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Arm Humper (Tue 29 Jul 2003 00:38:17 GMT)

re: It doesn't always come out good

I can sympathize with you Ozzi Groper. Last week I was on a bus and the humpee said to her friend seated next to her in a loud voice: Is this man a pervert? He is rubbing up on me and his dickie is hard! I quickly quitted the scene. Perhaps we were victims of 'timebombs' who seem to be willing then make a fuss. Apart from these types, it seems to me that there are some women who take a fair while

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Arm Humper (Wed 30 Jul 2003 23:11:53 GMT)

Latest Encounter

This morning I humped the shoulder of a woman on the bus. She was about 45 years old, brownskinned, squarefaced, large-eyed and large-nosed. She was wearing a dark blue skirtsuit with long sleeves. I gained an erection by repeatedly brushing my penis across her arm, then I began humping. I lost this hard one when I had to make way for a man who was gettin off. When I returned to my position I sta

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Arm Humper (Fri 01 Aug 2003 21:21:42 GMT)

An Unusual Experience (2001)

Here is another story about humping girls that you know. In January 2000 I humped the shoulder of a young woman when we were on a bus. She had actually pushed herself against me, but by that time I had already come. I did not in fact know her, but I knew her sister (not well) and was later able to find out a little about her. When I had seen them walking together a while before the encounter I ha

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Arm Humper (Mon 04 Aug 2003 03:10:24 GMT)


I frotted the shoulder of another woman on the bus tonight. She must have been 30something and was sitting next to her young daughter. She was dark and had what I call a shield shaped face: broad from the forehead to the cheekbones, then tapering sharply towards the chin. Her nose was narrow and well defined. Altogether she had quite a cute look. Seated behind her was a woman who had disappointed

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Arm Humper (Mon 04 Aug 2003 11:32:29 GMT)

O ye of little faith

When I told this worshipful company of gropers about the time I had unintentionally wet a woman's leg and she just dried it with a tissue, some people questioned my truthfulness. After reading Heather's last story perhaps they will believe that a frotee can get wet or moistened and not kick up a fuss. I think her response would depend on whether she was willing or not.

Arm Humper (Mon 04 Aug 2003 13:08:19 GMT)

Re faith versus probability

I quite understand that people will question reports of uncommon events. I was simply pointing out that Heather's story shows that there are some women who will behave as my accomplice did. When you have been humping hundreds of women you do occasionally have a rare day in hell. In any case I was not so much thinking of you when I talked about unbelievers.

Arm Humper (Mon 04 Aug 2003 21:27:15 GMT)

The biggest ass; a rare day.

When I was about 16 I frotted a woman whose bottom was not only really big also shapely. She was about 30 years older than I was. But I remember her because of her unusual psychology. When I tried to hump her backside she looked back at me with disapproval, (we were on a bus). A little later she sat down and I tried to mount her shoulder but she made her feelings unmistakeably clear by pushing me

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Arm Humper (Tue 05 Aug 2003 23:50:13 GMT)


You asked about the way I go about humping women's arms on the bus. When I was a teen, I used to leave a little distance between myself and the woman and thrust my erection into her arm. If you do it that way people are likely to notice, but I didn't frot that often then, and I got away with it. Now I stand up closer to her so that no one will see that I have an erection and I make small movemen

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Arm Humper (Wed 06 Aug 2003 23:52:48 GMT)

Gentlebrush re rubbing shoulders

No one has ever hit me in the balls. It helps if you are polite; if the woman shows displeasure I stop and look for one who doesn't. In any case you can't force yourself on a seated woman. I'm not sure that classical approach from behind is any safer. There have been reports on this board of women in high heels stepping on men's feet; they have also pushed back hard against frotteurs. The Masher once got stabbed in the leg with a pencil, and women have also been known to use pins and knitting needles to defend themselves. But I also know the pleasures of the classical method, and might try it soon for the sake of variety. The last time I did it that way was in June.

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 01:24:11 GMT)


I would like to take the credit for 'defining the speciality' of shoulder humping but I can't. I did a search and found that Master Frotteur wrote a story in January of (I think) this year where he details the pleasures of the practice much more thoroughly than I have. He mentions feeling the feminine plumpness of a woman's arm and notes that you can look at her legs and breasts and see her body moving in response to your movements. MF also talks about reading some other similar stories on this board and I have come across a handful tonight.

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 16:18:24 GMT)

Defining a speciality

Many thanks Shogun and Gentlebrush for your kind remarks about me and my stories. I will try to keep them coming. Concerning your reply to the Ozzi Groper, people have sometimes remarked that black men's interest in women tends to be focussed on their backsides, and the race certainly has some fine specimens perhaps because more men chose women well endowed in that department to reproduce with. I

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Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 16:46:46 GMT)

Succes rates

This is a question that interests me. I haven't read the article that established the figure of 1 out of 20 for willing humpees, but I noted that Jay once put forward that statistic. But Consensual said that he had a success rate of 20 to 30%, that is between 1 out of 5 and 1 out of 3 women responded favourably to him. I used to keep records (now lost) over periods of several months and I found that the figure of about 1 out of 3 was constant. These encounters involved mainly but not exclusively arm humping. My suspicion is that nonconsensual humpers underestimate the number of willing humpees out there. Master Frotteur once said that in something like 10 years he had never come across a woman who liked being frotted.

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 17:14:46 GMT)

The origins of frotteurism

The little that I have been able to read on this topic says that the practice dates back to introduction of public transportation in big cities in the second half of the 19th century. But I'm wondering if it din't start when the waltz became (scandalously) fashionable around 1815. Men now had the chance to press themselves against their partners. Perhaps there are some references to this in the porn of the time? In the Caribbean during later 19th century at black dances they sometimes used to turn off the lights at the end of the entertaiment so that the dancers could have what was called a 'dark wrestle'. I suspect that frotting (during dancing) was going on in this part of the world before it caught on in Europe and America (on trains and buses).

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 18:31:02 GMT)

Racial preferences

I will read your story, Shogun, after typing this. It just occurred to me that in Africa itself many men prefer pleasantly plump women because this is seen as a sign of good health, and, in ancient Egypt, a certain amount of fat was regarded as a sign of prosperity. Now, when a woman puts on weight her butt tends to become more fat than when a man does the same, so the tendency for many black men to prefer prominent butts might be explicable in this way. By the way, there was a time on this board when men kept admiring Jennifer Lopez's ass. I know that she is called a latina, but it seems to me that there a good few cases, such as hers maybe, where terms like black and latino overlap.

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 19:35:00 GMT)

Origins of frotteurism

I agree that men could have had a rub whenever there was a tight crowd but I am not sure that the practice of repeatedly achieving orgasm by pressing against female strangers would have possible in the West before say 1800 on a large enough scale to justify using the term 'frotteurism'. The population of England, for example, at that time was only about 5 million and most of these were scattered throughout the countryside. Relatively long bus rides gave men the time to bring the act to a 'proper' conclusion. Now, frottage or body fucking, as someone termed it, is as old as the hills, but frotteurism normally requires that the participants be strangers.

Arm Humper (Thu 07 Aug 2003 23:03:41 GMT)

Success Ratios

I don't want to be going on all the time on the issue of consent, but in the case of the Ozzi Groper and myself where women normally have a choice and know what you are doing, if they let you have your way, then you should be able to say that they liked, or at least tolerated it. So for me the success ratio and the like-it ratio are the same. Positve signs of enjoyment, though, are rare and certainly in my experience no higher than 5% if so high.

arm humper (Fri 08 Aug 2003 23:55:14 GMT)


It seems to me that since the taboo against having sex with strangers is so strong, that women who permit strangers to have (a form of) sex with them when they can easily say no, must derive at least some degree of pleasure from the activity that they allow. I don't think that you should conclude that the woman disliked what she freely let you do just because she didn't grab your dick. In some cases there may be a mixture of conflicting feelings. Yes toleration and enjoyment normally have different meanings, but if the woman does nothing to suggest that she disliked being humped when she could have said no, then I think that the consensual humper can consider the encounter to be a success.

arm humper (Sat 09 Aug 2003 00:33:55 GMT)

Of arms and the man

Maybe shoulder humping is a speciality and subpractice, but I think it is possible to place too much emphasis on the physical aspects of frotteurism when making categorizations. The same sexual action can be veiwed in very different ways depending on the circumstances. For example, a man screwing his wife and a man doing exactly the same thing to an underaged girl. It might be more profitable to use the attitudes of the humper and the humpee to the act as a definer. Then you have (a) consensual humping which is like casual or anonymous sex, (b) nonconsensual humping which has something in common with rape, and (c) stealth humping, where the woman is sleeping or otherwise unaware. This is comparable to solitary sex.

arm humper (Sat 09 Aug 2003 01:33:12 GMT)


I read your story Begginings and as usual enjoyed your colloquial style ('knock her down and fuck her'). I think that you did not answer the thrust of my argument which is that, given the strong taboo, freely given permission can be taken as a 'legitimate' and 'valid' sign that she liked it. Remember that I was also responding to some points that the Ozzi Groper made.

arm humper (Sat 09 Aug 2003 23:34:21 GMT)

Pressing business

I came against a woman's butt late this afternoon while standing in a full bus. She was wearing a light, brown, knee length dress that left her shoulders bare. She was dark brown and had a narrow face with pronounced cheek bones. She carried a small, black backpack that made my job a little difficult, but eventually I was able to move my erection from side to side against her left cheek. I found this really exciting, especially when the bus was stationary, and wanted to

arm humper (Sun 10 Aug 2003 00:10:37 GMT)

Pressing business continued

do it for longer, but I had to try to bring the encounter to a (im)proper conclusion because buses here don't stay full that long. So I moved over to her right cheek and pressed into it rhythmically until I climaxed. Unfortuately, when I was coming, because of the movements of the bus, I was not able to have my thing jammed as firmly against her as I normally like it to be during the moment of truth, but my soft penis was pleasantly squashed into her butt for a while afterwards. I should have mentioned that she was slimly built and there was nothing remarkable about her ass. She was the 10th girl that I approached.

arm humper (Sun 10 Aug 2003 16:27:18 GMT)

ratios of success

I think that the scene in the recent story 'Northeast USA' where the girl was beating the tambourine while the guy stroked himself in front of her was classic. I could see it being used in a film. I also liked the way bad boy expressed his enjoyment of our pastime in his last post. On a different note, I wil say that Shogun is right: I do sometimes omit logical steps in my arguments, because I d

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arm humper (Tue 12 Aug 2003 23:07:23 GMT)


I came against the arm of another woman on the bus this late this afternoon. I was looking down at her face all the while. She seemed to be quite at ease and untroubled throughout the roughly 5 minute encounter. I can't say more because a virus keeps shuting me down.

Arm Humper (Sun 17 Aug 2003 18:32:45 GMT)


Thanks Ozzi Groper for your offer. It was the Blaster Worm that was causing the problem. Another young woman let me frot her shoulder on the bus on Friday morning. She was slim, longlimbed and had a light brown complexion. Her head was small as were her features. Her skirt and top were mande of a light, black material. As usual, I was able to look at her face during the act. She seemed completely

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Arm Humper (Tue 19 Aug 2003 00:00:29 GMT)


I struck again this morning while travelling to work on the bus, riding the shoulder of a pretty young woman until I came. She had an oval face and light brown eyes; her broad nose and thick lips suggested a sensual disposition. She had a cafe au lait complexion. She looked smart in her black slit skirt and her close fitting, shortsleeved, blue and black top. She was smallish and slim but had lon

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Arm Humper (Tue 19 Aug 2003 00:31:23 GMT)


In my country people often choose to stand in the bus even when seats are available if it is not long before they reach their stop. Also, people are not on the look out for this type of thing so perhaps they are less likely to notice it.

Arm Humper (Tue 19 Aug 2003 00:49:28 GMT)


I too know the pleasures of humping schoolgirls. There was a time when I was very fond of them. It was fun to get a girl from a school new to me and I prized girls from the more prestigious schools. Like you I found that a certain uniform became almost like an aphrodisiac and I loved to see a female student really filling out her regulation wear.

arm humper (Wed 20 Aug 2003 00:14:38 GMT)


Early this evening I frotted the shoulder of a young woman while we were on a bus. She was maybe 25 years old and had a quiet expression. Her arms were plump and feminine despite her petite figure. I felt a burst of pleasure when, after testing the waters, I realised that she was going to be agreeable. This is always one of the most exciting moments for me. I eventually came with my full erection jammed against her, and I did not pull away until my penis was completely soft and all my semen was on my leg and pants. I was wearing light coloured trousers, and I had to use my bag to hide the very obvious wet spot as I made my way home. She was the 5th woman I had approached since my encounter yesterday.

arm humper (Wed 20 Aug 2003 00:41:07 GMT)


Rationalists and religious people say it doesn't exist, but many sportsmen say it does; do any of you all believe in 'luck' where your practice is concerned? Do any of you British chikans find, for example, that one tube line is better than another equally busy one? or are you more lucky with one type of woman than with another? I find that I am more succesful on some routes than others, and I can't think of a good explanation. Do any of you go through good or bad patches when everything or nothing seems to go your way? Do any of you do things that you think improve your chances of success?

arm humper (Wed 20 Aug 2003 00:52:48 GMT)


I should make it clear that I had approached 5 women, but she was the first one who let me have my way.

Arm Humper (Fri 22 Aug 2003 20:05:42 GMT)

A naked arm

I came against the bare arm of a woman on the bus this afternoon. She was dark, squarefaced and was maybe 40 years old. Her breasts were too big to be completely contained by her closefitting top and I enjoyed the view. The exposed area was noticeably lighter than the rest of her. It did not take me long to boil over with this extra stimulus. She was only the second woman I approached since my last encounter.

arm humper (Fri 22 Aug 2003 20:23:28 GMT)


I would encourage anyone whose interests are similar to mine to keep records of how many women say yes and how many say no, even if the figures seem a little depressing. This sort of information would be very interesting I think to sexologists. When you decide to hang up your tracksuit trousers, you can donate your material to somewhere like the Kinsey Institute and enjoy the feeling of having made a small contribution to science.

arm humper (Fri 22 Aug 2003 22:00:35 GMT)

Living in a small country

I don't think the short story I am going to relate could have happened if I operated in a larger field. In January 1997 I came against the shoulder of a girl who went to one of our best schools. I still remember the way she looked at my middle when I pressed my hardness hard against her. I like to imagine the thoughts that were going through her mind at the time. About 9 months later, I was looki

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Arm Humper (Mon 25 Aug 2003 21:10:21 GMT)

Teen Queen

The good luck I've been enjoying recently continued today when I found a player on the bus at only my second attempt. She was about 18 and darkish with a long, square face and a flat nose. She spoke with an English accent. Her sleeveless pink top left a lot of her cleavage bare. She was also wearing a short denim skirt. My accomplice was chatting a little with an older female companion. Now, I am

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Arm Humper (Mon 25 Aug 2003 23:00:00 GMT)

Chijos or Female Chikans

You don't see mention of these very often. I have noted only 3 who have posted here, tho' they may be more. My own encounters with chijos have been few and far between. Once when I was standing in a line to pay a bill the woman who was behind me would put her breasts and upper body against me every time that the line moved forward. There have been 6 or 7 other times in lines at the bank, post off

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Arm Humper (Sun 31 Aug 2003 17:03:32 GMT)

Two last encounters

While I was away from my PC I had 2 encounters that resulted in orgasms. On Thursday I came against the bare arm of a woman on a bus. I had been watched by a woman who had earlier rejected me and by the woman sitting next to her. On Saturday, I achieved orgasm by pressing against the arm of another traveller. At first she was sitting with the arm raised horizontally at first, where I couldn't get at it properly. After she realised what I wanted to do, she lowered it, looked at my cock, then started to look out of the window with apparent unconcern. I might be wrong about her motivation, but that was how it seemed to me.

Arm Humper (Sun 31 Aug 2003 17:39:36 GMT)

Re X - the ass is where its at

I agree with the Ozzi Groper that what particular part of the body you make contact with is not all that important. What excites me is having a form of sex with a woman without any introduction, courtship, or negotiation. I have said earlier that I think it is possible to worry too much about the physical side of the practice, and I know that webmaster would concur: back in 99 he observed here that 'human sexuality is more a psychological than a physiological phenomenon.' As for my reports being 'lame and boring', they are certainly not meant to be stimulating or pornographic 'stories', just honest accounts of my activities. Perhaps X is peeved by my success (10 orgasms by humping this month). I don't have to post other people's uncredited material as he does.

Arm Humper (Sat 06 Sep 2003 19:23:55 GMT)

A great way to start the day

Wet humping a woman on my way to work puts a figurative smile on my face for the rest of the day. As a way of starting your day, it's better even than a bowl of Kellogs cornflakes. On Monday morning I got off against the shoulder of a slim dark woman. I came just as the bus reached the station. On Friday it was the turn of a slender girl with bare arms. It felt strange being so close to a strange

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Arm Humper (Sat 06 Sep 2003 20:57:17 GMT)

Some of the pluses of frotteurism

Ozzi Groper listed some of these a few weeks ago. I can add a few more. One is (a)the element of secrecy. There is something stimulating about engaging in sexual activity while there are many people around you who don't know what is going on. This is what a woman who was frotted on a train in India was talking about when she said 'the hidden nature made it exciting'. Then there is (b) the possibi

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Arm Humper (Sat 06 Sep 2003 21:47:02 GMT)

gropininthedark/french frotteur/labour day parade

Welcome to the board. Most of the people in my country are of African descent, so I know all about the great butts of your women. I hope you have also done or will be doing some humping in the dark continent. There is no need to limit yourself to one activity, or one part of the woman's body for that matter. If you do feel like communicating, you don't have to write a long story, just simply say

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arm humper (Sun 07 Sep 2003 00:11:22 GMT)


Does anyone have any stories about, or pix of women being humped by dogs? Maybe there is a website? Somebody should keep a dog that liked to do that sort of thing, and then invite pretty women to his house and watch them get attacked. By the way, does anyone dream about frotting at night? I've been doing this lately.

arm humper (Sun 07 Sep 2003 15:46:40 GMT)

Song of a Frotteur

Some men do it on the dancefloor, some men do it on the bus;
Crowded trains and elevators are love-nests for some of us.
Riding on the jam packed buses has some quite exciting pluses,
You can act with lustful freeness, branding girls' arms with your penis.
Many women like to feel a stranger's cock against their bum,
They must feel much dirtier than whores who do it for a sum.
It's a harmless way for girls to add some spice to their sex lives,
Boyfriends harvest sweet rewards when hot she bees return to hives.
There are even female humpers turning tables on the men,
Bulls are mounted now by cows, the cock is pestered by the hen.
Some men do it on the dancefloor, some men do it on the bus;
Crowded trains and elevators are love-nests for some of us.

Arm Humper (Tue 09 Sep 2003 00:47:44 GMT)

A Funny Thing Happened to Her on the Way to School

Today was the first day of the new school year. It is a little easier to frot women when the schools are open, because the buses are fuller for longer portions of the day. I let the first bus that came up this morning go by, since the route it takes to town is shorter than the one I prefer and offers me fewer opportunities.
My bus soon arrived, and I noticed that there were more people on it

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Arm Humper (Tue 09 Sep 2003 01:22:29 GMT)


1.I'm not sure if I fully understood your comment on my little song, but if there are similarities between it and a piece by 50 cent they are purely acccidental, as they say. The refrain about the dancefloor and the bus and so on was written in 99 or 2000. I've never knowingly listened to this man's music. I only know the name.
2. The post about dogs was by me. I am not 'into' zoophilia, but like many men, I wdn't object to seeing a woman have sex with a dog. If you've read any of Nancy Friday's collections of women's fantasies, you will know that not a few women think about things like that too. I sometimes find some of the things that a come up on this board a little distasteful, but I just ignore them.

arm humper (Wed 10 Sep 2003 01:23:27 GMT)


1. When I asked if anyone dreamt about frotteurism at night, I meant did anyone have dreams about humping while asleep.
2. Unlike the man you know, I have absolutely no interest in contacts between human males and other animals.
3. Nancy Friday has edited at least 3 collections of women's sexual fantasies : 'My Secret Garden', 'Forbidden Flowers' and 'Women on Top'. There is not much on frotteurism. In 'Men in Love' a man talks about how his wife presses her mound against men while dancing and 'invariably gives them hardons'.

arm humper (Wed 10 Sep 2003 02:00:58 GMT)


I came against a young woman's plump shoulder this evening on the bus. She looked up at me when I started to ejaculate. It is really pleasant when you know that the woman has felt you climaxing against her. My silent partner was clearly coming from work. She must therefore catch the bus at the same time every weekday, so I will try to see if I can repeat with her. I have repeated about 5 times. In one case, I came first against the woman's shoulder, then her bottom. Forgive me if I relate my encounters in a matter of fact way, but as you would have noticed, for me (and some others like Carlos) frotting is almost literally an everyday thing.

arm humper (Wed 10 Sep 2003 02:16:11 GMT)


By the way, the rather well known writer Nancy Friday is defintely a woman. I've seen pictures of her. In the books I mentioned, she only comments on other people's imaginings.

arm humper (Wed 10 Sep 2003 02:28:07 GMT)


You may have run the risk of getting another rebuke from Ozzi Groper when you said 'we' rather than 'I' when talking about man's (and woman's) best friend.

Arm Humper (Thu 11 Sep 2003 23:12:43 GMT)

Shogun/ Ozzi Groper/ the Group

I agree that disputes occur too often on this board. If we had a policy of being polite to one another, even when we disagreed, then heated arguments would be less likely to break out. I, for my part, am not going to get into one, but I have to make a few points.
1. Over the weekend, I asked some questions, got no responses and would have been happy to leave it at that. I would have assumed th

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Arm Humper (Mon 15 Sep 2003 16:22:31 GMT)

Shogun Re: I Reply

I like it when we can discuss our differences in a calm and peaceful way. Frotteurs are a sexual minority, even perhaps an endangered species in some countries, and we need to stick together and help each other where we can. I have a few responses to the points you made.
1. Liquid on the Lady's Leg.
a. It is very seldom that a frotteur ejaculates onto the skin of his woman, so we don't have

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arm humper (Tue 16 Sep 2003 16:29:30 GMT)

Re OG's request for more stories

I injured my foot last week, so I won't be able give any current reports until the end of this week at the earliest. But I will tell of a few past encounters to show one of the things that can happen when you press against women's arms.
In May 96 I frotted a schoolgirl in an unusual way. We were on a bus, but her seat was too high for me to get at her shoulder, so I turned my still entrousered

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arm humper (Mon 17 Nov 2003 22:47:25 GMT)

double delight

Earlier today I did something I have sometimes fantasized about: I had two orgasms on the bus by pressing myself against two different women. I came the first time when the vehicle was leaving the capital on the first half of its journey. The second orgasm happened about an hour later on the way back to the city. Normally, I would not have made the second attempt, but recently I have been taking medication that sometimes stops me from ejaculating when I climax; this is what happened the first time, and I felt that this might make it easier for me to climax again within a short period. I have come twice by frotting on the same day a few times before, but never on the same bus ride. The second woman's arm was bare. That was the part of her I pressed against.

arm humper (Tue 18 Nov 2003 21:29:57 GMT)


Gentlebrush for your welcome back; I see you have been doing some arm humping while I was away. Unfortunately I am not from the U.S. I hear the big cities offer some good opportunities. But on the other hand, the authorities seem to be more on the look out for frotteurs, and women are probably more assertive.
Concerning X's criticisms I will say again that I am a frotteur, not a pornographer, and as such I enjoy exchanging information with other players. This is not a literary club. Many of the 'stories' here are not about any form of humping at all, but I have not heard him complain about that.
I like the way aise hi masti writes, and I encourage him to continue speculating and throwing out ideas. We can discuss the 'theory' of frotteurism too.

Arm Humper (Fri 21 Nov 2003 11:47:42 GMT)

A Nice Ride

I didn't really feel like going hunting yesterday, but I motivated myself in part by saying that I was providing a service (we think alike Feather). The partner I eventually found was dark, buxom, square faced and about 45 years old. Her professional looking dark blue pants suit showed off her large, round ass to advantage. She looked at my groin once or twice when I rubbed myself against her plump shoulder. I found myself short of time because of interruptions to let people pass behind me, but I was able to come by making small but quick movements. The bus was stationary so she must have felt the strong pulsations. I had been looking down at her all the time and enjoyed seeing her head move from side to side in response to my humping rhythm.

arm humper (Tue 02 Dec 2003 22:12:30 GMT)


A few months ago I wrote about a schoolgirl I had humped once whose pictures appeared in our newspapers a few times because of her involvement in sports. After this I discovered there are pictures of her on the net (she plays for an American university). I would share them with you all if it were not for the privacy issues involved.
What I really want to say, is that I was reading a local foru

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