Selected Sensual Stories No.21

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nanbread (Sun 18 May 2003 07:58:55 GMT)

South American Women

If Brother Shogun and Senior Carlos were with me clubbing in London last night.

They would have cheered me on and be proud of me. Last night I ended up grinding against this delicious girl from Columbia. Her buttocks were totally awsome, out of this world man. When a south american girl wears cotton trousers. It reveals the full splendour of her buttocks.

When Senior Carlos speaks of

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nanbread (Mon 19 May 2003 09:51:29 GMT)

butt fucking girls in presence of their boyfriend

I did exactly the same a Jay. During new years eve. When the Big Ben sounded 12-00 pm on new years eve. This blonde gave her boyfriend a cuddle. Meanwhile I moved in behind her and started poking her buttocks with my cock.

I started playing bouncing games. Where I'd shove my hard cock into her crack then come back out then bounce back into her crack again. Oh ahahhah I was lauging to mysel

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chikaner (Tue 20 May 2003 00:53:57 GMT)

groping in night clubs

I went to a night club last night with the intention to chikan. I got disapppointed. First, I am no racist at all. But I was the only of a handful white people in the club. Secondly, although the club was crowded, girls were moving all over the place, making it hard for a chikan. Thirdly, some assholes had smoked marijuana there, and the smell was so strong that it made me dizzy. At one point i managed to get behind a girl and chikan her with freakdancing. She let me do it for a while but after a few minutes looked at me and moved. The slut did the same exact thing to another chikan. Clubs suck.

Gentlebrush (Tue 20 May 2003 02:29:16 GMT)

re.Humping women with their boy friend presence

Ha Ha Nanbread you made me laugh when you thought to yourself what a dumb fuck Happy New yeah AHHHHHH Yeah what a good way to start the New year right.

I too Stuck my Dick in a few crack of these women that had boy friend one last year at this concert where I seen her nice curly brown hair to her shoulders half covering her face and she was with a guy and I thought she was UN getable so l

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nanbread (Tue 20 May 2003 14:39:02 GMT)

nanbread bum fucking on friday

hey guys,

Things will be heating up this weekend.With my new columbian date. Shes a fucking buttocks Goddess if ever one existed.

South american women aaaaaaahhhh !! brother shogun and Carlos your so right in your thinking. Great minds think alike aaaaaaaaaaah rarrrrraaaa !!.

We have arranged to meet on friday for a drink and chat. I told her to put on a pretty dress so we can

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nanbread (Tue 20 May 2003 16:55:45 GMT)

French Girl and Breast Frolics

I got squashed up once on an over crowded London underground train and managed to position myself in front of a blonde french girl. I got to position myself so I had my chest pressed against her tits. Ooohh that was nice. As the train rocked back and forth. I moved myself back and forth like waves crashing into the rocks thereby rubbing my chest against her bazookas. OOhhh I thought, she kept loo

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little shogun (Fri 23 May 2003 13:36:31 GMT)

teaching whites a lesson

today we taught this white chick a lesson. Three of us hid in the girls toilets and waited for a white chick to sit down and pull her underwear down.

We then kicked the door down and dragged her out of the toilet. She was screaming like some dirty whore bitch. We pinned her down and started tearing her clothes of and molesting her naked body. I licked her all over the face and the white bitch started crying.

The other black brothers massaged there dicks all over her legs then we ran off leaving the silly bitch crying for helo.

Oneday the white man will bow down too the black man and show respect !

Prakash (Sun 25 May 2003 01:02:05 GMT)

Story - part 1

I posted this sometime back but part 2 is new

Prakash, Sunil, and Manish were walking hurriedly
along a small by-road that led to the main bus route.
It was around 5 in the evening when they looked at
each other in dismay as they saw a bus going away on
the main road. They had missed the fully crowded bus
by less than a minute. “Oh, that is too bad, we were
so close” s

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Prakash (Sun 25 May 2003 01:00:20 GMT)

Story - part 2

After Sunil, left Manish and Prakash started thinking
what they will do. Let's go back to the bus stop where
we started said Manish and they took a bus going the
opposite way and went back. They were lucky as the
stop was still crowded. They waited a few minutes for
a bus to come. The first one which was too crowded
they could not get in so they had to wait again. They
could g

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Jim (Tue 27 May 2003 15:01:22 GMT)

Sleeping Family Friend

I found this site my in search for people with similar experiences to myself.But,I had'nt seen anyone on this site that has did the very thing I have.For two years I got to hunch against the big ass of a very,very close older sleeping female family friend.As I look back on those pleasureable experiences getting to do her and what made those experiences possible was just fate and luck.From a prior

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Sir Dick Rubswell (Wed 28 May 2003 21:19:15 GMT)

Bus Trip

Today I got on a bus. On the line, I noticed two possible targets: 1) Hot latina with jeans and white top who took off jean jacket while getting on bus, 2) 40's blonde with black pants and black leather jacket. I couldn't get behind either of them, but went to the back of the line and got on patiently. Bus was crowded. I began to look for my victims inside. On the way to the back, hot Asian c

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nanbread (Thu 29 May 2003 11:13:24 GMT)

practising bum fucking on my new dat


This weekend I practiced my bum fucking on a gorgoeus south american girl I invited out on a date. As you know old Nanbread is hungry as a wolf when it comes to nice juicy, fleshy bums with deep cracks.

I told my date to stand near the bar and order a drink. I waited till she leaned over the bar to order drinks. Then I moved in behind her and positioned my hard fleshy pole in t

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mastertoucher (Thu 29 May 2003 14:32:03 GMT)

upset lady

I was in this downtown store yesterday looking for women to touch. I found this thin very pretty women with a long dress on. I could see the shape of her ass through this very thin dress. I walked up and down the isles looking at the different stuff on the shelves. Then I came to the isle she was in and she was just standing there looking at stuff. So I start to walk down the isle and the i

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caliguy (Thu 29 May 2003 20:50:19 GMT)


i started frotting in 7th grade accidentally being pushed into young jenny's mini skirted butt in a lunch line. before i realized what was happening, i was erect and enjoying the feeling of what i thought was very close to sex.
since, i have frotted everytime i get the chance. some memorable experiences: a miniature golf plus arcade on a saturday afternoon, a group of teens lined up to get th

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Chinese Chikan (Sat 31 May 2003 01:28:34 GMT)

groping a Chinrese girl and East Indian girl,my first chikan experience

just today,about 2 hours ago.
in Vancouver

I was on bus,there came a Chinese girl,she was about at her early 20s,a petite girl,
she sat beside me at the right,then the bus starts,for the first few minutes I was just looking at her,but I could not control myself. I put my right hand into the space between my thigh and her thigh,so everytime the bus 'rock' her thigh would touch the back

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Chinese Chikan (Sat 31 May 2003 05:01:29 GMT)

groping a Chinrese girl and East Indian girl,my first chikan experience

actually I thought my fingers did touch the East Indian's middle of her ass
but I didn't look,she went to front a bit as I touched that area maybe it was a sensitive area? anyways I regret I didn't touch her anus and pussy,it could be much more fun,I know she knew that I was groping her,but she didn't react,maybe she likes to be groped or just really mind it? what a nice round ass...
hopefully next time i will get more.

Chinese Chikan (Sat 31 May 2003 05:15:57 GMT)

about the white girl

she maybe saw I was groping the East Indian girl
but I didn't care,just kept groping
1.she may thought it was incidental
2.I figured she is not going to do anything even if she knew I am doing it purposely
3.who gives a damn to her,just watch me grope :)

Chinese Chikan (Mon 02 Jun 2003 10:38:53 GMT)


today I was walking on street
then saw a Chinese girl about 20 years old,running towards me,
she was wearing sports bra and tight sports pants
her little boobies were going up and down,and she has nice little ass,
I almost wanted to grab her boobies and ass,
I fantasize of fucking her on street,
but I could not do anything,too many people and cars going by.
shit I am hungry for women...I prefer Asian females since I am Chinese myself.

nanbread (Tue 03 Jun 2003 12:22:58 GMT)


Its summer in the UK and all the english ladies wearing there thin flowery dresses and short skirts. I bet your all licking your lips thinking wish I was here eheheh :-).

Yesterday there was mass scamble to board the carriage on the victoria line. I wasnt really in the mood for chikaning until I so the carriage crammed full like sardines. Right near the exit of the door. I noticed a chikan

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Jeepers (Wed 04 Jun 2003 05:05:46 GMT)

Rubbing his wife's ass

I was at one of those after work drinking marathons with some of the people I worked with occasionally. One of the women there was a friend of mine who I've worked with a lot. We tease and joke, and once on our birthday, (we have the same birthday), she kissed me unexpectantly and rather good. Anyway, this night at the bar I decided I'd take a shot, and while she was standing next to me, I started

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Uksnowy (Wed 04 Jun 2003 05:06:38 GMT)


I am known for patting girl's bums whether they are single or attached. It's just part of my brash, cheeky, irreverent personality that I get away with it. Felt some nice ones in my time. My daughter's friends have all felt my smoothing palms and after the first time, a bit of shock in some cases, they just giggle and tell people they get bum handled by me and not to worry.
Had the odd slap of course.
Nice work if you can get it!
Slapped a nice bum last night. Lovely brunette at the gym, bending over and I knew her BF was walking behind me. It was friendly slap not intended to hurt her and she just straightened up and smiled and bent down to her laces again. He shouted perv at me with a huge laugh. Another guy said I beat him to it as he would have done the same.

Patmcw (Wed 04 Jun 2003 05:10:15 GMT)

Taking advantage of drunk girls

When I was 18 and in the Army I was out with a friend's girlfriend who became his ex that very night. She was so distraught that she drank herself into oblivion. I took her to her sisters house and she was puking all the way there. Her sister pulled out the daybed and made it up for her, stripped her sister naked and put her to bed in front of me. As we were saying goodbye she started to yack agai

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nanbread (Wed 04 Jun 2003 15:48:44 GMT)

my first experience of chikaning at school

It was when I was 13 years old. At break times at school we use to have a tuck shop to go and buy sweets and stuff. Everyone would line up in the queue outside the shop. Occasinally the queue would get rowdy and somone from the other end of the queue woud start pushing and shoving. Thus creating a domino effect causing everyone to bump into each other.

Well that particular day I was stood b

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nanbread (Thu 05 Jun 2003 19:28:09 GMT)


If I was behind your wife. I would move very close to her and breath down her neck to let her know that shes a sexual bollywood goddess. Then I'd watch the expressions on her face as she feels my warm breath on her hair.

I'd moan under my breath aaahhhh (an animal cry chikans use) then place my lips close to her neck to smell and taste her odour aaaahhh so good.

Then'd do a 'Shogun

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Ritz (Fri 06 Jun 2003 09:45:01 GMT)


Hi All (Hi Nan, Jay and SHogun),

I am not knowing what to say to u guys... IT HAPPENED AT THE CONCERT.... and it happened royally...... Wifey was thoroughly (to say the least) pounded....Atleast 3-4 guys had the time of their lives yesterday. Let me tell u all in detail:

She wore a tight cotton trouser and a top which came upto her waist, but left the ass open. She was extremely skep

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nanbread (Fri 06 Jun 2003 14:21:22 GMT)

My Second Chikan Experience Part II

This is part ii of days at school read the first post then read this one..

That night after experiencing my first butt hump with Paula. I lay in bed playing with myself. Living out the whole experience again and again.

I yearned to experience this sexual pleasure again, but how ?.

Next day at school it was the break. Queues of pupils lined up at the tuck shop. I waited for Pa

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manuvarma (Sun 08 Jun 2003 08:37:46 GMT)

rubiing my moms ass

Since my childhood my mom used to ask me to wash her back in the bathroom.she used to be naked in all the time.So as i grew up i started fascinating abt my mom...she is chubby sexy at the age of 38.I used to rub the side of her boobs and touch the bulge of her ass.One day i went inside the bathroom to help her to apply soap on her back...i was wearing a louse bermuda so i removed my dick out of it which was already erect and slowly started touching my moms ass by it.At one moment i 'dnot control anymore when my dick was touching her chubby smooth flesh of her ass and my hands rubbing the smoth flesh of her brests sides and suddenly grabbed her brests with both my hands and i pressed rock hard my dick to her ass and started squeezing my moms fleshy body where ever i got the grip...

Gentlebrush (Sun 08 Jun 2003 22:22:13 GMT)

More Mini BBS Comedy

The scene is at the underground London tube where our fellow chicken is place right behind this six foot blonde with nice round juicy ass and he is really sticking his meat into her deep crack whispering (your so sexy you love to get fuck in the ass) and this Chikan is know on this board for smelling and chewing nice smelling clean shampoo hair as he is sniffing and twirling her hair in his tongue

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another guest (Mon 09 Jun 2003 14:52:48 GMT)

At the weekend markets

Was at the weekend markets and there were some japanese school girls there as tourists. I saw two that were particularly pretty and with short skirts. I had to get a feel.

Because the markets were so crowded, I was able to brush up against them quite often as I was pretending to stand behind them looking at things or just walking by.

I managed to get my hands under both their skirt

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nanbread (Mon 09 Jun 2003 20:47:43 GMT)

Gentle Brush (Gentleman Brush) and the Blonde

LOL that post brought a smile to my face nice one bro.

Strangely enough today I got caught up in a crowd of passengers boarding one of the trains at Kings Cross. This bubbly looking blonde was right in front of me. What was really pissing of was the fact she was wearing this long leather jacket which mean't I just could not penetrate my meaty pole into her butt crack.

Perhaps she kne

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PBH (Tue 10 Jun 2003 05:06:29 GMT)


swinger parties are those where couples form trust based groups and exchange their spouses for the night. ofcourse there is much more than mere sex.
i am sure that in all metros in India, this is catching up. u can check out the yahoo groups, and enroll urself to find more abt this.

u got to understand that female breed mentality is a bit difficult to comprehend. there is no con

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nanbread (Tue 10 Jun 2003 11:35:26 GMT)


I have humped girls in front of boyfriends on three occasions. For me it was an absolute thrill. I recall following a girl into a lift and bouncing my hard cock into her backside thinking corrrrrrr !! (like pakistani bottom groper) what a lovely pair of cheeks. She said oooh !! and turned round to look at me. She then turned to her boyfriend who was by her side and then turned back to me.

As if to say 'go and tell him off' . All her boyfriend did was to smile at me ehhehehe. Such is the way of Nanbread a man of adventure who lives life to the full ehehehehe.

Jim (Tue 10 Jun 2003 15:18:17 GMT)

Sleeping Mom

When I was 12,I started to sneak into my mom and stepdad bedroom late into night,my mother always slept without panties, dress only in a nightgown.Most friday nights,my stepdad would for his weekly all night gambling sessions.This gave me the opportuntity to placed my prick against my sleeping mom naked bottom.Her ass was big round soft and fluffy.My mother usually slept in a spoon fetal position

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Nanbread (Wed 11 Jun 2003 14:33:33 GMT)

Stories From Dom - Women Groping Men On London Underground

I've never heard of a woman groping a man on the tube, but there's a good TV advertisement for a male deodorant which seems to "put the boot on the other foot". It's on my page Advertising on the Underground, so check it out here.

Now to counter stories about men groping women I've received an entry in my guestbook from Dom:

"You've never heard of a woman groping a man on the tube",

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nanbread (Wed 11 Jun 2003 20:35:25 GMT)

talk of groping married women

In my teens my mother would take me to the open market on the weekends. In the summer it was always beautiful. Crowds of people would gather around the stalls to buy their fruit & veg, summer clothes etc. More often then not couples would come to shop around. Some occasions you get married women turning up by themselves.

As a teenager a married woman was the 'Ultimate Sex Goddess' she wore

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Jim (Fri 13 Jun 2003 15:52:22 GMT)

Lone walking Woman

I had encounter in 1999 with a good-looking lady who looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties,she was about 5'7" maybe 160lbs,fair-complexioned,brown hair,she was well-built.I was at the bus station waiting for the bus.I saw her walking down the highway barefooted.I noticed that she was wearing a brown light cotton flower dress and she appeared to be intoxicated,her walk was slightly st

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Ritz (Sat 14 Jun 2003 12:17:13 GMT)


Hi All,

I had taken my wife along to my office pool party yesterday. She did not want to come in the pool so she wore a good saree. As the party wore on, she recd a lot of lustful stares from my friends and boss specially at her ass and breast. As drinks flowed, everyone relaxed and started diving in the pool (with normal clothes) ladies were not coming in, and the pool was almost completel

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"Jim" (Sat 14 Jun 2003 15:03:17 GMT)

Couple in adult movie

When I would travel to Texas,I would always vist a small adult book store,now this store also had a small movie room in it.The threatre had about 50 chairs in it.They would those xxx-rated movies.The various movies shows 24 hrs a day.I always came in to the movie around 11 p.m on saturdays nights,because I discovered that late saturday nights was the time that swinging couples came for some fun.Us

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Jim (Sat 14 Jun 2003 16:26:25 GMT)

Continue of Couple in adult movie

The husband would place where she faced him and kiss her and then proceed to hold around the waist.Then he let his both hands slide down her dress rubbing her hips and thighs.Using one free hand he would cup her dress around mid-thigh and slowly pull up her dress revealing one of her fleshly naked thighs,this was the his subtle signal for you to stand next her.I would stand next the her,you could

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buttluver (Sun 15 Jun 2003 04:13:49 GMT)

the sleeping wife

I have not read too many stories about humping on a sleeping woman. When I lived in NYC I would get lucky on the trains during rush hour and press up on a good soft ass but it was far and few between. Now that I don't live in the big city anymore the only time I get to rub on some ass is when my wife goes to sleep. She is a very heavy sleeper and sleeps in only a long thin cotton t-shirt. My routi

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nanbread (Mon 16 Jun 2003 13:36:04 GMT)

the young adventures of nanbread

I recall Dr. Iron Dick and the notorious Pakistani Bottom Groper used the
term 'virgin queens' and 'untouchable buttocks' to describe womens buttocks
who we dreamed of fucking but never had the opportunity to do this.

This is often the result of the woman knowing that her buttocks are worth
more then their weight in gold thus she avoids crowded situations where
buttock hungry

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taxcider (Wed 18 Jun 2003 20:16:55 GMT)

The adventures of..SUPERHORNY!

This episode..eye and voice groping/the museum steps

Ok, I was hanging out at my favorite subway station watching my favorite clerk
pop her stocking foot in and out of her shoe and trying to mentally lift her skirt when I saw what I thought was a big-assed Latina grandmother coming up the stairs. As it was a rainy day..I prepared to get my grope on (when it rains I usually wait behind my

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Enlarge Your Penis (Fri 20 Jun 2003 16:39:06 GMT)


She seemed not accord to this crowded tube. She stumbled. I supported her body and made her not to fall. She looked back and said thank you in small voice. She was cute. She was about 14-15 years old. She was so good looking I had my penis instantly enlarged. Another jolting. Her back bumped on my front. She sensed it. And another jolting. Her body was attached on mine. She blushed with embarr

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Terrance (Fri 20 Jun 2003 22:21:11 GMT)

My first chikan experience!

First off, allow me to introduce myself: I am a 32-year-old African-American male from suburban Chicago. My first chikan experience took place way back in 1985, almost 18 years ago to the day. I was 14 years old, and the city of Chicago was holding a big summer street parade. I can't remember what the parade was for - probably Independence Day - but what I do remember is that the sidewalks were pa

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Terrance (Sat 21 Jun 2003 19:53:25 GMT)

Basketball game

Hello all! This is only my 2nd post, but I've been reading the board for awhile. About 14 years ago (1989), I went to a sold-out Chicago Bulls playoffs game with a couple of my friends. At halftime, the hallways were jam-packed wall-to-wall with this sold-out crowd. I told my friends that I was going to use the bathroom or something, and went on the prowl for a juicy pair of female buttocks to gro

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"Jim" (Sun 22 Jun 2003 18:56:11 GMT)


My experiences hunching on the big butt of the sleeping female family friend,took place a few years ago.The opportunities to do this is no longer available.I will say this,I was just lucky to get to enjoy grinding her big wide ass.I had no idea that she was a fairly sound sleeper.She was a mature woman when I was doing her.We slept in the same bedroom in twin beds across the room from one another.

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Guest (Tue 24 Jun 2003 11:39:26 GMT)

Married punjabi woman

Hi All,

Wud love to narrate an incident that happened 2 days back.I had a great time with a prim and proper, unwilling married punjabi female around 35, who was with her hubby and kid.This happened at the Daler Mehndi concert. The room was packed to the hilt.. and I was with my friend....The crowd was going frenzy and i spooted a lot of guys feeling females ass...I spotted this female with

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Jim (Wed 25 Jun 2003 15:02:48 GMT)


Over the years I've penis to naked butt-hunched three sleeping women.The first was my mom,I started doing her when I was almost 13,stopped at 15.She was the easyist.When I fisrt started to sneak into her bedroom,staring at her laying in bed in nightgown,sleeping on her side.Looking at that big fine rounded butt of hers,my desire to touch and feel her butt started to take hold.The first time I pull

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"Jim" (Wed 25 Jun 2003 19:40:01 GMT)


I'll been caught 4 times by the three sleeping women that I have butt-humped.My mom woked up and caught me twice in act of hunching on her butt.The very close female family friend woke out of her sleep and caught me twice.She wasn't sure the first time because I told her that I had stumble into her going into the bathroom in the darkness.The second time she woke up and turn her head around and s

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buttluver (Thu 26 Jun 2003 04:57:05 GMT)

sleeping women

Last summer my wife's sister came to visit. She is a little short and thick. Her butt is nice and round. It is not very big but you can tell when she walks it is very soft and fleshy. At night she would wear a thin tee-shirt and thongs. I knew this because I saw only thongs in her suit case. My wife and her sister have not seen each other in about a year so they stayed up very late and drank plent

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Ritz (Thu 26 Jun 2003 08:25:37 GMT)


Hi All,

Lat week I wet humped a college girl in a train...... I guess she was new to the city and boarded the mens compartment in the train at a peak hour.... Once the train started , it was too late for her to get down and since it was a fast train... it takes 15 mins till it stops..... fortunately for me she was pushed in a position right in front of me.....She was wearing a trouser and a

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Jim (Sat 28 Jun 2003 14:50:22 GMT)

Best friend Mom

My best friend mom is petite,big she has big boobs for her size probably they are 36 or 38dd's.I have palmed her ass,she didn't say anything or tell anyone.One day my best friend left the house to go the food store,she was napping on their living room sofa.She was napping in a sitting position with her head tilted back on the back of the living sofa.I was watching t.v. but I was really watching h

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Black Shogun (Fri 04 Jul 2003 16:55:49 GMT)

Crack Snacks

The height of the concert season always offers up a feeding frenzy for the chikan who likes such events. This year was no different as many shows were scheduled, all guaranteed to pack um in. The Shogun carefully picked the best shows most suited to his tastes. If his last show was any indicator, then it is clear he has made good picks indeed!

I arrived my customary ahead of time to get

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Black Shogun (Fri 04 Jul 2003 17:25:01 GMT)

Crack Snacks Conclusion

Sorry! I got so excited that I hit send before the story was finished! Anyway, I was rubbing the redhead's pussy with my index finger. Next, I went back into the tomahawk chop and rubbed the edge of my hand all between her legs against her pussy and buttcrack. I could feel the heat coming from between her soft, young legs, and this made my dick start to get hard again!

I decided to butt

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Chikaner (Sat 05 Jul 2003 04:29:36 GMT)

Small Concert Experience

Tonight I went to explore a local concert event here. It was the opening of the music festival in my city. To my amazement there was a giganitc crowd and the event was rocking. I arrived there on time and checked the crowd. That was based on the strategies I learned from th black shogun and his efficient concert time management skills. At first I came into contact with an amazing blonde. Tig

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Chikaner (Sun 06 Jul 2003 02:44:19 GMT)

Weekend Chikaning Experience

The event was a small concert. Although small, the crowd that it had gathered was signinficant for the small street corner in which the band was playing. I was there as usual to study the scene. There was this girl, I would say around 24, with a thin silk skirt, well polished feet and high heel sandals. She was standing in the middle of the concert crowd. I decided to get behind her to chikan

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Tony (Sun 06 Jul 2003 20:14:49 GMT)

tight squeeze..

About 3 weeks ago my sister-in-law and her husband came over for dinner. She is a very petite woman with large breasts. I never thought there would be a site like this and have to share this with you. My sister-in law smokes, and we usually go into the garage to do this.We have to go through my laundry room to get there which is very narrow. I sit and watch her reach into her purse for a cig and I

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GropeMan (Wed 09 Jul 2003 13:44:51 GMT)


Yesterday this older black woman back up against me while a chikan was doing his thing behind her. her tits rubbed up against my hand and she seem not to notice. They was huge. Her ass rub against me and she try to avoid the guy behind her. This happen in the NYC train, guys.

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 09 Jul 2003 22:05:52 GMT)

contribution from a guest (via email)

I live in the Caribbean and have been mashing off and on for 20 years and regularly the last 8. I believe in consensual mashing, and have been able to find 650+ willing partners. Like some other contributors, I find that about one out of four women are agreeable to this sort of thing. I have cum twice with the same girl a handful of times. During a typical encounter, I stand in a bus and hump the

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Chikaner (Thu 10 Jul 2003 20:32:41 GMT)


Fellow chikans, I was at the mall today. I saw a very sexy teen in short skirt and tight tank tops and plastic high heeled shoes. She had the tightest ass you can imagine. She decided to take the escalator. Chikaner decided to follow behind. I made sure I was five stairs below her. As the escalator went up, so did my view up that beuaty's skirt. I caaught her panties. They were silky light blue. It was a real delight to view such a sexy girl up her skirt. I wish I had my digi cam there to take a pic and share the pic with you chikans. Oh well, maybe next time.

pepe puntazo (Sat 12 Jul 2003 01:07:07 GMT)


was the last black college reunion at daytona, 2003, you know all the girls have their asses grabbed in such a crowded sidewalks, the police put barricades in the side walks to avoid people go in the street, so all the people has to walk inch by inch, in some places you can turn around or croos the street, i was in the middle of that crowd, but i was afraid to grope the girls cause i'm spanish and

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webmaster: ayashi (Sat 12 Jul 2003 21:11:50 GMT)

contribution from a guest (via email)

Is anyone out there actually doing any mashing? My last experience was on Wednesday when I came against the arm of a woman who was sitting on a bus. I began by brushing my growing penis against her from side to side. When I saw her cooly look out of the window I knew that I was going to be lucky. I then pressed firmly and came soon afterwards. She was the seventh woman I had approached that day. O

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Chikaner (Sat 12 Jul 2003 22:17:12 GMT)

Terminator Movie

As you know the terminator movie has been a hit. Last night there was a substantial line to get into the theatre. Luckily for me I was behind two very sexy teen girls aged around 17. Both wear wearing shorts and tight tank tops. As the crowd was surging forward, I managed to res the back of my hand on the ass of one of them. She was a blonde, around 5.5, with a very slim firt body and ass. I could feel the ass crack and the nice shape of that flourishing ass. I started getting a good hard on. My next move was to run hand and slightly feel her thighs. During all that chikaning, she was talking to her friend ignoring me. The crowd was not thick enough for butt humping, so I did not do butthumping by caution. This chikan experience lasted around ten minutes on and off.

Gentlebrush (Sat 12 Jul 2003 22:17:15 GMT)

Touching Upper arms

I touch an upper arm and shoulder off a women with my dick lightly she was sitting and I was standing for a few minute and then a little more pressure but didn't cum. this happen a couple of times. That because the bus was full but I had nobody to hump that was near me. She didn't even notice

That really not my thing but I was horny.

Black Shogun (Sun 13 Jul 2003 04:35:15 GMT)

Another Incredible Concert Experience

Well my chikans, tonight was quite a night. I attended the second in a series of upcoming concerts and jammed two hot teen girls between in their buttocks cheeks, both of them friends . . . and left spunk on each ass (and shoulders too . . . I'll have to explain that one). But that's two count um two count um TWO . . . asses creamed! One brunette and one blonde.

It's late tonight, so the story will have to come in the next day or so. Please look for my newest story which shall be entitled "The Spunkmeister Cometh (Twice)". There will even be just a little in there for you guys who love it when women don't like it. Not a whole lot, but some. "The Spunkmeister Cometh (Twice)." Hehehehe

Black Shogun

buttluver (Sun 13 Jul 2003 06:25:55 GMT)

The aquarium

I just found a great place to hump on some good asses. This weekend I took a trip to the Tennessee aquarium. It was Saturday morning and very, very crowded. The day was very hot so the girls were wearing thin shorts and not much more. With so many girls out there I had a large selection to choose from. As you walk through the tour people are bumping into you bunching up in groups to take a look at

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Rickye (Sun 13 Jul 2003 09:35:49 GMT)

En Español

Yo acostumbro esperar a que una jovencita suba al bus y me siento junto a ella, despues de un arto toco con mi pierna la suya, lo hago primero suavemente, despues de un rato si noto que levantan un poco su pierna, meto mi rodilla por debajo de su muslo, creamenlo es un aexperiencia muy erotica, en algunas ocasiones ellas suben tanto su pierna que casi van sentadas sobre mi muslo, las mas atrevidas finjen dormir y en mas de una ocasion jadean y disfrutan del momento, en fin esa es una de mis muchas experiencias groping, hasta la proxima.

Ass Humper (Sun 13 Jul 2003 16:41:26 GMT)


A simple translation of Rickyes story

Usualy wait till a joung girl step into a bus, and then go next to here for a feel. after that a touch her legs with mine. FIrst I do it very carefully and smoothly, then after i see she move or raise here leg a little I put my knee below the thigh... O jeez, thats a very erotic experience.

In some occasions they raise there leg so much that they almost sit on my thigh (lap)...
ANd sometimes they pretend to sleep and in some occasions the breath very heavy, and they enjoy it... that's one of my many experiences about groping.

Ass Humper

Black Shogun (Sun 13 Jul 2003 21:32:53 GMT)

The Spunkmeister Cometh (Twice)

The feeding frenzy continued with yet another concert staged by yet another big time band. The Shogun was a bit concerned with this show because it was being held at the same venue where he had made such a “big splash” on that redhead’s young, plum buttocks. Rarely does Shogun go to see a concert at the same venue more than twice in the same year, and even so, the time between shows would normal

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webmaster: ayashi (Sun 13 Jul 2003 22:11:18 GMT)

contribution from a guest (via email)

I can remember 8 times when I mashed women whom I knew. One of them was a girl I had been to school with, but I did not know her well. A year after the encounter we met in our capital and had a friendly chat. Another year after that I sent her an anonymous thank you letter. I used to work with a woman whom I had mashed before we became acquainted. I also wrote her a letter. She is now married to my former supervisor. There was a woman at my present workplace whom I frotted, but we never talked. The other girls whom I knew had mostly been students at a school where I used to teach. I know the names of about 20 of the girls whose arms I have come against.

tony (Sun 13 Jul 2003 22:47:35 GMT)

tried to stop but...

the other day in the pool was a neighbor who lives about 8 houses down. she's about 24 and married. she had her kids in the pool with her.Wearing a bright orange bikini and very small sture..about 5'3" 112 lbs.We always cut up with each other and Im gonna show you what Ive found to be the most inconspicuos way to hump.The pool was packed with kids.we were standing in about 4 ft of water.She actual

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Black Shogun (Mon 14 Jul 2003 03:13:10 GMT)

Here Comes The Bride!

When a woman is about to get married, there is a ritual in many different cities where her female friends will take her out bar hopping before her big day. The bride-to-be can be identified by the bridal piece that she wears on her head.

One of Shogun's favorite things to do when he happens upon such a party in a bar is to sample the "bridal buttcrack." Many times Shogun has managed to get behind the bride-to-be in the bar and probe his "thingie" into her gap, thus sampling what the groom has chosen to marry.

There was one time where the Shogun did this, and the bride leaned forward and whispered something to one of her friends. That friend then looked at me with a face of total disgust. Then they both turned and walked away.

Black Shogun

Hotbrush (Mon 14 Jul 2003 06:20:11 GMT)

ladies I Know

Well freinds , iam not good writer in English language but i wanted to share with you my thoughts and expereinces (and please be kind to do the same)in humping ladies that i knew them . One of my favouriate was my married coworker , she looks very beatiful , shorter that me (my style), with a buttocks that you don't want to take your eyes from (or your cock if lucky) round , soft and inviting , sh

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Guest (Mon 14 Jul 2003 16:55:19 GMT)

bad boy

I thru a new years party this coming year and it was off the hook!! My girl was there ad she bought all of her girlfriends. One of them we'll call her "T" cause she's from toronto,i met her briefly once before, but this night she was showing me alot of attention touching my chest and arms rubbing my back. she had on all black, tight black slacks and matching top and she didn't look like this the f

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Black Shogun (Mon 14 Jul 2003 19:54:04 GMT)

Re: Guest - Bad Boy

I have had my dick out at strip clubs too . . . damn straight . . . bitch gonna get more than my money. There was one blonde that I regulary got cum on . . . including her leg. She won't dance with me now anymore :-) Another time, a part of my shaft was in this young girl's "gap" and she didn't even know it! I fought hard not to explode between her cheeks and give the secret away. What technique do you use? Do you spunk on your stripper girls?

Black Shogun

webmaster: ayashi (Mon 14 Jul 2003 21:29:44 GMT)

contribution from a guest (via email)

Avid concertgoers like Black Shogun might be surprised to know
that you can find willing humpees even at gospel concerts. I am not a fan,
but I happened to be at a show in May of 2000. During the intermission I
went up behind a woman who was in a line for food tickets and brushed my
erection against her bottom from side to side. I did not have enough time to
satisfy myself, but when

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Guest (Tue 15 Jul 2003 17:46:27 GMT)

Re: bad boy

my technique for strip clubs ? I wear the thinnest sweat pants i can find with no underwear, then i put a long t-shirt on.when i'm get a lap-dance i like to get one standing up against the wall then i pull up mt t-shirt and try to put my dick between her ass cheeks. I try not to cum tho', one chick wanted me to but I told ol' girl, I cum with the THUNDER ! it's like i'm peeing on myself it's so much Gizz. I came on this chick once at a strip party when she took my dick put it between her ass cheeks and started squeezing it! and when she felt me cum she kept on squeezing, the she turned to me and said "damn boo, I was milking your shit, right" and was teasing me about it for the rest of the evening.but i go to alot of underground strip parties so having your dick out is pretty common.

Black Shogun (Tue 15 Jul 2003 18:31:55 GMT)

Re: Guest - Strip Club Techniques

In the winter time I'm like you. I wear thin sweat pants and a long shirt. In the summer time it's thin shorts. Only, I usually wear underwear for support, after having pulled them down in front to free up my tool :-) And nobody should think that stripper girls don't know what guys do either. They know cuz they told me so, but most don't care. At least not mine.

When I go, I always tr

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webmaster: ayashi (Tue 15 Jul 2003 21:30:44 GMT)

contribution from a guest (via email)

I will respond to Gentlebrush's request for details about the ladies I knew who let me hump them after I relate my latest experience. Finding a willing humpee can be hard work sometimes; I said in an earlier post that about 1 out of 4 women agrees to mashing with me but on some days I may have to approach maybe 10 girls before you find one who says yes; today was one of those days. On one of the b

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Rickye (Wed 16 Jul 2003 06:46:46 GMT)

En Español

Espero me disculpen al escribir estas historias en español pero mi escritura en ingles es bsatante mala, en fin.

El dia de hoy ahhhhh que experiencia, fui al centro de la ciudad y viaje en metro aca en México, Subway, despues de unbuen rato de esperar a una jovencita, por fin llego una muy guapa, como de 15 o 16 añospero con un cuerpo precioso, resaltando ante todo sus lindas nalguitas redo

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Rickye (Wed 16 Jul 2003 17:04:50 GMT)

Poor translation

The I gave of today ahhhhh that experience, I was al central of the city and trip in meter aca in Mexico, Subway, despues of unbuen while to wait for a youth, at last I arrive a very handsome one, as of 15 or 16 añospero with a precious body, standing out above all its pretty nalguitas round and well formed asi as any of us quisieramos to find us in the buses or in the meter andfor luck mia carrie

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Chikaner (Thu 17 Jul 2003 01:40:35 GMT)

Shogun strip dance

Hi Shogun. The strip clubs where I am, girls do lap dancing. They actually sit on you crotch with their ass and ryb real hard and nice. Is lap dancing the norm at the strip clubs you go to? I think the girls know what people like as you say, so they can get regualr customers. I have had some girls even biting my ear and whispering dirty words to my ears during dance.

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