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Black Shogun (Tue 09 Mar 2004 00:26:36 GMT)

Re: Aise Hi Masti - Success Factors

Aise, I knew what you would write before you even wrote it! It’s the standard response. However, my experience tells me something very, very different. The average person gives far, far, FAAAR too much weight to people being aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. Study after study has shown that people are not so aware. Criminals, thieves for example, rely upon this fact to ply their

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Aise hi masti (Tue 09 Mar 2004 15:06:59 GMT)

shogun -- women's self awareness

Shogun and Beez,

Easy there, my friends. I only want to get a discussion going -- personally I know there are many things to learn, and that applies to the both of you as well.

Let's just consider the basic facts -- Shogun is a master of the buttfuck (and many other maneuvers). He's told us dozens of stories about going to concerts and humping "phat-assed" blondes, redheads and brunn

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Ozzi Groper (Tue 09 Mar 2004 15:30:29 GMT)

Re: beez/Black Shogun - success factors

You are so right. You don't know how easy until you try. As Shogun said "it's so, so EASY to make basic contact with a woman's butt in the right conditions". And I would add... her thighs, breasts and whatever else - even that pussy hump, but I wouldn't push it (pun intended).
It's all a matter of testing and trialing. Every female is different with different degrees of sensitivity in the physi

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aise_hi_masti (Tue 09 Mar 2004 15:35:50 GMT)

Basic contact -- versus -- doggy-style "banging"

I agree about basic contact, yes, there's a range of pressures that you can apply to tits and ass and pussy without the woman becoming aware (depends on position, circumstance, distractions, etc). But the kind of contact I'm talking about is pretty extreme by comparison, which only a very, very tiny percentage of women would be unaware of.


beez (Tue 09 Mar 2004 19:12:48 GMT)


the particular distraction that i was referring to was music that last excursion to the club reminded me how deeply people can get into the music. i suppose its a trancelike state.i was jacking young chicks hard for a time and some of them seemed shocked, disgusted or generally unapproving after they became aware which in these instances was usually when there was a break in the music.another

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aise_hi_masti (Tue 09 Mar 2004 19:33:46 GMT)

re: distraction


No, no -- I wasn't offended by your remarks at all. I'm glad that we're discussing the nuances of this. We all know how complicated this subject is.
A few weeks ago, for instance, Shogun's posts helped me realize that women can often be unaware of a chikan's hand brushing or even gently resting against her pussy. Before that discussion, I was more inclined to assume that women are

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Black Shogun (Wed 10 Mar 2004 00:29:25 GMT)

Re: Aise Hi Masti - Women's Self Awareness

Ahhh, but Aise, once again you must be more sophisticated in your analysis! You don't have to quote from my stories in order to make the point you want to make here. I know exactly what I have written. And I knew you would go here next :-) It's only natural. But, again, you're thinking WAY too simplistically my friend! The facts are right here before your to own eyes to see, but you keep ana

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webmaster: ayashi (Wed 10 Mar 2004 21:07:51 GMT)

Re: women's awareness

A Japanese female TV comedian told of her one and only chikan experience. A man patted her on her breasts repeatedly. It was a rough and impudent act. And she was not aware of it. "I had big fat fake breasts under my brassiere" she said with laughter.

paul (Thu 11 Mar 2004 03:55:30 GMT)


i thank why woman with big butts, thats} found in tight places or crowds/buses or subways. is the fact that., they want to be humped. but act like they dont.. u dont wear no tight ass pants or sweats/ in no crowd with a {big ass butt} cuz u will get dick on there butts/crack / cheeks!!!!! i think why most woman dont put up a fuse, but try to anyway, but lose all there power, when the dick made contact with there }big bubble butt{. cuz they bin molested. when they was real young with a fat butt.. that now when they feel a dick on there butt.... they jus say, oh boi here we go again. i knew i should've wore this dress/slacks etc..... thats show my big ass butt.. sum one's rubing dick on me, all in my big butt cheeks...........

beez (Thu 11 Mar 2004 13:41:26 GMT)


I believe that the whole concept of what constitutes assault or sexual battery which is the legal term for what we do, around here at least, is a lawyers dream.what if the woman isn't aware but there are other witnesses who bring it to her attention?A while back there was a little incident at a social club that i frequent that comes to mind.people from all walks of life come to this place and its

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Ozzi Groper (Thu 11 Mar 2004 14:41:11 GMT)

Re: beez/Black Shogun - assault

Where I come from, any uninvited physical attention is assault. I think we all try to rationalise our behaviour, as I think Shogun is doing, but the fact remains, the girl/woman is being sexually assualted - whether she knows it or not. If she is asleep, for example, and you came and caressed her breasts and the video camera caught you doing it, do you think you wouldn't be charged?
Our approac

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Aise hi masti (Thu 11 Mar 2004 14:49:28 GMT)

re: assault question


I think you make a good point there. I think to take this debate further, you need to get into a more philosophical discussion of what awareness is. For instance, would hitting a person who has paralysis of the limbs and has lost sensation (in the body part where the assault occurs) be considered assault? I suspect that it would be in a court of law, even if there is no visible harm

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Black Shogun (Thu 11 Mar 2004 21:50:33 GMT)

Re: beez - Assault

Well beez, based on what you wrote, the "bimbo" was "aware" of what happened because she told the "ballbuster" (and therefore, your response really doesn't address my question head on). And since she was aware, then the doors are opened up for debate as to whether a reasonable person would have feared being harmed under the same set of circumstances.

Getting a little bit more precise now,

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Black Shogun (Thu 11 Mar 2004 22:36:45 GMT)

Re: Ozzi Groper - Assault

Well, I'm certainly trying to provide a "rationale" (explanation) for my position. But, I have to take issue with you if what you mean by "rationalizing" is what people (Americans) typically mean when they say somebody is "rationalizing" their behavior.

When somebody is said to be "rationalizing", the message in that is that they know the facts, circumstances, truth, etc. to be a certain w

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Black Shogun (Thu 11 Mar 2004 22:57:49 GMT)

Re: Aise Hi Masti - Assault

Ahhh Aise! Yes, yes! Good, good good! You made all kinds of good points there. Maybe the woman has pain and suffering (mental or physical) as a result of being chikan buttfucked. Hahahaaaaaa! Maybe the woman wasn't aware, but her butthole hurt later! HAHAHA!! Maybe she suffers from some negative emotional consequence . . . nightmares of a big dingus buried up into her "paydirt". Hahahahaa

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Nanbread (Fri 12 Mar 2004 22:32:40 GMT)

All women are fucking whores

A famouse entreprenner called Donald Trumpet..once told a she judge in Court that for every relationship that you have with a woman theres always a price to pay in the relationship..all women are whores fucking whores !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pissed drunk. Chikan brothers go hump a woman because they cheat you out and get away with murder, best to hump the bitches then have a relationship.

beez (Sat 13 Mar 2004 15:34:22 GMT)

re:the grind

Kabir, i've had them call in my license number for a whole lot less than way would i have gone anywhere near my car till she left.then you still got the store clerk and security cameras.your lucky my friend.I'd hate to hear of you getting busted.I like your stories and aggressive style on targets of opportunity but it might be time for a little forthought.Everytime i let my little head do

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newguy (Sun 14 Mar 2004 03:08:19 GMT)

for black shogun..

Shogun your storeis are amazing. One question thoguh , I belive yor stories and I know you must be very talendted. However I just don't understand how you can hump a girl with her boyfriend talking to her and not have him see you. If I'm talkng to a girl and a guy comes up behind her and humps her, there's no way I won't notice.

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Black Shogun (Sun 14 Mar 2004 03:27:23 GMT)

Re: newguy

It's an absolutely incredible thing. I can't believe it myself sometimes. There are others guys here who have done it. I think the trick is that you can't appear to be too interested in the two of them or what's going on with them . . . and at the same time, you're rubbing your dick in her butt :-) Disinterested openly, but totally engrossed secretly.

I think the other thing the chikan

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Black Shogun (Sun 14 Mar 2004 03:33:56 GMT)

Re: newguy - Oh and . . .

Of course, you have the crowd! A crowd is a chikan's best friend! In a tight crowd, it's not so unusual for people to be standing close to one another. And the darkness in the bar . . . the noise from the music . . . the smoke . . . people talking and laughing . . . a chikan uses all of these "distractions" as "aids" to ply his trade.

Black Shogun

Ozzi Groper (Sun 14 Mar 2004 07:24:36 GMT)

Re: Newguy

Black Shogun's points are correct. The crowd, dim lights (and all the distractions happening in the environment) are your friend. Usually when you visit clubs like this, the bar area could be three or four deep. I love NOT being served as I work the women (who have been emancipated, so they buy their own drinks)... butts, breasts, thighs... And if you happen on someone seated at the bar, it's dead

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Dr. D. (Mon 15 Mar 2004 14:19:19 GMT)


The studies conducted among my students concluded that the majority of females did not experience excitement. While I have read many of your posts,I detected various forms of sexual arousal by the members. Much of the psych community considers frotteurism to be a deviency, but I disagree. If their summary were indeed true, they themselves would never be aroused by a sexy woman leaning on their genitals.

Ozzi Groper (Wed 17 Mar 2004 17:18:48 GMT)

Re: Master... ME???

Thanks for the compliment. I am sure I wish I was "The Master"!!
I have been chikaning for so many years, yet I am still learning and still get surprised. But I guess that is what adds to the excitement. Every female is different. She has had different experiences, different cultural influences, different friends, different social interactions, different feelings, different desires... and so th

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Ozzi Groper (Fri 19 Mar 2004 03:58:29 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Pressing against a girls backside

If she has told some of the other girls, it's only a matter of time before the guys know too. She may not tell the teachers, but some of the other students might!
You've lost control.


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Black Shogun (Tue 23 Mar 2004 22:12:26 GMT)

Mexican Subway

I heard the funniest thing about the subway in Mexico City. I heard that it gets jam packed just like heavily utilized subway systems do in other large cities. Jam packed like sardines! I also heard that the subway in Mexico City was on hydraulics, and that they use the hydraulics system get more people onto the train.

Here's how. The train comes to a stop, the doors open, and people rush onto the train, packing it jam tight. Next, the doors are closed, and the hydraulics are used to tilt the train to one side, causing the people inside to fall over in the direction that the train was tilted! Next, the doors are opened again so that MORE people can crowd on! LOLOLOL!!! What a sight that must be! And what a groping opportunity for chikans.

Black Shogun

Tigger (Sat 03 Apr 2004 03:17:52 GMT)

My shame

I'm afraid my career with Disney may be at an end, you see I was arrested for groping a 13 year old girls breasts while posing for a picture with her at Disneyworld, Florida. I was wondering if it were possible for me to start a career on the new chikan cartoon section?

Gentlebrush (Sun 11 Apr 2004 20:55:33 GMT)

Horse Rocker

Hey guys I seen this movie a few years ago it was one of those R rated sex movies it was film in China and this older Chinese man had this like horse type rocker but mush bigger then the kids size rocker horse and he order this young Chinese girl to get on the upper part of the rocker and he sat on the lower part of the rocker where he made contact on her butt and held on to the handle of the hors

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Police Report (Mon 12 Apr 2004 08:32:42 GMT)

Chikan Gangs on London Underground

According to Police reports there has been an increase in the number of 'chikan attacks' on London's notorious Victoria line. Gangs of sex hungry men have been molesting women during the rush hour rubbing thier nipples, humping thier backsides.

Some of these gang members include working professionals such as doctors, lawyers even politicians, even police officers. Just last week a local MP was arrested and charged with indescent assault.

Black Shogun (Mon 12 Apr 2004 19:35:29 GMT)

Pricks, Picks & Drumsticks!

That's right beez! I didn't mention that in all my other writings. Whenever somebody in the band throws out a pick or drumstick, that's an excellent time for humping. Also when somebody is tossing around T-shirts or beach balls. Or, dousing the crowd with cold water!

And oh yeah, you always have to keep your eyes out for who might be watching . . . the pricks who would spoil your fun. And it looks like you're having much chikan fun these days. Your recent stories make me want to go to a concert and ass fuck girls between their deep fuckin butt cheeks.

Black Shogun

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Northeast Groper (Thu 15 Apr 2004 22:09:33 GMT)


I use this technique quite a lot. This is best used in stores with narrow aisles, i.e. bookstores. Hook your thumb in the backpocket of your pants, with your palm facing back. When you find your target, back up slowly until you make light "testing" contact. If they jump, you can say "sorry" - many times they will instead. If no reaction, you can back up again for longer contact. The thumb leaves your hand free for exploring. This technique can also be used when target is squatting looking at books on a lower shelf.

Guest (Sun 18 Apr 2004 18:52:21 GMT)

new yahoo group

new yahoo group i'm building for groping girls at concerts

Mohawk (Fri 23 Apr 2004 18:15:42 GMT)

Woman Got Angry

I got on this crowded carriage on the Victoria line and I attempted to push my elbow between this girls breasts, but she got angry and pushed me away.

I got depressed - How come she knew I was feeling her titties ? I though this is a secret technique to feel titties.

When she got of at the station. I followed her outside and then shouted at her "U dirty fucking whore oneday I am going to fuck her ass on train u whore" she turned round and said urrrrrr and then walked away.

Mohawk (Fri 23 Apr 2004 21:50:59 GMT)

girl in short skirt going to a club

I saw this girl going out to a club so I followed her there was so crowds so I could not bum her with my cock. So I got close up behind her and began masturbating pretending that my cock was digging inside her crack. When I came I screamed at her aahhh u dirty bitch I want to fuck your ass and make u feel like a fucking whore..

My trousers were wet and smelled of semene so headed home. I handwashed my trousers in the sink as my mum my suspect i had been wanking in my trousers.

br0wn5huga (Mon 26 Apr 2004 12:11:06 GMT)

My yahoo group I just started

I started this yahoo group. Hope you all can contribute more pictures.

AssGrabbi'n Chirs (Tue 27 Apr 2004 20:58:11 GMT)

Brown My dog..

What nationality is your wifey? Your absolutely right though once you have a girl on lock and you've hit that ass from ever possible angle day after day you do get bored with it. I find that of all latinas Brazilian girls have the best bootys. But then again so do Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc. I use to molest, grind and squeeze tons of Latina assess back in the day. Most of the time when they turn aro

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Ozzi Groper (Mon 03 May 2004 02:46:46 GMT)

Groping phenomenon jumps gender lines

Found this story. It's old, but has some clues for those in Japan as to what to expect, and even informs where best to find willing females (since surely those who don't wish to be groped would avoid the end carriages, right?). I want to find those female molesters who fondle males!!

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altera888 (Wed 05 May 2004 15:25:10 GMT)

What is a chikan?

The word 'chikan' is actually a derogatory Japanese word for a pervert (usually a middle aged salary man) who surreptitiously feels up women on the crowded subway train systems of Japan. Most of the girls they grope, given Japanese mens weird fascination for young girls, are Junior High School students who are too meek to fight back. A 'chijo' is a female equivalent of a male chikan and not as unc

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Black Shogun (Wed 05 May 2004 19:07:53 GMT)

A Harmless Endeavor?

This suggests that frotteurism is a harmless pursuit of sexual gratification:

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Mon 10 May 2004 20:43:09 GMT)

For Curious/Newbie Chikans - What Chikan Is All About

To get a real "feel" for what chikan is all about, all one has to do is check out the material here on the board. There's a whole lot here, but some changes that were made last year make it much, much easier to find the best stuff on the site. What you basically are able to do with the site is educate yourselves.

For newbies and curiousity seekers, I would recommend that you check out the

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Shy butt humper: Thirdeye Blind (Tue 11 May 2004 13:39:10 GMT)

Anyone here from Moscow?

I love pressing my cock against, rubbing and humping my cock in to the buttcheeks of the lovely & beautiful russian girls. I usually pick the crowded metro stations in the rushhours...

Also there is a huge shopping center here in Moscow. They have free of charge bus service from metro stations to the shopping center. Usually on the weekends the buses are crowded like hell and it takes min. 15 minutes, so that gives me enough time to satisfy myself. Mostly i spend on the buses at least 4 or 5 hours, from the stations to the shopping center and then back...

Black Shogun (Wed 12 May 2004 22:56:13 GMT)

Imposter Caught Talking About Ayashi BBS

An asshole imposter caught confessing to what he does. Note that the post in question was made long before I ever showed up on the chikan scene. I say we flame their cyber hangouts and see how they like it!

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Fri 14 May 2004 20:20:09 GMT)

Re: Cala2g - Mr. Bum Thumb Pics

Love the thumb shots! In a real large crowd with a crushed jam of bodies, you can hold your thumb upward and dig it right up a chick's bum crack. I wrote in a story once of how I pushed my thumb deep enough up a girl's butt to feel her booty button at a concert. This is one way to join the specialized "butthole surfers club". You may also gain admittance by hitting paydirt with your dick. Surf's up!

Black Shogun

Mohawk (Sat 15 May 2004 08:14:08 GMT)

Fucking Office Girls in Bum

Hi Ozzi,

I fucked loads of women in the bum since I last posted. I get frustrated when I dont get to fuck a woman in the ass.

In tube trains I always get behind a woman with a split skirt and business suit. I press my hard penis into her crack and breath hard allover her hair. If I am still horny and have not come I follow the woman outside the station and start screaming at her

"You fucking dirty whore, next time I am going to cum in your ass you fucking bitch..u dirty fucking whore I want to feel your body" when I shout abuse at her I get excited and begin rubbing my dick and finally cum and I scream out ahhhhh like iron dick and black shogun.

Mohawk (Sat 15 May 2004 08:30:39 GMT)

Ozzi Groper

Hi Ozzi,

I really want to feel a womans vagina in a train. Please can you advise on how to do this. I see so many beautiful women in business suites and i think they are just dirty whores because they pack themselves into crowded trains to be groped like the whores in japan.

I get frustrated when I cant bum fuck a woman. The women that do not get on crowded trains make me mad and they should be sent to "Grope camps".

In grope camps. the women is broken like a horse...she is groped, fingered and bump fucked everyday until she is broken..then she has been trained to accept being groped. What do you think Ozzi ?

Ozzi Groper (Sat 15 May 2004 19:48:07 GMT)

Re: Mohawk

I haven't been very successful at groping womens pussy's - not for want of trying. They might tolerate guys behind them, but grabbing for their pussy's is just too personal. You'll just have to go get yourself in to trouble without my help.


Mohawk (Sun 16 May 2004 10:35:03 GMT)

Black Shogun

Hi Black Shogun,

You are a chikan expert. Please tellme how to feel a womans vagina on the train. I have stuck my cock in womens asses many times. I wish to take it a step further and place my arms around a womans waist in a train then place my fingers in her pussy.

I dream of doing this and licking and panting over her hair and neck like a dog. If they can do it in Japan and Caracas without getting caught why cant we do it here ?.

I dreamt last night of rubbing my hands allover a womans titties in a crowded train and watching staring at her face telling her how much of a whore she really is.

Black Shogun (Sun 16 May 2004 12:04:59 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Pussy Touching

I'm not so much into touching pussies dude, although I have done it. Go ask that punk ass Aise Hi Masti comin in here talkin about he's "complimenting" me. Who the fuck did he think he was talking to? Anyway, he claims to be the pussy touching expert, so go ask him.

I'm the buttfuck expert. I fuck strange girls in the ass, and ocassionally touch their cootchie biscuits from behind. My

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Hornyman (Tue 18 May 2004 06:59:48 GMT)


There are two crowd categories here: Those in which the people are smashed so closely together that they can't help it, and those in which people take advantage of close proximity.

Rarely does anything sexual take place in the first scenario, which, for most, is truly maddening. There's simply nothing sexy about being crushed so hard you can't get your breath--even if the person next to yo

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Mohawk (Tue 18 May 2004 22:09:30 GMT)

Hi Black Shogun

Hi Black Shogun,

You are an expert chikan so please help me. I got kicked on the leg and punched by a woman on the train today when I rubbed her bottom. I should now becareful and look for dumb women.

How do I find dumb women to grope ?. I think Carlos says these women always look down on the ground and when you grope them they stay silent please help.

Black Shogun (Tue 18 May 2004 23:07:22 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Sizing Up Smarts

You can never know (at least not in the beginning) just how smart somebody may be. So, you just make sure YOU'RE the one who is smart. And you can start by assuming that the target of your affections is the most intelligent person you have ever encountered in your life! In other words, BE CAREFUL! Know what you're doing before you try to do it.

Be subtle at first. Not a brutish, clumsy

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Mohawk (Wed 19 May 2004 19:04:05 GMT)

I got arrested

Black Shogun & Ozzi,

Please help me. I have been crying this evening because I got locked up in a police cell for 2 hours whilst the police telephoned my parents home to confirm where I lived.

I have to go to court in 3 weeks for indecent assault. Please help me.

br0wn5huga (Wed 19 May 2004 19:48:02 GMT)

mohawk getting arrested

How old are you? If you are young or 1st offense, they may let you off with a warning. Sitting in a jail cell isn't bad. Atleast it's not for me. It's getting out and having to deal with your parents. Been there, done that many many years ago. So crying may do you some good because the police know that they've got you scared. Can you describe your situation to us? Maybe someone or myself can coach you through it. Try to keep your head up.

Curious (Wed 19 May 2004 22:27:50 GMT)


If your situation is true (which I doubt since u seem to have only gotten arrested only recently and only after zombax posted that message) then i am surprised u did not see it coming. You were warned several times that what you were doing was risky but you never listened. Yet I still doubt you were arrested and doubt all the other shit you said was true, cuz if it was you would have been arrested a long time back.

arm lover (Thu 20 May 2004 01:04:39 GMT)


Assuming that you are genuine, I am sorry to hear of your present situation. There was a chap called fish&chips who got caught last year. As well as listening to your lawyer, you might get some comfort and advice from reading what his friends on this board told him then.
Because of your age and probable clean record you should be ok. When it is all over, I would advise you though not to feel as though you have gotten away with it and reoffend. The facts tend to suggest that people who commit sex crimes often find it difficult staying out of trouble, so it might not be easy. If you do reoffend, you might find yourself in jail, so try hard to quit the habit.

Massimo The Muscleman (Thu 20 May 2004 20:18:21 GMT)

Any Democrats?

..coming to NYC in August? I'm looking forward to chikaning some uptight
Republican chicks during their convention at the end of the month and would like a partner in crime!

Black Shogun (Thu 20 May 2004 21:58:32 GMT)

Chikan In Spanish!

Senor Carlos, perdone pero como se dice "butt crack" y "booty hole" en espanol por favor :-)? Que palabras son similar en espanol? Quisiera saber esas palabras en espanol porque cuando Yo "buttfuck" una chica latina en su "butt crack" y en su "booty hole" en un lugar con mucho ruido, me gustaria decir, "AAHHHHHHHH su "butt crack" y su "booty hole" me gustan mucho!!!!" Hahahahahaaaa!!! Como se dice mi companero? Digame.

El Black Shogun

PS Quisas voy a escribir todos de mis mensajes en espanol. Entonces, "guests" y otras personas malas no entienden. Hahahahaaaaa!!!

Pervman (Fri 21 May 2004 00:59:00 GMT)


Por que hablan todos los "chikans" en espagnol?

Black Shogun (Fri 21 May 2004 01:36:17 GMT)

Re: Pervman - Por Que?

Cuz if you're gonna buttfuck a Latina, then you should be able to tell her in her own language that her booty hole is divine. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Black Shogun

Carlos (Fri 21 May 2004 03:41:38 GMT)

RE: Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Fri 21 May 2004 01:41:24 GMT) Donde Esta Senor Carlos? Senor Carlos, por que usted no ha contestado mi pregunta sobre "butt crack" Y "booty hole" en espanol? No es un chiste hombre. Yo estoy serio. Come se dice?
Translation (just in case): Where is Mr Carlos. ? Mr Carlos why you have not answered my question about “butt crack” and “booty hole” in Spanish? This is not a joke man.

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Black Shogun (Fri 21 May 2004 10:38:03 GMT)

Re: Carlos - Respuestas (Answers)

Senor Carlos, gracias por la informacion. My espanol is basic, but I know some. Your Ingles is much better than my Espanol. However, now that I know these important palabras, I wish that I could find an opportunity to use them. I would love to write a story of how I was in a crowded and noisy place buttfucking a pretty latina girl, and then said aloud, "ME GUSTAN MUCHO SU LATINA RAJA DE LAS NALGAS Y SU LATINA HUECO DEL TRASERO!" Me caen bien! AssGrabbin Chris would love that shit. And so would my dick . . . if only I could remember it all. Hahaha! How about just, "Me gusta mucho su booty cheeks!" Hahaha!

Black Shogun

Nanbread (Thu 27 May 2004 22:47:26 GMT)


You f**king immature little prick. How can you let other men violate your wifes body as though it were a piece of meat. Do you also make money out of renting your daughter to the whore house too ?

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Ozzi Groper (Fri 28 May 2004 02:17:03 GMT)

Re: Tom - Cathy

I agree with Nanbread. I am surprised you just "stood" there and let it happen. In fact you seem to have actively encouraged everything by not intervening or protecting her in any way. And how is it that she let's it happen too? You guys sound like you have an "open" marriage, if that's what you call it. You may as well join a Swingers group, then you can both do what you want, and can watch your wife being groped without her clothes on... or whatever turns you on.


don't understand you guys (Fri 28 May 2004 05:12:46 GMT)

Re-Nanbread & Ozzi

First of all, What the F*ck are you guys talking about "how can you let other men violate your wifes body as though it were a piece of meat"? You guys violate other girls bodies like they're a piece of meat. So what the f*ck is the difference here? F*cking hipocrits

Tom (Fri 28 May 2004 07:01:09 GMT)



That was my 1st post and i just posted what happened.. y it happend i dont know.. It was the 1st time such a thing happened and i was just transfixed .. i have touched a lot of females butt myself... but when i saw it happeneing to Cathy..... it was different feeling...

Ur opinions are welcome some might criticise, some might side me.. anyway thanks for all your comments..


Ozzi Groper (Sat 29 May 2004 14:54:07 GMT)

Re: don't understand you guys - Re Nanbread & Ozzi

Tom. You are right! There is an element of hypocracy in what we say. I like to think that that I don't " a piece of meat" (not my words).
Let me throw some of my thoughts out. Marriage is a contract of sorts. My partner belongs to me and I belong to her - exclusively. When I go groping, my wife is not party to it, and I doubt if she would condone it. This is a side to me she doesn

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Chiba Chikan (Tue 01 Jun 2004 15:44:25 GMT)

How"s everyone

Hi Guys and gals, Long time no see. Man I have been so busy. I feel for you Mohawk. Damn I go away for 1 month and you get arrested. I loved your stories but it seems you started getting way to aggressive. With all the heat going on here in Tokyo and all these stories like the links of guys getting wrongly accused I have been laying low. That doesnt mean i dont rub a couple of bums here and th

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Curious (Sun 13 Jun 2004 10:50:02 GMT)


Ha nice one bro nice. If your in London you will also find lots of Arab babes as well, as they usually flock to the UK to escape the heat and humidity of the Gulf during the summer. The best part is that they most likely can't speak english that well and are unlikely to protest in a foreign country as to being back home ;).
Have fun in London man.

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 20:51:30 GMT)

Did ya know.....

This may be off topic, but I thought I would share.
Greetings to All you Ckihan's : )~

Did ya know that a man's hot sperm is great used as facial cream ! It's used in my religion, also sex is the highest form of energy seen by the Gods. BTW I'm Wiccan. SO if ya ever get your hot cock between my ass cheeks and cum, make sure you apply it to my face !! Nothing better tasing or smelling tha

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trans-rub (Thu 17 Jun 2004 00:47:23 GMT)

is that so?,not always

Black Shogun stated:"For a chikan buttfucker, packed concerts are like a prime financial investment . . . low risk and high return! If the crowd is right, you can buttfuck girls to your heart's content."

Let me tell something,in my long career in this business i got surprisedof the results of a big crowd vs. low crowd.
It happens to me that when I am in a place that is not worth staying

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