Some New Photos

Krakken: I have added a few photos in my album at

I have been on summer vacation and not used my time commutting, so I haven't had many opportunities for taking new photos. Sorry for rather bad quality, but it's damn difficult to take a perfect real chickan photos or videos! It is very difficult to hide a camera so that you can still operate it. A strange bag will draw some attention and some people will notice the camera any way. Also it is very difficult to point the camera so that it captures the action. Many times I see just girl's leges and my fingers are workin outside the frame =o( Light is also a problem. Most groping opportunities are in places where only limited amounth of light is available. If you are standing close to the woman the amounth of light is still decreaced resulting very dark pictures. I like to fondle womans with thin and thight black trousers, but those cases are almost impossible to film. There is just my hand against black background =o)

If you fellows have any hints for photographing, please let me know!


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