometimes somebody comes standing close to me, so it is a natural reaction for me to take a smll step forward and oops... touch her butt. Sometimes I see something interesting on the right and turn to look there. When I am twising my body my hand "accidentally" touches her. Yesterday one girl started to cross the street but stepped back - pushing her butt crack directly against my waiting fingers. Well, that was a nice feel but she stepped forward quite quickly. Pitty that I didn't manage to capture that! One trick is to use crossings where you have to stop in the middle for waiting another light to turn green. Sometimes those narrow strips between busy lanes get crowded and you are offered some good opportunities =o)

Some of those pictures have been taken at a fast food restaurant. Two girls were on queue before me and I managed to repeatedly rub her ass with the back of my hand. I did it very gently but I think she noticed it but thought that it was just accidental. At picture 213 you see the other girl going to a table - SHE rubs the girl's ass when she passes by =o)


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