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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 01:38:31 GMT)

Dang It!

I keep remembering more and more techniques! There's also the "hook and pull". This technique is especially effective when the woman is not wearing a belt. Simply hook the fingers into the loops where the belt passes through and gently pull her bum cheeks back snugly into your eagerly awaiting ding-a-ling.

Black Shogun

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 30 Aug 2003 09:11:54 GMT)

admendments to chikan terms

Where Black Shogun writes "hotdog" this should be "hotdog in bun" a common technique used by chikans to test the waters.

A common technique I use in crowded bars like Tiger Tiger are 'doggy bone'. When the drunken girl is leaning against the bar waiting for a drink. Come up behind her and switch doggy style position. Now move your hips back and forth banging your hard bone in between her cheeks. Moving faster and faster till you hit orgasm.

I have experimented with the boa constrictor technique used by dr iron dick on a crowded train. Its a good technique when you want to crush up against a chunky chicken.

Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 11:18:32 GMT)

Correction PBG

The "Hot Dog In Bun" is for far more than just testing the waters. If the "hot dog" has been stuffed deeply enough into the "bun", then it may be used to effect the "arse gap scrub". That's where the hot dog is dragged roughly back and forth through the arse gap from "lower gap" to the high end of the "booty crack" and back again . . . again and again . . . until orgasm is reached.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 12:10:54 GMT)

The "Grip And Move"

With the "grip and move", the professional chikan squeezes the plum bum cheeks of an attracttive woman in a crowded place, then quickly withdraws his hand as he moves off into the crowd.

If the chikan is a highly skilled professional, then he will have perpetrated the squeeze in such a way that the woman cannot really know who has gripped her buttcheeks. Further, if she chooses to accuse s

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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 12:38:12 GMT)


A while back, somebody asked a question whether anybody here had experienced being attacked by a woman after trying to chikan her. At the time, I really couldn't remember much, but after thinking about it, I do recall a few more things that have happened over all of these years.

In one situation, I wasn't even trying to hump the girl. Hell, she looked like Big Bird on Sesame Street! No,

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 30 Aug 2003 14:48:50 GMT)

cock slapping

This technique has been documented many moons ago by a chikan who called himself 'Clay'. This technique involves slapping your hard cock on the right cheek then swivel your hips and slap your cock on the left cheek. This technique is more of a startup/warmup to get your pole hard so you can then proceed with the 'doggy bone'.

Whilst doing the doggy bone, as you thrust into her crack breath out uhhhhhhhhhhhhh and you come out of her crack breath out ooooooooooorr.

At the point of orgasm one can cry aaaaaaaahhh breathing out hard tensing the muscles hard in the lower abdomen.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 30 Aug 2003 14:51:04 GMT)

Corrections !! - Doggy Bone

Whilst doing the doggy bone, as you thrust into her crack breath out ooooooooooorr. and you come out of her crack breath in

At the point of orgasm one can cry aaaaaaaahhh breathing out hard tensing the muscles hard in the lower abdomen.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 30 Aug 2003 14:54:22 GMT)

Listen to Guru He Is Right !

Guru practises breathing techniques when he practises yoga.

When one practices the art of chikan. One must learn to breath correctly whilst performing the various techniques.

Learn to breath in deeply at the same time keeping relaxed ooorrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaahh uuuuuuuhhh.

When you see a sexy looking chunky chikan say corrrrrrrrrr from your lower abdomen breathing out and tensing your lower abdominal muscles.

Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 15:19:05 GMT)

The "Double Brush By Dip"

With this tactic, the talented chikan is able to sample both of his target's buttcheeks and her crack while walking past her. I wrote of the method in my story entitled "Tippy Toes Concert Booty".

Check the story out, but here is how it goes. The perfect setup is to find some bum cheeks that you like sticking out . . . say like an attractive girl leaning against a barricade with her booty

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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 15:33:20 GMT)

The "Wank My Crank"

This is a technique that I have not used, but others such as Master Frotteur have written about it. With this method, the skilled chikan is able to get a total stranger to yank his boner with her hand!

The way MF wrote about it, he would walk closely behind his target, his dick already hard. He would be walking so close that the motions of her arms would repeatedly and consistently carry

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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 18:28:58 GMT)

The "Bum Diddly"

The "bum diddly" is more of a general descriptive phrase as opposed to any particular type of chikan technique or method. That is, to do the "bum diddly" is to engage in any chikan technique or skill that involves the placement of a "stiffy" or "digits" either against or between a female's phat buttcheeks.

Regardless of which particular "bum diddly" approach is used, the most desirable an

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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 19:17:50 GMT)

The "Victory Roll"

I wrote of the "victory roll" in my story "Gotta Fight For Ya Hump", but did not explain what this technique is. What it happens to be is a particular way of humping that gets the female's hips and buttcheeks to respond in a certain kind of way.

First of all, the professional chikan selects an attractive woman with a bouncy, "oggly, buggly" set of ass cheeks as PBG would put it. Her buttc

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Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 19:31:48 GMT)

The "Hula Hoop"

To carry out this technique, first select any set of booty cheeks that you like. Then, when in a crowded spot (but not too tight or else it won't work), insert rigid penis between her buttcheeks . Next, begin to hump her up the bum with very WWWWIIIIIIDE and CIRCULAR and DELIBERATE motions of your hips.

Now, this will in turn cause the female's own hips and buttocks to also move as well . . . in a WWWWIIIIIIIDE and CIRCULAR trajectory. . . as if she is playing with a child's toy . . . a hula hoop! The thing is, it's your dick that's playing with her ass crack! I used this method in the story "Shogun's Hat Trick".

Black Shogun
Co-Author of "The Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

Black Shogun (Sat 30 Aug 2003 22:28:42 GMT)

Re: Dr. Iron Dick - Drinking & Humping

Brother Iron Dick, I learned a long time ago that just like drinking and driving does not mix, nor does drinking and humping. Leaves the old "noodle" limp my friend. Besides, remember the difference between a professional chikan and so called normal "nice guys" in public?

The "normal" guys have to be drunk to pinch a girl's butt while the chikan pro will BUTTFUCK the same girl in a PUBLIC PLACE . . . totally SOBER! If the professional chikan gets drunk at all, it's only AFTER he has finished the act and his guilt begins to play with his mind. Hahahaha!

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Sun 31 Aug 2003 04:08:20 GMT)

The "Slam Fuck"

This is the final one guys (from me for awhile anyway). The best way to describe this technique is to compare it to the "jerk fuck". Whereas the "jerk fuck" entails the violent whipping of the hips against the target's bum cheeks to achieve orgasm, the "slam fuck" finds the chikan violently thrashing his entire body against that of the target female, again with the goal of achieving orgasm. This method is best utilized in "mosh pits" or any other similar type of crowd characterized by a "mob" mentality.

Black Shogun
Co-Author of "The Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

pbh (Sun 31 Aug 2003 04:41:02 GMT)


Jacking is a popular term in india for butt humping in public. when i started writing for this bbs, i used this term pretty often in my stories. now i guess this shud go into the glossary of terms.


Arm Humper (Sun 31 Aug 2003 17:39:36 GMT)

Re X - the ass is where its at

I agree with the Ozzi Groper that what particular part of the body you make contact with is not all that important. What excites me is having a form of sex with a woman without any introduction, courtship, or negotiation. I have said earlier that I think it is possible to worry too much about the physical side of the practice, and I know that webmaster would concur: back in 99 he observed here that 'human sexuality is more a psychological than a physiological phenomenon.' As for my reports being 'lame and boring', they are certainly not meant to be stimulating or pornographic 'stories', just honest accounts of my activities. Perhaps X is peeved by my success (10 orgasms by humping this month). I don't have to post other people's uncredited material as he does.

Black Shogun (Sun 31 Aug 2003 18:41:59 GMT)

The Beast Has Landed

Soon my friends, the NY Sex Beast shall arrive in Holland. There, I am sure he will sample the lovely bottoms of many a Dutch girl. However, you might actually have some difficulty finding a Dutch girl in the Red Light District Beast.

You see, girls from all over Europa work there. As I told you, mine was from Denmark. But I did end up "going Dutch" anyway by fucking 2 Dutch women later

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nanbread (Sun 31 Aug 2003 20:09:46 GMT)

red light district

Hi Beast,

I worked in amsterdam for nearly 3 years on a major migration project. Loved the city.

There are 4 red light districts in amsterdam. The main one is behind the Krasnapolsy hotel (cant remember how to spell it) in Dam square.

The other two are just off the Spaastraat about 5 mins walk from central station. Because this is a non tourist area the prices to fuck women a

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guest (Mon 01 Sep 2003 19:41:14 GMT)

got caught by security

I was in this department store and saw this small slim blonde leaning over the counter looking at the jewelry on the display. I walked up behind her and began bouncing my cock between her buttocks. When she turned around to see who it was. I walked off and made for the exit. This fat security guard stopped me and took me to a room. Two other security guards came in and began saying "you are a dirty man". They asked for my ID then they forced me to sign this paper to say i would not come into that store for a year.

They then let me go. Shit I was scared man ! How did they spot me ?

Black Shogun (Mon 01 Sep 2003 21:13:34 GMT)

Re: Guest - Caught By Security

I told people about chikaning in department stores. Not a good place. Security and CCTV cameras everywhere my friend.

Black Shogun

Gentlebrush (Mon 01 Sep 2003 22:56:29 GMT)

Re First Consensual groping of a Stranger

Welcome back Kass. Your story remind me of the movie Groping America where the guy openly feel the ladies breast and legs and upper thigh on the empty train and the Women just stay seated and act if noting happen and just lightly push there hand away time to time though out the ride and there such a tease and gorgeous bodies

But I must say that was very daring and took a lot guts

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Kass (Tue 02 Sep 2003 01:58:55 GMT)

re- gentlebrush

i havent seen groping america but i heard its crap, all the women in it are supposed to be actresses...
in my scenario the woman encouraged me, i mean she winked at me after i had groped her lightly!

i was reading back a bit and i saw some technique by black shogun where u come on the skin/hair of strange women... is that possible without getting caught?? has anyone done it?

PBH (Tue 02 Sep 2003 05:11:13 GMT)

consensual encounters


ur story reminded me of atleast 3 such encounters where women sitting next to me have done consensual acts. in ur case, i guess the woman was a bit scared of u going overboard in an near empty bus. if u were groping her in a night journey, i guess u wud have got the maximum.

women make 2 bold steps and then retreat 3 steps. this is a common trait. so no surprises. i guess

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Black Shogun (Tue 02 Sep 2003 12:22:11 GMT)

Re: Kass - The Possibilities

Read the stories of how and why it was done without being noticed . . . in DETAIL. What more do you need? For somebody else to say they did it? That would be nice, but how many can dunk a basketball from the free throw line? Knock a man out with one punch? Only those with high skill and ability and daring. It should be very, very clear by now that FEW have "professionalized" this practice in the manner that the Shogun has. That's why I'm the "Shogun".

Black Shogun

guest (Tue 02 Sep 2003 12:53:30 GMT)


I'm more likely to believe a story where somebody acted sneakily to do something than where they claimed they did something in broad daylight with the full knowledge of the woman in public and she didn't even raise a stink. It seems to me its more believable that a chikan could secretly drool or wipe something onto somebody than openly grope her breats in public Kass. Both are possible, but it's your stories that make me wonder how somebody could do that and not get caught and not dastardly shogun as he calls himself.

DR IRON DICKKK (Tue 02 Sep 2003 20:33:10 GMT)




webmaster: ayashi (Tue 02 Sep 2003 21:25:56 GMT)


I rarely read a romantic novel. But even an adventure novel would have romantic parts. And I love a girl who loves an adventure story.

By the way, I do not know a romantic novel in that a romantic man and a heroine first makes each other's acquaintance as the man gropes her stealthily.

Kass (Wed 03 Sep 2003 07:49:49 GMT)

re- guest

all my stories are true...
i've groped thousands of women... up until now, only 1 has started screaming and 1 has attacked me... this is also the first one that allowed me to feel her up... and yes it was in reasonable daylight (6.17pm bus if u must know) and yes it was an almost empty bus..

so the question is, how was i not caught? from where we were sitting, the only ones that could s

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Black Shogun (Thu 04 Sep 2003 21:16:37 GMT)

Re: Labor Day Parade

Damn! Why come I can never find a parade like that??? Most of the time when a big parade comes around, it's too friggin cold out for me. The warmth I can get from a crack just ain't enough when it's cold out! Yeah . . . labor day . . . I'd like to get some of that NYC Puerto Rican booty too. Hell yeah!

Black Shogun

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Sep 2003 21:21:50 GMT)

chikan term - standing missionary position

This involved pressing the whole front part of your body onto her chest. If you do this correctly. You will feel her breasts pressed against your chest and cock pushed hard against her pussy.

This is a common technique used by london chikan on underground trains during rush hours.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Sep 2003 21:24:57 GMT)

Sleepy Head Technique

This technique has been documented by the NY Beast.

Sit next to your victim in a train and cross your arms across your chest to protect yourself in case she lashes out.

Now close your eyes and pretend to fall asleep and let your head fall between her breasts. She will think you have just dropped of to sleep. If she says wake up just pretend u are tired and drunk.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Sep 2003 21:28:12 GMT)

chikan term - Windscreen Wiper

This technique is fairly explanatory..

Brush your hard cock from left to right on your victims cheek like a windscreen wiper. Use the hips when you carry out this technique.

Black Shogun (Thu 04 Sep 2003 21:40:01 GMT)

Re: PBG - Put Your Chin On Her Shoooulder!

I have never been cheek to cheek PBG, but I have rested my chin on a girl's shoulder plenty of times while digging into her bum. I was just thinking about that recently . . . how I had my chin on a girl's shoulder as she looked in my direction . . . and I into her eyes . . . as I used the "rock" to sway her hips side to side on my bonerooni! She shook her head like "it's OK." She was telling me she liked it with her reaction!

I have also had women rest their heads against my chest and close their eyes while enjoying being buggered. Haven't had that happen in a good while though.
But my favorite, as I have written in a few stories, is to rest my head heavily against my lovely's head . . . skull to skull . . . as I explore into her warm crack :-)

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Thu 04 Sep 2003 22:34:17 GMT)

A "Buggerable"

OK PBG, you have me thinking about "chikan terminology" again. One term that I use for a chick who has a nice ass that's a potential target for chikan is "buggerable". If she has a nice bubble butt that makes your blood boil and your dick hard, then she's "buggerable" . . . she's a "Buggerable!" Hahaha!

Black Shogun
Co-Author of the "Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

Black Shogun (Thu 04 Sep 2003 22:44:49 GMT)

A "Boner Groaner"

This is any sound that a chikan makes to indicate pleasure to his dick derived from a chikan act. For example, if Arm Humper makes ANY sound indicating pleasure to his dick whilst humping an appendage, either out loud OR in his head, then Arm Humper has experienced what is called a "boner groaner". Hahahaha!!!

Shogun's particular "boner groaner" sounds, also known as "Shogun Shouts", are . . . you guessed it! OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! That's what Shogun does when those phat butt cheeks give him a "boner groaner". LOLOLOLOL!!! Please keep in mind that a "boner groaner" may occur out loud OR in the chikan's head where only he can hear it.

Black Shogun
Co-Author of the "Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

taxcider (Fri 05 Sep 2003 18:18:20 GMT)

NYC tip..

Hey..all of you in the NYC area try Barnes
and Noble at 18th St and 5th Ave..I stopped in there
for a book and it's crazy. All types of gorgeous stacked college
women looking for their texts. It's packed and chaotic..
perfect condition

Black Shogun (Fri 05 Sep 2003 18:32:47 GMT)

Re: Taxcider - Barnes & Noble

I understand that bookstores are great places to get upskirt views too. I've seen many upskirt pics on where somebody used a cam to look up a woman's skirt. Apparently, they find somebody standing nearby wearing a skirt. Then, with a shoe cam, they move close to her and maybe look for something on the lower shelf. This allows them to position the cam to get a peek up the skirt . . . seen a lotta pics of panties wedgied in buttcracks that way. LOL

Black Shogun

Tank (Fri 05 Sep 2003 19:56:21 GMT)

RE: Barnes & Noble

I love book stores. I was at Barnes & Noble about a month ago. I touched 3 butts that day. You can`t really hump butts their but it`s a great place to tap and pat women on the butt. I just walk by while they are looking at a book and give their big butts a nice pat. I just keep walking. The dollar store is another good place. Card stores are good too.

DR IRON DICKKK (Fri 05 Sep 2003 21:01:44 GMT)




Okinawa was also called Ryukyu, or and was once a small kingdom free from Japanese and Chinese occupation. Since this small tropical island is located right between Japan and southern part of China, it consequently experienced severe political trauma in its history, especially when a southern en

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Black Shogun (Fri 05 Sep 2003 22:29:21 GMT)

Professional Chikan Techniques Superior to Karate

Brother Dr. Iron Dick, you won't have to deal with fighting if you are careful and if you learn professional chikan techniques as opposed to karate fighting.

Over all of these years, I have never really gotten into a "fight" over chikan. Almost one time, but not quite. Maybe the worst of it was my battles with that "booty bandit" in my classic story "Gotta Fight For Ya Hump". But that was more funny than anything else.

Stay away from the fighting and learn the secret techniques of "Shogun class chikans" . . . there are a number who write here . . . and then you'll get to buttfuck far, far more strange women that way brah Doctor Iron Dick.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Sat 06 Sep 2003 16:08:53 GMT)

Peace Through Chikan Exchange Programs

The world would be more peaceful if the United Nations adopted a "chikan exchange program". Does everybody see how the chikans Punjabi Butt Humper and Pakistani Bottom Groper get along so well?

These men should be allowed to lead the "chikan exchange programs" for their respective homelands whereby Indian men go to Pakistan and Pakistani men go to India to "jack" the other's women.

Through this, it would be seen that all men are the same with similar desires, and a nuclear cataclysm thus avoided. Such "chikan exchange programs" should then be implemented internationally to preserve the peace.

Black Shogun

pbh (Sat 06 Sep 2003 18:44:54 GMT)

martial arts

Hi All,

its good to hear karate is being discussed on this bbs. good work dr iron dick.

martial arts techniques disciplines everybody. a true martial artist will never show off his skills for silly reasons. however the acid test for anybody is to demonstrate true grit and rise to the occasion. i have seen plenty of street fights and involved in a few. only the brave ones can really

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Arm Humper (Sat 06 Sep 2003 20:57:17 GMT)

Some of the pluses of frotteurism

Ozzi Groper listed some of these a few weeks ago. I can add a few more. One is (a)the element of secrecy. There is something stimulating about engaging in sexual activity while there are many people around you who don't know what is going on. This is what a woman who was frotted on a train in India was talking about when she said 'the hidden nature made it exciting'. Then there is (b) the possibi

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gropinginthedark (Sat 06 Sep 2003 20:57:30 GMT)

Re: gropinginthedark - African Grope

i have to say my hat of to you master Black Shogun. Before i wrote i read and you are amazing. I dont know if you have ever been in south africa, it is one of the great places in the old it has a culture of having almost no own space so its not a problem to just slide up to some girl in a train, club , lift or any public space... a chikans haven

Black Shogun (Sat 06 Sep 2003 20:59:42 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - Pluses of Frotting

And you'll never have to pay child support >:-)

Black Shogun

Arm Humper (Sat 06 Sep 2003 21:47:02 GMT)

gropininthedark/french frotteur/labour day parade

Welcome to the board. Most of the people in my country are of African descent, so I know all about the great butts of your women. I hope you have also done or will be doing some humping in the dark continent. There is no need to limit yourself to one activity, or one part of the woman's body for that matter. If you do feel like communicating, you don't have to write a long story, just simply say

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arm humper (Sun 07 Sep 2003 00:11:22 GMT)


Does anyone have any stories about, or pix of women being humped by dogs? Maybe there is a website? Somebody should keep a dog that liked to do that sort of thing, and then invite pretty women to his house and watch them get attacked. By the way, does anyone dream about frotting at night? I've been doing this lately.

Black Shogun (Sun 07 Sep 2003 00:44:55 GMT)

Chikan Fight On Cops!!!

Did anybody see this weekend's episodes of COPS? They were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and a chikan stuck his hand underneath an attracttive woman's skirt and grabbed her panties!

The woman told her boyfriend, who confronted the chikan and his friend. The chikan hit the boyfriend in the nose and a fight broke out Dr. Iron Dick! The boyfriend then took the chikan down and bloodied his f

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PBH (Sun 07 Sep 2003 05:54:56 GMT)

martial arts and chikaning

hi all,
black shogun, this is a response to ur question. Martial Arts teaches a lot of important lessons. let me list them one by one.

1. Body Balance:
When u are travelling in a bus or train, u can balance urself upright without having to cling on to the railings or the handle bars. i have successfully tried this technique and it works. this gives us the freedom to use both our han

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nanbread (Sun 07 Sep 2003 08:12:03 GMT)

martial arts & chikan

Dr Iron Dick, this is a very interesting discussion. I take it you are training hard in karate-do and ninjutsu right ?.

Many of the techniques used in the art of ninjutsu (ninja tactics) can be used by chikans. Ninjas focused alot of their training on stealth techniques. How to mingle into a crowd without being noticed. How to seeminly vanish without a trace. Which is of course important wh

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Gentlebrush (Sun 07 Sep 2003 15:33:18 GMT)

Just be careful

I never get myself in a situation where the boy friend can confront me about touching her women because I am a professional and like anyone else on here that know the routine and pattern of any crowd situation where we already scope out our territory and by reading your prey to see if she going to raise a stink and by reading people behavior in the crowd. Very Important. And you have to be sober. If your in a place where there a bush of rowdy drunk then your most likely going to run into controversy. It just like a gambler, You got to know when to fold them and know when to walk away. Kenny Rogers.(;

arm humper (Sun 07 Sep 2003 15:46:40 GMT)

Song of a Frotteur

Some men do it on the dancefloor, some men do it on the bus;
Crowded trains and elevators are love-nests for some of us.
Riding on the jam packed buses has some quite exciting pluses,
You can act with lustful freeness, branding girls' arms with your penis.
Many women like to feel a stranger's cock against their bum,
They must feel much dirtier than whores who do it for a sum.
It's a harmless way for girls to add some spice to their sex lives,
Boyfriends harvest sweet rewards when hot she bees return to hives.
There are even female humpers turning tables on the men,
Bulls are mounted now by cows, the cock is pestered by the hen.
Some men do it on the dancefloor, some men do it on the bus;
Crowded trains and elevators are love-nests for some of us.

Gentlebrush (Sun 07 Sep 2003 16:11:16 GMT)

Re, Martial art

Martial art is good for the body and mind and I can back up what P.B.H is saying.
I too took the art in high school for 3 years. If your on a crowded train and your prey is shorter then you then you can go into a what they call the right or left front stance where one foot in front of you with knee bent slightly a little past your prey right or left leg and your back leg in back of you with k

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 07 Sep 2003 20:08:25 GMT)

Cleapatra Cobra Technique

Hi Guru, Black Shogun, Dr. Iron Dick, Gentlebrush,

Today I was stuck in crowded train on the london underground. This presented and excellent opportunity to push my face into this slim girl with long dark hair. It smelled good as I sniffed it corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Each time I think she felt my nostrils poking her hair and she turning her head round. When she turned to the right I moved to the

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Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 04:02:08 GMT)

Chikan Love Song (To Understanding Girlfriend)

Chikan Love Song (To Understanding Girlfriend) adapted from 50 Cent's "21 Questions" on the "Get Rich or Die Tryin" CD.

Can I rub it between your cheeks?
Can I scrub it in your butt?
Will you please back that round thang up?
Your ass gives me a chi-kan nut!

Can we can do it on a sleek bullet train?
Can we can do it on the rickety old bus?

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Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 11:57:47 GMT)

Chikan Poet

Here's a quick one for you BEEP BEEP (you're living proof that Wily E. Coyote did eventually catch the Road Runner . . . and fucked it):

Ali was the greatest
And he talked like he knowed it
Now I'm the latest greatest
So I gotta rhyme like a chikan poet

I'm handsome, I'm stealthy
I'm pretty and I'm fast
I go to nighclubs and bars
And I plug and play it in blondie's

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Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 15:42:20 GMT)

A "Chikan Player Hater"

A "chikan player hater" is any so-called chikan who can only show hatred, anger, and animosity towards other chikans who have been extremely successful in their practices. These "player haters" are this way primarily due to their own insecurities, jealousies, failures, and feelings of self-doubt.

They will never be able to experience the extraordinary and rise to the level of a "master" si

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Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 15:49:55 GMT)

"Poop Chutin"

Guest, "poop chutin" is a chikan term that may be interchanged with "bumming". Both describe the general process whereby a chikan who is desirous of the buttocks seeks out the "cracks" of his female prey.

Now, within the female crack is found her "poop chute". When hunters go looking for wild game, they go out shootin. So when the chikan goes out looking for crack, he may be said to be out "poop chutin".

Black Shogun
Co-Author of the "Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

Pakistanit Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 18:12:39 GMT)

The Word to 'Bum' Or Be 'Bummed'

Sometimes you may here a girl giggle and say 'ohhh I have been bummed'.

Its common for british chikans to use the bumming technique in lifts, book stalls or ladies wear departments. The chikan will approach from behind and 'bump' into the female and breath out uuuuuuuuhhh. The front of your fleshy pole is guided like a missile into the female crack and reversed out like lightening.

The female ignore or turn around. If the female stares at the chikan. He will either pretend it never happened or say 'sorry'

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 18:17:34 GMT)

Bicycle Seat

This term is used by cheeky chikans when they see a beautiful woman walk down the road. They will scream corrrrrrrr. I wouldn't mind being your bicycle seat.

In confined spaces when a woman falls backwards, chikans standing behind adopt the bicycle seat position and allow the female to fall between the legs and use the arms to wrap around the waists.

Due the nature and difficulty of this technique it is often used on the spur of the moment or in a given situation.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 18:20:27 GMT)

The Car Seat Belt Technique

This is a variation of 'Bicycle technique' and involves fastening your arms and locking your hands around the waist of the female victim.

Not too be confused with Dr. Iron Dicks 'Boa Constrictor' technique which involves suffocating the female victime to the point the woman screams oooh I cannot breath.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 18:25:16 GMT)

Sausage in Sandwich

This technique is used by very short chikans who just cannot cop a feel of the womans crack because they are too short.

Instead they place their hard cocks in between the womans thighs or should I say sandwich thier sausage in between the thighs/legs.

Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 18:36:02 GMT)

Re: PBG - Short Chikans

Also PBG, really, really short chikans have no choice but to become "nose wedgie specialist" as they are too short even to effect the "sausage in a sandwhich" technique. Poor bastards can never become "tail gunners" . . . they will never know the pleasures and the pure undiluted joy of doing the "hot dog in a bun". Speak on my colleague. What other terms do you add to our authoritative treatise?

Black Shogun

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 19:42:35 GMT)

Speed Groping

This involves a group of chikans who attempt to frotteur as many women as possible in the space of 3 mins.

Speed groping takes place such as Roadhouse in Covent Gardens and 'The Basement' in London.

They have been reports of gangs of gropers speed groping on London Underground however much skills is required to avoid capture by Inspector Callaghan and his merry men.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 19:44:31 GMT)

Hair Dryer

This technique involves breathing heavily over the womans face and neck. It is best done after applying the 'Shampoo' tactice to set the saliva droplets in the hair.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 19:47:20 GMT)

Face in the Breasts

This technique is fairly self explanatory. A variation of this technique has been documented by the Sex Beast which involves falling asleep next to your victim and letting your head fall between her breasts. If you are skilled enough one can apply the 'snake tongue' and a quick lick between the breasts.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 19:52:33 GMT)


I have never heard of chikans using such a technique in the field. However rich, sex hungry men have been known to hire women for female wrestling. The man wrestles with the woman in mud rather like the anaconda of the Amazon Rainforest battles with an alligator/crocodile using its body to pin down and suffocate its victim.

The 'chikan' would in this instance pin the girl down in the mud and squash her like Dr. Iron Dick does to amsterdam prostitutes.

We have yet to recieve reports of this technique being used by chikans.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 19:55:48 GMT)

Let the Lion Out the Cage

This involves unzipping your trousers and blowing your semen onto your victims thighs and crack. Also known as wet humping as documented by 'Jay'..

When one unzips and allows the sex hungry cock to stick out. Once can understand why it is termed let the lion out of the cage.

When you practise this techique always wear your shirt outside to cover your hungry lion :-).

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 20:06:06 GMT)

Playing with the Hungry Lion

Such technique has been documented by several british chikans.

When a chikan wants to play it safe and not get caught. He will stand right behind a sexy woman and imagine sticking his sausage in her crack.

He then plays with the 'hungry lion' by placing his hands in his pockets and breaths uuuuhh and corrrrr. Imagining digging into he fruity bum. Eventually the hungry lion roars and the chikan cums.

Such chikans pierce holes in their trouser pockets so they can reach thier hungry lion. If u must practise this technique wear dark trousers to hide the semen stains.

Chikans have been known to stink out london underground carriages. As documented by Nanbread, Dr. Iron Dick hence the "There was a smell of semen in the air and women turned and begain to sniff"

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 08 Sep 2003 20:09:02 GMT)

The Hungry Lion Roars

Another term to describe when a chikan plays with his dick and cums.

British Transport Police (Mon 08 Sep 2003 20:15:47 GMT)


We have undercover police on all underground trains. Molesting innocent women is a crime. Oneday you will be caught. We are keeping a close I on people like pbg, iron dick, english groper. Oneday we will catch you !!. It is not clever what you do.

Inspector Callaghan

Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 21:16:42 GMT)

Re: Inspector Callaghan - Warning

Dear Callaghan, when I arrive upon your shores at London Heathrow, I'm gonna be just like the Beast. I'm gonna "chuck" my dork up so many English girl arse gaps that a new record is gonna be set my friend. Better call Ripley's.

You didn't apprehend the Beast, and you shant apprehend me. Catch me if you can. Your record is nil thus far. BEEP, BEEP said you yanked my chain. Since when??? Those English girls are gonna do the "wank my crank" is what for Sir DickInHan. Hahaha!

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 23:13:18 GMT)

"Embellish Relish"

Hey Paki Bottom Groper, I got another term for the gang called "embellish relish". We have the presence of "embellish relish" when chikans who have experience with "wet ones" put the "hot dog in the bun" and then spudge on girlie girl's buttcheeks!

The chikan squirts this "relish condiment" out of his "hot dog" when them bum cheeks start to feel real, real guuuuuudd! It's often referred to as "embellish relish" simply because lowly skilled to failed chikans simply cannot believe it. Heeheeheehee!

Black Shogun
Co-Author of "The Karma Chikan Sutra" - THE leading treatise on the practice of chikan

Black Shogun (Mon 08 Sep 2003 23:50:33 GMT)

Response to ALL "Chikan Player Haters"

"Senor Pepe, Dr. Iron Dick 'n Me" as adapted from 50 Cent's song "P.I.M.P."

Senor Pepe, Dr. Iron Dick 'n Me

Now why this chikan talkin shit about me???
I don't know what he done heard about me.
What part of this pic he can't see?
Well hear it straight now comin from me.
Senor Pepe, Dr. Iron Dick 'n me!
We are chikan brothers P.I.M.P.!

You better watch what you s

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Arm Humper (Tue 09 Sep 2003 01:22:29 GMT)


1.I'm not sure if I fully understood your comment on my little song, but if there are similarities between it and a piece by 50 cent they are purely acccidental, as they say. The refrain about the dancefloor and the bus and so on was written in 99 or 2000. I've never knowingly listened to this man's music. I only know the name.
2. The post about dogs was by me. I am not 'into' zoophilia, but like many men, I wdn't object to seeing a woman have sex with a dog. If you've read any of Nancy Friday's collections of women's fantasies, you will know that not a few women think about things like that too. I sometimes find some of the things that a come up on this board a little distasteful, but I just ignore them.

Black Shogun (Tue 09 Sep 2003 13:06:49 GMT)

A Triscuit versus A Chikan

What's the difference between a Triscuit cracker and a chikan? A Triscuit is a snack cracker . . . whilst a chikan is a . . . crack snacker! Aaahahaha!

Rub your finger gently between some deep and rounded booty cheeks my friends . . . don't push too hard, but just right . . . light!

And in a real tight crowd, shove your opposable thumb up her butt . . . feel her little sweaty underpanties . . . go for pooty hole paydirt if you can. It'll make ya nature grow. Ask Jay :-)

Black Shogun

DR IRON DICKK (Tue 09 Sep 2003 18:28:57 GMT)






arm humper (Wed 10 Sep 2003 01:23:27 GMT)


1. When I asked if anyone dreamt about frotteurism at night, I meant did anyone have dreams about humping while asleep.
2. Unlike the man you know, I have absolutely no interest in contacts between human males and other animals.
3. Nancy Friday has edited at least 3 collections of women's sexual fantasies : 'My Secret Garden', 'Forbidden Flowers' and 'Women on Top'. There is not much on frotteurism. In 'Men in Love' a man talks about how his wife presses her mound against men while dancing and 'invariably gives them hardons'.

Black Shogun (Wed 10 Sep 2003 02:14:59 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - Answers to Questions

1. Dreaming of frotting at night - now I follow you. Reading Ayashi BBS will do that to you.

2. A Man's Best Friend - the only "bestiality" we want to read about is NYC Beast-iality.

3. Nancy Friday - is she buttfuckin? (no need to answer . . . meant to be rhetorical).

Black Shogun

assgrabbin chris (Wed 10 Sep 2003 15:59:44 GMT)

Shogun why the fuck would you go to london when you can go to brazil

Go to brazil man ,Brzil look at my posts and links about it, the american dollar goes far there , so much booty...

Black Shogun (Wed 10 Sep 2003 17:09:28 GMT)

Re: AssGrabbinChris - England versus Brazil

Well, like most chikans, I wouldn't mind doing an international "ass crack review" by sampling buttcheeks in every corner of the globe. However, there is only so much time, energy, and money. So, the "touring chikan" must establish an itinerary that he thinks will leave him with the most joyous memories of his travels as a frotteur.

For me, that place appears to be London just because we

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fustrated frotteur (Thu 11 Sep 2003 03:57:29 GMT)


I am from Australia I would say the best Event for chikaning would be just before a State of Origin Foot Ball match or during the Royal Easter Show the trains are packed.

fustrated frotteur (Thu 11 Sep 2003 03:59:27 GMT)


I am interested in amateur upskirts , real pics of un suspecting girls and women but I havet mastered the art of upskirting and digital photography . How on Earth could a man using a miniature video camera to film up the skirts of women get caught since A pin-hole camera was concealed in his shoe ?.

I need hints on upskirting, which is the best camera to use? where to conceal the camera. If you can give me any advice I will be very Gratfull.

Ozzi Groper (Thu 11 Sep 2003 14:04:33 GMT)

fustrated frotteur - venues

Don't forget the AFL finals and the Melbourne Show. We always have a parade of the footy stars on the Friday before the Grand Final, and the streets are packed with fans and lots of school kids who are wagging it just to cheer on their teams or for the fun of it. You can't miss.
And I think the Rugby World Cup will present some top opportunities. There will be venues televising what is taking place live, and there will be lots of females pissed out of their minds. Also, I always have a fabulous time at the Melbourne Cup. It is a gropers paradise with women wearing little, all a bit tipsy, and groping and frotting the norm. If you are in a different state, it is worth making a day trip to fly down just for this.

Arm Humper (Thu 11 Sep 2003 23:12:43 GMT)

Shogun/ Ozzi Groper/ the Group

I agree that disputes occur too often on this board. If we had a policy of being polite to one another, even when we disagreed, then heated arguments would be less likely to break out. I, for my part, am not going to get into one, but I have to make a few points.
1. Over the weekend, I asked some questions, got no responses and would have been happy to leave it at that. I would have assumed th

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Ozzi Groper (Fri 12 Sep 2003 00:53:02 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper/Shogun

OK. Now, that you both have everything off your chests, can we have some more stories please?

altera888 (Sat 13 Sep 2003 03:34:31 GMT)

re: fustrated frotteur (Thu 11 Sep 2003 03:59:27 GMT)

try the buletin board (the tech section) at its quite comprehensive.

altera888 (Sat 13 Sep 2003 03:43:03 GMT)

Finger press magazine

Does anyne from Japan on this b'board have copies of this magazine? or any of its's deriative versions? I would love to read them!

altera888 (Sat 13 Sep 2003 04:08:09 GMT)

News Story,4057,7245553%255E1702,00.html
'Molester' killed by train
From correspondents in Tokyo
September 12, 2003

AFTER wiggling free of guards, a man who allegedly groped a female passenger jumped off a crowded train platform and was promptly hit and killed by a

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webmaster: ayashi (Sat 13 Sep 2003 21:43:49 GMT)

Re: Finger press magazine

It is now on the net.
(though everything is written in Japanese)

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