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Gentlebrush (Tue 25 Nov 2003 23:49:43 GMT)

To the advace chikan

You guys are a lot more advance chikan then I am Most of the time my Dick does most of the action when press against my prey in a crowd where there no fuss fifty percent of the time some do enjoy the humping they might give me a smile or back up and bounce against me where there music at a concert and did put my hand on there cheeks. and kiss the back of there head and chew a little hair and bree

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Feather (Wed 26 Nov 2003 08:46:52 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush

I do it mostly for the thrill. For me it's a means of ventilating pressure from the job. Sometimes I really need the adrenaline rush badly, but up to now I'm not forced to yield the drive as soon as it occurs. My last groping session was 2 weeks ago. I'm planning further concert runs and am looking forward to it, especially I'm keen on young and firm teenage tits. Perhaps MC is another reason. This year I began to live a lot of sexual wishes - not only chikaning to which I came by pure chance - and I'm amazed what is possible if you accept your wishes and gather enough courage to fullfill. The problem now is to find a reasonable balance. There is a family and a job to be considerated...

ozzi groper (Sat 29 Nov 2003 16:10:14 GMT)

Re: beez - shopping day

The guy in he suit might have been another frotteur sizing up the opportunities. I don't often try out stores, even though the quick thrill is always there. I prefer longer lasting experiences. But most of all, where the female is enjoying and has signalled her enjoyment by pressing back against me, or even taking intiative.
For example, I think that is why hardened chikans often talk about their concert experiences where they can have hours of chikaning, albeit not always with the same female.

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beez (Sat 29 Nov 2003 17:05:57 GMT)


gentleman brush its funny (ironic?) that some of the greatest chican on this board are modest about there success when we have ameteur popping up all the time shouting how great they are.gentle brush if in my humble opinion you are not an advanced chican by U.S. standards then shaq and kobi aren't advanced basketball players. i do appreciate modesty mainly because it enhances believability (i.e."i don't know what she had for lunch" and the apron string are absolute classics)

arm humper (Tue 02 Dec 2003 22:12:30 GMT)


A few months ago I wrote about a schoolgirl I had humped once whose pictures appeared in our newspapers a few times because of her involvement in sports. After this I discovered there are pictures of her on the net (she plays for an American university). I would share them with you all if it were not for the privacy issues involved.
What I really want to say, is that I was reading a local foru

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Feather (Thu 04 Dec 2003 08:50:56 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - C... real thing

Hi aise,
did'nt you have the wish to have sex with her ? Because you are fixed on C. ? You could have told her that you don't want a relationship but only sex. Then it would have been her decicision to go the way or not. Everybody must know for himself. But if I like a woman I take what I can get, life is short and sex is fine ;-) Why walk always the same old road, when there are so many other "scenic routes" ? Of course I won't tell my wife...


ozzi groper (Fri 05 Dec 2003 01:55:45 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - C... real thing

I'm with Feather. If you already have her on your lap, and the groping is now mutual, pleasurable and you're both hot, why not finish? Tell her that you want to treat every time as a "once off", so she can call it off or cool off at any time, as can you. Then if the guilt over takes you, you can ease back. In my experience, guilt always sets in just a little after you cum. But wait a few days, and you're dying for more! And when you beuild a relationship like this just on pleasure alone, keeping great sex as your focus, you'll find you can rationalise it easier, and even give your wife a better time sexually, because you are no longer looking for everything just from her, and you can concentrate on pleasing her!


aise hi masti (Fri 05 Dec 2003 15:10:57 GMT)

re - chikaning the real thing

Feather and Ozzi,

I think my reluctance to have sex with her was on account of two things. I didn't feel that attracted to her. You might say that my sense of attraction wasn't powerful enough to overcome the guilt.
But the second thing -- and I don't want to sound like a moralist -- is that I just didn't feel comfortable thinking how I'd feel after having sex. Somehow, I have rationali

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Feather (Sat 06 Dec 2003 00:10:54 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - C. ...real thing

Hi aise, I don't know how old you are and for how many years you are married. It's fine that you seem to love your wife very deeply. But it might be considered that almost each marriage gets into trouble after 5 - at latest 10 years, as the passion vanishes. And: monogamy is a fiction from romantic writers, church and politics. At the other hand sex in itself needs new sensations from time to time

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Carlos (Sun 07 Dec 2003 03:32:40 GMT)

I found a site with stories about groping

Dear Chikan friends. I found a site with stories about groping. Check it out.

Brotherhood of Gropers
» From the Fetish Department
"Shigeru Oohori (a pseudonym) is a 35-year-old 'elite salaryman' at a major corporation and loving father of a 10-year-old daughter. He's also a dedic

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New York Sex Beast (Tue 09 Dec 2003 20:47:43 GMT)

Grope Man

NY is shit for breeding with young woman at the moment.

I have not found enough crowded trains to breed.

U should go to mainland europe to breed with nice young woman.

Anyone know anything else for breeding in NY ?

Ilir Ogulan (Wed 10 Dec 2003 06:55:37 GMT)


Those who grope women who they know do not want to be groped, DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE a miserable torturous death and burn in hell forever. I'll kill and eat you all.

Ruff (Sat 13 Dec 2003 04:33:12 GMT)

Help a novice.

I am a senior in a rural American highschool. I've read of all of your
exploits for quite some time now, but I have never had quite enough balls
to attempt the feats of frotteury you all seem so practiced at.

At my school the hallways are always quite packed. What is your advice for
chikaning while walking in a hall? What risks are there?

I would truly appreciate your help.

altera888 (Sat 13 Dec 2003 12:28:58 GMT)

advice for Ruff

heres some advice for you: don't shit in your own nest...if your gonna grope someone at least do it where your not so well known.

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 13 Dec 2003 21:06:23 GMT)

Re: Help a novice - Ruff

Dear my white belter,

You rather come to quit board than risk your reputation at the highschool

guest (Sat 13 Dec 2003 21:24:20 GMT)

webmaster/Inspector Callaghan

Is it a crime to masturbate inside your pockets (under a long jacket) and stand behind a woman without making contact with her ?. Surely this is a better option ?

X (Sun 14 Dec 2003 10:35:54 GMT)

Masturbating in your pockets

It depends, so long as your not making an exibition of it then I cant see how you can get in trouble for it.

guest (Sun 14 Dec 2003 11:20:58 GMT)

re: X

Yeah but doesnt it depend on local laws ?.

I really cant see what the problem is if you masturbate in your pockets then its like doing it privately so whats the problem ?

English Groper (Sun 14 Dec 2003 15:48:12 GMT)

Peep Shows in London

There are a couple of places in the vicinity of SOHO not too far from a strip club called the Wind Mill. You go inside a cubicle and place a quid into the slot. The girl then dances around half naked in front of you for about 2 mins.

Last saturday I got into my cubicle and let down my trousers so the girl could see my hard on and began jerking off in front of her like.

Theres article on the net for another peep show but have never been there check this out..

English Groper (Sun 14 Dec 2003 15:57:52 GMT)

Prefer Peep shows in Amsterdam

I love the peep shows in amsterdam because the music so loud I use to jerk myself in front of the girl and scream ahh ahh ahhh ahh ahhh then when I cum i would scream aaaaaaaaaahhh like that iron dick geezer and scream at the naked girl calling her fucking whore.

It gives me great satisfaction for the dancing girl to see my big sausage when I cum I rub the semen in my hands stick my tongue out and show it the dancing girl she looks away in disgust and i say shout eat my semen whore.

English Groper (Sun 14 Dec 2003 16:47:20 GMT)

Peep show report

LONDON'S Soho spawned an industrial first this weekend with the opening of Britain's only commercial strip show run as a worker's co-operative. The show, now on display in the capital's centre for everything erotic, is the work of a group of young ladies who want to cut out the middle-man.

Technically, the new venture is known as a peep-show, which makes it d

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webmaster: ayashi (Sun 14 Dec 2003 22:07:43 GMT)

Re: semen smells - an academic study

The chief elements of semen's odor is spermidine and spermine. They belong to a chemical group called polyamine. When you ejaculate, the semen does not smell much at first but it increases odor as time passes.

Carlos (Mon 15 Dec 2003 02:44:45 GMT)

Warning about security ladies

Dear Chikan friends:
Yesterday, I saw 2 beautiful girls who work in a big commercial mall in Caracas who were dressed up like santa claus using miniskirts. Their faces were like those of the smart type girl. I approached them, and I accidentally discovered that one of them had in her handbag a handgun and a paralizer (spray of sulphuric acid to blind). I immediately knew that those beauties we

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Carlos (Mon 15 Dec 2003 03:43:49 GMT)

Security ladies ( hate them all)

Some of them are undercover secret police of a company, bank, or government office.
Some of them are surveyors of a commercial mall or government office or a private company.
Some of them are police officers.
Some of them work for health care or first aid programs.
Some of them work for airlines as a air hostess.
Some of them are assistants of importants CEO (Chief executives Office

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buttluver (Tue 16 Dec 2003 03:21:02 GMT)

re: sleeping frotterim

Hey Jim, I know just what you mean. I love doing this to sleeping women. I do this to my wife all the time. She is a heavy sleeper and I love to hump on her butt while she sleeps. I do something new to her now. She loves for me to give her massages on her back. I wait until she is sleep then go in the bedroom. She usually sleeps near the edge of the bed. I Tell her to roll over on her stomach so I

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Carlos (Fri 19 Dec 2003 02:41:44 GMT)

Lets welcome shazia

Hi Shazia. Nice to meet you. I would like to welcome you to this board. You will find interesting articles about our groping experiences. We like sharing these experiences, specially if a lady wants to say some about groping. Few months ago, we met on this board a girl whose name was Meilin. We really enjoyed her stories. She even won one monthly award.(You can check them out in archives section)

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Guest (Fri 19 Dec 2003 03:54:11 GMT)

shazia and the gory details

its hard to find women visiting here and giving their mail addresses. well most of the women we know have been here are men posing as women and laughing their guts off at the lusty mails and comments passed. if u take with a pinch of salt, all of them need some entertainment. join the gang shazia, so what if u call urself rani and u are fourteen as suggested by ur mail. for all we know u may be some 40 plus, fat, balding, limp dicked, dirty old man getting a kick out of responses. dont forget to shag often, or u leak like a tap when u receive the hungry chikan responses over here...:)

PS: there was this girl kavita reddy who was the only proven woman on this bbs

Carlos (Sat 20 Dec 2003 04:52:52 GMT)

I found an article about FROTTOPHILIA

………..It refers to one being aroused by being touched or rubbed by strangers in a public place..........
………. We have found reference to teen girls at rock concerts and men in crowded gay bars admitting to enjoyment of the activity by others. It has been described as anonymous, mysterious, and low risk arousal………….

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Indian Male (Sat 20 Dec 2003 08:28:39 GMT)

Hi All

Hi All,

Am an Indian guy living in Mumbai. Married for 8 yrs. Must admit am like most men here... Love to grope ladies in buses trains etc...had great experiences wud narrate later. the problem here is my wife come back home after work and daily tells me how much she was groped. I do it to other ladies and guess she gets it back in even measure... She is a punjabi by caste...

She is not conservative or orthodox and not a prude and I have convinced her to tell me all that happens daily....

Her worst experience was in a train when she was new to bombay when she mistakenly entered a Gents compartment of Virar Fast (thats the most crowded train)....

Hope to hear from all u guys soon


Indian Guy

Nanbread (Sat 20 Dec 2003 12:25:05 GMT)

re:Indian Male

How sad to hear from a someone who enjoys hearing about his WIFE being molested. Grow up little boy.

beez (Sat 20 Dec 2003 18:48:02 GMT)


welcome to the new posters to this board.i for one appreciate ya'll and you can bet your bottom dollar i ain't the only one.there are already a few comments and stories from men who get off on their women getting chican'd and i enjoyed them for the most part.some were really old story comes to mind from a dude whose wife took their son to an alternative rock show and got caught up agains

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beez (Sun 21 Dec 2003 10:37:56 GMT)


guest: don't mean give up chikan behavior mean give up information on said behavior. stories goddammit I NEED STORIES!! whatever happened to that dude who was frotting his sister in law? that was pretty hot. what about south florida and texas? stores should be packed with chicks in short skirts and shorts, bars and clubs too.c'mon tell us sumpthin' good

Ozzi Groper (Sun 21 Dec 2003 13:27:21 GMT)

I'm back!!

Hi guys. I'm back!! My computer gave up under the chikan strain and I had to get a new one. It left me helpless for a few weeks as I sought a solution, then ultimately succumbed to investing in a new machine. Luckily I have "removeable" hard disks, so I didn't have to reveal my chikan collection to anyone - although it didn't save me from the need to reconstruct and reload all my programs.

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Jamaician Bum Squeezer (Sun 21 Dec 2003 15:41:20 GMT)



I love your stories. Where can one rent school girls to hump on trains ?

English Groper (Sun 21 Dec 2003 15:52:56 GMT)

Ozzi Groper

Hi Ozzi Groper,

Welcome back ! What are the laws concerning masturbation in Oz ? Can you stand behind a sexy woman masturbate and moan ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh without getting arrested ?

Ozzi Groper (Mon 22 Dec 2003 02:02:04 GMT)

Re: English Groper

I guess if you were seen or heard, and reported, you could be charged with being a public nuisance, lewd behaviour in a public place, or something like that. But I'm not a lawyer and don't know all the legals. It would appear to me on the surface that it would be at least some form of chargeable misdemeanor.

Carlos (Mon 22 Dec 2003 02:14:55 GMT)

Re: Jamaician Bum Squeezer

You can rent cheap young hookers in brothels in Caracas (Venezuela).There are two cheap brothels near the subway station "Chacaito". One brothel is "El Volta" and the other one is "El Cazador". You just have to get to Chacaito subway station and pay some money to a policeman on that area to scort you there.

Carlos (Mon 22 Dec 2003 02:43:01 GMT)

Vending machines in Japan at once offered for sale panties purportedly worn by schoolgirls.

I found an article about used panties ( I LOVE SMELLING THEM )

Japan in 1993 previously-worn panties were being offered for sale in vending machines. The used underwear had supposedly been worn by schoolgirls and were being sold for the equivalent of US $50 apiece.

Japan is

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guest (Mon 22 Dec 2003 03:34:17 GMT)

re: Carlos - Panty Vending

I would never buy soiled panties out of a vending machine. I can just imagine some fat, bald fuck pulling a scam by wiping his ass in women's panties and then selling them as soiled by school girls.

UnderWear Sniffer (Mon 22 Dec 2003 21:20:44 GMT)


Ohhhh !! Carlos if only I could have bought used school girl panties I would rush back home into bed and lick and chew then. Then I would rub my penis in the used panties and eventually cum...ooohh school girl panties i want to go to Japan !!!

FEATHER (Tue 23 Dec 2003 01:00:51 GMT)

HERR Shogun :-))

Black Shogun. I'm down on my knees in awe that somebody still can write a real story here. THX Black Shogun it did so good to read. My prayer to the God of Hedonism, "please, please lead Black Shogun back on the right path and let him finally quit the quitters !" I never understand why people do force themselves to refrain from something they love to do. And which is not damgaging health and even is not dangerous if one is careful enough to avoid real problems ? I really go for IT meanwhile, but I withdraw as soon as I realize resistance or disapproval, and I have an eye on authorities and watchcams. So nothing can ever happen to me. And even in that case it is hard to prove...

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Black Shogun (Tue 23 Dec 2003 01:27:24 GMT)

Re: Feather - The Power of Addiction

I'm so addicted as a chikan that I totally don't want strange girls to give it to me anymore. At least not at first. I take so much more pleasure out of "stealing" their butt cracks from them, whether they like it or not. If they come to be aware later, fine. But now, I prefer to totally steal it in the beginning.

Man Feather, that 20-something brunette I buggered during the fight WHILE she talked to me with NO KNOWLEDGE my dick was in her butt! I had to wank over that later. I'm telling you man . . . it was like a junkie going to shoot heroin into his veins again after a long absence from the harmful drug. I know Senor Carlos understands my emotions on this and feels my overwhelming addiction. I can tell with his words. It's hopeless for me I fear.

Black Shogun

Ozzi Groper (Tue 23 Dec 2003 01:57:16 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I am with you all the way! I have tried many, many, many, many times to quit.... and then along comes the best ever butt or boobs, poised just right for groping or whatever. I have never been able to resist. The regret and remorse made me go crazy. The only way to quit, I decided, was to disappear to a desert island where there are no women, no televisions, no movies, no books... no reminders of beautiful, young, soft flesh bursting with appeal, no seductive eyes, no moist lips, no tight hugging clothes... IMPOSSIBLE!! So these days, I just go with the flow. I feel a lot better for it.

PBH (Tue 23 Dec 2003 05:41:27 GMT)

black shogun

hey brother,
that was quite an encounter you had at the bar. So you still believe in the statement "Once a chikan, always a chikan". i know that you tried hard to curb your urges for long. but you only live once and all those bubble butts are screaming for ur dicks, and this bbs needs your butt fuck reports badly. everyone missed u including me. carry on, u horny flagbearer of ayashi.

happy butt fucking


Carlos (Wed 24 Dec 2003 17:56:57 GMT)

Re:African Bottom Fucker

Dear African Bottom Fucker: Thanks for your interest in Venezuela. The best time to come down to Caracas would be by August 2004, because we will have new government. Thanks

Black Shogun (Sun 28 Dec 2003 02:28:28 GMT)

Pussy Touching

I would like to caution Aise and Ozzi regarding this "pussy touching" business. It is too dangerous, and I urge you to give it up. Chikans need some form of a crowd and/or escape strategy to remain out of trouble in this business. For your own safety, I implore you to reach out for cootchie biscuits under more favorable circumstances.

Black Shogun

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Ozzi Groper (Sun 28 Dec 2003 04:31:27 GMT)

Re: Pussy Touching

Thanks for the advice, Master Shogun. I think it will be a long time before I attempt this again. The circumstances will have to be much more positive and co-operative before I will even consider it. There is plenty to occupy my time with what I already do well, although I am dying for the opportunity to fully finger fuck some consenting young thing on a tram, bus or train or concert without ever as much as conversational exchange. It will happen one day.
Aise's situations are different as he uses inter-city buses and usually first strikes up a conversation with the women, establishing some form of relationship as his hands begin to roam. But I will let him reply himself.

Carlos (Mon 29 Dec 2003 04:42:44 GMT)

Re: New York Sex Beast ( Fri 26 Dec 2003 21:42:56 GMT)

Dear New York Sex Beast
Thanks for your interest in Venezuela. We have foreigners from many countries living here. Many of them work for embassies, international banks, international companies, American schools, British schools, consulting companies. Many of them meet during weekends to have fun in an international running club called The Caracas Hash House Harriers. (They run about 5 miles

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aise hi masti (Mon 29 Dec 2003 14:48:22 GMT)

re: pussy touching


Thanks for your advice. You are right -- caressing mounds is a dangerous business indeed, because once you've ventured too far, it's difficult to make an escape.
I want to quit, but the sight of deliciously bulbuous crotches bulging out through business trousers turns me on so much that I lose all control. Especially trousers with thin stripes that accentuate the contours of the pussy region. I feel compelled to take my fingers down there.


Guest (Tue 30 Dec 2003 19:24:02 GMT)

Fact Or Fiction ?

Hi Chikans,

Can you give e feedback on what the reaction is when chikans see beautiful women is this accurate representation ?

1. The chikan begin staring at the moving buttocks and the legs.

2. His mouth starts frothing and saliva begins dribbling from his lips.

3. He begins licking his lips as he stares at the legs and buttocks.

4. His cock begins to get hard h

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Ozzi Groper (Wed 31 Dec 2003 10:23:15 GMT)

Re: food lover - Daughter & Mom

Don't under-estimate the older women. She knew what you were up to from the start, touched you to be certain, and then didn't complain when you rammed hard up against her. She was also smart enough not to let on - after all she has a life too! She'll probably relive those 5 minutes on the train over and over!


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Ozzi Groper (Thu 01 Jan 2004 16:11:42 GMT)

Re: Nanbread - New Year In Trafalgar Square

Hahaha. You went back to her hotel and had coffee, right?
The French are so cool. They are so used to it!! You always know where you stand. They'll take it, or tell you to get lost! Once you have a winner, then it's only a matter of how game each of you is to take it to the next dimension.
Well done! Did you get around to discussing chikaning with her at all, since she obviously knew what you were doing and responded positively?


(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Guest (Sat 03 Jan 2004 17:36:35 GMT)


Dont you chikans feel guilty about humping women ?

beez (Sun 04 Jan 2004 18:09:37 GMT)

re:Gentlebrush newyears eve

every situations different.if i have a good friend whose wife was particularly naieve i probably wouldn't frot her or if i did i might feel guilt.such is not the case in my situation all my friends wifes are worldly and some are assertive and they are all subject to be humped. same with my female friends 'cause for me humping doesn't equal fucking or it doesn't have to at least.master shogun's new years eve thing might lol.
i was gonna write a story about my favorite humpee who also happens to be a close personal friend but an opportunity to go hunting has just presented itself and i'm gonna take it. check out "Bad Santa" billybob plays a buttfucker from hell.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Carlos (Sun 04 Jan 2004 20:19:31 GMT)

A man from Nicaragua was caught groping a girl on a surveillance camera in front of a store

Dear chikan friends: Be careful about cameras of some commercial stores or malls
Check out this article
MIAMI -- A man caught on tape fondling a 12-year-old girl in a department store will spend 15 years in state prison.
Bayardo Rafael Chamorro, 40, who is a registered sex of

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Black Shogun (Sun 04 Jan 2004 20:36:45 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Nightclub Chikan

Nightclubs can be tough crowds to work. But, I have found some good action over the years. It's hard to maintain good contact long enough sometimes. But with patience and hardwork, it can be done. Still no time to write my story. I assure you though that I buttfucked that blonde babe good . . . packed her "hershey" in . . . all against the inner walls of her buttcheeks till I spudged on her bum. She kinda looked like Kate Bosworth. Check her out on the internet. Then in the other place, I didn't cum but I had my dick out and was literally taking it into my hand and thrusting into the brunette's booty gap!!! She never moved on her own. She liked getting buttfucked by the Shogun :-O! Story coming in about a week.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Sun 04 Jan 2004 20:38:20 GMT)

Re: Carlos - Malls

Malls are some of the least desirable places to chikan due to the security. Not a good idea. Ask Gentlebrush ;-)

Black Shogun

Gentlebrush (Mon 05 Jan 2004 02:08:13 GMT)

Re New York sex beast

I try to grope in a mall out of town last summer where there were tight security and this women turn around a push me as she was getting buy to tell the security on me. I then sense something was going down and Made a narrow escape.
I wounded go to stores or mall where there tight security and cameras

Advice Needed (Tue 06 Jan 2004 19:29:15 GMT)

help please

Years ago I got charged by the police for assaulting a woman on the train. I attempted to hump her and got caught doing it.

Years later I have given it all up but the ghosts of my past still haunt me.

I weep still because my sister hates me. I have been branded a rapist. I am sad and lonely inside. Today my sister told me why she hated me so much. Because each time she rides the trains she thinks of me. I broke down in tears in my own room and hated myself. What can i do to make things better ?

DR IRON DICKK (Tue 06 Jan 2004 22:03:16 GMT)





Guest (Wed 07 Jan 2004 09:52:02 GMT)

Ayashi how can you let this stand?


How can you let a chikan boast how he was discourteous to another chikan??? That is the most awful thing I have heard of? Why do you not delete such a post from Nanbread? What he did was awful and completely against the brotherhood of chikan. That could be any one of us that was pushed out of the way by this creep!

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original stories.

Guest (Wed 07 Jan 2004 10:56:39 GMT)

Hi All

Am an Indian woman,married and 32 yrs old.

I write articles for a website in india. I was writing an article on Groping and molestation of women at crowded places in india, for which i was searching the net and came across this web site...

Never ever thot that such a site cud exist with some many contributors.... and never imagined the pleasure men get out of this exercise. I as a woman know how horrible it is at times to go through this... I have been a victim countless number of times and at times it has been unbearable - to have hands and organs on your body..... but we bear it..
Some experiences have driven me to tears.... but dont know some women enjoy it too...

Anyway was just baffled by the site....

Ozzi Groper (Wed 07 Jan 2004 13:08:52 GMT)

re: Guest - Indian Woman, married

You say you have been a "victim" countless numbers of times and "at times" it was unbearable. This implies there were times that were. Could you please tell us about some of the times that were and what made them so? What were your feelings at the time? How old were you?

Generally speaking, as a group, our intent is never to make the experience unbearable, but admittedly, it must (and does) happen. I know we can learn from some of your experiences, as we do from each other.


Guest (Wed 07 Jan 2004 13:22:24 GMT)



did not quite understand ur question.....I am basically from Punjab and in Mumbai since marriage ( past 5 years)....... all these "exp" were in Mumbai....and such stuff continues to happen till today....its high time something is done... but nothing is....I still dread if i have to commute at peak time in buses, dread festivals like holi etc....

"at times" unbearable... thats obvious is it not...having strange hands touch your intimate parts continuously with u being totally defenceless??????

Ozzi Groper (Wed 07 Jan 2004 13:35:03 GMT)

re: Guest - "Ayashi how can you let this stand?"

I agree with you about your feelings relating to Nanbread pushing the other chikan away. I personally wouldn't do it, but there are many chikans who are very territorial. I'm sure Nanbread can justify his action and speak for himself.

However, I have found that when you meet another chikan, it is a great opportunity to learn quite a few things, and possibly even share the booty.


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Ozzi Groper (Wed 07 Jan 2004 13:50:12 GMT)

re: Guest - Indian Woman, married (2)

Sorry. I misunderstood your "at times" to mean that while most times you didn't enjoy it, "at times" you might have.

What options are available to you to "resist" their approaches? Why do you not report them or speak up or tell those with whom you are travelling, even the person next to you whom you may not know?

Would you mind telling us of some of your experiences and your feelings

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Guest (Wed 07 Jan 2004 14:07:58 GMT)


Hello Ozzi

what i meant by "at times" is that there are times when there is a light brush or a mild touch, which can still be ignored. But I have been in situations where i found myself being continuously and relentlessly groped and felt up... and i just had absolutely no pace to move or stop it...

the issue of shouting does cross my mind, but kind off hold back with the fear of being insulted or not being able to prove it.... I have observed guys standing beside me..."looking down" intently, seeing whats happeneing and either just whispering to ther partener or just plain ignoring....

as for age I am 32 years old ..

Ozzi Groper (Wed 07 Jan 2004 14:37:59 GMT)

re: Guest - Indian Woman, married (3)

I would like to suggest that a sharp look of indignation, and a stern comment such as "Could you keep your hands to yourself" or "Could you please stand somewhere else" would embarrass the enough to have him desist. People around you are more likely to believe you rather than him, as it is unlikely anyone would raise their voice without cause. And everyone knows it goes on all the time, so why sho

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Guest (Wed 07 Jan 2004 14:57:57 GMT)



Cant agree more with u... But somehow the fear still lurks... Plus its still okay in Buses, but when u get stuch during Holi, or a music show kind off events, its just impossible.. becos like it or not.... most guys take perverse pleasure... even in seeing...i have helplessly watched good clothed men leering down and watching whats happenoing....

Hate to say this but some experiences i have had with group of men at Holi, or even during those so called 'jayantis' where people just flock in Mumbai.. are horrible and no amount of stares puts them away..

Nanbread (Wed 07 Jan 2004 20:46:47 GMT)

Indian Women Getting Molested

Confidence in a woman in the biggest deterrent to a chikan.

I have to say I do not like the way indian men give women the rough ride to women on buses and trains. If I did witness a woman almost reduced to a tears by a chikan because of he just would not give in I would intervene and politely tell him to back off.

YES EVEN Nanbread has morals !

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 07 Jan 2004 21:42:55 GMT)

Re: help please - Advice Needed

If you can afford, a psychiatrist would help you. You find a doctor who knows the difference between rape and frotteurism well. Tell him your trouble and suggest that you see him with your sister. He will explain the difference better than you did.

Black Shogun (Wed 07 Jan 2004 23:48:26 GMT)

Re: Guest & Nanbread - Chikan Civil War

You do have to fight for your hump. On New Year's Eve, it was a free for all. Every chikan for himself, with many trying to steal what I had or was pursuing. In such situations, it's every chikan for himself. Only the strong chikan will get to hump. In the end, there is no honor or enforceable "code of ethics" in such a dirty profession.

Black Shogun

Ozzi Groper (Thu 08 Jan 2004 00:33:35 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun, Guest & Nanbread - Chikan Civil War

Hell! On New Year's Eve there would have been thousands and thousands of opportunities without needing to fight for your hump and grope! Opportunities everywhere you turned, everywhere you looked!

I don't agree it was necessary then... or indeed at any time!


Black Shogun (Thu 08 Jan 2004 01:11:20 GMT)

Re: Ozzi Groper - What's Necessary and What's Not

You weren't where I was dealing with the same people and circumstances. Did anybody ever try to take anything from you? They have from me. Many times. That's why I wrote the classic story "Gotta Fight For Ya Hump." So speak for yourself!

I know good and damn well that it is indeed sometimes necessary. There weren't "thousands and thousands" where I am. There never are. And if somebo

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beez (Thu 08 Jan 2004 06:58:07 GMT)


ozzie appreciate the story but i believe you did well to not engage the girl in conversation or try to "pick her up". i've come to believe that the women who engage in this acctivity for the most part get off on the aninimity(sp?}.maybe not but i remember being really surprised at concerts at women letting me hump the hell out of them and then having absolutly no interest whatsoever in going for a drink or having me call them.kinda hurt a few times when i wasn't married or seeing anyone.come to think of it chicaning would be a bad practice for me if i was lonely.

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Ozzi Groper (Thu 08 Jan 2004 08:28:32 GMT)

re: Beez

Thanks Beez.
aninimity... From anonym, anonymous... anonymity ;-)


Gerald on Jan 10, 13:04

Title Get her!

Please ask Rosy Rocket to make a chikan video. She is a porn whore with a nice body. I'd like to watch her getting groped!

Ozzi Groper (Sat 10 Jan 2004 15:25:50 GMT)

re: which women are the best to chikan

Obviously, the best women to chikan are the ones who like it. But finding the one who does, and then knowing how far she will let you go, is the real challenge!
But there are many who I am sure believe there is no "best". It is enough she is female and accessable!! Age, shape and size, colour, culture, attitude - none of these things matter so long as you can park your rod somewhere on her.
Personally, I prefer the willing "partner".


New York Sex Beast (Sun 11 Jan 2004 10:26:22 GMT)

Guest & Hercules

I am sure Ozzi Groper will agree that breeding with womens comes with experience. You have gotta get into a crowd behind a woman and thrust your pelvis back and forward into the womans ass. Make her feel your hard on. When you cum u must pack your cum into her crack and make her pregnant.

The semen stains will enter her vagina and then she will breed.

I like to breed with all the time.

Mohawk (Sun 11 Jan 2004 10:40:41 GMT)

Thanks Ozzi & NY Sex Beast

My question is how do you pack cum into a womans crack without her noticing in the crowd. If I go into a crowd and undo my zip to put my cum inside a womans crack and pussy she will notice.

I have tried this at school but there is not enough crowded women to make pregnant.

How can I make sure she does not notice I am trying to make her pregnant.

Ozzi Groper (Sun 11 Jan 2004 13:15:42 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Breeding

I think there is some literary license with NY Sex Beast's breeding technique. It is rare that you would remove your hard on from your pants. Hell! You would need a really tight crowd for that! And then you still probably wouldn't do it!
When you cum, you'll have to do it in your own pants. And if you're lucky to cum while you are happily frotting against her, then enjoy the moment.


MoHawk (Sun 11 Jan 2004 18:50:52 GMT)

Hi Ozzi NY Sex Beast

Is it a good idea to carry a small knife in your pocket ?

That way when you see a girls bottom. You can cut a small hole in her trousers in the crowd then insert your cock in the hole and make her pregnant.

Ozzi Groper (Sun 11 Jan 2004 23:34:54 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Breeding... Knife??!!!!

Don't do it! A knife is a recipe for disaster. Besides the obvious danger in a crowded environment, there is always some chance you may be seen, and while your frotting may be ignored and/or not noticed, nobody will ignore the kneife! And if you are unlucky enough to be handed in to authorities, you will be charged with possession of a weapon - not just chikaning!
Again! Don't even consider it!


beez (Mon 12 Jan 2004 05:29:39 GMT)


carlos great story thanks.i envy you.teens born and raised in the united states may be beautiful or docile but they are rarely both.

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Knocker Lover (Mon 12 Jan 2004 22:16:29 GMT)

Tips on feeling BIG knockers

Oright geezers ?

Need some tips on feeling up lasses big knockers.


Knocker Lover

FEATHER (Mon 12 Jan 2004 22:55:57 GMT)

RE. Knocker Lover - Tips...

Well, K.L., just raise your hands. You know where to find 'em ?

FEATHER (Mon 12 Jan 2004 23:16:13 GMT)

RE. Knocker Lover - Tips...

Go to concerts, shows, markets, fairs - anywhere where people are standing watching st in front of them. Find your target, position yourself really close to her, fold your arms. Now you can touch sb who stands to your right, with the fingertips of your left hand. But be careful, as long as you are not shure she is game, it better looked you didn't notice your silly hand makes such nasty things. Oz

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Ozzi Groper (Tue 13 Jan 2004 01:31:29 GMT)

RE. Knocker Lover - Tips...

LOL. Love you too Feather!!
My "behind my back" technique usually involves only folding one arm behind my back. If it is possible that it might be seen, I act as if I am really clutching the upper part of my other arm. Needs some practice, but yields some fabulous results in crowded situations! It adds flexibility to where you position yourself in that you can't always openly have your hand on

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Clay (Tue 13 Jan 2004 04:30:32 GMT)


I haven't actually done it myself but my wife who commutes everyday on the subway here in London says she has felt men press there cocks up against her ass,hips and pussy when its really crowded on a fairly regular basis. She says she dosent complain because of the embarrasment factor! Hey I say press away guys

FEATHER (Tue 13 Jan 2004 10:39:47 GMT)

More Knocker Feeling

A very easy and successful way is to stick your elbow tenderly right into the stuff. I like's astounding how many women let you get away with it. Especially in crowded malls or narrow shops I carry a map of the place or my celphone in front of me and knockerbump women coming towards me and don't step out of my way, especially if they look to the side or into the shopwindows. I also go to cd or book racks and hold cds or books in front of their chests - an I'm really very FARSIGHTED. LOL. A fine place often recorded here are moshpits in front of concert stages. There you can feel up anything you want, but plz BE CAREFUL, ALWAYS. Don't let your lust for knockers lead you into trouble.

Ozzi Groper (Tue 13 Jan 2004 23:31:28 GMT)

Re: Mohawk - Chikan Heaven

Never been to Caracas. It may well be a chikan paradise if Carlos says so.
But I think heaven is where you make it. It could be anywhere! For example, if you find yourself in a mosh grope pit at a concert and spend hours satisfying yourself, that could be heaven, and that could be anywhere. In fact anywhere where lots of people gather for groping and being groped.
My best expereiences have been in Istanbul, Turkey where I only spent a day, but it was so full of action almost all day on every train journey I made - and that's all I did: travel the train backwards and forwards!!
But Japan sounds like the place not to be missed. I have yet to go there.


FEATHER (Wed 14 Jan 2004 08:49:57 GMT)

Re. Knocker Lover

Women with big bazookas are easy targets. They are used to bump everywhere with their bombshells. So they usually make no fuzz if you touch them knockers by accident. Have fun... . If you ever have the chance to fuck them knockers - don't hesitate - it's gorgeous, soft and warm :-)

FEATHER (Wed 14 Jan 2004 14:26:15 GMT)

Re. Ozzi Groper - move on

This again shows which narrow path we tread. Our fantasies might be more often met with anger or fear on the ladies side than we would like to know. It's an illusion that almost all women enjoy being chicaned. As I said before it's amazing how many women let it happen, and I know that some ARE enjoying this exciting contact. But to save me from this kind of situations like yours in "move on", I re

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Ozzi Groper (Thu 15 Jan 2004 02:03:45 GMT)

Re: Feather - Move On

You are right! And I often back away (or try to). But I think my fascination (and limted success on odd occasions) overcame my clear thinking... it became wishful thinking, and of course I suffered the consequence.


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