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Feather (Thu 09 Oct 2003 07:24:09 GMT)

Re: ozzi groper - cup and hold

Thank you again Ozzi, this version seems to work better for me, although it appears to me to be rather a good position for crotch-fondling. The higher you move the whole thing to reach tittie the more you look like some kind of heavily disabled. But that's the price... . And in a crowd it wouldn't be noticed. The whole thing brings me to a new maybe discussion point on the board. SHOULD THE PROFESSIONAL MINDED CHIKAN IMPROVE BY SPECIFIED GYMNASTIC TRAINING ? (NO MARITAL ARTS !) Would appreciate some detailed technical drawings, too...


ozzi groper (Thu 09 Oct 2003 15:23:27 GMT)

Re: Feather - Cup and Hold

Right Feather! It IS a technique that is really at its best in a crowded or crush situation. And it is amazing how many times you just need to scratch that area of the back ;-) In theory, you shouldn't have to move your hand up much further than the equivalent of where your breast is ie. somewhere into the shoulder blade. And most girls are shorter than us, so it needn't look so weird. And you don

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The Singing Groper (Thu 09 Oct 2003 18:41:33 GMT)

My Body All Over Your Body Baby

I love grinding myself over a womans buttocks on buses in London. My favourite technique is to squash up on a crowded bus in Oxford street with a foreign girl and start humming a song to myself "Maaaaaaaaaaaa body allover your body baby"

Will write later of my experiences.

FEATHER (Thu 09 Oct 2003 22:08:59 GMT)

RE: ozzi groper - cup and hold

I find the description of your targetting modes quite amusing. You make me really smile. By the way - has anybody called you a baaaad boy ? If you don't mind I will dedicate my first "Cup and Hold" to come to you. But plz excuse that enjoying the cup of t comes first and the worshipping mode second... .

Last week I was on a fashion show in this supermall. First I did some ass touching with

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PBH (Sun 12 Oct 2003 05:31:07 GMT)


controlling vices or habits is extremely difficult for most people. orgasm is a greatest experience second only to kundalini rising, ecstacy and blissful states that yogis are able to achieve. for most of us orgasm and sensual pleasure rules, and thats why we are the chikans.

i have 2 small achievements in the recent times. one is overcoming the destructive feeling called anger and second becoming a teetotoller. the second wasn't hard as i was only a social drinker.

am sure if one has the strong will, then habits that are dangerous to our lifestyle can be overcome. what do u say PBG, nanbread, rick, gentlebrush, carlos, black shogun?

tony (Mon 13 Oct 2003 21:11:04 GMT)

I must stop...

Her butt is controlling my every thought..It's not like the traditional chikan who lurks at every chance with any woman. With me it's only 1, an inlaw. It must stop. How then? The thought of her consumes me. I know this sounds corny but it's so true. She knows it too. haven't seen her in 4 months now.I've already made an excuse why the wife & me can't make it for Thanksgiving. The fear of sexually embarrassing myself is herendous.Somehow I must escape these thoughts. It is wrong!

Black Shogun (Mon 13 Oct 2003 21:51:36 GMT)

Re: Tony - I Must Stop...

Since it's only about 1 woman for you, I wouldn't even classify you as a chikan necessarily. This is about something other than chikan . . . has more of a feel of adultery to it. It's pure and simple sexual attraction to an in-law. That's the bottom line.

Black Shogun

tony (Mon 13 Oct 2003 22:04:20 GMT)


That is very true.The fact that even found this room seemed to almost justify my thoughts of what I like to do with her. This has been going on for 15 yrs now.She is extremely independant & married to a much older guy. Like a school kid I dream of her.I am a pretty good looking Italian guy and I think it's because of that she hasn't blown it for me & the Mrs..Maybe it's the fact that she's so hard to get, I don't know.Maybe I'm just a 'One Chikan Guy'

tony (Mon 13 Oct 2003 22:08:31 GMT)


Shogun, to be honest, I've always found myself attracted to chikaning,but also felt so wrong about those thoughts as a perv..Then as I look back on reading some of the guys stories in here, it brings a sense of justification..Who would have ever thought other guys wanted to do more to a fine ass than just look.Thanks for the input, as I value your opinion!

PBH (Tue 14 Oct 2003 06:41:09 GMT)

I quit

hi guys,

the day has finally come. i have overcome the lust for chikaning. infact the dandia night was my swan song, a befitting one too.
i always wondered when and how i can end this. but my yoga practice has come of age. and now as i look at a woman, the feeling of lust is gone. i feel like a child, a lot more pure in my thought. it does make me feel good. i am glad it happened to me a

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PBH (Wed 15 Oct 2003 11:19:44 GMT)


i will always visit this bbs, its like a family out here, with so many nice souls here. black shogun has already shown me the door to the quitter's section. this wont deter me from being in the main board and read all my friends' great stories and vote for the best stories and infact i would love to stay in touch with guys like u, PBG, rick, iron dick, webmaster, carlos, gentlebrush, ozzi groper who have always been with me on this bbs.


Black Shogun (Wed 15 Oct 2003 12:36:26 GMT)

Re: PBH - Nanbread

To "show somebody the door" has negative connotations in the English language PBH. I was doing no such thing. I was encouraging you to continue to make a contribution by writing on the quitters board since we need the advice of people who are both sincere and actually capable of quitting. I put you into that category.

Black Shogun

taxcider (Fri 17 Oct 2003 00:16:23 GMT)


Ok..recently I was making my rounds on a Sunday morning (suit and tie) looking very earnestlike on my way to or from church (I basically go to stores looking
for women that I "accidentally" touch)..when I saw this woman with an FFF chest!
I was going to trail behind her, then do a "reacharound" and run but her husband
was right behind her. This Sunday I'm going after her! But which of the following should I do?
a/ Play it cool. Join the church using a pseudonym and get closer to her then when I have the opportunity if we're ever alone to jump her.
b/ Like I originally a reacharound and run (there's a large nearby park and/or plenty of cabs to escape in
c/ Give it up and just be sexually frustrated.
Please advise! I wanna squueze em!

taxcider (Fri 17 Oct 2003 00:21:55 GMT)

or d/...

Approach her like a man and try to seduce her...

ozzi groper (Fri 17 Oct 2003 01:17:20 GMT)

Re: Taxcider - Help!

Join the church. Then you'll have loads of opportunities to bump into her and have "accidents" and maybe even get to know her, and she'll get to know you. Then you could reassess depending on whether you feel you will be welcome or not. And don't use a false name. That may come back to haunt you.

Black Shogun (Fri 17 Oct 2003 01:37:02 GMT)

Chikan & Religion

I could never cross chikan with church. You have to draw a line somewhere. That's one of mine.

Black Shogun

Guest (Fri 17 Oct 2003 14:42:26 GMT)


I'd chikan the widow at a funeral

Black Shogun (Fri 17 Oct 2003 16:05:17 GMT)

Re: Guest - Funeral Chikan

That's cold man! Hahaha! Not me. I remember talking to somebody about how you see all the people at the big religious concerts . . . I just couldn't do it.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Fri 17 Oct 2003 16:14:53 GMT)

Re: Newbie Enthusiast - Quickie Stink Finger on the Escalator

I think it's just that people don't expect such a thing to be happening in a spot like that, so they simply aren't on guard for it. But as a newbie, you can now see that these things are possible.

A classic Mr. Stinky or Mr. Bum Thumb is your digits up her butt. Now, when you hit the paydirt of a strange girl's butthole with your fingers, we will have a space waiting for you in the Butthole Surfers Club. So please do let either Jay or me know. Thanks and happy humpin!

Black Shogun

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aise_hi_masti (Fri 17 Oct 2003 16:16:25 GMT)

Re: newbie enthusiast

Sounds like you had a terrific experience, I'm inclined to think she was willing. The fact that you felt brave enough to be able to press your fingers against her pussy indicates that her body language was inviting. A remote possiblity could be that her jeans was very thick and she just felt something warm against her pussy and didn't realize it was a finger. But that's real unlikely -- pussies are very sensitive.

Black Shogun (Fri 17 Oct 2003 16:40:02 GMT)

Re: aise_hi_masti - Newbie's Escalator Fingering

I think she didn't have a clue as to what was going on, which is actually best for preserving the chikan's freedom since most women are going to absolutley object to a total stranger touching them between their legs like that . . . in public or private at anytime.

Remember, unless a clear sign is given otherwise, the chikan must be very conservative in conclusions drawn about what the woman

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Newbie Enthusiast (Fri 17 Oct 2003 18:18:25 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun Re: aise_hi_masti - Newbie's Escalator Fingering

I agree with Black Shogun.

Already in my limited experience, it is quite clear that there are very few women who enjoy being touched on any body part by strange men.

I did, however, have my first “consensual” frot about a week and a half ago at a small store with extremely narrow aisles. The store sells all sorts of different nuts and candies. As this cute 40ish woman with a nice ro

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aise_hi_masti (Fri 17 Oct 2003 19:06:34 GMT)

Re: newbie enthusiast

I agree with Black Shogun now, I realize I may have misinterpreted Newbie's escalator situation. From Newbie's follow up posting, it's clear that his fingers were't quite on the pussy, the tip barely touched the pussy towards the end of the ride -- so the actual contact may not have lasted more than a few seconds. That's an altogether different scenario from having two fingers pressing hard against the pussy for more than a minute or so, which would indicate some degree of consent. But it's best to be very very conservative in such mind-reading -- Shogun's quite right.

Hunter (Sat 18 Oct 2003 00:11:05 GMT)

Chikan song

Has anyone ever paid attention to the lyrics of Stone Temple Pilots' "Sex Type Thing"? This could be a chikan anthem.

I am, I am, I am
I said I wanna get next to you
I said I gonna get close to you
You wouldn't want me have to hurt you too, hurt you too?

I ain't, I ain't, I ain't
A buyin' into your apathy
I'm gonna learn ya my philosophy
You wanna know about atrocit

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AzN Style (Sat 18 Oct 2003 16:11:36 GMT)

The meaning of this board

Hi, AS here...I've been following this board sporadically for a while. Shogun, its people like you give this board meaning. Ayashi's board has thrived because of what you and others like you have contributed. I'm sorry to hear that you might depart, but if you do, and decide to give up chikaning, then I hope you do not stray from that path.


Black Shogun (Sat 18 Oct 2003 18:03:10 GMT)

Re: AzN Style - The meaning of this board

Thanks for your words Style. Those who read the board regularly know that this has been my intent ever since the beginning of the year. I had planned to give it up at the end of 2002 actually. But then, right around that time, I discovered Ayashi BBS by a total fluke chance. I had planned to quit . . . but destiny called . . . destiny called, and I could not do it. This period in my chikan li

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taxcider (Sat 18 Oct 2003 21:27:27 GMT)

thanks! ozzi groper!

I will truly follow your advice. Pressing my clothes to look
presentable for tomorrow! Black Shogun..I feel you..but unfortunately
that's where I find all the women that are attractive to me..I
expect to pay heavily in the afterworld!

Black Shogun (Sat 18 Oct 2003 23:06:18 GMT)

Re: Taxcider - thanks! ozzi groper!

Well, then, Taxcider. I leave you with some advice borrowed from a line in a movie that came out many, many years ago called "Deliverance". It goes like this (with heavy Southern accent): "Boy you better praaaaaay . . . and you better pray guuuud!" Hahaha!

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Sun 19 Oct 2003 22:18:11 GMT)

The Time Is Now - I Retire

I always knew that I would recognize the exact moment at which it would be "time". It has arrived. The time is now. I am retiring from chikan and making a regular, active contribution to Ayashi BBS. At least on the mainboard anyway.

On these electronic pages are recorded the writings of Black Shogun. The stories reveal the secret life of an American chikan, one of the most hardened, "p

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PBH (Mon 20 Oct 2003 05:00:42 GMT)

welcome to quitters

black shogun
now that u have hung ur boots from active chikaning, we will be together in the quitters section. maybe someday we can get together and make a documentary on chikan. what do u say my friend?


FEATHER (Mon 20 Oct 2003 18:35:50 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Close call

Hi Gentlebrush,

that was close, man. But I think that's what makes a pro - leave when its time to leave. To have a sense to anticipate imminent danger. The whole thing proofed that you can rely on your senses. You are a very careful guy - and it will make you (and all of us) even more careful in the future. So: no reason to worry I think. But thx for this lesson anyway !


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ozzi groper (Tue 21 Oct 2003 02:39:39 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Close Call

Removing your hat and shirt was a great idea. I have no idea why the cops would think you were still there waiting for them. And that woman must have been really pissed off! Most women who are pissed off would just get out of your way, or tell you (verbally or physically) in no uncertain terms to buzz off. So she must have been really mad. And what was she thinking when she reported you? That the

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Gentlebrush (Tue 21 Oct 2003 04:03:16 GMT)

Re. Feather close call

Actually Feather I sought of Black Shogun where he write about how he got caught at a concert when two police men came and took him in the back room for question and Shogun was calm and cool about it. IM not sure if I can handle it without sweating I might have panic. That why I know when to leave if the women leave her area. Just read Black Shogun byte(s)12520 Concert Retirement Party

Gentlebrush (Tue 21 Oct 2003 04:38:50 GMT)

Re Ozzi close call

Hi Ozzi.
Being in a strange city I didn't know about and don't know how women would react in that city and having only an hour before I would catch my plain back home I wasn't going to take a chance on staying there to stand my ground. The women was having a great time she was practically giving me a lap dance all the sign was there all of a sudden she turn on me her mood change that fast.
But if I was in my own town then it might of been different.

Most of the women in that city I encounter didn't seem to like my advance but maybe two. Like humping the girl arm was very rare for me to do but it was stemulating and she had a pretty face so it was worth it. I got that from your post. But there nothing better then a firm soft butts to hump

Guest (Thu 23 Oct 2003 07:58:38 GMT)


well mate
u seem have to premature ejaculation problem. u come while just keeping ur hands on a female thigh. so u wont even last the foreplay, so the real sex is out of question for u. anyway i am glad that u come and enjoy ur kinda of kinky sex. u are lucky that u dont need to butt fuck to actually cum. saves u the trouble of being caught in mobs

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aise_hi_masti (Thu 23 Oct 2003 18:16:13 GMT)

airplane chikaning

I've read several stories on chikaning in airplanes, and have narrated a couple of experiences myself. I'm beginning to suspect that most women are accustomed to a little bit of touching on flights and choose to disregard it -- maybe the confinement of the seat and being up in the air has something to do with it. But I also think that these women tend to ignore, rather than be turned on by, the ge

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Dirty Uncle (Thu 23 Oct 2003 20:54:30 GMT)

Chister v Guest - Prem Ejac

NO Guest - this isn't premature ejaculation - I certainly don't suffer with PJ but I have had situations were the tension of the moment and the thrill of the chikan has made me cum - unless you experience this you have no idea how good it feels and how much better than foreplay or sex. I have cum watching a girl dance with absolutely no contact with my cock at all. An unbelievable sensation.

chister (Thu 23 Oct 2003 21:36:22 GMT)


Have never been diagnosed as suffering from PJ; then again, I never asked.

The evening after the plane ride, I was at a strip club and spent a couple of hours with a 23-year old 5’6” woman who quite possibly has the most flawless skin & figure humanly possible. There was no shortage of full contact rubbing. I didn’t come then.

It’s the tension that excites me – possibility of being seen by others – especially another woman – much more exciting than just rubbing somebody. To each his own I guess.

ozzi groper (Fri 24 Oct 2003 00:28:35 GMT)

Re: airplane chikaning

Guests comment that "saves u the trouble of being caught in mobs" left me a little puzzled. To me the "mobs" and crowded environments are much safer and anonymous than an airplane. After all, on the plane, should the woman wish to make a complaint, you have nowhere to run, your name and details are known and can be made available to law enforcement authorities, since most seats for airplane travel

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guest (Fri 24 Oct 2003 00:54:18 GMT)

Re: Ozzi Groper - airplane chikaning

Right on Ozzi. 100% correct. A mob is a chikan's best friend and ally. Chikan should never be actively pursued on an aeroplane. Your prey may be a captive, but if she chooses to make a scene or file a complaint, so too will the chikan be a captive. There will be nowhere to run. Can you imagine the embarassment over the remaining distance of the flight? Chikan on a plane at your peril.

ozzi groper (Sat 25 Oct 2003 15:02:44 GMT)

Re: Chikan, Rock Climbing, Getting Arrested

I don't mean this to be a challenge to the authorities to crack down, but it is actually rare for anyone to get arrested for chikaning. It sometimes happens in Japan (and so makes headlines!) where chikaning is an artform and lifestyle and perhaps more common than anywhere else in the world. But with all the chikaning going on literally everywhere, and the care most of us take in the selection of a partner, venue, etc and then the actual act of chikaning and frotting, the worst most of us ever experience might be some loud mouthed embarrasment and a shaking of the head. And my estimate is that most of successful experiences are equally enjoyed by the partner, concensual or least tolerated and treated "matter of factly" as part of life.


guest (Wed 29 Oct 2003 14:47:10 GMT)


hey heres a thought why dont u get a girl of your own so you can grope her ass

DR IRON DICKKK (Sat 01 Nov 2003 20:58:01 GMT)





ozzi groper (Mon 03 Nov 2003 14:21:15 GMT)

Re: Feather - Vendors Fair

Feather. You describe exactly how I would spend my day at fair. Finding someone like that Turkish woman is an obvious highlight. I have only ever had great experiences with Turkish women (I looked for some of my earlier comments on my experiences in Turkey on the BBS, but couldn't find them). And young breasts... delicious!
I remember the last fair I went to, I was having so much fun, I never went to the toilet for a piss until I finally couldn't bear it any longer!

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

FEATHER (Mon 03 Nov 2003 22:17:43 GMT)

Re: ozzy groper - Turkish women

If you like Turky Tits and ass you should come to Germany. We have a vast population of immigrants from Turky over here. In some quarters of the big cities their quota is 80 percent. The young ones live in the 3rd generation here. The girls are sexy as hell as they look so beautiful with their dark skin and black hair and eyes. And as if protesting against the islamic mummification of their moms t

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FEATHER (Tue 04 Nov 2003 08:31:43 GMT)

RE: Fake Father C.

It was one or two years ago in the media: actually it were some of these Santa Clauses that used their costumes as entree for fingering the kids. I'm not shure but it could have lead to forbidding Santas to let children sit on their laps. Perhaps somebody from the US could tell us more. A female friend of mine told me a few years ago that she had been indecently touched by some guys that were disguised as alphabet-letters durking an advertizing-event. She was really pissed because she is a lesbian. Fitted right in her justice about men. LOL

ozzi groper (Tue 04 Nov 2003 11:25:25 GMT)

Re: Feather - Turkish Women

Where exactly in Germany? :p

FEATHER (Tue 04 Nov 2003 11:53:38 GMT)

Re: ozzi groper Turkish woman

ozzi groper. everywhere ! They make for an important part of the "German" population as they can have german IDs - for example in Cologne and surroundings ;-).

ozzi groper (Wed 05 Nov 2003 14:03:03 GMT)

Joke: Dr Chikan

Woman came to see to see her doctor complaining that she couldn't see properly. (Maybe she had too much champagne at the cup) He tested her and asked "Can you see?". "No".
He got a larger chart, and again asked "Can you see anything?" "No" again.
Frustrated, the doctor undid his zip and pulled out his cock and waved it in front of the patiet. "Lady! This you see?" "Wow! Yes!" she drooled.
"FIgures!" said the doctor. "You're cock eyed!"

(With apologies to those who ahve heard it)

ozzi groper (Fri 07 Nov 2003 03:05:20 GMT)

Re: Vasili - Incident on the subway

Some guys are like that. I would like to believe that a good chikan can recognise that his advances are not welcome, especially where he is distressing the girl/woman, and will promptly desist. There are many fish in the sea, and there are many who don't mind receiving some attention and mutual satisfaction on a safe public environment.
The way you describe it, this chikan ONLY thought about himself and only brings disrepute to the art of chikan.
I have trouble believing the part in your story about his offer to bribe you and curling up and ultimately frothing at the mouth. A more realistic scenario would have him disappear real quick and not engage in any conversation. Probably your whole story is bullshit!

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beez (Sat 08 Nov 2003 15:26:37 GMT)


re:third post. Saytr hot little post thanks. of late i"ve been studying more on females reaction,for instance i was at a craft show yesterday and purchased an item from a good looking older lady .she was around fifty i suppose on the petite side .she still had a tight body,nicelittle round butt and the kind of slacks you described.and she smelled great.i'd looked at theitem before and got a dece

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ozzi groper (Sat 08 Nov 2003 15:45:42 GMT)

Re: Saty - Third Post

I know what you mean about those jeans. I hate them and genrally try to avoid girls/women wearing them. I never wear them myself for the same reasons: I want to be able to feel every detail, the warmth and delectible softness, and if I can attract them to touch me, I want them to encounter the best situation. It's only fair!
But it sounds like a lovely opportunity on the train, and well executed. I love it when they cancel trains, and I'm out there "working".


Gentlebrush (Sun 09 Nov 2003 03:19:55 GMT)

Re. Night at the casino

Ozzie Im not sure about your country but in my country the casino are very tight with security and has camera in all angle of the casino and specially at the card table where security camera can zoom in close but of course there primary watch is for cheater and robber but you might think if they spotted you touching and humping the women you would think they notice. But I give you credit that was a good encounter. Well played.

But that one place where I would not be to chikan. Just something to think about

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ozzi groper (Sun 09 Nov 2003 03:32:48 GMT)

Re. Night at the casino - Gentlebrush

You are right! Cameras everywhere. But as you note, they are concentrating on what money is places on the table, and players and casino staff hands. I was behind the play, and my body was hiding her hand and what I was up too.
There is always a risk with these things, and long term, I believe the opportunity for the chikan is becoming more limited. There are cameras everywhere now, even on our trains. And look how many have mobile phones with cameras built in!! Of course, those women who appreciate the attention will also suffer, and as a result become more desperate and (hopefully) more responsive and active. As always, make hay while the sun shines!


ozzi groper (Sun 09 Nov 2003 03:43:16 GMT)

Gropers in public in Moscow to face jail?

Just read the following report. It has implications for gropers:

*Muscovites may kiss public affection goodbye*

Couples caught kissing on Moscow's underground rail system could be fined under new regulations being considered by city authorities, while those going too far could face jail.

Stolichnaya Vechernyaya Gazeta reports the kissing ban could even extend to a husband embr

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guest (Sun 09 Nov 2003 04:24:31 GMT)

Re: Ozzi Groper - Gropers in Moscow

The people can take the communists out of the Kremlin, but you can'take the communist out of the people . . . or something like that.

beez (Mon 10 Nov 2003 06:45:08 GMT)


i pretty much avoid the straight college bars. the drunken coeds are great but them damn frat rats can get nasty. alchohol induced heroism. mostly it just ain't quite worth the risk.i might try a quick in quick out next weekend though its hard to leave if it gets good

beez (Mon 10 Nov 2003 12:42:23 GMT)


altera,good point. something that i'd been meaning to checked it out with at least a half a dozen women ex's, prostitutes ect.most of my ex's were prostitutes come to think of it.anyway i.d use my crotch and their butt.without any distraction they consistently got it right 100% of the time;even to the point of saying ^well your close,i can feel the heat but your not touching."except for one gorgious little airhead escort.every time i ask "can you feel my cock" she'd grab it

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aise hi masti (Tue 11 Nov 2003 15:23:57 GMT)

good days and bad days

Have you guys ever noticed how each of us have good days and bad days at chikaning? Just three days ago, I took several bus trips and succeeded in carressing the mounds of three different women (It seemed strongly consensual in one case). Then yesterday, my advances were rejected by every single woman I tried -- and believe me, I tried a few.
It makes me wonder if success rate depends on the chikan's mental and psychological state, which can translate to the presence or lack of sex appeal on any given day. And perhaps it also depends on what day of the week it is -- I've found Friday afternoons very good for chikaning because everyone seems in a generally good mood in anticipation of the weekend.
Any thoughts?

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 11 Nov 2003 21:13:07 GMT)

A chijo as told by a Japanese professional baseball player

This story was told by a Japanese professional baseball player who was on TV yestarday.

The young baseball player said that he had been groped few years ago. The harassment lasted for ten days. At the first seven days he was not sure that the offender was a chijo (female chikan). Then he found out that the groper was a female. She was young too - only about two years older than himself - an

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FEATHER (Wed 12 Nov 2003 01:02:17 GMT)

aise hi masti - good days...

Hi Aise,
I think a woman that doesn't want you to fondle her on Monday won't let you go on Friday. In my opinion it's only a matter of chance, bad or good luck. In my experience situations are spoilt because I get too greedy and push it to far in a short time. But this might be different in other countries with overcrowded public transport and consequently a higher level of acceptance.

ozzi groper (Wed 12 Nov 2003 03:07:31 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - good days and bad days

I am with Feather on this. It is all just the luck of the draw. While I am certain women have their good days and their bad days as we all do, the distribution would be evenly spread across the board - not just chikans and chijos.
Feather. I have the same problem as you. When things are going so well, I sometimes tend to spoil it by getting too excited and trying to take it further than what the girl is ready for. And then, if you are lucky enough to meet her again, she won't have anything to do with you, and will take obvious steps to get totally out of your way!


beez (Wed 12 Nov 2003 03:52:44 GMT)

re:good days and bad days

i agree with aise hi masti. i believe many things can effect success rate.probably the most profound being the females frame of mind.and many things affect that...hormonal balance etc. one of the reasons concerts are good as previously mentioned is the chicks are hot for the band members.

aise hi masti (Wed 12 Nov 2003 15:20:32 GMT)

re: good days and bad days

My note about good and bad days made two different points. The first one was more important -- I said the mental and psychological state of the chikan contributes to his sex appeal at any given point in time, which could affect his success rate. The second one was that the mental and pscychological state of the target could also affect the chikan's chances of success. Ozzi and Feather seem to have

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ozzi groper (Sun 16 Nov 2003 08:15:09 GMT)

PBH - Turkey

I have written numerous times on my great experiences in Istanbul. I found the women were used to having men rub their cocks against them, and in general, were willing, yet passive partners (although I did get lucky in one instance with a girl who was more than passive - and I was there just for one day - a Sunday).
On the Sunday I was there, I took the rail system that goes through the centre

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ozzi groper (Sun 16 Nov 2003 22:08:35 GMT)

Re: Hulk Smash Monster

I used to have feelings such as yours. I found that regular chikaning and over-doing the wanking, lots of activity with a willing partner, and/or, if necessary, paying for services at a good massage parlour, generally helped me to calm down and remove any violent over-aggressive temperment.

Of course, if you feel bad about how you feel and act, then visit/join the Ayashi-BBS Quit section.


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FEATHER (Mon 17 Nov 2003 00:32:45 GMT)

Ozzy Cupper - HSM

I think "Hulk" is another trial, to make a joke of chikans. The message is: we are bookworms that switch to retarded monsters from time to time. I'm not impressed. It's simply shit. Ozzy you deserve a big medal of honour for being so kind to "Hulk".
PBH: The girls of Turkey are so beautiful. I envy you for going there. The city of Alanya is large and beautiful - so is the attached coast with its beaches. As it is near winter in Europe the "sights" at the beaches might be not so hot as in summer right now ;-)

ozzi groper (Mon 17 Nov 2003 02:04:45 GMT)

Re: Feather - Hulk

Perhaps you are right, Feather. But then I always judge people for the better, and have made this a philosophy of life. After all, that's how I would prefer to be judged.

I see you have given me a new nick ;-)

aise hi masti (Mon 17 Nov 2003 15:09:38 GMT)

re: caressing mounds


I am not African American, but Indian. I don't think race has got anything to do with my successes (or failures) -- although of late, I've found that working African American women in the high-30s to mid-40s are a good demographic to target.

I know the mound caress sounds like an extreme and daring form of chikaning, but it really isn't. What are the biggest risks for the chik

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Hulk Smash Monster (Mon 17 Nov 2003 18:59:54 GMT)


Gentlebrush, Ozzi Groper, Guest,

Thanks for your kind words and your warm welcome to this community.

Much of time will be spent on the Quitters bored as I wrestle with the demons within me.

I must let the world think I am just a shy, quiet nerd until I can find a way to control the raging spirit within me.

Hulk Smash Monster (Mon 17 Nov 2003 19:14:19 GMT)


I come here to share my experiences with you and I hope find a cure to my pain.

I hope you will help me in my quest.


Hulk Smash Monster

Gentlebrush (Mon 17 Nov 2003 23:41:11 GMT)

The HSM Incredible Hulk

LOL Don't make me horny you might not like me when IM horny. Where did I here that before? lol

That was a good one my friend, but very true in our case. I know for me IM a different person when I hump my prey then after ward I turn to a shy guy and what to spit and go on with my normal life.

But IM am interested in how the ladies reacted in your encounter if they seem to like your aggressiveness letting you hump them or try to get away because there scare IM just curious from a well belt Man like yourself have success. Please give us details. Thanks

ozzi groper (Tue 18 Nov 2003 08:23:04 GMT)

Re: buttpresser "new"

Welcome brother. Your story reminds me of some of my early experiences when I used to go shopping with my mum and/or dad. I used to love crowds, but when I was with them, they avoided them. They would always wait fro another tram so that could get a seat. I always wanted the crowded ones.
One time I was downtown with my dad, and a well rounded woman was walking toward us. The sidewalk was reaso

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aise hi masti (Wed 19 Nov 2003 15:26:14 GMT)

learning from failures


You had a great day on the trams. Boy, I've got to get down under sometime.

I thought we could have an interesting discussion about our failures, which I'm sure we all have had in abundance. Analyzing failed experiences can teach us a lot about successful chikaning.

I, for example, have often failed because I have not heeded clear rejection signals. As I've said before,

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The Apostle (Wed 19 Nov 2003 17:03:22 GMT)

A Fiery Afterlife For All Of You

All of you sexual sociopaths are going to burn in hell. And you try to distance yourselves from other sex offenders, as if you are better or just plain harmless. But you're all just the same. A menace and blot on society. It's laughable that you all come in here and act like there should be some code of conduct by which you should interact with each other. Blah! There can be no honor among thieves or sex offenders. Rot in hell!

ozzi groper (Thu 20 Nov 2003 00:29:55 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - mound caress

Hi Aise
I continue to sit in wonderment (did I make that word up?) and awe at your chutzpah in connection with your mound caresses. And I envy your successes!
But please be careful! I too sometimes try to persist with my chikaning desire, in spite of obvious body language telling me to "get real". Besides being "not right", you face the embarrassment of some sort of sudden outburst, the woma

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ozzi groper (Thu 20 Nov 2003 00:51:24 GMT)

Re: The Apostle

You have no right to judge others! What are you doing here? Why are you lurking and reading this board? Your type is just looking for wank as you imagine enjoying what you have no courage to try yourself. Your threats are meaningless, because you are nobody.
Do you regularly go around searching for all the pornographic and sexually deviant sites just so that you can make yourself feel good and

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FEATHER (Thu 20 Nov 2003 09:16:30 GMT)

Good Day !

Just popped in to wish all original adventurers on the board a good day:

beez: I wish I were rich AND good-looking...

ozzy-guys: your weather is perverse (nice stories, by the way...)

aise: I don't like being put into a drawer marked "perverse", it's a theoretical discussion that might feed some psychologists. I claim to have more and different fun than others, my no-no-limit

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Canuck Chikan (Thu 20 Nov 2003 15:30:13 GMT)

New Tool for Chikans

Any of you chikans have a camera phone? These are some of the hottest selling electronics items in Calgary and across Canada. While acting like you are talking on the cell phone, you can easily take pictures of people without being noticed. I think this would be a good tool for chikans who want to capture images of the girls they grope. I think I will check into one.

aise hi masti (Thu 20 Nov 2003 15:42:05 GMT)

camera phones

The flip side is that the target of your chikaning could turn around and take a picture of you, and then email that to chikan police around the world!

guest (Fri 21 Nov 2003 01:38:01 GMT)

Ozzi Groper - Tram

Ozzi, your last story reminds me of a question I wanted to ask you. Aren't you worried about being observed by the police riding the tram back and forth? You noticed the other chikan. Somebody could notice you too and turn you in.

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ozzi groper (Fri 21 Nov 2003 07:55:13 GMT)

re: Guest - Tram

You might be right. But it takes a seasoned chikan to recognise exactly what another chikan would be doing. And why can't it be an accidental touch? Or perhaps she was doing the chijo on me and rubbing herself on me? It's never so obvious and many women like the quick thrill, if they don't they change positions or move away. Rarely, anything else.
But the odds are way in our favour. First the w

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beez (Fri 21 Nov 2003 08:50:00 GMT)

nice guy

ozzie you really are a nice guy.i've read,hell i've studied, every story in the archive and don't recall one where a chican actualy gave up his place to help out another. one moved over and shared on purpose and others have shared by cicumstance.more often than not we as chicans seem to be inclined to be protective of our shoguns' great story "gotta fight for your hump" comes to mind.there are several stories where chicans grope from behind some other poor and possibly innocent dude.i also dig the advice on chican 'ettiquette'if we all were to practice your theories everyone would gain 'bout as likely as a sudden outbreak of world peace.anyway thanks for the good definitly the 'man' this month

ozzi groper (Sat 22 Nov 2003 11:20:03 GMT)

Re: beez - nice guy

Hey!! thanks for your kind words. Somethings are in my nature. And I too like to feel that I am often, if not most times, performing a service.
As I have said many times, there is plenty for everyone. And I think there can be lots of potential benefits in working together with other chikans if they let you. One of the main ones is checking the reaction of the woman while he is chikaning to see how she is reacting and modify behaviour accordingly, or join in. And of course we can "protect" each other. I hope this will develop and keep the board informed.

ozzi groper (Sat 22 Nov 2003 14:42:46 GMT)

Re: Canuck Chikan - Cam Phone

If you don't need it straight away, then waiting id a good idea. The technology keeps improving and you get more pixels for your buck.
There are loads of uses for the cam phone. One that comes to mind is up-skirts. But taking shots while you're chikaning sounds exciting - especially if you can get shots of your partner's expression or activity.

Mr Ayashi. You may have to consider setting

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ozzi groper (Sat 22 Nov 2003 14:49:19 GMT)

Re: aise hi masti - Success Story

Why in all your conversation didn't you just ask if you could call her some time? It definitely sounds like she is a player, and will jump at the opportunity. And you won't need too much foreplay since she knows what you're about!!

Also. Tell us about the rejections, how they took place, the other passengers at the time, and how you handles it. Were all your journeys on inter-city commuter buses or urban?


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aise hi masti (Mon 24 Nov 2003 22:20:18 GMT)

re -- success story


Yes, I should have asked for her number. I guess I am hesitant because I don't want her to think that I'm keen to have a full-fledged affair. All I want to do is feel her up on the bus or any other public place. In other words, as long as we limit our activities to chikan -- maybe aggressive chikaning and consensual fondling etc -- I am okay with it. But I don't want to actually have sex with her.

Most of my experiences have been on city buses. When I was in India, my best experiences were on long distance (inter-city) buses and trains.

Aise hi masti

ozzi groper (Tue 25 Nov 2003 15:18:47 GMT)

Re: buttpresser "new"

Hell! Take it easy. You need to be more subtle and less obvious. Women only seem to enjoy and respond so long as they think it is only between the two of you in the safety of a crowd. The moment you try to make contact, or show that someone lese is in on it (such as your friend and his laughter), then they are out of it. Hence the stern looks and frowning.
Full on plaming and feeling cracks (an

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Feather (Tue 25 Nov 2003 22:06:48 GMT)

Re: ozzi groper - chinese question

ozzi. I made up my mind to give the whole thing more tension. Especially at concerts after testing the waters I will go straighter for pussy and tits. My last stories described here showed me that quite alot is possible. The girls let me caress their asses extensively with my backhand for quite a time. I speak of 20/30 minutes a girl. I wandered their backs, tracing pantylines and sometimes real p

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