Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is aaaaaaahhhhhhh?
A: Interjection. When a chikan is humping a woman and he is excited he often groans inside or under his breath aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Q: What is anaconda?
A: This is rather brothel technique. Rich, sex hungry men have been known to hire women for female wrestling. The man wrestles with the woman like an anaconda, using his body to pin down and squash her.

Q: What is APOYAR?
A: They call frotteurism APOYAR in ARGENTINA.

Q: What is arm hump?
A: Dry humping on a woman's arm or shoulder. This position is taken when the target is seated and the man is standing.

Q: What is ass jacker?
A: A groper who specializes in chikan buttfucking. Just like hi-jackers jack air planes ass-jackers jack asses.

Q: What is Ayashi-BBS?
A: An internet forum specialized in chikan and related topics.

Q: What is backhand?
A: It is rubbing of the titties or buttocks cheeks with the back of the hands.

Q: What is backstroke?
A: This involves slapping the buttcheeks of a woman with the back of chikan's hand. The man sits at a bar, leaning forward a bit, and waits his prey. When a girl comes within shot, say next to chikan at the bar to orders some drinks and then she turns to move away, he straightens his back, leans back on his bar stool, removes and swings his hand back in a natural motion. His hand then has slapped her butt from a totally normal "backstroke" motion that comes from merely sitting up straight.

Q: What is bar bum?
A: Instead of hanging out at the bar all the time drinking and smoking and socializing, a chikan bar bummer hangs out the bar all the time humping and groping and grabbing strange women's asses.

Q: What is bicycle seat?
A: A cheeky chikan says "corrrrr. I wouldn't mind being your bicycle seat" when he sees a beautiful woman walks down the road. Also if a woman is falling on her behind, a chikan at her back can wait her with bicycle seat position. He can have her in his lap eventually.

Q: What is black hole?
A: It is a metaphor of a woman's gap.

Q: What is boa constrictor?
A: This is rather brothel technique like anaconda. The man tells the naked woman to lie down on the bed on stomach. He then jumps on her and squashes dick into her crack, almost suffocating her. The technique is patented by Dr. Iron Dick.

Q: What is boner groaner?
A: "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" or "ooooooohhhhhhh!!" or whatever groan, either out loud or in his head, which a chikan makes to indicate pleasure to his dick derived from a sweet bum.

Q: What is booty bandit?
A: This is how NY transit authority police call chikan. In addition to that, a chikan may call another chikan "booty bandit" when the latter steals a humpable girl from him.

Q: What is bootyology?
A: This means the study of the booty or (female) butt cheecks. A chikan practitioner or "bum doctor" without Ph.D. in bootyology is said to be unlicensed.

Q: What is bounce?
A: A chikan puts his hardon on girl's crotch and lifts her up on it. Then he bobs up and down on his tip toes several times in rapid succession.

Q: What is breast stroke?
A: When a chikan swims in a crowd with his hand against his chest, the hand naturally brushes women's breasts. Conversely chikan may stand still when a woman is moving past, then the man's hand waiting at right hight gives her breast stroke.

Q: What is breed?
A: Copulation.

Q: What is buggerable?
A: A woman who has a nice bubble butt that makes chikan's blood boil and his dick hard is buggerable.

Q: What is bum or be bummed?
A: A british girl may giggle and say "oh I have been bummed" when a chikan has bumped her back. The remark is ambiguous one results from ambiguous feeling.

Q: What is bum diddly?
A: A general descriptive phrase which encompasses any chikan technique or skill to mess with butt.

Q: What is bump and clap and/or bump and pump?
A: A concertgoer may love to raise hands to clap for the band and/or raise a hand in the air to pump the fist to the band. A chikan does the same standing close behind a woman so that he bumps her plump ass as he raises his hand to clap/pump.

Q: Who is Bum Thumb?
A: Bum Thum is not a person's name. See Mr. Bum Thumb.

Q: What is BUNion?
A: BUNion or "buns + onions" is a set of female buttocks that are white and round.

Q: What is butt hump?
A: Same as dry hump.

Q: Who is Callaghan?
A: He is a legendary inspector in British Transport Police. See Inspector Callaghan.

Q: What is car seat belt?
A: This is a secondary technique derives from bicycle seat. After a chikan bicycles a woman, he fastens his arms and locks his hands around the waist of the girl.

Q: What is chikan?
A: A frotteurer or a groper.

Q: Who is chikan player hater?
A: He is also chikan, in practice or in his craving, himself. But he is jealous and shows hatred against other chikans.

Q: What is chunky chicken?
A: A woman who is fat in the right place.
Chunky chiken women are first discovered among blonde english girls in business suits. Later many varieties are found. They are;
- Bugger a Jamaican girl = "Jerk (fuck) Chicken"
- Bugger a Mexican girl = "Chicken Koo Koo Roo"
- Bugger an African-American girl = "Fried Chicken" (Popeye's got biscuits too)
- Bugger her distant cousin from Liberia = "Chicken Catchitori" (spelling?)
- Bugger a Japanese girl = "Teriyaki Chicken"
- Bugger a Chinese girl = "Stir Fry Chicken"
- Bugger a White girl from Toledo, Ohio = "Baked Chicken"
- Bugger a Thai girl = "Satay Chicken"
- Bugger an Indian girl = "Curry Chicken" (with ghee)
- Bugger a British girl = "Original Chunky Chicken"

Q: What is Cleapatra cobra technique?
A: A chikan pokes his nose into girl's hair. When the girl turns her head round, the man moves to the other side, like the cobra as it sways side to side, so that she cannot find out who is doing it.

Q: What is cock slapping?
A: A chikan repeatedly slaps a woman across her bum with his cock. This technique is rather a starter to test the woman or to get his pole hard.

Q: What is cootchie biscuit?
A: What you find between her legs.

Q: What is corrr?
A: Interjection. It is used in everyday english to describe the feeling of seeing a beautiful woman.

Q: What is crack packed?
A: Any locale that is jammed full with feminine butt cracks.

Q: What is crowd surf?
A: A crowd surfer does not use a surfboard. She is a bodysurfer. She gets up over heads of mosh pit crowd and stretches herself. While they push her around, she will be grabbed, groped and pinched all over her body, sometimes have her clothes ripped - she will be dropped on the floor and break a bone or two in the end.

Q: What is cup and hold?
A: Typically when everyone is packed tight a chikan puts his hand in between girl's breast and whoever or whatever it is pressing against. An overbearing chikan like Schwarzenegger needs no crowd. He just cups a breast and holds it. A flexible chikan may stand in front of a woman. He has his arm swing across his back as if to scratch his back. Then he waits the dynamics of the crowd presses her and her breast against him or she brushes past him.

Q: What is doggy bone?
A: A chikan technique mainly used in a crowded bar where a drunken girl is leaning against the bar waiting for a drink. A chikan comes up behind her and takes doggy style position to hump.

Q: What is double brush by dip?
A: Typical target is a girl leaning against a barricade. A chikan walks by her, slaps her across the buttcheeck with his dick, sticks it into her crack, drags his dick across the other buttcheek and moves away quickly.

Q: What is dry hump?
A: This is what the French call "frottage" - rubbing cock against a girl on her bum but without penetration. This is shortened to "hump" quite often.

Q: What is embellish relish?
A: Too good to be true chikan experience, such as "hot dog in the bun with mayonnaise."

Q: What is face in the breasts?
A: A chikan sits next to a girl. Then he pretends to fall asleep and has his head fall between her breasts.

Q: What is flex?
A: This is also know as pulse. When a chikan cannot move his body, due an inquisitive bystander for example, he stands perfectly still once he has made the right contact with his target. He then makes his dick "pulse" or "flex" in her bum crack.

Q: What is folded arm?
A: A chikan stands/sits next to a well endowed woman, with his arms folded and his arm/hand rubbing against her breast. He may even get his hand under folded arm and cup/finger the breast.

Q: What is freaking?
A: Stealthy dry humping female butt in public place especially in the club.

Q: What is frotteurism?
A: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines the diagnosis of frotteurism as having:
- over a period of months, recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors involving touching and rubbing against a nonconsenting person.
- the fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning.
Or more sympathetic description of frotteurism can be found here.

Q: What is frottophobia?
A: She gets into a panic fear by being touched or rubbed or by mere expectation of touched or rubbed by strangers in a public place.

Q: What is frottophile or frottophilia?
A: (S)he likes and is aroused by being stealthy groped or humped by strangers (or stealthy groping or humping strangers) in a public place.

Q: What is ghee?
A: Indian butter. Punjabi girls are brought up on fine ghee. Ghee improves your health and round and plump buttocks in women.

Q: What is grip and move?
A: A chikan grabs the bum of a woman in a crowd, then quickly withdraws his hand and moves off to avoid being caught. The most skilled chikan may not move off but merely shift his position. If the girl does not cast a sharp glance at around but ignore what is obvious, she is game.

Q: What is grinding?
A: Same as dry hump but especially in the club.

Q: What is groping?
A: Groping or toucherism is stealthy petting in a public place. It is usually unilateral action and has a little or no consent.

Q: Who is guru?
A: punjabi butt humper. He is a yoga teacher and he is spiritual. And he is a frotteurist.

Q: What is hair dryer?
A: This involves breathing heavily over the womans face and neck.

Q: What is handy work?
A: Work with one's hands but with special overtones. See groping.

Q: What is hook and pull?
A: Instead of a chikan presses himself against a woman, he makes the girl presses her bum on him. He hooks the fingers into the loops where her belt must pass through and pull her back against his dick.

Q: What is hotdog in bun?
A: Hotdog in bun is one of chikan positionings. A man stands behind a woman and pushes his cock between her buttcheeks. This is employed to wide objectives from merely test the girl to scrub her gap till the ejaculation.

Q: What is hotdog in bun with mayonnaise?
A: A metaphor when a chikan cums inside a females butt cracks in the hotdog position.

Q: What is hula hoop?
A: This chikan technique needs moderately crowded venue. A chikan inserts his cock between woman's buttcheeks and moves his hips as if he is playing hula hoop. Then her hips begin to move as if she is playing too.

Q: What is humpback?
A: (1) A woman with so much meat on her back (phat ass). (2) A woman with bouncy back so that when a man humps her her back involuntary humps back.

Q: Who is Inspector Callaghan?
A: He is working for British Transport Police and an archenemy of chikans in London. His name may be spelt as Callahan. He is in actual existence, notwithstanding numerous doubts, as much as Sherlock Holmes or Dirty Harry.

Q: What is jacking?
A: Jacking is a popular term in india for butt humping in public.

Q: What is jerk fuck?
A: This involves violently and aggressively whipping the hips back and forth against buttcheeks untill orgasm.

Q: What is kiss the sky?
A: When a chikan reaches orgasm behind a woman, he turns his head up to the heavens. Chijo (female chikan) may also kiss the sky when she feels a hard cock spurts off in her butt crack or other parts of her body. Kiss the sky is brought about either by spiritual enlightenment known as chikan nirvana or by difficulty in breathing at the climax.

Q: What is knocker bouncing?
A: Knockers is a UK slang word for big tits. A chikan may pretend to accidently bounce his chest into a girl's knockers, for example, in crowded high streets in the UK.

Q: What is the KNOWLEDGE?
A: A well seasoned chikan has a body of intangible knowledge of female psychology, crowd dynamics, etc. This knowledge is utterly useless for normal life but let him have a brush with female bum (and a brush with the law, too).

Q: What is lean and push off?
A: A chikan stands behind a girl and leans his body against her, burying his dick in her gap, then gets push back off of her.

Q: What is let the lion out of the cage?
A: This involves unzipping man's trousers and blowing the semen onto the girl. Also known as wet humping.

Q: What is marching?
A: This is when a girl's buttocks cheeks take a chikan's stiff soldier LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT!!! Here's a link demonstrating "Marching":

Q: What is massage?
A: This is rubbing of the neck of a woman.

Q: What is Mr. Bum Thumb?
A: Thumb up the butt. This is very similair to Mr. Stink Finger.

Q: What is Mr. Stink Finger?
A: Index finger up the butt. This is very similar to Mr. Bum Thumb.

Q: What is mosh pit?
A: The tightly crowded area in a (metal, rock or punk) concert where people dance. It is mostly in front of the stage and body contact is the rule than the exception.

Q: What is Nation of Chikan?
A: The Nation of Chikan is one people united by the sexuality. The nation is in diaspora now.

Q: What is nose wedgie?
A: Nose wedgie is to insert a nose between woman's buttcheeks. This is possible only when the woman is extremely tall and the man is very small. Or the woman is standing on raised floor. Otherwise a chikan pretends he has dropped money. See also "hotdog in bun" and "sausage in sandwich."

Q: What is Nut Butter?
A: No, that is not peanut butter. That is peenut butter. The warm, sticky, greasy butter spread on a woman's buns is made in the testicles and ejaculated through the penis.

Q: What is onion booty?
A: An onion is round and white. So is the plump butt belong to a blonde. A chikan love to harvest onions, to say nothing of sowing them.

Q: What is oooohh?
A: Interjection. A woman says oooohh when she is surprised or excited feeling a man's member pressed against her in a crowd. A man also says oooh when he sees a nice looking woman.

Q: What is parade rest position?
A: A chikan stands directly to a woman but has his back to her. He then places his hand behind his back as if standing at parade rest in the military. He can feel her bum in his palm without anyone notices anything questionable. Though she can smell the foul play once the man starts to grip her butt. And he cannot spy on her reaction.

Q: What is playing with the lion?
A: When a chikan wants to play it safe and not get caught. He stands right behind a woman and imagine sticking his sausage in her crack and he masturbates.

Q: What is plug and follow or plug and play?
A: A chikan plugs his cock in a woman's crack from behind and leaves it in while he follows her around, stepping forward each time that the target does without his boner.

Q: What is poop chutin?
A: This is very similar to bumming. A chikan fondles on or around woman's poop chute.

Q: What is pulse?
A: Same as flex.

Q: What is put the chin on her shoulder?
A: A chikan rests his chin on a girl's shoulder while digging into her bum.

Q: What is reach around?
A: A chikan stands behind a man who stands behinds a woman. Then he reaches around him to grope the woman. If she turns around, she would put the blame on wrong one.

Q: What is rock?
A: Rock is to sway a woman's hips side to side on chikan's boner.

Q: What is sausage in sandwich?
A: Sausage in sandwich is a chikan positioning between a tall woman and a short man. A man places his hard cock in between woman's thighs. Usually because that is the height he can reach at the best. See also "hotdog in bun" and "nose wedgie."

Q: What is seat sniffing or seat whiffing?
A: Yet another sex perversion. Voyeurism appeals to visual sensation and frotteurism appeals the sense of touch whilst seat sniffing attracts a man with a good sense of smell. A seat sniffer sniffs a bike seat or other seat where a woman just gets off. Maybe he can sense pheromone.

Q: What is see-saw buttfuck?
A: Strictly speaking, this is not a man buttfucking a woman. Rather, a woman swings her hips forward and backward while a man has his dick pasted onto her buttcrack. See-saw buttfuck is known alternatively as teeter-totter method.

Q: What is shampoo?
A: This technique involves rubbing a nose in a womans hair licking chewing it and even chomping and eating it.

Q: What is skin conditioner?
A: A chikan spermies on exposed skin of a girl.

Q: What is slam fuck?
A: A mosh pit or any other similar type of crowd characterized by a "mob" mentality may spur a man to play rough. He violently thrushes his entire body against a woman's body.

Q: What is sleepy head?
A: This technique is used by a chikan sitting next to a woman. See face in the breasts.

Q: What is slurrr?
A: Interjection. A chikan says slurrrrr when he sees sexy woman in a crowd.

Q: What is smack buttfuck?
A: No grind. No brush. But smacks. A chikan stands behind a woman shoving his dick up her buttcheeks and then leaving her body, only to mash his hips against her repeatedly . . . SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

Q: What is smell of semen?
A: If a chikan ejaculates, semen smells. There was heated controversy if the smell in air is strong enough to have women notice it.

Q: What is smooch?
A: It is kissing on the back of the head or on exposed skin.

Q: What is speed groping?
A: This involves a group of chikans who attempt to frotteur as many women as possible in the space of 3 minutes. The reality of speed groping is questioned, however, as it is documented in an Inspector Callaghan story.

Q: What is squat and lift?
A: One of chikan technique. A man stands behind a woman and presses his member against her butt. He then bends and then straightens his knees, partially lifting her feet up off of the floor, and poking right on her gate or rubbing the full length of her crack.

Q: What is squeeze play?
A: Same as grip and move.

Q: What is standing breast press technique?
A: This is not much of technique. A man is facing to a woman on a crowded situation by chance. They press thier breast to each other.

Q: Who is Stink Finger?
A: Stink Finger is not a person's name. See Mr. Stink Finger.

Q: What is tomahawk chop?
A: A chikan has his hand sideways and shoves the edge of flattened hand into a girl's crack.

Q: What is twist?
A: This is entanglement of hair with the tongue.

Q: What is untouchable buttock?
A: A buttock belongs to virgin 'n queen.

Q: What is uuummmm?
A: Interjection. A chikan says uummm when he smells woman's hair.

Q: What is vampire bite?
A: This is chewing and biting of a woman's body. The technique is patented by Dr. Iron Dick.

Q: What is victory roll?
A: This sausage roll is not sold in a bakery. A chikan finds a nice receptive woman and humps her. He then rolls his hips in the end in victory. This causes her hips to roll too.

Q: What is virgin 'n queen?
A: Virgin and queen is a smart woman who is impossible to chikan. She does not go into a crowd.

Q: What is wank my crank?
A: If a man and his target are walking, a chikan follows closely behind her. With the right distance, her hand repeatedly bumps against his dick. In crowded situations on trains and buses, the man stands her side facing where her arm is and waits and lets the jolts from the ride makes her hand pokes his crank.

Q: What is wet bar?
A: A public place for the consumption of alcohol and the ejaculation of chikans between the fleshy buttocks cheeks of attractive, phat-assed women.

Q: What is whaler?
A: Frotteurer in other name.

Q: What is wiggle?
A: When a woman feels that a man is feeling her, she may wiggle her hips out of misunderstanding. She want to shake off the chikan. But far from that, wiggling provides a sexual stimulus to the man. Well, some women may know that.

Q: What is windscreen wiper?
A: A chikan brushes his hard cock from left to right on a woman's butt cheeks like a windscreen wiper.

Q: What is yummy yummy?
A: Correct chikan term is YUMMIE YUMMIE. A shout of joy when chikan has met a dreamy woman.