Selected Sensual Stories No.25

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Nanbread (Mon 19 Jan 2004 18:29:51 GMT)

Opportunist Hump

It was monday morning rush hour and the trains as usual were packed like sardines, in a developed world how can such problems still exist in this day and age, it as if we were still living in the third world i wondered ?.

As the train pulled in crowds of people were beginning to flood towards the carriage doors. The doors opened to reveal a carriage jam packed with people.


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beez (Wed 21 Jan 2004 18:19:36 GMT)

close encounters of the finest kind

went on a little road trip a couple of days ago.seems the farther i get from home tne hornier i get.i was working the stores in the towns i passed on the interstate.most of my stops provided at least something a little pleasurable mainly because i'm into voyeuring also; or a better desctription would be heavy flirting.i like for them to know i'm looking and thus encourage their exhibitionist tende

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Nanbread (Wed 21 Jan 2004 19:02:37 GMT)

Swedish Experience

As everyone knows, the Nanbread is like a majestic indian tiger. He takes what is his. He is king of the "jungle". Today I had the chance to rub myself up down the backside of a swedish girl with a pair of nice rounded peach ass and place my hands around her waist arrrrrrrrrr the tiger roars.

Whilst waiting on the platform at Piccadilly. I couldn't HELP notice this gorgeus blonde standing

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Ozzi Groper (Sun 25 Jan 2004 15:18:06 GMT)

Chinese New Year

Today we had the Chinese New Year celebrations. Last Sunday, the Vietnamese community had their Lunar New Year, but it didn't seem to draw the crowds it has in the past, and so didn't present many opportunities aprt from the occassional passing grope and pat.
But today was different. Enormous crowds. Lots of excellent crushing experience. Whole families came to watch the dragons and experience

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DR IRON DICKK (Wed 28 Jan 2004 19:44:44 GMT)





New York Chikan (Wed 28 Jan 2004 20:53:07 GMT)

New York Subway

I must have have humped over a 1000 women on the New York subway and still an active humper. I find the best way to do this is jump through the doors as they close so your rammed up hard against the womans backside.

This way she is trapped and and has no choice but to be humped.

I am interested in teaming up with other humpers in NY such as the NY Sex beast and Grope man. That way we can devise a plan to trap and hump single women.

Ozzi Groper (Thu 29 Jan 2004 14:53:52 GMT)

Same Indian Girl?

School started again today and most of the tourists have hibernated back to their homes except for those here for the cricket internationals and the Australian Tennis Open. The girls at this particular school must have been dismissed early so I took a tram to another location where I know some offices finish early.
I spotted an Indian girl, about 20 and moved to stand next to her. She was very

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Carlos (Sat 31 Jan 2004 02:40:10 GMT)

It is extremely important to me that my hand be stuck between women´s butt cheeks in any crowded subway.

Whenever I am trapped in a crowded subway, it is extremely important to me to feel up women´s butt cheeks. If am in a crowded carriage, and I couldn´t grope a good target, I start to feel very anxious, upset and depressed. I would start to look at the faces of the people surrounding me, and I would be worried that some else is enjoying a woman´s butt cheeks whilst I am not enjoying anything. I wo

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Ozzi Groper (Sat 31 Jan 2004 15:59:39 GMT)

School's back

Friday, I was doing my regular thing, and boarded a tram around the same place and time as when I met my Indian girl the day before. I didn't see her, but there were 2 Asian students seated, chatting together. I stopped immediately next to them and observed the girl closest to me peer toward my cock without turning her head. They were both about 16 or 17. The girl nearest the window was explaining

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Mohawk (Sat 31 Jan 2004 16:29:21 GMT)


Hi Ozzi,

I managed to rub against this young brunette last night on the train home. I began squating up and down so my hard cock rubbed up and down her crack. I dont understand why this woman did not say anything. Maybe she is horny I was really horny. Is this what sex is like Ozzi ?. What do u think of my skills Ozzi ? Do u think the webmaster will let me into the hall of fame and be alongside u ?

I then wanted to put my arms around her chest and rest my palms on her breasts. Whats the best way of doing this Ozzi ?

Prevert on Jan 31, 23:44

Title hotels

One time at a hotel with my wife i was in a steam room and these to young girls came in and i stood up and let them pass i rubbed my hard dick on bothe there thighs it was so hot i went to my room and jerked off

Carlos (Sun 01 Feb 2004 02:59:55 GMT)

When I go to cheap brothels I change my elegant business suit and I dress up as a blue collar worker, so that no one suspects that I go over those places.

Before I go to the cheap brothels to visit the cheap hookers I change my clothing at home. Because of my job, I am dressed in only the finest. I change my elegant business suit of Pierre Cardin, my costly shoes of Gucci made of alligator skin, my expensive shirt of Christian Dior, my tie of Balmain and my underwear and socks of Calvin Klein. I take off my expensive Rolex watch and my gold grad

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Five Finger Devil (Sun 01 Feb 2004 11:01:54 GMT)



When I go to cheap brothels i also change my clothing so know one suspects me. Since I am directorin one of the big multinatinals.

I also love to stand in front of a woman and stare into her eyes whilst I masturbate and tell her by looking at her how much of whore she really is.

I like to plaster my front against a beautiful woman and rub my nose in her neck and in her hair. There is a nice brothel where i go where girls dress up in school uniform and I tell the hooker to act like and innocent girl and I grab her beat her on the buttocks then squash my dick into her crack. I tell the hooker to moan and struggle whilst I hump her brains out.

Ozzi Groper (Sun 01 Feb 2004 13:55:42 GMT)

Groping Lesbians

Today there was a Gay Pride march and all the gay people, their supporters, the curious and a few chikans were all there to watch. I arrived late so setting myself up in a poll position near a shapely female was not on. I walked the length of the crowd searching for someone suitable to stand near and while I spotted a few suitable women, they were either too deep in the crowd or with someone who w

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Ozzi Groper (Mon 02 Feb 2004 08:54:53 GMT)

Re: Feather - Groping Lesbians

She was in front of me, slightly to my side at an angle (45 degree) and pressed up against the girl in front of her (and in front of me). I was pressing against her to make sure that she maintained contact with the back of the girl in front and simply put my hand on the back of the girl in front near where the breast of my girl was and eventually substituted my hand for the back of the girl.

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Ozzi Groper (Tue 03 Feb 2004 14:23:50 GMT)

Re: Feather - C&H

I guess you are not really "Squeezing" as she is pressing against your hand most of the time, so it simply isn't noticed. But you would be surprised how much of a squeeze you can get away with. So long as you are not stroking, caressing or otherwise moving your hand and fingers, a slight squeeze is unlikely to be noticed when she is pressed against you. Experiment with your wife or girlfriend. Even on your own breast, even though physiologically it is smaller. But the principle is the same.


Mohawk (Tue 03 Feb 2004 23:10:24 GMT)


Hi Ozzi,

I squashed against the back of this woman on the train today. I dont understand because she kept reading her book whilst I sniffed her hair and rubbed my cock into her crack. Why didnt she react ?. I then rocked back and forth crashing into her back but still no response. Then I put my nose close to her neck she smelled really nice. I moved closer and closer until my lips were almost touching her neck. She just continued reading her book.

What does this mean Ozzi ? does it mean she is a bored house wife who wants to play sex games ?

Carlos (Fri 06 Feb 2004 03:45:30 GMT)

Gropers should know about Newton´s Law of Motion of physics to improve groping techniques.

I still remember my basic college physics, and I use it improve my groping techniques.
Buses or subway trains accelerate, slow down and travel at a variable speed. Its trajectory goes on a curve or a straight line. This motion creates fictitious forces in passengers that pulls them toward the front or back of the bus. Other fictitious forces such as centrifugal forces cause them to move insi

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beez (Sun 08 Feb 2004 07:14:39 GMT)


yeah all my stuff is ficticious(smile).went to a political rally and a basketball game the other day.first political rally.always thought there would be potential at such an event.there was.first was a chunky chicken while we were waiting for the candidate to arrive.these political chicks are like groupies i think.she had on a nylon jacket covering her large booty.i was wearing dress pants(dark j

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Nanbread (Sun 08 Feb 2004 09:24:45 GMT)

City Life For A Chikan

The famous last words of beez "I envy you lucky bastards who live in city". Oh yes morning and evening the trains are crowded especially on the Victoria line. Working in the city is a great place for chikans to exercise there manhood. Each morning and evening the underground trains are heaving with gorgeous looking women in business suites showing their naked thighs and plum peaches through their

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Black Shogun (Mon 09 Feb 2004 03:06:01 GMT)

Another New Year's Eve . . . Another Buttfuck Part II

So, the ball had risen to its highest peak and the clock had struck midnight, thus ringing out yet another year and ushering in the new. And once again, Black Shogun had gotten his buttfuck on. This time, it was between the muscular buttcheeks of a bitchin fine blonde. The Shogun had fucked her in the ass while she danced with her boyfriend on the dance floor, even grabbing the white girl by he

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Black Shogun (Mon 09 Feb 2004 10:54:18 GMT)

Oh, I Forgot To Say . . .

Forgot to mention that at one point, I had placed a hand on the brunette's hip and began pulling her back into my exposed schlong as I dug up her booty hole. This was when she was dancing in the circle of girlfriends. She turned her head and gave me a kind of annoyed look. I quickly removed my hand so as not to ruin the hump. A chikan butt fucker must always pay attention to the moods and signals given off by his ass fucked prey in order to enjoy maximum success.

Black Shogun

Ozzi Groper (Wed 11 Feb 2004 14:09:06 GMT)

Re: St Kilda Festival

As it turned out, I couldn't get there until late. It was a stinker of a day - a hot 37C. There were thousands already there at 10:00am, but I didn't get there until 5:00pm. The crowds had diminished, so finding a suitable gathering for some useful groping was difficult. I did find a small inn where there plenty of people waiting to gain entry. So I mingled there for a while and was able to palm a

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beez (Thu 12 Feb 2004 09:06:04 GMT)


some six or seven years back i had an intense round of frotteurism with my wifes best friend..she was a hot longlegged well built brunette at the time.she has since gotten married and fat but she's still fairly sexy but not very accomidating and she might have even snitched on me to her husband after the last time i messed with her.back then she had been without a regular boyfriend for a year

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FEATHER (Thu 12 Feb 2004 10:30:18 GMT)

THX Beez - that was hot again..

Stath2. If you have such exciting frotting experiences - plz tell us more details. This board needs more spicy stories !

I myself am quite active with my wifes best friend. She is past 50 but a hell of an attractive women, red hair, short build, small tits but very classy, educated, distinguished. But as I know, she isn't having sex for months since she is fighting with her husband. I can'

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aise hi masti (Thu 12 Feb 2004 17:18:44 GMT)

Sri Lankan woman on a Greyhound bus

This was one of my most exciting encounters.

About four years ago, I took a long distance bus from a town in Canada to a major midwestern city in the U.S. The journey was going to be about 10 hours long.
I knew I was in luck when I boarded the bus and found a seat next to a young South Asian woman, in her mid 30s, dark-complexioned, short and plumpish and not very outgoing. She was dres

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NY Sex Beast (Thu 12 Feb 2004 21:15:36 GMT)

Breed with office girls

In my office the young mexican girls come to clear the bins in the evenings. I stand behnd mexican girls when they bend over and begin breeding with them.

They are cheap dumb illegal immigrant women and I breed with them often. I wish to breed with foreign woman. With nice slim bodies

I do also breeding on womenss titties grope man in subway.

Ghost Dick (Fri 13 Feb 2004 02:05:41 GMT)


Just sharing my story of a chikan experience in Toronto. In Chinatown is great for some bum action because the on one street only the streetcars go and they get very packed. One day in the evening rush hour (which is perfect) I waited at a stop for 40 minutes meaning there was a delay so when the streetcar finally came it was unbelievably filled. The driver opened the door to let some people o

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beez (Fri 13 Feb 2004 15:13:56 GMT)


buisness women turn me on the most but i've found nurses to be far and away the most highly sexual of all occupational categories including strippers and prostitutes.all i realy dig is getting up in a buttcrack but the more i think about it the more i realise the scope of my chican i can't remember the last time i didn't fuck with a nurse.i always try to rub their tits with the back of

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"Jim" (Fri 13 Feb 2004 17:59:16 GMT)

Friend's Mom

Speaking of older women,most older women let you grab a feel if your moves are subtle.I got my best friend mother once.She was cooking in her kitchen.The kitchen was tiny only about 8 feet by 10 feet.At time she was about 50.She was cutting some carrots.I was making some coffee.She bend over to get a pot from under the kitchen table,while she was bending I turn my hand over where the back side of my hand would brush up against her butt.As she begun to stand back up I let the backside of my hand lightly rub against her butt.From the look on her face I saw that she had feeled my hand.What,remember most her butt was very soft.Several months later,I tried to pull her dress up while she was napping on the living room couch,but she woke up.

(Webmaster) see memorable comments for the related stories.

NY Sex Beast (Fri 13 Feb 2004 22:49:13 GMT)

Breeding in Bars

Tonight I breed with young blondes in crowded bars. I moved behind the blonde and put my arms around her waist and began breeding doing doggy style packing cum inside her crack and pussy.

It feels so good to breed with blondes with tight skirts.

Nick The Quick (Sun 15 Feb 2004 01:55:18 GMT)

Parade Hump

hi my name is nick i am a 17 yo male from tampa and i went to the gasparilla parade a short while ago. this is an annual parade in downtown tampa and it attracts hundreds of thousands. i got there very early so that i could be close to the barricades where the crowd is the tightest. the parade started way late but it was worth it getting there early because right up against the barricade was a blo

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Nanbread (Mon 16 Feb 2004 19:13:55 GMT)

Pussy Bumping - A question to all chikans

I had the fortunate experience to end up being rammed up against a sexy brunette this evening. This time however it wasnt her ass it was her pussy.

She moved right upto me and pressed her breasts into my chest. I made eye contact with her but she just looked the other away. Then all of a sudden she stepped closer. Her pussy was tight between my legs. Still I looked at her, she wouldnt make

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khabir (Mon 16 Feb 2004 22:44:44 GMT)

fast food humping

yeah once again, i got to grind on a phat bubble butt house wife, she was dress in blue slacks, an a wind breaker, as she enter the door, of the fast food spot,, wearing sum specs, hair in a bob. with a shy look. i was standing by the door, talking to the cook as she came in an i saw all that ass i said damn,, she took a seat right in front of me on the stool, an all the phat ass, jus hung over it

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khabir (Mon 16 Feb 2004 23:02:50 GMT)

flea market

one more, thing happen on this past sat. was a inside flea market in a church, a lot of people was there, but nothing that caught my eye. i was jus looking fro sum stuff to buy, until i saw this white older lady, coming from the dinning area, she had on a red sweater,blk slacks, red lipstick, an glasses. she had the most ass, i seen in a very long tyme. this was the master ass of bubble butts she

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aise_hi_masti (Tue 17 Feb 2004 15:45:56 GMT)

pussy rubbing on metro

Hi all.
Haven't had much luck since early last week, when I found myself in a jampacked train on the subway standing next to a hot blonde in her mid-30s. I got to work right away, slipping my hand through the front of her overcoat and bumping my fingers against what felt like a silky dress. I could feel the crinkle of her pubic hair on the mound and maintained that position for a couple of min

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FEATHER (Tue 17 Feb 2004 16:06:54 GMT)


Had a small event in the lift today. I was in our council. My arms were carrying a lot of stuff which i had to transport into one of the offices. As I entered the lift which was full with people I came to stand in the middle. To my right stood a tall blonde in uniform. She belongs to the council squad which annoys car drivers who parked wrong with fines. I've spent some hundreds of bucks for this shit. So the time for a little revenge had come. The tall curly blonde had her blue uniform jacket open in the front. So I stuck my right elbow right into her small but firm tits under her shirt. I had the perfect excuse carrying so much in my arms.I moved a little and stirred between her boobs. I even lifted them a bit and was tempted to push one out of her bra cup... I loved it...

Stalker (Fri 20 Feb 2004 14:56:38 GMT)

The death of a clown

Once upon a time I was walking in a seaside town looking for some crumpet to touch up when I happen to chance upon a really skimply clad young bird.She was blonde with sun tanned skin, with huge knockers & buttocks wearing nothing but a flimsy bra top & tight shiny ass-hugging lycra shorts which benefitted her ass! I vowed to meself "I'll 'ave 'er, make no bones about it, I'll 'ave 'er!".
I pro

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Stalker (Sat 21 Feb 2004 00:00:58 GMT)

Dumb CHIKAN in desert

Once upon a time I went to Death Valley, California in search of some fine ass crumpet to touch up (well its the hottest place on Earth so its bound to have some skimply-clad birds). I chanced upon a sexy brunette wearing a bra top & butt-hugging black lycra shorts with nothing but a piece of string for knickers! I vowed to myself "I MUST HAVE HER...MUST HAVE HER!!"

Strangely she was wal

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Stalker (Sat 21 Feb 2004 02:43:25 GMT)

Chop suey chikan in chinese kitchen

Once upon time I was heading towards the town centre when I chanced upon a sexy asian wearing a bra top & butt-hugging black lycra shorts ! I vowed to myself "I MUST HAVE HER...MUST HAVE HER!!", I chased her into a chinese restaurant and i did not know her dad was the chef. he chopped me up and stir fryed my ass and sold me for 5 quid.
And I didnt even get to chikan the broad

Nanbread (Sat 21 Feb 2004 16:04:08 GMT)

A couple of more tales to tell

Hi Guys,

Got a couple of more stories to tell about the events of this week. One was a girl I met on the tube. We ended up getting of at the next stop hitting a bar and chatting over a few drinks and I ended up going back to her flat and humping her bum whilst we were both drunk. This was so cool because she still had a business suit on whilst I was humping her :-)). hmmm it was nice those bar legs and short business skirt ehheheh. Whilst I had my hands round her waist in the bath room she said "Hey I only invited u back for a chat not to sniff my hair and shag my bottom " eheheheheh.

Another involves another pussy pump story ! :-)) both stories coming soon. Remember all good things come to those who wait!. Such is the way of Nanbread a man who is beyond his time ehehehe.

Nanbread (Sun 22 Feb 2004 10:25:30 GMT)

Part I - The One Night Hump

Last week I made my way back from to the station after having a dissapointing night out with this girl I thought I had got to known pretty well. Well this probably sounds ironic but you can spend years in a relationship but still never know the person. I had began to fall in love with her over the months that we had got to know each other...then she hurt my guard came down and she found

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beez (Sun 22 Feb 2004 15:44:47 GMT)

good day pt.1

well i've set a new personal record for chican activity last night.both quality and quantity in humping and groping.i'm trying to sort it out, i'm sorta in shock.first my sister in law came over.i left her strictly alone since are encounter a few years past where i'm reasonably sure she told on me.not yesterday we're now officially playing the game.that is unless she snitches on me again and i'd

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Nanbread (Sun 22 Feb 2004 16:14:47 GMT)

Part II - The Night Hump

We finally got back to her place. By this time the alcohol had really hit my head. I was as pissed as shit. She still had her business suit on and took of her top. She bent over to turn on the music on her stereo. My cock went ever harder. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh roared the lion. I am hungry hungry. Her buttocks was sticking out like staring me in the face. Ohh Nanbread you only live once i thought lets

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Stalker (Sun 22 Feb 2004 23:06:30 GMT)

Southern Belle

Last night I got pissed in a "certain American city famed for its vices" looking for some nice crumpet & crowds when I spotted a nice bird outside of a strip club. She worked for the club & was handing out leaflets, she was early 30-ish with a strong Southern accent dressed up in a short, tight fitting, sparkly dress with white thigh boots & a short coat, she was wearing a white 60s wig (like you

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beez (Mon 23 Feb 2004 03:16:25 GMT)

the club

i piss and moan some about being far from a large crowded city and i about thru a temper tantrum when i realised it was mardigras time and once again i'm gonna miss it; but that club that i was at last night made up for some of it.its pretty unique.i know for a fact that there isn't anything like it for at least 200 miles in any direction and that entails a lot of small and medium sized

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beez (Mon 23 Feb 2004 14:04:17 GMT)


yeah Shogun i try to be careful.i don't use the place often.don't wanna burn it.i believe i'll hit it one more time soon though because its getting so wild now i don't see how it can last much longer.
i believe i developed a pretty good routine. i go in before the crowd gets real tight get a feel for the place,diferant nights have different vibes;you know.then get stamped,and get out without

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PBH (Tue 24 Feb 2004 04:55:05 GMT)

an asian bar situation

hi guys,

i have hung around in different bars in Asia. Whenever i used to stick my dick into some drunk women, they have got aware of it in a minute. the reaction were rather muted in protest, but still not very welcome. i am not arguing over the point that one in a thousand woman wouldnt mind a dick probing under the cover a crowd. after all a few women do dare to try their fantasies.

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beez (Tue 24 Feb 2004 06:27:22 GMT)


the club i was referring to and i presume from the sound of it the one(s) Shogun is referring to are commonly referred to as meat markets.they're not exactly the kind of place you'd want to take your number one woman to for romantic purposes unless your a kink like me.i took my present woman to the place i was at this last weekend about a year ago and she freaked out and it wasn't near as wild th

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FEATHER (Tue 24 Feb 2004 16:16:29 GMT)


Yesterday was the climax of Karneval. It begins on the 11th of November 11.11 am and lasts til wendsday this week. On monday everywhere there are processions of fools, who are custumed. The maintown of Karneval is Cologne which some might know. The Procession lastet over 6 hours ant the city is filled to the brim with some 100.000 or more people boozing, shouting ALAAF catching sweets that are thr

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FEATHER (Thu 26 Feb 2004 14:07:34 GMT)

Karneval #2

Dense crowds in the streets of Cologne. After the first public pussy-caressing in my life I went to another place in the parade. I found a place with two main targets. First was a girl in the mid-20s. Small but not slim, she had dark hair, and was very cheerful singing all the time. She obviously was drunk or on some drug, but she was not dumb. She wore long blue skirt that went down on her ankles

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Black Shogun (Sun 29 Feb 2004 08:26:23 GMT)

Bar Butt Fuck

Well, the Shogun fucked another white girl in the ass tonight . . . this time at a packed bar. The action led to quite an unexpected result. My hard as a rock and exposed boner squirted "dick goo" into her ass crack! Thanks to Ayashi BBS (I think), the Shogun has developed his practice into "wet humping." The Shogun is becoming a "wet buttfucker" extraordinaire. Please look for the story coming soon . . . "The Wet Bar" . . . by Black Shogun. Think I'll go wank over how I burst my nuts into that bitch's arse gap. Good night for now.

Black Shogun

buttpresser (Tue 02 Mar 2004 09:48:25 GMT)

market fun

Yesterday I went to the market where thousands of women come to buy their dresses and other things . It's mainly for women and you hardly see men their . There were many people all over and I looked for a secluded place . Found one . There was a passage maximum 3 feet in width between some ladies jellery shops and at least 9 women were blocking that passage . I foolowed a 5 f 5 inch women in m

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khabir (Wed 03 Mar 2004 17:50:57 GMT)


well todai,i jus went to go, read the paper, until i notice a older lady,in mid 30-40, running the copier. i guess she was a worker. she had on a yellow sweater, blk pants, which her big butt filled completely. her face was young looking for her age, as i read the paper, i kept close to her movements to were she was going. i saw her push a book cart down one of the rows which was real tight, whe

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khabir (Wed 03 Mar 2004 18:16:07 GMT)

local store

well last nite i went to the store for sum soda, this is for real. i seen this older wht lady. with sum blue jeans on. an the "ass was jus "sticking out", so far"! i had to get a "bump,brush an a feel. her top was a red wind breaker. blonde hair. with sum jewels, around her neck. she was in the pickit line.. i guess to play her numbers... i moved right behind her, trying to size her up..up front

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Gentlebrush (Thu 04 Mar 2004 04:28:25 GMT)

Part 2..Inspector Callahindi take New York City

This Time he means Business. The Revenge.

New York City the home of the congested subway" from Manhattan to Queen. People in New York love to ride the subway pushing and shoving each other in and out from the carriage to get to there destiny, weather it to work or to shopping mall, sport event. The subway are away busy. It is what New York Chikan, call paradise,
because they can squash a

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cumstainedpants (Thu 04 Mar 2004 04:32:41 GMT)

My contribution

I've been reading this board for a while and I think it's great! I thought you'd enjoy hearing about an experience I had when I was a teen. I was standing in line for a rock musical. I was wearing a pair of brand new pants that were a thin, black, smooth fabric, and I was "freballing." These pants showed my endowment quite nicely.

The area outside the theater was packed. I was holding my d

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Black Shogun (Thu 04 Mar 2004 11:12:09 GMT)

Re: Feather - Cum Stained Pants

Never had anybody give me a hand job like that Feather, but I did once have a 20-something girl at a concert wearing skin tight black shorts openly scrub her bum back and forth on my stiff dick, then look back and give that same "sly" smile. She was drunk out of her mind, actually barely able to stand, but she knew what she was doing.

I tell you now that in my next story, there will be two sets of cum-stained pants . . . mine and those of the big ass blonde who I buttfucked until my dick splattered cum onto her fleshy hindquarters. I wish I could cream on female booty at the bar like that all the time! You mostly only get to work to pre-cum in a bar, but this time I squirted a wet one!

Black Shogun

Nanbread (Thu 04 Mar 2004 23:30:52 GMT)

re:flirting and groping on the London Underground

Yes, I have groped whilst flirting with women on the London Victoria Line.

The last girl I groped I had my chest pressed against her breasts. I realized she felt uncomfortable so I commented "U better breath in it might help"

She smiled and we got into a conversion, I gently stroked her backside with my hand. She told me how she hated the London Underground because it was like a thir

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youth chikan man (Sat 06 Mar 2004 11:24:35 GMT)


The concert wasn't that exciting i just felt up this woman who was about 5ft.
Then i put my hands on her hips and tried to hump her but she was too short!
She didn't get angry she just said "stop following me" and tried to move away from me. She was wearing tight blue jeans. If she was my height i could have done it better i ended up humping her lower back :(

Shazad (Sat 06 Mar 2004 15:27:15 GMT)

wife in trouble

I do not know personally but my wife has recently come back from Pakistan, and has complained to me about all the perverted attitudes of males in Pakistan.
She tells me that she was groped on several occasions in the local bazaar with men touching her bottom with either their hand or their body whilst walking pass. and once more forcefully she was groped in a bus where she made a jou

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Black Shogun (Mon 08 Mar 2004 00:52:54 GMT)

The Wet Bar Part I

For those of you who do not know, a “wet bar” is a bar where alcoholic drinks are mixed in a facility that also includes a sink and running water. However, when a chikan shows up on the scene, those two words can take on a very different meaning. Where am I going with this? Well, you’ll know after you read my latest story.

It had been a solid two months since the Shogun had fucked a stra

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Invalid (Tue 09 Mar 2004 03:25:09 GMT)


I went to a concert today. GC, NFG, Mxpx and Stretch Armstrong played. Of course, you could probably guess, GC and NFG were the main highlights of the concert. I thought Mxpx was pretty good. I liked the song "Responsibility". Stretch Armstrong was a little too screamo for me, but hey they were good too, despite the comments I've heard about them. I loved the show NFG put on. It was awesome. I was

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paul (Thu 11 Mar 2004 12:03:17 GMT)


if a woman wears tight ass pants or etc... she want s to be touched an humped.. fuck all they dont shit.. why else will they wear all this type of bottom clad pants . sweats. saree'. to make it easy for the guys to run there dicks on them an there butt crack.... cuz i have done it many times, an i was always right. no complaints from no woman i humped on, for wearing things that show there but

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bumpngrind (Thu 11 Mar 2004 22:06:43 GMT)

chikan dream date at a fair

I was at an outdoor fair when a thunder storm blew in suddenly. My wife and daughter were getting a snack at the time and I ran under one of the other food tents to get out of the rain. It was a holiday weekend and the fair was packed and people were crowded in under the tent to get out of the rain.

There was a women about 40 directly in front of me with 2 young kids and a husband who

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Ozzi Groper (Thu 11 Mar 2004 23:30:33 GMT)

re: bumpngrind - chikan dream date at a fair

I dream about something like that happening to me every day! If you were wearing a rain coat and it was sufficiently crowded AND she was obviously enjoying you, why didn't you unzip, take it out and really take it to the next dimension? And weren't you tempted to touch her in some way? Like palming her butt as a minimum? What about after the fair, wouldn't you have been tempted to follow her to see if you could find a private moment to exchange phone numbers?


khabir (Fri 12 Mar 2004 18:13:43 GMT)

the grind

whts up out there? well todai on my way to work, i went to ta local store to get my coffee, i wasnt in the mood right then an there to get my buttfuck on... but when i saw this mid 40, blk woman, with a red short blazer on, an sum blk tights on. holding that {phat juicy butt,} of hers,, that put me right in the mood. the store was real small, an get was sum wht pack, in the early moring. my big

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pervman (Sat 13 Mar 2004 02:24:33 GMT)

locker groping

im currently in grade 11. i've been groping girls, mostly at concerts, since i was 13 or 14. I love the feeling of groping a sexy young girls ass. At school i am lucky enough to have my locker next to a girl who's sexy as hell, she's got brown hair, little tits and the greatest ass you can imagine. She's always wearing tight pants that show it off too.

whenever i go to my locker i make sure

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Black Shogun (Sun 14 Mar 2004 00:41:12 GMT)

The Wet Bar Part II

In the first installment of this story, the Shogun wrote of how he had discovered a new bar that seemed like an appropriate locale for safely and successfully practicing chikan. This new bar, with it’s narrow passageway leading to a tiny dance floor, and with a long bar and wall on either side of the passageway, appeared to offer up many opportunities for the professional chikan whenever the crow

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pervman (Sun 14 Mar 2004 04:10:53 GMT)

warped tour

Thanks for the welcome shogun. To show my appreciation let me tell you one of my stories.

This was a couple of years ago so i would have been 15 or 16. I was at the warped tour, which is a huge outdoor concert tour. There were tons of hot girls there, and lots of them were wearing nothing but bikini tops and shorts. As soon as i got in i knew i was going to be in for a day of fun. Before i

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pervman (Tue 16 Mar 2004 00:09:19 GMT)

Waterpolo fun

This is something that happened to me in a pool, during a waterpolo game when i was 14. It was the first time i got off while groping a girl and the first time i got my hands on some pussy.

I used to play waterpolo, which for those who don't know the sport, is like playing soccer with your hands in a pool. I was fourteen at the time, and like all fourteen year olds horny as hell. Lucky

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Ozzi Groper (Tue 16 Mar 2004 01:06:23 GMT)

re: Pervman - Waterpolo fun

I love your experiences. You tell it well. Your story reminded me about some of the things I used to do whean I was 14. I never played waterpolo - I don't even know if anyone did in Oz in those days. But I did use to go to the swimming pool, and there were always groping opportunities there. One thing I used to do was select my target - usually someone with great breasts and good looks, and innoce

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Black Shogun (Tue 16 Mar 2004 01:22:25 GMT)

Youthful Indulgences

I remember one time in high school (I was a junior) when I felt this girl up really good while playing basketball. Her name was Paige (I remember her last name too, but it must be withheld).

Anyway, I was supposed to be "guarding" her. Instead, I had my "paws" all over her ass and in between her legs . . . kneading and squeezing her young butt cheeks and rubbing, fingering, and groping he

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Black Shogun (Tue 16 Mar 2004 01:34:24 GMT)

Feeling Up Belgian Arielle

Come to think of it, Arielle was prone to get her titties and ass felt up a lot. I now recall when a good friend of mine in high school got her. I remember him pushing her down onto a sofa one time and going underneath her top to fondle her breasts. As he pinned her down and groped her titties, I remember my dick going rock hard as she cocked her head back, closed her eyes, and let out a breath

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FEATHER (Tue 16 Mar 2004 10:05:24 GMT)

The Other Side...

pervman. Your stories are great. Thx a lot and a hearty welcome - plz stay tuned for more ! mustn't demand anything ! Get an identity or fuck off, at last!

I met a Brazilian woman these date. In fact I dated her. She told me how she was chicaned being 14y-old in her country. It was at a parade. A soldier-like clad guy in uniform placed himself behind her and rubbed and hump

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pervman (Tue 16 Mar 2004 22:33:27 GMT)

Patricia's sticky hands

This is just a little quickie. It's not really chikan (well, not all of it) but anyway. It's about the girl who has her locker next to mine, Patricia. I'm obsessed with this girl, every time i see her i just want to fuck her brains out. You wouldn't believe the ass this girl has.

Today, i was rubbing her ass as usual, she was wearing the thinnest black pants. After english class i was at my

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Gentlebrush (Wed 17 Mar 2004 02:05:52 GMT)

Re. Wet Bar part two

That was a good story Shogun. You mention the two brunette switch places so her friend can get your dick up her ass and didn't even tell her Which bring about my situation last year which I wanted to bring this up to the board but forgot to. when I went to this concert I and the same thing happen to me where I was humping this short girl with light brown hair and her friend was taller with Light

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ozzi you r the one (Wed 17 Mar 2004 14:32:40 GMT)


ozzi i am here in tokyo on the otamachi line for 6 months well for other reasons but just after one week i was strangely drawn to this site and had my forst experience yesterday - still shaking - so here it is i rode the train really busy one morning as usual first i waited on a carriage were there was the right one it took three trains going by then it arrived i saw her first only her head and up

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khabir (Wed 17 Mar 2004 17:40:44 GMT)

the butt cheek lady

well it goes like this, this moring at the bus stop it was crowded i saw a lady walking in the pack crowd to get to her coffee shop right in front of the bus stop. its a little store for the moring people... so as i looked on,, she was a mid older lady, but very pretty for a wht woman of her age, an she dresses very young too. she had on sum tan slacks, which jus show all the big cheeks of her

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pervman (Thu 18 Mar 2004 04:35:27 GMT)

another concert tail

To Dajjal and anyone else who doesn't like my stories...DON'T READ THEM... it's that simple.

This is another experience i had at a concert. This happened last year, when i was 17, It was at a big outdoor festival called edgefest, i'm not sure if it goes through the US. It's mainly popular alternative bands that play, so there's lots of teen girls in the crowd.

I don't even really lik

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Black Shogun (Thu 18 Mar 2004 06:22:51 GMT)

The Luck of the Irish???

Thanks for wishing me luck pervman! It paid off! I was chikan buttfucking women all night long! I was like a kid in a candy store, there were so many asses in the place . . . butts a million! I don't even think I can really tell all that good of a story from tonight because my action was so "helter skelter".

The bottom line is that I ended up ass fucking a bubble butt blonde wearing jea

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Mohawk (Thu 18 Mar 2004 18:54:44 GMT)

Making girls pregnant

After school finishes. I always go to the girls toilets and masturbate then rub my sperm on on the toilet seats. That way when the girl goes to sit on the toilet her pussy and ass get infected with my sperm and this makes them pregnant and horny.

Mohawk (Thu 18 Mar 2004 19:05:50 GMT)

Pressing against a girls backside

Hi Ozzi,

Yesterday I squashed myself against this girls buttocks in the tuck shop. I then got alittle out of control and started mashing my hard dick into her crack. She looked back at me and stared then moved away.. So I followed behind her and then began mashing her backside again. My dick was really hard and there was a huge bulge in my trousers. I wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck

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khabir (Fri 19 Mar 2004 13:10:10 GMT)

young bubble butt latino

i saw this young gurl wearing sum tight sweats pants todai on the pathtrain. in newark,nj, so when i got to the platform, i made my way to her. there 4 lines waiting for the train to come so everyboby can rush in the car... this gurl had a very big butt, with jus a hoodie on, an sweats pants,, she wqs a young latin gurl... blk hair pretty face, with thick dick lips.. so i push my way up to her, a

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Bad-Boy (Fri 19 Mar 2004 17:20:28 GMT)

The Birthday party

I know i haven't posted in a minute but i got a story to tell. I hosted a birthday party in my loft last friday for a friend of mine. it wasn't his party but a friend of his so i agreed he could have it at my spot. my first grind was the coat-check girl actually i know her she's my friends neice, she is 27 and has a fat, juicy ass!! you gotta see it she don't even where tight pants and it's still

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Mohawk (Fri 19 Mar 2004 22:06:34 GMT)

Fucking girl in backside

Hi Ozzi/Black Shogun, Iron Dick

Last night I forced myself pressed myself hard against this womans backside. I keep pressing harder and harder into her in the crowded train. I pushed my face next to hers and began sniffing her hair. She began elbowing me to push me of her but I just keep pressing on her hard. My cock was pressed firmly against her thighs. Her friend was next to her and was

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