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frottophilia pics and movies

Trans Hunter D (Fri 18 Dec 2020 11:07:29 GMT)

Gay Club and Balls (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

I love going to gay night club and humping trans women..especially those that have gotten their ass done to make it nice and plump ...pure heaven. and they let you have your way right up until you cum on that ass...i've even taken a couple back to my hotel for a good fuck when i travel to other cities.

Juan from Mexico (Thu 01 Oct 2020 02:06:20 GMT)

She 30

😬 all the gay bars been closed who here want to ride a Harry mans ass whole I am hard just thinking about it going to the restroom right now
I like when a girl confused 🤷‍♀️ when you start riding her boyfriend ass it great to see the stupid look on their face 😂

Theoncegayencounter (Tue 29 Sep 2020 21:06:43 GMT)

Men Incident

Same dude! I never rubbed my tool on a Male but I accidentally rubbed my finger on Male with long hair butt at a crowded job fair. LOL that made me feel sus

Not into that and would never happen again

Thaydudemademegay (Tue 29 Sep 2020 00:34:55 GMT)

Never go to met concerts or just beware

I once humped a metal fan thinking it was a girl because of the long hair. Felt very gay and hated it.

Sausage eater (Thu 16 Apr 2020 02:27:07 GMT)

Nothing like a big one

After getting frotted by a guy on the tube I was curious. I found a male escort and we met up. He was hung. At least 9 inches and thick. I wouldn’t have thought I’d enjoy it but I did. I closed my eyes and took his limp cock in my mouth a sucked it like I was starving. I felt him getting hard and I kept sucking taking it deep in my throat. It hurt like hell when he finally bent me over and pushed in but it felt good. I love it. Been with a handful of men now and still women but there’s nothing like sucking a nice one and having a guy suck me off. Way better than any female

Corn hole (Mon 02 Mar 2020 07:47:57 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 33 years old)

He liked it ass up that's the way I like to fuck dick inside of an Harry hole 😁😁😁😁good good nut fuck guy hole good better then a nasty bloody bitch who here ever coped a load in a Harry guy whole well you probably have their some good transsexual you'll never no the difference from on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jumble (Mon 29 Apr 2019 04:02:33 GMT)

Cock in ass (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

We spent the next 10 minutes simply.
working on getting the tip in It was exhausting to jumble and painful, but he was determined and I was battling "I don't want to be gay" syndrome so I was patient, despite the agony of having my ass bits spread beyond their expectations. It didn't take long once he was finally in, much to my relief. But sometimes when I dredge up this memory I can

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Guest (Thu 05 Apr 2018 16:31:11 GMT)


Guest (Thu 05 Apr 2018 16:20:09 GMT)

Humping chubsters

Anyone ever get desperate at the end of the night and end up grinding a big booty chubsters like in the pic ? I know we all love ass. Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female as long as we cum right. I had several black men this size and it felt amazing. U can live in they crack and have a double nut. Guarantee. I’ll share the story later

Guest (Sun 28 May 2017 13:43:50 GMT)


-> Kindacreepy


u r not straight

Kindacreepy (Wed 01 Feb 2017 04:16:35 GMT)


I'm a straight male but recently been frotting men.
You guys should try it. It's a very strange, not sure i like it

gerardo (Tue 02 Feb 2016 00:30:43 GMT)

gerardo_1 (WARNING: she may be 35 years old)

soy un asiduo visitante de esta diversidad de actividad con mucho variedad y caracteristicas propias

Guest (Sun 20 Dec 2015 01:08:23 GMT)


Guest (Sat 15 Aug 2015 02:55:24 GMT)

I just found out

My girlfriend enjoys reading of such things. I'm a rape victim. I'm an abuse victim. And I'm about to cut my wrists. I can't make it.Your website, is a training place for future rapists. It makes those desires bigger, and it is filled with statements of "how the raped person enjoyed it. How the raped person was wet/erect" - testimony by testimony, the person gets

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Guest (Sun 05 Jul 2015 13:35:55 GMT)


Every weekend i go to straight clubs to hump men...always find one, specially one who is with his gf who likes to be hump...

Guest (Wed 24 Jun 2015 03:35:04 GMT)

Mr Magic

Sure I would love to stop posting gay stuff, but you yourself are gay so you would need to leave the board my friend.

reistered member: Mr Magic (Tue 23 Jun 2015 21:59:05 GMT)

Re: Guest+ Angent BootyHumper

Lol, Gentlemen please... can we say goodbye the gay ish gor good now. yeah.

Guest (Tue 23 Jun 2015 21:54:51 GMT)


Ayashi, please move all gay posts to the Gay/Lesbian section. Thank you.

registered member: Agent BootyHunter (Tue 23 Jun 2015 15:17:42 GMT)

re: Mr. Magic & Guest

hahahha..I also accidentally humped few men's or gay's butt but after those experiences, I learned to look at a target face or body features if they look gay before humping them. I once humped a target who really looks like an asian woman with hot ass, office dress..I just couldn't tell if she way gay or not. Then after humping her, I talked to her & her voice sounds like a guy.....hahaha....BEWARE OF MEN WHO PRETEND TO BE WOMEN JUST TO GET A HUMP...THESE GAYS ARE REALLY SMART & ALSO LOOKING FOR OPPORTUNITY TO BE HUMPED LIKE WOMEN. ITS IN THEIR NATURE THAT THEY COMPETE WITH WOMEN SPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL ONES...HAHAHA..LESSONS LEARNED....

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 23 Jun 2015 10:47:50 GMT)


As for chikaning another bloke!!WTF????? that's just gay they must have been gay too, I lived in Londond and used the tube very often, at busy times too and when a guy got too close and I mean close NOT touching, my elbow was there to keep them at bay, NEVER had a guy touch my arse he would have been outed right there if I didn't punch his lights out!!

reistered member: Mr Magic (Tue 23 Jun 2015 07:57:00 GMT)

Re: Guest

Ya disgusting... Lol. Rubbing another men's butt. so how did it go, ya nutted on his ass right? we're you in hiss crack.. details. hahahahaha hahaha. I'm jokin,No details needed.... even just what ya said is good enuf for me ta make me sick. I punch u in the face if I wud feel ya humping me. lol. ya funny men!!

Guest (Mon 22 Jun 2015 18:58:48 GMT)

Chikaning males

Have any of you in a drunken stupor accidentally chikan a man? I have done twoo times, and I must say, the right man is just as pleasurable as a woman. I am not gay, but an ass is an ass at the end of the day.

Buttmasher (Fri 05 Jun 2015 18:34:56 GMT)

under age boy (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

ayashi this guy is so un original man and MR magic i dont need your help i am not a kid lame ass thanks wank off and send it to the board bro


buttsmasher (Thu 04 Jun 2015 13:22:12 GMT)

big juicy lips (WARNING: she may be 27 years old)

i like big guy butts as well any one here like guys ass please let me know i want to wack off of just the thought of you liking guy ass please respond

smooovieee: smooovieee (Sat 13 Dec 2014 13:11:04 GMT)


just checked this board and got a good laugh :P

it's nice to know that i'm sooo deep into the heads of these turds like hokie blowgie and smackie


Guest (Tue 19 Aug 2014 20:54:45 GMT)

Re: guest video

Hey guest, I am...I'm on there everyday pretty much...

guest (Fri 08 Aug 2014 20:35:05 GMT)

Guest - Video

anyone up for this on london underground? consenual male to male frot?

Guest (Sat 26 Jul 2014 14:38:43 GMT)



latino (Wed 18 Jun 2014 20:04:25 GMT)

Re: Andy Guest's

I hear ya guest Im straight too but, Ive been frotted a few times by guys, not often but it has happen, and boy has it been a turn on for me, I mean I know I could not acutualy have sex with a man its not apealing at all for me but when some one is behind me and I feel him getting hard right up in my ass crack OMG I my self get sooo exited.

Guest (Wed 19 Mar 2014 23:00:45 GMT)


Andy and guest, I'm straight and one time on the tube in London, rather than doing the frotting I was frotted by a guy. It was a surprising turn on. There was even a point where I had his cock in my ass and my cock rubbing a gorgeous blondes. The next day guess who gets in behind me again...this time I actually reached behind and started stroking him off. I was bending over exaggerating my movements to adjust my bag, pushing my ass in to him. It was fun.

The Great Shogie (Mon 03 Mar 2014 18:30:44 GMT)

Taking Up Residence

A Resident Poet gettin' DEEP up in that Smooovieee's ASS :-D!

Guest (Sat 15 Feb 2014 01:44:27 GMT)



blackie (Sat 15 Feb 2014 00:02:48 GMT)

smoovie and troll friends.

ha ha ha ha I find smooviee and other abuse board member here on link hahahahahahaahahahahahah! coooor smoovie!


The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 30 Jan 2014 00:46:17 GMT)


Hey armhumper, got any stories with hot white women that you would like to share?

freddy johnson jr (Fri 27 Dec 2013 01:07:02 GMT)

another poser caught (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

smooovieee: smooovieee (Mon 16 Dec 2013 05:52:29 GMT)

guesty_|_ O_o _|_

i'm in your head pussy toadboy, good to know

so let me guess, you are some non-white inferior raced individual correct? must suck not to be white

Dansktex (Sat 16 Nov 2013 23:29:44 GMT)

Frotting around the World

I have traveled extensively in my life. I find that frotting on public transit and in other crowded venues in another country, especially one with a different language from mine, to be exciting and mostly safe. Some of the best places are the buses and trains in India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, etc., and the public outdoor gatherings on city streets.

Personally, I am not a butt frotteur.

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guesty_|_ O_o _|_ (Sun 01 Sep 2013 00:05:15 GMT)

smoooooovieeees Gal!

I found this photo of your wife smoovieeeeeee!

Guest (Fri 12 Jul 2013 21:14:04 GMT)


Here's one for that two bit alcohloc lose smoooviee.

Newguy: Jay (Tue 18 Jun 2013 00:40:32 GMT)


lol just realized i accidently clicked on the gay board...posted in the wrong section....

Newguy: Jay (Tue 18 Jun 2013 00:39:47 GMT)


Someone needs to start a an actual forum . Im getting kinda tired of this board and the format. Good stories get lost in the fray, people want to comment on them but they're too far back so people don't bother....

Andy (Mon 17 Jun 2013 22:12:33 GMT)


Thanks Guest. I'm out clubbing this weekend so I'm hoping to get something on. I know this great club that is particularly packed between 11pm - 1am, so I'm going to try there. More later.

Andy B.

Guest (Thu 13 Jun 2013 12:05:39 GMT)


Hi Andy. We have to be cautious all the time no matter what. When i go out usually look up for straight guys. I taste the waters first by getting closer, touching or humping his butt. If no reaction then look for more. Most of the time i find a guy who let have my way until i come. Theres a lot of guys out there who likes to be touch by other man specially in crowded places where nobody suspects. Sometimes they are too drunk or high and dont care. We have to be patient and look for the right moment...

Andy (Tue 04 Jun 2013 23:24:08 GMT)

Re Guest

Hi Guest.

Similar to you. I go wherever I can get it. I do go to two particularly promiscuous clubs where it's easy to get some action. I try to avoid straight guys due to a few sour outcomes, one of which led to me being punched in the face. But I do get incredibly turned on when I know that they are straight, if they seem to be enjoying it. I'm cautious though


Guest (Sat 18 May 2013 00:45:17 GMT)


Im a gay chikan...specially i do straight guys at clubs, malls or different crowded places...most of them dont care or enjoy being chikan...and u Andy?

Andy (Mon 13 May 2013 22:49:28 GMT)

Gay Chikans

Been a reader for a while on and off. it seems a pretty open minded place. Just wondering if there are any gay chikans here, or any who want to hear how i chikan guys, or have been the victim of chikan. Its all still chikan after all.

dona (Sat 27 Apr 2013 16:55:19 GMT)

rezubo (WARNING: she may be 33 years old)

Guest (Sat 30 Mar 2013 11:30:54 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Guest (Sun 24 Mar 2013 22:02:26 GMT)

Naz Kahn

Nazia, you'll have to do a 'prescribed image like someone recently said. Otherwise you're just seen as another joke like The truth, and Don etc.

I think Only a fool would belive your a chick.

Guest (Sat 23 Mar 2013 22:46:13 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

guest (Fri 22 Mar 2013 23:28:05 GMT)

nazie kahn

Tank you got it wrong man. Yeah, here is a picture of nazia kahn!

Guest (Wed 20 Mar 2013 10:28:06 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Guest (Tue 19 Mar 2013 22:44:55 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

slippery boy (Wed 03 Oct 2012 05:16:53 GMT)


It's all about the last car on BART, guys. There's frotting, jerking, blow jobs, you name it. Back of the train, in the transbay tube, all day long. http://www.sfweekly.com/bestof/2007/award/best-place-to-get-off-on-bart-563308/

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 10:53:30 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 26 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 10:11:05 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 09:27:06 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 08:42:01 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 06:56:33 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 27 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 06:02:20 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 26 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 05:09:58 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Guest (Wed 29 Aug 2012 04:21:30 GMT)

(WARNING: she may be 26 years old)

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