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Rubbling/Frottage Pictures (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:33:30 GMT)

I have been a non member observer and contributor of stories for several years now. I recently got a scanner and have over 40 great pictures of girls being pressed onto and rubbed on by guys. I have scaned them and will over the next several weeks share them with you; I think you're going to really enjoy them. None of these wer staged, they are real and actually happened. I will make notations with each picture as to where I took it or will makes commenets on things to not ein the picture. I hope you enjoy them and I would appreciate your comments. This first picture was taken in NYC outside the theater where the Grammy Awards were heald a few years ago. It will be followed by several other pictures of the same guy rubbing onto the same girl. Particularly with this first picture please let me know that you were able to download it and see it claerly.

Rubbing/Frottage Pictures (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:34:47 GMT)

Same girl at the Grammy Awards.

Rubbing/Frottage Pictures (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:36:09 GMT)

Thought you'd enjoy looking at the face of that girl being rubbed on. (I made up some B.S. excuse to have her pose for me).

Rubbing/Frottage Pictures (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:37:54 GMT)

Same girl, different shot.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:38:38 GMT)

One final picture of that same girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:43:53 GMT)

I love this picture. This girl was at the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center a few years ago. I remember her saying she was from Ohio and was with her brother and a few other family members. I saw him gently moving his penis on her and placing his hand on her butt. After that guy moved away from her she told her brother he had his hand on her butt for quite a while and was gently rubbing it on her. He also kissed her ponytail several times. (I wish I had a picture of that but I do have other pictures that I will post later of guys that are kissing either a pony tail of a girl's head.)

Rubbing/Frottage Picture (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:45:56 GMT)

This was also at Rockefeller Center tree lighting. It was toward the end of the ceremony when the crowd starts to surge forward as other people toward the front start to leave. This guys was POUNDING on her and she either didn't notice or didn't care.

Frottage/Rubbing Picture (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:47:53 GMT)

Same girl as previous. Here you get a nice view of her beautiful thick hair. (I should mention that I was close to him and could actually hear him moaning in delight as he was on her.) Enjoy. More pictures to follow as I have time to post them.

Frottage/Rubbing Picture (WARNING: she may be 15 years old) (Sun 04 Jan 2009 18:57:34 GMT)

I had to share this picture today. This was at the victory parade for the 1986 Mets when they won the world series. The crowd was surging, pushing and there was much rubbing, grobing, etc. going on. This guy had this girl and was jammed onto her for a good half hour or so. I wish I had taken mor pictures of her because this guy was going crazy. He groped, kissed her hair and had his hands on her arm and directed her wherever he wanted her to go. She was young and with several other girl friends. I honestly don't think she knew what was going on, that it was just very crowded. Enjoy!

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Mon 05 Jan 2009 14:36:26 GMT)

I am enjoying the initial feedback on the pictures I started posting yesterday. There are about 48 or 49 in total and I will post them as I have the time to do so. What's really nice I think is that I took all of the pictures. The situations are real (not staged) and I can tell you where they were taken and anything else about the situation that you may enjoy reading about. I also have some great pictures of teenagers, girls with long hair and girls that have braces. I know those are not the forum here but maybe you'll know where I can post those kinds of pictures. It's going to take me a while to scan all the pictures since I have probably over 1,000 of them. But the frottage/rubbing pictures are all scanned because I knew you would enjoy them. have a good day.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Mon 05 Jan 2009 20:19:45 GMT)

I have close to 50 pictures of the kind I posted yesterday; I have already posted eight. I am sorry you didn't care for them but all the others who responded seemed to enjoy them so I will gradually post them. If you would read again what I wrote the 1,000+ pictures I have won't be posted in here. They are pictures of chunky girls (only about a dozen or so pictures), girls with long thick hair, teenagers (at least 300) and girls with braces (about 50 or so). I am looking for sites that would want those type of pictures posted and thought maybe some of the people in here would be able to direct me. Thanks for your feedback.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 10 Jan 2009 16:21:47 GMT)

I am relly thrilled about all of your reactions to the pictures I have posted. My computer is broken and I am sending this out on a computer at the library. When I get mine fixed I will continue to post the rubbing/frottage pictures I have; there are about 40 remaining. Some of them are better than others (in my opinion) but they all are real ... nothing is staged or fake. As I post them I will give you information like where and when it was taken, the reaction of either the guy or the girl (if there was one) and anything else that I think will enhance your enjoyment. A few of you had questions for me which I will answer now.

Regarding the picture of the black guy practically glued onto the girl with the blond hair ... she was at the parade with at least two other girlfriends around her age. Both of the other girls had guys on them and as the surging and the swaying of the crowd occured they were really grinding on them. As I said the black guy was gently grabbing her sides when the pushing and surging took place and he would put his hand on her butt and give gentle kisses to her hair. I don't know if he took his "member" out of his pants to grind on her. I also couldn't get a good look of her girlfriends who also had guys on them but it appeared they were also thoroughly enjoying himself. At that same parade I have several pictures of a girl who was willingly allowing a guy on her to rub and grab her butt. In fact he moved over at one point to allow me to do it. He took pictures of me doing it and I took pictures of him. I will post them soon and tell you about it. What was funny is I asked her whie he was doing it if I could take her picture and she smiled at me and said go ahead so it was obvious she was enjoying the experience.

I have been at the different parades in New York and always see "good" things going on. I remember one year at the St. Patrick's Day Parade there were four girls that were together and each ine of them had a guy on them at the same time. As the surging forward occured they would get aggresive in grinding. What I found amazing is that none of the girls seems to either know or mind what was going on. I see that kind of stuff a lot at that parade and at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. If you ever go start at 44th street and as the line of march empties from each block (44th, then 45th, then 46th Streets) they close off access in and out ... that is where it all gets crazy at the corners with people jamming up and lots of surging. I see many guys having a good time. It's kind of cool/and funny where you here the squeel of a girl knowing she had just been groped or to hear a girl say to a friend that someone just grabbed her ass. I try to always get a picture of a girl who squeels or says that for enjoyment later knowing what happened to her.

Somebody asked if I just take pictures or also do it myself. The answer is ... both. I actually enjoy watching a guy doing it and the reactions of the girl it's being done to. I do it myself but only under the right conditions. I have a sixth sense as to when it's safe and when it isn't. I think that's why I enjoy watching videos of packed crowds that are surging forward, swaying, pushing. I try to pick out girls in the videos that could potentially be rubbed on or groped. As you know sometimes you can actually pick out guys that are actually doing it. It is definitely a turn on to me. I also enjoy the sound of a loud crowd that is cheering or screaming. I have a friend who allows me to play videos/tapes of crowds yelling and cheering while I have sex with her. I have a tape of girls screaming at an old Menudo concert and of a crowd in Argentina at a soccer game that really works for me. I guess this all sounds a little wacky but it's what I like.

Another person made a comment of the guy in the blue hat that was on that long haired girl that I took pictures of outside of the Grammy awards one year. New York is a huge city nd yet there are certain guys I see all the time at events where you know there will be large crowds. I have seen that particular guy many times and he loves to rub on girls with long hair. That other picture that I posted of the girl at the tree lighting with the pony tail who had that guy right on her; I see him all the time as well. He likes to be in situations where he can get the girl turned around so her face is against his jacket. (You can dothat sometimes on the subway during rush hour ... another place I sometimes see him.) He likes to wrap at least one hand around the girl and tries to force one of her hands down to his crotch. He goes after VERY young girls who he can get away doing that with. There is an old guy I used to see all the time who went after anything and everything (kind of like the Mexican gropers that you see all the time on the subway) regardless of age. I have a few pictures of him I will post and will remark about that when I do. There is an older man who loves to rub onto black girls with chunky butts. He always shows up by the MTV studios and the Virgin Megastore in Time Square when there is a special event. I saw him a few years ago when Michael Jackson was still big. He was in the middle of everything and had several black teens who he was grinding onto. Recently the Janas Brothers were there and so was he; and of course he was doing his thing. I could go on and on about several other guys; the older man with the cane, the black guy who always tries to kiss the head of the girl (I actually have a few pictures of him in action that I will post) and others but I don't want to be too redundent. But you get the idea.

I have pictures of the following (nothing pornographic since I am not into that) for which I want to find web sites I can post them onto: children (95% girls), teenagers, girls with braces, chunky girls (I only have about a dozen or so of them), girls with beautiful long hair and some very attractive every day adult women. I really want people to enjoy my photography so if you know if good sites that get a lot of use please let me know either in this forum or via email if you want to keep it confidential between you and myself. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and keep your comments coming.

Untitled (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:34:57 GMT)

This picture was taken at Rockefeller Center on a Saturday evening. Nothing special except he was on her for a long time. What I like is when other guys are standing around and enjoying watching what is going on.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:38:44 GMT)

The guy doing it in this picture is the same guy that was doing it in the previous picture. What I like about this is that the girl definitely knew what he was doing and she seemed to enjoy it. Notice the smerk on her face. If you can enlarge the picture look at her eyes. out of the corner of her left eye she is looking back at him. The year I took that picture I saw the same girl a few other times, different days. I actualy went over and did the same thing. I am particularly turned on by her long, thick red hair.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:41:20 GMT)

This eye was really grinding on her and she didn't do or say anything. This was taken at the MTV Video Music Awards ... alway a great place for some wonderful rubbing.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:42:40 GMT)

This is the butt of the girl getting frotted in the previous picture. No wonder he was a happy man. ;-)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:44:44 GMT)

This picture along with the next two were taken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I said to him "you have great taste" and winked at him. He smiled and said thank you with a smerk on him face.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:45:45 GMT)

Picture #2 ... same guy, same girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:46:20 GMT)

Picture #3.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:49:52 GMT)

This was at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. I love how his eyes are closed; you know he is very happy.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:51:59 GMT)

At Rockefeller Center; another guy with his eyes closed. He also had his hand on the butt and was gently rubbing it.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:53:45 GMT)

Also at Rockefeller Center. Not the best picture. What I like about it though was her father was right there but it didn't stop this guy.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:57:42 GMT)

The next three were taken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Girl and her friend were from Ireland. After I took these pictures I engaged her in conversation. I casually commented that "it looked like that guy was really rubbing on her." She said he was but din't want to create a scene.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:58:55 GMT)

Nice side view of her body and hair. I love long, thick hair like hers and thought you might enjoy it as well.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 20:59:47 GMT)

Another shot of him going to town ... LOL.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 21:01:33 GMT)

Anothe shot of a guy doing it at Rockefeller Center.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 11 Jan 2009 21:05:16 GMT)

This picture is actually kind of funny (again taken at Rockefeller Cemter). The girl is a tall Asian girl with hair down to her butt. He went on her, she realized it, moved forward. He did it again, she moved forward again. This picture was taken after she moved forward a third time. He had to accentuate thrusting his groin on her while she was against the railing. She finally got annoyed and left. (Got to give the guy an "A" for effort.)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Tue 13 Jan 2009 10:29:01 GMT)

To Andrew Hogg ... thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. Since just about everybody enjoys my pictures and the related comments I have decided to keep posting them. My suggestion to you is if you don't care for them simply ignore them. Have a very pleasant day. John

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Wed 14 Jan 2009 11:29:48 GMT)

You guys don't know how much I appreciate your woncderful comments about my pictures. My intent was to have you all enjoy them as much as I have and I will. Horndogg, thanks for your feedback. I am no expert with these pictures ... strictly a guy who enjoys watching others doing it. I enjoy doing it as well althgough I don't go out of my way for it; if it's available then I take advantage (I wonder if anybody has pictures of me ... LOL). Horndogg ... thanks for your feedback. I have the pictures and am just posting what I have. However your suggestions will be good in the future as I take more pictures. I am not working in the city right now and am low on funds which prevent me from getting in as much as I want. When that changes (and it will) I will be at more events where I will be able to take a few pictures. Bond, I love the comments YOU made. That guy I complimented was really going at it. Right after I took those pictures I wound up in the same position and he turned to me, winked and returned the compliment ... good stuff.

I have found (as you all have) there is a small percentage of girls that enjoy the experience. I have had girls on the subway when it was packed that have made it very clear that they wanted it done. I have had girls who have turned to face me and have "assisted" me, if you know what I mean. I have had other intereting things happen as well; too bad I don't have any pictures.

I have about 20 more pictures to post and I will be posting some of them this weekend. Take care.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:32:27 GMT)

Hello everybody. These new five pictures are all of the same girl with the guy behind her. he was rubbing on her, groping her rear end and she allowed him to do it. This guy maybe was the most aggresive about doing it that I have ever seen. I think she was enjoying it because she quite often had a little grin/smerk on her face. These were taken at the New York Mets victory parade in 1986 after they won the World Series. I was next to him and after a while I asked if I could manuver over and press onto her. To my surprise he agreed and it turned out to be one of the hottest experiences I ever had. (He seemed to enjoy watching me.) I even asked her if she would mind if I took pictures of her and she said with a smile to go ahead. The pictures are not all centered that well but it was because the crowd was swaying and jammed so close together that as I snapped a couple of them I was jolted a little. These pictures always remind me of that day and even though it was overr 22 years ago I still get excited. One of the pictures is a close up of her which I posted because I just thought you would enjoy seeing her face. This is picture #1.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:33:40 GMT)

Picture #2, same girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:34:28 GMT)

Picture #3, same girl

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:37:05 GMT)

Picture #4, smae girl. (I should mention in the previous picture he was groping her and beginning to manuver his hand into her hair. There is one picture where it clearly shows his fingers in her hair. I hope I scanned it. If not I will and post it. I scanned so many pictures for you all to enjoy that I lost track a few times of ehat I did or did not scan.)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:39:04 GMT)

Whoops, that last picture I scanned twice ... sorry. There is one more picture that I didn't. I will try to find it and post it as soon as I can. Anyway, this is picture #5.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:44:53 GMT)

OK, I found the picture I was talking about. It is not the best and a bit off centered. That was because as I took it the crowd surged and jolted me. But one thing I like about it is you can clearly see his fingers are clearly now in her hair. What amazed me about him was evn though he was going berserk on her outside of a small grin on his face he didn't moan or anything like that. I don't honestly know if his "doodle" was out of his pants; I wasn't really looking. Enjoy.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:48:58 GMT)

This is a great picture. It was taken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This guy had his mouth right into this girl's poneytail. Notice his eyes are closed so you know he really had to be enjoying it. (I have second picture of him on her which I didn't scan because of she appears to be quite young. If you want me to I will at a later time.)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:51:38 GMT)

This was also taken at the parade. I used to see this guy all the time. He was very aggresive and would rub on anything; young or middle aged, black or white. I haven't seen him for at least five years now, I assume he probably passed away and is in "frottage heaven" now. (LOL) He will be in a few other of my pictures.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:56:44 GMT)

Here's that same guy again. I have four pictures of him on this girl but only scanned this one. They show from when he started, she realized he was doing it and with a big grin on her face manage to get herself out of the crowd. If you want I will scan and post the other three but I didn't do it because I thought it may have been too much. What I do like also is there were two other guys right there (you can barely see them but they are to this guy's left) who had THEIR own girls that they were rubbing on. I don't know hy but when I see two or three guys all doing it at the same time it gets me turned on. I also will be posting a couple of pictures where two guys were double teaming the same girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 10:59:50 GMT)

Nothing fancy here. Just a guy rubbing on a cute girl at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I think she knew he was doing it if you lookat her face. She was with a women (I guess her mother) but there was so much pushing going on they got separated.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 11:04:13 GMT)

This picture and the next one is of this guy (who I see occasionally around) on a girl at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. At one point he kissed her hair a few times but I had run out of film.

Frottage/Rubbing Picture (Sat 17 Jan 2009 11:05:13 GMT)

Picture #2

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 11:09:20 GMT)

This guy was on this girl, again at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. If you look closely there are two short girls directly in front of her. It was really packed and at one point he began to lightly moan.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures. (Sat 17 Jan 2009 11:16:00 GMT)

Sorry but for some reason on that previous picture for some reason that guy's picture who was on that girl was deleated. I scanned and you can see it on my computer. I am not enough of an expert to adjust it.

Anyway, I like this picture because it was packed and this cute girl's face was jammed into the coat of the person in front of her. She caught me taking her picture and gave me a smile. Unfortunately you can't see the guy who was on her but I thought you would still enjoy the picture; use your imagination about what was that guy was probably thinking about.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sat 17 Jan 2009 11:19:26 GMT)

This will be my last picture I will post today. I have 12 more that I will post within the next week and that will be it. I also have a favor to askof you regarding surging, packing, swaying crowds. have a great weekend.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 13:55:20 GMT)

I have decided to post a few more pictures since I have the time this AM. I hope I am not overwhelming the board since I have posted a ton of pictures recently. I only have 12 more to go. And please read my previous post from an hour or so ago. (I don't know why but I am listed as a "guest" which I am not. But it talks about my love of packed crowd videos and also the yelling, cheering, screaming of a large crowd.)

This picture and the next one is of a girl with beautiful red hair that this guy was rubbing up against. In THIS picture you can see his eyes are closed and he is obviously enjoying what he is doing. The next picture is similiar and the thrird is a close up of her face. (I don't know about you but when I see a guy rubbing on a girl and then I get to see her face it just gets me even more excited.) Enjoy.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 13:56:32 GMT)

Picture #2 of the same redheaded girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 13:57:29 GMT)

Picture #3 ... close up of the redheaded girl that was getting rubbed on.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:01:06 GMT)

This is a girl who jammed up at a street corner at The St. Patrick's Day Parade. The guy doing it ran after her when he saw her and bumped into me as he raced to her. he was on her like bees onto honey. And it last several minutes as the crowd wasn't going anywhere. The next picture is a closeup of that girl.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:02:41 GMT)

Close up of the girl in the previous picture. (Do you all want to see closeups where I have them or just the frottage/rubbing picture itself?)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:05:17 GMT)

This is the picture I was telling you about. This man not only was rubbing onto this girl but he also kissed her head several times; I have two pictures of that. (I wonder how excited he was? I would say ... VERY.)

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:06:26 GMT)

Same guy kissing the same girl's head, different angle.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures. (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:09:16 GMT)

I have a surprise for you. The next three pictures are of the girl being "double teamed" that I told you about. What is great is one of the two guys is the same guy in the previous two pictures kissing the head of the girl with the short hair. Notice his eyes are closed in this picture and he's in the process of kissing this girl's hair while he rubs on her.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:11:40 GMT)

In this picture you can barely see the guy who was about to kiss her hair (he has the ski cap on). But you get a clear picture of the other guy that was on her.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:13:40 GMT)

This is the third picture. It shows that she is aware that she is getting rubbed on (maybe groped as well ... I am not really sure). About a minute after I took this picture she wiggled out and gave the guy behind her a dirty look. And he had a grin on his face.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:15:51 GMT)

Nothing fancy here, just a teenaged girl getting rubbed on at the parade.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Sun 18 Jan 2009 14:29:21 GMT)

This is the last of the 48 pictures I posted. This guy was rubbing on and groping this girl at the same time.

I hope you've all enjoyed these pictures as much as I have over the years. If you want me to repost any of them let me know. And please ... I really want to find videos of large, packed, surging, swaying crowds that you may have or know where I can obtain them. (Of course I will pay unless one of you wants to reward me for a job well done on these pictures ... LOL.) Also feel free to contact me privately via email if you want (two of you already have who wanted to tell me things in private).

I also have over 300 close up pictures of young girls (not porn since I am not into that), teenaged girls (probably close to 150), girls with beautiful long hair (anotherthing that turns me on) and/or beautiful faces and girls with braces (over 50 of them ... another major turn on). I am looking for web sites I can post them on so people can enjoy them. And what's nice about the pictures I took them all myself. If you can help me out send me an email with the web address. Enjoy ... and have a great day.

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Tue 20 Jan 2009 09:50:34 GMT)

Sure Pluk ... he was singing "Sweet Caroline" while consumating "the act."

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Fri 23 Jan 2009 08:55:12 GMT)

Thanks Guest for that web site; I will check out the site you recommended this weekend

Frottage/Rubbing Pictures (Thu 29 Jan 2009 01:39:58 GMT)

I appreciate your kind comments about my pictures and your nominates for the monthly award. It was my full intention to post these pictures so you could all enjoy them as well. For years I have enjoyed coming in here and reading your comments. It was my pleasure to respond and give you all something to really enjoy. I felt since the situations were real and my comments about them were true you would get further enjoyment from them. It seems for teh majority of you that worked out great. I am gratified about that.

Please remember my request for packed, surging, swaying crowd video. There is no bigger turn on than than ... unless I am that big surging crowd plastere onto a butt of a woman with a nice, big, juicey rear end. That is better than the best porterhouse steak you can buy. (LOL) Have a great rest of the month.

Crowd Videos (Sat 31 Jan 2009 08:47:23 GMT)

Thanks Shadow for your suggestion. I have gone onto You Tube looking for videos. There is a really good one under "China employment fair" which shows a crowd of several thousand people, all pretty young, both girls and guys surging forward trying to get into the fair. You can see girls being carried forward and guys on top of them. There is music accompanying the corwd surges which I find a bit annoying since I love to hear the crowd as it yells, screams and reacts. I have never looked up "festival" so I'll do that this weekend.

I have an old VCR so I am looking for VHS tapes of different crowds scenes. I had a great one that was shot at the 1969 New York Mets victory parade which shows the crowd surging forward at a barracade. This guy was right on top of a girl and he was obviously pounding away on her. Nobody was really noticing (except ME of course ... LOL) since the cops were just trying to keep the barracades from toppling forward due to the surging forward of the crowd. However the tape somehow got misplaced. I would love to get a hold of that tape again. Those are the kind of tapes I'm always on the lookout for. Have a great weekend.

February award: Rock hard
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mashing some blonde on packed train (Sun 15 Feb 2009 17:45:05 GMT)

So today on the city lines (hammersmith ect) there were severe delays. i ususally scope for a unsuspecting vunerable target ptrferably white women they never seem to mind haha anyway so i found her mid twenties brunette medium slim build the slag was wearing a black tight work skirt and pumps anyway as the train pulled in and the crowed surged i rammed my now raging cock right up her she kinda turned and as if she knew exactly what was happening but was too ashamed to speak out from this point i knew she was trapped and helpless so i really took advantage rubbed my raging hard on all over her cheeks as n pressed it as hard as i could ap her dumb brunette bum she tryed to move forward to escape but i just forced it harder up her as the train pulled up at farringdon i gave her a few pumps and got off i gave her a look back and smiled at her leudly as if to say thanks for letting me take advantage of your white arse i hope she has a boyfriend and tells him what i done to her he probably make her quit her job n tell her off for wearing a tight black skirt to work when getting on a packed train women are so dumb they dont know how men think ill post more later oh btw all my stories are 100 percent true and that the truth i hope u can relate cos i have many to tell

school girls a few years back (Sun 15 Feb 2009 18:23:03 GMT)

ok so here goes ill feed you another story but first let me introduce myself i wont say too much aparr from im black and in my twenties this story only goes back a few years (i call them the golden years) back when i went to school now the school i went to all the girls used to wear short insanely tight mini skirts. back then i used to hang with a group od boys and we used to terroise the girls but they never used to say anything because we were probably quite threating to a young girl back then but anyhow well at school there was always a fight and everyone usued to go running to watch so a big crowed would form well o used to take advantage back then and take my cock out my pants just under my trousers and rub my massive erection all over some girl whilsr prerending to be trying to watch the fight. well this time it was some white girl one of the popular girls in the year below she was stunning blonde with fairly big tits for her age and real pert arse the clung to that mini skirt. well as she joined the crowed i stuck in right behind her and rubbed my massive boner all over her she must havr felt it but didnt think it was intentional as there was a crowed anyway whilst my cock was rubbing all over her i put my hands down and rubbed the back of my hand all over her cheeks it was amazing to be rubbing my cock and hands all over her at the same time ny this point i didnt give a fuck and put my hands down my triusers ans adjusted my cock so my helmet was sticking right out and i rammed it right up baaically my tip of my dick was going straight up her bum as i continued to push it up her well the fun only lasts so long til the teachers come and break up the fight. but to this i still remember this girl and ocasionaly jerk one of thinkimg about the feeling of mt rock hard dick pressing against her teen arse in that super tight lycra skirt anyway after that i had ti wait til i got home before i could bring myself off as i wouldnt dare do it in the toilets for fear of being caught to this day she probly dont even realise what i done to her she must be 20 or so bet shes still stunning love to fuck her

on the northern line (Sun 15 Feb 2009 18:51:01 GMT)

Ok so i usually get the city lines to work but this time i got the northern line well let me put it in perspective there were delays on the northern line it meant i would be extremly late but i dint care i needed a rub n a good one well on the platform a train was already there people were packed on and it was on the point of leaving this was when i saw my opportunity there was a blonde standing by the doors she was wearing a mid lenght skirt only to her knees she had on court heels easily 7" inches they really turned me on she must have been about 26 or so i usually prefer a younger girl bodies more lush but the shoes just done it tol much for me so i rushed on and thrusted myslef into her and pushed her into the train even more people gave me funny looks but i didnt give a shit i had my girl and i was going to fuck her silly the train doors rried to shut but couldnt because i still wasent on enough so i pressed myself against her even more my chest was pressed against her back and my pelvis was squeezing her bum i she tried to turn aroumd and look at me but simply couldnt i heard her mumble oh god she must have realised whatbwas happening this kind of pissed me off and instarted to really take advantage and make sure she felt completly creeped out i began breathing heavily down her neck and whenever the train rocked i would over exaggeratily thrust my cock u her the tlgreat thing is noone knew because we were the last people on the train i only managed a precum but it sure was good i must have got to work about 30 mins late but i was well worth it when i got into the office i went straight to the single disabled toilet and brought myself off.

my wife being chikaned (Sun 15 Feb 2009 19:05:28 GMT)

before i got into chikan the prospect of another guy trying anything on with my wife really puts me off the idea of it still gets to me but seeing as i am chikan myself id be a hypocrite to let it bother me she doesnt know i am chikan all i have told her is i have seen it happening and if its ever happened to her she told me when she was at school she used to wear a super short skirt like all the girls and every english lesson some boy always used to touch her up she said she never used to do anything bwecause it was embarassing but that was all until one day she came home from work upset one day i asked what was wrong and she told me she wqs shutting the shop pulling the shutters down when some to pikey boys came to her
and one groped her bum she was surprised by what had just happened and the otyer pikey grabbed her bum also she told me she was too scared to say anything because they were pikeys and sh said thay kept taking it in turns to touch her up and then they left when she told me this i shouted at her for not makimg them stop amd now she is more aware of chikan and will now stand up for herslef which is a shame as now the prospect of my wife being chikaned makes me horney oh well thats life.

boning girls when i was at school (Sun 15 Feb 2009 19:35:36 GMT)

So i remember a few years back the girls at school always used to wear the stupid lycra mini skirts with some sexy flat pumps. the skirts really used to turn me on. i really used to take advantage of this whenever there was a fight at school everyone used to go running to watch well there was this one slag i used to get everytime she was so stupid she didnt even know what i was doing she was a year younget than me i got her everytime i loved her she was one of the popular girls well everyone went running to watch the fight i was prepared i pulled my cock out of my pants and waited fir her to join the fight and on que there she was with her mates i immediatly ran up behind her i hadent meant to be so abrupt but the crowed surged and i rammed my raging boner right up her. i grabber her bum ans squezzed it and rubbed my cock all ovee her arse cheeks and then shoved it back up her by now she knew what was going on but i didnt give a fuck i was mashing this slag n i was going to keep on doing it she turned around n lookee at me disgustidly by the cock and hands molesting her bum by now i was bursting she said sumim to her mates im not sure what because of the crowed was jeering to the fight but her matee looked ar me and laughed this got me angry so i grabbed her hips and rammed my raging monster right into her she squirmmed for me to let go as she done this her arse rubbed all over my cock which made it twitch like mad and i cam right there and then im not sure she knew i came but after thar she and her mates walked off and the teachers came to break up the fight it must have only been about 5 mins but it felt longer the slag continued to
wear shorr skirts everyday but i never went back for more because i had a repitation to maintain like i said all my stories are 100 percent true i still think about this girl cos i love girls in school uniform wish i could go back to school now looking back id shag so many sluts

Chikans taking turns (Mon 16 Feb 2009 12:28:44 GMT)

Chikans taking turns

Ok so this one goes back a few months now. Still it was brillant. Firstly id like to say as usual all my stories are 100 % true.
Well it was my mates birthday and we decided to go out in Birmingham for the night. now my mates don't know i am chikan. So we got to Birmingham now as it was my mates birthday i had to drink which was a shame every stealth chikan knows too well a drunk chikan is not a professional chikan this is because he is vunerable and exposed to being caught. Well this time i was fortunate as everyone else around me was drunk too.
Anyway long story cut short...
we got to the club about 11 by then it was packed to the brim id just like to mention it was summer aswell so most the girls were wearing these hotpant style shorts im not sure if you seen then but they are really quite skimpy personally id never let me daughter leave the house like that. Anway so in the club i was made to do a few more drinks by then i was really getting too drunk so i left my mates for a toilet break. i locked myself in a cubicle to gather my thoughts and pull myslef together i always whipped my cock out of my boxers to it was just under my cotton trousers. I left the toilet and made my way to the bar being sure to avoid my mates. the bar was really packed just how i liked it. had a look around for my target seeing as the bar was so packed it thought better to pick and choose this was when I noticed I was not the only chikan practitioner I saw some Asian guy he must have been in his late 40's he was standing very close behind this blonde girl who was giggling with her mate the girls were easily only 19 or 20 she was wearing those hot pants these girls wear with no tights and some high shoes there was no chance he was with them well anyway I was watching exactly what this guy was going. As the girls were giggling and talking the blonde kept on jostling backwards into his dick I could tell she wasn't doing it on purpose it was just her body movements and the fact she was probably abit tipsy. well this guy was really pushing himself into her at one point its almost as if he was leaning on her she didn't seem to notice every now and then I saw him adjust his trousers probably to get a better view when ever I looked down all I could see was his crutch firmly pressing against her bum I started to get horny I wanted to join in and make this bitch mine I had to chikan her I was determined and nothing was going to stop me well what happened next was a irrational and thoughtless move which could have resulted either way but I was drunk and really didn't care. I manoeuvred myself directly behind this chikan and really pushed my hands into his back so he was really digging this girl he wasn't really trying to stop me. It might sound weird to you my chikan brothers but what I was doing was testing the waters to see how much of this guys dick this bitch could feel up her arse this way depending on how she reacted would depend on whether I can have my turn to bone her arse.
well the next part really made me need her after I shoved him into her he turned around and said 'do you mind' I pretended that I was drunk to cover myself (I wasn't up for fighting or causing a scene this is not how a master chikan operates) well this chikan turns back around and tuts like he was not enjoying it but I know he was. After I pushed him into this blonde slag she turns to her friend and says this guy behind me is squishing me her friend look back at the chikan and the girls look at each other with creeped out faces almost like they were disgusted. Then the blonde just shrugged her shoulders almost as if to say well what can I do. From her I knew this bitch was game and I was going to fuck her. I began to manoeuvre myself to the side of this chikan I was literally barging I should have been more carful but I didn't really care people around me were getting annoyed but then my chance came a couple at the bar left after getting their drinks the girls moved into the spot I immediately pushed right into place behind this blonde looking back it was probably abit obvious what I was doing but I was ruthless and didn't give a fuck I was right behind this blond who was leaning over the bar now I opened my legs wide and crushed myself right into her pert bum I this time I was really taking advantage I put my hands down my exposed cock and lifted it upright and shoved myself right against her so my testicles were pressed against her bum I done this for several minutes then adjusted my cock so my helmet was poking straight ahead and I rammed it right up her little white bum she whirled her head round obviously startled by my erection I again pretended as though I was really drunk out my face she just turned back around and mumbled something to her mate im not really sure what but I figured this girl was getting angry and I was on limited time I knew I was going to have to get her bad and there was not enough time to cum on her so my next move is not something I usually do but I was slightly drunk so I done it anyway. as my helmet was already halfway up her arse and I had a full on erection I began forcing my dick to twitch right up inside her when I say twitch I mean make it twitch like it does when its really excited. I know she felt every second of this because she kept turning her head trying to look back at me as if to make me stop but I just kept going, then she done something alot of chikan victims do she pushed her bum hard back into my dick as if to say move off of me but my chikan brothers when a girl does this is just makes everything even more jolly and I was now throbbing pre cum tipping out of dick. But chikan knows all good things must come to and end.
and the bitch finally got her drink and left as she left I gave her one last thrust right up her arse she gave me a really cold stare, I winked at her loll.

The rest of the night was lame nothing worth talking about. But I always think about this girl I wish I could get into her head and know how she felt me chikaned her that should teach her about making herself vulnerable like that dumb bitch.

Arsenal game today (Mon 16 Feb 2009 15:59:09 GMT)

Eze brother blackie how's it going. Web master you need to remove those pictures they are not good for this site. I have many stories to tell I have been following this board for some time now and have read many great stories especially from the likes of shogun pbh ECT now I feel I need to make a valid contribution also well I've sent in a few stories I'll post more later as I said I'm going to the football tonight arsenal are playing this will mean there should be some great crowds ill keep you posted if I get any. Ps got some foreign lady on the h n city line today I'm not sure what she was and I couldn't go too hard as the train was only medium busy so I only got to rock it against her softly and she was also wearing one of those stupid long coats so couldn't get the full feel but was still worth a rub. Haha

All these pictures (Mon 16 Feb 2009 22:43:54 GMT)

Does anyone here not honestly beleive this is borderline child porn...
I'm disapponted to see this on here this is a community for chikan not child porno disapponted to see the brothers don't agree just hope this stuff is removed before the police get suspicious otherwise me might lose the great ayashi bbs site altogether....!

Arsenal game update (Mon 16 Feb 2009 23:46:58 GMT)

So nothing to report on the Arsenal game guys - yes there were massive crowds but for some reason Tfl (transport for London) were prepared and there were trains almost every 5 minutes quite disapointing really was a good game but would have prefered some White arsenal to rub to be in work early tomorrow to won't have much luck there either but I'll post an old memory on sometime tomorrow.

Wife frottage (Wed 18 Feb 2009 07:28:44 GMT)

Hey guys does anyone else have any stories of their wife being chikaned and how she felt about it. Also does your wife know you are chikan n can she openly talk about it...?

cute brunette on train in skirt and back n red pumps (Wed 18 Feb 2009 13:37:24 GMT)

so i had a great time today like seriously good time. there was minor delays on the city lines today. when i got to the platform on kings cross it wasen't really busy but i figured the crowds might arrive by about 08:45 as they usually do. see i usually get there at 08:35 well just on queue the crowd slowly got more packed. but to be honest the pack never got to rammed like it usually does. I was determined to get something i didnt care what. well this is when i saw the slag. she was the usual nothing amazing just your average girl next door white brunette slag. she had mid long hair probably just above her elbow and big blue eyes really innocent eyes made me feel bad but i needed to get my dick wet hahah dumb slag! she was wearing a skirt that clung to her juicy arse that came just above her knee and some really sexy black and red flats (i have a thing for a girl in nice shoes) i decided i was going to get her and get her hard. as the train pulled in o positioned myslef right behind her (no contact at this point just unnecessarily close hehe) she boarded and so did all the other passengers now for a second i thought i was going to loose my opportunity she was heading towards the isle i thought she was gone (you can really hump between the isles on the city line trains its too obvious you can only hump in the middle of the doors where everyone stands. well low and behold she stopped just before the aisle and stayed there with her back to me. i took a few glances at her ubble butt whilst placing y hand in my pocket to help get my cock as herd as possible and slip it out of my boxers. i unzipped my knee length coat like it was too hot with the crowed so now my cok was fully ready to go. as the train pulled off i abruptly rammed my fully aroused cock right up the centre of her bum she didnt even try acknowledge me, i know she felt it i mean my dick average its not massive but its certainly not titchy and even if it was she still would have felt it because it was out of my boxers and pressed right up against her even though the rest of my body wasent just my crotch. well i got kinda angry i wanted this slag to know exactly what was happening to her so as the train rocked i lewdly rubbed my fully aroused penis all over her but cheeks dragging it to the left then to the right then thrusting it right back up her arse with alot of brute force. i figured this bitch knew what i was doing but she was trapped between me and the aisle barriers she couldnt move anywhere. the thought of her being trapped and helpless really made me act reckless i didnt give a fuck i was going to mash this girl really make her feel like shit by the end of this ordeal. i was now thrusting up her even when the train was not rocking aggressively rubbing my erection right and left across her bum as the train nearly approached the station i figured i hadent got long left so i placed my cock back into the crack of her arse and forced it to twich so she felt my cok spasm against her i made sure i had it pressed so hard against her that making it twitch actually hurt my cock a little bit this made me precum and spasm for realy right there as the train pulled over at farringdon the crowds got off she stayed on, so did i, i kept on looking at her trying to establish eye contct but she was looking to the floor. It was then that i really felt bad i mean i pratically fucked this slag to the point where i swaer she was holding back tears, and my brothers i really do feel ashamed, i actually wanted to hug her and say im sorry you see brothers not every girl should be chikaned n just beacuse this slag was wearing a skirt and sexy pumps she was too innoncent (think maybe i starting to have feelings for her which is a bad move)
well i still wank off over her when i get home becasue she really pleasured my dick beyond my wiledest expectation white girls are easy like that they let you do anything to them even when they dont like it lol.
well bye for now sorry if i rambled on this time its just i really enjoyed her but still felt terrible about humping her.

This one is not really chikan not sure what you'd call it really! :-? (Wed 18 Feb 2009 14:16:26 GMT)

so this was about a year ago at a nightclub in Nottingham. well it was my mates birthday and he has a uni place up there which is student halls. he shares with a few girls and two other guys they're all really close and good friends. well my mate invited them to come out with me and the other boys as it was a one off seeing as we all were down. everyone agreed and we all drunk shit loads cocktails spirits beverages wine we were mixing everything. Now we all know what that's like. well i must have puked up even before we were out so i decided i was going to stay in the halls and sober up then come out later after showering and freshing up. well one of the flat mates decided she was also going to stay in she said she was tierd and was going to crash out. i figured she wasent game as she just clearly wasent intrested she went off to her room and i stayed in my mates whilst everyone left. When they left the place was eerily quite compared to when everyone was here drinking. this was when i went into chikan mode whilst sitting on the bed, I decided i was going to get some pussy of this slag. she was strawberry blonde and had these hazel / brown eyes she had a slim build body quite nice arse but nothign special. she was wearing them skinny jeans and no shoes, and i remeber looking at her feet real nice and small and she had frence on her hands and toes.
i kept thinking of ways to go get her but then i had the perfect plan. this is really conniving i went to the kitchen and the screamed quite loudly and pushed a chair to the floor quite aggressively.
right as planned she being emily i i rightly recall came to see what was happening. this is where i found my opportunity. i pretended as though i saw a mouse she was shocked and scared and stood closer to me, i seized the opportunity and grabbed her and picked her up with my arms round her waist and my dick right up her bum and joked i was going to put you where the mose ran to she struggled to get out of my grasp. i was now fully aroused annd when i let her back down i made her slide down me so her arse passed right over my boner felt amazing! i knew i had limited time and decided i was going to go all out anyway. i told her to sit down and have a drink she did and we drunk substantially she got really drunk i didnt i pretended to drink most the time by now she was flat out and was resting her head on my shoulder i told her i was going put her to bed she was too drunk to acknowledge what i said. i took her to her room and put her on her bed she was flat out. i begain touching and rubbing her breast and held her hand against my cock massgaing it into my erction but softly and gently cos i dint want to wake her. I played with her body just touching her and massaging my cock on her hand i got even more confident and made her rub my cock with more speed this is when she started to move a little, i quickly stoped i figured i had better go soon so and would have to really be careful with what i can do. i decided to just molest her beauitful feet, i put her legs so they were dangling of the edge of her bed pulled my penis out and began wanking over over her pretty french nailed tiny feet. until i came over them i got some tissue wiped most of it off but left some for keepsakes. i also stole a pair of her knickers and one of her shoes i dont have a massive foot fetish but her feet were just beauitful i still got the size 5 shoe. hehe.
so i knwo this stroy wasent great but its another one that kinda stiks on the back of the head,

raw humping on the city line this morning (Thu 19 Feb 2009 11:36:08 GMT)

had a good one this morining on the hammersmith line today. i was half busy but as the trains pulled in they were pretty busy the thing is although alot of ppl get off at kings cross, alot of people also stay on well anyway i managed to get behing this young 20 something white europrean chick she was wearing those latex (i think) trousers you know the black ones that are tight strecth fitting. well i managed to shove my erection right up and and at the same time rub my hand against her bum she half turned back to look at me and then turned round again i just raw humped her thrusing back and forth in and out of he rbum and then rubbing it in circular motions on her. it was brilliant! when the train pulled over at farringdon and everyone strats to shuffle i used this opportunity to give her a few aggressive thrusts right up her arse i also openly groped her bum as she departed squeezing it quite hard. i done this as i knew i could get away with it and becuase she was getting off she wont bother to say anything as the ordeal will be over shortly. sometime you can read a woman and tell if they are game or not and even when they are not you can tell when they will speak out or not usually most women dont ive nver been told to stop although i have been jabbed in the ribs by some bitches elbow when she clocked what im going the best thing though is when they push back into to you with their bum to make you stop and this just makes you wana cum instantly. oneday i know ill get caught out and shown up but until then fuck it game on.
oh one more thing if you want a good hump after work get a train to farringdon between quater past 5 to about quater to 6 when the circle line and hammersmith trains come in they are too short for the platfrom so the last two carriages which are right by the station main stairs are always rammed and when there are delays there are always good opportunities for business women and college girls

in the presence of her boyfriend (Thu 19 Feb 2009 14:24:10 GMT)

this one goes back to when i was alot younger probably only 16 or so. At this age i was a chikan but only really around other girls my age. Well this experience was with an older lader mid thirties and with her husand or boyfriend whichever don't really care.
well this was when it was news years eve i was with the lads back then we used to drink cider and lambrini on the streets thinking we were so cool (losers yes i know!) well anyway we went up to Trafalgar Square that evening to spend new years there. well by the time we got there the crowds had already formed and everyone was near tyhe clock waiting for the time to hit 12. I remeber seeing this woman with her man they were standing side by side he had his arm round her waist. i thought to myself i couldn't get too close otherwise he might feel me on his arm but i did use this as an opportunity to press the back of my hand against her bum which i ran in circular motions. I dont really remember too much of this one but i do remember her standing behind him resting her head on his shoulder at one point., and i do remember seing her sliding her and against his crotch as she done this she had to very slightly bend her knees so her arms were long enough to still be wrapped round him and reach for his dick. this really turned me so i stood extra close to her not yet making contact. i figured that she was going to have to unbend her knees at some point and when she would do this her arse would stick out just enough to rub my dick. I put my hand down my trousers and rubbed my cock til it was rock hard and then moved up right against her so i was touching her ever so slightly. it felt nice beacuse she was down low which meant she was rested against my balls rather than my actual dick. about a minute later jst as i suspected she shifted herslef up again right on my dick, as she did this i pushed hard into her. she blatantly felt my erection in her bum as she whirled her head round in surprise i pretend to glare over her shoulder at nothing lol. she turned back to her partner and just rested her head on his shoulder. i figured she wasent going to be moving as the situation had now become awkward with me pressed against her and lots of people around her it would have meant she would have to shoved everyone. I got horny now knowing she was trapped and i was on her. I know she didn't tell her partner as i think he mentioned the crowds really busy and she just said tell me about it everyones squashed together i think she was hinting but he didnt catch on well this really tipped me over the edge. as 12 approached it did get very busy and now my physical contact was justified. I used this as an opportunity to get my dick complelty out as it was dark anyway. I litreally got it out and shoved it really hard right up her bum she kept turning back to me and glaring me right in the eye she even cut her eye sharpely at me. I figured i didnt have long to get a wet one on her as it was almost as if she was bursting to just turn and slap me. at that point i decided id better get as much as i can possibly get without pushing the limits and still getting my penis wet. I held my erection in my hand and rubbed it all over her butt in circles and then pulled my foreskin back and shoved the tip of my helmet right up her bum so hard my hand was litreally pressing against her bum aswell. by now my dick was starting to precum and twitch right up her bum i know she hated it but it seemed she had give up trying to stop me she just put her head on her mans shoulder and just kissed his neck once and rested her head on his shoulder and siad something to him in not really sure what but i figured id better shift myself well i swear this is true i thrust my cock up her one last time and by this point i was too aroused i started to cum, i whipped my dick away from her so as to not let her feel what i done unfortunalty though some of the spunk fell on the back of her leg. luckily she was wearing jeans so i wasnt so bad. after i cam i was gone in 60 seconds becasue i was paranoid people may have seen. I forgot to mention that when whipped my cock out i was protected one by her body plus i had a long coat on. the lady was wearing these jeans which made her arse look nice and round. she had on a short jacket cant remember what shoes.

reply (Thu 19 Feb 2009 17:17:54 GMT)

shit i forgot about the pigs lol. dont want to get my arse busted now :-p tell you what the best line is probably the northern line when there are delays is madness trying to get on a train you can chikan the same girl over and over just trying to ge onto a train let alone when you actualy get on. the victoria lines great aswell. the picidally line always seems busy but when i get on at kings cross usually by the time people hav all squashed on it trains always seem not quite as full. tell you what i do love london the woman are game and the opportunities are just great

whilst on holiday (Fri 20 Feb 2009 12:50:38 GMT)

so as usual on a Friday i don't manage to get any so lets go back to a previous experience. this one was when i was alot younger and went away on holiday to Kenya with my mum and her sister. It was your typical holiday a beach holiday with a few days on Safari. Well the action came on the safari. it was not your major great chikan experience but still it was well worth it.
well the safari bus was one of those small bedford vans with an open top. the bus was full to the capacity (only about 8 seats but all were taken, this was quite a few for the size of the van) my mother was on the safari with me and there were was another family it was a mother daughter farther and son. the daughter was my target she was a typical 15 year old english girl wearing hotpant shorts which clung to her arse. she was also wearing a low cut vest top wihcih really showed her breast which were nicely developing. well when we got to the game park everyone was now standing the seats on the bus were not fold over so they took up space that would have been used when standing this meant everyone was excessively close in contact. noticed the girls parents were quite physical with eachother and were not really taking notice of their kids (too busy kissing and cuddling being all soppy and romantic) I saw this as an opportunity to get the daughter this was when i found out her name and ill nevee forget her beacuase the paents looked back at her and said "you alright there jess" she siad she was fine. well i made sure i was away from my
mum and her sister so they could not really see what i was doing but they were standing engrossed on the sceneary and talking to notice me anyway. i was wearing the small shorts and and little net vest i had boxers on but as usual but i had whipped my cock out, when we were driving through the game park the roads were super bumpy people were flying all over the place i use this as a chance to ram right up jess's arse i fell right into her and shoved my erection right against her i immediatly said sorry as though it was by accident she turned to me and said dont worry about because its bumpy. i realised i had great opportunities here i decided not to remove my cock from her im not really sure why i decided to do this i think maybe i thought she was game being in a game park (no pun intended lol) she kinda shifted away from my dick as she done this she accidentally swiped her are over my erect penis. the feeling of her bum in those tight fitting hotpants felt so good her i remember her arse was very firm yet still had a bounce i imagined myslef fucking her doggy style and how great her tight wet pussy would feel. i wanted this chick badly now as the bus rocked i used every opportunity to bump my cock against her i knew she was getting abit uncomfortable as she moved away from me slightly. I decided to change approach and realy go for the gold one here i figured i didnt have long to try this approach and that if it didnt go down well i could be exposed. by her but i thought fuck it those shorts were making me get and erection and it was killing me to have such a boner over a girl and not enjoy her in the slightest. well anyway this is what i done. I moved up right behind her and placed my dick right up against her bum with full contact. i put both one arm over her so it was holding onto the outside of the bus pratically over her shoulder and i said to her you alright she half turne and looked at me this made her bump her bare thigh right hard into my erection she said ye sort of uncomfortably i quickly picked upn conversation just the usual jibber jabber you know where you from, and all that crap she spoke back to nervously as she spoke to me i pressed my cock of on and moved it around over her leg from side to side as if the bus was rocking me, i soon realised i had better stop but thought i best get some action i devised a cunning plan i told her i thought i saw something in the horizon she leaned up to look and said where are you looking i used this opportunity to get right up behind her and shove my cock right up her bum i pressed it soo hard agaisnt her and put both my arms over her and pointed in the horizon (at nothing) lol. she moved forward to try and escape me abit but to no use. she was just tight on the bus window i pressed up on her hard and starting softly humping her i was enjoying this throughly unitl i had a feeling i should have been more cautious i felt like someone was watching me i turned my head slightly to see jes's dad watching me her mother wasent but her dad was he came over maneourved over to me immediatly i realised i was in the shit, my erect penis instatnly flopped he said to jess 'do you two know eachother' jess kind of looked at me and said 'yeah weve just been speaking' her dad looked at me and just kinda made a hmph noise and went back to his partner. by now i was shitting myslef and any sperm that was ready to jack on this slags bum had now backed off. i was gutted for the rest of the journey i knew i couldnt do shit because i had been caught and could hav eeasily have been punched i got out of this one and was lucky, i did put me of chikan for a long time ok well maybe a month or so but after the holidays when school came back round i was at it again but the experience really did throw me

teens on train (Sat 21 Feb 2009 16:02:04 GMT)

as i told you coming home on the H'smith line is always great for chhikan during rush hour the croweds are always pretty immense tying to jump on a circle line tain which is too short for farringdon and babican station. So anyay whilst at Faingdon i noticed some teens waiting in line for the tain ok they must have been touching 16 possibly 17 but moe likely 15 lol. cant really these day, young girls look alot old they ae very pety these days aswell most teen girls are. well anyway there were two brunettes and 1 blonde they wee all medium build i had my eye on the blonde as she was the more chunk of the lot she wasent fat or even chubby jut more bodied. and i prefered her style f clothes the brunettes were typical really funky london girls you no the russell brand style messy hair and you know funky clothes but not sexy clothe whereas the blonde was weaing these skinny jeans which really clung to her arse nicely and shoed the full shape of her legs she ws also wearing the shoes all women seem to wear to work at the moment you know the ones that they women wore during the war in factories with abit of a heel and strap over the front. this made her perfect height for my cock although i wasent going to be luckily enouh to get her arse anyway :( well as expected everyone packed on including me behinf this blonde the girls were al talking as they boarded i was in too much of a rush and startd using my dick to push this blonde on, she immediatly clcoked what i was doing and as she boaded she now turned her side to me and left her arm holing a bad down by her side so could not hump her leg whilst all the time continuin to talk to her mates. I was gutted but i needed to get somethingi had move eal tight in to hr but i did and moved my cock right into her hand my eection ws now rubbing against her hand she could not sap hands as he other hand ws holding the overhead railing and i was so tight on her it would have been impossible for her to move her arm, her arm was now trapped cos i was so close on her. she tried to move it slightly as she must hav efelt the rubbing of my erection but i simply shoved it right back in place. the hump was good but was not great rubbing against a hand is differnt to an arse a arse is a bigger surface to press on so you can basically fuck it also an arse cannot be easily moved as you have to also move your whole body whereas a hand can be shifted and is smaller to hump so you cannot feel it as much. well it still felt good but i wasent amazing not like how doing he bum would have been oh wel she got away fairly lucky this time fucking bitch if i ever see her again i mash her badly

End to chikan pratice (Mon 23 Feb 2009 17:27:07 GMT)

I do think oneday I would like stop being a chikan you see inside my head I know it is wrong and it is just a guilty pleasure I hope to stop before I am caught out and embarassed but only time will tell. I think I'd need a job working outside of London or in the suburbs rather than the busiest parts of London. I hate to kill the vibe but the reason I would like to quit is because chikan is a fun hobby and makes everyday travelling to work an exciting experience when It is usually mundane but it is not something I would like to serve time for I read that article online abot that American who got arrested eventually though he apparenlty got hundreds of women over some 30 odd years I just wouldn't want that to be me I've got too much to live for but for now I try and be discreet and don't force so much but instead find a willing humpee or if the train is so packed physical contact cannot be helped... Then it is no my fault they might understand more LOL sorry to be so negative I'll post some stories later on. Bless

Chav slag (Mon 23 Feb 2009 19:14:03 GMT)

Brother blackie I have never fucked an American woman but I'd love to get one and bone her super hard. Think the best I've got was this beauitful Greek girl this was in palmers green some time ago now when I used to pass by there well there's quite a large geek. Community. Well anyway this one girl was one if those typical London rude girls the real chavy kind she was wearing this pink tracksuit with a pink goodie and these Nike trainers, she had chavy false nails with some stupid design and her hair gelled halfway across her face and she spoke like she was from the bronx well think you get the image anyway I Found it quite sexy well we were near he local school she must have been an upper sixth or something so when the bus came all the kids just push their way on with no disregard for anyone well this girl clearly have some attitude to her done the same I figured I didn't want this chance to slip me by so I basically mounted her arse and forced my way on with her barging the stupid little kids out of my way. I got called a few names war wanker n stuff but I thought fuck it I ain't gonna start ruckus with a kid. Well anyway the slag only got as far as the gangway and there was no more room beyond she was between me and he immatur kids upfront I places myself nicely between her arse right in the middle if her crack she was soft but firm fully rounded arse felt zoo good on those tracksuit trousers I opened my legs as wide as I could so now my legs were basically wrapped around her at some point her phone started ringing and she just spoke away I figures she was too preocupied with her conversation to bother acknowledging me so I got abut carried away and began rubbing my cock on her I leud circular motion full thrust with my hips I thought duck this I'm spunking on this slag I put my hand in my pocket and pulled my dick accross and forced my boxers just down a little I held my cock on my hand and pbehan pumping his bitch holding my cock tight on her arse on wanking it on her I only managed a pecum but still was good enough for me I needed longer but I knew she felt me because she started to go quite in the phone not really talking and when the bus unpacked she gave me a dealt weird look and cold stare I just smiled and winked at her this made her totally avoid eye contact I just stared straight at her tip I got off.

Foam party (Thu 26 Feb 2009 23:15:57 GMT)

Quick one guys I've give you a full story later cos I'm pretty knakeewe and I'm I'm the car on my way home. Well I just coming back from niche nightclub in shefield for a birthday bash thank fuck got tomorrow off work.
Anyway so it was a foam party all the girls were dressed in skirts and low tops because of the foam your clothes always get ruined well anyway there was this one brunette I follows into the foam when it came on I'm the dance floor she was wearing a super mini skirt and some low top and flat shoes she was pretty banging with nice blue eyes and dark brown hair. Well when the foam started I coils barely see her everyone was jumping and sliding all over the place well I used this as a chance to touch her up so I'm all rubbing and queezing her arse I think she was pretty tipsy so she didn't even try to remove my hands I got kinda reckless and just wrapped my arms round her from behind and sueezwd her tits while my dick was pressed again her tight arse I only done this briefly as it was abut hardcore and might cause a scene if she protested I continued grinding into this slag and figures I was guns spunk on her arse before the foam stopped so I whipper my cock out I mean totally exposed now and began masturbating it on her bum everyone was crowding on the floor my contact was kinda justified well I was completlt banging this bitch I shoved it as hard as I could against her she nearly slipped and list balance I quickly grabbed her from behind and pulled her back upright thrusting her into my cock she turned and looked back at me
This made me cum right on her skirt I made sure she felt ever spasm
Of my cock on her arse I even put some
Of my cum in my hand and wiped it on her bare leg as I left he scene to clean up in the toilet ok so honestly this girl was abut more than tipsy but White English girls are soo vunerable and easy when they are drunk it seems they don't mind you doing anything you want to them I don't usually
Go for drunk girls but when they are beauitful and she is the sort of girl you can only dream
Of fucking just getting to run on her and cum on her makes you feel better within yourself it's kinda like a dream come true cos it's the most you will ever get off such a sexy girl but it it's enough to make you feel fully satisfied you bones that slutty White girls arse hard and spunked on it. Hahaha

Award month (Fri 27 Feb 2009 07:36:16 GMT)

I would like to nominate Blackie he is a great guy with some good chikan stories!
Keep up the good work guys this board is becoming great once again, let's be the reason Ayashi BBS is the best chikan website there ever is!!

March award: blackie
for his public transportation adventure stories.
(They are chikan classics.)

blackie games teenage girl on tube train and teenage girl plays game with blackie (Tue 03 Mar 2009 19:03:07 GMT)

Had a great encounter last week on the northern line. As brother butt wiper and rock hard know i like to fuck woman hardcore. oooooh i hear you say yes ahahah callme sex mad i am proud of it ehehehe.

On the platform i spot 3 teenage girls one was still dressed in school uniform. Ages were 13-14 years old. Brothers as i have said many times a man likes a young juicy lamb to eat. Young juicy lambs are tender to the bone yum yum teenage girls are like ooh soft bodies who are developing into beautiful fruits. I move up behind them my heart beats faster i feel my dick harden as i eye up the school girl it is this one i seek. The nice juicy naked legs the short skirt ooohhhh. I feel my legs tremble. such is the excitement of forbidden fruit.

The tube comes in it is fairly crowded. As i move up behind the school girl her friend dressed in tight jeans she has good body gets in front of me. i feel upset that i cant get to the forbidden fruit. The school girl dressed in uniform brothers is the forbidden fruit.

Doesnt matter a master chikan must not hesistate or he will just masturbate ahahahah. I slow down to allow the teenage blonde to board after all i am gentleman chikan eh ? brother rock hard ahahahahah. Woman goes before man right ahahahah ?.

I move behind the teenager in tight jeans. The crowd is still not enough to mash the teenage bitch. So i move in close behind her inches from her hair i breath in and moan her hair is blonde and curly it smells fresh like a sweet rain forest ahhhh. My hard dick is an inch away from her tight ass oohhhh such torture i want to touch her maash her but i cant it will be all to obvious.

The all of sudden she giggles with her friend and thrusts her hips back. I moan as my hard dick makes contact with her crack..bump..

She turns and says "oh sorry" i smile. Then as the train moves it suddenly stops again she falls back her bum crashes in between my legs i feel my hard penis tingle oooh i moan. She giggle and says "sorry" again. The repeated bouncing of her bum on my dick brings me to pre cum.

The train rocks and stops all of sudden this time as she bounces her buttocks backwards to my hard penis i move foreward. The sudden impact my hard penis enters her crack her buttocks moving backwards i crash like waves against the rocks mashing her ass as i hold the rails. My dick buries deeply into her soft young crack ooohh the feeling is like heaven man. I withdraw again

She giggles and turns and says again "oh sorry". Fuck it i thought this teenage girl is sexually active and game i move forward and lean into her rubbing my little hard monster in between her cracks. She doesnt respond and keeps giggling and keps talking about shit some shitty girl talk about celebrities.

Next stop the crowd fades so i get off ahahah "get off"...when i get home still fucking horny over this teenage girl gaming me. I jerk off hard imagining that mashing moment

If brother rock hard was there and butt wiper they would be laughing and be proud of me ahahah

john (Tue 03 Mar 2009 19:04:01 GMT)

ehehe your a funny bloke John no doubt we will meet in hell oneday eheheheh

try to fuck aggressive latino bitch every dog has its day eh ehehehe (Tue 10 Mar 2009 17:57:04 GMT)

Every dog has its day goes the english saying eheheh ;-)

Hey brother butt wiper its great u are out gaming young meet. They are like tender lambs, juicy to the bone and to the boner no pun intended brother eheheheheh.

I was out and about on regents street spot this latino girl waiting for a bus in the crowd. My little monster growled as i eyed her up and down. She was good man nice meat in the right places. Short skirt that showed the curves of her crack and cheeks. Black fisher net stockings cooorrrr legs that you want bite and lick allday oohhhh even when i write this my dick goes hard. She had a pony tail long dark hair tied into a bunch and a wooley jumper top revealing her raveshing dark neck . Approached her from behind as she waited and stood inches away my lips almost tounching the back of her neck. Carefully surveying the area around me to ensure no police were around i moved in closer and inhaled smelling her neck and hair.

Coorrrr good smelling neck and hair. I could feel my heart racing. The smell of young latino meat was making me horny i felt butter flies in my stomach. As the bus came the crowd surged foreward i deliberately moved up behind her and did a quick test. I jabbed my already hard cock into her crack. She looked around behind i kept on looking foreward doing the "blank zombie look" and backed of.

This one was a bit of wild horse. A wild horse needs to be broken eh brother butt wiper ? ehehehe. As she moved into the middle of the bus and moved in again and touched my whole body against her backside. She turned around again and looked at me. I did the zombie look again.

My heart raced i wanted this untouchable piece of latino meat ohhhh. When the bus slowled down the next stop i knew it was now or never. I would do a hit and run then get of the bus quickly.

As the bus stopped i barged past her brushing my entier body chest and lower body against her opening my legs wide my little monster growled as it entered her void. I felt a tingling sensation like electricity as my testicles the hard cock came into contact with her butt cheeks and almost screamed this was sooooo good..the smoothness of her latino ass the deepness of the crack the void yes the void of no return.

I brushed my nose in her hair inhaling drawing her smell inside my nostrils ooohhhh such beauty i almost fainted man this was a true latino sex goddess.

As i brushed aggresivelly passed she elbowed me in the ribs. I said in a loud voice "dam i cant get out please letme out". She looked at me angrilly.

Well mission accomplished brothers i stared at her once i got of through the window i could see her angry eyes staring at me i looked at her with my hungry wolf eyes growling under my breath.

One day bitch i will break you ahhhhhhh fucking latinos i love them oneday i will crush her in a crowded tube ahahahahah.

man cannot live on bread alone so cliched hey brothers (Fri 13 Mar 2009 08:55:57 GMT)

I love woman I dream of land where I can be doctor and i have to go to girls schools to run medical checks on the girls. I will dress in a white coat and invite each girl in and say oooh time for your medical check plese take of your clothes and lie on the bed with your chest down.

i would then run my hands on thier peachy young asses and say hmm your peaches are healthy letme check your crack and then mount then and rub my cock in there cracks oooohh and breath so hard and say hmm your crack is healthy ahahahahaah. what u think brother butt wiper black helmet ? rock hard ? smoothie ?

Corrrrr in one day i will fuck all the school girls maybe hundred or sooo corrrrrrrrrr i love beautiful meat crack.

man cannot live on bread alone eh brother butt wiper ahahahaha ? he needs meat crack ahahahaahahahahah

fucking english blonde on central line (Sat 14 Mar 2009 13:48:10 GMT)

Last week i had a great squash with an english blonde. She was obviously married noticed the ring on her finger which was a big turn on for me. She had meat in the right places. Juicy fat bum hey black helmet u know the type eheheheheh. Some meat around the waist smthing to hold onto wooooooo

I stood waiting for the tube on the central line there was a huge crowd build up. The central line is always fucked as usual i have no problems with this !! eheheh. Do you chikans ? ahahahahahah.

I spot this chunky blonde long wavy blonde hair upto her shoulders. She was babblingo some woman bullshit to her 2 friends. Giggling and laughing usual slapper shit.

The tube comes in I plant myself directly behind her thrust my hips forward into the mating position. Shes wearing tight jeans lovely i can smell her freshly shampooed hair oh jezuzzzz it turns me on so much to ass fuck english women they are so hard to game.

The carriage was rammed tight back. She turns to her friend and says 'shall we take our chances and get this one come on' all three girls attempt to squeeze into the carriage oooohhh my heart is hammering i stay right behind the blonde she squashes into the carriage i stay glued to her backside my hard cock already touching her butt cheeks. I ram myself into the sardine filled carriage. She giggles and says 'ohhhhh its getting very cosy in here' she giggles this turns me on.

As i have open my legs wide open and have plugged my rock hard cock into her crack ohhhh i feel the tingling sensation such extasy man. Hey rock hard no pun intended ahahahahaha.

I feel her move her ass her ass grinds on my cock. She giggles and remarks ohh god i am getting squashed here. Oh dick is reaching pre cum ooohhhhhh please stop it you whore ehehehehe.

I get turned on even more and push my face into her hair she turns her head to see who is behind her i stare blankely ahead. As the next tube station approaches and the carrage slows down i plough my hips forward thrusting my hard cock deep into her void.

This was very bold but alittle silly. She elbows me in the ribs and says oh god.

I am so turned on the doors are seconds from opening she is staring at me head turned looking at me. I quickly get off the next station before she make any further remarks.

Ohhhh i headed straight to the public toilets to pull up my foreskin and cum in the cubicle.

Many thes horny english married women eheheheh.

all men are chikans (Sat 14 Mar 2009 13:50:23 GMT)

Deep down brothers all men are chikans i mean why do all thes doctors lawyers spend money in strip clubs tehy pay woman to rubs asses on there dicks and they pay money to molest stripper in privat room ahahahah.

blackie is not going to pay 500 dollars to molest stripper he can find strippers for free ahahahahah.

am i right blacket helmet aahhaahah ?

what u think ayashi ?

i am pleased to announce my european tour (Sat 14 Mar 2009 19:01:10 GMT)

I am pleased to announce i am doing a european tour. Can anyone give me information on places in Poland and Hungaria.

1. Places to grope women in crowds
2. Sex clubs where you can pay for sex with hot woman
3. brothels and massage parlours to group and cum and woman

I dont want shitty ugly woman i want quality woman young, bubbly asses like 21 year olds or 18 to 19 year old woman

I know that smoothie can give me a few pointers ahahahhhahahaha

re: guest (Tue 17 Mar 2009 17:42:10 GMT)

hi guest i love to fuck married woman because it turns me on ahahhaa. Also married woman gets fucked every night by husband so when u ass fuck married woman the crack is already stretched so u can push hard cock straight in.

When i fucked the blonde english girl i tried to palm her on ass but she moved away ahahahah.So i doggy style her ahahahaha.

u also like married woman guest ? ohhhh corrrrr

April award: Ass Creamer
and bikini girls.
(Sure, summer is cumming.)

Goals for Summer 2009 (Sat 18 Apr 2009 21:34:43 GMT)

Was curious if any of you had any goals this summer. My goals will be cumming on girls legs wearing shorts or skirts. I want to get a nice cum all over some bare girls legs. I have done this only a few times last year, and didn't get a lot of cum on their legs, I want to really cream them this year. Particularly a real knock out hot girl. Since the weather has been warming up, the girls have been wearing their short skirts and its driving me crazy.

I was also thinking maybe trying to hit up a really crowded water park, maybe a crowded beach boardwalk, this way I can get behind some girls in tiny bikinis. This way I can cum all over their backs, ass, and legs.

I was also considering running a few times a week just in case I need to haul some ass with these goals. I've realized I can't run acorss a parking lot without being ready to collapse. Remember, safety first.

I'm not going to pursue my goal of a cum-and-run this year, I just don't want to take on the risk. If I'm in a foreign country this year I may try it however. Or if I'm in a crazy risk-free situation, or the girls are asian, I may also try it.

Re: Passer By (Mon 27 Apr 2009 19:23:38 GMT)

Make sure you take advantage of your time over there in Europe, the girls are hotter, they are more easy to take advantage of, and if caught, the punishment is much less severe then the United States.

Frotting girls in bikinis, jerked cum on girl (Mon 27 Apr 2009 19:37:02 GMT)

I'm not sure how many of you frotted girls in bathing suits, but it really adds a nice element to frotting. I had my dick out and was pushing it up on girls asses in bikinis at a crowded university event near a pool of water.

I finally finished and came on a girl in a large gathering of people using the outdoor bathroom booths. The girl I came on had her bathing suit bikini, but she was wearing a very small shorts over her bottom bathing suit bottom. I would of rather her just have a skimpy bikini bottom when I cummed on her. She was still a bit wet from the water so I had no problem cumming on her bare skin and legs. I should of aimed my cum more for her upper back and then aimed down at her legs to cover her bare skin on her back and legs. It was nice touch to jerk off on a girl knowing she is only wearing a bathing suit. You can see her whole back and legs.

The funny part was that I think she was crying over a guy, as her friend held her from the side and was trying to tell her not to make a big deal about it, LOL. I tried to spice up her mood by spicing up her body with my cum.

I may hit up boardwalks this summer to cum on more bikini girls. I need to really scope out the areas which get really crowded and bikini girls get on lines. I know crowded water parks would offer a world of opportunity, as everyone is always bunched together and everyone is wearing bikinis, but I have to pay money for entrance.

May award: Geoff
for his origins at the aquarium.
(Where water is, people get wet.)

Origins at the aquarium (WARNING: she may be 38 years old) (Sun 17 May 2009 23:14:28 GMT)

I started off as a groper in junior high school about ten years ago. It never even occurred to me to hump until I saw another young chikan in action on a class field trip to the city aquarium. Parents would volunteer as chaperones for these trips because our class was so large. There was a girl in my class named Jen; she was alright looking, but her mom was a smokeshow MILF. She was either Italian or Jewish, 5'7"ish, dark curly hair, probably a D cup, and thick in all of the right places below the waist. She was wearing black cotton leggings, an oversized white polo shirt and sneakers on this trip...not sexy attire in the traditional sense, but a fucking magnet to us chikans. I will mention now that the aquarium was packed that day with tourists and other school groups, one of which was from a predominantly African-American school. Moving of the most popular exhibits at the aquarium was the petting tank filled with sea turtles, stingrays, etc. There was limited space up front, and tons of people trying to make their way up there for a feel (no pun intended), so the result was of course tight and pushy crowds. I was in the thick of things posted up behind one of my female classmates (getting clumsy and obvious backhand feels of her skirted butt) when I noticed Jen's mom on the other side of the tank. She was leaning over the front of the tank with her daughter and her friends, talking and laughing. I just about ran over there and started to worm my way towards them. It took me several minutes, but eventually the crowd shifted and I was able to slide in right behind her. I wasted no time in sneaking feels of her ample right butt cheek with the back of my reaction. Her numbness to the contact had me contemplating palming her...a move that I had only attempted before in crowds much tighter than this one. I was about to make my move when I felt an unexpected push from the left side. A black kid (14? 15?) from another school was trying to move me to the right and take my place behind Jen's mom. He was wearing a basketball jersey over a T-shirt and gym shorts, and was a couple of inches taller than me. He didn't even make eye contact with me as he stole my spot. "'Scuse me, man, I can't see." Once he had me out of the way, he wasted no time in pushing his crotch area flush against Jen's mom's bent-over butt. I was certain that she was going to turn around and tell him to take a step back...well, she never so much as glanced over her shoulder to see who was crowding her like that. The kid started feigning looking over and around her, all while dragging his groin area up and down the slope of her butt crack. When he came back down, he would swipe her butt cheeks with his crotch like a windshield wiper...going from hip to hip. I checked him out for wood, and sure enough he had a sizeable - and growing - bulge in the front of his shorts. Even when a spot opened up at the front, the kid wouldn't take it...he would let the people behind us squeeze around him. As the crowd behind us pressed forward, he would shuffle his feet and slowly and slealthily bury his bulge a little bit deeper into Jen's mom's gap. I was now getting hard myself. I watched as an inch to an inch and a half of the tent in his shorts disappeared into the valley between Jen's mom's butt cheeks. Every now and then he would take a small step back, and then sink right back into that black, pillowy mass of flesh. When she would laugh, you could see her butt cheeks jiggling a little through the thin cotton. She was not acknowledging the kid's presence at all. He was getting bolder...more confident. He started rocking his hips back and forth. His red shorts were in sharp contrast with her black leggings, and I could see his boner entering and exiting her crack. He was literally humping her. Just when it was getting really good, Jen and her group decided to move on. Jen's mom squeezed her way out of the crowd with a smile on her face, still laughing and joking. She never looked at me or the black kid. The black kid kept a hungry, watchful eye on her as she walked away...then reluctantly returned to his group. As for myself, I spent the next 1-2 hours trailing Jen's mom, hoping that she would return to the petting tank. It never happened, but I had a plan B. One of the other popular exhibits at the aquarium was the shark tank. The tank was located inside a darkened room, and it was standing room only. It was basically like the subway: you had to queue up and wait 15-20 minutes for the people inside to exit, then the doors would open and everybody would pack in until it reached capacity. I made sure to be in close proximity to Jen's mom when our group lined up. When the doors opened and the crowd started to pour in, I slid right behind her. I started to get backhand feels of her butt cheeks as we made our way inside. I had just flipped my palms up, and was gently cupping her buttocks with shaking, sweaty palms, when I once again felt a push from the left side. I looked over and it was the same black kid from before! As we entered the darkened room and Jen's mom and her group took a spot right up front against the railing, 6' or so from the glass, me and the black kid were engaged in a silent shoulder wrestling match. I held my own for a while, but I wasn't able to battle him and the increasingly pushy crowd, and I was eventually muscled off to the right and behind Jen. The black kid took the prime spot behind Jen's mom, while I was left with her skinny daughter's small, khaki short-encased butt. The crowd was still pushing into the room and getting situated. Maybe emboldened by the darkness and the tighter crowd, the kid wasted no time. He aggressively pushed against Jen's mom's buttocks with his crotch, actually causing her hips and pelvic area to bow forward against the waist-high railing. This time she definitely noticed. She looked over her shoulder...was he busted? No, she was checking out the mob as a whole, not just the kid. She laughed, turned back around and said something to her group about the crowd...and that was it. The doors finally closed as the room reached capacity. It was almost pitch black now. The kid was all over her, his crotch glued to her backside with his face making contact with her curly tresses. My eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, but I could tell that he was once again pushing her buttocks with his crotch. A tall, older kid squeezed in against the railing to Jen's mom's immediate left. I'm not sure if it was to create some space for herself or to get a better camera angle, but she did the worst thing that she could have done: bent over the railing and started taking pictures. I looked at the black kid's face for a reaction...his mouth was agape from pleasure/shock and he was practically drooling. He was now buried in the lower portion of her crack, almost between her legs. Once my eyes adjusted, it looked as though her cheeks had swallowed up his bulge. I guess that he hadn't been giving it to her with full force before at the petting tank, because only now did I witness how deep that crack was. Whereas before he had let his hands dangle by his side, he was now gripping the railing on either side of her waist. He was riding her, and although he was young, this wasn't his first ride. I watched him go to town. Short, rapid-fire thrusts. Her butt cheeks would spread open and engulf his bulge, then release it as he took a small step back...only to step right back in. Then he'd shuffle his feet and bury his bone in her white, late thirties dumper. Once her cheeks had completely enveloped his prodding penis, he'd hump. I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but sometimes I thought I'd see her head bob when he hit it. Was he hitting it that hard?? Her demeanor never changed, she was still talking to and laughing with her group in between pictures. Her daughter and her friends were also leaning over and did not seem to notice the black kid's hands on the railing. Judging by the increase in the urgency of his thrusts, I believe that he came after riding her for about 5-10 minutes. It was only after he climaxed inside Jen's mom's butt crack that I noticed that he had not come alone. He had brought two of his buddies with him! The first one was a husky black kid in an long white T-shirt, gym baggy jeans and a baseball cap. The first black kid gave up his spot to Husky, who wasted no time in picking up where his friend left off. The transition was so smooth that even if Jen's mom was aware that she was being butt-fucked, I doubt she noticed the switch-off. Husky was just as aggressive as the first kid, but his repetoire was more straight forward and to the point (no pun intended). He had a camera that he held over his head while his lower half did all the work...which was a firm, steady thrust against Jen's mom's backide. He was a little taller than his friend, so he was more lined up with the center of her crack. If you looked at them above the waist, there was nothing unusual going on...other than his proximity. Below the waist, he was doing her doggy style. I'm not sure if he had his cock out, but judging by his age and the size of the bulge poorly hidden by his long T-shirt, I would say that it had to be. He finished almost as quickly as his friend. Their third and final accomplice was short and skinny, lighter skinned, also wearing an oversized T-shirt and track pants. Judging by where his bright white T-shirt jutted out, I would say that his penis was knocking right between her legs. Their switch-off was not as smooth as the first, and Jen's mom stopped leaning over the railing and gave the camera to her daughter. She placed both of her hands on the railing and leaned forward a little bit, maybe in an attempt to create some space, but it was futile. Instead of plowing forward, Shorty would push in, and then up. The size and age difference, and her indifference to the humping that she was receiving, made it almost comical. I noticed that due to her leaning over just slightly, and the height differential, Shorty's boner was sliding between her clasped upper thighs when he pushed in, and then pushing against her vagina when he pushed up. Her buttocks were piled up around his waist area and jiggled when he pushed up. Shorty looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. He was keeping a nervous eye on her, trying to get a look at her facial expression, but he had nothing to worry about. She was still chatting with her group as if absolutely noting was going on. Shorty rode Jen's mom until the room was cleared out...I'm not sure if he ever came, because he was more smooth and restrained than his buddies. Once we got outside, all three of the black kids seemed to be congratulating each other on their tag team effort. The first black kid's red shorts were clearly cum stained, and his buddies both had wet stains on their T-shirts as well. From that day forward, I was a humper first and a groper second.

Untitled (Sun 17 May 2009 23:16:00 GMT)

P.S. if anyone else has witnessed or has firsthand experience of teenage boys humping older women, please post them. It probably has to do with the fact that this was my intro to REAL chikan, but something about it really turns me on.

Untitled (Sun 17 May 2009 23:16:56 GMT)

I would also like to thank Hard Indian for posting that pic, as that it was brought back the memory for me.

June award: SH
from Xi'an, China.
(Thank you reminding us of firm young Chinese girls.)

Groping in China (Sat 06 Jun 2009 08:31:50 GMT)

In Xi'an, home of the terracotta warriors, there is a free outdoors water show in a giant square every night at 9 in the city. You can watch it from anywhere around the square, but there is a raised platform on one side, where the view is the best, where they set up a barricade, and the crowd is about 3 deep. As the show combines water & music with lighting, it is kept quite dark where the crowd stands.

I was touring the city with a cousin, and went to the show hoping to have a good time. To my delight, it was already crowded when I got there, so I went behind the first nice ass I saw. My cousin was to my immediate right, but I didn't care; it was dark, and I rarely saw this cousin, and didn't really care if he saw or not. Anyways, he eventually stood about 10 feet away to my right, so I had one thing less to worry about.

I stood to the left & slightly behind a Chinese woman in her 20's, long hair, about 1.65m so came up to my chin, wearing a flowing dress with a soft material with a sheen to it. People in China don't leave a lot of personal space, so I went right up to her, slightly touching her bum with my still-soft pecker.

At this point I have to interject and say that there is a popular misconception that Chinese women do not have nice figures. It is simply not true. They tend not to be “phat” as some fellow chikan meisters prefer. But if you like girls ranging from lean to just a tad thick, there are literally billions to choose from.

The girl I picked turns out to be with a couple of friends and is visiting from out of town, I gathered from their conversation. Anyways, I stepped back and quickly used my left hand to put my pole straight up then stepped back in, with the base of my pole & my balls resting comfortably on the upper slope of her butt, It felt very nice, and I was slowly getting hard.

To my girl's left, her slightly taller friend threw me a look; I returned her look, and she didn't seem alarmed nor upset; in fact she pushed in closer towards me & behind my target so that I briefly felt her butt with my left hand. I briefly considered shifting my target, but decided not to, because by now I knew & felt that my target had a really nice trunk.

As the show went on, I applied the pressure slightly, and spread my legs and bent my knees, so that I was pasted on her from both knees to the top of head. I was getting really hard, but I wanted to prolong the sensation. At this point, another chikan came & stood behind the girl to the taller friend. A few seconds later, the friend turned around and I could tell she was not comfortable with the new chikan so close to her. As I was taking all this in, I couldn't care less because my target was being really nice & submissive and offering herself up to me, quietly.

Before I had time to react, the friend pull my target away & the third friend & said “let's go”, and left. Man I was pissed. Not to be deterred, I stepped up & stood behind another shorter girl, not really to my taste, but I said what the hell. While I was just following through the motions, I noticed a girl in front on the barricade is really pretty and had a really nice tight ass. She might have been very young (18, but could be in her 20's), and she talked to the older man next to her (the father ?) Eventually, the crowd shifted so that I was directly behind this beauty.

I wasted no time, and pushed the underside of my pole & balls against her left cheek, and felt it yield nicely. I was in heaven. But I made sure it wasn't too aggressive, in case she squealed and it's her dad next to her. I maintained the pressure on her, and felt my cum rising. At this point, another guy started pushing from behind me, causing my pole to plow into the length of her left cheek. She turned around, and I got nervous, but she never looked at me and didn't seem suspicious. Anyways, she turned back around, and I maintained the pressure. As the last song came on, I didn't want to go home empty-handed, I pushed in harder, feeling her firm young flesh push back against the underside of my pole and peeling my foreskin back, and in that moment, I started pulsating.

This is always when I get really nervous, because I firmly believe the girls know you are coming. If they are game, they just keep the pressure, or even increase it, and let you come, otherwise they will at least shift their weight. This one was game and let me come to my heart's content. Ah, such a young sweet Chinese girl !

I love it! Imagine living there – you could do this every night, to visitors from all over the world :)

July award: eleven
for his hot concert stories.
(And for hot bikini girls.)

Concert Stories! (Sun 26 Jul 2009 09:30:47 GMT)

Finally some more concert stories! Now let's hear some more.

I've been a lurker for here for seven or so years and remember when concert stories and pictures were much more common.

I last shared some of my experiences about a year and a half ago. I'd share more but it just takes so much time writing them. That and I really don't have a huge desire to share them. I'm slightly worried that someday someone could read them, be familiar with details I've provided, and know who I am. I think I shared a little too much detail last time, so this time I've taken precautions.

This is a story that I wrote last summer, a week or so after it happened. It was much too long and had too many identifying details, so I've made some edits. It's still long but I think it reads better now, and there's no possibility someone could read it and know where I'm talking about.

However, rereading it after the changes, there are two facets that are misinterpreted. One is that it seems like I was a lot more aggressive than I actually was. The ending is accurate, but leading up to it I did go very slow and took the proper amount of time. The second is that I don't accurately convey just how crowded and smashed and crazy it was down in the pit. Sometimes it felt like my chest was so smashed that I had trouble breathing. All other ambiguity has been done on purpose.

Bikini Bottoms (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sun 26 Jul 2009 09:31:55 GMT)

Summer '08

I was only able to attend two concerts this summer. So I know I had to make them count. This is the story of the second one. I may or may not get around to writing about the first one, but this one was much more successful. One of my most amazing concert experience ever.

This was the first time in probably seven or eight years that I've attended a concert all by myself. In fact I didn't even try to get a friend to go. I wanted to go alone so I could remain focused on my purpose for being there. It wasn't the music.

This is an outdoor arena in the middle of the summer. So it's hot all day and into the evening. This was a two day concert with tons of people camping. It's literally out in the middle of nowhere so lots of people stay for the full two days. If you drive out to the freeway, there is a river about 10 miles away where lots of people will go and swim during the afternoon when it's the hottest.

I was not camping and only came for the evening set on the first day. I'm not really going to be able to do anything until it's dark anyway, so why sit through all that heat.

I arrived a couple hours before dark and worked my way down to the pit. I didn't go all the way forward, but moved up to where it was just starting to get really crowded.

I moved around a lot, looking for potential targets. There were hot girls everywhere.

As the evening dragged on I moved closer and closer. I was starting to get up where it was more crowded. Getting up to the really good area was going to be a battle as it was just a sea of bodies.

The evening act was really popular, so I knew that it would be perfect up front. Hopefully I could find a decent target.

Then I found three.

Well, more like two and a friend.

I noticed these three girls to my left who where smashing their way up to the front. Actually, I'm sure everyone noticed them as they were all wearing bikini tops. It still felt a little early to move up, but I pushed my way up behind them anyway and followed them towards the front.

The thing about these girls was, they weren't all that attractive. I wouldn't say they were ugly, just.....average. But their bodies were smoking hot. Skinny waists, curvy hips, full asses....but just so-so faces. So I don't know, maybe other guys didn't notice them as much as I did because of that.

The girl in the front was the gnarly one. She had long dreadlocks that seemed to go in every direction. She was wearing a dark green knit bikini top, baggy shorts and Doc Martin boots. She was the one pushing her way up through the crowd and pulling the other two with her. She hat a nice body but I really had no desire to touch her. At all. She looked to be the oldest of the three, probably early or mid 20's.

The other two didn't match her at all and really, seemed a little out of place. They both looked younger, maybe 17 - 22. Just my guess.

The second girl had long, straight, sandy blonde hair. She was wearing a white bikini top and thick jean shorts. There were knots of white strings hanging out the sides of her shorts from her bikini bottoms. She had big perky tits and showed a lot of cleavage.

The third girl had long dark brown hair that looked unkept. Maybe it was the humidity, or maybe she had gone swimming hours earlier. She was wearing a cherry red bikini top. Her tits were on the smallish side, but still a perky handful. She was wearing what looked like a short black skirt, but was actually a swim cover up. It was made from swimsuit material and was tied on the side.

I was directly behind this brunette girl, following them up as far as dreadlocks girl would take them.

They got maybe fifteen feet from the front when they just couldn't move anymore. The were not beside each other, but in a line directly behind one another, with me at (in) the rear.

I wanted to take it slow, but I also didn't want to waste time, just in case they realized it was stupid to be smashed in a crowd like this wearing bikini tops.

So I casually backhanded red bikini's ass....and pulled away. Sometimes using my fingers, sometimes using my hand. I reached in front of her and felt blondies ass. Her jeans were thick and rough, but they were tight so I could still feel her ass.

Even thought red bikini was directly in front of me, I could lean forward and look down at blondies big tits. It wasn't tight enough to try and touch them, but it would be soon.

As the crowd started getting tighter and tighter in anticipation of the last act, I noticed something about red. She didn't seem to have good balance. If the crowd swayed to the right, she would sway to the right, then as the crowd swayed back to the left....she was still swaying to the right. It seemed she caught herself from falling several times.

Had she been drinking? Was she high? The whole dammed place smelled like alcohol and pot, so it's highly likely. It seemed she wasn't going anywhere, but I was able to push her with my body to make sure she stayed smashed up against her friend.

Right before the headliner came out I was sufficiently pressed up against her that I could start to press my cock against her ass. I just needed the crowd to push forward.

They came out onstage and the crowd went crazy. A huge wave of bodies pushed from the back, crushing everyone together. All of a sudden it got really tight.

I immediately leaned into red's ass with my cock. I reached down with my right hand and palmed her round ass check. My left hand lowered and grabbed blondies ass. I just held onto their asses and I pushed my cock forward, building an erection.

I started rubbing and squeezing her right ass check. Her cover-up was smooth and silky like a swimsuit and I couldn't wait to get my cock on it. It was think enough that I could clearly feel the outline of her bikini bottoms and my finger easily slipped into her ass crack. It was so crowed now that you almost couldn't see her body. These girls were just two heads sticking up out of a crowd.

I reached down to pull my cock out when a crowd-surfer landed on my head.

He had come from behind me and was twisting all around. Luckily it was crowed enough that the people around me pushed him past me, straight onto my two girls.

Reds arms didn't move, but blondies arms went up to hold this guy up. Not missing a beat I took the opportunity to reach up and palm her left breast. Even with her arms up her breasts were below the crowd. I grabbed it firmly but only for a second as he quickly moved away and her arms came back down.

Now I noticed that there were crowd-surfers everywhere. After that guy passed us deadlock chick used the guy next to her as a stool, climbed up and crowd-surfed away. Just like that she was gone. Never saw her again.

After that I went right back to whipping out my erect cock. I unzipped my pants, pulled my shirt up and jammed it right up her ass crack. I just kind of held it there, right between he cheeks, and let the crowd movement make me hump her.

It felt amazing! Her skirt/swim cover-up was so soft and silky. In the middle of all that heat it actually felt cool on my cock.

I wasn't humping her yet, but just using the crowd to jab her in the ass. My plan was, after I had worked her up enough, I was going to stick it up her skirt. I assumed she had on a bikini bottom and nothing was going to stop me from cumming on it.

I was so close to her that my chin was nearly resting on the top of her head. I was using my right arm to keep myself standing, and my left hand reached up and felt up blondie.

I rubbed my hand on her bare back, I reached down and palmed her ass. I tried to reach around and get another feel of her tits but her arms were blocking the sides. As I was feeling around my hand touched the knotted string that hung out of her shorts.

I grabbed one of those strings and pulled slowly and steadily. I could feel it coming untied. I played with it a little and got the whole thing undone. But I couldn't see it, and since she was wearing shorts it didn't really mean much. But it did give me an idea.

I reached down with my right hand and played with the knot on red's skirt. A swim suit cover-up is just a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist and tied at the side. I played with the knot as I continued to press my cock against her ass crack.

Just then another crowd-surfer came over us and blondie reached both arms up to hold them up. This was a hot looking chick and guys were grabbing her all over her body, pulling at her clothes, grabbing her tits and slapping her ass. Since some guys were holding onto her she kind of stalled near us with blondie's arms up in the air.

Without thinking I stopped playing with the knot and reached up for blondies right tit. So my right arm actually went around red's neck and latched onto blondie's big breast. Plus I had to lean forward to reach it, so red's head ended up being right in front of the breast I was groping. I was able to get in several gropes and feels before the crowd-surfer left and her arms came back down.

I pulled my arm back down but red never looked back at me. There was just no way she didn't see me do that. And she had to know it was the same guy who's got his cock up her ass. Unless she's comatose or something.

I went right back to playing with the knot on her skirt. It took a while but I finally got it undone. I gave is a small tug and it just slipped off. But I could still feel it with my cock.

I pushed back with my body as hard as I could and looked down. My cock was the only thing holding it up against her body. I pulled my cock back and it disappeared onto the floor.

There, right in front of me was her perfect ass, framed in red bikini bottoms. She had a small ass but each of her ass cheeks were big and plump. She had a slight wedgie that I had given her that caused her bikini bottoms to show a lot of her ass cheeks.

It was such an amazing sight that I couldn't be discreet anymore. She had to know what I was doing so I might as well do it and get it over with.

I grabbed the base of my cock and pushed it straight into the middle of her ass crack. Her bikini bottoms were so thin and had so much give that they might as well not have been there. I bent at the knees a little and pushed it straight up her crack. I grabbed her around the waist as a humped her hard. Up and down her crack.

I reached around with both hands and cupped both her breasts and groped them four or five times. While doing this I looked down and saw her face. It was pale ashen white, and her eyes looked completely blank.

The look on her face was, "I don't know what to do so I'm going to stand here and hope it's over soon".

I reached down and palmed both ass checks. My hands found completely naked skin. My cock was giving her such a wedgie that both her buns were exposed.

I thought of pulling her bikini to the side and sticking my cock on her bare skin, but by the time I thought of it I was already cumming.

The head of my cock was pointed straight into her ass and was surrounded by her bunched up bikini bottoms. As I started I squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed them together, squeezing my cock in deeper. I couldn't see it but I could feel my cock explode between her cheeks and unload all over her bikini bottoms.

From the time I got her skirt off to the time I came on her was less than a minute, but it was the greatest minuet ever. I wanted to look down and see what I had done but it was too crowded and I wanted to get out fast.

I turned, walked out and went home.

I wonder if she ever found her skirt?

August award: Bobo the Chikan
for his sophisticated writing style.
(Besides, stone_7 gets webmaster's special mention.)

Re: Gentlebrush - Concert (Sun 23 Aug 2009 06:13:24 GMT)

Shadow gave some good analysis, but he left out the one factor that should be an obvious one. It could very well be that the girl you were humping was never a player in the first place, and you simply misread the situation.

So, you exchanged a few pleasantries with her, and maybe she thought you were a nice guy. And then when the concert started, she could have been oblivious to what you were doing. And even if she wasn't, then maybe she just considered the contact to be incidental.

But then when you came back, her antenna went up because here is this same guy behind her again. "What's he going back over here behind me again???" Her antenna went up, and then she was on to you. And if she actually saw you humping another girl, well then she was really on to you. But for whatever reason, when you went back, she started to pay much closer attention to what you were doing, and she realized you were humping her.

The point is just to remember that most girls don't want to be groped or humped by some guy in a crowd. Never forget that. In your case, it's very possible that you just misread the situation, and maybe you were a little over confident that you had a player. But like I said, maybe she was never ever a player at all.

I buttfucked an 18 year-old girl at a concert last night. (Sun 23 Aug 2009 12:23:53 GMT)

I knew she was 18 because I heard her tell somebody. I saw her waiting in line to get in with 2 friends. She was easily the best looking one of the 3. A pretty face with big greenish/blue eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, ivory white skin, and a phat booty pulled inside some thin, black legging type of stuff showing off her ass cheeks and an incredibly deep crack. I chose her as my prime target for the night. If she was going to be in the pit, then I would try to get behind her.

The chikan Gods were with me! When I got into the pit, there she was with her friends. I ended up staying behind her for the entire show, which included like 5 or 6 bands. I was drooling over her butt and could hardly contain myself. I bumped that bum like 3 times before it had gotten really crowded, and she looked at me funny. But by the 4th band or so, things had gotten sufficiently tight that the contact could be justified. I put a "scope" up that young lady's asshole and dug her funky white butthole out! I "cored out" that young white girl's asshole.

I wasn't able to cum until the headliner came on stage, but when I did cum, I nutted twice on the girl. Her friend was tryin' to cock block on the first nut, but she failed to keep me off of that ass! When the big rock stars came out the young babe I was humpin' started hoppin' up and down and screamin' and holdin' her head and grabbin; her hair like she had lost her mind . . . and I started to "dig her asshole out" like I had lost mine! I mean, I was dickin' her in the butt just as if we were engaging in real anal sex! I had my dick out and buried deep in between the bitch's buttcheeks. When I nutted, my body jerked several times like I was having an epileptic fit. Later that night, I could see dried cum where I had spermed on the girl the first time.

When I spermed the 2nd time, I had my dick out again and buried in the little bitch's ass in the classic "weiner in a bun" style. My dick was sunk in between her buttcheeks and sticking straight up. Bitch hopped up and down to the music like a maniac . . . I moaned and groaned and closed my eyes off and on in pleasure until I blew and spermed in the girls butt again! Again, my body jerked around as if I had epilepsy. FUCK it felt GOOD! I tried to get off in that white girl's poop chute one more time for a "hat
trick", but there wasn't enough time left in the show for me to drop a 3rd load on her big ass. I did get in some more good ass hump action though. I mean I was all on the little bitch's back with my dick out and buttfuckin' her hard and deep and archin' my back and driving my dick way, waaaaayyyy up into her butthole when the music was fast. And when it was slow, I would slow dick that 18 year-old in her butt. Just grinding and hunching and moanin' and shit. It was as if she just didn't give a shit and let me dig her asshole out without objections whatsoever!

At the end of the show, one of the band members threw a drumstick into the crowd. Not only did I use that as a reason to dig my stiff dick into the girl's funky asshole once again, but a fight broke out over the stick, and one of the girl's friends got knocked to the ground in the melee. While the girl was helping her friend up, I used the confusion as an opportunity to cop the ass cheeks I had been buggering all night long. I felt up her round butt several times in the fray. I also ran my finger through her deep, deep, deep buttcrack a few times. I did that also (finger in her ass crack) after I had spermed the 2nd time. Her ass crack felt moist . . . surely it was pre-cum/cum in her butt crack. As I left, the girl called the one who knocked her friend down an asshole. "Asshole", I thought as I walked away. "Yes. Asshole. That's where my big dick has been all night long. In your asshole!"

I love this game of chikan I tell you. I just can't stop it. It feels so good to fuck pretty, strange
girls in the ass in public places with your dick out, and then to sperm all over their phat butts. It feels so good and nobody knows you're doing it. It feels so good guys. I am addicted to chikan buttfucking girls at concerts. I'll do it in other places too, but concerts are the best. It feels so good!

I Was in "the Dugout" (Sun 23 Aug 2009 23:54:53 GMT)

I dug that young white girl's asshole out. Cored that cornhole out. I hadn't had my dick so deep up in between a girl's butt cheeks like that at a concert in a while. Had to write about it. I was hunchin' off in her ass crack like Marmaduke!

Re: Easy Rider - Gentlebrush Seeking Input (Mon 24 Aug 2009 09:13:55 GMT)

I didn't say that she was, without a doubt, not a player. I said that it was absolutely a real possibility that she wasn't one. It was a real possibility among many that Shadow didn't explore well enough the first time. Every chikan wants to think that every girl is a player. I know for some that makes it more fun. It justifies. But, I also know that's just a part of the clinical diagnosis of frotteurism and a frotteur. Most girls don't want to be groped, so that's the obvious place where all the explanations should start from.

Re: Shadow - Interesting (Mon 24 Aug 2009 20:35:53 GMT)

I thought what you wrote was very, very good. Nothing was meant to be a criticism. It's just that I believed there was one SIGNIFICANT omission that needed to be addressed. You may have said all women are not players, but you spent far more time talking about all of the other stuff as explanation for what the girl did. Fine. I wanted to emphasize my one very important point though. That's all.

But then, I also wanted to respond to Easy Rider who made it seem as if I was saying the girl definitely wasn't a player. I was not saying that all. Now, maybe she was a player. Maybe she wasn't. Like you said. We weren't there. But, my point cannot be emphasized enough. Especially when we know we're dealing with a group of guys who fantasize about having some special kind of relationship with the girl they're groping. That's dangerous. Very dangerous. Keep it real!

Yes, time to let it go. Time for more stories, pictures and videos. When I have another good experience, I will share it. I've been reading the archives here too for some time (as you can tell). Where are your stories? You haven't written one in quite some time now. Time for another Shadow story.

That Was Great Buttwiper! (Mon 24 Aug 2009 20:43:42 GMT)

Girls who are players but who don't know it yet! That's the spirit! Convert them! A great addition to the discussion. Like that can-do spirit!

Re: Shadow - Understood (Tue 25 Aug 2009 20:42:11 GMT)

Very funny! I like the stories of Black Shogun. So do some others here. And you know what they say. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

Re: Shadow - Uh huh (Wed 26 Aug 2009 00:09:54 GMT)

Believe what you want to believe man. Believe what you want to believe. I can't worry about that. I can't worry about what I can't control. And, I wouldn't be the first one to decide to write something or comment about something after reading for awhile. Lots of guys have done that and have said so. Rookie who just wrote about a concert said the same thing this week.
Sometimes, you have to work up the nerve to do it. And then, you worry that what you write may not be accepted. The next time I have something good to tell, I'll be more original and use my own style. You'll see. It may not be so entertaining though. But, it has to be something worth writing about first. I don't always have good stuff to write about. Like was said, time to let it all go and get back to the action of what the board is all about. There's still so much left for me in the archives!

September award: Blackie
and lovely chav girls in Notting Hill Carnaval.
(How beautiful and sexy they are.)

Notting hill Part 1 "blackie kissed and licks teenage girl on neck" (Mon 21 Sep 2009 09:29:14 GMT)

Notting hill carnival i love it each year i look foreward to this event. Ohhhh all those young teenage whores nice soft bodies and ohhh older girls wearing summer dresses ohhhh fuck fuck fuck man oooh what i time man. The thought of rubbing my penis into the lining of her dress or skirt and feeling the head of my penis in her crack sent shivers down my spine ahahahah ohhhhhh i love woman ohhhhhh love love love

Notting hill day was a very exciting day for me ohhhhhhhh. I put on my jogging pants on the train on the way to the carnival i images in my mind of me molesting the soft bums of teenage girls with my hungry penis ahahaha.

On the way from the station the crowds got thicker and thicker i did some warm ups or by brushing my penis against the backsides of teenage girls some of them looked around but i moved of quickly into the thicket of the crowd.

I saw one teenage by herself and i almost burst 15 years old nice wobbly ass young blonde haired slim body i looked around to check the scene to make sure there was no security watching then walked up behind her and my heard racing i grabbed her waist and pulled myself in squashing the head of my penis into her crack each time thrusting my hips into her crack.

As i held her i whispered to her your fucking beautiful and sexy. She giggled I then plastered my lips in her hair and all over her good smelling neck.

I kept my hands wrapped around her and continued to hump her she kept on giggling and trying to get away way whilst i forced my lips all over her neck oohhhh my penis was throbbing guys ohhhhh

My dick got deeper and deeper inmto her crack as i thrust and thrust then her stupid bitchy friend came alng and pulled her away

i got fucking pissed of as my penis was so hard and i reallyu wanted to cum in her a crack and molest her more.

Next i saw a half cast girl wearing jogging pants i walked up beind her and grabbed her by the waist and pressed her boobies i whispered in her ear your fucking sexy ohhhh. She grabbed my hands and pushed me away and told me to fuck off. i moved on quickly didnt want to arouse too much suspicion.

My penis was so hard now i decided to cum on the girls pants. Choose a blonde teenage girl pressed against the barriers i moved up behind her pulled out my shirt so it hung around my jogging pants pulled out my erection and began jerking of behind her at the point of cumming i pressed the head of my penis into her demin skirt and and left a huge wet patch of semen on her skirt i looked at it in pride ahahahah i had done it ahahahaha

now for mire fucking fun my aim to molest at least 10 teenage girls in the carnival ahahaha

Nottinghill Carnival Part II "Blackie molests 7-8 teenge girls in 30 mins ! (Wed 23 Sep 2009 16:23:34 GMT)

After cumming on the girls denim skirt i rested for 30 mins i was very much tired man ohhh after doing big fucking cum patch on the teenage girls backside. I then moved on to one of the crowded streets where alot of dancing was happening. As I maneuvroed through the crowds i rubbed myself against 5-6 young teenage girls ohhhh man this was like my fantasy it was chikan heaven man ohhhhhhhhh such soft juicy bodies wooo wooo woo.

Its like when the head of your penis touches the surface of a teenage girls ass it tingles with the sensation of electricity wooooooo so exciting.

I walked into the thicket of the crowd where everyone was dancing and spotted a teenage girl dancing with her friend. Ohhh she was wearing very thin fabric summer address long dark hair i moved up behind her put my arms round her waist and pulled her between my legs so my genitals were pressed inside her crack and then i placed my head on her shoulder and forced
my face into her face and started breathing hard ohhhhh my penis got hard again i was so fucking horny guys ehehe. I started pumping my hips to the rhythum thrusthig forward into her soft jelly bottom harder harder harder fuck the fuck the bitch harder harder harder.

Each time i 'doggy styled ' her i went harder and harder bang bang bang she kept on giggling i think was drunk ma kind of girl he lads eheheh ?
I said to in her ear "ohhh your body is so beautiful and sexy i want it" she giggled and kept dancing i started like a hungry animal plastering my lips in her long hair and then on her bare good smelling neck whilst keeping a nice tight grip on her. I salivated on her bar neck she just kept on dancing and giggling.I squeezed her harder i was getting dizzy as i was pressed harder ohhh this young teenage body squeezed against my body so nice and
sweet ohhh so good smelling this one is mine.

Then her two stupid friends turned up and pulled her away from me. I got angry the young bitch was mine ohhh and then her dumb friends steal her away ohhhhh.
I am feeling too horny now and see another girl older girl maybe 21 22 years old i walk up behind her and i am about to grab her by the waist and hump her she turns her head and shouts at me "fuck off leave me along dirty man" i laugh and move off quickly before anyone figures out what is going on. I turn round from a distanc and stare at the bitch she keeps her eye on me. Stupid whore.
I move up behind and try to grab another teenage girl from behind as soon as my arms get around her waist she shouts "get your hands of me" so i move on.

Becoz i am so horny and excited from trying to grab the last teenage girl I am too horny and I walk quickly through the crowd searching for more fresh meat to fondle eheheh. I make a grab for another teenage girl who is drunk she is giggling when i grab her from behind. I then doggy style her ass wooo shes wearing very tight short denim skirt.
She keeps dancing to the music alot of black guys are watching me they think i am some kind of pimp with the ladies ehehehe. I lash my tongue into her hair and moan and then lash my tongue along her neck. As she dances i keep hold of her i have my body plastered all over hers i am glued to her she is still giggling.
Ohhhhh man guys this is like a dream man I get very bold now and push my hand up her skirt and try to finger her pussy she screams and shout hey i let go and say "hey baby its ok be cool your sexy ok" she giggles again i
move of as guys may get suspicious as she is 16 years old maybe ahahaha nice english girl though.

Part III coming soon brothers i fuck 25 year old woman hard in ass and she love it when she drunk ahahah

notting hill carnival part 3 "bull dozing blonde in ass" (Sat 26 Sep 2009 14:23:26 GMT)

My dick was feeling tired so went and bought can of red bull and some chips. I sat down on the kerb eating chips and drinking red bull for 30 mins or so. feasting my eyes on all the young teenage girls ohhhh.

I felt like a hungry hyena who wants to feed ohhhh feed me feed me.Licked my fingers clean and was ready for more feasty fun ehehehehe.

See this gorgeous young blonde wearing jogging pants struggling to get through
the crowds towards the exit. Quickly i jump up and run up behind her waiting
for my moment to ass fuck her. Her hair was long straight, blonde maybe 20
years old nice young slim body, small tits. She had a nice bubbly ass nice
small and tight, so soft so slender like a delicious fruit on a free ohhhhhh.

The crowd is getting thicker and thicker till there comes a point where she grinds to a halt amidst the thicket of people. I see the opportunity and quickly mount her i get behind her open my legs and dig my hard cock into her beautiful tight bum

Ohh my face is in her hair i smell her hair its freshly washed ohh my lips are all over her hair. This is too easy too easy ahahahah this is chikan heaven ahahahaha.

I immediately begin bull dozing her in the ass pushing her forward. She keeps tutting i pretend the crowd is pushing me from behind. She is struggling to get out of the crowd i have her trapped she can only move forward.

My penis digs deeper and deeper into her soft silky ass she is struggling i am squealing with delight.This young english blonde is mine this english rose woooo ohhhh. She is fighting her way to the exit. I continue bull dozing her ass my penis is throbbing ohhhh.

Suddenly i feel the intense throbbing sensation i am going to explode inside her crack wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then it happens i get all dizzy saliva is spilling from my mouth ohhhh i breath hard as i cum. She continues to struggle

Finally i pull away my mission is done. I conquered the english rose the blonde english rose.For those minutes this bitch was mine ahahahaha.

I rest and smile to myself. Lots of cum stains in my jogging pants. I must continueon my mission part 4 coming soon !

anyone molested english chav girl (Sat 26 Sep 2009 14:33:31 GMT)

I love chav girls they are dum stupid but have meaty bodies and nice bubbly bodies. So many stupid chav girls in UK i like to squash chav girls ass and molest her meaty body

anyone molested chav girl ? they are pieces of meat waiting to be molested ohhhhhhhhhhhh i molested chav girl on train today ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

October award: longtime groper
for his first time groping stories.
(Your cousin has big nice ass, longtime groper.)

my first time groping (Thu 22 Oct 2009 22:06:26 GMT)

ive been looking at this board for 3 years now.i have enjoyed some of the stories.figured i would share one from when i was cousin was 14.i hate to say it but for my cousin she had a really nice ass.she was skinny in the waste..with really big day she came too my grandmas house tro stay the night..she done this alot during the summer because she hated her dad..i lived in the yard in a trailer with my family we took care of my grandparents..anyway i started to notice how big her ass was..i would watch her swim from my grandmas back porch, while i would masterbate.i would always walk behind her trying to bump into her ass..never squeese it just bump day she comes into the trailer to ask if i want to got wal mart with her and my grandma.i said not really..i was watching mtv trying to jack she bent over to get a tape out of my tape player she had left in my room..and bros. she had on a pair of black stretch pants andd her ass was so beautiful in i took my hand and grabbed a big handful of her ass..she jumped and screamed but did not respond too it.she took her tape and told me she would see me later.i have more stories ive been a chikan a long time..i even have more from my cousin to talk about.later

my cousins ass (Sat 24 Oct 2009 04:39:10 GMT)

back too my stories about my cousin..when she returned from walmart that day,she acted like nothing happened..she ask me that night if she could spend the night with me..i asked my parents and they agreed..i was stiill very strangr around her..i was afraid she woild tell on me so i took it easy that night..but around 530am i woke up to piss..i slept in the floor on a air matress..i notciced her ass right in my face in purple panties i about died..i was like thank you i reached out to touch it and she did not i got bold and took my piss hard on and drove it into her was so great..i humped her in her sleep for a good 45mins..until i could not take it in more and got off in my shorts..i could see a cum stain on her ass was heaven..the next morning she got up ishe told me her and my other cousin was going to the park pool.she came over to give me a hug..and bam i grab a handful of my cousin big round ass..she looked at me and smiled andsaid we need to talk later...ill be back to tell you all what she said later..i have too go..your friend longtime groper

November award: UNCLE BOB
for Yankee parade stories.
(Yankee fan girls are so hot in November.)

YANKEE PARADE----PART 1 (WARNING: she may be 16 years old) (Wed 11 Nov 2009 17:08:50 GMT)

I am surprised there are no stories about the parade.I was in the city that day and I guess you can say I fell off the wagon.I realized the parade would be unbelievably packed (over 1 million people) and so I decided to have one last fling.It was a chiken paradise.Young girls all over,hardly able to move thru the crowds......I started my day with some nice feels on the subway going to the parade.Asses and tits everywhere.I didnt hump anyone because I knew it was going to be a long day with many chances and so I just used my hands to massage and fondle any girl who dared to come into my space.The weather was cold so many wore long coats but that only added to the excitement when I spotted targets in short jackets with tight leggins or some crazy girls wearing skirts (there were plenty of them). My first encounter on the subway invovled a teeny bopper who obviously cut school.She needed to be punished.She was about 16 and very excited and just kept talking and laughing.She was wearing a sweatshirt that barely coverd her ass.She had stretch pants on that just hugged both cheeks and showed her crack.She was standing with friends and I worked my way over next to her.The train was not yet crowded but I knew in a few more stops it would b packed.At the next stop people poured in and were chanting Yankee slogans.This set the party atmosphere.My target got right into it and I was ready to strike.I was right behind her and I brushed her ass with my hand.She didnt notice.I turned my hand to palm her ass and there was still no reaction.As the crowd chanted and pushed I placed my hand right on her ass and left it there.She either didnt feel it or didnt care.I was feeling no fear and began to massage her ass moving my hand across both cheeks.Nothing!!!!!! So now I decide to push the enevelope and slide my hand into her crack.She sort of turned to look over her shoulder but said nothing.I knew she was going to take whatever I gave her.She continued to joke and llaugh with her friends.I slowly moved my fingers along her crack and between her thighs.She tried to move forward but there was no where to go.I could see the side of her face and she seemed to be alittle red.I continued to work my fingers between her legs moving slowly toward her pussy.The crowd kept pushing and shoving and I used this motion to massage her crack and inner thighs.She didnt make any hostile movement and so I continued to move my fingers forward.I had my whole hand between her legs and was now touching her pussy from behind.I could feel heat and wetness,I thought I would cum right then in my pants.I knew she was not going to say anything (alot of young girls just freeze up in this situation) but I didnt want to go to far and so I just kept my hand on her pussy and used the train motion to massage.Before long we reached the stop for the parade and everyone filed off the train.She waited a while and tried to peek to see who had his hand on her pussy,but I was waiting for that.I just winked at her and she turned bright red!!!!!!!! I knew for sure it was going to be a great day!!!!!!!!!!! There were many encounters as I walked thru the crowded streets,to many grabs and squeezes to recount them all,but believe me,I dont think I walked more then 20 feet at a time without touching either an ass or tit.I will try to sort thru and only recount the best (I came 3 times that day).Twice at the parade and once on the train ride home.......more stories to cum....hehehehe

YANKEE PARADE PART 2....CUM#1 (Fri 13 Nov 2009 20:38:02 GMT)

As I made my way slowly thru the crowd grabbing, squeezing and touching every girl in sight I could feel my cock getting hard.I knew I needed to find a target to cum on. I waited till I got to a corner near where the parade would pass to find my target.The crowd was about 10-15 people deep and there was no way I would be able to get up to the barracades.I looked around and spotted a group of girls about 16 or 17 years old standing near a light pole.They had an assortment of clothes from skirts to leggins to jeans...heavy coats,no coats.Anyway I moved closer to them and I heard them arguing that they should get closer because the parade was only a few minutes away.Some of the girls didnt want to go.I noticed my target right away.She had blond hair,tight leggins and short jacket.She was telling her friends she was not going that she would meet them right there.She seemed very apprehensive and nervous.Definitely not a city girl.Her friends left her there as they pushed there way thru the crowd causing a commotion(and I am sure getting felt up by the crowd) as they went.My target was now completely alone as her friends disappeared in the crowd.She was leaning on the pole and people were all around her jamming forward to get a better view.All the pushing and shoving gave me the chance to move right up on her.I bumped into her and said sorry,she just smiled and said it was ok.I grabbed onto the pole below her hand and held on so the crowd surge wouldnt sweep me away.As the parade came into view the crowd went crazy and I used this opportunity to put my free hand on her ass.She didnt react.I noticed her coat was open, and I being a tit man,had to cop a feel.So I slowly moved my hand up the pole until I reached her hand which blocked me from touching her tits.Damn!!!! I then began to concentrate on getting into humping position.I stepped to my left and was directly behind her still keeping my hand on her ass.As I began to lean into her, the crowd was going totally nuts because JETERS float was coming.I pushed my cock into her and began a slow grind.She must have felt me because she sort of pushed back with her ass.......NOW,I ask you fellow chikans,what is better then that.....hehehe....she thought that was going to discourage me,silly girl.I decided since she was alone,naive and defenseless I was going to totally enjoy my first cum of the day......I pressed into her real hard.There was no mistaking my intention.People all around us and no one had a clue as to what was going on.As I increased my speed I put my left hand on the pole about waste high.Leaning into her she was pressed against the pole and I knew my hand would easily be able to touch her pussy.She tried to turn but I wouldnt allow her. I tried to move my right hand up but her hand was still in the way.I was grinding her ass real nice now and I had to have her pussy or tits,one or the other.Since her hands were high on the pole I went for her pussy.I slid my hand down between her and the pole and I was right on target.She froze for a second then lowered her hands to push my hand away which in turn gave me full access to her tits.I immediately moved my right hand up and onto her tits.She didnt know what to do.She froze with both hands off the pole.I had a hand full of tit,my cock in her crack and my other hand on her pussy.I coulld feel my pre cum dripping and I knew I was going to explode.With the crowd at a fever pitch and everyone screaming and yelling I knew no one would hear her if she called for help.So,having my target totally at my mercy I pounded her ass as I squeezed her tit and held her pussy I exploded on her ass and just kept humping till the final spurt......She knew exactly what happened and just put her head down......she was mine ....and I enjoyed her!!.... ..... I immediately disappeared into the crowd to begin my search for cum #2.........another story,for another time!!!!!!!!!

SUBWAYS... (Sat 21 Nov 2009 20:56:24 GMT)

I too have seen that report on another station.It seems there is a major crackdown.The thing I found interesting was the channel I watched interviewed 5 woman.Three were pretty upset and the other two said."hey,its New York you have to expect that" True chikan delight!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO NIECE...BUT NICE FRIDAY (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Mon 30 Nov 2009 15:09:54 GMT)

Well neice came over for thanksgiving but wasnt feeling well and so nothing happened.I was sooooooo frustrated that I decided Black Friday would be payback.I live near a few big malls and I chose the one I knew would be the most crowded.I went out early friday morning.I was wearing sweat pants,t-shirt and no underwear. I went to Target because they always have the biggest crowds.Everyone was lined behind barriers and in somewhat of order,that never lasts.I looked thru the crowd searching for a target.I noticed 2 girls just arriving.One was blond,the other brunette......the brunette was wearing a skirt with leggins and the blond had tight pants on.Both had perfectly shaped asses as most 17 year old girls have.They were so busy talking they didnt notice that I sort of back tracked and let them in front of me.I waited till more people came which was quite soon as the doors would open in about 45 minutes and everybody wants to be early.As soon as enough cover was in place I moved right up to the brunette.She and the blond were chatting about where they went for thanksgiving and she didnt notice as I brushed my hand across her ass.I waited a minute and again slid my hand across her cheeks,this time more slowly.Nothing!!!!! So now I am thinking she is either oblivious or doesnt mind.HMmmmm,I decide to see how much she is willing to ignore.I place my hand right on her cheek and squeeze.She just keeps talking.I begin to move my hand from cheek to cheek.She just keeps talking.I am feeling pretty confident that I have a good target.As I feel the crowd begin to push I move up onto her ass with my cock very hard by now.I lean into her and she just turns to look at me and I say sorry the crowd is pushing.She smiles and turns away.I stay right on her ass and begin to grind.Her friend now seems preoccupied with her cellphone.My target is now looking around at the crowd and as she turns from side to side she is grinding her cheeks right into my cock.I am really hard at this point and I know she has to feel me.I begin to apply more pressure and she just stands there.She is trying to get her friends attention but the blond waves her off as she is talking on the phone.Then it happened!!!! The doors were about to open and there is a big surge.The brunette and blond get separated by about 10 feet.That is plenty for me to make my move.I immediately moved back on her ass.This time I moved right onto her crack.She was yelling to her friend to meet her inside but never mentioned the guy behind her with his dick up her ass.I knew she was going to make me cum whether she wanted to or not.I begin to hump her slowly at first,more like a slow grind,I increased my pace and began to rub her legs with my hand.She didnt say a word and so I moved my hands up her thighs and reached her hips.At this point the crowd was loud and pushing.Everyone was yelling and creating a commotion.I held her waiste and pushed my cock into her crack.I think at that point something must have clicked because she sort of bucked back with her ass (lol,we all know how good that feels)and made a noise.I immediately returned the favor and plowed into her crack again.She started to squirm as if trying to get away.I held her hips tight and pulled her back.She knew what was happening and turned red.I began to grind my cock faster into her crack,feeling the heat from her body. She was definitely uncomfortable now but not knowing how to stop it.I was in my zone and not about to let this cutie get away.I began to think if whether I should take my cock out and cum on her leggins (idea taken from you guys)I had never done that.I decided not to take the chance.I was pretty much safe from detection with what I was doing so why take a chance.I held her as the crowd pushed allowing my hands to slid forward and onto her inner thighs.This is my favorite position for humping a target.My cock in her crack and my hands as close to her pussy holding her into me.I could feel her hands trying to push my hand away as I was moving closer to her pussy.I was up on her ass starting to move faster and thrusting deeper as I could feel my cum building up.The crowd was moving slowly towards the door taking us with them.Knowing my time was limited I pulled out all stops and placed my hand right on her pussy.When she went to move it I moved my other hand around.She was getting pissed and began to try to turn away but my cock was wedged in her crack and my hands held her straight.All this moving and the feeling of holding her powerless was about all I could take.I began to fuck that ass non stop while my hand massaged her pussy.She was trying to get lose but no one noticed or cared.I had her!!! I felt my precum dripping and knew I was going to explode.As I was about to explode I did something I never do.I leaned forward and whisperd in her ear " aarrrrrrgggg....I am cumming in your ass right now"

December award: UNCLE BOB
Though some guys don't like the wife stories.
(Well, frotteurism is taboo too.)

RE: DR D. (Tue 01 Dec 2009 19:19:07 GMT)

Sorry I had to get off computer .......she was red as a beet!!!!!!!!...looked more embarrassed then for me I got off line and headed for my car.As far as camaras I dont think I was noticeable because of the crowd....

JAMES (Thu 03 Dec 2009 13:29:39 GMT)


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY (Fri 04 Dec 2009 13:37:21 GMT)

.Subway sicko Ted Johnson on course to join twin in jail after bust
BY Melissa Grace

Friday, December 4th 2009, 4:00 AM

Ted Johnson A subway pervert was back to his old tricks

Ted Johnson pressed up against a woman's backside Tuesday on a No. 6 train in Manhattan and was immediately nabbed, authorities said.

He was held in lieu of $100,000 bail on a sex abuse charge.

"He's a recidivist subway grinder with over half a dozen convictions," a prosecutor said at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday.

Johnson, 51, was sprung recently after serving part of a six-year sentence.

His lawyer insisted he was on the subway to hunt for a job.

Johnson's brother, Freddie, was sentenced to a maximum of life in prison after his 53rd bust in April 2008, when cops caught him in the act on the No. 6 line.

Read more:

November award (Tue 08 Dec 2009 21:23:54 GMT)

Thanks guys for the appreciation of my stories.Last year I said I was going to quit but as you can see it is "easier said then done".After all this game we play is so much fun!!! This board has really turned around and there have been some really great stories..........Guest looking for NYC subway stories.Go to last years "man of the year" in the archives. I have posted in November or December some of my subway experiences.

MY WIFE (Tue 08 Dec 2009 22:25:52 GMT)

OK guys,I know many of us enjoy watching our wives get humped.I am currently working on a plan to get my wife in a situation where she is trapped and cant escape and I can watch from a distance.......In the meantime I gotta tell you guys with a little effort and imagination groping and humping your own wife can be just as enjoyable as with a total stranger......First some background on my wife.She is 10 years younger then me and looks 10 years younger then what she is......She can pass for 37 or 38 years old.She doesnt have the tight body of a 16 year old,but her tits are 34c's and her ass is perfect.She is very much a prude in her beliefs and would never allow for me to publicly hump her.........It all started a few weeks ago innocently enough.She had gone to bed an hour or so before me.When I got into bed she was sound asleep and I just slid up alongside her.My cock was pressed against her ass and my arms wrapped around her waiste.She was totally still.I couldnt fall asleep and I was thinking about this site. so I lay there with my arms around her and slowly moved them up to her tits.I slipped one hand under her pajama top and the other onto her shoulder.She didnt seem to feel anything.She wasnt wearing a bra and so mmy hand rested on her tit.I began to fondle her and touch her nipple.She then began to move so I withdrew my hand.After about 10 seconds she settled back into a deep sleep.Now I had a better idea.I slowly moved my hand across her belly and down to her thigh.I began to rub her gently to see if she was awake....nothing.I proceeded to move my hand around her thigh and onto her ass.Slowly I massaged her ass squeezing and rubbing.I began to move closer so I could hump her while I would move my hand toward her pussy.She began to move and I withdrew again.After several attempts I decided to go for it.I slipped my hand down her bottoms and touched her ass gently,She didnt move and so I pressed my cock which was now rock hard against her ass.I moved my hand up to her tit and held it as I began to hump her ass.I was pressing harder and harder. After about 2 minutes she awakes and pushes me away saying I was leaning to hard on her.DAMN...DAMN...DAMN...she thought I wanted to fuck her but I was just trying to hump and grope her in her sleep....THIS IS NOT OVER!!!!!! I will not stop till I cum all over her ass in her sleep!!!! It has become a test of my talents as a chikan to succeed.I will continue till I have accomplished my goal.And the best part is,even if I get caught nothing will happen except she might get pissed....I know some of you might think this is crazy but is still a challenge and a test of chikan ability........think about it,she is still an unwilling target who must be handled carefully.I have had several more encounters since then but none have been successful.I often get her to wear sexy underwear so I will be so turned on......stay tuned my fellow chikans......this aint over!!!!!!!!!!!!

supemarket grope (WARNING: she may be 17 years old) (Sun 13 Dec 2009 17:26:15 GMT)

I went to the supermarket yesterday and they always have young 17-19 yr old girls working the register or packing the bags.I always noticed one girl in particular who always showed a perfect ass.She always wore tight jeans or leggins which hugged each curve of her cheeks very snuggly.Well I promised myself if the opportunity ever presented itself I would get a handful of the nice young ass.....I entered the store and as I walked down the aisle I was going in the direction of the checkout counters I saw my prey dressed in very,very tight sweatpants.They were pink.I instantly noticed how her cheeks were perfectly outlined in this outfit.I thought today I will try to get a grab of that ass.She was packing bags and looking very busy.I hurried thru my shopping and headed right to the register she was working at.As I approached I found myself locked into a stare.I was just looking at her ass and I bumped into some woman who gave me a look.I think she noticed I was staring at the girls ass.I really didnt give a fuck I was locked n loaded and I was going to get me a handful.As I waited my turn it was hard to see her ass because she was facing me.I studied her movements so I would have some idea how I was going to grab that butt.When my turn came I pretended to help pack.I was standing right next to her and rolled my cart behind us so we were pretty much confined to a small space.She began to lean over and reach for the food (I took all the close stuff so she would have to reach) as she did that I put my hand in a thin plastic bag which was right next to her and thru the bag I touched her was as soft as I imagined!!!! I had to have more!!!! Again she reached across to reach items but this time I reached also and as our arms crossed I brushed her tits..She sort of blushed and said I'm sorry and we both laughed.I decided I was going to get more ass and again I put my hand into a bag and reached over to her ass as I grabbed an item to put in the bag.I felt her softness again and gave a squeeze.Perhaps to hard because she sort of glanced down but didnt say anything...I think I might have a player there for future gropes.....I will let you know.....This week I will begin my search for those Kiosk girls who just dont take no for an answer....and see if I can grab some tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY and NIGHT (Thu 17 Dec 2009 14:45:57 GMT)

As I said yesterday I was horny and needed to go out hunting.I didnt get to cum on anyone although there was plenty of ass and tit groping.My first encounter was with a salesgirl who was so cute and willing to help.She was wearing a tight black blouse which showed off her tits very nicely.I asked her to help me find a sweater and as she looked thru the rack.I was standing to her left. I reached for a sweater to her right crossing her tits with my arm.As I reached I brushed her tit and she didnt say anything.She obviously was unaware.I held the sweater at my side and let my hand brush her left cheek.She continued looking unaware.My cock was getting hard but I knew there would be no humping.I decided this session would end soon so I took my best shot and reached to put the sweater back but this time I had my hand turned so I got a palm brush of her tit.She backed up immediately and I knew she was aware.Ithanked her for help and split fast.....There was plenty of young ass to be had.Girls with stretch pants and leggins all over the place.I went to the Santa station because there is always a crowd there,young moms with kids and teenagers with friends goofing off.As expected a young 20ish mom with a stroller was waiting in line.I slipped up behind her and waited for her to bend over.,She was playing with hher baby and sure enough the baby dropped the toy,as she bent down I put my hand in front of my legs and stepped forward,her ass just embraced my hands.I cupped both cheeks but didnt squeeze.She stood up immediately and gave me alook....I decided I better get away fast.I had several squeezes and hand brushes but went home just as horny ......It was then I decided that night I would try to hump my wife while she slept.......When she got home from work I poured her a glass of wine....we sat by the fireplace and had several more glasses..all the time I was thinking about humping her ass as she slept......(I know this sounds strange since I probably could have fucked her)...but this sickness we have has no reasonable explanation for why we do what we do.............I continued serving wine until I was sure she was well over her limit...I helped her into bed but first I had her put on her sexiest bra and panties....they are a blue lace bra and a thong like panty but not quit a thong ......My cock was hard as a rock,my plan was now in full play.I was going to get her tonight.Just for good measure I was rubbing my cock against her as I helped her get dressed......She was totally under my control.I dont think she had a clue as to what was happening!! I got her in bed and decided to wait till she fell asleep before I got into bed.....I waited about 10minutes and went back in the room.She was out like a light.My cock was throbbing just from the thought of fucking this unsuspecting prude right in the ass.I got into bed and immediately put my arms around her.One hand below her breast and the other around her shoulder.I began to touch her tits which were bulging out of her tight lace bra.I was rubbing them and squeezing softly as not to awake her.I moved my hand down her body reaching her thighs which felt so smooth and soft.I slowly massaged her thighs as I moved my hand up toward her pussy.She sort of moved away alittle,but not enough to hinder my plan.I continued stroking her thighs.I moved my other hand from her shoulder and began to grope her tits again.I was trying to get my hand under her lace bra...It was kinda tight and I decided I must unhook it.I reached behind her and unhooked the hook and God those beautiful round tits were there for the taking.I began to squeeze gently and licking them.She began to move and I got scared she was waking up!!!! But she was to drunk to wake.I now realized she was like any other target that was trapped and helpless....I was licking her tit and now moving my hand up to her pussy.I pressed my cock against her ass and began a slow grind....she was mine and my fantasy was about to cum true!!!!!! I moved my hand in between her thighs and touched her pussy lips.My cock was throbbing and dripping..I knew tonight was going to happen because I would not be taking much time to cum...The whole idea and planning for hours had my cock ready to explode....I continued pressing my cock into her ass and holding her thighs.... with one finger tracing her pussy and my cock buried inside her crack I knew I was about to spurt my cum.I felt that familiar shiver and then my cock let loose a stream of cum that caused me to moan outloud.....I must tell you guys,this encounter was as rewarding as any other I might have had with a stranger.....You can be sure I will do it again and again..........

re:Guest (Mon 21 Dec 2009 15:13:19 GMT)

Very carefully!!!!!!!!! can virtualy touch anyone and get away with it.The trick is not to make it a prolonged grope.Like I said the second squeeze might have been to long and she noticed,although she didnt say anything.The thing is this.if you have balls you can grope many targets.Since I have been doing this for way to many years,I know exactly what I can do or cannot do.I do find that I am regressing back and actually going out on the hunt.Not a good thing for someone who is suppose to be trying to stop!!!!....I am taking my wife to Rock Center to see the tree tonight,hopefully my plan will work.......

OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!! (Tue 22 Dec 2009 14:27:14 GMT)

OMG!!!!!!! I couldnt wait to get online to tell you guys what happened.I took my wife to see the tree and things went better then I could have ever imagined. Before we left for the city I talked my wife into dressing really sexy because I told her we were going out for dinner afterwards to a really nice resstaurant.I got her to wear a miniskirt and no stockings (which was quit a feat considering how cold it was)which she enjoys because she likes to tease me.We both wore short waist length leather jackets.I must say she looked really hot.I was thinking about canceling the plans and fucking her at home..Anyway,I knew it was going to be a good night because on the train she caught everyones eye.First we were sitting in a four seater.The guy across from us kept trying to look up her skirt which rose up about 6 inches above her knee as she sat down.As we talked I tried not to look at him but I could see he was trying to get his leg between my wifes legs.I could tell my wife was aware because she squirmed abit in her seat.Anyway,nothing much happened there except I could tell this guy was a little bit perverted because whenever he thought I wasnt looking he would touch his cock.My wife being prudish would turn away immediately..When we arrived in the city and exited the train I noticed several men checking her out....SHE WAS DEFINETLY HOT LAST NIGHT.I c ouldnt wait to get to Rock Center.I didnt want to waist time walking so I took a taxi.The cab driver adjusted his mirror and I could see he was checking out my wifes legs.I thought that was great as long as he didnt get into an accident!!!!!When we arrived at Rock Center it was beautiful and very crowded..As we walked toward the tree I began to scope out where a good spot would be.The crowd was shoulder to shoulder and I saw so much young ass I was going crazy.I almost wished I had left my wife home,but this night was about her not me (well,sort of).As we worked our way thru the crowd I wanted to check my wife responses and so I put my hand on her ass.She didnt say a word and I wondered if she knew it was me.I squeezed gently and then she said "I hope that is you". We both laughed and I knew she was going to be game.We reached the balcony that overlooks the skating rink.I wanted to getright up front,but,I wanted to be sure she would be seen.Well,it didnt take long until I noticed 2 guys standing off to my right.They were checking out all the women..My first thought was OMG 2 guys!!!!!!!!!!..I sort of turned my wife in that direction and walked right in front of them.They immediately eyeballed my wifes legs...I pushed right by to sort of antagonize them.You know what I mean.When A chiken is pissed off at a guy he will take it out on his woman.I got us up front right at the balcony and we were watching the skaters as I noticed these 2 guys had moved in very close to us.I had no doubts of their intentions.Now I needed to work my magic.I held my wife around the waist and then lowered my hand to her ass.As I massaged her ass it served two purposes,one to get her use to it and the other to excite these guys watching was very cold and my plan was going to be I would leave to get some coffee.After about 10min. I said I needed to go to the bathhroom and I would pick up some coffee.I asked if she minded staying and she said no.As I turned to lleave the 2 guys looked like they couldnt believe their luck....I worked my way thru the crowd about 20 feet away until they couldnt see me anymore.Not that they were looking they moved right inbefore someone else could.I stopped and watched as both moved right up to her.One guy on her side and the other behind her.Th guy behind her must have started to press against her because she sort of moved to try to give him room but the guy on her side didnt allow that to happen.I moved closer so I could see what was going on..I saw the guy behind her reach down and touch her ass.She didnt respond.The other guy was trying to get an elbow or arm in front of her.Meanwhile the first guy was cupping her ass,the second guy had her trapped.Now the guy behind her is rubbing her thigh from behind and she begins to squirm.I can tell she is uncomfortable and that is turniing me on.My cock is rock hard like if I was grinding her myself.I watch as he slowly moves his hand higher,she turns around quiickly and gives him a look,he didnt stop and when she didnt say anything,well,you know that only encouraged him more.Thhe second guy now ropped his hand to his side.I could see he was rubbing her front thigh and moving his hand higher.God thes 2 guys were giving it to her good.I was ready to explode and I put my hand in my pocket and began masterbaiting.I watched as she stood helplessly as these guys were rubbing her thighs from both sides.Then it happened!!! The guy behind her pulled up her skirt and leaned into her.She sort of jerked forward as if to get away but the railing blocked her escape.She looked around to see if she could see me.All the time this guy was humping her ass with only her panties in between them.The second guy was just pretty much holding her in place.I couldnt hold back ay longer and I came soooooo fucking hard.After another minute of watching I decided I should get her out of there.Afterall I came and the plan worked better then I ever imagined...I called to her froma few feet away to alert these guys I was back and give them a chance to escape.I wasnt looking for a confrontation anyway.Shhe immediately turnd and pushhed her way to me.She was so shocked she didnt realize I didnt have coffee.I asked if she was alright and she said,"yes ,but it was to crowded".I said ok lets go get something to eat and we left.She never said a word about the 2 guys who were feeling her up and fucking her ass....OH YEAH!!!!!!!! OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

Some thoughts (Mon 28 Dec 2009 20:28:14 GMT)

I know some of you guys enjoyed my story about my wife and some of you didnt.I cant help that.All I can say is you cant please everyone all of the time.Believe me,it was one of the most erotic things I ever saw.It took me about 5 minutes to cum.I guess the best way to explain why some of us like to do that is vey similar to guys who want to watch someone fuck his wife.As chikans that is our sexual pleasure,frotting a girls ass.So I guess it is natural to want to see our wives get frotted because just as we frott others and dont see any harm in it,we believe the same about it happening to our wives.You guys have got to try with your wife or girlfriend,I guarentee you will get so turned on you want believe it!!!!!!!!!

SHORT STORY (Mon 28 Dec 2009 20:43:09 GMT)

I know many guys here find it hard to believe some of the stories written but I have got to tell you some very strange things happen in this world that are just to hard to explain.The other night I was at a hockey game and sitting next to me was a father with his daughter,she was about 25 yrs old.She hadtight jeans around a perfect ass and a nice set of tits with a pretty smile.We talked during the game and my mind started to wander...(hehhehe)I thought, wow imagine if I could grab that ass.Anyway,during intermission I decided to go search for some targets for quick feels..I was at my usual spot by the mensroom where it gets crowded.I began to mingle in the crowd and I succeeded in grabbing some ass.Funny thing is some girls turn around right away as soon as you touch them and others let you palm their ass for as long as you want.This happened with 2 different girls.Finally as I was looking for any ass to grab I saw this beautiful ass going by and I just pushed into the crowd and proceeded to cup her left cheek.She kept moving without any response and so I cupped her other cheek..We continued to move at a slow pace and my hands remained on her butt the whole time.As the crowd was dispersing I headed for my seat and spotted the girl right in front of me still.Imagine my shock when I realized it was the girl sitting with her father.I spent the rest of the night just checking her out knowing I had that ass in my hands.My only concern was whether or not she knew it was me......but she never said anything at all.........sometimes things happen that seem to be more then a coincedence

LOL...LMAO (Wed 30 Dec 2009 00:06:26 GMT)

Well I guess I know which Guest didnt vote for me!!!!!!!!!,I might be crazy,but,award crazy?????? I THINK NOT!!!! Well anyway I think I will lay low for the rest of this year to much nitpicking and bullshit!!!!!!!!! Enjoy those NYEve crowds guys.Talk to you next year!!!!!!!!!!!......wish you guys wouldnt hide behind a "guest" name...if you got something to say thats fine,but at least be a man about it!!!!!!!

ONE LAST THING.......PETE (Wed 30 Dec 2009 00:08:58 GMT)


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