I just found out

My girlfriend enjoys reading of such things. I'm a rape victim. I'm an abuse victim. And I'm about to cut my wrists. I can't make it. Your website, is a training place for future rapists. It makes those desires bigger, and it is filled with statements of "how the raped person enjoyed it. How the raped person was wet/erect" - testimony by testimony, the person gets their conscience free - "I'm giving pleasure. I'm doing them a favor. She/he wanted it!".  In their minds, bit by bit, it stops being wrong, and it starts being "community service". A 15 year old, scared, cold, starving, ran from her house. All she wanted was food. But she thought she wasn't worth enough, that she had to give her body, let other touch without going to the police, to get a piece of bread. The person is proud of raping her daily, and probably impregnating her, for bread. A 12 year old, neglected by her parents, was led into a man's house, who got her drunk (bonbons with whiskey inside),  drugged, and raped. Even drugged, her tears still streamed down her face. Proudly, he said how it went on and on, for a long time, as he got her returning to his house. Me, I dedicated my life to saving others, to study psychology, and to preventing other rape victims, violence victims, neglect victims, from hurting themselves or committing suicide. There was nothing else I could do. But today, I got to know this. And to see what happens. How people are training themselves and others, into becoming perfect rapists, with no regret. Seeing how they, daily, work on seeing is as a good thing. That could be my child. That could be your child, one day. Raped, by one of the very members of your website. Having them tell everyone, boast about it, lick their teeth with a smile, and say how "she wanted it. by the end, she was wet and twitching. that 11 year old wanted it. and I heard she has a sister.... a 15 year old, virgin as well...... she is next...... maybe I can do them both one day. I'll keep you all posted.  boy, she was tight!  let's see if next time she still cries. " The thing is.. I am powerless They (molesters and rapists) are being born, and raised, here. I can't fix anything. My heart is shattered. She likes to see other be raped. To read on it. I don't want my children to go through the things I did. And worse.. Rapists.. So... so many here! So many all over the place! If I kill myself, I won't be putting children into this world, and giving them to all the rapists and molesters, that you are allowing to be created and perfected,  on your website 

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