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rock hard (Sun 15 Feb 2009 17:45:05 GMT)

mashing some blonde on packed train

So today on the city lines (hammersmith ect) there were severe delays. i ususally scope for a unsuspecting vunerable target ptrferably white women they never seem to mind haha anyway so i found her mid twenties brunette medium slim build the slag was wearing a black tight work skirt and pumps anyway as the train pulled in and the crowed surged i rammed my now raging cock right up her she kinda tur

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rock hard (Sun 15 Feb 2009 18:23:03 GMT)

school girls a few years back

ok so here goes ill feed you another story but first let me introduce myself i wont say too much aparr from im black and in my twenties this story only goes back a few years (i call them the golden years) back when i went to school now the school i went to all the girls used to wear short insanely tight mini skirts. back then i used to hang with a group od boys and we used to terroise the girls bu

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rock hard (Sun 15 Feb 2009 18:51:01 GMT)

on the northern line

Ok so i usually get the city lines to work but this time i got the northern line well let me put it in perspective there were delays on the northern line it meant i would be extremly late but i dint care i needed a rub n a good one well on the platform a train was already there people were packed on and it was on the point of leaving this was when i saw my opportunity there was a blonde standing b

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rock hard (Sun 15 Feb 2009 19:05:28 GMT)

my wife being chikaned

before i got into chikan the prospect of another guy trying anything on with my wife really puts me off the idea of it still gets to me but seeing as i am chikan myself id be a hypocrite to let it bother me she doesnt know i am chikan all i have told her is i have seen it happening and if its ever happened to her she told me when she was at school she used to wear a super short skirt like all the

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rock hard (Sun 15 Feb 2009 19:35:36 GMT)

boning girls when i was at school

So i remember a few years back the girls at school always used to wear the stupid lycra mini skirts with some sexy flat pumps. the skirts really used to turn me on. i really used to take advantage of this whenever there was a fight at school everyone used to go running to watch well there was this one slag i used to get everytime she was so stupid she didnt even know what i was doing she was a yea

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rock hard (Mon 16 Feb 2009 12:28:44 GMT)

Chikans taking turns

Chikans taking turns

Ok so this one goes back a few months now. Still it was brillant. Firstly id like to say as usual all my stories are 100 % true.
Well it was my mates birthday and we decided to go out in Birmingham for the night. now my mates don't know i am chikan. So we got to Birmingham now as it was my mates birthday i had to drink which was a shame every stealth chikan kno

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Rock hard (Mon 16 Feb 2009 15:59:09 GMT)

Arsenal game today

Eze brother blackie how's it going. Web master you need to remove those pictures they are not good for this site. I have many stories to tell I have been following this board for some time now and have read many great stories especially from the likes of shogun pbh ECT now I feel I need to make a valid contribution also well I've sent in a few stories I'll post more later as I said

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Rock hard (Mon 16 Feb 2009 22:43:54 GMT)

All these pictures

Does anyone here not honestly beleive this is borderline child porn...
I'm disapponted to see this on here this is a community for chikan not child porno disapponted to see the brothers don't agree just hope this stuff is removed before the police get suspicious otherwise me might lose the great ayashi bbs site altogether....!

rock hard (Mon 16 Feb 2009 23:46:58 GMT)

Arsenal game update

So nothing to report on the Arsenal game guys - yes there were massive crowds but for some reason Tfl (transport for London) were prepared and there were trains almost every 5 minutes quite disapointing really was a good game but would have prefered some White arsenal to rub on.got to be in work early tomorrow to won't have much luck there either but I'll post an old memory on sometime tomorrow.

Rock hard (Wed 18 Feb 2009 07:28:44 GMT)

Wife frottage

Hey guys does anyone else have any stories of their wife being chikaned and how she felt about it. Also does your wife know you are chikan n can she openly talk about it...?

rock hard (Wed 18 Feb 2009 13:37:24 GMT)

cute brunette on train in skirt and back n red pumps

so i had a great time today like seriously good time. there was minor delays on the city lines today. when i got to the platform on kings cross it wasen't really busy but i figured the crowds might arrive by about 08:45 as they usually do. see i usually get there at 08:35 well just on queue the crowd slowly got more packed. but to be honest the pack never got to rammed like it usually does. I

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rock hard (Wed 18 Feb 2009 14:16:26 GMT)

This one is not really chikan not sure what you'd call it really! :-?

so this was about a year ago at a nightclub in Nottingham. well it was my mates birthday and he has a uni place up there which is student halls. he shares with a few girls and two other guys they're all really close and good friends. well my mate invited them to come out with me and the other boys as it was a one off seeing as we all were down. everyone agreed and we all drunk shit loads cock

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rock hard (Thu 19 Feb 2009 11:36:08 GMT)

raw humping on the city line this morning

had a good one this morining on the hammersmith line today. i was half busy but as the trains pulled in they were pretty busy the thing is although alot of ppl get off at kings cross, alot of people also stay on well anyway i managed to get behing this young 20 something white europrean chick she was wearing those latex (i think) trousers you know the black ones that are tight strecth fitting. wel

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rock hard (Thu 19 Feb 2009 14:24:10 GMT)

in the presence of her boyfriend

this one goes back to when i was alot younger probably only 16 or so. At this age i was a chikan but only really around other girls my age. Well this experience was with an older lader mid thirties and with her husand or boyfriend whichever don't really care.
well this was when it was news years eve i was with the lads back then we used to drink cider and lambrini on the streets thinking

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rock hard (Thu 19 Feb 2009 17:17:54 GMT)


shit i forgot about the pigs lol. dont want to get my arse busted now :-p tell you what the best line is probably the northern line when there are delays is madness trying to get on a train you can chikan the same girl over and over just trying to ge onto a train let alone when you actualy get on. the victoria lines great aswell. the picidally line always seems busy but when i get on at kings cross usually by the time people hav all squashed on it trains always seem not quite as full. tell you what i do love london the woman are game and the opportunities are just great

rock hard (Fri 20 Feb 2009 12:50:38 GMT)

whilst on holiday

so as usual on a Friday i don't manage to get any so lets go back to a previous experience. this one was when i was alot younger and went away on holiday to Kenya with my mum and her sister. It was your typical holiday a beach holiday with a few days on Safari. Well the action came on the safari. it was not your major great chikan experience but still it was well worth it.
well the safari

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rock hard (Sat 21 Feb 2009 16:02:04 GMT)

teens on train

as i told you coming home on the H'smith line is always great for chhikan during rush hour the croweds are always pretty immense tying to jump on a circle line tain which is too short for farringdon and babican station. So anyay whilst at Faingdon i noticed some teens waiting in line for the tain ok they must have been touching 16 possibly 17 but moe likely 15 lol. cant really these day, youn

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Rock hard (Mon 23 Feb 2009 17:27:07 GMT)

End to chikan pratice

I do think oneday I would like stop being a chikan you see inside my head I know it is wrong and it is just a guilty pleasure I hope to stop before I am caught out and embarassed but only time will tell. I think I'd need a job working outside of London or in the suburbs rather than the busiest parts of London. I hate to kill the vibe but the reason I would like to quit is because chikan is a

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Rock hard (Mon 23 Feb 2009 19:14:03 GMT)

Chav slag

Brother blackie I have never fucked an American woman but I'd love to get one and bone her super hard. Think the best I've got was this beauitful Greek girl this was in palmers green some time ago now when I used to pass by there well there's quite a large geek. Community. Well anyway this one girl was one if those typical London rude girls the real chavy kind she was wearing this

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Rock hard (Thu 26 Feb 2009 23:15:57 GMT)

Foam party

Quick one guys I've give you a full story later cos I'm pretty knakeewe and I'm I'm the car on my way home. Well I just coming back from niche nightclub in shefield for a birthday bash thank fuck got tomorrow off work.
Anyway so it was a foam party all the girls were dressed in skirts and low tops because of the foam your clothes always get ruined well anyway there was this

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Rock hard (Fri 27 Feb 2009 07:36:16 GMT)

Award month

I would like to nominate Blackie he is a great guy with some good chikan stories!
Keep up the good work guys this board is becoming great once again, let's be the reason Ayashi BBS is the best chikan website there ever is!!

rock hard (Tue 07 Apr 2009 18:56:45 GMT)

the pic with the white blonde and asian man

hi peeps its been a long time but im back now!!!
That picture with the blonde woman is amazing yoy notice she is squashed begind a mam wjo mist have his fully aroused cock right up her arse and notice how she is abit chunky this means there is more mear to fuck without being too obvious i also notice the asian man staring at her he is a very obvious chikan prehaps to obvious i dont think he is

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rock hard (Thu 09 Apr 2009 11:48:12 GMT)

friends wife

char let me give you some helpful advice i wouldnt sugest making a move on her reason being is because she probably isnt game and once youve made a move on her she will keep away from you and you will probably lose your mate and any frotting you get off her now will cease you should only make a move once yoy know 100 percent in yiur head shes is game sometimes you need to realise that you neer to

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rock hard (Thu 09 Apr 2009 11:55:58 GMT)

forgot to mention

keep your eyes peeled on this board over this weekend im going to get some amazing pussy tonight im going to a foam party in stevenage it abit of. distance to travel butstevenage has the second highest underage pregnancy rate in the uk so there will be many slags in skimpy clothed and i can frott so much and get away with it with all that foam i can even get my cock out haha well ill report back on how it goes

rock hard (Wed 15 Apr 2009 07:36:36 GMT)

girl i used to hump at school on my train

just so you know that foam party i went to it was shit well there were plenty of chances but my mates never left my side and got me drunk fucking hell! well anyway heres what happened i decided to get on an earlier train than usual into london and at the station i see her im not going to say her name for confidentialty but anyway i jumped onto the train with her i didnt chikan her though it was te

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rock hard (Fri 17 Apr 2009 15:44:29 GMT)

dry times

Ok so i got the early train both yesterday and today and both days i didnt see this bitch from school i used to frott. and to make matters worst is it only me but is the tube getting less busy i mean considering its easter im thimking there wl be lots of teen bubble butts to frott but theres nothing these plenty of arse but not enough crowed what happened to the days when you queues to the morther

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rock hard (Wed 17 Jun 2009 17:09:41 GMT)

rock hard back in business

back again fir those of you who may not know me im rock hard ive been on this board writing posts before i used to what id call a lurker in this board i followed stories but never contributed until a few months back but then i stopped writing for two reasons i quit chikan for a while but also because nobidy contributes any more stories worth reading well ill be honest with you im back in the chikan game and have some great experiences to shoot at you i hope you appreciate them like i say all my stories are 100 percent true to my word please leave feedback via the board and do not email me i use a fake email address for my own protection anyway well hope u like my stories im typing one right after i send this through.

rock hard . perv among pervs

rock hard (Wed 17 Jun 2009 17:46:10 GMT)

tube strikes in london

ok so a story just as promised. well as im sure mist if you were aware last week the tube strikes were on and i had to get to work well as you can imagine everyone at kings cross was queing like mad at the bus stop directly outside that station waiting fir the buses. well the queues were herrendous bu perfect for a chikan. as always i was fully primed well in advanve my cock was out from my pants

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rock hard (Wed 17 Jun 2009 18:06:20 GMT)

today on the city lines

like i have always told you chikan around evening rush hour at farringdon station the tube circle line amd hammersmith lines tubes are shorter than the platform this means the very last carriage is always extremly busy see for yourself around 17:20 ish anyway true to my word it was and o was ready to get some action. i scoped out some teen you know the teens of today skinny jeans and thatnultra fu

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rock hard (Thu 18 Jun 2009 16:20:52 GMT)

gentle touch

nothing major but still worth the mention! train into london wasent very busy but people were in hurry to get to their seats. well anyway as i say i got a seat next to this cute white woman she was wearing a office skirt and them court style heels totally sexy but she was more classy than thashy the kind you want to marry, but she didnt loom stuck up more modest. anyway i caught a seat right next

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rock hard (Tue 18 Aug 2009 17:55:58 GMT)


guest 101 im assuming that is ur wife / girlfriend excellent picture mate. guys is it just me or is the tube getting emptier by the day this is the reaso. i have not posted here for a long time now because it has been sooo dry. remember the days when the northern line used to have queus at kings cross going right up to the esculators and yoy used to hump a woman on the platform let alone once you

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rock hard (Tue 25 Aug 2009 10:03:31 GMT)

coming out of the dry season

sorry to intrude on the conversation but my understanding is very rarely us a woman a chikan and into it. usually women are passive and just try and ignore it or just think this guy is a loser and obviously isnt getting sex so has to do this to get any action. i have come to beleivd this as if you go to google and type in 'rubbed against on packed train' there are many forums where women

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Rock hard (Tue 06 Oct 2009 18:44:43 GMT)

Reply to: info seeking guest

Info seeking guest if you are planning in doing this with yur missus I would say go to tiger tiger or some of the night clubs in lecister square on a Friday night they are heaving and woman always get brushed and rubbed against whilst queing for drinks and also on the dance floor. If you are looking for a more hardcore experience go onto gumtree and get some concert tickets to see a band I'm going to a dizzie rascL concert notinto the music but always lots of hotties squeezed up against the front railings and loads of guys who will happily squeeze up behind them just make sure u get standing tickets. Otherwise use he tube in afterwork rush n he victoira lie or circle line from farringdon. If you need more info message me via his board... Hope this helps let me know wha happens.

Rock hard (Sun 25 Oct 2009 13:40:59 GMT)

Reponse to Eleven / crack spotter / jizzing on drunk brunettes arse

Eleven your stories rated man top man prehaps obesssed is the wrong terminology think more 'a thing for this girl' is more suitable however I can completly relate to what your saying about a certain girl I never ever go for the mos hottest chick in sight or the one that every guy is after becasue this is how chikans are exposed and sometimes it is more fun to find the above average girl

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Rock hard (Tue 05 Jan 2010 23:33:15 GMT)

Response to mauler

Response to Mauler:
Bruv that is a really tricky one. First things first don't ever ever let her know you get pleasure out of it and probably best you don't ever mention it to her unless it come up in general conversation but only make sure she brings it up. She got raped rape is non consensual sex she probably still has nightmares or cold shudders thinking about it. To be fair thoug

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rock hard (Thu 04 Feb 2010 01:12:36 GMT)

amy and a few other things to point out

Firstly- I would like to apologise to you all. some of you may remember my stories others may not, if you don't you can search them in search box or archives. I have been away for a while now... I am offically chikan clean for at least 5 months now. it's been hard but I'm happier this way. I still hang around this site as a passer by Reading the latest issues. I would like to point

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rock hard (Fri 05 Feb 2010 08:42:49 GMT)


just finish and leave.... what a fantastic article. I wish I was that man grinding against the girl in the gay bar that must have been some experience what a dumb stupid bitch this is why I have no sympathy for some victims of ayashi. it like they too scared to say something yet it's a public place it's nit like the guy is guna become aggressive and if he does there plenty of people around to be fair by keeping quite the guy will probably get more aggressive because he will try more knowing he can get away with it! I love girl like that... the ones that will just take it until I choose to stop. lol.

Rock Hard (Thu 22 Apr 2010 15:35:37 GMT)

Rock hard - back in business (WARNING: she may be too young)

Right It has been a while since I been on here. for thouse who recall i used to post quite often my adventures, then I quit and came back as a occasional passer by to the site but now i am back... :-p well just to let you know the whole quitting thing... that didnt work very well. Anyway I just wanted to say this board has been going down and down by the day. prehaps we can quit the would

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Rock hard (Thu 22 Apr 2010 16:52:27 GMT)

Girfriend experience

Had a intresting scenario the other week well I have a new gf since i last posted on this board. I stil early days between us and I dont really regard her as a long term gf she is a little but immature and just not wifey material. Anyway well basically we go clubbing together I go with the boys and she bring on or 2 of her girl mates along and we all go as one big group. Well anyway my girl was we

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rock hard (Sat 24 Apr 2010 14:04:41 GMT)

set up the GF

right listen here I don't know what u guys are going to make of this one but I'm going to set up my girlfriend to get a good fucking up the arse. were in London at the moment and are heading up to Peterborough tonight however the football is on at the emirates so the trains are going to be super busy after the match with fans heading home ( the trains always are at this time ) so the pla

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rock hard (Sun 25 Apr 2010 14:23:13 GMT)

continuation: after the match

ok so I like I told you I was with my gf in the city travelling north on the busy trains straight after city and arsenal game. well like I said we got the train at frinsbury park and it was busy just on cue. (this might sound abit atypical and fake but one thing u can always guarentee is that the trains are crazy busy after a game at the emirates.) well anyway we waited at the station I was super

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rock hard (Sun 02 May 2010 00:43:59 GMT)

fucked a drunk teen

Had a crazy one this weekend boys it'd bank holiday weekens over here in the uk so nobody ain't got to work Monday so friday was a crazy night anyway me and the boys said fuck it let's do something other than the usul local stuff so we booked a hotel Down in souhampton. the night life there is hardcore. anyway so we had a room booked up and went out we usually get pretted wasted bef

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rock hard (Sun 02 May 2010 23:13:43 GMT)

re: April 2010 award

Ayashi: in response your query for the award my
nominations are either blackie, or black helmet they are both the most consistent story writers and are also long serving members of the ayashi bbs community. so between the two of them is my susgestion...

Rock hard (Fri 07 May 2010 17:30:48 GMT)

Homeless groping: my opinion on this new craze

My view on homeless people groping... Ok I know you guys are going to lynch me for saying this but just stop and have a think about it for a second you probably won't agree with my perspective whiich is fine it's just ones own opinion so this is just a topic for discussion plz no-one take it as offensive or personally.
My view is that this groping homeless women is a little hit low cl

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Rock hard (Sat 08 May 2010 08:51:03 GMT)

Re.: badboy & butt lover

You no now you say it from that perspective I can see the other side of the spectrum and if the women are fair game then it's fair play and no-one ain't getting hurt. Supose one of the problems is, is that until you try something you can be too quick to judge it... It's like men who have never chikaned before with a consensual woman they will quickly dismiss it hecuase they have nev

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Rock hard (Mon 17 May 2010 09:36:16 GMT)

Response to blackie

Yes bruv long time man I been lurking the board haven't had any xperiences myself recently hence no posts so I'm fucking well jealous you got. A school girl in uniform yum yum anyways my personal opinion she was probably nervous and aggitated people often laugh and giggle when they are nervous the fact she never tried to get away could suggest am element of her did enjoy it some girls d

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Rock hard (Tue 18 May 2010 10:44:57 GMT)

Inspiration from black helmet fucked a typical London ghetto White teen

Black helmet you gave me some inspiration to go get a school uniformed girl yesterday lol! I was at work but I work in the city. No chance I would find some teen sluts in uniform in the sqaure mile at around 17:00 hours. So I decided to leave work early the time got round to half 1 I was so anxious to get some I swear my cock was throbbing all day at work just thinking about the experience. I had

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Rock hard (Wed 19 May 2010 08:38:56 GMT)


Not sure about europe as an entitiy but here in uk London it is pretty dam east to get away with alot of bold humping. Apart from my crazy experience the other day alot of women over here are very submissive and won't make a scene also in London the transport for London police are targeting pickpocketers but recently due to change in focus they don't really ride the trains anymore they h

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Rock hard (Thu 20 May 2010 09:45:14 GMT)

Reply to guest re air hostesses

Air hostesses are easy to target plus they are used to having people squueze past them the best time is when they are walking down the isles with the food trollies I usually pretend I need to go to toilet and they allow you squeeze past them it's greats because conventionally when givng way people turn their back for you to squeze past and then bro u can leudly swipe right across the circumfrence of their arse. Try it next time your flying.

Rock hard (Thu 20 May 2010 15:39:46 GMT)

Response to blackie

Bro don't quit man, I tried you might not remember but about a year ago I was writing posts about quiiting search my posts in the archive. I would say don't quit it's a fantasy enjoy life dint repress this urge don't be ashamed of it you love life once live life knowing you enjoyed yourself knowing that you have lived in the fast lane on the edge. When you are ready to quit you

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Rock hard (Thu 20 May 2010 20:01:23 GMT)

Reply to guest

Eze guest in response to your reply I have humped an air hostess before. It was easy as the situation permited I was on a real low cost flight on my way to Portugal this was a year or so ago for the a champions league game so there were all football fans on the flight. Well anyway amost of the passengers were groups of drunken fans a few women and like one family whom I felt bad for as the whole p

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Rock hard (Fri 21 May 2010 12:40:31 GMT)


1st time when I went past like I said I gave ita good push up on her crack lime a subtle thrust which like I said she definitly felt. Second time on my way back from the toilets I had to be descreet I had been caught ou once I didn't want her to file a complaint for sexual harassment or anything lol so I more swiped it across her not really humping more dragging it over her arse. It sure was Fun.

Rock hard (Fri 21 May 2010 12:59:21 GMT)

Friend getting groped

Had abit of a situation yesterday it's nit my expereice but kwhat I saw and it tired me on just wantto know what everyone elses opinion is. I was with a group of mates 5 of use 3 guys and 2 girls one of the girls is a long time friend of mine I mean we were mates at school and although we went of to different universities we stayed in contact I dot fancy her well I mean she's got a nice

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Rock hard (Fri 21 May 2010 13:03:41 GMT)


Sorry for all the long posts I try and keep them short but itry and be as detailed as I can I want you to be able to live the experience to feel it and picture it hecuase that's ehat I do whe. I read your stories it almost feels like I'm there and can understand how yu feel. Belive it or not I actually hate writing here it's soo long and tedious but I do it to keep the board alive I'm blessed with alot of chikan experiences anyway keep the board flowing guys.

rock hard (Sat 22 May 2010 14:15:33 GMT)

Basilisk Instincts (

yeah i get you bro i think you put it really well you sumed up how i felt in that paragraph.
I know what you mean about having that kinda game to have the cockyness to chikan a girl and pull her at the same time. I have done it before but only usually when im pretty wasted and so have balls of steel otherwise i couldnt do it. I have done it a few times before drunk and usually it goes alright remember when i was at uni and i done it and got layed :)! other than that though cant do it when sober no chance need some bigger more ruthless balls! shit man!

Rock hard (Thu 27 May 2010 16:49:32 GMT)


Blackie: thanks for your reply bro.
Listen the jubliee line fuck I know what your talking about man fucking insane that line is! Your encounter is sick though (sick means good over here in ldn btw peeps) fuk I'm like well jealous I love teens in slutty clothes you must gone made the best feeling sometimes is just before you are about to mashing them the sensation as they begin to get onto

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Rock hard (Thu 27 May 2010 21:01:08 GMT)

Weird wanda / veteran lurker

My opinion: whether weird wanda is a man woman animal beast or whatever the fuk. All I can say is the stories produced are pretty dam good. In my personal opinion does it really matter f she's is male or female... Why does it matter... What is it are you guys like getting off Reading her stories so much that the prospect of her being a man will kill your fantasies??? It doesn't matter th

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Rock hard (Sat 29 May 2010 10:11:44 GMT)

Everyone please read and respond accordingly

2 things I know we like to hump teeny boppers and sorts but using termology like kiddy porn and stuff kind of makes me feel like shit there is no pleasure in peadophilla and none of us here are into that were a board dedicated to humping so on the way of fantasising about fucking a kid... Don't even go there... Please do not associate us with such activities just because we like to hump woman

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Rock hard (Mon 07 Jun 2010 17:45:20 GMT)

Monday Monday Monday

Omfg I love, love, love, love Monday mornings sooooo god damn fucking much. Started out as an early day in the office I had alot to doso there's me thinking it's going to be one of those early mornings on the city lines... No crowd no sexy office slags... No nothing. But I was wrong and fuck me I couldn't be any more wrong. For some reason it was busy.. You see I usually stove at k

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Rock hard (Tue 08 Jun 2010 13:05:27 GMT)

Re: black helmet

Fuk bruv I probably seen you around when I been drunk I get the N29 home usually after a night out in trafalgar square! Shit man if you saw some mixed race guy in his late 20's riding some White arse in a tight skirt then that was me hehehehehehe I love London so much man born and bred here and it just gets better I want to check out net your subway system though bu word is it is alot differe

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Rock hard (Wed 09 Jun 2010 15:53:48 GMT)

Re: sultan sheikh of jabraha

My brother who was your message intended to?
If it was to me I can assure you I hold nothing against Muslims or your culture I mentioned black helmet as he knows what chikaning in london. No offence intended. But I'm not sure who you were intending your message to be for...?

Rock hard (Thu 10 Jun 2010 13:21:02 GMT)

A message to webmaster

A tribute to ayashi webmaster....

Webmaster I was thinking about my life the things I do and most people know like where i work, live, go drinking, my hobbies my pet hates.. And most people who know me know these things about me.. But they don't know about my fantasies and fetishes one of which is to chikan. Before I came across this site a good 5 years my chikan festish was something

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Rock hard (Wed 16 Jun 2010 21:41:00 GMT)

The northen line is the best ever fuck the city lines!!!!!

Omfg omfg omfg the northern line is amazing it's the new city lines. I got a job doing some contracting work in St Mary Axe for an insurance company so I now have to use the northern line. And it is so fucking busy go there between 8:35 and 8:50 and the queue fills the whole platform. Well anyway I had choices of who I wanted to bone but I chose to go for some teeny bopper college student. Sh

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Rock hard (Thu 17 Jun 2010 16:14:20 GMT)


- Gary... Is your story true? The picture is off the Internet these girls made headline
news as they were promotirng the ornate dresses answered involved in a scandal regarding it... If you go onto dailymail website you can see pictures of the girls bums in google type (dailymail world cup axes Robbia earl) the dailymail article has photos of their amazing bums.

Rock hard (Fri 18 Jun 2010 17:04:28 GMT)

World cup

Re: Gary
mate contrary to what everyone else might beleive I do beleive you sometimes at first when you read a story and it's such a succesful one it can be abit like 'nar that cant possibly be true' but then why would you go through all the effort to write a lie. Some people are just ignorante sometimes my stories probably sound too good to be true but sometimes in life we are b

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Rock hard (Sat 19 Jun 2010 04:39:26 GMT)

Re: lurker

My response was a matter of opinion but the fact of the matter is, is that people slag off us for telling stories which sound too good to be true when they themselves cannot even post ther own stories so all I am saying is don't say stuff like that if you can't even pos your own material because peope should appreciate how much fucking effort goes into writng a Peice it's like a essay only to have it disregarded and thrown back in your face well I won't stand for that and for that reason fuck it until I see fit.. I'm out. laterz.

Rock hard (Thu 24 Jun 2010 16:25:39 GMT)

Sultan sheikh

sultan sheikh of jabraha

Mate write us your story sounds like it could be good I anything I'm intrested!

Rock hard (Tue 06 Jul 2010 08:28:41 GMT)

Great little story from some teen

Found this online i always prefer account written by girls ESP ones who didn't enjoy it.... This made me so horny and the chicken had her trapped for a good 3 songs that's like a good 20mins. I love the way she says he was A LITTLE too excited couldn't have been a little sweetheart he basically took full advantage of you. And then the finishing line it's a concert gut to expect

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Rock hard (Mon 12 Jul 2010 09:25:27 GMT)


I am not gay but If I was I wouldn't be ashamed of it.
I think gay stuff is welcome on this site in my own opinion just for the sake of the majority who are not gay t would be nice to he warned before looking at a video or reading a gay story.
My view on this whole thing.

Rock hard (Wed 14 Jul 2010 10:51:29 GMT)


Listen guys Fuck all this stupid gay shit listen I have a crazy story to tell. It's 100% true and was fucking incredible. So here goes. I was at the northern line as usual the line was pretty busy today more so than any other day maybe because the weather is so shit at the moment (it's raining the sun has gone) well anyway as I got to the platform there was a big enough crowed at around

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rock hard (Sat 31 Jul 2010 17:04:22 GMT)


eleven.... sounds like you are acquiring feelings for this girl... maybe you are or maybe your not... maybe shes too young maybe shes not... i dont really know... i went to a concert a few weeks ago and humped the shit out of some teeny bopper she was clearly not over 15 but there waa nothing else within reason. your story is vert horny though. i hope youn see her again just promise me one thing bro..... you will not shag her.... you will ger done for it... just have fun with her but use the cover up as simple playful fun as the guise.

rock hard (Tue 10 Aug 2010 06:55:03 GMT)

mashed some girl...

sorry forgot to label that story mine but u cam probly tell the style of writinf anyway lol. :)

rock hard (Tue 10 Aug 2010 21:57:08 GMT)

latino party chick

guest... latino party chick...

ragamuffin dont be silly put a rubber on ya willy... then mash that raw mutten... thats how
we roll.

rock hard (Thu 12 Aug 2010 06:49:45 GMT)

lada gaga

them pictures were all over the metro (local london newspaper!) some kid who was groping the shit out of her breasts has become
famous from it... he won interviews with the news channel n shit! lool! you see.. aggressive chikan can also be a good thing.... hahaha lol only kidding.!

rock hard (Thu 12 Aug 2010 16:57:58 GMT)

addicted cbika: no place like home

agreed... chikan is a joy a pleasure... its our niche our undercover hobby... when i have a lame journey into work (always friday) as the northern line is always empty this day i feel like my day travelling is wasted and i cannot wait til mondat morning when it is always busy beyond beleif to get my grind on again. when ur doing chikan actively its easy to tell yourself that you will stop but once you havent had it for a whike you do crave it somewhat... its weird never realised how much of an influence it would play on my life.... its sad really isnt it... :-( lol.

rock hard (Sun 15 Aug 2010 10:40:40 GMT)

calling london chikans...

any london chikans travel from waterloo in the mornings? i understand it is chikan playground but i need to double confirm before i try it...

rock hard (Tue 17 Aug 2010 08:19:04 GMT)

this teeny boppers a buffet....

this teeny boppers a buffet....
got second helpings of the same teeny bopper she is like a buffet i just keep going in for more! such a delight! and the best part.. she either doesnt care or doesnt mind. though i doubt it would be the latter.. but u never know right :-) well anyway as always i scoped out shorty on monday i have seen her before for the last few weeks but never went there i pref

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rock hard (Thu 19 Aug 2010 09:11:54 GMT)

school girls / dutch lover boys

september.... school starts again.... cannot fucking wait ... school girls are the most exciting most thrilling arses to hump.

btw... anyone here read the news about the dutch police cracking down on lover boys... i been thinking i might try it out... not sure its a debatable one but i can see why lover boys do it............ hmmm definitly food for thought....

if you dont know what a lover boy is... google it... i know it will cause a stir on this site haha :-)

rock hard (Mon 23 Aug 2010 08:18:15 GMT)

tube / exposed cock.

chikan in london.....
has anyone here ever completly chikaned a woman with your penis out 'completly'?
i bum fucked some woman today as the city lines has severe delays ... i took my cock out of my pants but not out of my trousers. she knew what inwas doing and was all panicky she obviously felt
me edp as she was wearing a thin lycra skirt. really fucking sexy. i wanted to whip

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rock hard (Tue 24 Aug 2010 22:04:04 GMT)

one of my favorites from a woman

found this online...what a fantasic one they were talking about encounterd they ha with chikans alrhough they never used the word chikan onviously. its only short but i its ine of my favourites.. there are more on the site from other women who are are victims...
wish i was te guy in this one lool...

OH GOD WAIT, this is not a subway story but it's even worse.
I was getting blood

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rock hard (Fri 27 Aug 2010 14:02:21 GMT)

chiking. video cams

chiking: i wanan be able to record but my device is too obvious id have to buy one if thise secret pen cams as my phone has a large screen people will see straigh away if they even glance. thats y i have never done it. although i would live too si many great experience i have to try and remember as i dont have video. will have to invest in a secret undercover cam! hahaha :-)

rock hard (Sun 05 Sep 2010 13:39:34 GMT)

london tube strikes

tube strikes tomorrow and tuesday... i cannot wait guarenteed some nice crack.

rock hard (Thu 09 Sep 2010 22:09:33 GMT)

longtime groper

longtime groper: seriously.... thats just fucked up people are greiving.... need i say anymore..... just think about what u just said long and hard...... and think about whats going through your head whilst your victim is mourning.... and ask yourself is this morallu right.. ok all chikan activity is wrong but soketimes there is a a very fine line....

Rock Hard (Sat 18 Sep 2010 13:15:22 GMT)


Eleven... I should feel terrible but im a hypocrite and thanks for your story i have done a similar thing and you have given me inspiration to tell it... conincendetally it was whilst i was a university i past my first year and so did my mates we thought lets celebrate and so booked a boys holiday to Magaluf for those of you who may not be aware Magaluf is a resort on a spanish island many brits g

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rock hard (Thu 23 Sep 2010 13:09:26 GMT)

black helmet

black helmet wasssup homey you swinging by london... youll probably see me in action down on the northern line in the mornings mashing some hot white arse as usual!
now winter is closing in on us the tube is getting busier again!

rock hard (Thu 23 Sep 2010 16:00:24 GMT)

black helmet / all... my story on the tube .. please respond accordingly

Black helmet / anyone else who reads
Here is something I was able to do, i work in the city so i can choose what line to get I can get the northern line, or the city lines (Hammersmith, metropolitian, or circle)..
sometimes the northern line is not as busy as usual so i go back up the esculators and other to the city lines usually when one is empyt you can guarnetee that the other

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rock hard (Fri 24 Sep 2010 12:43:10 GMT)

work colleague

colleague.... took abit a risky chance today when I saw a open opportunity with a fellow worker, not sure if it was wise or not but hell
I am an opportunist and so i went in for the kill. Wel anyway someone who had raked up many years of service was leaving the organisation
this meant the the whole comapny is invited to have a drink and some snack in the diner whilst the leaver gives a fare

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rock hard (Fri 24 Sep 2010 12:45:39 GMT)

my earlier post entitled: black helmet/ opinion needed

no feedback on my stories... thanks guys.. i wanted to know if anyone has ever felt the same about a woman when chikaning her....

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