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pincher (Sat 12 Apr 2003 22:51:25 GMT)

grabbing girl

All right every one who remembers me from before..!

Well things have been slow for me over the last few month, you know winter, and my beloved central line been tits up. But, like the best of mammals I like to hibernate over winter, and wake with a hunger in the spring, or is that wake with a spring and hunger.....?
Any way had a top experience the other day I would like to share with yo

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pincher (Sat 19 Apr 2003 07:36:55 GMT)

master pincher

I am sorry to disappoint you DR I.D. but its quality not quantity, and pincher only goes for the elite.
But any way nice to hear from you, summer is back and things are starting to get back to normal with the central line been out. Although I am slightly worried that they actually might be running the tube more efficiently, coz their seems less delays lately.
Have any other London chikans noticed this..........?

pincher (Mon 21 Apr 2003 21:00:02 GMT)

re F&C

Hey mate chin up, look Iíve been in trouble before with the police, not sex related, but drug related. This was at a time when the law was heavy on it, and it was a real drain on me. Look I donít know your circumstances, but you must collect your self together. You have been caught once, so just say it was a one off, a miss understanding, you have to play the game. If you feel the police have got

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pincher (Sat 28 Jun 2003 08:35:58 GMT)

back to say good bye

All right to all those chikans who remember me. Well its been along time since I posted coz I aint been up to much, in truth I have virtually stopped (though temptation is strong). I notice alot of sadness from some of the old boys, having read back through some of the articles. Dr ID, your one in a million mate, keep your chin up mate.
BUT a note for the so called Inspector Callaghan, if you a

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Pincher (Sat 28 Feb 2004 09:26:22 GMT)

Stalker - Inspector Callaghan

How do we know you are not faking or spoofing your IP address ?. I believe that you are inspector callaghan. Why do you insist on being so defensive ?. Anyone can create or spoof fake ip addresses and make one believe otherwise.

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