Hoe gets fucked (WARNING: she may be 6 years old)

Comedian... hahaha. no more, from this moment forward, ya don't exist ta me. carry on talk ya bullshit and see If I care. Oooh yeaah, go ahead ban me. my new webbi master is ALMIGHTY Trojan.. ban me, Mqundwakho!! uyanya ngok!!

yaa soo dumb, "I was all best designers" aaaa hahahahaha... nice story, you little Monkey. you so stupid, I'm done... I can't help you. plus ya really young, I din know ya were 15, ya have all the rights ta be dumb baby boy. don't forget ta read ya books and do ya home works and get yaself a decent job like Uncle Magic.

Phrases "hoe gets fucked"

"Nigga I was all best designers and shit you know" comedian...

"I put her on my lap and rub my dick on her" do ya even read what ya write, how do you rub ya dick on someone who is on ya lap. Lol ya need help, you're a loser.

"She was like, what are you rubbing" the girl is askin.. hahahahah Comedian. :) nice friction you little men. I Iike ya story.. big time. Say Hi to ya mom, no wonder why ya Dad left you... you such embarrassment. I would kill myself before 9am morning if I can wake u, living the life you live!. you thinkk I don't know you? well think again boy. Like I said, I know ya will reply becoz you're faggot.

I will never, ever reply ta ya again. junior loser... want me ta apologize to you,Never... keep posting as guest and continue makin mr Magic uncomfortable. ya be the only crazy member on this board.

R.I.P Almighty Trojan.. its okay, ya can put my name on ya Suicide note

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