The man of the year, 2003

is Black Shogun.
He is also the winner of February and July award.
Ozzi Groper, he is winner of November award, gets the rookie of the year. He also makes an entry into the Hall of Fame.
And the webmaster's special mention is given to girls of Caracas, Venezuela.

January award: Opportunist
for his town and gown connection
(But yours were neither academical nor athletical.)

Ahhh Coeds!! (Wed 22 Jan 2003 15:02:22 GMT)

As I mentioned in my previous post my favrite targets of opportunty are college coeds. Lucky for me I live about 40 mins outside Philadelphia which gives me access to coeds from almost a dozen different colleges and universities. Temple, ST Joe's, Drexel and Penn, to name just afew are all within easy reach.
Even someone over 30 (way over!)can comfortabbly take advantage of the coed cornucopia by striving for the older or continuing ed. look. During registration time the overflowing lines for financial aid, the bookstores and
drop and add almost guarantee that you will find someone oblivious to your attentions. I'm so spoiled now that I barely pay attention to the oblivious ones. I will spend an hour or two or three looking for someone who will play along. You still have to be cautious and perceptive when looking for a playmate since most coeds these days are not bashful are if you jamming your dick in where it's not welcome you are asking for trouble. security is heightened during these times and the universities have their own police forces in addition to security guards.
I think the searching and selecting process only adds to my enjoyment once I have found a receptive ass. This past fall I was actually registered for classes at one of the local community colleges and the hunt for a willing tushy was not going well at all. I spent 20 mins in line behind a bubble butted little brunnet in red leggings I gave her the back of my off hand, the one not holding my shield. Oh yeah! I always have a briefcase a legalpad or something to protect from prying eyes remember even if the girl is receptive she does not want your activties on display either. But I digress as I tested the ass of the brunnet cutie with my hand she jumped like she'd been jabbed with a straight pin and though I have had strong reaction from girls who turned out to be accessible this one seemed like trouble. After waiting a few mins I moved on to the bookstore. I waited around for alikely lass to join one of the tangled congested lines inching toward the cash register and I almost missed her. I was distracted because I saw what turned out to be her sister. The girl was 8 or 9 years old with the most beautiful angelic face and Liz Taylor violet eyes I had ever seen. It was like looking at a painting or some other work of art no lut just an appreciation of beauty. AS she dodged thru the crowd wearig her powdwer blue velour warmup suit she looked over her shoulder and called "c'mon Steph". Brothers when Stephy strolled into veiw wearing an identical warmup suit encasing high cupcake sized breasts, a tight waist with about 2 inches of well toned lower belly showing where she had rolled down the waistband of the suit bottoms I promised myself that even if only a quick exploratory feel. This girl had the unmistakeable carriage of an athelete. As she glided through the crowd I watched her perfectly toned perfectly round buttocks clenched and released under the thin blue fabric. When she strode past me I realized that the rolled down waisteband displayed her lower back down to the cleft of her springy muscular buttocks. This was the sexiest most exciting woman I'd seen in a while let alone planned to touch. Finally Stephy's little sister led her to one of the lines snaking thru the bookstore. Books were staced at least waist high thruout the so I waited patiently for the line to solidify as I slid in behind my olive skinned goddess
Little sis helped me get the first taste of Stephy when she clutched her hand pulling her off balance and back into me. With no preliminaries the most beautiful shapliest welltoned ass in recent memory was pressed into my dick which had begun twitching and throbing as soon as I got within a foot of her. Unbeleivably it felt better the I'd imagined. As the line inched forward I would take a step forward firmly brushing my boner into Stephy who by now I knew to be a player. She made no attempt to evade my very obvious insistent dick which now was socketed firmly in the crack of her ass with the books piled up creating little valleys I had no concern for prying eyes.
There , of course was no opportunity to hump but I still was able to sway side to side and back and forth discretly. After nearly 45 minutes of sheer paradise I found myself backing off to avoid cumming too soon. My efforts at self control came to nothing however when we reached the long cashier's desk. There is almost 4 ft of desk before you reach the cashier. As we reached the edge of the desk Stephy leaned oer , placing both elbows on the desk to talk eyelevel to her sister. My throbing aching dick was now wedged firmly in her cleft and twitching so wildly that I did'nt have to even move. Stephy literally brought things to a head by rhthmically shifting from foot to foot while still draped over the end of the desk. The combination of the sight of my dick disappearing into that beautiful ass and the overwhelming sensation caused by her shifting massage of my cock brought me to a spasmodic climax which forced me to exercise all possible muscular control to avoid alerting anyone to what was going on. Throughout all of this Stephy never moved away from the pressure. That by the way was the best bookstore experience I ever expect to havesince before or after I've never been able to cum on a girl on a line at any school. Months later I still remember it and her vivedly.
Happy Humpin

greetings fellow Philly Phreak (Fri 24 Jan 2003 11:40:16 GMT)

Tech_bonus glad to hear you are a home boy so my recounting my memories will hopefully be more enjoyable because of the local flavor. Penn is my favorite spot during the summer. As an avid upskirter, that's right I'm a full service perv, the absolute Best place in the city for panty viewing is that xando's coffee house next to the book store on Walnut. I'm talking about thr outside tables.I guess your familiarity with Philly surprises me because of your previous post complaining about a lack of success groping and grinding.
There's so much to do in the big city. It's been years since I tried to get off on the el or one of the trolley lines but I hope you have'nt squandered the great opportunities we've had the last couple of weeks because of the playoffs.. For example Monday outside Vet stadium 2 weeks ago when the playoff tickets went on sale for the Atlanta game. I was driving home after covering the night shift when I heard a radio report stating that coach Reid stopped by to see the fanatics who camped out all night to get tickets. My groper's sense started tingling as I imagined the kind of crowd that had posssibly assembled. I turned around and headed to the stadium. The crowd was only a few hundred people and growing but my spirits and other things were raised when I saw the high percentage of women who had shown up. I milled around the edges of the densely packed crowd trying to decide the best point of entry. See there was a somewhat orderly line stretched along the fence but they were too orderly and widely spaced to give me the cover I needed so I elected to join the rabble clustered around directly in front of the gate. I found out that security was calling out numbers to determine the next batch of lucky people to be let up and sold tickets. I dont't know to this day how they got their numbers or the plastic wristbands which security checked before allowing admission and I did'nt care. All I knew was that when I saw the first number called there was a concerted rush for the entrance which was wide enough for only one or two people at a time to enter. By the time the crowd settled down I had worked my way behind two unescorted girls, one tall and auburn haired with a pretty face complete with a light dusting of freckles. She was my target because her friend was not only plain but kind of a lard ass. We were on the outer edge of the crowd but as I had anticipated when the next group was called the surge surrounded us and plastered me against freckles. This was one of those crowds that was almost too tight. The speed of the surge caught me off guard so thatI was'nt positioned properly behind the girl. She had on a short pea coat barely covering her ass and grey sweat pants unfortunatly my dick was pressed into the heavy wool of the coat. Before wading into the crowd I had prepped for action. I unbutton ny long trench coat and pulled the waistband of my shorts below my balls not only decreasing the amount of fabric between me and my humpee but also giving my dick a little support for the (hopefully) hard work ahead. The next crowd surge gave me the chance to subtly lean back into the guy behind me and lift the tail of the coat enough to get my dick under it. The relatively thin sweats allowed her trim ass cheeks to envelope my throbing dick.
Freckles was'nt a player but it really did'nt matter. girls don't generally stand still in the cold. There was no teasing, rhytmic rocking but she did constantly lean into her friend, stamp her feet and generaly fidgit for the full 30 mins I was behind her. Each unintentional stroke, bump and nudge of her ripe young ass got me closer and closer to coming and squeezed out drop after drop of precum. After the next crowd surge I increased my enjoyment by sliding my hand down to cup her lower right butt cheek. I then started my favorite move, which I call the pulse.It is perfect for occasions when outright humping or grinding is impossible. There was just enough room so that i could start tensing, flexing and relaxing my ass and hip muscles. This serves to almost imperceptibly press your stiffened dick forward without a lot of overt motion. I was moments from coming when the next series was called. Freckles and her friend fatty started worming their way to the entrance. Now here I am with a screaming dripping hardon and I'm surrounded by dudes! At this point all I can do is close up my coat cross my hands in front of Mr Johnson and try not to goose any of these guys yechh!! Following freckles has brought me about 5 rows from the front. I had to get out of this pocket of guys. While moving sideways with the next surge I spotted my next target at the outer fringes of the crowd, a tall blonde soccer mom type. Happily she was dressed unseasonably wearing a thin red nylon track suit with a very tight slightly heavier nylon jacket. She was'nt alone however.She seemed to be with her mother and teenage son. As I watched them hesitatly enter the unruly crowd I matched my trajectory with theirs so that I would arrive at the gate where they seemed to be heading slightly ahead of them. It worked perfectly mom arrived in front of the gate about 7 rows back just after I did. She seemed to be having a great time laughing and joking with junior and grandma, not bothered at all by the pushing and shoving. The crowd was a lot more unruly knowing that the tickets were almost gone. I strained to keep a space about a foot deep in front of me and prayed that my adventurous little milf would slip into it. Bingo! she bounced into the spot and I caught the edge of the radiant smile she flashed to junior and grandma before I closed up tight up behind her. IT was sardine city again only more so. The crowd would not stand still the whole thing swayed. Perfect! My dick was pressed against her ass which felt wonderful. Maybe she was a runner because the muscle tone was even better than freckles had been.
Even though I was plastered against her my cock had'nt slid into her crack. I then remembered how tight her jacket had been. I looked over her shoulder and saw that she had both of her hands flat on the back of the stranger in front of her attempting to keep her balance in the swaying crowd. I then put my hands oh her back, as the crowd lurched my hands slid up her back taking the slick nylon jacket with them. My dick then slid into the deepest crease I've felt in a long time. I took one hand off her back and pressed it flat against her ass as the crowd motion ground me deeper into her. I then cupped my hand around that taut buttock and felt no panty line. If possible my dick got even harder. I pushed back a little and slid my dick out of her crack and onto her right buttcheek. I then did something I read one of you call the tomahawk where you press your flattened hand into her crack. I've always thought of it as just sticking my thumb up her ass. This manuver confirmed that the milf was wearing a thong. My dick was trying to burrow into that buttcheek so I slid it back into it's nylon home. Just the feel of sliding back and forth across that nylon was almost enough to make me cum. The next wave almost lifted her off her feet she squealed and I put both hands on her back near her armpits to steady her. She smiled over her shoulder and said thanks. I just nodded because the only sound I would have produced would have been a croak I was so turned on at how deeply my cock was wedged into her. Grandma and junior were along side us with junior closest and half turned away practically supporting all the older lady's weight. Junior's back and shoulder were pressed into my side. The mom turned in my grasp to give him some last minute instructions about paying for the tickets. Her turning served to place her right breast covered in two layers of nylon and a sports bra in the palm of my right. We were all pressed in so tight and she had evidently gotten so used to my hands on her I doubt that she even noticed. I sure noticed. I spread my legs to get maximum contact and started flexing into her ass even deeper than before. The next substantial lurch lifted her again and shoved everyone in our vicinity one or two steps to the left my right hand was now partially supporting her while pressed into her tit and her right leg was lifted off the ground pressing my hardon almost to her pussy. Soccer mom threw her head back, laughed and shouted something to her son. I have no idea what it was because I was having a shuddering, spasmodic orgasm as we continued being buffeted by the crowd. Their group number was called a few minutes later and she led her little group off without a backward glance. When I was younger I was obsessed with figuring out whether the women in these little adventures were accomplices or just clueless. I know freckles was clueless almost certainly soccer mom ? My ego would love to conclude that she was enjoying the ride as much as I was and that some of that constant chuckling and good humor was because of the experience we were sharing. Maybe. she could just as easily have been so caught up in the anticipatory excitment of aquiring her playoff tickets. Whatever the truth she's one of my favorite memories this year. T_b you just have to be alert to the possibilities. I've had great success at both pep rallies for the eagles at city hall. By the way two years ago at the pep rally for the Sixers Lakers playoff I had one of the Fox news anchors, Dawn Stensland's ass for a hot minute.
happy humpin
ps. Tech_bonus
have you ever gone on one of Penn's Walnut St. Walks?
pps. Rodz
I have'nt forgotten any of my 4yh of July stories
one million people on Ben Franklin Pkwy!!
They are just going to be a lot longer than this one
and I want to make sure I have the time to finish

February award: Black Shogun
for his broken drought and broken New Year's resolution
(You know your onions! They are blonde and hopping at concerts.)

Reggae Rump Hump/ Titty Stalker (Sun 09 Feb 2003 22:55:00 GMT)

Well at last! Finally my fellow chikans! Some of the mid-winter blahs have lifted as Black Shogun has finally broken his drought. That's right! Got me some more blonde and blue butt last Saturday night. Plus more! Yes siree Bob! Hahahaha. Here's the story of Shogun's latest greatest humpin' and gropin' adventure!

Last Saturday night, I decided to go check out a show at a smaller venue here in town. I had not been to this particular place in a few years. Although it's a dark bar that can draw a crowd to see live bands, it often never really gets quite as tight as I like it, and the layout and traffic flow in the place just doesn't seem to work for me. But since I had not been there in so long, and since they were having their popular annual reggae show to honor the great artists of that genre, I decided to give it a go. Boy am I glad I did!

As I drove to the bar and arrived, I had forgotten how difficult parking could be at that place. Hmmmmmm . . . cars, cars, cars everywhere! Good! That means women are turning out . . . bringing their plum bums to the show! I continued to drive around until I found one of only two parking spaces available in the general area. As tight a parking situation as I had seen for that place. Maybe my coming there was gonna pay off this time I thought to myself. We shall see. We shall see.

I walked to the entrance and paid my 10 bucks to get in. Dark . . . smokey . . . a crowd already having gathered and getting bigger. Great! We have some potential here! But for now, it was time to walk around and case the joint . . . look for some good targets . . . dick out of underwear and prepared for unaware strangers to buttfuck. I walked past the main bar . . . spying some nice bums on some chicks wearing jeans. Take a mental note Shogun . . . their buttcheeks might be good for coppin' a feel later on in the night. Maybe even for a good pecker rub too!

I went to the smaller bar in the back of the club and got a beer. Then I walked back up towards the front and the stage where a small crowd was beginning to gather. There, I found 3 20-something friends, one a thin and pretty blonde with her hair pulled back, but with a rather flat ass. The other two were average looking brunettes, one trim with a smallish butt tucked into her jeans, and the other with shoulder length hair and a big, round onion squeezed into her jeans. I'll give you one guess which one Shogun stood behind :-)

Actually, as it would turn out, I took turns groping the buttcheeks of all three friends and rubbing my dick into the cracks of the two brunettes. I started out by touching the onion assed one . . . it wasn't packed in there . . but it had started to get tighter in front of the stage and it was dark. As I stood to the left of Ms. Onion Ass and slightly behind her, I stealthily ran my right hand all over her bum cheeks . . . lightly feeling the roundness and firmness of her big, young 20-something arse.

When somebody would pass behind us in the gathering crowd, I would use that person's body and the darkness to shield my hand, and then I would fully cup the girl's buttcheeks with my right hand. I felt into her buttcrack as the pressure of passers by pushed my hand into her tush. Once, my hand kinda bounced off her cheeks . . . I felt her booty jiggle and my fingers got into her crevice some. She seemed to notice nothing.

As the show got started with the reggae music, Ms. Onion Ass began to dance and sway. I wasn't really that hard for some reason . . . I guess she wasn't turning me on that much. Anyway, I now moved to my right and put the head of my dick into the girls booty crack. With her swaying back and forth, the head of my dick got a nice massage by her big onion ass buttcheeks and deep crack, and Mr. Happy started to get hard. When somebody would pass me from behind, a couple of times I used that as an excuse to push up on that onion ass harder and shove my dick in between her cheeks. I stood firm against my prey and pushed . . . enjoying the contact . . . ahhhhhhh . . . felt nice.

I "apologized" once for bumping into her and she turned her head and said, "That's OK!" My dick got harder from her unknowing participation in my illicit enjoyment of her privates. After a bit, I decided that I wanted to sample the butts of Onion Booty's friends too. So, I moved a little further to my right and stood behind the trim brunette with the smallish butt. She was also swaying to the music, only with more energy than her big ass friend. So, what she lacked in the butt size department, she could make up for by being more active. I lightly placed the head of dick into her slender booty crack . . . and again . . . the swaying back and forth gave the head of my dick a nice massage. While this was happening, I reached over to my right and touched the pretty blonde's flat butt :-)

So, I was getting some action here! But for whatever reason, these girls really weren't doing it for me. I wasn't satisfied! I determined that I would need to scope out some other opportunities. I stayed where I was for a minute . . . thinking about what strategy to implement next. At that moment, a very drunk 40 something woman with short brown hair came barreling and stumbling into the crowd, pushing people everywhere! First she stumbled forward . . then back . . . she was wearing a skirt and pulled it up over her thighs several times . . . showing aqua blue panties. When the drunk 40-something chick stumbled back into the crowd again, I reached my right hand out and got a slight squeeze of her left ass cheek . . . she stumbled backwards again . . . I took a bigger squeeze on her left butt meat and felt her panties and the panty line underneath her skirt . . . all into the crack too!

But I still wasn't satisfied damnit! I wanted more action! A chance to get off!!! Dang! This place DOES suck I thought. The drunk woman stumbled off somewhere . . . I thought about following her . . . took my eyes off of her for a few seconds . . . DAMN! Lost her. But wait! OH WAIT! LOOKA HERE!!!! More people had started to crowd up front when I saw a HOT late 30's . . . maybe early 40's blonde stumble into the crowd. She looked drunk too . . . eyes closed, she too was swaying to the music. She was wearing a bright red top that exposed much of her back and shoulders, as well as a lot of cleavage on her b-cup sized titties. Her slacks were jet black and THIN, and covered a nice shapely bum! YEAH! Finally! A hot piece of ass up in here for Shogun to ATTACK!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thank you Moon Goddess!!!!

Upon seeing her, my fuckin dick got hard IMMEDIATELY for that drunk, blonde, piece of ass. I decided that I would HAVE to have some of her . . . ANYTHING that reason would allow me to obtain from her. Gonna GET me some of that! I worked my way to where I was standing right next to the drunk blonde bitch . . . she stood there with her eyes closed . . . rocking to the music with a little smile on her face. The crowd had gotten a little bit thicker. I reached over with my right hand and touched the woman's left buttocks cheek. OHHHHHHH MAN! . . . JUST how I like um! Her cheek was soft and pliable, but with the right amount firmness . . . an ass that would make my dick twitch with joy!

I decided to be a little bolder. I pulled on her left cheek ever so slightly . . . parting her crack open . . . the tips of my fingers now feeling softly into her delectible butt crevice! She didn't seem to notice a thing. Just kept up her drunken swaying. I then began to rub my open right hand FIRMLY ALL OVER that nice round ass . . . feeling the wonderful curvature of her buttocks cheeks . . . OH MY WORD! SEVENTH HEAVEN I tell you all!

Having sampled the "goods" with my hand, Shogun now HAD to HAVE his big, black dick in that drunk Blonde's BUTTHOLE! HAD TOO! The crowd had gotten even thicker and the drunk blonde, who stood maybe only 5'5", got pushed right in front of me! I had adjusted my dick in the up position in my sweats and let it rest right against her arse cheeks, which were now massaging my dick. Back and forth . . . up and down as the blonde moved to the music. The crowd pushed me so close up on her that her shoulder length blonde locks were now right in my face. I smelled her pleasantly scented hair and enjoyed the feel of my boner rubbing into soft booty cheeks and snug bum crack. I wanted to chew on her hair some, but held back . . . not crowded enough.

Our bumping and grinding went on for several minutes until she seemed to notice. She looked back at me a bit and then moved to her left . . . continuing to sway and dance . . . eyes still mostly closed! DAMN! That felt GOOD I thought. Guess she's not game. Other guys came up behind her . . . she moved even further left to keep them off her fine ass. Since my drunk blonde didn't appear to be game, I returned my attentions to Ms. Onion Booty and her friend who were still in the area. I figured I was done with Mrs. Drunk Blonde . . . but no . . .NO! She and I hadn't even gotten STARTED yet! Read on my chikan bretheren!

I decided to forget about Mrs. Drunk blonde for the moment. Although she had the ass cheeks that I desired most in the bar, she didn't seem to be game. I could rub and grope Ms. Onion Booty and freinds all night long and they would notice nothing it appeared. So, I went back to lightly humping Onion Booty and then her brunette friend. I touched the butt cracks of all 3 . . . the 2 brunettes and the flat ass blonde . . . as women pushed through the crowd, I was touching them in their crotches . . . ALL BETWEEN their legs and on their thighs. Nobody said shit. Shogun was getting away with bloody murder!

Just as I had resigned myself to the fact that my dick would not burrow deep up Mrs. Drunk Blonde's butthole, I saw something that made me say to myself, "TRY AGAIN!" I looked to my left and saw a 20-something guy standing behind the drunk blonde. He was wearing jeans and had his dick all up in her ass! I looked on jealously as she was standing there rocking back and forth, not moving away and apparently enjoying it, that same smile on her face. The guy slapped high fives with with friends and said he could stand there all night! I KNEW that buttcrack was GOOOOOODDD because I had put my dick up in it! Hahahaha. I decided I would go for some more again if I could. I would just have to look for the right opportunity and take advantage.

But in the meantime, I decided to cop a feel of that drunk blonde butt again. WITH THE GUY STANDING AGAINST THE BITCH, I reached my left hand out and touched the chick's outer right ass cheek! Hahahaha! I managed to move my hand over far enough that I could actually feel some of the curvature where her right buttocks cheek dipped into the crack . . . I pulled slightly like I had done earlier in the night . . . parting her butt crack open ever so slightly! All along, the guy was standing against her . . . not moving or anything . . . just standing there! I have never quite done something like that before, but I knew the ass was good and I wanted a feel again. I wanted to pull her butt crack open again :-)

After a few minutes, Mrs. Drunk Blonde decided she wanted to leave the stage area. She started moving to her right and passed by me . . . I copped a rub and a feel. She got to a jam in the crowd . . . her back to me. For a split second, I had a thought of following her and ramming my dick right up her butthole . . . get in a good dig . . . then say, "Excuse me!." Hahahaha! But I decided not to. She was leaving the area, I figured to go back to where her friends were. I didn't want to lose my spot and then have to reestablish my "territory" in the vicinity of Ms. Onion Booty. I decided not to follow Mrs. Drunk Blonde. Instead, I hoped that she would eventually come back. If she did, I would get behind her and then try to get back into her bitchin buttocks crack one more time.

So here again, I turned my focus back to Ms. Onion Booty and friends. Three "in hand" were worth 1 in the bush I thought. The band finished a set, and after a short break, started up another. All the while, I was butt humping the two brunettes and touching both of them and the blonde on the ass. As far as Mrs. Drunk Blonde went, it appeared that all was lost. She had left the stage area and was not coming back it seemed. Guess she was tired of guys humping her butt. I saw a little 20-something blonde and humped her too for several minutes. She then moved behind me and put her ass against her to boyfriend :-) BUT WAIT! WAIT! . . . IS THAT? . . . THAT'S HER! SHE'S COMING BACK! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

As I looked to my right, I saw Mrs. Drunk Blonde moving left and pushing her way back to the stage area. She only got so far before the crowd stopped her progress. I quickly started making my way to the right to get near her. I was successful and soon found myself standing behind my lady again . .. my dick hard and ready for more action. I quickly put my hard meat against the blonde's cheeks and felt her bum rub me and massage me . . . left cheek . . . right cheek . . . into the crack! I wanted to HUMP this woman and decided I had to go for broke!

The crowd got a little pushy and drunk blonde got pushed off balance. I caught her in my arms . . . she looked back at me . . . directly into my eyes . . . and that's when I saw that she had eyes like deep pools of blue. With me holding her around her waste, I asked her if she was having a good time. She looked at me and said with a certain level of disdain in her voice, "Oh. It's you again. You've been following me around." I guess she wasn't as drunk as I thought! Undaunted, I decided to lay on the charm. I gave a big smile and said, "No I have not. But, if I were to follow someone, you would be a good one to follow!"

My lady smiled and we broke into some small talk . . . my hands now resting on her waist. She introduced herself to me as "Nancy" and then I introduced myself. Nancy shook my hand . . . I placed it back on her shapely waste. There was a bit more small talk, but when the band broke into another song, Nancy turned and began to dance. She placed her butt up against my dick and began to rub it back and forth . . . I held her hips and began to rub against her too . . . digging into her buttocks crack and separating her cheeks with my worm . . . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This bitch is ready to play!

The crowd began to sing some of the lyrics to the song. I sang the words as well . . . often into Nancy's ear as I hunched my dick into her late 30's to
40- something mature butthole! Her arse cheeks were nice and soft and sunk in like a fluffy pillow to accept my big stiff dong . . . but her hams were firm enough to hold my boner in her crack! FUCK it felt good chikans!!!! Nancy just smiled and kept dancing! The band broke into another song. Then Nancy did something that would have surprised me when I was less experienced, but not this now.

I still had my hands on Nancy's hips as we dry humped to the reggae music. What she did was all of a sudden use her elbows and forearms to press my hands tightly against her hips . . . then she started slowly raising her arms and elbows upwards along her sides . . . taking my gripping hands with her! Nancy kept goin . . . not stopping until my hands were CUPPING HER TITTIES!!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!! ARRRRRRR!!!! This was all turning out better than Shogun could have EVER imagined!!! Shogun was now really singing the lyrics into Nancy's ear now . . . at the same time digging his dick up her poop chute and now gently cupping and massaging her tits!

I really wanted to do an all out aggressive grope of Nancy's boobies, but I decided not to. I wanted to play this one safe and not do something to potentially mess up my hump. I decided that I would let her control the action as much as possible. Just at that moment, the band broke into some very popular Bob Marley tunes! The crowd was at its rowdiest of the night! Mrs. Drunk Blonde really started to wag her bitchin tail around now and my dick was ALL UP in that POOTY CRACK! She started fuckin HOPPIN' up and down like a teenager at a rock concert! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!!!!!! If she keeps that shit up she's gonna make me SPUNK in her BUM!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

I got more aggressive . . . I was cupping drunk blonde's titties from underneath . . . feeling their curvature . . . she pinched her forearms and elbows against me . . . pressing my hands in . . . I lifted up on her blonde titties . . . USING MY HANDS LIKE A PUSH UP BRA on her WHITE MILK JUGS! Hahahahaha! I massaged her tits and humped away, singing the words into her ear! Hahahaha! The band then broke out into the best song of the night and my favorite Bob Marley tune! Shogun continued to sing, making up more desirable lyrics in his head . . . GET UP STAND UP! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! GET UP STAND UP! HOOOLLLLLDDD HER TITTIEEEEEEES TIGHT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

By now, my dick had gotten ROCK HARD. The only problem was that it had now fallen into the down position. I much prefer to have my dick in the up position when I chikan a bitch in the ass, so I wanted to adjust my dick up. But because of where we were standing, I decided not to. I thought what I was doing would have been just too obvious and would have drawn too much attention. I left my dick in the down position and "sausaged" it into the bitches doughy white bun. The shit still felt good . . . her rocking side to side massaged my boner and the head of my dick was rubbing into the lower part of her buttocks crack.

My dick was so hard I KNOW she felt me . . with her pants being so thin and my dick being out of my underwear in thin sweats. At one point, when my dick had got its hardest, Nancy started humping so hard. Damnit! Is she going to stop??? Well she didn't thank God. Soon,she started rubbing back and forth hard again . . . my dick sunk into her like her butt was a jello . . . FUCK YES!!! Then, Nancy started BUCKIN' back and forth like a wild philly horse! . . . shoving her fuckin ass back HARD against my excited dick! I humped my hips forward! Unnnggghhhhh . . . Unnngghhhhhh . . . Unngghhhhh . . . AGAIN . . . UNNNGHHHH!!!!! The pleasure welled up in my loins as my dick twitched with satisfaction . . . I SHOT my load with my dick wedged in NANCY'S DRUNK, BLONDE POOTY CRACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

As I came, because my dick was in the down position, my spermies went downward . . . I could feel the cum run down my left leg. I didn't like that feeling much, but hey . . . it was a small price to pay for getting a NUT against that bitch. I wanted to reach into my sweats and wipe some cum into her blonde hair. Didn't do it though. But had it been a jam packed concert . . . . Nancy and I stayed together for a couple of more songs . . . I lightly humped her in the butt and softly massaged her titties where she had placed my hands. Soon, she turned to leave . . . not intending to say anything. I asked her if she was leaving and she said yes. I decided to hit on her . . . so I asked her if I could buy her a drink . . . I figured that was the least I could do to thank her for letting me dick her A-hole and grope her white woman titties. She said no, shook my hand, and said, "It was nice to meet you."

I decided to enjoy the rest of the show, which was about over by now. I butt humped Ms. Onion Booty and some other girls . . . felt a few more crotches. Just before the show was over, I turned and saw Mrs. Drunk Blonde leaving the bar . . . with about 2 or 3 guys! I assumed one of them probably was her hubby. "I buttfucked your girl buddy," I thought. Hahahahaha. "Even massaged her fuckin tits! Your bitch will hit that clit good in her mastrubation DREAMS over that!" Hahahahahaha!

I left as soon as the show was over. As I walked back to my car, I remembered what I always tell myself when one of my "expeditions" look like they are gonna be a "dog." It's NEVER over till it's over. NEVER!!! Like the late, great Jim Valvano said, "DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP!" Such sage words of advice clearly apply to the practice of chikan as well.

Black Shogun!!!

Re: Gentlebrush - Reggae Rump Hump (Tue 11 Feb 2003 00:51:17 GMT)

It was indeed a bit uncomfortable Gentlebrush . . . actually hurt a bit as I got hard and my member fought to raise up and get out. But the discomfort was taken care of by drunk Nancy's hopping up and down and bucking her booty cheeks back against my sperm worm . . . made Shogun CREAM!!!

Black Shogun

PS I have found that reggae shows are some of the best places to butthump babes . . . they are often drunk and/or high on alcohol or weed . . . wagging their asses around for the taking.

Doin' The Bum Diddly (Tue 25 Feb 2003 00:08:26 GMT)

Hello again to all of you citizens of the Chikan Nation. Last weekend, I attended my first major concert of the year. Yeah, yeah. I know. Well, New Year's resolutions are meant to be broken. Everybody knows that! Anyway, it was yet another unbelievable outing for the chikan Shogun warrior. Here's the scoop on what happened.

This particular show was being held in a smaller club venue as opposed to a large stadium or arena. Given the tragedies that have ocurred in similar types of clubs recently, the first thing I did when I entered the building was not to scope out the prettiest "crack" in the place but to identify the exits! It felt good to get inside too since I had waited outside in the cold for about an hour.

Of course, Shogun never waits around idly. "Waiting time" is the perfect time to begin checking out the crowd to see whose "melons" may be ripe for . . . ummm . . . "the pricking." I spotted a teen blonde wearing a black designer sweat suit type of get up. Her thin sweat pants outlined her young tender hams beautifully, and the crack of her ass was clearly identifiable. "How heavenly it would feel to sink my 'stiffy' into that," I thought. I decided to keep a look out for her once we were in. Since she was there fairly early, I figured she would try to get up front.

Then, there was a pretty, auburn haired, big butt teen standing behind me. She had actually cut the line to stand with her friends. "A good reason to give her an authoritative fuck in the ass," I thought. She kept turning around to talk to her friends, her back to me. Everytime she would do this, her big caboose would bump me from behind. "Good sign," I thought. She may not be bothered by a little "contact sports" :-) I did happen to see her in the crowd later that night, but I never did get a chance to dig into her "paydirt."

Once in the club, of course plenty of people made their way to the stage to get a good spot. Shogun was no exception. I got behind a rather tall brunette girl who had her long hair in some kind of "twisted" rasta style. She was still wearing her coat, so I really couldn't check out her backside. The place was really dark too. Besides, she seemed to get annoyed by the crowd, and there was still an hour left before the show would get started. I decided she was a no go.

Standing to my right, however, was another teen girl who looked to be at least part Native American in descent. She had a pretty face and a nice shape tucked into her jeans. With it being so dark and crowded, I decided to go for some hand action . . . first a finger on her left cheek . . . then the tips of three fingers . . . then my whole hand . . . lightly cupping and rubbing the cheeks of this Native American princess. I took my index finger and rubbed it softly in her buttcrack several times. The girl noticed nothing. I continued with this "handy work" until the show got started.

The show eventually did start, and the first of 4 bands took to the stage. Even though this group was just the opener, there was a crowd surge toward the stage. Shogun parted from the Indian maiden and made a charge toward the stage! As I did, I noticed a very pretty teen blonde up front with two friends, about two rows back from the stage. I was 4 rows back, but my manuevering got me to the 3rd row and right on the arse of one of the blonde's friends.

The friend kind of reminded me of Kelly Osbourne because of the style and coloring of her hair. Her bum was big and round with a deep valley of a crack. As the band started to play, I shoved my freed up dick into "Kelly's"
deep butt crack. She was wearin' some thin little skirt. My "woody", which was restrained only by my thin sweat pants, sank right into that "valley." "Kelly" began to take great big hops up and down! This caused my dick to drag roughly through her "arse gap"! The friction caused by my thick meat scubbing back and forth through the girl's big ass felt great! Even though her blonde friend was my first choice, I concluded that I could stay up in "Kelly's" big ass for a long time if I had to, and then spunk up her butt!

"Kelly Osbourne" kept on a hoppin' through the opening set, and my hard dick kept on a gettin' a great massage by her fat ass cheeks! Hahahaha! But as it turned out, the opening set was only a short one. Only 30 minutes. When the opener stopped playing, "Kelly" stopped hopping. But then, in anticipation for the next group, people started jostling around again. I saw this as an opporutnity to get close to the little blonde friend. The crowd surged . . . "Kelly" got pushed out of place! And Shogun found himself in the place to be . . . behind the pretty little blonde girl who, unbeknownst to her, was about to offer up her "rosebud" for practically the rest of the show
:-))))! On this night, I would perpetrate one of the best concert buttfucks on a blonde that I have ever carried out in my entire life! EVER!

Now, this little blonde was incredibly cute. Her hair was long and straight and framed a face with good looks. She wore a black top that exposed her arms and shoulders, and covering her young but shapely little teeny ass was a thin plaid skirt. I know her name was "Jessica" because I heard the one friend who had managed to hold her ground call her this. It was a tight crowd and I was really up on Jessica . . . body to body. In between the first and second sets, I began to lightly hump her in her soft, young, buttocks cheeks.

I started out slowly at first . . . rocking side to side and testing the waters . . . or the hind quarters if you will! Hahahaha! With no reaction, I became bolder and inserted my penis firmly into the teen blonde's crack! Still no reaction! My dick rested in the full length of her crevice . . . I "ahhhed" at how my dick rested the entire length of her butt slide . . . the head resting on her lower back.

Now, I began to work in sloooowww lusful circles of my hips . . . diggin' into the girl's heiney hole! Her young blonde cheeks separated open . . . accommodating Black Shogun's thick meat! The next band started and young teen blondie began to hop! AWWWWWWWWWWWW MAN!!! WOOOOOOO that was GOOD!!! Because the girl was hopping up and down so high, I just stood still and pushed my hips in . . . enjoying the ride. It was another short set, but I knew I was now buried into a set of young, blonde, buttocks cheeks that I could NOT lose until I had spermed against her! NO WAY will I lose this girl's butthole to another chikan in the crowd!

Blondie hopped through the entire set, so Shogun decided not to do much humping. But once the short set was over, I went to work! The crowd crush became even greater because we were now only one band away from the headliner. I used the packed circumstances as an excuse to start outright humping my pretty blondie. I adjusted my stance and dick a bit so that I was now in the "sweet spot" . . . the part of a woman that Shogun loves . . . the lower arse cheeks where they meet up with the pussy lips. I then began to bend at the knee and slowly lift up again . . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My raging BONER twitched with pleasure as I felt her ass meat rise and fall to my "squats and lifts!"

Often througout the night, Jessica would turn her head to talk to her friend. When she would do this, sometimes I was looking right into her face and humping away at the same time! I found that to be so very exciting. I was fucking her right up her butt and looking into her face! At one point when blonde Jessica turned to talk to her friend, I heard the friend complain about the crowd. She said that the place was so crowded she felt like she was being buttfucked! HAHAHAHAHA! I almost started laughing out loud right then and there because her friend WAS being assfucked! Right then and there as she complained!

When the next band came on, I really started to "JACK" that teen blonde in her ass my boys. I mean, I was ALL UP in it. I arched my back and hips and began to out and out fuck her in her butthole! I mean, I was as FAR and as DEEP up a girl's ass as I have EVER been at a concert! There was no place else to go! We're talkin' deeeeeeepppppp my boys! Blonde Jessica danced to the music and I hunched like an animal . . . to the right I would go, and I could feel her right ass cheek push out as I rubbed and ground my dick against the wall of that cheek! "OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I groaned out loud! Then to the left and the same thing! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Next, I adjusted my dick so mostly the big head of my dick was in the girl's pooty crack! I began to push forward and the head of my dick sank in between blondie's cheeks!!! I kept pushing and I mean I was fuckin DEEP!!!! I was so fuckin deep up this girl's ass that the head of my BIG DICK was pressing her pooty hole! YES . . . SHOGUN hit PAYDIRT!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My knees became weak and I began to tremble. I so desperately now want to cum having jacked this blonde up the ass something good! I needed to CUM, or else I was gonna feel ROBBED!!! No, "We wuz robbed!" was gonna happen tonight!

Now keep in mind that while all this was going on, we had "incoming" in the crowd. That is, people were crowd surfing. In order to be a successful chikan and maximize the experience, a chikan must be able to multitask! Hahahahaha! So, whenever I had a female crowd surfer pass directly over me or in my vicinity where I could reach her, I would "reach out and touch someone." Cop a feel! Hahahaha! One girl wearing jeans passed over head . . . I grabbed her squarely and FIRMLY between her legs and squeezed HARD . . . I could distinctly feel the softness of her muff! Another girl passes over . . . squeezed her on her buttocks cheeks! Then another. Same thing! Wait! There's the one I saw outside in the sweat suit! Too far! Damn! A girl wearing a skimpy top goes over head . . . I go for her titties! I managed to pull the top away from her chest almost ripping it off! But I failed to get my hand underneath! This is MAYHEM my chikan bretheren! Absolute MAYHEM I say to you!!!!

But now, back to my "dick up pretty blonde girl's asshole" scenario! I fucked blondie hard and fierce in her buttcheeks . . . trying to cum. I did not, but no fear! The headliner is next! I knew it would be only a matter of time. By now, the place was the most jam packed it had been all night . . . and I was gonna continue to pack that little bitch's FUDGE!!! In between sets now, I rested both my forearms high on blondie's back and shoulders . . . I managed to kiss her on one of her arms because of the way she was holding them . . . I closed my eyes several times as I took hard and purposeful digs into her bum cheeks . . . I groaned out loud into the darkness and loudnes of the crowd as I felt her buttocks cheeks continue to spread open and close to my motions . . . I could feel her BUTTHOLE at times . . . WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWW MAN! AWWWWWWWWWWW MAN! CHIKANS!!!!! This was some good blonde ASSHOLE HERE!!!! Man, man, MAN!!!

Shogun then began to say stuff out loud . . . nobody could hear. I put my mouth right near the girl's ear and said that I was "fucking her in her ass" and that I "loved my dick between her blonde buttcheeks." I couldn't believe it, but one time she turned to talk to her friend . . . I was looking directly into her face and saying shit! I guess she could see my lips moving but she couldn't hear shit! MAN! MAN, MAN, MAN!!!!!!!

The headliner finally took the stage and there was a big crush!!! My face was pushed right into the back of blondie's head! I kissed her on the back of her head to thank her for the incredible pleasure her buttcheeks and young asshole were giving to me . . . and then . . . and then . . . I began to chew her hair and DROOL into her head! I deposited some saliva into blondie's hair . . . then more! Then even MORE!!! Because my mouth was dry, the saliva I produced was thick and white like CUM!!! I watched the spittle glisten under the dim lights and disappear into a tangle of blonde hair as she swayed her head.

Now, with the headliner on, I started to fuck the livin shit outta that pretty young blonde thing . . . in her fuckin AAAASSSSSSSSSSSSHOLLLLLLLLLLEEE!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! YAY-UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOOOOO!!!!!!! And there was NO FUCKIN WAY she couldn't feel my big dick up her pooty hole. In fact, she got to a point that she would stop dancing and hopping and just stand and take my thrusts deep, DEEEEEPPP, DEEEEEEEEEEPPP between her bum cheeks. I still can't believe how hard I was humping her and how fuckin deep my dong was into her white BOOTY! She HAD to feel this big black "chalupa." There's just no way she didn't.

In any event, all I knew was that I needed to get off. I humped like a desperate mad man . . . trembling at the knees and groaning OUT LOUD as my dick massaged and twitched against the walls of this blonde teen's buttocks cheeks . . . separating them open WWWIIIIDDDEEEE . . . OOOHHHHHHHHHH!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The pleasure began to well up . . . ohhh the weakness in the knees! OOOHHHHHHHH the feel of my big dick separating her booty cheeks WIDE apart . . . AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I CAME and let out a loud AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that even Dr. IRON DICK would be proud of! A smile of relief came upon my face as the seed squirted out of Shogun's sperm worm into the girl's pooty crack . . . a worm that had burrowed so, so far into a strange blonde girl's asshole . . . and that had rubbed ALL AGAINST the walls of those blonde teeny cheeks . . . spreading them wide apart. . . feeling her cheeks flex and shake and jiggle to my probing . . . siiighhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

By this time I was totally beat! Buttfucking that hot blonde had been quite a workout. It's hard work, but somebody has to do it! I took a rest . . . just resting with my weight upon her little back for about 3 or 4 songs. But then, after getting a rest, I decided I needed to try to sperm in her milky white buttocks crack again. I was rested and had got a big boner for blondie again. I inserted my dick back into her crack . . . again running the entire length of her buttocks crack. I then began to do some more "squats." Hahahaha. I would dip my knees and drag my dick down through that delectible, young bum crack. But the best part was when I would lift up again . . . my dick would slid back up through her buttcrack up towards the cleft . . . where the "crack meat" becomes narrower and tighter . . . as I slid back up, I could feel the little bitch's "crack meat" near the cleft squeeze together and my dick would pinch through as best it could! WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWD that felt GOOOODDD!!! This HAD to be one of my BEST concert chikan buttfuck girls of ALL TIMESSSSSSS!!!!!! I shall NEVER forget Jessica!

This was feeling so good that I felt the chances of my getting another nut was good. I began to hump hard and deep like I had done earlier. Only problem is, things had gotten even MORE packed and people were now having a problem. And what did Jessica do? She tried thrusting . . . her booty back . . . to get some room . . . need I say more??? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! Maybe it worked for a second or two, but that was it. What it mostly did was bring Shogun additional joy!

I kept it up, but after a while, it became clear that I would not get another nut up Jessica's butt. That was OK though. The action up her A-hole had been incredible. I could not have asked for more from that litttle heiney of hers. I decided to look for some more buttcheeks to hump. That's when I took note of the fact that there was a tall, cute brunette standing on my left. I took note because my left forearm was kind of against her chest . . . in the vicinity of her titties :-) Before "breaking off the engagement" of my dick to Jessica's young poop chute, I felt up her ass. I squeezed her right buttocks cheek and didn't feel any panties. Maybe that's why the contact had felt so fuckin good.

I used the situation of my forearm against the brunette's chest as an opportunity to . . . shall we say . . . "explore." The girl's titties weren't that big, but I'm not a tit man anyway . . . I could see where they were! I adjusted my forearm so that it was resting on one of the girl's tits. I then began to work my arm around in a slow circular motion . . . massaging her titty . . . she noticed nothing. I then adjusted my arm again so that the back of my hand now rested on the same milk jug. Again, I went with the circular motion for about 5 minutes. Finally, the girl seemed to notice but she had a kind of confused look on her face :-) I stopped with the motions and removed my hand nonchalantly from her titty . . . she placed one of her hands on the same titty :-)

Oh, but Shogun wasn't through yet! Not yet my friends! Every Shogun outing is an epic story! And an epic must have an appropriate "end" . . . no pun intended. My hand having been caught in the "titty jar", I managed to get myself behind the brunette cutie. Because it was so crowded, I really couldn't see her ass. So, I just palmed it and felt for size, firmness, malleability and curvature . . . niiiccceeeee. So, you know what happens next. My dick went right into her bum. She was wearing jeans, but they were a thinner type. I pressed into the brunette's left bum cheek and it sunk in like a soft pillow . . . . AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I adjusted and got into her booty crack . . . she fuckin hopped up and down to the music like a maniac . . . DOUBLE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Her bum was so fuckin full and plum and round that I wished that I had more time cuz I woulda got off against her rear too! A very nice ass for a white girl she had!

I enjoyed the pleasure from this newest bum, but then spotted a target that got my immediate attention. I spotted a pretty blonde wearing lowrider jeans! YUM, YUM! I mean, they were so fuckin low on her hips . . . barely coming up high enough to cover her ass cheeks and pooty crack! I left the brunette and got behind the blonde. The jeans were thin and the bottom was round! I shoved my dick into her blonde crack and groaned aloud. She just kept bucking back and forth with the crowd and music . . . her butt being pushed back into my groin.

And then I had a thought. I decided that I wanted to stick my index finger into the top of her low rider jeans . . . see if I could feel panties or . . . Heaven forbid . . . her butt crack! I had NEVER tried to put a hand inside of a girl's pants before. But her lowrider jeans were soooo low . . .I had to try. And I did pull it off! I actually got about half an inch of my finger into the top back of the girl's lowriders! I didn't feel any panties or her buttcrack, but I was in there.

At one point, the girl seemed to notice something and turned around looking back there . . . with a confused look on her face. She turned back around . . . I put my finger back into her jeans . . . so DESPERATELY wanting to go further down in there and touch the high end of her booty crack . . . but knowing that if I did I would get caught. Had we been closer up front and crushed in the crowd, I may have gone for it. I eventually removed my finger and humped the chick in between her ass cheeks until the show was over. When the show was done, I left the building and went to a bar up the street to get a few badly needed drinks . . . and knowing that once again I had proved that I am a CHIKAN SHOGUN!!! I am . . .

Black Shogun!!!

March award: Meilin
for her recollections of grow up to be a woman
(And thank you for brought us a female perspective.)

GropingFetish (Sat 15 Mar 2003 04:14:13 GMT)

I was delighted to find this board where so many share an interest in an activity that I too enjoy. One difference though is that I will be in the minority here. I am a female that has learned to seek out being groped. It provides both my husband and I with another avenue to explore our eroticism.

I am a 34-year old Chinese American woman living in San Francisco, a city that allows and indeed encourages a wide variety of sexual experimentation and pleasure. My husband loves to hear about every single detail of my sex life before we met and one time I told him of being groped on the bus ride home from school when I was a young girl. As we sometimes do I was telling him about this incident as we were making love and it excited him so much that he came very quickly. For some reason this particular incident in my young life aroused him much more than some of the other things I told him.

When I told him that I actually got some enjoyment out of this intrusion by a strange man. Now my husband and I play many sex games but this isnÕt the forum for that, but I mention this just so everyone will understand that adding another game for us to play is not a stretch to imagine. This became another adventure for us to explore. The weekend after I told him about this he wanted to actually watch me be groped by other men. This is how being groped has become somewhat of a fetish for me.

I will tell you of the fun we had with these escapades another time. Right now I'll relate my first experience.

I was just turning into a woman and becoming curious about sex at the age of 15 when I met my first groper. I had a girlfriend who had met an older guy and he was teaching her all about sex. It seems we talked almost every night about her experiences and I was getting extremely excited and a little jealous too. My body was starting to form, developing small breasts with sensitive nipples and my hips were rounding a little. I still looked young girlish and had never had a boyfriend but my girlfriend's stories were filling my head with sexual images and it seems that is all I was thinking about for a period of time.

Instead of doing our homework my girlfriend would provide the intimate details of each experience she had with her boyfriend. She was a year older than me in age but seemed ages older than me in confidence and experience. We would sit on my bed, as she would describe to me how they would meet at her house or his house depending upon whose parents were away at the moment. I would get all the details about how they kissed and how it felt to have her nipples lightly twisted and then sucked, as the two of them lay naked against each other.

I canÕt describe to anyone how flushed and excited I was when she told me about holding his warm hard penis in her hand. I could only imagine a lover for myself that would show me all the things that my girlfriend was now experiencing.

This day at school she was telling me about what her and her boyfriend had done over the weekend when her parents were away and what she had told me filled me with lust and envy. I so wanted to have that kind of experience. So it was images of the two of them filling my thoughts as I got on the packed bus on my way home. I only provide this information because it might be hard to believe how a female actually comes to enjoy being felt up by a stranger or strangers in a public bus or subway.

I know many men will seize the opportunity to take advantage of a young girl or woman if she is vulnerable. Some will say it is only a small percentage of perverts but I know from experience that there is a wide cross section of men who, when presented with the target of an innocent shy girl, will take the situation as far as they dare.

I was about 5'3" at the time, I'm now 5'6", slim but starting to develop some curves. I was in the traditional school uniform for my catholic school of a dark blue pleated skirt and a white blouse. It was a warm day so I did not wear a coat.

I was pressed in tight standing in the middle isle with an old woman in front of me and a tall well dressed man standing behind me. I noticed the cologne he was wearing and thought it smelled nice. I didn't think anything of the pressure against my back and butt cheeks because I was pressed up just as tight against the old woman in front of me. I also didnÕt think anything about the extra warmth I felt directly between my cheeks. It was the normal condition sharing the public buses with loads of school kids and early commuters from work.

The bus would shake and my ass would move innocently against the man behind me. I was even feeling a little embarrassed for him that the shape of my body must be outlined against his leg and I couldnÕt really move to avoid it.

We rode for a few stops like this and then at the next stop the bus became even more jammed and I was forced back even tighter against the tall man with the nice smell. I even turned to apologize for crowding him. He just smiled back. It wasn't too long before I felt something distinctly new. I felt a warm hand touching the back of my lower thigh. The only way that could happen was for my skirt to be lifted up a bit.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if it was an accident or what. I had no experience to go by. I was thinking that itÕs just the crowd and my skirt must be a little twisted, no big deal. IÕm sure itÕs nothing. But then I felt a little more than just pressure against the back of my thigh. Now it felt like fingers moving over my skin. It was unmistakably the hand of my sweet smelling passenger behind me. The others pressed around me were facing the wrong direction or I could see where their hands were.

My face immediately flushed and I wondered what I should do. Why was he doing this to me? I had been warned about the behavior of schoolboys by my parents but there should have been no reason to fear a grown well dressed man on a public bus. The odd thing though was this had started just as I was going into my own reverie thinking about my girlfriend and her boyfriend touching each other. It was just at that moment that I made the connection between what was going on against my leg and the man behind me. I was a little embarrassed but strangely flattered too. I was very conflicted in my emotions. I knew it was wrong but I had been filled with sexual thoughts and proud of my developing breasts and this attention from an older man seem to validate my feelings.

I didn't move a muscle and this made him bolder and his hand inched up to cup the cheek of my ass and now of course I knew it was much more than accidental. My mind raced thinking that I should move away, I was also embarrassed that someone else could be watching but I was also transfixed at how nice it felt.

Then the hand moved some more between my thighs brushing against my almost hairless pussy with just the thin fabric of my cotton underpants between his fingers and me. I know he felt me stiffen but he could not see my inflamed face, as I just stood there frozen.

As he kept his hand between my thighs the motion of the bus created a very pleasant friction that sent juices lubricating my pussy like I had never felt before in my young life. His fingers soon crept under my panties and he must have been emboldened when he found out how wet I was because he quickly placed a finger inside of me and gently moved it back and forth causing even more juices to seep from the pores of my vagina. I squirmed and shuddered at this intrusion but could only grip the handhold tighter so I wouldn't fall into the old woman in front of me.

I couldnÕt believe the feeling that was going over my body at the moment. I had touched myself many times after my girlfriend told me her stories but I had never given myself an orgasm or come even close. It was just a slight pleasant feeling that my own fingers gave me. But this was entirely new. The finger of a strange, good looking older man was touching me in a way I had not even touched myself. It may have been the finger's thickness or the way it was just gently probing inside of me. I couldnÕt really explain it to myself at the time about why it felt so good.

I was nearing my bus stop but I did not get off so as not to break the connection. We rode for another few blocks that took maybe 5 minutes and I just stood there in the aisle and let this strange man finger me the whole way. I was even shaking a little bit from the electric feelings that were coursing through me. I didnÕt want it to stop, but soon the bus was emptying and I guess he was afraid of being caught so he stopped and brushed past me to get to the door. As he stepped down he turned to me and as we looked into each other's eyes he smiled and I smiled back. I never saw him again and it was a few years before anything like that happened again but I masturbated many nights thinking about him.

I'm sure I would not have enjoyed the encounter if the events leading to it had not occurred, my arousal from my friend's experience and my recent awareness of my new body. He was also older, well dressed and as I said wearing nice cologne so I was reluctant to confront him when I first noticed him touching me. I'm sure this is how fetishes start.

My husband has encouraged me to explore this area of eroticism and has actively encouraged it.

Second Groping (Sat 15 Mar 2003 22:56:09 GMT)

Thank you for the welcome Black Shogun. I'm so glad I can share the excitement of this activity with you an others.

I'll tell you about my 2nd Chikan experience. It was a few years after my first and just as unexpected. I was a little more sexually experienced but not at all aggressive or adventuresome. I would never think about initiating anything and I wasn't very imaginative. Of course I knew about sex from my own limited experiences and from what my friends were telling me about their experiences but I was too young to know about the big world of eroticism that existed. I still thought all sex was pretty much between two people. Of course my girlfriends and boy friends tittered about orgies and multiple partners but it was all talk. They were totally innocent of participating in that sort of thing.

I tell you this just to let you know that I was still at that time not seeking out adventures like I do now with my husband.

Anyway my second Chikan experience started out very much like my first. This time I was visiting a friend in Concord for the weekend. We were going to a party that night and then I was staying at her house until Sunday. Since I would arrive at about the time the party would start I wore my party clothes on the BART (remember that is what we call San Francisco's subway). My outfit was a simple black dress that fit pretty tight to my body. The skirt of the dress stopped at mid thigh and the front was cut high around my neck. The dress fit tightly over my ass and my cheeks were clearly delineated in the correct light. I had checked my look in the mirror and knew how I appeared. I had a short jacket on to cover my bare arms (San Francisco is chilly even in the summer, but Concord gets quite hot so we layer our clothes here). My breasts are not large so I don't often wear a bra and I didn't this night. I was also wearing very thin see through black panties with no stockings. I rarely wear stockings. I brought high heels with me but was just wearing tennis shoes as many of us do when walking around the city to be comfortable standing on BART.

It was another very crowded train because it was the Friday commute home for most of the passengers. I picked up the train in the city and the trip is usually an hour or so out to Concord because of all the stops. I pushed my way into the train to stand a little away from the door and took a handhold and stood in the middle of the aisle. I was soon engulfed in the midst of all the passengers in the crowded train as it pulled away.

Nothing happened for the first few stops but I did notice a young boy behind me as we first got on together. He looked to be a few years older than me, college age perhaps, dressed like a preppie, tall and thin. He was Caucasian and not bad looking but I generally am not attracted to young Caucasians. When they get older my interests pick up.

He stayed right behind me even though passengers were getting on and off and room would open up so he could move but he remained where he was from the beginning. The train had just picked up the City's last load of passengers as we headed to the East Bay and we were again jammed packed and my Caucasian guy was pushed up tight against me and I in turned was pushed up against another man in front of me. Both were much taller than me so I felt like a little dwarf jammed against them. We were now entering the tunnel that goes under the Bay and takes us to Oakland. It was here that I first noticed the first Chikan type touches of my young friend behind me. As always it was just a subtle gentle probing that could be easily explained away if confronted. It was clearly a hard penis placed perfectly in the crack of my ass. His trousers were as thin as my dress and I could feel the heat and the firmness of his prick gently but firmly pressed against me.

Since I had had this experience before and had masturbated many times thinking about it I decided not to let this opportunity get away so I made a move to let him know I was responding. I pushed back as pushed into me, not too hard because I didn't want to be confronted either if it was all a mistake. It wasn't. He immediately took the hint and started to rub up and down in a clearly sexual motion.

I was immediately flushed with excitement and started soaking my very thin panties. I felt my face flush like before and my nipples harden at his touch on my ass. I loved the feeling. I don't know what it is, but it has something to do with being out of control and in control at the same time. Out of control in that I can't pick who does this to me and I don't know if anyone else is watching or not and in control in that I can respond to this stranger and enjoy it too.

My breathing was getting heavier as he continued his motion of gently pushing and grinding into me and I responded by grinding back. I don't usually have orgasms from this furtive activity but it does turn me on so much that when I do have sex later on I explode quickly. It has become a delicious foreplay for me.

Both our motions were insistent but still subtle so we did not attract attention. We were now dry humping each other on the train and our motions were becoming a little faster. He now put his arms around me like we were boyfriend and girlfriend riding the train together and he slipped a hand under my jacket and quickly found my nipple that has straining against the fabric of my dress. He started pinching it and twisting it in his fingers as he continued to circle his hard cock between my ass cheeks.

I just leaned back against him and let him do what he wanted. Fortunately he was careful enough not to attract any attention as the group jammed in around me ignored us and must have thought we were just a couple hugging and nothing more. His breathing picked up and he was pinching my nipples harder and harder, which I like very much. My panties were soaked and I was stifling my moans so as not to be detected and then I felt him grow rigid against me and I knew he was cumming.

His timing was perfect because we were pulling into Oakland and he whispered in my ear "thank you so much" and got off.

I just stood there panting for another twenty minutes as the train was taking me to Concord and my party.

An Uncle and his Neice (Sun 30 Mar 2003 06:07:11 GMT)

Hello Everyone:

I'm catching up reading your posts and bigggblaque's post brought to mind a similar incident that happened to me.

My parents were back in China for a month and made me stay with my
Aunt and Uncle while they were gone. I was 13 years old at the

I was there about a few weeks sleeping in their den. They had two sons
who slept in the other bedroom so obviously I couldn't sleep in
their room. Anyway I slept on the couch in the Den. It was a
Saturday night and my Aunt was out playing MaJong which she did
every Saturday night until early in the morning. I'm not sure what
time my Uncle came into the den but it was late and I had already
fallen asleep but I woke up to find him touching my pussy. I was
really scared and pretended that I was still asleep. I didn't know
what to do. He was lightly rubbing all around my pussy and thighs
and then he pushed up my sleeping shirt and started to touch my
nipples. I was still a little girl at that time and had no breasts or hair
on my pussy. He continued to touch me and then pulled his penis out
of his pants and started stroking it right in front of my face. I
still pretended to be alseep but my heart was beating like crazy
and I kept my eyes open just a slit so I could watch him without
him knowing it. I had no idea what he was doing. I had never seen a
man's hard penis before and it amazed me how it grew bigger in
front of my eyes. Then all of a sudden a liquid spurt out and he
moved quickly I guess so it wouldn't hit my face and wake me up but
I could smell the strong chlorox like smell. I was totally amazed.
He then quickly left and I couldn't sleep the whole night.

The next day he was very nice to me and bought me some gifts. He
did the same thing the next two Saturdays I was there while his
wife was gone. I'll tell you about that some other time.

April award: Kass
for his blatant down under life style
(So, ... no crowd and no prudence still make a grope.)

groping moms (Mon 07 Apr 2003 11:47:40 GMT)

greetings from australia...

first i'd like to thank everyone for their excellent stories..

i am primarily a groper, and i really enjoy situations where there is plenty of space (ie. empty supermarket) and a victim.. i love soccer mom types, just walking up behind them (as they pushing their trolley or pulling their kids), and just pressing the inside of my hand against their ass while i pass... resting it on their cheek for a second or two, and then pushing their buttcheek up and in so i get a good feel of their ass...
this is very blatant of course... every single woman turns around, most are just curious, some are surprised, and surprisingly few are angry... i love the looks i recieve from them, particularly the surprised ones... the first time you do this, you can ALWAYS get away with it, the second time u do it they get very suspicious however, and even begin to avoid me...

does anyone else like this bold approach? i am scaring myself at how daring i am getting... one of the many gropes i got today was a lovely blonde mom with a bubble butt... i follwed her from the supermarket to bakers delight (bakery store)... she was wearing cling on black tights (but cottony soft, not the hard shiny stuff) and was pressed against the counter buying bread... there were 2 other people there, but nobody near or behind her, ie absolutely no crowd.. so while i was looking directly into the bakers i walked up behind her and just pressed my left hand against her right buttcheek, pushing forward so hard she kind of bumped forward into the counter... i felt panty lines, and the softness of the flesh under the panties, the hotness of her ass, everything.. she clearly noticed, but just turned around slightly and moved away from me... that was it...

Groping a mom in the supermarket (Wed 16 Apr 2003 10:38:35 GMT)

Hello fellow gropers and chikans...

quick rundown of an ecounted i had earlier today..

I was in my local supermarket (where a lot of the action happens), and i spotted the perfect victim- a mother in her late twenties, with about 5 kids and a shopping trolley in tow. she has having trouble controlling them all, so i knew she would be very distracted and prime target for by blatant groping technique.
she was of medium height, black hair, average size waist but with a very curvy figure- she was wearing black cotton pants, and her bum was so plump that they were stretched at the limit at the back. now it wasnt that is was fat or that round, but it really stood out- you could clearly see the gap between her ass cheeks, and she had no panty line... (g string alert!!!)

first i tested my subject... well its not really much of a test, i basically walked up behind her while she was looking at vegetables and pressed my palm against her right buttcheek for about a second, getting a solid feel. her ass was surprising firm, and she was definately not wearing underwear (or had a g string... but i couldnt spot the little ripple effect down her ass that happens with a g string)... to my surprise she didnt even turn around (there was no crowd, a few people shopping for vegetables but there was massive amounts of space between us)... this encouraged me, but more people were headed to our section and she started moving... so instead i followed her at a distance...

i didnt want to make it too obvious, but i had to be close... the supermarket lanes are very wide (enough for a car), its very well lit and there was hardly any people- opportunities would be very few, particularly since i would only get 1 more shot before she got suspicious...

finally i caught her in a good position... she had the trolley pulled up to one side, and was bending over putting or removing something from it.. now there was a tiny bit of space between her plump juicy buttcheeks and the right shelf, and a huge amount between the trolley and the left shelf... but knowing this was my best opportunity i moved to the right... there was not even enough space for me to squeeze sideways, so i turned to my side, put my left hand on her ass and pressed... she felt softer than i remembered, so i pressed harder so my palm dug into her ass... i then pretended to be struggling to go past, and i swear i was there for atleast 3-4 seconds, my left palm cupping and pressing (almost squeezing) into her left buttcheek before she turned around and looked at me.. it wasnt even surprise or shock or anything, just a bland look.. (now keep in mind there was TONS of space, and no crowd at all.. right in front of the cash registers too)... as i mumbed sorry i moved my index finger into her anus but she moved to the side at that moment so it dug into her right buttcheek instead... she clearly knew what had happened, but i just kept walking and didnt turn around... as i walked around the isle and walked back (through a new isle) to get out of the store, i saw her standing near the cash registers looking upset! (not angry but u know, sad)... while i was exiting i got the dirties and meanest look from the cashier woman, so she must have seen the whole thing!! hahaha... the whole time afterwards i was cursing myself that i hadnt tried more (if i had lowered myself to one side and pushed my hand down, i could have felt her pussy easy.. and im pretty sure she wasnt wearing underwear), and that my hands were a little numb from the cold so i couldnt feel the hotness u usually feel on ur hand from her buttcheeks and asshole...

Supermarket once again (Mon 28 Apr 2003 09:02:40 GMT)

Story from today (just happened 20 mins ago). Once again I was in my supermarket. Once again, there was hardly anyone there, i had to hang around for ages before i spotted a victim. First one I spotted was hanging around the fruit and vegetable stand, she looked in her late 30's, blonde, decent looking face, was of medium build, but getting a bit heavy... cant remember what top she was wearing, but she had the tighest beige/yellowy pants one with the HUGEST ass i've seen in a while.. the pants were stretched all over her ass, and her ass cheeks were bulging out with her crack clearly visible (even though she was wearing regular panties, not a g string).
it just bulged, but the best part was that it wasn't flabby or sagged, it looked really firm... i timed myself so i walked past her while she was going towards me (around the corner) so she was sandwitched between me and the stand... i slowed down, and she was forced to turn to her side... my god, she had a medium sized waist but her ass stood out incredibly... i turned my right hand around (palm out, since she was on my right) and pressed... u couldn't feel her pants at all, i swear, they were so thin i could clearly feel her broad thighs and her ass like she was naked... it felt like putty in my hands, it was very very soft... i did my "middle finger trick" (where i turn my hand a little and try to put my index finger into their asshole) but the damn panties stopped my finger- her ass was too big, and it had stretched the pants and panties to the limit, they created like a protective wall around her asshole, haha...

she seemed obvious, even though i had her ass in my hand for a good 2-3 seconds (keep in mind, no people around, i had no reason to push against her in the first place, tons of space)... i went back but she moved, and i followed her around, but didnt get a good chance and she went straight to the cash register... i swear i was going to just walk up behind her and just force 2 fingers between her asscheeks... but before i could do anything, some guy got inline behind her, blocking my path (probably a good though- would not have liked to get arrested! thats the problemonce u get a "taste" of an ass, u always want to go one step better)

well i was pretty cheesed off, but i went looking for a new victum... at the chocolate/candy stands i saw the perfect victim- late 30's, early 40's woman, short black hair, slight build... slim but trim (ie. not skinny, nice curves)... she was wearing TIGHT, and i mean TIGHT black pants and i think red or maroon shirt... her ass was absolutely gorgeous (u know when u see an ass and u go "fuck" or "ooh" out loud)... obviously she went to the gym a lot...
u could clearly see the shape of her ass, sort of like a slim heart, with perky buttcheeks and the outline of a quite visible thong - not the skinny little string one (where its just like a piece of string at the back), but the full one which rides up the crack and highlights the buttcheeks...
anyways, right there and then i knew she was mine... i managed to corner her as she lined up at a cash register, and i swept past her, palm out... but the bitch moved at the last second so i could only get a slight touch... which was incredible... her pants were the really soft thin cottony material and since she was wearing a thong, there was practically nothing between her ass and my hand... her ass was a lot softer than i expected (it looked like rock) and it was really warm...

well i lined up after her... one of the cashiers opened a new register so she went there (i had to follow her quite quite obviously haha).... then she paid for her groceries while i was behind her with a candy bar or something... i quickly just tossed out coins to pay for my bar while she was slightly bending over to pick up her groceries.. (she had several bags)... her ass looked absolutely gorgeous, her crack was visible and her buttcheeks stood out..
there were another 2 people behind me watching, and the cashier.... but i thought fuck it, i dont care... i didnt wait for bag or reciept or change, i just walked forward towards her... she slightly stood up, but it didn't deter me at all... i just moved to my side, and moved my right hand to her ass... i managed to catch her quite low (i'm tall, she's short, so had to bend too haha).. right under where the bottom of her left asscheek begun... i swear it felt like heaven, it was soft and just moulded in my hand... i thought "fuck it" and squeezed her ass slightly, while dragging my hand up very slowly... i literally crawled past her, holding the soft portion of her right buttcheek in my hand the whole time... i felt her turning around after about 2-3 seconds, so i let go of her ass and just pushed 4 of my fingers (everything but the thumb) right under her left asscheek, and just dug in, lifting it up... her ass was very soft, so i had it in my hand for about a second before it dropped... i would have loved to slap her ass lightly but it would have been far too obvious- there were people behind me...

i kept walking and didn't turn back... nobody said anything, i turned around a few seconds later and she was walking the opposite way with her groceries like nothing had happened...

May award: Nanbread
for his not able to speak french but able to do it
(But why do you know she is a french if you are just looking into her eyes?)

French Girl and Breast Frolics (Tue 20 May 2003 16:55:45 GMT)

I got squashed up once on an over crowded London underground train and managed to position myself in front of a blonde french girl. I got to position myself so I had my chest pressed against her tits. Ooohh that was nice. As the train rocked back and forth. I moved myself back and forth like waves crashing into the rocks thereby rubbing my chest against her bazookas. OOhhh I thought, she kept looking away as though nothing was happening. I just kept looking her in the eye thinking oooh oohh such a heavenly feeling of orgasmic pleasure !.

Just before the end my stop as approaching I pressed my chest alittle harder on her breasts and breath aaaaaaahhh. Like I was in heaven or somthing. I screamed to myself I see the light I see the light !! orgasmic pleasure ahhh how wonderful life is !!.

Man I was close to her I could have kissed her neck and cheek ( I am she would have loved it - french love dirty kissing stuff eheheh).

As I got off at my station, I gave her one last look in the eye to say "hey baby thanks for getting me so aroused". She gave me a confused kind of look. I think she was playing the innocent virgin eheheheh.

I recall an old german joke, if u meet a french girl and she asks if u can speak french, just say I cant speak it but I can do it eheheheheh.

Such is the way with nanbread !!

June award: Terrance
for having a good memory of young days
(A typical story. A crowd and a bubble butt make a young chikan.)

My first chikan experience! (Fri 20 Jun 2003 22:21:11 GMT)

First off, allow me to introduce myself: I am a 32-year-old African-American male from suburban Chicago. My first chikan experience took place way back in 1985, almost 18 years ago to the day. I was 14 years old, and the city of Chicago was holding a big summer street parade. I can't remember what the parade was for - probably Independence Day - but what I do remember is that the sidewalks were packed! The curbs were barricaded, and throngs of people were pressed up against the steel railing. The crowd was so thick and tight that you couldn't move and sometimes you would get picked up off your feet and carried in a surge! It was a hot and muggy day, so everybody was dressed down...including me. I was wearing a tank top and some gym shorts and sandals. I was trying to fight my way through the crowd up to the front. Moving through the crowd and feeling all of the female butts and breasts and thighs rubbing up against me and against the backs of my hands was getting me horny.

By the time that I was one person away from the barricade, I had a full-blown erection. I kept my hands in front of my crotch out of fear of poking a man with my erection - which would be sick - but then I saw her: mid-30s, brunette, gorgeous mature face, beautiful silky hair down to her shoulders blades, tight T-shirt stretched across what looked to be C-cup breasts, and a perfect bubble butt (which I could not see yet) encased in skin-tight Adidas short shorts! She was hanging onto her husband or boyfriend (probably husband, at her age), with her arms around his waist and her back to the crowd. I was close enough to listen to to their conversation, and I heard her complaining about the crowd. He basically just blew her off and told her to enjoy the parade. The fact that he ignored her pleas made me bold. Simultaneously, I also realized that with the tight quarters, I could possibly have my erection up against her butt! I would have never thought about rubbing my erection up against a woman's butt in a crowd, but my realization of how gross it would be to run into a man's butt with it made me realize how GOOD it would feel to poke and prod a female with it!

The parade had not yet started. I tried to maneuver directly behind this woman for about 20 minutes, but the crowd was simply jam-packed and not moving anywhere. I didn't want to get pushy because everybody else was just standing still. Well, when the parade finally began, I got my chance: there was a surge, the old couple standing behind the woman got bumped out of the way, and I slid into their previous spot! As I plowed into the spot, I rammed my erection right into the woman's crack! I hadn't meant to be so sudden, but she had a plumper rear end then I thought! She whirled her head around and looked at me, obviously startled by the penis that was just shoved up her crevice! I was now being pushed by the surging crowd behind me as people fought to get to the front, and with each push my erection dug deeper and deeper into her butt crack! She kept looking back at me and I kept avoiding her gaze and looking over her man's shoulder, like I wanted to see the parade. Eventually, I think she realized that there was nothing that she could do because of the crowd and turned around. She rested her head on her man's shoulder while I continued to hump her plump buttocks!

The crowd was so tight that I couldn't even move my arms and every now and then there would be a surge or a sway. I realized that I had this woman trapped and helpless, and began to get more aggressive. After digging into her buttocks and humping her for several minutes, I pulled my erection out and pushed it against her left cheek. Then I dragged it from cheek to cheek, rolling it all over her butt, before placing it back in her crack and humping away! She just continued to rest her head against her man's shoulder as I came in spurts up her butt!

Basketball game (Sat 21 Jun 2003 19:53:25 GMT)

Hello all! This is only my 2nd post, but I've been reading the board for awhile. About 14 years ago (1989), I went to a sold-out Chicago Bulls playoffs game with a couple of my friends. At halftime, the hallways were jam-packed wall-to-wall with this sold-out crowd. I told my friends that I was going to use the bathroom or something, and went on the prowl for a juicy pair of female buttocks to grope and rub up against. The mere sight of the mob scene in the hallways of the arena got my dick tingling with excitement. I fought my way to one of the concession stands and started scoping the blob of bodies for a target...lots of women dressed down in jeans and jean shorts, but I have never been a big fan of denim-clad butts. I continued to scan the crowd, and then...BINGO!!! There she was: early 40s, blonde with dark roots, business suit with thin, THIN slacks, pumps, laminated name tag...she obviously worked for the arena in some capacity. She wasn't on line at the concession stand, but instead was trying to squeeze through the throng. She was with a co-worker who was also in her early 40s, also unnaturally blonde, and also hot! Her co-worker was wearing a business suit, but with a tight A-line skirt and hose.

My heart started thumping in my chest like a jackhammer as I spied these two ladies. Like a man (or kid) possessed, I started to work my way through the crowd in a frenzy, trying to catch up to these two women and position myself behind them. I didn't care who I bumped into or pushed or jostled, I had to have a feel of these women's juicy, mature buttocks and deep cracks! I finally fought my way through the crowd and positioned myself behind them both, kinda standing in between them. The crowd was bottlenecked and we were barely moving, only a few shuffles every minute.

I reached out with the back of my hand and bumped the woman on the left's (the one wearing slacks) left butt cheek. No reaction. Feeling bold, I reached out again with the back of my hand, but this time leaving it there a bit reaction again! All of a sudden the crowd shifted, and it was now more convenient to work on the woman on the right...I did the same to her with the back of my hand...and no reaction from her either! These two women just kept on talking like nothing at all was going on. My confidence was way, way up now. I turned my hand around and rested it on the slacks-wearing woman's butt for about thirty seconds. My heart was pounding HARD and my dick was rock-hard. After thirty seconds, she still gave no reaction to the fact that I was cupping her butt, so I started to squeeze...she tensed slightly and clenched her buttocks muscles for a second, but that was it. I knew I could molest this woman's buttocks for as long as I'd like and she would remain prim, proper and professional and say nothing!

When the crowd bottlenecked again and everybody was plastered together, I was literally squeezing her cheeks, probing in between her legs, and driving my erection into her butt crack for 5-6 minutes straight...without her ever once turning around or acting like she knew that she was being assaulted! Halftime was almost over and I was very, very excited, so foolishly I reached over and squeezed her co-worker's skirted butt! She looked over her shoulder at me with a look of shock on her face, and this is when I knew it was time to book! I disappeared into the crowd and made my way back to my seat.

July award: Black Shogun
for his great literary talent
(You are well versed in chikaning at the show.)

Crack Snacks (Fri 04 Jul 2003 16:55:49 GMT)

The height of the concert season always offers up a feeding frenzy for the chikan who likes such events. This year was no different as many shows were scheduled, all guaranteed to pack um in. The Shogun carefully picked the best shows most suited to his tastes. If his last show was any indicator, then it is clear he has made good picks indeed!

I arrived my customary ahead of time to get a good place in line and begin checking out the crowd. I immediately spotted two hot teen brunettes who were dressed exactly alike. They were wearing skimpy white tops that exposed their arms and midriffs. And the tightest of jeans hugged their plump buttocks.
They kept getting up and walking around, and I would watch their asses "switch" in their jeans. This gave Shogun a boner for real!

I continued to look around and spotted another sight to my liking. She was sitting on the floor with a male and female friend. She had a pretty face with light blue eyes, and red hair that was pulled back into two cute litte pigtails. She wore a tight fitting red T-shirt and these tight fitting green short, shorts. I don't even know if those shorts came to mid-thigh. And they were TIGHT and of a THIN material that showed off the shape of her succulent teen haunches. I decided to definitely keep a lookout for her. The Shogun normally ass fucks blondes, but a good looking redhead is hard to find!

Because I had timed it all right, again I did not have long to wait before the gates were opened and the crowd allowed in. While waiting to get in, I spotted another potential "target." A brunette with long, dark hair in a green top. But the best part was her thin black trousers that covered the best bubble butt that I had seen yet that night. Keep a lookout for those buns too Shogun!

Upon being let in, I proceeded immediately to the stage looking for the prettiest and best set of bum cheeks available "for the humping." I saw the redhead in the first row against the barricade and got behind her! To my right, the two brunettes in the jeans stood! And behind me was the other brunette with the bubble butt! "WOW," I thought. This is all starting out right!

There was a solid hour to go before the first band came on, so I decided to do my "pre-hump checks" on the redhead . . . see what I had in front of me. Hehehe. The zipper to my shorts was down, and my dick was out of my underwear through the slit and poking out. It was hidden by a long T-shirt. Over the next hour, I lightly humped the redhead as the head of my dong moistened with pre-cum. With my shirt acting as cover, I rubbed the head of my boner all over the redhead's plum bottom cheeks. But I mainly left the head of my dick in her crack and rocked back and forth and rolled it around lightly in her arse gap.

I had to remember not to get greedy and spoil the hump before it even really got started, so I kept it light. At one point, a guy doing security came over and started saying something to the redhead and her friends. I don't know what really, but what was great about it is that she would bend over the barricade and stick her butt back some. This gave me another angle and another kind of sensation from lightly rubbing against her ass. I even leaned over and said something to the security guy while I was bumming her, just to get more pressure against buns!

All the while that this was happening, the girl nor anybody else noticed a thing. As the opening of the show drew near, I even asked her what the time was! She told me and said, "It's almost time!" I thought, "Oh it sure is! If you only knew!" LOL! Shortly after that, things did get started. The crowd had built up, and I used that as a reason to stand closer up on the redhead's buttcheeks. I stepped a little forward and lifted my shirt a bit . . . my DICK was now RESTING AGAINST THE REDHEAD'S BUM MAKING MY FAVORITE HOT DOG SANDWHICH!

The music started and the girl began to dance and jump around a bit . . . rubbing her booty against my ding-a-ling! The shit felt good, and I let out a few muffled groans. I was rocking a little harder and pushing a little deeper now . . into the gap. But still not a lot of humping as the crowd action didn't justify that. When she would clap for the band, she would stick her arse back, and at just the right moment, I would push forward hard and get a good grind against her heiney. Depending on her stance, I would either use the "hot dog" for my pleasure, or, aim the head of my dick for her pooty crack and push. More pre-cum began to drizzle from the tip of my "prober", but this time, it was onto her shorts as my dick rested firmly against her bum.

The first band really sucked, and I was glad to see them go. The headliner was next. While breakdown and set-up for the next act was happening on stage, the crowd began to get rowdy in anticipation of the headliner coming out. This was going to turn out to be the best kind of crowd too. Jam packed, but not so rough as to have to fight to hold your place. This would allow me to buttfuck the redhead for most of the evening. I got pushed up HARD on redhead's young, shapely buttocks and groaned with "perverted JOY!" I swiveled my hips with lust and felt that feel I so love when cornholing my prey . . THOSE BOOTY CHEEKS SPREADING OPEN and CLUTCHING MY SAUSAGE . . allowing me to venture into the forbidden gap! GOD I LOVE THAT FEELING of PENETRATION into stranger butt cracks! It's a TREAT! A CRACK SNACK!!!

To add to my enjoyment, I leaned over and apologized to her for crushing her, hoping to hear those words I wanted to hear. WITH MY BIG DICK IN HER ASS AS FAR AS I COULD PUSH IT she said the magic words, "THAT'S OK." Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GAWD those sweet words I love to hear from my ASS FUCKED prey! I'm digging into her butthole and the bitch is telling me it's OK??? MY TROUSER SNAKE was ROCK HARD against her bum now! The headliner started and the crowd swayed. And the Shogun began to JACK that bitch in her ASS!!!! She was wagging her butt around to the music and hopping up and down . . . and the Shogun was out and out buttfucking her now . . . feeling her pliabe butt cheeks flex and give and stretch open to accomodate his manmeat!

Well my chikans, this felt really fuckin good. The only thing between my dick and redhead's ass meat was her thin short, shorts! I don't know if she had any panties on or not, but it didn't matter! The feel of this contact was incredible, and I knew it would not be long before I came. In fact, it only took about 2 or 3 songs before my legs began to shake and I became weak kneed. . . my whole body trembled, and I SHOT A HUGE LOAD OF SPERMIES AGAINT REDHEAD'S ARSE CHEEKS!!!! The cum coursed out in THREE spurts!

I knew that a huge mess of SPUDGE had to be on the girl's ass, and I wanted to get a look at it . . . to see exactly how much. This was not easy to do because of the darkness in the arena. But if you time it just right, you can see a bit better with changes in the light show normally going on during concerts. Plus, being close to the stage lights helps. During one of the brighter moments, I stepped back and looked down and saw a BIG, GOOEY, LOAD of JIZZ on the redhead's right butt cheek!

I was worried at first that she might reach back there and feel the sticky mess, or that somebody else might accidentally feel it. And with it being so early in the show, I really didn't want to leave. I decided to stand close up on the redhead and buttfuck her some more . . . even try to come again! The way things had gone so far, I felt like I could hump her in the ass as hard and as deep and as long as I wanted. So, I went for another nut against the bitch's BUTT!!!

To get more leverage, I reached around the redhead and put both my hands on the barricade. I had pushed my dick back into the crack of her ass and continued to hump. The band went into some slower songs, so I changed my rythym . . . now taking those SLOW and DEEP and DELIBERATE circular DIGS into the POOTY HOLE that Shogun likes to take. Then, when the music picked up, it was back to hard and fast again, with teen redhead rockin her butt back against me and takin that dick in her ASSHOLE like a pro!!!

It felt so fuckin good with nothing but her thin shorts between my dick and her ass cheeks that the SHOGUN BEGAN TO FUCKIN DROOL! SPITTLE began to fall from my mouth, and my breath was being involuntarily taken away due to the pleasure with a "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS . . . . HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS . . . HISSSSSSSSSSSS . . . SPITTLE falling from mouth . . . CAN'T BREATH . . . HISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" Yeeeeeeees my brothers and sisters. This ass fuck I put on a strange white bitch moves to the top of Shogun's list of all-time favorites!

To throw in more enjoyment . . . to mix it up a bit, the Shogun decided to do some "Shogun Shouts" just for all the skeptical motherfuckers who cannot believe that something like that could happen. Plenty of people were screaming and shouting and saying all kinds of things to the band. So, the Shogun did the same, screaming "YE-AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! YE-AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" HAHAHA! And all the while, I was LAUGHING at the motherfuckers on here who claim such a thing cannot happen! Believe what you want, but the SHOGUN WAS WAXIN THAT ASS. And you can BELIEVE THAT!

I continued to scream some shit . . . "OOHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OOHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!! And the more I did it, the HARDER my PRICK got! Hahahaha! I said some more shit I usually say . . . how I was fuckin her in her ass and that her asshole felt good . . . LOL! Hahaha. By this time, the crowd was really rockin, and I had started to JERK FUCK that bitch UP THE BUTT . . . violently whipping my hips forward! She was fuckin JACKIN that ass right back, and by this time, I felt she had to know I was buttfuckin her but didn't care. I bet the dick felt good to her. Anyway, I know damn well it felt good to me CUZ I SPERMED ON HER ASS AGAIN!!!!

That's right! The Shogun shot ANOTHER LOAD onto her shorts! It's wasn't as big a mess as the first one, but I looked down and was able to see ANOTHER WET SPOT on her thin shorts. FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!! What a night! And there was still plenty of time to go! But having spermed on the redhead's bum twice, I figured that I had better not do it again for fear of just really, really soaking her through. I had been afraid that maybe the first wad of "baby batter" might run down onto her leg, but it did not.

Having gotten off twice, I decided to go for some touchy feely stuff now. I waited a few minutes, then reached down and lightly palmed the redhead's right butt cheek. I could fell the dampness from where I had spermed twice all over her ass! I took my thumb a-la-jay and pushed on her butt crack, letting the presurre of the crowd do the work. I then turned my hand sideways into the "tomahawk" position and SHOVED THE EDGE OF MY HAND BETWEEN HER BUTT CHEEKS!!! She kinda leaned over the barricade, so I then began to LIGHTLY RUB HER PUSSY/TAINT AREA WITH MY INDEX FINGER!!

Crack Snacks Conclusion (Fri 04 Jul 2003 17:25:01 GMT)

Sorry! I got so excited that I hit send before the story was finished! Anyway, I was rubbing the redhead's pussy with my index finger. Next, I went back into the tomahawk chop and rubbed the edge of my hand all between her legs against her pussy and buttcrack. I could feel the heat coming from between her soft, young legs, and this made my dick start to get hard again!

I decided to buttfuck the bitch some more, but didn't want to cum on her again. So, I put my dick back into my shorts, then shoved it back into her arse gap. At the same time, I reached down and palmed redhead's right butt cheek and squeezed and pushed it in so as to create more of the "hot dog sandwhich effect" on my dick! So there I was, palming her butt cheek and ass fuckin that redhead my friends like a perverted motherfucker! MAN! WHAT A NIGHT!

I looked around and saw this guy standing behind the bubble butt brunette I had seen earlier. He was all up on her back and clearly buggering her in the ass. She eventually moved away from him to stand closer to the guy she had come to the concert with. I wondered if I could get into position to get any of that ass? I decided to forego an attempt, but having had my way so thorougly with the redhead, I decided to see if I could get off on another chick. To my right was a kinda chunky brunette with a big bubble butt. She was hopping up and down like she had gone mad . . . hmmmmmm :-)

I left the redhead's asshole . . . totally satisfied . . . and decided to get some of that brunette's big butt. She was wearing a black top and some thin black trousers. She had an attractive face, and seemed to be totally into the show. I got behind her and pushed into her deep arse gap. She hopped up and down on my dick something good, and I said aloud, "YOUR BIG ASS FEELS GOOD TOO!" Hahaha! In fact, it felt so good, and I was in her ass so deep that I felt like I had a chance to cum a third time! I wrestled around and freed my dick again! I was determined to try to get a nut one more time for the road!

As I fucked that big assed brunette in her ass, I saw one of the two brunettes I had seen earlier in the white tops and jeans. I decided I wanted to sample some of that ass too. So, what I did was REACH BETWEEN THREE PEOPLE AND PINCH HER RIGHT ON HER LEFT BUTT CHEEK. She gave no reaction, but it was a good pinch and I know she had to feel it. Anyway, it was time to focus on cumming again. My effort was aided by the fact the the brunette managed to work her way up to the barricade, and I stayed glued to that big, fat ass!

When she got up to the barricade, I BEGAN TO SLAM FUCK THE BITCH! I was HAMMERING my re-exposed dick into her ASS, and the bitch just hammered right back. Many of these teens are coming into their sexuality, and I tell you many LIKE the feel of that dick IN THEIR AAAASSSSSHHOOOOLLLLEEEES!!! I don't care if they like it or not. I'm there to BUTTFUCK! I kept rammin that fat ass and she kept shoving it back for me. I would have spunked again if there had been more time, but we were nearing the end of the show.

The band announced they had one last chorus left to the song they were singing. The Shogun decided to split. The cum on the redhead's bum had probably dried up pretty good by then, but I wasn't gonna take any chances. I wondered if the stains would be noticeble on army green shorts? I wished I could be a fly on the wall as she took her shorts off and noticed something there :-) I split and headed for the parking garage . . . knowing that this night had INSTANTLY become one of my best chikan ass fucks of all tiiiiimmmeesss! The Shogun is BACK . . . doing what he does best . . . ass fucking blondes, brunettes, and redheads! Creating great experiences to share for the good readers of Ayashi BBS!

Black Shogun!!!

The Spunkmeister Cometh (Twice) (Sun 13 Jul 2003 21:32:53 GMT)

The feeding frenzy continued with yet another concert staged by yet another big time band. The Shogun was a bit concerned with this show because it was being held at the same venue where he had made such a “big splash” on that redhead’s young, plum buttocks. Rarely does Shogun go to see a concert at the same venue more than twice in the same year, and even so, the time between shows would normally be months apart.

Because I would be going to the same place after only such a short period of time had passed, Shogun decided to change up his normal routine as a precautionary measure. Also, special “rules of engagement” were established for this concert show. It’s very, very, very rare to see a person you bummed at another concert, but sometimes it happens. I’d decided that if by chance I saw that redhead again (and she clearly saw me), there would be no “arse gap scrubbing” on this night. Instead, it was the “mission” that would be scrubbed. I would also pay extra special attention to people in the crowd. If anybody or anything seemed to be out of place, the Shogun would call it off.

When I arrived and started to check out the growing crowd, things appeared to be normal and just fine. I relaxed and scoped for some booty cheeks. Found some! Some pretty, late teen ass! In my line, I saw a pretty big butt, dark haired blonde, about 5’7” with blue eyes. Her hair was pulled back and tied into a kind of bushy tail. She wore a beige colored top that covered two big “milk jugs”, and that was held to her body by two thin strips on her shoulders. Her shoulders and much of her back was exposed. Hugging this blonde’s round bum was a tight fitting pair of jeans that stopped rather high above her ankles. Her tennis shoes were mostly of a blue that matched her jeans, and with white stripes.

The blonde was with a friend, a brunette of about 5’6 ½” with a really cute face. Her hair came to about her shoulders, and a part of it was pulled back and held by a pink butterfly beret. The brunette was wearing this thin black top with alternating and diagonal black and white stripes. Her top was held to her body by this thin strap that went around her neck. Her shoulders and most of her entire back was exposed. Though her butt was not as big as the blonde’s, it was still nice and round. And more importantly, she was wearing thin black trousers that showed off the curvature of her cheeks and that bum crack. I did not get a look at what kind of shoes she was wearing. The Shogun smacked his dastardly, greedy, jackal lips with hunger. There were other targets in the crowd, but these surely would do. I would get behind them if I could.

The crowd was let in and in short order, Shogun spotted the blonde in the beige top . . . her friend next to her . . . and both standing their cute butts against the barricade. I got behind the blonde because her butt was bigger. But, the Shogun had a real dilemma here. Although blondie had the bigger booty, little teeny brunette had a nice ass too . . . tucked into those THIN black trousers! I decided I would sample both of their cracks . . . see which of these chick’s butt cheeks gave me the most satisfaction . . . then pick one for the balance of the show.

With an hour to go before the show, I started in on the blonde first. I was again wearing a long shirt and had my dick out of my underwear. I lowered the zipper to my shorts and allowed my semi-hard “bratwurst” to poke through . . . aiming for the “bun” . . . and totally hidden by the shirt. Because of the way she was standing, it was hard at first to “make contact”, but I was steadily able to close the distance and soon rested the head of my dick on her big ass.

I began the “rocking” that all you chikans know about . . . rocking back and forth and pleasuring the head of my meat against her bum cheeks . . . poking the head lightly into her “gap”. Shogun has another technique he uses called the “lean and push off” which works well on a gal with a phat ass. I used this technique on the blonde by slowly leaning my body against hers . . . and subsequently my dick into her cheeks . . . then creating a kind of “pressure” by using the “bounce” in her ass to push back off of her heiney. I continued with “the rock” and “the lean and push off” until pre-cum began to leak from my dick.

After about 30 minutes of this, I had worked up a “good head of pre-cum”, and it was now time to sample the brunette’s hindquarters. Damn they looked good too in those thin pants! While I had been bumming the blonde, I had reached over several times and lightly touched the brunette on the arse . . . the material of her trousers was SO thin that I could clearly feel the curvature of her cheeks, and I felt lightly into her pooty crack too. I easily stepped to my left and got behind her and started to give her some “rock” and some “lean and push off.” IMMEDIATELY I could feel the difference! The sensation was so much more pleasurable than with the jeans! I continued to leak pre-cum as I glided my “lower head” from left booty cheek into the crack . . . then out again and across left booty cheek then dip back into the crack! Again! Again! Again!

But still my chikans I was torn! The PHAT ASS in the jeans looked damn good! But the smaller (but definitely round) ass in the soft black trousers felt better! Which to choose Shogun? I made a compromise. I decided that I would jack the blonde right up the ass until things started to get really jam packed and squashed. Then, I would switch to the brunette’s butt cheeks and “pack her fudge in” to orgasm. Sounded like a plan to me, so I went for it! So, I shifted back to the blonde in time for the opening act. It was dark and now crowded enough that I could really stand up on her backside now. The crowd cheered . . . and so did the Shogun . . . as he now deftly lifted his shirt just enough and let if fall back down for cover . . . laying his DICK on blondie’s WHITE ONION BUTT!

Things weren’t where I could really hump aggressively yet, but there was definitely some ass-humping going on my friends! The bitch was wiggling her cheeks around and jumping up and down . . . Shogun went opposite her motions to create maximum friction. Sometimes when she would hop and down, I would just stand perfectly still and let her drag my boner through her crack. This mission DEFINITELY was not a scrub my fellow chikans! Unless, you’re talking about an ARSE GAP SCRUB!!! My pre-cum was now leaking onto her jeans . . . the shit felt good . . . I started to let out some muffled groans under my breath. MMMM! MMMM! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Several times I leaned HARD into the blonde and pushed my rod all up into her crack.

The crowd was starting to get more jam packed. I had to make sure that I made my move and switched to the brunette before things got too tight and impeded my way to her. Blondie had worked my pecker up real good. But it was time to move. So, about halfway through the opening act, I again stepped to my left . . . and mounted the brunette’s buttocks cheeks. Again, I deftly lifted my long shirt and put my dick softly into her crack! And AGAIN, the difference in the SENSATION was immediate! The brunette’s trousers were nice and soft and MY DICK WAS SINKING INTO HER ASS! The Shogun hadn’t hit “pay dirt” in quite a while. I felt like this could be the night.

I picked up with the teen brunette where I had left off with her blonde teen friend. Now, it was her thin clothing upon which my pre-cum oozed. She too was wiggling her buttocks and jumping up and down. Occasionally she would go up on her tip toes and then lower her butt back down. I positioned my “sperm worm” just right so that each time she would lower her bum back down, MY DICK WOULD SINK IN AND RUN UP THROUGH HER POOTY CRACK!!!! WOO this felt good, and now my groans, though still under my breath, were getting louder . . . OHHHH, OHHHHH!!!

I looked at her pretty face and said in my head, “I’m going to fuck you in your ass. I’m going to cum in your ass and hold my dick WAY UP YOUR BUTTHOLE until EVERY LAST DROP squirts out . . . just like when Senor Pepe fucked a white bitch in the ass!” Only, I will have more time than Senor Pepe to enjoy and do the dirty deed. And because my bare dick is to your ass, you’re gonna take some of me home with you! I kept at it during the opening act and through breakdown and set-up for the second act.

By the time the second band came on, I had been pushed right up onto teeny brunette’s back. I don’t know how many of you guys have ever chikaned a girl in soft pants with your dick out, but it felt so good that I thought I might pass out! Hahaha! I mean, my dick had totally SUNK INTO HER “CREASE” and as she would hop, or wiggle her buns, or shift her weight, my BIG BONER was getting some kinda massage!

Chikans . . . CHIKANS . . . it felt so good that MY FACIAL MUSCLES STARTED TO INVOLUNTARILY TWITCH! Hahahaha! I didn’t want anybody to suspect me of being a buttfucking pervert, so I tried to stop making funny faces and to stop my facial muscles from twitching, but I could not! LOL! So, I just let it go. And not to forget about blondie, I reached over and rubbed her and bumped her on her left bubble butt cheek with the back of my hand :-)      

Now, with me right up on the brunette’s back, Shogun went into a much more aggressive humping mode. I started to put the “slow hunch” on that ass . . . SLOWLY but DELIBERATELY and LUSTFULLY swiveling my hips . . . MASHING HER ARSE. . . ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Senor Pepe! Senor Pepe! Where are you? Are you reading this??? Then you KNOW how it felt to the Shogun as all this DEEP mashing REALLY began to SPREAD HER ASS CHEEKS OPEN! MMMM, MMMM, MMMMMMM!!!! I kept slow butt fucking her . . . DIGGING INTO HER ARSE . . . throughout the second act. Sometimes, she would bend over and lean over the barricade . . . sticking her bottom cheeks back . . . the better to dig into you my dear! No doubt . . . when the main act comes on . . . I’m gonna come in your ass honey!

I was getting impatient now. I really, really, really wanted to jam this girl in the ass GOOD now. I remember thinking during breakdown and set-up for the headliner, “Would you assholes please, please, PLEASE hurry up? Do you really think I came here to see you guys??? I need to shoot in this chick’s crack! Hurry up!” LOL! I continued with the slow hunching . . . not only was my face twitching, but now my dick twitched too like a BIG WIGGLE WORM burrowing into a warm and safe place to plant it’s seed. Several times I groaned under my breath as my eyeballs rolled into the back of my head . . . . MY DICK WAS IN THAT GIRL’S ASSHOLE!!!!

Finally the headliner came out and the crowd, including my ass fucked brunette, went wild! We were TOTALLY SQUASHED and I put my hands on her shoulders up near her neck. And I was ALL IN that BUTT GAP my friends. Then, I started to ram “myself” way, way, up her HERSHEY HIGHWAY HARD . . . UUNNGGHH, UUNNGGHH, UUNNGGHHHHHHH!!!! My face got pushed into her hair . . . I kissed her on the back of her head. At this point, I knew it was only a matter of time before I jizzed on those soft, round, buttocks cheeks in the thin black trousers!

Guys, trousers like those allow you to get your dick all up in there. And with my dick being out, I WAS LITERALLY IN HER ANAL CAVITY with only the thin material of her trousers separating us! Well, with me knowing that I would get what I wanted, it was time to do what is now symbolic of the Shogun. The “Shogun Shout.” I do it because it brings me additional pleasure when chikaning in an incredibly noisy place like a concert. And I do it because I know it pisses the cynics off :-) So, with my dick in her ass and my hands on her shoulders, I let out several AAAAHHHHHHHs and OOOOHHHHHs and felt my thick dick stiffen even more up her butt.

Well, now IT WAS TIME TO CUM! This crowd was much rougher than the last one, and I had some fear of being pushed off the hump if I didn’t hurry up. No way was I gonna lose the opportunity! So I went into what you all know now as “the jerk fuck.” I began to violently thrash my hips forward, plowing my dick into her anal poop chute . . . little Miss teeny brunette was pinned against the barricade and couldn’t even move any more. I was BUTT BANGING her so damn HARD! But all the while, she never showed a care in the world. Just kept watching the show and smiling over at her friend!

I was giving it to her so hard that I KNEW she has to feel me in her ass. There’s just no way she didn’t. She struck me as the kind of girl who goes to concerts and knows she will be humped, and that’s just a fact. At the very worst, she didn’t care about what I was doing. And at the very best, she liked it. Never protested once. No matter cuz I had been boning that young A-hole so good that I could feel that I was ready to EXPLODE!!! My body SHOOK and TREMBLED . . . the SPUNK SPEWED OUT IN ONE LONG STREAM . . . INTO THE CRACK OF HER ASS!!!! THE SPUNKMEISTER COMETH!!!!

Mission now accomplished, I needed to examine the extent of the “GOO GOO CLUSTERS” I had deposited on those teeny cheeks. I tried to use the stage lights and the light show like last time to see, but I could not. Maybe the fact that her trousers were black made it harder to see. My only choice, then, was to do a “hand check.” I reached down with my right hand and felt the girl on her ass . . . I COULD FEEL A DAMP, STICKY MESS OF GOOP IN HER CRACK AND ON THE HIGH PART OF HER ASS CHEEKS!!!! There was a lot of cum on my shorts too. To get as much cum as possible into her clothing, I pushed my hips back into her butt and started to grind back and forth . . . . rubbing the seed into her hind end and her clothing.

But now that I had felt down there, I had cum on my hand! I didn’t want it there. How to get rid of it? I know . . . I . . . I . . . I . . . I TOOK MY HAND AND WIPED SOME CUM INTO THE BACK OF THE BRUNETTE’S HEAD!!!! I then again placed that hand on her right shoulder AND BEGAN TO GENTLY MASSAGE SOME SPUNK INTO HER SKIN!!!! I noticed her big titty blonde friend and remembered that her shoulders were exposed too. I GOT MORE CUM ON MY HAND, THEN GAVE HER LEFT SHOULDER SOME SKIN CONDITIONER TOO!!! I was very, very subtle with my hand motions so as not to alert them that I was massaging them. And since there was nothing but a bunch of sweaty bodies there, I figured they would just think my hands were sweaty or something. If they would have seemed to have noticed that something was awry, I would have stopped immediately, but they did not.

Now one would think that this would be enough for one night. But not the Shogun! There was plenty of time left in the headliner’s performance. That meant time enough for me to BOOTY BANG that blonde in her big ass and SPUNK IN HER CRACK too! Or at least try to. I put my dick back in my shorts, and struggled to move just the few inches to my right to get on that ass. After some struggle, I was successful and was able to “fall into the gap.” Right away I began to dig in . . . felt good too . . . didn’t know if I could cum again in that rough crowd, but I would try. I had my arms around the blonde and my hands locked onto the barricade. I could feel her big JUGS with the sides of my hands, and thought about a titty grope, but chose to focus on sperming on her jeans instead :-)

With my arms around her, I leaned over AND KISSED BLONDIE ON HER EXPOSED BACK! The bushy tail she had pulled her blonde locks back into kept hitting me in the face. Her hair smelled good. For my troubles, I took this as an invitation to CHEW on some hair . . . I DID, and DEPOSITED SOME SALIVA in there too (I did not check for split ends the way Nanbread would have . . . LOL!) I reached down with my left hand and palmed her PHAT left booty cheek while I JACKED her up the butt. All the while, she reacted just the way her friend did . . . enjoying the show and smiling at her friend! When the crowd would let me, I would lean my torso back and push my hips in against her BUBBLE BUTT and BUGGER THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HER . . . and feel her ass BOUNCE and WOBBLE and GIVE to my hunching!

This was feeling good enough that I felt like I had a chance to wet her jeans. Not as good as the brunette’s ass because of the jeans, but good enough. To make for a better nut, I TOOK MY DICK OUT AGAIN . . . again hidden by my long shirt. With my arms still around her and my hands on the barricade, I STARTED TO JERK FUCK BLONDIE IN HER HERSHEY TOO!!! To get a better angle, I squatted and adjusted my aim a bit . . . even with the jeans, I WAS HUNCHING SO HARD THAT I FELT THOSE BUTT CHEEKS SPREAD SENOR PEPE! YES! I was humping that blonde’s FAT ARSE so hard now that HER WHOLE BODY WAS LITERALLY LURCHING FORWARD AGAINST THE BARRICADE AFTER EACH ONE OF MY ANIMAL THRUSTS!!! Again, I thought to myself that she just HAD to know she was getting butt fucked. She HAD to . . . my motions were clearly those of somebody who was humping . . . not just dancing to the music. Like her friend, either she just didn’t care, or even liked it. I sure enough liked it because I CREAMED HER JEANS. THE SPUNKMEISTER COMETH (TWICE)!!!

Now, this second load was not nearly as big as the one I had SPUDGED onto the brunette’s ass. I didn’t even try to see how much was there. Probably would have been bigger if not for the jeans. But a SPUNK STAIN it was, so I considered the job done. I wanted out of the rough crowd, and ended up fighting my way out to the back. I got something to drink, and after taking a break, decided to work the edges of the crowd and into the middle some. . . mostly to squeeze some butts. I saw a tall, lean brunette in tight jeans near the back of the crowd where it really wasn’t that crowded. I squeezed a handful of her left bum cheek and she did nothing. I did it again! Still nothing. She had to know it was me or this other guy, but she didn’t raise a fuss.

I looked for more “butt grope” targets. Saw a little blonde . . . groped that ass! She looked around to see who did it, but couldn’t ever know for sure. Saw a girl standing behind her guy with her arms around his shoulders . . . moved in and just stood there while she jumped up and down on my dick. Eventually she noticed, then moved in front of her boyfriend who was a pretty mean looking guy. Next, I saw a blonde with a HEAVENLY ONION BOOTY. I just had to have a feel! I stood next to her and touched her right bum cheek with the edge of my hand. I let my hand wander lightly over to her crack. She gave me a real look of annoyance, but this didn’t scare me away. I kept touching her butt with the back of my hand for about another 10 minutes.

The band left and came back for an encore. Almost time to go Shogun. How about one more feel or two??? OK! I began to work my way to the exit, looking for a few more butts to feel up. That’s when I noticed this tall blonde who had this LUSCIOUS BUTT in designer-type sweat pants! And she had a cute, short blonde friend standing next to her. I went and stood behind and between both of them. Then, I took the edge of each of my hands and started to touch both of them on their buttocks. My hands wandered to their cracks. Both of them became VISIBLY angry! I kept doing it! The short blonde rolled her eyes at me and moved a couple of feet away. Then the tall one rolled her eyes too and moved to her friend. I could see them whispering to each other and looking over at me. I smiled, and decided to leave. The night was done. And boy had I done some damage!

As I drove home I thought, “WOW! You spunked on THREE butts in a week! A redhead, a brunette and a blonde! Good distribution Shogun! Hahaha! And you still have one more show to go before THE BIG ONE! And you’re still a free man too . . . in body if not in soul.

Black Shogun

At Da Show (Mon 14 Jul 2003 00:48:26 GMT)

This is the story of how Shogun became a chikan (it started with concerts) and as a result, "addicted to crack." It also addresses a decision he made to quit it, and his current struggle with the very present realization that he ultimately must do so. The story is set to a song by the artist 50 Cent called "In Da Club" from his popular CD "Get Rich Or Die Tryin."


Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go Shooooogun!
It’s ya birthday
Go chikaaaaning! Like it’s ya birthday!
Wax the BOOTAY! Like it’s ya birthday
And you know you don’t give a fuck it’s not ya birthday!

You could find me at da show, a party full of butts!
Many bitches wasted on that “ex”
I won’t into having sex
I won’t into using drugs
I won’t into making love
So bitch don’t be givin me no hugs
You’ll end up gettin mugged!

Now rarely was I late when I stepped up to the gates
I was gonna run it deep a thick 9 inches to it!
And man you can believe I knew just how to do it
Most chikan brothers they wanna show me love
And from this came everlasting Ayashi fame
But with 20 plus years a nigga decide he gotta change!

Now for all those years I was a chikan playa pimp!
If ya wanna chikan buttfuck ya can’t be no fuckin wimp!
Every time I stepped through the arena door
I was damn sure quick to get up on that floor!
A chikan’s best friend is dead center stage
Cuz that’s the place for tappin ass of any and every age!

I always stayed cool when I found the right spot
That’s right up on her CHEEKS dudes damn this bitch is hot!
Calm, cool, collected not even a single frown and no sweat runnin down
When the first note sounds I launch my dastardly BUM DIDDLY attack
I’d stick my dick in and GOT DAMN sometimes the bitches pushed back!
And this my chikans is how a nigga got dizzy crazy ADDICTED on ASS CRACK!

Shouting out now to my fellow New York, London, and Tokyo chikaaaans
And believe what I gots to say comes with much looooove
Your trains, your planes, your tubes, your cars, your buses, your crowds
Homeys y’all got all kinda millions peeps
Ya population gotta rank up there at LEAST 10 times!
But my brothers while you were getting yours I WAS GETTIN MINES!!!!

For many, many years I thought this was the real good life
Surely this was even better than a big butt phat ass wife!
Just get ya dick hard and jack um way up in they ASS
But really how long can, will, or should this kinda stuff last?
Maybe it’s time for a dastardly butt fucker nigga to quit
Some say quitting chikan is for losers but I calls that BULLSHIT

So on and on the stories piled up inside as the time would pass
Till I decided it was time to give up on all that chikan chick ass
But then I discovered this place called Ayashi BBS! NO WAIT! WHAT’S THIS???
Where chikan cats wrote stories bout staining phat butt bitches on they dress
So Shogun went ahead cuz man hey he had no worries
He just knew these muh fuckers would just looooove his chikan stories

So fingers went to keyboard and stories to the screen
I meant what I said and said exactly what I mean!
Cuz my friends these are the exploits of a real AMERICAN chikan!
At the start I was met by some who wanna playa hate
Cuz I wrote how I bummed the same butts they wanna date
But hey that’s in the past and what’s in the past is too late

But worst was the one they call KKKaaaaaaayyyyy!
Whoa my chikan brothers that dude he was MAD!
Cuz a nigga talked about all the white bitch bum he done had
Maybe that was his blonde big butt sister I fucked all up in her ass
But hey KKK the bitch backed that thang up!
So HA! Sorry but too baaaaaaaad!

Soon the Shogun will be ready to cross on over to the other siiiiiide
But my chikan brothers it’s been one hell of a ride
So many buttfuck shows and so, so many times
Just gotta jack my dick up just one more big ONION BOOTY BEHIND!
The music is rockin and for now I’m still into the motherfuckin GRIND!
Damn this crack can make a nigga lose his freaking MIND!

You could find me at da show, a party full of butts!
Many bitches wasted on that “ex”
I won’t into having sex
I won’t into using drugs
I won’t into making love
So bitch don’t be givin me no hugs
You’ll end up getting mugged!

A Shogun Shout out to my boy DR. IRON DICK cuz he know!
But all you chikans don’t try act like I won’t know where you be at neither
Y’all be at the show all the time niggas . . . trying to pop off niggas

Black Shogun!!!

Grab Um In The Biscuits! (Tue 29 Jul 2003 06:20:03 GMT)

Now my chikans listen. There are several types of “biscuit crackers” that may be found on a woman’s body. For example, some of my favorites are “booty biscuits”, “titty biscuits”, and “cootchie biscuits”. At the biggest concert of the year, I was determined to be as aggressive as I needed to be in order to grab as many hot bitches in their “biscuits” as I could. And I especially wanted to cop a feel of some cootchie too. So, off I went to the hugest show of the year and the apex of the concert season. Once I arrived at the gates, I saw that it was mostly guys there. That was to be expected given the nature of the bands that would be playing.

Of course, there are positives and negatives when the crowd is mostly made up of guys. The obvious negative, unless you are a friggin homo, is that you have a much smaller selection of chicks to hump. But there would be some hot babes there nevertheless, and a positive is that with so many guys in the crowd and so few girls, the girls would be hard pressed to know who was “showing greedy hunger” for their biscuits. Another of the negatives is that in a crowd with so many guys and so few gals, the women that are there are normally with a guy or group of guys. This can create a dicey situation since the girl will have greater “protection” due to the presence of the guy(s) she’s with. Indeed, this situation would present some challenges for the Shogun during this outing. More on that later.

It wasn’t a long wait at all to get in, and as usual, I made my way to what was a very large and long stage. I moved with a little extra pace this time since I knew that the availability of feminine tushy was going to be much more scarce. I scanned the scene and in short order found three teen friends standing in the second row near center stage. I moved in behind them and began checking them out. I immediately decided that all three friends were definitely “butt fuckable.” Here again, the Shogun would have to make some choices.

There was a cute, petite blonde wearing a pink, white, and orange top that exposed much of her back and shoulders. She had a decent butt wrapped inside some white shorts. Standing in the middle was an even cuter brunette with a navy blue top and a NICE bum in some THIN plaid shorts. She had nice full “hams” that looked muy delicioso to me as I eyeballed her butt crack! And standing on the right was another cute blonde . . . kind of chunky . . . but still cute. She was wearing some flowery decorated top that exposed her back and shoulders. There was this thin, black sash that hung down in the back from her top, aligned perfectly with her crack. And speaking of crack, this chick had a PHAT, round ONION shielded by THIN red trousers that HUGGED the curved contours of her ARSE! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Well, which to butt fuck Shogun? Based on the “visuals”, I eliminated the petite blonde in the white shorts right off the top. She was alright, but the other two looked good too and had the bigger rumps with deeper cracks covered only by thin material. Next, I had to do a little “testing of the hindquarters” to see which of the two remaining heineys would offer up the most pleasure. I was pretty sure it would be the blonde in the red trousers, but I had to be absolutely certain. To “collect more data”, I lightly touched the brunette and the onion booty blonde with the red trousers on their backsides with my fingers and the backs of my hands. Both bums were nice and soft, but Miss Red Trousers was the plumpest back there and felt the softest . . . critical for sinking your boner in to the hilt!

I decided that it would be the red trousers, but here’s what the closer was. That black sash hanging down in the back was blocking my full view of her crack! I wanted to get a look at it to make sure that my decision was the right one. Sooooo, I nonchalantly and subtlety moved the sash to the side and had a look! What I saw was a DEEP, DEEEEEEPP POOTY CRACK over which the thin material was pulled TIGHT, further accentuating the depths of that precious crevice that we chikans love so much. The blonde in the red trousers it would be! I got behind her and lowered the zipper to my shorts . . . my dick was already out of my underwear . . . and covered by my long shirt as I lowered the zipper. It was time now for the “pre-show hump” . . . build up some pre-cum, then when things get really packed, PACK HER FUDGE IN!

With my dick out and covered by the long shirt, I began to massage the head of my bone into the blonde’s round MOON of an ass. Sometimes she would stand with one of her bum cheeks sticking back more than the other. I would adjust my stance to rub up against the butt cheek that stuck back the most. I was ACHING to roll the head of my boner around lightly in her crack, but that fuckin sash was in the way even though it was thin and narrow. I decided that I would just have to move it to the side and hold it there until we got really squashed. At that time, I could move it to the side and not have to hold it anymore since the crush of the crowd would take care of the rest.

But for the moment, I gently moved the sash to the side with my right hand, then stood close up on those cheeks and MASSAGED THE HEAD OF MY DICK AROUND SOFTLY IN HER DEEP ARSE GAP!!! It felt GOOD, but I had to remember not to get too excited too soon and mess up a good butt fuck for later. We had at least an hour left to go before the start of the show. Occasionally, Miss Red Trousers would bend over talking to her friends or trying to see things. This made it possible for me to get some harder, deeper digs into her butt. Eventually, the crowd had built to where I could maintain constant contact with those PLUMP buns. As she would shift and move, I was able to rub the head of my pole just a little deeper . . . her bending and moving intensifying the pleasure . . . I could feel the pre-cum now glistening on the tip of my dick . . . before long, that pre-cum would be leaking onto her bum . . . soiling her thin pants.

I took some time to exam this big ass blonde. I could look into her face as she turned her head to the side to talk to her friends. She had greenish/gray eyes and wore these glasses that gave her pretty face a kind of “smart” look. Her blonde hair was pulled back and up like so many women wear their hair at concerts. For some strange reason, the freckles on her nose made my dick harder . . . I fantasized about spunking on her freckled nose like in a bukkake movie . . . and watching her pert little nose twitch and her nostrils flare open as the spunk splatters down onto her nose. I listened in to some of her conversation with her friends and heard that they were from a small town. This too excited me . . . I looked into her face and said in my head, “I’m gonna BUTT FUCK the motherfuckin hell outta your BIG, PHAT BUTTER EATIN COUNTRY ASS!!!”

I continued with the light humping right up to the point just before the first band was to start. That’s when there was the crowd surge I had been waiting for! With the sash pushed to the side, I quickly lifted my shirt and allowed the movement of the crowd to PUSH MY WORM RIGHT INTO THE GIRL’S ARSE! I let out a muffled OOHHHHHHH under my breath! I was right up on the bitch’s back now and placed both my hands on her shoulders. The music started and I began to GRIND MY DICK INTO HER DEEP CRACK! The girl looked over at her brunette friend and smiled :-) Things got even more squashed and I FOUND MY FACE PUSHED RIGHT INTO THE BACK OF THE GIRL'S HEAD!

Well, with my DICK SAUSAGED BETWEEN Miss Red Trouser’s DEEP, PHAT ASS CHEEKS and a MOUTHFUL OF HER HAIR BETWEEN MY LIPS AND TEETH, this was ASS FUCK CHIKAN HEAVEN my friends! Her hair smelled good as I rested the full weight of my head and face into the back of her head. I KISSED HER HARD ON THE BACK OF HER HEAD SEVERAL TIMES, then with her good smelling hair still all in my mouth, AND MY FACE BURIED INTO THE BACK OF HER HEAD, I BEGAN TO DO LOUD "SHOGUN SHOUTS" that were muffled because my mouth was buried into her hair. I GROANED, "OOOHHHHHHH AND AAAHHHHHHHH YOUR BIG, FAT COUNTRY ASS FEELS GOOOOOOD!!!!!" My DICK was ROCK HARD as MY LIPS PRESSED INTO AND DRAGGED ACROSS HER SKULL AS I MOUTHED MY PERVERTED GRUNTS AND WORDS!!!!!

While still digging my dick right up that girl’s small town COUNTRY ASSHOLE, and my face still pressed into the back of her head, I decided to go “ex-Nanbread” on the bitch. I OPENED MY MOUTH AND BEGAN TO TWIST AND TWIRL THE CHICK’S BLONDE HAIR AROUND WITH MY TONGUE!!! I THEN GAVE HER JUST A LITTLE BIT OF A “SPITPOO” BY DEPOSITING SOME SPIT INTO THE BACK OF HER HEAD!!! Several times, I closed my eyes and kissed the girl hard some more on the back of her head while I PORKED THE BITCH BETWEEN HER CHEEKS, moaning and groaning into the back of her skull. At some point, I removed my face from her hair and the back of her head so that I could look into her pretty face while I dug way, WAAAAAY up her “BUNG HOLE.” The sight of her smiling over at her friend while I TAPPED THAT ASS excited me to no end! Also, I gently MASSAGED HER SHOULDERS WITH MY FINGERS AS I GOT ME SOME OF THAT POOP CHUTE!

I continued with this humping and shoulder massaging action right on through the first band. I thought to myself that I should have “creamed her cornhole” by now. It was a rougher crowd, and I was concerned that I might lose my prey if I wasn’t diligent and careful. I kept up with my hunching during break down and setup for the next band, although at a less frantic speed. We remained squashed in the crowd with MY DICK JAMMED INTO THE CREASE. AWWWW FUCK! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK CHIKANS THE SHIT FELT GUUUUUUUDDDDD!!!!! I took slow and circular digs into her ARSE GAP now . . . feeling her FLESHY BUM CHEEKS SPREAD OPEN AND CLOSE TO THE BUTTFUCK I WAS PUTTING ON MY PREY. FFFFFFFFFUCK!!!

I heard somebody in the crowd tell someone else that they were getting too much into their space . . . getting into their “bubble.” I thought, “And my dick is in this PHAT ASS BLONDE’S BUBBLE . . . HER FUCKIN ROUND WHITE ONION BUBBLE BUTT!!!” My dick stiffened and twitched with my perverted thinking. I looked into her face as I bum humped her and said to myself, “I’m going to FUCK YOU in your HICK COUNTRY ASSHOLE until I SPERM in your CHOCOLATE STARFISH BITCH!!!!” When the next band came on, I was determined to cum, so I started to drop the old SLAM FUCK on that BLONDE, HAYSEED ASSHOLE! I looked on with ABSOLUTE JOY as I watched her body VIOLENTLY JERK FORWARD from my now AGGRESSIVE humping.

All along, the girl never complained or said a word to me or anybody else about being ass fucked in the crowd. WELCOME TO THE BIG CITY BITCH! You bring your phat, hick ass to the show, and the chikan Shogun WILL PUSH YOUR SHIT IN!!! She had been looking over at her blonde and brunette friends smiling, but the crowd soon got so rough that all three friends got separated. No fuckin way was she gonna take her big ass ANYWHERE, not until I had spunked on her butt and stained her clothes! After keeping up with the slam fucking for several minutes, and still not having cum, I decided it now had to be all out PURPOSEFUL FUCKING with NO CAUTION! I had to go for it! While still holding the bitch and gently massaging her shoulders, I SQUATTED AND LINED MY “POOTY PROBER” UP WITH THE “SWEET SPOT” . . . . you know . . . WHERE THE ASS CHEEKS AND PUSSY MEET.

What happened next was perhaps my favorite part of the evening because of the way she reacted to what I was doing. While squatting to get the best angle, I began to take HARD, DEEP, STEADY, and RYTHMIC DIGS into the girls ASSHOLE!!! I mean I was REALLY hunching and PUTTING MY BACK INTO IT. Several times I looked down and could see my hips SLAMMING into her PLUMP BUBBLE WHICH WOULD SINK IN AND BOUNCE BACK OUT FROM MY BUTTFUCKING MOTIONS. I was VERY EXCITED because if she hadn’t realized earlier that what I was doing was deliberate, then she HAD to know it was now. I WAS SQUATTING AND HUNCHING LIKE A MONGREL DOGGY TRYING TO BREED A BITCH UP THE BUTT!!! She had been moving her buns around some earlier and hopping when the crowd would let her. But now, even though she could move some, SHE STOOD PERFECTLY STILL AND TOOK HER ASS FUCKING!!!

I KNEW at this very moment, while she stood perfectly still, that SHE KNEW what was happening, and had decided to allow herself to be MOUNTED and FUCKED IN THE ASS at the biggest concert of the year! I have gotten this reaction of acceptance from other girls many a time. She was either looking straight ahead or to her left where her friends had been. When I could, I would look right into her face with SATISFACTION as I BRED HER IN HER DEEP ASS CRACK . . . watching her body LURCH AS SHE RECEIVED A PUBLIC BUTTFUCKING! I know she felt that dick, which was hitting some of her taint area too. I know she took some pleasure from my "STIFFY" being ground into her privates. I kept going until the SEED FINALLY SPEWED OUT OF MY EXPOSED DICK AND LANDED HIGH ONTO HER LEFT ARSE CHEEK!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!


My kneading and squeezing of those phat, PLUM, arse cheeks went on for several seconds before I decided I wanted out of the crowd. The girl NEVER objected. MAN! First, she let me fuck her in the ass, then she let me feel up her “moons”! You can’t ask for more than that! I told this guy who was nearby that I wanted out. He suggested that I crowd surf and get pulled out over the front barricade. I thought about it for a minute, but then decided no way. My dick, although covered by the shirt, was still out and I couldn’t get it back in because the crowd was so bad. I couldn’t risk my dick falling out and being seen while being pulled over the top! Hahahahaha! So, I slowly but surely fought my way out of the worst of the crowd by moving back. Not easy to do, but I had done it many times before.

After taking a break, I decided it was time to go for some more biscuits! I had kneaded some “booty biscuit dough” in my hands. Now it was time for titty and cootchie biscuits. I also wanted to stick some fingers up some pooty holes, especially my thumb! I read how Jay had done this and caused dismay to come on a bitch’s face. That’s what I wanted to do too . . . shove my thumb up some assholes and see a look of dismay on a bitch’s face. So back into the crowd I went. I got behind a cute brunette and began to stick my index finger between her butt cheeks. I pushed it in several times, but she seemed to notice nothing. But this guy standing nearby seemed to be looking my way . . . trying to see what I was doing it appeared. I tried to be more subtle, but he kept looking.

I decided to just ignore the guy. WRONG MOVE! I had just dug “Mr. Stinky” into the girl’s crack again when the guy came over and said to me, “Man that’s my sister.” I tried to act like I didn’t hear what he said. I said something about the concert and tried to high five the guy and shake his hand. HAHAHAHAHA! He said, “NO, I SAW YOU TOUCH HER! IF YOU DO IT AGAIN, YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE!” So what was I to do now? Try to deny it and argue with him about it or something? It wasn’t worth all that. I was guilty, and there was no sense in doing anything to worsen the situation. Was I to fight him? “What for,” I thought. “There’s plenty of other crack up in here.” So, I just minded my own business for a few minutes, and so did “big brother” who even moved away from me. Eventually, I moved off into the crowd in search of more biscuits.

I saw a girl in the crowd whose multi-colored panties were sticking up out of the back of her jeans. In the melee of the crowd, I STUCK MY FINGERS INTO HER PANTIES AND PULLED THEM BACK AND SNAPPED THEM HARD! If it hadn’t been so noisy, I know I would have heard the “snap!” In any event, I know she felt the snap against her body with force because I had pulled really hard :-) Without her looking back, I saw her adjust her clothes by pulling her jeans up and her top down. A girl who was crowd surfing was passed over me . . . I squeezed and kneaded her booty biscuits for a few seconds. Some people were slam dancing and in the frenzy, I squeezed a girl hard and DEEP on the arse twice. I saw a panicked look on her face as she told her friend that somebody was grabbing her ass :-) Another girl was walking through the crowd . . . I REACHED INTO HER CROTCH AND FELT THE SOFTNESS OF HER “MUFFIN” BETWEEN HER LEGS . . . COOTCHIE BISCUIT . . . YUMMY! I think she knew my hand was in there but thought it was due to the crowd. Dumb bitch!

I still hadn’t shoved my thumb up any pooty holes yet because I hadn’t found the right opportunity. But before long, I did find three suitable targets. The first was a cute, late teen girl with brown hair that had been pulled back into a ponytail. She had a plump butt inside some jeans. During a break between bands, I pushed my index finger in between her ass crack several times. When the music started up again, I switched to my thumb and pushed REALLY HARD because of the jeans. Several times she FLEXED HER BUTT CHEEKS AND MY THUMB AND/OR INDEX FINGER GOT WEDGIED IN BETWEEN HER BOOTY CHEEKS! I took pleasure as the bitch started looking around with that dismayed look I wanted to see on her lovely face :-) She skirted around some people to get away from Mr. Stink Finger and his new friend “Mr. Bum Thumb.” Hahahaha!

I found another girl, a blonde wearing jeans and shoved Mr. Bum Thumb up her asshole too! She too started to look around, but more with a look of annoyance than of dismay. And she too moved away from me. But the third chick I picked for an “exploratory” from Mr. Bum Thumb was the best. She was also a blonde. I’m not sure what she was wearing, but her pants were soft and MY THUMB DESCENDED BETWEEN HER BUTTCHEEKS RIGHT DOWN TO HER POOTY HOLE! The Shogun had HIT PAYDIRT WITH HIS THUMB! But the best part was that the bitch didn’t move away! She stayed where she was but looked around with dismay and panic as MY THUMB PRESSED HER ANUS! I kept doing it, and eventually JAMMED MY THUMB AGAINST HER PUSSY/TAINT AREA TOO!!! The bitch was totally panicked and didn’t know what to do. I kept violating her ANAL CAVITY and her PUSSY/TAINT with my fingers. Eventually, she allowed herself to be pulled out of the crowd. I tried to get my digits into a short blonde's butt but she moved away to where her guy friend was.

I still hadn’t got any titty biscuits yet. I decided I needed to find some before the night was done. I got into a jam in the crowd and found myself . . . and my arm . . . against a short blonde’s chest. Even though she was there with a guy, I AGGRESSIVELY RUBBED MY ARM AND THE BACK OF MY HAND ALL OVER HIS BITCH’S TITTIES for several seconds! She seemed to take it all as “incidental contact” from the crowd. Another dumb bitch! There was a break in the action for the final headliner band to set up, and I thought that I had enough for the night. I decided that I would just cool it now and watch the headline band since they are an absolute legend and will be remembered for all time. I saw the phat ass country blonde I had ass fucked earlier! I thought, "I buttfucked the DAYLIGHTS out of your deep asshole! I was the ROTO-ROOTER MAN IN YOUR ASS. If your plumbing was clogged before, it's sure as hell open now!" I wanted to get close enough to see if I could spot the spermies stain I had deposited into the fabric of her thin trousers, but chose to stand back instead.

No sooner had I made the decision to close it down for the night than I saw that I was standing near this chick who had been flashing the crowd. You see, many girls were being hoisted up onto the shoulders of guys so that they could flash their titty and booty biscuits to the crowd. A few, including this whore that I was now standing near, had taken off ALL their clothes and been TOTALLY NAKED while flashing the crowd. This bitch had done this, and for that, I needed to get some of her whore ass. The only problem was that she was with like 3 or 4 bald white guys that looked like they were from the World Wrestling Federation! I would really be taking a chance here. Did I really want to get into a fight on this night and get my ass pulverized or what?

No matter. I HAD to have some of this SLUT'S ass. She was FINE too with auburn/red hair and a beautiful, butter pecan color to her skin. I fantasized about having her whore ass up against the barricade and buttfucking the holy shit out of her arsehole until she sobbed for mercy. There would be none of that tonight with her, but I would try to get into position to feel up that ass. I managed to get behind her, but I had to be CAREFUL because of the guys she was with. In order to pull off some feels, the Shogun decided to turn to some tried and true techniques known as the “bump and clap” and the “bump and pump”.

So, while standing close behind my target in the crowd, I would raise my hands to clap for the band, BUMPING HER WHORE ASS CHEEKS AS I RAISED MY HANDS TO CLAP. At the same time, I would raise a hand in the air to pump a fist to the band . . . making sure to BUMP THE BITCH’S ASS CHEEKS EACH TIME I RAISED MY HANDS TO MAKE A FIST. In this way, I was able to feel her wonderfully soft buttocks cheeks without raising any suspicions on anybody’s part . . . and getting my ass smashed by the WWF guys! Several times things got out of hand with people crowd surfing. During these times, I managed to bump the chick’s butt cheeks with my dick. I also got a little into her crack with my dick. But the best was when I managed to dig some fingers between her pliable, browned, butter soft booty cheeks.

After many minutes of this, it was close to “quitting time.” As one last “dastardly act”, I palmed the big ass of this woman who had asked me if I had a pen (I think she was wanting to give some guy her number). I told her that I did not have a pen. I saw that the guy she was talking to had been palming her ass. When he moved his hand, I PUT MY HAND BACK THERE AND FELT INTO HER CRACK TOO! I did this about 3 times until she finally looked around to see whose hand it was. I quickly withdrew my hand, and she told the guy she was talking to that some other guy who was standing nearby was palming her buttocks cheeks. Surely it couldn’t have been the nice guy she had just been talking to and had asked for a pen. Noooooooooo! Heeheeheehee!!!!

As I left the arena, all I could think about was all the damage I had done on that night. Buttfucked a country ass blonde with a big, soft, round, onion booty all up in her asshole while she stood there and took that big dick way in that ass . . . fingered a guy’s sister in her sensitive pooty hole and got caught . . . snapped a chick’s panties . . . shoved Mr. Stink Finger and Mr. Bum Thumb up several poop chutes . . . grabbed a cootchie biscuit . . . and on and on. What a night! WHAT A CONCERT SEASON! It’s all down hill from here now as far as concerts go . . . it’s all down hill from here.

Black Shogun

August award: HandsOnExperience/JackTheGripper
for being a true American party aminal
(And you are a true concert lover too. You love a concert, not necessarily music.)

Northeast, USA (Wed 06 Aug 2003 03:08:52 GMT)

Sorry for the length. Maybe no shorter explanation possible, though.

New here on this board, and while browsing through past comments, I saw a few mention the difficulty of finding groping opportunities in the NE, USA. An accurate statement for the most part, but there are golden opportunities in shore party towns where you can find very drunk women. Take New Jersey, for example, an entirely over-policed state where you would figure NOTHING good could happen. However, try Belmar, Seaside Heights, and Long Beach Island in the summer at night on weekends. NYC girls and local girls alike go out to the bars in town and get blitzed, I mean stumbling, blind drunk. These women are in these beach towns to party, and they do so recklessly. Sometimes, more often than you would think, they stagger home ALONE, wearing skimpy outfits. I'm not into the secret, soft bump-and-grind-from-behind a lot of you here seem to go for, so I’m not even sure the following belongs. I like smoking hot women and blatant feels, sometimes pulling off their clothing as I pass by. Obviously this means applying the UTMOST CARE AND PATIENCE waiting for the right situation. Patrol cars zip about these towns and some have rent-a-cops on foot, so you have to be sure no one is around, especially someone in uniform. There are also limitless voyeur opportunities on the beach proper at night, as drunk couples come to have sex by the ocean, often only several yards from you. They either don’t care, or don’t notice you. If I had night vision that attached to a DVD recorder (such things are available, but expensive, probably $2000 US for the right equipment), I could probably make a killing with MPEGs online…

Some experiences I’ve had, listed in order from worst to best:

1)Drunk, hot, brunette—classic Jewish American Princess—in an NJ shore community with a large, wealthy Jewish population, swaying down the street oblivious at night. She was older, maybe late 30’s, slim, smallish tits, but wide hips and matching ass. She was wearing tight, white, cloth pants, probably no undies. Her ass was shaped odd, but definitely nice. Sort flat up top, but saggy with full round cheeks below. Possibly having children caused the strange shape. Anyway, she paid little mind to me, even though I passed her and turned right around to follow her. When we got to a dark section of street away from the lamps, I moved forward quickly and grabbed a strong handful of one of those tempting, saggy ass cheeks, pinched real hard to get to know EXACTLY what they felt like. She was not pleased and chased after me, pushing me and calling me a pig. Didn’t care, the handful was worth it, but I DID get out of there straight away when she finally ended her tirade, in case she was pissed enough to report.

2) Watching plenty of drunk people having sex on the beach, various occasions/locales, as mentioned above.

3) Jerking off in front of three, hot teenage girls on the Belmar beach at night, who I watched get stoned before moving in. One had a tambourine and egged me on, pounding it every time I stroked.

4) Watched an older brunette on a corner in Belmar make out with a guy. She was slightly chunky with a big ass, but had great tits, sort of bulging out of her top. They sat down on the sidewalk and made out until a cop pulled up and told them to move along. For some reason they went separate ways, she stumbling off on her own, very drunk. I took off ahead of her on my bike (which I often use to troll the area for opportunities), ditched it behind bushes, and walked back up the road toward her. Pulled my cock out of my shorts, and as I got close, I did two things at once. With one hand, I pulled her hand onto my dick, with the other, I reached into her bra, under her tit, and pulled it upwards out of the top. Big nipple, but surprisingly firm, being that she most likely was over 40. Her only reaction was to say, “Who are you?” Then she moved on quickly, the situation dawning on her suddenly and sobering her a bit. I offered to walk her home, but she declined. Just trying to be nice :).

5) Another drunk girl in Belmar, young, possibly only 20, was so drunk she collapsed on the sidewalk right in front of me as I walked toward her. She was pretty, slim, smallish tits, great legs and ass, short brunette hair, tight, tan shorts, black top. I moved in for an obvious score, when she stood and asked my help to get her to the Piranha Bar on 18th Ave. I led her slightly away from 18th Ave., south, to the lake that separates Belmar from Spring Lake. She was so drunk, even though she told me that she actually worked at the Piranha Bar, and therefore must know the area somewhat when sober, she had no idea we were taking a detour. Right before we could reach the lake, she stopped to pee, stripping her shorts off in front of me. Neat crop of pussy hair (Hitler mustache) and red lips. I was instantly erect watching her stream of urine. Had no idea I was into that! She fell backwards while squatting and peed a little on her pulled-down panties and shorts, so I moved over to help her gain her feet. She stood with her shorts still down, and I reached for her pussy, groping it with fingers on the outside, feeling her lips and clit. She giggled! Also, I pulled up her shirt and bra, revealing one perfectly-shaped, little, b-cup breast with a tiny, dime-sized nipple. I bent down to suck on her nipple, but she shied back some. I stopped since we were in someone’s driveway. Not the place to push the point. Helped her get her shorts up and walked her across the street to the lake by the hand, and found a place behind bushes. I immediately pulled her top and bra up and sucked on those little nipples all I wanted. Reached a hand into her shorts and this time went inside, pressing at her G-spot. She seemed to melt almost instantly and fell slowly down to the ground, lying with her legs wide open, looking at me. I yanked her shorts and panties off, pushed her legs up by her head, and started fucking her. Stopped a couple times to pull out and finger her deep enough to feel her cervix. Also, just pressed my cock up into her as deep as it would go, and stopped pumping, just holding it in her. Couldn’t believe I had nailed such a hot little bitch, and I wanted to savor the moment. Also slapped her little tits. She had enough tit for them to jigglesome, which I like. Pulled out and came on her belly, and then regretted that I didn’t try and finish in her ass, or do other things like try and fist her. Pent-up desire and anger was gone and splattered on her belly, obviously, so I got her dressed and walked her to the bar, where we hugged and said goodbye. Left w/o going inside. May have to go to the Piranha Bar one of these days and see if she remembers me.

So you see there are REALLY GREAT opportunities in unlikely places. Just gotta be careful and yet aggressive. And aren’t women funny? You would figure the broad that would have let me fuck her would have been the older, less attractive 40 year old, who was already near getting banged in the street before I showed up. Instead, I stuck it up the more desirable younger hottie! I’ll post more when the encounters occur, assuming you guys care…

Vans Warped Tour and Ozzfest (Tue 19 Aug 2003 06:58:56 GMT)

You guys may remember my last post as "HandsOnExperience" where I talked about the opportunities in the northeastern US shore towns. Thought that nickname was kinda gay, so I've switched to "JackTheGripper."

Anyway, things have sort of dried up in New Jersey's shore towns. I don't know if it's the bad weather, or the fact that the season is coming to an end, or whatever, but it seems like there are more cops looking to issue summonses than young women looking to party anymore, so not much to report. Did see one couple TOTALLY NUDE screwing by the ocean on Long Beach Island, NJ. They had no blanket or towel, so one has to wonder how much sand she got in her vagina. I mean, that sand gets EVERYWHERE. Weird thing is, I was watching them through a night-vision scope that I have, and a couple cops walked onto the beach right up to them, shined their flashlights on them while she was on top, basically helping themselves to a free show at her expense, and then walked away. She was a pretty and busty blonde, probably in her late twenties. He was a hairy beast, but I try to imagine the guy isn't even there when I watch. These two barely skipped a beat. When the cops left, they started fucking again. I really need to upgade my equipment so I can film this stuff and put the MPEG's online...

These days the pickin's might be slim in eastern US shore towns, but the concerts RULE. Well, the music sucks in my book, but the groping was excellent. Went to the Vans Warped Tour in Asbury Park, NJ, on August 10, and Ozzfest at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ (formerly the Garden State Arts Center) yesterday, August 18. The Vans Warped Tour was UNBELIEVABLE. I highly recommend checking it out next year (assuming the Warped Tour happens again next year) to anyone who can get to Asbury. Go to the main stages with the national, not local acts. The main stages are loaded with scantily clad 14-18 year old girls, and most are BEAUTIFUL, ADVENTUROUS, and NAIVE. The only bad thing for some of you, maybe, is that you have to be willing to tolerate a packed house and mosh pits in front of the stage. If you can bear nearly being crushed by other people, and the occasional braining from a crowd surfer, your opportunities will be LIMITLESS. The girls are right down in the melee with the guys, and crowd-surfing as well. It is hard to keep up with all the girls crowd surfing at the Warped Tour, in Jersey anyway. I swear it's like a feeding frenzy. A FEELING frenzy. My hands barely were done crushing one girl's chest as she passed over me, when another girl's ass and pussy through her skirt or shorts were served up to me. One girl came down from the sky right in front of me, like a gift from heaven, and while trying to catch her to keep her from smacking into the pavement, I ACCIDENTALLY pulled her shirt and bra right up over her head. No joke. I WASN'T EVEN TRYING and there they were, nipples, soft, fleshy, jiggly mounds, and all. Honestly I can't remember how many times my hands were on pussy, ass, and tits. And it was all young, firm, and pretty, except for a few fat ones. And I wasn't the only one. I was slightly worried about security going in, but soon after approaching the stage for the first band, I saw many other guys groping everywhere they could, and all concerns left my mind, allowing me to concentrate on the female bodies around me. Their tits HAD to be sore after the show, guys were crushing and squeezing them so often. There was one blonde with very large tits and nipples flashing a band I didn't know the name of.

I just have to blah-blah a little about this one girl. She was probably no more than 15, and looked very much like Jennifer Love Hewitt, except her hair was long and curly, not long and straight, her tits were smaller, maybe A cups or possibly B's, and she had freckles on her nose. Since I have a Love Hewitt fetish (no, I don't watch her crappy movies, just download her nip-slips and such off the Net), I was in love immediately. And she soon found out how much in love. She was wearing jeans, so ass grabbing was a little disappointing, but her breasts were quite available as she pumped her arms in the air to the music, rather than crossing them in front of her as some girls do at these shows to protect themselves. I fought the crowd to nestle in behind her, and it wasn't long before the heaving masses pressed me violently up against her. I conveniently put my hands on her tits, right hand on right tit, left hand on left tit, and kneeded them, deliberately feeling just how soft yet slightly firm they were. Even felt the nipples through her shirt and bra and the marbly glands inside her breasts, I was so determined to squeeze enough to get to know them. Probably savored the moment a little too long, as she spun her head around (there was no way she was turning her body or getting away from me with the crowd pressing us together), and looked at me with a little shock at first, and then slight annoyance. But these girls are young and naive, so they know somewhat that what's going on is wrong, but they really don't know where they stand. I will never forget how pretty and helpless she looked, and of course I'll never forget the feel of her young nubs. THAT, gentlemen, is HEAVEN. Well, almost. I regret not going up and under her shirt and bra and feeling skin directly. Did that with several girls crowd surfing that day.

Took a break and got some water, because I was soaked with sweat, a lot of it NOT mine. Yuck. Sat down and noticed a young maybe 13 or 14 year old girl. She had her back against a fence, sitting on the ground, and I was on a knee-high wall about five feet in front of her, facing her. It soon hit me that with my baggy shorts, legs wide open, and lack of underwear, she was getting quite a view, what with her head being perfectly at my crotch's level. It's funny, sometimes you can tell when a girl has never seen a penis before, and I just got the feeling that mine was her first. I had mirrored sunglasses on, so I pretended to be looking off in another direction with my head turned away, but my eyes were on her, and she studied it quite a bit, looking away from time to time, so as not to be too obvious. Thing is, I was getting aroused, so not only did she see her first penis, but she saw her first slow motion erection take place as well. The little captain crawled down my shorts and pointed stiffly in her direction. She got up and left soon after, casting nearly SLACK-JAWED looks back at me as she walked away.

Sometimes it's good being me.

Ozzfest wasn't nearly as rewarding, but it was still good. If you haven't been to the PNC Arts Center, the main stage is outside but under a roof with seating in front of it, and security checks tickets religiously, so it's kinda strange to see a metal band there, since there's no way a crowd can develop or surfing or mosh pits can go on right in front of the main stage. The second stage at Ozzfest was a lot like the main stages at the Warped Tour, however, except the crowd wasn't as young and fanatical, so there were very little mad presses toward the stage. People tended to stay fairly well spaced, except when Cradle of Filth, Sworn Enemy, and Voivod played. Things got tight then. And the girls were surfing. No need to get into that again, except to say that one girl was nearly stripped naked while in the air. Tits out, guys groping them, sweat pants being pulled down, etc. Unfortunately I was not near her to cop a feel when it happened. Another girl had her shirt off with just nipple pasties on. She was with her stupid boyfriend away from the loco crowd, so I never got a chance to grab them. Great tits to look at, though. Big, shapely, natural C cups.

When they shut down the second stage and started the more popular bands at the main stage, gropes got even tougher to come by. I bought the more expensive ticket for a stadium seat, but soon found out all the action was behind me up in the lawn seating where people can stand or sit on the ground. What I had to do was walk around until I found one of the random mosh pits that open up, stand right on the edge of one, next to a hot woman, and wait to be pushed into her. Usually didn't take long before my hands were where they should be, and it all seemed accidental to these women. As darkness fell, I got a little more aggressive. I reached down one girl's tank top, no bra, and went back and forth from tit to tit, squeezing, feeling a nip, rubbing, squeezing again, until the crowd pushed us back toward the pit. Don't know if she was pissed. I immediately left to find another pit each time I scored. After it got dark, I stopped waiting for the pits, and just groped as I walked by. This was a little reckless I admit, but fun. One girl managed to knock my hand away before I could grab her tit, like some kinda karate defense move. Back at the mosh pits, another smoking hot brunette with breast implants gave me a bumper sticker that she claimed was her band. It had a URL on it, but when I visited, I found out the band was all guys:

No, it's NOT my band, and, no, I'm NOT soliciting. I included the URL in case she's one of the band members' girlfriends and they post a pic of her some day. You can check her out, if they do, because I “checked her out” at Ozzfest! She was wearing no underwear at all, no bra, no panties, and a homemade, cut-from-a-sweatshirt bikini top that not only let her nipples poke through but was cut so low it let you see her nipples outright if you looked down the top. She also wore a pair of cut-off, sweatpants shorts that said "SPOILED" on her ass. Soon after she handed me the bumper sticker, the mosh pit to our right pushed me into her and my hands were all over her fake titties and that spoiled ass. I'm really surprised she and her two pretty friends didn't complain, because I gave it to them good. Actually they were pissing and moaning about the mosh pit, so they were probably too preoccupied to notice what I was doing. The pit made me spill my beer all over them, so not only did I grope them, but I made them unwilling participants in an unwelcomed wet T-shirt contest.

If you go to the web site, send them an email, telling them to post pics of their girlfriends. And ask them in the email if one of their girlfriends remembers the guy at Ozzfest who spilt beer on and groped the shit out of her. I was the also the one who, after the accident, jokingly flicked a little more beer on one of her friends because she said, "Beer is very good for your hair."

September award: New York Sex Beast
for his tour of Europe
(And spreading the word BREED.)

London (Fri 29 Aug 2003 21:06:10 GMT)

Hi iron dick, black shogun,

I have been in London for two days now and I love the english sluts. It is easy to breed with them. They get drunk very quickly and I breed with the young girls.

I have also visited the victoria line this morning. I bred with several english sluts on there way to work.

hi iron dick black shogun (Sun 07 Sep 2003 20:53:30 GMT)

I currently in Paris. I enjoyed my time in Amsterdam. I bred with lots of blonde attractive girls. I explored the red light district and chose to breed with several of these delicious looking young girls.

I mated with blonde girls from Yugoslavia, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark and local girls.

I tried to butt fuck the girls like iron dick does. Two girls refused to allow me to breed inside there bum cracks. The yugoslavian and Polish girls were happy for me breed in their bum cracks when I paid them an extra 100 euros.

I rented a young 18 year old spanish girl and did breeding with her back at my hotel. I licked and salivated all over body. Then like iron dick I told her to lie down while I squashed her body and opened her crack up with my hard cock.

I wanted to leave teeth marks on her body like iron dick but she got upset when I was squashing her hard and started screaming.

I am thinking of moving to amsterdam. It is very easy to breed with women. I understand why iron dick always visits.

Paris (Tue 16 Sep 2003 21:17:07 GMT)

Hi Iron Dick, Black Shogun,

My trip to mainland europe has been such an exciting experience. I have bred with many european women and young girls.

I am currently in Paris sampling the french women. The Paris Metro is not so busy so it it difficult to breed with the french girls. They smell good and wear nice makeup and short skirts. I yearn to breed with with them all.

I walked brushed past several french teenage girls in streets whispering in theirs ears. I wish to breed with you. They look at me strangely then move on. My cock goes hard and I want to breed so badly and give them lots of babies. I bump into the back of them and do a quick fuck.

Will be heading to Germany soon. I shall speak to you soon.

Frankfurt Germany - Breeding with German Girls (Fri 26 Sep 2003 16:44:23 GMT)

Hi Iron Dick, Shogun,

I am currently in Frankfurt. German women are very beautiful. They wear short skirts and have juicy thighs and juicy buttocks.

There are many brothels full of blonde german girls. Yesterday I visited the indoor brothels and began breeding with young german women. In the evenings I visited the erotic massage parlours and spent time playing with two young girls in a jacuzzi. We then went to the bedroom where the two girls began doing lesbian stuff. I breeded with both of them. Licking their beautiful fair skinned bodies and licking their faces then breeding with them.

Today in the crowded open market I bred with a tall german woman with long slender legs like Claudia Schiffer. Will write more reports later.

October award: Gentlebrush
for his holidaying
(You are a smart dresser in a sense.)

Close Call (Mon 20 Oct 2003 15:38:34 GMT)

Hey gang and my good friend Black Shogun.

I just got back from my vacation out west. I won't tell you where but I would like to say I had a couple of good encounters with some babes which I think it was consensual experience and one bad one which I thought it was consensual may change my chikan way of life. I had the opportunity to ride a very busy transit system in the crowded city where I enjoy the view of beautiful women going about there Daly routine going to work,shoping, site seeing. these women got me rock hard. I haven;t been frotting on a bus in a long awhile so I was quite nervous either though I never been to this city before. I learn the bus route pretty quickly. First ride wasn't that crowded. Reading Arm humper and Ozzie groper post on arm humping I seen this Mexican girl about 19 sitting near where I was standing talking to her mother with her bare arm nice skin holding a bag on her lap so I decided to give it a try so I position my pole so it slightly touch her bare arm and nothing, she was busy in her conversation with her mother. I must say it was stimulating watching her pretty face as my cock was hitting her arm with the bus movement and each bump my cock would get harder as I put more pressure on her arm no reaction from her she kept talking this went on for three minutes and all of a sudden she stop talking and look out the window and and now her mother was doing all the talking for least another two minute and my Mexican sweetie had to feel my cock on her arm so finally she blurted out we missed our stop! and the mother said why didn't you pay attention? So I. Back off and let them past by me to get off the next stop. IM not sure if she enjoyed it or was scared to move.
More people got on and filling up the bus and this girl maybe about 17. She was slim 5/4 white brunette wearing light shinny brown tight pants with a white top she standing about a feet away from me holding the pole so I inched up to her and position my cock on her right cheek she turn to look down at my pants as I step back to show her disapproval of my advance so I just stood there thinking she could not be touched a few minute later she acted if she was lazy putting her head on the pole and bending down swinging her hips side way with the bus movement inching her butt in my direction so I move up a step and let her make contact with my cock this time she had her right butt cheek there for a few second and she applied more pressure she straighten up and look down at me again with the disapproval again so I back up a little again and the fellow that got up to let her sit down as he got off the bus ended that cock tease play. I thick she was curious on how far I would go.

Finally the second day the bus was pack in rush hour and got behind a Philippine women with short brown hair with frosted blonde streaks with a nice round butt wearing red business suit with my cock in her crack for three stop she didn't turn or do anything.

I was at the zoo and itched my way toward a blonde shoulder length that was 5/6 with thin tight black pants pink shirt with bubble butt that shogun love she had a glamorous rich look about her, classy, She was standing behind her husband left side while he was taking the pitcher of the Lion in a glass window with her right arm leaning against her husband shoulder looking though the glass window as the crowd gather around to watch the Lion performance there was men's with the lion that made the crowd get bigger to see if the lion will attack the men in side the cage the men were professional trainer. The crowd behind me pushes me on the blonde right butt cheek it felt soft and firm as I kept my dick there for a few second and she bend over to see the Lion my cock slid in her crack which heavenly felt great then she realize what was happening she move to the side with her elbow on the right side of my stomach as I was sinking deeper in her crack the crowd behind me was getting thinker she turn more to the side and I move side way to get directly behind her smelled the perfume and had my lips in the back her hair and I came in her crack it felt great and turn back out before she tell her husband if she did or not.

The last day was an Eye opener. I had my bag pack and sign out of the hotel and had an hour and a half before the taxi pick me up the take me to the airport so I decided to walk to the gallery outside mall across the street where a lot of local and tourist as myself would do some shopping and they had a stage in the middle of the mall where they had band playing all week and there was never enough crowd to where I can do my thing, and besides, There were cops all over that place with tight security. But that day there had a rock festival where a well know band was to play and I seen very huge crowd gather around the stage so my heart started to beat with some excitement as I was there would be pack of people so I can do my chikaning. So I work my way to the front stage got behind Strawberry blonde in her late 30th with a nice round butt her son and girlfriend they seem to be having to mush fun with beer in there hand dancing singing as you guys know that I like the wild one where I had good experience:) So I position myself behind her waiting for the band to come out as I only have an hour to kill before the taxi come and the crowd was getting thick and I was touching her butt cheek with my dick she was moving back to me dancing with the mall music massaging my dick hoping I wounded come before the band get started. And the band came out and everyone cheered she jump up and down on my dick and around' and all of a sudden she move up to whisper to her girl friend and they turn around to get out of there and she shoved me back on my shoulder with her arm and said something with disgust on her face so I acted like I didn't know what was wrong with her and went back to my place to watch the band as I knew she was heading to find a police to point me out so I made my way out to the side to mingle with the crowd and hide behind some people as I took my hat and my Hawaii Shirt off. I had a tee shirt underneath as I made it behind the newsstand and the cops flew past me heading in the crowd to look for me. And I made out of the mall and headed to the hotel to wait for the taxi. That was a close call.

I tell you I never been so scared. That will stop me for chikaning for a while.

November award: ozzi groper
for his amusing stories and thoughtful comments
(And making Melbourne Cup famous.)

The Melbourne Cup - A Gropers Paradise (Tue 04 Nov 2003 14:05:06 GMT)

I think every groper I have ever seen was there. And since I saw most of them around the same area, I guess I had selected the plce for the best pickings.
But more about that in a moment. Let me tell those of you who don't know, what The Melbourne Cup is. Very simply, it is a horse race, held in Melbourne on the first Tuesday in the second week of November (don't ask me to explain that one, but today's cup is as early as it ever gets!). Melbourne (only) gets a public holiday to celebrate the climax of the Spring Racing Season, and some of the best stayers in the world come to compete for $M1+ prize money. And everyone, mainly those of us who know nothing about horses, flock to clebrate what has become an Ozzi tradition for nearly a century. Lots of booze, champagne breakfasts and champagne lunch and champagne... heck! just for the fun of it. Over 120,000 people flocked to the small Flemington Racecourse wearing fashion finery or just dressed up for fun.
It was a perfect day, and every serious chikan was there to celebrate the event. The chikan challenge: where do you start? is there time for a toilet break? have I had enough here and should i move on? Women of every shape and size were there. Alone. With their girl friends or friends from the office. With their husbands, boyfriends... whoever! And wearing satin, or soft silk... their finery. And everywhere you looked, they had plastic flutes in their hand guzzling wine and champagne. Bottles everywhere. And moving through the crowd an on going challenge.
I started off near where they were selling the wine and palmed a few chicks. But I was looking for that perfect arse, perfect breasts. So I moved through the crowd palming nearly every woman I passed, and breast stroking the women who pushed past me. One of my favorites of the day was a slim young blonde with hair coming down just below the shoulder. She was wearing a black halter style dress, it was backless and I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. Her size and black dress hid what I later confirmed, that she had the most beautiful breasts. I saw her coming toward me as I was following a young Indian girl who also had lovely breasts (no bra), but as the crowd was thinning, I did a quick U-turn and followed the blonde. As she (we) encountered the crowd, she had to slow down and push past peolple. And as she did that, I had my hand in place so that she pushed past my hand, and for about 5 minutes, I had "cup and hold" in play on and off and felt her nipple hardening and protruding. This game came to an end when she entered the members area, and I was left at the gate.
Before the cup, many people gathered around the enclosure where they showed off the horses and introduced the horses, riders and whoever else. The crowd was sometimes 4 or 5 deep. As I skirted the fence line looking for a suitable female, I noticed many of the chikans I had come across in my years of chikaning already in position either rubbing their cocks against the woman in front of them, or palming someone's inviting behind, or somehow making contact with their breast(s). I looked for my favorite, a young Asian, and found a group together, all about 18, dressed in their evening finery and hats to match, flutes with champagne in hand and joking and laughing with one another. Because the crowd was so thick, positioning myself near the one who interested me most was no easy matter, but once in position, everything was easy. First I ran my hand lightly across her round behind noting any reaction. There was none. Her butt was as I expected. I wanted to devour it. I palmed one of her butt cheeks for a while, then moved my cock into position agains her butt crack. I moved my hand around to her thigh, even a little to her front, and gently held her toward me, while I commenced a light humping motion. While she was obviously a little drunk and didn't notice me palming her or holding my hand on her thigh, I felt any vigorous humping would be too obvious, and I was enjoying myself anyway. My other hand was on the butt of one of the other girls, and it was just as beautiful as the one in front of me. But like all good things, this came to an end and everyone began to position themslves for the big race.
I had other successes here, and again when they were making the presentation. I noticed people began to leave after this and decided I would check the trains to see if they were crowded enough.
Sure enough, everyone was squeezing into the carriages, and then some. I decided to shift my focus to the trains and soon found a suitable group to squeeze together with in the train. By leaving early, I was able to make another 3 15 minute trips with enjoyable consequences every time.
And still it didn't end. After alighting from the train, I was able to get on a crowded tram and continue the experiences. I retuned and made another 3 trips on the trams. It was nearly 7pm when I decided to call it a day.
Now my only concern was to explain why my face and neck had become sun burnt!


Re: Feather - ozzy cupper - Melbourne CUP (Tue 04 Nov 2003 23:56:07 GMT)

It was a "reach around". She was pushing through the crowd, and I was right on her tail. LOL
It was too hot to wear a jacket, although there were many guys trying to be with it wearing suits. I did do a couple of "behind the back" cup and gropes, not so much "hold" as the situation wasn't right or the tits were behind some thick bra, so it wasn't worth staying.
I had a lovely "cup and hold" on one of the train journeys with another blonde - short hair this time. She was about 5'4" which is perfect for me. (I don't enjoy tall women. It is hard getting my cock up their butts, and reaching up to play with their breasts doesn't always work. Seated is ok for arm humping.) I noticed her with her boy friend before we boarded and making a quick decision, decided I would try to be close to her. She was happy drunk, and needed some support from her beau. They were together with another 3 couples, so I figured there would be plenty of opportunity. They headed for a section near the door, while their friends found seats just the other side of the half partition. I grabbed the pole and intended to hump her nicely shaped firm, but soft arse. But was distracted by her cleavage. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her cleavage was showing. I was intent on rubbing my hands across the revealed cleavage. She was leaning across the bar over the half partition, and her boy friend had his arm around her holding her up, and holding on to the same bar I was holding on to. I was able to reach her breast with my outstretched fingers. She had her arm across the bar in front of her, and was too drunk to notice my fingers jammed between her arm and her breast (or she thought they were her boy friends - that's happened to me before. LOL). I decided to release my hold on the pole, and try to cup her breast entirely. The crowd was very tight, and I couldn't help but be pushed against her, so I was able to do a bit of humping too. I got my hand along the bar, and cupped her breast which was well shaped, and perhaps a little softer than the blonde I had followed at the course. Nevertheless, I was able to keep my hand there for almost the whole 15 minute journey, but was limited in my movement as I was jammed between her arm, the bar and her breast.
If she would have showed any signs of noticing, my approach would have been very differentv - especially with her boy friend and other friends there, and the limited opportunity to escape if there was a scene.

Joke: Dr Chikan (Wed 05 Nov 2003 14:03:03 GMT)

Woman came to see to see her doctor complaining that she couldn't see properly. (Maybe she had too much champagne at the cup) He tested her and asked "Can you see?". "No".
He got a larger chart, and again asked "Can you see anything?" "No" again.
Frustrated, the doctor undid his zip and pulled out his cock and waved it in front of the patiet. "Lady! This you see?" "Wow! Yes!" she drooled.
"FIgures!" said the doctor. "You're cock eyed!"

(With apologies to those who ahve heard it)

Re: Vasili - Incident on the subway (Fri 07 Nov 2003 03:05:20 GMT)

Some guys are like that. I would like to believe that a good chikan can recognise that his advances are not welcome, especially where he is distressing the girl/woman, and will promptly desist. There are many fish in the sea, and there are many who don't mind receiving some attention and mutual satisfaction on a safe public environment.
The way you describe it, this chikan ONLY thought about himself and only brings disrepute to the art of chikan...

A night at the casino (Sat 08 Nov 2003 16:16:00 GMT)

With so many visitors here at the moment for the Racing Carnival including the famous Melbourne Cup, and the Rugby World Cup, I figured the casino would have more than usual crowd attendance. So at around mid-night, I found the oppotunity to sneak away for an hour or so.
And I was right! The crowds for a Saturday night were unbelievable. There they were surrounding the roulette tables, the black jack, and whatever else they play in those places. I don't go to gamble. I did a quick wander, inspecting the tables looking for appropriately dressed, well positioned women. I found what I was looking for at one of the card tables. There was a fair sized crowd there made up of the gamblers - nearly all seated, some of their partners standing next to them or behind them alone or with friends, and a number of observers. I was after this petite Asian chick dressed in her fineststanding with one hand on the shoulder of her partner, and her other hand was by her side. I stood next to her, slightly on an angle turned toward her. She cast a glance my way then returned her attention to what was happening. I observed her as her partner played a couple of hands. She was not really interested, and he was totally absorbed in how he was doing, the cards being (and been) dealt. She kept looking around as if looking waiting for her friend, the checking back to what he was doing. I edged closer and let my cock graze her hand while maintaining my gaze at what was happening at the table. She noticed what had happened turning her head toward me just a little, then returning her gaze to the table, but didn't remove her hand. I was quite hard by now, and edged even closer so that my cock was resting against her hand. She continued to maintain her fixed gaze at the table, but no longer seemed to be looking around as if looking for her friend. In fact her gaze seemed very fixed as if she were concentrating on what was happening in her hand (pun intended). I began to hump against her hand slowly and half expected her to change position after a few moments. But no! My casino jackpot had come with the first hand. She kept her hand there while I continued to hump, moving even closer so that I could increase the presssure. This continued for a number of minutes and I longed to get my hand into a palm and grope on her lovely back side, but unfortunately, while I could hide her hand with my body, there was nobody standing near to provide sufficient cover for any rear action. I could see she suddenly seemed to panic when her boyfriend turned and said something to her in his native tongue, and she removed her hand as she answered him. I waited for her to return her hand so that we could resume the experience, but she had obviously reconsidered, and was now avoiding me. I turned slightly toward the table so that my hand was at my side, and against her thigh. Gosh! she felt good! I turned my hand and firmly palmed her thigh. She didn't move, and I began to have fantasies of moving my hand around to the front of her, and perhaps groping her pussy. But seasoned as I am, I have never had enough courage for doing anything like that unless the woman was drunk enough or obviously inviting me.
I had some other nice short experiences, but I could only allow myself an hour and then returned home.


Re. Night at the casino - Gentlebrush (Sun 09 Nov 2003 03:32:48 GMT)

You are right! Cameras everywhere. But as you note, they are concentrating on what money is places on the table, and players and casino staff hands. I was behind the play, and my body was hiding her hand and what I was up too.
There is always a risk with these things, and long term, I believe the opportunity for the chikan is becoming more limited. There are cameras everywhere now, even on our trains. And look how many have mobile phones with cameras built in!! Of course, those women who appreciate the attention will also suffer, and as a result become more desperate and (hopefully) more responsive and active. As always, make hay while the sun shines!


Re: DR IRON DICKK (Mon 10 Nov 2003 00:07:47 GMT)

Hell! I'm not as brave as you, DR IRON DICKK. I would probably have taken care not to get myself caught in the first place, and avoided attracting attention. I definitely would not get into a situation where I need to attack someone.
But possessing the skills you have can only be an advantage in some circumstances.
The other concern I would have is that the guy would have told the crowd who/why/what and that would put everyone on the defensive and alert against the chaikan, and make it harder for the next guy - or even for you to come back.
Are you certain that the security cameras did not catch any of the action inside or out?


Re: aise hi masti - good days and bad days (Wed 12 Nov 2003 03:07:31 GMT)

I am with Feather on this. It is all just the luck of the draw. While I am certain women have their good days and their bad days as we all do, the distribution would be evenly spread across the board - not just chikans and chijos.
Feather. I have the same problem as you. When things are going so well, I sometimes tend to spoil it by getting too excited and trying to take it further than what the girl is ready for. And then, if you are lucky enough to meet her again, she won't have anything to do with you, and will take obvious steps to get totally out of your way!


Re: aise hi masti - mound caress (Sat 15 Nov 2003 12:28:43 GMT)

It's cool how you ever even get so far. I cannot imagine even getting my hand on her thigh, never mind going as far as you tell in your story.
I once tried to touch the thigh of the leg of a girl next to me, and got a sudden look of shock from her. She was an Asian student, about 17, wearing a shrt skirt that exposed her thighs which were bare, and therefore exptremely tempting. She was litening to her CD player and the seat next to her was vacant. I sat down next to her, and after a moment or two I moved my hand to my side and ran it along her thigh, as if I was checking my pocket from the outside for something. The startled look - fear or otherwise - that I noted from the side of my eye, put me off trying anything further, found something in one of my other pockets, took that out and examined it, put it back and carried on sitting there as if unaware that anything had happened.
I haven't really tried it again.
Perhaps you could coach us more on the technique, approach, when to to desist, and when to continue, etc. I am certain there are amny who would LOVE to achieve what you have done.


PBH - Turkey (Sun 16 Nov 2003 08:15:09 GMT)

I have written numerous times on my great experiences in Istanbul. I found the women were used to having men rub their cocks against them, and in general, were willing, yet passive partners (although I did get lucky in one instance with a girl who was more than passive - and I was there just for one day - a Sunday).
On the Sunday I was there, I took the rail system that goes through the centre of town to the port. You buy a token somewhere away from the rail system, then use it to get on to the system. Once on, you don't really need any more tokens, as you can change trains and go back on the dual platforms without leaving the station.
Sunday, everyone seems to take the train for a grope, and it was full of guys pushing their cocks in every direction, and women making themselves available to the men. The first time I saw it, I thought "wow!". Since the woman was being poked from all sides, the best I could do was stretch my hand out between the men and play with her breasts. That's the only time I have ever experienced group chikaning.
Take care of women with their male companions, as the men are aware of waht we are up to, and tend to become possessive about their women. But as an experienced chikan, you can read the signs, and if the women eye you longingly, just make yourself available. And women in traditional dress are just as keen as the ones in western dress. I think the only thing everyone demands is that nobody sees you or them indulging, so it must all be accidental without anything obvious.
I wish I had stayed for a few more days so that I could experience the morning and afternoon rush, school girls, and even the buses, where butt humping is the norm - even palming and probably getting your hands under clothing. But I don't know. That is only what I have surmised in my different conversations and chats with others.
Please keep a diary of bus/train routes, days, times, experiences. It is my plan to go back there again sometime soon, and I am sure there are many here who will love to hear about your successes and failures, and learn from your experience.


Re: Hulk Smash Monster (Sun 16 Nov 2003 22:08:35 GMT)

I used to have feelings such as yours. I found that regular chikaning and over-doing the wanking, lots of activity with a willing partner, and/or, if necessary, paying for services at a good massage parlour, generally helped me to calm down and remove any violent over-aggressive temperment.

Of course, if you feel bad about how you feel and act, then visit/join the Ayashi-BBS Quit section.


My week of Muslim successes (Tue 18 Nov 2003 01:04:47 GMT)

I've always had a fascination with traditional Muslim women - especially after my happy experiences in Turkey. Perhaps because their strict, constrained upbringing makes them likely to be he more innocent, lustful and deprived, and therefore more welcoming for the chikan. Of course, the same upbringing can make them more pious, and fearful of Allah and therefore they have the will to resist chikan advances.
So when I see a Muslim woman in her traditional clothes, I am instantly fantasising that she may be THE ONE, and at the expense of possibly more suitable partners for me at the time, I devote my attention to her.
Last week, on the tram, two girls dressed in all black were seated next to one another. As I had just boarded, I started off standing near them, and then moved right next to them. They were jibbering away, and seemed oblivious to the fact that I had established my position next to the arm of the one sitting in the aisle seat. I didn't have to do much to make contact with her arm, left my cock resting there for a moment, then moved it away just a little.
I could see her try to look at me without turning her head, but she didn't move away. She immediately said something to her friend (in whatever language they were speaking - not English of course), who also tried to look at me without turning her head, and they immediately began to giggle, and joke as if to say "Fantastic! Just like back home!"
From that moment, I was able to freely hump her arm without any resistance. Unfortunately, they alighted two stops later. As they got up to leave, the second girl looked at me straight in the eyes, and smiled! I wonder if I will ever bump into them again?
Later, on the same route, I was on the return journey. There were a group of Muslim women chatting with a man. One of the women who was seated in the aisle seat, seemed to be out of the conversation, and a little bored. I rubbed myself against her arm. I could see she noticed, but kept looking straight ahead. I decided to try humping her arm, and moved closer so that my cock was resting just behind her upper arm. As I pushed closer, I commenced to hump, very slowly at first, then, encouraged by the fact that she didn't act uncomfortable and start adjusting her arm and position to free herself of me, I started humping in earnest, not too fast. Occasionally as people pushed past behind me, I would lift myself on my toes and let her enjoy the full length of my erection. When she ultimately got up to get off, she briefly made eye contact with me, then disappeared. It wasn't a look of anger or joy. So indifferent. I wonder what she was really thinking.
Then today, while waiting for a train, I noticed a number of Muslims also waiting. As the train approached, I saw one of them enter into a not-so-full carriage and grab a seat. She was the one I had favoured most as she had both hands free, not carrying any bags or parcels. I turned my attention to another one and followed her into her carriage. As I stood close to her, I noted that she was really beautiful. She had Asian features, but my experiences with Asian Muslims has never yielded success. She raised her arm away from any possible contact, and straightened her body putting her bag in a position between me and her to avoid any possible accidents. I knew I didn't want to waste time with her so at the next station I decided to change carriages and look for greener pastures.
The next carriage was fuller with many people entering making it even fuller. I noticed a young Muslim girl near the door, and waited until the last minute before entering so that I would be "stuck" near her. She was shorter than me, with good sized breasts, wearing the traditional scarf, glasses, and a three-quarter jacket buttoned to the top over her jeans.
I let the train adjust my position so that eventually my cock was brushing against her thigh. She didn't move away. I noted that her breathing had become a little heavier, so I knew she realised what was happening. Her arm was stretched past me holding on to the side rail, and I kept hoping she would bring it to her side and make contact with me. And then it happened. She moved her hand to get something from her bag, and her hand knocked against me. My heart was beating. Was she just testing my reaction? I moved a bit closer and waited. She then moved her hand back to the rail and again knocked against me.
It was an express service, so I was "stuck" against her for some time. I didn't want to start humping, as I wasn't certain if that would frighten her. Everything up to now had appeared as an accident and as a result of the crowded carriage. So she was exonerated, as was I.
The train stopped at one of the stations, and I had to squash against her to provide extra access for those wishing to exit. The whole of my cock was pressed down the front of her thigh. The temptation to hump now was very high, but I held back. I noticed that her breast was pressing against my chest. I took my hand furthest from her and brought it to my chest so that it was now pressing against her breast too. I could feel that her breast was full and firm. She was wearing no bra. Believe me, the temptation to turn my hand around and cup and caress her was great! I resisted that temptation, even though I might have got away with it, but not without her noticing and frightening her.
The doors closed, and we resumed our positions, but this time she turned her body toward me so that she was almost directly facing me. It was as if she wanted to press against my cock with her pussy. Well I'm not the type to say "no" to a lady, so I turned the extra bit toward her and let my cock slide across her upper thigh toward her pussy. Finally we made contact and I tried to push that bit harder to make it worthwhile for her, still not humping. All this time she had her face turned away looking out of the train and while she had a few inches to adjust her position and move her body away, she didn't.
The crowd in the carriage, being much thinner than at the start of the journey and was not conducive for maintaining that close position where I was pressed against her pussy and her breasts against my chest, so I moved away slightly and assumed a position more reasonable. My cock was now only resting against her thigh, and I noticed her take a gasp of relief, yet satisfied. She turned her body slightly, happy to leave my cock resting against her. She looked down at her bag hanging down from her shoulder furthest from me, then again moved her other hand toward to her bag, and again knocking against my cock. I loved it. Again I hoped she would drop her hand by her side so that she could really enjoy me. I decided to move into the way of her hand, so that she could not stretch it easily across to the side rail, and would be resigned to dropping it to her side. A good tactic, except I have noticed with most Muslims, they have been trained never to do this, and nearly always, keep their arm/hand across their body, toward their shoulder, clutching the strap of a shoulder bag they all seem to carry.
She did exactly this, and so my "clever" move basically ended the adventure as she didn't return her hand (and knock against my cock again), nor did she drop her hand as I had hoped. Although I was still resting against her thigh, she no longer was pulling herself against me by holding on to the rail. As the train had now assumed the non-express part of the journey, many kept alighting from the train at subsequent stations, so standing even at this distance was no longer acceptable. I alighted at the next stop, and returned.


Re: aise hi masti - mound caress (Tue 18 Nov 2003 01:19:14 GMT)

Thanks for your lessons. I know the opportunity to try this will present itself for all of us. Was your recent experience on a commuter bus between cities, or within the city?
Here we do not have much in the way of inter-urban commuting as most people live and work in the major cities, Australia being as large as the USA, but with a total population of only 20M.

Has anyone else tried this? Aise, please continue to give us hints and stories relating to this practise. Is the reverse possible where you have a bag or coat across your lap? Has that ever happened?


Re: buttpresser "new" (Tue 18 Nov 2003 08:23:04 GMT)

Welcome brother. Your story reminds me of some of my early experiences when I used to go shopping with my mum and/or dad. I used to love crowds, but when I was with them, they avoided them. They would always wait fro another tram so that could get a seat. I always wanted the crowded ones.
One time I was downtown with my dad, and a well rounded woman was walking toward us. The sidewalk was reasonably crowded, but you could walk in a straight line. I was well positioned so that as she walked past, I put some extra swing into my walk and palmed her butt. I can't remember now whether she was with some guy or the guy just saw me. But suddenly he said something unflattereing directed at me. I remember my father asking if I had done something. Of course I said no, and couldn't understand what the guy was on about.
My advice: This and later experiences taught me to forget chikaning when you are with someone like your friends, parents, wife, etc. It only ends up being frustrating because if you are doing well, then you will have to break it off in the middle to return to them. And if you get into a fight or trouble because of your chikan antics, then you don't have the embarrasment of explaining why you disappeared suddenly for longer than expected.
Of course occasionally, a simple opportunity presents itself that you can take advantage of. But as a rule, it is best to work when you are alone or with another chikan.


Great Day! and X! some butt humping for you! (Wed 19 Nov 2003 14:26:54 GMT)

The weather is getting warmer here. We had temperatures in the low 30's today and the women are dressing appropriately. Away with the jeans, on with the soft cotton dresses, T's, forget the bras, wear those loose shorts, and stockings? Na! Less is better! Schools are post exams, universities have finished, and the shop windows are all touting the Xmas ware. A different clientelle is travelling downtown and the buses, trams and trains are almost full even during off peak travel time. Now it is becoming possible to chikan all day!
My first delectible woman was an Asian girl (possibly Japanese) around 20, wearing a halter top, short hair, cute face, bare arms, and slightly plump - just the way I think many of us fantasise. She was sitting so that she was a little bit distant from the woman next to her, so she was over the edge of her seat. That just makes it easier to rub yourself against her - which I did. She looked toward me for a moment, but showed now reaction, leaving her arm where I wanted it. I moved closer and rested my cock against her arm and gently started humping. She moved her arm, and adjusted her seating position slightly, then brought her arm down on my cock, pushing it down to the back of her arm, and leaned slightly toward me. It was very compfortable, and I commenced humping in earnest. As passengers moved to get past me, I would push harder against her so she could feel the full length of my cock, all the while not letting up in the humping. She didn't flinch or move away to give me more room for those passing passengers. In fact she leaned in to me. This is what I like.
I was wearing dark sun-glasses, and noticed the girl diagonally opposite her watching us with her eyes fixed on my cock humping. Although she couldn't see my cock, or my humping, it was obvious that we were in contact. She kept glancing toward the arm and then to her face. My partner was obviously enjoyibg the moments gazing out the window, oblivious to everything except what I was doing. But eventully the girl opposite caught her eye, and I watched her smile, raise an eyebrow, and beckon with her eyes to my cock. But there was no anger, just amusement. I soon realised that these two were together. The girl opposite was Italian. I know because suddenly she said something to my Japanese friend in Italian and she replied. She moved her arm away a little so that it was out of easy reach of my cock. They talked a bit, then the white Italian girl turned and gazed out the window. Slowly, the arm returned to rest against my cock. But it wasn't deep behind the arm any longer, just brushing against her upper arm. I continued humping until we reached the central station where she and her friend got up to alight. As she moved past me, I managed to get my palm against the thigh of my Japanese friend, and then she was gone.
I also got off and took the tram back, this time filled with people leaving the city. I tried a few different arms, and rubbing aginst some women standing, but without any successes worth mentioning until I got on a tram that was modestly full and present were some school girls who it seemed, must have left school early. I spotted a short, chunky yet pretty Japanese girl. She was about 16 sitting with her school friend, possibly from India. I move through the tram and positioned myself right next to her and knocked myself against her arm when the opportunity presented itself. I could see her nudging her friend with her other hand, and with her face turned away from me, I am guessing she was mouthing something to her. Her friend didn't understand, and became distracted with whatever they were talking about before. They both spoke with Englsh with accents, and I could just make out parts of the conversation. Part of it was teaching each other words in each others mother tongue. In any case, my Japanese, adjusted her postion so that her arm was straight and close to me so that I could rub myself against her. At this point I am not certain if she knew I was a chikan or just someone careless with a big cock on her arm. But she said something to her friend who glanced at her arm, and smiled and said something to her. Then I overheard my Japanese girl say to her "but I like it!". Her friend seemed to shrug her shoulders and kept glancing at her arm to see how she was doing. At this point I moved a little closer so that our contact would be more consistent and so that I could start humping. She left her arm there and awkwardly with her other arm reached under her arm to retrieve something from her bag. For a moment, I thought she was going to reach under her arm and grab me. Her friend seemed amused. They joked about something, then my Japanese friend took her other arm and put it on the arm near where my cock was resting. I pretended not to notice, but made certain that my cock rubbed against her fingers. She didn't move her hand away, and her friend seemed wide-eyed at what her friend was getting away with. But that didn't last long, and she took her hand away, and continued with just letting me rest my cock against her arm. Encouraged by what had been transpiring, I really needed to start humping. She looked at me, but didn't move her arm away, and said something to her friend who also looked at me. Unfortunately, they reached their stop and got up to leave. I tried to palm the butt of the Japanese girl as she got up, and watched as they laughed and giggled and looked back as they left. Definitely one of my best "mutual" experiences of recent times. Of course I know the school, and her face should not be too hard to remember, so perhaps we will meet again soon and continue where we left off... or just do it all again. And her friend must be a candidate for a "first time".
Now it was getting closer to peak time, and the trams were starting to be full consistently. I followed a 17 year Asian old onto a tram. She was wearing light cotton pants and had her back to me. Well X, I had you in mind. I rubbed against her butt cheek, and then went straight for the crack between her butt cheeks. I bent my knees slightly as I pushed against her, and could feel my cock curling against her crack and under. Since it was reasonably crowded, and I had her pinned, she really couldn't move away. I started humping, pushing myself harder against her and enjoying the moment. I tried to hold on to the same pole she was holding on to, and as i was pushingagainst her, I tried to push her closer to the pole so that her breast would be pressed against my hand. Instead, she half turned her body so that I was humping her upper thigh. She was almost rubbing against the man behind her. I couldn't work out if he was a chikan or not. He seemed to have an erection, but wasn't taking advantage of the situation. It would have been a perfect situation for 2 chikans to totally devour her. I tired to push her against him so that she would see there are nice cocks everywhere... just take your pick, but enjoy!
Anyway, the guy behind pushed past to get off, as did some other people. I decided to leave also.
I took the next tram. It wasn't so full, but I spotted a curvy Latino or Italian woman dressed in a business suit, skirt just above the knee, high heels, shoulder length hair, about 26. I stood near her. Her hand was by her side. Usually I don't have success with this type of woman. They are hot and know it, and know where they can get all they want, when they want. They don't need the extra thrill on the tram. But sometimes you catch the right moment, and you can end up butt humping for hours. She saw me coming, and changed hands so that her hand was now by her other side. Perhaps she wanted me to butt hump her? She seemed to position herself a little further away as if to avoid contact. Oh well! I decided to get off and with my back to her pushed to get past... but... my hand was turned to her beautiful Latin ass and quite deliberately, I put it on her left butt cheek and left it there as I pushed past. She swiped (and hit) at my hand and moaned "Ugh!" I didn't look back at her to see if she was scowling or had fury in her eyes, but that was probably the case.
I had a few more mildy good episodes, but the last one that stood out was on a really crowded tram. There wasn't really any room to move. I was stuck in the doorway peering inside trying to work out where I wanted to be. But right there, squashed against the side, next to me, was a Japanese woman with short hair, around 26. She had her young sone and and even younger daughter with her, and was watching out for them. With a little manoeuvring, I was soon pressed hard against her butt. She showed no resistance or discomfort... almost as if she was expecting it. I immediately started humping. Pity she was wearing jeans. Something softer would have been that much more exciting. This went on for a few stops, never once did she turn around. Then as a few people alighted, she moved a little inside, leaned against one of the seats, and faced me with both her hands in front of her, clutching her bag. I moved with her, and facing her, pushed my cock right on to her hands. Unfussed, she just turned around. Ok <shrug>! So I parked myself into her butt again and butt humped as before. It had been a good, long, successful day, and I wanted a little something more. As people alighted, and new people boarded, I moved to her side. She had her young daughter holding on to her arm. And she was really in the way. Unfussed, and under the cover of the fullness of the tram, I grabbed her arm holding the bag (her other hand was holding on to the pole) and pulled it toward me, guiding it toward my cock. She didn't resist too much (she must have watched those chikan movies?) and soon, together with her bag, I had her hand rubbing against my cock. She looked down momentarily to see what was happening, but then returned her gaze in front of her while I began to hump against the back of her hand. Unfortunately, she had to get off a few stops later. While I had another nice experience on the same tram, I think I've written enough tonight.
All in all, a great day. And the summer's just beginning!


Re: aise hi masti - mound caress (Thu 20 Nov 2003 00:29:55 GMT)

Hi Aise
I continue to sit in wonderment (did I make that word up?) and awe at your chutzpah in connection with your mound caresses. And I envy your successes!
But please be careful! I too sometimes try to persist with my chikaning desire, in spite of obvious body language telling me to "get real". Besides being "not right", you face the embarrassment of some sort of sudden outburst, the woman suddenly slapping you with her hand or bag, or (still embarrassing, but you can live with it) she will suddenly stand up and in a huff, find a new seat with eyes ablaze (if looks could kill...!) And then you may still get reported at journey's end. While they may not catch you, they will be watching for you. So for the sake of pleasure this time, you kill potential for the many more times in the future. Don't kill the goose.

And that's probably the advice for all chikans: Choose your partners carefully. You naturally want (as Ozzi Tickler [hi!] called it) a "player" or at least someone who is passively enjoying your advances. Anyone who says "no" usually means "no". Move on. There are so many who want to say "yes". Also, you need to have some exit strategy in place in your mind in case the picture turns bad.

Finally, it is important that you make the experience as pleasant as possible for your partner. That means: dress nicely, be clean, smell good, don't make her feel that you are some sort of creep, and don't be aggressive. She on her part will be more receptive to chikan advances (if not with you this time, then with whoever next time) and comfortable in the knowledge that it is safe and nice to play if she wants. And she will be less likely to make an issue of it!
We all have a responsibilty to the next chikan (who could be you), so following these simple rules will keep the world happy.


What a difference a day makes (Fri 21 Nov 2003 01:10:43 GMT)

After a day so full of opportunity and successes, yesterday was relatively bereft of opportunity, never mind successes. The weather had changed to thunder storms and heavy downpours, hail and then splashes of sun - the 4 seasons in one day that Melbourne is is often derided for by jealous Sydney people who believe that their city is more liveable. So the trams were not as full, and people in general were not commuting unnecessarily.
I decided to see if I could meet my friendly Japanese school girl of the previous day, so I stalked around where I though she might come to catch the tram. But either I missed her or I selected the wrong place.
When I finally boarded a tram, I stood next to a Japanese woman aged around 26. As soon as I stood next to her, I sensed she knew what I was up to. As someone pushed past me, I very lightly "accidentally" brushed my cock across her bare arm. She gave me the benefit of the doubt, and showed no reaction. Thinking that perhaps she was a player, I moved a little closer and waited the opportunity to rest my cock on her arm. But she was ready! She turned and looked at me, and in perfect English asked "would you like a seat?", "No thank you. I'm fine" How the hell did she think I could hump her if I was sitting down? A quick survey of the rest of the tram led me to decide it was time to get off and catch another tram.
This was the pattern for an hour or so until the peak clocked in. I boarded one of the really new trams (which are designed for carrying more standing passengers and less seated ones, and are definitely not suited for arm humping). I noted a really good looking honey blonde standing in the centre near the door. She was holding on to the strap above with one hand, and her other hand was by her side. I positioned myself near her in the hope that I might get to rub against her hand, or knock my hand aginst her tit. But I could see she was on to me too as she changed her position, moved away a little and changed hands putting her bag in the hand furthest from me. Maybe I am too obvious? Then I noticed an olive skinned guy, about 30, behind her. He was shorter than me (that's not too hard, LOL) and seemed to be struggling to hold on to the strap. I checked his cock, and realised that he'd been trying(?) to hump her from the rear. He was all stiff, and his light grey pants showed a wet stain of pre-cum/lubricant. Another chikan, I wondered? Or just someone who had realised that this honey blonde was the right shape, and she had accidntally bumped in to him? As people boarded and alighted, I found a delightfully shaped lightly dark skinned Indian woman, about 22, with her back toward me, and decided to try my luck with her. But as I stood beside her, rubbing the back of my hand against her soft thigh, the olive skinned romeo had followed me and was standing right behind her. Well, well!! So he is a chikan! I decided to help him and moved myself closer to the Indian woman, trying to encourage her to move backward to complete romeo's humping experience. This worked, but he felt somewhat uncomfortable, and alighted at the next stop. I alighted a moment later and watched him as he crossed the road in front of the tram and made his way to the opposite stop to catch a tram back. He caught an almost empty tram which made me wonder again if he was a professional or from Melbourne, because I know that waiting for a few minutes at this time will yield a fuller tram with new opportunities.
I put it out of my mind until about half an hour later, on a peak crowded tram, I noticed him again - this time making a move on the same Asian girl I was interested in. She was about 18, wearing glasses, possibly from Taiwan, wearing a chiffon layered dress. I had let my hand rub against her thigh as she boarded, and it felt exciting. She was with her mother and another girl - possibly her sister. As I moved close, romeo came from the further down the tram, behind her, and started to stake out his position behind her. Here we go again! But there was enough of her for both of us. I decided we could squash her between the both of us, and between us, extract more than we might have severally. I moved closer and palmed the front of her thigh. He was behind her. I don't know if he made contact as we were disturbed by passengers trying to pass both of us to alight. She changed position and was now standing next to her mother who had found a seat, and her friend/sister. I could now palm her buttock - and boy it felt good! It almost felt as if I had my hand under her dress. And I could feel her where her panty met her thigh. Romeo again took position behind her. Since I could do nothing except stretch out my hand and palm her, I decided I would help romeo achieve his objective. I turned my back on her (and to give romeo some sense of not being watched) and backed against her, pushing her back toward him. I hope he appreciated that. A few stops later, there was another reorganisation as people alighted, making some seats free, and the girls found seats next to the mother, and the opportunities diminshed. Romeo decided to cut and get off. He seemed to smile and acknowledge me as he alighted. We'll see! If he is a professional chikan, we will meet again, I am sure. Then maybe he can return the favour.


re: Guest - Tram (Fri 21 Nov 2003 07:55:13 GMT)

You might be right. But it takes a seasoned chikan to recognise exactly what another chikan would be doing. And why can't it be an accidental touch? Or perhaps she was doing the chijo on me and rubbing herself on me? It's never so obvious and many women like the quick thrill, if they don't they change positions or move away. Rarely, anything else.
But the odds are way in our favour. First the women have to lodge a complaint. Second, there have to be enough complaints to make it worthwhile for the "tram police" to roam the trams. Do you know how many tram/bus/train routes exist just in Melbourne and how many actual journeys take place during the day and peak times? Third, the "tram police" are more interested in catching the fare evaders so that they can pay and justify their existence. Fourthly, I know who they are already, having travelled more journeys than they ever will in their careers. And finally, I keep changing my pattern of behaviour, changing from trams to buses to trains, from evening peak to morning peak, suburbs vs city, times, clothing - hey! It would need an army! It's not worth anyone's trouble. There are real crims out there, and so many fare evaders! And I'm just a nice guy!

A Friday Success (Sat 22 Nov 2003 15:36:02 GMT)

I once again hung around where I thought my Japanese friend of last Wednesday might catch the tram, but was again disappointed. Perhaps that journey was a one off and she usually travels in another direction on a different route. Oh well...
I wasn't going to hang around forever with so many opportunities passing by. After some modest successes including palming the butt of a good looking Japanese 22 year old student for about 15 minutes, I found a 23 year old Thai student sitting on an aisle seat reading one of those free newspapers that they distribute in our city every evening. The position of her arms made my approach fairly easy and I stood near her. She looked up at me and I noticed she had a sort of lonely sad experession. Perhaps this is just her normal look. I didn't consider that she would turn into a success story so I was in no hurry to suffer a quick rejection. I waited for a couple of stops before I moved closer and as passengers moved past me, I eventually brushed my cock against her arm. Wow! Did she start breathing heavy! I consider it was much heavier than normal excitement, so I initially felt concerned that perhaps I was frightening her beyond reason. Although the paper was in front of her, and she was holding it with two hands, she didn't seem to be reading it, even though her eyes were glued to the page. She left her arm within close proximity to my cock and made no effort to move it away, even though I had retreated. I moved closer again, this time leaving it resting against her for a bit longer. Her breathing picked up again, and still her eyes were glued to the paer she wasn't reading. Encouraged, I now left my cock against her arm, and slowly began to hump. I felt her arm tighten up almost as if she was trying to absorb my throbs through her arm. And I maybe mistaken, I think she was pushing back against me, ever so slightly. I changed my position a few times moving to the back of her arm trying to encourage her to perhaps fold her arms so that she could reach me with her fingers, and at one stage moved down her arm toward where she was clutching the paper (that she still didn't seem to be reading) so that I could rub myself against her hand. I only managed to nudge her wrist, but it set off that heavy breathing again so I knew it was excitement and not fear.
I moved back to my original humping position, and confidentally commenced humping. Never once did she move her eyes from the paper she wan't reading, nor did she move her arm away. The tram had travelled well in to the suburbs by now, and passnegers were beginning to alight. It was still reasonable to be standing next to her, so I didn't move away. When the woman sitting next to her to alight, I thought this is the end, as she would move toward the window, and leave me without an arm. Well she did move, but only a little to make herslef more comfortable, but still left her arm resting oon my cock. She wasn't giving up yet. She wanted more. I figured I only had one or two stops more before it would look too weird that I don't take a seat or move away.
I pushed my whole length against her arm and humped furiously again experiencing that slight pushing back. I was toying with the idea of perhaps sitting down next to her in the window seat and trying Aise hi Masti's mound exploration. The passnegers directly in front of her had gone, and the ones in the seats further down were sitting with their backs to her. So it was a feasible thought. But I haven't got the courage for that yet so I let it be. But I really had to decide what I was doing next. All roads led to and end of the session. I pulled the cord for the next stop in front of her so that she should know that I was alighting. I leaned in and pushed against her quite hard this time, humping gratuitously. She still didn't flinch, and still gazed at the newspaper. Surely those headlines are boring now?
I got off the tram, and turned to look at her through the doors. I watched her turn and look at me with that sad experession. I waved without raising my hand, looking at her straight in the eyes. Then she was gone. I felt good in that I know she appreciated every moment and I had performed a boy scout deed.

Now my question: I have played the scene over a number of times in my mind since Friday, and keep wondering if I should have taken the seat next to her, tried some mound exploration, or tried to engage in some sort of conversation - all of which I think would have spoilt the moment as she would have shocked back to reality, clammed up as we both assumed our normal meek, non-outgoing personas. The other thought I have is should I perhaps have some "business cards" run off on the computer containing nothing more than my Yahoo address with an invitation to write or chat. Then perhaps IF she responds it could lead to an ultimate meeting and the enjoyable consequences. Leaving a phone number could be too dangerous at this time. Has anyone got some thoughts on this or indeed tried something like this? Or is it too dangerous?


Chinese Disappointment (Tue 25 Nov 2003 14:20:46 GMT)

Not a lot of good opportunities have come my way over the past couple of days. Yesterday, I stood next a 17 year old Chinese school girl who had quite happily let her hands find their way to my cock on previous occasions. She had one of those long platted pony-tails that went all the way down to her butt, slightly on the plump side, but then she wasn't so short, smallish breasts, a round face with dark rimmed glasses. It all started well. I could see that she recognised me as someone she had felt before (I always played it cool and am not sure if she knew that I always made myself available to her on the earlier occasions), and put herself into position turning slightly from her friends, while dropping her hand to her side. I stood next to her, pointing my cock in the direction of her hand, making myself available, and started looking out the windows. She let the tram move her position so that she could rock her hand onto my cock, and I considered it was going to be another good, yet short journey. She kept moving her hand across and occasionally knocking it. As more people boarded the tram, I had to move a little closer and in fact, mad it harder for her to continue. I decided to rub my cock against her thigh and perhaps do a little humping, thereby revealing myself to actually be a chikan and frotteur. She had rather thick, but exciting thighs, so it was destined to be pleasurable. I rubbed against her a couple of times, then let my cock slide across her thigh toward her bum cheek where I let it rest. As another passenger pushed past, I pushed hard against her and started humping!
Well that was a mistake. I think I must have shocked the daylights out of her. Afterall, she thought she was the chijo and all along, I had been seducing her... tempting her to do those wonderful things that she would masturbate to as she recalled the events of the day. She moved her hand away, and changed her position so that we were not in contact. Of course, I hadn't realised that game was off now, and thought she was just moving to make more room for passnegers who had filled the tram. So I moved with her, and resumed mu position humping on her butt cheek. But she turned, and said "do you mind not standing so close?".
"Hey! Man! I thought you were in to this?!" I thought to myself. I complied, of course, but what a disappointment! I thought I had her all groomed for this next humping phase. The fact is that I am usually disappointed with this type of grooming. The women are all ok and breathing heavy while they think they are the only ones who know what they are doing. But the moment they realise that they are not or never have been alone, and the real reason I have such a great hard-on is because I am a player, then they immediately withdraw into the false world thay have always lived in, afraid of their own sexuality and the circumstances they now find themselves in. Of late, I have been much more open in my chikaning, making it obvious to the woman that I want to grope or hump. If she essentially consents, then she and I have a satisfactory, if not fabulous, time. If she indicates that she doesn't consent, little time has been invested, and there are many more customers out there, and I can move on to a more appreciative female.
Do any of my brother chikans have any thoughts on this?


Re: buttpresser "new" (Tue 25 Nov 2003 15:18:47 GMT)

Hell! Take it easy. You need to be more subtle and less obvious. Women only seem to enjoy and respond so long as they think it is only between the two of you in the safety of a crowd. The moment you try to make contact, or show that someone lese is in on it (such as your friend and his laughter), then they are out of it. Hence the stern looks and frowning.
Full on plaming and feeling cracks (and perhaps even more) is most successful in situations where the women have nowhere to go, and the women feel secure by the crowd around you. Best examples you will often see mentioned here are concerts, where everyone is pressed against one another anyway, so palming or frotting goes almost un-noticed. Other examples include crowded buses, trains, football/baseball matches, parades... Everywhere and anywhere there is a relatively static crowd. Malls are ok for a casual "accidental" touch, but what you seemed to be doing would have drawn attention to yourself... And don't forget, there are security cameras everywhere, so you really don't want to be noticed, and definitely don't want someone to alert security that there's some punk out there feeling everyone up! Remember, there 2 rules in chikaning. Rule number one: Don't get caught by anyone except perhaps, if you allow it, the one whom your chikaning. You have to have complete control of the situation. Rule number two: You (and preferably she too) must enjoy the situation. Walk away if she doesn't appreciate your advances, don't hurt the woman, provide a service where you are sharing something.... whether it is your cock, your touch, whatever. The nicest situation you can have is where you can feel confident that she will masturbate herself silly recalling the good time you gave her, and you do the same, as you recount every moment.
There might be more important rules, and maybe we should design a Chikan Guidebook and Code of Conduct. Now that would be a good project for Master Shogun. He is so good at codifying everything and understands the art of chikan extremely well.

As for your friend, I don't understand why you seem comfortable that he watched you, even if he thought it was funny. Kill him instantly! You really don't need any witnesses who can identify you. Seriously, I don't think this was a wise policy decision unless you expect him to become some sort of chikan partner with you.
Perhaps some of our fellow chikans have an opinion on this?


Re: Gentlebrush - To the advace chikan (Wed 26 Nov 2003 06:49:59 GMT)

I think we all know it's fun, but I think it is an addiction or at least super hormones that provide fever to our systems. I think that's why Mr. Ayashi has fromed a quitters board where many of our fellow chikans have disappeared to. And it's not so easy to stop! I am certain they will agree.


December award: FEATHER
for his best season's greetings.
(It may be worst for the girls.)

Christmas - here I come (Sun 30 Nov 2003 10:40:41 GMT)

Hello my friends, on friday I had the opportunity for an extensive lunchbreak. I visited the local christmas market in the city. Grabbed some young little asses. Nothing spectacular. But I like it when Daddy is standing very close nearby, checking loads of Greeting Cards, his 14 year old helping, while I help myself on her little ass and have my hand in her crack. It's incredible how oblivious these fathers can be. Brushed also the tit of a 16y-old who was with 5 girlfriends. I examined something holding it in my right hand, the back of which stroked her breast. But there were too much layers of winterclothing to really enjoy. Later I had more fun standing amidst a mixed group of twens at a toystand. One guy let himself explain from the seller some kind of magic cube. I rather examined the ass of his 28y-old girlfriend. I pressed my right hand into her ass, really caressing it. she did not flinch. At one time she moved away - but she came back to me. I had my hand on her ass in the middle of 4 or five friends belonging to her ! Afterwards I was sorry - not for the first time - that I didn't have more courage to stick my finger in her slit. But somehow it appeared too much risk in the situation. Guys. I'm looking forward to thursday because I bought a ticket for the award show of the biggest regional young radio station. Some thousands young tits and asses are waiting for the Feather. LOL...

FEATHER CHRISTMAS #2 (Tue 02 Dec 2003 17:00:15 GMT)

Again I visited our local christmas market. I really begin to like it. Though you have to be careful, as they for shure have pc-detectives who look out for pickpockets. Another danger could be the owners of the stands, some eyed me suspiciously today. Perhaps they remember they have seen me before always standing very interested beside or behind girls and women - but buying anything.

My first rewarding target was a young 17y-old girl. She wore a blue jeans and short winterjacket, that only covered half of her ass. She waited with her mom for some plate that was to be specially engraved for them. As usually I placed myself behind the girl and make contact with her ass. I leave my backhand in firm contact with her firm and round ass. After a while - as there is not the least impulse to evade, I gather courage, and begin to caress. First above the jacket, then I let my hand fall down, and make shure I'm on her jeans. I watch her shiver a bit, she glances sideways who I am. I smile to her. But all the while I caress her ass finding her pantyline. I know she is game and enjoying the erotic tension. It ended when they got their plate. They continue their walk on the market. I follow for more. But there is only one stand left where they linger for some moments. Another short feel on her nice ass. They leave the market - goodbye. Next target was an old but classy looking bitch around 60. I go for her dressing is a long skirt of thin light green fabric, and a matching jacket. She wears pantyhose and pumps. I don't know how it came but I was very bold from the start. She stood with two other old bitches at some stand studying some catalogue. I plaster myself behind her. I feel her jacket but I want to feel her skirt. I have to look for her ass with my right hand because her jacket shields a lot. I bent my knees a bit so I have my hand on her skirt and her ass. I really invaded her clothing. I turn my hand and palm now. I feel her panties under the hose. I stroke the roundness of her still firm ass. I do it again and again. I press my body against her, I get bolder an palm the side of her thigh. She is very intensely reading this catalouge. She must feel my hand all over ass and thigh. I stand on the local christmas market and am almost openly fumbling a skirted lady. My heart is racing. I look around but nobody seems to care. The I overdid it - she begins to throw me angry glances. I relax and step one step aside. But I do it again I feel her very intensely. She lets me go for 2-3 minutes more. Then she begins to sneer to her fellow matures. I notice she is Dutch, can't understand her completly. But I think she said, this guy is fumbling in my skirts. But no one makes really a fuzz. I'm amazed she let me fumble all the way, and she waited extra long for her protest... . I even did not run away, simply stood there browsing my catalog. The next target was very similar - an elderly Lady, classy style but black cotton trousers, short fur jacket. She is with a girlfriend - classy too. My greyhaired target is very tall. Her ass is in very convenient height for my hand. I press against her my hand unter her ass, pressing against her crack. I speak of tight pressure. My left hand begins to wander and caress - bingo pantyline. She discusses something with the seller. I feel her round ass. But then she went away. I followed to another stand tried a second round, but now she is on her guard and evades my hand. Later I watch her walking hand in hand with her mature girlfriend. Perhaps she is a lesp ? I don't care, because I had my share this day... HO HO HO...

A merry molesting Christmas... (Wed 24 Dec 2003 10:15:06 GMT)

and a happy humping New Year to all serious contributors of Ayashi bbs and especially to Master Ayashi himself, who makes all this possible. May each of your be always satisfied and safe in 2004. My wish for the next year for this board: less fighting and shitty chatting. And loads of true and hot stories about the REAL THING !



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