The man of the year, 2004

is Garry Groper.
He is also the winner of August award.
Pervman, he is winner of March award, gets the rookie of the year. He also makes an entry into the Hall of Fame.
And the webmaster's special mention is given to MsDarkSoulDesires, for her wiggling bubble butt.
She is also winner of June award and admitted into the Hall of Fame.

January award: beez
for his spicy story.
(Besides, you found that two diamonds in rain water is better than a diamond of the first water.)

re:Gentlebrush newyears eve (Sun 04 Jan 2004 18:09:37 GMT)

every situations different.if i have a good friend whose wife was particularly naieve i probably wouldn't frot her or if i did i might feel guilt.such is not the case in my situation all my friends wifes are worldly and some are assertive and they are all subject to be humped. same with my female friends 'cause for me humping doesn't equal fucking or it doesn't have to at least.master shogun's new years eve thing might lol.
i was gonna write a story about my favorite humpee who also happens to be a close personal friend but an opportunity to go hunting has just presented itself and i'm gonna take it. check out "Bad Santa" billybob plays a buttfucker from hell.

aninimity (Thu 08 Jan 2004 06:58:07 GMT)

ozzie appreciate the story but i believe you did well to not engage the girl in conversation or try to "pick her up". i've come to believe that the women who engage in this acctivity for the most part get off on the aninimity(sp?).maybe not but i remember being really surprised at concerts at women letting me hump the hell out of them and then having absolutly no interest whatsoever in going for a drink or having me call them.kinda hurt a few times when i wasn't married or seeing anyone.come to think of it chicaning would be a bad practice for me if i was lonely.

Untitled (Mon 12 Jan 2004 05:29:39 GMT)

carlos great story thanks.i envy you.teens born and raised in the united states may be beautiful or docile but they are rarely both.

Untitled (Sun 18 Jan 2004 15:18:42 GMT)

ah hell feather lighten up on the poor kid he's smitten.mohawk heres what you do. buy the broad some flowers. get behind her on the elevator. jam her in the ass real good and if she starts bitchin give her the flowers

? (Mon 19 Jan 2004 05:37:22 GMT)

could you describe a tram.i sort of invision a trolley car like in frisco with the driver on the right side like europe.hell while your at it maybe you could dredge up an old story.i wish somebody would.i need some inspiration because there ain't nothing remotely close to easy around here till spring.i can't stand anymore little incidental brushbyes i need some prolonged frotting.i'd hoped to make new orleans for martigras but it ain't gonna happen this next good bet isn't till the first weekend in may in atlanta. i went last year.i did o.k. but i was four years rusty.most of the things i anticipated didn't materialise and my timing sucked.this was a monster concert with half a million people three or four stages going all the time in an area of approximatly four acres from friday night until sunday afternoon.started out bad.i parked at a station on the edge of atlanta on friday night and rode the train into downtown the traincar was full by the time we got there but is was all young kids not packed so all i cuold do was look.i'd been hanging out at a mall upskirting and doing the brushbye thing for hours already so the ride was only mildly interesting at best.after ariving at the closest station i still had to walk about a half mile to the concert was lightly raining.nothing serious at first and i made sure i brushed every ass tit and crotch within reason during the process of deassing the train and station.i was ready for some serious action.the first couple of blocks were cool i got behind a couple of chunky chiken type teeners and groped their butts a little.i was doing a semigentle fronthand tomahawk on both of them at once. not long before the one on the left turned around and started sqaukin' so i backed off.but i was very exited .horny and she kinda pissed me off.i considered her reaction excessive.she wasn't a beauty queen i reaproached the bitch for my counter attack the sky opened up in the damdest deluge i've seen outside the tropics.i was about a foot behind her picking up speed intending to jam her asscrack when she turned around.being out of practice i reacted at first like a normal person and started to sidestep her; caught myself and momentem brought us together so that the length of my right arm cotacted her body dead bicep came between her large breasts and my hand slapped between her legs fairly hard but i reacted well this time .i anticipated her reaction to move to her left and moved with her twice with my hand between her legs palm up after the initial contact.she was just starting to get her nasty mouth in gear as i continued on my way.i was still some blocks from the concert and now the crowd started turning so that i was walking against the flow.years ago i often amused myself in this situation by bumping into girls and gently slapping their crotches.i no longer consider this worth the price of verbal abuse and pissed off heroes but i did it anyway.hindsight says that i should have turned and went back to the train station with the flow as the train would have been packed.oh well i made it to the park entance which was of course closed snuck a couple of minor feels here and there from the other dejected and proceeded to walk away.i ducked into the entrance of a parking garage where a bunch of other soaked people were standing to make a new plan and there was standing the finest sexiest babe i'd seen in a day of seeking them out.god she was hot .blonde,25, 5'4" barbiedoll body and way out of uniform for a concert.she was wearing a white summer dress a little above the knees and sorta cut in front like a peasant blouse.the thing was soaking wet of course and clinging and semi transparent.she was shivering a little and her nipples were like diamonds as was my pecker.i hadda try to rap to this one first.'course she wasn't in a romantic mood but she was as country as cornbread and politely friendly as those types tend to be.hindsight says i shoulda wrapped my jacket around her even though it was wet just to accidently touch her beautiful nipples but i didn't and she sat down on the curb legs up and somewhat spread.since i was pretty sure marriage was out of the question i moved away for a crotch shot.i forgot to mention she had on hi cut bikini style very visable through the wet earlier speculation as to color (white)and material(nylon)were confirmed.i suppose i'd have stood there gawking forever, she had her head down, but her ugly fat girlfriend saw me and moved between us to block my view with her useleess flat ass and oaktree legs.fuck that i fished out a soggy cigarette and sat down next to m'lady to bum a light at least to hold her hand for a second.boys i was infukkin' love like old mohawk. hell i'da moved out to the boonies with her and grown the fuckin' flowers i stood up and leaned against the wall behind us looking down her cleavage and waited and waited.finaly she stood up and that damn dress was way up in that perfect perfect ass.everytime i got a different view of this chick it awed me so that i'd hesitate for a second.i got only one semi slow but firm and complete backhand brush of that (its too fine to be called an ass and i can't spell derrierer} and she was gone to a car that had pulled up for them. and i was off to the touron bars.

close encounters of the finest kind (Wed 21 Jan 2004 18:19:36 GMT)

went on a little road trip a couple of days ago.seems the farther i get from home tne hornier i get.i was working the stores in the towns i passed on the interstate.most of my stops provided at least something a little pleasurable mainly because i'm into voyeuring also; or a better desctription would be heavy flirting.i like for them to know i'm looking and thus encourage their exhibitionist tendencies if they have them .many do to varying degrees.
the best encounter of the day proved to be a personal fantasy come true.
i actually managed to brush my crotch on a ladies cheek.i've fantasised about doing this for a was a medium small discount store.i noticed her during my initial inventory.blonde,mid forties, pleasant face, short coat stretch jeans,snug enough to reveal a nice crack on a medium sized ass and a near perfect camel first sight she showed no interest in me or my roving eye and seemed mildly put off when i stared at her i kept moving.later i noticed her from afar bent over at the waist.that ass looked good so i closed in and pretended to examine junk on the isle behind her.she took no notice of me as i moved in. i stayed directly behind her squatting as she bent over taking long looks at her deep crack and mound between herlegs.when she left i took her place to see what she was so interested in.also to check on any lingering smells or vibes.turned out she was looking at spices and the damn things were so cheap that i decided to buy some myself.on the way to the front of the store to get a handbasket while i was stopped to chekout a pull me thong that a young employee was dispalying while stocking a shelf i noticed the lady from the spicerack yacking on a cellphone so i eased closer to eavesdrop.she was in an animated discussion to whoever about the great prices and would you like me to pick you up some spices while i'm here?blah blah.sure enough when i got back after once again stopping to check out the store girl, (who had by now adjusted her thong.)so the lady didn't get the "i'm being stalked fear"there she was at the spices intensly involved with her cell phone in one hand and spice jars in the other.she was facing the shelves at an angle.i didn't want to spook her with a surprise attack ftom the rear so i eased in from the front.she seemed to take no notice of me as i got closer and stopped and sqautted at the edge of what felt to be her personal space.heres where the fun starts ;the body languge this position my attention is focased 110% on thier crotch beginning with peripheal and short quick glances and graduating to full blown solid study leer where i attempt to melt the material with telekenetics.if that ever happens and my heart doesn't explode i'll be obliged to make annual pilgrimages back to the site of two miracles. if the object of my lust doesn't turn away(and this one didn't) i move closer cutting the space by half; well within their personal this point the vibes and also hopefully the sexual tension become intense.this position never lasts long befor someone this instance she did.CLOSER!yes! yes! thank you lord!she's looking at something above me. next moves mine for the checkmate.after inhaling deeply (nice clean lady a tad too hygenic) i reach for something on the bottom shelf to her left front with my right hand(i,m on her left) slowly brushing the left side of my face against her front right thigh and reaching farther slowly turn my head at the same time rubbing against her crotch with the crown of my head.someday i'll use my face.she retreated to her left a this point it became necessary to break the tension.she was off the phone so i stood up (and out)and engaged in conversation *great price on these blah blah,yes yes etc".she moved off for another phone call.i stayed put in case she returned; i love it when they come back;she did. stopping about a foot away from me still to my left."my sister wants some too blah blah,with a sweet smile.
this time shes interested in stuff on a lower shelf so she bends over.i ease back a litte to take in that fine ass but she sqautes right before i touch it.but she hasn't increased the distance or became uncomfortable so that when i quickly move back to my former position shes sqautting facing the shelf at an angle between the shelf and me, if anything closer than this point i'm like, fuck it! amd turn and face her directly with my cock 8 to ten inches from her face watching her eyes for an awkwardly sexy long time.i want this bitch to acknowledge this hard on inches from her face.nothing.i make it jump and brush my crotch with my hand.still nothing except she continued her search for the perfect spice which was bringing her to the area in front of me.since i was now fully facing her,(from a distance it must have looked like she was blowing me)the shelf was to my right she reached for stuff there .i turned right quickly with her stopping with my cock lightly touching hair and the back of her head.i swiveled to my rightquickly lightly touching the right side of her face and right cheek until i passed it.stopped for a second and swivelled back slower this time rubbing harder effectively dragging my cock across her face.she stood up bumping me hard and my hard; and said. and i qoute "oh excuse me. i'm sorry look at me i just got right in front of you.i replied oh thats ok blah blah and frotted hell out of her right hip.then she moved away a little and took off her coat saying something about sure is getting warm in here.i mumbled no shit ma'm and left the area. i ran into her again a little later and she gave me a mildly dirty look at first but i at least wanted to scope that butt once more and hopefully have an encore'so i ignored the look and tried a little conversation.she was polite at best and didn.t react favorably when i brushed against her ass so i splt

sad (Wed 28 Jan 2004 17:03:20 GMT)

re: beep beep i'll tell you whats sad. narrow minded people who blindly follow whatever the laws or popular norms of the times happen to be and then criticise others that have the guts to do their own thing.i'm curious as to what it is your trying to learn from us sad people? i enjoy a balanced life and am reasonably happy most of the time. the only sadness i feel at present is that i can't type or spell worth a shit.i think if i wanted to learn from the saddest men on earth i'd search out maximum security prisons or better yet oncology wards.maybe find some dudes with testicular or scrotal cancer.better yet find some of the fathers of the recent war casulties who's kids got blown away in a war started by lawmakers some of whom nodoubt have not so long ago bowed to iron pants bitches groups to inact laws that have broadened sexual assault and harrasment to the point that a lot of men are afraid to approach women in any fashion "normal" or otherwise.

February awards: festivals and events
namely, Gay Pride March, St. Kilda Festival, new year's eve, Gasparilla Parade, church flea market, Mardi Gras and Karneval.
(Big and small, the world is full of merry making crowds.)

Groping Lesbians by Ozzi Groper (Sun 01 Feb 2004 13:55:42 GMT)

Today there was a Gay Pride march and all the gay people, their supporters, the curious and a few chikans were all there to watch. I arrived late so setting myself up in a poll position near a shapely female was not on. I walked the length of the crowd searching for someone suitable to stand near and while I spotted a few suitable women, they were either too deep in the crowd or with someone who was shielding them. Forcing my way into position was not on.
I spotted a young lass about 15 with her even younger sister, her mum and a couple of aunts. What sort of parent brings young impressionable people to such an event escapes me. I decided it was my mission to "seduce" the now inquisitive 15 year old and to show her that hetero experience is what she really needs. I was able to gain a position close to her. She was standing side on facing the on-coming parade, her sister in front of her, then her mum, and her aunts (or perhaps older sisters). She was already quite shapely, wearing a mini skirt which came half way down her thighs. She had short blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Her hand was by her side and I loked for a way to get closer so that I could rub my cock in her hand. But she was just out of reach. I put my hand in my pocket and pushed my knuckle forward so that it rubbed against her just to the back of her thigh. I figured this would seem like my hard cock was nudging her and would attract her attention to what was available.
I was wearing my sun glasses and could see her eyes peering down at me. Good. She had noticed! I waited as she turned to watch something pass and hen repositioned herself a little closer to me. Good girl, I thought. I acted as if I wanted to see waht was coming in the parade and leaned forward, my cock found her hand and surprise, surprise! She had it in position so that I could rest it via the bottom of her hand into her palm. She's done this before, I surmised. The corwd wasn't quite thick enough around us for me to maintain my position in her hand and I had to withdraw. I returned to my hand in the pocket routine, rubbing against her buttock and maintaining her interest. While I only gave her a couple more handfuls before the parade ended, I was satisfied that I may have contributed to promoting her heterosexual tendencies.
The crowd was following the parade to the gardens where there were stalls, food and a carnival atmosphere was brewing. Girls, dykes, gays, cross-gender couples - you name it - were all converging into this area. The guys were either ugly and fat or pretty boys. What a waste of talent for all those girls out there. And the girls... So many were so fat with droopy breasts, young and old; butch hairstyles, jeans and macho jackets. It wasn't a great turn on. But there were some really beautiful feminine looking women, and I decided to check out what was available for me.
Some stalls were more popular than others, and I made my way to the one most corwded with women. It was about 2 to 3 deep. I circled looking for some suitable ass or tit and noticed two lesbians engrossed in whatever it was the stall was promoting. One of them was dressed as a male with boyish features. Not any noticible breasts (really flat) while her friend was curvaceous: nice ass and great tits. And to top it off she was wearing no bra! I wanted some of that, and moved in to join the many who were waiting. I edged closer, and as someone pushed past, I back handed her breast while I pushed closer to my lesbian choice. These people were so polite as they seemd to be careful about squashing against one another. Bugger that! I pushed a little and helped close up some gaps and in the process had my lesbian leaning against the girl in front. The material of her dress was soft and thin. Her tit was pressing against the girl in front of me, waiting for me to fill my waiting hands. I slipped my hand against the girl in front and eased it between her and my lesbian. I was now cupping her full breast. It was firm and well rounded. They were a little large for my "perfect" ideal breast as I generally prefer tits that will just over fill my hand. Anything more is a waste. But the firmness and pointed shape excited me and I imagined what she would be like naked on top of me with both my hands caressing her bouncing tits as she brought us both to a frenzied climax. I lifted them a little - not too much as to draw attention. With my body, I pushed against her so that she maintained her position with her breats in my hand. I was fortunate that the service was amateur and very slow. But the customers were patient, each waiting their turn politely while I maintained my handful of this gorgeous breast. I was careful not have my hard on rub against her as some lesbians are so anti the opposite sex, that even the slightest contact will put them off. I didn't want her to go until I couldn't safely hold her breast any longer.
I back handed a number of more breasts and did the smae with some lovely feminine asses. I abhored those really fat dykes with their over-sized droopy breasts. There were so many, I decided I had enough and headed home.


Re: Feather - Groping Lesbians by Ozzi Groper (Mon 02 Feb 2004 08:54:53 GMT)

She was in front of me, slightly to my side at an angle (45 degree) and pressed up against the girl in front of her (and in front of me). I was pressing against her to make sure that she maintained contact with the back of the girl in front and simply put my hand on the back of the girl in front near where the breast of my girl was and eventually substituted my hand for the back of the girl.
It's actually quite easy in any simple crowd. If you have ever followed a girl through a crowd, you will see how she pushes past people. Her breasts are always making contact with whoever she is pushing past. The thicker the crowd, the better your opportunity. If you can follow her at a close distance, there are times when she stops because she is waiting for the people in front of her (or whatever) (or as in the case of my lesbian, she was waiting her turn to get to the stall counter) and quite often this results in her stopping with her breast against someone - usually someone's back. You can bring your hand up from around waist up to just under her breast with the back of your hand on the back of the person in front and eventually you are cupping her whole breast in your hand. The person in front will think it is your woman who is against her, and hence will ignore your hand. To the woman in front, she thinks she is pushing against the back of the person in front, so she is not suspecting anything. Meanwhile, you have your hand full, and pray that no-one moves while you enjoy the lingering moment.


St Kilda Festival by Ozzi Groper (Fri 06 Feb 2004 02:56:46 GMT)

All good chikans will be at the St Kilda Festival this Sunday. It promises to be a really hot day, so lots of braless, well-breasted women with loose-fitting clothes. Butt humping and breast cupping and general groping a definite on the menu. I hope to be there.

From one of the web sites:
Do not - repeat, do not - attempt to travel anywhere in the vicinity of St
Kilda on Sunday unless you are heading to the festival. The streets will be
in grid lock as bohemians from all over Melbourne pour in (how did someone
that young earn enough money to own a Porsche convertible?) If you want to
get into the Espy, you had better head out now."


Re: St Kilda Festival by Ozzi Groper (Wed 11 Feb 2004 14:09:06 GMT)

As it turned out, I couldn't get there until late. It was a stinker of a day - a hot 37C. There were thousands already there at 10:00am, but I didn't get there until 5:00pm. The crowds had diminished, so finding a suitable gathering for some useful groping was difficult. I did find a small inn where there plenty of people waiting to gain entry. So I mingled there for a while and was able to palm a few lovelies, and backhand brush against some breasts.
I also followed a "well laid out" girl who didn't seem to have much on underneath. Her breasts swayed heavily as she walked, and her rear had that quiver that had me wanting to grab her with both hands and squeeze. Her butt crack was soooo ready to be humped, it wasn't funny. So visibly perfect! She wasn't fat in any way, so her body was all real and as I said "well laid out". She was with a friend, they were in constant chatter, and the street was sparse. I was looking for a chance to accidentally bump into her or have her bump into me. But it didn't look like it was going to happen as we were running out of crowd and running out of street. I decided I would have to take a risk and deliberately fake a bump somehow. I really wanted to get some contact! I ahdn't seen anyone so perfect for ass-grabbing and butt humping for ages. I walked across her path, not looking where I was going and got my hand to brush against where her thigh and butt met. It felt exactly as I had imagined and how I wish I could have got more. In a butt hump, my cock would have disappeared inside her. She flashed a look at me (everyone must have groped at her that day) but I was looking elsewhere and acted like I had no idea that I had even made contact, and just kept walking at the same stride. She also dismissed it as an accident and kept walking with her friend. Of course I couldn't stalk her any more because that would have revealed my true intentions and the fact that that accident was no accident. So that was that.
But apart form a few more similar activities, where I accidentally brushed some breasts, thighs or butts, it was actually uneventful for me. Next year I'll just have to get there earlier when the crowds are really thick (or as we say here in Oz, "chokers", which is contraction of "chock a block").


Another New Year's Eve . . . Another Buttfuck Part I by Black Shogun (Mon 19 Jan 2004 05:07:54 GMT)

Well, finally I have some time to begin telling the story of Shogun’s New Year’s Eve 2003. As I noted in an earlier post, I looked upon the approach of last New Year’s Eve with both apprehension and anticipation at the same time. Anybody following this board knows that the Shogun would like to give up chikan. And yet, the draw of the crowd as the new year approached was just too much to resist.

I dressed properly for the occasion, wearing thin black trousers with my dick out of my underwear through the slit in the side. I chose not to wear my sweats because the new popular place that always gets jammed packed will not admit patrons dressed in such a manner. The thin pants were quite suited for the occasion however, and I wore a long pullover warm-up top so as not to get cold when outside. The pullover was nice and long too . . . the better to hide the stiff boner to come later.

My plan called for me to pay a visit to two different spots on the celebratory night. I would go to the new place first and stay until midnight. Then, I would cross the street to my trusty usual haunt that was sure to be “crack packed” by then. I arrived at bar number 1 and paid the fee to get in. The bastards were charging more than 3 times what they normally charge! I thought to myself that this had better be good!

Since I had showed up early, there was only a small crowd. I decided to relax for a bit. Sit at the bar and have a beer or two. People watch and look for potential “marks” for later on in the night. I drank my beer and scoped out the scene, looking to size things up for potential action. In about an hour, the people started to flow into the club and the crowd began to build. I took this as my cue to begin “working the floor.”

So, off my barstool I came and into the growing crowd I went. I gently rubbed my index finger into the booty cracks of several 20-something women. When a jam would come in a particular part of the crowd, I would use the situation to rub myself against the buttocks of young women. In one situation, there was a short brunette standing against a bar talking to 2 girlfriends. I went up to the bar to order another beer, but more so to bum her cheeks. As I ordered the beer, I gently leaned into the girl, rubbing my stiff dick in her butt crack. She seemed to notice nothing. When my beer arrived, I did not leave the bar for several minutes. Instead, I just stood there taking swigs of the brew and rubbing my weenie gently betwixt her bunzies.

Before long, we now had a nice crowd. I could see that the small dance floor was starting to get pretty squished. That definitely was the place to be! I made my way across the bar to one of only two points for getting onto the dance floor. People were pushing a bit trying to make a path for themselves. That’s when I saw a cute blonde wearing a black skirt that was pulled nicely over her wide onion butt. She was in the back of the line trying to push her way onto the dance floor. I immediately tried to position myself right behind her so that I could “dig my shovel into her dirt”, but this other guy beat me too her!

I saw him get behind her and shove his dick right up her butt and just hold it there. Man was I irked! The thing is, he didn’t stick with it. The blonde made her way forward and eventually separated from him. This made it possible for the Shogun to get on that big ass, and that’s just what I did! My dick was out of my underwear and sunk right into the crack of her butt cheeks as she started to sway her phat arse back and forth to the music. I went opposite her motions, feeling my thick meat rub and scrub back and forth on her bubble butt cheeks. I know she had to feel that dick, but this is a girl who clearly was not going to object. My rod kept scraping all over her bum cheeks for about 15 minutes before I heard the girl tell a guy friend she was going for a drink.

She left the floor, and I began to look for somebody else. I found her in a short, brown-haired girl who was dancing wildly with a couple of friends. She was moving her body and wagging her big butt all over the place. I got behind her and began dancing more aggressively than I had with the blonde. Between her movement and mine, my dick was mashing all against her plump buttocks cheeks and into the crack of her butt. She kept bending over and jutting her ass right back into my dick! Sometimes, my tool would be rubbing more on the side of her leg and hip. I don’t remember exactly what she was wearing, but it did feel good though. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and eventually the brown-haired girl and her friends too left the dance floor. Time to find some more ass!

That’s when I noticed the onion butt blonde had returned! I made my way over to her and started rubbing my male member into her cheeks all over again. This time, it lasted for only a few minutes before she moved away and left the dance floor. I have more and more women moving away from me these days. I think that’s for two reasons. First of all, when I try to hump girls on the dance floor, I know they can feel my dick in their ass much more than if it was the average Joe doing it. That’s because I usually wear very thin sweats or pants with my dick out of my underwear, whereas most other guys are wearing jeans a lot, and probably don’t have their dicks out of their underwear either. Also, I’m sure that I appear to be a dirty old man wanting to buttfuck young girls . . . well, they’re right about that one :-)!

Anyway, none of that matters because the real action for the night was just about to begin! That’s right my chikans. The Shogun spotted her . . . a FINE ASSED blonde who was there to dance the night away with her geek boyfriend. The bar was so crowded and had gotten so squashed that I really couldn’t see what she was wearing up top. Whatever it was, it exposed much of her back and shoulders. Her hair went to about the middle of her back. She seemed to look like a Kate Bosworth or Jenny McCarthy type. I was determined to get behind her and try to fuck her . . . in her tight asshole.

I made my way over to the couple and got behind the blonde. The chick had a BITCHIN ass in some very THIN and very TIGHT black trousers. Her butt wasn’t what I would call “big”, but it was PLUMP and ROUND and proportioned perfectly for her body. My dick was the hardest it had been all night as I “moved in for the kill.” I inched up from behind the blonde bitch and rested my dick in her arse gap . . . her booty cheeks swayed to and fro on my pecker as it laid in her crack . . . AAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!! I groaned under my breath with perverted pleasure as the geek boyfriend rocked his bitch back and forth on my dick.

There’s no question that the boyfriend may have suspected that I was up to something. He looked over her shoulder at me . . . I looked away, trying not to make too much eye contact. Then, they started dancing by moving in a circle, and the bastard turned his girl’s ass cheeks away from me! Damn it, damn it, damn it! I decided to just be patient and wait and let the crowd work for me. Several hours had passed, and the dance floor continued to get tighter and tighter. And since they were dancing in a circular motion, those bum cheeks were gonna be coming my way again!

Sure enough, the cheeks got turned my way once more, and I made sure to get right back up in that ass!!! I stuffed my big, chocolate stick back between the blonde bitch’s pooty cheeks and began to rock back and forth against her. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The crowd had gotten tight enough that nobody was going anywhere either. This time, the boyfriend had made a mistake and left his girlfriend’s butthole vulnerable to an extended probing from the Shogun! I had gotten pushed up right onto blondie’s back as the excitement in the crowd grew from the approach of the new year. I was close enough that I wanted to put some of her strands of blonde hair into my mouth and drool into her head, but that would have been a bit to easy for somebody else to see, so I refrained.

Instead, I decided to enjoy the pleasure of my bone buried in the blonde girl’s paydirt. I marveled at how muscular her butt cheeks felt to my ding-dong as I humped her. The pre-cum had already been leaking from the tip of my meat as I massaged myself against my target's bottom cheeks. That’s when I took a closer look down and noticed that HER FRILLY WHITE PANTIES WERE STICKING UP OUT OVER THE TOP OF HER THIN SLACKS! At one point, I thought, “She just HAS to feel my dick in her butt. She HAS to!” My dick was as hard as stone as I could see the blonde smile and kiss her geek boyfriend while I dicked that pooty hole and viewed her panties my friends. I thought to myself, “The bitch feels that dick in her ass and is enjoying it.” Finally, things had gotten so squashed on the dance floor that I decided to go for it . . . to take my dick out of my pants! I felt it would be safe because we were crushed like at a concert.

I stepped back off blondie’s butt cheeks just long enough to reach under my pullover warm-up and lower the zipper to my trousers. Since my dick was already through the slit in my underwear, I was quickly ready for action. Using the pullover as cover, I TOOK MY NAKED DICK IN MY HAND AND LAID IT FIRMLY ON THAT WHITE ONION ASS!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I couldn’t believe how firm and muscular her arse cheeks felt. My dick sunk into her booty crack protected only by her thin trousers, and even the inner walls of her buttocks cheeks felt muscular. Occasionally, I would adjust the way my dick fit in her crack by reaching down with my right hand and moving my dick around. Often times when I would do this, the back of my hand and knuckles WOULD BE RESTING DIRECTLY ON HER RIGHT BUTT CHEEK WHILE I ADJUSTED MY DICK IN HER CRACK!!!

At other times, I would step back off her muscular arse just a wee bit to lift my dick up in the hot dog position, then inch forward again and sink right back into her buns. MAN! The boyfriend gave me a few looks once more, but I didn’t give a shit. I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t going to stop. In fact, my goal was to SPUNK on his girlfriend’s butt cheeks! That was my one and only concern, and I intended to use the crowd to help me achieve that goal. With only about 15 minutes to go until midnight and 2004, things had gotten really bad, and people were pushing and shoving all over the place . . . as was I . . . pushing and shoving my pooty prober up that blonde’s arsehole.

With only 2 minutes to go, the place became insane, so much so that people were in danger of falling over, including the blonde I was fucking in the butt. I used the situation as an excuse to grab her arms from behind (biceps) as if I was trying to steady her and prevent her from falling. At the same time, the crowd was pushing me from behind. This caused my crotch to be pushed snugly into blondie’s buttocks. I was pushed so up against her ass that her hips were bowed forward with her crotch jammed up against her boyfriend. He was fighting to keep standing upright himself, so he couldn’t have been aware of all that was happening around him.


It wasn’t a huge load, but it was enough to get her boyfriend’s attention if he happened to reach back there and feel some wet moisture. By this time, the girl had fallen forward with her butt sticking back towards me, and I was STILL holding her from behind by the biceps for what had become an uncomfortably long time for both of us I’m sure. The blonde, white girl turned and looked at me for the first time and gave me a funny look, as did her boyfriend. I looked back at them, and then decided to flee. Maybe they would go tell a bouncer how I had been so aggressive and had repeatedly shoved my dick into her private butthole. Or, maybe her boyfriend would discover the wet patch on her arse. I couldn’t take the chance, so I fled from the bar immediately.

Had I shot a big load on that white girl’s ass, I may have hightailed it for home. But since I hadn’t, if the dampness on her butt was discovered, I concluded they might think it was just a spilled drink or something since drinks were in fact being sloshed around everywhere on that New Year’s Eve. I chose to stick with my original plan and head for bar number 2. Stay tuned chikans for “Another New Year’s Eve . . . Another Buttfuck” Part II.

Black Shogun

Another New Year's Eve . . . Another Buttfuck Part II by Black Shogun (Mon 09 Feb 2004 03:06:01 GMT)

So, the ball had risen to its highest peak and the clock had struck midnight, thus ringing out yet another year and ushering in the new. And once again, Black Shogun had gotten his buttfuck on. This time, it was between the muscular buttcheeks of a bitchin fine blonde. The Shogun had fucked her in the ass while she danced with her boyfriend on the dance floor, even grabbing the white girl by her biceps as I dug into her toned poo hole. The result was extreme pleasure ending with a spray of cum onto her left buttocks cheek. Shogun stuck with his plan to leave at midnight to head for his tried and true stomping ground for conducting the practice of chikan.

Yes my friends, it was midnight but plenty of time was left in the night for more chikan butt fucking. I headed across the street to my favorite place to conduct my practice. It was the site of so, so many of my other stories, including the first two I wrote on this BBS. That would include "One Night In The Life Of A Black Chikan Shogun" where I wrote of how I butt humped several women in this same bar in a single night and packed sperm into the ass cracks of two of them, including slapping the buttcheeks of one with my open hand. It was also the site of the only other time where I have been so bold as to use an open hand to whack my prey's buttocks cheeks, which is what I described in my second story written here called "Holiday Mirth And Merriment". That story also happened to transpire on a New Year's Eve past, the single best guaranteed night of pleasure for a skilled chikan anywhere in the world I would argue, no matter where you may be.

Anyway, enough with the reminiscing and on with the conclusion to my story of New Year's Eve 2003. My heart pounded with excitement as I reached the entrance to the bar and walked down the steep steps into the darkness. I could hear the din of the crowd which obviously was in a festive mood . . . dark . . . smokey . . . loud . . . and people standing shoulder to shoulder unable to move! YES!!! I quickly dove into the crowd and fought my way over to the tiny dance floor. This bar is one of the best in town for dance floor butt fucking since it is one of the smallest in the downtown and gets jam packed on big nights out like New Year's Eve.

I finally made it to the edge of the dance floor but could barely even set foot upon it. I began surveying for arse cheeks to squash and soon noticed a tall blonde dancing with her boyfriend. She was wearing all black and had her back to me. Her build was more medium sized, but she definitely had a nice body. I couldn't see her face because I was behind her, and she had her head laying on her boyfriend's shoulder. I stole a glance at her butt and liked what I saw. Her buns looked nice and round and wide with a deep booty gap. It appeared to me that she may have been in her early 30's. As PBG says, such women often have the softer bums with the wider, deeper arse gaps. The Shogun was intending to find out!

With me hardly able to stand on the dance floor, I moved forward with the plan of stuffing my now stiff dick up the butt of the blonde dancing with her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. My rod was free through the slit in my undies and ready for contact. I could see that her trousers were pulled tightly over her hams, but because it was really dark and because her trousers were black, I couldn't make out what kind of material they were made of and whether they would be thin or not. They only way to know was to mount that ass, so that's what the Shogun did! I struggled forward, trying to maintain my footing, and dipped my boner right into the blonde's ass crack . . . AAAARRRRRRR!!!! It was at that point that I discovered that her trousers were of a soft, cotton type fabric. MY BIG THROBBING BONER SUNK RIGHT IN BETWEEN HER BUTTCHEEKS!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I paid close attention to the chick to see what she would do. If she had objected or otherwise shown some other negative type of reaction, I was prepared to back off since my position on the edge of the floor was tenuous at best anyway.

To my great joy and satisfaction, the bitch showed no reaction at all! No, instead she continued to rest her head on her boyfriend's shoulder . . . I could now see with her eyes closed . . . as he slowly swayed her back and forth . . . her buttocks moving to and fro . . . with my hard dipstick in her crack! To maximize our mutual pleasure (I know she felt that dick), I rocked back and forth opposite her motions to create as much friction as possible. My rod was now hard as steel, and I could only imagine what was going through her mind. She had been dancing with her guy . . . and now she was feeling that some strange dude had his dick up her butt . . . I trembled with pleasure as I watched her rest her pretty head while she accomodated my pooty prober at the same time. I was enjoying yet another New Year's Eve buttfuck, but I needed to be careful! I was standing on the edge of the dance floor and didn't want to make it too obvious that I was stranger humping. So, I kept pretending like I was looking for a way through the crowd, but in reality I wasn't trying to go anywhere ;-)

I'd say I continued to run my dick into the blonde's ass for about 5 minutes straight before the music stopped for just a short spell. At that point, she lifted her head up off her boyfriend's shoulder and looked back to see who had been in her asshole :-) Twas I! The Shogun! When she saw me, she gave no reaction but just turned back around, whereupon she and her guy decided to leave the floor. Time to scout for some more ass! The pause in the music led to people coming and going, and I was then able to move more deeply onto the floor. The music started again, and I could see chikan butt fucking going on everywhere! I saw a rather unattractive young guy buttfucking a chunky chicken brunette. She moved away from him only after a good while, and had obviously liked it. I tried to get into her butt next, but she moved away! Damn! I'm better looking than him, even if he is younger! Tried to get another girl's cheeks and she moved too! Damn it!

Well, like the Shogun has said many times before, it's NEVER over until it's over. NEVER! I continued my scouting until I saw this thin strawberry blonde with her brunette friend and maybe one other. I forget now what the strawberry blonde was wearing, but the brunette was wearing all black with thin trousers (black clothing is popular in clubs it seems . . . I wear it a lot myself). Her hair was pulled back and up. I decided to go for the strawberry blonde first because she looked to be a bit more attractive to me. At the same time, this young, wooly headed, red headed white guy was trying to move in to chikan her. I saw him get on her ass, but the motion of the crowd soon displaced him, and the Shogun mounted that bum! My dick was hard, and as I hunched forward THE HEAD OF MY DONG AND SOME OF THE SHAFT SANK INTO THE DEPTHS OF HER CHEEKS! I began to hump like a big doggy and could feel strawberry blondie's booty cheeks bounce and shake and jiggle like jelly in response to my butt fucking gyrations. It felt great!

In the meantime, the wooly headed kid had gotten annoyed that he had lost the hump. He leaned over and said something to me. What, I do not know, but he was clearly trying to get me to relinquish the cheeks my dick had penetrated. No way would I do so without resisting! I leaned into the kid and said, "She's not your girlfriend dude!" Then the young motherfucker yelled something and pushed me in my chest and off the hump! We both had the same kind of build, but I would gather that he was about 4 inches taller and much younger, meaning he probably could have beat my ass! I decided to stand my ground. This punk was fucking with the Shogun! NO WAY would I be humiliated by this . . . this . . . novice! So, what I did was step back, put my hands down by my sides, but with clenched fists, stare him dead straight in his eyes and yell, "PUSH ME AGAIN!!!!" The punk seemed a bit taken aback. He said something again, but immediately lowered his hostility level and backed down. Strawberry blonde saw what was happening and said to us, "HEY!"

In any event, the result was that neither I nor the wooly headed kid got that strawberry blonde ass. I quickly scooted over to her cute brunette friend to see what possibilities were available. The strawberry blonde and the kid left the dance floor, and I never saw either one of them again that night. In fact, the brunette was left there pretty much standing by herself now. I started in on the brunette, first rubbing my dick back and forth across her bum cheeks to the music. My hard meat would rub one butt cheek, dip into her ass crack, then rub across the other cheek. Then back again to the beats and sounds of the songs. It wasn't long before I started doing some light humping, CAUSING HER HIPS TO SWAY FORWARD EVER SO SLIGHTLY!

I started to hump a little harder . . . gently thrusting my penis into her anal cavity. Then, I couldn't believe what happened next! While I'm obviously humping the bitch in the butt, SHE PULLS OUT HER CELL PHONE AND NONCHALANTLY STARTS SCROLLING THROUGH NUMBERS, MESSAGES, ETC.!!! HAHAHA! I couldn't believe it! My dick is PRODDING your POOTY HOLE and you're scrolling through your cell phone??? Bitch!!! OK . . . the Shogun is going to dig his dick into your PAYDIRT even DEEPER now girlfriend!

I really began to out and out hump now, not giving a rip who saw! And check this out chikans. WHILE THE CHICK CONTINUED TO EXAMINE THE INFO STORED IN HER CELL PHONE, I GOT RIGHT UP ON HER BACK AND LOOKED OVER HER SHOULDER AT THE PHONE WITH HER . . . AND I'M FUCKING HER IN THE BUTT AT THE SAME TIME! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! This continued for several minutes, and I was just astonished at her behavior. Well, she must have thought she had enough of me because she moved her butt away from my dick, but she didn't move entirely away. So, I just circled around and got right back up in her crack! Hahaha!

The girl finally finished checking her phone and moved over to this circle of her girlfriends that had formed nearby . . . I followed. I stayed right on her phat arse and continued to hump fairly aggressively now, and she made no more attempts to move away again, at least not on her own. I'll explain that later. But, I had grown so confident that I decided to take my dick out and shove it against her cheeks and into her gap. I lowered my zipper and freed my pecker, making sure to keep it hidden by my long pullover warm-up. My bare dick was further obscured by the crowd which had gotten dense again.

HOLDING MY NOW BARE BUT SHIELDED DICK IN MY RIGHT HAND, I STARTED TO RUB MY BONE ALL OVER THE BRUNETTE'S BUTTCHEEKS, AND I REPEATEDLY JABBED THE BIG HEAD OF MY PENIS INTO HER BOOTY CRACK TOO!!!! I kept thinking, "Now I KNOW she feels that!" Sometimes, I would put my tool back inside my pants and buttfuck her, and sometimes I would take it back out and JACK her in her arsehole. The whole while, all the girl did was stand there and move to the music and talk with her friends! I decided that I needed to try to nut on the brunette's ass . . . leave sperma on her clothing. To try to do that, I put my naked dick up in the hot dog position and laid it the length of the crack in her buttocks. I humped with gusto and could feel the pleasure well up as pre-cum leaked from the tip of my ding-a-ling, staining her clothing. I got close to gooing on her buttcheeks, and I'm sure I would have if this bastard didn't show up to break up the action!

That's right, this guy who acted like he knew the brunette showed up and was acting all friendly and extended his hand to her to dance. She took his hand, and the "hero" wasted no time in turning those soft bum cheeks away from me! A-hole! I quickly decided it was no time to fight though. Sometimes you gotta fight for ya hump, like I was ready to do with the wooly headed, red headed kid, and sometimes you need to back off. I determined it would be best to be cool this time (even though this guy was much smaller than the kid) and wait for a chance to get back on that ass. I figured they wouldn't be dancing forever, and that just might be my opening to do some more chikan butt fucking.

Sure enough, the guy eventually disappeared somewhere, and the Shogun moved in for the kill FOR REAL this time. I got behind the brunette, dick out of pants but hidden, and started to give it to her in her ass more aggressively than I had done all night. I mean chikans, I can't BEGIN to describe to you how obvious my butt humping was. I didn't care. It was New Year's Eve and I was on a roll!!! I was literally taking DEEP SQUATS, bending at the knees, then THRUSTING my naked dick WAAAAYYY up her BUTTHOLE with a CORKSCREWING kind of action!!! The whole while, the bitch never moved her butt away! She kept her feet firmly planted on the floor, she kept those buttcheeks in line with my hard-on, and she ENJOYED being BUTTFUCKED in a PUBLIC PLACE by a strange black man! How obvious was it? This is how much . . . a guy pushed by in the crowd and saw what I was doing and said, "DAMN DAWG YOU DANCE DIRTY!" Hahaha! The thing is, the Shogun wasn't dancing, but was CHIKAN BUTT FUCKING a willing victim!

I swear chikans, my hard, deep, SQUAT BUTTFUCKING of the brunette must have gone on for at least half an hour or more. I just couldn't believe how much she had let me get away with all night long! That's why I said before that this was probably the best ass fucking I had ever dropped on a strange girl on a dance floor without actually achieving coitus interuptus . . . or leaving jism on her ass cheeks that is.

But wouldn't you know but Mr. Hero showed up again! Yes! I was having the time of my life digging into that girl's asshole when that bastard showed up again and wanted to dance with her. He reached his hand out . . . she took it and in turn removed her plump buttocks from my sausage meat. As she moved away, I leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Don't you want to dance with me?" She didn't answer, but it was clear she was taking pleasure from my dick in her butt. Girls who aren't enjoying it rarely let strange guys jack them in the ass like I did her when they could easily move away. However, she HAD to go when her guy friend came to rescue her. Otherwise, she would be letting him and everybody else know, including me, that she liked my assault on her privates. Her sense of discretion required her to go when asked and not respond to me with the truth.

But just like before, the A-hole hero eventually disappeared somewhere, and I took that as my cue to mount that phat, onion ass just one more time. I remained in the vicinity and mounted the brunette's back for some more butt humping before the night was done. This time around though, the brunette and one of her friends seemed to have had enough of the crowd for the night. I was only able to butt hump her some more for a few more minutes before they started making their way off the floor. As a "good bye", I reached out and cupped the brunette's left butt cheek and gave it a gentle but firm squeeze. She stopped and turned around and stared at me with this look . . . like she was going to do something. As much stuff as I had been able to do to her that night, I knew she wasn't gonna do anything . . . and she didn't. That white girl didn't do shit but give me a hard look, then leave. That better had been all she did . . . as much of my dick as she let me feed into her asshole that night. Damn straight.

Black Shogun

Oh, I Forgot To Say . . . by Black Shogun (Mon 09 Feb 2004 10:54:18 GMT)

Forgot to mention that at one point, I had placed a hand on the brunette's hip and began pulling her back into my exposed schlong as I dug up her booty hole. This was when she was dancing in the circle of girlfriends. She turned her head and gave me a kind of annoyed look. I quickly removed my hand so as not to ruin the hump. A chikan butt fucker must always pay attention to the moods and signals given off by his ass fucked prey in order to enjoy maximum success.

Black Shogun

Parade Hump by Nick The Quick (Sun 15 Feb 2004 01:55:18 GMT)

hi my name is nick i am a 17 yo male from tampa and i went to the gasparilla parade a short while ago. this is an annual parade in downtown tampa and it attracts hundreds of thousands. i got there very early so that i could be close to the barricades where the crowd is the tightest. the parade started way late but it was worth it getting there early because right up against the barricade was a blonde soccer mom in her late thirties she was there with her son who was like 12. she had shoulder-length blonde hair that was obviously frosted and she had a very attractive face with sharp and mature features you know what i mean? she was wearing a windbreaker that came down to her waist and running sneakers and skin-tight gray cotton running pants. they were like jogging pants with the three stripes on the side but very thin and they hugged her flesh from waist down to ankles. have you ever seen the scene in "bad santa" where billy bob is checking out the woman's ass in the mall? they were like what she was wearing. anyway i hovered right behind her for several hours waiting for the parade to start in anticipation and i let the crowd tighten up behind us until i was pressed against her. soccer mom had a phat ass with two giant butt cheeks like moons and they jiggled like jell-o when she would fidget due to the chilly weather, firm yet very soft and squishy. when i pressed against her i was already semi-hard and within seconds i had a raging throbing boner. oh yeah once the crowd got tight i released my dick from my fly. i think soccer mom liked the warm dick against her butt because she continued to fidget and her big jiggly cheeks rubbed and massaged my boner. i could feel that her cheeks were cold through the thin pants and i felt no panties covering her cheeks, maybe a thong? i thought. she kept fidgeting and massing my boner which was now leaking pre-cum once the floats drew near the crowd started to surge as people reached out for beads and i started to dig my boner into the crack of her butt. i could feel the thin cotton giving way as i pushed deeper and deeper into her butt crack, and the deeper i dug my boner into her the warmer it got! i could feel the heat from in between her cheeks on the head of my dick and her jiggly cheeks were now enveloping my stiffy, i could feel the inner walls of her cheeks on either side of my shaft. i thought that i would never hit rock bottom her crack was so deep until she bent over the barricade reaching for beads and then the head of my dick hit her butthole and i couldn't dig any deeper. my boner was buried all the way up her butt and now i started to move my hips in circles, rubbing the head of my insistent boner against her butthole and letting the inner walls of her big phat cheeks massage the shaft. she did nothing not even look back she just kept bending farther and farther over the barricade until the head of my deck was no longer pressed against her butthole now it was pressed against her muff. i started to hump more feverishly i was in a frenzy and my rock-hard boner was rubbing and thrusting in between her thighs, she would clench her thighs and it felt so awesome but i wanted to get back at her i started to bend at the knees and then i would thrust up and sure enough my boner started pressing into her muff again. unfortunately she had a thong i know this because one time i replaced my dick with my fingers and i felt her pussy mound up through the thin cotton pants and i could feel the crotch of her panties through the thin cotton. she was very wet though i know that the moisture couldn't have been sweat because it was cold out. when i put my fingers on her muff she started to jump up and down very fast so that my index finger was rubbing her clit really hard she was trying to get off i think. fuck you bitch i removed my fingers and smelled them and then i put my dick back where it belonged up between her butt cheeks and against her pussy and i lightly held her waist during one of the surges and she glanced back but not right at me and i started to hump again and she leaned way over the barricade i stopped humping and just pressed my boner against her crotch with all of my might and i swear i felt her pussy lips parting and i think that i was kind of in her through the pants and the panties, i could feel the heat and her juices leaking through the thin material, and then i came in spurts.

flea market by khabir (Mon 16 Feb 2004 23:02:50 GMT)

one more, thing happen on this past sat. was a inside flea market in a church, a lot of people was there, but nothing that caught my eye. i was jus looking fro sum stuff to buy, until i saw this white older lady, coming from the dinning area, she had on a red sweater,blk slacks, red lipstick, an glasses. she had the most ass, i seen in a very long tyme. this was the master ass of bubble butts she had. her hips was so wide an her butt stuck out very far, where her sweater, jus rode her back for her butt was so thick an bubble phat.. as i watched her, she had sum stuff she was selling as well. cuz she sat down so i jus waited an walked around for a bit hoping she get bk up, to fix or adjust, the items on her table. within a few mins, she got her big ass up an went to the front of her table to fix sum items,, the isle was real tight too, an it wasa nice crowd to my right, she was on my left,, i walked real fast to where she was at,, her back to the crowd, ass jus sticking out waiting to get poked. as i came up to her table i fix my dick up right, an acting like i was going to get sumthing from her table, i turn my body to the side an brushed my dick across her left cheek, to the crack to the right cheek. the contact was unreal, i went so deep into her an i didnt have to push hardm for her butt was that big an soft. she did nothing not even look bk. i guess she knew it was tight in the area she was at, that she didnt notice a dick rubing on her. once i past her, i came bk on her again. this tyme on the right cheek to the crack, an i stoped to let sum people go past me. as i looked over her arm, asking her how much for this item. an she she answer me, while i gave her sum real nasty pumps, an looking at her face an lipstick, i wanted to put one hand on her hip, as to look at the stuff on the table, but i didnt want to blow it, to many people eyes i was feeling on me so i jus remain in bk of her, i cud move for the crowd behind me was kind of thick, but not thick. so the lady butt i was on moved to the left to reach for more stuff to put on the table . as she did that her entire butt jus , made me bust a nut, i knew she felt mr jerk, cuz she looked bk at for the first tyme an said, ur sure u dont want to buy nothing..

Untitled by beez (Sat 21 Feb 2004 05:23:12 GMT) check it out

mardi gras by beez (Sat 21 Feb 2004 15:59:52 GMT)

i just checked it .it works on my computer.i sat up about all night watching it.its a live cam under a balcony over the entrance to a bar on a cornerof bourbon was pretty hot reloads every minute.serious crowds on the corner.actually couldn't tell it was a corner last nite;it was so crowded.people on the balcony were evidently flashing the street causing jams.the steets are real old in the french quarter therefor narrow.the parades must be awesome. this site links to some pictures of them from past years looked good to me.the streets are apparently blocked off in the evening. there are a lot of live cams in the area.this was the best free one that i found.i think you might need real player to view it. the crowds should be awesome tonight.but like i said i plan to go clubbing. the locals here should be having faux mardi gras activities for us poor wannabes. at any rate i've found a new cure for depression for the next year.i'm going next year if i have to crawl.

Karneval by FEATHER (Tue 24 Feb 2004 16:16:29 GMT)

Yesterday was the climax of Karneval. It begins on the 11th of November 11.11 am and lasts til wendsday this week. On monday everywhere there are processions of fools, who are custumed. The maintown of Karneval is Cologne which some might know. The Procession lastet over 6 hours ant the city is filled to the brim with some 100.000 or more people boozing, shouting ALAAF catching sweets that are thrown from the vehicles into the masses. All the way along the road the crowds are dense. And I mean dense. I went to Cologne as it's not far off, just for the sake to have my kind of fun - touching chicks. An these were the major encounters.

Met a big girl about 30 with a big ass but not fat. She had dirt-blond hair, her face was painted but as I noticed she was slightly better than average, and she was very easy. She stood with another girl and some boys at the street greeting and grabbing for "Kamelle" - the sweets. But I was grabbing her ass which was clad in very thin cotton trousers. All the time she was dancing and swinging it. And I was glued to her. As usually I had my hands hooked with my thumbs in the pocket of my coat. Then I step near (actually I was pressed from behind)and made fingercontact. I'm no humper. Mostly I'm contend playing around with my hands. So I stuck out my fingers and happy feeling and fingering this gorgeuos ass. I didn't push it too far, as I was just warming up. Twice she glanced back who was touching her but she was perfectly easy - just having a good time. Then I changed to two Asians, the first a really young girl maybe 17, who stepped to my side. I stuck my elbow in her oh so small and firm breasts. But after 5 minutes she escaped. Also played on the jeans-clad ass of a 35-year-old mother but she really panicked and shouted to her husband to change places with her.

Now came the highlight of the day: behind me stood a couple. She was a real beauty - dark hair, dark eyes very nice face - maybe 16 or 17. Her boyfriend stood behind her embracing her sometimes. From the start I felt her really close pressing on my back. I offerd my forearm which I pressed against her underbelly and maybe her crotch. (Dunno because of my thick wintercoat). BUT the whole contact made me daring: over her jeans she had some kind of skirt made of plastic stripes. I let my right hand dangle behind my back and began playing with these stripes. Then I gave up playing and may fingers began stretching and searching for what was behind the strips. I was in for her pussy ! And I found it, I pressed more and found the fly of her jeans. I begann caressing what I felt sometimes pressing, and I let my finger wander deeper and found her pussymound. All the while she did not draw back. Sometimes she began dancing but just a bit - to come back to my tender finger. This lasted for 30 minutes and I loved the game - though my stretched fingers began to tremble now and then, but my heart was racing. I was fingering a beautiful girl's crotch - with her boyfriend standing behind her. I was absolutely shure she knew because everytime I smiled to her over my shoulder, she had a smile which said "this is absolutely unbelievable, but HEY I like it!" And boys, in my opinion each woman knows when her ass or breast or CROTCH ist fondled, the only exception is when she is in a discussion maybe with a market dealer.

to be continued...

Karneval #2 by FEATHER (Thu 26 Feb 2004 14:07:34 GMT)

Dense crowds in the streets of Cologne. After the first public pussy-caressing in my life I went to another place in the parade. I found a place with two main targets. First was a girl in the mid-20s. Small but not slim, she had dark hair, and was very cheerful singing all the time. She obviously was drunk or on some drug, but she was not dumb. She wore long blue skirt that went down on her ankles. And it was of SILK. Beneath the silk she had a killerass. Big and round. She was singing and dancing all the time. Without circumstance I made contact. I could feel all of her ass, I felt her asscrack, (even some cellulite), I caressed her as from all sides, and I went deeeeep beneath it. I even had my full hand between her legs touching her upper thighs close to her puss. She was totally oblivious, she glanced now and then who was touching her but - she gave no dirty look. For her it seemed to be just a normal part of fun on that day. I could fumble her ass at heart though she was standing in a group. As I noticed there was absolutely no danger - I positioned myself so she was behind me, with her big silky ass showing in my direction. I left BOTH my hands dangle behind me, palms turned outward in her direction awaiting what was to come. And she came: again and again she danced literally her superass into my ready hands. I touched and grabbed anyway I wanted. As she was just my taste and had a beautiful face i considered to flirt with her and maybe gain some private action (anything goes in Karneval) but her eyes clearly indicated she was over the top...

From time to time just for the reason of divertment. I changed to a girl which might have been around 20. She also wore such a skirt made of strips of plastic, such as I played with with the pussygirl. This on wore a normal jeans under the skirt. She had dark blond hair and looked quite shy. Nonetheless I stuck my fingers from behind through the skirtstrips, and caressed her little ass. I found some pantyline and let my fingers wander along. I knew that she knew, because she kept throwing glances over her shoulder looking at me. But she didn't go away. She too let me do what I had to do - and I did a lot, but she never showed a hint that she was enjoying. In the future I will go more often for pussies to put even more tension into these encounters. It might transgress the barrier, where they let it simply happen. But if not - the real fun begins...

to be continued...


March award: Pervman
as he let us to know that a pervert displays himself even in adolescence.
(Or is it your young blood that drove you?)

locker groping (Sat 13 Mar 2004 02:24:33 GMT)

im currently in grade 11. i've been groping girls, mostly at concerts, since i was 13 or 14. I love the feeling of groping a sexy young girls ass. At school i am lucky enough to have my locker next to a girl who's sexy as hell, she's got brown hair, little tits and the greatest ass you can imagine. She's always wearing tight pants that show it off too.

whenever i go to my locker i make sure she's at her locker first then i make my move. She's on my right side so i hold my books in my right hand and work my lock with my left hand. I take the oppurtunity to rub my hand against her ass. Most of the time i just get short rubs on the side of her ass, but when she turns to her right to talk to her friends i can dig my hand right into her ass crack.

Her ass is so soft and perfect and she wears super thin pants, the stretchy polyester kind. Sometimes i'm rubbing my hand on her ass for 2 or 3 minutes while i get a huge hard on that must be pretty obvious . She never says anything or acknowledges what is going on, but she must be able to feel my hand, so i think she's game. After some of the gropes i'm so horny i have to go to the bathroom and "relieve myself" while i imagine jamming my dick into her sweet ass.


warped tour (Sun 14 Mar 2004 04:10:53 GMT)

Thanks for the welcome shogun. To show my appreciation let me tell you one of my stories.

This was a couple of years ago so i would have been 15 or 16. I was at the warped tour, which is a huge outdoor concert tour. There were tons of hot girls there, and lots of them were wearing nothing but bikini tops and shorts. As soon as i got in i knew i was going to be in for a day of fun. Before i even went over to the stage i was wandering around by the booths ( there are lots of booths everywhere, some selling things, some just advertising stuff, anyway...) there was already tons of people. I was around the tent where they have the water fountains and the place was packed. Every time i saw a hot girl i would just reach my hand out and rub it along her ass.

The first place i hit was one of the smaller stages, the crowd wasn't as big or as crowded as for the main stage, but the band that was playing was a shitty pop-punk band. The band was really popular and the crowd was jammed with hot teen girls, many of whom, believe it or not, were wearing bikini tops in the moshpit. I moved in to the front of the pit, thinking that's where i could get the most action, but all the hot girls were at the back, where the crowd wasn't very tight. I went to the back of the pit, it wasn't tight enough for me to jam my dick up any of these girls asses, so i just stuck to getting some nice tit and ass gropes. Every girl i saw i would start off with her ass, palming at first then starting to squeeze and rub. If the girl didn't protest then i would bring my hand around and rest them just touching the bottom of her breast. If she still didn't seem to care i would start cupping her tits, squeezing and rubbing . I could only do this for a few seconds, because girls can't just ignore someone sqeezing there tits so obviously. I grabbed about 4 or 5 girl's tits that way, but then decided i should get out of there and hit the main stage.

The mosh pit at the main stage of the warped tour is just about as close to chikan heaven as you can get, the crowd is huge, packed, there is more girls than at most concerts and since it's so hot (it's a summer tour) they're not wearing much.

I make my way into the crowd and immediately get to work. I go up near the front of the pit where it's super crowded. The fist girl i picked was short, 5'3" or 5'4", maybe 15 years old with light brown hair. She was wearing tight jeans (too bad) and a blue tank top. I positioned myself directly behind her and jammed my dick, which had been hard since i got to the show, into her ass. She wasn't the hottest girl but she had a cute face. There was no rection to my hard prick, but that's no surprise since the pit was incredibly crowded. I immediately got to work squeezing and running my hands all over her ass. Even though she had jeans on, they were pretty thin, so i got some nice feels.

I started groping her tits, which were on the smallish side, but not too small and firm like only a teenagers can be. I had both my arms wrapped around her and one hand on each tit. My dick was dug into her ass and i was leaning my head over her shoulder looking at the tits i was groping. Every few minutes she would reach her hands up and pull my hands away from her boobs, but as soon as she let go my hands would be back.

At one point a crowdsurfer came overhead and i took the oppurtunity to reach my hands into her tank top and squeeze her tits through her bra, it was turquoise.

Up until this point my dick had been in my shorts, but i decided to free the beast. Since it's not unusual to see a teenager wearing baggy pants which hang down below their ass, i just pulled my shorts down a bit so that my dick was sticking out the top. I started rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks and in her crack, all the while groping her tits. The only bad thing about warped tour is that each set is only a half hour long. Before i could spew my load on her jeans the bands set was over.

At the warped tour there are two main stages side by side and they alternate which one has the band playing so that there are no waits between bands. I made my way over too the other stage, determined to cum on some hot young girls ass during this set.

I fought my way up to the front of the pit and found a new girl to grope. THis one was way hotter than the last girl, so fucking hot, she had blonde hair a sweet ass and nice sized tits, she was a bit older than the other girl too, maybe 16 or 17. She was wearing tight black capri pants that were super thin and a tank top with her tits practically hanging out. As soon as the band started playing the cord surged toward the stage, pressing my dick right into her soft ass. i started cupping her ass and giving it soft squeezes. It was by far the sexiest ass i've ever been able to grope freely, the girl at my school who i mentioned earlier is better, but not by much. Her ass was so soft, my hands, and my dick just sank right into. All you guys out there know what i mean when i talk about a great ass, an ass that is just the right mix between soft and fat and tight and firm. Just perfect. I ran my hands all over it sqeezing each cheek and running my hand up her crack. She paid no notice to me, she'd probably been getting felt up all day.

I reached my hands around to her tits, which were around a C cup and started squeezing her tits. This got her attention and she turned around around and told me to fuck off, but there was nothing she could do. Again i pulled my shorts down and started rubbing my dick on her ass, what a feeling! It was so soft and perfect i knew i had to spunk all over her. When i'm humping a girl in a pit i like to mostly jump up and down, rubbing my dick up her ass crack along the curve of her butt, mostly moving up and down so it doesn't look like i'm assfucking her. I pulled my dick out of my boxers and humped her. While i humped i had one hand rubbing and squeezing her ass and occasionaly her thighs and pussy and the other hand rubbing her tits. She was getting more and more pissed off, because it was incredibly obvious what i was doing. Whenever she tried to pull my hand off her tits i would give her a nice hard pinch on the ass, after a while she stopped resisting.

After about ten minutes of humping her sweet ass i was ready to cum. Just as i climaxed i jammed my dick into her ass as hard as i could, brought both of my hands up to her tits and pulled her back into me. I released my cum with short jerks as pleasure flooded through me. I shot a huge load of cum on to her ass.

i wasn't quite through with this girl yet though. I ran my hand over her cum covered pants and with a little bit of cum on my hand reached up and squeezed her right tit, leaving a wet mark on her shirt. THen got my ass away from her

i fucked a few more girls that day, but those are stories for another time.

Waterpolo fun (Tue 16 Mar 2004 00:09:19 GMT)

This is something that happened to me in a pool, during a waterpolo game when i was 14. It was the first time i got off while groping a girl and the first time i got my hands on some pussy.

I used to play waterpolo, which for those who don't know the sport, is like playing soccer with your hands in a pool. I was fourteen at the time, and like all fourteen year olds horny as hell. Lucky for me my team was playing in a mixed tournament, girls and boys on the same team. Being fourteen and playing on a 16 and under team i was one of the smaller players on the team, This meant that i could guard girls without anyone thinking anything of it. The way you guard someone in waterpolo is by treading water behind them, which is perfect for groping girls.

Being a sport played in the water, the referee and anyone else watching can't see what is going on underwater. When playing against other guys, this means there is lots of kicking and punching, which is an accepted part of the sport. When playing against girls there is oppurtunity for some fun.

While playing in our first game i was able to cover a girl around my age. She was young and her tits weren't very big, but how often do you get a chance to grope a girl wearing nothing but a bathing suit! I didn't want to be too obvious incase she told the ref or someone else on her team, so i started off just brushing her ass and thighs gently. There's nothing quite as nice as a young girl's ass separated from your hand by only a thin bathing suit. After a few brushes against her ass, my dick was rock hard. I started sofly rubbing my dick across her ass. She gave no sign that she noticed anything out of the ordinary. Just as i started enjoying myself the ball was turned over and my team went on the attack.

This meant that the girl was now covering me, and her tits were pressed right up against my back. While enjoying the feeling of her breasts on my back i let my hand drift around behind to rest on her thigh.

I was looking forward to getting back behind her on defense, but i ended up having to cover a guy for the rest of the game.

I didn't get any good chances with a good looking girl until the last game, part of the problem with waterpolo is that most of the girls that play are the butch sporty type.

In the last game of the tournament i ended up covering a girl that was a bit older than me. She had black hair and tan skin. Her ass was nice and soft, which is unusual for a sporty girl, and she had decent sized tits. The look of her face was very bitchy, she looked like a mean girl, not the type to allow you to grope her. A feminist type.

She was a very dirty player, that is she would elbow me and push off me, probably thinking that since she was a girl i wouldn't do anything to her. She was wrong about that.
Same as with the first girl i started off with light brushes which she didn't respond to. But since she kept elbowing me (not as a reaction to the gropes, she'd started that as soon as i started covering her) i figured i would teach this bitch a lesson. The next time she elbowed me i reached my hand up and grabbed her by the tit. She gave me a dirty look and elbowed me again, but knew there was nothing she could do. I started groping her ass, squeezing it and running my hands all over her. She kept pushing me, but that's a normal part of the game so no one noticed anything. I continued my assault on her ass, palming each cheek and running my hand along her crack, giving her several good squeezes.

She turned around and said "Fuck off you pervert", but it wasn't loud enough for anyone else to hear.

usually i never talk to girls i grope but i was feeling bold and knew that there was nothing this girl could do so i whispered to her "i'll show you perverted".

As i said that i started to rub my hard dick on her ass. She gave me a dirty look and elbowed me again but that was all. The ball was turned over and she was forced to cover me on defense. This meant her tits were pressed up against my back. She knew i was enjoying it, but there was no way for her not to be pressed against me, or i'd be left open. I turned so that my shoulder was resting between her tits and started groping her pussy. She got really angry at this and tried to pull away, but i kept my hand on her pussy. I actually managed to press my fingers into her pussy a little bit! i'd never done that before and it turned me on so much knowing that i was raping this girl with my fingers.

Once i was back to covering her on defense i went back to work rubbing my hardness all over her soft ass, while with my free hand, (you need one hand to tread water with) i squeezed her ass and thigh. I was young and this was the farthest i'd ever gotten with a girl, so it didn't take very long before my 14 year old cock was ready to blow it's load. Just as i was about to cum i grabbed her hand and jammed it into my dick. I wanted her to know i was getting off. I looked her straight in the eye as my hard dick twitched in her hand and i blew my load in my bathing suit. She gave me an incredibly dirty look but kept her mouth shut.

After i had blown my load, there was still time left in the game and still fun to be had. As i was young practically as soon as i came my dick was hard again. I didn't cum again, but i groped the shit out of that girl. Squeezing her tits, groping her ass and actually getting my hand under her bathing suit!

As i was rubbing her thigh i quickly stuck my hand into her bathing suit and stuck two fingers into her pussy. When i did that she grabbed my arm and dug her finger nails into me leaving four deep marks, but it was worth it. I finished up the game groping her the whole time.

When the game was over and i got out of the pool i still had a raging hard on, which was obvious as hell. In the locker room one of the other guys on the team asked why i was hard. I showed him the marks on my arm from the girls fingernails and said " The bitch i was covering was giving me problems, so i taught her a lesson. It's not my fault if i happened to get some pleasure out of it." Everyone laughed at this and it was actually the start of another adventure, which i'll tell some other time.


Patricia's sticky hands (Tue 16 Mar 2004 22:33:27 GMT)

This is just a little quickie. It's not really chikan (well, not all of it) but anyway. It's about the girl who has her locker next to mine, Patricia. I'm obsessed with this girl, every time i see her i just want to fuck her brains out. You wouldn't believe the ass this girl has.

Today, i was rubbing her ass as usual, she was wearing the thinnest black pants. After english class i was at my locker and she was next to me, when she decided to fix her hair. She has a mirror stuck on the inside of her locker. She was turned so that my hand was pressed directly into her sweet ass cheeks. I just stood there staring off into nowhere, with my hand really pressed into her ass, slowly rubbing it back and forth. Rubbing it against her right ass cheek,then on her crack then her left ass cheek and back again. I was so horny i was going to explode, i just wanted to grab her and rape her right in the school hallway.

After this grope i went to the bathroom to jack off thinking about patricia. But an idea came to me before i did. I grabbed an empty container from my lunch, went to the bathroom and jerked off into the container. After that i was already late for class, so there was no one in the halls. I went over to my locker and then making sure no one was looking poured my cum from the container onto the back of her lock. After our next class, we had it together, she went to open her lock as usual, but got a sticky surprise. When she touched her lock she gave a kind of surprised look but didn't say anything, she wiped her hand, and my cum on her pants than started to open her locker again. I don't think she ever washed her hand, so she was walking around with my cum on her hand all day. It was such a turn on! especially at the end of the day when i could still see the dried remains of my cum on her tight pants.


( PS, if i ever manage to get my hands on a pic of this girl i'll email you guys a copy she's unbelievably hot)

another concert tail (Thu 18 Mar 2004 04:35:27 GMT)

To Dajjal and anyone else who doesn't like my stories...DON'T READ THEM... it's that simple.

This is another experience i had at a concert. This happened last year, when i was 17, It was at a big outdoor festival called edgefest, i'm not sure if it goes through the US. It's mainly popular alternative bands that play, so there's lots of teen girls in the crowd.

I don't even really like the music, but i wasn't here for that. I made my way up to the front of the crowd, two or three rows from the stage, and started looking for a nice young girl to fuck. I found myself behind a younger looking brunette teen, maybe 14, she wasn't the hottest girl i'd ever groped, but she wasn't bad either. She was small, maybe 5'2", with smallish tits, but still a handful, she was wearing a black tank top and loose jogging pant type shorts.

There was another guy standing behind her, about the same age as her ( i figured he was enjoying himself). He seemed determined to stay behind, he didn't seem to be groping her, but i'd bet anything he had is dick jammed into her ass. I decided to test how determined he really was to keep his spot. I got into position behind him and too the left and started palming this girl's ass, so that she thought it was him doing it. When that didn't get a reaction i started squeezing and pinching her ass. She had a nice soft ass, and her shorts were quite thin. After a bit of squeezing, she started trying to push this kid off her, pushing with her ass like all these stupid girl's do and probably just giving him more pleasure. I was hoping she'd get pissed and start elbowing him or something, but she didn't seem to care about a few ass squeezes, so i decided to just push him out of the way myself. I started to force him away from her, pretending like it was the crowd pushing me. I managed to get behind her but the other kid was still right beside, it was obvious he wasn't going to give this bitch up without a fight.

As soon as i was behind her, my dick started to stiffen against her ass, i was wearing thin shorts with no underwear, so i was really up in her ass. She turned around and looked at me (probably hadn't even noticed the other kid's little pecker) so i gave her a nice smile. I reached down and started rubbing her ass, it felt great through the thin material of her shorts, but i figured it would feel even better without them. She was wearing sweat shorts with an elastic waist band, so i just reached my hand down her pants and grabbed onto her right ass cheek. She immediately grabbed my wrist and pulled it out ( i decided not to force the issue). She was wearing standard white cotton panties, no thong or anything fancy, but it was still great groping her naked ass.

After playing around with her ass i decided to check out her tits. I leaned my head over her shoulder and looked down her shirt, getting a nice view of her teen cleavage. I reached my right arm around and cupped her tit, i love the feeling of a nice tit in my hand, so soft and perfectly round. She tried to pull my hand away, but i was determined to keep it there and after a while she gave up. I kept my hand there squeezing and kneeding her young tits. I grabbed onto her other tit and started moving them around, pressing them together and pulling her shirt down to get a nice view of her black bra.

She started to try and leave the pit at this point, but i put one arm on each side of her and stopped her from going anywhere. After a while she accepted that she wasn't going anywhere and settled down. I decided to go back to her ass. I stuck my hand down her pants and this time she didn't do anything as i ran my hand all over her ass. Even when i squeezed and massaged her ass she just stood there in resignation. I knew this girl wasn't going to put up any fight. I reached my hand up her tank top and grabbed onto her tit, loving the feeling of her bra in my hand. She made a small effort to pull my hand away but wasn't really trying. I was in heaven, with one hand up her shirt and the other down her pants, and all the while jamming my dick up her ass, i doesn't get any better than that!

I took my hand out of her pants to concentrate on her tits. They were soft and wonderful. At this point i figured this girl was going to let me do whatever i wanted to her, so i pushed her bra up above her tits and started rubbing her naked breasts and pinching her nipples. After groping her boobs to my hearts content i decide it was time to blow my load on her ass. I wanted more than just a cumstain on her shorts though, so i pulled her pants down below her ass. She immediately pulled them back up, but i pulled them down again and held them there. she was able to hold them up in the front, but i was able to have my way with her ass. I pulled my shorts down and started humping her pantied ass with my naked dick. It was fuckin' awesome. WIth my left hand i held her pants down and with my right went back and forth groping her tits and pussy. now that i think about it, other people in the crowd could probably see that this girl was getting practically raped, but at that point i didn't give a shit. After about ten minutes of intense humping i shot my load on this girls young ass, all over her panties. i saw the cum soak into her thin panties, and knew that she could feel the wetness as my dick twitched in her ass and i groaned in pleasure right in her ear. As i did i noticed that the kid who had been humping her originally had watched the whole thing.I gave her one last squeeze on the tit and then got the hell out of there and when i looked back the kid was already on her ass.

I actually left the whole concert as i figured she would probably report what had happened.


Dunken bitch. Oh yeah! (Tue 23 Mar 2004 22:15:47 GMT)

Hey all. I was at a party the other night. Everyone was drinking and smoking, myself included. I was drunk, stoned and horny and there were lots of drunk girls around, yipee! Most of the people there were older, and most of them were guys, but there were a few people there that were my age, including a hot girl from my school named shannon.

Shannon is blond, with nice sized tits and a sexy ass. She was wearing tight black pants and a single strapped black shirt. Needless to say she was drunk as hell. She didn't know too many people there, so we were hanging out together even though we're not really friends or anything.

For any of you who have ever groped a drunk girl you know there's nothing easier. It was late and the party was winding down, there was probably only 7 or 8 people left and only two girls ( the other girl was a total slut). Shannon was sitting next to me on the couch, between me and some guy i didn't know. I started by resting my hand on her thigh and rubbing it up and down a little bit. She was too drunk to notice or care. I reached my hand behind her and set it on her ass. She didn't care at all so i sarted squeezing and rubbing her sexy ass. She was fucking gone.

As i'm groping her ass, i noticed that the guy on the other side of her had his hand on her thigh. I looked over at him and he quickly took his hand off, but i just told him i didn't care if he had some fun as well. I started rubbing her tits over her shirt and she just looked at me and laughed. I took this as a cue that she didn't give a shit what i , and the other guy, did to her. I started groping her all out now, rubbing my hands all over her tits and ass and legs, the other guy ( i think his name was Phil ) was doing exactly the same thing and i could see guys on the other side of the room looking too as this hot bitch was taken advantage of.

Just then she got up and she got up and said she needed to go to the bathroom. While she was gone someone sat down in her seat and when she came back i motioned for her to sit on my lap. She laughed and sat down on me. I started rubbing her thighs and my cock started to stiffen in her sexy ass.

She laughed and said "what's that i feel". I laughed too and i was enjoying the hell out of this. I kept groping her tits and legs and she squirmed on my dick sending waves of pleasure through my body. After a while she said she wasn't feeling good and wanted to lie down. I jumped at this opportunity and told her to come with me ...

school (Sat 27 Mar 2004 23:32:39 GMT)

This story took place when i was in grade 9. I was 15 at the time. It was in ITT class. We had a project where we were put in groups and we had to design and build a bridge. I was lucky enough to be put in a group with Lauren. Lauren was a friend of mine and she was sexy as hell. She was half chinese half white, She was ell developped for her age, probably a C cup even though she was only 15. She was always wearing low cut shirts and tight pants that showed off her sexy ass.

Lauren was the kind of girl that let you get away with a lot. I was always staring at her tits and looking down her shirt, but she just laughed. She didn't even really mind if you grabbed her ass or "accidentally" touched her boobs.

Anyway we had to build this bridge together along with 2 other people. While we were working on it you needed on person to hold the wood in place and another to drill and put screws in. I would always manage to get in place so that when she was holding the wood i would be rubbing my arm on her tits or have my hand pressed up against her ass. Lauren was always oblivious as hell, she was a bit of an airhead.

When she was drilling, we took turns drilling, I would hold the wood and stand real close to her. The drills were really old so they shook a lot, i would take advantage of this, to lean over and look down her shirt at her bouncing tits. Also a few times i managed to get myself into position so that her hand was on the drill and my dick was pressed up against her hand! (she really was an airhead). I would stand there with a raging hard on (i wore jeans so it wasn't that obvious) while she gave me a handjob from the vibrating drill. Of course i was never able to cum, because it would have been obvious as hell and because i didn't want to walk around all day with my pants soaked in cum.

That was fun, but it wasn't the best i got out of lauren. At one point, i ended up standing directly behind her holding the wood with my arms on both sides of her (even though there was really no reason to stand like that). I had my hard cock jammed into her ass right in class and she didn't say a thing or even notice. She even bent over increasing my pleasure.


April award: Vancouver Chikan
well, actually the award goes to Punjabi people in and around Vancouver.
(Er ... everybody appreciate free food and drink and you appreciate free ...)

Humping a Punjabi Butt!! (Mon 12 Apr 2004 21:21:37 GMT)

Had fun chikaning this weekend in Vancouver. There was a massive parade that attracted over 50,000 Punjabis from all over BC. The parade takes a route that is about 10KM long and consists of about 15 floats with people either walking along with the floats or just standing on the footpaths watching. Along the route there are many “tents” setup that offer free food and drinks to everyone. All the women wear traditional Punjabi suits, and since it was such a nice sunny day on Saturday, no one was wearing a jacket or sweater!!

My fun started right at the start of the parade. I noticed a girl, about 17-19 years old, reasonably good looking, standing behind her grandma on the side of the road, in front of one of the food tents. The grandma was sitting in a chair. The girl had a totally bored look on her face and she was wearing a brown cotton Punjabi suit. She had a nice ass, although a bit small. I first did a walk by. There was a small crowd in front of the tent and as I squeezed by I let the back of my hand brush against her ass. It felt so nice. I glanced at her as I walked by to gauge her reaction. There was no reaction so I knew she was a “non-complainer.” I walked around again and this time as I walked by her I slowed down and stopped just behind her, feigning interest in the floats that were slowly driving by. I slowly inched closer to her until her shoulders were touching my chest. I folded my arms so that the back of my left hand was touching her right shoulder, and slowly started to caress in small circular motions. She glanced a bit to her right and back and eased forward a bit. I moved in with her until she was basically pushed up against the back of her grandma’s chair and could move no longer. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me, but no one was. By then, a couple of people had also joined us and were busy eating food and watching the floats. This gave me some cover. So, I lowered my hands and found her ass. I touched her right cheek gently with the back of my hand, and the girl shifted her weight, but I was standing so close to her that now her left cheek was pushed against my left hand. She shifted back and forth a couple of times, but realized that I had her cornered. Then she just stood straight while I caressed both her cheeks. I cupped each cheek in my hands and just held them. I could feel her panty line through the thin cotton material. My cock was rock hard by now, so I moved forward just a bit more so that I could press my cock on her ass. Right then, her grandma said something to her and the girl leaned over to hear what she was saying. As she leaned over, her ass was pushed hard on to my cock. I slowly started to hump her and kept moving side to side even after she had straightened up. My cock was right against her crack while my hands were on her thighs. This went on for about 20 minutes. By now my left hand had worked its way to the front of her left thigh and I was pulling her towards me every time I pushed into her from behind. I was so close to cumming right now that I threw all caution to the wind and reached around with my left hand to caress her pussy. She put up no resistance what so ever. She even opened her legs slightly to let me better access to her pussy. My hand was now under her “kameez” (shirt) and caressing her pussy through her “salwar” (pyjamas). I started to hump her with deep strokes, almost lifting her off the ground as I grabbed her pussy at the same time. And then I came, and I knew she felt it, cos my cock was pulsating like crazy. After I came, I kept rubbing her pussy for a bit. The parade had almost passed by the point where we were standing and the crowd was thinning out, so I decided to move on. I gave her ass a final squeeze and moved up to the next crowded area. I had so many chikaning experiences this Saturday and I will relate them over the course of the next few weeks!!!

Re: April Man of The Month (Tue 27 Apr 2004 01:18:37 GMT)

Hey Shogun,

Thanks for your nomination...much appreciated bro...glad u enjoyed the story. I know I promised more, but I've been so busy with work and haven't had time. I'm half way through writing the next one...should be up in a couple of days.

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NBA Finals 96 (Fri 07 May 2004 01:29:07 GMT)

I remember when The Seattle Supersonics defeated the Utah Jazz in game 7 to face the defending Champions The Chicago Bulls. As soon as Shawn Kemp threw the basketball up to celebrate, so did the whole city. I had the top down in my convertible and me, my partner Kevin, and 3 females Lani, Lisa, and Monica went out kickin' it. Well to make a long story short, after a bottle of bumpy face Gin and orange juice, Monica got way too loaded. We were on our way to this club when she leaned over the side of my car and threw up. I pulled over into an empty parking lot where she got out and threw up some more. It was getting kind of dark and when she got down on all fours, it looked like she wasn't wearing any undies. But she had a G-string on. Monica is Puerto Rican and she was Bangin! I wanted to keep looking but her friends covered her up. They thought that we should take her home. So we did. When we pulled up to her apartment, the girls tried to carry her but couldn't. So Kevin and I helped her to her door. We couldn't find her keys so the girls went back to the car to search for them. I came up with the idea to tell Kevin to go back to the car just incase they tried to take off with it. I know the girls wouldn't do that to me but I had to get Kevin away to leave me alone with this drunk, passed out female. When I asked him to, he told me that he would stay with Monica instead. But I gave him that look like I wanted to be alone with her. He was actually cool about it and I didn't feel fucked up about it. As soon as I couldn't hear him by us anymore. I held Monica up and positioned my back up against the apartment wall. I put my hands on her hips and with my thumbs, I bent her over forward and pressed my cock up against her crack. With my thumbs, I lifted up her skirt. I couldn't believe it. This girls booty is exposed. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled up my cock which was starting to get hard. Now I placed the tip of my cock in between her cheeks and pressed up against her g-string. Just when I was gonna move it over to slide my cock in, Lani and Lisa made there way back and I quickly stood her up, and took my shirt and covered my cock with it. When they were in view, it looked totally innocent. But don't worry my friends, IT GETS EVEN BETTER! The girls tucked her in her bed and we were on our way back to the car. Okay, I told the girls that I had a bad stomach ache and I had to take a shit right away. I had no shame in my game! I told them that I would go back inside and blow up Monica's bathroom. I played it off good. Holding onto my stomach. When I got up there and entered, Monica was just laying there. I locked her door and quickly sat down beside her. I turned her over and lifted up her skirt and pulled her butt up and positioned it. Man do I wish they had cellphone's with cameras built in back then. I lifted up my shirt and my cock was just throbbing. I slid her g-string over her left butt cheek and exposed her sweet lips and asshole. I placed the tip of my head right on her asshole and pushed but she was a virgin back there. So I placed it around her pussy to get some juices on my tip. When it was wet enough, I put it right back on her asshole and thrusted forward. The tip of my dick entered her and it felt soooo good. Her insides were just squeezing my dick. I tried to thrust more but couldn't. I heard her go "ughhh" and I just stayed there inside of her. I pulled out and she opened her eye's and my heart almost fuckin stopped. She whispers to me "fuck me in my pussy" and reaches around to grab my hips to position me. I could not believe this shit was happening to me!!!! I got right on top of her missionary style and went to town. I fucked her for about 5 minutes before I came inside of her. She gave me a kiss and I told her that she can tell her friends about the consensual part. She told me not to worry about. I went out to the car and they were clowning me about taking a while and coming out sweating. I always see her around but either she doesn't remember anything, or she just wants to forget about that night. She has a Samoan boyfriend who is very protective of her. Everytime I see them together, he always try to stare me up and down. I don't think he knows anything. He is just the protective type. But I think I could get with him. I'm not a little guy either. And his woman knows that.

That is for you Black Shogun.
and by the way, I wish I dry humped ashamed's girl :D

Reply to Ozzi (Fri 07 May 2004 04:20:12 GMT)

You are right Ozzi. That is the only incident. I will stay on topic from now on. Being it's NBA playoffs season, I thought I would throw in that story. One more thing I wanted to mention about that girl. When I went to L.A. 2 years after that, I met up with Lisa's boyfriend and he was a porno producer. When I was going through his portfolio of girls, I noticed Monica was one of the girls that they have filmed. He confirmed it was Monica but she went by some other name like Deja or Destiny. I can't remember? Sorry.

Hussled in T.J. (Fri 07 May 2004 09:01:32 GMT)

Back in 1999, me and my homegirl flew down to L.A. to visit some friends in San Bernadino. The first night we drove straight thru the Mexican border into Tijuana. We parked right on Revolucion Ave. (The main strip) and got out and just went clubbin. Me and my homeboy Luis broke away from the girls to check out a strip club. This dude escorted us in and introduced us to two fine Mexican girls. I had about $3000 on me. I paid for the first 3 dances for both of us. Then the girl Luis was with just got up and left. I told Luis that I would get one more dance but I guess this girl understood and really started grinding her butt right on my buldge. So I decided to get one more dance and this time she unzips my pants right at the end of the song. So I told Luis that this would definately be my last dance, As she was dancing on me, I noticed 3 girls sat around us acting as a shield while she just started sucking my cock. Then she got up and sat right on it. She sat down so hard that the tip was damn near inside her asshole if it wasn't for her thong getting in the way. Then some lady asks me if I would like to buy a dance at a special rate, from all 4 of the girls around me. The rate was $10 a girl and to buy atleast 3 dances. I could not refuse. The girl who was originally dancing for me was about 5'5/ 130lbs, 2nd girl was about 5'6/ 130lbs, 3rd girl was short maybe 4'11/ 90lbs, and the last girl was about 5'3 / 120lbs. The short girl was the hottest of them all, the rest were all the typical Mexican girl you would see at a dance or a Mexican restaurant. I will skip right to the 4th dance (Yes I bought 4 of them :-D ). Just as soon as the little one positioned her butt on me, she pulls her g-string to the left and lined her butthole right on the tip of my cock and squeezed her cheeks and started sliding up and down. I didn't penetrate her but the tip was just rubbing hard against her baby oiled skin. It almost felt like we were fuckin. I just came all over her ass. I just wanted to kiss this girl and hold onto her. She made me feel so good. When she got up, one of the other girls had some baby wipes or something and just cleaned me up in front of everybody. My dick was still hard from the excitement and attention I was getting. When I got up, everybody just started clappin. I felt like a celebrity walking out of there. As soon as I passed up this one hot dancer, she reaches over and gives my cock a hard squeeze. I will never 4 get T.J.

Fishing with my fine Aunt (by marriage) (Fri 07 May 2004 09:31:33 GMT)

I remember my uncle took us to go fishing. But it wasn't fishing at a lake. It was like a huge pool with a bunch of fish. Just put the bait on the line and throw it in. You can see the fish race to the bait and grab on. Okay, let me tell you about my Uncle's wife. She is about 5'6 with shoulder length brownish hair that was highlighted a little. She is filipino and about 28 at the time. I was only 14 and my hormones was out of control. She was quite a flirt too. Well when I caught my 1st fish, I kind of panic'd because I didn't know what to do. She runs right over and bends over in perfect position for me and starts unhooking the fish. I just stood there because I would of felt uncomfortable if my uncle saw me rubbing up on her butt. After about 15 minutes, my uncle says he's going to get something to eat at the McDonalds across the street. So I was contemplating on what I should do. I walked over towards the narrow part so it wouldn't seem obvious if I were to get another chance. Well I decided to go for it again, when I caught this fish, I noticed it was a big one so I asked for Aunt Vivian's help, she runs over and turns her back to me and bends down to unhook the fish. But this fish was just wiggling all over the place and just kept flip flopping on her. I took like 2 steps forward so I can feel that petite butt on my cock. Her cheeks were so soft and just pressed up on both sides of my dick. My buldge was centered right in the middle and I just got this tingling sensation. Especially when she would wiggle around herself trying to get this fish. What was weird, is how she just stayed in that position like she enjoyed it. When she finally unhooked the fish, I quickly grabbed some more bait in search of a big one. She stood right by me like she wanted to get into that position with me again. I remember having a raging hard on. There was no hiding this one but it felt consensual between us two. I was actually comfortable with it because it felt like she was inviting me to do it again. When she bent over again, I just plowed my cock right into her small but heartshaped butt and just grinded in. She just stayed bent over. When we were done, I went into the bathroom and finished myself off. It took me like 30 seconds to come. She would invite me to come along everytime they went but my uncle stuck around each time and I never got the chance to do it again. She kept bringing up the first time we went fishing to the whole family. Telling everybody how she helped me with the fish. I think it turned her on each time she brought it up. I didn't feel bad because she wasn't a blood relative, and her family paid my uncle to marry her to get her citizenship. It wasn't like they were in love. By the way, they are still married and have a son together but, they date other people. So I still don't feel bad.

Space Needle 1988 (Fri 07 May 2004 09:55:10 GMT)

I remember getting on the Space Needle up here in Seattle. I was 15. I had no idea what was about to happend. When I got on the elevator, I quickly made my way to the window so I could see the city when we went up. Then this old man probably in his mid 50's enters with a young woman probably in her early 30's maybe late 20's. Probably his daughter or date. I don't know, who cares! But she was wearing a blue dress and her buttcheeks were just sticking out. They looked plump and soft. She backed up right into me and we were all squished in there. I could feel her soft butt right on my cock. The old man was just looking at me but I didn't make eye contact. That actually made me more hornier knowing I'm jacking this bitch right in front of this man. I started to get hard and I know she could feel my cock poking up her crack. She kind of bent forward and her crack just plowed right into my dick. I pressed forward and she pressed back. The ride up to the needle took like 3 minutes. When we got up on top and exited the elevator, she took a look back at me with a happy look on her face. Everytime we would run into each other, she would just smile. She knew what happened. I tried to catch the same elevator down but there were too many people and we had to catch the next one down. Well on the way down, 3 Japanese exchange looking students went down with us. I discreetly unzipped my pants and made sure the fine one was in front of me. When we got sanwhiched in, I pushed my dick right up her buttcrack and she quickly looked back. I once again avoided eyecontact and kept my cock on her ass. She couldn't do anything but say something but I think she wanted to avoid embarrassment. She said something to the other girls and they just smiled at each other without looking back at me. When we got off the elevator, the girl looked back towards my dick which I exposed to her. She grabbed her girlfriends and said something to them again in Japanese. They all took a look back and I flashed them too. I quickly got out of there by jumping on this monorail that took me to downtown. I was home free.

Party in 2000 (Sat 08 May 2004 23:38:33 GMT)

I remember one summer night, me and my lifting partner got invited to a party by one of the girls at the gym. When we got there, I figured they wanted us there incase things got outta hand. There were a bunch of suckas who thought they were Outlawz. I noticed this one dude had a bomb ass girlfriend. I think she was from El Salvador. It was a hot night and everyone was dressed showing hella skin. She had on some cotton shorts that showed a lot of legs. Her legs were toned and had a nice brown tan. Her butt was just bangin. Her crack just ate up them shorts. You can tell she had a thong on. As the night went on, this one white dude started to have an attitude with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend pulled out a 9mm and handed it to his girl. I took the safety off my 45 just incase I had to use it but I let them get it on. They both hit the floor and everybody was trying to seperate them. None of the other guys wanted to get involved but all the other girls were just bending over trying to pry them apart. The Latin girls bends over and starts poking the white dudes eye's trying to get in on the action. The girl who invited us starts pleading with me to break it up. If I really wanted to, I could of done it but instead, I stood right behind this Latin booty and pressed my buldge deep into her crack and pulled her towards me. I only moved her back like 2 steps so she would keep her focus on the dude. My partner does the same thing with another girl who had a nice butt. It was funny cuz we just looked at each other and started laughing. We didn't admit anything to each other but we both knew. I just kept her in that position for about 3 minutes. I had a tingly feeling when her butt was just pressed up against me. This other tanned white girl who came out of the swimming pool runs inside and starts trying to hit the Latin dude on the ground. My partner runs over and takes the gun away from the girl just incase she starts shooting, and then she starts trying to hit him. I throw her over to him and he spins her around and plows his cock into that sweet ass and holds her there. I quickly turned around and grabbed the girl in the bathing suit and plow my cock into her ass. She was wet but it almost felt like she was naked. I grind deep into her while she's hitting the dude. Everytime she swung, her butt would just sink deeper into my cock. Her boyfriend runs over and tries to jerk me away but he wasn't moving me. He yells at me telling me to let her go. I told him that if he touched me or punched me that I would knock his ass out. It was almost like I was fucking his girl and we got caught. Then this other thick white girl got in the mix. I threw his bitch to him and did a nasty hit on the thick girl. Her butt just swollowed my cock up. I grabbed her by her hands and pulled them behind her back while she was bent forward. I just rode her. She kept trying to fall forward but I locked her hands up and just stuck it to her. Then I remember starting to cough because the white dudes buddy maced the crowd. Here's where I fucked up, right when he was about to mace me, I drew down on him with my 45 and he just threw his hands up. Me and my partner left the party in a hurry and took the dudes 9mm. It was funny and I got in my cheap thrills. I felt bad pulling my strap out but I didn't feel like getting maced. So I gave him the choice of macing me and getting capped or just chilling out. He made the right decision.

All these stories are coming back.
Let's get some more stories on this muthafucka!
Peace out.

Gym with guest & his queen (Tue 11 May 2004 20:43:54 GMT)

One day while br0wn5huga was working on his chest. He goes for 5 plates and some 25's (545lbs). He lifts and his legs shoot up in the air. He has to set the bar back. All of a sudden "Guest" walks in with his workout partner. Guest looks to be about a buck twenty five, and his partner is a female. The female is about 5'5 and 280lbs. Damn near weighs as much as me. I could see her staring at my tats and my arms. Br0wn5huga goes for the bench again and once again his feet start to shoot up in the air. Then all of a sudden Guest's partner comes over and sits her fat booty right on my buldge to keep my feet from going in the air. It feels kind of good. Her buttcrack isn't deep at all. After feeling so many booty's on my buldge, I can tell this one was super tight. What do you know, I bench it one time and set the bar back. Okay I'm done but this girl isn't getting off me. Guest walks over to her and says "What are you doing?" She says to him "I wanted to help him with this bench". She got up and I stayed there laying down. I had a hard on that was obvious. There was a wet spot on my buldge and I didn't come. She must of came? I walk out the room for a second to get a drink of water. When I came back in, I had to rush over to grab the bar with 10's on it from choking guest. Poor guy couldn't even get up 65 lbs. I told him that there was an all men yoga class upstairs and he went along his merry way & left this girl alone with me. After guest leaves, his girl asks me "Please do another bench and let me hold your legs down again" She told me that her man (guest) has a micro-penis and can't satisfy her. She has never came b4 until she sat on me. She says she likes the Outlaw type. Flowers and candy are for Sissy's. She asks me "What nationality are you", I told her that I was Samoan, Hawaiian, and black. She also tells me that her man is a mama's boy and doesn't have a job. He stays with his mama. She needs a man with 6 figures on his way to 7. And speaking of 7, she wants a man over 7 inches which I definately am. she lays me back down and positions her asscrack right dead square center with my buldge and sits down. As I go for the bench again, I purposely thrusted my hips up and she just gasps for air as I plow my cock deep into her. She starts pumping and pumping away. "OOh br0wn5huga, Guest can't come close to what you're doing ooh ooh" Then she just passes out face first into my chest. Then my buddy "BlackShogun" walks in and I ask him to help me out with this bitch. "BlackShogun" stands behind her and plows his cock right into her wet asscrack. She wakes up from excitement but her legs are limp so BlackShogun just holds her there. Thats when our other buddy Ozzy Groper comes over to feel her forehead to see if she's hot. When he walks over to her, I noticed her hand reaching out and grabbed right for his cock. He just stands there as if he gave a fuck about her temperature. That is about the time my homeboy Curious walks in because he was curious into what was going on. She reaches out over to him and grabs his cock with her other hand. We were all just rubbed up against this girl when the All Men's Yoga class got out. When Guest walked into the freeweight area, his heart just hit the floor. I know he wanted to kick all of our asses but that is like rabbit trying to go heads up with a Bear, instead he just smiled and said "Come on let's go honey, I'm gonna miss Richard Simmons, and you know how I love to watch Richard Simmons alone in my private room" I could tell she wanted to stay but we're into pretty women. She was just there for the taking.

Go ahead and tell me that I'm br0wnshit and I'm fucking a sorry punk ass limp dick, welfare, gay, will never have a girl, a good life, piece of shit, pervert, animal, whatever, it don't matter. Things will never change. Hurry up and write back, I love this shit!

Untitled (Fri 14 May 2004 22:24:02 GMT)

I remember about a year ago I went to Walmart and was looking in the mens section when I noticed an older oriental man with I think was his granddaughter. She looked about 18. She was about 5'7. She had a really small ass but it was nicely shaped. She was looking at some hats on the bottom shelf. She bent over with her legs straight. Some clearance items were behind her and there was little room to get by. I made my way through and brushed my cock from left cheek, crack, to right cheek. She kept looking at the hats. So I acted like I was interested in one of the hats and walked back over to her. I reached for a hat that was on the upper shelf and positioned my cock dead center into her crack. My buldge was actually pushed in the middle of her crack but also pushing her cheeks because her ass was so small. At that time, I reached behind me and grabbed a t-shirt like I was looking at the hat-shirt combo. I just stood there for about 20 more seconds before she got up. Funny thing is she started talking to me all cool and shit.

mohawk getting arrested (Wed 19 May 2004 19:48:02 GMT)

How old are you? If you are young or 1st offense, they may let you off with a warning. Sitting in a jail cell isn't bad. Atleast it's not for me. It's getting out and having to deal with your parents. Been there, done that many many years ago. So crying may do you some good because the police know that they've got you scared. Can you describe your situation to us? Maybe someone or myself can coach you through it. Try to keep your head up.

I Finally Did It!!!!! (Sun 23 May 2004 21:14:32 GMT)

Whassup my Chikan Nation,
Yesterday I finally had a long time wish come true. I went to a Luau at a local University. There were a lot of Polynesian and Asian women around. The females in the crowd were wearing revealing clothes, and the girls who performed were wearing the traditional Hawaiian attire. When it was time for the Tahitian dance, the girls would grab one guy from the crowd to dance with them. One of the fine hotties walked towards the back and grabbed my arm and escorted me to the stage. We had to shake our asses with the women. But my girl stood right in front of me. Her attire covered my body up completely. You can only see my face. She moved her hips from side to side in a slow teasing way. She then backed her booty up right smack into my cock and shook like 100mph. I fuckin got hard instantly. And then all the men started to shake their ass too so I just grinded up into her butt and shook with her. The lights dimmed to maximize the effect of the fire. No one could really see so I just started to move my hips back and forth while she slowed down a bit on her shaking. Now her hips started to move side to side. Her cheeks just giving my hard on a massage. Then the drums stopped for a moment and her buttcrack stopped dead center with my cock. I just pushed my buldge deep into her jello ass. She was breathing kind of hard from the shaking. I knew that she knew what I was trying to do, but she didn't do or say anything. Then the drums started to beat in an up beat tempo and she just started to shake her hips again. I was gonna cum in like 20 seconds but everything just stopped in like 5 seconds and the dance was over (FUCKKKKKKKK). My wife and sister-n-law were out in the crowd cheering for me when I made my way back to them. Everybody was high fiving me on the way back.

When we got home, I told my wife that I would buy some Hawaiian clothes for her to wear, and she said "Why, so you can think of that hoe you were grinding your dick on when we fuck". But she said it with a cute smile and I got right behind her and hugged her. As I gave her a kiss on the cheek, I planted my cock deep into her Mexican butt like never before. She backed me up to the edge of the couch, I had her bend over and dropped her shorts. Then I swung her around and had her lean over the couch. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my 3rd leg out. While she was bent over, I just laid my hard-on over her buttcrack with my dickhead resting on her lower back.

I will stop here since this board is about Frottage not fucking.

At the Doubletree Hotel (Mon 31 May 2004 20:20:38 GMT)

Thanks BlackShogun, I appreciate that. Hey, have you started writing your book yet? Looking forward to reading your stories.

I have another story. I'm also in the Real Estate Business. Last week, all of Seattle's Real Estate agents had to exchange their key for the new and improved ones. It was a packed week at the Doubletree near the airport. My day to go was Thursday. When I arrived, there were no more parking spaces. That's how packed it was. When I walked into the lobby, I was directed to go to a ballroom were the exchange was taking place. There were so many pretty, mature, business minded women around dressed in a professional manner. I remember this one girl, she was in her mid 20's. She was about 5'6 and 130lbs. She had on some black slacks with white thin stripes going down. Her ass was shaped like a heart. She was a light skinned Latin mama with a tan, and had shoulder length brown hair with highlights. Everybody had to fill out some forms and there were no more seats left at the tables. She walked over to the edge of one of the tables and set her papers down to write on them. She bent over exposing her butt and I walked right over to her with my forms. I had on my pants that went with my suit. And you know how thin those kind of pants are. I wore boxers with my cock sticking out the hole. It was positioned to the left. Just looking at her ass, I can tell she either had on a thong or no panties at all. I gently pressed my cock dead center into her crack and sank it deeper into her cheeks. I instantly got hard. It felt so goddamn good I couldn't help myself. I noticed that only some women can give my cock that tingly pleasure, and this mami was one of them. I held my forms right in front of me blocking the view of my face. I put the pen on the paper like I was writing but really just stood there. I know she could feel the presence of a man with an erection poking up her butt. She even wiggled around a bit like she did it on purpose. As I pushed into her, she even pushed back and moved her hips to the right causing her ass to rub my cock. Fuck that felt hella bomb! Then she positioned her ass back on my dick. I can feel people staring at us. We stayed in this position for like 5 more minutes before we seperated. Then when I went to fill out my forms, I noticed that it was a short form that only took 2 minutes to fill out. That means she either didn't understand the forms, or she just enjoyed my presence. There were so many opportunities there but I was happy with the one I got. I wanted to take a picture of her on my camera phone but there were too many people around.

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Hey guy's and gal's... (Thu 10 Jun 2004 02:29:26 GMT)

Hey I'm new here.....HELP LoL I think it's a insult board correct ? Im Female, living in S. Calif. Like to meet new freinds.......SO Merry Meet this site looks like fun. ~ Winks impishly~

Peircing of my hood ( Clit ring ) (Sun 13 Jun 2004 13:01:32 GMT)

Are you into body peircings ? * A true story *As my heart pounded I walked into a local tatoo shop, they also do body peircing. I asked the rather handsome man " I come to you to have my clit peirced"" He smiled softly and said "sure follow me" I was wearing a short summer dress with a white sheer thong, he asked me to please remove my panties. I humbly did as I was told ( I'm a slave ) looking at the Ob/Gyn table wondering where he got this table. I slide my a** over the cold taable has he pulled the strups out. Placing my feet into the sturps, my now shaven pussy exposed to his dark yet attractive eye's. I could feel his eyes as the looked upon my warm wet folds. His finger now covered wit latex gloves ( for steril protection ) as he unwrapped the need's and thongs to pinch the tender skin. I could feel his fingers open up my folds, his finger ever so slightly opened me up. I could feel four fingers rub my inters folds and slip into my wanton pussy, as i gasped. His co-workers came in as the watched, With his thumb he began to rub my clit I could feel it harden. Softly I moaned, I was dripping wet. After a fewminutes of his attention to my clit he clamped tthe thongs around my harden clit, I wiggles within the strups, his strong fingers pressed against my folds opening me up for his veiwing pleasures. As I tilted my head up to see what he was doing he smiled at me, and asked that I hold very still. His middle finger slit into me and rubbed my g-spot, I could feel the tight clamps dancing. Slowly he removed his finger and reached for the 18 gauge needle, washing my clit with benodine...........I grasped at the hand grips as he said hold very still young lady. I felt the pressure of the 18 gauge go thru, just behnd my harden clit. His strong voice spoke " Your done" and with his hand he handed me a mirror as I looked at the clit ring now encircling my clit.Never to be removed. He held his hand out to help me off the og/gyn table and I stood. feeling no pain, the ring rubbing against my clit with each step of my feet to the counter to pay him. ( No i did not put my thong back on ) He instructed me on th e care of my new ring. Gods how I wanted him to take me in front of all his buddies. To this day I wear the clit ring and have since gotten my nipples peirced as well. ....Thats another story for later. This is all very true. Being a submissive, and with a man I do as Im told. As it should be. Men are Kings and should be treated as such. The most spoken word's from my lips are " yes Master " Thought atthis time I'm a single slave seeking the rigt Master to control me, use my body as he feels fit. For his desires become my desires, his wants my wants.......For he shall be my Master.
PS as soon as I have a bit more time I will built a web page showing my rings. If not e-mail me I ill try to share my body jewlery.
I have so many true stories to share and I wll share them on the board.

Following orders .......Analy used (Sun 13 Jun 2004 15:19:11 GMT)

Mr BlackShot Gun,
I'm as I said a submissive so I have had my body used in ways you could not imagine. Since Im short on time, ( I have a appointment ) I will post one really fast. Couple years vacb I had a Master, via the internet, we meet real life a short time after. He would watch me on a web cam set up as I was ordered to fuck strange men. Men seems to love when a woman dresses like a school girl, so on this night I did. Short plaid skirt,no panties( or if I ad on some occasions thongs ) white blose with cleavage showing, bobby socks with heels. My long dark hair tied in pig tails with white ribbions. When I entered the room with this man I had never meet , I was scared, my heart pounding. I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. But I'm a mere servant to my Master. I watched with my emerald eyes as this man unzipped his pants with his hand he free'd his cock and was stroking. He told me turn around, slowly I did he told me to bend over and hold his desk. I could feel his hands upon my round butt cheeks, his cock slide thru the crack and rested there while he reached around and unbutton my top allowing my breasts to fall out. He rubbed them, and rolled my nipples rather hard. I could feel my pussy quiver. He leaned back and I felt a cold liquid run down my ass. His finger now rimming my tight hole, then swiftly he slapped my ass telling me I was a "Bad Girl, and I will be punished" I felt the head of his cock pressing up against my my ass, his cock was so hard and thick. He kicked my ankle, then the other to open my thighs wider. My heart was no beating 100mph, my body trembled. His cock brushing over my ass rubbing the oil he had dripped on me in. He was a strong man I could tell when he grabbed my shoulders the tip of his cock he pushed inside me, I GASP loudly and moaned...........It hurt ! He thrust that massive cock in deeper, I could feel the tears of pain rolling down my cheek. But I dare not show them to the camera for surley my Master would have seen. He began thrusting faster as he slaped my ass......." This is what bad girls get " as he anal fucked me. My finger tips gripping the desk top, my legs felt weak. I felt that cold oil drip on my now stretched asshole, he fucked me harder than I have ever felt before. I could feel his balls slapping my clit with each hard thrust, my breasts bouncing as this strange man took me. Minutes eemed like hours my Master had taught me how to relax, Gods I was trying, but he was brutaly fucking me. As his strong voice kept calling me a bad girl. I heard him start to moan he slapped each ass cheek while he used his whole strong body to thrust his massive cock inside me. I felt him cum deep inside my ass, his cock throbbing as his hot cum filled my now swollen ass. I swear my hands where locked tightly on the desk, I could barley release them. He stood there cock still inside me as he reached around fondling my breasts, untill he pulled away. My whole body trembled as he told he to rise. He gave me permission to kneel while he went to the restroom and then came back.....Brushing the small beads of sweat from my cheek told me to go clean up.
My Master sent me to this man several times after that, he would alwas watch me via web cam.
This man was a friend of my Master's and he sent a PM to this man asking are you finished with my girl ? I was released to leave. After the man told me to call my Master as soon as I returned home.

I will ost more of my life with my Master Im out of time for now.
Blessed Be, MsDarkSoulDesires.

Black Shogun (Tue 15 Jun 2004 13:09:13 GMT)

Greetings Black Shotgun,
Im pleased you like the picture :)
I'm planning on making a web page for your question about how i found this site, I was searching for something and ran into it. And being that I'm kinky thought I would see where my 2 cents would get me. BTW Nice to meet you Sir Black.
Blessed Be, Juliana aka Darkest Desires

Re: MsDarkSoulDesires - Welcome, Short skirts and cowboys hats ! (Wed 16 Jun 2004 00:48:38 GMT)

Sir Shogun,
Reading your post, that woman was NO sub/slave. First off is she was she would NEVER say "No' And all my post's are true stories that really happen to me. Since Im new Im just kickin it, learning aboutcha all. Beng a woman and a slave ontop of that its eazier for me to press my ass up against some strange man standing behind me. Some kinda freak out likee "What The F***" LoL I'm very open with my sexuality. Im trying to get my sister to be the same ( she is old fashion ) I made her blush a few times at a concert we went to over the weekend. I was kinda bummed at all the security and COPS. Planning on flashing the artist on the stage since we where up front. Damn, got warned if we get out of line they would toss us out. Standing in the line to get a T Shirt I pretended to drop my shirt. The crowd was packed in, the man behind me as I bend down pushed my ass into him, I could feel his cock thru his jeans.... Think I shocked him cos he just said " Oh Im sorry, I should have gotten that for you" I kindly thanked him and asked "You alone" He tilted his cowboy hat and said "Yes Ma'am " Ma'am"??? Hey Im not that old.....(Ok before I go on with my story. My sister is into counrty, well one guy she is in love with " Kenny Chesny" SO I went to keep her company.) As we made our way away from the T-Shirt stand, here comes Mr Behind me, with a smile. I could not help but look down to the buldge in his jeans, as I was looking to buy a cowboy hat ( Hey might as well fit in ! ) He put his hand on my hip as I bent down the hat I wanted was on the bottom self. Ya Know Cowboy's are kinda cool LoL .. I looked at my sister and winked. I heard her whisper " Don't you dare" Haha. I asked him where ya from, He said he had drove in from Riverside Calif. "Oh I told him we have a room care to join us after he concert ?" Ohhhh my sister was beet red !! Ok Im not into Cowboys but hey, I was out on the town, first time in a year since my back injury. Since seating was assigned, we stood at the rail, they stared opening with Kid Rock's songs. This tall stranger was standing behind me as i was shaking my ass. Accidently pushed back into him again ~Winks ~ He puts his hand on my hips as I was dancing and watching my sisters face shocked. I tell ya ....if every Cop in Chula Vista was there, had they not been I would have had my short skirt up around my waist, begging this man to fuck me from behind. My sister kinda was freaking out, since I have been trying to get her to have a 3 some for years. NEVER happened yet, but I have faith, since she recently left her husband. She said " Come on lets get our seat's" So I passed this man the name of our Motel and room number. I'm Bi Sexual, so having a woman with me is nothing new. My sister was a PARTY POOPER. We could have had a great 3 time ! Short skirts and Cowboy hats !! We had a blast even thou my sister refused to let this man come to our room. Next time IM GETTING MY OWN ROOM !!
Merry Part and Blessed Be,
Darkest SOul

Did ya know..... (Wed 16 Jun 2004 20:51:30 GMT)

This may be off topic, but I thought I would share.
Greetings to All you Ckihan's : )~

Did ya know that a man's hot sperm is great used as facial cream ! It's used in my religion, also sex is the highest form of energy seen by the Gods. BTW I'm Wiccan. SO if ya ever get your hot cock between my ass cheeks and cum, make sure you apply it to my face !! Nothing better tasing or smelling than hot sweet cum. besides you would be saving me money on facial cream ~smiles impishly~ Looking for a gathering this weekend without my sister ! LoL Since I don't live where we have subways or crowded buses, might visit a night club. Seeking a chikan to rub my ass into his jean covered cock, hopfuly have his strong hand reach up under my short skirt and slide his fingers thru my gap.

Just my 2 cents for today.
(_Y_) Darkest Soul aka Juliana

Master Black Shogun (Wed 16 Jun 2004 22:32:29 GMT)

Hey Babe,
Yes, Wiccan is a religon, witch craft, well I'm part cherokee, its more like a earth bound religon, what we take from the earth we give back......You might say its a white witch they only cast GOOD spells. And No way would I harm you ~ winks ~

As for enjoying cum, I love it, the taste, the smell, the feel of it rubbed all over my nakid body.

I have not seen American Bukkake movies but, Im going to go there now ~ smiles ~

Blessed Be, Juliana

Was the best job with great benefits ! (Thu 17 Jun 2004 16:25:01 GMT)

A few years ago I worked in a cafeteria the uniforms where pretty basic, polo t-shirt and black slacks. Well I wore thongs which showed when ever I bent down, I wore thight slacks that you could see a panty line if not. I had a few male co-workers who loved to brush up against me, Once Arnie pressed his cock up against me I could really feel his massive hard on.

One day I happen to be cutting pie's for the case when he walked behind me and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass. I turned and giggled " hey what do ya think your doing ?" I asked. He took my hand and placed it on his cock and lord his was as hard as a rock ! Also very married, his wife worked there as well. Working behind the counters the island was about 2.5 feet wide so we had to brush up against each other to pass if we were carring supply's, as I would I was able to press my ass into him, as he laughed and swatted my ass hard. LoL My Boss also would cop a feel as well.. Guess the women did not like me cos I was a flirt.

One day the cook got a bit freindly, while I was working the grill he walked past me and placed his hands on my breasts cupping them firmly. Another time he came from behind me hip's pressing his body close to mine. I could tell his cock was hard thru his cheif pants, as he walked by I turned my head and smiled as he grabbed his cock and shook it " this is for you he said, meet me in the walk in' ( the walk in is a large cooler for storing food )

Ok now if a man can be a Chikan why can a woman to a man ? I was....I walked past the cooking area and brushed my hand over his ass as if to say "lets go " We went into the cooler and his hand ran thru the gap between my thighs. I could feel my pussy quiver with desire. My nipples became hard from the cool air and showed thru my polo shirt. He then went down and kissed my lips as I placed my hand on his now hard cock rubbing him gently. Our time was short as we did not know if anyone would walk in.

I recall the other cooks making coments about ..."hey Juliana was in the cooler look at her shirt " Ofcourse my nipples where hard. This fondling went on for a year before we finaly got a motel. A few of my co-workers knew of my incounters with this cook, but the gropping never stopped ~Smiles ~ I'm sure the costomers saw this, HOW could they not ? When we where behide the counter with our backs to them. THIS made going to work a pleasure !! I was always watching with my emerald eye's for this cook to come out from the back. If he did not grop me I would get him.

One this one day I was walking thru the cooks line, He did not see me come thru the back door. I did'nt see anyone around, or maybe they did not see me ! But I leaned down sliding my small hand thru his thights and grabbed his ball's, as I pulled my hand back slowly my hand went up and thru his crack. Ever seen a man blush ? Think I got him off gaurd.
After a few months of this flirting and gropping we got a motel on our day off. WoW This man was hung well, His dark skin against my creamy white flesh MMM !!

Grocery Store Chikan (Mon 21 Jun 2004 00:55:07 GMT)

Greetings Chikans,

Today I had to do my weekly grocery shopping. While standing in a long line at the check out counter, wearing thin sweat pants and a thong underneath, a older man was behind me in the line, as I was reading the magazine on the rack I felt his hand slide thru my crack, mmmm. I turned and smiled.....He acted like " Uhmmmmm was not me " But I knew :)~ He moved a bit closer to me as the line moved forward, I could fell the warmth of his body close to mine. He placed his hand on my ass breifly. It was my turn to pay the cashier, after she handed my chance I turned and winked to the older gentleman. Guess I will do my shopping same time next week, who knows just may run my ass into this older chikan.

Have a happy Chikan day ! : ) ~

Black Shogun (Sun 27 Jun 2004 14:04:17 GMT)

~ Blushes~ Thanks my favorite Chikan, Love thoses pats on the ass :)~

Sorry I have not posted but we went on vacation, Im back home now. If your ever behind me and I drop something on the floor, Please don't pick it up...Its only my invation to use your chikan skills on mt ass ~ Smiles~ I found out while on vacation, men love to see a woman bend over! Picking up lose change that dropped from my the cashier that missed my hand. While buying for a present for my son a man behind me saw the cashier sloppy little hands, he asked to help me and I said " No its Ok I can get it" hehe...Little did he know he was about to get a peek of my thong as I bent straight down and shuffled my feet backwards into his jean covered cock. It was very warm...mmmm. I pretended I did not bump into him at first but thru my long hair tossed over my head still bend over I caught a glimps of him staring at my ass that was now just inches away from him. I came back to my feet, my emerald eyes glanced at his crotch ( it seemed like time stood still ) I was offering this man a touch. His mom must have taught him some manners, or he was scared to take my invite ( to rub against me ) At any rate, Im a flirt, and I had a wonderful few days up in the mountains. Seems the lines at the check out stand are my best contact for finding a Chikan :)~

July award: Black Shogun
for his concert buttfucker series.
(Plus one hundred eighteen other posts and many more flaming/counter flaming you made in one month.)

Recollections of a Concert Buttfucker - Chock Full O' Butts Part I (Mon 05 Jul 2004 20:52:04 GMT)

Something may be said to be “chock full” when it is absolutely full to the brim. No room for anything else! And that’s exactly how it was when Shogun went to the first of a number of concerts this summer to jack young girls in the ass. Two months had passed since the Shogun had last buttfucked strange girls . . . in the bar, and had spewed so much cum everywhere that he needed to use a napkin to wipe the mess away from his trousers. And, an amazing 10 months had passed since he had last been to a concert! Almost a year.

I arrived a bit early for this show because I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of the crowd turnout. In reality, tens of thousands showed up for a daylong, outdoor show. The butterflies were in my stomach as the lines began to build, with all the chicks bringing their choice buttocks cheeks to the show. I saw this tall blonde there with a short brunette friend. The brunette had a really nice ass, but she looked a bit too young for my tastes. The tall blonde was OK, and the funny thing was that they appeared to be there with her dad. I guess daddy was there to protect his little girl at the show.

I watched the blonde and her friend as they went to sit on a nearby curb. The blonde’s jeans rode down on her ass, and I could see the high end of her booty crack! I was like damn poppa . . . you need to tell your little girl to pull her pants up and stop showing her ass crack to the world. Hahaha! That’s the kinda stuff that will make Pervman fuck your daughter in the ass. Do you want Pervman to buttfuck your daughter??? Cuz he will! LOL! I continued to watch the building crowd as all the fine honeys began to show up, their plump hindshines wobbling, switching, and wiggling in their thin shorts. Some of the chicks had on stuff so tight, they couldn’t even have squeezed out a fart if their lives depended upon it. Hehehe!

As I sat there looking at the blonde’s ass crack, another chick and her guy friend comes up and sits down near her. She’s struggling to keep her shirt down in the back. I was literally able to see over an inch of her butt crack each time her shirt rode up in the back! The only thing is, she was a really chunky thing, and must have had 50 lbs. attributed to her booty crack alone! Pull it back down girl. Pull it down! Hahaha! The wait for the gates to open up was mostly uneventful. I had to take a leak when I got into the stadium, so I went straight for the bathroom. A chikan should never be thinking about having to take a piss when he opens up his practice for business. LOL! I fulfilled my obligations to nature, then headed for the “chikan field of battle”. Oh . . . did I forget to mention that I forgot to zip my shorts back up????

It was still early with at least a good hour to go before this huge concert got started. So, I began to check out the scene for some good buttfuck prospects. It didn’t take long my friends. I was up front, and to my left, I saw about 6 teenaged girls and one guy. My gaze immediately fell upon a big, phat assed blonde wearing jeans. Her big, onion butt looked like it would literally split the seams of her jeans apart! The other girl I liked in the group was a petite blonde wearing thin jeans with no pockets in the back. She had a cover girl pretty face, and her hair was like tied back in all these braids. She was jumping up and down with excitement . . . her tender buns jiggling in her jeans as she did so. My dick got hard . . . and I knew which ones were about to get buttfucked.

I greedily eyed both sets of cheeks my brothers, and decided to move in behind the phat assed one. My plan was to dick her butthole first and nut on her jeans, then maybe dick her cover girl friend’s pooty hole next. So, I got behind her and began to check her out. Her hair was long and blonde, but she had pulled it up and back, typical for girls at concerts. She was wearing, as I recall, a white top that exposed her back and shoulders, and that covered a huge set of milky white titty jugs. I could see how soft and creamy her big milk jugs were because I was standing behind her looking down her shirt! She aided my ogling eyes because she had a small program outlining the acts that she put down her shirt, and would occasionally reach down into her top and pull out to look at. I could easily spy on her big titties.

I checked the rest of her out. Her face was very pretty, and she was wearing this tacky, silver, sparkly polish on her nails. I thought, “Tacky bitch. You’re gonna take this dick up your butt on this day!” I went on to check out her ass. And whoooaaaa what an ass!!! She had stuffed her big arse inside of some Bongo brand jeans, and that onion was hittin! Time to move in for “pre-hump checks”. As you know, my zipper was already down. I had worn underwear for support, but I had my dick through the slit and ready for action. The chick was standing kind of sideways, with her plump left buttcheek closest to my dick. So, with my dick out and covered by a long T-shirt, I allowed my semi-hard dong to rest against her round left bum cheek.

Next came the light rocking and rubbing, building up the intensity and pleasure to the head of my bone and part of the shaft. I was rubbing my now stiffening pecker all against her left buttcheek. I wanted to try to get into the “gap”, but there was so much ass cheek meat there I couldn’t get to it! Hahaha! Then, she changed her stance so that it was easier to get the right cheek . . . I took what was there and continued with the rocking and light rubbing . . . pre-cum now moistening the tip of my boner. After a few minutes, I started to get impatient. It had been a long time since I had been to a concert, and I wanted some crack!!! I remember thinking, “Bitch would you please turn your big ass all the way around and face the stage? Can’t you see I’m trying to fuck you in your ass???” Hahahaha!!!

She finally did turn her big butt all the way facing the stage as the opening act drew near. Plenty of people had crowded in behind us too, so we were starting to get more pressed together. Goody, goody, goody! My exposed but T-shirt covered dick was now in that CRRRRRRACK!!! Yeah!!! People started jostling a bit too much, and pretty little cover girl started to get annoyed. Somebody made me bump into her, and she complained. I said, “Hey, it’s not my fault.” She replied, “I don’t care!” Her little smart ass pissed me off! I decided right then and there that she was gonna get dicked right up the butt. I said in my mind, “Do you care if I fuck you in your ass???”

The show got started, and I went to work on the phat assed blonde. The surge of the crowd pushed me right up onto her back. As I looked over her shoulder and down her shirt at her big fuckin titties again, I lifted my T-shirt and thrust my bare dick into the crack of her jeaned booty cheeks. After a 10-month absence, the satisfaction of concert chikan buttfucking filled my chikan buttfucker veins with RELIEF and PLEASURE. AHHHHHHHHH!!! The Shogun is dickin some female concert butthole agaaaiiiiin!!! I began to dig my dick into the girl’s big ass, hunching like a mongrel in the street breeding his bitch . . . in the AAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

The blonde was feeling my dick in her butt. I was pushing extra hard because of the jeans. She would turn her head to the right side, then look forward again quickly. In the absence of anything else, no way was I planning on stopping. Sometimes, it looked like she was a little nervous and checking me out from the corner of her eyes. I didn’t give a shit. Her round, white onion was mine. It was hot as hell at this outdoor concert, and I was really humping aggressively. I continued to thrust my naked dick right up her pooty cheeks through the opening band, and she didn’t do shit. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t bust against her during the opening act, but there was gonna be plenty of time for that my friends.

The first act ended . . . your butthole is next little bossy bitch! I moved over to “cover girl”, who was now standing to the right of us. I lustfully spied her hams. GOD they looked so TENDER and PLUMP. I rested my dick gently into her crack and trembled with joy. I thought, “Oh yeaaaahh. This is gonna do it! 1 or 2 songs, and I’ll SPEW on her tender buns!” But wait! What the fuck! She started acting all pissy and shit and complaining about “this guy” (that would be me) rubbing against her. Damn! Well, it all ended in an acceptable result for me because her phat ass friend who I had been dickin in the butt before got in between us and said, “I’ll protect you” . . . as she SHOVED her BIG RUMP right into my DICK and LEFT IT THERE!!!

Well, this was a clear signal to the Shogun that the bitch had known EXACTLY what had been going on before, and was ready for some more! I was like OK, OK . . . I’m gonna give you the “black kitana” something good now! The second band got started, and THE SHOGUN started to JACK THAT ASS UP. She wanted it, she got! I was buttfucking blondie much harder and with much more force than before. Her big ass was lurching forward from my aggressive humping, her body jerking with each animal hunch.

I squatted down to get a better angle and TAPPED that ass. I was pushing so HARD and DEEP. While I was dicking her up the A-hole, I put my head to the left side of her head, near her ear. While I buttfucked her, dick out and everything, I muttered under my breath, “Oh GAWD the crack in your big, white ass is so, SSSOOOOOOOO DEEP, and so, SSSSSOOOOOOOO SOFT!!! YAY –UUUHHHHHHHH!!! Then, I started to hop up and down some to the music with my hot dog buried in between her buns. I stopped hopping, THEN SHE STARTED TO JUMP HER HEAVY ASS UP AND DOWN ON MY DICK! We went like that back and forth a few times . . . I'd hop and "jump my dick up her butt", then she would do the "booty hop" on my "telephone pole"! Hahaha!

I was digging up her butt something awesome my chikans, but I still hadn’t cum! It was so damn hot and I was buttfucking her so damn hard. So hot . . . I can’t . . . I’m not gonna cum! Damn, damn, damn!!!! I continued to dick me some blonde girl booty hole through the second band, but no nut! Shit! Had . . . had the Shogun lost his touch??? I mean, it had been 10 months. I thought . . . I thought . . . I worried that maybe I had lost the magic “touch” so to speak. Well, this was an all day affair, so we were sure gonna find out! And because I knew it was an all day affair, I decided the best thing I could do was go get some food and liquid refreshment and gather myself. So, that’s what I did.

I left the crowd and the field, satisfied that I had dug WAY DEEP into phat ass blondie’s booty hole (even with the jeans, I had my dick all up in between those cheeks), but disappointed I hadn’t stained her Bongo brand jeans with cum. After water and lemonade and ummmm . . . a couple of hot dogs, I felt completely refreshed, almost like I did when the concert first started. To the field of battle to try again! So, back onto the stadium field I went, looking for some bubble butts to ass fuck. I went back with a different strategy this time. It was hot and kind of a rough crowd. I had seen that it wasn’t so rough in the crowd along the side barricades. I decided to look for action against one of the side barricades then. It was a most fortunate choice. Read on brothers and sisters of chikan!

I dove back into the crowd and worked my way to a tight and jammed spot along one of the side barricades, looking for some ass for my dick. Once again, it didn’t take long. It never takes Shogun long at a concert. I found three girls, probably in their early 20’s, all of them hot. They were standing in a line along this side barricade, one behind the other. The one in front was a bitchin fine brunette. She was wearing these low riding pants that showed off her thong. I tried to reach my hand in to snap her thong by the thin strip that was sticking up by her hip, but I couldn’t quite get my hand in there and back out safely again. So, I called it off.

I don’t recall exactly what the one in the middle was like, but that’s not really important. It was the one in the back who produced my first nut for the day. She was an attractive blonde with a bit of a tan. Her hair came to about her shoulders, and she was wearing these jean shorts that were hanging on her hips so, so low that I thought I was looking at her panties. But then, looking up around her chest, I saw that she was actually wearing bikini bottoms underneath her jean shorts. I decided to try to buttfuck her . . . and spooge on her bikini bottoms. I lifted my T-shirt up and placed my dick on her ass . . . not on the jeaned part, but on the bikini bottoms. And then, I began to dick her ass cheeks.

I started out by doing some slow rocking . . . then going deeper and harder and a bit faster . . . building up the pressure. My dick pushed into her crack!!! AAARRRRRRRRRR!!! I got to where I had started to hump in a rhythmic motion, and she started to WAG HER BIG ASS back and forth to my motions . . . getting the friction on. I looked over her left shoulder to see what kind of reaction I could get from her face . . . I SAW THAT HER EYES WERE CLOSED AND HER HEAD WAS TILTED SLIGHTLY BACK while I hunched my dick against her bikini bottoms into her ARSE GAP!!! My body now trembled with excitement as I could now judge that this strange piece of ass was taking pleasure from some strange, black chikan dick in her butt!!!

My next plan was to “pick up steam” and hold nothing back. Buttfuck her and cream against her body. But then at that moment, a fucking crowd surfer went overhead and knocked us both off balance! We lost contact and both had to put our hands up to pass the surfer along. Fucker!!! After the crowd surfer passed over, I quickly got right back on her bikini-clad ass! I shoved my naked dick right back into her arse gap and started to hump again, this time much harder, as I had planned. I looked around to the side again . . . HER EYES WERE AGAIN CLOSED AS SHE NODDED HER HEAD TO THE MUSIC!!! I swear that the only thing that would have been more exciting to me at that very moment would have been if the bitch had been biting down on her lower lip like the one in Reaper12’s story “First Long Contribution”. I would have lost a load right there.

Instead, I kept right on digging . . . pushing my dick into the “sweet spot” where I was getting pussy lips and booty hooooole!!! YEAH!!! She started out wagging her big ass back and forth just like before. But as I started to push deeper and deeper, she did the classic thing that many women/girls have done when I was ass jacking them in public. She stood perfectly still . . . like a cow in the wild being mounted by the bull . . . AND TOOK PLEASURE FROM A SECRET, PUBLIC BUTT FUCKIN. I was turned on that her friends didn’t have a clue. I was turned on that her eyes were closed and her head lightly bobbing. Shit, I’m gonna CUM!!! I HURRIED UP and lifted my T-Shirt and adjusted my dick to make sure it was ALL against her bikini bottoms and not the jeans . . . THEN I SPUNKED ON HER BIKINI AAASSSSS!!!! ARRRRRRR!!!!!

The cum squirted out of my dick onto her bikini clad ass!!! As I was spewing seed, I worried that she might feel it and look back. But I didn't give a shit . . .I was gonna SPERM on that bikini! After I got off, I stepped back, satisfied and relieved. I looked down at her butt, and could see “moisture” on her bikini bottoms. To make sure I had “nailed” her bathing suit with my genetic code, I lightly touched her butt with the tips of my fingers. YEP . . . GOT HER!!! I could feel the moisture of spooge on her bikini butt! YES!

You’re right Pervman. CONCERTS ARE FUCKIN GREAT FOR A BUTTFUCKER LIKE MMMEEEEEEE!!! It’s a good thing that I blew on her big ass when I did too because not long after that, she and her friends decided that they had been through enough in the crowd. I watched as the security people pulled her big ass over the side barricade. It looked like her damn jeans were about to come all the way down. I watched as she walked away . . . hitching her jean shorts back up on her wobble cheeks . . . and me already fantasizing about how I had NUT on that BIG ASS in a BIKINI! She never looked back one time. Part II of this story soon.

Black Shogun!!!

PS I didn't mention it, but I took some time to grope female crowd surfers too. One chick went overhead with a BIG BULLET NIPPLE sticking out of her top. For a flash, I got it IN BETWEEN MY THUMB AND FOREFINGER!!! Shogun is writing STORIES up in this motherfucker again!

Recollections of a Concert Buttfucker - Chock Full O' Butts Part II (Mon 05 Jul 2004 23:17:32 GMT)

After busting a nut on that blonde’s bikini bottoms under her jean shorts, which was like cum-staining her panties in my books, I could have been satisfied for the day. Really. The thing is though, it was one of those long, long concerts with many, many bands. So, I decided to take a break because it was so hot and rest up a bit. Then, I’d go back into the crowd and try to pull off just one more good buttfuck up a girl’s ass before closing up shop for the evening. It was a good plan because I ended up having my most pleasurable experience of the day.

But first, off I went for more food and refreshment. I took a seat, and this woman sitting next to me struck up a nice conversation. As we were sitting there talking, I was surprised to see one of my female colleagues from work! I don’t think I’d ever run into a colleague while on the booty hunt anywhere . . . bar, nightclub, concert, or wherever. And the thing about this colleague is that SHE HAS THE NUMBER ONE ASS AT WORK I HAD BEEN DREAMING OF! She stuffs her BIG, ONION BUM in these tight fitting, thin jeans, often with no pockets. I asked her what she had been up to, and she said out IN THE CROWD DANCING AND CROWD SURFING!

I couldn’t believe it! Here was the big ass I lusted for at work the most, and she has it on a chikan hunting ground . . . in the crowd . . . surfing. If I had been in the right place at the right time, maybe I would have chanced it and tried to grope or buttfuck her . . . if even just lightly or just a little. I know it would have been risky, but I don’t think I could have resisted that day if I had been presented an opportunity. After a little conversation, my colleague went on her way, and I continued my talk with the lady until I was ready to go at it again. Having learned from earlier in the day, I decided to work the side barricades again. Indeed, I went back to the exact same spot . . . and found my next and best buttfuck for the show.

She was another blonde teenager, about 5’ 6” with her hair pulled back into a bushy tail. She was wearing these jean shorts that showed off a nice, plump set of hams. She was there with this guy. I’m not sure if he was her boyfriend or what, but he sure as hell didn’t get in between that ass and me. I struck up a conversation with her, and she told me she was excited because the band she had come to see was only like two bands away. I slowly but surely closed the space between her cheeks and my stiffening dick. Eventually, even before the next band had come on with it’s music, I had released my dick from behind my T-shirt and placed it gently against her bouncy buttocks cheeks. I let the T-shirt fall back down over my dick for cover.

Next, I began to rub and massage my ding-a-ling all over her buttcheeks . . . left to right to left . . . stopping only to “dilly dally” and “graze” in her crack. Pre-cum leaked from the head of my dick . . . onto her jean shorts. Soon, the next band got started, and she began to wag that plump rump around on my “tree trunk”. I reacted by going into “hump mode” to see how she would respond. What did the chick do??? SHE SHOVED HER BIG ASS BACK . . . CLOSED HER EYES . . . AND STARTED NODDING HER HEAD AND WAVING HER ARMS AND HANDS AROUND TO THE MUSIC . . . HEAVEN!

Well now, I knew I had a “winner” as Ozzi Groper would put it. I got the shaft and part of the head of my dick in between her arse cheeks and PUSHED baby . . . and she just kept backing that thang right back up into my “tool”. Sometimes, we would go into what I like to call “The See-Saw Buttfuck”. That’s where the girl kind of swings her hips backwards and forward . . . backwards and forward . . . my own hips going with her, but letting her control the action for a change. Then at other times, we’d just do the regular “booty rub” with her wiggling her cheeks left, right, left, right . . . and me going opposite her motions. At other times, she would just stand perfectly still, and I’d give her the “arse gap scrub” . . . running and massaging my sausage meat all through the gap in her buns.

This was damn straight high quality buttfucking chikans, and I know she felt every last bit of it because my dick was out and the absolute hardest it had been all day. And she was making sure to jack that ass back. The guy who was with her didn’t have a clue. He was basically rockin out to the music while she enjoyed the show . . . and a strange, big dick in her butt! The band only played for 30 minutes, then it was time for break down and set-up for the band which she had come to see. During the long break in between the two bands, I continued to hump her. Normally, I would back off more during breakdown and set up, but I had been dickin it so good during the last band, and she had been cooperating so well, I stuck with it.

Between the two bands, I had my “Peter” pressed so HARD and FIRM against her soft buttcheeks. GAWD it felt so, soooooooooo, good! And I know she was feeling me. I kept humping, pushing firmly and rhythmically into her wiggle JELLY BUTT . . . sleepy siiiiggghhhhh. Occasionally, she would wag it and move it around for our mutual pleasure. My dick is so hard now . . . as I recall how her fleshy buttocks cheeks made my excited manhood feel . . . as I stood up against her . . . buttfucking her booty hole. . . . mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!

Finally, the band she had waited all day for took to the stage. She, and everybody else went ape shit nuts! The chick started to hop and jump and literally RAM her ass back into my fully erect woody! I put my arms all the way around her . . . holding onto the barricade . . . and literally began to “slam fuck” her in her ass crack, and the bitch was hammering right back. She was jamming her round ass back so hard against me that it actually hurt my dick a few times, which I felt go “CRUNCH” a couple of times. I wasn’t complaining though. She was doing some of everything . . . shoving her booty into my crotch . . . working it all around . . . jumping up and down on my “probe” . . . “see sawing” her hips, and I was giving as good as I was getting!

I knew it was only a matter of time before I BLEW on her ass. I think we were still only in the first song of her band when I felt the JIZZ spray out of my dick in a long stream against her left buttcheek. FUCK YEAHHHHHH . . . GOTTA NUTHER NUT ON SOME CUTE, BLONDE, WILLING BOOOOTAY!!! I don’t give a shit WHAT people say about Black Shogun. I fuck bitches I DON’T EVEN KNOW . . . UP THE BUTT . . . and leave SPUNK STAINS in their clothing. Know this.

Well, with it only being the first song and this band scheduled to play for at least an hour, there was no way the buttfuck was over. My dick got hard again real quick. I held it in my hand under my T-shirt, and placed my chubby right in between her cheeks . . . one more time we started to hump again. I say WE because this one was 100% consensual. No doubt. We both went into a slower, rhythmic buttfuck motion.

It was really weird, like she knew I had already cum (although not directly on her I’m certain), and that it was now time to slow down and go into a more sensual chikan buttfuck. It was like she knew exactly what was up. It felt so much like consensual buttfucking now that I actually took my left hand and held her gently and tenderly by her shoulder while I dicked her up the ass. She put her arms up on the barricade and rested contently and took pleasure from my prodding stiffness . . . sometimes resting her chin on her arms . . . FUCK it was ALL good! I was really WAY all up in her . . . . my dick pressed all up her butt. All you chikans know a buttfuck like what I’m telling you about is HEAVEN on this earth for a buttfucker chikan!

At one point in the show, a band member had this powerful water gun and used it to cool the crowd down . . . it was like rain falling from the Heavens. I said aloud, “That’s GOOD baby!” My words had a double meaning . . . the water feels good . . . but so does my dick in your asshole strange girl! I wasn’t really talking to her directly, so I was surprised when she responded with, “It’s GREAT!” A double meaning from her too??? Chikans . . . I ended up fucking that girl in her butt for at least an hour and a half, and I got one nut against her.

When her band had finished, there was one left to go. I had been dickin her butthole so good that I decided to back off in between sets and not risk messing a good thing up. There was this guy who was crowding into her space, pushing her away from my dick. She asked him to move back over . . . and then proceeded to put her butt right back in line with my dick! My dick went ROCK HARD from her actions, and I put my dick right back against her ass cheeks now, this time rubbing and massaging it’s FULL LENGTH all over her FULL ASS. There’s no way she wasn’t helping to make it all happen. I was super excited and ready to get me some more of her butthole for a last and final hour. But when the band started, she decided she didn’t like their music. She and the guy went over the barricade and left. I could only say, “Thank you my darling for accommodating my chikan dick in your ass with such gusto! It was a pleasure.”

Black Shogun!!!

Chock Full O' Butts Part II - The "Smack Buttfuck" (Tue 06 Jul 2004 02:48:11 GMT)

There was one thing I intended to write in Part II that I left out. When I was buttfucking that chick in the jean shorts, I also dropped the "Smack Buttfuck" on her big ass. What's that?

Well, I would shove my dick up her buttcheeks and mash my hips into her fleshy bum cheeks with force. Then, I would "release" by separating my body totally from hers, only to quickly reestablish the contact between us with a steady "smacking" of my hips back up against her ass cheeks and the thrusting of my dork back up her deep crack . . . SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!! It was truly a concert buttfuck extraordinaire my chikans.

Black Shogun

Buttfucked Concert Teen (Wed 21 Jul 2004 19:12:20 GMT)

Last night, I went to a concert held in a venue I had not been to before. I really didn't like the place that much because it had a relatively small pit area that was tightly controlled by the security hired to oversee the crowd. This meant that the place was totally lacking in the kind of mayhem that plays in favor a chikan. Hell, 4 bands performed, and I wasn't even able to get into any good action until the 3rd band came on! I won't be seeing a show at that place ever again.

So, all in all, it really wasn't that great of a night by the Shogun's standards, even though I did get off :-) I spotted a big assed teen girl and her ugly friend while standing in line. The teen was tall with long brown hair past her shoulders. Her eyes were big and brown and round and beautiful, her lips pink and pouty. Her skin clear and smooth. The girl was wearing a black top that exposed a lot of skin. She had stuffed her PHAT onion ass inside of some GLO brand jeans . . . yeeeeaaaah . . . those two cheeks that made up her ass . . . they "glowed" like moons.

I got behind the tall teen with the big ass once we were let into the arena. She was standing in the first row up against the barricade. I smacked my lips greedily at the thought of digging my "roto-rooter" up her arsehole. Because of the bad crowd dynamics, it took me forever to be able to really close the distance so that the Shogun could do his thing. But within about an hour, I was on that ass, and I stayed there for the remainder of the show. All told, I "messed with her ass" for 2 solid hours straight.

That bitch was a "jumper" too . . . hopping her heavy ass up and down to the music. I unzipped my shorts and took my dick out (was not wearing underwear). I noticed a gap in between her top and her jeans that exposed the lower part of her back. "Should I try to blow on her fuckin back like Pervman did to that one bitch?" I asked myself. I will try if I get the chance. Well, it didn't quite happen, but I did use the chick's big ass for the pleasure of my dick. You can go to the bank on that!

Because the girl was hopping up and down with so much energy (she did that throughout the entire show), I started out by simply resting my dick against her ass cheeks, and then just let her hop up and down on my rigid boner. She was kinda tall, so sometimes I would get up on my tip toes to get the best angle for the fantastic pecker rub her buttcheeks were giving to me.

When there was a crowd surge forward, I would use that as an excuse to shove my dick WAY between her round bum cheeks, and would mash my hips up against her big friggin ass . . . taking the time to swivel my hips against her ass and wag my own ass around with supreme satisfaction. Everytime I ground into her like that, her fuckin buttcheeks would give way and begin to spread open like PUTTY to my dick. DAYUM that felt good chikans! After awhile, I didn't wait for crowd surges because there weren't enough of them. So, periodically I would just grind her up the butt, swiveling my hips around lewdly.

Then, a song she really liked started, and the young bitch started to hop up and down like never before. I raised my T-shirt and pressed my naked dick into her ass crease as hard and as deep as I could while the bitch hopped her big booty to the beat. My dick was dug into her ass in the hot dog position . . . getting an "ass gap scrub" like you wouldn't believe! The bitch hopped . . . my dick twitched with uncontrollable pleasure . . . I'mmmmmmm gonna cum! SPURT!!! Aahhhhhhhhhh!!! I thought, "This crowd ain't shit . . . and I'm STILL nuttin' against strange bitches . . . I fuck 'um in the ass!"

As I said, I continued to "mess" with her ass for the rest of the show. Sometimes, I would lightly cup her buttcheeks with either of my hands, enjoying their fullness and their roundness. I would run my index finger all through her ass crack . . . lightly tracing its length . . . acting as if I was wiping her big ass. I put my finger lower in between her legs near the "sweet spot" too. I could feel the heat rising off from her "golden crescent".

My dick got hard again, and I took it in my hand and rubbed it all over the girl's buttcheeks. Then, I started to press the head of my dick into her gap, hunching forward and thrusting it into her ass crack as she hopped! By now, the chick knew what I was doing, and would try to move her butt forward some so that my crotch couldn't rest so snugly against her cheeks. I would simply move forward and reestablish the contact . . . holding my dick in my hand and pressing the shaft against her buttcheeks, or pressing the big head of it into her crack . . . that's right . . . jump on muh dick bitch!

At one point, I began to press the head of my dick up her ass really, really hard . . . right in between her buttcheeks. I mean, my hand was all pressed into her ass too! I know she felt every minute of it. She even turned around and looked at me about 3 or 4 times for a few seconds, but she never did or said a thing. One time, I did see her say something to her friend, who then looked at me kinda funny. Then, the big butt teen just shrugged her shoulders like, "What can you do?" LOL!!! I love um young, dumb, and ummmmmm . . . FULL OF BUM!

Anyway, I continued to fuck with the bitch's ass until the concert was finally over. If I started pushing too hard and too deep, the girl would stop hopping and just stand her big ass perfectly still. It wasn't like with other girls I've buttfucked who were letting their natural, female, animal instincts take over by standing still in order to be mounted and humped. No, it was more like "this guy is digging his dick into my ass, and I don't know what to do about it!" Hehehehe!

I wish I coulda gotta another nut on her big ass that night, or any other fine piece of ass for that matter. I saw a few. I wish I coulda had a shot at spooging onto the small of her back . . . hmmmmm . . . maybe next time!

Black Shogun

Recollections of a Concert Buttfucker - On The Bubble Part I (Sat 24 Jul 2004 19:37:44 GMT)

By now, you all know that the Shogun loves to play on words when he writes chikan stories, often assigning multiple meanings to a word or a phrase. So too, then, does the title of this story carry different messages. Those of you out there who are not familiar with American sayings may not quite understand what the words “on the bubble” mean when used by an American. Hmmm . . . how can I explain?

OK, here’s one way those words are used. Just one. Take the standings of your national football league for example. As the end of the regular season draws near, you know that some teams have already made the playoffs. The season is over for other teams. And then, there are those teams that might make the playoffs. They might not. They’re on the edge . . . they’re . . . “on the bubble”. Well, for a buttfucker chikan, to be “on the bubble”, as I shall discuss, means something very, veeery different :-)

Only a few weeks had passed since Black Shogun had ended his 10-month absence from the concert chikan scene. Sticking to his plan, the Shogun had done relatively little groping this year as compared to years past, and all his buttfuck chikaning had taken place in bars and nightclubs. But now, “high tide” for chikan concert buttfuckers had arrived, and the Shogun simply could not resist, especially after reading the stories on Ayashi-BBS where other chikans wrote of their exploits at concerts. The Shogun had to get him some too!

My return to concert “ass jacking” had been quite a success. I figured there would just be no way I could top what had happened anytime soon. I mean, to spunk on a strange girl’s BIKINI bottoms?! Come on! Hard to beat. So, although I was hopeful as I pulled up to the concert site in my ride, I had no expectations of anything as good as the last concert happening. I shut off the ignition and started to exit my car to head for the line to get into the venue. Just as I was doing this, I looked to my right, and I SAW THE BLONDE WHO HAD BEEN AT THE LAST CONCERT WITH HER DAD . . . HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hahahaha!

I’m talking about the one whose butt crack I was looking at while waiting to get into the show that marked my return to concert buttfucking (see Recollections of a Concert Buttfucker – Chock Full O’ Butts Part I). The one who I joked about Pervman fucking in the ass if her daddy didn’t tell her to pull her jeans up! Hahaha! I was surprised at first and not sure if it was her because it’s very, very rare that I ever see the same girl(s) at a different concert. I can only recall two other occasions in my infamous career where that has happened. I took a good look at her, but what sealed it was when . . . guess who . . . poppa came walking up!

I was like, “OK, OK . . . I don’t have a clue about what Pervman is gonna do, but I’m gonna fuck this girl in her ass . . . while daddy is on the "chikan grounds" to “protect” her. Hahaha! On the outside, I was all cool and calm and collected. But on the inside, I was jumping up and down and waving my arms like a kid at an amusement park, “Gonna fuck your dauuuughter in her aaaaaaassssshole, your dauuuuuughter in her aaaaaaaasssssshole! Na, na, nana, naaaaaaa!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

The teen girl was OK lookin’. . . passable with a decent ass in her jeans. But the real excitement for me was in the prospect of violating her crack while her daddy was on the concert grounds. It all kind of played into this other fantasy I have had. A fantasy I have shared with girlfriends about how I dreamed of being able to be 100% open and honest and frank with their parents about what I did to their “little girls” sexually. How, after they had invited me over and I ate their food and drank their refreshments, I then took their daughters home . . . daughters who proceeded to suck my dick and who got buttfucked, and who took my seed in their tummies. One girlfriend said her dad would immediately go get his rifle. Hahahaha!!!

So anyway, I hustled my ass out of my car and made sure to follow them to the line. There were several lines actually. I didn’t stand in the same line where they stood, but I was close by so that I could keep an eye on her. That’s when I noticed that this teenaged boy, and what appeared to be HIS dad, had joined them. Ahhhhh . . . I see . . . two parents accompanying their kids on a date to the “dangerous” concert. Well, if possible, the white girl is gonna take my dick in her ass! Hahaha!!!

It wasn’t too long before the growing crowd was admitted to the arena. People with tickets for the “pit” had to go to a table to get wristbands indicating that they held general admission tickets. I had a general admission ticket . . . I saw blondie and her date going to the same table . . . YES! Now, I knew I would have a chance at getting in between her cheeks. Besides, she gave me extra incentive when the bitch pissed me off by cutting in front of me at the table. Bitch you knew it wasn’t your turn! Wooooo, I’m gonna “fuck you up” for that! Hahahaha!

Like others with general admission tickets, we hurried off to get to the pit as quickly as possible. I made sure to stay right up with them, and when we got into the pit, I positioned myself nicely for when things got tight and rowdy. I took some time to check the girl out a little more closely . . . I recall long blonde hair just past her shoulders, and brown eyes with a black top that was showing lots of skin . . . regular blue jeans covered her butt. Definitely “buttfuckable” I concluded. Definitely. However, I needed to start scouting around for other “marks” too. I mean, just in case things didn’t work out. Or, perhaps I would see something I liked more . . . and I did too . . . much, MUCH more ;-)

I looked to my right and saw a pack of about 5 or 6 teenaged girls. They were all kind of cute, but one really stood out to me. She kind of reminded me of a younger version of the sister of an ex-girlfriend of mine. She was a short thing with golden blonde hair that was pulled back into a bushy tail. She had a cute, round face that was young and beautiful. The other thing that was round and beautiful about her was her BIG HINDER. She had this very thin, light sweater tied tightly around her waist, and even with that, I could STILL see how PLUMP and FULL her young buns were. Even with the sweater (admittedly it was thin, but still), I could see the clear and distinct outline of a DEEP CRACK in her buttcheeks!

Damn! That ass looks GOOD! Gotta have me some of that. I’m gonna . . . I’m gonna . . . I’m gonna get ON THAT BUBBLE!!! What was making the prospects all the more appealing was that “Shorty” and her friends were hopping up and down like mad before the show had even gotten started. Goody, goody! Big booty bitches that jump their heavy asses up and down at concerts are Heaven to my chikan dick. Don’t ya know? I decided that I would begin my “bum diddly attack” by rubbing up on “Daddy’s Little Girl” through the first band. Then, after getting some good pre-cum going, I would move over to “Shorty” . . . and POP that bubble with my PRICK during the second band. From there on . . . I’d freelance :-)

Just before the music got started, I began to lightly touch Little Girl. I was lightly touching her buttcheeks with the back of my hand. Then, I would trace the contours of her buttcheeks and bum crack with a finger. I did this with chikan stealth and skill, so nobody standing around noticed a thing. Then, I did something I like to do occasionally because it brings extra pleasure and excitement to the impending buttfuck . . . I spoke to her briefly. Just small talk . . . asking for the time and stuff like that. She responded to my simple queries . . . my stomach twisted into knots with butterflies, knowing that in only a few minutes, my dick would be pressed into her young ass.

The first band took to the stage . . . and Black Shogun . . . he took his zipper down . . . and then he took his dick out . . . hidden by a long shirt, as is customary. As the music began, it really wasn’t as crowded as it would get later, but it was crowded enough to give me cover as I stepped forward and laid my stiff dick on Little Girl’s left buttcheek. MMMMMM my spine tingled with delight as I rubbed the head of my dong all over Little Girl’s left buttock cheek. Next, I slid over and gently dipped my “stick” into her crack, pushing my hips forward ever so lightly . . . causing Little Girl’s hips to move forward too. She looked back at me quickly with a slight look of annoyance, but she turned right back around and never looked at me again that night.

With the coast being clear, and with it seeming like no protest or objection was about to be made, I settled in and went to work like a professional chikan ass jacker knows how. I was rockin’ my body back and forth and rubbin’ my weenie all over Little Girl’s buns. Left buttcheek . . . right buttcheek . . . into the crrrrrrack! I remember thinking, “Damn. This bitch has more ass in her jeans that what it looks like. That shit feels good!” I was in complete RAPTURE as I started to rub my bone around in her teeny bopper ass crack, causing her hips to move forward ever so slightly . . . and knowing that daddy was somewhere in the house . . . to protect her. I kept it up through the first act and Little Girl fulfilled her obligations to my pecker . . . my shirt was moist from pre-cum.

All along, I had been eyeing Shorty, smacking my lips with greed and making sure she didn’t disappear somewhere on me. After the first band was finished, I quickly made my way over in the crowd to get behind her. The crowd still hadn’t gotten that bad yet, so making the move wasn’t that hard. I had used Little Girl to get warmed up. I now intended for Shorty to be the “main event” . . . my only ambition in life at that moment was to nut on her wide, round ass! Before the second band got started, I began to rub up lightly on Shorty’s bum cheeks. I especially took time to lightly sample her crack with the head of my dong. Niiiiiice! Come on band! Let’s get going! Let’s go!

The tunes finally did get started, and just as I had counted on, the bitch started to jump her big ass into the air. I lifted my shirt up and pressed my RAW DICK right against her big ass. AHHHHHH YES!!! I didn’t have to do a damn thing but just stand there. Shorty did all the rest by hopping her PHAT BUTT up and down to the beat! She was taking great, big hops too with the bushy tail of her good smelling blonde hair hitting me all in my face. I breathed in the pleasant scent from her hair as some of it got into my mouth for chewing.

Then, there were times when Shorty wouldn’t hop, but just keep her feet planted on the ground and wag those round hams of hers all around to the music. When she wasn’t jumping, I would squat down some to get a better angle . . . because she was short. Whenever I was squatting down, I would get extremely excited because my chin would be resting RIGHT ON THE TOP of her fuckin ROUND HEAD! Hahaha! I love to be able to get a part of my head against a strange girl’s head when I’m buttfucking her. For me, it adds an extra layer of “inappropriate intimacy” with an absolute stranger, and that makes it more exciting to me (see “The Shogun Hits Paydirt Again!” for action where I had my head all up against this strange white girl’s head . . . skull to skull . . . while I dug my dick up her butt).

When Shorty wanted to hop, I’d take my chin off the top of her head and let her buttcheeks scrub on my dick while she got her hair into my mouth too. When she wasn’t hopping, I’d put my chin right back on top of her damn head and squat and hunch her in the butt. After going back and forth like that several times, I was like, “It’s time to CUM! I need to SPOOGE on this girl!” I waited for when Shorty wasn’t jumping, then I placed my chin firmly down on the top of her friggin’ head (LOL!). Then, I squatted way, waaaay down. I mean, I musta looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because I was literally in a crouch. And then, I started to HUMP!

Some of you guys out there say you don’t actually hump girls at concerts, but maybe just hop up and down to the music or something. Not me. I mean, sometimes I like to hop and “jump my dick up her butt”, but when I’m trying to nut, I HUMP! Chikans . . . chikans . . . Shorty tried to start hopping again, but I had her pinned down. The bitch couldn’t jump cuz my chin was plastered into the top of her head! Hahaha! Then, I got ta BOBBIN' my ass like a crazy man! Hahaha! I was working my ass up and down and all around to make sure my “CHUBBY” received as much pleasure as possible from that deep, soft crack in her round hindshine.

I was squatting down so, so low that I literally felt like a wild animal. It was the hound breeding the bitch . . . UP THE BUTT! I couldn’t hold back any longer . . . not that I wanted to . . it was SO obvious by now that I was fucking that girl . . . she knew it . . . I knew it . . . I BLEW into the THIN SWEATER she was wearing around her waist! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Another strange, big ass bitch at the show . . . another LOAD OF CUM in her CLOTHES . . . courtesy of the Shogun!

When I nut against Shorty, my body had involuntarily spasmed and lunged all up against her back and shit as I shot. She knew full well what was up, and turned and looked at me funny. I had really been “doing it” to her . . . making unmistakable humping motions with my hips and ass. She whispered something to one of her friends, and then the friend turned and gave me a dirty look. Next, Shorty stepped in front of her friend. I didn’t give a shit. Shorty . . . YOU BEEN ASS JACKED already!!! Hahaha! The friend pissed me off with that dirty look though. She needed to be disciplined for that shit.

So, I decided to grab a handful of HER big ass as retribution. I manhandled me a big chunk of her left butt meat and the bitch acted like she was being raped or that it was the end of her life or something. I hate bitches that overreact like that. She told yet another friend, who several minutes later said to me, “Don’t touch any of the girls! Really!” I was sure that when I “grabbed me a chunk”, nobody had seen who actually had copped the feel, but they accused me anyway. I looked at the one who gave me the command like, “Fuck you bitch.” Hahaha! She backed down.

With the night still young, and with at least 1 more band still to play, the Shogun was still on the prowl for more buttcheeks for his hard chikan dick. Stay tuned for Part II of this concert experience, where I will tell of how I JERK BUTTFUCKED a teen girl while she stood there blowing bubbles with her chewing gum! For real! LOL!

Black Shogun

Recollections of a Concert Buttfucker - On The Bubble Part II (Sat 31 Jul 2004 17:48:10 GMT)

Having planned and pulled off the two “ass jacks” that had been foremost in my mind from the very beginning of this particular show, the Shogun now shrunk back into the crowd, preparing to go into “freelance mode”. This is where the Shogun becomes more like our fellow chikan who goes mysteriously only by the moniker “Opportunist” . . . I started looking for sets of buttcheeks that offered up unplanned, opportune chances at achieving additional pleasure by way of my chikan dick.

I had really banged it to Shorty something good, so I was also taking a little breather while surveying the crowd, a crowd that had gotten very tight by then. I looked to my left, and I saw a most pleasant sight. It was a teen girl with long, blonde-streaked, brunette hair. She appeared to have a few freckles . . . and she kept blowing these big bubbles with her chewing gum. She was the prettiest thing anywhere near my vicinity at that moment, so I decided to work my way behind her. It wasn’t easy to move this time because of the crowd, so it took me several minutes to get behind her . . . and onto her ass.

The little tart had her tight, young ass squeezed into some blue jeans. Oh, her butt crack was young and tight alright! There was nothing big about her butt at all, but my dick had already grown semi-hard again just from gazing at her beauty alone. “Her ass is just gonna have to do for a while,” I thought. “It’s too hard to move around in this pit right now.” My zipper was still down, so I reached under my long T-shirt and took my dick out, which immediately went hard as I pressed myself into the girl’s ass crack and began to “hunch her” to the music.

The girl’s petite body lurched forward as I began to dick her up the butt. I was like, “Damn! Paki Bottom Groper is right about young girls with tight buttcheeks! I’m gonna have to PRY this little bitch’s shit open if I’m gonna get up in her and make this ass fuck feel good.” So, I started to JERK BUTTFUCK the little teen girl . . . SLAMMING my hips up against her tight CHEEKS . . . UNGHH, UNGHH, UNGHH, UNGHH, UUUNNNNGGGGGHHH!!!! I admired her hair and looked at her lovely freckled face from the side with complete satisfaction as her body started to REALLY LURCH FORWARD into the person standing in front of her. All along, THE GIRL WAS BLOWING BUBBLES WITH HER GUM . . . all CALM like nothing was happening! LOLOLOL!

To steady herself, my latest ASS JACKED victim put her hands up onto the shoulders of the guy standing in front of her. I then mimicked her by placing my hands onto her own shoulders. “MAN her bum crack is SO TIGHT !” I thought. “There’s no fuckin way a buttfucker chikan could EVER find her pooty hole . . . not if she’s wearing jeans . . . NEVER!” “Fuck her in the ass HARDER Shogun,” I said to myself. “Dig DEEPER up her butt . . . go for that PAYDIRT!” I went into a steady and consistent “jerking motion” as I moved my hips to the musical notes . . . driving my stiff dick in between the teen babe’s ass cheeks.

GAWD . . . the bitch’s butt gap was so damn TIGHT . . . but I had gotten all up onto her back and pushed as far up into her as I could . . . sometimes, her pelvis was even pushed forward a bit into the guy in front of her. And still, she was blowing those fucking bubbles like nothing! HAHAHA! As I held her shoulders and could feel the head of my dick digging up into her pooty crack, I imagined that those bubbles she was blowing were actually sticky bubbles . . . sticky bubbles of my cum . . . my dick grew as hard as stone. I continued to hold her shoulders firmly . . . my dick was all up in her tight crack . . . her little body jerked forward from my every hunch . . . my eyes became glassy with perverted fantasy as I watched her blow the bubbles . . . the big bubbles of cum . . . OOOOOHHHHH I’M fixin ta NUT!

The pleasure had built up in my loins to where I was just about ready to dump a load right up that tight, teen poop chute . . . I was close to SQUIRTING . . . when the fuckin music came to an abrupt end! DAMN!!! I couldn’t continue to buttfuck her as hard as I had been doing it if there was no music going. The intensity of my humping clearly could not have been played off as “dancing” to the music. And yet, it was feeling so good, and I had plugged myself so up into her butt that I COULDN’T stop. So, although I didn’t hump quite as hard, I kept buttfucking the teen girl anyway in between songs. It was still hard enough to make her body jump forward from my hunching and thrusting.

The chick blew bubbles . . . I did Bad-Boy’s “wiggle”, and the bitch’s tight ass was just RRRROCKED from side to side. What? Wait a minute?? How come . . . how come you stopped blowing them . . . them cum bubbles??? With my continued humping when there was no music playing, the dummy finally seemed to gain a clear understanding of what I had been doing . . . I was fucking her in her ass . . . and she now knew it . . . and she seemed to freeze upon her realization. No more calmly blowing bubbles :-) Hahahaha! Now that my ass-fucked prey was on to me, she tried to scoot her butt to the left away from me. I simply adjusted to the left too and dug my dick RIGHT back up into her buns . . . and fucked her in the ass some more for a few more songs.

Again her body jerked forward. But this time, without her coolly blowing the bubbles. Once again, she tried to get away, and once again I managed to keep the contact and bury my bone all up her butt. I kept thrusting my dick in between her cheeks . . . trying to get a second nut for the night, but it didn’t look like I would achieve orgasm against that girl in the concert crowd. For a third time, she tried to escape. This time, the crowd had loosened up a bit, and she was really able to separate herself from me. I could have stayed on her ass, but given how much separation she got the third time around, to stay with her would have, in my estimation, required too much force against her will. So, I concluded that my dick had felt all of her butthole it was gonna get that night.

I let the blonde-streaked, brunette teen escape. I saw her again a bit later that night . . . coolly and calmly blowing her bubbles again :-) I still wanted to try to get off on another strange girl . . . cum-stain her clothes. I scanned the crowd, and my chikan-sharp eyes focused in on two phat assed, bubble butt blonde friends, this time back over to my right. They were jumpin a hella high up and down too! Hehehe! I easily worked my way over this time and got behind one of them. They were both equally hot, so it really didn’t matter which one. They both looked remarkably alike anyway. Same height, shoulder length blonde hair, clear and perfect complexions . . . and big fuckin BUBBLE BUTTS . . . once again, the Shogun is about to get ON THE BUBBLE!

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I picked the one that I did because I now recall that she was the one jumping up and down the most. I took my stiff rod and put it right up against the girl’s ass. The bitch had a fuckin DEEP CRACK too! As she would jump, her arse cheeks were literally giving my dick a “beating” with a WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, BUMP, WHACK, WHACK, WHHHAAAACK!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH MAN! That feels GUUUUUDDDD!!!! I looked down, and I saw that MY DICK HAD BECOME FULLY EXPOSED because my T-shirt had ridden up! OH SHIT! Somebody coulda looked down and seen that shit! Damn!

I knew that good judgment would be for me to pull my T-shirt back over the top of my penis so that it could not be seen, but the big ass blonde, white girl’s wobble ass felt so good “beating up” on my dick that I felt like I was about to cum. So, I left my dick exposed for several minutes more and risked it being spotted by a “chance glance” from somebody . . . WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!!! The pre-cum was leaking as a result of the "beating" . . . almost there . . . almost there . . . yes, YES . . . WAIT . . . end of song!!! DAYUM!!! AGAIN, I felt like I was about to nut on a strange girl's arse, and AGAIN the music ceased just in time to ruin the party! When the music stopped, that big ass, collard green eatin white girl stopped hopping. I hurried up and covered my dick back up too. LOL!

Well, the show wasn’t quite over yet. More music was to come, and as soon as it started again, my plan was to let the big butt blonde “jump on my ass jack” just one more time. The next song started . . . the bitch started hopping . . . I got right up on her back and pressed my bare dick into her round ass cheeks . . . AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That’s right . . . that’s right . . . SERVE this chikan dick! I was even more up on the blonde than I had been the last time. She was literally hopping her arse cheeks up and down right into my crotch . . . her heavy ass going THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD all against my now twitching boner. YES . . . YES . . . almost there . . . gonna SPOOGE some SPUDGE onto your ARSE . . . THE MUSIC STOPPED!!! DOUBLE DAMN!!!!

This time, the girl turned and looked back at me. She knew what that hard thing was she had been feeling against her full buttcheeks as she had hopped up and down to the songs. She knew it was my dick, and that I had been humping her. Or, at least, I had positioned myself so that she was jumping up and down on my "woody". I didn’t have to jump my dick up her butt . . . she was doing all the work for me. The girl realized . . . she whispered something to her friend . . . the friend then allowed her to step in front of her. Another buttfuck had drawn to an end, leaving the Shogun high and dry for a second nut on the night :-/

I tried one more time. I mounted a teen blonde’s back and had my dick out and all between her buttcheeks. She tried to push me off by lowering her waist, pushing her shoulders back, and moving her butt forward away from me. I just stepped forward and probed my stiff dick all between her buttcheeks again. This time, after taking several hunches in the ass, the girl spun around and angrily pushed by me in a huff. Another girl was looking on at my humping, with fright and worry upon her face. If it would have been easy for the blonde to go and find a policeman or something, I would have been worried. But, I knew that wasn’t the case, and that she was just mad at being chikan buttfucked at the show. So, I didn’t worry about it. I never did get another nut that night either my chikans. But hey, that ass jackin I put on Shorty wasn’t bad. One or two nuts per concert (that's my average) . . . that's a good average for a chikan concert buttfucker to carry.

Black Shogun - Like a squirrel . . . I'm always tryin ta get a nut!

August award: Garry Groper
for the pictorial description of his experiences.
(They are real chikan scenes.)

Hunting for pics (Tue 03 Aug 2004 08:56:02 GMT)


Some more photos at And this time I will accompany them with the stories how I captured them. Maybe this makes the photos more interesting for you?

It was rainy day, so no more outdoor groping at traffic lights this time.
I know that When it rains, my favourite mall gets growded. So it was
also this time, but the escalators were under repair. I decided to go
back to subway. The subways are not typically overcrowded here and
that makes humping in them difficult. However, this time I managed to
get in a coach that was pretty packed. Two girls with bi-cycles
entered and that made the situation even better. I got directly
behind a bit plump woman, approximately 35 years old. I had
my camera recording in my left hand and I touched her ass. She was
wearing black thin trousers so I got a good feel. She didn't seem
to mind so I started to hump her. I had jeans, so the feeling was not
very good for me, but she certainly noticed what I was doing and stepped
a little bit ahead. I soon followed her and gave a few mor humps but
as she moved away again I gave up. I was really anxious to see the
film, but again the video was very dark. Black trousers and blue jeans
in a sub-way is not a good combination to film. No photos, sorry :-(

When I was getting away from the subway I saw a blond with
very delicious booty. Her jeans were deep in her ass-crack and
I immediately wanted to stick my finger there. I made a sharp
turn and followed her in short escalator. It was almost empty so
it was bit difficult to approach her. I managed however to get
few light touches so that she didn't pay any attention. The
ass-crack was so temptating that I couldn't resist myself.
I just knew what would happen next. I slid my finger in her
crack and she immediately she turned around and gave me an angry look.
I just quickly hide my camera and took my best "what? I didn't
do anything" -look on my face. These pictures were quite OK although
I was pointing the camera a bit down again. Pictures 224-236

On way back the subway was not so crowded anymore and there was no
opportunities. But I managed to get behind about 18-years-old brunette
in the escalator. She had a backpack on her left shoulder and a strap
was hangin over her right buttcheek. This situation gives a good
opportunity. If you fondle girl's butt lightly near the strap, she
thinks that its just the strap that touches her =o) This time the girl
noticed that someone/something is touching her and turned around - no angry
look though. Then she grabbed her backback under her arm - maybe
she thought that I was interested about the content of her backback :-)
I continued to touch her and she didn't mind at all although she
was very propably aware what is happening. Nice pictures, numbers 238-252.


groping vs. girlfriend (Wed 04 Aug 2004 06:05:54 GMT)

LuckyChikan: Girlfriend and groping are not mutually exclusive. I do have a girlfriend but I also like to grope completely strange women. Don't mix bread and fun =o) I quess most authors in this board have similar situation.


Sporty girl (Wed 04 Aug 2004 10:04:07 GMT)

Sporty girl with backpack ( pics 253-260): I saw her at subway - a blond girl with backpack and a plastic pack in her hand. Girls with such heavy load are usually a good prey as it is difficult to turn around or react other ways. She was standing near the door and I tried to get behind her. Before I had any action, the subway stopped at a station and the girl stepped out. I followed her to the escalator. There was good crowd waiting for getting in the escalator. I lined up behind her. There were two escalators going upstairs and just before she stepped in the escalator she decided to change to the other one for some reason. I ended up behind a middle aged male. I was so pissed up that I decided to follow the girl for another
opportunity. The girl headed for a short escalator and I managed to get
behind her. I touched her right leg below her buttock. She didn't
mind at all so I slided my hand up her firm ass. It felt really nice -
she felt as sporty as she looked. Pitty it was so short escalator - I'm
pretty sure that she would have let me work out her much more.

Good gropes, dark pictures (Fri 06 Aug 2004 12:54:42 GMT)

Good groping day :-) I started in Subway with about 17 years old girl
who had a bit gothic style. Totally black clothes, black hair and some
chains hanging. She was wearing very tight trousers. I saw her at
subway and I had to make a quick desicion, because I had originally
set my eyes to a blond girl with pink clothes and short skirt.
Two totally different girls. I decided to follow this girl because
she stepped of at a crowded station and another one continued.
I managed to get behind her at the escalator and quicky tried
her buttock with the back of my hand. She shivered a bit so she
noticed the light touch throug her thight trousers. But also I
had very good feeling. I continued to press my hand against her
butt and slid the tip of my index finger in her upper ass crack and hold
it there for a few seconds. I could feel and see that she had
very stiff posture - she certainly was aware about my finger.
For some reason she didn't run away. I lifted my finger away a bit
and looked around to see whether anybody was noticing what I was doing.
As everything was clear I quickly returned my finger to the
same position and hold it agains ther butt crack until the
ent of the escalator. When the escalator ended, I inserted my
thumb in the crack and stroked up lightly. At the same time her
mobile rang and she opend her purse and started to look for it.
She didn't even look at me. 261-270

One minute later in the next escalator I ended up by accident (yes - really)
behind a group of about sixteen years old girls. They were lots of
backage and the one who stood nex to me was carrying a heavy backpack. I was
so excited about the previous girl so the I went directly to the honey pot.
She was wearing thight blue jeans and she had a firm round ass.
She was standing wit her legs well apart (propably due to the heavy load)
so I just swinged my hand between her legs, touched her inner upper thigh,
up to her pussy and the bottom of her buttock. It lasted only a few seconds
and she was talking wit her friends and there was som hassle going on with
the backage so she barely noticed that someone is touching her. At least
she didn't recognized that it was intentional. 271-272


Real groping video (Mon 09 Aug 2004 05:14:34 GMT)

Here's a short video where about 30-year-old man is groping consent teen girl's pussy at a park:

Unfortunately I can't take credit from this video.


groping pic (Mon 09 Aug 2004 10:27:49 GMT)

Teen girl groping another girl's breast:^&image_id=2694431&navi=true


Funny Pictures (Tue 10 Aug 2004 10:17:00 GMT)

Two funny pictures:

I think she really likes it ;-)


Some regular gropes... (Fri 13 Aug 2004 14:40:00 GMT)

I have been quite busy lately, but I have managed to take a few new pictures. Heres the stories.

A short grope of a girl in jeans with thight ass. 273-276

Experimenting new techniques. as you have noticed most of my
pictures have been taken in escalator going upwards. Now I have found
that I can use my knee to press against girl's butt when going
donwards. The feeling is not that great and the pictures are not as
interesting but girls seem to be less intimidated when touched by a knee
than when touched by a finger. Here I press my knee against a girl with
long white skirt. 277-280

I got behind a bit plump late teen girl who was having a conversation with her
friend. She was completely passive and did not react my touch any way,
just kept talking. I have had a couple of these cases before and
either the girl is too busy talking that she does not notice the touch
or she don't want to reveal to her frieds that she is being groped.
I started from the back of her thigh and I had progressed up to her
buttock when my mobile phone rang! Obviously I had to take my hand
away and she used the opportunity to turn around to see who is groping
her. So remember to always close your phone in order to avoid annoying
disturbances! 281-286

It was very hot day so I went to a mall to catch some uppies, but
I had little luck. I decided to do one more subway trip. In the next
station I get behind about eighteen years old girl drinking sider from
a can. She was wearing black clothes so I knew that the pictures will
be again bit dark. As she was a bit intoxicated, I went to the business
right away. I started holding the back of my hand against her butt and
then slid my fingers to her crack as she didn't seem to notice/mind at all.
I pressed quite firmly because I knew that she was a bit drunk and thus
may be in a good mode for this kind of play. She let me to go on for some
time but as I got more bold and tried to slid my finger downwards,
she shaked a bit and stepped to the next step. I tried to follow but
the escalators ended before I got new contact. 287-299

...and one real hod dog of life. (Fri 13 Aug 2004 14:40:34 GMT)

This is one of the strangest and longes groping experiences that I have had.
The girl was more co-operate than any other that I have met. When I was going down
the escalator, there was a girl with a ponytail speaking to phone in front of me.
She had black thight shirt and loose trouser. I pressed my knee aginst her ass and as she
didn't seem to mind I added a bit pressure. Surprisingly she start to hump agaist it.
The movement was not so big but noticeable. I was amazed. I decided to do what I don't
typicly do - I started to follow her. I went to the same platform but I stayed
at a reasonable distance. The subway train stopped so that I was going to step a different
coach, so I quickly stepped to the same coach as the girl. She noticed it.
The girl kept standing but there was not enough crowd to try to have a contact with her in
the train so I went to sit nearby. I was following her through the reflection in the window.
I noticed that she was looking at me - I knew that I was caught. The next station approached and
I turned to look directly at the girl. The girl stepped forwad as indicating that she is
going to step out and opend her ponytail. She had very beautiful long brown hair. She was
following me from the corner of her eye and when I stood up I could see a short smile in her
lips. Not so many people stepped out in that station and I followed her to practically empty
escalators, right to the next step below. Taking the situation into account, it was all to close.
I immediately started to work out with her by touching her thigh. She shivered a bit but
did not take a step forward. I moved to her ass and she stayed. I would have been so easy
to step away from the situation but assumingly she didn't want to. I could feel how
excited and nervous she was. Her muscels were thight and her fingers on the railing were
drummin nervously. I fingered her ass all the way up, she was very consious about that but
did not do anything to get away from the situation! I even pressed my index finger deep in
her butt crack! When the escalator ended she just continued walking, but she turned her
head to look at me. On her face was an expression that was showing a mixture of excitement
and really spooky feeling. I decided not to follow her around any more - I was remembering
the Savannah's advice article posted here a while ago saying that this kinds of encounters
are just hod dogs of life. 300-317

I knew that I was pushing the limit, but I still wonder what would have
happened if I had gone down between her legs. Would she stepped away then or not? That's the
dilemma of groping: If you push too hard, you keep thinkin that you might have had a longer
grope if you hadn't pushed so much. If she lets you grope all the way you keep thinking that you
might have gone further with the girl.

The videos are now available! (Fri 20 Aug 2004 10:21:35 GMT)


I have been very busy at work and haven't had time for sneaking around with my camera =o) Anyway I finally managed to get a decent video editing software and edit the best shots so far (there are altogether 17 of them). I put the first one at This group is dedicated for _real_ groping photos and videos. Please join and enjoy! I will add more material later. You are also kindly welcomed to add your own contribution.



Yahoo sucks (Fri 20 Aug 2004 13:31:36 GMT)


I checked the site from another computer using another user ID. Pages work, but Yahoo sucks. It seems that it applies some kind of download limit for groups that generate too much traffic =o( Please be patient and try again later. If anyone knows a better place to share large file (5MB), plaease let me know!


Playing Twister (Fri 20 Aug 2004 14:19:51 GMT)

Girls playing Twister:


Story - no pics this tike (Thu 26 Aug 2004 08:08:45 GMT)

This happened one morning at bus. I sat beside about sixteen-years-old girl who
was wearing thight blue jeans and thight long sleeved shirt. I was wearing also
jeans and t-shirt. She had brown hair that was on ponytail, slim sporty body and
small tits. Definitely one of those bit shy good home girls. The bus was one that
has narrow benches, so we were sitting very close to each others. I use the same
bus almost every morning but I didn't recognize her faces and I noticed that she
was holding a single ticket in her hand. I pressed softly my bare upper arm
against her arm. I let my muscels relax gradually so that the touch increaced
naturally. I could feel that she was tensing her muscels at the begining but
soon she was relaxin and let her arm freely press against my arm. As there was
only one layer of thin fabric between us, I could feel the warmth of her
body and that felt good. I guess she felt the same. The bus took a couple of
thight turns and as we were rocking against each others I let my thight
press against hers. She was looking out of the window, like that she didn't
notice at all, but from her face and deep breath I could tell that she was
starting to get bit excited. In fact she started to lean against me and the
touch get pretty intime. We were touching each others all the way from the
knee up to shoulder. The bus braked and I used the opportunity to land
my hand on my thight - and of course simultaneously touching also her.
She flinched a bit but relaxed soon and I let my hand lean against her
thight. Now we were really leaning against each others - the girl had eyes
closed and I jast could imagine what dreams were going on there. I could smell
her nice smell in my nose my dick dick got very hard in the pants. We had
"mutually accidentally" ended up in a position that would be inappropriate
for two strangers. It would have been sooo easy for the girl to get away
from the situation by adjusting her postion - there was lots of space
on the window side. But she didn't want to as she enjoyed the intime touch.
We were leaning against each others something like twenty minutes and I
stayed in the bus way past my destination. The illusion was perfect - the
process of getting in that position was so smooth and natural - neither of
us did anything that was too obvious and both of us behaved like we didn't
notice anything. Yet but were excited for sure. I know that if I had done
something obvious - like moved my hand on her inner thight, that would have
broken the illusion and she had escaped the situation. I was curious how
this would end - would she give me a big smile that admits that she
was on the game. Well, as we approached the final bus stop, she started to
dig her purse, took her mobile from there and called her friend. Well, this
seems to be very typical escape routine that girls use nowdays to get away
from a unconfortable situation.


The stories (Fri 27 Aug 2004 09:15:09 GMT)

The girls at pictures 319 and 332 both were wearing black tight trousers from synthetic material and strings underneath. I like this combination very much as the feeling is incredible. You can feel the warmth of her body and it is almost as intime as touching the skin. If the girl is wearing jeans or cotton pants, the feeling is not so good. And you can be sure that the girle also feels your touch even if its very light. The girl at 318-324 was consious what I was doing but let me touch her round butt from the outer side and at the top of the hill but as I slid my finger to the crack side she got upset and walked away. At the traffic light she looked at me very curiously. Not angry at all - just curious. Unfortunately she was heading to a direction where I couldnt expect any more groping opportunities. Girl at pictures 332-335 was just a short grope. I waited almost all the way up the escalators because I noticed other guy watching the girls and propably see if I was going to do something. Girl at pictures 325-321 was talking her friend and I suspect that she didn't even pay attention that I inserted my finger directly in her butt-crack.


September award: Opportunist
welcome back to the nation of chikan self control.
(Though the girls in concert scenes may not welcome you back...)

The Last Straw (Thu 02 Sep 2004 23:43:04 GMT)

I’ve been tempted to post comments and stories almost constantly since I resumed activity last summer. Realizing that a couple of guys may be interested in the reasons for my absence was the motivation that I needed to finally rejoin the board. I not only stopped participating on the board but I completely ceased all activities in the game after it became obvious that I had lost a great degree of my control. Instead of being “The Opportunist” , carefully evaluating and then taking advantage of opportunities and incidents that insured maximum enjoyment and safety, I became reckless and desperate in the pursuit of any gratification I could find. Two examples will explain what I mean. Any of you who have read any of my stories know that I always allude to and often stress safety precautions within the story. I will mention camouflage or crowd cover anything which increases the odds of carrying out my activity in secret. I’ve always known that I have an obsessive personality but had always been able to keep those impulses from interfering with my groping and grinding. I began to lose that self-control last spring. Once in line at the supermarket I was the only person in the express line behind a twenty something with a fabulous caboose encased in black stretch pants. Without any investigative action or warm-up without even attempting to ascertain her receptivity I simply closed the distance between us and laid my semi erect dick up against the curve of her ass. There would have been no recourse or explanation had she objected and complained. I was just standing there prodding her with my bulge, right in the open for all to see. Fortunately for me she was so engrossed in counting her money that she at first paid me no attention. When, however it dawned on her that this guy in broad daylight in an otherwise empty aisle of the busy supermarket was plastered to her behind her first thought was to safeguard her money by snapping shut her purse. I think her mind found it easier to accept that a guy may be trying to glean her credit card number or something than to be brazenly molesting her in such an obvious fashion. Her closing her purse so emphatically and simultaneously glaring at me served to break me out of this reckless frame of mind. I vaguely remember performing this lame charade of pretending to reach over and past her to get a magazine while I waited in line. I still had enough presence of mind to remember one of the cardinal rules of our avocation namely: in the face of suspicion never act guilty or uncomfortable. Try to make them doubt their own misgivings in the face of your self-confidence. I know this example seems very tame to some of you swashbucklers but it goes against the practices I’ve honed and developed over the past 30 years which have made me a successful practitioner of our perverted pastime. The next example is a slightly better demonstration. I had missed a very important meeting with the family lawyer. The only time he had before the weekend was just prior to representing a client in court the next morning. I arrived at the Philadelphia courthouse and quickly recognized it as a gropers dream. Hundreds of people were forced together in barely organized lines that funneled everyone through the metal detectors. After leaving the detectors everyone was pressed into the elevator vestibule to attempt to wrestle their way onto the first car to arrive. The only factor which imposed order was that at least one member of Philly’s Finest always seemed to be in attendance. I had a most enjoyable ride up 2 floors past where I had agreed to meet the lawyer, nestled into the shapely backside of a cute little Asian woman I assumed to be a young lawyer or clerk, based on her dress and demeanor. After concluding my business with the lawyer I was unable to tear myself away from this rich feeding ground taking the jam packed elevator up and down, always maneuvering to ensure ending up behind a humpable woman. The recklessness of this behavior comes into focus when you consider that I was on camera the whole time. The monitoring station where cops watch what goes on in stairways and hallways was right out front as I shuffled by en route to the metal detector. I had seen that one of the monitors displayed the elevator vestibule. I knew that all it would take was for one cop to notice how many times I had ridden the elevators and I would at least be questioned about what I was doing, but I still couldn’t stop. It gets even better with the conclusion of this fiasco, my perverted brethren. After my 8th ride I noticed a barely perceptible lessening in the crammed condition of the cars. Realizing fun time would soon be over I was determined to conclude with a ride to remember. I staked out my quarry, a tall clerk or lawyer pulling a large case on wheels. Though she was in the corporate costume of a business pantsuit, her shapely ass protruded so dramatically that the vents of the jacket couldn’t close completely. This was the perfect way for me to conclude this novel experience. Everything worked perfectly. We were among the last to enter the packed car. A note for anyone with the opportunity for some elevator groping: women pulling these wheeled cases are prime targets as they are generally self conscious about the room that the carts take up and will willingly crush themselves into you rather than take up any more space than they have to. My target performed as I expected impaling herself on my waiting stiffie to clear space for the last guy to enter. Here is where the twist comes in. This a-hole declines to enter, encouraging 2 Philly cops to join the crush. To facilitate their entry little Miss Accommodating twisted herself sideways away from me leaving just enough room for the two cops to shoehorn themselves in. As I stood there ruefully gazing at the profile of my intended cockwarmer I paid attention to the two cops for the first time. The larger of the two was about 5’10”, muscular with a pronounced 5 o’clock shadow. The second cop directly in front of me was substantially smaller, slender and closer to 5’6”. The second cop pressed in front of me on this packed elevator was a woman. That’s right boys and girls I am standing in a packed elevator containing 4 cops, 2 in front and 2 behind me, with my zipper at half mast allowing my rapidly hardening semi erect dick to prod insistently at the blue serge covered ass of the lady cop squeezed in front of me. The lady cop, unlike most I’ve seen was lean and athletic with her brown hair gathered in a tight bun. I got a good look at her face in profile, as she slowly turned her head toward me in the cramped quarters. It was obvious that she suspected what was nudging into her behind. I also noticed a visible tension set in her shoulders. When the first sizeable group left the car after an excruciatingly slow 3-floor ascent without a single person exiting Officer Shapely Ass turned with feigned casualness to glance at me. I had prepared as best I could by moving my leather portfolio under my arm angled down in front of my body. This maneuver served 2 purposes it first covered the obvious bulge of my erection and the open zipper and it would give her an alternate explanation for the poking received by her backside. She hesitated so long in looking at me that her partner turned to regard us with an eyebrow raised questioningly. I firmly believe that despite her suspicions she preferred to believe my case was the culprit. This would remove the need for her to admit that, she an officer of the law had been victimized. At any rate she turned around, she and the rest of the police contingent left 2 floors later and I took my final descent to the ground floor surprised to have through the incident unscathed. I know I know some of you still don’t get why I made such a big deal about these issues. I’m sure some of you, after getting away with a short ride on a uniformed lady cops ass would be enjoying it as just another coup, although with a higher danger quotient. I took it as a signal that after almost 30 years at this stuff I had gotten perilously sloppy. Don’t forget if she had decided to make an issue of it I would have been caught dead to rights with my zipper down and my boxer brief encased boner waiting to be discovered. Though I tried to tell myself that it was just a matter of circumstances that I hadn’t really wanted to poke the cop in the ass I later had to admit to myself that it would have been easy to avoid. What do you do if you want to avoid sticking someone with a hard-on when you are jammed in a crowd? You cover it with your hand. I guarantee that had the male cop been the one standing in front of me my hand would have been making sure that there were no accidents. Other than the encounter with the cop the aspect that galled me the most was realizing that the vestibule was under constant monitoring I persisted in taking ride after ride something I would be unable to explain away. That was the factor that compelled me to undergo therapy, not in an effort to eliminate my practice of our mutual hobby but to attempt to regain control over it. Anyway I’ve been back better than ever for months now. I’ll refer to a couple of aspects of the therapy later after I contribute a couple of recent escapades.

The Roots Concert (VIP) (Thu 02 Sep 2004 23:48:10 GMT)

Pt 1 The Cock Block

So I’m walking down South St., the funky, artsy section of downtown Philly just trying to recapture a good vibe by girl watching. I was walking off a mild funk. I’d just had a slightly frustrating encounter with an obviously willing target of opportunity in one of the local pizza parlors. The only reason I entered the pizzeria at all was that I was following this willowy long legged vision in a gauzy floral sundress.
I had seen her coming almost a block away as I lounged against the wall of a nearby storefront nonchalantly eyeing the legs of a young miniskirted blond who was seated in the multi level patio of a local restaurant. Let me digress for a moment to offer up my heartfelt thanks to whatever designer it was who came up with the idea for this pleated miniskirt so many of the young lovelies are wearing this summer. Anyway, discernable through the crowd comes this very pretty girl about 19 or early 20’s with a cap of frosted blond ringlets and a pronounced Mediterranean cast to her features. Tall and model slim she reminded me of a young Nastasia Kinski circa her appearance in “Cat People”, with that rare mixture of leanness and lushness, just a tad delectably bottom heavy. This olive skinned cutie glided sinuously through the throngs eliciting appreciative glances, if not outright stares, from most of the men in her wake. As she came abreast of me I barely had time to muse about how great it would be to have some kind of interlude with someone so attractive, when she slowed, cocked her head to the side in speculation and pivoted gracefully through the doorway of the pizzeria. An added bonus was supplied by a fortuitous breeze, which suddenly pressed the sundress’s thin material to her body displaying a distinct visible panty line. I noticed with surprise, as the sheer fabric of the dress molded itself to a pair of buttocks shaped like the 2 halves of a perfectly split cantaloupe, that she was wearing a tiny pair of bikini panties rather than a thong. There was no way that she was not going to be auditioned for membership in my own personal players club. Though I’d had a lot of recent success at concerts, I hadn’t had much successful incidental action lately other than the 4th of July. I was hoping to reverse this trend inside the pizzeria with her. This pizza parlor is a tiny 2-room affair. The front room containing the counter has no tables. It is barely wide enough for 2 people to stand abreast. As the room fills, a line forms in a narrow u shape with the last to enter facing toward the rear till they can turn and move back toward the counter to place their order. The rear section, containing a few standup tables and no chairs is barely used. In my opinion, the key to incidental or opportunistic frotting is to fully gauge a woman’s reaction to your closeness even before you touch her. This provides a usually reliable indication of her possible acceptance of your advances. The next time you are in a line behind a woman advance until you are just short of touching her and watch her reaction. The great majority of the time, on noticing your closeness she will move away. Some will turn to look at you challengingly; the intriguing ones are the ones who, realizing how close you are don’t budge an inch, and then there are the rare few that will take an almost involuntary, imperceptible motion back in your direction. This girl was in the latter category. I had the added benefit of being able to watch her expression in the mirror behind the counter, which let me know that she was acutely aware of my presence. When we took our next shuffling steps toward the back of the parlor I noticed that she was noticeably farther from the guy in front of her than she had been earlier making me wonder whether she wanted to have playtime today. At this point step 2 consists of my making my presence a sort of challenge to her. Making a sound to reinforce for her exactly how close I am, or in this case leaning against the wall so that my hand dangled clearly in her personal space, yet still not touching her, does this. Its a nonverbal way of saying ‘here I am practically touching you and what are you going to do about it.” At this point I glanced in the mirror. We were almost at the point where you turn around to advance to the counter. I could tell by the rapid rise and fall of her chest, sporting pert little b-cups by the way, that she might be anticipating something too. Of course there’s always the possibility that she was simply pissed off that this big brown bastard was crowding her like this. As we made the turn I stepped forward so that my semi erect dick brushed lightly against her firm right cheek. I saw her eyes slide coolly to the mirror and once again take notice of our relative positions. This is the last stage. If she doesn’t feel like playing, even a touch perceived as accidental will prompt her to increase the distance between the two of you, often accompanied by a glare or some other sign of displeasure. “Her Sleekness” didn’t budge an inch away from me. I now felt comfortable raising the stakes by shifting my hips forward to maintain constant contact with her. Because of the excitement caused by the preliminary stages I was now fully erect. She was now standing calmly with the unmistakable weight of my dick pressing into her right cheek. Her cell phone took this moment to ring. Rather than shifting forward to place her bag on the counter to extract her phone she shifted back into me to bring her bag up in front of her, which resulted in her gauze covered ass being jammed into my now throbbing cock. Gentlemen we have a player! After receiving this obvious confirmation of her intentions, I shifted the angle of my hips so that my now rhythmically pulsing dick was wedged into her ass crack. The silky texture of the dress combined with the fact that I had adopted my frotting uniform before coming downtown created an exquisite sensation. I was wearing a 3x shirt over my 2x frame, which, combined with my ever-present camouflage, hid the fact that my erection, still in my boxer briefs, was jutting from my lowered zipper. I was calculating how far I could get in the remaining couple of minutes before she received her order, when I glanced over to note an extremely tall, gangly, jug eared, young guy maybe 6’5 or 6’6 staring down at me. As my camouflage was in place I don’t think that he was able to see exactly what was going on, but the smirk he wore was enough to tell me that he suspected nonetheless. As I knew that he was too young to be law enforcement, I decided, “fuck him!”
I returned my attention to the succulent posterior impaled on Old Twitcher. One of my favorite things to do in this type of situation is to glance down and take a mental snapshot of my dick wedged into my host’s ass. The tight bikini panties had just enough give to enable me to clearly see the separation of her cheeks caused by my dick’s intrusion. I glanced up just in time to see the young buck nudge this homely dumpy dishwater blonde next to him, who promptly aimed a withering glare in my direction. Just as I’m thinking “fuck you too Lumpy” she makes this loud tooth sucking sound of disgust. This attracted the attention of my little friend, who glanced around, immediately sized up the situation, and swiveled away from me so abruptly that it yanked my dick solidly to the left. Ever had your girlfriend, or whoever, playfully bounce your full erection to the side? This caused a uniquely pleasurable sensation, which was going to have to serve as my parting gift because I could tell by the expression on the face of my now standoffish former playmate that party time was over. I glanced up at the doofus whose interference had cut short this exceptionally pleasant diversion to see him wearing a grin from ear to ear. The opportunity was only going to last a couple of minutes more at most and the other line being so close eliminated all but the subtlest of movement. So I knew that as willing as she may have been, I wouldn’t have been able to cum against her. But in that moment in the pizzeria I was pissed, and since I didn’t want any pizza there was no reason to maintain the charade any longer, I left. These opportunistic sessions are by far my favorite type. The reason that I still prefer the rare instances of incidental frotting is that it creates, at least temporarily, a sort of bond with the woman while she cooperates, if only passively sometimes, to give you both pleasure. Because of my mood I didn’t go straight home, as had been my original intention, before the very pleasant diversion occurred. To mellow out I decided to walk the short distance to a nearby theater to see if there was any new concert information. I never made it to the theater because my attention was diverted by a table set up across the street, over which was bent a very nice posterior in a pair of pre faded jeans. I approached to get a better look at the butt. As I got closer I made out the gist of what the crew, manning the table were saying to passersby. As an inducement for registering to vote, the Roots, one of my favorite groups, were giving a free concert in a couple of days, at which the price of admission was only proof of voting registration. I had heard about the autograph signing session at Tower Records to be held earlier the same day by the group, but this concert was brand new information to me, and not listed in the entertainment pages of any of the local papers. I was due to renew my registration anyway, so I took advantage of this opportunity, and walked away with a free ticket to the upcoming show in my pocket. Had I not been taking that walk to recapture my good mood I probably would have missed what turned out to be one of the humping highlights of my summer, so far. Serendipity is a beautiful thing.
(To be continued in Pt 2. The Return of the Cock Block)

Asshole momment (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:19:17 GMT)

I got in at 2am from an especially hot night seeing George Clinton and the Parliament/Funkadelic, my favorite band of all time. Not only was the music great but the humping was exceptional. I fired up the laptop to begin putting my keywords down for my eventual contribution to the board. I was reflecting on the scarcity of stories contributed recently, when it hit me "Hey asshole you havent contributed anything lately yourself". Question for you Shogun: pursuant to your last post have you had the opportunity to buttfuck an ass wearing one of those pleated minis yet. It gives new meaning to the term wedgie. Anyway my only excuse for not having contributed is a time consuming project that's been kicking my ass at work. I still am averaging at least 2 concerts a week though. And since my writing procedure consists of putting down a series of keywords to remind me of events and sensations that I experience, I currently have shells for stories describing about 15 concerts and parades. Right now I have tickets for 2 upcoming concerts in my wallet. So without further ado here are the next 2 installments on the best concert I attended all Summer.

THE ROOTS (VIP) CONCERT Pt 2. (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:22:54 GMT)

The return of the cock block

I’m late! I got held up at work and have already missed the Roots autograph session at Tower Records. Rather than dwelling on having missed what I’m sure was a grope fest I will concentrate on the free concert at a new, at least for me, venue. I decided to take the train in rather than have the hassle of parking my car at 2 different locations, when I had originally planned to attend both events. Now something is wrong with the trains. They are behind schedule and I’ll arrive just in time for the doors to open at the concert. I trot up to the venue at 9 sharp and there is a line out front the length of the front of the parking lot. Things are looking up! The doors are not opening and people are still streaming into the steadily expanding line. If you are into incidental groping the worst thing you can do in this type of situation is just get into line anywhere. Do you want to spend half an hour in line behind a couple of dudes? After waiting till 2 lone cuties joined the end of the line I got in myself. They were a couple of bubble butt Sistahs who started chattering about how they hoped they could still get tickets. I had insisted on receiving a ticket, when I registered, not trusting assurances that an online listing would be enough. The line however was too loose in back where I was and gave no justification for crowding in on anyone. I initiated a conversation with my targets about the turnout. I positioned myself behind the prettier of the two, a slightly taller Jada Pinkett-Smith look-alike with an additional, well-distributed 15 lbs or so. I was trying my favorite strategy of talking right at the outside shoulder of “Jada” maybe she would lean back into me to reply and we could start something to help alleviate the boredom. No dice. They had no interest in talking to the middle-aged guy and even less in touching him. Cool. I don’t chase ‘em I just replace ‘em. As I’m talking to the parking attendant, who’s standing nearby, he suggests that, since I already have a ticket I should go up front to the entrance. Once I saw how congested it was up there I decided it was a good idea. My first good time of the night was supplied by a cute, blonde 20-something affiliated with a local radio station .I know this because she kept insisting to the event staff that she should be let through. You could tell this chicklet loved the gym. She was such a little hardbody that she had distinct abs, almost a 6 pack, displayed by her cutoff top. Between her tanning booth bronzed breasts hung her laminated VIPs placard. I took up position an inch away from her right buttock and waited for the crowd motion to bring her to me. Once it did I stayed glued to her for the next 25 minutes. Every time another supposed VIP approached she was obliged to step back into me forcing my now pulsing dick deeper into the crack of her skin tight, satin, powder blue hipsters. There is something special about the ass of an especially fit woman. The cleft of her ass was so deep that I could feel the bump as the head of my dick nudged against the inner curve of that unbelievably firm ass. Ms VIP was so focused on the injustice of having to stay outside with the riff raff she was completely oblivious to my dick’s insistent poking into her posterior. As she was pushed back into me yet again by the crowd shift, I held my place and ground myself forward even further into that gap between her cheeks. I imagined for a moment what it would be like if she were to clench those cheeks while I was still spearing her mmmm! The crowd was thick enough that I was able to lean back and surreptitiously pull the bottom of my shirt aside and get a good look at what I was feeling. The sight of the Throbber pocketed into that beautiful heart shaped ass was almost too much to resist. I always color coordinate my boxers with my shirt to create as little color contrast as possible for any “Looky Lous”. That night I was wearing black briefs and a black patterned shirt. One glance increased my enjoyment tenfold because the contrast between the black projectile embedded in the warm baby blue of her hipsters was especially sharp. I had the sudden urge to give her a series of steady thrusts, knowing that that would be enough to put me over the edge. Instead I backed off knowing that this was only the start of the evening. Also, since she was oblivious and not a willing participant it would alert her to my intentions. A few minutes later as she and the other VIPs were allowed to enter I gave her one last slow thrust as a way of saying goodbye, as she slid past me to the entrance. The event staff then announced that due to the unexpected turnout even ticket holders would have to stand in the line. I half-heartedly tried to make a case for being at least allowed to stay at the front of the line but no luck. I then happily made my way back to the end of the line, which in my absence had grown to encircle half the parking lot. Luck was with me because there were 2 groups of girls at the end of the line with no guys in evidence. I also noticed that this was by far the best looking batch of women I’d seen at a show this year. There were knockouts scattered everywhere, none however in my immediate vicinity. The 1st trio in front of me consisted of 1 okay chick and 2 mugwumps (girls you wouldn’t want to fuck even if you could use another guy’s dick). The group directly in front of me, however, contained 3 attractive girls. First was a pretty blonde, too thin for my taste wearing jeans a western hat and a goofy shawl-looking thing maybe she was trying for a Clint Eastwood effect. The 2nd girl was short, curvy and pretty. A brunet, she was wearing a black miniskirt and patterned hose. The 3rd was most interesting to me. She was tall and athletic looking with a body like you’d see on a swimmer, pretty face with brown hair drawn back in a ponytail. The only flaw was that her ass, squeezed into worn, soft looking jeans wasn’t as prominent as I would have liked, but still acceptable. Her athletic shoulders were visible since she wore a sleeveless cutoff denim vest over a tight black tank top. The only complication was that she had too much junk on her ass. In her right back pocket was an oversized pack of cigarettes or cigars; she also had a set of keys dangling on a clip right down the center of her ass. This would restrict me to her left cheek if she turned out to be agreeable. Since we were on the left side of her friends that was all right. The line was now so long and moving so slowly I knew that I had time to really prepare and test these 3 to determine if any of them would be agreeable to playing with old Oppy. It was like having my own version of the three bears. The thin blonde was eliminated when I realized that she was hopping around constantly and never stood still long enough even if I had tried to get close. The short one, though I really liked her outfit, was too negatively aware of me. She would turn her head quickly in my direction, suspicion emanating from her like a force field whenever I approached. The tall one however initiated a conversation with the other 2 about her attendance at the earlier autograph session. Her friends weren’t interested so I asked her a question. She half turned to answer over her shoulder. That slight movement was enough to bring her left cheek into contact with my semi erect cock. The preliminary hurdle was cleared successfully since she stayed relaxed during the short time it took to answer my question. She went on to tell me how she had spoken to a couple of members of the Roots, who had personally encouraged her to attend the concert. Keep in mind that the whole time we spoke my rapidly hardening boner was nudging into her left buttock .When she turned to speak I caught the faint aroma of Eau de Bud Lite wafting from her. A slightly loopy expression on her face indicated that she’d had more than 1. The other 2 were preoccupied with a cell conversation communication with other members of their group yet to arrive and basically ignored her. I let the conversation lapse since I wanted to speed up my usual maneuvers for 3 reasons. First our brief chat had already broken the ice between us, her being tipsy was obviously the second reason and the third was that whoever they were talking to on the phone might soon be joining them. For all I knew their boyfriends were on their way. As I moved in closer I noticed that she, tipsy or not, was still very aware of me. She wore this intriguing little half smile as she slowly turned to put her back against the wall ringing the parking lot. I had the feeling she had made a decision as she turned to once again turn her back to me. I closed the distance and took hold of one of the bars of the wall right next to her inside shoulder. When she didn’t move, despite seeing my hand and knowing how close I was I closed the distance and softly brushed the head of my dick against her left cheek making physical for the second time. She didn’t move. In fact when her friends, still huddled around the phone took a half step forward she remained against my dick. When the entire crowd took a number of steps forward she stepped up with her friends, once again put her back to the wall casually and reached behind her back. When her hand emerged it was holding the set of keys that had been dangling from her belt along the center of her ass. She clipped the key chain to one of her front belt loops. Either my being so close to her keys made her uncomfortable, highly unlikely! or I was being given an engraved invitation to step up the action. As soon as she turned around I slowly stepped forward again to brush against her ass. She not only didn’t step away but settled back against me. You experienced chikans know what it means when a woman settles back and picks the angle and amount of pressure from you dick that is comfortable to her. Being assured that that this was a consensual opportunity I firmly inserted my dick, which was now twitching in anticipation, between the cheeks of her ass. I pressed in more steadily applying that unmistakable pressure to the soft yielding cleft between her cheeks. I slowly pushed my hips forward then relaxed them to begin that pulsing, forward rocking motion that I usually initiate when I am absolutely sure my advances are welcome. I never take camouflage to a concert because the crowd, the darkness and the fact that most people are focused on the stage, is usually more than enough cover. This situation, out on the sidewalk with the lights of the parking lot only a few feet away, however begged for some additional cover. The wall to our left protected me on that side but I needed something to shield my actions from her friends and the others in line. Fortunately the organization sponsoring the concert, Voting Is Power was kind enough to hand out posters promoting the Roots and their own organization. I was able to position my poster to provide perfectly adequate cover to conceal my exploration of Tipsey’s waiting ass. In a concert setting you are rarely able to back off your prey to indulge in some of the variations I like to perform if I have adequate room and cover. After removing my dick from the confines of my boxer briefs, I backed up a few inches until just the tip of my dick was pressing into the inside of her right cheek at about a 40 degree angle. I then slid the old throbber the depth of that cheek so that she could feel my full length as I stroked in to nestle against her little butt button. Knowing a few more strokes like this would have me spurting onto the back of her jeans I re-covered myself. The crowd moved forward more quickly now, but I still seemed to have another 10 minutes to accomplish one good cum even before getting into the concert! I now began swaying my hips slowly side to side. The first couple of inches of my boner rested against the inside of first the right cheek and then the left. Corkscrewing my dick into this chick, whose dreamy expression never changed no matter how vigorously I gouged into her ass, until I came was my immediate goal, but I wanted to see how far I could go. I am a greedy man!! I brought my left hand, the one closest to the bars of the fence up alongside her body so that it touched the material of her vest. I waited a minute to see if she would move into my hand or away from it, but she just continued to press back steadily into my pulsing, dripping dick. Don’t you love pressing your cock into a girl’s ass so firmly that you can watch her hips slowly press forward. As much as I was enjoying this action I was also losing patience, knowing I had only a few minutes to go before I had to zip up, I brought my knuckles up to brush against the outside of her back. I moved them extremely slowly, never losing contact with her body, so that she would be able to move away if she chose, knowing what my ultimate destination had to be. Her only movement was a marked increase in the speed of her breathing. Finally my knuckles were pressed against the outer curve of her full left breast under her vest. In the few minutes I had left I was going to cum, humping a strange woman’s ass while simultaneously fondling her tit, something I hadn’t accomplished in an incidental setting since 2 years ago with the soccer mom at the Eagle’s pep rally playoff ticket sale. I prepared to reverse my hand so that it would cup the heavy outer half of her tit in my palm when we got set up again. We had established a rhythm, she would move forward with the crowd I would stop immediately behind her and she would settle back comfortably on my dick. Once again we broke apart as the crowd advanced to within a few feet of the security fence and as we settled in, a guy eased into line alongside the other 2 girls. About 5’ 8”, goateed and nerdy looking, and evidently the blonde’s boyfriend he immediately captured her attention. The short chick turned to finally pay attention to Tipsy just as she was lowering that big ass back onto my waiting, soon to be spurting erection. Maybe Tipsy had a habit of getting herself into situations, when they went out, or maybe Shorty was just looking out for her buddy who had obviously been drinking. All I know is that Short stuff adopted this horrified expression, grabbed Tipsy by the hand and pulled her forward roughly, saying “Why don’t you move up here with me, you don’t want to be crowding people”. She and Tipsy exchanged indecipherable expressions. They then shared a quick smile after which short stuff turned to curl her lip at me contemptuously. I just stared back at her levelly and calmly till she looked away. If the woman happened to be oblivious like Ms VIP then discovery by her friend might make me uncomfortable, but a little cooperative grinding being noticed doesn’t bother me much. And it’s a good thing too since I’ve been in that situation so often during concerts this summer. I think that my habit of going after pairs of girls is primarily responsible. The thing that got me wasn’t that my chance with Tipsy was gone. What got me was the irony that in the space of a couple of days I had lost 2 consensual line humping opportunities, a relatively rare occurrence, if you are as careful about them as I am. It may be weeks sometimes months between opportunities that good outside of a club or a concert. To have both of them disrupted by outside interference would ordinarily have pissed me off a lot more under different circumstances. Though I regretted not being able to ride Tipsy into the home stretch, suspecting what awaited me inside the venue, which reports indicated was already packed to the rafters, mollified my disappointment. And fear not fellow pervs when Ol’ Oppy got off he got off! (To be continued in Pt 3 “ Nuts to Butts”)

THE ROOTS (VIP) CONCERT Pt 3 (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:32:31 GMT)

Nuts to Butts

It filters up through the line that it is so packed inside that they can’t guarantee that everyone in line will be able to get in to the show. Conversation had buzzed about how far the response surpassed expectation and how the club was already packed beyond capacity. This info came by means of people already inside in touch with their friends still in line by cell phone. A member of the event staff approaches a group of fans; maybe 10 people behind me and begins talking persuasively to them. He tells them that for $20 he will ensure that they get inside. By now I am only about 5 or 6 people away from the security barrier so I’m not worried. I now have the task of getting myself reorganized and zipping up before being frisked by security. I make sure Short Stuff has her attention elsewhere then turn to the fence and surreptitiously reach in pull my brief’s waistband under my balls and zip up. It’s now 10:30 and it’s taken one hour and a half just to get inside. One step over the threshold was enough to reassure me that it was well worth the wait. The entrance I was ushered through opened onto the bar. It was packed 4 and 5 deep with very little discernable movement going on. Clustered around the bar was a scattering of small high tables with people packed around them too. Even had I wanted to it would have been impossible to make my way any distance along the bar without poking prodding and sliding against a multitude of shapely asses and thighs. Though it’s not my main objective, situations like these lend themselves very well to random tit brushing. The really savvy women knowing what’s going on make sure to be covered up in these gatherings. It amazes me how often women will work their way through a crowd like that leading with their breasts. I kept moving steadily forward with no destination in mind, only the knowledge that the more I moved the more woman flesh I would come in contact with. Each bottleneck, each tie-up presented the opportunity to choose another ass to poke. After reaching the end of the room containing the bar there was a momentary clearing. Directly to my right was an exit, straight ahead was a narrow hallway packed with people. Down the hallway I could see the signs for the only restrooms. I wanted to go down the hall for two reasons. I wanted to get to the men’s room to get my dick in prime frotting position, and there was a multitude of girls crammed into this narrow space with only a scattering of guys. I had my eye on two lone brunets in the rear of the pileup in particular. One was wearing a contender for evening’s best outfit a frilly baby blue corset type thing over an especially thin baby blue version of the pleated mini, I love so much. The other had an excellently shaped full round posterior encased in black spandex. In addition to their being 2 unattached females in this extremely crowded situation was the fact that they were right up against the left wall. Standing behind them so closely for a moment only increased my appreciation both were tall girls wearing spike heels, which accentuated two great pairs of legs. I eased in behind the mini with my hand hovering around the spandex in less than a minute I was packed in by an additional 10 people or more shoving my dick and hand into their targets almost simultaneously. The women had spread out to fill the entire hallway so unless you were willing to bull your way forward there was no way to get through to the men’s room. I had no interest in getting through, because even though my zipper was still up after the frisking, my dick was outside my briefs. One thing this years round of GA concerts has shown me is that women are much worse than men when it comes to pushing and shoving in lines. These women had been in line outside about 2-½ hrs and wanted to get that bathroom break before the show started. They shoved they tried to cut the line, anything possible to shorten their time in line. All the shoving served only to sink the old Throbber deeper into the yielding cotton covered crack of Liz, the mini wearer. One of the things that I like to do, if possible is to get the names of my playmates. In the course of the next 10 to 15 minutes Ms Spandex must have whined, “Liz this is just crazy. Lets come back later” or words to that effect at least 3 times. Of course I sympathized with Ms S it wasn’t just hot it was steamy, and her ass had become my left mitten. I started off with my fist; thumb up, pressed into her ass crack. When the shoving escalated I slowly loosened my fingers to make it as unnoticeable as possible and ended up using what I believe Shogun calls the tomahawk. Got to be one of the best feelings in the world for an old pervert; your dick twitching away in the ass of one girl while your hand is buried in the ass of another. It turned out that Liz had to perform some wardrobe repair and was too vain to wait till after the show. Liz kept shifting from foot to foot and her fidgeting greatly increasing the sensations being delivered to my crotch. Under cover of the shuffling and shoving I decided to rectify the one thing keeping this session from being perfect. I slowly and reluctantly removed my hand from its spandex encasement and used it to release the Throbber, still outside my briefs, from my zipper. The next 10 minutes, because that’s how long it took my two little hostesses to traverse the 15 or 20 feet and actually enter the ladies room made my earlier experiences outside pale by comparison. The difference was amazing I’ve tried a couple of different types of dress for these activities and nothing compares to being able to actually take your dick out whether clothed or bare and insert it between a pair of cheeks. We both noticed the difference immediately. Without the restraint imposed by the fabric of my pants my erection sank in so deeply that it wedged the fabric of Liz’s skirt into her ass. Her only reaction was to freeze, as much as the jostling of the crowd would let her. Neither she nor her spandex clothed buddy had turned to look at me. There was a sudden surge during which I moved my right hand down around my dick with my thumb wrapped over the top. Liz seemed to relax again slightly now that I wasn’t rammed in so deeply, though she had to know what was still rammed into her crack. We were just about at the point where I would have to work my way around the girls or leave no doubt that I was only interested in riding their asses and not getting to the men’s room. Spandex suddenly wormed her way directly in front of Liz which had the effect of easing Liz back into me even more fully. I let the hand that had been holding the Ol Twitcher slide down so that it was pressed into the underside of Liz’s ass just about at the hem of her skirt. Liz’s reaction to my cock’s increasingly insistent intrusion into her ass was unique in my experience. She reached down a couple of times to the hem of her mini and tugged in a futile effort to dislodge the wedgie and it’s cause from her crack. When I realized that, though the pressure of my steadily pulsing dick was not only unwelcome but also uncomfortable to the girl, she was not going to resist or complain I was even more excited. Her resignation or timidity appealed to that darker side of me which sometimes delights in imposing myself on a seemingly unwilling female. The reason that I coined the handle of “Con-Senuality” was to assert the idea that for me a consensual experience where a woman is not only a willing but also an active participant is the ultimate in gratification for me. Still all these musings aside with a passive subject in front of me I rocked side to side slowly which not only forced me deeper into her ass but rubbed the sensitive underside of my glans against the inner curve of her ass. Shogun asked the group once concerning which members actually engaged in humping. I will hump at concerts where it can be disguised as dancing but in my incidental activities humping is not practical. A subtler motion such as rocking side to side or heel to toe is sufficient. It was surely working here I could feel my dick swelling even more at the excitement which the situation was giving me. Spandex’s departure left a space between my shoulder and the wall about 8 inches wide. When she saw that I wasn’t moving over to claim it a short busty dark haired girl decided to take advantage of this situation to get closer to the ladies room. Her efforts to force her way through gave me the perfect opportunity to press my hand firmly into the junction of the bottom of Liz’s ass and the top of her thigh. Little Busty’s boyfriend wormed his way in to the pile behind her this forced her 36’s or 38’s whatever they were to practically envelope my left elbow. How much stimulation can an old perv stand! Busty’s boyfriend noticed the contact between my elbow and his girl’s tit. Smiling knowingly he forced his arms around her to cut off the contact. I kind of liked his attitude. Its like he was saying “I know it’s fun old dude but that’s enough of that”. His intrusion actually forced my hand more fully onto what was practically Liz’s naked ass, and I abandoned any pretext that the hand on her ass was an accident. I closed my hand completely around her ass cheek not squeezing but holding it with my thumb on the outside and three fingers just at the edge of her crack. Her response was to grab the opposite edge of the hem and just hold it. The reaction to the molestation she was receiving was so helpless and inept that it was all I could take. I just had time to shove the Big Dripper back into my briefs and slide it back between Liz’s cheeks before all my resources were required to keep from drooling as I spasmed into an A number 1 orgasm. My shorts and the underside of my shirt’s hem absorbed all the goo, but Liz’s ass absorbed all the steadily diminishing pulses as my dick released all the tension that had been building up for the last few hours. I know it seems silly that with all the precum that I dripped into Liz’s crack I was so preoccupied with not ruining that mini with gobs of cum. First the altruistic reason: I just don’t do that. The last time I drizzled an entire load on a girls dress was 2 yrs ago at the College Fest featuring Busta Rhymes and I felt like shit. I guess its all part of the self image I’ve created for myself as the “kinder gentler Chikan” and I’d already done enough damage to that facade with my performance with Liz. The other slightly more practical reason is that I didn’t want to give her that 1 factor that might push her over the edge and make her want to contact security, after she attempts whatever wardrobe repairs she intended. I still had 3 hours of concert to enjoy. With nothing keeping me there but the effort required to politely but insistently force my way past Busty and her boyfriend I broke free of the crowd and tottered the remaining few feet to the men’s room. There was an attendant seated on a high stool right next to the entrance to the men’s room. I realized that it would have been simple for him to keep the lines in an orderly fashion if that had been a priority to management. But had they done so I would have been denied one of the better rides I’d had all summer. Whatever his purpose he caught my eye as I came abreast of him and said “kind of rough in there huh?” I gave a kind of non-committal nod and grunt and shouldered my way into the facilities to clean up. Inside a stall I repaired the damage as best I could and once again pulled my now limp dick, still covered by my briefs, through my zipper, which was at half-mast. On leaving the men’s room in full possession of my faculties I realized the purpose of the guard. The door to the ladies room, perhaps because of the heat was standing wide open. Mr. Muscle was there to ensure that no guys parked there to enjoy the free floorshow. In the few seconds that it took me to navigate the less congested, now visible, side entrance to the main room, a couple of mini wearing lovelies gave mini flashes as they adjusted hems and seams after exiting stalls. What a night! Now all I had to do was recover enough energy and wood! so that I could enjoy all this rampant pulchritude in true Opportunist fashion.
(Cont. in More Nuts to Butts or Oppy rises again)

Re: Dr. Dry Hump My Opinion (Sat 25 Sep 2004 02:29:56 GMT)

As someone who's done all those and more, nothing compares, hour per hour and event per event with a writhing mass of bodies at a sold out concert. No line hump or parade, even with a willing participant is going to feature a nubile 20-something humping away on your dick while you just stand there. Nowhere else will you and another middle aged perv get to grab half drunk girls by their asses and crotches under the guise of helping them up on stage to dance with Dr Funkenstein. That was just a taste of my wednesday night concert experience.

October award: New Faces
as they refresh chikan nation with new viewpoints.
(But you did more that just view your women ...)

sandwiched between two girls by train rider (Fri 01 Oct 2004 18:06:45 GMT)

hi fellas,

i am lucky enough to be in a country wif unreliable public transport and a cramming asian population in a big city. being a modern islamic country the girls wear their headscarf and their thin dresses that fall all the way to their ankles. the advantages of these dresses allow you to achieve maximum warmness unlike jeans. the people here are meant to be conservative and not allowed to indulge in things that we discuss on this great forum.

the train was especially packed today when two trains did not arrive during the peak hour traffic at the main central station. we were packed in like sardines and it was unavoidable to probe a girl on her ass and feel a few asses wif the back of your hand. but what happened next was quite amazing. the girl in front of me was getting a big agitated from me slowly humping her from behind. she was in her early 20's and was shorter than me that made me able to position myself directly on her ass crack without much effort. she tried to move to her right but was blocked by another girl that was facing away from her holding the pole on the opposite side. she persisted in moving away to her right and i followed her until my pole was sandwiched between the girl i was humping and the girl behind her. it only lasted a few minutes but it was worth mentioning.

during less busy hours i tend to search for girls that are sitting by themselves and i usually sit beside them when i hop on. the seats here are quite small and doesnt leave much room between passengers. the train pulled to the platform and i noticed a girl in her early 20's sitting by herself and looking quite bored. so i sat next to her and started to test the water. checking whether she was a player or not. i first start to move my arm to be in contact with hers and noticed that she did not move away. slowly i could feel the heat eminating from her as her chest started to rise and fall more rapidly. so i took the next step and place my hand next to her thigh and started to lightly stroke the side of her thigh. she pretended to close her eyes and started to nod to sleep but i could tell from the flush on her face and increased heartbeat she was enjoying every moment of it. i was able to do all this because the seats in the older trains had taller seats and neighbouring passengers were not able to see what we were up to. i started to rub her right thigh more firmly and her face was flushed with excitement. i wish i had been bolder and gone for the pot of honey but i thought that would spoil the moment and i would be taking it to far. when she reached her stop she got up, looked at me for the first time and gave a big smile. i replied by giving the full length of her thigh a final stroke and smiled back as she pointed her ass in my direction and headed to the door.

Once Upon A Time by Guest (Mon 04 Oct 2004 02:11:28 GMT)

Hi everyone, thought it was time to register(been hanging around this site for the past week wondering if i should join) but all u lads sound like a laugh so it'd be a honour for me to be a part of this world(once again).
Ahh my credentials u may ask, well to be honost i hav'nt done any chikanery in years(shame on me) but lately i hav been going out to clubs(slut hangouts) and finding it hard to resist that booty scratchin urge. Maybe u guys could rekindle my courage for the lost art of hornification.
I hav to ask all of u this question : When was ur first ever chikanfrotteurism(fiddling as i like to call it) experience and if u knew wot u were doing was chikan ? I only ask this question as i would like to get to know u all and its abit of pain to go through all the archives :P.
My first experience was back in '92' when i had jus started secondary school. I was only 11 years old at the time but my hormones had kicked in early, especially when i clocked my eyes on the 5th year girls(16 year olds) and it wasnt their faces that interested me. My gosh breasts on school girls wot the hell was going on(i was naive as fuk at the time). The school i to went was overly populated(3000 pupils) for the size of the building(4 foot wide corridors), and this is where the fun began for me. Girls with the fullest figures(woman like not fat) were my only targets becoz, for obvious reasons there was something to grab and i wasnt discreet either. For som reason i could get away with grabbing breast and ass (maybe coz i was 5 years their senior and cute ofcourse), but as the years went on the cuteness disappeared and i began to get out of hand. The girls in my year wernt upto to taking my shit and i would constantly get slapped for ass grabbing(my prefference) but there were a few girls who didnt mind having a laugh and then there was then there was The One.
This girl was the first girl i ever chikaned(i hav only recently learned that this is the word they associate with wot we do). Bus stops used to get packed by hundreds and hundreds of students eager to get home as soon as possible, and now that i was a 5th year i had no problems getting a seat on the bus. One day im last on and its a mighty battle to get to the bak of the bus(to where i may bully somone off a seat) so i decide to hang on at the front, un-noticed by me there is a very attractive girl standing in front of me(from my own year aswell),and shes not one of the sluts coz they all sit on the bak seat(smoking ofcourse) anyway shes only a few inches way from me(coz i need my space), in fact i hav no intentin of getting close to her even tho she has a very nice round ass(apple butt) pushing its way out of her 60% cotton 30% nylon Very short skirt. As it goes the bus is moving the crowd and all who stand at the front are jostling for a tassle to grab or a pole to hang onto(hehe), she is stuck in no-mans land attempting to balance with knowhere to hang onto so she decides to find a place with somwhere to lean on, she bullies her way past me unintentionally grinding her phat azz across my crocth. Instantly i feel a Hmmm that felt good in my pants reaction, never before hav i felt such a sensation on my penis(i've had erections before but none with the purpose and intent as the one i was about to hav). She had decided to stand right next to me but now she's facing away from me which caused me a problem as i was beggining to get hard down under, so without a second thought for prying eyes i turned to her back to rub my half born turtle against her pooty lil booty. I wasnt thinking straight coz if i had been i wouldav stopped right there and then by thinking of me and my 90 year old gran taking a naked bath together(again-dont ask). Hormones had overidin all senses and there was only one place on my mind yeah u guessed it "canyon bootyville". Rubbing wasnt enuff so i took the chance, slotted smoothly like hot dogg in a bum err bun i mean, anyway a 3 inch height differential made it easy no need to hunch or any other bullshit. I was now fully aroused but in her ass which made it even sweeter and i was rubbing no more, it was time for som pump action and boy did i go at her like a 2 year old pitbull with a nut sack full of power juice. The most fuked up thing was she didnt turn around once or even giv a hint of displeasure, to be honest i didnt care i was to busy jizzing in her ass now(romantic eh). i get home and the first thing i do is put my pants under the tap to rinse off the excess so mother doesnt ask questions of my school activities, and then throw them in the wash basket. I couldnt sleep all night wondering if she went home and told her parents some weirdo had jus butt hugged her all the way home and if her dad was some 7 foot giant who was gonna com into school the next day and kick the living shit out of me infront of my mates and the entire school, well no such luck.
School was the same the next day and so was the girl it was as if she didnt aknowledge wot i did yesterday(i was baffled), i decided to give the bus a miss that day(and the next 3 days). This wasnt the end however my story continued throughout the rest of the school year with the same girl and on the same bus(meaning i aint sat down on a bus for a long time).
This is the first time i have ever shared this life tale with anyone(not even my friends know of the sordid shit i hav done).
Suprise i met this same girl(butt hugger lover as i remember her as) only lastyear in a shopping mall with her 3 year old son, she decided to say Hi and strike up a conversation of how i was and about life in general, i didnt panick tho i felt as if we had som weird bond where i didnt need to fear her, and that she had no problem with the past(but i obviously did and it kept playing on my mind to say something but i couldnt as it may hav broken the ease of which we were socialising) so i bit my tongue, smiled and went on my way wondering wot the hell just happened, still im wondering wot the hell happened im sure its the same girl i butt hugged. Anyway thats a small taste of 1 girl i sodomised(for a whole year, now who can beat that?). Anyway if u enjoyed this i'll post more if not jus say so i dont really mind either way, im sharing this coz i happened to fall upon this site by chance, had no idea that this sexual affliction has being going on longer than i hav been around and that it has a name(lol), well i salute u all for ur brave endeavors(garryG ur one brave mofo) and to the man who took it on to himself to create a site for us all, respect Mr ayashi.

Concert Groping Humping experience by Poser (Thu 07 Oct 2004 04:04:45 GMT)

yesterday i went to a mini(about 300 people) gig.. THE CROWD WAS PERFECT!!!
there were lotsa crazy girls with miniskirt around!!!
At 1st, i was at the second row, right behind a girl weargn tight long jeans. She is very tall and my dick and her butt was at the same height. Before the opening act came on, i was touching her with my leg once in a while, just to see her reaction. seems like she didnt mind. When the opening act came on, the crowd went crazy extremely squeezy! my dick is now directly on her ass. Soon i was losing balance and i had to reach for the barricade. she was in the 1st row and when i reach my hand forward, i could feel her big breast. she was wearing a t-shirt. the crowd got wilder when the main band came out and soon we were separated. I thought everything was over. Then another girl(fleshy n pretty type.. not fat!!!) got push to my side(right) i was facing the front while she was facing me with her breast on my side. She thought i was a good guy and told me to grip the barricade and she hold on to me. soon i was push to face my right(her) while she face the front. my groin was rubbing the side of her leg. she was wearing a jeans material miniskirt. Soon she got to my front and my dick was on her ass. I got push away serveral times by the crowd but i struggle to get to her ass. she was jumping and i jumping along with my groin rubbing her ass. sometimes, i stand still while she rock my dick with her ass!!i shift my hand her front and my hand was touching her upper chest. she was wearing those top that the sleve is halfway down her shoulder. i try to pull it down a bit more and was touching her upper chest all over!! we got separated later but my hand was on her waist. at 1st i crunch my fist as i was afraid that she might suspect something.. soon we got further and i thought she wouldnt know it was me touching her. i open my fist and was placing my hand on her belly. i started fondling was too squeezy and i could not and dare not shift my hand to her breast. i then pull up her shirt and was caressing her naked belly. i shift my hand up and down. near her vaginal. soon the crowd was pusing backwards and she nearly fall. i couldnt find her after that. i think she went all the way to the back. god damn it i thought.. forgot to mention about it, while the fleshy girl was infront of me, there were a few girls body surfing!!! i only manage to grope the 1st girl bodysurfer's ass. 1 of the guy around me was slapping her ass. i then started to pay attention to the bodysurfer, soon another girl went pass and i reach for her soft breast!! i didnt notice her looks and her clothing as everything went too fast. all this while i was humping the fleshy girl. soon the 3rd girl surfer came. she look very pretty. i saw her in the crowd before and she was just on top of me. she was wearing a white top(only cover breast no stomach) with lots of holes and a black bikini inside. she is real hot!!! my hand immediately went to cup her breast and it felt so good!!! it was soft and firm!! i was squeezing lightly. After awhile i got push to the middle row. and i was looking around for girls. no luck. those people infront were all boys. since i was alreadi in the middle, i decided to go all the way back where i believe all the girls are. i was right!! there were many teens(16 17) girls around with their boyfriends. i then pretend to squeeze in the crowd again rubbing my groin against those many different girls' ass. then i found a pretty young girl about 16 yrs old. she was wearing a light blue spaghetti strap shirt. it was really tight. her skin was fair and she look very sweet. the was wearing a red sports bra and her spaghetti strap got pull so far down that her sports bra was exposing so much!! exposing her fair soft looking breast!! she was wearing long pants. those material that is similar to those female tennis player!!! OMG!! it was purple in colour.. looks weird but tight and nice!!! everything about her is tight, fair and sweet!!! PERFECT!! too bad her old gay boyfriend(looks 25 yrs old) was trying to protect her standing behind her all the while.. i stand next to her and was peeping at her fair smooth exposing breast and her sweet face without makeup(natural beauty) soon her pussy bf got squash by the bodysurfer trying to start surfing and i swear he look like he was going to do! lol.. they got separated for a while and i took the opportunity to stand behind her and hump her a few times.. her bf struggle to get back to her every once in a while. i had to pretend to move around her to look out for opportunities. there were lotsa people trying to start bodysufing as we were at the back. i then pretend to carry them and push them. she was kinda enthusiastic in helping to surf too! and therefore we were reachign our hand out to surf them front and i pretend to move forward to help to push those surfers feet while bashing into her soft tight ass frequently. i tried to touch her breast a few times but unsuccesful. only less than a second or something.. her breast was not big but looks very firm fair and nice.. just nice for her petite body. at the end of the concert.. i peep at her under the light.. she was perfect. her nipple was obvious as it poke through those tight spaghetti strap and sports bra.. wad a perfect day


soon her pussy bf got squash by the bodysurfer trying to start surfing and i swear he look like he was going to DIE

first concert bust by Guest (Sat 16 Oct 2004 08:47:22 GMT)

I would first like to say that I have been frequently visiting this site for the last couple of weeks and it has provided the inspiration for my nights activities.
For the past few years I have used concerts as an opportunity to cop a few feels and rub my hard cock against an unsuspecting girls ass. Before visiting this site I would not have thought it possible to actually take your dick out and hump to the point of cummnig but after seeing the stories on this board I was inspired.
I had tickets to this concert and had been anticipating going and using some new techniques learned from this board and getting off on some girls ass for the first time. I got to the show early to scope out the situation ala Black Shogun and saw this very hot girl wearing a frilly white skirt with knee socks and immediately felt I should get behind her and position myself for some groping throughout the show but my first plans were somewhat upset when I spotted some people I had met at a previous show and they called me over. I was pretty pissed because I usually try not to interact with people at these shows so I can get my hump on incognito, but I couldn't blow them off so I was stuck talking to them until the first band went on but at this point the original girl was nowhere to be found so I looked for some new prey.
I spotted a girl upfront against the barricade and slipped away from the people I was taking to to position myself behind her. I originally thought she was alone, which I prefer because they usually are easier when alone. She was thin wearing an orange skirt but with black stretch pants under it. The show was 18 and over but she looked about 16 with pale skin and nice but small tits. She struck me as kind of shy, which I also prefer which led me to beleve she wouldn't put up much of a fight.
I am not at the caliber yet of the great masters of chikan and did not plan on moving along throughout the night to different women, I like to take my time and make sure shes not going to give me alot of trouble so I work the same girl slowly throughout the night hoping to get someone receptive or at least not someone who would get me in trouble. So during the first band the crowd was sparse and I didn't want to raise up any alarm because I now saw she was with two friends so I played it slow. I originally wanted to wait until the first band was done and the crowd got more packed so the contact would seem incidental but with her cute little ass in front of me I could not resist, so I went in for a touch. Her ass was small but nice and soft and still felt good even though she had on the skirt and pants, but once I touched the bitch she looked back at me. She seemed kind of jumpy which wasn't good so I decided to lay back a bit. As the next band came on and the crowd tightened I took the opportunity to get a few more feels in and she seemed less tense. but as the second band ended she said something to the guy next to her and he offered to switch places, which she declined but I could already see this wasn't going to be as easy as I had hoped. On top of that this was a CMJ showcase and the sets were short which didn't give me as much time to work as I like.
When the third band came on I was a bit bolder and touched her sweet soft ass more firmly she looked back a couple of times and the proceded to shift her bag to cover the right side of her ass which I had been working on. but the stupid bitch left the left side of her ass open to a few more feels with the back of my hand. During this set I also started to rub my semi-erect cock on her ass a little which did not seem to please her too much. When this bands set ended I was a little pissed because as is my normal technique after feeling the girls ass a bit I step back in order to see if they back up into showing at least some acknowledgment and seeming acceptance of what was going on and this bitch did that a few times and then has the gall to put her bag over part of her ass to stop me.
In between the the band that just endeds set and the next band I was thinking of moving to find new prey as this one didn't seem to be working out but as im thinking this she backs her hot little ass right back into me and sets herself in an animalistic postute aking to something on the discovery channel. she rested her elbows on the barricade in front of her bent over and put her ass on display for me leading me to belive the bitch might want to play after all. And that pose got me really turned on and I started to get hard again and decided to unzip my pants and let my cock slid out a bit(something I had never tried before but was tempted to do by the stories on the board) I was a bit worried someone might see me dick and alert security so i was ver carefull pulling down my long shirt and taking off my jacket and using it to sheild me from one side. The bitch then moves away again frustrating me. The next band comes on and im touching her ass and rubbing my dick against her butt more forcefully now and she again adjusts her bag adding to my frustration and begins to look pretty pissed so I just enjoy the band as they are one of my favorites and decide to back-off a bit.
After this set the place gets pretty packed and we are forced even closer and she again starts to bend over. Now I have read some stories on here about women trying to create seperation by sticking out their asses but with this girl the only time she did it was when I had backed off so the mixed signals were pissing me off especially as seeing that now that the crowd was very densely packed it would be harder to fing a new target. Then the main act comes on and they are sort of an electric pop band which plays dancy type music and the crowd goes crazy and starts dancing including the girl in front of me gyrating and shaking her ass and as i am so close behind her I start dancing right up on ther and rubbing my dick on her ass getting pre-cum on her skirt which really turned me on. As she bent over and rubbed her ass on my cock I was loving it her ass was soft and I was geting up in the crack a little. I started to then dance more agressively ramming my cock into the bitch whenever I started to really go at it she would freeze but then statr shaking fine little ass some more but then a terrible thing happened my chikan bretheren the crowed stated to push form the left and this asshole knocked me off the girls ass which pissed me off greatly and also got me worried someone would see my cock exposed. I jostled with this fuck for a while but it was clear the current of the crowed was too much and there was noway I could get a good hump in under these circumstances so I step back feeling a bit defeated and zip up my pants. At this point the guy who was an asshole and drunk was pressed up against my girl. And I must say I wished he'd chikan her because then at least this stuck up bitch would still get ass fucked but he instead just crushed her against the barricade. At this point she asked her male friend to step in behind her to pretect her from this guy. Now my question my chikan brothers is does this mean she was into getting felt up and humped by me but was just palying hard to get and when I backed off and this guy got behind her see asked for help I just don't know.
Now you may have thought my night was over at this point but it was not. After I backed off I noticed I was beside the first girl I saw with the white skirt. She was a sexy blonde 19-20 nice b-cup sized tits bearing somewhat of a resembalance to Hilary Duff at least facially. When I see it's her I'm like when the fuck everyone is dancing I feel a few asses and work my way behind her. I undo my zipper and start grinding her and feeling her as shes wearing a thong I get up in her ass crack a bit too. And let me tell you this girl has one of the nicest asses I have ever felt in 12 years of groping. It's soft and a little on the big side your hand can melt right into it. I then manuver my hand to the bottom of her ass where when thighs meet the ass between the two cheeks I was in heaven. I then try something I never have, palming an ass. I used to think it would be too obvious but after hearing the stories on this board I tried anyway. So I palmed this bitches sweet succulent ass a few times and she didn't mind. I then put one hand on her hip and started to rub my aroused cock on her beautiful ass. The great thing was she was grinding right back along with the music moving her ass up down and around against my cock just like if we were dancing together in a club. We then are knocked aside a bit by the crowd and she moves up. We were near the front near the people I was trying to avoid which made me a bit uncomfortable because I see them at shows alot and if they caught my humping it would get quite awkward. The girl also had stepped up onto a little platform the rose about two inches while I was on the regular floor this caused her to be a bit too high to hump and her ass was partially blocked by the girlfriend of one of the people I knew. But at this point I was horny and hard as fuck so I said fuck it my mission when I set out was to bust while chikaning a chick for the first time and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity with this hot at least somewhat receptive chick so I bump the guys g/f off the girl throw caution to the wind and get my dick completely out. I put my hand on the girls hip again but she kind of knocks it away but at this point I don't give a fuck. I start humping hardcore and shes dancing back into me just as before though even harder now although she must know my cock is hard. I also know I must be getting pre-cum all over the back of her skirt which turned me on immensely. I'm really grinding hard now as she swayed her hips back and forth and my dick explored every inch of her ass. At one point she started jumping up and down as my cock slid along the entire expanse of her sweet ass crack. At this I was about ready to cum and closed my eyes, forgot any pretense about dancing and just started humping it must have been obviouse because she stoped for a minute then seemed to accept the fact she was getting ass jacked and kept moving her ass to the music my dick started to twitch up against her ass and I at the last minute felt it prudent not to cum on her ass because she know I was humping her and if she found cum on her ass she might get pissed and tell security so I quickly move in back in my pants and cum up agianst her hot ass. It was my first and it was great.
After this I backed off her a bit not wanting to piss her off but she moved closer to me so durind the last two songs I groped her ass a few more times as well as doing the same to a few others. I must admit I wanted to get a feel up this bitches skirt and touch her bare ass as well as grab her tits but it had already been I good night and I didn't want to push it.
On the way home getting onto the train I saw a bitch that looked like the one I had humped and got a bit worried she might say something to me but I noticed she was wearing pants and not the same chick but still quite hot. As the train pull up I figured why not end the day well and did an old fashioned "brush-up" on her and she had a very nice soft ass which ended my day well.
I hope you all enjoyed my adventures as I have come to enjoy yours. Let me know what you think.
On a side note I had a few questions to ask of you guys. First those of you who actually cum on girls asses what are their typical reactions, if you have any stories reguarding this please post them. I also would like to know after you cum on them if they don't relize it but later notice cum on themselves or their friend notices it what their reactions were. I could also use a few tips on how to conceal you dick when its out of your pants in more sparsely crowded conditions as well as how to hump at shows when such closeness in not natural.

hello by xeno (Sun 24 Oct 2004 11:02:19 GMT) hi
just found this bbs via search engine based on curiosity, mainly after getting a few accidental touches on crowded busses i started thinking about maybe doing it on purpose in the future...

im a college kid, ride crowded busses all the time around campus
the other day i was stepping off the bus in this huge flow of people at a busy stop, and as im reaching around my back to pull my backpack on i feel a nice pleasant squish of breasts in my hand
so i turn around and theres this really hot brunnette in a tight tank/bra top she must have been about C-cup size, i just got a free feel of her tits and she didnt even notice with all the pushing and shoving to get off the bus
so then i was really horny thinking about it for the rest of the day, and started thinking about keeping my eye out for other opportunities
lucky me, cause when im stepping off the bus on the trip home, theres this tight latina girl standing by the door
it wasnt her stop, so she didnt want to get pushed out with everyone else, but she couldnt really move back into the bus either, so she squeezed up against the wall right next to the door to try and let everyone else get past her, with her arms lifted up to keep out of the way
she was wearing this skintight tube top that showed off her sexy middriff and her tits were small like A-cups, but she had really perky nipples poking out through her top. so on the way out the door i made sure to rub my whole forearm against her soft nipples and tummy 'excuse me'. looked totally like an accident and she didnt complain

looks like you guys have a lot of great stories and advice to give, so i guess i'll hang out a bit

also, while frotteurism is kinda new for me i do consider myself an all-around pervert, another thing thats kinda a hobby is stealing panties
anyone here know a similar bbs to this one specifically for panty thiefs?
Only when asleep by neverachance (Tue 26 Oct 2004 05:23:38 GMT)

I don't really believe half of the stories you guys put out, especially the stories of you rubbing until you are completely satisfied.

I myself have only done what you guys say you do when a woman is asleep. I will give you an example. I had a friend, a latina, who was very voluptuous, and very sexy. We were good friends, but I didn't want to date her because she had children and a drug problem.

Well, one night we were up late watching a movie at her house, and she went to bed exhasted from a long day. She was wearing just a large tee shirt, no bottoms (although she had her panties on that I caught a glimps of a couple of times while she laid on the couch). She told me to just sleep there on the couch if I wanted.

For about 20 minutes I just sat there, wondering, "should I just sneak into her room and have a peek?" Well, I finally did, and when I got into the room (luckily the door was half open) I saw her laying on her side, and her nalgass exposed because her shirt had creeped up her body. (Nalgass is the spanish term for her butt, by the way). I made a little noise just to see if she was at all awake, and was going to say an excuse if she was. But she didn't budge. I giggled the bed just a bit, to see if she would respond, and she stayed very asleep. I knew she was tired from the long day at work, so I figured that I would just feel her rump a bit. Boy was it so nice, and my eyes had adjusted enough that I could see it real well. She had a very typical latina body, very thick thighs, very nice round hips, and a lot of bump on her rump (hey I rhymed).
I got on the bed, and began to slowly skoot over toward her. Finally I placed my manhood on her butt, very carefully, and she didn't move. It immediately got erected, and was throbbing when I placed it between the two cheeks and slowly began to push against her. Again, she didn't even move, so I figured she was really asleep, so I proceeded to place my hand on her hips, and squeeze a little, while pushing harder against her buttocks. Boy they felt better than I had imagined! I then began to grind her hard, pushing her back into me while I grinded, and she finally "kinda" woke up! She moved to where she was facing me, but her eyes were still closed, and she made a large sigh. I just laid there, waiting to see if she would wake, and my heart was pounding. I must of waited about two minutes, and she didn't move. So I proceeded to look at her butt again. This time she was completely on her stomach, and her butt was fully exposed. I lifted her shirt a little more up because she had this nice tatoo at the top of her butt, where it meets the lower back, and it was certainly sexy. I slowly mounted her, going down on her slowly as not to wake her. My penis went right into her crack so nicely, and my legs felt her very sexy thighs against them. I proceeded again to hump, and this time I was on top of her, and riding her, staring at her butt while doing so. I finally let loose, and much of it stained the back of her panties. When I dismounted and got of the bed, she finally moved a little, and I was so relieved she did not wake up.

I would repeat this a couple of more times, but I haven't really gotten a chance in the past couple of years. I have never done this with anyone else though, with the exception of my ex-girlfriend. But she let me do it, even when she was asleep, the latina didn't even know it was happening.

As far as doing it on busses and other ocassions, I just never wanted to take that chance, it is tooo risky.


OK, one more story by neverachance (Sun 31 Oct 2004 03:04:40 GMT)

I didn't know you guys would like my perverted experience so much. I guess I am a star in the wrong place!

But I will tell you one more event that happened in my life that I am pretty ashamed of, but was an interesting time.

I had a friend who came over quite frequently to my apartment. We would go shoot hoops and watch a movie or something. Well, one time he brought over his little sister, who was about 14. She was one of these girls who always had something to say, and loved a good sense of humor, so I obliged. I joked with her so much I had her on the floor rolling.

One thing about her that I wished I hadn't noticed was she had a very well developed rear and some nice thick thighs. I mostly noticed them the second time she came over with my friend, about a week later. She had these levi almost "daisy-dukes" things on, and I must admit, I couldn't stop looking at her whenever my friend would turn away. After some time, I would hope she would be with him when he'd come over.

Well, one day I was doing some college school work on my computer, and there was a knock at the door. It was her. Alone. I asked if her brother was there too, and she just said she "stopped by" just to say hi. So I let her in. I sat down at the computer, and she sat down in a chair near me. She had on some tight sweats, light blue with a white stripe down the side of the leg part. Her thighs and hips were nice and snug in them, and I would occasionally take a peek at them when she turned away (I think she noticed a couple of times).

Well, she came to laugh, I figured, so I kidded with her for about 10 minutes, making silly comments, and she loved it. So, as I was sitting at the computer, she asked if she could check my email. I told her "no," and said I was busy (with my school work). She said, "I'll just sit on you then." My mind just freaked! "She will sit on me!" I thought. I told her forget it, and that tactic work, because she stood up and begin to wrestle on to my lap. I played it off well, pulling her off me and on to the ground, and she laughed a bit. But she proceeded to beg. I said, "OK, but make it quick." By that time I was pretty erect.

She sat on me. The way she sat on me was pretty interesting, too. It was like she was getting on a horse, one leg over my legs, and her butt was in my face for about a second, then, Plop! Both of her large butt cheeks (large for her age) just mashed into my penis, and it felt too good. But I felt REAL bad, because I was almost twice her age! I told her, feignly, to hurry up with the email, and she smacked my leg with her hand and said she will take as long as she wants. That was a big mistake on her part, because it is exactly what I wanted, unfortunately.

I leaned back into the chair a bit, and just took a look at those cheeks mounted on me, and I couldn't believe how nice they looked for such a young lady. So I began to hump them a little, very carefully. That is when she told me, "hey, what are you doing?" and move a bit and looked at me. I proceeded to stand her up and I got up and told her to hurry and check her email. She smiled a bit, and checked it some more. I went to my room and just got it out of my system, jacking off with a pillow. I went out there, and she was still on the thing, and I told her that I needed to finish my paper, and she had to leave. I was so ashamed that I took advantage of my friend's little sister!

I actually tried to avoid her after that, but she loved coming over with her brother, just to hear me joke. He never told me anything, so I guessed she never said anything. I always wondered if she really knew what I was doing. I moved shortly after to a different state, about a year after that experience. But sometimes when I fantasize, it is her I think of. Even my last girl friend, I told her to check her email a few times on my lap, just to bring back that experience.

I didn't really want to mention that story, but I guess that for some reason you all appreciate a good experience like that. Oh well, good night all.

PROPS TO THE CHIKAN by UGLY (Sun 31 Oct 2004 09:36:40 GMT)

new here but wanted to give respect and props to the chikan soldiers. Iron and Black. I fell upon this sight while lookin for some gropin pics. I think this here is the shit. Its bout time I ran across some mufuckas that is real wit there shit. Cauz I hate these playahatin faggots be ruining my game. Damn yall do I got some stories for you. Im gonna break you off on one of my first very memorable stories. First off I live in so Cal. So we gots like a million Dime pieces all over the place. Especialy at the clubs. So check it out Im at this cool club Called Seville. Its the night of high school graduation. So alot of fine ass 18 year olds. So I see thes fine ass HINA bitches.( fine ass Latin girl). she is dancin wit some dude. She has got the phatest booty I have seen all night. So this dumb ass dude she is dancin wit starts acting all dumb and shit like gettin in front of her and puttin his ass on her. So im like fuck it open opportunity. I dont know this bitch and will probably never see her again. so I pretty much force my way through the crowd to get to her the whole time Im sliding my hands over the asses of these little bitches. The best part about tonight is that most of the girls here tonight you dont see all the time cause they act like there to good to go to the club. and im catching glances like "why the fuck are you touchin me like that. I just act like i dont even know i touched them. when i do this 98% of the time they just turn around because making the " im pissed off" face at the back of someones head makes you look stupid bitch. fuck man i gotta get going but basically I get behind this little J-lo bitch. with my back turned to her i unzip my zipper and pull my manhood out. turn around and study the way her ass is movin damn and no panty lines. Yeah boy heaven sent. I start freakin her with the rythym of the music and she turns her head back to see who has just got on her msphatbooty. and well like most she sees my handsome face and her angry look turns to a little smile. Yep i know I look better then your your man. I was pretty sure he was her man. as soon as she turned her head back around i let her feel my meat. oooh I wanted to freeze that moment for ever. so as i do this I feel her move her body and bump into her. I see her whisper something in her mans ear and turn around and start dancing with the first chick i saw. after a minute I turn to see what just has progressed and i see them looking over in my direction. This little whore told her man. i knew I could fuck man up and im pretty sure he knew it too. I just shrugged my head like "soory dogg but your bitch is too hot. I just had to feel that ass on my Cock." then I stared at him "what you wanna do." he turns his eyes away and I knew i difeated him. In this happenening the walk away from the dance floor. my addrenaline rush then begins to die. I will tell you it was well worth it to feel her tight big rounbubble ass. after about a 1/2 hour of bullshit chat with some peeps i knew there a fight breaks out. we go over and fists are flying boy. i see the couple again behind the fight in the corner more people and security get involved. now all the little hoes are panicking screaming and shit. Most have probaly seen people getting hit so hard live. panic is now in affect as people start rushing to the front door. i see the fine ass girl and her man now looking scared and moving to the front door. he in front of her trying to push through the ruch to the front door. she is behind him holding on to his shoulders with both hands. her ass is so bomb i gotta get another taste. i run as not to miss this opportunity and get right behind her. My heart is beating so fast. I stick my right hand right beneath her skirt and goe for the pussy. ooh its a phatty yeah awww. I put my left hand on her left ass cheek and cup it. what a lucky fucker. this bitch is so scared she didnt even look back she kept slaping at my hands with her left hand. she never took her right hand off her man. she probably dint want to alert her man and have to watch him get beat doen like the people in the fight behind us. i was behind her groping with disregard for like a good 2 minutes. I didnt grab her tits as I didnt want to be greedy. Lol. Well goota go fellas and females. tilll next time "keep it real". UGLY

November award: Satyr
for his hot experiences in cold winter.
(But girls were cool and nonchalant, weren't they.)

Halloween two birds with one stone (Tue 02 Nov 2004 05:05:48 GMT)

How was the Halloween weekend for everyone? Mine was fantastic. I went to the Halloween parade (NYC) with high hopes and it did not disappoint. The evening was a busy one but two experiences stood out from the rest.
When I got to the parade I quickly made my way to one of the streets that fed the crowd toward the main parade route. As I approached this area the crowd grew thicker – rush hour thick – and I realized maneuvering for a target would be difficult. Being selective didn’t seem like the way to go so I plunged into the crowd and let myself get carried into the stream of people. To my left and right people jostled for position and I grabbed an occasional costumed ass but there was never time to really make a good contact. Soon things would change! I found myself right behind to cute teenage girls, all dressed up (or down really) for the parade: tight mini skirts, mid-rib baring tee shirts, the works. It was so crowded I didn’t even hesitate. We were all just trying to stay on our feet and not get swept away by the crowd – I reached down and brushed my hand against the first girl (a brunette). She didn’t mind or couldn’t turn around so my hand was quickly all over her. I felt her tight ass, ran the side of my hand up her crack and reached farther down to cup the bottom of her ass and the inside of her thigh, it was delicious. Then the crowd shifted and I had her friend – blond but the same petite hot body and a similar tight mini right in front of me. I pushed forward and rammed myself into her (she had to know) humping as the crowd surged. When I was forced aside (the crowd was crazy people pushing hard) I reached down and felt her ass. It was softer than her friend’s was and the skirt was not so tight so I was really able to get my hand between her cheeks and I alternated rubbing and grabbing both of them. Then as abruptly as we had been pushed together the crowd surged again and I was several feet away watching them float through the bobbing heads.
My second great encounter was mid way into the parade. I had positioned myself next to a narrow entrance where the flow of people was tight and constant. A subway entrance, a prime parade viewing spot and a crosswalk converged and made for tight conditions. From my spot I watched people pass by and go into the crowd trying to make it’s way through the “funnel”. I waited for a good opportunity and it came: a group of young sweet teen girls, dressed in Halloween costumes headed into the crowd. One of them was dressed as a cheerleader! I made a quick move and got behind the cheerleader and a friend – dressed in a thin brown mini dress. I followed closely but waited because I knew from my scouting that the crowd would get tight soon. It did. Soon the crowd surged and I palmed the brown girl’s ass. I wanted to hump her so I slipped right behind her and let myself be carried into her sweet ass, I was running my Dick across her ass when I noticed her cheerleading friend next to me – we were shoulder to shoulder. Not believing my luck I stepped, let her move next to her friend and (what a great maneuver) was snugly behind both of them, almost between them, so close. I was drunk with excitement but the crowd was really tight and I let myself go. I reached down with each hand and moved forward, through the crowd feeling up each girl’s ass. It was fantastic, palming two tight young highschool asses at once! I had a blast with my middle finger resting right above each of their assholes and a raging hard-on too! I’m sure each one knew what was happening to her but they were trying to move forward and didn’t look back at all. The girl in the brown dress caught my eye, and later I would focus on her even going so far a to start working my way under her dress but the crowd parted and I had to let them go. It was a satisfying evening!

Awesome subway ride! (Tue 02 Nov 2004 05:29:19 GMT)

During rush hour today I took a detour and spent some time on a very busy line, hoping to get a good grope. I was looking around half-hearted thinking that it would be hard to top the weekend parade. Then on a crowded platform I saw a hot little thing in a tight form fitting thin wool skirt, beautiful ass, nice legs, cute too, Russian I think. I wasn’t too sure of my chances (not the parade anymore) but “scoped” her out nonetheless and waited to see what happened. I was glad to see the trains were running full so when ours came I rushed behind her and pushed my way one the train following her sweet ass. Then as I was preparing to push up another guy pushed me aside –! It was a competing chickan! A Mexican guy in his 20’s he was bigger and had the better position so I had to stand for a second and watch him work her. I noticed she did not react at all and he was obviously going at her good. I glanced at her face, I don’t know if she was excited or resigned but she was definitely pretty. I wanted some too! The chickan and I were shoulder to shoulder so I pushed against him, made some room and slid my hand between him and her, cupping her ass lightly. I could tell he was rubbing the other side. I wanted more and was really getting excited so I reached down and moved my hand between her legs rubbing her thighs and the bottom of her ass. Then I noticed he was humping her while I groped! The girl never moved, I saw him do a chickan whisper right in her ear and then I spread my fingers and stared really working the crack of her ass, feeling no panty line, only a thong deep inside. Her ass was tight and delicious, I was all over it, not an inch left unexplored. We were all over this girl, hard cocks, hands everything. I have never groped a girl so hard on the subway, we followed, groping her as the train stopped and we all moved toward the door. As we waited to get off and were pushed against the doors I pushed against her, reached around, in front and rubbed the mound of her pussy through the thin dress. I wish the ride had been longer, I think we could have kept it up for a few stations and I would have loved to stain that skirt for her! Had to come right home and relieve myself after that one. I know what she looks like and I’ll be looking out for her again!!

December award: seano
for his christmas eve shopping.
(Hey! You need to be a good boy and don't harass female Santa Claus.)

crystal (Mon 20 Dec 2004 02:24:26 GMT)

ok heres my story my best friends cousin comes every summer and winter break. Her name is crestal and shes from washington and she has a butt that sticks out past her hip almost 2 feet and its very very round and soft shes not she just has a big butt. last summer i told her i wrestled and shes is very intrested because she said its a great exercise and she could do it for basketball. this happend today sunday she got home yesterday and today her family could only bring 7 people to dinner and she was the 8th. so she stayed home and called me and me if i could wrestle with her, i told her ya and to wear really thin pants tight ones told she told she only had had white ones and i said thats perfect i told her i would be wearing my swim suit and ill be right over they just live down my streat. my swim suit fuck yes ill do it in my boxers. so i went over there and when she answered tho door she looked sooo sooo hott the white cotton tight pants got wediged into her ass like a foot and she had on one of thos under armor on. she has huge tits dont get me wrong i was only after her ass. she took me to her room and turned on some rap then she got into a wrestling stance and so did i. i ducked under her arm and got behind her still holding her arm i got right behind her (im now in my boxers and sox and thats it ) and i looked down and saw the niceest as right infront of me gigling and bouncing up in down. my dick instaly got hard and i pulled it threw the hole in my boxers and stuffed it in crystals fat ass it felt so good. she just kept on trying to wrestle only nos she i pushing back and rubbing up and down. then she asked if i wanted to dance and i said hell yes and pulled my dick out of her ass and she went and turned it up she walked over turned around with a straight face and put her huge ass into my crotch and grinded her ass cheeks around on my boner. after about 10 mins i wanted to hump her so i held her still and put my dick in her ass and started hump her crack she grabbed my hands and took me to the wall. she put her hands high up on the wall and stuck her ass out and curved her back in. i humped her ass and asked her if she liked this and she said she dident care and her little 8 year old brother humps her like i was all the time. i asked her if she wants to come over tomarrow and do the same thing she said ok id like to. thats when i started to get close to finishing. so i grabbed her hips harder and pulled her into me as hard as i could and really started to pound into her ass. she started falling over but i held her was close so she dident fall after about 2 mins i was about to cum i pushed super hard into her wegie and reached to the end of the pants crack and cumed all up and down her crack and her crack was soacked . i squeezed my dick to hold in the cum then pulled it out and cummed all over her ass cheeks. the i slapped her right side of her cheek as hard as i could whith my hand and she didnt turn around i walked to get dressed wile she whipped the cum off her ass and in her crack with a towel when she was done she walked over to give me a hug and say good bye i hug her and grabbed her and with both hand and massaged it for about 3 mins then we said good bye and she started to walk over to her streo to turn it off i ran after her not saying thing grabbed her hips and gave her three hard pounds and with out talking to each other i left...

christmas eve shopping (Sat 25 Dec 2004 00:36:07 GMT)

This has to be the best Christmas ever and its not even Christmas yet . Today my mom dropped me off at a local target store to go shopping for the family. As soon as I got there I noticed that there were no carts out which meant packed store. I manoeuvred threw the store looking for someone that I can shoot a load into. then I saw her she looked about 40 half Mexican half white (I am only 16) dark brown hair with gold streaks, she had a pink and white spaghetti strap shirt on that showed her nice big boobs, her ass was enormous . She had on grey thin pants that looked and felt like cotton on her ass they said sweet cheeks. She was on the toy row which was very crowded I walked behind her and patted her butt she kept on looking for a toy. I then turned so I facing her back and with just basket ball shorts on pushed my crotch area aginst her butt. She dident move but my dick did it got hard instantly I pointed it straight out in front of me making sure no1 was looking. I pushed in slowly into her huge butt cheeks and as soon as I got all the way in she tightend her butt cheeks keeping me from moving and then turned around and gave me a strange look one ive never seen before then wile looking at me she scooted back into me grabbed my hands and put them on her waist. Then looked back at what she was doing at that point in time I hadnt even realized what had just happened this had to have looked mighty weird to everyone around but I didnt give a fuck now I was in heaven. She started to walk and I kept my hands on her waist dick in her ass and walked glued to her fat giggling ass all the was across the store it felt so good I thought it was a dream she then stopped stepped apart from me and started looking at little shoes. At this point im pretty horny because now im discovering she may have kids. I put my hands on her ass and began to massage it squeezing all over her ass. No1 was on this row so I felt more comfortable she squated down and stuck out her ass looking for something and in the process her thong stuck out. I squated down behind her in the hot dog position taking hold of her thong. She stood back up as did I and I yanked on her thong and she looked back at me with her eyes closed and walked me backwards into a wall with me still pulling her thong up and she started to grind her ass as hard as she could against my dick in about 3 mins I exploded all over her grey pants making a huge mess I gave her ass a super hard slap and she just walked away after all that she just walked away ….

my first good concert (Tue 28 Dec 2004 07:32:43 GMT)

Sunday night I went to my first concert with intent to grope. I told my mom I was meeting up with a large group of friends when I was really going alone. I had been doing research on this concert and it was more like a dance it wasn’t rock it was hip hop and there were no famous DJ’S or anything but still it was so popular you had to get there like 3 hours early to get your ticket. I pre ordered mine. When I got there it hadn’t started yet so I walked threw the crowd cupping African booty. After 4 mins I decided to go in, inside was very small for the people coming in. as soon as the door closed the music started I was in the middle of an African grind session. I saw this older dark skinned lady about 30ish with a huge, out of this world sized ass walking threw the crowd while her ass was being slapped grabbed and grinded I fallowed her not yet being able to get a touch and when she sat down on the stool her hole ass hung over the stool. I walked up behind her and stood for a while with my dick against her ass until a song she liked came on and she started wiggling and everyone from the back started pushing forward real hard. I then pushed against her as hard as I could and put my hands on her hips and gave her a real hard slow grind. This must look weird for a 16 year old white boy to be grinding on a 30 year old African lady. But for some reason she looked back stood up and started grinding with me for a couple songs. I could not get my dick in her butt because she had on tight stiff dickies. After she asked if I had fun and left I went to go look for more ass cause there was still a few more hours. (oh and I did not blast a load on the older lady). This time I found a girl not dancing just standing there kinda timid. She was black and a bubble butt that wasn’t wide but it stuck so far out in back of her that my jaw dropped when I saw it. she had on a white tank top and white tight spandex type pants with smoke all on them as a design . I felt confident walked in front of her and asked her if she wanted to dance she surged her shoulders and looked at me real mean. I just grabbed her hips turn her back to me and started grinding her real hard on her right and left cheek. She looked over her shoulder at me looking very disgusted and just stayed looking at me. I then with only my basket ball shorts on aimed my dick and dived it into her ass as she was watching me she then turned around and just stood there while I humped her. Her hand was hanging down kind of cupped but open and ass I was jacking off in her deep crack and took out my dick as I was about to come slapped her ass with it so I started to cum grabbed her wrist and chummed into her hand then took her hand and wiped it on her ass and ran. I went to the back and rested a while. I noticed a long line of girls like 20 or so all African that would grind with you real hard for 3 songs and they only charged 10 so I think they wanted to go buy alcohol across the street . But who cares I walked behind them looking for the best ass and there it was she was about 23 and her name was Christina. She had a big nice ass it looked perfectly like to basketballs butt real loose and jiggle she was wearing a gray and black t shirt with Hollister gray cotton pants that went into her crack nicely. I walked up to her from behind with the 20 in my hand and grabbed her ass she turned around and I gave her 20 she asked my name I told her then I asked her and then she turned around and started grinding on my dick. I held her hips turned her around and held her like I was hugging her with my hands squeezing her ass and she had her arms lightly resting on my shoulders as she is taller than me . I asked her that if for 5 more bucks if we could go to the stage put her hands on the guard rail in front of the surging crowd and grind on me bare dicked she said ten more. so I paid her and we went when I first pulled my hard dick out she was rubbing it soft with her left then right cheek because it was a slow song. Then on a fast song I put my dick in her crack and she just flexed and unflexed for 2 songs before I blew a load in her crack. Then for the last to I walked her over to a low bench with my hands on her hips and pulled her on to my lap and we just sat there wile I pulled up her thong a little and tried to kiss her neck but she got mad so I kissed her upper back threw the shirt . For the last song like 3 mins I stood her up grabbed a chair sat down all the way against the back and laid my dick pointing forward flat on the chair she sat on it and slide back and forth for the rest of the 3 mins I cummed then she got up gave me a kiss and hug of course I had my hands allover her ass. She left and the concert ended it was so much pleasure I get a boner thinking about any of there asses.

Untitled (Tue 28 Dec 2004 20:18:14 GMT)

there was a group of about 4 girls and they offerd to this guy i was talking to and i took them up on it they seemed very desprate so mabey they needed to get a cab home or just wanted to get drunk as most people started doing eather way even tho groping is more makeing things happen sometimes its good to let things happen to you :)

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