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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 03 Jun 2008 20:31:54 GMT)

Shogun-Marley Video

Oh, no doubt! I have said before....this Marley cat is raising the bar. If he was aware of this board...and posted a set of new pics/vids each month, he would be a strong contender for MOTM...and with enough consistency, even MOTY...with his displayed handywork ALONE....word is bond. He is doin' it...and doin' it well. The odd thing with that particular clip is that the surroundings did not seem as huddled as his previous videos...yet he was able to bust a nut AND film that sh-t! LOL! Kudos on that, Shogun....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 04 Jun 2008 07:02:43 GMT)

The Land of Milk and Honey?

Hey...for ANY REAL chikan...I wil take the liberty of speaking on your behalf right now and say...errrr...HELL YEAH!...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 04 Jun 2008 07:10:21 GMT)

A better view...

Sorry guys...I thought that the uploaded file would have been bigger. Here is the link to a more detailed shot. Have fun counting our 'members'. A head start is the guy standing right by the yellow pole, with the woman with long black hair in front of him. CLEAR chikan activity going down there....


BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 04 Jun 2008 07:24:10 GMT)

(Ahem)......."all aboard?"

A little visual to sustain some of the accounts from our London members. If you look closely, the bloke with the black leather jacket and grey pants is diggin' DEEP in the arse of a braided ebony in front of him. I know he has GOT to be smilin', all nestled in 'er crack like that....:-)


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 05 Jun 2008 16:27:26 GMT)

An interesting phenomenon

Ok, guys. I have seen...and gained the pleasurable benefits from....females bodysurfin' at concerts.....but on a crowded subway train? Riding a chick's ass while grabbin' another chick's ass passing by overhead has got to be a wonderful thing. Observe:


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 05 Jun 2008 16:38:45 GMT)

Concerts...all day

As ONE OF the original concert junkies on this board....forgive me...as I share a great moment in any concert chikan's life. Look to the far left of the pic..and check out the 'member' drilling into the blonde chick with the red top, wearing a red wristband. Man, his face is practically buried in her hair. Check out the faint smiling expression she has too....normally indicative of a dick sinkin' into her crack. A scene like this can typically last for HOURS at a concert. Can't beat that...:-)


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 05 Jun 2008 16:43:52 GMT)

Wait a sec...

You know...lookin' at that concert scene once more....it seems as though the guy standing next to her appears to be holding her hand. If that is so, EXTRA kudos go out to the chikan....as you can see he is grabbing the barricade while smashin' into the ass of this awkward lookin' guy's girl!! Been there, done that, love it every time..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 05 Jun 2008 17:02:07 GMT)

Old chikans...tsk tsk tsk

Not hard to tell that I got some spare time on my hands today...lol. Check this old chikan out. The girl is FULLY aware of what he is doing, hence the look of disgust on her face. Gotta admit though, he just found his niche, closed his eyes and played it cool. Not much she can do either, as he has his arm blocking her in. Yay yay!!


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 05 Jun 2008 17:39:06 GMT)

Just one more...

Man, I am a picture posting maniac today...lol! I remember that there was a request here for another crowded subway pic. Try this one for size...:-)


BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 06 Jun 2008 00:32:55 GMT)

Step ya game up, homey

"basically, alls i been doin lately is just touchin some ass wit da hand... FUCK!!!!"

Yo..to the newbie smooovieee.....homeslice....you gotta move in the chikan way, dawg. Just about ANY cat can touch a girl's ass, man. It's all about the RIDE. Hell, if you were even tomahawkin' (see glossary) these broads, that would count for something....but you can't be

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BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 06 Jun 2008 00:45:09 GMT)

iChikan- Boy George

Man....I don't know about that one. That could go either way. It also could depend on the city....the venue...there are varying factors at play here. I would say BEST case scenario: you get a bunch of Euro-rave type female clubheads mixed with a ton of carefree tourist chicks (<--the 'tourist' part, again will depend on where this is taking place e.g in New York, that may be t

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 08 Jun 2008 03:01:22 GMT)

And that's real...

Tru dat, smooovieee...I am glad that you took that the way in which I intended it. Sh-t, I wouldn't mind heading out your way myself, to ride some of them Polish broads.

Just got the word that I will be heading to London, a couple of days ago. UK chikans....let me know where the HEAVILY crowded spots are, please...as I intend to take full advantage of some of those 'birds'. Underground tubes....well known clubs...parades etc..please keep me posted. I know that the Trooping of the Color is coming up next week Saturday. I was looking online at previous pics....it looks like sardines!..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 17 Jul 2008 20:43:04 GMT)

Jolly good show, mates!

Chikan knights...what's the deal? Just passin' thru to check on the fraternity. I am not in a position to post much right at this very moment..but just wanted to make sure that my homies know that Shadow is still ridin'.....IN THE UK NO LESS!!!! I have been here so far just over a month..and O-M-G!!! This is a chikan's paradise, guys! Just the everyday train/bus rides ALONE bring sooooo much joy! LOL!
I have also visited several festivals and concerts since I have been here...so look out for some accounts from me..coming real soon.
Keep up the good work guys...will be back in touch. Peace...

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 21 Jul 2008 18:38:33 GMT)

British and Asian booty at a Cuban festivity?

What's going on, guys? I hope you are all making good work of these females in their summer attire...hey, some one has gotta do it, right?...:-)
I am quite backed up on posting..mostly based on scheduling...but I wanted to use a little free time to share a brief bit with you all:

On June 28th and 29th, I attended the Carnaval del Cuba, here in London. It was a two day event...of w

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 06 Sep 2008 12:44:46 GMT)

Grinding without even trying???!!!

Yes indeed....as I feel like Charlie from the British kid's story 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' right now. I have just confimed a 'golden' ticket for GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ROOM ONLY to the practically sold out show for the 'Material Girl' herself! Newbies...you may not realise why I am so ecstatic. Never mind....as my longtime veteran clique here ar

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BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 12 Sep 2008 17:59:24 GMT)

Blonde Ambition

Wassup brethren. Got an account to share on a concert that I atttended last night, so....to coin one of my favorite British phrases... "Let's get right to it then, shall we?"

I attended the 'Madonna' concert here in the UK which, as I am sure you can already imagine, was a performance to a sellout crowd.
I arrived at the venue considerably later than I had inten

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 13 Sep 2008 23:15:21 GMT)


Thanks a lot Gentlebrush for the compliment, appreciate that. I had a feeling that show was going to produce an experience or two..but that certainly exceeded my expectations, so I was happy to share that with you all...:-)
I have a couple of events to attend tommorrow that are normally huge crowd generators so...if anything goes down...you all will be the first to know as usual. Don't let the oncomin' fall weather fool ya, there is still plenty of 'work' to be done..:-0 Catch ya later...

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 15 Sep 2008 22:06:22 GMT)

Further appreciation/Veteran nods...

Easy Rider!! What's goin' on, dawg? To say that it has been a while has to be the greatest understatement. I know LA has gotta to be treatin' you right during these warm months. I might be out that way in the early part of next year on a quick vacation, so one never knows who thay may bump into while workin'...:-) My 'UK Invasion' is partially based on a job relo

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 20 Sep 2008 20:04:13 GMT)

RE: TokyoAss - "CAUGHT DAMN!!!!!"

'Sup TokyoAss,

On the real, man...I wouldn't even sweat that little incident.
Granted, it may have stopped you in your tracks a bit, based on the old hag's "hating" intervention, however the girl did not call you out or act crazy. She simply 'played it off' with the whole 'shocked' bit, as a means to draw attention away from the fact that s

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 21 Sep 2008 11:18:18 GMT)

Senor Marley - The Tomahawk

"Hmmmm. Let's check to see if this crack is deep enough....ahhhhh....yeah...time to get busy".....


BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 22 Sep 2008 01:29:06 GMT)

Double Up/A Woman's Scorn?

Hey yo! What's goin' on, chikan knights? Hope ya grinds are working in ya favours. Passin' thru to share another account with you all. This actually took place a few days after 'Blonde Ambition', however I am just finding a pocket of time to post it now.

On Sunday 14th Sep, I was among the thousands in attendance for the Thames Festival. This was actually a

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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 23 Sep 2008 20:28:39 GMT)

Re: Veteran trans_rub

I attempted to find some nice crowd pics from the event however, for some reason, I cannot find any 'barricade crush' ones at all. In order to get an idea of the set up and size of the crowd, you may need to check the website out..which I believe is rivers.thamesfestival.org. I will continue to search for some good pics in the meantime.....

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 23 Sep 2008 22:51:55 GMT)

Sorry mate...

Not every story here has a picture associated with it. My last two accounts just happen not to have pics either. Maybe next time? Who knows. For right now, you have the website that I had provided....and....your imagination....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 26 Sep 2008 22:20:09 GMT)

Re: Guest -black booty parade

Yo, I don't normally call cats out....ain't normally my style...but, after reading this, this sounds just a little TOO much like stuff I have posted. The writing style and content delivery is a little too close for comfort, dawg. Forgive me if I am looking into this too hard...but...sorry, this looks like some bitin' to me, man....word is bond.

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 27 Sep 2008 23:14:27 GMT)

Well done

Well said, T Bone. That post shows you to be a class act, homey. I also agree where Kevin is concerned. Though his recent contributionms may not be your, or my, liking, he has his right to post nonetheless. Here, here.
Thanks Mister Ayashi for directing our new members' particular comments to the appropriate areas. I think we have 'peace in the valley' now...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 05 Oct 2008 13:55:41 GMT)

webmaster-chikan award

Thanks Mister Ayashi as well as, of course, those who had voted. The 'A Woman's Scorn?' portion of that story was quite an experience; a small insight to the ever complex female psyche. I shall post more soon...and look forward to reading contributions from everyone else. Be back soon...

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 05 Oct 2008 23:00:52 GMT)

RE: Mauler - Juliette Lewis pic/vid

Thanks for sharing that, Mauler. That pic of Juliette Lewis does look good.
Funnily, I have not really been into the crowdsurfin' thing too much, aside from the possibility of getting to grope an occasional female passing overhead while ensuring that I keep my front teeth in at the same time LOL..(as most of those occur in 'mosh' style circumstances which can get kinda irritatin

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 09 Oct 2008 10:59:10 GMT)

RE: Selwyn - There on to us big time in NY

Man, I bet that poster messed with ya head for the rest of that day, huh? LOL. Damn! NYC is not standing for that sh-t anymore. Honestly, I am not surprised that it has reached this level as, while living there myself for years, I saw cats on the subway WILDIN' OUT while riding. I mean, no tact or smooth discretion......just these contorted facial expressions, shuffling and fidgeting wh

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 30 Oct 2008 22:31:36 GMT)


I gotta admit...that was a very interesting read. I liked some of the perspectives and theories presented there. Good find...
While I am here, I will cast my vote for KL_Groper. He put in some decent accounts this month.

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 30 Oct 2008 22:43:08 GMT)

Veteran Nod

J-Money! What's da haps, playboy? Ain't heard from you in a hot min, man. Good to see you still smashin' out there. Please post that concert joint when you get a chance, dawg......you already know how I love my concerts! You gotta come to London, dude. I STILL CAN HARDLY BELIEVE how much EFFORTLESS grinding I do out here. It's like NYC on steroids...LOL.
Speakin' of vets, where is Shogun? Bad-Boy? v-dub? Senor Carlos? Easy Rider came through a short time ago...but everyone else has been kinda M.I.A most recently; would be cool to hear from you cats soon.....

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 02 Nov 2008 00:26:37 GMT)

RE: Ass Creamer - "Busted by NYC Police at Haloween Parade"

Without a doubt, I am sure that you are already fully aware that an angel was certainly lookin' out for you that night, man. I am truly happy that the cop let you off.....as that is certainly NOT the norm in that kind of situation. I have been to that parade many times.....and have used some real caution when grindin' there, as you can practically pick out the PCs in the crowd; even whe

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BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 26 Nov 2008 23:16:26 GMT)

Quick vote...

Yeah, gotta go with that account from Uncle Bob. Admittedly, a little younger than I like 'em...NEVERTHELESS...I liked the 'primal' factor...LOL. Following her into the store was a bit risky...but you fared well, as all those people seeking shelter from the rain ended up concealing you anyway. Nice piece....

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 14 Dec 2008 18:44:57 GMT)

A quick contribution...

Not bad pics there, Guest. I have seen some nice Polish and Danish girls in my time too...nice selection.

Allow me to introduce two Brazilian 'bunda' beauties. Enjoy..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 15 Dec 2008 00:44:18 GMT)

Just had to share...

Damn! Scarlett Johansson showin' off some of dat 'junk in her trunk'...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 15 Dec 2008 23:24:42 GMT)

Chikan Aptitude Test..:-)

Nice pics, Hard_Indian. I particularly like the one where the groom is carrying his bride.....off to their honeymoon spot to POUND that big 'ole ass of hers, I hope..:-)

Now, how about a little aptitude test, designed for 'us'? Time to play 'Spot The Chikans'.....

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:30:59 GMT)

....between these GORGEOUS ass cheeks!! :-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:32:46 GMT)


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:34:45 GMT)

...pulsating in a snug position...

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:37:45 GMT)

....with your dick inserted....

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:39:10 GMT)

....this close....

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:40:45 GMT)

....imagine that you are at a crowded concert....

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:43:07 GMT)

Ok guys, my inent is NOT to flood but....

Work with me here. Picture THIS for a moment at the barricade and....

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 04 Jan 2009 22:49:22 GMT)

Catchin' up....

Wassup people...Happy New Year! I hope it is filled with luck, prosperity and endless 'opportunities'.....(need I say more?) :-) When they come your way, however, remain careful.

Based on the holiday season, I have been extremely busy (chikaning and otherwise), like most of you I imagine, so I have found a little time now to address a couple of posts that I had viewed earlier....

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BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 09 Jan 2009 18:48:24 GMT)

Good stuff...

Nice one, Buttwiper. I have had some reasonable success on the London tubes....nonetheless, I am a FIEND for willing chicks with their nonchalant boyfriends/husbands, provided the right opportunities arise. From concerts...to festivals...to parades....I give those 'committed' chicks an EXTRA slamming...and they seem to like it even more.

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 13 Jan 2009 17:57:38 GMT)

More of the collection?

Passin' through to say 'thanks' for the new line up, John.
You managed to catch the guy in the blue jacket that Saturday evening at the Rockefeller Center TWICE with his 'hands in the cookie jar'! LOL...good stuff. In addition, the guy whom you gave the compliemnt to at the St Pats Parade...(the dude behind the chick with the glasses)...damn! In one of the pics, he looked so ecstatic that it appeared as though he was about to rest his head on her shoulder!! The brotha with the headphones was on the job too. Yeah, man...keep 'em coming.

Old Friend....hmmm. Lemme guess...are we welcoming Gtheasslover back??? Then again, I could be wrong.....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 28 Jan 2009 18:41:51 GMT)

January Award Nomination

I definitely think that JTBORD should receive the award, based on the outstanding pics that he has posted.

Any REAL chikan can EASILY identify with these pictures, regardless of the timeframe or era that they have been captured in. Although they may not display anything beneath the waist, they provide a CLEAR insight to the actions of a chikan....while also serving as pleasant reminders of

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 29 Jan 2009 13:26:58 GMT)

Crowd Vids

Hey John,

You may have already exhausted this option but...if not...give 'YouTube' a shot. You would be SURPRISED as to what you can find on there sometimes. I have seen a lot of concert/parade/festival crowd vids on there. Let us know how that works out for you, man.

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 02 May 2009 00:10:29 GMT)

Good stuff...

Props on that account, stone_7. I am one brotha that has always been down with concerts from the very beginning....hip hop, reggae, latin, rock...whatever draws a big crowd, as you cannot beat HOURS of action there, compared to other places to chikan. I never thought of using plastic wrap however the end of ya account had me rollin', man! LMAO! I had a great experience at a rock concert back in November '06, you can check it out in the archives if ya like.

A tip of da hat to three veteranos from da major league who have appeared recently: Easy Rider, Bad-Boy and Opportunist! NOW, THIS is a return to greatness for this board...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 06 May 2009 15:52:27 GMT)

Re: new guy

Oppy has conveyed the reason perfectly, new guy. Whatever your technique is...stick with it...as it appears to be working. I have received the same response a number of times myself...and it is always a great indication to the effect you are having on her. May the force continue to be with you, man...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 13 May 2009 20:52:39 GMT)

Re: Be Careful Guys

Damn! Good lookin' out, Uncle Bob. That is serious business right there! In fact, THAT is the MAIN reason that I had stopped the 'game' on the subways in NYC shortly before I had left ...as I had witnessed a cat gettin' nabbed on my carriage for the same shit, only he was not exposed. Thankfully, I was not gettin' any at the time either, or else I might have been caught up with the same plain clothes dudes...as they were near me the whole time before they made their move on homeboy. My dawgs in NYC...keep ya head up and ya eyes OPEN. Man, that city ain't playin' anymore!

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 16 May 2009 17:10:01 GMT)

Re: at the mall/practicing young

Man, that chick from the 'at the mall' pic is BEGGING to catch a stiff one between her cheeks in the crowd there. In addition, if she has a man...and he is not with her but is aware that she went out looking like that without him...I salute him...for being a great, big, fuckin' idiot. :-)

As for young buck in 'practicing young'...he looks like he was about to have a baby heart failure....or....he may have pissed his pants in excitement!

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 18 May 2009 00:14:59 GMT)

Re: Origins at the aquarium

Geoff, I have to give credit when it is due, dawg. That was one of the BEST accounts that I have read on here in months, man. In fact, the style was reminiscent of the vets....very descriptive. I would like to submit an early nomination for MOTM for this; it should be archived. Good stuff...

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 29 May 2009 20:26:47 GMT)

The Chikan Within....

There comes a time, gentlemen....when one must abandon all caution, inhibitions and technique....and simply....LET GO!!!

Let's all admire and heed the sheer brazen of this young fellow.....:-)


BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 04 Jun 2009 07:53:47 GMT)

Ricardo - Packed places in NYC

Hey Ricardo,

In lieu of any responses from the chikans that actually reside in NYC at present, I can quickly suggest any bar/club in the Time Square area as well as the East and West Village..(note: in the West Village, STAY AWAY from Christopher Street, as it is a gay landmark in the city...which MIGHT have changed, but I would not risk it.) I used to have a lot of luck at a place called S

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BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 05 Jun 2009 01:57:34 GMT)

Re: Packed places in NYC

You're welcome, Ricardo. I know how it can be, when you are trying to get a heads up on a new city as preparation.

The trains will be PACKED TO THE RAFTERS for the journey to the parade...there and back. In all honesty, I have never really been one to advertise train lines on here....so I do not want to deviate from that. Nonetheless, upon arrival, the appropriate train lines will b

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BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 08 Jun 2009 09:58:05 GMT)

To each his own

Wassup trans_rub,

Firstly, I admire the fact that you went to such lengths to research the details included in my last post. Nevertheless, there are a few key factors that I need to politely make you aware of:

1) I did not visit...I LIVED in NYC for YEARS...so I am fully aware of the chikan benefits of the preceding celebration, as well as where it takes place. For any Spanish spe

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BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 08 Jun 2009 23:37:13 GMT)

Choices, choices....

Even though we are only nearing mid-month, I would like to cast another early nomination for MOTM for June; only, this time, the race is appears to be a bit closer than last month. Geoff, your new account was yet another enjoyable read while SH's account was equally as visceral. Good stuff, fellas; either one of you that wins this month will have deserved it..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 09 Jun 2009 12:34:45 GMT)

Final clarification...

Wassup trans_rub,

After reading your response, in all honesty, I am unsure as to why you are confused, particularly as you stated that you have visited New York before.

As stated in your response, you found the preceding celebration in 'El Barrio'....otherwise known as Spanish Harlem; the ONLY location that has been mentioned in my previous posts so far.
Your 'len

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BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 10 Jun 2009 12:05:48 GMT)

A Living Legend Still At Large...

Just passin' thru to let the veterans know that the homie Black Shogun is doing well and STILL VERY MUCH in effect, peeps!

I have been in contact with him on numerous occasions in the past few months and have had the priviledge of reading his new exploits. Believe me...the accounts of his adventures NOW actually SURPASS his archived stuff; he has not lost his touch at all!! Through

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 11 Jun 2009 07:40:48 GMT)

Re: Ricardo - Packed places in NYC

Hi Ricardo,

Glad to see you made it. Based on the lines that you have conveyed, you appear to be using the routes that run up and down the East side of the City. Give the West side a shot....by way of starting your journey from Port Authority, Penn Station or Times Square. You will, generally, find that those areas are MUCH more crowded during the morning and evening rush hour periods, plus they have a greater selection of lines to choose from too. With that said though, please USE CAUTION...as, from what I have heard, 'action' on the NYC subways these days is NOT as 'carefree' as it once may have been.

Regarding the currently packed bars/clubs.....NYC chikans, come on y'all...help this brotha out! :-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 16 Jun 2009 13:13:59 GMT)

Re: X - The "new" chikan board and the state of Ayashi

Wassup X,

Firstly, I must thank you for your acknowledgment of my contributions, greatly appreciated. In fact, I will even go as far as taking the small liberty of thanking you on behalf of Shogun and Oppy as well, due to the fact that they rarely post here anymore, as you have already witnessed.

In full admission, I agree with everything you have stated, regarding the nature of the

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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 16 Jun 2009 21:15:15 GMT)

Re: trans_rub -P.R festival/parade

How ya doin', trans_rub?

Good to see that you made it out there as well. How was the preceding festival on 116th this year? Any good...or not so good? I remember, times gone by, that I had success there but, as we know, everything changes with time...so I am not 100% sure now. I will have to make a run out there again to assess it myself, I guess.

Man, you are ABSOLUTELY righ

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BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 17 Jun 2009 09:32:40 GMT)

P.R vs Caribbean Parade

'Sup trans_rub,

Good to see that you ended up enjoying yourself in NYC after all. As you could see, the 116th celebration has a lot to offer...and the temperament there is more laid back, in terms of the chicks accepting chikan activity.

The main parade, for some reason, is vastly different...but CAN work in your favor, if you apply a little patience and 'stealth'.

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 27 Jun 2009 21:49:05 GMT)

Respect due...


Just want to tip my hat to you, man...as you leave 'da game'. I have enjoyed your accounts along the way. I understand the fact that the time will come for all of us to (hopefully VOLUNTARILY!) leave 'da business' so, now that you have made your choice to do so now, all da best, dawg. One. :-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 28 Jun 2009 20:10:03 GMT)

Oh dear!

The facial expression of a chick who has been sittin' on a hard dick for ages...and has just realised that the chikan behind her has shot his load DEEP into her crack...:-)


BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 29 Jun 2009 21:53:13 GMT)

Re: MOTM award

I nominate SH for 'Groping Experience In China'. Even though Geoff won last month, I still would like to give his 'Latina With The Camera' account a special mention as well.

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 02 Jul 2009 00:13:02 GMT)

Without a doubt...

For me, humpin' at concerts is the pinnacle of the chikan game, as you get HOURS of pleasure from either one or several chicks. Personally, I have found that the only runner ups are parades and festivals...as humpin' at nightclubs pose no real challenge, as a grind dance is NOT really chikan per se, as the chick is fully aware that the style of music requires that kind of closeness and

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:40:53 GMT)


Thanks for the nod, Crowd Surf Groper; would like to check out those extra pics. Yeah, I have been on here for more than a (figurative) minute...but I always like to share the props with those who were vets here prior to me too...:-)

I was just wondering who received the MOTM award for June, as I had placed a nomination earlier in the month but have not seen the posted final result on here yet.

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 02 Jul 2009 23:05:19 GMT)


I decided to make my periodic run through some of the other areas on this site (quit, abuse etc) for a quick surf....and landed in the off topic section.




Tell me that you are NOT going to keep those VILE KIDDIE PORN pics displayed. I mean....I know that is the 'off topic' section an' all...but...seriously, dude. THAT IS SOME WAY OFF SHIT RIGHT THERE. I half way scrolled down, realised what that garbage was...and got the FUCK OUTTA THERE PRONTO, man!

If the Feds see that shit....CANCEL CHRISTMAS.....:-(

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 04 Jul 2009 06:40:27 GMT)

Come on, man...

Ayashi...with all due respect...I really think that you should SERIOUSLY consider taking that stuff down.

Ok, you say that none of the CHILDREN are depicting sexual acts....however...I was unfortunate enough to glimpse a particular blonde kid, bending over with her legs straddled, looking back at the camera in the same alluring way that we all know so well..in terms of WOMEN, though.

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 04 Jul 2009 07:22:11 GMT)

Re: Jeremy - Fuck Police etc

'Sup Jeremy,

Listen, bruh. I am not really one to normally come out and jump on folks based on stuff I read here, but I feel that I must address your last post.

In regards to the pics, you are entitled to your opinion, despite if it is in contrast with the majority. NO ONE can dog you for that. Now, when you come off tellin' peeps in here that if they don't like it

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 09 Jul 2009 10:14:53 GMT)

Passin' thru...

Briefly, just wanna say thanks, Ayashi...for your quick and detailed response, regarding the query. Naturally, there is no longer any need for me to go into detail regarding that stuff at this point, so I shall leave the decision as it obviously rests.

On another note, that was a good chikan video, X. Funnily, I have found that an increasing number of chicks out there have become 'bold' enough to...should the opportunity arise...literally turn around...and get a little 'frontal' action. The occurrences, for me, have not been frequent...but have occurred often enough for me to start taking note, that's for sure....ESPECIALLY in London....omg!....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 12 Jul 2009 22:42:19 GMT)

Another vet nod...

Senor Carlos! What's up, man?! Nice to see you back in full force, veterano! Throw an account our way, when you get a chance...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 21 Jul 2009 23:51:52 GMT)

Re: Chikan caught in India

LMAO!! That fool DESERVED to get hemmed up for that shit...for being STUPID enough to grope a CELEBRITY reporter during the FILMING process! Jim Paige got 'gangsta' on that dude with the QUICKNESS, man...straight HOLDIN' that cat! He looked madd scared too. I doubt anything even happened though...probably just told that fool to bounce for the cameras' sake.

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 24 Jul 2009 13:58:30 GMT)

July MOTM?

Good account, stone_7. I was able to visualize that situation clearly, having experienced similar settings myself.

In addition, a nod goes out to Jeremy for the stealth used to take those pics, along with his account that followed it too. I used to live in SA, so I remember the 'Warped Tour' passing through there a few times; I just missed the chances to attend. Gotta love concerts, man!

Solid stuff, fellas. Whomever gets MOTM between the two of you will have deserved it..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 24 Jul 2009 14:36:51 GMT)

Is she into the 'game'....or not?

NOTE: The following tip only applies to NEWBIES that may be reading, as I am certainly under the impression that seasoned chikans are already well aware of this.

Want to measure the interest of the chick that you are about to work on?

Try this: After initiating basic contact...(hand/dick rubs etc)...STOP. Then, about a minute later, apply a BIT more pressure when you start to g

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BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 27 Jul 2009 20:22:45 GMT)

Conquest of the Red Bikini Bottom

Along with the earlier props I had given to the other July MOTM contenders, I gotta give another nod out to eleven's account; that was some admirable work there. Keep it up...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 28 Jul 2009 12:16:41 GMT)


Ricardo....good stuff, man! I have visited Vegas numerous times as well, so I can definitely relate to the fantastic chikaning benefits out there, dude. I LOVE hittin' up the crowded clubs and casinos for that very reason. My favorite time to hit that place up is New Years Eve. The last time I was there, I rode tons of chicks effortlessly; one of the best chikan spots ever.

Look at all of these accounts coming in faster than tax filings before the end of month deadline! I guess 'summer' brings it out in all of us...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 30 Jul 2009 01:45:48 GMT)

An Unsung Hero

The following account is one of my favorites from within the archives. He never posted anything else after this...but I have to give this some props, man, especially as he was SIXTEEN at the time too!

"16/M/Puerto Rican/NYC

hey, i just wanna introduce myself to the board, i've been reading the stories for months and i think they are all great! being from the big apple

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 30 Jul 2009 02:06:38 GMT)

Quick Word From A Vet

'Sup Uncle Bob,

Due to you asking about Shogun recently, I have been in contact with him. He stated that he admired eleven's account, which he felt was deserving of a MOTM nomination, based on the reality of a situation like that occurring in a concert setting.

Nonetheless, he is casting his MOTM vote for Jeremy's contribution, due his story being ok in comparison however he added some good pics in the end. In addition, his vote is also based on a similar situation that he had experienced himself noit too long ago.

So...there you have it...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 30 Jul 2009 22:27:45 GMT)

Go Out With A Bang!

Whaddup JMONEY,

What's goin' on, slayer? Yeah, that account was pretty tight, man. Actually, I found it in the archives back in 2007...then bumped into it again recently. I had to share it here, just to show the type of talent that exists in the archives, when one looks carefully.

In terms of your exit from da 'game'...I would use New Years Eve in your city to do that, bruh. The benefits are twofold: firstly, the massive crowd of females to choose from...and secondly, it is quite apt...as you are leaving da 'game' behind you, as the year changes. Just a lil food for thought...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 06 Aug 2009 15:32:30 GMT)

All's well that ends well


Yeah, I can respect that. In the long run, only YOU (and no one else) can make the ultimate decision to do so. Funnily, while I was living in NYC, I never PURPOSELY chikaned on the subways there. I knew there was potential however I just saw too many cats gettin' screamed on....so I stayed away from the transit thing.

Hey, there will come a time when ALL OF

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 08 Aug 2009 10:48:09 GMT)

The Return!

Bad-Boy! What's crackin', homie? Good to see some vet representation up in here, man. I liked that account, dude. I always find it a welcome relief, whenever a 'player' comes my way as well. There is hardly ANY question whether homegirl was down or not....droppin' the 'ghetto reverse' on you like that. The "Coyote Ugly" bit had me rollin'! LMAO

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BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 10 Aug 2009 23:37:08 GMT)

Re: A true player

Nice write up, stone_7. You are puttin' in some real work, youngblood. Keep ya peripheral focus high and ya technique tight...and you'll be alright, homie. Got the first contender here for August MOTM already...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 18 Aug 2009 21:49:59 GMT)

An EXTREMELY Welcome Surprise

Y'all gotta check this shit out. As a quick preface, these vids are NOT fake.....as I have seen quite a bit of work from this cat elsewhere; he is well seasoned.

Watch the two links in succession; first Part 1...then Part 2...in order to understand how a good grind can pay off in ways that we least expect. :-) Admittedly, this has happened to me a few times...but not in broad daylight like this. Here are the links below:

Part 1: http://www.badongo.com/vid/1079512

Part 2: http://www.badongo.com/vid/1079418

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 19 Aug 2009 00:41:47 GMT)

Re: johnny

You could well be right; she might not be the youngest broad on the block. Nonetheless, she is not exactly 'over the hill' either; I mean her ass was not that bad.

I just wanted to share the links to show how 'nuts' this game can really get, when 'luck' is on your side. THAT was a TRUE player, regardless of whether she was young, middle aged, average OR super sexy...know what I'm sayin'?...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 21 Aug 2009 00:19:24 GMT)

What A Damn Shame!

'Sup fellas,

Glad that you all liked the links as much as I did! :-) Plus, thanks pepepuntazo, for the follow up Spanish-English translation of the chikan's story behind the links ...as well as the follow up link you had posted too.

Now...look at THIS sorry ass loser....attached to a fuckin' BLOW UP DOLL in the middle of a CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL FULL OF HALF NAKED, HORNY WOMEN!!!! LMAO!!

Someone...PLEASE provide me with a loaded Beretta to end it all if it EVER gets that bad!!

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 22 Aug 2009 14:01:55 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Concert

'Sup Gentlebrush,

Glad to hear that you had some fun at that concert, man. Needless to say, you are already aware of how much I LOVE to 'work' in those settings!

After reading your account, I came up with a few possibilities, primarily basing them on similar situations that I had experienced in the past. Naturally, none the following conclusions are CERTAIN, however

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 23 Aug 2009 13:49:09 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush Concert/Bobo's input

Glad that you were able to get a slightly better understanding from some of those possibilities, Gentlebrush. We are all simply learning from each other, man.

In addition, thank you for your input too, Bobo; definitely appreciated. Naturally, when putting my post together, I knew that I would not be able to cover every possibility, hence me reaching out for further contributions.

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 23 Aug 2009 14:00:24 GMT)

By the way....

That was a good account too, Bobo; I liked it, good job. It was very descriptive in a SHOGUNesque kind of way, in regards to using a lot of the same terms that he used. It almost sounds like it is him telling the story....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 24 Aug 2009 15:02:57 GMT)


Just want to add some thanks for the further contributions from Bad-Boy, Easy Rider and Buttwiper. At times, this a good area to discuss these possibilities.

Bobo, aside from the facts that I had provided (which DID include that not all women are players AS WELL AS the self admission, on my part, that I may not have addressed ALL the possibilities beforehand), you have continued to further

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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 25 Aug 2009 11:37:49 GMT)


Got ya point, Bobo; thanks and much appreciated. Omissions or not, I think that we ALL have made some extremely valid points here. Admittedly I, personally, cannot relate to having the 'fantasy of a relationship' with the chick I am riding, though...as I am, honestly, doing so for my own self centered pleasure...lol. Nonetheless, I know that facet of the overall diagnosis is apparent

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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 25 Aug 2009 23:41:03 GMT)

Uh huh...

You're right...that is how the saying goes. However, as 'crazy' as I may be for thinking so, I believe this is the 'Second Cumming' you had referred to elsewhere, so I may just have to refer to you in the manner that we are most familiar with here: Black Shogun. With all due respect to your new handle, I hope you do not mind me doing so. After all, what would be the poi

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BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 25 Aug 2009 23:49:46 GMT)

Re: Crack Spotter - Price Of Humpin'

Oh, gotdamn! Well, hate to say this...but...the fact that you said that was a 'sista', I find that hardly surprising! Trust me, that chick has had her ass 'tried' and 'tested' in public from that moment it gained it's 'phatness'....so, needless to say, she was MORE THAN PREPARED for that novice....believe dat! He NEEDS this board for technique tips..:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 26 Aug 2009 00:00:49 GMT)

Re: Buttwiper - A female PoV

Interesting link there, thanks. In fact, that link provides further sustenance to the whole 'latent player' theory. Just as she said, she was never one for that kind of action, however she found it stimulating in a crowded setting....and the result? The chick is on the hunt for crowded environments now! LOL! Well, well! Although it is an isolated case, it proves a point all the same. She will have no shortage of that in London, that's for sure...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 26 Aug 2009 12:01:53 GMT)

No doubt...

Aight, tru dat, Shogun. It's all good....as are your stories, regardless of what name you use or style you write them in. As we say in da streets, the subject is "deaded."...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 26 Aug 2009 22:21:57 GMT)


Just one night, Santa. Please. I'll be a good boy, I promise....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 28 Aug 2009 01:16:38 GMT)

I agree...

Fa' real, Stath2. Don't be fooled, homie; we all gotta play 'good' JUST to get the presents. Once we got 'em, we let loose!!

Yet ANOTHER sexy ass chick that would get it NONSTOP from me....

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 28 Aug 2009 06:46:59 GMT)

Crack Spotter

Man, that was such a funny statement, I just HAD to comment...ESPECIALLY when I had deliberately posted pics of a SINGER and an ACTRESS that I find particularly sexy. As we all know, how hard is it REALLY to access the types of pics that you had posted? We both know that the type of pic, from your most recent post, can be accessed at just about any porn site within reason plus...no disrespect...the Irish celebration pic that you had posted was on this board AGES before you had joined....lol. Nevertheless, it's all fun 'n' games here, dude. If you find a pic of Eva Mendes or Mya with a dude behind them in the same manner as your last pic, THAT would be quite a find; don't forget to share it with us, if you do...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 28 Aug 2009 10:48:48 GMT)

Nice one!

Regarding the Irish pic, Crack Spotter...no prob, bro'; it happens to all of us, at some point. You know how it is on the net; TONS of porn however little, in comparison, actual QUALITY chikan material. Hell, I literally BUMPED into this site back in da day, after a bit of a search.

Man, you have more than made up for it with that Megan Fox pic, though....GOOD LAWD!!! That bitch is so sexy it makes me want to say it twice...THAT BITCH IS SO SEXY! LOL. As for the J-Lo pic, that guy has earned his right to cum in his pants on her as, being her husband AND giving her twins, he cums in her daily, I imagine. Marc Anthony is one lucky leprechaun, that's for sure...

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 28 Aug 2009 11:00:04 GMT)

Easy Does it...

Yo, E...one request, bruh: Dedicate at least ONE of your hardest rides on one of those fine ass San Diego hoes to ya man, dude! While living in LA, I used to go down to check homies out in San Diego every now and then however, unfortunately, I never made it out to Street Scene. I heard that it is tight; the video shows endless prospects too. I gotta make it out there next year. Damn. California dreamin'...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 04 Sep 2009 22:03:27 GMT)

August MOTM

Either Black Shogun (as Bobo apparently) or stone_7 should get a nod for that...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 04 Sep 2009 22:11:39 GMT)

Re; Bowman - girlfriend got cummed at club

Nice little account there, man. I gotta hand it to ya: you are one LIBERAL dude....as I could not sit there and watch my girl get down like that with another cat. To each his own, though...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 05 Sep 2009 10:40:29 GMT)

Re: Passerby

Glad you liked the clips, Passerby. As 'Guest' had rightfully said, the 'source' which is a Spanish frotteurism website which has had it's links posted on this board several times already, is currently down...so no such luck for now. And that's that....:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 05 Sep 2009 20:45:20 GMT)

Good grief!

I think I have may seen one of the most fearless muthafukkas EVER on one those video links, yo. That cat got his dick out on a bus (that did not appear to be that crowded either!)IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? That is one helluva renegade....

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 06 Sep 2009 13:00:23 GMT)

A Rider's Dream

Thanks guest for that link. I think I have seen it before, nonetheless it is definitely appreciated, as not everyone else may have seen it.

In fact, from that same site, I found an ass that is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart...or for any strip club addicts out there, as they may well spend their salaries on this bitch. Fellas...bring ya A-GAME to a booty like this:


BOND007: SHADOW (Mon 07 Sep 2009 21:56:14 GMT)


I was beginning to wonder what happened to the August award nomination...LOL! Well done, Black Shogun. Keep on ya grind, stone_7...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 09 Sep 2009 00:38:45 GMT)

Too funny...

"I didn't share my story with the goal of winning an award. But, I am grateful nevertheless."

"But, I wish Shadow and Gentlebrush would stop calling me Black Shogun. I am Bobo. Bobo the Chikan"

LOL!! (Shaking head) C'mon, Black Shogun...stop, man! This is PURE comedy, dude.
The reason that GentleBrush and I refer to you as Black Shogun is based on

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 10 Sep 2009 11:08:19 GMT)

Re: 'Bobo'- It's Done Already

No problem, man. I see the ploy you have tried to use. If you read that post, 'Bobo', you will clearly see where I was simply responding to a statement that you made about me calling you Black Shogun, that's all. I clearly stated, in my post prior to that, the subject, for me, was 'deaded', remember? I had moved on from that last post, however YOU decided to ressurrect

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BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 10 Sep 2009 12:58:48 GMT)


"i think my soul came out my dick with all that nut."

That line had me rollin', dawg! LOL! Nice to see that Brooklyn is still in effect with that parade; definitely one of best for grindin' in NYC...

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 12 Sep 2009 09:15:05 GMT)

Vet Nod...

Whaddup Easy...what's goin' on, playa? I like that account, man. I had heard about that festival, but never got the chance to step to it.

Tell me, is the Bob Marley festival still being held in Long Beach next year? I will be in LA around that timeframe, so I wanna check that out if it is going down....keep us posted, if you can, dawg...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 24 Sep 2009 18:27:24 GMT)

Passin' thru/Response to Dr D

'Sup peeps,

Been madd busy as always, haven't looked at the site in a while nonetheless I like the recent activity; some good accounts after scrollin' down.
I also saw that vid of those kids in that birthday party. (Sigh) That is NOT a good look...not at all. The subject appears to have already been addressed, so not much more to say on that.

In response to Dr

834 more byte(s), click here!

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 26 Sep 2009 11:16:27 GMT)


I agree with Guest, where he says there is a sudden emergence of unknown names that have jumped out of nowhere, providing multiple posts. You may be right, it could be one person....but hey, at the end of the day, if that is the case, gotta keep on movin' and simply ignore it. This is not the first time that this has occurred...and I doubt it will be the last..:-)

Dr D, thanks again

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BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 26 Sep 2009 11:23:13 GMT)

Re: Mauler - Outdoor Festival

By the way, man, nice account. Those raves get kinda manic, so there are always opportunities. Looks like you got your money's worth...even away from ya girl! Good stuff...

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 27 Sep 2009 02:42:19 GMT)


NICE pics, Crack Spotter....particularly the chick with the green/black top on! That's my kind of ass right there. Glad you liked 'Blonde Ambition'; I made sure I got my money's worth at that Madonna concert, that's for damn sure...

Dr D...I cannot claim the creation of any terms within the 'terminology' section. Honestly, I forgot about that area of the site; I have not been there in so long. Overall, that is a collection of terms that other chikans, mostly from the past, had created. I have used a couple of terms in some past accounts however I do not go there for reference. The glossary is very thorough, so all credit is due to those who had contributed the terms.

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 27 Sep 2009 18:36:42 GMT)

Pics/Life Of Humping

Represented with good pics again, Crack Spotter. Those are some SERIOUSLY deep cracks there on some very beautiful women.

In addition, a nice insight on how you view this whole 'chikan' thing. It can be quite easy to spiral downwards with this game, if enough self control is not utilized. Therefore, keepin' yourself occupied with other areas of your life...especially in te

1041 more byte(s), click here!

BOND007: SHADOW (Tue 29 Sep 2009 16:25:29 GMT)

West Indian - Photoshopped Pics

Photos exposed? Uh oh! That IS a CONSIDERABLE difference...no denying that! Crack Spotter...anything to add to that?

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 01 Oct 2009 13:49:55 GMT)

Johnny's Pic

Nice lil snapshot there! I see that brotha is 'goin' for gold' on that ass. Hopefully, he will get his nut. 'Bustin' a nut!' LOL! That is definitely an old skool term that I used in past accounts. It makes me laugh everytime I think about that...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 09 Oct 2009 16:11:37 GMT)

Gotta Love NYC

'Sup peeps,

Passin' thru....been crazy busy with fam and friends etc. I finally got the chance to come back and chill out here in the good 'ole NYC. I hit up the Nigerian Parade this past weekend! Crazy ass all over the place! Now, just waitin' on the Hispanic Day Parade on Sunday. Stay bubblebutt findin' and straight steady grindin'...:-)

BOND007: SHADOW (Wed 21 Oct 2009 11:23:14 GMT)

Re: freddie johnson is the king


Yo...this cat's whole format is dumb. He has been hemmed up 53 times...has his picture and details down with NYPD Transit Division...done SERVED TIME for da shit and gets a break with lifetime parole but...after all of that...is still gonna come out on a grindin' mission with a history like that AND an ankle device on???? Yeah, he's the 'king' alright....o

1092 more byte(s), click here!

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 11 Feb 2010 23:52:56 GMT)

Passin' thru

What's goin' on, people? Looks like all is well. I may put forth a couple of stories at some point, as I have had a number of memorable experiences over these recent months...just gotta try to find the time to put them together though, as I have been very very busy of late. I see my dawg Bad-Boy has been representin', as well as some nice accounts from the reigning rookie stone_7. I also noticed a nice little offering from a new female member too? What a twist! I haven't been checkin' in since about early January, so I missed the chance to welcome 'Amy' to our merry fold here. That was a good account, girl...keep it up...:-)

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