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January award: Amy
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concerts (Tue 26 Jan 2010 01:16:25 GMT)

I love going to a big concert and crowdsurfing. The first time i tried I was 14. I wasn't ready for it.

I was wearing a tanktop and thin tight shorts. As soon as i was on top of the crowd guys started groping me. THey would squeeze my ass and boobs and even my crotch. At first i was afraid, but then i became more and more turned on. All these guys pulling me and squeezing my body, fighting eachother to touch me.

I was still young and not very developped, i had small boobs that i was always embarassed by, but these guys didn't care. they took every opportunity to grab my tits. It made me feel kind of good in a sick way, knowing that they liked my body.

one group of guys held me in place for about 2 minutes on top of the crowd. during that two minutes they groped every part of me. there were hands all over my butt and my breasts. guys were even reaching up my shirt and grabbing my boobs. One guy reached up my shorts and rubbed my pussy over my panties. I was so turned on it was amazing, my pussy was soaking wet.

evetually i reached the front of the crowd and security pulled me out. I wasn't brave enough to go back into the crowd that day, but ever since then i go to lots of concerts and have been felt up many times, especially when crowdsurfing.

hi! (Thu 28 Jan 2010 03:58:24 GMT)

@kevin i don't know how to prove it. i don't want to post pictures of me on here.

@Eleven Sorry I prefer my fun anonymous, but if you ever run into me in a mosh pit accidentally be sure to give my tits a squeeze ;). ur story about sweden was really hot tho, i wanna read more like that! I have lots more stories i can post if ppl want tho.

Untitled (Sat 30 Jan 2010 00:52:40 GMT)

I wore these pants to a show a few weeks ago and got lots of attention, hope u like them ;)

February award: eleven the camper
for his interesting stories and pictures.
(Your girls have lovely buttocks.)

question for amy (Tue 02 Feb 2010 04:21:08 GMT)

What's the next concert you're going to. I have GOT to be there!

Damn girl, you are smoking! Thanks for posting the picture and showing up the doubters.

Leave Amy Alone (Wed 03 Feb 2010 20:17:47 GMT)

Yeah, you guys should definitely bitch and moan instead of posting more great stories and pictures.

And if a MIRACLE actually happens, like a hot 19 year old girl shows up and wants to share stories of her own, definitely try to scare her away instead of encouraging her to stay and post.

I mean, c'mon guys!


Advice for Amy (Wed 03 Feb 2010 21:14:59 GMT)

1. Don't reveal any more personal information than you already have. I know I asked about where you go to concerts, but that was just to say "I really want to go to a concert with you". I didn't actually expect you to answer. A super hot 19 year old who actually LIKES to get groped at concerts is kinda like a wet dream for me. But I don't actually have the time or money to travel just anywhere on a whim. But you never know about some people, and anyone who would do that is probably kinda scary. So taking pictures of your body and whatnot is fine, just don't reveal anything about who you really are or where you live.

2. Ignore the haters. Don't even respond to them, or it just gets dragged on and on. There has been a lot of wasted space on here arguing and criticizing. I usually skim over all that and just read the stories. Only respond to the questions you want and ignore everyone else. Anyway, most of the guys on here are probably dork pervs who can't get chicks and get a kick outta talking shit. Just ignore them like I do.

3. I'm so excited you have CONCERT stories to share. There aren't as many concert stories shared on here as there used to be. There are a lot of subway and bus stories, which are ok, but concert stories are the absolute best. If you want to read some great concert stories look in the hall of fame section and look up Black Shogun and Pervman. Both had some GREAT concert stories. I wrote a few good ones too but have no idea how you'd go about finding them. But track them down if you can. I think they're the best ones every written, but that's probably only because I remember doing what I wrote.

4. When you write your stories, use paragraphs. Give details, but remain vague on identifying details. Like, tell us exactly what you were wearing, what happened and what it felt like, but you don't have to share when it was or who was playing.

5. If you want to share more with anyone, or give people the change to share more with you, start up a new email address with yahoo or hotmail or some huge free service. Then call it something that is obviously related to this board. Like or something. When signing up you can totally lie about all your personal information. That way it wouldn't be a big deal to post it on the board because you could just ignore who you want to and abandon it if you change your mind.

Hope that's helpful. Thanks for joining our board and I REALLY hope you stay, post some stories and comment on the stories told by others. (oh and pictures, anytime you want to post more pictures I will be EXTREMELY happy).

Amy (Tue 16 Feb 2010 08:55:38 GMT)

Thanks Amy! Great story. Can't wait to read more!

There is a search feature that you might try using. You'll find some concert stories that way. If you click on Archives you can scroll down to the hall of fame section. Read stories by Black Shogun and Pervman for concert stories. Maybe more too.

Unfortunately we don't have the ability to link to a specific story, and I don't think reposting old stories is a good idea. But if you post a fake email address like I suggested I can email you the concert stories I wrote plus some memorable ones I have copies of.

About Camp Pictures (Thu 25 Feb 2010 07:58:59 GMT)

I'm going to share two or three more of my camp stories, then take a break from it for awhile. I told myself I would never, ever, share my camp stories. But I finally decided to because of one reason. I have pictures of the girls in the stories.

Just looking at hot chicks is fun, but when I read what I've wrote, while looking at the girl from the story, it's the ultimate for me. Maybe not for others, but I post mostly for myself anyway.

The best thing about these pictures I'm posting is that they are available to everyone who attended the camp that week, and presumable, all the staff who work there. Every week of camp they ask all the adult chaperones and any kids who use actual cameras (not cell phone cameras) to share their pictures at the end. All the photos are downloaded onto one computer, then a staff person goes through them, loads up a CD and burns enough copies to mail one to everyone who attended that week.

One great thing about this is that I'm not the only one taking photos. I get as many as I can of the hot chicks, but on Thursday night I can go for any target I want, then scour my pictures AND the CD for pictures of her. There are always lots of great group shots to crop the girls out of, as well as action shots that accidently show off tits and ass.

(This picture of girls down on the dock; I didn't take that picture. I wasn't even at the waterfront when it was taken. But I do know who those girls were and I took pictures of them too, just not in bikinis.)

Even better is that hundreds of people have access to these photos. So ANYBODY could take these photos, crop the hot chicks and post them online. The kids could post photos of themselves or their friends online. So there is no way to trace the photos back to me. Anybody who was there could do this.

This next camp story I'm going to share is different though. This particular year the person in charge of making the CD's was gone that week, so a CD never got made. So the pictures I have of these girls are NOT available to everyone. Consequently, I'm not going to show the girls faces on this one.

Which is too bad for you, because they are absolute hotties.

Mattresses and Swimsuits (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Thu 25 Feb 2010 08:01:05 GMT)

Part 1.

This is another two part camp story. I'm going to cut to the chase on this one. It was a great week with lots of hot-looking high school girls. I brushed my hand on a lot of nice asses in the dining hall all week. Now lets go straight to the good part.

At the beginning of the concert on the last night of the week, I was able to finagle my way behind these three friends. They were some of the girls I had my eye on all week. They were close friends and were always together.

They were all skinny, young and attractive. They all had fit bodies, toned asses and small tits. They were all 18 and seemed like the kind of girls who were going to live in a sorority, drink a lot and pass their classes by sleeping with the teachers. Of course by now they have probably graduated college, but their behavior back then told me that they were probably going to have a lot of sex in college.

Since I'm not going to show their faces I can use their real names. Anna is the girl with brown polka dot bikini on the left. She had the biggest tits, though that's not saying much. Jess is the blonde in the middle with the green bikini bottoms. She was the wildest and had the most attractive face. Jen is the girl with the yellow bikini bottoms on the right. Everyday she wore skin tight clothing that showed off her tight, lusty ass.

I only saw them in their bikinis one day early in the week, but I got a bunch of pictures of them. You can see that Anna and Jess switched tops. I thought that was pretty hot. I'm going to refer to them by the color of their bikini bottoms from this picture.

These were the girls I was standing behind as more and more kids were smashing into the concert, pressing everyone forward. They were standing beside each other in a line.

Green was standing on the left wearing tight light pink and white plaid shorts. Yellow was on the right wearing tight jeans. And in the middle was Polka Dot, wearing skin-tight hot pink pants with "Pink" written on her ass in dark pink letters. Each of their asses looked stunning!

All three of them would have made excellent targets, but Polka Dot's ass simply made it hard for me to breath. Her pants were so tight, they clung to her crack and her panty lines were clearly visible. She would be my target.

I took things slow at first. Standing right behind her I would brush my hand up against her tight, pink covered ass. Then I would brush it up against the other girls asses too. As it got more crowded my hands would palm their ass cheeks.

Even though it got more and more crowded they were dancing and jumping around, seemingly oblivious to the crush coming from the back. I was now letting the crowd push me up against her ass. My rock hard cock could feel her ass bouncing around to the music. When my cock had been pressed up against her for a sufficient amount of time, it was time to pull it out.

I whipped out my cock and hid it under my long t-shirt. I leaned into her ass again. Nothing really changed so, after a few more moments, I pulled my shirt up and rested my naked cock directly on her ass crack, right between the letters I and N in PINK.

I just held it there and let the pressure from the crowd behind us keep me smashed against her. My cock was pressed up right on her crack, begging me to start humping her. I just left it there, pulsating on her pink pants. There was a big push from the back that cramped the whole area we were in. I took that chance to rock forward a little, jabbing my cock up and in her ass crack.

I just did one jab, but it was deep and hard. Maybe too hard. She immediately looked back down towards her ass, then looked up at my face. My eyes stayed glued to the band playing, but it didn't matter. This was not a shy or timid girl. She used her elbow to lightly push me back as she tried to step to the left towards Green.

She wasn't able to get that far from me, but the signs were loud and clear. She knew what I was trying to do and she was telling me I better stop. I put my cock back in my pants and backed off. I looked down at all three of these beautiful asses, but I knew right there I had made a mistake.

These girls were not good targets. They were confident, assertive and bold. All three of them were good friends, and together they would be full of confidence. Sure they were hot, but there was no way I going to be able to hump any of them.

Still, I didn't move. Just in case she wasn't 100% certain of what I was doing, I didn't want to be obvious by sinking back into the crowd. Plus, it was so crowded and dark that I didn't think I should go try to find a new target.

So for the rest of the show I mainly touched and groped Yellow's jeaned ass. Green was too far away now and I didn't dare touch Polka Dot again. I would gently press the side of my finger against her ass crack, and palm her ass cheeks. I actually rested my hand on her left ass cheek for quite some time, right at the end of the concert. But all in all I was disappointed that I hadn't chosen a better target at the beginning. Feeling up Yellow's ass was great, but with how crowded it was, I should have been able to hump and cum on someone.

Lucky for me, the night wasn't yet over.

After the concert, everyone is supposed to go back to their cabins and go to bed. This is pretty much what happens every year. Being that it's right after a concert and the last night and all, few actually go to bed.

I wandered out of the gym like everybody else. Large groups of people were talking and shouting out plans for what was going to happen next.

All week, there was this group of boys that were doing "pillow fight sneak attacks". They would walk in a tight group, hiding pillows, then surprise a group of girls and "attack" them with the pillows. Sounds dumb I know, but the sexual repression these boys had to face while looking at all these girls insisted that they do SOMETHING.

So people were shouting out plans to have an huge, all out, everyone-for-themself, pillow fight in the big cabin. They knew they were supposed to be in their cabins, so if they did it IN a cabin they couldn't get in trouble. And there was clearly only one cabin to do it in.

The cabins that the kids stay in consist of a square, one story building with windows and a door. Go inside the door and there's one room full of bunk beds. One cabin has about 20 bunk beds in it, all around the room with a open space in the middle. This was usually a girls cabin. With nothing better to do I followed the crowd.

Mattresses and Swimsuits (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Thu 25 Feb 2010 08:03:06 GMT)

Part 2

I got there before the majority of the kids. There were lots of kids coming and they were all taking fast detours to go back to their cabins to get pillows. Several other adults were there also and none of us had brought a pillow. At this point I just thought I would watch.

The high schoolers started showing up in waves and went inside the cabin. As I went in I noticed that the girls who were staying there were pushing things to the sides of the rooms and putting their bags on top of or under their beds. Then I noticed my three bikini girls. This was their cabin!

Jess (Green) and Jennifer (Yellow) were already in the center of the room, holding pillows. Anna (Polka Dot) was still moving her things out of the way. She had a bag on her bed (bottom bunk) and had clothes all over the bed and floor. I watched her stuff all her clothes into her bag. The last thing she put in her bag was the polka dot bikini bottoms and green bikini top. She didn't zip her bag up, but left it wide open. She grabbed her pillow and joined the growing crowd in the center of the room. From where I was standing I could see her bikini laying inside her bag.

More and more kids piled into this cabin and the pillow fight began. There was probably an equal male/female ratio. Maybe slightly more females. I stood over on the side along with a few other adults.

The "fighting" kept getting more and more intense. Some boy would hit some girl too hard and a whole cadre of girls would gang up on him, which led to the boys pushing and hitting the group of girls. They were all having fun.

A group of kids convinced their adult chaperone to play with them, which he did. The kids I knew gave me a pillow and I did the same. I participated at first, but not enthusiastically. But then things changed. Someone grabbed a mattress on a bunk bed and used it to push over people in the crowd. This brought on hoots, hollars and a mad dash to try to grab all the mattresses off the beds.

There are about 20 bunk beds in this room, so 40 mattresses. These mattresses were thin and light. They were all dark black and looked brand new. With mattresses in hand they started smashing into one another and pushing people over. This would create a large dog pile in the center of the room, which caused more and more people to jump on the pile, mattress first.

Then, somebody switched off the lights.

With no lights on, it was pitch black. The windows had curtains and there was almost no light outside at this time of night. The little light that seeped in gave the ability to see the outlines of people, but you couldn't see anyone's face. Of course, I knew I was going to take advantage of this situation.

With the lights out, the kids became even more rowdy and rambunctious. They were blindly swinging their pillows, pushing and falling over, and jumping onto the pile of mattresses and bodies that would form in the center of the room.

I immediately knew this was perfect for molesting a hot girl. The only problem was, I couldn't see any. I could somewhat see bodies, but I couldn't tell who was who. I grabbed a mattress off the floor and used it to leap onto the pile of bodies. Then mattresses and bodies would land on me. The pile would get quite huge, and everyone tended to just lay there until the people on the bottom pushed them off. It probably wasn't very safe, all those bodies piled on top of each other, but it was pretty fun.

With the lights out, people wern't careful. They would leap high and come down hard. The mattresses made it feel a lot safter than it actually was. If you landed on the pile of bodies - mattress first - you wouldn't get hurt. The people on the bottom of the pile sure got smashed though. But not enough to stop participating.

This went on for a long time. I was trying to look around and find a hot girl, any hot girl. While smashed within the pile I would feel around, but unless I grabbed breasts, which I did several times, I couldn't even tell which were girls and which were guys.

So I finally backed off and tried to find someone. I listened to voices, trying to pick out one that I recognized. There were several girls I had seen before the lights were turned off that I would be happy with. I just had to find one. Finally I did.

I could see someone in a corner, taking off a sweatshirt. I made out the outline of her head and her hooded sweatshirt and I knew who she was. Her name was Rachel and she was going INTO grade 9. That means she was probably 15, and man was she HOT!

Besides being gorgus, she looked a little slutty too. She wore more makup than she needed to, probably trying to look older and she seemed like a huge flirt. I had noticed her all week and had taken lots of pictures of her. She usually wore tight clothes and had a great little bubble-butt ass. Her tits smallish, but she wore bras that pushed them up and her cleavage was usually quite visible. She was just a young hot sexpot. The picture on the far right was taken earlier that day. Her shorts were thin cotton and under her red sweatshirt she was wearing a tight tank top that revealed her little perky tits.

And here she was, standing beside me in a nearly pitch black room where bodies were flying all over and people were shouting and screaming.

I stayed as close to her as I could, so I wouldn't lose her. She was having a great time, jumping on the pile of bodies and trying to knock people over. I had my hands on her ass or her tits every time she fell or jumped into the pile. There were so many bodies and hands and arms that she couldn't have told who was grabbing her, or even if it was on purpose.

One time we were both on the pile, smashed under a lot of people and I was able to reach my hand down her tank top and bra and cup her naked breast. It was a perfect handful, firm and soft. She was so smashed that she couldn't do anything about it. I didn't grope her hard, but just held her breast in my hand. I pulled it out when everyone finally got up.

My cock was rock hard now. I stood beside her waiting for her to jump back on the pile. Like everyone else, she held the mattress in front of her and lept with it first, landing on top of it. So the mattress would hit the people on the pile, then she would land on the mattress. I followed, jumping on top of her, only this time I turned the mattress perpendicular to my body. So it still landed on her back and my upper body landed on the mattress, BUT my lower body landed on her, with my cock right on her ass crack.

My legs and crotch clasped around her young heinie. My erect cock was mashed onto her ass. I just held it there and let it pulsate. I pushed the mattress down firmly with my arms and upper body so she would stay pinned down. People continued to pile up and eventually I was covered with people and mattresses. I slowly gyrated my hips around and around, pressing my cock harder onto her ass. Eventually, the pile of bodies dispersed again, and I let her get up. I stood close waiting for the next pile to form.

Finally it did and again she jumped wholeheartedly on top. I again jumped on her with my mattress turned sideways, only this time I landed funny. She had landed at the peak of the pile and slid over and to the side. So when I landed on her, her body was horizontal to me. My cock still found her ass, only it was sideways across both ass cheeks. More people quickly landed on top of me, but I managed to reach down with my left hand and push her hips down. My right hand grabbed my erection through my pants and guided my cock onto her ass. We still weren't lined up, but I managed to press my cock up between her legs just under her ass cheeks.

I could feel all the bodies above me, holding me down on top of her. I slowly thrust forward a few times. My cock was in the vicinity of her pussy, but was probably jabbing her leg right beside it. But sliding it up between her legs felt great.

I was thrusting slowly but steadily. My hands were on either side of her hips, clutching her cotton shorts, gently trying to rotate her body so we'd line up better. After several moments people started getting up again. I was a little worried that I had been too deliberate too soon, and that she might walk away. Boy was I wrong.

As everyone was standing up I felt a hard "press" against my cock. I know it was a hand but there were so many people getting up I didn't know where it came from or if it was an accident. Rachel didn't leave, in fact she was still facing the center of the room while I was standing behind her. I saw her head turn back towards me, then she backed up and pressed her ass straight into my lap.

I froze. Was this an accident? She wasn't pulling away. She was keeping her ass pressed up against my cock. FEELING IT WITH HER ASS!!! I could not, COULD NOT believe it. This girl was definitely a feisty one. Not only was she aware that I was humping her ass, but she must have liked it! And there was NO WAY she knew who I was. I wonder if she THOUGHT she knew who I was, and she thought I was someone else? I couldn't worry about that.

I just stood there. Unsure of what to do. She did know my cock was poking her in the ass, right? I didn't want to scare her off, but I had to take advantage of this. I gently rocked my pelvis forward, to see what she'd do. She just stood there. So I rocked forward some more. I began to press my cock up and in a little more obviously now. She was just standing there, taking it. In fact she may have tried backing up a little more.

I let go of my mattress and I gently slid my left hand around the side of her waist and my right hand on top of her shoulder. I softly held onto these two areas as I just held my cock, pressed against her ass crack. Then, my fingers gripped her waist and shoulder a little more tightly as I slowly thrust up her ass crack.

It was pretty clear what I was doing now. I was blatantly humping her ass in a standing position while I held her in place. When another pile formed, and she didn't move towards it, I knew I had her. I took this and an open invitation to be even more brazen.

I now was full out humping her. Slowly. My hands would pull her body close to me as my cock would dig deep up her ass crack. Her body would lurch forward with my every thrust. I wanted to pull my cock out of my pants and feel her cotton shorts. But before I could, she broke away.

The last pile had again dispersed and a new one was forming. She jumped onto the pile, only instead of leaping to the top or apex of the pile, she kinda kneeled down on the outside edge. Her upped body leaned on the pile of bodies and she stuck her ass up in the air. She was now kneeling in a doggy-style position, like she was offering up her ass for me. I wasted no time.

As I descended on her I pulled my cock out of my pants and lined it up with her crack as best as I could. I slid onto her with my legs on either side of her hips. I rammed my cock into her cotton shorts and sunk deep into her ass crack. I immediately started thrusting up and down her crack, pounding her body forward. I grabbed ahold of both her hips and just bulldozed her ass as hard and fast as I could. I was not being subtle or discreet.

As the bodies started to pile up on top of us I tried my best to keep my upper body as upright as possible, so I had the best angle for thrusting up her ass crack. I could feel the weight growing on top of us and I knew the pressure would prevent her from being able to move. I pulled my cock out of her ass crack and moved it down lower. With my hand I guided it down under her ass, right against her pussy lips.

She had on shorts and panties of course, but I was humping her doggystyle. Remove her clothes and I would have been fucking her! Both my hands were gripping the waistband of her shorts. I was using them as a handle to pull her back as I plowed my cock into her.

I'd like to say that I kept doing this until I ejaculated between her legs, right against her pussy. But I didn't.

Instead, I pulled my cock back and, using both hands, pulled her shorts down. Her shorts were thin and stretchy. I couldn't see what I was doing but I was able to pull them down over her entire ass. I lurched forward and sunk my naked cock into her pantied ass crack.

Knowing her shorts were down and my cock was against her panties drove me absolutely crazy. I wanted to get this over with quickly, and it wasn't going to take much more time. I plunged my cock as deep into her ass crack as I could. Her panties put up no resistance, allowing my cock to feel the walls of her ass crack canal.

I should have just kept pounding away until I creamed directly in her pantied ass crack. I was almost there. I don't know why I didn't just keep going. I guess I got too greedy.

Knowing she couldn't move and I might never get a chance like this again, I let up and pulled her panties down below her ass, exposing her bare cheeks. I couldn't see them but I could feel them. I brushed my palms up naked cheeks as I sunk my extremely erect cock down between her young naked ass cheeks. I felt the coolness of her teenage buns on my loins. Sinking my cock between those naked ass cheeks felt like heaven! The excitement was too much. I was about to hump and cum directly on the skin of a teenage ass!

Only I didn't get the chance. Moving for the first time, she wiggled away, army crawling under the pile and away from me. I had no choice but to put my cock back in my pants.

I couldn't believe it. I had a golden opportunity and I blew it! I knew right then, I KNEW, that I would never get a change like this again. I blew it! The worst part was that it made me think she could have gotten away at anytime, but she didn't want to. Even when I had her shorts down and was humping her in her panties, she was ok with it. Only when I pulled her panties down did she decide it was too much. I TOTALLY could have finished on her panties. I was (and still am) so mad at myself.

The pile finally started to break apart and people got up. There were so many people and it was so dark, I knew I could never find her again. So now what? I'm on the brink of cumming!

My first thought was to just jerk off and cum on a pile of people. But that wasn't too appealing because it was hard to tell who was a guy and who was a girl. Then, the only other option popped into my mind.


This was the girl in the polka dot bikini. Of course I didn't know where she was, but I knew where her bag was. And I knew that in her bag was the bikini that had clung to her sweet looking ass.

Despite the darkness, I moved over to where I had seen her bag. It had been thrown upside down on the floor when her mattress had been taken off her bed. I flipped it over and plunged my hand inside. I felt around until I felt something silky and smooth. I pulled it up to my face to try to see it. I couldn't see the polka dots, but I knew that this was her bikini bottoms.

I felt a stray mattress within reach, which I pulled up and propped up in front of me. I was on my knees, facing the center of the room where all the comotion was going on. I pulled my cock out, wrapped her bikini bottoms around it and started pounding away on my cock.

Her smooth bikini bottoms felt like lube sliding up and down my cock. I used her bikini bottoms to jerk my pole several times, then absolutely exploded inside of them. I shot load after load into her bikini bottoms. I kept jerking until I was completely done. Her bikini bottoms were soaked with my cum. There was so much cum it seeped through and clung to my hand.

I shoved them back down deep into her duffel bag, leaving them at the bottom under her clothes. I wiped my hand on her clothing until it was clean. I put my cock away and stood up.

All the kids were still going crazy, jumping and smashing and plowing into one another. Piles of bodies were still forming in the middle and people were still getting hit with pillows. I thought about staying and groping some tits, but finding decent ones would be difficult and I didn't want to press my luck.

I had no idea how long this melee would last, so I stumbled out and went back to my room. I slept great that night, thinking about Rachel and Anna.

Would Rachel tell anyone what had happened? Or would she keep it a secret? When would Anna find the present I had left for her? That night? The next morning? Or not until she got home?

I was disappointed I wasn't able to deposit my "gift" on Rachel's panties, deep in her ass crack. However, I was sure Anna would be surprised when she found it, wrapped in her bikini bottoms.

I wonder what the expression on her face looked like?

March award: longtime groper
for his cousin story and cousin picture.
(She has lovely butt.)

my cousin's ass (Fri 19 Mar 2010 03:36:24 GMT)

its been since october since i last catch you up a had a cousin when i was 12 she was 14,she had a real litlle waist but a round ass..i mean a basketball round ass..and one summer i began to grab it is one of those stories..we had to go to church with my grandma and grandpa.i wore a blue shirt and cousin had a sundress on..i took a mirror and looked up her dress..she had black bikini briefs on.riding up her sweet looked as though her ass had ate the middle of her panties..anyway..durning church i just kept looking at her..wanting too touch her ass..i was so horny in so going to hell for this..but anyway on the trip home we stoped at a ames store..i noticed every man in the store kept looking at her..thinking the same as me..we went to the electronic's part of the store..we was looking for a m.c hammer tape..yes im old..but anyway..she kept on bending over too look at tapes and i got a mean hard i acted like i was looking for a tape above her and i started to shove my dick in her ass cheeks..bros it felt so good..then i acted like i lost my balance and grabbed a hand ful of ass..she asked if i was o.k..i said yes..a old man behind me saw what i did..and gave me a that a boy he walked by he let his hand slide on her ass..she looked at me and said..i think that old man touched my butt..i about died..i told her the isle we was in was small.he heard me tell her that and he looked at me and smiled..i was thinking this old man was like me..anyway i have more stories and sme pics of her ass..i will share later..see you guys later..stay groping..

my cousins ass (Sat 20 Mar 2010 15:45:57 GMT)

here i am again talking about my cousin this way..but damn she had a sweet ass..this one time..she came over to my house she had on a white belly shirt and skin tight blue jean shorts...i could see her panty was some awsome...anyway she decided to help me clean my room.we started to clean under my bed..she was looking under my bed with her round ass up in the air..i got so hard i had too touch i made my way over to her ass and was using my finger tips to barly touch the bottom of her cheeks..she gave no sign of caring what i was doing..i then got a little bolder and took my finger tip and outlined her panties..her ass was so soft..i swear bros..her was so soft you could sleep on it..but just doing that was driving me she finally raised up and we countinued to clean my room me watching her fat ass move around..i was so ready to we finnaly got done..and her mom told her it was time to go..she was going home for 5 days to school shop..i just had to grab her ass..i could not let her leave without grabbing her she came over too give me a hug,,so with my heart racing i grabbed to big handfuls of her ass..i could fell her panty outline it was great..and all she did was jump a little...then she told me she loved me and would see me in a few days..but i could not let that go so i followed her to there car..when she was putting her clothes in the back she bent over and i grabbed her butt again..this time she looked at me and said ..honey you know im your cousin..and i wil never tell on you..i know you are horny and thats fine..but as soon as you get a girlfriend you will need to stop..but until then as long as you never try to do anything else its she hugged me again and i grabbed one more handful of ass..and went back into my house and masterbated for hours..waitng on her to get back..i will have more stories about my cousin and my first year of trying to get my pics to scan its hard because they are so too uou guys later...until then stay groping

my cousin's ass (Sun 21 Mar 2010 02:13:53 GMT)

hi guys! here is one more story about my cousin's ass..i counted the days until my cousin came back from school shoping..she came back on a friday sooon i she got back i was ready to she came in my house with a white shirt and bibs on..the bibs were made out of this silky materail..i was so ready to exploded..the good thing was these bibs 'i hope im spelling that write'were to little for her round ass..bro's its hard to describe this ass..and im still trying to scan a good pic of it..its round like a basketball..and had to meaty cheeks these day its still the best ass i have ever back too the story..we went into my room to play nintendo..yes the first nintendo..i am old..and she layed in the floor as i sit on the bed..and she kept putting her ass in the air like she wanted me to touch it..everytime i could see her panty lines it looked like a perfect heart..i love panty lines to this day..any way i reached out and grabbed her ass right in the middle..she laughed and i was so hard..i wanted to jack off right there..and did,,she kept asking what i was doing..then she figured it out...and told me about the talk we had..i could grab her butt all i wanted...just nothing else...she said if you are going to do that just wait until i leave..and i said o.k..i ask her why she was letting me get away with this stuff..and she said she felt sorry for me..i was a fat kid who did not have any woman..she said this why you can help your hormones as she went out to my grandmas she gave me a hug..and i took my hands down the back of her bibs and grabbed her ass in only was the greastes feelinf ever..she said she would see me a little later when we went to the skating rink my family owned..she just wait and see what im going to wear..later bro's keep groping..

my cousin (Wed 31 Mar 2010 15:48:31 GMT)

here you go..

April award: deleted

May award: Wanda
for her great stories and comments.
(And now you are old enough to tell them all.)

Hooked on Chikan (Sat 15 May 2010 19:52:51 GMT)

Growing up in the 60s was quite different than kids today. I was a terribly horny kid, but girls weren't allowed to express sexuality like the boys were. Boys could think about raw sex, girls thought of romance. Boys masturbated, girls weren't supposed to touch themselves. Boys had dirty magazines, girls had face pictures of Davy Jones. But not me. I discovered masturbation by accident at age 11, and became instantly addicted to it, doing it upwards of 15 times a day. And I fantasized constantly, not about Davy Jones or romance, but about rape. I never wanted to actually be raped, but it was a fantasy that gave me incredible orgasms during masturbation. In the 60s, girls my age weren't dating, and certainly not having sex. And I was a chubby homely, nerdy brainiac girl who wouldn't have had enought self-confidence to date, even if I wasn't so unpopular. So masturbation was my life.

Then came that Tuesday night in 1972 that would change my life forever. I was with my family watching the July 4 fireworks on a packed area the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. It was very hot that night, and I was wearing "hot pants", a type of supershort shorts popular back then. About half way through the show I suddenly realized the man standing immediately behind me was touching my legs. I hadn't noticed right away because the crowd was packed like sardines, and we were all press together anyway. It was pitch black dark with all the lights turned off but I could clearly tell that he was feeling up one of my legs with one hand, and he was gently masturbating with the other. This was similar to one of my own masturbation fantasies happening for REAL. Rape always thrilled me as a fantasy, but I always knew it would be frightening and traumatic if it ever really happened. Yet, in total darkness of that night, it was REALLY happening ... and I wasn't frightened or traumatized. I was in a crowd of people, including my family only a few feet away. There were police everywhere, and the fire department was in shouting distance. And I felt safe ... totally safe.

So I kept my head cocked skyward, pretending to be enthralled with the fireworks. But they disappeared from my mind. My entire focus was now on the sensations taking place on my legs. In the privacy of my bedroom I'd fantasized about being felt up a hundred times, but never actually experienced it ... until that night. A hundred times my imagination conjured up the rollercoaster of a clandestine rape escalating steadily as the hapless man is helplessly overcome by the feel of my body. And now it was REAL. A hundred times I imagined the nervousness of a man trying to take in as much of my body as he can before getting "caught". But now I was actually feeling it for real. I could hear the anxiety in his breath and feel his hand sweat against my thigh as the power of biology urged him to take in more and more while common sense warned him not to "snap me out" of this all-important oblivion. A hundred times I thrill myself with the imagined intensity of a man approaching orgasm from the texture of my skin, but I never imagined just how thrilling that sensation would be for real ... until that moment.

So I kept my gaze at the sky and fought to make no sublte reference to the frenzy that was going on at my backside. And I let it escalate. And encouraged by my apparent lack of awareness, it indeed escalated. I soon felt stroking on the side of my other leg and realized he was running the head of his penis up and down my thigh. A hundred times I imagined the feel of a penis in my skin, but this was different - this felt alive. And with each second of my oblivion both the hand and the penis became increasingly encouraged to move further upward ... until there was no more skin to be had. But that didn't stop a thumb from venturing under the pant leg.

This was thrilling like nothing I'd masturbated to. Not just because of its reality, but because of the sneakiness. There was something especially "dirty" about the sneakiness. The hand sneaking to steal heaven from my thigh, the thumb sneaking a peek at buttocks, and the penis head sneaking an impending orgasm against the texture of my skin. The sneakiness was heavenly. The pitch black darkness made the sensations surreal. The thought of how the taunts of orgasm could drive a man to loose all sense of decency was fascinating. And the anticipation of how far this could go before orgasm finally overtakes him was haunting.

It ended less than a minute after it started with the sound of two sharp huffs from behind me. I felt the body pressed against my back shiver as if he was freezing in 100 degree weather. He started making a sound like what a school kid makes when trying to stifle a sneeze in class. He fought hard to hide what was obviously a very powerful orgasm. His hands shook against my legs but stopped stroking. Then suddenly I felt a void behind me. I turned my head to see the outline of a man pushing his way through the crowd towards the parking lot. There was a large amount of semen on my thigh, and it was running down to my knee. I wiped it off my leg with my hand, and rubbed my fingers together to examine it's consitency. It was nothing like what I'd imagined a hundred times. It felt ... horny. It was a liquid that carried a fever in it. A fever that only men like him could understand. And I understood it. I was 12 years old and I understood it.

Since that night I went on a venture to explore ways of putting myself in safe situations where I could be frotteured all the way to the male orgasm. At age 13 I allowed an episode to escalate to intercourse. I pretended to be stoned unconscious, a sight not too usual among teens in 1973. It was in broad daylight on a picnic bench in a public park only a few meters from a crowded playground. I learned that feeling safe was the key to enjoyment. Usually the men ejaculate quickly after the frotteurism starts, but this man didn't. He felt up my legs for a good five minutes, then tested my oblivion by putting his finger in my vagina. He then squatted, smeared a gob of spit on his erection, pushed it up under my skirt, and as his penis probed for its target, I began to decide whether to "wake up" or let it happend. I decided on the latter, and continued feigning unconsciousness as I felt it go inside me. He pushed in once, then quickly pulled out and backed away from me. I opened my eyes to see him doubled over with his hand grasped around the head of his penis and semen pulsing through his fingers. When he saw me looking at it, he bolted into the woods and vanished from sight. Since that day, this activity became one of my sexual mainstays.

I'm now 50 years old and I've spent my life enjoying this kind of recreational sex, mostly in adult theaters and at so-called dogging sites. Admittedly, adulthood destroyed a large source of the thrill. The intensity of this recreation is generated by the men, and the taboo of frotteurism is 1000 times more exciting when combined with a very young "victim". But in the darkness of an adult theater I can be 13 again in my mind ... and theirs.

Wanda? (Mon 17 May 2010 02:23:12 GMT)

Indeed female. At age 50 I no longer care what people think of me, nor will I shy away from expressing myself. There is no coming out because there are 1.2X10^7 Wandas in the world. Also, my husband and I are in the so-called swinger lifestyle, and I, like any swinger woman, have long grown out of socially imposed female modesty. Also, I think it takes more nerve to admit you are a male frotteur than a female frottee (if there's such a word), and I see no male trepidation in this group. I think in this enlightened day and age, it is socially backwards to assume that men should be allowed any greater freedom of expression than women. Finally, the only people that would possibly recognize me by the circumstances in my writings would be people who already know me and my situation, so what difference does it make? In my home city I'm very well known in the swinger/GB/dogging community and never have anything to hide from anyone in my circle.

Untitled (Tue 18 May 2010 02:35:31 GMT)

I read the page describing the Toronto frotteurism scene, and thought I'd throw my two cents in as I live in Toronto. Toronto is one of the best cities for the pervert/frotteur/pedo, and in fact attracts a lot of so-called "sex tourists" from the states. I moved to Toronto from the states a decade ago because of its reputation for the sexually alternative. Canada is much more socially liberal than anywhere in the U.S., and the laws refect this cultural attitude. For example, the age of consent in Canada was just recently raised to 16 from 14 by a newly elected conservative government. But there is currently legislation to return it to 14, something that will likely happen in two years when the liberals are back in power. Public sex is legal in Canada, as long as no one under 14 is in the "immediate area" (something that has no real definition). Group sex is legal between consenting adults (over 16). Sex in a commercial establishment is legal as long as a "warning" is issued upon entrance. Bestiality is legal. In the U.S. sex is only legal upon explicit consent. But in Canada sex is legal upon IMPLIED consent, and this opens the doors to a plethora of clandestine thrills for the pervert and frotteur. I will describe this later

There's been a tremendous social backlash against the conservative federal government by the ultra-liberal local government of Toronto. This already highly sexually permissive city has now become a mecca for the sexual fringe ... and consequently for sex tourists. Police are encouraged to avoid enforcing the meager vice laws on the books. What Amsterdam is to pot smokers, Toronto is to perverts. And as a show of solidarity, the premier of Ontario, the mayor of Toronto, and the chief of police march in the gay pride parade each year, which incidentally is X-rated, fully public, and extends sexually way beyond the gay community. For example, the parade actually has a "rape fetish" float and an adult theater sex float (two things near and dear to my heart).

Subway, bus, and crowded area frotteurism isn't really popular in Toronto because there's no need for it. You see frotteurism is actually a form of the male rape fetish. What arouses frotteurs is not only the feel of the girl, but the taboo of sneaking it. Feeling up and pressing against the girl afford the sensations that cause orgasm, but taboo provides the intense arousal. This is why most frotteurs regard underage girls as the target of choice - not because these men are pedophiles, but because "stealing" an orgasm-inducing sensation from an underage girl is the ultimate taboo. In Toronto, however, the law allow legal frotteurism, and ... believe it or not ... legal RAPE! And here's the loophole. (1) Group sex is legal. (2) Sex in a commercial establishment is legal as long as a warning is issued at the door. (3) Consent need only be IMPLIED not explicit. Combining these three laws allow for so-called "rape clubs" - underground clubs where both women and men can live out a rape fantasy for REAL. These clubs operate on the edge of legality, but they are safe venues for actual rape for women, and officially legal for the male rapists (and, of course frotteurs).

A typical rape club consists of a large pitch black dark room with couches and/or beanbag chairs strewn randomly throughout. The rape club I go to is actually an on-premise swingers club on Fridays and Saturdays, but on occasional Sundays they convert the large group room into a "rape club". The room is so dark that you cannot see your hand literally an inch from you face. You can only navigate the room by feel. Men are required to check their clothing in lockers and enter the room totally naked. Women are allowed to enter naked or wear anything they wish. The most popular attire is a pantiless miniskirt and a loose-fitting button-down blouse with no bra. Even though your clothing can't be seen, being "taken" under a skirt or felt up under a blouse adds a more genuine element to the rape fetish for both genders.

The rape clubs run about one Sunday a month, but not predictably. They are not advertised. A notice is sent to men and women registered on a permanent "guest list". On a typical night there will be 5-6 women and 30-35 men. The men and women enter the room from different corridors and never see each other. Before entering both men and women must sign an "implied consent" form, allowing official consent to any sexual activity taking place in the room ... as long as he/she is voluntarily in the room. Thus, as soon as you enter the room you imply consent to EVERYONE in the room, and no one has to ask or get any explicit permission to touch you. If you wish to stop, you MUST leave the room. There are two small LEDs indicating the exit corridors. Those are the only lights.

The sex at ensues at rape clubs is over the top with intensity for both genders, but especially for the women. Obviously not for everyone, but there is a significant number of women with a serious enough rape fantasy, and this type of atmosphere affords a safe and legal way to indulge it maximally. Although it is impossible to “observe” this, I suspect a good number of the men are frotteurs/masturbators. Intercourse is non-stop (and bareback, so again not for everyone), and very quick. In total darkness the men lose their compunction to “pleasure” women, and the encounters are extremely derivative and self-gratifying. Although not appealing to most women, this is euphoric for a woman with a rape fetish.

Another venue for frotteurs/molestors is the adult theater. In Toronto there are three female-friendly adult theaters. Unfortunately, the seedy reputation of adult theaters attracts a great number of older men that don’t get penetration quality erections. They also attract a lot of gay men. Nevertheless, adult theaters offer an much milder alternative to rape clubs.

Dogging is another popular form of recreational sex that again appeals to a woman’s rape fetish. There are three major dogging parks in Toronto, and dogging goes on almost constantly during summer months. Dogging is mostly a daytime activity, although there are a few couples that do it at night.

A rather odd form of recreational sex occurs in the summer on the grounds of a place called the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). In my next post I’ll describe the incredible opportunities CAMH holds for the frotteur/pervert/pedophile.

"Frotteur Rape": Recreation for Women (Mon 24 May 2010 17:46:49 GMT)

I live in Toronto, but was born in NJ where I first discovered the euphoric world of sneaky little thrills from the female perspective. I don't know why some girls develop a rape fantasy or the so-called "cumslut fetish", but I have it. And I've had it since puberty hit me at age 11. There aren't many safe ways for a female to indulge in a rape fetish, but being a "victim" of frotteurism is one of them, especially if circumstance allows it to secretly escalate to the male orgasm. Simply put, if a man derives sufficient clandestine arousal from feeling you up to ejaculate in his pants, then he raped you. Rape doesn't have to involve penetration (although it's especially thrilling when it does). To a young woman who has this fetish, the word "rape" is rarely used, and it’s very thought conjures up violence and fear. So putting oneself in a situation where one can be raped is not an obvious option. However putting oneself in a situation where one can be SAFELY "frotteur raped" is. I used "frotteur rape" not for immediate gratification (like the men get), but to accumulate fodder for later masturbation.

I think most chikan men can’t believe there are women that actually WANT to be frotteured. And for the most part they’re right. By far most women are horrified to realize they’re being clandestinely felt up. But I assure you there are women out there that get off on the sneakiness and violation, and some will go so far as to seek it out. I was one of them and I loved it. And there are many others. I read posts on this board of men boasting of how they snuck a cumshot between an “unsuspecting” female’s butt cheeks. Believe me, no matter how distracted a woman is, or how loud the music is, or how motionless you kept your orgasm, a woman is acutely aware of anything between her butt cheeks. You didn’t “sneak” anything – she LET you do it. And she secretly stole as much from you as you stole from her.

You know that “feverish” feeling you men get when you hunt down a good one? Well I felt that same feverish excitement when I went on my “hunt” being the “good one”. I felt that same heart-pounding adrenaline-pumping rush of anticipation as did the frotteur himself, as he moved into position behind me. And I felt the same nervousness waiting for that first finger to lick the back of my thigh. The one that tests the depth of my unawareness. The one that tests how enthralled in the book I am, or how numbed my senses are by the crush of the crowd around me.

What you men don’t know is the kinship I feel for you. In a subway car packed with 200 people we both indulged in an intensity to which the other 198 would never by privy. We both fought a struggle to absorb as much of that intensity as possible without outward expressions. We both pretended the same thing – me pretending not to know you were feeling me up, and you pretending not to know you were feeling me up. Yes, I feel a kinship to you, for I was an accomplice in your theft. You and I shared the same thrills, the same anticipation, the same “fever” … except for one thing – I knew about yours, but you didn’t know about mine. You see, you made one fundamental mistake – you viewed ME as the victim and YOU as the hunter … and you got that backwards.

So, for your reading pleasure as well as my fun reminiscing on a happy life, I will write three exposes on my three favorite "frotteur rape" venues. This first expose concerns the NYC subway.

My earliest experiments were as a young teen, and were done on the NYC subway during afternoon rush hour. I knew exactly what to wear and how to posture myself make it a guarantee. The subway line I used most was the A express between 59th and 125th street. This is a 12 minute non-stop ride and it's packed like sardines. This was also the favorite stretch for frotteurs (and pickpockets). The frotteurs hung out on the 59th St platform scoping out potential targets. With my bare-legged skirt and feigned "so-obliviously-stoned-I-won't-even-know-if-you-put-a-baseball-bat-in-my-ass" visage and stagger, I was a dream target.

In the early 70s, subway car "frotteur rape" was entirely a leg thing. First, in a packed subway car, what goes on below shoulder level is completely hidden. Second, with the crush of the crowd people are pushed up against you anyway, so a hand on your leg has a good potential to go unnoticed. Third, legs have a large area of very seductive feeling skin. And the psychology of feeling-up a leg is like no other part of a woman's body. Touching near the knee, although arousing for a man, is relatively innocent. However, the upper end of the leg terminates into the ultimate of female sexuality - the entranceway into her sex organs. So gradually feeling higher and higher on the leg mimics the psychology of an approach to penetrative rape, even though that ending never actually happens on a subway car (at least not to me). This "rape" notion is amplified by the fact that the hand has to go under the skirt to get past mid-thigh, reinforcing the psychology of "invasion". That taboo alone is enough to bring most frotteurs to quick climax.

Thus, the length of the skirt and how you position your legs are big factors. To maximize the amount of available skin, the skirt needs to be short, but to maximize said psychology you actually DON'T want a skirt that's too short. The material is important too. The skirt can't be clingy, but it also can't be floppy. It turns out the perfect attire is a Catholic school skirt with the hemline adjusted to exactly midway up the thigh. And it has the added advantage of projecting youth and innocence. Frotteurs thrive on the sexuality of taboo, and mixing in the ultimate taboo of pedophilia intensifies the encounter greatly ... especially if the female actually IS underage. Twelve minutes is more than enough time for a frotteur to go to completion, especially if he WANTS an orgasm.

And with my feigned semi-unconscious oblivion, most of them realized this is their best opportunity to dump it. With the aid of being pressed up against my backside in the crush of the crowd, about 9 out of 10 ejaculated in their pants, most before passing the 96th street station. And every now and then, one would take the bold move of ending it with the head of his penis through his zipper and pressed against the back of my thigh. For the man, that is the orgasm of rape – real rape – and it is the most mind-blowing orgasm a man can have. But for the female the sensation is exquisite. The flowing warmth that seems to just appear on your leg, and the sudden disappearance of friction. But most exceptional are the few seconds just before the first ejaculation squirt – it’s a profound emotion of tension, like the atmosphere is a rubber band stretched to its limit, and now you just wait for the rubber band’s inevitable snap.

The afternoon rush hour would go from 4:30 to about 6:00, and you could change back to the southbound train at 125th, so on a single 30 cent fare, I could get a good hour building it up before going home and masturbating it all out. I would do this once or twice a week, and found that it easily satisfied my rape fetish while feeling totally safe. And I’ve given a piece of heaven to countless perverts who thought they were stealing it.

This form of recreational sex was good for me in many ways other than just excitement. First, I've always battled a weight problem. As a preteen I was fat and didn't care. But discovering "frotteur rape" gave me strong motivation to keep my legs, and consequently my whole body, maximally seductive. Although I’ve always been a little chubby, with stairs, jogging, proper diet, hair dissolving creams, and skin softeners I kept my legs as powerful orgasm-inducing weapons. Second, as a young girl I had a severe self-confidence problem. This disappeared as I indulged in the power of my secret sexuality. Third, I learned the important skill of separating sex from love. Most teen girls connect the two, and allow sex to make them fall in love way too easily and with the wrong person. This wasn't a problem for me. I dated boys for their personal qualities, I indulged my rape fetish for the recreation of sex.

I started doing this around puberty following an accidental discovery one July 4th, and continued to age 17, when I discovered a much better venue (which I will write about in the third post). I never knew this was caused by a rape fetish. I learned that in therapy in my late 20s.

question for wanda (Tue 25 May 2010 12:46:47 GMT)

I have no idea. I didn't know they did that. I always acted oblivious. I guess the tippy-toe thing might be to make more leg available for taller guys, but I never felt any compunction for tippy-toes. For me, in any sexual situation, including frotteur-rape, I have a subconscious reflex to arch my back, but I think this is pretty common for all women.

oh please (Wed 26 May 2010 16:46:28 GMT)

Vet Lurker - I read the post transferred to abuse, and I agree with you that you were only stating an opinion, and not abusive. But what you say in that post is completely wrong. We live in the 21st century, and women fought for their rights to express and enjoy the same alternative sex as men. The thrill of sneaky, anonymous, non-consenting sex is not only in the realm of males. If it was, then how do you explain the subculture of women that thrive on anonymous non-consenting sexual encounters in the darkness of adult theaters? How do you explain the countless submissive women in the BDSM lifestyle? How do you explain this new craze called "dogging" (which I'll describe in my next post)? How do you explain the upsurgence of so-called "rape clubs" and "blackout hunts" that are becoming so popular with women that it's actually spawning businesses? How do you explain the numerous testimonials on this board from men who were essentially ALLOWED to cum on an "unsuspecting" woman? Unless one's been living in a cave, one must certainly be at least aware of such women and such activities. You can accept women participating in all the above, but you can't accept a woman talking about it?

To Veteran Lurker (Thu 27 May 2010 15:02:23 GMT)

Veteran Lurker, by your own admission you're a seasoned lurker. However, you need to be educated in the modernity of today's recreational sex scene. Within the past 5 or so years, there has been a social upheaval of women's attitudes towards alternative and fringe sexuality. Women are no longer subservient to men to lead the excitement of fringe activity. As for your disbelief that women would be on THIS site, may I ask what's wrong with this site for them to avoid it? I'm on a few alternative sex boards and Yahoo swinger, adult theater and gangbang groups, not just this one. This board was actually recommended to me by a man who knows me from a Yahoo group. That's how I got here. I'm a 50 year old woman who retired early, and am now living for my own enjoyment. And, just like you, I enjoy talking to kindred spirits about the things that excite me.

So why can't you accept this? Well, I know the answer. The biggest part of the exhilaration of frotteurism is the notion of stealing pleasure from an unsuspecting female. But, if the female was actually NOT unsuspecting, but an unannounced participant ... well that thought would quash a big part of your fun. After all, this activity is driven by a rape fetish in the MALES as well. And if the male knows the woman knows ... then it's not rape and the thrill is gone. The solution? Denial. You know that there are gangbangs. You know that there are adult theater women. You know that there are sex clubs. You know the popularity of dogging. Yet you cannot accept that these women dare infiltrate YOUR world!

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it's happening ... and it's happening big. I'm about to post an expose on a fringe activity in Toronto called "dogging". Dogging is a FEMALE activity that victimizes chikan MEN, and has become so popular in Toronto that there are actually internet sites where women can coordinate their dogging activities. As for the sex clubs and rape clubs, they are definitely NOT inhabited by prostitutes or other paid women. These clubs charge men about $100 to get in, but they let women in for free. All the women at these clubs are patrons just like me, and are there for one thing - sexual enjoyment. In fact, these clubs have strict zero-tolerance policies, and any woman caught peddling is turned over to the police.

It's ok to not know about these things, but it's ignorant to refuse to learn. And worse, you're missing out on a world that can provide you mind-blowing ecstasy. But if you wish to continue with the old-fashioned jollies of raping a thigh with your pinky, then you need not learn.

Untitled (Thu 27 May 2010 20:51:46 GMT)

Well, VL I don't know who the other women are. I only joined this site about a week ago on the recommendation of a friend who thought I'd find it fun to get some intellectual feedback from the ilk of man I've always enjoyed titillating for my recreation. It's inappropriate to have an intellectual discussion of such topics at an adult theater. But you have every right to your opinion and to express it openly. You're wrong in your conclusion, but you have a right to be wrong.

Dogging in Toronto (Fri 28 May 2010 12:27:58 GMT)

Many women have a "rape fetish". But you may not know that psychology defines two kinds of rape fetishes - the "common rape fetish" and the "passive rape fetish". Women with a common rape fetish get off on transferring sexual power to the male. The passive rape fetish is actually the opposite - these women get off on the power of causing a man to have an orgasm. The common rape fetish is about the sexuality of power. The passive rape fetish is about the power of sexuality. Acting on a common rape fetish is in the realm of BDSM. The passive rape fetish is in the realm of frotteurism/permitted molestation. These girls are YOUR wet dream come true, for they are the ones that will passively read their book or pretend to nod off while you hope to get enough of them to cum in your pants. And unbeknownst to you … they’re hoping for the same thing.

In the past, women could best act on a passive rape fetish (PRF) by permitted frotteurism. These women would put themselves in safe situations where a chikan could get enough of her to climax. Although these women would outwardly feign unawareness, their entire focus was on the sensations taking place on her legs and behind her, as she waits for the subtle cues associated with the male orgasm. No matter how hard a man tries to hide it, a woman is acutely aware when a man cums against her body, even through clothing. It produces a unique set of full-body sensations that cannot be hidden, masked, or faked. Subtle yet powerful, like Beethoven’s 9th sung by a chorus of whispers. This provides quite a thrill for women with a PRF. Unfortunately, these little thrills are rarely enough to satisfy the fetish. For me, I would build up a number of these encounters, then masturbate repeatedly until the cravings subsided. It usually took 5-8 masturbated orgasms before I got it all out.

Today, however, there is much awareness in the alternative recreational sex lifestyle of such things like passive rape fetishes, and women are less inhibited to satisfy them. In the 1970s, I thought I was the only one who had this "thing". I had no idea how many women carried the same secret I did. Today, women talk about it openly, and even plan on "outings" together. One modern method women use to satisfy a PRF is becoming very popular in Toronto. It's called "dogging" and here's how it works.

Many public parks have so-called "lovers lanes" - desolate areas where school kids go to make out and experiment with sex. But in every lovers lane there is a hidden subculture - grown men who hide behind the treeline and jerk off to the live "kiddie porn" show. Dogging is when a woman goes behind the treeline and serves herself to these men. Dogging is very intense sex sport for a woman. It goes way beyond common gangbangs, orgies, or swinger parties because of the ilk of men at these sites. These are men who spend hours spying on potentially underage school kids experimenting with sex … and they become insanely aroused by what they see. Moreover, these men jerk off to near climax, but don’t let themselves have it. For these men, the anticipation of what they will see during the kids’ sexual escalation is actually more exciting than an orgasm. So they keep themselves right on the verge of orgasm for 2, 3, 4 hours while absorbing the images and sounds of what can only be described as live child porn.

This cannot go on indefinitely, however, and eventually the men MUST cum. Some will spontaneously ejaculate, most will jerk it to completion, and in a few cases the ending comes by giving each other blowjobs. These men are 100% straight, but hours of watching hands glide over 15 year old skin, hours of listening to the wistful sigh a boy makes when the girl finally shows enough mercy to take him in her mouth … or in a much more effective place, hours of imagining the unimaginable that happens shortly thereafter, hours of trying to fathom the heaven that forces the boy’s eyes to roll skyward, his face to contort with a grotesque expression of ecstasy, his body to shiver in 90 degree heat, and leave him gasping for air, and hours of watching a 15 year old piece of paradise calmly continue nurturing the phallic focus of this fury as she waits for the tranquility of completion, then watching her spit out the earthy remnants of said heaven or wiping its backflow off her inner thighs before pulling her panties back up. Yes, watching hours of that proves way too much for the anticlimax of a self-imposed handjob. So, at any lovers lane/voyeur site there’s usually a spot deep in the woods where men congregate to do the dirty deed. The unwritten rules among these men are that the blowjob is strictly for release and not for prolonged enjoyment, and when you’re done you reciprocate on the other guy. Even in this dark and seedy lifestyle there’s etiquette and blacklisting. To a straight man left in this condition by the cruelty of young skin, releasing another poor soul’s torture in your mouth is like the pinch of a needle to a heroin addict – small price to pay for what you’ll get in return.

Doggers always say the best time for dogging is 4 PM. This is the point where the men have absorbed enough voyeurism to be aroused to insanity, but early enough that they’re still withholding climax. That’s about 2 hours after summer school classes end, and the best time for a dogger woman to get maximally deviant penis. Because of the safety issue, women rarely do this alone. Some women go dogging in groups of 3 or 4. But most go with their husbands/boyfriends. These women tend to marry men who have the so-called “cuckold” fetish – they get off on watching other men get off on their wives. Most “doggers” are PRF/cuckold couples.

Dogging started up in Toronto about 4 years ago, and has become quite popular. During summer months the lovers lanes are filled with voyeur perverts … and the occasional dogging couple. And there is a surprising number of young women doing this. Unfortunately, they miss the real intensity of dogging because they do it wrong. You see, most of the park perverts are also chikan, and these younger women don’t understand the chikan mentality. We older PRF girls do. You’ll find the older doggers, the women who cut their teeth on the old-fashioned leg rape stuff, behave quite differently than the young swingers. It’s not surprising that the younger women are very breast oriented, whereas us older “subway car” aficionados are quite leg oriented.

At a dogging site the younger women go right for the blowjobs. The usual sight is a circle of men standing around a squatting woman taking sequential cocks in her mouth for a few seconds each. From above it looks like people acting out the mechanism of a motor. When she fucks, it’s usually only her own partner, and it turns into exhibitionism. Although to you guys this might sound better than jerking off to kids necking, what she’s actually doing is a let down. You see, a blowjob produces a weak orgasm inducing sensation to which the penis acclimatizes quickly. Early in a blowjob, the man feels a potential orgasm from it, but that quickly dulls. Men rarely cum from a blowjob itself, but from the handjob that usually accompanies it. The best way to blow a man is to actually jerk him off and use your mouth as a supplement. In addition, men usually have to “concentrate” on some fantasy while getting a blowjob. When the amateur dogger finally fucks her boyfriend, in her mind she has escalated the sexuality. But in the minds of the men, she’s gone from bad to worse. These men spent the whole day aroused by voyeurism. And now she’s offered them weak stimulation only to return them back to voyeurism for the finale.

More seasoned doggers, on the other hand, play with the voyeur/chikan psychology. Chikan psychology is all about the excitement of anticipation. Chikans don’t cum because they’re touching a girl’s leg. They cum because they’re GETTING AWAY with touching a girl’s leg, and the anticipation of stealing more and more stimulation from the girl is the actual driving force towards orgasm. The feel of the girl’s skin or the pressure of her body against his erection is only the physical requirement to complete the effects of that driving force. Thus, the real way to do dogging is to gradate the orgasm inducing sensations constantly upwards, not downwards as the younger crowd does. In this way the penis never gets acclimatized.

What I do is start with something to which the chikan brain has been conditioned for years – leg-rape frotteurism. I start by making out with my male accomplice while allowing the men an occasional “sneaky feel” of my legs. My attire is a bare-legged miniskirt and a loose button-down top under which is a thick unappealing bra. This forces the men’s sneaky feel-ups to be focused on leg, thus playing into the psychology on which their mind has already been conditioned. The younger girls take their tops off and the hands go right for the breasts, thus removing the taboo of clandestine frotteurism and LOWERING excitement for the chikan. What these girls do is take the thrill of taboo and reduce it to the lassitude of a common gangbang.

At a typical dogging site there are about 8-12 voyeur/chikans that come out of the woods and gather around. Initially, I keep my main focus on my partner acting always indifferent (even unaware, as unrealistic as that is) of the continuous barrage of sneaky feel-ups at my legs. The escalation is to reposition my body to allow more and more hands, and higher up on the leg under the skirt, thus directing their anticipation upwards. This goes on for about 5 minutes, then there comes a point where the men begin to ejaculate. Keep in mind that these men just spent hours keeping themselves on the verge of orgasm watching the kids, and what I’m doing to them now becomes unbearable very quickly. The young women offer too much too fast and that replaces the chikan’s deviant excitement with a more “normal” notion of sex. What I do is to combine their previous hours of voyeurism with chikan psychology to drive them to the point of sexual insanity.

If this continues they will all cum within the next few minutes … but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Now we hit them with the big guns. I pick the guy closest to orgasm, stand in front of him, bend forward, and drape my skirt over his waist. This is done suddenly and quite unexpectedly. This guy is a throwaway in that he will likely cum while searching for the opening. But it sends a message to the others to allow their anticipation to go sky high. The reaction is almost comical. All the men instantly stop jerking off. The ones who are already preorgasmic beg themselves not to cum. You can see that in their faces. I allow the man behind me to complete his ejaculation, then keep him at my backside for another 30 seconds or so. This allows enough time for the other men to ward off their impending climaxes so they don’t suffer the same disappointing fate as this poor guy.

One by one I’ll then take them up the back of my skirt, always going for the one closest to orgasm, and quickly guide them in. A man in this condition has an interesting reaction. As soon as he feels the head part the labia, he freezes like a deer in the headlights, not pushing forward presumably to avoid the melancholy of an instant ejaculation. If he does this, I’ll push my butt back to assure his fate is sealed. What happens to these men is opposite of what the young girls do. With the young girls the men are far from orgasm and trying to cum. With me they’re right at the verge of orgasm, and trying NOT to. The vagina provides a powerful orgasm inducing sensation. For a penis under normal conditions, this is felt as the pleasure of intercourse. But for a penis that is already preorgasmic, the sudden onset of that sensation is unendurable. The result is that these men spend the next few seconds fighting against the inevitable climax with all their might as they try to eek out every possible millisecond of this. I just remain motionless and relish the sensations of the build-up taking place inside me.

I’m not a charity. I don’t do this for them. I do this for ME. I really don’t give a crap what these men feel. I view the intensity of their pleasure as an investment in my own selfishness. During those seconds the man fights a tug-of-war between his need to prolong the exhilaration and his need to release the pent up torment. The woman can feel this battle inside her. The bloating of the head, elongation of the shaft, even the texture of the skin on the penis changes as this tug-of-war continues. It feels absolutely exquisite, and the longer it lasts, the more enthralling is the rush that follows. It’s somewhat like being on a rollercoaster climbing that first hill, waiting for the inevitable and now unavoidable burst of emotion that’s only seconds away.

And this is EXACTLY the kind of sexual power that drives a passive rape fetish. That’s what dogging’s all about – those few seconds. Fortunately for the woman, these few seconds are multiplied by the number of men at the dogging site – usually around 10. Orgasm hits the man like an avalanche, especially if he’s successful in holding it back for longer than about 5 seconds, producing yet another set of glorious sensations for the female. Anyone with a modicum of math skills can calculate that a typical dogging episode is over in about 15 minutes. Dogging is quick and furious. One episode usually satisfies even the most hardened women, but on the rare occasion that she needs another, most parks have more than one lovers lane.

In Toronto there is one park that seems to have been ordained dogging central, mainly because it is a notorious lovers lane. It’s located walking distance a Catholic high school and junior high, and contains an isolated area far from parking lots and playgrounds where the summer school kids go to get it on. Surrounded by dense woods and peppered with little alcoves form from shrubbery, this area is perfect for kids to sneak quickies after school and on lunch breaks. During summer months, the action there goes on literally all day. There is one alcove in which the kids moved a picnic bench (see posted picture). They drape it with a beach towel and it becomes a “bed”.

This spot is also perfect for the voyeurs because it’s just on the treeline that defines the edge of the dense woods. The alcove is in direct sunshine, but the woods are markedly shaded. A voyeur hiding in the woods can get as close as 5 feet from the bed. That’s close enough to see the goose bumps appear on the girl’s skin when she first gets penetrated. The age of consent in Canada is 16 overall, and 14 if the other person is under 18. But kids always stretch limits, and there are kids as young as 12 experimenting with full intercourse on that bench. Needless to say, this spot attracts the most sexually deviant voyeurs – the predator/pedophiles that want to get as close as they can to the sexualization of an underage girl.

And these perverts are also the best targets for dogging women. The dogging is not actually done near the lovers lane because it’s to nobody’s advantage to spook the kids away. So the dogging is done in “the lair” – the spot deep in the woods where the guys go to finish each other off.
Dogging women are not after Don Juan or Joe Stud. Dogging women are after desperate penis. The kind that normal men will never understand. When a pervert feels up a dogger, his hand is touching a grown woman … but his mind is touching that preteen girl he watched a little earlier. The one whose body made her boyfriend gasp when he first pushed into her. The one whose legs tensed up and whose hands gripped the edge of the table from the discomfort of a sensation that’s not yet pleasure for her, but she tolerates as a gift for her boyfriend. The one with baby skin covering a body just beginning to take on the shape of a woman. Yes, his hand is touching me, but every fiber of his being is touching HER. That’s what the dogging woman is after – the passive rape fetish. He is raping that little girl though the surrogate of MY body.

And the dogger woman can feel it. Remember those few seconds I spoke of earlier? That’s where she REALLY feels it. In those amazing seconds she feels all the pent up torment of that girl, and all the others before her, screaming to burst out, while he begs his biology to withstand just one more second … just one more second. THAT’S what the dogging woman craves. For the man, he gets a full-fledged rape orgasm – the most intensely primal form of sexual release in the human experience. As obviously consenting as the dogging woman is, the young girl his mind just dumped his desperation into wasn’t.

Dogging is incredible for a woman with a passive rape fetish. It’s all about the power of female sexuality stolen by a man’s desperation. And it makes a young teen girl my accomplice. A young teen girl who, while just trying to please her boyfriend, mercilessly taunted a man to near insanity without her even knowing it. And, albeit unwittingly, she did this all for my selfish pleasure. There’s nothing more powerful than the sexuality of a young girl. And nothing more thrilling than being her rape surrogate.

Dogging appeared in the Toronto sex scene about 4 years ago, and quickly gained so much popularity that there is even a website where women can coordinate their dogging adventures and critique the “perverts” (that’s the colloquial term) at the various dogging sites. Dogging is arguably the most intense activity for a woman with a PRF because of the type of men that are there, and the type of sexual arousal they experience in a teenage lovers lane. Unfortunately, the dogging sites are only active during summer months, and there’s not much summer in Toronto. In the winter we do so-called “indoor dogging”. The usual venue for indoor dogging is the adult theater. Adult theaters lack the pedophilic/predator mindset of the men at lovers lanes, but the near pitch black darkness of an adult theater adds an unique excitement that partially compensates. Adult theater sex, or “indoor dogging”, will be the subject of my next post.

Untitled (Fri 28 May 2010 23:51:26 GMT)

Lurker: at first I thought you were an insightful man. But I no longer think that. It's obvious you didn't read my post. Instead you looked at one person's kneejerk reaction and assumed the entire post was on one comment about gay activity at voyeur sites. My post was 21 paragraphs long, and only 1/2 paragraph mentioned gay activity, and that was in passing and had NOTHING to do with the main premise of dogging. If that 1/2 paragraph wasn't included, it would have not changed the post one bit. It was only included because it's part of the fact of the voyeur scene, albeit an insignificant one.

You looked up dogging, and I applaud you for having the intellect to do so, but that 1/2 paragraph that you can't get past (and obviously didn't read) had NOTHING to do with dogging. As for me being "sick", well, perhaps you're right. But you are a man who gets off by feeling up unsuspecting women against their will. 99.9% of the human race views THAT as "sick". So that should qualify your labeling of someone else.

Lurker, you do not own the copyright to alternative sexual behavior. You don't make the rules and you don't define the standards. You have been consistently wrong about me. If you want to see what kind of women are involved in dogging, how they think, what they like, etc, I can, with the permission of Mr. Ayashi, post the link to that webpage where the women plan their dogging outings. Where I live I'm well known in the fringe sex community, and I am a member of that site and post on that page often. And then perhaps you will realize how little you actually realize.

On a final note, I was recommended to this board by a friend (a male) who thought I'd be able to share new ideas with kindred spirits. He was wrong. I cannot understand the visceral objection I've encountered here. Even my gender is disqualified. I assure you I am 100% female ... yet I don't feel the need to prove that to you. If you wish your board to be exclusively male, so be it. My intention here was not to offend, and not to extract such vehemence from the locals. Thus, I respectfully ask Ayashi to delete my posts (except this one) from this site, and I will bid farewell.


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for his Water Park stories.
(Indeed guessing a girl's age is not easy.)

Water Park Wave Pool (WARNING: she may be 12 years old) (Tue 29 Jun 2010 06:10:15 GMT)

Yes, 12 years old. That is, in my opinion, WAY too young. It's makes me feel a little sick knowing she was only 12. Had I known before I would not have touched her. But I did. She didn't look 12. Her face looked young, maybe 14. But her body made her look 16 or 17.

When I see a girl with a hot body or pretty face I'm attracted to her, it doesn't matter what age she is. But thinking solely about ages, even 14 seems too young to me. That starts to get into pedophile territory. And that is just wrong.

If a 17 year old girl was underdeveloped, I probably wouldn't be interested. If a 14 year old had big tits, wide hips and a bubble butt ass, I guess I would be. But 13? Or even 12? That's too young. It doesn't matter what she looks like.

But she was smoking hot with a fuckable body and I didn't know she was only 12 until the next day. Even though I feel bad about it, I'm still going to tell the story.

Water Park Wave Pool (WARNING: she may be 12 years old) (Tue 29 Jun 2010 06:11:11 GMT)

I was at a large water park on a hot June day. I went with a large group of people who had all traveled together, more or less. There was a wide range of ages among the people, with teenagers being the biggest group. Most of the people there I knew either very well or somewhat well. Except for the teenagers. Just about every kid who came on this trip brought a friend, so about half of them I didn't know. But half of them I did know, and they know me.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people at this water park. So there are hot girls EVERYWHERE! There are girls in bikinis that just want to make you cry. I've been here before, but never with so many people I knew. I almost hate coming here because there is SO MUCH temptation, but almost zero opportunities.

There are several water slides where you have to ascend many stairs to get to the top. Inevitably I'll be right behind a girl with a smoking hot ass squeezed into tiny bikini bottoms. But there is no opportunity to touch her. At all. It's torture.

The one place with a shred of opportunity is one of the wave pools. There are two wave pools. They are both huge beach-like pools where, every ten minutes or so, a machine mimics the effect of ocean waves. Large amounts of people just stand in the deep end, waiting for the waves. When they start coming everyone gets excited and jumps and rides the waves, which last for around 10 minutes. Sometimes they are so strong that people get knocked over and under the waves. So this is a place I like to be.

On this particular day, one of the wave pools was closed for some reason, so the other one was just cram-packed with people. I couldn't believe how many people where in there. Even though I was part of a large group, we all pretty much did our own thing. However, knowing there were so many people around who knew me, I had decided that I wasn't going to try to do anything this day. Until I saw how full the wave pool was.

I went out there during a time of calm and looked around at all the potential targets. There were hot chicks in bikinis EVERYWHERE! It was like being in a candy store. I tried to see if there was anyone I knew close by, but I had a sort of "tunnel vision" where I could only notice hot girls.

The waves started coming out big and hard. There were so many people that contact was unavoidable. I was palming girls asses right and left. I would stand behind a skinny teenager and let the waves push her ass onto my hand. When a wave would crash several bodies together I would squeeze one or sometimes two asses at the same time.

When I was close to a girl with big tits I would stand in front of her and turn my body the side. When the wave pushed me back I would brush her tits with my hand. Or sometimes I'd be standing behind and to the side of a girl and as she tried to jump the wave she would stick her arms up in the air. So as we were falling I'd reach under the water and palm her breast.

So I was just able to do this, to dozens of girls, for a full ten minutes. Then the waves stopped and everyone calmed down. It would thin out somewhat, as not everyone wants to wait for the next round.

During this time some people just float around and wait, while others get rowdy. There was a group of Hispanic teenagers that were playing around with each other. There were probably 10 guys and 4 girls. One of the girls was smoking hot, with large bouncy tits bulging out of her tiny bikini. They were all messing around and several of the guys took to dragging this girl around in the water, as she tried to get away.

They weren't paying attention to the people around them, and would often run into others. I put myself in position to be bumped into several times. All the guys were holding onto her, pulling her through the water, and her head would often go under. When the mass of bodies would bump into me I would reach out under the water and grope this girl. They guys hands were everywhere, heck they were probably groping her too.

The first two times I squeezed her ass hard. The next few times I reached for her tits. They were underwater and there was so much splashing that you couldn't see. I was able to grope them two or three times. The last time I was able to get in their way I reached under and grabbed her bikini bottoms. I pulled them down and stuck my finger down the top of her ass crack. I wanted to pull her top down the next time, but then they went off in another direction and away from me.

The waves came back on, but this time they weren't as strong. Even with so many people, this made it more difficult to touch girls. People could more easily control themselves so contact was minimal. I still tried, but it was too obvious.

One time I lightly brushed a girls ass and she turned and looked right at me. Another time I palmed an ass and the girl said, out loud to her friends, "someone just touched my ass." I should have taken these as signs to stop. But I didn't.

Two girls were trying to walk out and when they passed me I drifted over and lightly touched the first girls ass with my finger. As she passed me she turned, looked back at me and said, "stop touching my ass." That stopped me.

She kept going but I was standing there frozen. Just then several teenagers who where part my group walked up to me. They looked like they had been in the wave pool for a while. They had saw me and came over. Did they hear what that girl had said to me? It didn't seem like it. Still, if freaked me out. So I suggested we go do something else.

So, I was now hanging out with these five teenager guys, four of which I knew realy well. We went and did many of the water slides, ate lunch, and floated on the "river" that surrounds the park. The 4 that know me, like me and enjoy hanging out with me.

Eventually we ended up back at the wave pool. Monster waves were crashing and the place was unbelievably packed. But now I was with these guys, so I couldn't do anything.

Actually, I did anyway. I just had to be even more careful and discreet than I was before. The nature of the waves made staying together in a group difficult, and we weren't really trying to. This allowed me to get in a few ass grabs and feels. But nowhere near as many as the first time.

The waves stopped and we were standing around waiting for them to come back on. During this time, three girls from our group came over and joined us. Two of the girls I knew and one was a friend that I had never seen before.

Now these girls I know - I care about these kids. I wouldn't say they are hot girls, but even if they were, I wouldn't want to touch them. But this friend was another story. I had seen her earlier, but this was the first time I "noticed" her. I don't remember her name, but I'll refer to her as "Emily".

All three of these girls floated over to us on inflatable pool mattresses. This is how I noticed Emily. Her upper body was on the mattress and her legs dangled down in the water. She was wearing a tankini, but she had rolled up the top so that it looked like a bikini. The front hung low and her tits were exposed. Her breasts were huge for her size. They were perfectly round and pillowy. The upper portion of her fleshy cleavage was lifted up and completely exposed, right at eye level. Her breasts were tanned and looked as though they could have kept her afloat all by themselves. Her ass was sticking up in the air, out of the water. She had large hips and a plump round ass. Her legs were long and tan and swimsuit bottoms clung to her ass. The whiteness of her ass cheeks was slightly visible and she had a slight wedgie, making her ass crack and butt cheeks perfectly visible.

Her face was pretty average looking, but she had long blonde hair and dark tanned skin so she looked attractive. I that knew that, when I saw her before, she was wearing thick glasses. Now she wasn't wearing any. So I wondered how well she could see.

In retrospect, it was unclear who she was friends with, as all three of these girls hung out together. Of the two girls I knew, one was 16 and one was 13. Emily looked like she was the same age as the 16 year old. So I figured they were friends and Emily must be 16 or 17.

When they got over to us the guys started tipping the girls off and wresting the mattresses away from them. The girls "fought" back, and thus started started the activity they engaged in for the next 20 or 30 minutes.

The boys would knock the girls off and jump on the mattress. Then the girls would knock the boys off and a wrestling match would ensue. I jumped in and, at different times, aided both the boys and the girls. There was a lot of moving and reaching and splashing and dunking.

I started my holding my hand on the top, right where Emily's tits would be when she jumped on. I could feel the weight of them as they rested on my hand. When they were under water I would brush my hands against them or poke them with my fingers. She never seemed to notice.

I also would palm her ass cheeks. There was so much contact and moving around that I would rest my hand on her cheek and just hold it. Her swim bottoms would pull down every so often, so I took to helping them by grabbing the ties at the side and gently pulling down. I got lots of views of the top of her ass crack.

The whole time, all three of these girls had smiles on their faces. Including Emily. She didn't have a smile like she knew what I was doing and she liked it. It was a smile like, she's just a dumb blonde and she likes that guys are giving her attention. She had to know what was happening to her, but I doubt she knew who was doing it, or even if it was one or more people. Not wearing her glasses I wonder how well she could even see us.

One time she fell off and landed upright in front of me, her back to me. I reached both arms around her, grabbed the mattress and clamped my pelvis around her ass. She immediately looked back at me and I just as quickly broke free.

The thing was, I didn't have a hard on. I don't know if it was due to the temperature of the water or the fact that, since I was groping this girl right in front of people I knew, I had to be extra careful. It was pretty nerve racking.

Anyway, I kept this up the entire time we were in the pool. Her cleavage was just hanging out and I had my hands on her tits and ass as much as I could. Eventually our group got out of the pool and I went and talked to some other people.

Later I was sitting, relaxing on a beach chair, when these 3 girls came up to me with their mattresses and sprinkled drops of water on me. I jokingly asked them if they wanted to be thrown in the pool. To my surprise they said yes. I said, "wait, you LIKED what were were doing before?" Emily said "yes" and I started to get a hard on. So me and some of the boys from before went back out there with them.

I was getting really horny now. I wasted no time.

Emily was on top of her mattress. I grabbed her from behind and pulled her back off and under the water. My hands reached down and palmed both of her breasts. I was being less and less discreet now.

One time she was standing with only her head above the water, trying to push one of the boys off her mattress. I had one hand on the mattress and the other on her left breast. Lifting it and feeling it's weight. I would poke and rub her nipples with my fingers and rub them in circles.

Another time she was back on top, with her cleavage inches away from my face. One of the boys pushed the mattress straight up so that she fell off and into the water face first. I turned my head and the bare skin of her cleavage smashed into my face.

They boys were smashing all three mattress together, and thus all three girls together. I grabbed two mattresses and thrust my cock into Emily's ass. My legs were wrapped around her body as I used the mattresses to float. I didn't hump her, I just held it there as long as possible.

Her ass felt great, but those large buoyant tits were just begging me to grab them. She had gotten away from me, but I noticed that I could see so far down her cleavage that I could see the underside of her right tit.

I waited for the right moment. A person on top of a mattress got pushed over on top of Emily, pushing them both below the surface. I reached down into her swim top and grabbed her naked tit. She jerked away, but didn't really act like anything bad had happened. She was still stupidly smiling.

I tried it again when I had another chance but I was only able to stick my finger down between her pressed together tits. I got quite a lot of feels of her fleshy cleavage.

Eventually it had to end. The park was closing. I changed my clothes and was waiting with everyone else. Most people were ready to leave, but these three girls were taking a long time. They said they weren't going to change, as their clothes were in a locker all the way on the other side of the park. I volunteered to go get their stuff and meet them in the parking lot. They agreed.

Most people were exiting, but I was going to the far side where the far away lockers were. Using their key I got their bags out. I knew which bag was Emily's. Before I left I went into the men's room and sat down in a stall.

I searched through Emily's bag until I found her sweet skimpy panties. It was a smooth and stretchy dark pink Victoria's Secret Pink bikini. I could smell her crotch in them. I wrapped them around my fully erect cock and jerked off until I exploded. I shot a hot sticky wad of cum right into them. Once I jerked myself dry I hesitated for a moment. I buried them, full of hot gooey cum, at the bottom of her bag.

When I gave the girls their bags I told them that the lockers were open when I got to them and the locks at been removed. They were dumb enough to believe me.

It wasn't until the next day that I found out Emily was only 12 years old. I felt really guilty, but what was done was done. I wonder hot she's going to look 5 years from now?

concerts (Wed 30 Jun 2010 01:16:21 GMT)

Concerts (Wed 30 Jun 2010 01:16:53 GMT)

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Concerts (Wed 30 Jun 2010 01:18:10 GMT)

Concerts (Wed 30 Jun 2010 01:18:50 GMT)

I wish more pictures like this were posted on here.

July award: Slippery boy
for his caracas story.
(The city has many hot women.)

south america (Tue 20 Jul 2010 02:39:49 GMT)

Long-time frotteur, first-time poster. I live in South America and have the chance to travel the continent quite a bit. I always try and take the subway when I'm in a new city to get a feel for the place. So to speak. North America is really boring after you've been around South America for a while. People are much less sensitive about personal space here and women are often quite open to a sensual encounter with a stranger. That's been my experience in various cities, but as Carlos has been saying for a long time, there's nothing as good as Caracas. There, I had women grind me a few times, and almost never had someone move away when I rubbed her. That said I'm very much a frotteur and not a flasher or assailant like some people here. I have no interest in leaving a woman covered in cum or feeling violated. I want nice juicy asses to rub, and I have no interest in having them all run off to taxis or cars or start wearing less revealing clothes.

Here's a first little story: I was recently in Santiago, Chile and was on a pretty crowded train. Not packed but pretty full. One odd thing in Santiago is how everyone stares at one side of the train, because all the stops have the doors opening on the same side. So you stay against the back wall and eventually people will back into you as the train fills up. I had a nice foursome of college girls push back toward me. One of them, a chubby blonde, was closest. I put my leg out between hers and she basically sat down on my upper leg. I started humping a little and she sat there enjoying it. She kissed her friends goodbye and they all got off the train, and she stayed another 2 stops. On my leg, even though there was room to move. It's winter here and her long wool coat covered up what she was doing. That was pretty nice.

More soon if you're interested.

A few items from Caracas (Wed 21 Jul 2010 02:43:02 GMT)

The Caracas metro has very narrow aisles, so even when the train isn't packed you can often end up rubbing up on someone pretty nicely. One time I was on a pretty full train, standing up, facing the window with a hot, big-bottomed girl in her early 20s behind me. We were in the middle of the car, far from the doors. (People there tend to bunch up in the doors, where there's much more contact but also a bit more caution because of pickpockets.) Her hair was up in barrettes, tight black capri pants, white shirt showing her midriff. I took a bit of extra space and my butt touched hers, and nothing, and then again, and she stood back a bit toward me. I pushed my butt back into her gently, let it rub around with the motion of the train. She stayed there, even pushed a bit more against me. I was reading a book. I kept reading and turned sideways, so my hip and sometimes my now-hard cock were rubbing on her. She turned to accommodate me a bit so I left the place I had been holding on and grabbed one of the straps from the overhead bar by her and started rubbing more and more on her big round cheeks. She pushed back and got her crack on me a bit, leaning her torso against mine. Her heat coming through that thin shirt, her hips moving on their own, not obscenely for all to see but enough that we both knew what was happening. Then we got to a big transfer station and we were both getting off. The crowds push hard to get on there, and I was right behind her as we debarked. I was pushing up on her, holding her by the waist and arms, grinding on her as we left the train. Once we were on the platform I was still walking near her and considered following her to her train but decided against it.

Another time on the same train line I had a woman staring at me in the window reflection while hanging on the strap so far back against me that it was really funny. I mean I pulled away a bit just to see and sure enough she followed so her arm was angled way up and her butt pushed way out. People could see what was going on and she didn't care, she was staring at me and grinding. Nice.

In response to the comment below:
Yes, I find some of what I'm hearing on here to be beyond the pale. Rape and helplessness can make a nice fantasy or story, but if you're really doing it, that's fucked up. I am a big fan of sex, don't get me wrong. But if you wouldn't want something to happen to your mother or sister, I think you shouldn't do it yourself. I'll be the first one to help a woman if someone is doing things to her that she doesn't want. If that makes me persona non grata here, just let me know.

check her out (WARNING: she may be 18 years old) (Sat 24 Jul 2010 17:28:15 GMT)

Just wow

Re: caracas advice (Sun 25 Jul 2010 02:32:53 GMT)

I think you'll see pretty quickly that the Caracas metro is just packed most of the time, but prime time and place is between Petare and Bellas Artes between 4:30 and 7 pm. The trains tend to be packed in both directions and those platforms let you change direction just by crossing the platform, rather than going up and down stairs. It's a rough town. Don't get killed.

August award: europamaster aka guest
for the hot train story.
(Well, she is hot.)

German teen in Paris express train (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Tue 24 Aug 2010 10:25:10 GMT)

First, i would like to apologize in advance, because my English isn't perfect.
It happened in early July in Paris, on a very warm day. At the end of the evening, I took an "suburb express train", and i was dressed in the style i had
described here (look at my photo, with a long shirt posted as mario_ch: europamaster 14th july). The platform was packed and i was waiting for my train, looking for a "target". I saw a tourist family (i recognize tourists quickly ..) in the middle of
the platform. It was a couple and 2 young girls. I didn't approch nearby, to avoid to draw attention. One of the girl was red-headed (dye for sure) and weared a very short black mini skirt (in 2010 baggy style).
The desire to touch her bottom was hard (and to feel her slip or thong), but there was parents so the idea wasn't so good. But the other girl was sexiest.
She was blonde and was wearing a medium blue & white stripped dress, and a nice low-cut. I notice in her look that she should be vicious. Her body was perfect, nice tits and lovely arse. And her blue & white skirt cloth seemed
extra-fine. Few times, she bent forward and i could see the top line of her thong thru her skirt. I knew that it could be hazardous to chikan her, because of the parent's attending. I saw another rubber "colleague"
on the platform. He stayed close to these tourists for a short moment, and go away, probably because it was unsure.
When the train arrived in the station, I came closer from this famile. I noticed that the blonde teen was extremely beautiful and desirable. Finally, I understood that the other teen was not her sister but her friend. They were
Germans and the both teens were 15 to 16 yo, no more. The blonde daughter seemed to be hot, and her face was "red". I saw the sweat on her brow.
I tried to avoid to look at her in the eyes, but I couldn't resist to watch her nice blue eyes. When the doors opened, i saw that the train was crowed, but not too much.
By chance, they all gone around the vertical iron bar. I tried to place just behind one of the teens, but there was not enough people at this moment, to be discreetly tightened.
So I was behind the blonde daughter, and the good point her way to move from time to time, back and forth, from left to right. I couldn't touch her body for
the moment, but it was promising. Naturally, i put my arm between her and her daddy, to hold the bar (and to prepare the following). Waiting for better situation,
I listened her speaking with her parents and her friend. Of course, I didn't undestand anything. The heat was intense, and most of these Parisian express trains
were not air-conditioned. SO it was like in a furnace. I managed to touch her bottom quickly, few times, with my fingers. Her buttocks were very attractive, a
little bit indecent for her young age. I briefly felt her hot and moist skin. In this kind of situation (heat, beautiful young girl with sexy bottom), I always want to introduce my finger inside her asshole. Well, it's off-topic but I just add my
fantasy to this real story. Just before the next stop, I touched her butt-crack and my cock became really hard. WHen the train stopped, a lot of people get out and get in.
The German family stayed around the iron and the parents moved, to be side by side. Now I was just beside the 2 teens, but not behind. The blonde daughter
had her friend just behind her. For 10 minutes, I wasn't able to put back behind hers, even at next stops.
At a big station where a lot of people got in, the blonde daughter had to get closer from me. I just had to move a little bit to be tighened against her back. As people continued to get in, my penis was now mashed against her butts.
The feeling was strange because few minutes ago she was "protected" by her frind, and now she was offered to me. My dick was tizzy when the door closed.
I knew there was 5 minutes until the next station. Her parents were in front of her, on the other side of the iron bar. But they were still speaking and sliming,
so I knew that they had no inkling or the matter. Does a father easily imagine that a man like him can take advantage of the situation, and have a kind of sexual relationship with his daughter ?
I don't know. The fact was that the temperature was so high that everything was possible. The young daughter face was more and more "red" since the beginning,
because of the heat. So her parents can't noticed if she would be confused by my behaviour, except if she talked or screamed.
I saw her sweat trickling on her brow, and i was so close that I could smell the sweet perfume of her young body. My nose touched her hairs, and I would, I could
discreetly kiss her hairs. My cock was erected at the max at this moment, it compressed her sexy bottom. I began to move my hips slowly, like I fucked her from behind.
At this moment, she shouldn't ignore my erection and my desire. And I thought that she liked it more or less, because she didn't try to stop me, or to look
what's happened behind her. At the next stop, there were not a lot of people who get in and out, and i was still tightened to her. When the doors closed
I knew that i had 5 minutes more to did my stuff. I backed for some centimeters, to bring out my dick easily from my pants. There was some pre-cum on my penis and I
spread it on her skirt. Now my glans was touching her buttocks thru her thin skirt. It was really sexual. For sure she felt my cock, but she wasn't
afraid. I started again to rub against her bottom. It was incredible because (believe it or not, bat that's the only truth), she pushed her head back, liked qhe
was excited. I saw the faces of her parents, who were talking themselves like everything was normal, while my naked dick rubbed unambiguously on their daughter ass.
I increase my motions because I had only one goal at this moment, it was to ejaculate. I put 2 or 3 kisses on her hairs and suddenly, I knew that I had reached
the point of no-return. I would cum in few seconds and there was nothing to do to avoid it, I was too excited. It was dangerous to cum all over her skirt, even
if I had a big envy to did tit. There was her parents, and she couldn't hide to them that someone "abused" her. In a quick reflex, I backed as much as I can
and I ejaculate a very big load of cum in my left hand, while I squeezed my other hand on her hot butt-crack. I'm not trying to be philosophical, but in this situation
orgasm are very powerful, much more than when you have sex with a regular person. It's very memorable too.
The train would stop in less than a minute.
I was ashamed of my situation. I toweled my dirty hand in my pants pocket. But I finished to do it on her skirt, just to let her a small "souvenir".

I don't know what had happened after, at their hotel. Maybe she shared a room with her friend but I pretty sure that she didn't tell anything, even to her friend.
Propbably she had smelled the back of her skirt, to know exactly if someone put hi semen on it.
And possible, I imagine this last part as a fantasy, she locked herself in the toilets to finger her pussy, to masturbate while thinking of this experience.

September award: eleven
for the worst thing he has ever done.
(You are a bad person. But you are a good enough to know that.)

it's coming (Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:56:03 GMT)

I'm working on the story of the worst thing I've ever done. It will probably also be the longest story I've ever told. I just don't have a lot of time right now. It's maybe half done or so. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it more next week.

The worst thing I ever did (WARNING: she may be 21 years old) (Sat 18 Sep 2010 09:11:42 GMT)

Some of you are going to hate me for this.

I'd tell you not to read it, but I know you will anyway. I'll just say that, I already KNOW that what I did was wrong. I already KNOW that. I KNOW I'm a bad person. You don't need to try to convince me. I'm not (too) proud of what I did. I do feel guilty about it and I gotta admit that I am a little nervous to share it. Oh the other hand I'm 100% certain I will never get in trouble for it. Plus, to this day, if I'm standing in the middle of a packed crowd behind some little hottie, I can use the memory of this event to get a hard-on.

Every. Time.

Citrus (WARNING: she may be 21 years old) (Sat 18 Sep 2010 09:12:43 GMT)

This took place back in my college days. Here's a quick history.

I went to college several years after I graduated from high school. Though I was a little older than the students in my classes, I didn't LOOK older. Which was great. I didn't act much older either. I could legally purchase alcohol while the people I hung out with could not. So I was buying it all the time. I was a bit of an alcoholic, but heavy drinking in college can have benefits.

A few years ago I wrote the story about my first experience of being in a crowded moshpit, discovering I could grope, hump and cum on hot girls. Until I found this message board I figured I was the only one who did this. I called it "A groper is born" and you can probably find it somewhere.

After that experience I became a concert fiend. I went to every concert within driving distance. Big concerts, small concerts, it didn't matter if I liked the music or not. Sometimes I went alone. Sometimes in a group. But I ALWAYS ended up lost in the moshpit, where I would grope, hump and, often, cum on hot girls.

A lot of the experiences from this time period blend together in my memory. I was quite often buzzed and I've forgotten much of the details that make the stories come alive. Over time I learned that alcohol, while it did make me braver, was more of a hindrance than a help. In fact it was this realization that made me stop drinking. I've now been sober for years, just because I wanted to be sharp and alert while I'm at a concert.

This story is one of the only ones from my college years that I remember vividly. In fact I remember this more vividly than some of my experiences the past 5 or 6 years. I think you'll see why it was impossible to forget.

This was a little over a year after the events in "A groper is born".

This story is WAY too long for me to explain the whole thing. So I'll try to be brief about the beginning.

I was at an outdoor concert. I had been here before, but this was the first multiple day concert I attended here. I believe it was a three day concert. The parking lot was now a campground. About half was the tent camping area and the other half was for trailers and RV's. I was in the tent section with some guys I knew.

The first day was a complete success. That evening I was able to ditch my friends in the huge moshpit and found a suitable target. She was this short, timid 16ish-year old girl with long straight brown hair. She was wearing tight jeans and had a nice plump ass.

The pit was so huge, and so packed. It was very, very tight. I had stayed with this girl for a long time. She seemed to be alone, and during the last act of the night the pit was totally crazy. It was hard to move or even breathe. A song came on where everyone was smashing against each other. I took this chance to hump her tight ass with my naked cock. Jeans aren't the easiest and these were very tight, but eventually I emptied a load on her ass. She knew it too. She never looked back or even tried to move. I could tell she was scared.

The next day I was with my friends all day. They had to leave before the evening shows, so we went to all the day acts. By evening, they had left with the tent and everything. I of course, stayed. My car was still parked where we had been camping but I knew I was going to go home that night and skip the last day, so I knew I had to make it count.

Down in the pit on the second evening I scouted around for a good target. I found many. I spent a long time behind this blonde teenager wearing a knee length sundress. It was white and pink and very soft. I had my hands all over her and was leaning my clothed cock up against her ass. I never got the change to take it out as thought as I slowly realized I had to take a leak. I tried to ignore it, but I really had to go. I didn't want to lose her, and I knew I'd never find my way back. I actually toyed with the idea of pointing my cock down and whizzing on the ground. I was so rock hard it never would have worked. Eventually I had no choice and I left the pit to go take a leak.

I was pretty upset with myself. I hurried over to the side of the arena where dozens of Port-O-Potty's were set up. There were four areas around the arena with portable toilets. I went to the one that was off to the side near the pit. This area would be used only by people that are down in the pit area, as the other three were closer and more convenient for everyone else.

Imagine dozens of Port-O-Potty's lined up beside each other in a large rectangle. Then put clumps of four in a square and put them inside the rectangle until it's filled. Then imagine there is very little light. That's where I was. There was hardly anybody around. I walked into this labyrinthine area and went to the far back. After I was finished I walked back out, never seeing anybody. At the entrance was a hand washing station. That's where she was standing.

I immediately noticed her because I thought she was an absolute hottie. She was a bombshell, with long wavy bleached blonde hair. Her skin was a deep tan color, except her face which was a little blotchy. She didn't have the prettiest face in the world, but her hair and body kind of distracted you enough to where you just saw a hot bundle of sex.

She was wearing an bright electric orange tube top and a bright lime-colored cotton short shorts. Her legs were skinny and long and well toned. Her waist was pencil thin. In between she had just a monster of an ass. Her cheeks were huge! They were so round and wide, and stuck out so far. Perfect white girl onion booty! You just wanted to lean down and take a bite.

Her tube top sat several inches above her waist, revealing a little of her flat tummy. It came up over her tits, so none of her cleavage was visible. But it didn't matter because her tits were large and curvy and full. They looked like two punching bags stuffed down her shirt. Her tube top was so tight that I could see her nipples poking through it. She had a large nose ring, a small tattoo on her shoulder blade, and she looked absolutely and completely stoned out of her mind!

She was just standing there and staring at nothing. Her body was slightly swaying and she was leaning forward like she was trying to find something to hold onto. Her eyes looked like she just wasn't there, like she was going to pass out or have a brain aneurysm. My first thought was that she looked like she was going to puke. So I figured, if I could help her into one of the Port-O-Pottys I could maybe step in with her and feel her up a little.

Not seeing anyone else around, I approached her and asked if she was ok. She grabbed onto my shoulder to steady herself. She didn't even look at me, but just kept repeating, "" over and over. I asked if she was waiting for someone or where her friends where but she didn't seem to know where she was. I started pulling her into the Port-O-Potty area but she could barely walk. I asked if she was going to be sick but she just kept saying "no" and whining like a little kid.

She let me lead her to the back where it was darkest. I opened one of the doors and told her to go in and throw up. But she wouldn't do it. She kept telling me to take her to the trailer. I told her that she had to throw up and she needed to go in the Port-O-Potty, but she kept whining that she wanted to go to the trailer. I was gently arguing with her and trying to persuade her to go inside. There was nobody around and she was a walking vegetable.

I started pushing her into the Port-O-Potty with my body, my pelvis pushed up against her ass. She was going in easily and I could have done it, only you had to step UP into it and I couldn't get her to lift her feet high enough. So I stepped up into it myself, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up in with me. The door shut behind us and I found myself crammed in this small space with this half-passed out hottie. My arms were shaking with excitement as I locked the door.

She didn't seem alarmed or even coherent. She just kept mumbling words and telling me to take her to the trailer. I had my hands on her waist as I thought of what to do. She wasn't looking at me but had her head bowed down and a look of pain on her face. I was telling her to bend over so she could throw up but she said, "just take me to the trailer". I wasn't really listening as I was only thinking about how I was going to do this. Keeping the conversation going I asked her where the trailer was. She told me what section it was in.

The parking lot was dived into sections. They were labeled such that someone could say, "I'm in section BLANK" and you would know where they were camped. When she told me the section name it hit me: she was camping in the RV section. All this talk about "the trailer" must be an RV of some type. An RV would be much more private, have more space and more light to see what I was doing.

I asked her questions about her trailer. Who was there? How many people were in it? Where were her friends? I had to ask several times, but it seemed like there was no one there. She just wanted to go and lay down.

I got us out of the Port-O-Potty and started taking her towards the exit of the arena. It was a long walk to the exit, then even further to the area she said she was camping in. And she could barely walk. It went very slow. I kept talking to her to get her to keep moving. There were lots of people around now, so I had one arm around her and helped her along as best as I could. She was several inches shorter than me and was very light. With my right arm around her I constantly brushed my hand against the side of her right tit.

She said a lot of nonsensical and incoherent things, but I did find out her name, where she was from, and that she was 21. At the time, 21 wasn't THAT much younger than me. But I was still excited that she was younger than me. I couldn't decipher much else, but I was pretty sure there wasn't going to be anyone else back at her trailer. I was very excited to get her there but I didn't want to make a scene or look suspicious. So we went her pace.

It took forever but we managed to get to the exit. She was more moaning than talking now, and I tried to shut her up so no one would talk to us. Her eyes were closed and I tried not to look hungry with desire. I smiled at the staff at the exit, so we wouldn't look suspicious, but they barely even glanced at us.

From the exit I could see the section she had referred to. It was way in the back corner of the parking lot. There were a scattering of people around, but less and less as we got closer to her section.

Finally we got there. She was just about out of it now. I was carrying her more than she was walking. I had to keep saying her name and even had to gently slap her face a few times to get her to point me to her trailer.

She pointed down an aisle and I quickly dragger her down it. Each trailer or RV was parked end to end down each row, with more parked end-to-end right behind them. This created a small aisle between every other row where people could walk. They were just big enough for cars to drive through.

Each site had a trailer or RV, with a little space in front. Many people set things up in this small space. Tents, picnic tables, canopies, even extra cars. There was no shade in the parking lot, so people had to make their own shade.

The concert was going full blast, and I could still hear the din of the music and crowd. This row seemed to be completely deserted. Her legs weren't moving anymore so I was essentially dragging her down the row. I kept talking to her, asking her where her trailer was. I was very anxious to get her inside it. She finally pointed to one and I took her to it as fast as I could.

In front of the trailer were lawn chairs set up around a cooler that looked like it was being used as a table. I set her down in one of the chairs and tried the door to the trailer. Locked.

I quickly moved back to her. Now she was completely passed out. I tried to wake her, to no avail. She didn't have any pockets, so I looked through her purse. I easily found a set of keys inside and darted back to the trailer.

I tried all 4 keys. None of them worked. I tried them all again. Was this even the right trailer?

I took a better look around. The chairs were sitting under a portable canopy that was set up right next to the trailer. There was a large pickup parked right up against the other side of the canopy. A small tent sat at the third edge of the canopy, up against the truck. This made the area under the canopy seem like a room with three walls. There were several chairs set up in a semicircle underneath the canopy, and in the center was a large cooler covered with a folded blanket. At the opposite end of the trailer, away from the canopy, was a second small tent.

Maybe she was staying in one of the tents and didn't even have a key to the trailer? Or maybe this wasn't the right campsite? Either way, she was sitting in a lawn chair completely passed out.

I stood beside her and looked around. There actually was a decent amount of privacy. If anyone walked down the aisle in either direction, they really wouldn't be able to see the area the chairs were in.

There was a fair amount of ambient light. Enough to see what I was doing. It wasn't as great as being inside the trailer, but I didn't really have that choice. I was going to have to do it right here.

Sitting in the chair with her head slumped forward, I first tried to wake her. I shook her by the shoulders and said her name into her ear. I even pinched her arm and lightly slapped her cheek. She didn't move or react. She was completely out.

I cautiously put my right hand on her left tit. I gave it a good firm squeeze, waiting to see if it would wake her up. It didn't.

Time to go for it.

I got down on my knees and slowly pulled her tube top down to her waist. Her perky tits popped out and stared at me, like two gelatin sculptures. They were big and perky and bouncy. They were perfectly round and full, like two mid-sized watermelons. I didn't think about it at the time, but thinking about it now, I'm sure she had a boob-job. But hey, if I can touch 'em, THEY'RE REAL!

I palmed both tits and kneaded them for a moment. They were bigger than a handful. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I squeezed and fondled and caressed them. I fingered her nipples and lightly pinched them. I buried my face between her mounds and rubbed my face all over them. Her chest smelled kind of stinky, like dirt, sweat and body oder. I started licking and sucking on them. Her tits tasted salty like sweat and the top of her cleavage had gritty dirt particles I had to wipe off my tongue.

I took turns wrapping both hands around a single tit while I sucked each nipple, inhaling it into my mouth. I groped and squeezed each breast individually as I licked and sucked her nipples with loud sloppy slurps. My cock was practally puncturing a hole in my shorts, begging to be set free.

I stood up, looked around a little and pulled my shorts down and off. This, of course, was extremely risky. But I didn't care. At this point I had no fear.

I was now only wearing my shirt and shoes. I stepped into the chair, straddling her body and placed my erection between her large tits. With one tit in each hand I squeezed them together, mashing my cock in between. I slowly slide it up and down, tittyfucking her huge melons.

At that point of my life I had never tittyfucked such huge breasts before, and I had NEVER actually cum on a girls tits. At that moment, all I wanted to do was tittyfuck her to completion and blast my cum all over those beautiful round boobs.

Only it was too difficult. The arms of the chair prevented me from getting as close as I wanted, and her body was sitting too low. I had to bend down too low, and lean forward too much. I was going to fall over. So instead I held my cock and rubbed it forcefully against each breast, moving each one side to side. I pointed the head straight on her nipple and jabbed it into her fleshy boob. I took a second to think about setting her on the ground to tittyfuck her, but decided I should just stop messing around.

I pulled her out of the chair and laid her across the cooler. Her stomach was on the cooler and I pulled another chair up to rest her head on. Her knees were on the ground and her ass was sticking up in the air. I got behind her.

My back was to the tent, so no one could walk up behind me. Plus I was facing the concert, so it's unlikely anyone would be walking from behind me anyway. I didn't know how much longer the concert would go, but I wanted to be facing the direction people would be coming from.

I got down on my knees behind her, grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. As they slid down over her round buttocks her panties were revealed to me. They were bright canary yellow, cotton, full coverage bikini panties. She was like a lemon-lime-orange citrusy sex-fruit. It was a SUCH beautiful sight.

I pulled her shorts down to her knees and immediately pressed my fully erect cock into her ass crack. She was so curvy with her skinny waist and nice round rump. Her ass just looked too large for her body. Each ass cheek swayed and bounced and moved like it's own autonomous slab of meat. I palmed both cheeks. Each moved completely independently of the other. Her panties clung to her ass cheeks and would undulate with each movement.

I buried my cock straight into her yellow pantied ass crack. It sank deep into her ass canal. I knelt down and thrust up. I grabbed her hips as I thrust slowly up and down her crack.

I stuck it in as deep as I could and pressed her ass cheeks inward, pinching my cock. Her cheeks were so full bodied that I could almost smash them together and make my cock disappear.

Staring down are those yellow panties I could visualize splattering them with my cum. But first I wanted more of that ass crack.

I reached down and grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled down a little. I pulled them to the side enough to slip my cock under her panties right between her young buns.

They were down enough that I could see the top of her crack. I started thrusting on her naked skin, but when I let go of her panties they snapped back and made it difficult to keep my cock straight up with her crack.

So, that was it. They had to come off. I didn't really think about it too much, I just did it quickly.

I pulled her panties down off of her ass, all the way down to her knees. I paused for a second and got a good look at these two round hunks of flesh. I palmed them and rubbed them all over.

I was kneeling behind a mostly naked 21-year old hottie who was out cold and oblivious to what I was doing. I could do whatever I wanted. My cock was out and her pussy was RIGHT THERE!

Even as I started telling myself, "No. Don't do it. Don't fuck her" my cock was already getting in position to fuck her doggystyle. Once the thought had entered my mind it was too late, my cock took over for my brain.

Holding my cock, I lined it up on her pussy lips. I told myself to stop, but my cock started thrusting anyway. The thing is, she wasn't wet at all. She was so tight and dry, It wouldn't go in very far. I kept thrusting anyway, getting a little deeper each time.

After many short hard thrusts, I finally had it all the way in. She was SO TIGHT! It felt SO AMAZING!! I was nervous but I just kept thrusting slow and steady. I COULD NOT BELIEVE I WAS FUCKING THIS GIRL!!! Her body shuddered a little and her head started moving, like she was trying to lift it up. Her arms were twitching a little and it seemed like she might wake up.

I didn't know what to do. My hands were still holding her hips and I was still fucking her with a steady rhythm. She didn't make any sounds and her movements were slow and sleepy, so I didn't know if she was waking up or not. I decided right then that it didn't matter. I was going to fuck her until I was finished, even if I had to hold her down.

However, I wouldn't get the chance.

Just then I heard a group of voices coming down the aisle in front of us. I jumped up, grabbed my shorts and ducked over to he other side of the trailer. I put my shorts on as quick as I could, which was almost impossible wearing shoes. Just as I got them pulled up the voices reached the front of the campsite. I saw a a several people walking up the aisle, right towards us.

I darted out across the adjacent campsite into the aisle on the other side. I quickly ran down to the end of the row where I stopped to catch my breath.

I couldn't believe it. I had just been fucking a 21-year old girl. And she was totally HOT! It hadn't really been my intention to fuck her. I just wanted to grope and hump her. But I had ACTUALLY FUCKED her.

Then I felt a great sense of regret. Not so much for what I had done, but that I hadn't finished. I shouldn't have gotten greedy. I shouldn't have tried to fuck her. I shouldn't have even pulled her panties down. I should have just humped her ass and unloaded on her panties. That's what I had wanted to do from the beginning!

Next I felt stupid for leaving. Those people were walking past us. They probably couldn't even see us. Hell, even if they did see us they wouldn't have done anything. I started wondering if she had woken up yet. I wondered if there was still time to go back. Then I started walking down the aisle, "just to check".

I got to where she was, and cautiously looked around the truck into the canopy area. I'd guess it had been six or seven minutes since I left. She hadn't moved. I looked around. I could hear those people far, far down the aisle. I jumped over to her with excitement in my chest, already lowering my shorts.

I could hardly breathe. I knelt down behind her with my shorts around my ankles. I wasn't fully erect anymore so I began by just rubbing her ass cheeks. I placed my semi erection on her naked ass crack and reached up to cup her tits.

I massaged her tits as I rocked my cock up and down her crack. She looked so hot, laying there virtually naked with her beautiful ass sticking up in the air. I stroked the outside edges of her large dangling titties, then cupped them with my entire hand, her nipples in my palm. I held them tightly as I rocked my pelvis onto her. As I got harder and harder I decided that I would not fuck her this time. I just wanted to spuge on her naked ass and get out of there.

I moved my hands down to her hips as I thrust harder and harder. I could now use my fingers to press my fully erect cock deep down into her bare naked ass crack. As I kept thrusting up and down, I again squeezed her cheeks together.

I was able to squeeze her ass cheeks together so tightly that they smashed up against each other. My cock was buried so deep in between them that I couldn't see it. My whole cock, from the head to the base was rubbing between her sweet young ass cheeks.

As I was doing this I was trying to think about cumming on her ass. I was looking at my cock rubbing between her ass cheeks and imagining filling it up with cum. But from somewhere in my mind I kept hearing, "You may never get a chance like this again." An opportunity like this comes along once in a lifetime. I couldn't just waste it.

At this point in my life I had never ejaculated inside a girl without a condom on. AND I WANTED TO! Seemed to me this would be the best opportunity to do it for the first time. So, I HAD to do it.

I let go of her ass cheeks, pulled her body up a little, lowered my cock down between her legs, lined it up and entered her pussy. It slid in much easier this time. She was so warm inside. Throwing caution to the wind I held onto her hips and just started nailing her. I quickly built up a fast rhythm as I wanted to cum as quickly as possible.

I was thrusting so hard that her body was slamming against the cooler, which was making a loud creaking sound with each thrust. I knew that was bad, but I couldn't stop or slow down. I was breathing very heavily and gave out an audible grunt with each thrust.

She was moving a little now and woke up a little. She lifted her head slightly, though she didn't try to look back at me. She made some quiet moans and mumbled some incoherent words. Her arms instinctively tried to steady her body as I was now just plowing into her, anticipating what was about to happen.

I gave a few furious rapid-fire thrusts right at the end and absolutely exploded inside her. It felt so GREAT! I kept right on fucking her as I shot my load into her cunt. It felt SO much better than wearing a condom or pulling out! I rubbed my hands all over her body, feeling her smooth skin. I grinded my body into her as I just kept ejaculating in her cunt.

I COULD NOT believe what I had just done. I was numb. She was so HOT! She was so TIGHT! I had just FUCKED her! I had ACTUALLY just fucked her AND CAME inside her. AND I didn't even have to apologize or worry if she would get pregnant!

My body convulsed a bit as I finished. I finally stopped thrusting and just rested there inside her. It felt like I had emptied a gallon of cum inside her. She had put her head back down and her body was now completely still again. I pulled my cock out and pulled her yellow panties up over her ass. The crotch of her panties became soaked with my cum that was seeping out.

My cock was still dripping with cum and I needed to wipe it off. I stood up, stepped over to her head and got down on one knee. I took a drop with my finger, reached down and wiped it on her lips. I could feel her breath as my finger slightly parted her lips. Holding my cock I swiped it on the side of her face. I could see a small dollop of cum on her cheek. Then I took a handful of her long blonde hair and wrapped it around my cum soaked cock. I used her hair to clean the rest of the cum off of my cock. I still couldn't quite get it all, so the last drop I wiped on the back of her tube top.

I put my clothes back on, then fixed her clothes as best I could, pulling her shorts up over her cum soaked panties. As I pulled her tube top up I couldn't help giving her boobs several more gropes. As I kneaded them an idea popped into my mind. I pulled her top up and stepped over to the tent beside the canopy.

I unzipped the tent and looked inside. It was pretty dark but I could see there were two sleeping bags laid out. Each one had a bag at the bottom. I quickly dug through one bag. I was pulling clothes out and frantically looking through them. I finally found a bra. I held it up so I could see it better. It was much too small to be hers.

I moved to the other bag and opened it. There was a white bra right on top. I held it up so I could see it. It was very large and looked like it COULD have been hers as it appeared big enough to hold her large breasts. I put the bra in my shorts cargo pocket and kept digging, throwing clothes out of the bag. I found 2 panties and two thongs, plus another bra. These I stuffed down into my underwear.

I zipped the tent shut and went back over to her. I wanted to grope her tits again, but I felt like I had better just get out of there. I walked away, leaving her laying there on the ground on her side.

As I left I walked towards the second tent that was on the other side of the campsite. There was a car parked beside this tent. Laying on the hood of this car were 6 mostly dried two piece bikinis. So there must have been at least 6 girls staying at this campsite. I couldn't know which one was my girl's, so I took all of them. I filled up my pockets and stuffed them down my shorts. Later I discovered that five of them were size Small or Medium and one was Extra Large. If this WAS the right campsite, then I KNEW these were hers.

I left the concert and went back home, higher than a kite.

At the end of the summer there was always a section in the paper where they list all the police reports attributed to this particular concert venue, along with figures on the manpower and money used by the area police department on concert events. I checked it with trepidation.

There was nothing. She didn't even report it.

I've thought about her often in the intervening years but of course I never saw her again. For years I went back and forth between guilt and delight. What happened to her? What did she think when she woke up? Did she remember? Did she tell anyone?

It's been so long now that it doesn't even seem real. It seems more like a dream than reality. Did I really DO that? The guilt has mostly faded and now it just turns me on when I think about it. This wasn't the last time I ever had sex with someone who was so under the influence of something that they couldn't give consent. But this was the most blatant.

I'd love to run into her again someday, just to see her. But I think I would just admire her from afar.

October award: rock hard
for his girl/boyfriend story.
(You have the nerve to frott a girl in front of her boyfriend, and vote yourself for the award.)

blackie (Fri 01 Oct 2010 14:38:44 GMT)

blackie: monday- tube strikes.. last tube strike was about a month ago i got soooo much it was amazing im soo excited i want the weekend to pass lol!
i will have soooo many stories tube strikes are heaven

blackie (Mon 11 Oct 2010 14:01:46 GMT)

hahahahaha blackie loving it man loving it! i had a wiked time guted it was only a day strike this time. ill post my story in the next few hours i was pretty agressive too its was beyond busy it was insane so much opportunity... ill post my story shortly keep !
i love all women but my favourites are english white women they never seem
to complain too much!

blackie: my experience of the tube strikes (Tue 12 Oct 2010 05:25:10 GMT)

blackie haha the tube strikes were amazing had the time off my life. this was the second strike in about a month the first time around i had got a brillant one so i knew what to expect this time around i didnt need to plan in advance i just had to leave early in the morning to ensure i would he able to intergrate the rush. well anyway the night before i didnt masturbate i so badly wanted to but i didnt i thought id contain it so when i get my hump on she will feel me extra hard and i would have more testerone so could he all the more aggressive hahaha. well anyway i left home about half 7 an hour later i was at frinsbury park. now like i said i knew the drill the tubes were cancellee delayed or and some tube line had no service at all... this meant that london overground was all the more busy which it was people travelling to moorgate and old street station was busy and the trains although running extra services are still not as regular as the tube so the crowds built up quite nicely. i had time, time to be patient, time to scope out the scene and find her target my victim who would get a big black solid dick up there arse i couldnt wait i began the hunt i wasnt sure what i wanted but i knew she had to be white...(i love white english women) i saw my first target medium build brunette in a business suit early 30's real classy looking woman.. i stood near her and checked her out head to toe she wore these cotton grey trousers... they were ok but didnt make her arse look like the type we chikans like.. you know the bubble and onions. well i decided to keel a mental note of her location in my head. and went out to seek another i had to scourer around some but eventuall i found her and boy was she worth the wait.. she was exactly what i loom for and nothing else. she was aged 20-25 cant really tell. lots of make up and a tight knee lenght skirt with thin black tights on and a white blouse. she was a typical essex looking girl like a chav slag (100% honest here i know it sound stupid like im bullshitting but i really am not) well anyway she was busy typing away on her phone i stood near her and peered over her shoulder nearly breathing down her neck she was engrossed in a blackberry ping chat messenger conversation. i was standing prehaps too close that she kind of turned amd looked back at me i had to respond quickly i said 'sorry sweetheart just abit of a panick at the moment witg the trains n all' she said 'tell me about it' and moved forward away from me slightly. i knew i had a tough game now i had blown my cover, she was aware of my presence so i knew getting close to her was going to be a tough one. i contemplatee returning to tye other lady but looking around me it would be impossibe there were people everywhere i wouldnt be able to get through to her without pushing and shoving and she probably had another chikans dick up her arse by now anyway. so i decided to hold ground my reasoning was as follows: this essex slag is aware of my presence however if i stay away and then only begin my assult when shes on the train then it would be tok late for her to escape and contact whilst on the train would be inevitable anyway so technically its win win (i dearly hoped) well anyway i had a play with my black memeber by putting my hard in my pocket this got me rock hard instantly whilst looking at this sweetheart all over. eventually the moorgate train came in to the station. the push began everyone was acting like animals people were not even lettig passengers off the train before boarding (whicg is a no no thing to do her in uk) anyway i got all up on this girls back my chest pressing firmly onto her back as i bundled her onto the train she kept trying to create space between me and her but i was having none of thst shit everytime she moved away i would simply shut the space off she was trapped now betweenn me and some granny in front of her i was so tight on her i was practically suffocating her my head as level with her hair oh my god smells like strawberryshampoo... fucking beauitful i let me cock sink into her arse while i used one of my other hands to hold her arse i am not kidding i had her arse in my hand i was groping her bum right there every now ad the she kept huffing and puffing and tutting like trying to signal to me to stop this made me more aggressive why are girls so dumb dont dress like that when you know the trains are going to be busy how can you be that naieve she must be stupid i decided id have to teach her a lesson stupid dumb bitcg qs the train jerked i went hard i was thrusting her and dragging my ultra hard on left and right across her arse i was being leud amd disgusting like an animal i was going hard an slow i wanted to make sure she felt every inch of me aroused on her i wanted to make her feel violated i squeezd her arse and began pumping back and forth into her whilst breathing heavily down her neck i was really trying to creep her out and i did because she looked down at the ground amd kept huffing and puffing and mumbling inaudible things but i beleive she was probably cursing me. i just kept going the train would be approcahing highbury and islington soon i didnt have long minutes in fact.. i rested my hand on her arse so fucking firm i softly palmed it as she silently squealed which made her bidt twitch and heightend the plasure in my dick i gave her some more thrusts and dragged my raging boner across the circumfrence of her arse one last time like a ship circumnavigating the globe oh it felt so good it was amazing but all good things come to an end as we pulled up at the nect stop she sighed out loud a few people lookee at her amd said thankgod for that as she made her way to the doors. i watched her arse leave in delight at gods fine creation

she was amazing coulnt stop thinking about it for days wish i had a photo or something to remember her by.

got here in front of her pussy boyfriend posh bitch (Tue 12 Oct 2010 12:54:49 GMT)

rock hard being 'absoutly foul'
haha well not one of my long stories this is one that happened yesterday evening. i was a little bjt horny after typing out my previous story about the essex girl on the tube during the strikes. i needed more activity to feed me with my cock was so fucking hungry it felt like a little african kid all skinny and shit (no offence). i needed some action so fucking bad man i was desperate couldnt concentrate at work my brain kept saying to me 'need some whitey meat, need some pink english pussy now!' i thought fuck it. i left work and to much of my disapointment the northern line was empty. but all is not lost you see i know london vert very well and i know where you are guarneteed some action 7 days a week. i took the train to lecister square and it was full of tourists not as busy as a saturday night but still reletively busy.. i had tl find my favourite drinking spot now i cant say the same but ill give you a clue... think popular english bar near china town and its not a nightclub. well anyway i went inside and as always there is a sma queue behind the bar this is a small venue so the space is tight if you are seen close to someone it is inevitable... maybe seen up a girls arse is abit conspicious but whatever! haha! anyway i get up on this girl she is with her partner risky one but she was th closet thing possible and she was cute she was this medium build brunette wearing leggings and a top which come over it she had. nice round plump arse her boyfriend was standing next to her waiting to order he was squany but tall he was one of these modern boys that look gay wearing skin tight jeans and silly oversized sun glasses the wannabe model type. now i fugured if things got messy i could take this guy down as im quite tall and very lean. i thought fuck it her boyfriend moved closer to the bar to trt to get the bar tenders attention the target was kind of behind him and she had an arm around his waist. i movee in a closed the gap pressing my semi hard on right into her i didnt mean to be as hard but my cock was obviously hardrer than i anticipated.. no reaction.. i pushee hardee and still got nothing.. so my work began i bega. pushing and shoving and rubbing again and again in circular motions.. become moreand more abrupt untill....oppps... went to far and she turns to look at me and gives me a dirty look... i look her strsight back in the face expressionless. she turnns and taps her man, he says what you drinking completly obvlivous. she leans into him and says something about me and says something i cant make it out but i do make out 'absoutly foul' which she said her boyfriend looks me direct in the eye whilst saying to her 'just leave it i dont want any trouble, its not worth it' i couldnt believe it this guy just shrugged what i was doing off and wouldnt stand up for his girl..she was also taken back by his decision and was silent for a second she looked back at me and gave me. real cold stare and told her man to hurry up and get the drinks then turned her back to me.. i was nervous to start again but i coukdnt contain the urge i just had to again i sunk deep into her crack this time she done nothing just stood there silently taking me deep in her. i decided to play cool to avoid causing a scene i didnt move or be leud i just stayed put deel into her and every now and the. id throb my cock to remind her of my presence. when they eventually ordered she had to back into me to leave the bar i held ground so her whole body pressed right against mine she was not peased about this. they toom there drinks and went tk stand outside. i thought id be abit of a prick and ordered my drink quickly, went outside too and lit up a cigrette. i stood opposite her and everytime she looked at her attacket i smailed or winked as i finshd my ciggy i left my drink put my hand down the front of my trousers like many london gangsta rude boys do and walking off making sure she saw me do it.. i winked at her as she looked disgusted at me hhahaa.
i can get away wity this as i look quite young and waer hoodies and tracksuits like the london thugs so people think i am one.!

important plz read do not ignore this!!!!!! (Tue 26 Oct 2010 13:50:22 GMT)

important plzzzzz read this:::
if you think society is not clamping down on us then you are wrong very wrong... although this is egypt where culture is alot more opressed compared to western culture this is a reminder to all my fellow gropers to stay vigilant and cautious whilst humping/ flashing/ groping....

October Month chikan vote (Wed 27 Oct 2010 09:12:59 GMT)

I vote for that possible? :-)

3rd tube strike coming this wednesday (Sun 31 Oct 2010 10:39:33 GMT)

london underground is heaven?
ANOTHER tube strike on tuesday 3rd
november 3rd strike in 2 months i cant wait always have so much fun will be a blast london chikans be sure to use the tubes this day! will report back on rock hards adventures soon!

November award: deleted

December award: eleven
for his many high quality stories.
(Though your MAC stories are rather off topics, who care?)

MAC preview (Wed 08 Dec 2010 21:23:12 GMT)

Just a heads up. I'm finishing up the mother-of-all-posts, and hopefully I'll be ready to put it up sometime next week. It's going to be long. Very long. I don't want to estimate how long it will take to read the whole thing, but it will be at least a 20-part story.

My plan was to post 5 camp stories back to back all during December, but it looks like I'm only going to finish 3 of them. These are the stories of three different trips I took to this summer camp. Not necessarily in consecutive years. There's also a prologue, which is 5 parts by itself. Each part of the story includes a picture, which is why it's going to be over 20 parts. I still need to crop and edit the pictures, plus proofread all the stories.

The reason I'm doing this is, I'm really want you to be in the "Hall of Fame" section of the website. Only one person gets in per year, and it seems like the person with the best December stories always has a leg up.

I'll be the first to admit, calling it the "Hall of Fame" seems a little gay. The ONLY reason I want to be in is so I can click a single link and read all MY stories. That's all I want to be able to do. If I could do that WITHOUT getting into the "Hall of Fame", then that would be great. As good as some of the stories are on this board, I like mine the best....obviously, because I have memories related to them.

I know this isn't a slam dunk, especially because a good portion of the stories are a little off-topic. But they are part of the story, so I included them.

If you like 'em, great. If you don't, fine.

But they're coming.

More Adventures from Camp (MAC)- Preface (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:00:46 GMT)

In the past I've shared 5 or 6 of my camp stories on here. I want to share some more concert experiences, but right now I just can't get some of these camp stories out of my mind. So I'm going to share them. Several of them. This is going to be a very long post, but what better way to spend the holidays than reading about girls getting groped and humped?

Extremely quick recap. This is a summer camp for teenagers. I have volunteered as a chaperone every year for many, many years. Every week of the summer hundreds of teenagers come with adult chaperones. The teens stay in cabins separated by sex, and the adults stay in a big lodge. While there are a few adults that work there, most of the staff are college students. There are all kinds of games, activities and events that take place during the week, culminating in a concert on the last night in a small, dimly lit room that becomes packed with teenagers.

And there are always DOZENS of hot girls there.

If you're interested you can go back and find my previous stories, but now you're pretty much up to speed.

However, there is an aspect that I purposely left out of the last stories that I've decided to share this time. Because....well....I just feel like it.

I didn't share this before because it's kind of off the main topic of this board, so I didn't think you'd all want to hear about it. But I've dipped into it in a few of my stories, so now I feel like I might as well go all the way.

This is something I've done every time I've gone to this camp. I didn't mention it before, but every camp story I've ever told includes this activity to some degree.

I have a thing for stealing panties. It started in college and I just went really crazy with it for awhile. Once I started going to concerts to hump girls I didn't do it as much, but I still did it. After college I mostly quit as opportunities are few are far between. This camp, full of hot teenagers, is a great opportunity. So I always get some at least once a year.

Grabbing, groping and humping is ALWAYS better than scoring some chicks panties. But it IS a part of the story and I've done some lewd things that I'm going to share.

Instead of just springing this on you, I'm going to attempt to show you how this all evolved for me. So before I get to the camp stories I'm going to share some of my experiences in this arena.

These all happened when I was in college, over a decade ago. If this isn't you're thing then just skip ahead past the prologue.

(MAC2) Prologue part 1- the College Years (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:01:53 GMT)

It all started my freshmen year in college.

I attended a very large university. I think there were 50 to 60 thousand students enrolled. I lived in the dorms my first two years, then in an apartment each of the final two years. There were many dormitories, and I lived in the biggest one. All the dorms were co-ed, though some had males and females on the same floors while others separated sexes by floor.

One time, during the first month or two, I was doing laundry in the basement laundry room. This dorm was so big it had four separate laundry rooms in the basement. Each one was under one of the four wings, and you had to go through a series of rooms and doors to get to them. Each room had about 10 washers and dryers in them. Because of the big, heavy, basement doors, you could actually hear if someone was coming into the room before they could see into the room.

My clothes were dry, so I went down to get them. I walked through the last door and heard it close behind me. I walked down the last hallway and turned into the laundry room. Just about every washer and dryer was going. My clothes were still in the dryer, but the dryer next to it had a big pile of clothes on top. This was not unusual as some people would put their clothes in and leave them there all day. If you needed a dryer and they were all full of dry clothes, you would take take them out, put them on top and use the dryer.

So I'm getting my clothes out when I notice what's in the pile. Several silky, slinky, sexy pairs of string bikini panties in bright colors. My heart leapt and I froze there looking at them. I don't know why, but I had to have them. I realized that no one was coming because I would hear the door close if they were. I had never stolen anything in my life, but here I was digging through this pile of clothes, taking every pair of panties that were there.

I quickly took them back up to my dorm room and hid them in my closet. My heart was pounding. What had I done? My roommate spent most of his time in his girlfriends room, so I knew he wouldn't be coming anytime soon. I laid them out on my bed. There were 14 in all. What was I going to do with them? I had no idea. I just knew that they were getting me excited.

I held them in my hands and felt them with my fingers. I smelled them and rubbed them against my face. I was thinking about who they belonged to. I imagined she was an extremely hot girl. I mused on what they looked like on her and the parts of her body they covered. I wondered what she would think when she noticed they were all missing. What would she wear? Would she go without panties. I was getting a huge erection thinking about all this. By some instinct I pulled my cock out and rubbed them all over my fully erect shaft. The soft silky material felt amazing and was driving me wild. Before I knew it I was completely jerking off with them. I kept switching them, but finally I used one to finish myself off. I unloaded so much cum into that pair of panties that it soaked through and dripped on the floor.

And so the next four years of my life were set.

I pretty much did it non-stop. During that first year I'd hit one to three laundry rooms every day, 7 days a week. Not just my dorm but all the other dorms as well. I'd look in the dryers for girl clothes, then I'd empty them of all the panties and bras, sticking them into my backpack. It was so easy, and there was very little chance of getting caught. I stole thousands of panties and bras. My favorites were the silky feeling nylon or polyester ones that seemed to be extremely popular with college girls at the time. I especially liked to get Victoria's Secret ones. Sometimes I'd take cotton ones, but I'd eventually throw them away as they weren't as good for jerking off with.

I'd use them to jerk off with quite a bit, but I was taking way more than I ever needed for that. In fact, once I started going to concerts with the intention of humping girls asses, I pretty much stopped using the panties to jerk off with. But I kept taking them. I was addicted to stealing panties....for no particular reason. It was just so easy.

Most of my experiences are not story worthy. For instance, I know I got a whole load of panties from the girl on the left of this picture. I saw her walk out of the laundry room as I was walking in. Not really worthy of a whole story.

Here a just a few of them that are.

(MAC 3) Prologue part 2 - Door left open (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:02:56 GMT)

There was a dorm gathering down in the basement that my wing was holding. It wasn't a dance, but it was like a dance. It was a Hawaiian theme, so there were tons of girls in bikini tops and long skirts.

I saw this blonde girl who lived on the floor below me. She was very athletic with a a supple figure, plump round titties, a skinny waist, and a nice big booty. She also dressed pretty slutty. She was wearing tight shirt that revealed six inches of her stomach and a good portion of her cleavage. She had on a long slinky skirt and her thong was sticking up out the back.

Watching her dance and gyrate to the music took my breath away. Looking at her big round booty and seeing her thong stick up out of her skirt drove me crazy. I had to have her. I just had to! This was before I had ever touched a girl during a concert. So the thought never crossed my mind. But I was going crazy. I had to get out of there.

I left the basement and went back up to my room. But first I stopped on her floor. On her door was a cork board that she and her roommate had put pictures of themselves on. There was a picture of them dancing in their room where you could see her ass and there was a large hole in her jeans. I looked at this specific picture every time I walked by and was now going to go steal it.

When I got there, her door was wide open.

I stood still. I couldn't hear anybody in the hall. It's doubtful EVERYONE was downstairs, but I couldn't see or hear anybody on the floor. It was dangerous, but I couldn't pass up this golden opportunity.

I stepped into her room and opened the topmost dresser drawer on her side of the room. It was chock full of panties. It was full of every style: bikinis, string bikinis, boy shorts, thongs. All in silky polyester. There was also a pile of 6 satin Victoria's Secret bras. I quickly stuffed the pile of bras down into my underwear. I didn't have anything to put them in so I had to improvise. I started stuffing handfuls of panties and thongs down into my briefs. In all I got 22 panties.

Someone could literally walk by at any moment, so I got the heck out of there, pausing to grab the picture off the door that I had come for. There was a huge visible bump in my pants, so I didn't get anything from her roommate or check for dirty clothes. I pulled my shirt down as best I could and went up to my room.

This was the beginning of, when needed, using my underwear as a pocked to hide stolen underthings.

In the picture, she is the girl on the left. You can see her panty drawer opened in the background. For weeks I would look at that picture while jerking off into her panties, until they were all gone.

(MAC 4) Prologue part 3 - Please Return (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:04:36 GMT)

Another memorable instance was one time when I had visited the laundry room of the dorm I lived in, under a different wing. By now I had discovered the joys of groping and humping girls at concerts, so I didn't visit laundry rooms as often as I had the year before.

Only one dryer had clothes in it. There was a large lingerie wash bag inside, stuffed full of panties and bras. I grabbed it, put it in my backpack and went on to the next place. Inside there were 12 bright and colorful Victoria's Secret satin bikini brief panties and 4 Victoria's Secret fancy bras. I left them in the bag and put it with the rest of my stash.

A day or two later I happened to go back to the same laundry room. On the door was a piece of paper with writing in colorful ink:

Whoever took all my
BRAND NEW Victoria's Secret
underwear, please return
to room 1702

Each line was written with a differed color of pen, which I thought was cute. I took the sign and didn't even go into the laundry room. I couldn't have girls entering the laundry room knowing that panty theft was possible. Plus, I had to find out who lived in room 1702.

It only took a few days to wander past the door and see who was inside. Two girls lived in there, and judging by the size of the panties and bras, it was easy to determine who had written the note. Of course it's always possible that these were just friends of the actual girl who I stole them from, but I choose to not think about that.

I took me nearly 4 months before I got any decent pictures of her. By then I didn't have them anymore.

Something I had learned was that girls rarely, if ever, reported that someone stole their underwear. I guess maybe it's too embarrassing or something. Or if they did, I never heard about it. This girl had been an obvious exception, as she had posted it for everyone to see. Or had tried to. So I decided to see just how brave she was. It was apparent that she thought another girl had stolen them, as I doubt she would want a panty thief perv to know which room was hers.

The next night I jerked off with a pair of her panties, making sure all my cum was soaked up with them. I then went up to her room in the middle of the night and hung them on her door handle so they would be waiting for her when she left for class the next morning.

I never heard anything about it, so the next week I did the same thing. I imagined her opening the door and discovering her cum covered panties hanging there. What did she think? Did cum get on her hands when she grabbed them? Did she keep them or throw them away? Did she continue to wear them? Did she regret that she posted her room number? Or was she just glad she got them back? Was she afraid for her safety?

I waited another two weeks and did it again. Then I did it again the very next night. Next I jerked off with one of her bras, drenched it with my cum and hung that on her door handle. Eventually I gave back all of her panties and bras, dripping with my cum.

I can only imagine what her neighbors thought, walking down the hall and repeatedly seeing cum soaked panties and bras.

(MAC 5) Prologue part 4 - Florist (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:06:05 GMT)

There was a florist in town who would hire college students to deliver flowers on Valentines Day. Since it was such a big campus with so many students there were so many deliveries that they needed lots of extra help. It paid pretty good for a single day of work, so I signed up. The florist wanted you to work in pairs. If you worked for them a second year they would have you work alone.

I was paired up with some guy and we spent the day delivering flowers all around campus and around town. Something I learned was that lots of girls left their doors unlocked. Maybe it was just because they were expecting flowers on this day, I don't know. We were told to knock on the door several times. If no one answered we were supposed to try to open the door and leave the flowers inside. This is what we were told to do! I couldn't wait to do it again the following year.

I was very excited to do it again my second year of college. Since I was experienced I was allowed to work by myself. From 8 am to 5 pm I would go to the florist and pick up as many flower arrangements as I could carry in my vehicle. They each had a name and address on them, but it was completely random which ones we got. So there was no way for the florist to know who delivered which flowers. With around two dozen people making deliveries, it was perfect for anonymity. I bought a box of large black plastic bags and brought along my backpack.

I'd estimate that there were 10 to 15 times that day when no one would answer AND the door was unlocked. A lot of the deliveries were to Sororities, where there is always someone home. Deliveries to dorm rooms rarely had someone in them. When dorm room doors were unlocked I would look down the hallway, step inside, and quickly open the top dresser and grab a handful of panties. Sometimes I'd risk moving to the second dresser and opening the top drawer. If there were people in the hallway, I'd just drop off the flowers. I'd put the panties in my backpack and, once in my car, transfer them into a black garbage bag. I nearly filled two garbage bags in one day.

I'd also deliver to apartment buildings. These were just about always locked. Except for one memorable time.

This apartment complex was near campus, but hard to find as it was behind a building. The parking lot was surrounded by trees and buildings. The room was on the very end of the first floor. To get to the door I had to walk under the stairs and around a corner. So it felt very tucked away and hidden. No one answered and I when I tried the handle I was surprised it opened. I said a few things to see if someone was home. It was empty.

I set the flowers down and quickly looked around. I noticed there were two bedrooms, both with open doors. The kitchen and the living room connected and that was it. In the living room there were small panels attached to the walls that were covered in 4 x6 pictures. I wanted to try to determine who lived here. It looked like there were many parties in this room and I saw many hot, sexy girls. One frame was full of pictures of a party, in the same room, where all the girls were wearing lingerie. This was a good sign.

I went into the first bedroom, looked in the closet and just about had a heart attack. It was like a lingerie store. There were stacks of clear plastic tubs full of everything imaginable.

One was full of bikini panties. Another was full of thongs. None of them were regular old cotton Jockey's. There were all sexy, expensive, high class slutty ones. Another was chock full of bikini swimsuits. There were chemises, teddies, bustiers, corsets, babydolls, nighties, camisoles, garter belts, stockings and sexy pajamas and gowns. Every color and pattern was present. All of it was satin, silk, polyester, nylon or lycra. Most things were from Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's of Hollywood. It would take a lifetime to jerk off with all this stuff.

Previously I had only taken a few things, as to go unnoticed. But this was the opportunity of a lifetime. I had to take it all. I was going to need some garbage bags from my car.

I opened the panty drawer and emptied the contents into my backpack. This way, worst case scenario, I'd at least have all her panties. There were so many it completely filled my backpack. I noticed a pink and black striped pair that I had seen in one of the pictures in the living room.

I ran out to the living room and pulled the whole frame off the wall. It had about 10 pictures attached to it.

I walked out to my car as casually as I could. Left my backpack and the frame. Grabbed several of the large black garbage bags and walked back. I didn't see any sign of people in the parking lot or in the apartment complex. Every door opened to the outside, so every apartment had a living room window that faced the parking lot. So I just tried to not look suspicious.

As soon as I got back into her room I started unloading the contents of her closet into the garbage bags. I made sure every bin that contained lingerie was completely empty. This filled one and a half bags. I then glanced at the rest of her closet. I saw several silky, slinky dresses and gowns, which I eagerly took. I randomly took a few other clothing items that looked like they would be smooth, soft and good for jerking off with. In fact, I had such a hard-on that I wanted to jerk off right there. But I didn't have time for that. I was working as fast as I could and I wanted to get out asap. I found some dirty clothes in the corner that looked like she had taken them off the day before. I picked out a few items and stuffed them into the garbage bag.

I now had two garbage bags, completely stuffed full. I carried them out to my car and I was going to drive away. But I just couldn't. The place seemed so deserted. I knew that students were in the middle of class, so most likely, no one would be coming home for a while.

I left my car, went back to the apartment, and went into the other room. This room was more straight forward. The top drawer of her dresser had panties, bras and thongs in it, plus a few other lingerie items. I emptied all of them into another garbage bag. Her dirty clothes hamper was overflowing with clothing. I rifled through it and pulled out several pairs of panties and a few bras.

I thought for a moment, then went back down and took the flower vase back. I put this last garbage bag into my car and I put the flowers back with the rest.

The rest of the day I felt numb. I eventually stashed all the garbage bags and my backpack and went back to deliver the flowers. It was close to 5:00 and I really hoped they would be home. I was nervous because I thought maybe the police would be there, but they weren't.

I knocked on the door and the blonde from the picture answered the door. The flowers were for her. Looking in, I saw the black haired girl standing in the kitchen. Neither of them looked particularly stressed or concerned. They must not have noticed yet.

I went back home to lech over my goodies. I identified the girls in the pictures. The blonde was the owner of the items in the "second room". I now owned the pink lingerie she's wearing in these pictures. The black haired girl had the vault of lingerie in her closet, and I now had the black and red lingerie as well as the pink striped panties and black stockings from the other two pictures.

I jerked off into her dainty underthings for years.

(MAC 6) Prologue part 5 - Door Left Open (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:07:19 GMT)

For my third year of college I lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

The blonde on the left drove the truck pictured behind her. Right in front of that truck was her one-bedroom apartment. I noticed that she often left her apartment, crossed the parking lot, and walked over to her boyfriends apartment which was in the complex net to ours. Her room and my room were laid out the same, and I knew that the only way to lock the front door was using the key from the outside.

One time noticed her leaving without locking the door and walking towards her boyfriends. I got up the courage, quickly crossed the parking lot with my backpack on, opened her front door and darted back to her bedroom. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and found a plethora of panties and thongs. There were probably 50 in all. There was also a stack of 15 neatly folded bras, all in bright colored flowered patterns.

I threw the stack of bras into my backpack. I scooped up handfuls of panties and thongs until I had them all as well. I turned to leave, but I had been so fast that I decided to look for her dirty clothes hamper. It was in the bathroom and it was full.

I dumped the contents on the floor, rooted around for any and all underwear, then scooped it all back up into the hamper. I zipped my backpack closed and walked out. In all, I had probably been in there less than 30 seconds.

As I walked out and shut her door behind me, I saw the two of them walking around a building, straight towards me. I quickly changed course and made a sharp turn to the right. Once I was behind a row of bushes I snuck a look back at them.

They were walking slow, talking, looking at each other and smiling. Nothing to suggest that they had noticed me. Still, it was WAY to close. I was lucky during college in that, while I had a few close calls like this, I never actually got caught.

(MAC 7) Prologue part 6 - Hooters (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:08:31 GMT)

Last story before I get to the camp stories.

My last year of college I lived in a one-bedroom apartment that was even further away from campus. I had to walk several blocks to get to school and there were many ways I could go. By now I was more focused on attending concerts than stealing panties. If the opportunity arose I would take it, but less and less was I trying to create my own opportunities.

I don't remember where I saw this girl first. Hooters or her apartment. I ogled her (and others) every time I would go to Hooters. I also noticed she lived in an apartment near where I lived. I would always walk home on the route that took me past her house.

She lived in a great big 3-story house that had been broken up into apartments. She lived on the top floor and her bedroom had a large window that faced the street. She never had the shades closed and sometimes, if it was dark out and her lights were on, I could see her in her bedroom.

I dreamed of running into her at a concert or a club, but it never happened. I didn't even know if she was a student or not. All I knew was she was a blonde bombshell with big tits, she worked at Hooters and that was her bedroom.

One evening I had been at school late into the evening and I was walking home about 9 or 10 at night. I walked past her house and noticed that all the lights in the entire house were off, save for her apartment bathroom. The bathroom window faced the alleyway and went straight into the shower. The bottom half of the window was unable to be seen through, but the top was crystal clear.

I walked around down the alley and looked up. It was quite a ways up there, but I could see the outline of her torso, and the upper half of her cleavage and her wet blonde hair were visible. My instincts took over.

I darted to the ground level entryway, entered the building, went up the old steps to her apartment door. I pulled my long sleeve shirt up over my hand and tried the door handle. Locked.

Holding onto the handle I leaned the weight of my shoulder against the door. With one push it flew open, with small pieces of wood from the door frame splintering onto the floor. It barely had made any sound. I put my head into the room. I could hear the shower going.

I stepped in, entered her bedroom and flicked the light on. Her dresser was in her closet., but it was a walk in closet and there was very little light. I pulled the top drawer out and set it on her bed. My backpack was full of books but I always carried large black plastic garbage bags in it. I opened one up and filled it with panties and bras.

I pulled out the next drawer and set it on the bed as well, then the last two drawers. I randomly grabbed whatever I wanted and put it in the garbage bag. I didn't take EVERYTHING, but I did take most of her clothes. I got jeans, shorts, pajamas and bikini swimsuits. I pulled clothing off of hangers and stuffed them into the bags. I got dresses and skirts, shirts and tank-tops. I got her old high school cheerleading uniform and some dance outfits. Best of all I got all her Hooters outfits. Lastly I dumped her laundry hamper out on the floor and picked some clothing out to stuff in my bags, including several dirty panties.

I tied up the two bags and carried them to the door, where I stopped and thought. I could still hear the shower. This girl must have looked absolutely stunning naked. Her big bouncy tits. Her thick thighs. Her donk of an ass.

I wanted to burst into the bathroom, pull her out of the shower, grope and squeeze those boobs, spank and slap that ass, bend her over and pound away until I filled her pussy up with cum. That's what I wanted to do. But I didn't.

Instead I crept over to the door and, ever so gently, and opened it to peek inside. Luckily I could see into the shower through the mirror above the sink. It was a little steamy, but there she was, buck naked.

She was standing with her back to me, facing the shower head. The water was pouring down onto her face. I could clearly see her big beautiful booty. Her ass cheeks were like two large round pillows. They were a little bit whiter than the rest of her tanned body. Her wet blonde hair was dripping with suds and water. She had a well-proportioned porn star body that just looked like it was MADE for sex. Then she turned around.

There were her large perky breasts, in plain sight. They had to be implants as they puffed straight out with with no saggyness. They looked firm, like they were swollen. Her nipples were small and pinkish. Her breasts were just perfect. Her pussy lips looked delicious and she was neatly shaven with a racing stripe.

I wanted to fuck her so bad! This took place after my experience fucking the passed out girl at a concert. So I knew I had it in me to fuck someone without their permission. But of course, this was way different. I couldn't be doing that, and I knew it.

As I stood there leering at her naked body I noticed her clothes sitting on the toilet seat. I reached in with my hand and grabbed her dirty, pink, satin panties. I put them up to my face to smell them. They had the sweet aroma of her crotch. I unzipped my pants, wrapped them around my fully erect cock, and started jerking off with them. It didn't take long before I was unloading a wad of cum into her panties. They were too small to hold it all and it leaked out onto my hand.

I wanted to put them back where they were, but I figured the police would be coming and I didn't want my DNA laying around. I put them in a side pocket of my backpack and zipped my pants up

I glanced into her bedroom as I left and I could see that her room was a mess. Her dresser drawers were laying empty on her bed, hangers were spread about her floor and clothing from her hamper was thrown about the room. I turned her bedroom light off, grabbed the garbage bags and walked out just as she turned the water off.

I walked home carrying the bags with no problem. Later that night I drove past her house and saw two police cars parked in front, plus several tenants standing outside talking. Two weeks later she didn't live there anymore. Which I deeply regret, but oh well. I still saw her at Hooters from time to time. But her smile never looked quite has happy as it used to.

(MAC 8) - Pajamas part 1 - Intro (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:09:45 GMT)

Finally, to the stories from Camp. I'm going to break each story up into several parts so I can include the appropriate picture.

So besides groping asses in the dining hall, ogling bikini clad girls in the hot tub and humping bubble-butt asses at the concert, I was always on the lookout for an opportunity to swipe panties from hot girls.

There's basically three times when this can happen:

First, the laundry rooms. There are a few laundry rooms, but they are used only by the staff. Some of the staff members are hot college girls, but it's nearly impossible to tell who's clothes they are. However, it's fairly easy to walk in, take a look in the dryers, and see if there's anything worth taking. I do this almost every day I'm there, but I don't take much, if anything. It's not as exciting for me anymore when I don't know who they belong to.

Second, the lost-and-found. The later in the summer, the better this is. But I really only need to go look once during the week. At the end of every week they collect all the clothing and items left behind and but it in this room. I don't know how often kids get their stuff back, but at the end of the summer they pack it all up and give it away somewhere. I always try to take at least one look in here to see if there are any underwear items. It's hit and miss, and some years I haven't even bothered looking.

Third, the cabins themselves. This is, of course, the best and most risky place to go. Every cabin group gets to go on one overnight canoeing or hiking trip. I try to spot the really hot girls to see which cabin their in. Then, if I see those girls leaving for the overnight trip I can get up in the middle of the night and sneak into their cabin. Using a flashlight I can go through all their bags and take a few things from each. I've done this a few times. It's the best, but sometimes I just don't have the guts. I've also snuck into cabins a few times during the day, when I knew that the whole camp was doing an activity together, far away. But I've always only taken a few things, so that hopefully the girls wouldn't notice or report it.

Now here's a story from one of the first times I attended, and everything that I did.

(MAC 9) - Pajamas part 2 - Coeds (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:10:55 GMT)

To attend this camp, kids must be "going into" grade 9, 10, 11 or 12. To WORK at this camp, kids must have completed at least one year of college. So if they've just graduated from high school and are on their way to college, they can't attend regular camp AND they can't work there. But they DO provide something for these inbetween-ers.

I don't know what it's called, but a limited number of them can come and participate in a whole different set of activities. Sometimes they are doing the same stuff as the rest of the kids and sometimes they are doing more work-related activities, like dishes and cleaning. It lasts two weeks and it's free for the kids. They also do some things that take place off-camp. These trips are anywhere from one night to several days long. Which means the cabin or room they are all staying in is unattended for at least one night.

Something I've noticed about these groups over the years is they are almost always all females. Sometimes there will be a guy or two participating also, but not very often. Sometimes it's hard to spot which group of girls they are. They've graduated high school, but they don't look that much different than the girls who haven't. Also it's not always clear where they are staying. There are lots of cabins, but sometimes all the cabins are full and they put this group of kids somewhere else. The lodge that the adults stay in has some large rooms filled with many bunk beds.

The first time I noticed this post high school group was when they were all staying in one of these large bunk rooms. They were just down the hall from me and I would see into their room every time I went in or out of the building. There were 12 girls and most of them were extremely hot looking. They all wore tight fitting cleavage revealing tops. Some of them had HUGE titties. They often wore tight short shorts or tight jeans. At night they would prance around in skimpy pajamas. At the time I didn't know why this group of girls was staying in the adult building, I just targeted them as people I hoped would be able to find at the concert on the last night.

Every time I walked by I especially noticed two girls. In the picture it's the blonde in the front row on the left and the brunette in the front row on the right. These two girls had the beds that were closest to the door. They had smoking hot bodies with big bubble-butt asses and nicely shaped breasts. They wore flirty clothing and were always half dressed beside the open door.

The second morning I got up late for breakfast. As I was leaving the building I noticed that their door was open and the room was empty. I stopped and listened. I couldn't hear anybody, so I stepped into the room. Beside blonde's bed was a pile of dirty clothing, with a pair of panties and a bra clearly visible. I swiped both of them, then moved over to brunettes bed. Her dirty clothes were in a bag. I felt around until I found a two thongs and a bra. I hurried back down to my room to stash them, then went on to breakfast.

After breakfast, when everyone was taking their dishes up, I managed to brush my hand across blondie's ass. As well as some other girls not in this picture. I thought that was the end, but it was far from it.

(MAC 10) - Pajamas part 3 - Bag in Closet (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:12:05 GMT)

Sometime during the second day I went down to the Lost and Found area. It was in a storage room that is tucked inside a building that people don't use very often. People just aren't in here very often. So I know that I can expect to have plenty of time to take a look. Like I said before, this has items that have been collected over the summer. If you were to misplace something while you were at camp, you would look for it somewhere else.

I go into the building, enter the storage room and close the door. As usual there are several boxes filled with towels, jackets, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts and other assorted clothing. I quickly rifled through the boxes and found nothing of interest. Then I noticed a big duffel bag with a piece of paper taped to it. The paper read, "Jane Doe is picking this up on 8/19." I don't remember the name or the date, but that's the gist of what it said. So it seems some high school girl accidently left her entire bag at camp, called to tell them when she would be back to pick it up, and someone stashed it here until then. Too bad for her that I found it first.

Whatever the date actually was, it was another two weeks or so before she would be picking it up. So that meant I didn't need to be stingy. Looking through her bag it appeared that everything had been previously worn, as it was all just stuffed in as opposed to being nicely folded. I found an entire weeks worth of worn panties, three bras and a black and white tankini swimsuit. I also found a yellow bikini top and a maroon-ish patterned bikini bottom.

The panties and bras all looked very sexy and I fingering them was giving me an erection. I started thinking about how I would most likely be alone here for as long as I needed. I also thought about how no one would be looking into this bag for another two weeks, at which point some high school girl would take it home and probably dump it out on top of her bed. I decided it wouldn't hurt to leave her a present.

I took all the panties, bras and the tankini and set them aside. Since the bikini bottom didn't have a matching top I decided to use it. It was smooth and silky. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out. I wrapped the bikini bottoms around my shaft and used it to stroke myself. Her bag was still open and I could see shirts, tank tops, shorts and whatnot bunched inside. Her clothes were bright and colorful and many were expensive brand name items. As I continued using her bikini bottoms to stroke myself I put her panties up to my nose. I could smell the sweet aroma of her young cunt. One white pair smelled particularly strong. I kept this pair against my nose, inhaling her scent as I discharged a large wad of cum into her bikini bottoms. I caught my entire load in them, wiped the head of my cock off and stuffed them back down deep into her bag. I zipped the bag closed, took my new treasures back to my room and caught up with whatever was going on.

I lucked upon this picture of this girl wearing the very panties that I had jerked off into. I guess she wore them with the yellow top.

(MAC 11) - Pajamas part 4 - Circle Game (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:13:08 GMT)

Every year they break everybody up into teams and have an Olympic-style competition. Each group consists of 12 kids or so and 2 or 3 adults. Sometimes the competitions are fun and exciting. Sometimes they're...not. This year was like that.

I usually participated, though some years I've skipped it. The kids don't have that choice. The groups are generated randomly and this year I had two girls in my group that really held my attention. One was this chesty girl.

I have, literally, dozens of pictures of her. So this is just a small sample. I noticed her all the time because her tits seemed so perfect. They were perky and firm, not at all saggy. And they seemed to be in bigger proportion than her body should have. I saw her in bikini tops several times and I was just in awe. Plus, she had an infectious smile that was so attractive.

This year the "competition" consisted of several challenges that each group participated in separately. Each group was timed and the scores were added up. One challenge gave me a golden opportunity.

There was a square piece of fabric on the ground. Our entire group had to stand on it without touching the ground. Everyone put a foot on it, grabbed each others arms, and lifted our other foot off the ground. Then it was folded in half and we had to do it again. Remember, there's 15 of us. So it was difficult and took many tries.

Busty chick here was two people away from me on my left. She was wearing a blue bikini top that was skimpier and more revealing than this polka-doted white one. Every time we attempted to to stand on the fabric we had several people put one foot down. Then others would put a foot on top of those feet. Then all 15 of us would reach our arms into the middle and grab ahold of each other. When we attempted to lift our second legs we would hold it for a second, then usually fall over.

I noticed that when all our arms were in the middle it was a big jumbled mess, and you couldn't tell whose arms/hands where whose. Even with a person in between us, Bustyness was very close to me. So one time I stuck my arms in, but then bent my right arm so my hand went back towards her chest. I rested my palm on her left boob and held it there. I watched her eyes to see if they changed at all. They didn't.

The next attempt I palmed her entire left cheasticle. Holding her fleshy breast with my entire hand. This time we stayed up long enough that I could really grip it. I didn't squeeze, but I concentrated on just holding it, feeling the shape and weight of it. It was the perfect breast. Well rounded, firm and heavy. My palm was centered on her bikini but my fingertips were actually touching her skin. I did this two or three more times on subsequent attempts. Then we tried it one more time.

Since she hadn't shown any sign of distress I just went for it. On this attempt I put my right hand straight on the fleshy part of her left breast. Now my entire hand was touching her skin. My pinky finger was slipping under her bikini, while my thumb and forefinger were actually on her right breast. I could feel the hollow chasm of her cleavage as my hand rested partway between her tits. Her skin was warm and I could just barely feel her breathing.

My hand uncontrollably moved from her left breast to her right breast, so that I felt her skin across both boobs as well and the dip in between. I noticed her face blushing and a pained expression start to form.

We all pulled away and it was over. As we moved on to the next challenge I saw that her perpetual smile was now gone. Her arms were folded across her chest, making a vain attempt had covering up her breasts. I guess she figured out someone was groping her tits on purpose.

(MAC 12) - Pajamas part 5 - Falling Game (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:14:19 GMT)

The very next challenge we did involved taking turns standing on a picnic table and falling backwards onto the open arms of the rest of the group. A couple guys went first and I figured out what I was going to do. When the girls went I positioned myself so they landed with their ass in my hands.

We all stood in two lines facing each other, stuck our arms out in front of us, then alternated our arms next to each other. Our interwoven arms would easily catch the person falling.

I looked forward to this girl going. These pictures were taken later that evening. She was wearing the tight black leggings in this picture and her booty just POPPED! It was so well toned and bounced as she walked. Her face was not very good looking, but put her ass on the chesty girls body and you would have the perfect woman. I'm not sure if you can see just how amazing her ass looked. It looks like their are two small spots on her ass cheek, but those must be spots on the camera lens.

It was her turn and I was ready. Just as she fell I pulled my left hand toward me and lined it up with my right hand. I caught that ass in the picture with both hands and gave both cheeks a good squeeze.

It only lasted a second as we passed her down the row right after we caught her. But her ass felt great with those tight leggings on. Her cheeks were full and firm. We all had to do it a second time and again I was able to perfectly catch one ass cheek in each hand. I squeezed a little harder this time. She gave out a little yelp, which didn't seem out of place what will trusting the group to catch you from that height. So I know she noticed.

I'd say she had the best ass out of anyone at the whole camp. The girls down the hall were great, but now THIS was the girl I hoped to find at the concert.

Groping these two girls had really gotten me excited. After the competition was over there was a little time to sit around before dinner. I got an idea and moved quickly.

I went back to my room and got the top of the tankini. I went back down to the storage closet that held the lost and found items. Wasting no time I unzipped the duffle bag and pulled the sides apart so I could see all the clothing inside. I whipped out my cock and started jerking off using the swimsuit top. A tankini top is like a tank top made of swimsuit material. It was very smooth and it didn't take long before I was ready to cum.

I shot an enormous load right into the bag on top of her clothing. My cum splattered on several articles of her clothing. I jerked it all out, making sure every drop got in the duffle bag. I put the swim top back in my pocket, zipped the bag up, and went off to dinner.

(MAC 13) - Pajamas part 6 - Coeds Room (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:15:12 GMT)

On the second to last night I found out who the girls down the hall were. How they had all graduated high school and were participating in a different sort of camp than the everybody else. I also found out that they were going on a short trip off camp and wouldn't return for a few days. Well after everyone else was gone.

I found this out from the blonde in the front row whose panties I had flinched. She was standing alone in the hall and I struck up a conversation with her. She didn't seem very bright. I wonder if she ever made it through college?

At first I was disappointed; they wouldn't be at the concert. But then I got very excited. They're bags and suitcases would be unattended in their room for the rest of the time I would be here. I was never going to see them again. What an opportunity!

I couldn't sleep at all that night. At about 2 am I crept down the hall with my backpack. All the lights were off and it was very quiet. I opened their door, stepped in and shut it behind me. The doors locked, but only from the inside. I quietly locked the door, just in case, and turned on my flashlight. First I went over to the window and shut the curtains. That way if anybody was walking by outside they wouldn't see the flashlight.

Like I said, there were 12 girls staying in this room. Every one of them had a large suitcase or duffel bag, plus some had other smaller bags too. Some were on the beds, others were on the floor. I made a decision that would ordinarily be pretty stupid, but since they weren't coming back until I was long gone anyway, I just went for it.

I went through each bag and suitcase and took every pair of panties, thong, bra and swimsuit I could find. I had all the time I needed, so I'm pretty sure I found, AND TOOK, everything. Including already worn items.

One girl had around 15 fancy thongs. Another girl had 10 Victoria's Secret bras in different colors. Another had three bikini's and one one-piece swimsuit. I took it all. Several swimsuits where hanging on the ladders of the bunk beds. I took all of them. I didn't leave a single piece of underwear or swimwear behind.

The three girls in the first row are the only ones who I new which clothes were there's. The blonde and the brunette because I saw which beds were there's. The girl in the center was easy because she had enormous tits and there was only one suitcase that had bras that would have fit her.

A part of me wanted to jerk off into one of blonde's panties and leave it in her bag, but I had already ejaculated twice this week and I wanted to save up for the concert, just in case. Nearly two hours after I'd entered I crept out with my loot and went back down to my room.

(MAC 14) - Pajamas part 7 - Pajamas (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:16:05 GMT)

Ok. The night of the concert.

As usual, I got there early to scout it out. Remember, this is an old gym that was converted to a concert setting. The stage is surrounded by bleachers with an area for kids to stand in front. I was up pretty far as I watched more and more kids arrive.

I saw busty chick arrive. She had a great set of tits, but her ass was only so-so. So I kept waiting, hoping booty girl would show up. The concert was starting and it was now very dark in the "pit" area. Finally, I saw her come in with a group of people who were trying to push themselves up to the front. I drifted over until I was as close to her as I could get. She was in the front of the group of people she was with, and it was so packed that I couldn't get through them. But that was ok.

Wasting no time, I extended my arm past the people in front of me and palmed her right ass cheek. She was wearing the same black leggings from the day we did the olympics. The same ones in the picture. Her ass felt great in those thin, skin tight leggings. I just held my hand on her ass as long as I could as they continued to push up to the front. Sometimes my hand slipped off, but I got it back on as soon as I could.

As a group, they got very close to the stage until they couldn't move any more. There were still some people between me and her and I couldn't push up to her as they were all hanging on to each other. So I just continued to reach up through them and rub her ass.

I rubbed my hands all over her ass. I groped her bubble-butt ass cheeks and felt pawed at the top of her legs. I felt the curvature of her cheeks as I rubbed from her ass down to her legs. I was careful not to squeeze too hard, but just lightly massage all over her booty. I moved to her ass crack and just held my finger on her crack. I slowly and gently pressed deeper, but she spun around and looked behind her.

I backed off and kept my eyes on the band. I really wanted to get up close to her so I could jab that ass with my cock, but it just didn't feel like it was going to happen.

I glanced around and saw this other girl a little to my left, right up against the stage. The stage was such that it came up to most peoples armpits. Many of these people had their arms on the stage, as did the people behind them. So a tall girl would have her tits right about the stage line and a shorter girl would have her tits below the stage line, hidden in the darkness. This girl was on the short side.

The picture I've included doesn't show her face. She's the one with her big ass sticking out. Her blonde hair came down to her average-sized tits. She had arrived at camp with heavy make up on, so my first impression was that she was a very attractive girl. But the rest of the week she wore little or no make-up, and I saw that she was merely average looking. What did stick out (literally) was her ass. It was big and bulging, but well toned. It looked great in tight clothing.

Her ass wasn't as great as "booty girl's", but it was good in a different way. This girls ass was bigger, but still well proportionate. She had big fat ass cheeks that swayed when she walked. Under normal circumstances I would have stayed where I was. Her wardrobe caught my attention. She was wearing pajamas.

This wasn't unusual. Lost of girls wore pajama bottoms. But this girl was wearing smooth, silky polyester ones. They were tight on her big ass, but hung loosely down her legs. They were blue with small images of Minnie Mouse all over them.

She was only a few feet away from me, but it took several minuets to get up behind her. I was able to move directly behind her during a song in which everyone was jumping around. Her head and neck were above the stage while the rest of her was hidden below it. Both of her arms were raised up with her hands holding on to the stage's edge. I had to bend at the knees in order to line my cock up with her ass. My cock was trying to tear a hole in my pants as I leaned my pelvis into her. It was so tight up front that I would have pressed up against her even if I didn't want to.

I could feel her soft, jiggly ass cheeks bouncing on my stiff cock. I enjoyed this for a few moments, leaning against her hard so I could see how she would react. She used the flat edge of the stage to brace her body as she pushed back, as not to let herself get smashed. At the same time, she just kept on bouncing and dancing to the music.

I withdrew my pelvis from her body, pulled my cock out and pulled my shirt down over the top of it. I kept both my feet planted firmly on the ground, with my legs slightly bent at the knees, and pressed up against her ass again. She just kept jumping up and down, with my cock getting a little bit better ride. She wasn't responding negativity and I wanted to hurry before she stopped. So I gently lifted my shirt with each of her jumps until my naked cock was completely exposed, resting on her ass crack.

I didn't jab or press it against her. I didn't need too. With all the up and down motions, her ass cheeks were RIDING my cock! And the silky feeling of her pajama bottoms felt amazing. It was like she was jerking me off with her crack!

I stood my ground and continued to let her please me unknowingly. She stopped between songs, but then ramped it up again during the next one. It felt great, but I didn't think I'd be able to orgasm this way. And I HAD to ejaculate on her.

I started rocking my body forward in rhythm with her, so I was extending my cock slightly up into her crack. The little bit of extra silky material, plus the feeling of both going deeper into her crack and thrusting, was working. I knew I was going to cum soon, but I still thought I would need a little help.

When the time came, I was going to reach down and jerk myself off onto her ass. But then, the current song kicked up and all the kids starting jumping and pushing harder. Without thinking, I just went for it.

I put my hands on the edge of the stage, on either side of her hands, so that my arms were boxing in her shoulders, holding them tight. I lowered my pelvis even further, lined the head of my cock up with her ass crack, and thrust up against her whole body. My cock extended up and in, deep into her ass crack. Her smooth, silky pajamas helped my cock to easily glide up and in.

I gave her several fast, furious thrusts up her ass canal. I pounder harder and faster as I began to cum. She had stopped jumping, or moving at all. Her head was down and her body frozen. As my cock erupted with cum I continued to slam her body against the edge of the stage. It all happened so quick, I think it caught her by surprise.

As I emptied out the last few shots of cum, I pulled away and wiped the head of my cock on her right ass cheek. I looked down to see my handiwork, but it was too dark to make it out. I took my hands off the stage and she immediately turned to the left and pushed her way out through the crowd.

I put my cock away, waited a moment. Then turned and pushed my way out a different way. I became worried that she was going to go tell someone.

When I got to the back I saw her exiting the building. Outside had a little more light, and I could see gobs of cum clinging to her pajamas in the center of her ass and on her shirt on the small of her back.

I followed her from a safe distance and saw that she went back to her cabin, NOT to where she could tell an adult. As she entered her building I thought I could see tears in her eyes.

The next morning I saw her at breakfast. She didn't look like she had gotten much sleep and her eyes looked like then had been crying. No one else in her group looked particularly alarmed. I guess she was too embarrassed to tell anyone.

(MAC 15) - Bikini Bods part 1 - Suitcase (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:17:30 GMT)

It wasn't on purpose or planned, but one year I went to camp I'll always think of as "bikini week."

It was a very hot summer and the week I went was especially hot. So there were many activities in the water, and plenty of girls wearing bikini tops and short shorts. It just seemed like there were a multitude of teen girls that looked absolutely great in a bikini. Throw in that I had several "experiences" involving bikinis and I think you'll see why I refer to it like I do.

With the lack of clothes all the girls were wearing, it was a particularly good week for my usual shenanigans. I groped a lot of asses in the lunchroom and seeing all that teenage flesh kept me on the lookout for opportunities to snatch panties.

Stealing panties is, I think, pretty risk free. Providing I don't get caught. We're there for a whole week and most girls bring enough or more than enough. So there's a question of whether they will even notice that a pair or two are missing. Bra's are a little riskier as they typically don't bring as many, so it's more likely they'll notice before they get home. Stealing bikini's is dangerous. Most of them only bring one, though some will have more. So I KNOW they will notice if they're gone. The exception is the staff members. They typically have multiple swimsuits.

The first day we were there I was walking up one of the back trails near where the staff members park their cars during the summer. They are all parked in two long lines, in the back of the camp, out of the way. There is one trailhead at the end of this parking strip. I was walking past it with a group of people and I noticed that one of the cars, a little Subaru Outback, had a bikini hanging in the back side window, as if it had been left to dry there. It was white with small skull n' crossbones printed on it. It looked really sexy.

Now I knew this was one of the staff members, but I had no idea who's. In the back I also saw a two suitcases and a duffle bag. Obviously this belonged to a staff member, but why would her stuff be in her car? I surmised that she must be off camp somewhere, because if she was staying ON camp, she would have her things with her.

Anyway, seeing all the girls with hot bikini bods was already making me feel amorous. That evening, with no other ideas yet, I decided to go check it out. I went out around midnight with a flashlight and my backpack. I'd only use the light if I absolutely had to, as not to be seen.

I walked all the way out to the car. It was pitch black out, and because it was on a gravel road, I would be able to hear anyone walking out to the cars before they got here. I wasn't going to break into the car, I just wanted to see if the doors happened to be unlocked.

I tried the tailgate first. Locked. I tried the drivers door and the back door nearest the bikini. Both locked. Oh well. I went around and tried the other back door. Nope. I tried the front passenger door. Bingo! All the lights in the car went on when I opened the door. This made me nervous, as you could probably see the lights from far away. I unlocked all the doors and shut it. I walked back around to the other side where the bikini was. At least now I was facing down the road towards the camp.

I opened the door and, with the lights now on, grabbed the bikini, put it in my backpack, and shut the door. That's all I planned on doing, but I had noticed those suitcases again.

I thought for a moment, then went for it. I figured if anyone was walking around this late they would probably just think some staff member was getting something out of their car.

First I looked in the duffle bag. It had only sweatshirts and the like in it. Under the duffle bag was a laundry bag. And it was full of dirty clothes. I pulled it onto the back seat in front of me and went through it. I found several pairs of dirty panties and one bra, all of which I stuffed in my backpack. I put the bags back where they were, shut the door and listened. Silence.

Opening the door, I had to climb in the car to reach a suitcase. I pulled it up onto the back seat so I could get a better look. It was unzipped, but all I found were towels, shoes and various other things. I put it back where it had been, shut the door, and listened again. Still, I heard nothing. If anyone was out walking where they could see the light of the car, I would have been able to hear their footsteps.

I climbed inside again and pulled the last suitcase up onto the back seat. Standing outside by the open door I unzipped and opened it. Jackpot. Using the dome lights I was able to see the contents. This was all her clothes. It looked like she dressed like a typical hot college student. Lots of name brand clothing in girly colors. Small and skimpy outfits. Rifling through it I found a stack of 9 bras and 25 pairs of panties and thongs,.

I paused for a moment. Should I really do this? It was only the first night. This was obviously a hot college girl, but what if she was back tomorrow? When she noticed that ALL her underwear was missing she was sure to report it. Then what would happen? But if I didn't take it now, I might not get a change.

As my brain was thinking this, my cock was telling me to just stuff it all in my backpack. So I did. Next I looked in the zippered compartment on the inside of the lid. Inside I found a one piece swim suit and another bikini. The bikini bottoms were brown and the top was blue. I stuffed them in my bag. Next I pulled out the one piece. It was dark black, but it felt so soft and silky and cool to the touch. I don't think I've ever felt a smoother piece of fabric before. Which of course, immediately gave me another idea.

I shut the door one last time, walked to the end of the car, looked down the road and listened. I couldn't see or hear anything that led me to believe anyone was around. All I could think about was the hot body that surely wore these clothes, and what she would think if she opened her suitcase and found her swimsuit full of cum.

I opened the door and stood facing into the back seat so I could use the light to see what I was doing. I pulled my cock out and started rubbing the swimsuit all over it. IT. FELT. AMAZING. I used as much of the fabric as I could to jerk off with. The smooth fabric was gliding up and down my cock. I kept thinking what she would think when she found her cum filled swimsuit. But with how amazingly good it felt against my cock, I didn't want to leave it here. Harder and harder I jerked. My cock was completely engulfed and surrounded by her swimsuit. My cock felt like it was a foot long inside there. I pounded faster and faster until, at the last moment, I pulled the swimsuit away and leaned my cock into the car above her suitcase.

I exploded with cum into her suitcase. I aimed my cock so the first stream of cum would shoot straight onto her clothes. I jerked the cum out and aimed each strand at a different angle. I wanted to get as much of her clothes cum-filled as possible. Load after load shot onto her sweet girls clothing. When I was finally finished I looked over my handiwork.

Her clothes were all in a jumble in her suitcase from me rifling through it. The entire top layer of clothing was covered with white, hot, sticky cum. Shirts and shorts and jeans were soaking it up. As I shut the lid I could smell my cum emanating from within. I zipped it back up and put it where it had been. Then I locked all the doors and took my loot back to my room.

For the rest of the week I looked in the back every chance I had. The suitcases never moved. I'm sure my cum was dried by the time she returned. I can only imagine how back it smelled by then.

After the summer I came across these pictures from camp. That's the bikini I took from the back seat. And I'm pretty sure I got cum on those shorts. So that must be her.

(MAC 16) - Bikini Bods part 2 - Water Wars (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:22:59 GMT)

The next day was a very good day....for me.

It was excruciatingly hot again, but things pretty much go on as normal. When they had the chance, many people took the opportunity to go swimming. Even I was in the water. At one point here was a massive amount of people in the swimming area. I've never seen so many kids in the water at one time.

So things got a little crazy. Half of the people in the water were hot girls in bikinis and the other half were dumb high school boys. There was a lot of splashing going on. So much that it was hard to see if you were in the middle of it. There were "camel fights" and wrestling in the water, people were getting dunked and pulled under. Just typical adolescent behavior with so many half naked bodies of the opposite sex in such close proximity. I was walking and swimming there too, and I was not the only adult.

What started it was the two girls in the canoe. These were two staff members that were canoeing not far from the swim area. Many people were using the canoes, but most of them were further away. These two make the brilliant decision to paddle over into the eye of the storm. This was not a good idea.

Apparently, teenage boys think, when there's a canoe with hot girls in it, it's fun to tip the canoe over so the girls fall out. So that's what they attempted to do. These two girls were popular with the high school girls that were there, and a whole gaggle of them tried to "save" them from being tipped over. It didn't work.

What happened was the whole thing turned into a big "fight" with the canoe in the middle. It was almost tipped over....then it was saved....then almost tipped over again....all while more and more people kept wading over to help tip it or help save it from being tipped. I was trying to help tip it over.

There was so much splashing that they two girls in the canoe were basically hanging on with their heads down because they couldn't see. There were so many people with hands on the canoe that it was pretty much a standstill. Then a bunch of male staff members jumped in the water to "help". These college guys knew the two college girls, of course, and seemed to think dumping them in the water was a pretty good idea.

These guys climb INTO the canoe and pull up some of the hands that are holding onto it. So we finally get it tipped over and everyone inside falls out towards the girls. The college guys fall out with the two girls, and are trying to push them under. The high school girls are "attacking" the college guys, and the high school boys, while at first blocked by the overturned canoe, eventually join the fray.

I had been standing behind the busty blonde girl at the tip of the canoe. When she fell out I, along with many others, pounced. The water where this was taking place was about waist deep or so. When she fell out she went completely under, plus two guys fell basically on top of her. Plus many high school kids were instantly on top of them as well.

I reached down into the water, searching for her tits. They were so pillowy, plump and perfectly round. They had been jiggling around in the canoe and all I wanted was to get my hands on them. My right hand found one under the water. There were so many bodies and so much splashing that no one could see. I squeezed it firmly until she was able to get her feet underneath her to stand up.

I was standing right next to her, surrounded by people. As she came up for a breath I watched her breasts rise out of the water, dripping with water. Her bikini was barely holding her bouncing bosoms in. They were so HUGE! They looked swollen, like she'd been stung by a bee!

As soon as she came up a wave of bodies crashed into her and she went back under. My eyes stayed on her tits as she went down. As I reached under the water bodies were crashing into me as well. She had fallen forward, onto her knees. I reached down, slipped my hand under her chest, and latched onto her right boob. My left hand pushed down on her back so I could hold her down. I didn't want her standing up with my hand gripping her tit.

I gave it a good hard full-handed squeeze. Then I stuck my fingers down into the cup and hastily pulled it back so her tit popped out. I speedily groped and grabbed it, rubbing it all over and feeling her nipple with my palm. I squeezed and fondled it until I she grabbed my hand and pulled it off hard.

She spun around to the left and I took my left hand off her back, reached it down and gave her left tit a quick squueze. As she came up for a breath I could see that, underwater, she was fixing her top. She stood up with a look on her face that got people to stop.

Meanwhile, bodies were still flying everywhere as the other girl was getting the same treatment. But she was fighting back more. Pushing people and wrestling THEM under the water. Many of the kids were falling all over themselves. I took a few steps away from the busty chick towards the other one. I noticed this high school girl go under, right in front of me. Two guys were wrestling her down.

She had nice perky tits, that seemed to not need support to stick out. I reached into the water with both my hands. My left hand clamped onto her perky little ass and my right hand went under her body onto her stomach. I slid my right hand up to her tits and slipped it UNDER her bikini onto her left breast. As I slid her top off with my hand my arm accidently pushed the other side off as well. So her whole bikini was pushed up and her tits were dangling freely under the water.

I palmed her left breast and gave it a firm squeeze, then swiped my fingers across it as I moved my hand over to her right breast. I got my fingers on her nipple and gave it a tight pinch just as she finally unleashed a violent movement to break free from the two boys. She came up yelling loudly and swore at them. Her torso came a little out of the water and I could see her bikini floating in the water and her completely naked tits popped up for just a second. I got a good glimpse of her nipples before she lowered herself down. She was raging mad and took swings at the two boys. She was so loud that many people around her stopped screwing around to look at her.

This was pretty bad, and essentially ended the game. She adjusted her bikini top back onto her tits, but I also noticed that she had to retie the back. But I didn't untie the back. It reassured me that someone else had done it, because then I wasn't the only one who saw this for the golden opportunity it had been.

They made everyone stop swimming and that was that. Busty girl didn't look happy, but she didn't look that mad either. The high school girl had an angry look on her face.

(MAC 17) - Bikini Bods part 3 - Lifeguard (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:24:10 GMT)

The next evening. This was the middle of the week now.

There was one cabin that had some older looking high school girls in it that were extremely hot. I especially had my eye on these two friends. They were both shapely and sexy looking. One had dark hair and enormous boobies. The other had blonde hair and an absolute DONK of an ass.

I had overheard that their cabin was going on a off-camp trip that night, and they wouldn't be back until the next day. So that night around 3 am I grabbed my backpack and snuck over to their empty cabin. Since they were only gone one night, they would not have taken much clothing with them. I would have plenty of time to go through all the suitcases. Hopefully I'd be able to tell which ones belonged to those two girls. If not, that was ok. I was going to take some from everybody anyway.

I opened the door slowly and entered. It creaked loudly as it opened, then shut. The door had a window on it so light from the porch light illuminated the room. I moved quickly over into the center of the room. I looked around with my flashlight, trying to decide where to start. Then something startled me.

In the corner of the room, on the floor, someone was asleep. I froze. I was about to run out of the room when I noticed I could hear her breathing. My heart was beating so loudly that it was hard to tell, but she was apparently fast asleep.

This didn't make any sense to me. Why was someone in here? And why was she on the floor? I cautiously moved closer towards her to take a closer look. She was asleep on a roll-up camping mattress, half inside a sleeping bag. I recognized her as one of the lifeguards.

The college kids that come and work at this camp fall into two categories. There's the staff...and the support staff. The support staff are people like the cooks and dishwashers and lifeguards and whatnot. I have no idea why she was sleeping in this otherwise empty room while the kids were all gone. Maybe she was sleeping here all week. Maybe just this night. I have no idea.

All I know is that she was very attractive, very sexy, and her tits were hanging out, very much like in this picture. Seeing her tits like that gave me an idea that I had never had before.

The corner she was in was pretty dark, but my eyes were now adjusting. She was laying on her side and I could see her tits rise and fall with her breathing. On the floor beside her was her shoes, a bathroom bag, and a small pile of clothes. Likely, the clothes she had worn that day. I could clearly see her black bra tucked into her shirt.

I got down on my knees beside her and fingered her worn clothing. I found the thong she had worn that day inside a pair of jeans shorts. It was just a pink cotton thong. I put it up to my nose and smelled her scent. My cock grew an extra few inches when I smelled them.

I fingered her bra. It was smooth and silky and felt cool to touch. It was decided. I pulled my cock out and held it in front of her. I wrapped the large cups of the bra around my shaft and slowly started rubbing it up and down. With my left hand I put the thong to my nose and inhaled the scent of her crotch.

Her legs were inside the sleeping bag, but I could see her entire upper body. She was laying on her right side, facing me. I was jerking my cock with her bra, less than a foot away from her beautiful, plump breasts. I knew exactly what I was going to do. Thinking about it made me more and more excited.

Her smooth bra felt great sliding up and down my cock. I jerked harder and harder until I knew it was time. I tossed the bra to the side, leaned forward and pointed my cock right at her tits.

The first stream of cum shot right on her fleshy breasts. I jerked and jerked to get as much out as I could. Another large gob landed on her hair. Glistening white cum landed on her neck, her shoulder and her arm. There was a load on her pajama shirt and a few drops on her sleeping bag. Gobs of cum where clinging to her pale white boobs.

Her breathing never changed. I scooped up her thong and bra and got out of there. I still wanted to look through the bags and suitcases, but now it was much too risky.

I was charged up the rest of the night. What would happen the next day? When she work up, would she know what was all over her? What would she think happened? She would probably hope it was something OTHER than what she thought it was. Maybe it would all dry before she woke and she wouldn't know what it was? Maybe she would roll over and her sleeping bag and pillow would soak it up? Would she tell anyone? The next day I was nervous, but when I saw her at breakfast there was nothing to suggest she was too upset.

I could tell she had taken a shower, which, with all that cum on her, was a pretty good idea. I never heard anything, so I guess it was "our little secret".

(MAC 18) - Bikini Bods part 4 - Booty Shorts (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:25:09 GMT)

On to the concert. This was the last night. I was looking for those two girls and found them. The girl with huge tits was wearing the same pink shorts that she has on in this picture, plus a low-cut white tank top with a skimpy black sports bra that revealed a generous amount of her cleavage. The girl with the donk was wearing the exact same outfit as in the picture. White shorts and a yellow top.

They were, as usual, standing right next to each other, laughing and acting playful. It was not very crowded yet, so I stood a few feet behind them and admired their backsides. Both of them had on tight booty shorts.

The white ones on Donk were skin tight, yet they looked thin, soft and stretchy. They only when down to the very bottom of her round ass cheeks. It looked like I could easily slip my hard cock up the leg and I'd be jabbing the meaty center of her cheek. Of course, I knew I wouldn't actually get to do that.

The shorts that Tits were wearing were think pink cotton American Eagle ones that barely kept her ass cheeks covered. They looked think they were riding up a little, giving her a slight wedgie. I wanted to sink my cock in the center of her crack and dig that wedgie in deeper.

I literally could not decide which ass I wanted to go for. They both looked amazing! The kids were taking their sweet time in coming in, so it was taking a long time to get crowded. I kept inching closer and closer, mostly to prevent anyone cock-blocking me. I got a few back-handed bumps in as they were jumping around, but that's about it.

Finally, a huge amount of people entered the pit area and started acting rowdy. Quite a few of them were trying to push themselves up to the very front. They band was playing songs that continued to fuel rowdy behavior. It got tight and crowded almost instantly, so I stepped right behind them. Due to the pushing from the back, both girls moved a step to the left, which meant that the brunette with the large tits and the pink booty shorts on was directly in front of me. I already had my cock pressed up against her ass.

With all the pushing behind me, I took advantage in pushing forward also. Only most of my pushing originated from my pelvis. She didn't seem to react. I was right up on her ass and I could feel my cock pressing into her ass crack, even through my clothing. My head was right up against her head, so I could look down and I had a spectacular view of her mammoth juggs.

I could see so far down into her cleavage! The fat part of her tits were smashed together, but there was a huge gap at the top. I wanted to slide my finger down into that gap, but it just wasn't going to happen. It seemed half of her entire breast was visible. Looking closely I could faintly see a blood vein on her right melon and could even make out the upper section of her areola. Needless to say, this was really turning me on.

After a few songs smashed against her, I finally pulled my throbbing cock out and set it straight on her ass crack. I just held it there, letting her get used to it. Her pink shorts were so soft. The crowd was swaying, which made it difficult to stay with her, but I was finally able to get in a few slow thrusts. Nothing too deep, though. Just letting her feel what a naked cock on her ass felt like.

I slipped my hand up in front of her and rested my fingers on her left breast, about where her nipple was. I lightly palmed it and just held it there. A large push from behind nearly knocked us over. I gave a quick squeeze on her tit and a hard thrust with my cock. We got our footing and my cock was now stuck up in her ass crack.

With my cock throbbing there, I kept leaning forward to feel it thrust in a little deeper. Then I did something stupid. Looking down I could now see a good portion of her brown areola and could even see her right nipple trying to pop out of her bra. With a mind of it's own, my right hand slid up the front of her body, felt the contour of her round breast, and I stuck one finger into her bra, directly on her nipple. My finger rolled under it, pulled it up and popped it out. My thumb met it there where I briefly held it between my finger and thumb. This did not go unnoticed.

She dropped her shoulder, away from my hand, and raised her arm up, pushing my arm away from her. She then hit the guy beside me with her elbow, but not too hard. More like a, "hey, knock it off" hit. She glared back behind her, over her right shoulder. My head was on the left side of her head, so she didn't look at my face.

I pulled my cock away from her, just as she grabbed her friends arm and tried to walk out. Her friend with the donk ass didn't want to leave. Plus, it was so crowded it was going to be hard. So she gave up. However, as they both moved a step to the right, the blonde girl was now in front of me.

With my raging hard-on now hidden under my t-shirt, I leaned forward and stepped into blondie. My cock came in contact with her up against the side of her right ass cheek. I swiped my pelvis to the left, dragging my erection across her ass. I felt the curve of her immense cheek, the dip down as I skipped over her crack, and the plumpness of her left cheek. I pulled it back and stopped on her crack. Again, I held it there, keeping pressure so she could grow accustomed to the feeling.

My face was right up against the right side of her head, her blonde hair touching my face. Her tits weren't big enough to create the same amazing view her friend had, and I all but ignored them. She was more into the music and at times had one or both arms up in the air, waving around or clapping. I could see a great big smile on her face. Her bare shoulders were tan and smooth, as I rested my hand on them occasionally, with the cover of keeping myself standing.

I dropped both hands down and palmed both ass cheeks. They were each more than a handful, and her shorts felt think and smooth, almost as if they weren't even there. I couldn't feel her panty-line, so I'm sure she was wearing a thong. I kept my hands on her shorts at first, but eventually I took swipes at her bare legs, right where they connected with her shorts.

Finally I pulled my cock out from under my shirt and laid it on her ass. The softness of her shorts with the roundness of her ass cheeks felt amazing. I held my hangs smashed up against her ass cheeks, as my fingertips rested just up the underside of her shorts, right on the skin, touching the bottom of her ass cheeks.

I started rocking my cock into her, pulling back on her shorts as I gently thrust forward. Her demeanor never changed as it appeared she was oblivious to what was going on. Her shorts were riding deep into her ass crack as my cock built up a rhythm. I was slowly pounding away on her donk ass. I wanted nothing more than to bend her over, ram my cock up her shorts and fuck her for all she's worth. Thinking about that, I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to cum on her ass.

Just then, her friend with the big tits raised both her hands up in the air. Actually, I'd say most people around us did, for the part of the song that was being played. She was right beside the blonde chick, in whose ass my cock was up. With her arms up I could see her enormous tits just hanging there. They were smashed up against the person in front of her. I completely lost my focus and stared at those monstrous boobies, dangling and bouncing around.

My hand went up and cupped the underside of her left breast. As she jumped up and down her breast slapped against my hand. I held on tighter and I could feel the soft swell of her breast changing shape and reforming as it undulated up and down .

Just then there was a crowd surge from behind. With everyone's hands in the air, this caused several people, including tits girl here, to nearly fall over. She toppled forward and had to use her hands to prevent herself from landing on the floor. I too was pushed nearly over, though this just pushed my further into a spooning position with blondie's donk ass. But my focus was on those beautiful tits. I turned my hand around, slid it up over her tit and stuck my fingers down INTO her cleavage. My fingers slid down the gap between both her tits. I could feel the weight of them squishing against my hand. But only for a second.

The surge was over and everyone was able to get their feet behind them. As I she stood up I pulled my hand out from her cavernous cleavage. But not before her arm clamped down on my forearm, catching my hand in her armpit.

I violently pulled my hand out from under her arm, but this gave her a chance to turn and look at me. Normally if a girl turns around I just stare forward, as if I don't notice she's looking back. But I had been staring so intently at her bosoms that, when she looked back at me, our eyes met.

She looked into my eyes with a combination of disgust, anger and embarrassment. She knew it was me. I don't know, but I'm sure I looked guilty. Her eyes broke away first and she glanced down towards blondie's donk, where my cock was still plastered. I was pressed up close enough where my cock wasn't visible, but I think she could tell all the same. Her eyes came back up and looked at me again. I assume she knew someone was slamming her ass, and she could tell that I was now slamming her friends ass. The expression on her face now was shock. She looked back toward the stage, but I was shaken.

I put my cock away and got out of there. The rest of the night was extremely tense. Here this girl KNEW I had groped her tits; KNEW I had humped her ass; KNEW I humped her friends ass; and worst of all, KNEW WHAT I LOOKED LIKE! I couldn't fall asleep that night. Why did I have to stick my hand down her shirt and ruin everything? If I had just ignored her tits and focused on that donk, I would have cum all over it.

Late in the night I took the stash of underwear I had collected, put it in a black garbage bag from a supply closet, and hid it down in the lost and found storage room. I imagined I could be questioned the next day, my room and vehicle could be searched, or maybe even the police could show up. I was very worried.

The next morning, when everyone else went to breakfast, I snuck out and walked around. To my great relief I spied the group those girls were with, loading their vehicle and leaving. They didn't even stay for breakfast. I was safe. What a relief.

However, that wasn't the end.

oops (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:26:47 GMT)

The last picture got cut off on the left of the screen. Maybe if you save it you can see the whole thing?

(MAC 19) - Bikini Bods part 5 - Bikini Bag (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:27:40 GMT)

Finally I could relax a little. I still didn't feel like eating. I went and retrieved the black garbage bag I had hidden and took it back to my room. On the way there I saw something.

In front of one of the girls cabins was a big pile of duffel bags and suitcases. They were piled up right in front of the door. It looked like this whole group must have packed their things before they went to breakfast, and piled them all outside the cabin. I knew that five or six of the girls who had been staying here were pretty good looking, and the rest weren't unattractive. They all had pretty good bodies and had looked good when I saw them all down in the swim area wearing bikinis.

Everyone was still at breakfast, as I didn't see anyone else out walking around camp. Against my better judgment I wandered over to the bags as I looked around. The bags were sitting such that, standing beside them I was pretty well hidden from other cabins. Someone would have to walk almost all the way to the cabin before they saw me, and I would surely hear them before they got that close.

I jumped behind the pile, with the door to my back, so I could see down the trail towards the dining hall. I randomly grabbed a bag and zipped it open. I jammed my hand inside and felt around. I found some panties and bras, which I stuck in my garbage bag. I went to another duffel bag and did the same thing. I found more underwear, which I took. I went through two or three more bags, one of which I gave up on before I found anything. I was getting nervous, as I was essentially out in the open. I was relying on my ability to hear if anyone was coming, but if a single person had been walking by quietly, I would not have heard them and they would have seen what I was doing.

In the last bag I looked through I found several pairs of panties and a swim bikini. The bikini bottoms were super soft and silky feeling. They were white with big fat ties on the sides and had the word "Hurley" written across the butt. I knew who this belonged to. I saw her swimming earlier in the week and had admired her sexy ass. I even got this picture of her on the dock. She was attractive in a very innocent way. The smoothness of it gave me an idea.

First, I rummaged through her bag, to see if there were any more panties or bras left. Then I grabbed the bikini bottoms, opened the door behind me, and retreated into the cabin, taking my full garbage bag with me. I pulled my cock out and started furiously jacking off with her bikini bottoms.

I was pounding my shaft with the bikini wrapped around it. It was so smooth that it felt like I was gliding in and out of a cunt. It didn't take long. I pulled her bikini bottom back so I could get a look at what I was doing. I filled the entire backside of her bikini with cum, making sure to get all the letters covered.

I folded it up, keeping all the cum inside. I exited the cabin, stuffed her cum soaked bikini bottom deep into her bag of clothes, and took my loot back to my room.

I would have rather ejaculated on blondie's donk of an ass. However, imagining this girl opening her bag and finding all her panties and bras missing, and my cum all over her bikini was almost as satisfying.

(MAC 20) - Cabin Cuties part 1 - Cabin Group (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:29:05 GMT)

This last story I'm going to share right now is one of my favorites. This year, there was an entire cabin of girls whom I would "get to know" really well. This picture shows half of them. Most of the significant ones are in this picture.

These girls were part of a larger group that all traveled here together. They had 43 high school kids, of which 17 were girls. By the time they got back home, ten of those girls would have their lives affected by me. Not for the better.

As a whole, these girls don't look all that special. And they weren't, really. What first attracted me to them was the girl on the far left, in the pink shorts and grey shirt. On the first day I noticed her. She has enormous tits, and the first day she was wearing a bikini top that could barely hold them in. It looked like two flesh-colored watermelons jiggling around on her chest. Her face was decent looking, but her body was AMAZING! I'll call her Amy.

The second girl that caught my attention was the blonde in the center of the back row. She just looked very, very attractive. She looks just average in this picture, but I have other pictures where her beauty is more evident. I'll call her Brittany. The third girl I took a liking to was the tall athletic blonde on the far right. She was a lot more attractive than she looks in this picture as well. She was fairly flat-chested, but she had a nice, athletic, small but well-shaped ass and often wore tight clothing. I'll call her Chrissy. The last girl I noticed that really endeared me to this group of girls was the busty brunette in the yellow shirt. Her tits were not as big as Amy's, but they were fuller and rounder. I'd imagine that Amy's tits would sag without support, but this girls were more firm and perky. I'll call her Destiny.

There were plenty of hot girls in other cabins, but these four girls, plus others not pictured here, made this cabin group the focus of my attention.

(MAC 21) - Cabin Cuties part 2 - Foam Party (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:30:27 GMT)

Every week, weather permitting, there is usually a time during an afternoon where there is a "foam party". The camp has several of the foam machines like you may have seen in a club. They create monster amounts of foam and the kids stand around in their swimsuits getting themselves and others all foamy.

I have never participated in this. Adults, if they're even there, usually just stand around and watch. Sometimes the kids will drag a few adults into the mix, or will attack some with foam. I ALWAYS go and watch, but I've never gotten involved. Until this year.

The machines were creating a particularly large amount of foam. The kids are all standing around, attacking each other with foam. I was standing off to the side where some other male adults were standing. Out of nowhere a large group of girls, who had snuck up behind us, covered us in foam. The foam is thick enough that you can pick it up and hold it, but part of getting foam on another person is using the foam on your body as well. So here these girls no only used their arms and hands, but also their bodies, to cover us with foam.

Of course, we didn't just stand there. A couple of the other guys went after the girls in a playful manner, and most of the rest of us followed. The girls were getting tackled and tickled right in the middle of the foamy area. Once this started the entire group broke into chaos, as dog piles formed all over the foamy area.

Some of the girls from this cabin had been part of the initial attack party. And those were the ones I went for. Amy was on the bottom of a pile of kids, all covered in foam. I fell on the pile, reached my arm down and grabbed ahold of one of her breasts. I couldn't get my had around it, it was so big. I squeezed it a few times, then slipped my fingers down and touched her actual boob. Then the pile shifted and I couldn't reach anymore.

I was moving all through the piles, looking for tits and asses. I found Brittany and palmed her ass as she wiggled through the mass of bodies. Several people where pushing the pile of bodies over. I took this chance to slip my hand down Brittany's bikini bottoms and palm her naked ass cheek. I pulled it out as quick as I stuck it in. There were some other girls whose asses and/or tits I touched as well. Then I saw Destiny.

Destiny was on the bottom of a pile with her face down and her bum up. I pushed myself into the pile right on top of her. As I slid my body onto hers several people fell on top of us. I was getting squished down on top of her.

It was hard to see because of all the foam, but I was straddling her ass with my crotch. I was only semi-hard, but my cock WAS pressed into her ass crack. There was another body laying across her back, so I reached down around that person with both hands and grabbed onto both of Destiny's big titties. Her boobs were smashed against another person, but I was able to get both my hands around them, on top of her bikini, and kneaded them fast and hard.

The pile broke apart and I had to get up with everyone else. It calmed down somewhat after that, but I was still able to brush my hands up against several bikini-clad asses.

(MAC 22) - Cabin Cuties part 3 - Nurse Station (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:31:29 GMT)

The rest of the week, I was always conscious of where this particular cabin group of girls were. I knew that one night they would go on the overnight trip that each cabin got to go on, so I was looking for clues as to when that might be.

But I didn't find out until it was too late. I saw them walking through camp, carrying their gear and I knew that I had missed it. Their cabin was situated in a fairly open area, so it would be too risky to enter it during the day. The chance of being seen was just too great. Some cabins were easier to sneak into during the day, but not this one.

On Thursday morning I found out that Destiny had gotten sick. I overheard it being talked about at breakfast. Apparently she was so ill that she hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night. The nurse said that Destiny should sleep in the nurse station that night. Then I heard her say, "I'll give her something" to help her sleep.

Now this got me to thinking. What was she going to give her? Would it make her sleep deeper? Or just make her feel better so she could sleep better? All day I was thinking about Destiny. I saw her a few times and she looked horrible. After lunch she wasn't with the rest of her group anymore, and I didn't see her the rest of the evening. Was she in her cabin? Did she go home? Was she in the nurse station already?

I waited until night to find out. Late at night, around 1:00 am, I snuck out of my room and went outside. The first place I walked by was Destiny's cabin. There was a rail outside the door where the girls would hang their bikini's and towels to dry. All day there had been several hanging there. Now, there was only one. It was Destiny's blue bikini. The one she had been wearing during the foam party. It was dry now, and very smooth. I slipped it off the railing and put it in my pocket. Then I continued on to the nurse's station.

The nurse's station was a room inside a building where kids would go if they got sick or hurt. Besides medical supplies, there was a sink, a refrigerator, a few chairs and two cots. I wanted to peek in and see if Destiny was sleeping on one of these cots.

The room had two windows. One faced away from the main walkway. I peeked in this window. I couldn't tell. I'd have to peek in the door. The room had two different doors to get in. One was from the outside. I checked this door and it was locked. But I knew there was another door that went into the main part of the building. I had to go all the way around to the other side and enter from the back. I snuck through the hallways as there were staff rooms down here. I got into the main part of the building and went over to the nurse station's back entrance. This door was unlocked. I opened the door a crack and peeked inside. There she was.

Destiny was asleep on a cot, snoring heavily. It wasn't that loud, but it was a steady tempo. She was clearly in a deep sleep. The door creaked as I slowly opened it. Her breathing didn't change. I slipped inside and shut the door. It locked with a deadbolt and could not be unlocked from the outside. I was alone with her in here and I was assured that no one would enter.

I walked over beside her, my cock already growing in my pants. She was scantily dressed. She had on the same yellow shirt that she's wearing over her blue bikini in the first picture. Only she had nothing on underneath it! It was so loose on her that just about each entire breast was exposed. As my eyes adjusted I could even see one of her nipples. She also had on some pastel boxer-type shorts that looked all dainty and thin.

Her lower body was twisted so that her right hip was on the bed. Her legs were pulled up underneath her so that her ass was facing the back wall. Her back however, was more on the bed, only twisted towards me a little. Her fleshy boob mounds were facing me, begging me to grope, grab, lick and suck on them.

But I wasn't going to do that. That would wake her up. No, I knew what I was going to do. The memory of what I did to that lifeguard a few years ago was all I was thinking about. But I didn't expect her tits to give me such easy access. Her blanket was mostly pushed off her body, so I was able to get a really good look at her.

First I leaned over her and gently - very, very gently - rested my hand on her left ass cheek and was up in the air. The cadence of her snoring didn't change at all. I just held her ass cheek in my palm as I tested to see if it would wake her. When it didn't, I quickly let go.

I kneeled down beside her, with my face right in front of hers. I reached my hand down and, with one finger, gently toughed her left breast with the tip of my finger. I watched her face for a reaction. I touched another spot on her right breast. Nothing. I stuck my finger down into her shirt and touched her right areola. She just kept on snoring. I moved my finger over and touched her exposed nipple. I lightly fingered it with my fingertip, then pulled my hand back. She was sleeping through all this.

I didn't want to take too many changes, but her beautiful rack was just calling to me. I slowly stuck my finger down into her deep cleavage. The fat of her left breast was pressed against her right breast. I slid my finger down into this crevasse, feeling both breasts with my one finger. I just held it there, then attempted to slide the rest of my fingers down also. I had four fingers in her cleavage cavity, feeling the weight pressure of her boobs pressed together, and my thumb gently rested on her upper breast, when her body fidgeted.

I pulled my hand out quickly and stood up, ready to run out. But she settled back down and her breathing returned to normal. That was it. No more messing around. I stood right beside her head, facing down her body. I whipped out my fully erect cock, took out her blue bikini bottoms, and wrapped them around my shaft.

As I slid her bikini bottoms up and down my cock, I stared eagerly at her huge lady lumps. Her yellow shirt was hanging down so far now that her right nipple was now completely exposed. As I continued to slam her bikini down hard on my cock with my right hand, I reached over with my left hand and slid her shirt over her left nipple as well. Now I could see her complete rack. Both nipples. The meaty curves of the fat part of her breasts. Everything.

I could see her breasts rise and fall with her breathing. Her smooth bikini bottoms were making my cock grow harder and longer than ever before. I imagined myself jumping on her, straddling her chest and sliding my boner down in between those huge fleshy lumps. I was pounding my cock so hard and fast with her bikini bottoms that I was breathing heavily and creating a loud slapping sound. It was too much noise, but nothing could stop me now.

At the last second I dropped her bikini bottoms, took ahold of my shaft and aimed it directly at her melons. An absolute load of cum spurted out straight on her boob meat. I stroked my cock as more and more cum gushed out and all over her breasts. I was ejaculating with such force that I accidentally let out a long moan.

Cum was everywhere! It coated her breasts, covered her nipples and ran down into her cleavage. A little got on top of her shirt and it was running down the sides of her tits. But most of it stayed pooled between her tits or plastered on them.

I jerked the last few drops out onto her upper chest, which ran down onto her neck. I was exhausted. It felt like I had shot my whole insides out of my cock. There was so much cum on her! The smell filled the room. Hot sticky cum covering those perfect mounds of boob is a image I'll never forget.

I pulled my pants up, put her bikini bottoms back in my pocket and walked over to the door. Before I went out I took one last look at Destiny. What would she think when she woke up? Would the cum be dry by then? Would she even know what it was?

I left the back door locked and went out the front door, making sure it locked behind me. That way, no one could enter the room until after she woke up. Maybe this would help me get away with it? After all, I couldn't imagine she would tell anyone there was cum all over her tits when she woke up.

I only saw her at meals the next day. Though there was a look of emptiness and defeat in her eyes, nothing ever happened that made me think she squealed.

(MAC 23) - Cabin Cuties part 4 - Costume Day (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:32:33 GMT)

The next day was "costume day". Kids were supposed to dress up in costumes during the day. I'd say most of the kids at camp participated, even a lot of the adults did. I wore some silly looking clothes so it would look like I was participating. My favorite costume had to be Chrissy's. Having a "costume day" wasn't new. But seeing a high school girl wear such a slutty costume, was.

Here is a picture of her in it. She was a police-woman in a skimpy outfit. The best part was that the police skirt was so short that you could obviously see her black panties underneath. I think it was part of the costume, but still, it was damn sexy!

After dinner I was able to brush my hand up against her pantied ass while I was taking bussing my plate. The panty was super smooth and silky. Right there I decided that if she wore this to the concert that night I was going to do everything in my power to get behind her.

The concert comes and sure enough, everyone is still wearing their costumes. Including Chrissy here in her hot police woman uniform. I don't remember seeing her sports-star friend here, because if I had I would have wanted to get my hands on her spandex-clad ass. But Chrissy looked sexy enough for me to ignore everyone around her anyway.

As the concert started, I pushed myself up near her, so I could keep tabs on her until it got really crowded. She was having a grand time. She was really dancing to all the music, waving her arms around, shaking her booty and gyrating her hips. She seemed to have a perpetual smile on her face. Honestly, she looked like a stripper at a Bachelor party.

The group of guys that were standing behind her seemed to be some guys from her group, so she knew them. I watched her and it seemed like she was backing her ass up into them during the songs. None of the guys were taking advantage of this, but it REALLY made me want to get behind her.

I waited until it got much more crowded, then I started pushing the guys to my left. Not hard or obvious, but steadily leaning against them. The kept taking steps to let me, and the people behind me, get up closer. It took several minuets until I was even close enough to reach out and touch her.

The second I had a chance, I reached my left hand over to her and rested it on her right ass cheek. I couldn't believe how much she was moving it! At first my hand sat on the outside of her skirt, but as I got closer I slipped it down onto her black panties.

Quick aside: I'm sure these were not her actual underwear. I'm sure they came with the costume and were meant to be visible. But they were smooth and silky like a pair of satin or polyester panties, so that's what I'm going to call them.

I had my fingers gently resting on her panties, below the skirt line. I swirled my fingertips around on them, feeling their smoothness. This was really making me hard. I took my hand off so I could concentrate on trying to get to her. She was still dancing and shaking her ass around and I HAD to jump on for a ride.

Finally, with some help of the ever-increasing crowd behind me, I was standing directly behind her. Her long, sexy legs were thrusting her ass side to side and back and forth. She was actually bumping into ME with her ass.

I had on my black pajama pants that look like sweats. Her ass cheeks kept bumping up against my erect cock. I immediately stuck my hand down my pants and pulled my cock out through the slit in my boxers. With my cock still in my thin pants I lined myself up so she would continue to back her ass up on my cock.

It felt great! The crowd was tight enough that contact was inevitable. Still, she was just bouncing my cock around with her ass cheeks. I leaned up into her and things got a little more serious.

Now my cock was constantly pressed up against her ass. What would she do? Would she stop gyrating? Or would she keep dancing with the music? To my great delight, it didn't stop her in the least. She kept shaking up against my erect member.

I lined my cock up with her ass crack. Looking down, even in the dark, I could see my erection protruding far out of my black pants. I had it on her ass crack and she KEPT RUBBING AGAINST IT! I couldn't believe it!

At first I just let her do this. It was like she was jerking me off with her ass. She was really into the music, but there was NO WAY she couldn't feel me poking her ass! She had to know, yet she continued to tease me.

Maybe she thought I was one of those other guys who had been behind her before? Maybe dressing slutty was empowering for her and she wanted to act slutty? Maybe she did this at every concert she went to? Who knows? I certainly didn't care.

I pulled my cock out and kept it hidden under my shirt. With only my shirt separating my cock from her ass I started lightly thrusting back against her. She was right there with me. I'd be willing to bet she couldn't tell that my cock was out of my pants. Not yet anyway.

She was very clearly rubbing back against my cock, on purpose. I could just tell. She was not innocent. Every once in a while I'd catch a glimpse of her face and see that she still had that big sexy smile on her face. I was smashed up against her body, so my hands were mostly on her waist. I wasn't going to let go of her.

I was waiting for the right moment to pull my shirt up and expose my cock, when a song started that made all the kids go crazy. There was a surge from the back that pushed us all up a step closer and crammed our bodies together even tighter. I guess that's the opportunity I was looking for.

I pulled the bottom of my shirt up and let my fully erect cock sink into her black-pantied ass crack. She had stopped dancing and backing up into me. That could have been because she could tell what I was doing now, but I think it was due to how crowded it was now. Plus, it was a different kind of song.

O pressed my cock a little harder into her crack. Pushing was still coming from the back and it was becoming hard to move. So I decided just how "into" all this she really was.

I flipped her tiny skirt up, revealing her entire pantied backside. It was so short that "all the way up" wasn't that far. I dropped my hands down and grabbed onto her upper thighs, right on her skin. I gripped her fleshy legs and kneeled a little to get the head of my cock pointed in the center of her ass crack. As I pulled back on her legs I thrust my cock up and in her crack. Hard. Her body jerked forward with my hard thrust.

My hand gripped her legs as I thrust hard and fast. My cock was sliding up and down her pantied ass crack. Her panties were think and I was thrusting deep up her crack. I furiously increased my rhythm as I pounded my cock into her ass. I could feel her buns slapping against my groin. Her body was rocking forward with each of my thrusts. Shaking her whole body.

I caught a glimpse of her face. She wasn't smiling anymore. She had a defenseless blank look as she just stared forward. I could see in her eyes that she realized that humping her ass up against the guy behind her was not such a good idea.

I gave one last hard thrust and pulled her legs towards me so her ass cheeks were against my body with my cock jammed in between her crack. Cum exploded from me like a volcano. My body twitched as I emptied my load onto her ass.

Still pulling her lower body towards mine, I pulled my cock halfway out of her ass crack. I could feel loads of cum spurting on her panties, between her buns. I let go of her legs and pulled my cock back even further. I turned it to shoot the last few streams onto her ass cheeks. It was dripping down off her panties onto her legs.

When I was done I turned and left. I went back to my room and didn't come out until morning.

I wonder if she was glad she dressed like a slut?

(MAC 24) - Cabin Cuties part 5 - Trailer (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:33:42 GMT)

The next morning, everyone was going home. There are always a few groups that get up and leave early, before breakfast. Sometimes groups pack up their vehicles before breakfast so that they can leave right afterwards. Other groups take their time packing up and leaving.

At breakfast I noticed that many people were missing or late. That probably meant they had already left or were in the process of packing and getting ready to leave. I noticed Chrissy off to the side, talking to an adult. She looked like she had tears in her eyes. I decided I should get out of there.

I went back to my room and packed up my stuff. Then I took my bag down and packed my vehicle. While I was down there I saw a group of 12 girls from my favorite cabin putting their bags and suitcases into a trailer that was hooked up to a 15 passenger van. They opened the door, threw their stuff inside, then hurriedly went back up towards the dining hall. I assumed that they were supposed to pack up their things before breakfast so their group could leave after they ate. There was still some time before breakfast was over, so they must have been running late.

I inconspicuously watched them as they put their bags in. Some of these girls were the really hot ones, including Amy, Brittany and Destiny. Some other ones were pretty hot too. I quickly memorized who's bags were whose. When the girls left they didn't even bother to shut the trailer door. I watched them as they walked away.

Looking around, I couldn't see or hear anyone. The parking area is fairly hidden from the main part of camp by trees and whatnot. I walked over to their trailer, turned around and scanned the whole area. Nothing. I grabbed Destiny's bag, Brittany's bag and Amy's suitcase. I sprinted over to my vehicle and put them in the trunk.

I looked around again. I wanted to go through the bags quickly, take out all the underwear and return them. But I wasn't thinking clearly. I thought, hey, I just got away with this. They won't notice until they get back home. By then I'll be home too and it will be too late. They'll probably call camp and ask if their bags got left somewhere, but other than that, what could they do? There are hundreds of people here from dozens of different cities. Once they realize their bags are stolen there will be nothing they can do about it.

I had just taken three girls entire bags. That meant I had all the panties, bras and bikini's they had brought with them for the whole week. USED panties! USED bras! And who knows what else. All three of them were girls I considered hot. But at the same time, I had just STOLEN their bags. Taking girls underwear was one thing. Here I just took EVERYTHING they had! All their clothing plus whatever else they had in there. I thought for a moment. I considered returning them. Instead I walked back to the trailer.

I looked around again. No sign of anyone. I grabbed a suitcase and a bag with my right hand and two more duffle bags with my left. I left the trailer door open as it had been. I darted back over to my vehicle and shoved these four bags into the trunk. So I took six total.

Just then I could hear a group of people coming. I walked back up towards the main part of camp. I saw the people coming. It was a huge group of guys from the same group as all the girls. I watched as they went down to the trailer and put all their bags in the trailer. Now, the girls would think their luggage was covered up with the boys luggage. This was perfect.

I left not too long after that. At home I took my time going through each girls bag or suitcase. The scent of each girl was present on her clothes. I collected all the panties and whatnot and I was left with a huge collection of underthings. Over the years I jerked off with many of them.

oops, last line left out (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:35:08 GMT)

I've included pictures of all seven girls. I thought about these girls a lot.

(MAC 25) - Wrap Up (Tue 21 Dec 2010 08:36:28 GMT)

Here is another picture of some of the girls from the "Cabin Cuties" story. This is them at breakfast early in the week. "MAC 25" stands for "More Adventures from Camp" part 25. You're going to want to scroll down to the bottom and start at the Preface. Maybe not all these stories are for you, but I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING you like.

man of the year: (Wed 29 Dec 2010 15:19:59 GMT)

without a doubt goes to eleven. as for rookie of the year, i cannot remember any stand outs without looking through the archives.

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