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Ms. DarkSoulDesires (Thu 10 Jun 2004 02:29:26 GMT)

Hey guy's and gal's...

Hey I'm new here.....HELP LoL I think it's a insult board correct ? Im Female, living in S. Calif. Like to meet new freinds.......SO Merry Meet this site looks like fun. ~ Winks impishly~

Ms. DarkSoulDesires (Thu 10 Jun 2004 02:59:47 GMT)

Hmmmmmmm anyone into BDSM ?

Kinky white unmarried woman, seeks a good time ROLMAO .......ya gotta live near me thou.

Ms DarkSoulDesires (Fri 11 Jun 2004 01:08:15 GMT)

My Bad Sorry Guy's ~ sighs~

Sorry, I did not know that, and thanks for the 411, it will never happen again.

May the Great Spirit Bless you
with the knowledge of your inner
strength and wisdom.
May you have the strength of eagles' wings,
The faith and courage to fly to new heights,
And the wisdom of the universe
to carry you there.
We can only be what we give
ourselves the power to be.

MsDarkSoulDesires (Sun 13 Jun 2004 13:01:32 GMT)

Peircing of my hood ( Clit ring )

Are you into body peircings ? * A true story *As my heart pounded I walked into a local tatoo shop, they also do body peircing. I asked the rather handsome man " I come to you to have my clit peirced"" He smiled softly and said "sure follow me" I was wearing a short summer dress with a white sheer thong, he asked me to please remove my panties. I humbly did as I was told ( I'm a slave ) looking at

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DarkSoulDesires (Sun 13 Jun 2004 14:23:03 GMT)

I do

WIll post them soon.

MsDarkSoulDEsires (Sun 13 Jun 2004 15:19:11 GMT)

Following orders .......Analy used

Mr BlackShot Gun,
I'm as I said a submissive so I have had my body used in ways you could not imagine. Since Im short on time, ( I have a appointment ) I will post one really fast. Couple years vacb I had a Master, via the internet, we meet real life a short time after. He would watch me on a web cam set up as I was ordered to fuck strange men. Men seems to love when a woman dresses like a sc

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MrDarkSoul (Sun 13 Jun 2004 15:33:16 GMT)

I'm working on a picture page

Soon to cum, a picture page with my pictures. ( For your wanking ) please share your coments ! ~ smiles ~ Even women like to hear about men wanking.

DarkSoulDesires (Sun 13 Jun 2004 15:41:06 GMT)

My web page

Here is a picture of me I will add more later.

Darksoul (Mon 14 Jun 2004 20:22:13 GMT)


I was just tired in that picture......I will post another just for you

DarkSoulDesires (Mon 14 Jun 2004 20:35:36 GMT)


Just for you my ass pciture is posted DOGGIE style ! http://profiles.yahoo.com/darksouldesires

MsDarkSoul (Tue 15 Jun 2004 13:09:13 GMT)

Black Shogun

Greetings Black Shotgun,
Im pleased you like the picture :)
I'm planning on making a web page soon......as for your question about how i found this site, I was searching for something and ran into it. And being that I'm kinky thought I would see where my 2 cents would get me. BTW Nice to meet you Sir Black.
Blessed Be, Juliana aka Darkest Desires

Darkest Soul (Tue 15 Jun 2004 15:48:43 GMT)

Fake post

Black Shogun you wrote .....(Tue 08 Jun 2004 10:24:56 GMT)
Re: Fake Posts

I said there would be more battles. These fools are only playing into our hands. That's right Stath2. I'm no racist just because I like to hump white gals. Think I'll go get me some "onion butt" this weekend ;-)

Hey the best COCK I ever had was from a black man MMMMMMMMMMMMM ! Im not racist either any cock will do :)~ Meet me in Calif ! ~ wink~
Darkest Soul.
PS Sounds like this Stath2 is jealous of you Sir Black. Best ignore these kind, they do go away. Love and respect ! XOXOXOXOX

Ms Darkest Soul (Tue 15 Jun 2004 15:56:05 GMT)


Greetings to you, and all the rest.
Just a quick note to say I enjoy this board, Thanks Ayashi. Even thou Im new to it. Over the weekend we ( my sister and i ) went to a concert. Im running late, so I will post a update later this day. Shorts Skirts, and cowboy hats !
P.S. Oh and yes, I almost forgot I meant Master trans-rub ~ Giggles ~

Ms Darkest Soul

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 00:08:34 GMT)

Oh My Sorry Sir Shogun

JUst wanted to apologies for spelling your name wrong, forgive me. Guess I will have to make it up to you perhaps a picture of lowrider jeans with no panties might make you forget I spelled your name wrong so many time.

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 00:12:36 GMT)


Nice to meet ya br0wn5huga, Sorry to hear about your loss. Yeah Calif is getting bad. I have limited time on the PC due to real life. But if ya wanna drop me a e-mail I can send ya some pix, I have not had time to work on my web page yet :(

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 00:48:38 GMT)

Re: MsDarkSoulDesires - Welcome, Short skirts and cowboys hats !

Sir Shogun,
Reading your post, that woman was NO sub/slave. First off is she was she would NEVER say "No' And all my post's are true stories that really happen to me. Since Im new Im just kickin it, learning aboutcha all. Beng a woman and a slave ontop of that its eazier for me to press my ass up against some strange man standing behind me. Some kinda freak out likee "What The F***" LoL I'm

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Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 01:06:06 GMT)

Black Shogun

Hey Babe,
Sent me a e-mail, I will pass ya some of my ass pix's ....I need to get my ass busy and make that web page!
Ah, yes I have a peirced clit to show ya as well !
Matching nip rings.

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 20:51:30 GMT)

Did ya know.....

This may be off topic, but I thought I would share.
Greetings to All you Ckihan's : )~

Did ya know that a man's hot sperm is great used as facial cream ! It's used in my religion, also sex is the highest form of energy seen by the Gods. BTW I'm Wiccan. SO if ya ever get your hot cock between my ass cheeks and cum, make sure you apply it to my face !! Nothing better tasing or smelling tha

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Ms DarkSoulDesires (Wed 16 Jun 2004 20:57:17 GMT)


Shoot me a e-mail please. Meet me in a crowd :0~

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 21:18:53 GMT)


~ Grins impishly ~
Sounds like that hour late to work was WELL worth it. Just made me realize Bad-Boy. " I need to get out more " Can I ask where ya'all live, cos here in SouthernCalif, its hard for me to find Chikans. And if I do its rare. Im thankful for the training from my Ex Master's. I love to get men to cum, pleasing them is why I was born a female slave.

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 21:28:11 GMT)


You bet Im CLEAN !I get regular check up's and I have never gotten any STD. And a nymph nah. I just enjoy exploring my sexuality.

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 22:32:29 GMT)

Master Black Shogun

Hey Babe,
Yes, Wiccan is a religon, witch craft, well I'm part cherokee, its more like a earth bound religon, what we take from the earth we give back......You might say its a white witch they only cast GOOD spells. And No way would I harm you ~ winks ~

As for enjoying cum, I love it, the taste, the smell, the feel of it rubbed all over my nakid body.

I have not seen American Bukkake movies but, Im going to go there now ~ smiles ~

Blessed Be, Juliana

Ms Darkest Soul (Wed 16 Jun 2004 23:29:13 GMT)


I replied to your e-mail Babe

Ms Darkest Soul (Thu 17 Jun 2004 02:53:09 GMT)


WTF did that mean ?

black shogun and darksoul
trans-rub (Thu 17 Jun 2004 02:38:54 GMT)
I just was jocking in the Darksoul case.She is not in the frott. business.
Thats all there is to that.

Did not make a once of sence to me ? You been drinking r what ?

Ms Darkest Soul (Thu 17 Jun 2004 03:00:12 GMT)

Black Sogun

Black Sogun you wrote .....I ain't hatin, but fuck that: http://www.powerexchange.com/ You heard of The Power Exchange Juliana? You're from California. I bet you have.
No Babes, never heard of it. Im in Southern Calif, Bi Sexual Female I dont go to gay sities like San Fran LoL hun.
2 Women 1 Man is my style !!!
Gotta love ya Sexy Black Man you !

Juliana (Thu 17 Jun 2004 03:12:33 GMT)

Re: trans-rub

You wrote : (excuse my english,is not my mother language)
Well that explains it, can you read this ....Kiss me here (_Y_) LoL pretty please :)~
its ALL good, I just could not understand ya ass. I think we have a language barrier BlackShogun

Juliana (Thu 17 Jun 2004 03:23:10 GMT)

Black Shogun

Yes Sir BlackShogun,

I could tell ya things that have happen to me like that but this is a chikan site, don't wanna piss in anyones Wheaties.

Mauhhhhh OXOX


Juliana (Thu 17 Jun 2004 16:25:01 GMT)

Was the best job with great benefits !

A few years ago I worked in a cafeteria the uniforms where pretty basic, polo t-shirt and black slacks. Well I wore thongs which showed when ever I bent down, I wore thight slacks that you could see a panty line if not. I had a few male co-workers who loved to brush up against me, Once Arnie pressed his cock up against me I could really feel his massive hard on.

One day I happen t

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Ms DarkSoulDesires (Thu 17 Jun 2004 17:14:50 GMT)


Your right, I dont have dark skin. ITs all good.....As far as your neck of the woods I been all over the states. But Its all good I like reading your stories anyways :)~
Have a wonderful Chikan Day.

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