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arm humper (Mon 09 Jun 2008 09:22:53 GMT)

Coming Three Times With One Woman

Back in June, 2005, I wrote about a woman who let me climax against her a second time about two years after the first encounter. Recently I had the pleasure of doing her for a third time. The first two occasions saw me coming against her right shoulder, on the last I rubbed against her left shoulder before reaching orgasm.

Now, a lot of nonsense has been excreted onto this site along the lines of: "Just because the woman lets you do her freely and without any pressure doesn't mean she is willing." I don't know what the people who push that line have to say about women who let you grind against them not just once but two and three times (I have an increasing number of repeat customers to my credit.)

arm humper (Tue 05 Aug 2008 15:18:52 GMT)

Overdeveloped Derriere

Last week the season of our local carnival was approaching its climax, so I felt it would be a favourable time to masturbate against some woman's backside. The highpoint of the festival is a sort of street parade similar to the West Indian celebrations that take place in New York and London during the summer. If you know those events, you will have some idea of how much public grinding would

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arm humper (Mon 11 Aug 2008 13:51:57 GMT)

Observer Joe

Thanks for the kind words.

Arm Humper (Tue 02 Sep 2008 15:09:39 GMT)

A First for the Board?

Lately I was thinking it would be pleasant to do something in frotteurism I had never done before, but no new ideas came into my mind. Yesterday, however, I had a special experience of a type I have not seen described before.

I had already had one orgasm that day but was going for a second. Things were not going my way, though, so around 6:30 in the evening I gave up and boarded an empty bu

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Arm Humper (Thu 09 Oct 2008 21:42:16 GMT)


Yesterday I had one of the type of experiences that has keeps me going in this business after 25 years. She was a well-built 6 foot 1 or so, a volleyball type, my favourite. I got a good angle against the back of her right leg, so I was able to exert significant pressure. At first I just pressed my erection into her without moving, letting her feel how much I wanted her. After that pelvic thrustin

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Arm Humper (Sat 11 Oct 2008 17:00:38 GMT)

Humping a woman in the presence of her boyfriend

That's what I did yesterday (Friday). They boarded the bus together and were obviously a couple going out for the weekend. She got a seat but he did not. I was standing by her side and went to work, grinding to a pleasant climax against her naked shoulder. She was shortish and slim, with regular features and yellow skin colour. Under different circumstances, I might not have gone after a girl

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Arm Humper (Tue 14 Oct 2008 17:49:17 GMT)

Something Sweet

I have a little superstition that says that my best experiences often happen when I have to force myself to go out hunting or when I suddenly decide do it without any real preparation. And I do have to force myself sometimes; being a professional frotteur is not easy! Yesterday was one of those days when I was reluctant to go out. I bribed myself with the promise of a chocolate afterwards if I did

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Arm Humper (Fri 17 Oct 2008 20:45:24 GMT)


My good run of form continued yesterday (Thursday) when I came to a pleasant orgasm against the backside of woman who works at a bank. Slim, oval-faced, brown haired and forty odd years old, there was nothing really remarkable about her. She was not a six-footer like the girl last week, nor was she big and buxom like Monday's damsel, but she did have a cute little ass that I plastered myself

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Arm Humper (Tue 21 Oct 2008 18:38:53 GMT)

Read All About It:: A Newsworthy Accomplice?

I was pleased to see in a recent newspaper a picture of a woman I had come against about ten years ago. I could recognise the face because I actually know her. I met her when we worked together for a few years. That was before our encounter on the bus, so we were already acquaintances when she let me masturbate to orgasm against her right shoulder. I was quite nervous. It was the first time I rubb

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Arm Humper (Thu 23 Oct 2008 00:55:46 GMT)

In what city do you live?

I live in a Caribbean island, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. You can get standing-room-only buses even on a Sunday (at the right time) and I think it is fair to say that there is a certain degree of tolerance towards frotteurism. Certainly, frottage, or consensual rubbing, is commonplace. It happens as a matter of course when dancing. I am not saying anywhere near a majority of women say yes to stranger-sex, but even those who say no don't seem too bothered by your attempting it.

Arm Humper (Sun 26 Oct 2008 23:05:15 GMT)


On Friday I was standing at a stop waiting for a bus I knew was going to be packed. I guessed I would have to stand at the front by the door where there might be an accomplice already waiting or one might get on later and stand in front of me. As usual, when you are waiting for a certain bus everything else comes first. Eventually my route pulled up and it was brimming full of passengers. Things w

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Arm Humper (Mon 27 Oct 2008 17:28:24 GMT)

Which island?

Sorry, I can't tell you the name of the territory, if the wrong person read it, I would be on the front page the next day. I forgot to mention that the English accomplice was wearing sports shorts made of a soft, light material. That orgasm made 9 for the month by frotteurism. That's the most I've had for over 3 years. My all time record is 13 in April of '99.

Arm Humper (Sat 01 Nov 2008 00:04:26 GMT)


My vote goes to the KL groper. We need to encourage the new voices. His stories remind me of the times I have rubbed against women's hands with and without orgasm. I am also trying to get in touch with one of the 'old masters', my friend Carlos. If you are reading ths Carlos make your presence known. There is something I would like to share with you.

I had my 10th orgasm by frotteurism this month today AND got her name from her student ID card.

Arm Humper (Tue 18 Nov 2008 15:13:37 GMT)

Doing a Cabinet Minister's Daughter

It sounds unbelievable but it's true. Let me add quickly that she is his illegitimate daughter. Social practices here in the Caribbean are a little different to many other parts of the world. There is no shame associated with having children outside of marriage, the majority of mothers are unmarried (about 70%), and many married men father children by their mistresses. A former prime minister

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Arm Humper (Mon 29 Dec 2008 17:24:37 GMT)

Portrait of a Girl who says Yes

Over the years I have been able to find a number of girls who said yes to anonymous humping on different social networking sites. Usually I learned their names beforehand, then searched for them online or if I knew what school they went to, I looked through the member lists of a group for that institution searching for a familiar face. I am most interested in the pictures but it can also be intrig

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arm humper (Fri 08 May 2009 19:08:50 GMT)

chikan victim

I sympathise with people, male and female, who have suffered sexual abuse, but please remember that eventhough a frotteur operates without verbal consent, frotteurism and rape are two different things. A woman can signal agreement without actually saying: "Please hump me." It is true that some humpers act like non-penetrative rapists but many, probably most, do not.

arm humper (Fri 15 May 2009 17:27:10 GMT)

re: be careful guys

I dont know if that fellow who got busted read this board, but I have always said that taking out your dick is the surest way to cut short your career, moving from the playing field to the sidelines.

I was lucky recently to get hold of some photos of a girl who let me hump her back in '97. They were on a social networking site. Her profile was private but her close friend's wasn't, and this friend had up 150 pictures, out of which about ten included my partner.

arm humper (Tue 19 May 2009 13:40:55 GMT)

When it's nice, do it twice

I like Geoff's story because it shows humpers co-operating like a group of hunters. You don't often read of a three man tag team. I would like to have someone to hunt with, but I don't think it will ever happen.

Last October when I coming against many women's butts, I asked myself who would be the first to let me repeat with her, finishing twice on her arse. I have done

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arm humper (Wed 03 Jun 2009 16:06:13 GMT)

Personality traits of women who say yes

May was a good month for me. I experienced orgasm with seven women on the bus. One of them was carrying a Bible. Another one, a tall 18 year old, remained next to me in her outside seat after the person in the inside seat got off. Normally, people move around to fill the vacated space and let someone take the outside seat but she stayed there enjoying the feel of my arousal against her arm. Eventu

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arm humper (Thu 04 Jun 2009 23:58:45 GMT)

Request for elaboration

Black Helmet, thanks for the appreciation. I also enjoy reading about what another arm humper gets up to. When I get the time, I might get around to giving a full reports of some of my activities, as I have done in the past, though sometimes I ask myself: What's the point?

In the meantime, let me just say that today I came against the left shoulder of a woman security guard on the bus. There was a guy who said in this forum that he felt up a policewoman; I am not that bold, security personnel are as far as I will go. And then there was the schoolgirl I humped who went on to become a policewoman. I hope she didn't keep those two letters I wrote her when she was at school...

arm humper (Mon 08 Jun 2009 15:57:39 GMT)


I would like to welcome you, SH, to the forum. I enjoyed reading your story about groping in China. I understood what you said about the moment of climax being the most nervous. I can't comprehend how women can let you hump them and then move away when you start to come as though they didn't expect that to happen. I always say there should be a special place in hell reserved for women who do that, causing you to be disappointed after putting in so much hard work.

If you feel like sharing it with us, I would like to know how you got started in this business. It seems to me most people get hooked in their teens.

arm humper (Mon 08 Jun 2009 21:47:52 GMT)

Girl with her Guy

You always have to be a little reluctant to rub against a girl in the presence of her boyfriend, especially if he is bigger than you. I would not have made the attempt if I had not received signals from her beforehand that she was up for it.

I was on a crowded bus about two hours ago when a young couple got on. They were clearly foreign, probably American by the few words I overheard. Both

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arm humper (Thu 11 Jun 2009 15:20:26 GMT)


I had a pleasant encounter yesterday and will offer a little report. I will not be like that spent force who CLAIMED to be having "wonderful experiences" but wouldn't tell us about these alleged events because we "didn't deserve to hear them". Yeah right. I shouldn't respond to guests who could be anybody pretending to be a visitor, but if you think I cast the fi

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Arm Humper (Mon 15 Jun 2009 17:02:45 GMT)

Latest Encounter Objectivity vs Partisanship and Pornography

X, If I wanted to read partisan commentary masquerading as objective analysis I could go and watch FOX news; if I had a desire to read well written erotic fairytales (mere pornography), there must be 101 sites I could visit; but when I wish to know what is really going on in the world of frotteurism I come to the new and improved Ayashi BBS.

Last Saturday, I ejaculated against the naked sho

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Arm Humper (Wed 17 Jun 2009 19:39:53 GMT)

Virgin Territory

I found success on a new route yesterday. It is always pleasing to think that I may be introducing a new set of travellers to the practice of frotteurism. And I seem to be getting through more easily. It could be that on the more heavily used routes the word has got around: Beware the humper, and women already have a negative attitude even before I make an attempt. But on the fresh destinations it

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arm humper (Wed 12 Aug 2009 19:44:26 GMT)

Daily Grind

Well maybe the grind is not daily but it is certainly regular. Two encounters stand out since I last wrote.Firstly, back in June I related how I came against the arse of a woman whose posterior resembled two volleyballs. In July I was able to ejaculate against her again (her left shoulder). Secondly, yesterday I spurted against the backside of a young woman who was endowed like Serena Williams. She did two things that convinced me she actually enjoyed the experience. At first I was standing behind her but at an angle. After a short while she moved so that she was square in front of me. This can be a telltale signal. The second more obvious thing was that she then started making movements so SHE was the one rubbing and squeezing against me.

arm humper (Tue 18 Aug 2009 19:30:20 GMT)

Crack Spotter: 4 people to avoid

In additon to the somewhat self-evident family members, little girls and little old ladies I would add a fourth group. I know not everyone shares my opinion, but most people should agree that you don't practise "gay chikan" (that's the title of an article by one of our better known contributors). If you have a "pre-existing condition" there's nothing you can do about it, but I would think that anyone who engages in gay chikan is putting himself in danger of physical injury.

arm humper (Mon 21 Dec 2009 13:44:31 GMT)

Xmas greetings

I hope everyone has a pleasant holiday season. Among others, I enjoyed reading from the Asian guest who said he came three times against his co-worker. My reasons for specially mentioning this story should become clear later on.

As the year comes to an end, it is natural to look back over the past twelve months. Here are some of the events I haven't written about before that stand out

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arm humper (Wed 23 Dec 2009 18:21:19 GMT)

Re Bus frott blonde

Yes, Black Helmet, it was a good story. I like it when, as in your report, they look up at you without moving their arms away. You would know that sometimes when the girl looks at you it means she is about to place her arm out of reach. But other times she just looks out of curiosity, so you just have to wait and see what the glance means.
I estimate that about one out of five women who say yes

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arm humper (Thu 24 Dec 2009 13:58:39 GMT)

Why are you so attracted to a woman's arm?

For me, humping arms rather than arses was a matter of convenience and practicality. The bus has to be jam packed for you to press against a behind not so with rubbing against shoulders. So if I did shoulders, I had more opportunities.
Plus Tbone's point is very important: you can easily get away with arm humping if you are not too obvious. Where I am from, people tend get suspicious if th

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Arm Humper (Fri 19 Feb 2010 01:28:03 GMT)

The headmaster's daughter

I wrote earlier about how on July 14th. 2003, I came against the left shoulder of a girl who worksich is in the bookstore attached to a secondary school, the daughter of the headmaster. Today (February 18th.)she allowed me to put my erection against her bum a number of times at her place of work. Her posterior is just right for that sort of thing. Her father was there too. God is great.

Arm Humper (Sat 20 Feb 2010 01:38:15 GMT)

Headmaster's daughter again

I returned to the bookstore today (February 19th)and put my erect penis against the frottable bum of the headmaster's daughter, just once this time, but witnessed by her own teenaged daughter. The headmaster's grand-duaghter also looked at the big erection I was sporting afterwards. The look she had on her face when she realised what she had just seen was new to me and interesting.
After that I walked to my local bus stop, waited for about 45 minutes and was then able to come against the arse of a tall, 30 something, bespectacled woman who was wearing a closefitting black skirt. God is great.

Arm Humper (Sat 27 Feb 2010 18:25:18 GMT)

Latest Game

God is great. My latest game is to hump wearing shorts and no underwear. Yesterday I rubbed my penis against a woman's bare arm dressed like that, and the female spectators were all waiting to see if I was really goinig to risk ejaculating on to my partner's naked shoulder. She herself retended to be asleep. I was able to get a rub without losing my self-control. God is great.

arm humper (Mon 26 Jul 2010 19:45:13 GMT)

Two Unusual Experiences

1. A man gets on a bus with two young women. The women sit down in seats where their shoulders can get rubbed, one woman behind the other. The man stands up by the shoulder of the woman in front. The two of them start to talk about frotteurism, with her saying that men are always rubbing against her shoulder when she is on the bus. Then he starts pressing against her arm. By this time, I am by the

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arm humper (Tue 27 Jul 2010 17:17:37 GMT)

Watching a former partner getting humped

After sunset one day a few months ago, I was walking in a square when I noticed a familiar face. It was the girl I had written about a few years ago who had let me hump her shoulder three times. She was sitting next to a young man on a bench. What was interesting was that her left leg was lapped over her friend's right, so that it was possible for him to rub his penis against her. The bench w

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arm humper (Sat 31 Jul 2010 19:05:13 GMT)


I had a very pleasant experience yesterday where I came against the shoulder of this girl who made no secret of her willingness. I think I was aided by the fact that we were at the back of the bus, which kept the number of possible spectators to a minimum. A woman may want to let you come against her, but may be unwilling to do it if she knows that many people may be aware, after all, she has her

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arm humper (Fri 06 Aug 2010 01:01:52 GMT)


to make this on topic, i will mention that this evening, Thursday, a woman let me come against her arse, standing in the bus.

What I really want to record, is how one day at the bus stop, I heard one woman telling some others something like: You shouldn't let a man know that you like a lot of sex; if a man knows you like a lot of sex, he will give you a lot of sex. That is not word for word, but it is the exact sense of what she said. Sounds kinda strange, but I swear that is what she said. Something to think about maybe.

Arm Humper (Sat 14 Aug 2010 12:26:20 GMT)

The First Half of This Year

The first six months or so of 2010 were for me unusually wild. I remember coming against a blonde's left shoulder in the presence of her husband and their two children. She was sitting in the bus with her son, who looked to be about ten years old, her man was with their little daughter about two seats back on the other side. When I was getting close to orgasm, she said something to her boy that caused him to look at me. I would love to know exactly what she said.

And I wasn't playing brave; I really had no fear of her complaining to her husband about me. They were obviously tourists, so I am glad that I was able to provide her with a happy memory to take home.

Arm Humper (Sat 14 Aug 2010 22:23:38 GMT)


Victorian frottage. The painting is from 1853. There is nothing new under the sun.

arm humper (Mon 06 Sep 2010 14:27:27 GMT)


Here is a man rubbing his cock against a policewoman. This is a real photo from the Notting Hill Carnival (London).

arm humper (Mon 06 Sep 2010 15:20:26 GMT)


I hope this is the right picture this time. The policewoman seems to be enjoying it.

Arm Humper (Fri 10 Sep 2010 21:21:46 GMT)

A Thought

Following a link to a site for flashers that Black Helmet posted, I noticed in the webcam videos that nearly all of the women who like watching a stranger display himself to them, also want to see him come. They say things like, "can you cum for me?" or, "are you going to finish?" The thought then occurred to me that the same thing might be true of women who allow men to rub th

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