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Now paying authors $6000 per quarter

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 24 Oct 2020 01:56:37 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Ticket prices

I highly doubt that tickets will go down in price. If anything they'd have to be more expensive to help venues and companies bounce back from the virus. When you combine the increased demand for events and how much more people will be willing to pay to experience them then they're definitely gonna cost more.

I got lucky and snagged tickets for a Halloween festival that was expensive, but is totally gonna be worth it. Haven't had an event since early March, and now I'm a week away from a 2 day festival. Even better that it's Halloween, a time when girls dress very revealing, so there's bound to be some upskirts in the mix too.

registered member: West Indian (Fri 23 Oct 2020 23:57:58 GMT)

RE: Big T 'arousing story'

Actually that story was originally posted by a member right here


I still laugh at how homie had to get a McDonalds at the end.

Booty Bandit (Fri 23 Oct 2020 10:17:38 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert - Deadly Game

That was a really awful incident Chikan Expert. I've been in some pretty dicey situations before, but never a dangerous crowd crush like that. I was at a concert once when they announced that a girl lost her finger, and asked if anybody found it! They can do some amazing things to re-attach body parts these days.

Guest (Fri 23 Oct 2020 07:05:09 GMT)

RE: Guestz, Prices

Ticket prices won't lessen but they will definitely be limited and harder to get since everyone will be eager to get out. Just look at how the NFL is doing it with their tickets & fans. Best to set up email alerts to be the first for early bird tickets

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 23 Oct 2020 06:48:55 GMT)


I disagree.

They will sell out quicker leading to much higher prices by resellers. Especially those that buy with the intent of reselling

Guest (Fri 23 Oct 2020 06:04:54 GMT)

Humped my neighbor

Hi guys. Long time lurker her. I just want to thank you'll for keeping me sane during this horrible chikanless time.

I just wanted to tell you'll about one unexpected chikan experience that happened last week ( btw I might be in big trouble if my victim complains).

So my doorbell rings and it's my neighbor asking to borrow some some vegetables for the meal that she was cooking tha

1635 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Fri 23 Oct 2020 03:46:33 GMT)

One thing I'm betting on...

One thing I'm almost positive will happen because of this pandemic: ticket prices should come down for festivals and concerts next year because of the coming financial crisis. There is surely going to be a downturn in the economy because of the impact of Covid 19. If festivals do happen, there's no way they can charge what they did in previous years. Which means two things: one, more people will attend (just to get out the house), and two: the ones that get out will get them most out of their money!

Chikan Expert (Thu 22 Oct 2020 22:44:46 GMT)


I wonder if any chikans died at this game.


BigFootBum (Thu 22 Oct 2020 18:44:02 GMT)

NYC Halloween parade

MAN that Halloween parade sounds so good.
I know a lot of thick ass Dominican and even puerto Rican bitches all over the place dressed in slurry costumes.

Too bad in my city the only place where they have costumes for a Halloween parade there's a lot of fags and tranny fags so I wouldn't I wouldn't even roll the damn dice on that one.

The clubs may be different but still risky.

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Guest (Thu 22 Oct 2020 17:10:28 GMT)

Encoxada.me no more

Unfortunately encoxada.me won't be returning anytime soon

Our stupid host 'accidently' deleted our server, including our backup. If we were to come back we'll need to start again from scratch and I'm just too mad and not motivated enough to start all over again. Sorry everyone. Maybe we'll be back in 2021.

Guest (Wed 21 Oct 2020 22:51:09 GMT)


What happened to encocada.me? I can’t get in to sign up for an account. Help!

Guest (Wed 21 Oct 2020 12:43:20 GMT)


I don't have any current stories right now to contribute to the board, so I'm just giving different aspects of the "game" when I think about it.
I just wanted to share some things about me as an up-and-cuming (haha) chikan. In middle and high school I was one of the horniest young adults in the school. I know this to be true because I had a very overactive hormonal-thing going on.

1597 more byte(s), click here!

ThighSqueezer (Wed 21 Oct 2020 02:06:36 GMT)

Groping under clothes

It's not exaggerated, the groping under clothes thing is more common than most people realize at concerts and festivals, you need several things ot go right for this to happen, and you can't force it

1) It needs to be dark
2) Everyone else needs to be facing away from you, for example at a concert everyone faces the front
3) She has to be away from her friends, or if they are nearby y

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 21 Oct 2020 01:36:54 GMT)

Big T speaks the truth.

I don't think that Big T is exaggerating. He's not telling lies. Why would he? Just to win an award? No, the days of things like that happening in this forum are over. I believe Big T.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 20 Oct 2020 15:47:50 GMT)


Found this very arousing story on: https://xhamster.com/stories/encoxada-african-ass-816791

I got quite a lot of past situations that I want to share, but I really want to tell you all about something that happened to me last week.

Last Friday afternoon, I was on my way to the gym. I was just about to walk

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Michela (Tue 20 Oct 2020 15:37:36 GMT)

Hello from Italy

Hi, I'm Michela, an Italian girl from Ferrara in Italy. I know they already posted something about me here and I am very curious to chat to someone who likes to grope girls.The reason is that, before this stupid virus, it often happened to me that I was often groped by strangers on the bus, and I am a very submissive girl and usually I let them do it without resisting. Not always, but most of the

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Old But Curious (Tue 20 Oct 2020 08:42:41 GMT)

Re Chikan Expert on exaggeration point

It is possible. I have gone very close to that. Did not slide my hand under their pants but if I wanted I am sure they would have allowed it. One woman had spread her legs when she relaized i was touching her groin so that I can get easy access. She let me touch her pussy and even climaxed on my hand. One other woman allowed me to finger her asshole briefly for 10 minutes. Both were around 45 to 5

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 20 Oct 2020 07:23:48 GMT)


Honestly, I don’t even blame you for saying that it sounds exaggerated. It’s the only woman I would ever even consider doing that to in my whole Chikan career. And I only tried that after maybe 4 times of having her and seeing how much she was into it. I would never try that with anyone else.

But when a woman lets you do so much you tend to test the waters, especially in a movie premiere environment which is as crazy as a festival. I was also younger, not sure I’d go that far today.

Booty Bandit (Mon 19 Oct 2020 18:43:57 GMT)

Groping The Disabled

I humped a deaf girl in a crowded bar once. I knew she was deaf because she was signing with another girl, and neither one was speaking at all. I don't think that was so bad. I mean, deaf girls need some dick too I'm sure. Don't they? I also humped a girl on crutches (temporarily disabled). Her foot was in one of those big boots. She was cute, and so I went for it. Seeing that she was on crutches, she was at a disadvantage in that she could not easily escape. She was with some friends, but they didn't seem to notice what I was doing.

Chikan Expert (Mon 19 Oct 2020 16:50:22 GMT)


Damn Big T sometimes your stories seem exaggerated at times. I’d like to believe it’s not exaggerated but when you say that she let you put your hand down her leggings and grope her pussy, sounds strange to me. Who knows maybe you’re a really good looking guy. I am as well though and I’ve never had a girl let me have my way to that extent. Like I said I rarely get any girls that love me gr

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 19 Oct 2020 08:01:50 GMT)

Mentally challenged

It’s very interesting how this topic has come about. People from my side of the world will probably recognise who I’m talking about with what I’m about to say.

I frequent premieres, and this one woman in my area goes to all of them, and I’d say she is somewhere low on the mentally challenged spectrum. Definitely good learning capacity but certainly some slight impediment. This woman

1127 more byte(s), click here!

ManaSteel (Sun 18 Oct 2020 23:02:11 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert - mentally challenged grope

Not as an adult but in my early teens I went to an out of state wedding and ended up groping a woman who definitely wasn’t all there mentally. I groped her ass a couple hours before the wedding before she got dressed, and later at the reception I was sitting next to her at dinner and groped her thighs under the table. This was long before I had ever rubbed my dick on anyone and I was a lot less

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 18 Oct 2020 22:59:23 GMT)


When I was Chikan Expert's age, like him, I wasn't choosey with my targets. I was fascinated by the surprising fact that a significant minority of women were willing to be humped by a stranger, and since it was, and still is, easy for me to climax by those means, there was no reason for me not to spend years humping my way up and down the highways of my island. At that time, I set my record of 13 orgasms by humping in one month.

Now I am a little more selective. I have preferences that I stated already and am not going to repeat. I can still find something to like in many women, but if I cannot, then I will not make an attempt on her.

Guest (Sun 18 Oct 2020 22:48:38 GMT)

Narflarf Halloween

If you get any good info Narflarf I hope you will share. Would also love to see you at encoxada.me.

Guest (Sun 18 Oct 2020 18:40:00 GMT)


That's nice bro, I still remember your old Halloween stories. Btw, will you be letting us have password to your vids? xhamster has been dry..

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 18 Oct 2020 17:06:29 GMT)

Upcoming gig

After not getting any action since early March I finally got an event coming up! A Halloween rave that's bound to be packed! I've been aching for some sort of concert or festival in a while and it looks like my wish was granted. Even better that it's a Halloween event, given how women tend to dress at them, on top of being a rave too. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.

Guestz (Sun 18 Oct 2020 13:07:54 GMT)

Best outings

I tend to analyze all my chikan outings. Because of the many scenarios that can occur, some events are better than others, obviously. I've gone to festivals where it was storming (spring thunderstorms) hot and muggy, overcrowded with the guy/girl ratio skewed (making it hard to get to targets) and then the opposite, which is heaven.
My best chikan experiences have been in hot, packed, you

1230 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Sun 18 Oct 2020 12:57:11 GMT)


Lol naa it wasn’t me. I wasn’t even in NY last Sat. I was on vaca. Just got back on sun. Last time I chikan’d was this past Wednesday.

On another note:

Just curious, has anyone ever groped a girl that was mentally challenged but had a nice body? I hate to admit but I did one time. Feels terrible knowing I did that but man that girl had a nice body. I groped her with my han

401 more byte(s), click here!

Daz (Sun 18 Oct 2020 12:03:45 GMT)

RE: Federico

Good work with that slut girlfriend of yours. I checked out her videos and had a wank too. I messaged her and we'll see what sort of dumb slut stories she can tell us! I hope you insult her and taunt her whenever you fuck her. You should make her apologise for her attention-seeking behaviour while you fuck her. Shaking my head.

Guest (Sun 18 Oct 2020 01:08:10 GMT)

@ chikan expert

Where you putting in some chikan work on Saturday with red sneakers?? if yes i might holler at you because if that was you i seen you before

Chikan Expert (Sat 17 Oct 2020 17:58:04 GMT)


NYC Halloween Parade canceled??

New Guest (Sat 17 Oct 2020 05:22:14 GMT)

Chikan wife

Anyone here has a wife who likes to chikan and get chikaned. Imagine having a partner who goes with you to concerts for chikanning.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 16 Oct 2020 00:16:07 GMT)

Shoulder Humping Policeman

Thanks for that news item, NigT. I too have used back pain as an excuse for leaning on women's shoulders. I think he got off because he was a former top cop with a goodish excuse. It is pretty damning when three women on the same train ride accuse you of rubbing yourself on their shoulders. An "ordinary person" would most likely have been imprisoned.

I am taking a break from my activities f

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Federico (Thu 15 Oct 2020 20:56:02 GMT)

Michela loves to be groped by strangers

I told her to post a message here directly but she says she's too shy. Anyway her name is Michela, she's from Italy and completely submissive. She often gets her ass (and not only her ass) groped by strangers when she's on the bus and even though she says that while it's happening she doesn't get turned on (it only made her horny once or twice), she gets turned on by telling people what happened afterwards. This is a pic of her ass when she arrived home after being heavily groped. She says she's fine with anyone wanting to contact her on Twitter https://twitter.com/Michela19801 or her email mickybertelli at mail dot com

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 15 Oct 2020 20:48:49 GMT)


A Chief superintendent a chikan, unbelievable lmao.


ChikanNovice (Thu 15 Oct 2020 16:24:27 GMT)

Some videos while we're waiting

Since it's boring and there is no action, you can check out my profile if you like. I made some of my "friends only" videos available for public, meaning you can see these videos without being ¨friends¨ on xhamster. Any feedback would be nice.


Guest (Wed 14 Oct 2020 17:05:08 GMT)


You guys need to stop blaming yourselves for other people’s life choices. Somebody is always looking to be a victim so that they don’t have to be accountable for their own actions. Don’t fall for it, and don’t succumb to those tendencies yourselves. Live free and enjoy life!

Guestz (Wed 14 Oct 2020 14:57:41 GMT)

Re: Eric

All my life I've been a musician and love all kinds of music. I've been to hundreds of concerts or festivals over the years. When my wife met me I was going to concerts. She knows my love for music and even buys a lot of my tickets. The only thing different now is I can't go as often as I once did. So I pick a few festivals a year to attend and maybe one or two small venues. I don't like the small

1423 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Tue 13 Oct 2020 18:42:33 GMT)

Guest and Guestz

Okay maybe I may be overacting to Guestz, Allrounder and Guest.

It had me thinking me how my actions could possibly change someone life. To everyone else I did my game to, they showed nothing and moved on like life is normal. Also, she was the cousin of one my friends. Not sure why I still occasionally talk to him but he has such a approachable and friendly persona. I am watchful on what I

4164 more byte(s), click here!

BigFootBum (Tue 13 Oct 2020 00:15:30 GMT)

The Upcoming Laker Parade

The fans already went NUTTS last night, with covid going on I wonder how this parade is going to be. 👌🏽

Chikan Expert (Tue 13 Oct 2020 00:11:43 GMT)

Encountered another player!

Had a great day today. In my 6 years of professionally chikaning, I have only encountered about 8 or 10 women that made it obvious they loved the feeling of my dick on their ass. I know I’ve said this statement before but I’m saying it again for new cumers. 8 or 10 have made it very clear that they loved it either by pushing back on my dick, slowly grinding on my dick, seats being available bu

3957 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Mon 12 Oct 2020 22:30:25 GMT)

Re: Eric

When I read your response I figured you must be really young. "High horse"? Really? "Take it easy"? From what? Expressing my opinion that if you do this long enough you'd see why older guys (50+) go after younger girls? I'll tell you why, fellow chikan. The older you get the better those young girls are gonna look. The older you get the sluttier those girls are gonna get. I guarantee that.

856 more byte(s), click here!

Mello: Blaze (Mon 12 Oct 2020 15:39:16 GMT)


yo! it's been a while I said anything here.
To the m.o.t.m. bad-employee big ups.
Recently there's been a spike on the number of positive results so it has made me even more skeptical about crowded areas. BTW my area has been rather packed. people are tired of being restricted, tho some hold up the social distancing rules( like me) the rest flow with the vibe. Anyways today I creamed the ass of a naughty lady. It was huge, I got afraid she'll react as I drained every last cum in her crack. Got to go now. full details coming soon

Guest (Mon 12 Oct 2020 06:30:19 GMT)


Eric you sound delusional to think her life got messed up because you was bumping her ass in a lunch line?? someone else probably raped her for real... did you throw her against the wall and hump her? If not why would you consider yourself a rapists its not all about you bro... and guestz wasn't coming at you he was speaking facts im 40 and can pull girls in there 20s

Max Mond (Mon 12 Oct 2020 02:08:10 GMT)



Unfortunately, a lot of pretty girls I know were raped in their teens and have all kinds of mental issues throughout their lives. Its possible others were abusing this girl too and someone went too far. Going forward, there are so many players out there, you shouldn't have to force anyone.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 11 Oct 2020 09:46:35 GMT)

Re Eric

As Guestz says, and I agree, not 50 yet but close and as Armhumper says men are drawn to hot girls, when I was 16 and at my age now, its just how we are.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 11 Oct 2020 05:34:30 GMT)


Older men are drawn to younger women; it's a law of attraction. And many younger women, likewise, are attracted to older men. I've heard them say that they like older men because they have experience and are more skillful lovers. Furthermore, if you have ever done family history research, you will learn, that, a few generations back, it was common and normal for men to marry women who were much younger than they were. I think one of the reasons for this was that older men and younger women were more likely to have compatible sex drives. So, as Guestz says, if you live long enough, you will find yourself subject to the same laws of attraction as everyone else.

Eric (Sun 11 Oct 2020 02:09:07 GMT)


Hey guestz,

Take it easy man. I didn't mean to offend. I just like when there is relatable content. Get off your high horse. We are all chikans.

I was just displaying some empathy on a girl life who drastically changed due to my groping. Star student to a drug addict. I thought the change in her behavior would interest some members on this board like allrounder who keeps tabs on his groped victims. Imagine someone groping your wife.

But I don't think I would care about Phat Y booty as why care for a stranger! Lol I wil probably never see her again anyways.

Anyways that's the story of phat booty Y.

Guestz (Sat 10 Oct 2020 10:36:04 GMT)

Re: Eric

I know you don't "relate" to the 50+ humping teenage girls, but live long enough and have the kind of success I've had and if you're lucky you'll understand.

Eric (Sat 10 Oct 2020 08:38:38 GMT)


It’s nothing important but the post about Phat Booty Y and how she said assault shouldn’t have been her first with sexuality was supposed to also state that her post was on her social media page.

I tried interacting with her once but she ignored me. Too bad. I won’t aggravate anyone any further.

I know some of y’all might call me a rapist or molestor whatever but you guys d

1246 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Sat 10 Oct 2020 05:08:53 GMT)


Hey Chikan Expert,

I like talking to you on this board as we are similar in age I’m 19 and you said you were in your twenties? I feel like I can relate to your stories more. I can’t really relate to a 50 plus grown man humping a teenage girl. No offence to anyone.

But anyways on to my story.

To the long time members and lurkers. I often mentioned the girl who I nickname

3783 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 10 Oct 2020 02:22:09 GMT)

@Max Mond

As far as guilt feelings about humping women while being partnered goes, I do not know if this would change your outlook, but remember that the women who let you hump them, and who come after you, have husbands and boyfriends too; this shows you that the female has probably the same potential for infidelity as the male, they are just more careful to make sure that they do not get caught. Having said that, I think it is admirable to have a delicate conscience as you do, so if humping other women while married makes you feel guilty, I would advise you not to do it, unless it is something you absolutely cannot live without.

Booty Bandit (Fri 09 Oct 2020 18:59:31 GMT)

Careful in New York

Coronavirus cases are moving in the wrong direction in New York City (up). I would be looking to avoid crowds in New York now. And with winter approaching, it's only going to get worse. Is it worth it guys? I don't think so.

Chikan Expert (Fri 09 Oct 2020 16:57:51 GMT)


Yea I just noticed it reading it back. I will be careful

Max Mond (Fri 09 Oct 2020 14:22:15 GMT)


@Chikan Expert - are the trains full again? Are people wearing masks and crowding up? Can you not spill the beans on the best trains? Chikans are not the o ly ones lurking on this board.

@Arm Humper
I only came twice in my pants in the many years. There wasn't ever enough time to climax on my commute. It sounds dumb, but I was talking about the guilt factor of humping and groping women while being married. And those who are partnered and climax, how do you get away with it?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 09 Oct 2020 11:05:29 GMT)


You have to be careful about putting so many intricate details of how you operate on here.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 09 Oct 2020 05:56:02 GMT)

"Come to New York"

Humping is also easy in my part of the Caribbean. I have been climaxing frequently on women I do not know since the middle of June. I enjoyed my last such adventure just yesterday.

Guest (Fri 09 Oct 2020 00:44:51 GMT)

Narflarf video passwords

Hey stardude, can we have password to your new videos? Starving for quality encoxada content..

Chikan Expert (Thu 08 Oct 2020 15:09:04 GMT)

Come to NY if you wanna do your thing!

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Honestly if I were you guys, I would come to New York and take a ride on a crowded train. Man honestly, I think it would be worth it. I could just be a really horny bastard lol cuz I would do it if I lived in a less populated state. If you live outside of the US I don’t know what to tell you but if you’re in the states, come to NY. Take 2 weeks off

1386 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Thu 08 Oct 2020 13:36:22 GMT)

Re: Guest "beware"

That warning is because Rhino pills contain viagra, but it's not on the ingredients list. If you take certain meds you shouldn't use viagra.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 08 Oct 2020 11:30:15 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Man I feel your pain, I am in the same boat, I cannot get to my fave city to do my nasty...I am hoping 2021 will be along hot summer so I can have a long hot nasty summer ;)

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 08 Oct 2020 07:43:47 GMT)

@Max Mond

I am not married, but I have humped women to climax while I was partnered. In your case, if you are humping women on the subway without climaxing, which I think is your modus operandi, then I don't see how your partner could find out or be suspicious.

Guestz (Thu 08 Oct 2020 02:46:49 GMT)

I'm at a crucial point!

Man! I promise I'm at a breaking point. I want to get out there and do my nasty, but there's no where to do it! This coronavirus shit is the worst thing in 50 years of chikan! I've never had to go this long without dong my nasty deed. I sure hope things turn for the better next year. Last night I had a damn dream of chikanning my ex-sister-in-law! In the dream she was pregnant, and was encouraging me to chikan her! It' was so real because I used to grope the shit out of her, and she had a reputation of being a slut. I groped her so many times it ain't funny. I woke up mad as hell! This night mare that's going on now needs to end.

Guest (Wed 07 Oct 2020 21:40:44 GMT)

Rhino Pills

Be careful!


webmaster: ayashi (Wed 07 Oct 2020 05:07:12 GMT)

Re: Chikan Award

Bad-employee gets M.O.T.M. for Sept. 2020. with his light-skinned good colleague who is caught in a crowd. You are lovely amazing cunts.

Max Mond (Wed 07 Oct 2020 01:30:50 GMT)

Thanks for the stories

Thanks to everyone reporting on their recent successes and sharing fond memories! I'm stuck at home and appreciate it. I might get married soon. How do you married guys pull this off without suspicion?

Booty Bandit (Tue 06 Oct 2020 21:20:56 GMT)

Strip Club Costs

Place I loved to go to for bed dances was $30.00 a dance with minimum purchase of 3 dances. Was worth it considering my favorites routinely made me cum quite hard. Would usually tip to round out the cost to $100 for three long songs. This was always a good, fail safe, fall back if I did not cum from chikaning much earlier in the night.

registered member: Narflarf (Tue 06 Oct 2020 18:31:28 GMT)

Re: BigFootBum

I went to an extravagant place, so the dances were $20 per dance. Had to pay $100 for 5 five songs upfront, but I'd say it was worth it.

BigFootBum (Tue 06 Oct 2020 13:47:34 GMT)

NarfLarf StripClub

How much was the for each lap dance bro?
Where im at some clubs are 5 for each dance and some are 10 for each dance.
I only pay after each song.
So if I'm done after 2 songs then that's only 10 or 20 dollars.

Guestz (Tue 06 Oct 2020 05:47:41 GMT)

Re: Rhino 50k

I can swear by that Rhino 50k also. But where I am I can't seem to find them. Nothing but trash is available. I took one a few years back before I went to a large outdoor festival (remember those?) and was daggering sluts all night! It was amazing, because it took about an hour before it really kicked in and it was still daylight. I like to do my damage as the sun begins to set, but if you frequent large festivals you know how it works: you gotta get in the vicinity of the stage early-on to guarantee a spot when darkness (and the main event) hits. Shit, they didn't name it "Rhino" for nothing! I could have cut my way through all the girls using my "machete"!

registered member: Narflarf (Tue 06 Oct 2020 04:50:27 GMT)

Re: BigFootBum Strip club story

Glad to see I'm not the only one that swears by Rhino 50k pills. I remember taking one and being rock hard all night at a nightclub. A group of Indian girls saw my bulge and asked what was in my pants. I loved teasing them and seeing them giggle like schoolgirls and get wide eyed.

Coincidentally I went to my first strip club a few weeks ago on a business trip myself. I took a Rhino 50k pill

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third eye open (Tue 06 Oct 2020 03:58:09 GMT)


Hanma12 be careful. Dont try to show off. Some country/city there are no personal space or sense of any personal space. For example Japanese train no one is going to blame if you dog is sandwich between some buns. I came across situation where i’ve seen this man in his late 50s perving on teenage girls (there were enough space for him to place himself) it was so obvious. And i have also seen this tall blonde European milf looking, office lady glued to this 17-19 yrs old black guy’s back. Now if he did something no one would have suspected a thing. For me my best experiences have been times when game came to me. And times when i did enter the “zone” fully equipped; risk vs reward was not worth it. Good luck and may god gift you an amazing piece of jiggly ass/soft bouncing titty.

Hanma12 (Mon 05 Oct 2020 20:24:41 GMT)


Been reading and decided to try it for the first time. I went to several stores, around 8 or more, big booty latinas everywhere but I either didn't get the chance, missed a chance or was afraid of getting in trouble.

I failed you guys, im sorry.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 05 Oct 2020 10:10:09 GMT)


The story by Chikan Expert reminds me of how addictive this pastime can become. He went back to the kiss cam, the place where he had been caught, even after his arrest there. He says "I was like a crack addict...I could not help myself."

This brings to mind a case I read about in a neighbouring island. A young man got arrested for molesting schoolgirls while they were on their way to schoo

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BigFootBum (Mon 05 Oct 2020 06:30:36 GMT)

Strip Club Pt 2

So I went to the 1st two strip clubs in this one city close to my fellow traveling vagabond buddy's recommended go to city for the stripclub.

I went to the 1st one, a hole in the wall that was actually pretty cool on the inside where I had the round booty foreign chick from the islands dance on my erected pipe until she felt uncomfortable (lol she probably thought I was going to bust on her

4924 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Mon 05 Oct 2020 02:42:10 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert

Excellent! Reminds me of the days at Venice Beach. I nutted sooooo much out there it was ridiculous. Same thing at the L.A. airport, late at night. The terminals where international flights came in would be chikan paradises. There were regulars there every week, especially on certain night jostling for positions. Plenty for the few chikans I knew of. One Hispanic pervert would always go for young

505 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 04 Oct 2020 17:08:37 GMT)

@Chikan Expert

God damn man you were lucky!!! Were you really balls deep in that Teenage booty? Also how long were you able to hump her and which position did you have your dick when you were humping her? Need DETAILS man!!!

Chikan Expert (Sun 04 Oct 2020 15:37:40 GMT)

One of my top 3 best groping sessions (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)


I do live in North America. Buses get crowded anywhere from 530am-8am and then again at 3-530pm. I haven’t had sex in a couple of years now so lately I’ve been having the itch to grope way more often than usual. I usually work 6 days a week from 7am-6pm. I usually go out with the intention of groping on my day off. I literally plan it every week. Sometimes I get too impatient to w

4828 more byte(s), click here!

Hanma12 (Sun 04 Oct 2020 01:18:00 GMT)

The goats

Just discovered this after seeing vids for years on xhamster. I wish I could figure out how to do what you guys do lol. I find latinas irresistible and I feelsome type a way when I see that booty.

ManaSteel (Sat 03 Oct 2020 18:47:43 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert

Glad to see you’re back and getting decent action

New-cumer (Sat 03 Oct 2020 06:41:30 GMT)

No action

This covid-19 is really stressing me out here in London, England. Everytime I see girls like these ones in the image shown below wearing leggings of some sort reminding me of how I'm missing out on the opportunity to dry hump them.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 02 Oct 2020 17:32:02 GMT)


I agree with Chikan Expert that sometimes the look of a woman tells you that you are likely to get through with her. It does not happen often, but usually when I get that intuition it turns out to be correct. Like him, I cannot explain it, but I guess that after years of experience your mind creates a picture of the typical willing woman.

BigFootBum (Thu 01 Oct 2020 21:29:51 GMT)

Strip Clubs

As brothers may or may not remember I am a backpacker and I have traveled most of the United Stateş of Amerįca.

I have no place I technically call home but if I wanted to actually settle down I could at anytime at my own residence in my name.

Hence why I call myself by the screen name BigFootBum because I have big feet and society would consider me a bum even though I have a steady

4448 more byte(s), click here!

BigFootBum (Thu 01 Oct 2020 11:23:17 GMT)

long time no covidly see l

I REFUSED to get on here for so many months knowing how covid fucked my year up so badly in so many ways (chikanly and financially) I had opportunities to make HUGE BANK this year all flushed.
And since this bullshit is going on I SAID the board would be DEAD - DEAD.
iterator just now I had ran into a girls page on YT trying to type an associates of mines page up and she had footage of a p

1584 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Thu 01 Oct 2020 05:51:30 GMT)


Man I am getting pretty jealous of some of the action yall been getting. I am getting none. Its probably due to the setting of the city I am in with lots of signs placed everywhere about this virus and social distancing and wearing a mask. The government also changing the stages from stage 2 to stage 3 and back to stage 2. People writing letters and news articles if there happens to be 1 busy bus.

1200 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 01 Oct 2020 01:47:45 GMT)

@Chikan Expert

Funnily enough, I also climaxed on an attractive girl who was about 16 years old yesterday on public transport. She was a schoolgirl who looked really smart in her uniform. 16 is the legal age in my country.

When I was your age, I also used to come very quickly while practising frotteurism. I did not even have to hump them; just placing my erection against her with the foreskin drawn back w

816 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 30 Sep 2020 22:17:26 GMT)


Bad Employee gets my vote for man of the month with his story of the "light-skinned college girl caught in a crowd"

Guest (Wed 30 Sep 2020 20:56:58 GMT)

Chikan Expert (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I know I said I would stop writing on here but man I have to mention how good my day was yesterday. I came 2x with 2 different girls. First one was on a train. It was a 16 year old with her mom. I was scoping on the platform and once I laid my eyes on her, I knew she was gonna be the one to allow me to grope her. Some girls just have that look, don’t know how to explain it. She had a small perky

2725 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 30 Sep 2020 04:37:17 GMT)

Biggest opportunity to chikan but you missed out on?

I'm just wondering what you guys consider the biggest missed opportunity to chikan was, and why it didn't work out.
Mines was a 100+ outdoor venue venue It was The Rolling Stones tour where Prince opened for them. I was with my at the time girlfriend. There's was no way to get in even a touch, let alone chikan activity. It was full of stoned white girls there to see The Stones, but instead of me going wild I had to kick it with dumbass. Excruciatingly frustrating.

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 29 Sep 2020 23:59:33 GMT)

Sept. 2020 frottophilia award

Now is the time to select the best chikan writer of the month. Please nominate your favourite.

Guestz (Tue 29 Sep 2020 19:20:30 GMT)

Re: BigT

Yeah this Covid is a damn bitch! Just a year ago I was at a huge Black festival that was gaining steam in these neck-of-the-woods. It was growing like nobody's business. I was riding some of the best African American bootys I had had in years, now it's gone. Still can't believe it. I really think that if Trump had handled things better we'd have a future. Now, who knows....

Booty Bandit (Tue 29 Sep 2020 17:29:56 GMT)

Re: BigT- Cold Winter

It's going to be both a cold and a COVID winter. Means no action sadly.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 29 Sep 2020 13:17:14 GMT)

Cold winter

With protests pretty much done in my area of the world for the foreseeable future, I think the next few months are going to be really difficult. The odd transport grope is fun, but the sustained barricade-level butt humps won’t be available for a long time. This COVID nonsense really needs to leave us alone!

Chikan_Adventures (Mon 28 Sep 2020 00:19:20 GMT)

Encoxada girl big ass (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

My specialty has always been touching women with big round asses

Nyc subway groper (Sun 27 Sep 2020 21:11:44 GMT)

Re: ready to bust a .....

Yeah me 2. I’m ready

Booty Bandit (Sun 27 Sep 2020 19:33:10 GMT)

Yes Guestz

Too long no nuts to butts!

Guestz (Sat 26 Sep 2020 21:57:05 GMT)


I am so ready to bust a nutt on some of these girls.....

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 24 Sep 2020 03:33:02 GMT)


In my last post, I referred to a "post-covid bump." Of course, the virus is still with us, so what I meant was what happens with the lifting of the more onerous restrictions associated with the deadly disease.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 24 Sep 2020 03:22:19 GMT)

Of Humps and Bumps

Earlier today (Wednesday) I greatly enjoyed rubbing my erection on the naked shoulder of a milf as she sat next to her son on the bus, and I came to a sweet and satisfying orgasm.

My 30 something willing participant was slender and brown-skinned, with small breasts and an oval face. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow, patterned top with no sleeves, so I was rubbing against her bare sk

1447 more byte(s), click here!

third eye open (Thu 24 Sep 2020 01:12:55 GMT)

small gathering

Work from home allowed people to move out of the city. one friend sold an apartment in downtown to get a huge place in the country. we were helping with revo, unpacking and simply giving company given their isnt much to do. there have been night when i drop her off at 1:30 am both smell like sweat and fucking tired and both have work at 8 am (this odour made both of us horny but we did nothing) I

2571 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 23 Sep 2020 13:37:15 GMT)

No New Stories to Tell, but...

The current situation where I live hasn't changed at all, so I got nothing new to tell. But I did want to say something else. I know there have been guys on this site in the past that didnt believe in "players", or that not many women were. But I was thinking (reminiscing) about all the players I've come (cum) up against! Man, some of them I would gladly buy a dinner as a thank you! I've had em al

1621 more byte(s), click here!

third eye open (Tue 22 Sep 2020 22:47:48 GMT)

wow dudes don’t care for covid

you guys dont care i see. everyone is 6 feet apart and 1 is glued to a strangers ass. I ass grabbed this beautiful colleague at a house party. She got scared and ran away. I will prolly need to explain myself later on.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 21 Sep 2020 02:10:21 GMT)

I hope my humpee has a happy birthday.

Today, September 20th, is the 21st birthday of a damsel who let me explode against her shoulder four and half years ago when she was a 16 year old student at an elite high school. 16 is the age of consent here. I follow her on instagram and twitter, where she posts many pix of herself. Since she likes seeing her images online so much (I have over 250 of them) I hope to be able to visually chronicle the major events of her life, such as her graduation from university (where she is studying to be an accountant), her wedding, and the birth of her children. She does some work as a model, so that partly explains why there are so many images of her on the Internet.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 20 Sep 2020 20:18:04 GMT)


Well done BigT. I am glad that someone besides me is getting some action.

Guestz (Sat 19 Sep 2020 19:17:44 GMT)

Re: Big T

BRAVO! That's what I'm missing right there! I'll be so much happier when I can get back to that type of behavior. But as for now I'll have to read good stories from you and whoever else gets lucky enough to partake!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 19 Sep 2020 17:44:01 GMT)

Recent protest

I was at another protest recently and it was another amazing success, there’ll be some vids on my xhamster soon ;).

I had three standouts. The first was a MILF in a Green skirt, man. From the moment I pressed into her she didn’t even flinch. She just bent over and sat that fat booty in my lap. I only had to eventually move because cops attempted to disperse the crowd.

The second

2420 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 19 Sep 2020 08:42:18 GMT)

Chikan of The Month [encoxada.me]

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you all know we've introduced the Chikan of The Month award on encoxada.me

This reward is done monthly and winners of this award can wish cash prizes of up to $50! For more ore information read here: https://encoxada.me/threads/introducing-chikan-of-the-month.57/

Hope to see some stories soon!

Groper_sport (Fri 18 Sep 2020 10:13:36 GMT)

Invitation for Private groping group

We have a private telegram group where we post and discuss our groping encounters .

Anybody interested to join can message me on my telegram username :


Keep subject of message as : Via Frottophilia

guest (Thu 17 Sep 2020 18:46:00 GMT)

dr phili

Dr Phil what you mean by squashing ? you mean how hard to squash her arse.

John (Thu 17 Sep 2020 04:45:55 GMT)

RE: nike pro (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

I've rubbed my bare dick and even cum on my girlfriend's little sister and let me tel you it feels like fucking heaven, she plays volleyball and when going to my gf house i'd take any opportunity to put my dick in between those buttcheeks and take full advantage of her. Now everytime i see a girl in those spandex shorts it turns me on so much i have to put my d on them lol. Reminds me of how i was cumming with my dick deep in her asscrack, almost fucking her through the short. god it feels so good, i think now i have a fetish for those shorts lol

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 17 Sep 2020 03:53:57 GMT)

Guest: There is hope, fellow chikans!

There certainly is hope. I have been humping women to orgasm on the bus since the middle of June when our lockdown ended. Of course, we still have to wear masks and social distance, but we have not had a death from covid-19 in a long time. And things can only get better for me when schools reopen in a few days.
Today (Wednesday) on the bus, an attractive young woman let me rub my erection against her shoulder and I came. Neither thin nor fat, she was tall and long-limbed with wide hips and skin the colour of chocolate. It was one of my best post-lockdown experiences because she was just my type. It felt great being on a vehicle full of people with only the two of us being in on the secret about the sexual activity that was taking place.

Dr. Phil (Wed 16 Sep 2020 07:47:10 GMT)

college girls

I am doing research on crowd psychology. Can someone please share hot spots for where you will find groups of college girls.

I need info on

New York

I need information on
SQUASH factor. How easy it is to sqaush.

Guest (Mon 14 Sep 2020 16:58:49 GMT)

Covid made it easier with schoolgirls (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Since the beginning of the pandemic I thought it would take a long time before I would cum against a schoolgirl again. But it’s actually easier than ever in my case.

School has started 2 weeks ago over here and some of them now have two schedules, grades 7-8-9 begin at 8:30 (the regular time) and grades 10-11-12 begin at 9:30. But extra buses are only based on the the 8:30 schedule, which

1479 more byte(s), click here!

bad-employee (Mon 14 Sep 2020 08:47:19 GMT)

RE: Chikan & Technology

Yeah cctv everywhere and people making videos and uploading them is completely ruining it for everybody. I could have taken a million upskirt and frott videos of my targets over the years but I don't have time to masturbate over them and even if I did I would rather be out there making new chikan opportunities. Also why leave digital footprints and evidence of shit, just for others to jack off ove

698 more byte(s), click here!

Nike Pro (Mon 14 Sep 2020 08:36:41 GMT)

Disney Land

Like damn... Imagine getting up behind this girl in line for one of the rides... I would totally ruin her spandex shorts and leave a mess on them.

Guestz (Mon 14 Sep 2020 01:05:12 GMT)

Future Chikan Experiences

I know that right now things are screwed as far as our game goes. But have any of you thought about what it could be like 2-3 years out? I was reading a bunch of stories concerning the present and I came up with this.
Right now everybody is focused on the pandemic, but it's not gonna last forever, and it's not the only big news-thing that's going on. But with the temperatures heati

524 more byte(s), click here!

Nike Pro Shorts (Sun 13 Sep 2020 21:54:57 GMT)


Anyone here ever got to nut or do a frontal grope on a teen like this?

Guest (Sun 13 Sep 2020 14:19:45 GMT)

Re: Guest - New Forum

Wow a new forum! Hope you can build it into something good!

Eric (Sun 13 Sep 2020 02:46:38 GMT)


I honestly don’t know how some of y’all still working and writing stories about Chikaning.

Like I imagined with schools reopening here in Canada, the buses would be packed. It’s getting packed alright but with the majority of the crowd being male. I hardly see any females riding the buses anymore.

So once again, eff you China ! Always starting a virus every 10 years!

I don’t expect majority of us Chikans to return to normal action until a vaccine is found. I don’t attend any protests for BLM as it can be unsafe.

Guest (Sat 12 Sep 2020 20:09:37 GMT)

new forum encoxada.me

Hey guys

I have been a huge lurker on this forum for years and was inspired to make my own frottophilia forum. I have used a different forum style, something more modern, and made it so only manually approved registered users can enter the forum. The goal is to make a more safer space for people like us to share content.

If you make original content and want to be paid to advertise the forum, then message me using the contact us feature on the forum. Ayashi, if you want to sort out a partnership then let me know.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 12 Sep 2020 18:52:11 GMT)


At 14-18 I actually rarely did girls my age. I don’t think it was intentional, it was more because of the way I used to operate. I’d either be near the front where there was a partition for people to put their bags, and women would lean on it and I could easily hold the bars/poles. The other, excellent place was in the buggy area where women would always be bending over to deal with their babies - man oh man they were the best.

Booty Bandit (Sat 12 Sep 2020 13:24:46 GMT)

Chikan & Technology

I agree that in the long run chikan videos have been bad for the game. We all love to look at a good one, but as said they have raised the level of awareness about chikan activity. When it was all about story telling only, there could be a lot of skepticism about veracity, including from women themselves. There's no way that happened! But then when the video trend started years ago showing dic

719 more byte(s), click here!

Guest Guy (Sat 12 Sep 2020 10:04:00 GMT)

RE: Technology

I used to encourage chikans to keep uploading when I wasn’t recording my action. Once I started recording I realized it just wasn’t worth it. People steal content someway and it’s always a risk of being tracked down. Chikans should only record to have that video to playback for themselves but uploading and posting it for the world to see is a dumb idea.

I find pleasure in knowing a great night deep in some teens crack was recorded for my eyes only

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 12 Sep 2020 08:52:12 GMT)

Re Old but curious

That is a fair point, and I guess its true, it is a shame that where you are from they are educating girls about potential gropers, I can say in the UK they have had these campaigns about reporting sexual offenders off and on for over a decade if not more, in fact it has been longer...

I myself have uploaded a good few flashing vids ( I flash and upskirt too ) and it is simple, its purely because of vanity, I remember before vids were the norm people wrote down their escapades in sites like this, then vids started to become the norm...can't really say more than it can only be for that reason.

Old But Curious (Fri 11 Sep 2020 18:41:03 GMT)

Re cctv, technology

There used to be no cctv on buses where i live. It is only in last 7 years that they have installd everywhere. Inside the buses and on the premises of bus stops. I also don't like these chikan shooting themselves and uploading on porn sites. In the long run it will only undermine the chikans. Those clips are used by feminists and other like minded people to create awareness about groping. The univ

506 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 11 Sep 2020 15:20:57 GMT)

Old But Curious: Buses and Technology

There is no cctv on buses in my country, and social media is my friend; it helps me identify my willing participants.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 11 Sep 2020 11:48:53 GMT)

Re Old but curious/ Blackie

When are you talking about? buses have had cctv for decades in the UK where I have had bucket loads of success both humping and even more flashing

Blackie, I have had loads of success on buses since 2010 in fact if you get on the right bus full of tourists you can have a whale of a time, yes there is cctv but as I said before it has been there decades already so nothing new there.

blackie the pakkie (Fri 11 Sep 2020 07:05:32 GMT)

korean girls never react to chikan ?

I remember once at a movie premier i spotted a korean girl with her mother leaning over the barriers. I instantly got a boner as her daugher was wearing yoga pants. Without wasting anytime I got behind her and began sniffing the girls hair.

It smelled raw like it had not been washed. The smell indicated that she was a tourist girl. The sight of her plum peachy arse in yoga pants got me too

1280 more byte(s), click here!

Old But Curious (Fri 11 Sep 2020 02:12:42 GMT)

Buses and technology

Man I mis those old times. No cctv camera, no smart phones, no social media.

Guest (Fri 11 Sep 2020 02:04:30 GMT)


Thank me later.. =>=>> https://xhamster.com/users/d9coxa

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 11 Sep 2020 01:16:33 GMT)

Buses, Question for BigT

There is no doubt that you can get away with a lot of crazy stuff on buses. I remember 15 years ago humping to orgasm the shoulder of a woman who was sitting with an empty seat next to her, meaning that she could easily have moved away from me if she wanted to. Most women in that situation will move around, but occasionally you will find one who stays put.

BigT, when you were working the bu

481 more byte(s), click here!

blackie the pakkie (Thu 10 Sep 2020 19:20:40 GMT)


Busses were especially good ten years ago. The variety of white booty was amazing. Everything from college girls, party girl to office girls in business suits corrrr. Its not safe now as youtube has educated the mass about chikan.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 10 Sep 2020 17:40:22 GMT)


God. Between the ages of 14-18 I ONLY did buses. Every single day after school for hours I was operating on buses. They used to be so, so good, and I swear, nobody would ever complain or move away. There were times, that what I was doing would be so ridiculously obvious. I’d be in the middle of the bus with no cover or crowd, but for some reason nobody would either notice or care enough to speak up. Then, they changed the bus structure and it heavily reduced opportunities so I moved off buses. I haven’t been back. It’s why I never even felt the need to go to concerts till about age 19.

blackie the pakkie (Thu 10 Sep 2020 14:22:00 GMT)


Busess use to be great places to game. Sadly social websites have made women more socially savvy.So you gotto becareful.

I use to love gaming white booty girls going to work. English bitches have meat in the right places. I remember hearing two booty arse bitches talking. One said to the other 'i read that wierdos stand really close behind you i hope that guy is not a wierdo'.

There was a fat black guy standing behind her lol. Will share a story later.

teenfucker (Thu 10 Sep 2020 11:09:32 GMT)

RE: booty bandit bed dances

I love what you describe here. I want to do this my Chinese massage therapist. Her name is CiCi and I saw her for the first time recently. Had a lovely massage with a hand job at the end. As she played with my dick I put my hand up her dress and felt her ass legs and cunt, she moaned as I did it.

I hope next time to exchange the hand job for an ass job. I would wear a condom and get her to undress and let me oil up her ass crack so I can slide my dick up and down her while fingering her.

That's my plan.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 10 Sep 2020 00:55:21 GMT)

Let the Good Times Roll

On Monday, on the bus, I climaxed by rubbing myself on the bare arm of a young woman. I took a little longer than usual to reach the orgasm, but when it did come it was extremely strong and sweet. I was wearing a mask, as was my willing partner, and I find sometimes that mask wearing seems to cause a somewhat delayed climax. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.
It has been possible to ride full buses in my country since the middle of June, and I have been taking advantage since then, but, as I said before, only one route is consistently full now, because of the effects of the virus, however, conditions should improve later in the month when schools reopen.

placeborules (Wed 09 Sep 2020 04:17:40 GMT)

Be careful!


Don't let Covid-19 and it's devastating effect on chikan related events make you do this kind of stupid shit...

Old But Curious (Wed 09 Sep 2020 02:20:32 GMT)

Re stripe clubs

Nice stories guys. There are no stripe clubs where I live so i don't know how they work. But is not it a tacit agreement that when a hot ass is shaking an inch away from your hard dick, you are ultimately going to grab it and cum? And what if I want to dry hump the girl?

Max Mond (Wed 09 Sep 2020 00:01:51 GMT)

Chikan expert

@Chikan Expert

You write well too. Keep the stories coming. We'll all be at the NY event. let's keep that NY secret ourselves before its ruined ;)

bad-employee (Tue 08 Sep 2020 23:52:02 GMT)

RE: Protest fun

Fucking good shit, I would be so pissed at the Asian bitch hitting me and shouting like that! You did good to get out fast, I've seen hostile crowds like that turn on perverts and vigilante style beatings start

Your grope style and attitude is ballsy. I think I play it safer, even in the thickets crowds I try my best not to get caught and I take minimal risks.

In my head, a big reason why I enjoy this shit is manipulating people. My target and everybody around us, manipulate the shit out of everybody and get away with it looking like a saint.

Good story, keep posting I am enjoying your work

Booty Bandit (Tue 08 Sep 2020 21:51:59 GMT)

Re: Blackie & Guestz - Strip Clubs

When I went to strip clubs a lot, my preference was to patronize clubs offering "bed dances". For a bed dance, you go to a private room and lay on a bed, and the girl rubs and grinds all over you. My favorites would routinely let their panties ride to the side fully exposing their tingly pussy lips and ass cracks. I would wear something with no underwear that was really thin so as not to irritate

930 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Tue 08 Sep 2020 12:50:13 GMT)

Re: Blackie/stripe club

Your story brings one of my memories back from my strip club visits in the '80's. I would do as you did: go to the clubs without any underwear on, a raging hard-on, and with bad intentions! I would get lap dances where they would put their titties in your face, turn around and have their asses right there! But what I would do is, when they turned away from me I would scoot up and close the distanc

666 more byte(s), click here!

blackie the pakkie (Tue 08 Sep 2020 11:20:58 GMT)

strip club game in private room

Last christmas before the chinese virus killed the world i decided to go to a strip club. London is full of strip clubs in central and around the east end its paradise for chikans ohh i love london shame about the fucking chinese virus.

Before going there i wore loose trousers without underwear and took a dose of viagra to make my penis like steel so i can chikan the strippers white booty a

2407 more byte(s), click here!

blackie the pakkie (Mon 07 Sep 2020 19:43:53 GMT)


Thanks for everyones kind words.

Has anyone been to strip club wearing loose trousers and no underwear. I did it last christmas will shares details later.

Guest (Mon 07 Sep 2020 14:05:53 GMT)


One of my favourite vids:


Man in Black (Mon 07 Sep 2020 12:30:08 GMT)


All you men of color in here need to stop CAPE-in for these white girls!

ManaSteel (Mon 07 Sep 2020 08:59:56 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert

Bro you’re still new to the board. Writing a couple stories isn’t gonna earn you instant accolades and glowing praise but what you have written is pretty good. I’m sure you’re disappointed about the two major events that typically happen today being canceled. Those are absolute gold mines for easy action

third eye open (Mon 07 Sep 2020 07:58:45 GMT)

@ guest. common question

Don’t use your wife’s health issue to exercise your kink. You can jerk off, get a massage, you can go to a strip club. Instead of doing any of these, you are entertaining the idea of violating a woman or worst an underage girl. You come out sounding like a decent man, dont want to cheat, not your character. Guy if you love your wife then make this sacrifice. if i catch you humping my wife i will take a picture of you in action and show it to your wife. And if you have a problem with me, if will burry you. Go pay a bitch to suck you off. If you want to play this game then be a player.
Why aren’t you asking this question to your close friend? You know this shit is not acceptable.Go see a psychologist. They will fix you up. I hope wife recovers from her medical condition.

Guest (Mon 07 Sep 2020 03:51:16 GMT)

The forbidden place@Chikan Expert

Cmon man don't be like that. You're letting your chikan brothers miss out on good action because if your paranoia. You're good bro please tell us. I remember you mentioned it before.

webmaster: ayashi (Mon 07 Sep 2020 03:18:12 GMT)

Re: monthly frottophilia award

The BodyBuilder Chikan BigT won the August award as he won exceptional successes during this covid pandemic. He found players at a protest.

Chikan Expert (Sun 06 Sep 2020 20:19:05 GMT)


Damn, I guess I won’t continue to write on here since nobody seems to find pleasure in reading my stories. I already know it’s because of my horrible story telling. Oh well. I’m definitely gonna be lurking here everyday.

3 more months till the best spot in the world for chikans opens up!!! NYC chikans I hope you’re aware. I’m definitely not sharing the location. I recommend those who know what I’m talking about do the same. I’ve been going there for 5 years straight. Never seen any cops. I’m afraid if I spill the tea, that cops will eventually be aware . Def can’t have that happen

Guey (Sun 06 Sep 2020 19:49:52 GMT)

Re: Blackie

Only a true chikan could realize the potential in that moment! You have earned even more respect!

Max Mond (Sun 06 Sep 2020 16:56:08 GMT)

Good story blackie

I don't have any new stories so I have commend those who are sharing. Good job blackie. That was a good story.

guest (Sun 06 Sep 2020 15:07:02 GMT)


Why do english chikans say coooor ?

Old But Curious (Sun 06 Sep 2020 10:17:25 GMT)

Bad Employee

Man you are in a dream job! I too have convinced women in crowded transportation to come and stand in front of me. Once I convinced a milf to take her daughter who was between her and me in front her giving some silly reasons. The moment her daughter moved out, I plastered my dick on milfs ass and she immediately realised the mistake she committed. she did not like it a bit as she was elbowing me all the time. Bitch did not know I get even more stiff when the girl elbows me to save her butt.

Guest (Sun 06 Sep 2020 07:54:20 GMT)

re: light-skin colleague caught in a crowd

This was the best story I've read in a very long time, please keep them coming!!

blackie the pakkie (Sat 05 Sep 2020 14:22:34 GMT)

bear hugging women

London as i have said before was chikan paradise until the fucking chinese invented and spread horrid covid 19 around the world.

Years ago some celebrity was shopping in Top Shop in Oxford circus fuck knows who the celeb was frankly i do not care. This drew crowds of people including young girls outside the entrance of top shop.

I was hunting in oxford circus that day and noticed loa

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Old But Curious (Sat 05 Sep 2020 03:21:47 GMT)

Re Bad-employee and to others

Like you I am also not settled in life yet because of my chikan fetish. I am 36 now and have been in the chikan business since last 10 - 12 years. This pandemic has given me a break from chiknaning and I spet a lot of time to reflect on my life. I am confused these days if the fetish is worth living unmarried whole life. Ofcourse, one can still chikan after marrying but it will be limited. For example when there is big event I spent entire day dicking women, cumming mutiple times. I return home late night I am in total mess, no energy left and my pant has clear cum marks in the form of stream flowing downwards. Next morning, I visit booty whore and fuck her is the ass. All these things looks really difficult to me after marriage.

Max Mond (Sat 05 Sep 2020 00:10:02 GMT)

Bravo bad employee

Bravo rubber-neck, err I meant bad employer. You had me laughing on that story where you manipulated that poor girl. Keep them stories coming. I enjoy your prose. It's well structured, yet high strung, and the name calling everyone cunts reminds me of my uncle from Brooklyn. He affectionately cursed at everyone.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 04 Sep 2020 18:44:29 GMT)


So even police officers are Chikans. This is hilarious.


Booty Bandit (Fri 04 Sep 2020 14:22:55 GMT)

Re: Guest16 - Comment/Question

I'm the same way in that when I'm in a steady relationship and getting steady sex, I virtually never engage in chikan. So yes, for me too chikan is mostly an outlet to relieve built up sexual tension and desire.

Guest16 (Fri 04 Sep 2020 11:36:57 GMT)

I have a comment/question

I'm a longtime chikan artist! I've been at this a very long time. I'm married but I like to get out and do this for a different reason than most. My wife (who I love to have sex with) has some health issues that limit our sex. Because of her issues I have to do things to relieve my frustrations. I'm not going to go out and have sex with other women. That's not in my character. But I will go out for chikan activity. I do it just to release the tension of not enough sex with my wife. I found that when we do have enough sex (when she feels better) I don't feel a need to chikan. I do grope whenever I have that chance to just touch. Do any of you guys just do this to relieve sexual tension?

blackie the packie (Fri 04 Sep 2020 09:57:05 GMT)

clapham junction and fenchurch st station

Before covid 19 fucked things up loads of white booty use to commute into london from towns outside london. Two chikan hot spots are clapham junction and fenchurch street corrrr.

Clapham junction thousands of white booty catch the train in london waterloo corrrrr. I love mashing up on these white office girls. Around 830 am monday to thursday the carriages get crammed.

Crowds always

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bad-employee (Fri 04 Sep 2020 03:53:54 GMT)

light-skin colleague caught in a crowd (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

Well the reason I am a bad employee is because where I work I get to press my crotch, dick and hands upon girls asses a lot. If I wasn't a pervert I would avoid it but I am thoroughly perverse and sniff out frott/grope opportunities all day long.

I work for a company that posts me at various events, theaters, museums and shops, usually when celebrities are showing up, or high profile events

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bad-employee (Fri 04 Sep 2020 01:39:58 GMT)

Re: Guest


I really need to use this unpleasant word to articulate myself. I just want to say: IF I CALL YOU/ANYBODY THE C WORD I DON'T MEAN OFFENSE.

Instead of saying "you wonderful fellas" I'd rather say "you beautiful bunch of cunts". It's my thing. If I was sat in a room with you there would be no tension or aggression using that word :)

bad-employee (Fri 04 Sep 2020 01:35:48 GMT)

Re: Old Butt Cuntorious

"How are you chikans managing the double life you are living? Did your wife ever get curioua about the cum on the front of your pant?"

Interesting question. Well I've been single for 2 years so don't have that worry at the moment. I've never lived with my past girlfriends, not had a serious enough relationship to do a big move-in-together thing. This is PARTLY because of my chikan fetish an

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Old But Curious (Thu 03 Sep 2020 23:04:53 GMT)

Balancing the life

How are you chikans managing the double life you are living? Did your wife ever get curioua about the cum on the front of your pant?

h8covid (Thu 03 Sep 2020 18:58:36 GMT)


"I dreamed about spreading her cheeks apart and french kissing her butt hole."

got stiff reading that, it's exactly my fetish

bad-employee (Thu 03 Sep 2020 18:54:27 GMT)

Re: The Great And Powerful Chikan (WARNING: she may be too young)

Sorry for the offense caused my fellow perv

I have an attitude problem, also I call people CUNT a lot and seem to get away with it because of my cheeky grin.

If you see me carelessly throwing the magical C word around, hope you let it slide, it's just my attitude and I mean no offense

You perverted cunt :) love you

Max Mond (Thu 03 Sep 2020 15:09:18 GMT)

@ bad employee

@bad employee
We've all done perverse things,but you are a good writer. Enjoyed your stories. Keep them coming when you ca

Guest (Thu 03 Sep 2020 13:42:04 GMT)


Why is this sort of thing allowed on the board??? Come on, let's not go down this abusive road again! Please!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 03 Sep 2020 12:29:22 GMT)

Re teenfucker

No idea and I don't care either, dressed as provocatively as that I would grope flash and cum on her if I could...hot little fuck toy

The Great And Powerful Chikan (Thu 03 Sep 2020 12:21:49 GMT)

Re: bad-employee

What's amazing about your comment is, what makes you think "unlike most of you cunts"? As long as I've been at this shit I've seen hundreds of other pervs doing exactly what I and a lot of others write about on this board. What if we take your attitude and use it towards you? I bet you made that whole story up, CUNT!

trey (Thu 03 Sep 2020 09:47:48 GMT)

RE: my easy target (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

bad-employee amazing stories, we need to hear that concert story!

bad-employee (Thu 03 Sep 2020 02:47:22 GMT)

my easy target (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Unlike most of you cunts who probably make up your stories, my shit is all TRUE and actually happened.

I started telling you fellow perverted fuckers about my sexy friend from my school days here http://www.frottophilia.com/forum/1598806755.html and I will share some more now

The fear of getting caught going too far or h

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Guest (Wed 02 Sep 2020 22:23:51 GMT)

flasher (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

you guys better chill. which one of you guys is this LOL


Booty Bandit (Wed 02 Sep 2020 17:53:20 GMT)

Re: August Award

I really liked Big T's stuff in August. Good protest story plus he had vids to share. Inspiration for a bright chikan future ahead. If he can do that during a pandemic, then imagine how it will be when this disaster is over. Oh, it will be over one day for sure!

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 02 Sep 2020 14:55:17 GMT)

August award

Now is the time for the monthly award. Please nominate your favourite chikan storyteller for Aug. 2020.

Guest (Wed 02 Sep 2020 12:21:53 GMT)


Nice story, tell us more about how you groped her on a daily basis please

Guestz (Tue 01 Sep 2020 18:32:52 GMT)

Re: Booty Bandit

That year was one of the craziest/best times I ever had at a 2-day festival. I wrote a post (it "won" M.O.T.M.) and told how I could have used a few extra hands and another dick! I groped until I got sick of it! If that festival (or ones like it) doesn't return it will be a sad state-of-affairs as far as I'm concerned.

Booty Bandit (Tue 01 Sep 2020 13:30:27 GMT)

A couple of thoughts

@Chikan Expert - please be careful man! Even in all of the chaos of a crowd, we must remember to always use the proper caution and techniques so as not to get screamed on. Or even worse, apprehended. Start gradual and build up to more extremes to see how far you can take it.

@Guestz - I see plenty of girls in that crowd who would be taking this dick in their butt cracks :-) I especially like the blonde with the shades high up on her head, but maybe she doesn't have a nice ass. But what a smorgasbord of ass! Only way to go is to get back in those crowds in 2021! That's where I'll be. Things will be crazy nuts to butts when all goes back to normal.

teenfucker (Tue 01 Sep 2020 10:41:22 GMT)

how old do you think she is?

I've seen this girl in the local neighbourhood. very hot. very sexy. wears tiny short skirts and tight leggings. i want to fuck her so hard. how old would you guess she is? i would say about 17

Guestz (Mon 31 Aug 2020 18:52:49 GMT)

That Time Of Year

There's a huge void in my emotions, especially at this time, this year. Normally my adrenaline starts pumping when this festival is just a few short weeks away. But this year, COVID!

Chikan Expert (Mon 31 Aug 2020 15:44:24 GMT)

Protest fun

Damn good vids @BigT . Were you able to cum in your pants with all those girls? And what state do you live at bro?

I’ve only been to one protest about 2 months ago. It was fucking insane man. We marched from the New York nets stadium to a police precinct that was like 3 miles away. There was so many girls dressed like whores. I was grabbing all kinds of asses while we were marching. Once

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New-cumer (Mon 31 Aug 2020 14:35:47 GMT)


In the next two weeks business office workers and both secondary schools and college students will resume, hopefully the rush hour on trains will be back to normal

BigT, if I could go to these protests I would however the UK isn't exactly the land of many opportunities not like the U.S

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 31 Aug 2020 13:58:28 GMT)






The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 31 Aug 2020 13:49:28 GMT)


I only go to protests where I know the location has places people can lean. I do not attend standing only protests as like you said, there will be too much room. This protest was in a location commonly used for public events. So plenty of barricade and leaning locations for women to bend way over!

Booty Bandit (Mon 31 Aug 2020 12:37:35 GMT)

The 90's

The 1990's was a time when I came of age as a chikan. That was the first time I came at a concert while humping a strange girl in the butt. After that, I started going to concerts all the time to hump pretty girls in the butt and cum. I branched out to other locations like parades and small clubs. But I mainly stuck with concerts. I tried bare humping a few times but didn't like it. It took awhile, but that came later. The 90's were a formative time for me as a chikan.

Guest (Mon 31 Aug 2020 12:37:33 GMT)

Big T London protest

Man, I know where Big T was at
He was the London anti lockdown protests, they happened in London, Berlin, Dublin, and other places in Europe. There was 35k in attendance. Damnit. I should pay attention to these future protests, will definitely be attending the next one...

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 31 Aug 2020 10:23:58 GMT)


I put all my vids in one place, as I plan to start recording again!


I’ve lost many vids on old phones than I can’t find anywhere sadly :(. Will not happen again

Guestz (Mon 31 Aug 2020 09:59:22 GMT)

Re: Old But Curious

I no longer live on the West coast, but in the past I've visited and hits some spots. Venice I gave up- -too much traffic trying to get there, park, etc. I used to ride there on bike when I lived in L.A.. Of course when I rode home it was with cum on the front of my pants!

Old But Curious (Mon 31 Aug 2020 05:28:40 GMT)

Continue on going limp on a player

Would you use your hands through the pocket to cum in that situation
? I don't use hands no matter homw much tempting the booty is. I just want the booty to make me cum gallons on her. If i have to help myself in between just to make sure I finish on her I don't get 100% satisfaction.

Old But Curious (Mon 31 Aug 2020 04:24:57 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Do you still surf these places you mentioned. What has changed over the time at these places?

Guest (Mon 31 Aug 2020 01:11:37 GMT)

Response to: Going limp on a player?!

@ Old but curious

In response to your reply on my post as Mr.GropeGuest "Going limp on a player?!"(Sun 30 Aug 2020 02:45:02 GMT)

I guess you are right. Something does happen to the mind when you come across a player whose game for it but most times I ride it out. It was that one time when my dick just went limp for no freak'n reason during a lifetime dream moment.

Wonder if anyone else has had the same unfortunate experience? Please share your thoughts.

Guestz (Sun 30 Aug 2020 23:42:47 GMT)

Re: Old But Curious.

The 80's and 90's, on the west coast, were some really good times for me. Concerts at The Hollywood Palladium, Sunday's at Venice Beach, Fourth Of July at Santa Monica Pier, we're some of the absolute hottest times. I learned a lot about what you could get away with back then. I also learned that there were a lot of people doing what I do also. I didn't know that there was a name for it, but lots

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Booty Bandit (Sun 30 Aug 2020 20:41:04 GMT)

Re: Big T - Success

Gee whiz Big T! Which protest were you at? Because I sure attended the wrong one then. Like I said, there were thousands and thousands of people at mine. But there was also lots of room, so no good opportunities to hump. The way things are going, there will be more protests, but people are getting killed. Not about to lose my life over trying to hump those plump, round butts.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 30 Aug 2020 19:05:07 GMT)

@old but curious

I also wonder about this. When I see photos of past events, it seems that, over the decades, there has been a greater effort at public events to be more organised and avoid people smashing together. Ofcourse, this still happens, but it used to happen so so much more.

The only reason I am not so quick to say it was better, is because there was more racism in the past, so black people may have stood out even more than current times. And, us chikans ofcourse know this is a great disadvantage.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 30 Aug 2020 19:01:34 GMT)


I had extreme success at a recent massive protest. Man. I was all over the barricade all day!

The highlight was this white MILF that was with two guys. Now, the moment my cock came into contact with her soft booty she immediately pressed back and swallowed my erection. She first pushed back, then after some seconds started bouncing her booty, massaging my cock.

Now, this was the high

936 more byte(s), click here!

bad-employee (Sun 30 Aug 2020 16:59:15 GMT)

sitting in my lap (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

When I was 14 years old one of THE hottest girls in my class became friends with me - 5ft2 slim blonde white chick with beautiful blue eyes, big boobs and a stunning round firm ass. She developed early and all the boys, men and teachers would check her out haha. She loved wearing skimpy, barely-there outfits - tiny skirts was normal for her. Tight jeans, leggings and dresses too.

I put up t

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Guest (Sun 30 Aug 2020 14:22:25 GMT)

Don't give up when you go limp on a player

It is normal to choke when you're about to make a big catch, and lose your erection, but for me at least, I find that it is possible to cum without a hard-on.

Old but curious (Sun 30 Aug 2020 08:33:03 GMT)

Old times

Does thinking about old time make you happy? I think a lot about what was chikaning like in 80s. Must be heaven specially there were no cameras installed everywhere and the BS of fiminsim. Women must have been a lot more meek than current generation. Anyone here who chikaned in 80s and have fond memories to share?

Old but curious (Sun 30 Aug 2020 08:26:13 GMT)

Re: Going limp on a player

It happens with me also. I remember not too long ago may be 6 months ago, I had found a player at a fair. She was a player for sure but I still do not know why I was not able to cum even though I rode her for minimum 15, 20 minutes against a grill. I usually do not last for more than 5 minutes behind that kind of booty. It might be the case that our mind starts wandering in a different direction when a player comes in. Not sure though.

Guest (Sun 30 Aug 2020 02:45:02 GMT)

Going Limp on a Player?!

Mr.GropeGuest: I have a question for all y'all fellas. Have you evergone limp on a player?! Here's my story...

Just had a recollection of something that happened to me on a crowded bus(pre-COVID19 period). I found myself behind a real Big Bouncy Booty Black milf who in my opinion and experience, had the juiciest booty ever.

As she got on the bus, she stood right in front of me but I

3270 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 30 Aug 2020 01:46:42 GMT)

Eric: Strange Encounters

These are not necessarily my strangest, but they are among my most out of the ordinary. In all cases I reached the point of orgasm.

Doing a woman who was reading the Bible. I have also done other women who were perusing other types of religious literature.

Rubbing myself on the ass of a woman at a gospel concert at a church.

Doing a woman who was sitting next to a policewoman.

Doing an underage girl who was sitting next to her mother.

Rubbing myself on the shoulders of women who had their breasts out and were nursing their infants.

Doing women's hands.

Doing the same woman four times.

Doing acquaintances, including young women whom I taught when they were in high school. Some of these damsels are my friends on social media.

Booty Bandit (Sat 29 Aug 2020 16:13:52 GMT)

Protest March

Well I attended my protest march. There were 1000’s of people there! I hadn’t been around so many people all year. I didn’t really know how to act lols. But the only problem was that there was plenty of room too, so there just weren’t a lot of chances to hump. I got just a few light rubs in on some girls in tight yoga pants, and that was it. I’m afraid that 2020 is done for now. At least for me. Here’s hoping for a V-shaped recovery in 2021!

Eric (Sat 29 Aug 2020 07:53:50 GMT)

The strangest encounters I have ever participated

The strangest encounters I have participated in was with my moms aunt daughter who are a few years older than me. It was at a family Indian special event. I remember I was lined up behind her for some help yourself indian food. She has a nice booty in a fake leather skirt. I remember eyeing it up when she was swaying and dancing to some music. So back to the story, her booth and my dick lined up

886 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Sat 29 Aug 2020 05:09:47 GMT)

Public Transportation Canada Chikan Question

Oh someone/guest asked me how’s the scene in Canada and how’s the public transportation and if it’s chikan friendly?

Well, pre pandemic it’s was easy to grope. I remember just walking down the street and I saw this white girl with her white friend walking. The one I liked and wanted to grope is the one wearing those booty pants that make guys go crazy. She had a booty too!


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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Aug 2020 03:40:17 GMT)

@Guestz: Numbers Game

In my experience, regardless of her race, when you hump a woman multiple times, she will eventually get tired of it, and may express her displeasure openly. Some will let you do them twice and turn you down the third time. Others will yield to you three times, but will baulk the forth time etc. etc. Nobody likes to have their permission taken for granted.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Aug 2020 03:25:44 GMT)

@Max Mond

I enjoyed reading about your childhood encounters with full-grown women. As I have said before, when I was 14 I started to hump females on the bus and they were almost all milfs. Looking back, I realize that this was a lucky preference of mine, because I live on a small, and in many ways, conservative island, so if I had done schoolgirls back then, sooner or later, the word would have reached my own school, and my career would have come to an early end.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Aug 2020 03:05:15 GMT)

From Arm Humper's Archive: This Week Five Years Ago

This week, five years ago, I climaxed on the shoulder of a 19 year old damsel on the bus. I started by moving my member from side to side on her shoulder. Later on, when I was masturbating against her in earnest, I was helped by the motions of the vehicle, which threw me against her as it went around a roundabout. I kept myself squashed against her, even after the bus became stuck in traffic, then

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Guest (Sat 29 Aug 2020 01:39:51 GMT)

Max Mond

There must be something in the water that makes women where you live perverts then because women where I live would never do those things.

Max Mond (Fri 28 Aug 2020 21:35:55 GMT)

Mom's friends when I was a kid

Looking back now, my Mom had some hot friends when I was a kid. Every time they would come over to our house, they would always ask where I am. My Mom didn't think much of it, but I felt they were perverts because everytime they'd touch me, I'd get an instant boner. They (not my Mom) would look at it and laugh. One of them would run her fingers through my hair and make comments about how she liked

1326 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Fri 28 Aug 2020 21:16:42 GMT)

Subways when I was a kid - story 2

Around age 14, i was on the school baseball team. I used to take the subway home late during rush hour. But one evening, I was sitting in an empty train in the window seat. In the seat in front of me was a hot college aged blonde girl facing perpendicular to me, but had her eyes closed. I was so horny I wanted to reach out and touch, but didn't. I traced her whole body with my eyes again and again

1207 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Fri 28 Aug 2020 21:04:06 GMT)

Subways when I was a kid - story 1

I first started the subways in NYC by myself when I was a little over 13. In those days I was horny all the time. I had to hide my boner wherever I went. I was tall for my age, and looked older, like i was 18. One winter day, I squeezed past a lot of people to get to a window seat. Next to me was this woman in a fur coat. She stared at me several times, and kept staring outside not wanting to make

780 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Fri 28 Aug 2020 16:54:06 GMT)

Opening Up To My Reality

I was thinking long and hard about my "career" at this pastime. I thought of all my triumphs (which are numerous, beyond counting), and my failures. I can count the true failures on my hands. But the ones that stand out are the one that child have been disastrous- the ones I could have gone to jail over.
I counted four instances where I dodged jail time. I'll share each. All were stran

1812 more byte(s), click here!

Bad-Boy (Fri 28 Aug 2020 16:23:50 GMT)

Re: If not nyc then.. (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

Clubs, parties, concerts, you are more likely than not to find a consenting partner without the Bullshit

Eric (Fri 28 Aug 2020 06:02:31 GMT)


She’s so frickin hot ! Damn this girl pretty. Love them blondes ! :) Yes I will admit I like white girls but won’t repeatedly criticize any other women because my dick don’t discriminate.

Her swim suit makes her even more sexier ! She and the other girl can get a nut at a concert.

She can be the type of woman running around in Chikans dreams.

She’s a petite model.

409 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Fri 28 Aug 2020 05:54:31 GMT)

Contributions Continued

Eric (Fri 28 Aug 2020 05:53:40 GMT)


I don’t get why sharing some random girls photos on this board sometimes gets a negative reaction. It’s still an contribution and gives some savoring moments. Like wow this girl is mouth drooling. I bet some of y’all would go crazy and hump her if y’all saw her at a concert barricade.

No stories going to come from me as here in Canada, the coronavirus regulations are strict. Pe

829 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Fri 28 Aug 2020 05:40:51 GMT)

Tight Squeeze Add On Contribution Post

I remember a post by one of you guys showing a tight squeeze video of men pushing in wards when a women walked by.

The only time that happened to me without me pushing in was at a concert. It was me and my sister visiting a Taylor Swift concert. Of course I was down low still looking for opportunities to grope as I got a few swipes here and there with random girls but with my sister there

974 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 28 Aug 2020 02:28:49 GMT)


How is the chikan scene in Canada? Are piblic transport chikan friendly there?

Guest (Fri 28 Aug 2020 02:26:20 GMT)

If not nyc then...

So I understand that nyc is not chickan friendly. What are safe options in nyc? What about public transports in other states like Texas, etc?

Guest (Fri 28 Aug 2020 00:19:44 GMT)

@ bad-boy. Being arrested

That was 2012.. but i know what your saying thats why i try to tell everyone here stay off the transit system in nyc bus or train (and im not aggressive!!!)

but like i said it was set-up once you go through the court system as a black male in the divided States its a good luck situation

Guest (Thu 27 Aug 2020 23:07:09 GMT)


How much for a assjob??? I'll pay like kandi kisses as long as i can film

Eric (Thu 27 Aug 2020 20:59:32 GMT)

Female Guest

Damn Female guest, woah ! Looking sexy and thicc. I would love to nut on that booty. Hopefully you have plans to come to Canada or Guyana soon ! I’m still surprised women like you enjoy being groped and sometimes seek it.

Can’t wait to hear your stories.

Bad-Boy (Thu 27 Aug 2020 19:15:34 GMT)

Re: was i caught (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

I don't know why some of you guys are still fucking around with public transit...especially in NYC...it's a trap, decoys every where...a woman would practically have to glue her ass to my groin for me to hump on public transit these days

Blackie the Pakkie (Thu 27 Aug 2020 17:26:56 GMT)

Surviving in Chikan world

The greatest enemy of the chikan are undercover police. Keep the following in mind

They operate in pairs so if you see two guys who appear to be together or communicating together they are likely to be under cover cops.

They are trained to look for specific patterns when it comes to chikan behavior for example is he walking up and down the platform looking for booty. Is he standing v

678 more byte(s), click here!

Booty Bandit (Thu 27 Aug 2020 12:34:13 GMT)


Female Guest is that you in the picture? Looks yummy! So nice and tanned. Would not waste anytime (smiles).

Femaleguest (Thu 27 Aug 2020 10:23:00 GMT)

Hi again

Been MIA for too long time, got a few stories coming soon

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 27 Aug 2020 10:13:14 GMT)

Guest: Was I caught?

In "Re: was I caught?" a welcome guest wrote: "its unfortunate because a lot of guys violate female lawyers on trains not realizing who they are being aggressive with." Well, to my knowledge, I have never humped a female lawyer, but I have climaxed against the shoulders of two schoolgirls, one of whom became a lawyer and the other one is now a policewoman. It is not the same thing (and I am not ag

403 more byte(s), click here!

Blackie the Pakkie (Thu 27 Aug 2020 09:52:03 GMT)

London tubes

Chikans usually operate on the central line because there are no cameras corrrr. Its also the busiest line between 8am and 9am in the evening 5pm and 6pm so many white booty women corrrr they leave the office frustrated then you give then a sexual experience corrrr.

You can press against pussy or arse on central line stations its so busy corrr.

placeborules (Thu 27 Aug 2020 00:27:58 GMT)

Re: guest

Yeah indeed that vid is hot! And on HD, he did something that I also love: recording their faces while I do my deed. Specially if they're cute.

Yeah this Covid-19 shit will still be fucking all chikan related activities for a long while. To think that 2020 had started so promising... On a Valentine's day concert a thicc 19 year old babe gave me handjob as I was groping her big tits till I cummed on her hand, and kept stroking my head... All this while she had her bf behind her!!! It was so fucking hot!!!!

Guest (Wed 26 Aug 2020 17:38:41 GMT)

Re: was i caught

Yes I was arrested and convicted at trial by judge long story short

(i tell the complete story in the future it was a setup!!)

But nyc is tuff on this you either plead guilty or fight it!! Point blank period!!

They rarely dismiss its all politics coming straight from the governor of ny and its unfortunate because alot of guys violate female lawyers on trains not realizing who there being aggressive with there the ones pushing the issue

Guest (Wed 26 Aug 2020 15:52:23 GMT)

Re: Placeborules

DAMN!! That video is hot as hell! I've never done "shoulders" before but I'd love to try that. No way she didn't know a dick was rubbing on her-furiously! Dude had it good too, Bethesda was on her a long time and got some touches on her tit! I'd have to say, no way I wouldn't have left at least some precum on her skin. She didn't protest him humpin her so she should have expected something to come out of it (pun intended)! Hot!
As for this Covid shutdown, I'm just as frustrated as anybody. There's no way this doesn't go on for another half a year to a year. When I finally do get to a festival I'm gonna blow the biggest wad imaginable. I promise!

Max Mond (Wed 26 Aug 2020 14:22:01 GMT)

not safe on trains

@Booty Bandit

There is no white privilege in this anymore. There is no privilege for men. This thing is women privilege now. They make the moves and I have to wait for them to do something. And they do do it. When I first started writing on this board i told about all the women acting on me on the trains, including my first time. But everyone thought I was being a creative writer. Fast forw

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Guest (Wed 26 Aug 2020 06:34:12 GMT)

Booty (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Her booty was so soft. Felt like a jelly !

I remember before the pandemic, I bumped into her behind while walking and her cheeks were shaking on my dick. Felt like jelly ! I quickly had to apologize and walk away fast. She looked pissed.

Enjoy looking at her ass !

placeborules (Wed 26 Aug 2020 04:18:42 GMT)

Have u seen this one?

Hey dudes!

I've never had to quit frotting Cold turkey as Now due to this Covid-19 shit. And it hasn't been pleasant... I'm suffering severe chikan withdrawal syndrome!!!

And to fuck things Even more, those MFs in Wuhan had a massive concert on a water park last week... SERIOUSLY, FUCK THEM!!!!!

Anyway, have u seen this vid? In My experience I've only rubbed My Cook on a bare shoulder once and was also in a bus. Anyone else has done it? It's as dangerous as it gets!!!


Guest (Wed 26 Aug 2020 03:38:47 GMT)

Indian Aunty

I will not last 10 sexonds behind her?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 26 Aug 2020 02:33:51 GMT)

A female humper of sorts.

An unusual variation on the humping theme.


registered member: Buttmasher (Tue 25 Aug 2020 05:52:32 GMT)

What would you do?

Draped over a barricade in a tight crowd?

Booty Bandit (Mon 24 Aug 2020 21:29:25 GMT)

Re: Max Mond - Cops on trains

So I guess "white privilege" only goes so far huh? "Push it too far", and then even "whitey" as you put it could be arrested for groping. Nobody is 100% safe! This is why I always stick to big and packed crowds only. It's the safest.

Chikan Expert (Mon 24 Aug 2020 17:25:49 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

Omfg imagine being glued behind this girl against the barrier. Honestly I wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

Probably one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in my life. You know every dude in her classes wanna fuck her.


Max Mond (Mon 24 Aug 2020 16:26:28 GMT)

Cops on trains

I know the question was for guest, but I can reply that there are tons of cops on nyc trains, both male and female, of all races. I've never been caught, but I've been followed and signalled that I'm being watched. I'm no longer aggressive in this. I only take when it comes to me now. It's not worth being aggressive. In fact I only started doing this when 2 girls squashed me between them on the subway one fine spring morning. Both were blonde and young and plump!

Guest (Mon 24 Aug 2020 11:15:47 GMT)

Re Guest

Were you caught by the undercover in nyc subway? Did they let you off?

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Mon 24 Aug 2020 07:27:15 GMT)

Re: Preferences

From the strict context of what we "do", and what this board is about, my preferences are actually split two ways.

In my experience (both from observation & partaking opportunity), white girls/women are the easiest. They are/have been most likely to initiate things to where they can progress to grinding/chikan. Ohhhh the number of times I've been asked to get in front of, groped, lea

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Max Mond (Mon 24 Aug 2020 01:25:59 GMT)

Race and ass

I only humped in subways before the pandemic. I would like to hump more black girls on my commute, but they're not interested, and many of them caused a scene in the past. White is easiest, followed by Asians. Indians dont like getting humped. some of them feel me up, but wont allow me to hump them. From the white,Russians and east Europeans take it the best - quietly. Southern Euoros (dark whites) are like latinas - very hot and into it, or not at all. My experience is limited to NYC subways only, so it could be different from others. Are darker skinned women offended by whitey trying to hump them? Possibly.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 23 Aug 2020 21:47:35 GMT)


People have talked mainly about racial preferences; I am going to discuss my favourite body types. I have a strong preference for tall girls with wide hips, the type that you sometimes see playing volleyball. I will still go after a woman who is tall and elegant (that is to say, she does not have wide hips). Likewise, I will also hump a woman who is short and wide-hipped. The only type of girl who does not charm me is the petite one, and by petite I mean small, short, and skinny. As far as size is concerned, my preference is for damsels who are neither thin nor fat, but somewhere in between.

Guest (Sun 23 Aug 2020 14:04:48 GMT)

Re to guest cctv

I can only speak on nyc but the train stations have cameras everywere but theres none on the train its self as far as it being so packed That an undercover cant stop you your naive when it comes to cops....

you do know they lie and make the situation bigger then what it was just to make a case right?? They have quotas to fill every month if they don't make there quotas for a particular crim

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registered member: Sky The Seeker (Sun 23 Aug 2020 09:22:40 GMT)


Yeah when I read that I was like wtf. Talk about an easy way to go to jail.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 23 Aug 2020 07:13:22 GMT)


I’m convinced blackie the pakkie has a mental health disorder.

blackie the pakkie (Sun 23 Aug 2020 06:08:10 GMT)

new years eve corrrrr London

New years eve is the highlight of a chikans professional career LOL. After 8pm loads of hot white booty go into the city. They drink at home and arrive in central london wearing short skirts, make up lots of nice perfume smelling so good corrrr.

Around 8pm my strategy is to wait outside the busiest stations and bump the party girls in the arse as they come out of the station. As they are dr

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GUEST (Sun 23 Aug 2020 04:18:16 GMT)

continuing my question on cctv

Do trains and buses in US genrally considered as Chikan paradise if there is no pandemic? Like the crowd is so thick that it is obvious that your dick would be in someone else arse so no question of being caught by undercover.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 23 Aug 2020 03:48:09 GMT)

Impersonation of Eric

"Somebody" did the same thing to me some years ago, before I registered my handle, and he openly admitted it.

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 23 Aug 2020 03:16:21 GMT)

The longest dry spell

It's gonna be so long until things are closer to normal again. Haven't had a proper night out since early March, and have watched every concert, festival, and convention I had planned this summer get pushed back into next year.

My earliest hope is an event that was scheduled for April, pushed to July, and now set for December. They're starting to do drive-in concerts, but it isn't the same with everyone confined to staying near/in their car.

Never been one for trains, but I might have to find a packed one soon lol

h8covid (Sun 23 Aug 2020 01:23:03 GMT)

RE: Is this the beginning of the end?

If a venue could get 5000 people before social distancing only 2000 with social distancing rules enforced then they're losing out on 3000 tickets + big % of lost merch and drinks revenue. When shit hits the earnings, then we might see event organizers looking to relax social distancing and bring more people in.

Personally I wish everybody has to wear masks and there is no social distancing. Will make our chikan game easier.

Booty Bandit (Sat 22 Aug 2020 23:14:25 GMT)

Indian Women

Some Indian women are so hot! Damn! Wish I had access to those ghee infused butts of theirs

Guestz (Sat 22 Aug 2020 19:27:36 GMT)


What is torture nowadays is seeing a woman in a loose summer dress that obviously has no panties on- walking and ass shaking!

Chikan Expert (Sat 22 Aug 2020 17:39:19 GMT)

HS days (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

I appreciate that Eric. Yea I don’t understand why people come here to argue. We’re all fucking pervs lol. This site should just strictly be about our frotting adventures. I don’t have many stories about frotting in HS because I wasn’t a full time chikan yet. Since I was a little kid I knew that I loved fat asses, but I never groped strangers. I had girls that I went out with in hs and obv

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 22 Aug 2020 15:26:58 GMT)

Re Dream job/Ugly fat girls

That would be awesome, I wonder if all the girls felt his cock in their arse crack, also it would have been interesting to see what they were seeing.

But man I love Japanese girls, no fuglies there, slim hotties some with nice size tits too

I'm with Argie on this, I NEVER frott/grope/flash fat or ugly girls, only slim girls who look after themselves, lean cuties, its called having standards...if you want to go after trashy fuglies go for it, not me!

In fact the posher they are the more I want to do all the above to them

Chikan Expert (Sat 22 Aug 2020 15:15:05 GMT)


There are cameras buuut I wear a mask and shades lol. A lot of people do so it’s not unusual. I do get nervous about the camera but tbh I don’t think they look at the cameras unless they have a reason to investigate.

Guest (Sat 22 Aug 2020 12:36:46 GMT)

Re to guest cctv on buses

Theres cameras on nyc buses but there not monitored i/e theres no one sitting in a office watching live feed there only there if something happens or someone makes a complaint just don't leave any dna or get caught by an undercover and your generally good

Arrechochikan (Sat 22 Aug 2020 12:32:17 GMT)

Ref: preferences

My preference is that they have a nice, tight, firm, bubble butt with a deep crack.
But since we picking race I would have to say
1 Black/latinas are tied for my first, from my experience they tend to have the best ass cheeks when it comes to pushing up and then and nice deep cracks to wedge my dick in, most of my opinion and experiences come from my country and back in the days
2 white girls: they tend to be somewhat oblivious and I get to indulge longer
3 Acian and middle eastern from my experience with them I see they are shy, I like that they just let it happen depending on the situation, there reaction is such a turn on

Again this is my experience in my country back in the days and right now in the US haven had that much of luck, and it’s very different

GUEST (Sat 22 Aug 2020 06:27:35 GMT)


Chikan Expert

Are not there cctv in buses?

Eric (Sat 22 Aug 2020 05:50:18 GMT)


“Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.”

First of all, eff you ! (words commonly used by BS himself)

You know what, I honestly don’t care. Who wants my handle ? Come take it. I don’t care. I know I would be using it and i am not concerned like some of you would be.

I am just here for fun, share some stories and t

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registered member: Sky The Seeker (Sat 22 Aug 2020 03:47:46 GMT)

RE: Masks May Be Useful for More than Stopping the Spread of the Virus

Exactly the same reason why women are more likely to be players in concerts, etc. All girls are sluts. They're just stuck in a society where they're treated like trash if they come out publically like that.. even though it's human nature.

We're animals. We all want sex lol. And women are mostly submissive creatures as well, so no wonder they become players so easily in a lot of certain places.

registered member: Sky The Seeker (Sat 22 Aug 2020 03:44:24 GMT)

RE: Dream job

Man, I would have to jack off every day before I came to work. No way could I resist touching upon so many women lol

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 22 Aug 2020 02:33:48 GMT)

Masks May Be Useful for More than Stopping the Spread of the Virus

This afternoon on the bus, I climaxed as a result of masturbating on the shoulder of a milf who was traveling with her teenaged daughter. She was dressed in a way that let me see her legs and some of her breasts, but she was wearing one of the masks that we all have to wear on public transport, and she also had on shades, so I cannot say anything about her face. This brings me to my point. Today I

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solot (Fri 21 Aug 2020 22:04:12 GMT)

Dream job

Found my dream job guys
#startup. LMAO

blackie the pakkie (Fri 21 Aug 2020 21:17:03 GMT)

london chikan heaven

I talk about london being the chikan paradise we have hot spots in london where any chikan can have a kings feast of white juicy booty.If you like black or chinese booty we also cater for this.

On Friday evenings you can experience chikan booty delight in the lifts in Covent Gardens every friday, i would head to Covent Gardens and watch as the crowds built up as people queued for the lifts.

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Guest (Fri 21 Aug 2020 21:08:55 GMT)

Re: to preference

Skin color is a mf and all that matters to some of you guys...

("lmaoooo yall got nerve no options in real life mfs")

a dark skin chick with European features might be considered ugly to alot of yall just because her skin is brown? but a white chick with white skin rail thin but has

"African facial features" is more attractive??? Or body type??

The same body type just different colors lmao some of yall lame as fuck.. what makes a black woman unattractive to some of yall desperate pervs?? Fyi im a perv too!!

Blackie the Packie (Fri 21 Aug 2020 18:57:44 GMT)

oxford street chikan heaven

Hey brothers being from London means I have or use to have alot of choice when it came to chikan.

Oxford Circus is chikan heaven during the rush hour. Stations sometimes close due to over crowding. Which means you end up getting a build up of crowds outside the station. Loads of gorgeous women stand outside frustrated staring aimlessly at the station entrance waiting for it to re-open. Whe

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Booty Bandit (Fri 21 Aug 2020 16:52:21 GMT)

Re: Sky The Seeker - Ugly Face

I'm also like argiechikan. I can't chikan a girl with an ugly face. I have a strong imagination haha and have no desire to change that. So, I just wait until I find somebody who fits the bill. I will go for jeans only if nothing softer and thinner is available. And I'm jealous of anybody who can go out to crowded clubs right now. Where are you from I wonder? None of that available where I live here in the infected United States. That Wuhan is back makes me mad since they started this.

Chikan Expert (Fri 21 Aug 2020 16:46:23 GMT)

I love Dominican girls (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Good luck to you Booty Bandit. If you live in NYC I recommend you try buses man. Trains are usually better but since the pandemic started its never crowded. At least from the trains I’ve taken. But man buses have been pretty good. I’ve busted at least 8 nuts in the past 5 weeks. I work about 60 hours a week so 8 Nuts in 5 weeks might not sound like a lot for you but it’s definitely more than

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registered member: Sky The Seeker (Fri 21 Aug 2020 16:30:29 GMT)


If you can't chikan a girl with an ugly face then the only thing stopping you is your imagination. If you see a girl with an amazing backside, don't have anxiety that her front side might look bad. Instead, Be optimistic and believe her front side is just as good as her back.

Also most jeans you won't feel anything, but it depends on the girl really. Some girls got amazing asses that are wo

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Guest (Fri 21 Aug 2020 16:22:27 GMT)

Is this the beginning of the end?

I have been looking on social media and women have been reacting to the new social distancing at upcoming festivals and it isn't looking good for chikans. Many women say they don't mind the new social distanced concerts because now they do not need to worry about men groping them. Just look on twitter and you'll see tons of girls mentioning about being groped and harassed by men at concerts and fe

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Guesty (Fri 21 Aug 2020 16:14:52 GMT)

Re: argiechikan - white preference

Now that you reveal a preference for white girls, be careful not to post any pictures! Because then that means you must really be Black Shogun lols! Only he obsesses over the white girls here and must give explanations for why. Anybody else can put white girls at the top and colored girls at the bottom no questions asked. Just look at some of the responses below. Only Bad Boy always goes for the black girls every single time, which means he is not a Uncle Tom coon. SMDH!

registered member: argiechikan (Fri 21 Aug 2020 15:45:24 GMT)

Re: preferences

If I had to choose, I think that my favorite are white girls, but as long as she has a nice face and a nice ass I like them LMAO. Also, when looking at girl asses I prefer shape over size, so I don't go for girls with a THICC body type, regardless of her race. I never had the opportunity to chikan a black girl, because they are not that common here. Most girls here are either white, hispanic or latinas. There are also quite a few girls with more native features.
A question for everyone: what are some red flags for a girl? In my case, I can't chikan a girl with a ugly face, even if she has the most perfect ass ever. Also, if a girl is wearing jeans, i don't even try to grope her, because you can't feel anything through the fabric...

Chikan Expert (Fri 21 Aug 2020 15:27:04 GMT)

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one that only taps to Chikan videos? I stopped fapping to other porn maybe 6 years ago. I’m starting to notice in myself that I can’t fap to regular porn anymore. The one and only exception is this video. This bitch knows how to gobble a cock. Honestly, i think I would rather get head from this broad over any type of humping. Humping a girl against a barrier gets me so horny but I think getting head from this broad would probably have me cum in 10 seconds. I would violate this broad.


Guest (Fri 21 Aug 2020 15:26:09 GMT)

The Board

You guys are pathetic. Everything must be about Shogun, and he isn't even here! Even when he isn't, he is. You said you wanted to stop talking about Shogun, so stop. The only one caught red handed cheating was Guestz. Why don't you blame him then? Do you think that was the first time? He hasn't stopped, and he wasn't sorry either. He was only sorry that he got caught. Everybody is doing it, including you Eric yourself. Arm Humper. Everybody. Oh, but I guess that's OK? Stop whining about it Eric and be a man. You're no longer in high school. Or are you? If you don't like it, then register a handle. It's that simple instead of calling for some dumb vote that can't be enforced. Now can we please get to some jerk off material please?

Booty Bandit (Fri 21 Aug 2020 13:06:43 GMT)

Protest Update

My female colleague is asking me about the protest again. Why did I bring it up?! I'm going to have to just blow her off. I mean, it's not like she's my girlfriend. She's given enough clues that I know she wants to be. But I can't blow this chance. Maybe nothing will come of it, but I need to try. I don't expect anymore opportunities like this for the rest of the year. Besides, I'm afraid to be around a lot of people when winter comes because of both COVID-19 and the flu virus at the same time. So see you later my lady! Time to try for a hump. Wish me some luck for a good outing guys. I will tell what happens later.

Guest (Fri 21 Aug 2020 11:24:29 GMT)


My preference are black and Latino women straight up but i don't discriminate I'll jump on any chick if she has the type of ass im in the mood for but im telling alot of you guys this...

dont sleep on a Muslim African women they have the ass and there submissive and Latino women fresh into the country... im from nyc trust me i know!!..i did plenty that either didn't care or was straight up

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Eric From High School (Fri 21 Aug 2020 06:45:01 GMT)

Board Continuation Post

Oh and I realized to add something to my story. It’s no big deal and nothing important but the Nepalian girl made the fit while we were in grade 9. She started to like me and offer me stuff while in grade 11.

Strange how women are !

To the other “newbie Eric” I am not going to quarrel with a fool. You are either facing mental issues or is a fan of my work.

Eric (Fri 21 Aug 2020 06:40:11 GMT)


You need to back up your claims before you steal my username.

I am the only Eric on this board. I started posting here since I was in high school. The board knows who I am by now.

if you are up to it and have the balls like a man, why don’t the board members have a vote on who gets to keep the Eric name?

Vote 1 : Eric from High School.

Vote 2: This mysterious “E

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Guestz (Fri 21 Aug 2020 02:11:18 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my stories. The stories I share are real. I just wish that I could remember all my encounters, and that I could be adding to them now with more!

Guesty (Fri 21 Aug 2020 00:06:47 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - Explanation

Thanks Arm Humper. I'm glad questions can be asked without leading to angry conflicts.

New-cumer (Thu 20 Aug 2020 23:01:14 GMT)

Female Guest

Wow I'm impressed that some of the women have taken a shine to this act, I thought it was a case of if she notice she's been groped she will raise hell or something like that, but it seems like some of the women coming out of the closet are acceptable it.

"Female guest" I take my hat off to you especially for not being shy about it. I have read some of your interesting stories and hope this isn't the last we hear of you.

Guestz (Thu 20 Aug 2020 21:27:11 GMT)

Re: Eric/caught in act question.

I wasn't ever "caught in The act by an acquaintance", but a long-time "consenting partner" put me on the spot once, when she strongly hinted at exposing my practice. It went like this: I was considered to be extremely shy in junior high/high school. This girl wanted me something fierce. She "feel in love" with me in the 7th grade. When I tell you she really loved me, it's an understatement. I didn

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Guest (Thu 20 Aug 2020 17:55:27 GMT)

Would you?

Guest (Thu 20 Aug 2020 17:44:53 GMT)

Chikan expert

Be careful out there bro you get caught again there not cutting a deal you either plead guilty as a sex offender or go to trial you play the game have your lawyer money ready just like drug dealing

Bad-Boy (Thu 20 Aug 2020 16:25:16 GMT)

Preferences (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)


Guestz (Thu 20 Aug 2020 12:27:17 GMT)

Re: Preferences...

I got preferences when it comes to chikan and groping (there is a difference, btw). In this order, and for these reasons...
1: African, which includes African Americans, because of the shape alone! I know some don't like them, but the absolute bottom-line is this: which type of behind is always being reproduced either by implants, fake pants, or any other means to resemble? White girls wan

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 20 Aug 2020 12:21:22 GMT)

Re Guestz/Sly

Dude you are never going to get "flack" for posting your stories, they are some of the best on here, look forward to them.

Even if you hadn't pointed out that BS is lurking under various "guest" it would have been clear as daylight after my response, telling me about how I abused him, and whining, he just can't help himself being Judgemental, arrogant and just plain twisting to suit his side of the story..I am not even going to go into it any further...pointless wasting my time..

No doubt there will be a reply...

Guest (Thu 20 Aug 2020 11:37:13 GMT)

The Silent Majority Of This Board

Stop arguing you faggots I want to jerk off I think I speak for everyone

Eric (Thu 20 Aug 2020 06:53:56 GMT)

Embarrassing/Caught on the Moment

Tired talking about Shogun ! Leaving him in the past. He just seeks attention and validation on this board for his “longevity”.

Anyways did any of y’all ever get caught in the moment especially by an acquaintance?

I remember there was this Asian girl in my math class. We have different social circles, I clicked with everyone but mostly the cool people, she clicked with th

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registered member: Sky The Seeker (Thu 20 Aug 2020 06:20:19 GMT)

Guide: How To Spot a Wild Shogun

Shogun is a very sneaky and devious individual. He will never leave this board.. but from my 5 min worth of research, I will teach you how to spot him every single time!!

First: Shogun will always be the one who uses a ton of exclamation marks. He easily stands out from everyone else the way he puts so much "personality" into his words.

Second: Shogun will always be the "Guest" or a

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 20 Aug 2020 05:26:52 GMT)

Final Correction

"My post-lockdown success rate now stands at 50%; 10 women have told me yes, and 10 have said no. That lucky streak (refers not to the rate of 50%, but to the tally of 10 out of 20) is almost unprecedented. The only time I can remember bettering it was in August 1999, when I scored 11 0ut of 22 (also 50%, but a greater tally, and also therefore a superior lucky streak)."

Thanks for being so positive, "Guesty," I hope my explanation finally puts this matter to rest.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 20 Aug 2020 05:10:48 GMT)


That should read: My post-lockdown success rate etc. etc.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 20 Aug 2020 05:05:52 GMT)

Explanation for Guesty

"My post-lockdown success now stands at 50%; 10 women have told me yes, and 10 have said no. That lucky streak (refers not to the rate of 50%, but to the tally of 10 out of 10) is almost unprecedented. The only time I can remember bettering it was in August 1999 when I scored 11 0ut of 22 (also 50% but a greater tally, and also therefore a superior lucky streak)."

Thanks for being so positive, "Guesty," I hope my explanation finally puts this matter to rest.

Black Shogun jr (Thu 20 Aug 2020 01:22:41 GMT)


Nothing gets past u guys!!!! If u so smart use your brain to actually get woman instead of butthumping , I’m out for real this time. You bums will miss my stories

Not Another Guest from the Abuse Section (Wed 19 Aug 2020 22:20:39 GMT)

very peaceful

I'm happy BS is gone, taking a vacation, or whatever. The board is more peaceful without someone high and mighty trying to set some "rules" or belittle everyone's opinions or brag about things that had nothing do with anything or.......I could go on. Let's all keep it peaceful, share current and old stories, and most importantly respect each other. Sometimes it's better to simply ignore the trolls instead of giving them the attention they crave. I truly hope BS stays away for a long time, if not for good.

Guestz (Wed 19 Aug 2020 19:49:25 GMT)

Abuse And This Board

When I first started reading the post on this board, I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd found plenty of people that did what I'd been doing (In secret) for years, and now I was finally able to at least say it on a (kind of) public forum. The stories were incredible- not only did some closely resemble the things I'd experienced up to that point, but a lot of them schooled me on how much further I coul

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Booty Bandit (Wed 19 Aug 2020 17:25:48 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher - Alias

No, I am not Shogun. I am here to participate in the board like everybody else.

Guest (Wed 19 Aug 2020 16:49:00 GMT)


New people should not speak on things they know nothing of. This is 100% part of the problem. Share without creating dramas yourself.

registered member: Sky The Seeker (Wed 19 Aug 2020 15:59:32 GMT)

Old Shogun is the New Shogun Say What

Oh god. Not only do I feel like "Shogun jr" is literally shogun, but I'm starting to thinking all the replies backing the old shogun up are also shogun. lol

If this is the case Shogun (not saying it is), but that's not really cool at all. I'm new here but I still have my own opinion. Absolutely nobody wants to deal with drama. We're here to connect and share stories with our Chikan brothers, not fight with them.

I'm not sure what happened in the past, if you got banned or whatever, but if you absolutely can't resist this board then at least get a new (and only one) name, and be cool with everybody (and 100x less annoying from what I seen in your past posts).

Guesty (Wed 19 Aug 2020 15:29:53 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - Huh?

"My post-lockdown SUCCESS RATE now stands at 50%; 10 women have told me yes, and 10 have said no. That lucky streak (refers to success rate no?) is almost unprecedented. The only time I can remember BETTERING it was in August 1999 when I scored 11 0ut of 22 (also 50% lucky streak rate no?)."

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 19 Aug 2020 15:27:34 GMT)


Booty Bandit, are you Shogun under a 'new' alias? Hmm...

Guestx (Wed 19 Aug 2020 15:13:55 GMT)


Since we're humping their booties and not their faces, and since, in many cases, we don't even see their faces clearly, and because black girls have the best booties, my preference is for

1. African
2. European
3. Indian
4. Chinese, Japanese etc.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 19 Aug 2020 15:01:16 GMT)


"Guesty," you are right; anyone can read what I said, and I said that a "lucky streak" of 11 out 22 is better than one of 10 out of 20, for the obvious but unstated reason that the number of successes is greater in the first case. I never said that the success rate was different. I would think that we can all do basic arithmetic. On your other question of seeing the woman again, all I can say is, try to read and understand.

Guesty (Wed 19 Aug 2020 13:53:52 GMT)

Red Dragon

Perhaps Red Dragon can abide by his own words then. That EVERYONE can learn something new by listening. Especially to somebody with more experience at doing something in certain places than he has. Maybe people really, really can be so distracted that they have no clue at all that they are being felt up and even humped:

528 more byte(s), click here!

Blackshogun Jr (Wed 19 Aug 2020 13:27:32 GMT)

Re: Guest - Black Shogun

Red Dragon, Allrounder, Eric and nobody else ran Black Shogun off of the board. If they could have done that, then they would have a long time ago. But Red Dragon is also wrong and does not speak the full truth. Black Shogun did not JUST "leave". The webmaster did this. No matter. I am here to represent a new generation of white girl butt lovers. If people disagree with that and are abusive in the way THEY disagree with it, then they should not be surprised to receive abuse back. Then complain that they are being abused! We get back what we give.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 19 Aug 2020 12:58:40 GMT)

Red Guest

Again the trolls are out, guest I and none of the people in your list had anything to do with BS leaving the board, he did that all himself, because with him if you didn't agree you got abuse, even when you made a valid point you would get abuse, why? because he was arrogant and foolish, EVERYONE can learn something new by listening...not him, THAT'S why he left

Booty Bandit (Wed 19 Aug 2020 11:56:35 GMT)


I keep it simple.


Guesty (Wed 19 Aug 2020 11:32:13 GMT)

Arm Humper Fellow

Please do not take offense. You yourself said that the rate was better. Anybody can read what you wrote. If it was not, then why did you say it was if it's so obvious? Do not scold when one merely wanted to make a correction with a gentle pointer.

Guesty (Wed 19 Aug 2020 11:26:36 GMT)

Re: Wuhan Back!

Why those ungrateful C-words! They started this pandemic and now they are over there partying back? While the rest of the world suffers? No crack for the chikans? WTF is this travesty of circumstances?

Eric (Wed 19 Aug 2020 08:34:22 GMT)

Board Replies

That’s an interesting conversation about ratings. I got to agree with the majority of you guys but I know it’s his preference on chikaning but are you for real Max Mond, you placed Indians last? Especially after Asians? HAHAHA HAHAHA.

Indian girls deserve some praise.

Asians girls, yes they are submissive but they are all flat with boobs and booty ! There’s a few who are thic

1640 more byte(s), click here!

blackie the packie (Wed 19 Aug 2020 08:30:44 GMT)

london gay pride arse paradise

Gay pride in London becomes a blessing of chikans. Last year i saw dozens of chikans on the rampage hitting on white women corrrr. I remember strolling up and down regent street like a hungry lion thirsty for meat yes you heard it the meat of white woman corrrr.

The great thing is because the white women are wearing thin summer dresses and yoga pants you can feel their white flesh corrrrr. Will publish more stories soon of blackie the packie arsing white bitches at london gay pride.

Guest (Wed 19 Aug 2020 02:14:11 GMT)

Black Shogun Jr

Welcome to the board ! I hope you aren’t as half annoying as BS was. And don’t be so critical either!

Yes, I do apologize how Red Dragon, All rounder, Eric, Chikan Expert and Stizzy ran Black Shogun out of town or this board.

He shouldn’t have taken Ayashi advise to heart.

Kind of miss him , kinda not. He did keep this board lively ! If only he knew to respect others .

Max Mond (Wed 19 Aug 2020 01:16:30 GMT)


My preference
Southern European
Eastern European
South American
White American
Black American

What I usually ended up with on trains:
Occasional Indian

Sky The Seeker (Wed 19 Aug 2020 01:05:43 GMT)

RE Wuhan is Back!!!

Man if the people of the literally ground zero of covid are living their best lives, why tf can't we do so too? This virus isn't gonna die out and nobody really cares. Just open everything up already yesh.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 19 Aug 2020 01:02:06 GMT)

That did not take long.

In the same way that a lucky streak of 4 out of 8 is not as good as 8 out of 16, so 10 out of 20 is not as good as 11 out of 22; the success rate is the same, but the actual number of successes is greater. I would have thought that that was kind of obvious.

Blackshogun Jr (Tue 18 Aug 2020 23:02:34 GMT)

The next generation of chikans

We loosing alot of old school players because of jail and board politics, i will keep up the legacy of the brother known as Black Shogun. Call me Shogun jr or Show the 2nd. Im a harlem player. I cum on alot of spandex ass. I will post on a weekly basis. Nothing follows

Booty Bandit (Tue 18 Aug 2020 21:35:14 GMT)

Wuhan is Back!!!

Damn! When are we gonna get to do it like this again? Damn!


Guesty (Tue 18 Aug 2020 20:30:56 GMT)

Arm Humper Success Rate

11 0ut of 22 is not a better success rate than 10 0ut of 20. It's the same at 50%. Also, why would you be afraid to see the same woman again since your targets are normally so willing?

Booty Bandit (Tue 18 Aug 2020 20:23:36 GMT)

These sluts!

They go out with their ass cheeks hanging out because they want to be seen, but then when you notice and you gawk they want to treat you like some creep or something. What are you looking at creepy?! It isn't just a racial thing. It's just some arrogant "me too" bullshit! Your ass cheeks are hanging out! What do you expect?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 18 Aug 2020 20:11:52 GMT)

Doing an Acquaintance, My Latest Success

Yesterday afternoon on the bus, I rubbed myself to orgasm against the shoulder of an acquaintance. Masturbating on women whom I do not know is good, but doing it to women that I know is better. My willing partner was a nurse whom I met about 10 years ago. She is about 30 years old; well-built, neither thin nor fat and long-limbed; and she has a lovely chocolate complexion.

My post-lockdown

865 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 18 Aug 2020 19:10:20 GMT)

Drink and Drugs are your Friend

I have said it before, but maybe it is worth saying again. The things that Guestz gets away with are done at night, at the end of day long festivals, where the women have been consuming quantities of alcohol and God knows what else, which means that they are probably drunk and/or high. If you want to do what he does and can find similar conditions, then good luck to you; but if you want to force yourself on "sluts" just willy-nilly, then you will soon get into trouble, and your career will be short.

Guest (Tue 18 Aug 2020 19:00:31 GMT)


Does everyone care if your subjects are pretty in the face? A lot of the time I don't get a good look at it until I'm "done" due to venue darkness and approach angle. Sometimes I'm having fun with a squeezably soft yet proudly perky posterior and she turns around and has a busted face or is waaaaaaaaay too young.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 18 Aug 2020 17:20:18 GMT)

Re Guest - Vomit

I have no idea what you are on, probably a troll, seems to be a lot of them in here lately.

Re Eric

Asian---( Japanese/ Chinese, S Korean, Hong Kong )
definitely NOT those ladyboy Thailand girls...

Guest (Tue 18 Aug 2020 17:08:28 GMT)

My rankings

Light skin black
Indian/Pakistani etc
Dark skin black
Chinese/Thai etc

The most beautiful women on earth come from Brazil and Columbia no one can tell me any different.

Sky The Seeker (Tue 18 Aug 2020 14:31:21 GMT)

RE: Ratings

Man, I gotta give it to Latinas for being where it is at. A whole lot of them are submissive sluts too believe it or not. Sometimes more than white girls

Latinas -> White Girls -> Indians/Indigenious -> Asians -> Light skin black girl

I wouldn't even consider a dark skin black girl. Or a fat bitch.

Blackie the Packie (Tue 18 Aug 2020 09:58:20 GMT)

gay pride events are pussy paradise

Tell you what I love most are those gay pride events corrrr so much hot white arse there supporting the gay community. The best part is when is when they have gay pride in london the girls lean up against the barriers so you can walk up behind and plaster yourself all over their bodies coorrr.

What i enjoy most is putting my arms on the barriers and trapping the girls whilst I shag their hot arses. Fucking covid 19 pisses me off.

Guest (Tue 18 Aug 2020 09:32:12 GMT)


All this talk about dick size is kind of moist. You guys need to cut that out straight away!

Sky The Seeker (Tue 18 Aug 2020 05:38:12 GMT)

RE: One Thing I Truly Do Miss....

Man, that is HOT AF. I hope you cummed on that stupid slut. I can't wait to do the same shit to a slut caught off guard.

I saw a post on here about a guy that took this bus pretty often with the same chick. Each time he would get behind her and Chikan the hell outta here. One time he was able to get her shoved in a corner and unable to move. The bitch was trying to wiggle her ass away, but

459 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Tue 18 Aug 2020 03:59:01 GMT)

One Thing I Truly Do Miss....

I was in a mall today. It was mostly empty compared to how it would normally be this time of year because of the pandemic. So I wasn't expecting to see much in the way of potential targets. But just as I was about to leave I see 3 blonde, absolute bombshells! All three were in shorts, but one, I'd call her the "ringleader" was there to make a statement. She had the darkest tan I may have ever see

1898 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (guest 718) (Tue 18 Aug 2020 03:57:13 GMT)

Hot neighbor (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

Imagine being in this situation. I had Invited one of my neighbors who I’ve been wanting to fuck for the past 4 years over my house. I’m pretty friend zoned I can’t lie lol. She has a huge ass man. But every once in a while she comes over my house whenever my roommates aren’t home (like holiday weekends). So she comes over in gray leggings. And she’s wasted. It’s like 2am. Everytime sh

2687 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Tue 18 Aug 2020 02:26:15 GMT)

Swiped my finger against her ass (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I gotta relax. I was on my lunch break (in uniform) and I go to this grocery store near my job to order a sandwich. Out of nowhere this dime piece came in. I haven’t been able to grope for the past week because of work , also haven’t fapped in a week. So when this broad came in I immediately got horny. She leaned over the counter to ask the clerk something . When she poked her ass out like tha

805 more byte(s), click here!

Booty Bandit (Tue 18 Aug 2020 02:24:18 GMT)

One of my favorites!

Chikan describes the action with commentary. It’s a group of friends and nobody realizes he’s rubbing his dick in the girl’s butt. Cums and shows the results of his work.


Chikan Expert (Mon 17 Aug 2020 17:33:04 GMT)

Sky (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

@Sky well i said before already that I discovered this fetish at 8 years old
Because I used to see my older brother who is 5 years older, grope our cousin. He would do wrestling moves with her . Ones that always involved him digging his dick up her ass. Watching him do that used to make me curious. So I tried it in school with one of my female classmates. From there I know I liked the feeling.

1531 more byte(s), click here!

Bad-Boy (Mon 17 Aug 2020 16:36:53 GMT)

Re: Guest Dick Sizes (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

I'm a little over 8.5 inches and ive not had nay problems..some women even enjoy a well endowed man and will make the ride quite enjoyable.

Sky The Seeker (Mon 17 Aug 2020 15:11:18 GMT)

RE: Dick sizes - be honest

I may be in the vast minority here with my opinion, but most of those frotter videos online are terrible. Watching the video is NOTHING like the real deal. And most of the time it's always a bad-average camera used. Heck, reading the stories here and imagining yourself in that situation is usually better than watching frotter videos. Of course, there are a few exceptions with people who know how t

1082 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Mon 17 Aug 2020 15:04:36 GMT)


I don’t know why you would think I’m a narc when I literally told you I got arrested in 2015 for forcible touching lol. To the guy below, my dick is 7 inches but for some reason I don’t get a full hard on when I grope. It’s only been fully erect maybe 10,12 times, and that was because I was literally humping my target. I do think siize matters but man some of these girls are completely oblivious about what’s happening to them lol.

Btw is this the greatest chikan vid of all time? It’s my absolute fave.


Booty Bandit (Mon 17 Aug 2020 13:17:21 GMT)

University Students

Prepared to oblige with crowds!


Guesty (Mon 17 Aug 2020 13:05:17 GMT)

Re: New-cumer - Old Stories

Not true that old stories are not appreciated. Anything good from any time frame would be welcomed as long as a hot chikan story. If you have good experiences from the past, then let's see what you got.

New-cumer (Mon 17 Aug 2020 09:33:06 GMT)


There is no point of you saying "I don't mean to be so negative" because you do mean to be negative, otherwise why would you say it. I just recent found out about the this forum by chance and because of the covid-19 situation I wont be in a position to share great stories. I could have shared about my past experiences but in most cases ppl are interested in the new experiences of the here and now. When this covid-19 situation is finally over, hopefully I will have better stories to share. Time will tell

Tenet (Mon 17 Aug 2020 09:26:00 GMT)

check out these videos...pretty good


Guest (Mon 17 Aug 2020 09:18:17 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Forum

For a site that’s supposedly hard to find, there sure are a lot of new posters showing up all of a sudden.

Guest (Mon 17 Aug 2020 07:57:40 GMT)

Dick sizes - be honest

I have been reading a lot of stories of how you guys are able to go 'balls deep' into girls when chikaning. Well, this can never happen for me since I have quite a big penis (7/8 inches). I was wondering if dick sizes matter when we do our thing?

In videos on xhamster I notice a lot of guys have smaller and softer penises when they frott women, which is perfect if you like skin contact and cumming on them. But if I ever took my penis out it would be very obvious and I have never really gone 'balls deep' on a target without her ever noticing the massive dick proding her ass.

Be honest guys... whats your dick sizes (no homo) and has your size affected the way you chikan?

Guest (Mon 17 Aug 2020 04:38:31 GMT)


@h8covid search up the camp counseler stories on here. Festival security so you would need to push through drunk crowds all day? Something spring break related? Tho really the best job is any one that gives you enough time and money to travel the most packed spots.

Sky The Seeker (Mon 17 Aug 2020 04:32:21 GMT)

Re: best jobs for chikan?

I've seen a story on here about a guy running an ice cream truck. He hired multiple females and made sure to hire one female that seemed super submissive and looked really sexy.

Over the time working with her, he would schedule shifts alone with her and continuously push forward with using her body for his own satisfaction. He got her to a point where every shift he was with her alone he would use her to cum, and she'd stay silent every time.


I personally think going through all that effort just to Chikan is not worth it. Why join a job that's expected to have crowds when you can just be in the crowds themself from the start? Also won't have to have any responsibilities since you won't have a boss breathing down your neck.

h8covid (Mon 17 Aug 2020 00:08:53 GMT)


Thanks to everybody who answered my questions, loved reading them all, much appreciated

h8covid (Mon 17 Aug 2020 00:06:36 GMT)

best jobs for chikan?

- What kinds of jobs must be good for chikan opportunities?

I did a temp retail job for Black Friday because I expected huge crowds - I spent most of the time injecting myself into crowds, with my dick pressed against sexy butts and feeling up whatever hot ass girls were around.

What other easy to get jobs could get some easy chikan action?

Guest (Sun 16 Aug 2020 20:45:36 GMT)


Chikan expert seems a like a cop... my narc senses are going off...

Guestz (Sun 16 Aug 2020 03:15:38 GMT)

Re: Sky

I realized I had a "thing" going back when I was 9-10 years old! But I figured it out because I saw guys my age pinning girls against the desk in forth grade. They would wait until the teacher left the room, and the girls would make it easy for them by bending over the desk and pretending they didn't like it! I had no idea they planned it, but my johnson got hard watching! That happened for 2 ye

506 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sun 16 Aug 2020 02:50:21 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert

Let me tell you something: this shit that we do is old. I thought I was the only one when I discovered this forum, but there are a lot of us. It's just that the internet has allowed us to connect. I used to see guys doing what I do at all the venues I frequently attended. It was by chance that I found this forum. I was relieved that I wasn't the only one. I've been struggling with this for decades.

Guestz (Sun 16 Aug 2020 02:13:12 GMT)

Re: New-comer

Don't mean to be so negative, but maybe you should read some of the stuff some of the veterans have posted in the past. I know things are slow, but when I see post like yours I think "WTF?" There's nothing interesting about what you posted. We (as chikans) see potential targets like that all day long, everyday. Unless you groped her or laid dick on her, who cares?

Sky The Seeker (Sun 16 Aug 2020 01:57:07 GMT)

@Chikan Expert

That's great that we both found our community!

how did you discover your fetish?

I first discovered it when I was a senior in highschool. I never went to any parties ever and this was my first house party. The dancefloor was in the basement with a TON of people there. A lot of good looking women. I use to be super shy with dancing with anyone. I ended up just biting the bullet and g

5040 more byte(s), click here!

New-cumer (Sat 15 Aug 2020 22:48:53 GMT)

Call of Booty (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

After finishing work today, now making my way home. I was waiting at the bus stop and i see this young very slim black girl about 5 foot 6 on the phone to someone who work at (JD Sports), I know this because she was still in uniform so I guess she must be going home from work too. She noticed me and gave a brief smile and continued conversation. She was sat down most of the time while waiting for

587 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Sat 15 Aug 2020 21:26:45 GMT)


@sky the seeker welcome bro!! I just found this forum like 2 weeks ago myself. Been reading all the stories. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. Imm also in my 20’s. It’s rare seeing a young chikan, usually I see chikans in their 40’s and above. I’m always curious to know bro...

how did you discover your fetish?

Was that time at the young dolph concert your f

1265 more byte(s), click here!

Sky The Seeker (Sat 15 Aug 2020 18:55:08 GMT)

Can't believe I just found you guys

This is insane. I thought I was the only one with this fetish most of my life. I'm really happy I found this forum in my early 20s vs when I'm much older and have fewer opportunities.

I've been so hard just reading this forum for the last day. It's funny because I planned on doing these things, but I always thought I was alone in doing such. There's a lot of us!

I'm gonna share a sto

2845 more byte(s), click here!

Booty Bandit (Sat 15 Aug 2020 17:37:32 GMT)

Digs dick head into crack

With boyfriend standing right there! Leaves pre-cum and moist sperm stains.


Booty Bandit (Sat 15 Aug 2020 11:42:17 GMT)

No worries!

Now that the Ruskies have produced a COVID-19 vaccine, we will all be getting back to jam packed concerts soon!

Guest (Sat 15 Aug 2020 01:05:52 GMT)

Check out this concert

Gonna be a long year

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 14 Aug 2020 22:38:14 GMT)


1. Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

I prefer frotting with my dick, because I cannot cum by touching a woman with my hands. I used to use my hands a fair bit when I was a schoolboy, but now I do that very rarely.

2. At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

I have described this already. I was ten or eleven. It was in an

2391 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Fri 14 Aug 2020 20:42:33 GMT)


I just noticed. I think the black dude in the middle was a chikan lmao


Guest (Fri 14 Aug 2020 15:32:47 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon - Vomit!

Puke & chikan. Yuck! Could not have gone through with that! Whatever it takes to nut I guess (shrugging shoulders).

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 14 Aug 2020 15:02:21 GMT)

Re h8covid

1 Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

Both, as I like to do hand swipes when walking past hot girls, but I prefer to have my dick in the arse or up against her arm ;)

2 At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

First time was when I was around 14, I used to take the train into town and once it was jam packed, I remember

2485 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Fri 14 Aug 2020 14:36:33 GMT)

Revlon kiss cam (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Revlon kiss cam:


It would be even more crowded than that most of the time. Probably came a total of 50-60 times. I even remember what some of my targets wore when I groped them. 2 girls in particular I will always remember. This 14/15 year old let me literally hump her. She had on green pajamas w a nice perky as

472 more byte(s), click here!

Blackie the Pakkie (Fri 14 Aug 2020 12:59:17 GMT)

London Tube strikes - great for nice plum booty

Years ago before fucking covid 19 screwed things up. London was one big paradise for chikans like me. One day the london tubes announced that there would be no trains running for 24 hours as part of the tube strikes.

Everyone in the office was moaning. I pretended to be pissed off moaning about how train drivers get too much pay the bastards why they are asking more.
Inside I was smilin

2527 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan Expert (Fri 14 Aug 2020 12:32:33 GMT)

Kiss cam

@BigT lol yea man imagine being seconds away from cumming on a juicy butt and outta nowhere you get handcuffed from behind . In Times Square! Funny thing is I was still going to the kiss cam after I got caught. I just wore shades and a hat so I won’t be detected lmao. I came maybe 20 more times until they finally shut it down. The good thing that came from getting caught is I’m more aware of m

618 more byte(s), click here!

Guesty (Fri 14 Aug 2020 11:40:44 GMT)

Re: BigT - Kiss Cam

Thanks for that BigT. So this story proves that people can be so distracted that they don't realize they are being groped on the butt and don't always whip around as soon as they are touched. They don't look back because they don't know what's going on. Just like a well-established member Black Shogun said. In this case, chikans were being bold enough (maybe stupid and desperate enough is more accurate) to grope in one of the most watched spots in one of the most watched cities in the world. Times friggin' Square! But the point is made. Had it not been for the big screen, they never would have been caught. Those women had no idea those chikans were on their butts.


The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 14 Aug 2020 10:19:11 GMT)


I guess ChikanExpert was one of these men! LOL!


“ According to police, a handful of men targeted female tourists as they waited to be on the Kiss Cam at Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street. As groups gathered close together under the cam for a photo, the men would strike.”

Guesty (Fri 14 Aug 2020 02:06:37 GMT)

Re: Chikan Expert - Best Place

So Chikan Expert do you mind telling us where this best place to chikan is? Don’t be half-stepping and telling half-truths. Tell all. In detail. Remember. It’s better to give than to receive. Especially if that means a dick in one’s ass haha!

Chikan Expert (Fri 14 Aug 2020 00:57:05 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

1. Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

I used to only frot with my dick. I started seeing other chikans do it in public and it amazed me. Lol how these girls really don’t have any clue that they’re being groped. Sometimes aggressively. But yea now I do both. As a matter of fact I frot with my hands first to test the waters.

2. At what AGE w

2796 more byte(s), click here!

h8covid (Thu 13 Aug 2020 22:31:29 GMT)

Questions for you all

Pick one or some questions, answer with details!

1. Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

2. At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

3. What is the longest you have gone hunting AND been unsuccessful?

4. List all the types of places you got away with crazy chikaning? Give examples! (such as in school, parties or events, concerts or whatever)

5. Have you done (or not done) something that you really regret? Why? (got caught? upset somebody? missed opportunity?)

6. What is your most memorable chikan experience?

7. What other sexual perversions or fetishes do you have besides chikan/frotting?

Thanks in advance :-D

Chikan expert (Thu 13 Aug 2020 21:36:56 GMT)

Best place to grope is coming up!

Is anyone aware of the number one groping spot in the world? It’s in New York. It’s coming up!!!!!From December- Early Jan..by far the best place to grope, for free lol. Concerts are still number one I guess . But this place is guaranteed you’re gonna bust a huge nut. I have been going to this spot every year for the past 4 years. I know some people are aware. I see the same Chikans every time lmao. I literally skip every plan I have with friends/family in December lol. For the whole month of November, I don’t fap at all. Once this place opens, I literally go everyday. Bust a huge nut EVERY SINGLE TIME

Guest (Thu 13 Aug 2020 19:57:35 GMT)

Chikan expert

I didn’t squeeze. I gently massaged/caressed it with my hands. Yea man I was too scared to squeeze.

Guest (Thu 13 Aug 2020 14:58:43 GMT)

Chikan Expert: Hot neighbor

When you were grabbing her ass you didn't mention any squeezing action. Were you scared that it might have woke her up?

New-cumer (Thu 13 Aug 2020 07:58:25 GMT)


Hi, new here. Due to this covid-19, no action on public transports, concerts or festivals. I can't wait until this covid-19 is finally over, seeing alot of sweet asses that is begging for rub. This one definitely my attention.

Guest (Wed 12 Aug 2020 09:10:55 GMT)

Booty Bandit Kamala Harris

She’s hot because she’s mixed with Indo-Carribean/Indian hence the indian name. Indians have Euro centric features so they make any child smart and beautiful. Her mom is Indo Carribean from Jamaica I believe.

Beautiful women always starts with

Light skin Black
Dark Skin Black
Asian women like Chinese and Thailand and Japanese

I never really understood how the majority of Asian women can be flat in booty and boobs

Guest (Wed 12 Aug 2020 02:08:58 GMT)


When I say Canadian girls and rules are strict at the moment, I mean this. Who’s man is this ?!? Lol


Fellas, if you live somewhere where the rules are loose like I believe in Sweden, Carr

548 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Wed 12 Aug 2020 01:54:36 GMT)

Blackie the Paki

Usually I ask for extensive story telling but damn imaging this situation is getting me off. This was a hot story ! I am just having flashbacks to when I did this white booty in a raincoat on the public transportation. She turned but didn’t say anything to me. Unfortunately I was with my friend and she pointed towards some seats we can sit at. The girl got off at the next stop. I like quiet white girls and office white girls as my ideal targets however my tool doesn’t discriminate. As long as the girl got some healthy booty, I am in.

Don’t be shy, please share some more when you get a chance.

Chikan Expert (guest 718) (Wed 12 Aug 2020 00:56:18 GMT)

Hot neighbor (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

Imagine being in this situation. I had Invited one of my neighbors who I’ve been wanting to fuck for the past 4 years over my house. I’m pretty friend zoned I can’t lie lol. She has a huge ass man. But every once in a while she comes over my house whenever my roommates aren’t home (like holiday weekends). So she comes over in gray leggings. And she’s wasted. It’s like 2am. Everytime sh

2687 more byte(s), click here!

Cactue rac (Tue 11 Aug 2020 23:54:37 GMT)


Hey bro, how it says I need to be friends with groper power in order to view the video, how do i do that man?

Alfr3dogutierrez (Tue 11 Aug 2020 23:23:14 GMT)

Enjoy and comment my videos. And will be more. Encoxada shortcito


Comment my vídeo and ill open more

Booty Bandit (Tue 11 Aug 2020 23:14:09 GMT)

Kamala Harris

Attractive woman of color at the top of the ticket in my multi-racial country. Don't know about you guys, but I would chikan her LOL!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 11 Aug 2020 17:15:06 GMT)


These people need to stop making their videos visible to friends only.

Guest (Tue 11 Aug 2020 16:41:22 GMT)

Girl repeals groupers with fake arm pit hair

I would still grope her lol

Booty Bandit (Tue 11 Aug 2020 16:25:59 GMT)

Dick on thighs!


blackie the paki (Tue 11 Aug 2020 16:01:22 GMT)

Central line london - arse shagging the white booty

Years ago i use to monitor tube trains for delays. What I use to do is an hour before 5pm i would venture to the station where there was plenty of office white booty in skirts.

One time one of the stations got so jam packed the platform was rammed with hot office girls. I wore my jogging bottoms the moment the tube train arrived i just got behind a blonde booty office girl and kept behind

833 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: argiechikan (Tue 11 Aug 2020 15:29:10 GMT)


Hey dudes, some of you may already seen it, but check the videos from powersgropers on xhamster. Some of his videos are really good. Here is one as an example:


Also, a totally unrelated question for chikans living in the US: did you go to a billie eillish concert??? I think that her concerts would be awesome for us chikans. Do you know another similar artist? I am making a list planning for when this fucking pandemic is over

Eric (Tue 11 Aug 2020 05:49:30 GMT)

Board Contributions

Although many black women suffer from obesity, this is a fine black women. These are the type of black women I would grope. Nice booty and slim waist!

I am glad to hear about the successful outings from all rounder, it’s making me excited for my upcoming trip to my undisclosed location in South America. Although he’s lucky his country has buses, mine only has mini vans that act like bu

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Eric (Tue 11 Aug 2020 05:33:39 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Eric (Tue 11 Aug 2020 05:32:56 GMT)


Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 11 Aug 2020 05:10:35 GMT)


I would like to explain to you a little more why I do not play the how-do-you-know-she-did-not-freeze-in-shock- game. It is because none of us can read minds, and trying to sneak into a woman's head in that way is a pointless activity. If you want to build on solid ground, it is better to draw your conclusions from her actual behaviour. So, if she lets you do it of her own free will, then it is likely that she is willing, and if she does not let you do it of her own free will, then it is likely that she is unwilling.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 11 Aug 2020 01:33:38 GMT)


If a woman, of her own free will, lets me have my way with her, without showing any signs of unwillingness, then I say she said yes. If she shows any of the signs of unwillingness that experienced humpers are familiar with, then I back off, and say that she said no. Some people like to play the how-do-you-know-she didn't-freeze-with-disgust-or-shock game, but I am not one of them. I keep it simple. If she let you do it, she let you do it; if she didn't, she didn't. Btw., as of today, my figures since the end of the lockdown are 9 women said yes, and 9 said no. I scored another success this afternoon when I came against a woman's back on the bus.

Guestz (Mon 10 Aug 2020 21:09:30 GMT)

Always a crapshoot, this game we play!

So about a month ago I posted about how I got screamed-on by a black girl with an irresistible ass, that I groped 3 times (1 time too many in her words). I have been leery of even touching any sistas since then. Well today I'm in a relatively slow-shopping day at a Walmart and run across a really scantily-clad ghetto sister With her two kids in the shopping cart. This girl came shopping to be

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Booty Bandit (Mon 10 Aug 2020 11:29:23 GMT)


Now I have a female colleague who wants to accompany me to the protest! I should not have mentioned it to her. Have to find a way to get rid of her. Otherwise, I will have a zero chance of getting any kind of hump in. Think I will just blow her off.

Guest718 (Mon 10 Aug 2020 01:22:20 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

@all rounder what do you mean by eight women said yes? And 7 said no? And yes I used to ride on the train. Rush hour.. Been doing it for years . Like 6 years now. Out of all my humps, I genuinely think that 7 or 8 of them really liked it! And I humped over 5,000 girls/women. As long as she has that ass I’m in! I do not discriminate. One that I’ll never forget, this black lady in her 40’s. S

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 09 Aug 2020 23:27:38 GMT)

Guest 718

Just like you, I have been unusually successful recently. Since mid-June, I have cum eight times on the bus; eight women have told me yes and only seven have said no. Also like you, I am well-suited to humping women on buses, because I can cum quickly. But there is something I am curious about. You said that you have been using buses for the last three weeks, and that before that, presumably during the lockdown, you went to supermarkets to grope. How did you get your satisfaction before covid 19? Did you use the subway?

Guest718 (Sun 09 Aug 2020 21:01:46 GMT)


Sorry fellas, I’m not good at writing tbh. I’ll try to be better at writing my stories. Also, I feel like it’s therapeutic for me to write my stories on here. I’ve literally kept my stories all to myself. None of my close friends know about my fetish. I’m glad I found this forum. Anyway man, I’ve been getting really lucky on buses. I’ve came in my pants a good 6 or 7 times since I st

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Guest_Sunset Strip (Sun 09 Aug 2020 10:36:32 GMT)


Please use paragraphs for posts of any length. That will make what you write easier to read. I see something long like that with no paragraphs and will usually just skip it. Not enjoyable to read and will normally get you a bad mark plus a do over in class.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 09 Aug 2020 01:28:36 GMT)

Guest 718

Why do you not register a handle and become a regular member of the forum? As a representative of the next generation of humpers, I think you could make a great contribution to our community.

Booty Bandit (Fri 07 Aug 2020 21:29:11 GMT)


Went to the doctor today and saw a white girl in there who had on some yoga pants like these, but a lighter shade of blue, and with a butt like that! Could not keep my eyes off of her cheeks! And the color was light enough that you could see her panties underneath! Been too long since I had my weiner dug all up in some buns like that! Man!

Guestz (Fri 07 Aug 2020 12:39:47 GMT)

Re: Easy Rider

Don't be surprised! I know my family members' taste. The ones I'd worry about would more likely have friends at raves rather than EVER go to the type of festivals I attend. As a chikan I've learned to be extremely aware of potential problems that can arise within the family. This you'd just have to trust me on.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 07 Aug 2020 00:41:42 GMT)


Excellent Chikan


Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Thu 06 Aug 2020 23:01:20 GMT)

Until we return to some sense of normalcy....

And free peeks to!!!


Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Thu 06 Aug 2020 21:04:08 GMT)

Re: Bad-Boy & Guestz

Bad-Boy / 'Nice Ass Riding" - I posted that same video here maybe about 9 months or so back. I vaguely remember a discussion pertaining to whether it's "common" (my phrase) to find women who act like this video vixen (or something along those lines.) That video was my exhibit #1 one for an answer, but for what also keeps me in the game. Video still gives me a hard-on while watching. Ish had to have been going on for a while before the tape began.

Guestz - I find your response surprising. If so concerned about potentially meeting kid/wife at a rave, shouldn't the same rationale apply for those other events you attend? Perhaps the family happens to be busy those event days? I'm just sayin'....

Guestz (Thu 06 Aug 2020 13:34:26 GMT)

Re: Buster question and Easy Rider

To answer your question, yes I've seen up close and personal a chikan AGGRESSIVELY grinding in a target that I would have loved to get in the situation he had her. It broke my heart watching! But I had to physically stop him! Allow me to explain.
This was in high school. I'd never met this girl until the 9th grade. She wore the shortest dresses (at a strict Christian high school, I d

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CQC (Thu 06 Aug 2020 11:27:48 GMT)

Everyone Be Safe

COVID-19 is still spreading fast these days. Everyone please be safe! Health and happiness are much more important than physical pleasure.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Thu 06 Aug 2020 07:56:33 GMT)

Have you...?

Guestz your school story has peaked my interest to throw this question out there.

Have you guys seen someone get frotted you didn’t get the chance of taking advantage of? ( Bonus if eventually you did just not at that moment!)

I have mostly brief and boring stories at this point. but I am curious if any of you guys have something of note in your memory. These however can be quite frustrating but also a huge turn on and inspiration say you get similar situation or even better in the position to do the same thing to the target you saw it done to before hand mmmmmh.

Le-Mon (Thu 06 Aug 2020 07:37:25 GMT)

finding raves

My friend does all the finding. There's stuff happening every day up and down the country. We are going to a huge party on Friday if it doesnt get cancelled. I know he's got like 20 accounts on various social media platforms where he finds house parties, raves, events.

If anyone know other ways of finding out please share!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Thu 06 Aug 2020 07:12:16 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Raves

Guestz, since we both are able to discuss & reminisce about the heyday of vb, I know that we're around the same age. Trust me when I say that all I hit are raves & reggaeton shows.

In attending the raves, I do take measures to slightly alter my appearance in order to fit in better. Haven't had much of an issue. There have been some youngsters that see through the alterations, b

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Guest718 (Thu 06 Aug 2020 01:52:18 GMT)

Warning: She may be 11 (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

I have been a chikan ever since I was 8 years old. I got it from my brother who is 5 years older than me. He used to always play fight with one of our hot cousins . He would always wanna wrestle with her “for some reason”. He would always do wrestling moves that would always end up with him digging his dick up her ass. I vividly remember him doing this and wondering why his thing was up (boner

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Guest (Wed 05 Aug 2020 23:23:04 GMT)

Nice invention lol


Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

vaoo (Wed 05 Aug 2020 22:37:24 GMT)

@Le-mon - raves in London

To Le-mon

I'll make it simple:
1. Could I join you and your friend on your next going out?
2. Where are the illegal events happening and how to get a ticket?

I cant be thankful enough if you share! Tickets and a drink on me !

Guest (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:56:38 GMT)


Came 2x this morning. My oh my the First Lady was leaning her ass on a pole. I took advantage and put my dick right on her left cheek. Literally humped her for no longer than a minutes. I came so fast lol. Prob 45 seconds. I was gonna head home right after but I got on another crowded bus. This skinny black girl in her 20’s,got on the bus . I made my way towards her. Her ass was so juicy man. I

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:49:54 GMT)


Things are slightly returning. I got two excellent success recently on transit.

The first was wearing very, very thin jeggings. I got behind her and made contact, no boner yet and she immediately slightly moved forward. I’ve learned that to be a polite maneouvour in this pandemic - it isn’t a rejection. I immediately resumed the contact of my soft cock in her crack. She didn’t move at

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Booty Bandit (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:46:10 GMT)


The Booty Bandit is all about the "buns" LOL!

Booty Bandit (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:37:56 GMT)

Bubble Butt Latina

Oh my GOD! Nut all up in that!

Booty Bandit (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:36:24 GMT)


What a real Phat Ass White Girl's (PAWG's) hind parts look like.

surfin (Wed 05 Aug 2020 18:27:15 GMT)


Finally! been dying to read something new, you have anymore rave stories? Fingering is so easy at raves, but have you ever gotten your bare dick in some bare ass crack? It's happened to me very few times at punk concerts/festivals back in the days; I miss those!

Guest (Wed 05 Aug 2020 15:45:02 GMT)


Guest718 you can upload your videos to xhamster.com. Just make an account there and upload the videos

Le-mon how was your friend able to find the underground raves? I'm trying to find the next one for this weekend

Bad-Boy (Wed 05 Aug 2020 15:07:41 GMT)

Arm Humper (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

no family..i just grew up in and around the culture

Guest718 (Wed 05 Aug 2020 14:26:36 GMT)

Bus fun

To the guest that asked me for pics, I have a video of it. I just don’t know how to post it. I have 2 videos of 2 different encoxadas. One back in December. I got a Hispanic lady. She let me have my way man. I was digging deep in her ass. Too bad I don’t know how to post it man. The one I got on the bus recently was really good too. I mean is there such thing as a bad grope session lol. Man, I’ve been getting really lucky during rush hour on the buses here in NYC. In the past 4-5 weeks I’ve came about 5 times.

Guestz (Wed 05 Aug 2020 13:47:07 GMT)

Re: Le-Mon/ how things got started

I have described how I got into this chikan-thing many times before. But one major event I really never focus on when it comes to me and my humping is this: in middle school I was mostly known for being quiet and shy. I really tried to act like I wasn't interested in girls at all, but really it was the opposite! I seemingly remember ALWAYS having a boner around girls! I had very active hormones- I

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 05 Aug 2020 13:30:27 GMT)


Great start, yes those stories sound great, post away, you had me on Teens! as they are by far my demographic...nothing comes close to a teen whether you are are frotting or flashing as I also do!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 05 Aug 2020 13:24:27 GMT)

Re Chikan adventures

That is NOT phat ass white girl!! that is the back end of a cow!

Guest (Wed 05 Aug 2020 09:19:41 GMT)


Chikan Adventures that’s not a PAWG. That is HUGE fat! It would be an adventure to find the crack somewhere in all of that fleshy arse meat 🥩 People need to learn what a real PAWG is.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 05 Aug 2020 03:58:05 GMT)


You have put your finger on the problem. There is so much grinding at parties and festivals in the Caribbean, that, as I said, whenever you stand close behind a woman on the bus, people think that you're up to something. Fortunately, I am able to cum quite quickly in those circumstances, before anyone can create a scene, but, in general arm humping is safer, because you can fly under the radar. Since you've been to the Caribbean twice, does that mean that you have family here?

Bad-Boy (Tue 04 Aug 2020 21:32:33 GMT)

Arm Humper (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Well i have only been to the Caribbean twice and one of those was for Carnival where rubbing on ass is damn near a requirement..lol...so i'll defer to you there

Guest (Tue 04 Aug 2020 12:19:10 GMT)

50+ years old

Cum on the floor lol. Quarantine nut

Le-Mon (Tue 04 Aug 2020 10:24:50 GMT)

Re: Re: Le-mon/raves

Raves are insane Guestz.

At 39 I am taking risks going to the clubs, concerts and raves I go to. I keep fit, dress according to the event. All that helps but the main thing about my chikan game is that I have done 90% of it WITH my chikan friend. When we attend stuff together it seems more natural, we don't have CREEPY GUY vibes scaring girls off, we also save each other from sticky situati

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Guest (Tue 04 Aug 2020 08:47:41 GMT)

Le-Mon London rave

Bro can you tell me where I can find these raves to attend? I'm itching
also guest718 do you have any pictures for your story

Guest718 (Tue 04 Aug 2020 03:17:47 GMT)

NYC bus . Got lucky

Just found this site a couple of weeks ago. Man I wish I can tell all my stories. I have so many good ones. But damn man this damn quarantine has been getting me so itchy to encoxar. Anyway I finally got lucky on a bus. You can see my cum on the floor lol. It was a older lady in her 50’s probably. Chubby lady but her ass was poking out. I like to cum in my pants instead of pulling my dick out. Did it once but I didn’t like it. Wasn’t the same sensation. I think this lady liked it tbh. Her ass was moving with my dick in her ass. I came in 2 min

Guestz (Tue 04 Aug 2020 02:25:11 GMT)

Re: Le-mon/raves

I recognized a long time ago that raves were probably a chikan paradise. But unfortunately being my age, being at one would be ridiculous. As a seasoned chikan, I know that situations will arise through the years that will seem like such a ridiculous opportunity. But experience and down-right common sense tells a mo' fo' to stay away! My hats off to you youngsters that are new to the game and have these grand opportunities. Enjoy l! And share your good fortune with tantalizing stories!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 03 Aug 2020 17:27:00 GMT)

Bad Boy

I think the culture is different in the Caribbean, where, as soon as a man stands close behind a woman, people become suspicious, so to do here what is done in that video is asking for trouble.

Le-Mon (Mon 03 Aug 2020 15:59:05 GMT)

raves (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Lots of raves happening during lockdown. I went to one near London on Saturday with my chikan friend, he found out about it and picked me up.

SHIT music. Must have been around 500 people, easily 80% girls - it was a very hot afternoon, so as usual the girls were wearing skimpy tiny clothes. We were surrounded by teen girls, amazing seeing so many young pretty practically-naked girls.

1287 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan_Adventures (Mon 03 Aug 2020 15:56:27 GMT)

PAWG (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)


Booty Bandit (Sun 02 Aug 2020 16:35:56 GMT)

Protest Chikan

I have been a lurker here for quite some time. Decided I would like to participate openly and actively. There are still a lot of protests and demonstrations going on, and I plan to attend one in my city. Have not ridden in a while and can't stand it anymore. I'm planning to go to one of the big rallies coming up soon looking for a hump. I understand thousands will be in attendance. It will be my first big crowd in months. I can't wait!

Bad-Boy (Sun 02 Aug 2020 16:26:47 GMT)

Arm Humper (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

I've humped women like this, in fact i once humped a Caribbean woman on a train while she was with and talking with 2 friends and we were the only folks standing so there was absolutely no cover...And she initiated it, she kept inching back until her big ass was on my dick and she kept it there...i felt like since she didn't care and her friends weren't saying anything...why should i? We were grinding for 4 stops until they all got off, and all she did was give a quick glance back at me ...sometimes when both of you are into it you don't care that people are watching, or sometimes you both are so caught up you don't notice the bus or train emptying....it doesn't happen often...but it does happen

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 02 Aug 2020 04:33:27 GMT)


I was reading something that made me think of you. Women have noticed an increase in grocery store molestation since the covid 19 restrictions.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 02 Aug 2020 02:42:08 GMT)


I was very pleased recently to discover the identity of a young woman who let me rub myself to orgasm against her shoulder in October of 2018. My willing participant was a 17 year old schoolgirl at that time. I saw her three times after our first encounter, so it was easy to recognize her online.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Aug 2020 19:30:03 GMT)


As you would know, Guestz, crowd cover not only helps you to avoid detection, but it also serves the same purpose for her. There are some women who want to yield to you, but are concerned about being observed doing so by others. For example, sometimes when I attempt to hump a woman's shoulder, she will look behind her before giving in, to make sure that nobody is watching her. I know it can be done if the stars align, but it's a brave frotteur who attempts to hump a woman in the circumstances shown in that video, and an even braver woman who gives into him.
Both of these factors make me suspect that the couple in that video are exactly that, a couple, trying to add some variety their love life.

Guestz (Sat 01 Aug 2020 03:26:15 GMT)

I'm not gonna lie...

I'm gonna say this no matter what anyone thinks: This Covid 19 situation is pissin' me off! I go out everyday. I'm not sitting around scared, although I'm very careful while out. What I see is girls that seem to be dressing even sluttier since folks are social distancing. That is really warping my sense of reality. I saw one today that was to-die-for! She was with a guy (don't know if he was bo

549 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sat 01 Aug 2020 03:13:26 GMT)

Re: Allrounder

That there video is the shit! I know you say "dangerous", but this is my opinion: Sometimes the situation just works out right, and people just assume the two are together, so they just mind their business. I know that if I saw a "couple" going at it like this I would just assume they are together, and just worked-up out in public. Why would I intervene? Shit! I'd stand back and enjoy the show! I'

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Aug 2020 01:17:06 GMT)

Bad Boy: Nice ass riding

That man is doing his thing openly and blatantly, with no crowd cover. That's dangerous; I'm surprised that nobody intervened.

Awhiffofgrape (Fri 31 Jul 2020 19:49:30 GMT)

Question for Armhumper

Armhumpee i have to ask, what in the world makes you think that this girl is a willing participant? Im sure some do get off on it, but what makes you so certain this girl or any of them are? Isnt it far more likely that your trying to rationalize the fact that a 16 year old girl likely doesnt notice or is too young and inexperienced to respond and is freezing up in fear, confusion, embarrassment, or disgust? This isnt me trying to start something, I'm just questioning your thought process here.

Bad Boy (Fri 31 Jul 2020 17:25:48 GMT)

Nice Ass riding onthe bus (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Damn...she is giving him all that ass...I love players like this


Guest (Thu 30 Jul 2020 01:22:51 GMT)

big diff

Well so much for every woman being a player. Be careful out there!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 29 Jul 2020 21:23:53 GMT)

Called out! (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

When this topic came up recently, I said that the last time I had been called out was about six years ago. The following is an edited version of my record of that event.

I had a tough time today, not because of the length of the chase, but on account of being challenged. The lady actually created a scene in the presence of her little son. Such events are always disturbing, but I was able to

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Max Mond (Wed 29 Jul 2020 19:23:10 GMT)

Cock in armpit

Armpits are not my thing, but it happened to me once. I was frotting a woman from behind in the subway and her stop came and she left. As more people got on the train, a shorter middle aged woman got pushed into me and my full hard on poked her arm. She was startled at first, but then she raised her arm and put squeezed gently my cock between her arm and body. My cock was twitching and it actually felt good. Never did that again.

Guest (Wed 29 Jul 2020 14:17:19 GMT)


So this is where the site is going? Dicks in arm pits, nuts on eyeballs, and vaginal exams? Pandemic please, please, please be over soon so chikans can do their thing!

Carter (Tue 28 Jul 2020 18:39:38 GMT)

What did I just watch.

What did I just watch.


Lol maybe you guys can explain.


Guest (Tue 28 Jul 2020 08:28:13 GMT)

big diff

Wow, thank you Arm Humper telling me and teaching me the word bagpiping. However, I'm not in it. I love armpit sniffing and armpit licking.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 28 Jul 2020 07:08:33 GMT)


I wonder....ArmHumper always struck me as respectful, but Shoges? well he always wanted to bully his own opinion, regardless of whether he was right or wrong..at least now people can have a different opinion and be able to voice it.

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 28 Jul 2020 03:08:35 GMT)

July award

Now is the time for the monthly chikan award. Please nominate your favourite writer for 07/2020.

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 28 Jul 2020 02:38:49 GMT)

Re: shut up or leave

When I said shut up, Arm Humper did what I said. But Black Shogun went the opposite direction with full force. He didn't shut up. Not only that he also pointed out my mistake - I spelled "board" wrong LOL.

Bad-Boy (Mon 27 Jul 2020 19:35:00 GMT)

Preferences (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Most of my success has been with black women, probably because im a reasonably attractive guy( so ive been told), Plus as a Black man i love Black women anyway

Guest (Mon 27 Jul 2020 19:32:14 GMT)


I would much prefer teabagging.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Jul 2020 18:55:48 GMT)

Guest: bagpiping

I do not know if you know this already, guest, but in English the act of fucking a woman's armpit is referred to as 'bagpiping.' This term could, I suppose, be used to describe what I have been doing lately on the bus. I have attached a picture that you might like. Is this what you enjoy doing?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Jul 2020 18:37:07 GMT)


I am sorry to disappoint you, Guest, but I do not have a thing for women's armpits, though I know that there are some men who do. It just happens that lately I have been doing that part of the woman's body because of her posture when sitting down.

Guest (Mon 27 Jul 2020 07:06:22 GMT)

big diff

Wow! Arm Humper, do you love armpits? Me too, me too. You are my man!

BTW. Arm Humper can post freely now. Is this mean Black Shogun comes back soon? Or he cannot leave Arm Humper and spellings and all other things made him paranoia so that Ayashi shut him up? I don't know.

Eric (Mon 27 Jul 2020 06:40:22 GMT)

Replies to those who wanted good video links

This video is NOT mine but it’s a good one.


Big booty girl in Jeans.

Other good videos would be posted in the video clip links section.

Max Mond (Sun 26 Jul 2020 23:09:24 GMT)

My cock doesnt discrminate

I'm a white American guy from NY, my cock doesn't discriminate. My best frots have been with Latinas, Asians, and Indians. However, i mostly hump white girls because they're most receptive. Black girls hav been the least accepting.

Aap4 (Sun 26 Jul 2020 21:52:18 GMT)

Any more links for videos?

Wish you guys send more videos I'm starving for new content

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Jul 2020 18:49:56 GMT)


How could I forget? I also have happy memories of humping and coming against women's hands on the bus.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Jul 2020 18:43:44 GMT)

Stizzy 1 Fiddy

I like the pictures you posted of that girl with the big behind and shapely legs, Stizzy. I would love to hump her backside. And everyone please note, that just because I call myself "Arm Humper" it doesn't mean that I only hump that part of the woman, or that I am obsessed by it. I also do butts, and, on occasion, I have rubbed myself to orgasm against women's backs, legs, forearms, chests, and mounds. Lately I find myself doing a lot of armpits. The only parts of a woman's body I have never come against on the bus are the head and the foot. As Stizzy rightly says, variety is the spice of life.

Mello: Blaze (Sun 26 Jul 2020 14:25:18 GMT)

Somewhere in Pakistan. Spot the groper(s)

It's been a while.

Guest (Sun 26 Jul 2020 13:02:15 GMT)

Shogun Addiction

Shogun will never leave. Been here too long proves he is a chikan addict. Nobody can do anything now in the U.S. anyway. No concerts, no clubs, no crowds. When crowds come back Shogun will find a way to come back too with new incidents of digging into blonde white girl cracks. Everybody in the U.S. has to wait until 2021.

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sun 26 Jul 2020 11:56:14 GMT)

Variety is the spice of life

This day last year I was humping booty left right and centre! FUCK CORONA! This is the only video that I managed to catch of this event.


registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sun 26 Jul 2020 11:52:24 GMT)

Don't blame me Freddy lol

So I'm not allowed to have a preference for all women because Shogun will leave otherwise? What kinda Nazi bullshit is that bro. If Shogun and Armhumper leave, it would be because they have taken what Ayashi said to heart..not because other members have different taste.

Eric (Sun 26 Jul 2020 05:33:42 GMT)

Replies to the Board

Wow! I am not like other members on this board to not appreciate our “guest” members. Thank you for complimenting me and others!

I am glad to see other members of this board following in my footsteps to share beautiful POC women. Don’t let anyone being critical of our preferences!

Webmaster, since the majority of us don’t like in Africa or South America to continue our chika

1958 more byte(s), click here!

Aztec warrior (Sun 26 Jul 2020 05:29:20 GMT)

Good times

I fucked a bunch a hunky white American and European cracker sluts a nut is a nut I also randomly punched and broke either jaws of nose of a white peace of shit I am Latino decent from New York I fuck with my brother community tough my hood go to venues just to Fractionize white trash lol🤣😅🙏🏿 All probably brake a crackers nose just because.... thanks for sparking these actions Fred I would love to meet your cracker ass

Guest (Sun 26 Jul 2020 04:03:01 GMT)

big diff

Hey, Freddy Baby, we are losing both Black Shogun and Arm Humper. They are not posting ever since Master Ayashi said shut up.

But who cares? One is such old loser who has not posted any story for years. And another is arm humper, the weirdest fetish I've ever heard of! Is this sex joke forum where we happily read a man doggy humping a girl's arm? F**k!

You and Eric are not spelling bee competitors. I guess that's why Master Ayashi didn't touch you.

Freddy Johnson jr (Sat 25 Jul 2020 16:56:35 GMT)

ReStizzy and stank Black booty

What’s wrong with u guys, u gonna make us loose shogun, if u guys praise these stank negroe whores so much then make a board for them. We have been conditioned since happy days to admire the white queens. Make America great again.

Guest (Sat 25 Jul 2020 14:15:16 GMT)


Here here stizzy and eric preach brothers shogun and freddy go crazy for that skinny teen white girl shit and judging by there reactions to some of the white girl pics when ever the say they was up in some juicy cakes im guessing it was white girl pancakes just my opinion

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sat 25 Jul 2020 13:46:23 GMT)

Black Booty Matters

My penis doesn't discriminate, I appreciate all women regardless of age, race or size but I'd hump this bitch over these scrawny white teens that a lot of you fellas obsess over.

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sat 25 Jul 2020 13:41:14 GMT)

The final bell

Ayashi splitting up Shogun and Armhumper like this LOL

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 12:59:37 GMT)

Red Dragon

I know about fake proportions. Thanks for sharing your opinion! Anything can be fake these days with these women. I just wanted to add spice to this board by posting different content.

Also some past other photos on this board could have been photoshopped too. Just because the booty is petite doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The girl could have edited her photo from flat to petite to gain self confidence.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 25 Jul 2020 10:03:46 GMT)

Re pics

Some you posting those pics with huge arses, be aware that some are photo shopped, it is clear from the proportions on some, not going to say which ones because there are simply too many to mention, look at the proportions, some of you see a bid arse and immediately assume its natural because for some of you more is best...just putting it out there...use your heads guys, the big one.

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sat 25 Jul 2020 09:06:05 GMT)

One last story for tonight....

Definitely will look through the site that these stories were excerpted from and post some of the more interesting ones I find:


Answered May 27, 2018

I am a middle-aged man and am writing about something that happened in a bus years ago when I was studying.

2471 more byte(s), click here!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sat 25 Jul 2020 08:56:03 GMT)

Another submission....


Answered July 24, 2018

I am a Muslim Girl who wears a Burqa. Therefore I take full care not to expose my body in any manner. However I have big breasts which measure almost 36C and their shape is prominently visible no matter what I wear.

A few weeks back I was traveling by bus from my office to

1511 more byte(s), click here!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sat 25 Jul 2020 08:49:42 GMT)

Another reply from newly found board


Priya P, Delhi life, travelling, being groped,being a foodie
Updated June 3, 2019

Yes willingly I allow. i look forward to guys groping me in bus or metro. In crowded places I like being secretly ‘taken advantage of’// All this secret or not seen publicly by other aunties or like that/.

This is my secret liking/fetish. I sometimes we

775 more byte(s), click here!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sat 25 Jul 2020 08:40:14 GMT)

Contribution from other board

I've got to spend a bit more time scrolling through the discussions on the new board I've found. Looks somewhat promising at the moment:


Answered May 21

Yes I have been groped once willingly in the local train of Mumbai.

Its something that I will never forget.

It happened way back in 2017 when me and my dad were

2376 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 05:13:36 GMT)

Board Discussion

Last one for now, damn this is one of the better and beautiful Instagram models out there. That’s what I assume she is. Indian women are legit gorgeous! As I and others on this board love slim and healthy waists while being addicted to thicc thighs. Thicc thighs save lives!

Remember gentlemen, a few women may be deemed ugly but there is always beauty in the human race; you just have to find it.

Self hatred shouldn’t exist especially when all minorities lives matter in 2020. It’s okay to mingle outside your race and culture but no need to put down your fellow people.

There’s nothing smelly about an opinion. Ignorance is bliss.

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:58:09 GMT)


Woah!! Boner alert.

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:55:53 GMT)


Another beautiful Indian women with curves but I believe this one is a famous actress in Bollywood.

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:53:18 GMT)

Board Post

Next up, we have a very hot Arab girl with a beautiful rear ! 10/10! Perfection. Brown girls be winning! I bet anyone of y’all would love her to cook for you and be lined up behind that booty at a concert barricade.

Heck, I am not totally into Muslim girls but if I saw her, dang I would try to score a date with her.

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:47:24 GMT)


Going to make this board a little more spicer with these type of girls. After some members spammed only 1 type of women, we need a change.

Here’s a hot Indian women. She look thicc !

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:41:13 GMT)


Who’s ready and looking forward towards 2021 for chikaning action!?!

I read that some singers are announcing tour dates for 2021. Who can’t wait for concerts again!

I bet the DJ or singer will be like “Who survived 2020?” And everyone screams to celebrate the end of this pandemic.

I also read that a mask that can disinfect the coronavirus by 99 percent is being researched at a top university in Canada.

Eric (Sat 25 Jul 2020 04:37:44 GMT)

Blackie The Paki

I adopted a similar technique as well but I like to keep it on the cool subtle way. I don’t know if other Chikans do this but I like to dress well and trendy and always remain confident. Be 100 percent well groomed. Make it like I am doing the girl a favour by frotting her! Lol I completely agree with your post though. First the Chinese did the SARS outbreak and now this COVID19 outbreak.

974 more byte(s), click here!

blackie the paki (Fri 24 Jul 2020 10:18:05 GMT)

Rock hard gives the girl a dirty smile

I like Rockhard's technique after he has bummed the woman he walks off turns round and gives the girl a dirty smile. The girl just stares and rock hard is proper man he just remains cheerful.

I started adopting rock hards techniques when bumming girls on the london tube along canary wharf as its a sense of victory like when you go out to war and come back victorious ahahahah. That was before this shitty covid 19 crap bloody chinese screwed it all up.

I banged white office girls on the crowded tube then just before my stop came i did an extra pound bang bang and grind then getting off turn round and give them a dirty smile ohh they love these bitches in snitches.

Eric (Fri 24 Jul 2020 05:09:41 GMT)


Web Master Ayashi, I as a bystander, fully respect your decision on this ongoing conflict between all rounder and Black Shogun.

However, geez! All rounder. Wow damn man, that was one of the best comeback I seen so far. I feel like Black Shogun took an L (loss on this one). I like how you used mine and many others observations of black women to formulate your most recent response to Shogun.

553 more byte(s), click here!

Lucas (Fri 24 Jul 2020 02:13:15 GMT)

Anyone make custom videos?

I know onlyfans is blowing up, but do y’all think or know anyone who makes custom videos of being groped? It’d be convenient to simply ask someone of them having someone press their dick in between their ass cheeks since we’re still in quarantined.
Something just like this:

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 24 Jul 2020 01:58:58 GMT)

A message for Eric

Eric, you said that black women can be mouthy, and someone else said that they are loud. That's funny, because I always thought that Black Shogun was a man.

Arm Humper
Not shouting and screaming all the time.

registered member: argiechikan (Thu 23 Jul 2020 13:17:58 GMT)

Re: Chikan123 videos

I didn't know that he charged so much for his videos. I have seen them and they are not that good. Also, there are a lot of users with better content on xhamster and they share it for free. I think that the idea of recording is sharing with the community, that's why a lot of chikan think that he and all the others who try to sell videos are assholes, and if you pay for his videos you are encouraging others to do the same... Right now our only option is waiting for this situation to get better, and when the quarantine is lifted, there are going to be lot of opportunities for us, but we have to be patient right now...

Guest (Thu 23 Jul 2020 05:51:01 GMT)

You guys are pathetic

This board is lame as fuck i been here a long time 10yrs i contribute my stories and comments shogun is a arrogant ass hole for no reason with no current stories hes what us street guys call "a was nigga" you ain't got no money anymore living in the past

arm humper is a weirdo i said it before but atleast he comes with stories

as far as this black and white shit its pathetic yall know damn well yall would hump anything that walks some of yall would probably dry hump a dog if nobody was around...ACTING ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY LIKE YALL GOT OPTIONS LMFAOOOOOOO

Guest (Thu 23 Jul 2020 03:14:32 GMT)

chikan123333 (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

long time lurker. Anyone here uses chikan123 website? he charges 75$ and im dying for new content. fucking covid. but anywhos, anyone know if its legit?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 23 Jul 2020 02:54:41 GMT)


Arm Humper
Prod black man

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 23 Jul 2020 02:52:08 GMT)

Here, here??

Black Shogun
The real educated deal

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 23 Jul 2020 02:46:27 GMT)

They let you out . . .

Everything OK . . . better . . . too soon???

Black Shogun!!!
Proud to be SANE
Too proud to BEG
Too rich to be BUSIN' it

Eric (Thu 23 Jul 2020 02:16:52 GMT)


I don’t know who the heck is starting this drama but a lot of paranoia seems to be going on this board.

We got Freddy and Shogun thinking I am actually all rounder !?!?! I voted for you for Man of the Month, Freddy! Come on! You acknowledged one of my stories, Shogun! Shogun never acknowledged any of All Rounder and I think Red Dragon stories.

I guess one cannot speak their mind

589 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 23 Jul 2020 01:15:23 GMT)

White Coats

Still feeling the pain of your recent humiliating defeat, I see.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 19:11:36 GMT)

White Coats

I've called the men in white coats for you Arm Humper . . . don't be scared, don't be scared . . . it's gonna be OK, it's gonna be OK . . . don't be afraid. They're not gonna hurt you . . . you see . . . they're even all black too! You'll be in gooooood hands!

Black Shogun!!!
Believes in healthcare for all

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 18:52:43 GMT)


Celebrate whatever victories you think you've landed . . . you "prod", petty little black man! Anybody who has been here for any length of time knows you're so petty that you would be all over me for any little grammatical slip up and would not let anything slide. Why, you're so PETTY that you're here right now literally talking about what happened in the year 2002 forward???!!! You've been keeping track I'm sure! You make my case. You are the tool that makes for your own bashing! This ninja sick ya'll, this ninja sick y'all . . . this ninja SICK! SEE A SHRINK!!! NOW!!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Proud to be SANE

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 22 Jul 2020 18:33:10 GMT)

Here, here??

You have been saying the incorrect, "here, here,' since December 2002. You also made the same mistake in March of this year. Obviously this is no slip of the fingers due to early morning grogginess.

Arm Humper
Using words and phrases that I know and understand.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 18:00:51 GMT)

Re: Freddy Johnson, JR. - News Flash!!!

No shit, that's why I answered some because I know it's him . . . and yeah he could even be Eric too . . . Arm Humper has used multiple aliases over the years to attack me, and it's obvious. And he's been allowed to get away with it. This is why this would be a better place if everybody was REQUIRED to register a handle. Just as one improvement step. Been saying it forever. And like I said too. The abuse board isn't the real problem. It's RIGHT HERE that's the problem. Arm Humper has been BAD for this site, and somebody needs to stand up to him . . . I've been that "somebody" . . . and I will continue to be . . . whether he's mentally unbalanced or not (I believe he is).

Black Shogun!!!
Not a COON
Too proud to beg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 17:40:51 GMT)


Just like I thought . . . trying to deflect and not answer the question . . . and with a typical response coming from you. It was early in the morning, and I was groggy. It happens. But be that as it may . . . .

Now, I already know I have more money because I don't have to ride a raggedy bus to get to where I want to go each day. Your own writings prove you do that all the time. No, I

1822 more byte(s), click here!

Freddy Johnson Jr (Wed 22 Jul 2020 17:34:38 GMT)

News Flash!!!

Its obvious that these “guest” and maybe even “eric” are armhumper. Dude really needs to sign up for only fans

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 17:33:36 GMT)

big diff

Here, here, nowhere but here where I can defend the dignity of girls insulted here. Why they are less important when attacked by you?

Freddy Johnson Jr (Wed 22 Jul 2020 17:31:11 GMT)

Great news

Wiintr Blanco aka Kaila from BGC has a only fans now. Thats a relief. Since there’s limited frotting oppurtunities now, and not to mention the possibility of catching that rona , i think now is a good time to sail into the sunset with a new “hobbie” we all should stop being cheap and sign up to her only fans, its not illegal to get lotion and jerk off. This solves all our problems with the fear of jailtime. U guys are welcome.... and Shogun sucks that u arent atleast down with the white plumpers, in a desperate last minute situation atleast they pulled thru in the stretch for a nut. Anyway can we revert to only fans, its the new wave. And its legal.

TeenFucker (Wed 22 Jul 2020 17:26:38 GMT)

Say "hi" to hot teens (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I was crossing the road earlier today and a STUNNING teen was on the other side of the road, walking towards me. She looked all glammed up, tits bulging, thicc thighs and tiny denim shorts.

As we passed I simply said "hi" in a low voice and looked straight into her eyes, she looked back at me and smiled shyly. She knew.

They always knew, and they take it as a compliment. Girls fro m

851 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 16:54:36 GMT)

making a big diff

If you really cared about defending the dignity of girls then you would not be here arguing. Especially in a place of gropers! If you are serious, then go find a nonprofit or something where you can really make a big difference by helping somebody. The way and what you do now accomplishes absolutely nothing. You simply cannot be seen as legitimate talking about the dignity of girls while enjoying stories, videos, and photos of them being molested. Come on man. Go out and really do some good! Do yourself proud!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 22 Jul 2020 16:50:59 GMT)

Here, here??

When you said, "here, here," it was not a slip of the fingers, because you made the same mistake before, I just did not bother to correct you.

Arm Humper
A proud black man, no Uncle Tom.

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 16:38:01 GMT)

big diff

When Justice Matters, Silence is Violence. If I shut up, who defends the dignity of girls.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 16:07:20 GMT)

Re: Guest - big diff

STFU . . . I normally don't even respond to "guests" anyway . . . you're done . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Guests don't matter

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:56:03 GMT)

big diff

You called the black woman ugly. That's injustice. Black Shogun, you insulted a black girl and now you are going to insult a white girl. You are merely doubling injustice.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:38:20 GMT)

Re: Freddy Johnson, Jr. - Agreed . . . However

Naw,naw . . . naaaawww . . . EFF that nigga . . . FAT is FAT LOLOLOL!!! You can ALL keep ALL ya "plumpers". If somebody posts an ugly pic of a fat white chick it's the same deal . . . NO DEAL!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:32:58 GMT)

Re: Guest - big diff

Eeeeeeeeeeexactly!!! And if I am denied justice here, then there will be NO peace. I have been subjected to abuse on this site FROM THE TIME I GOT HERE! If nothing is done about it, then I will defend myself!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:26:20 GMT)

Hear, hear!

Excuse me for not being perfect and having a slip of the fingers early in the morning Mr. Miserable (University of Michigan study) . . . who insults African-American speech by calling it a "negro dialect" (coonish). Let's settle this right here and right now PROD black man . . . how much education do you have . . . because I'd bet my next paycheck my education is superior to whatever you have . . . so let's have it then . . . what you got??? I have more education than you do, I have more MONEY than you do, and I DEFINITELY hump/fuck prettier women than you do. So let's go . . . what you got??? Be honest for once in your miserable life in your "prod" black country why don't you???

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 14:59:40 GMT)

big diff

Whatever goes between George Floyd and the police, it's between George Floyd and the police, you need to mind your OWN GD BUSINESS and stay out of others ... right? Wrong! When justice matters, it's everybody's business.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 22 Jul 2020 14:51:05 GMT)

Here, here??

The exclamation of approval that you are looking for, Mr. Superior Education, is not "here, here," but "hear, hear."
Arm Humper
The frequent frotteur

Freddy Johnson jr (Wed 22 Jul 2020 14:39:19 GMT)

Agreed on the 2 black fat chics.... however

Even in a last minute , show ending situation I wouldn’t want to hump them stinkin Jenkin whores. I couldn’t get hard, they are boner killers, a white plumper with the same outfits on tho I just may blow my load in a last minute , desperate situation. That white ass crack just makes my cock tingle. One time on the subway there was nothing else available so I grinded a white plumper and came rather quickly, the power of the white ass I suppose. I may jerk off now to 1 of these plumper vids

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 13:22:02 GMT)

Freddy Johnson, Jr. wrote . . .

"The pic of them 2 obese black woman disgust me." I know that's right. I'll take being called an Uncle Tom any day of the week before proving my "loyalty to race" by fuckin' that. Hey where the WHITE WOMEN at??? HAHAHA!


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 12:43:19 GMT)

Re: Eric - Replies to This Board

Well that promise didn't last long (knowing rolling of the eyes) . . . dramatic proclamations about one's laaaaassssst post on a subject . . . gonna keep it short. I say again . . . And YOU need to mind your OWN GD BUSINESS and stay out of mine . . . understood??? Until you walk a mile in somebody else's shoes, please keep any smelly opinions to yourself where the sun don't shine.

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jul 2020 10:15:44 GMT)

Here, here!

What he said: "Some people do not have much to offer now. I do not know why the webmaster is indulging them. I hope my career does not end this way. Sad."

Black Shogun!!!

Eric (Wed 22 Jul 2020 08:39:39 GMT)

Replies to This Board

Black Shogun,

There’s certain points where i agree with you, the majority of black females are obese while also being very mouthy but there are some slim thicc ones! Once in the Carribean, I remember everyone crowds together in a tight spot to upgrade their phone cards, and I braced my private area against a dark skinned black women booty. She didn’t even react. It was hot. Her black f

1415 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 22 Jul 2020 01:41:07 GMT)


Some people do not have much to offer now. I do not know why the webmaster is indulging them. I hope my career does not end this way. Sad.

Guest (Wed 22 Jul 2020 00:30:13 GMT)

big diff

No. You called the woman ugly, not arm humper.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 23:56:29 GMT)


Arm Humper is his own instrument of self-destruction that may be used to batter himself. He invited ridicule by posting what he did in a public forum after so much braggadocio. They give themselves to him? You got that right! She would throw herself at ANYBODY who would show her some attention, even if in the form of a low-grade sexual assault. So therefore . . . and according to the rules of decorum in this esteemed forum . . . may he be pilloried in the court of public opinion!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 23:19:00 GMT)

big diff

People are not just abstract concept. Men and women make people. Yes, you must treat people, men and women, with respect. You do not single out one woman and show disrespect calling her ugly. Because she is the one of women who makes people. Even if she is ugly, even if the ugliness is fact, you do not treat her less than human. She is human. She is not your tool to batter arm humper.

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 23:02:54 GMT)

big diff

Wow! Not just Chinese, but Japanese and Thai. All of them see black ugly. If number makes subjective judgement fact, then bigger number must make bigger fact. ALL BLACk is ugly.

Do you agree? No. Because number does not make fact.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 21:06:15 GMT)

To" Eric"

I didn't read all of your emotional, typo-filled response. But just remember this . . . to "assume" makes an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME" . . . but mostly you since it's YOU making OFFENSIVE assumptions based on your misguided and incorrect opinions and "feelings". You know, as the old saying goes, we all have an opinion and an asshole. And if you're going to use your opinions to throw gratuitous

452 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Tue 21 Jul 2020 20:10:12 GMT)

Black Shogun

My remarks wasn’t hundred percent about your preference, it was about your heavy criticism.

If you are able to call out people for their “nonsense”, so can we!

Freddy Johnson jr (Tue 21 Jul 2020 19:54:30 GMT)

. This is more lile it

The pic of them 2 obese black woman disgust me. Heres some eye candy. I also just subscribed to her only fans. I came .

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 19:12:07 GMT)

Frequent Frotteurism

During the last two months, I have humped the shoulders of six women to orgasm on the bus. They would all be called "black" but, in fact, they were all different shades, from almost literally black, to almost white. Thus they reflected the fact that most of us are familiar with, namely, that during the days of slavery, the white slaveowners could not keep their hands off the black, enslaved females.
Since I returned to the fray, I have enjoyed astronomical success rates. I do not know if this is a post-covid 19 phenomena, or something else, but I will continue what I am doing and hope that the trend continues.
Arm Humper
The frequent frotteur

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 19:09:56 GMT)

BTW Nyc Subway Groper

Where is that triple nut STORY you promised us nigga??? Oh, excuse my American "negro dialect" Y'ALL HAHAHAHA!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Not a COON
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

Bad-Boy (Tue 21 Jul 2020 18:45:03 GMT)

Re: Guest , Humping a family memeber (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Here is one story Bro


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 18:17:36 GMT)

What drives some black men to go white only . . . .

Nyc Subway Groper: Rather be a uncle tom than a jailed nigger for groping a black girl.

HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! The man say if his black ass is going to the clink, clink it's gonna be over something white and not black LOLOLOL!!! I've never said some shit like that, but Black Shogun is gonna catch and accept all the heat??? I don't think so!

I just saw the attached photo and puttin' it here because I think it's on point hehehe! Obesity is rampant and out of control within the African-American community.

Black Shogun
Not a COON
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 18:01:51 GMT)

Opinions of "Guests"

They do not count . . . it could be Arm Humper himself (he's done it many times before) or anybody else here faking it. If you want what you say to matter, then register a handle. Otherwise you're just another nameless, faceless "guest" whose musings mean nothing.

Asians can be some VERY racist people. I know this Japanese guy from online on another site. The guy goes for nothing but wh

1766 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 17:18:49 GMT)

big diff

Fatness can be objective/scientific fact not because number of people who say fat but because we have medical criterion to see if one is fat. Subjective judgment is nothing but subjective judgment. If number can make subjective judgement fact then Chinese (as they have the biggest number) can make fact. And guess what. They would say All Black ugly.

BTW, I love the girl you've posted.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 17:05:06 GMT)

Guest is right. B. S. has a long history of abusing black women

Correction: I have a long history of putting a mentally unstable pseudo intellectual with a penchant for posting ugly pics . . . all with an air of superiority . . in his place. Back to reality! She's ain't fat bruh??? Well I like the song, buuuuuuuut YES SHE IS (ugly too)! Is she at least payin' yo rent dawg???


Black Shogun!!!
Not a COON
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

Kerwin White: new chikan (Tue 21 Jul 2020 17:04:12 GMT)


I'ma pimp to this bitches trynna act slave
I put 'em on the strip by herself the bitch that brave
Couple dollars have her sucking dick backstage
These bitches really hustling now cuz ain't no more backpage
Hold up, you better tone it down a bit
Cuz where I am from niggas get drugs over the counter shit
Gang banging whole life i've been around this shit
Don't get slug trynna pay the plug in some counterfeits
Hennessy just sponsored me I'm on my 5th liter
She ain't my BM honestly I'ma mistreat her
Flex, I don't care about a bitch either
She can't fit pills in her pussy then my dick ain't gon fit neither

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 16:55:44 GMT)

Arm Humper: Offering more than hatred and spam.

REALLY???!!! Your post is nothing more than a hate-filled, mean-spirited, self-hating attack upon my educated, African-American personage that must be removed at once! The ABUSE!!! If you allow a man to stand under your roof and hurl epithets towards another man, then you too have hurled said epithets! And the gall to question my not voting for him HAHAHAHA!!! What does he think this is?? What with his colonized, Bermuda shorts wearing, "island negro dialect" and "intellect", if you will. Wanting to sound like white people but gonna call somebody else an "Uncle Tom". What goes around comes around.

Black Shogun!!!
Not a COON
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

Nyc subway groper (Tue 21 Jul 2020 16:52:17 GMT)

Re: Freddy and Shogun

I follow both of them on instagram and subscribed to they only fans, alot of jerk off material. All rounder aka armhumper is missing out. The grass is greener on the other side. Rather be a uncle tom than a jailed nigger for groping a black girl

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 16:51:11 GMT)

Guest is right. B. S. has a long history of abusing black women, calling them nappy headed hoes, Aunt Jemimas, fat, black mammies.

Arm Humper
A proud black man, no Uncle Tom.
Still in the game with more to offer than spam and hatred.
Neither tired nor retired, still going strong.
Prefers debate with someone still active and familiar with the latest developments.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 16:31:05 GMT)

"Spanish is not my first language."

From the looks of it, standard English is not your mother tongue either. You should stick to your negro dialect, if, as it seems, that's what you're most comfortable with.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 16:29:33 GMT)

"Guest" is splicing hairs!!! Stop it!

Errrrr . . . I stick with the FACTS . . . now I won't post the pic because Ayashi will just remove it. But let us consider the facts. Is she BLACK??? YES!!! And is she FAT??? YES (including a big fat head). Those are the facts, so it can't be disputed that she's both BLACK and FAT.

But is she UGLY??? OK, now this one is a subjective judgment, but we all know the "ugly" truth. Whic

1204 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:47:22 GMT)

Re: Freddy Johnson, Jr. - Thick . . . all white

Well, well, well . . . it looks like all the "Uncle Tom", white girl booty hole lovers are coming out of the woodwork! Arm Humper is just mad because he can't get on none. Ya can't hump this! Haaaaaaaaa hahaha haha HAHA! YA CAN'T HUMP THIS! Now Arm Humper he gets PISSED cause THE SHOGUN LIKES 'UM WHITE! But the NINJA could do it tooooooooo if only he would take a FLIGHT! So likes I said befooooooooore hurry don't wanna be late! Ninja gets that visa and that ticket so's you can EMIGRATE!!!


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:33:40 GMT)


Petty, petty, PETTY!!! Just like the University of Michigan study pegs people like you as being (miserable and unpleasant). Your mug should be plastered all over the study. Spanish IS NOT my first language, and I never said that I was educated in that. But you better believe I have you beat in so many ways. At least I try and can communicate very well in it . . . you "PROD black men" you HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'll put my educational credentials up against yours any day of the week. Believe this . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:31:57 GMT)

big diff

Pointing one woman and say "ugly" is no preference. It's judgement and its abusive judgement.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:22:59 GMT)

Re: Guest - Big Diff

Again that's total pure grade BULLSHIT . . . ARM HUMPER (or whoever) . . . he said white women are not fat and don't stink, implying that other types of women (BLACK for example) are fat and do stink! So don't even try it. It's a "big diff" alright, but not in the way that you try to spin it. Here is the difference. I've never said that all black women are fat and ugly. I said that the ones th

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:21:10 GMT)

"La idioma"

One of the funniest examples of your superior education were when you tried to correct someone's spelling and you couldn't spell the word "misspell." And who could forget the time you were attempting to write Spanish and did not know that "idioma" was a masculine noun. HAHAHAHAHA!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:11:50 GMT)

When was the last time I had "real" sex? I am sorry, I thought this was a frotteurism forum.

Arm Humper
Still in the game. More to offer than hatred and spam.

Freddy Johnson Jr (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:07:49 GMT)

Thick... all white

Im sure my preference is known.

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 15:05:44 GMT)

Canit see big diff?

Nyc subway groper said he personally prefers white. He didn't say black ugly.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:59:27 GMT)

Re: Nyc subway groper - White woman

LOL Nyc subway groper wrote: "I personally prefer white woman. No attitude. More compliant. Not fat and stink." But let's see, Arm Humper and ERIC only have something to say to ME when I express my preferences! BULLSHIT!!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:55:38 GMT)

Btw., when was the last time you had REAL sex with an attractive woman???

Oh excuse me, excuse me . . . that's right, that's right . . . according to you rubbin' on strangers IS having real sex. Copy that!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

Nyc subway groper (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:50:17 GMT)

White woman

I personally prefer white woman. No attitude. More compliant. Not fat and stink

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:24:06 GMT)

Arm Humper: Offering more than hatred and spam.

To the contrary . . . that's EXACTLY what you've been "offering" and allowed to get away with it . . . so now I'm taking what YOU give me and using it against you.


Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:23:55 GMT)

Btw., when was the last time you humped a female stranger? I did one just yesterday.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.
Prefers debating with active humpers.
Offering more than hatred and spam.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:16:06 GMT)

A "proud African-American" says he doesn't want to live in a black majority "S-hole country."

Arm Humper
A proud black man; no Uncle Tom.
Not a second class citizen.
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:15:54 GMT)

Thanks for teaching me how to spell "proud!"

You're welcome. After all, if you're going to use big words, then you need to know how to spell them.

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:13:47 GMT)

I don't just claim to be . . .

I AM . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 14:08:28 GMT)

Thanks for teaching me how to spell "proud!"

Actually, as everyone must realize, my problem is not with small slips of the hand while typing, or even bigger grammatical mistakes per se; no, what I find ironic and amusing is when people like you claim to be better educated than others, and then you go and make basic grammatical errors.

Arm Humper
A proud black man; no Uncle Tom.
Offering more than hatred and spam.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 11:50:03 GMT)

A "prod" black man?

You spelled a word wrong (I know how your kind HATES that . . . University of Michigan study) . . . or did you really mean . . . never mind we don't want to know!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 11:44:51 GMT)

Well . . .

Maybe nobody cares about what YOU like . . . and nobody prefers an S-hole country for sure . . . lines wrapped around the building to get a visa to come to mine (and remain illegally). And that's the way it'll be again when the pandemic is over.

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 11:36:50 GMT)

S-hole Countries

Donald Trump, who spoke about S-hole countries, is a liar, a fool, a braggart, and a clown. Anyone who has been following me in this forum would know that I do not like such people.

Arm Humper
A prod black man; no Uncle Tom.
Emigrate to the Caribbean and cease being a second class citizen.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 11:29:14 GMT)

I never begged you for anything. Everyone can now see how you like to twist the facts.

Arm Humper
Proud black man; no Uncle Tom.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 11:10:05 GMT)

But . . .

I don't want to live in an S-hole country . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
African-Americans . . . we stand for our rights . . . and butt fuck whites.

Guest (Tue 21 Jul 2020 10:59:18 GMT)


This forum is shit now. Fuck covid

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 10:58:38 GMT)

If you emigrated to the Caribbean, you would no longer be a second class citizen

Arm Humper
Proud black man; no Uncle Tom.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 10:36:36 GMT)

Speaking on pride . . . .

Arm Humper: I can't win because you won't VOTE for meeeeeeee!!! You won't VOTE for meeeeeeee!!! Now this from somebody who supposedly doesn't care about "prizes", but we can clearly see that he obviously does. And after all he's said and done here, what self-respecting man acts like that and says that kind of thing??!! Unbelievably sad. MY GOD man have some PRIDE! Methinks the psychological damage runs deep . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 21 Jul 2020 09:55:53 GMT)

Whatever it takes . . .

Including psychological warfare . . . it's quite effective . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Don't HATE . . . EMIGRATE!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 21 Jul 2020 05:08:01 GMT)

What proud African-American calls black women nappy headed hoes, Aunt Jemimas, and fat, black mammies?

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Eric (Tue 21 Jul 2020 01:28:19 GMT)

Black Shogun

“Oh . . . so that's what you "feel" then? Well let me ask you this. Have you SEEN me do that??? Because the answer is NO. And so until you do, why don't you just save it? And what I KNOW (versus what I "feel") is that other people in here, specifically Guestz and Red Dragon, have stated time and again their own strong preference for white women too, but you have never said one darn thing to them

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 19:18:51 GMT)


Like I said before . . . don't get mad at me if you're from an "ugly country" . . . I hate it for ya . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Butt fucks ONLY THE BEST . . . because . . . I CAN

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 18:25:47 GMT)


12 Years a Slave won awards as a DESERVING picture . . . but we all know the sequel rarely ends up being as good as the first . . . based on the preview trailer, and with a name like 17 Years a Loser, it ain't lookin' too good!

Black Shogun!!!
Proud African-American w/ACCESS to THE BEST w/NO REQUIREMENT to SETTLE on LESS

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 20 Jul 2020 14:11:28 GMT)

12 years a slave

I have not seen 12 Years a Slave, but I hear there is a sequel I might like to watch, 15 Years in the Hall of Fame.

Arm Humper
A proud black man; no Uncle Tom.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 12:21:25 GMT)

Re: Eric - My Contribution

What's perfect is highly subjective, so easy to respectfully disagree. Face not tops but passable at 7 on my scale . . . nice narrow waist and plump, round bubble butt (but a wee bit too big for me . . . too much fleshy arse meat makes it difficult to dig down between the cheeks into the "paydirt") . . . and legs/thighs a bit too thick like approaching on a BBW (big beautiful woman) which I do no

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 11:45:19 GMT)

Let us be clear (preemptive strike) . . .

Race/ethnicity is one thing . . . but ugly is quite another . . . ugly knows no boundaries and crosses all "racial lines". So for example (and as I explained to "same old groper"), if she's black and I say she's ugly . . . she's not ugly because she's black . . . she's ugly because she IS! Plain and simple.

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 11:19:07 GMT)


I should have mentioned Narflaf too! Boy loves to chikan butt fuck the white girls! In fact, I think that's nearly all he does. But nobody ever said anything to him about it did they???

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 10:51:32 GMT)

Re: Eric - Replies to the Board

Eric wrote: "Also what's your obsession with white women, not hating on you man but I feel like if any other members of the board shows a hot Indian, Black, Hispanic or Asian lady body on this board, you would criticize them because the target of choice wasn't white."

Oh . . . so that's what you "feel" then? Well let me ask you this. Have you SEEN me do that??? Because the answer is NO.

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 20 Jul 2020 09:44:30 GMT)

Re Allrounder

That is just one example of what I find hot, a few times I have armuhumped a girl sitting with her friend and even though I armhumped the closest one her friend noticed but said or did nothing, just looking across to get a better look, the whole scenario is just so hot though ;)

Black Shogun I am pretty sure the last two pics you posted would look the same as the one in Guestz pic if they were in jean shorts, because she would look even hotter in spandex..;)

Eric (Mon 20 Jul 2020 09:35:14 GMT)

My contribution

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

This is due to everyone posting pictures of arses. I think we can all say this is the ideal booty! ;)

Eric (Mon 20 Jul 2020 04:38:00 GMT)

Replies to the Board

I completely agree Guestz with what you said in the post you tagged me on!

To the Black Shogun posts, yes those girls resemble my type too. My favourite one was the one you posted with the blond girl that had the pink spandex tights, crop top and running shoes. That’s the type of babes I like seeing on my private parts and on this board! Haha

Although that girl with the pink hood

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Jul 2020 04:31:24 GMT)


Anybody see the movie 12 years a slave? I heard they are coming out with a sequel . . . 17 years a loser . . . .

Black Shogun!!!

Guestz (Mon 20 Jul 2020 02:51:44 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I hope you don't have me figures for a softy, Shogun! I like (and have nutted on) every type of girl in the images you shared. But remember, I'm a nasty mo'fo' and I loves them smooth thighs too! I love nutting on ''em and standing back to watch my jizm run down their legs! The both of us just like doing our nasties differently. My point to Red Dragon was that his taste is not as varied as mines, but I knew he'd like that image. I got nothing against those little thin girls when they spread out against walls or barriers or even laying face down, ass propped up with a pillow! I prefer thicker, shapelier targets, but I ALSO LIKES TO NUTT, when it's all said and I'm done.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 20 Jul 2020 02:18:32 GMT)

Red Dragon: Women chatting while being arm humped

You say it's heaven for you when you are arm humping and they are chatting away and gesticulating. What is an absolute delight for me is when they are talking about what I am doing to her, but she is not doing anything to stop me. Sweetness.

Arm Humper
Making real contributions; not a spammer.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 15:33:00 GMT)

But lord knows . . .

I'll take this up against the barricade too . . . boner shaft all up in that pretty 'lil bitch's SHYit!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 15:29:27 GMT)

My perfection . . . .

Just right . . . and dressed in something I can sink my boner DEEP inside of too . . . .

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:46:57 GMT)

Bubble Butt . . .

In THIN clothing is THE best!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:43:45 GMT)


Smaller ass in yoga pants Guestz might like LOL . . . in the absence of anything bigger and rounder, I will take it too LOL! Either way . . . you gots ta be takin' ya dick out when you run up on some yoga-clad, booty clappin' cheeks like these! And feelin' EVERYTHANG!!! Believe me.


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:35:42 GMT)

My Gawd!

What I like to bury my dick up into at the concert show! Dressed in something THIN just like this, maybe with only a thong or no panties on at all, and with them cheeks just a CLAPPIN' in the wind even from just walkin' normally! You spot her early and you HURRY UP and get behind her in the crushed crowd and just RIDE all up on her back and SPURT in her butt all in between her fleshy, pliable, wiggly jiggly white ass cheeks multiple times! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:24:43 GMT)


What I like to "shoot" behind.

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:21:50 GMT)

Too small . . . .

The butt in the Guestz pic is too small and too flat AND it's in jeans. Best is a plump round bubble butt with some jiggle to the wiggle for your shits and giggles . . . . encased in something soft! This what will make ya nut in a crowd!

Black Shogun!!!

Guestz (Sun 19 Jul 2020 14:17:43 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon/Eric

I knew you'd like that one RD! I saw it and was like "man wouldn't it be great to squish her against a barrier while she was in that position! The thing for me is, I've had soooo many girls like her during my "career" at this hobby. Once, which I've recounted here on this site, I had my bare member out dangling it between similarly smooth, sweaty thighs, and when she coaxed me into finally blowing

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Nyc subway groper (Sun 19 Jul 2020 13:03:00 GMT)

Thialand Protest

All young protesters u perverts

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 19 Jul 2020 10:13:55 GMT)

Re Eric

I agree with you that those jeans don't do her arse any real justice, because I am sure that if she was wearing spandex as you guys call it you would see the real pedigree of her legs and arse, I agree with you on Armhumper too, I prefer to have my bare cock up against a young girls arm, done it soo many times, and if they are chatting away gesticulating that is just heaven.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 19 Jul 2020 10:05:42 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Dude, that arse was PERFECTION imo, no cellulite in site,a a young woman who looks after herself...petite? no, fit and with a perfect body.. yes!

Oh ArmHumper I am never paranoid in my day to day life, observant, yes, as like when I am out on the hunt or in the fray as I like to call it too, those things have contributed to a long and VERY successful life of flashing/frotting/groping, yes I have trouble with the you know who, but if I posted my stats ( which honestly you guys would have a hard tome believing just how prolific I was and am ) you would understand that they are almost insignificant.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 18 Jul 2020 21:03:43 GMT)

Stizzy, Red Dragon

Whether or not you use "healthy paranoia" while out hunting, the important thing, in my opinion, is that you should not allow yourself to become overly suspicious in your everyday life, to the extent where you think that people are attacking you when they really are not.
By the way, on Monday I came against the shoulder of yet another young woman on the bus. It was good, but like I said, I do this so often that I cannot make a big song and dance every time I score.
Arm Humper
The frequent frotteur
Still able to perform; never thought of retiring

Crack Heals (Sat 18 Jul 2020 20:38:23 GMT)

When Will Concerts Return?

With some concerts and festivals announcing dates for next year, do you guys think that it will be the same like everyone pressed up against each other?

When do y'all think we will return to what we thought was normal?

For me personally, I'm guessing October next year and I think there will be restrictions unfortunately. Looking for a good discussion.

Nyc subway groper (Sat 18 Jul 2020 18:06:18 GMT)


Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Guest (Sat 18 Jul 2020 07:36:36 GMT)

Bad Boy

Please repost any throwback stories of you groping females members. Please kindly post the memories when you get a chance to .

Eric (Sat 18 Jul 2020 07:35:26 GMT)


That’s a nice looking petite ass you got there Guestz! I think you and Red Dragon both might have similar tastes as I heard before he likes petite asses too. But there is also a possibility that photo didn’t do her booty any real justice. I would be still happily to be behind her at any day as I appreciate the cheeks hanging from the shorts! Woah wee

For me and I assume others like Bad

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Guestz (Sat 18 Jul 2020 00:27:43 GMT)

I'm just gonna leave this here....

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Guest (Fri 17 Jul 2020 07:14:59 GMT)


hey guys, I uploaded my first vid. Add if you like.


Shane (Fri 17 Jul 2020 03:41:51 GMT)


Get a load of this: https://www.xvideos.com/video52440091/milagro

Bad-Boy (Thu 16 Jul 2020 17:48:59 GMT)

Re: Have any of y’all ever humped a family member? Did you ever grope or frotted against one?

Yep I have. I have a couple stories on here about it

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 16 Jul 2020 14:39:54 GMT)


Of course, my last post was meant for you.

Arm Humper
Still able to perform, never thought about retiring.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 16 Jul 2020 14:28:42 GMT)


I do not think your mistake was doing a black woman. I do sisters all the time, and the last occasion I remember getting called out by one was 6 years ago. No, your big mistake, as you yourself admit, was trying to do her three times in a row.

Arm Humper
You wont catch me telling lies

ManaSteel (Thu 16 Jul 2020 13:36:30 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Gotta remember this saying. Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, but thrice is intentional. Some ladies let us get away with murder but always be mindful.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 16 Jul 2020 08:36:46 GMT)


These two took chikan too far! LOL.


JTCk (Thu 16 Jul 2020 02:48:34 GMT)

friendship day


Short video.. but so tenderly and lovely butt

registered member: argiechikan (Thu 16 Jul 2020 02:46:18 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Thanks Guestz for your answer, yeah outdoor venues are always the best option if they get really crowded, but I know that it's nearly impossible to plan anything right now. I hope that next year is better and we can recover some of the lost time.

Regarding guests question about groping family members I think that it's always a bad idea, unless she's into you. My advise is don't do it, it's a time bomb...

Bad-Boy (Wed 15 Jul 2020 21:32:11 GMT)

All these dudes going crazy due to no humping (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

You guys don't have a "friend" or significant other? time to polish up those social skills...

Guestz (Wed 15 Jul 2020 20:14:40 GMT)

Re: Eric Question

I'll say this about my misfortune: Id not had that happen in a very long time- so long that I was shocked by her reaction. She caught me off guard, but that's why I'm using it to readjust my thinking. I'll just say it was in a very crowded store that I frequent, and the aisles were tight enough so I thought I'd get away with it. She was wearing super-thin tights-so thin you could almost feel her s

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registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Wed 15 Jul 2020 11:32:23 GMT)

Groper in action

This groper on xhamster is insane! The dude walks up to a mature lady and grabs her ass then he follows her outside and apologizes for grabbing her and grabs her ass again LOL


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 15 Jul 2020 10:04:21 GMT)

Humping Relatives

In Latin America, humping one's "prima" (cousin) seems to be a popular theme. I've seen a number of videos online purporting to show this. Not my thing.

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 15 Jul 2020 09:10:05 GMT)

Re: Guest (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

I have only ever groped my sil, she was a teen at the time when she lived with us, but it was not really groping we used to play fight and I used to end up in the bedroom on my back, she used to end up on top of me rubbing her pussy on my hard on of course under the pretense of fighting, she was around, 14 at the time, not really frotting, but almost, this went on for about a year then she moved out

Guest (Wed 15 Jul 2020 02:18:52 GMT)

Question For this Board

Have any of y’all ever humped a family member? Did you ever grope or frotted against one?

I know there must have been a pretty female that you fantasize about humping when you were experiencing a dry season. Heck, by the way of your stories, most of y’all would hump anything or anyone that moves or even an object. That kinda falls under the sicko term! Lol

This is a question to everyone and everywhere on this board.

Eric (Wed 15 Jul 2020 02:15:44 GMT)


Thank you, Guestz for also giving me a reality check! I was kinda losing it with this pandemic too. Seeing all these fine women wearing slutty clothing. Woah ! But if one was supposed to grope now, we would either get beat up by the boyfriend, slapped by the girl and yelled at or arrested with news reports about it.

I am intrigued to know more about the incident where you groped. What made

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Guestz (Wed 15 Jul 2020 01:29:32 GMT)

Re: Argiechikan

It's hard to say with the way things are panning out right now. I have a ticket to a show that was scheduled for April of 2020 that's been postponed until April 2021! That may seem like a reasonable amount of time considering, but just yesterday I heard of an event that's scheduled for February 2012 being postponed! This situation is is getting be depressing! You really can't depend on a schedule

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chiking: chiking (Tue 14 Jul 2020 20:55:42 GMT)

Summer festival

I love summer festivals, especially the ones that might rain. I was at such an event one time and I broke away from my friends.i was at an area near a stage and near the tents. The place was packed and I made sure to stay near a group of hot teens. While I was looking for a target in the crowds thunder hit hard and rain started pouring. The crowds ran to the area's with the tents. I followed these

1118 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: argiechikan (Tue 14 Jul 2020 17:32:59 GMT)


Hey dudes, long time since I posted here... I'm fucking losing it with this pandemic... It's been months since I had the chance to get some chikan action, let alone get a nut. Question for those living in the US, I'm planning to go there during next summer (if this situation gets better, obviously). I plan to do a chikan tour LMAO, what do you think that are the best cities to get some extreme gro

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 14 Jul 2020 15:31:07 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Gettin' screamed on

I calls it "the cost of doing business" . . . it might happen once or twice a year, even to the best . . . although, it hasn't happened to me in a long time.

Black Shogun!!!

Guestz (Tue 14 Jul 2020 13:06:11 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

You already know my stance when it comes to cuming ion targets. I get mad when I have to go home with cum in my shorts- LIVID! So that's why I chose packed, summertime festivals where it's hard for them to figure out what happened or who did. With this pandemic it's likely going to be a long time before that happens again. But I'll be present when conditions are favorable. On another note: I got screamed on while coping some swipes of a Black girls ass last week. I think it needed to happen so I would snap back to reality! I got too excited about girls body and she let me know it! Could have been a really bad incident but she let it go. Whew!!!

Guest (Mon 13 Jul 2020 21:08:25 GMT)

Stizzy please tell the story about the pic with cum (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Stizzy bro, any chance of a detailed story based on that pic?

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Mon 13 Jul 2020 17:13:44 GMT)

Arm humper

Like you said already, you'll hump a lady after you've established it's safe to do so.. but to establish that it's safe you have to use your suspicion right? And that's a form of paranoia.
Sometimes I pull my dick out and cum on targets and sometimes I cum in my pants but there are times when I just enjoy the hump for what it is and play it safe because of my gut instinct.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 13 Jul 2020 10:19:52 GMT)

Re Arm Humper

Yes my way is different, I too like to cum at the end of my outing, but I don't want to cum in my clothes so if I am going to hump and I can get away with cuming on her I will, but those chances are extremely rare as I am on buses or trains or even in crowds at bus stops so no chance there, so my cuming is to the delicious teens and 20's that like to see a man cum ( and they are still many like those out there )
If Evander Holyfield does want to then good luck to him, he is not alone though apparantly Tyson and Riddick Bowe also want to get back in the ring...I just want to get back flashing and frotting, lolol

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 13 Jul 2020 02:53:06 GMT)

Imagination Is a Wonderful Thing

No answer from the "truthsayer"? No response from "the one you can believe'? Strange for you to be so quiet. Hmmmmmmm... Let me ask again. You say that you definitely remember me saying that chikan is not important. When exactly did I say that?

Arm Humper
Fact over Fantasy
Do not let creative writing overdevelop your imagination

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 20:43:08 GMT)


You say that your memory is spot on. Prove it. When did I say that chikan was not important?

Arm Humper
Fact over Fantasy

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 20:02:21 GMT)

To the point . . .

No, my memory is spot on. And no, I won't vote for you because you don't deserve it. Just like I wouldn't vote for anybody else who doesn't deserve it either. But what do you care since as you say, you don't write to win prizes anyway? So why do you care??? And the gall! You've never voted for me even once over all of these years. Just like Red Dragon. But guess what? The record shows that I don't need your votes LOL! Have a COVID-free week! Tally ho! Ha!

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 19:48:29 GMT)

Awards, Rewards, and Dog Biscuits

I never said that frotteurism was not important. Your memory is failing you. What I said was that when you come as frequently by humping as I do, you cannot make a big song and dance over every single encounter. We have people here who get the tip of their little finger on a woman's ass, then they imagine that others want to read a long story about it. And thanks for the lecture on how to be a successful chikan writer, by which you mean, how to win MOTM awards, but again I must say, that I will never win MOTM, because 99% of the time whom ever you nominate wins, and you will never vote for me. You can talk around the subject as much as you like, but you cannot contradict that fact.
Arm Humper: Fact over Fantasy

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:49:20 GMT)

Successful Chikan Writing

For somebody who doesn't care to write for "prizes", Arm Humper sure does seem to spend a lot of time talking about them. You should have seen him when Ayashi decided to put him in the HOF . . . up in here boastin' and talkin' bout "rubbin' elbows" with the other greats . . . eeerrrr that was NOT the thing for an "arm humper" to say!

The fact of the matter is that Arm Humper doesn't have t

1466 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:45:34 GMT)

The Real Deal about Paranoia

If you let paranoia take over, you will start to imagine that people are talking about you when they really are not.

Arm Humper
Do not be afraid to ask for help
The triumph of fact over fantasy
It's nice to dream, but sometimes you have to face reality

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:33:44 GMT)

Facts are Facts

I stand by what I said, 99% of the time, whom ever BS nominates wins the MOTM award, and he is never going to vote for me. Nothing that he has said contradicts that fact.

Arm Humping
Sticking to the facts instead of chasing after empty honours
the triumph of fact over fantasy
It's nice to dream, but sometimes you have to face reality

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:24:02 GMT)

Yeah everybody heard . . . .

And his nickname was none other than. . . THE REAL DEAL Holyfieeellllld!!! Thanks for the idea hahaha!

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:17:56 GMT)

Red Dragon: Paranoia

I always like to cum at the end of my encounters, and that requires concentration on what I am doing to her, so to that extent, I have to get lost in the moment, but only after establishing that it is safe to go ahead. As I understand it, your way of operating is different, since you do not cum by humping. I am not sure what Stizzy does.
Btw., did you hear that Evander Holyfield wants to come out of retirement? Good luck to him and all those who dream an impossible dream.

Arm Humper
The triumph of realism over fantasy

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 17:06:27 GMT)

Excuses, excuses!

Never gonna get you anywhere . . . besides, I thought you LIKED the way Ayashi handles the board??? And note, it's never just who I nominate (don't even try it). No, it's the majority of me AND other established members of the site. Not random "guests" and handles popping up out of the blue nominating you. Hmmmmm? I often don't even cast a vote anymore as too many months go by where nobody was worthy. Oh and let's see, when have you ever nominated me, who has clearly been deserving, whereas you never have, as the record shows? Uh huh . . . what goes around comes around!

Black Shogun!!!
The one you can believe

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 12 Jul 2020 16:56:14 GMT)

Awards, Rewards, and Dog Biscuits

How am I ever going to win man of the month, when 99% of the time the webmaster gives the award to who ever B. S. nominates, and obviously he's never going to vote for me? Rhetorical question. No need to answer.

Arm Humper
Sticking to the facts instead of chasing after empty honours
Do not let creative writing overdevelop your imagination

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sun 12 Jul 2020 15:27:37 GMT)


If you're in the UK, US, China or India you have to be paranoid when it comes groping otherwise you're gonna find yourself in jail very quickly. The general public in other countries aren't as aware of chikans so it's less likely that you'll get caught + we gotta watch out for undercover police and shit

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 12 Jul 2020 12:49:59 GMT)

Re Allrounder

You can be paranoid and not show it, I am constantly are of my surroundings but not by checking them all the time, but actively making sure I don't get lost in the moment and forget to check so that I get noticed, that is what i meant!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 11:16:31 GMT)


And I think it is a disgrace that this was allowed to be posted here. It should be on the abuse board as it clearly is not me. And it begs the question . . . how is somebody in the Hall of Fame (and brags about it when he says he doesn't care about "prizes") when he hasn't been recognized for a damn thing else in SEVENTEEN YEARS??? Rhetorical. No need to answer.

Black Shogun!!!
The one you can believe

Black Shotgun (Sun 12 Jul 2020 07:46:32 GMT)

My views on Allrounder (Exposed)

Honestly Allrounder is quite an impressive long term chikan who is an improvement to the board. I think it’s an honour for him to win at least 1 online award which is the hall of fame. He should have posted more pictures and videos to back up the claims of his stories. I would be inclined to know more, we would be all interested. One man going to change the world!

When Arm Humper went to

979 more byte(s), click here!

chiking: chiking (Sun 12 Jul 2020 04:14:17 GMT)

ive been so bored

this lockdown sucks, the beef going on here is like the funniest thing on the internet but nobody can share it.

I cant wait for this shit to be over.

Does anybody have any of the old videos saved. There are some real good videos that i cant seem to fin anymore

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Jul 2020 10:16:59 GMT)

Red Dragon

There is nothing wrong with being aware of your surroundings, that is just sensible caution. When your fear of detection becomes irrational, that is paranoia, and if you are constantly checking to see if you are being noticed, you are likely going to attract the very attention that you are trying to avoid.

Arm Humper
A healthy mind in a healthy body
Do not let creative writing overdevelop your imagination

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 11 Jul 2020 08:46:06 GMT)

Re Allrounder

I have to disagree with you there Armhumper, I am not at all paranoid in my normal life but paranoia has helped me on countless occasions I think you need to be constantly checking your surroundings because that is very important, where you live people might be less inclined to intervene, but I have had a few people intervene whilst I have been out, I have witnessed it a good few times too, so I am never complacent regarding having a healthy sense of paranoia, it keeps me in check.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Jul 2020 02:39:05 GMT)

Response to "Let me count the ways"

You are not under attack, and please remember that whenever you may need it, help is never far away.

Arm Humper
A healthy mind in a healthy body
Do not let creative writing overdevelop the imagination

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 10 Jul 2020 17:20:45 GMT)


Paranoia seems to be one of the occupational hazards of our pastime. When you are out performing the act, it is easy to imagine that you are being watched by bystanders. Usually this is not the case, and I find that even when people notice what you are doing, they tend to mind their own business, and let you do your thing. So, do not become paranoid when you are out adventuring, and by no means should you allow paranoia to become part of your life in general.

Arm Humper
A healthy mind in a healthy body

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jul 2020 15:02:19 GMT)

You know Guestz . . .

I've been thinking . . . when this whole pandemic mess is over . . . I WILL BE COMING OUT OF SEMI-RETIREMENT!!! Yes, that's right! You read that right! You see, when it's there for the taking and it's so easy that it gets boring, you start to not to want it. It's too easy! But then when all of a sudden it's gone and you can't have it even if you wanted it, well then psychologically that's a different thing! So yeah, when the crack comes back, SO WILL I! Cuz a chikan HARDCORE cannot go out this way! NO WAY NOW HOW. You got to go out smokin' that crack!

Black Shogun!!!
The one you can believe

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jul 2020 14:55:38 GMT)

Let me count the ways . . .

Black Shogun!!!
The one you can believe

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 10 Jul 2020 14:48:17 GMT)


I am attacking you? How?

Arm Humper
Still able to perform; not thinking of retirement.
Honesty is important.
Sticking to the truth instead of chasing after empty honours.
Always on topic.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jul 2020 13:40:33 GMT)

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

HAHAHA! I pay homage to the man's accomplishment, and still he attacks me?! No good deed goes unpunished! Great weekend everybody!

Black Shogun!!!
The Truthsayer

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 10 Jul 2020 13:27:17 GMT)


Are there any forums out there where you can discuss anal sex without being off topic? Asking for a friend.

Arm Humper
Always on topic.
Still able to perform; no thoughts of retirement.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jul 2020 11:08:20 GMT)

Re: Guest - Insults?

Why, there's no insult "guest". I agree with Arm Humper 100% on this! He states that he does not write to win prizes, and seeing that he has not won any in the 17 years that he has been here, one has no other option but to conclude that he is doing an outstanding job! He simply cannot be touched in this regard. The facts are the facts and are undeniable in this case. A stupendous streak of accomplishment that cannot be beat! Carry on!

Black Shogun!!!
Humping women is OK, but a real butt fuck is better

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 10 Jul 2020 09:20:16 GMT)

Guest: there must be an insult somewhere

Not necessarily. Years ago he said, "Arm Humper is an artist who is good at what he does." No insult there.

Arm Humper: Masturbating over videos is ok, but humping women is better.

Guest (Fri 10 Jul 2020 04:42:57 GMT)

Freddy johnson jr, can we pleaseeeee get the wedgie story? (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Please post some pics and vids, sorry for asking so much but you've got some great stories!

guest (Thu 09 Jul 2020 12:11:23 GMT)

shogun congratulates allrounder?

there is an insult in there somewhere i'm sure lols!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 09 Jul 2020 11:31:45 GMT)

And doing a wonderful job for 2 1/2 decades

Arm Humper: Sticking to the Facts; not Writing for Prizes.

Thumbs up!

Black Shogun!!!
One You Can Believe

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 09 Jul 2020 11:19:40 GMT)

Muito obrigado, Thanks very much

Thanks for the kind words, All Rounder Fan, but like I said, online awards are nice, but I get my satisfaction in the real world, cumming against anonymous women on the buses, something I've been doing on average once a week, every week, for the last 25 years.

Arm Humper: Sticking to the Facts; not Writing for Prizes.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 09 Jul 2020 10:47:34 GMT)

Re: Mello - Man of the Month

Great! Looking forward to more stuff from you . . . pictures included LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
One You Can Believe

Bad-Boy (Wed 08 Jul 2020 20:04:44 GMT)

Concert Ass Humping (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

dude caught 3 asses in one session


Mello: Blaze (Wed 08 Jul 2020 16:58:29 GMT)

Man of the month

Thank you guys for the vote and man of the month!
I do appreciate it. Ayashi you definitely have a way with words (lol). I'll be sharing more stories (pictures included). Hopefully this pandemic comes to an end and we resume our daily routine!


All Rounder Fan (Wed 08 Jul 2020 03:27:54 GMT)

Chikaning Award Man of Month


All rounder had as much votes as anybody like Blaze.

Blaze has 2 nominations

Freddy Johnson Jr had 1 nominations

All rounder had 2 nominations

All rounder should have won Man of the Month!?!

Trinidadian Lives Matter! All chikaning must count.

All rounder have a lengthy proven 20 year career in humping Indo, Afro, Spanish Carribean Women.

786 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 07 Jul 2020 09:03:00 GMT)

The Humper Gets Humped

Yesterday evening on a bus bound for the east of the island, the same route as my last four successful encounters, I arrived at orgasm after firmly pressing my penis into the left shoulder of a young woman who worked at Western Union.

Even though, as far as I can gather, I cum quite easily compared to most men, as I get older, I need more stimulation to reach a climax, so yesterday, I found

2640 more byte(s), click here!

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 07 Jul 2020 01:24:29 GMT)

Re: Why am i in abused section?! - Freddy Johnson Jr

Faggot is not a nice word to talk about anything.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 06 Jul 2020 19:56:31 GMT)

Re: Ricardo - Booty squeezing past . . .

The video (and a bit more)!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan
One You Can Believe

Freddy Johnson Jr (Mon 06 Jul 2020 14:32:17 GMT)

Why am i in abused section?!

Everyone else talking about WWE woman lover was posted on the main board. I am not pleased.

webmaster: ayashi (Mon 06 Jul 2020 10:03:58 GMT)

2020 June chikan award

June award goes to Blaze living in a groping heaven. Who said a narrow gate leads to the heaven? A narrow passage in a market does.

Ricardo (Mon 06 Jul 2020 05:48:36 GMT)

Booty squeezing past...

Wow ! How much I would love to have been pressed up against this ? What would you have done against this in a packed venue or against the railing at the front of a packed concert ?

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Mon 06 Jul 2020 05:47:09 GMT)

Mad as fuck and unlucky (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Saw this big booty ebony milf at a small time Christian event with a fat ass and slutty appeal. I tried to line that up so many times and keep it natural because I am known and many times I believed I lined that shit up perfectly but somehow I kept missing her ass. It was POKING out there too so I will never know if I just subconsciously chickened out or if she was being was hula hooping them hi

921 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 05 Jul 2020 15:33:41 GMT)

Wwe woman lover

Woww man you sound so ignorant to history im assuming your indie because your going hard for indie ppl are you from America or migrated here? Because you have no clue but it is what it is you have your opinion point blank period where all pervs on here no matter the color or race

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 05 Jul 2020 05:16:25 GMT)

WWE Woman Lover

First of all, thank you for your nomination. It's pleasing that someone is brave enough to acknowledge me given the climate of this forum.
Second, on BLM, some people will say that this is not a political forum, but you were not the person who first raised the topic, so I'm not going to hold you responsible. I will limit myself to saying the following. I'm glad that I live in a country where I am not a minority. There is no BLM movement in my country, because saying BLM here would be like saying Indian Lives Matter in India. You made some fair points, and All Minorities Matter sounds ok to me.

Arm Humper: Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

Eric (Sun 05 Jul 2020 00:13:19 GMT)

Responses to Those Talking about Politics

Since this chikaning board is talking about politics, this seems like a racially motivated attack. Read this news article. I think the cowardly guy who suckered punched the white boy is setting a bad example. Imagine having to cheap shot someone from behind. Even having to fake dance to do so. Hope the police find him.


WWE Woman Lover (Sat 04 Jul 2020 20:15:41 GMT)

Response to Red Dragon

Thank you for acknowledging my opinion!

You must not have been aware that racism affects all other minorities, heck towards Asians and Indians it must be normalized for you guys.

BLM complains about the black population making up high percentages of the crime rates and blames the model minorities. Well, I know for a fact, y’all rather focus on your social life than your academic

798 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Sat 04 Jul 2020 19:45:30 GMT)


Same bro! Stizzy, the only things that make this board interesting is the stories+ pictures of chikaning and Shogun vs Allrounder beef. Before, I used to be in the middle of it and call either all rounder OR Shogun out for there shit , but now I ain’t choosing sides. I am staying away from it. :)

To all the Guests out there joining our board, I would say come up with a creative username like Yellow Mellow or something and be an active user.

Eric: Humping Canadians and Carribean Women. Living Best of Both Worlds! Lol

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 04 Jul 2020 15:20:50 GMT)

Re Stizzy - Beeves

My basic "beef" isn't with Arm Humper. It's more with the way this site is managed (or not). If it was better, there are a lot of problems we wouldn't have here. It wouldn't take much to make the place a lot better. Notice all of the "guests" showing up all of a sudden . . . riiiiiiight . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan
One You Can Believe

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 04 Jul 2020 15:16:06 GMT)

And a Happy July 4th!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan
One You Can Believe

registered member: Stizzy 1 Fiddy (Sat 04 Jul 2020 14:11:25 GMT)


I can't be the only one who enjoys the armhumper vs shogun beef 😂

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 04 Jul 2020 11:43:17 GMT)

Re WWE Lover

You are entitled to your opinion, but do yourself a favour before you post it on board or anywhere public, read some history books about the history of black people, so much of your post is so ignorant and inaccurate it would take up way too much time pointing them out...read!!


Guest (Sat 04 Jul 2020 08:31:47 GMT)

Black Shogun

Dear Black Shogun,

I am an avid reader of your stories. I have read about your encounters with Asians, Indians and White females.

Why don’t you ever hump Latinas or Black Women? Do you not like them? Have you ever humped them before and never shared?

Why did you only return to humping from retired to semi retired after an “Guest” called you out?

Will you ever c

834 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 04 Jul 2020 08:22:52 GMT)

Black Shogun

Damn I didn’t know some of the words are sensored on this board. Does that only affects people who don’t have a registered handle?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 04 Jul 2020 05:41:45 GMT)


This is not a political board

WWE Woman Lover (Sat 04 Jul 2020 04:24:49 GMT)

Freedom of Speech about the Board and Politics

This is an opinion. Just 1 anonymous person opinion that isn’t forcing on anyone or anything.

Do I agree with WLM? No

Do I agree with BLM? No

Reasons is because it divides us as humans. We are all apart of the human race and treated equally. All Lives Matter,

Do you know racism affects other minorities as well?

How come the black people can break through in

2686 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Sat 04 Jul 2020 02:43:34 GMT)


Hey Black Shogun,

I think you recent post about not being able to do much chikaning these days was a reference to me saying I can’t chikan anymore due to COVID-19! :)

I just wanted to clarify and say some of y’all “bastards” lol are quite lucky to take advantage and still continue. Like some of y’all got lucky with the BLM protests and winding up groping some chicks!

1148 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sat 04 Jul 2020 02:36:38 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/BLM!

It's a beautiful thing when the races CUM together! Trump said he'd make America great again! Who the fuck knew he was talking about that!!!! 😆

Guestz (Sat 04 Jul 2020 02:18:44 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/"BLM


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 04 Jul 2020 00:00:47 GMT)




Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 03 Jul 2020 23:57:54 GMT)

Nobody is able to do much chikaning these days . . .



Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 23:34:32 GMT)

The Difference between Criticism and Abuse

I stand by what I said, which was that, while my abstract statements could be interpreted as being critical, by no stretch of the imagination could they be called abusive. So there has been no dishonesty on my part. But thanks for calling me a liar and a hypocrite. Of course those allegations are not abusive, just as calling the webmaster lazy and discriminatory wasn't abusive either.

Arm Humper: Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 03 Jul 2020 12:25:46 GMT)

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Argumentative! And Arm Humper is the ONLY ONE here to engage in this type of disruptive behavior since the end of May when I issued my challenge. I knew he would, as he knows no other way. First saying he isn't doing anything (lying while proclaiming to always tell the truth), but then all of a sudden (by his own admission) he really IS doing exactly what I said he was doing all along (but has

545 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 03 Jul 2020 12:18:57 GMT)

Arm Humper/Shogun

I'm convinced Arm Humper & Black Shogun are in a relationship

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 12:03:00 GMT)

There's a Big Difference Between Criticism and Abuse

So it's ok for you to imply that I am posing as a guest, and its acceptable for you to call the webmaster inactive and biased, and to say that he's similar to racist murderers. but absolutely no criticism of you is to be tolerated. I'm sorry, but if you want to dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 03 Jul 2020 10:26:00 GMT)

Uh huh . . .

YEPPERS . . . it's always "guest" and posters we never heard of before nominating Arm Humper for things and/or showing up in his defense out of the blue. HMMMMMMMMM???? And finally he actually did tell the truth when he wrote the following: "but if anyone criticizes a certain member, no matter how gently or indirectly . . . .". BINGO! Thanks for fessing up to doing exactly what I said you've b

427 more byte(s), click here!

WWE Women Lover (Fri 03 Jul 2020 09:19:49 GMT)


Black shogun, you stopped contributing the videos and pictures or throwback videos of humping? Why?

You got to leave Allrounder the f alone! He’s a brilliant mind where his posts can only be comprehended by those with a brain. Allrounder is smart as he’s a former educator. He has a degree. All rounder is contributing 24/7 or 48/7. He needs to post more of his stories but in more detail

638 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 06:23:21 GMT)

Utopia Is Just Around the Corner

I see how the policy of zero tolerance of abuse would work. If a certain member attacks the webmaster, me, or anyone else, that would not count as abuse, but if anyone criticizes a certain member, no matter how gently or indirectly, then that is classified as abuse. And remember that this whole proposal of zero tolerance of abuse is itself an attack on the webmaster, who was accused of being inactive and biased.

Eric (Fri 03 Jul 2020 04:02:55 GMT)

Board Discussion

I heard there is another virus with a potential to cause another outbreak. The virus/infection seems to be started in China again. This time around pigs. Be careful to those in Asia right now!

Hopefully it’s better monitored this time! China can’t risk any more tensions with countries like USA and Australia. Trump is watching!

Before you guys talk about Trump, search his articles about China and Coronavirus. He was smart to think about the possibility of the COVID19 being done in a lab. As US officials visited a China Laboratory and deemed it unsafe.

Eric (Fri 03 Jul 2020 03:56:55 GMT)

Replies to the Board

Hey Black Shogun! Thanks for pointing it out. Either I made a typo or I must be colourblind! Hahaha just kidding around.

I did like Blaze story as well but something about that grey dress lady from Freddy Johnson really got to me and my eye. I casted my nomination in as that was a good throwback story. It clicked well with me due to the fact it’s a West Indian festival. My parents are fr

1756 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 02:19:32 GMT)

Yeah, right.

So comparing the webmaster to racist murderers is not abusive. Got it.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 03 Jul 2020 02:01:47 GMT)

Yep . . . Abuse!

Given your long tenure here with your past history, comments, and conduct (including regarding the veracity of other members) . . . your statement is far from being in the "abstract" only . . . it's part and parcel of the same condescending narrative you've propagated over the years regarding the matter. And anybody who has been around reading long enough knows it, so stop insulting other people'

518 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 01:17:12 GMT)


So comparing the webmaster to murderous racists is not abusive, but saying "honesty is important" is?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 01:12:16 GMT)


By no stretch of the imagination can an abstract statement like "honesty is important" be considered abusive.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 03 Jul 2020 00:31:00 GMT)

Staying on message . . . .

Once again Arm Humper engages in snide remarks that are nothing more than an underhanded form of abuse. And ever since I initiated my challenge at the end of May, he has been the ONLY ONE here to engage in any conduct such as that. THE ONLY ONE. So, who is it again who would not last long here if there was a ZERO TOLERANCE rule against abusive behavior in place? It was he who said:


573 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 03 Jul 2020 00:00:45 GMT)


Thanks for the nomination, Guest, but, as I've said before, I get my satisfaction from my achievements in the real world, not from online awards that can be won by exercises in creative writing.

Arm Humper: Honesty Is Important.

NewClubber (Thu 02 Jul 2020 19:37:57 GMT)

Could concerts come back early?

Apparently some musicians have begun throwing concerts again.


What do you guys think? And would you attend one during this pandemic?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 02 Jul 2020 12:16:46 GMT)

Re: Eric - MOTM

The picture of the one in the green skirt with a "wet patch" was posted by Blaze, not Freddy . . . Freddy posted the one of the woman in the grayish dress (which is from a long time ago when he posted that before) . . . I remember your post where you described pushing the Chinese people out of the way to get on them cheeks. Reminds me of this song LOL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iOpUdsMeqM

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 02 Jul 2020 10:06:22 GMT)

Would like to go chikan butt fuckin' . . .

Buuuuuuuut: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/01/us/arizona-man-crowded-bar-covid-hospital/index.html

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 02 Jul 2020 10:01:44 GMT)

Re: Guest - MOTM

Guest, we have a long-standing tradition on this site that non-identifiable "guests" don't get to effectively nominate anybody for MOTM or Man of the Year. If you want to do that and really want your voice to be heard, then you should register a handle and actively participate in the group under that handle. The next best thing would be to use the same handle repeatedly without ever actually registering. There are a number of legit members here who have done that. But of course, that leaves the door open for imposters. In any event, membership has its privileges!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Eric (Thu 02 Jul 2020 09:58:16 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr

Yeah guys I know, I am back as well. It’s been a while.

I nominate Freddy Johnson Jr as MOM. The girl in the green dress looks hot as fuck, she looks thicc too! She reminds me of this blue jeaned babe I frotted on the bus once. Y’all must have remembered the story where I was plastering myself against this babe and pushed these Chinese people out of the way so I could properly stand behind her to get on the bus. Anyways welcome back! Hope to hear some more good stories + vids or pics from you soon! If you get Freddy Johnson Sr out of jail, that would be so funny to see him post on this board. I and the rest of the board would appreciate to hear any of his stories. He must have some good ones if he has people named after him! Lol :)

Guest (Thu 02 Jul 2020 05:37:54 GMT)

All rounder nominated for Man of Month

To the Guest who complained about Trump and the virus, it’s not Trump to blame but China. I heard Trump has been calling it the Kung Flu.

Also, my vote for Man of the Month is Allrounder or Arm Humper.

Guestz (Wed 01 Jul 2020 23:39:14 GMT)


Gotta be "Blaze"! That image in the dark skirt "Many more to cum" with accompanying store...OMG! Nice, refreshing post on an otherwise dead board!

Guest (Wed 01 Jul 2020 18:59:58 GMT)


i came on this girl at a gig a few years ago, one of those one where i had to back off cos she kept going and going - the girl on the right

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 01 Jul 2020 14:27:31 GMT)

Re: 2020 June Frott Award

I'm pulling for Blaze . . . they calls him mello yelloooooowwww . . . THAT'S RIGHT! LOL!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 01 Jul 2020 14:12:31 GMT)

2020 June frottophilia award

This is the time to select the best chikan writer of the month. Please nominate your favourite story teller of June 2020.

Guestz (Wed 01 Jul 2020 13:30:21 GMT)

This Virus

The way this virus is spiraling out of control here in the US is really starting to kill any chances of getting those strange humping experiences I've enjoyed most of my life. I curse the day Trump won that election. Yes I blame him! While other countries around the world seem to be managing the spread, this "Clown-In-Chief" has blundered the whole pandemic response to the point now that he doesn't even talk about it. What a fuckup! With projections of 100,000 new cases a day, we are screwed.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 30 Jun 2020 17:14:23 GMT)

Guest's Requests

All of my experiences with Indo-Caribbean women over the last 15 years have been arm humping events. I climaxed against the backside of such a woman about 20 years ago, but I do not have a written record of the encounter, and the memory of it is fading. There is a girl I have mentioned more than once, the one who is now studying medicine at university. She is part Indian, part African. She has lon

822 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 30 Jun 2020 04:45:34 GMT)

Arm Humper/ All rounder

Hi, can you please hear a story of you humping a Indo-Carribean girl that had a nice booty? We heard of you humping black girls, and thanks to Eric, we heard you talking about a white girl.

Now bro, can you please describe in detail of you humping an Indo Carribean girl with a booty? I think all Carribean girls are so hot, especially the Indo Carribean girls.!

Love you brothers and sisters!

We really need to hear some stories from a female member like when we had Ms. Dark Desires or whatever her name was. I wonder what happened to her? The hall of famer one?

More recently didn’t we had a white girl from USA talking about her colleguage humping her on the bus. Where did she go?!?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 30 Jun 2020 02:45:38 GMT)

Photos of Women You've Done

It must be satisfying to take pictures of the women you hump. It is also extremely pleasing to identify by name the women you hump, then you can use the internet to get pictures of them. I have identified about 50 of the over 1500 women I've climaxed on. I find that many of my accomplices like to put up a lot of photos of themselves on the net. There's one girl who is an amateur model of whom I have over 200 pix. Last Thursday, I discovered the name of a girl I came on a few years ago. I also found about 25 photos of her online. When you have done many, many women, as I have, you cannot remember the faces of all of them, so having pictures of their faces is a great help.
Arm Humper: Experience Matters.

Guest (Mon 29 Jun 2020 22:26:09 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr - You got those great stories!! (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Thanks Freddy man!!! You always come through with the great stories! More bro, I know you got some great experiences!!
Could you please also post the story about the gov ball girl picking the wedgie out, that was a super hot pic man!!
Please post photos and videos bro :)

Freddy Johnson Jr aka Danny Zucco (Mon 29 Jun 2020 19:10:12 GMT)

Re :Mello:Blaze

Great story and thanks for showing proof. The proof is in the pudding, u can ask Bill Cosby....i look forward to Ny subway gropers stories as well.... in the meantime heres one of my old favs....

She looked good enough to be Mrs Miami, I think i heard one of her peeps call her Tammy. My mouth was watering so ima call her "candy". I was Danny Zucco in her ass so we gone call her "Sandy"

2257 more byte(s), click here!

Mello: Blaze (Mon 29 Jun 2020 13:49:03 GMT)

Many more to cum!

Freddy jnr it's good to have you back. I'm patiently waiting for your story. Anyways while we await Freddy jnr's story here's mine.
I once posted an intro and there I said my area is a groping heaven it is true. I'm a student and my place isn't far from a community market. See the good thing there is the stalls are tightly packed with narrow passages and during the weekends it's flooded with a

4932 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Mon 29 Jun 2020 11:51:46 GMT)


Myth has it that there are infinite copies of Freddy and Black Shogun is actually white. These are only rumor though-unless!

Freddy Johnson Jr (Sun 28 Jun 2020 14:11:12 GMT)

Re: Guest

Good question, one of the reasons i wanted to be admin. The 3rd was a young offender me and Sr took under our wing. He didnt do alot of time. Like i said this is considered a petty charge. They prosecute to appease woman voters. The cops apologize and the guards treat us like normal people and not inmates. They have us in the same section as the cops that are in special custody, politicians , cele

1058 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 28 Jun 2020 05:02:40 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr

This comment is for you Freddy Johnson Jr. how many Freddy Johnson’s are on this board? I remember seeing another Freddy Johnson saying something about how you and the original Freddy Johnson are in jail, so there’s another 3rd one? I wonder what happened to Freddy Johnson the 3rd.

This comment is for Mr. Teen Groper and Rock Hard, I see you and a lot of other Chikans legends only post

707 more byte(s), click here!

Freddy Johnson Jr (Sun 28 Jun 2020 00:08:46 GMT)

Great news!

I should know MONDAY whats gonna happen with Freddy sr. Im almost caught up on all the stories here and i want to post the trump rally story while its still fresh on my mind and i didnt forget the gov ball story. I still have pics and video for everything, my lawyer told me they could give 2 shits about this site here. They consider it fantasy. I admit i was willing to cut a deal and throw these guys under the bus but they dont take this site serious. Go figure. I often wonder myself who is real and who is fake on here. Anyway the worlds ending, im already in the system and i have nothing to hide. I can post my stuff. Pics, video, whatever i please. When i please. I want to be made admin . I will weed out the “guest” and the posers pretending to be woman.

Guest (Sat 27 Jun 2020 14:38:39 GMT)

vaooo - Russian forum

vaooo, it's interesting. Didn't know there is some Russian forum. Could you share the link, please? Thanks

Jack the chikan (Sat 27 Jun 2020 08:23:34 GMT)

Mombai India (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Hi friends, this is Mombai.. will be a Chikan's Paradise but only for woman..

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 26 Jun 2020 02:35:53 GMT)

Songs of Protest!

We shall overcome!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 25 Jun 2020 22:23:53 GMT)

from the other side

One more piece of advice. If you finally get a man to hump you, do not look at him or at what he is doing. This is because some unwilling women look at humpers as a way of challenging them, while others do the same thing just out of curiosity, so, to avoid confusing him, it is best to pretend to be oblivious, or even unaware, and let him have his way.

Arm Humper: Telling the truth, since 2003.

vaooo (Thu 25 Jun 2020 21:38:57 GMT)

Looking for a partner/s to team up. London

Hey guys! I wrote here couple of times, but none seem to see my appeal.
I'm looking for someone to partner up with.
Reason 1. As you may know already the clubs in London are with no-single entry, presumably to keep away people like us. So lets help one another!
Reason 2. We can meet up- the more the merrier and do some action. Japanese style. Covering our hands from other people eyes. I'

525 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 25 Jun 2020 16:41:43 GMT)

Tik toc

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

... attached file (quicktime) 1302466 bytes

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 25 Jun 2020 06:00:59 GMT)

from the other side

You say you want to be "groped." I don't know if that means you also want to be humped. I can only advise on humping. As far as clothing is concerned, the only piece of advice I can think of is that you shouldn't wear denim jeans. There are some men who will hump a girl in jeans, but many, including me, find them a turn off. Whether you wear pants, a dress, or a skirt, the lighter the material the better, because a humper wants to be felt.
If you live in a big city, you can try repeatedly riding crowded public transport at peak times, and keeping an eye out for men behaving suspiciously. Good luck in your quest.

Guest (Thu 25 Jun 2020 01:42:00 GMT)

from the other side

hello, i just found this site today. i am a 25 year old girl. i fantasize about being groped by strangers. but it has never happened to me. i want to know what kind of clothes i should wear, or any other tips you have. thank you

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 24 Jun 2020 04:21:05 GMT)

Women Who Practise Our Hobby

Late this afternoon I climaxed against the shoulder of a young woman who was sitting in a bus. While I was sitting in another bus on my way back home, a young nurse boarded the vehicle and stood by my side, even though there were seats available. She then proceeded to touch me with her legs, thighs, and wrist. This went on for a good while until she got off.
The last time something like this h

562 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 23 Jun 2020 01:53:36 GMT)

Hot ass woman

was just behind this on the way home

Guest (Tue 23 Jun 2020 01:41:50 GMT)


ive been inside before. for a few months, got caught...haha oops

Guest (Mon 22 Jun 2020 20:25:05 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr - Pls tell the stories 'Gov Ball Again' (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Please tell the story with the picture of the girl picking the wedgie out of her ass

Guestz (Mon 22 Jun 2020 18:35:54 GMT)

Re: guest picture.

I prefer them "of age", but what she's wearing definitely works for me! Thin, short-shorts. Those type I love to get my hands under their shorts as I position my dick behind them. I've had them like her before, that don't even squirm or protest that a stranger (In my case a black guy) is close behind them with his hands roaming all over their thighs and backside. When you get one like that it's hard to even think about stopping this obsession! It's that fact that has kept me locked in this game! Like Shogun keeps alluding to: when we get back out there it's gonna be a lot of cum spilt on these sluts (or in your pants, whichever you prefer)! In the meantime I'm gonna get in perfect shape so I'll be ready, pistons firing on all levels!

Guest (Mon 22 Jun 2020 14:34:38 GMT)

@freddy jr

As many times as you been caught your not registered and don't have any felonies? Lol..don't leave us hanging with a pic and saying you have a story like usual lol.. we're looking forward to the story bro

Freddy Johnson Jr (Mon 22 Jun 2020 13:07:20 GMT)

Re :Guest girl in pic

I lile that. Shes my type. The then and now. She looks innocent. I would take advantage. Pull my sweats down and make sure my cum gets in her crack. We can go crazy now. The cops are not sweating us small timers. They in trouble themselves. We should take advantage. Im working on getting freddy sr out of jail. He has stories that are legend-dairy. Ima post later today. #trump2020

Guest (Sun 21 Jun 2020 23:03:12 GMT)


Welcome back Freddy! I'm interested about the trump rally story. Post some pictures and tell us what happened ASAP, it's been dry out here...

Guest (Sun 21 Jun 2020 21:26:17 GMT)

pic of girl (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Pics of the girl from my story

Left is what she looked like then
Right is what she looks like now

Guest (Sun 21 Jun 2020 20:38:27 GMT)

concert memories (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

a few years ago i went to a concert, after 2-3 failed advances / knockbacks, and not expecting to get some action, i patiently waited for the main act to come on.

about 2 songs in to their set, this girl, kind of chubby but not obese or anything, came up to me and started to grind on me, and then she ended up kissing me. Taking that as an "OK". i started to rub her vagina outside of her pants, i could feel she was warm and wet down there.

thats when i decied to put my hand down he pants, and fingered her basicially to orgasm, she actually grabbed my neck and pulled herself back on to me hard.

That was a night in my chikaning life i will never forget, I later found out through Social Media that she was only 14 at the time.

Guest (Sun 21 Jun 2020 15:37:56 GMT)


Yeah bro the protest seem to be dying down at least here in nyc or its to many leading there own so the crowds are sporadic its not like it was in the beginning instead of the leaders coming together and forming 1 big protest there all scattered around

Freddy Johnson Jr (Sun 21 Jun 2020 14:45:26 GMT)

Trump Rally Hat trick

Im Back Gentlemen. Just in time it seems. They letting alot of us with petty charges out of jail. I benefit. I will catch up on the boards stories as well as publish mines as far as what happened to me and my recent outting at the trump rally. I came 3 times. Got pics and video proof

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 21 Jun 2020 02:03:29 GMT)

Re: Guest

Unfortunately xhamster is iffy when it comes to watermarks. I got away with it being next to time & date info, but whenever I had a video with any other type of watermark it got deleted.

I went out to a protest, but it was really anticlimactic. It was mainly a march, with not as many people as you see on the news (probably 150-200 max) and because we kept walking there weren't many opportunities to get close. I just got some footage of a pawg and a few handswipes and that was it.

Guestz (Sat 20 Jun 2020 13:53:45 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun


Guest (Sat 20 Jun 2020 07:11:26 GMT)

Half the fun is share your experience stardude (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Stardude i know you still check out the forum you should come back to xhamster I know you put your logo in the bottom of your videos but you should have it written across the middle in way that you can still watch the video but you also see your name on it like no matter what eventually someone would have posted one or two of your vids somewhere but at least you will always get credits for it if your name is in the middle of the video the whole time so they can’t crop it out

Guest (Fri 19 Jun 2020 22:14:31 GMT)


Word on the street there trying to organize a nation wide protest on Washington d.c in the next couple of months so if any of you guys live close it should be a good day that day

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 19 Jun 2020 21:03:31 GMT)

Re: Guestz - CRUSHED!!

Don't worry about it Guestz. Those cheeks will be there next year! So it's a year lost, but you will more than make up for lost behinds next year! We know it!

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 19 Jun 2020 18:22:30 GMT)

No Justice, No Piece

Happy Juneteenth to all humpers in the States. I hope that the happy days will soon return for you.

Arm Humper: Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

Guestz (Thu 18 Jun 2020 19:15:53 GMT)


Well today I learned that the two festivals I was holding out hopes of happening this fall have been officially cancelled and moved until 2021. Gonna be a long time before I can do my "nasty" to those white/black/asian/hispanic/Samoan, etc... girls! It is now as it is! Gotta deal with it!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 18 Jun 2020 01:24:22 GMT)

The Afternoon of a Frotteur

This afternoon at about 4:30 on a bus going to the East of the island, I arrived at a sweet orgasm by rubbing my erection against the side of a seated milf. We were both wearing masks, something that is now mandatory on public transport because of the virus.

While I "introduced myself" to her, she talked about me with another woman who was sitting next to her. Her left arm was stretched out

970 more byte(s), click here!

e (Wed 17 Jun 2020 16:44:19 GMT)

concert grope

hello ginger - go to more concerts. wear a skirt, no underwear. It'll happen.

The very first time I tried feeling some woman I didn't know, it was at a concert at a club with about 500 people stuffed in it. I chose two possible targets, and both of them wanted me to continue. I couldn't believe this was possible. But I learned quickly.

The first girl played a little bit shy, so

988 more byte(s), click here!

Ginger (Wed 17 Jun 2020 03:38:02 GMT)

Beep boop :S

I've been lurking this site for like 10 years or more, and I've finally decided to post. I'm a woman in my late 30s, and I like being groped. I've only had it really happen twice (by a stranger), and one of the times was far more enjoyable than the other. The first time, a man groped my ass with his hand at a concert. I'm basically powerless against ass-touching. The second time, the guy was jabbi

611 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 16 Jun 2020 00:59:49 GMT)

Happy Days Are Here Again

In my undisclosed location, the virus restrictions are now mostly lifted, so today I was able to cum by pressing my erection into the left side of a young woman seated on the bus. She was plump, dark and dressed for work. She had wide hips and a big ass.
My partner was in conversation with a man who was sitting next to her, so I was a little worried that, if she reacted badly and told him what I was doing, I might get involved in a scene, but she behaved well.
I waited three months for this to happen. Let's hope that the restrictions don't have to be re-imposed. We've had only a handful of deaths and about a hundred cases, so it seems as though we've avoided the worst.

Mohammed (Sat 13 Jun 2020 15:00:05 GMT)

rock hard back ?

Rockhard alongside nanbread and punjabi butt humper you are a legend glad your back.

Makkers (Fri 12 Jun 2020 21:29:15 GMT)

London protests (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Hey guys, found this site maybe a bit over a year ago, have lurked viewing all your awesome stories. So I finally decided to contribute, and man was it good. I have some pretty decent stories of my own (one time a girl fully groped my dick in a club!) but those are of course for anther time.
I wanted to add to what Stizzy has said, the LDN protests have been good, there’s still this annoying

3557 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 12 Jun 2020 08:28:25 GMT)

What would you do (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

What would you do if you found yourself behind this ass?

registered member: Narflarf (Fri 12 Jun 2020 03:16:24 GMT)

Re: Stizzy

I'm itching to get back in the game as much as anyone else, but I'm gonna have to wait. I have 2 big festivals in September so it will have to wait until then.

Last thing I need is someone at a peaceful protest destroying or looting shit and getting the cops involved. Might be guilty by association and get taken with them!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 11 Jun 2020 10:37:30 GMT)

Re: Moroccanboy - Oops69

Don't waste your money on that site. Definitely not worth it. You can find a lot of the same stuff for free around the internet.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Thu 11 Jun 2020 08:52:07 GMT)

Get back Get back!

Thousands of people was at the London protest so imagine the turn out for the American ones ?!?! Chikan heaven! especially in his home town.

@Narflarf You've always had big balls bro and now is the perfect time to use em!

(White teen in the pic) boy oh boy did I enjoy that tight ass

Guest (Thu 11 Jun 2020 05:43:13 GMT)


Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Guest (Thu 11 Jun 2020 05:08:26 GMT)

RE: Protest Opportunities

Not to mention news media outlets like CNN and msnbc are showing the protests live on air. I wouldn't want my face on tv. (Even with a mask on)

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 11 Jun 2020 02:27:28 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Protest Opportunities

Get a piece at peaceful protests.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: Narflarf (Thu 11 Jun 2020 00:43:17 GMT)

Protest opportunities

While it does sound tempting, I'm not sure about protest groping. Would suck if you in trouble just for being part of a crowd without even getting busted for actually groping. Then there's the looters & rioters causing more tension with the police. Not really trying to take a bullet for some booty lol.

Guest (Wed 10 Jun 2020 19:53:57 GMT)

Stizzy (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

More details and pics dude, you got that good stuff!

Moroccanboy (Wed 10 Jun 2020 17:30:07 GMT)


Are oops69.com videos real or fake?

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Wed 10 Jun 2020 08:06:28 GMT)

Juicy ass Arab - Iraqi, Iranian or possibly morocan

Another piece of ass that I humped the fuck out of at the protest.. she was alone when I caught her but I saw her again later on in the day with her boyfriend and of course he was black lol

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Wed 10 Jun 2020 07:57:38 GMT)

LDN protest for George Floyd

You're missing out on a golden opportunity if you haven't been rolling to these protest, I was about 10seconds away from spunking all over this big booty Somalian bitch but I had to control myself LOL ain't tryna go down like Freddy jr

Black Shogun/Rock Hard/Guestz Number 1 Fan (Wed 10 Jun 2020 02:39:53 GMT)


I want to see one of y’all Chikans have balls and man up to post a hot story about groping during the protests with a photo or video of you in action.

No Chikaning nor peace! Lol

Remember guys, all Minorities lives matter! Black, Indian, Hispanics, White all matter.

I just want to read a story where a hot chick gets spunked on. I want to read a recent story.

A man of the month has to be crowned. A worthy contender. Chikans, it’s time to stop acting and playing around, it’s time to bring honour back to this board.

Just because some of y’all are veterans on this board, doesn’t mean you should stop posting and wait around for a good post.

Guest (Tue 09 Jun 2020 22:30:19 GMT)

So much protester ass

Here's another for my white girl lovers me i don't discriminate this chick had a phat one i could tell she takes black dick the camera didn't do her justice... BLM NO JUSTICE NO PEACE DEFUND THE POLICE!!!

Guest (Tue 09 Jun 2020 22:18:39 GMT)

So much protester ass

No story i just cant wait until the clubs and bars open up.. i wanted to get up in that so bad but she was in the back there's potential with these protest

Guest (Tue 09 Jun 2020 09:21:55 GMT)


I still feel peeved we never got the continuations to the Amirah stories. Real or fake a conclusion would have been nice for the board. Stories are the dna of this board.

Guest (Mon 08 Jun 2020 06:25:56 GMT)

Rock Hard

Hey! It’s me the same guest who acknowledged your presence. Wow! I never knew you were lurking around a while on this board but didn’t get a chance to post. You should really consider getting a proper handle/username. I thought you had one a long while ago.

Anyways, I made a mistake in my grammar, you didn’t jump the heavy chick? Lol you humped her.

You mentioned the other dude with his girlfriend at the bar who’s girlfriend loved getting groped you you and him and even groped her heavy friend by calling a cow and going moo.

Well, do you still keep in touch with your fellow Groper/pervert and his girlfriend and her friend? Did you hump them again?

I also need more amazing stories from you ASAP :) your stories are $$$ you have a way with words

Guest (Sun 07 Jun 2020 18:47:39 GMT)

Rock hard (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Dude, your stories are so good. Will you ever post anymore tube stories?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 07 Jun 2020 17:07:30 GMT)

Rock Hard - Concert Stories

I have been posting off and on (mostly on) since 2002.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 07 Jun 2020 16:22:04 GMT)

Re Rock Hard

Glad to see you back, imo you and Guestz post the best on here so you were sorely missed.

Rock hard (Sun 07 Jun 2020 07:18:14 GMT)

Guest - that target I had again and again

Those were the good days eventually she disappeared and also although I having been working I. London for many years I also changed job too. No longer that underground line, I missed an opportunity with her to go further but such is life.

Guest (Sun 07 Jun 2020 02:17:30 GMT)

Perfect view

Ain’t no better view of that white booty

Guest (Sun 07 Jun 2020 02:11:37 GMT)


Got to love this view

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 06 Jun 2020 23:23:06 GMT)


LOLs Guestz! I've actually been staying away from the crowds . . . still fearful of COVID-19 . . . but I'm settin' a plan in motion for me to get HIGH off of some CRACK and NUT! Believe me bro HA! This shit ain't over yet. Not even!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Sat 06 Jun 2020 21:24:36 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I didn't even need the YouTube link!

Guestz (Sat 06 Jun 2020 21:22:59 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I'm sure most wont get it, but your post had me from the beginning! Hilarious! Rock that shit, ROCK IT! "Butt butt butt butt"! You's Iz krazy!

Guest (Sat 06 Jun 2020 20:22:17 GMT)

Favorite Humpers

Every good story has a climax, and so my favorite writers are the ones who cum! I'm talking about people like Guestz, Arm Humper, and Black Shogun.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 06 Jun 2020 18:03:40 GMT)

The CHIKANS Come out!


The chikans come out to fight! Chikans come out to fiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
Protestin' for they rights! Protestin' for they riiiiiiiiiiiighhhts!
Some like 'um nice and white! Plump, round, warm, soft and whiiiiiiiiiiiite!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 06 Jun 2020 17:28:17 GMT)


Recently, I finally got some protest action.

I humped several different asses all with no negative reaction. I’ll detail two, the biggest ass I got, and the best hump I had.

The first was an Asian woman with such a fucking huge ass I couldn’t believe how massive it was. It was one of the biggest I’d ever seen in real life. She had on these navy skin tight leggings that were so

1815 more byte(s), click here!

Max Momd (Sat 06 Jun 2020 17:06:52 GMT)

Protest grope and hump (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

My gf made me go to a protest with another girl. I haven't been near another ass in in so long, I just grabbed that other girls ass as I was standing behind them both. She turned around quickly with an angry look. When she saw it was me, she stared in my eyes, I stared back with intense lust. I saw her pupils dilate, and she turned back.Hmm, did I just dominate her? Yup. So then I felt her up again - no reaction. I was getting hard, I got behind her and humped her while yelling I cant breathe. Didnt come, but it was a good 30 mins before I pulled away because i could feel people looking at me.

Rock hard (Sat 06 Jun 2020 15:39:00 GMT)

Black shogun

Black Shogun - it’s mad to think how long some people including you have been around o. This board. I remember when I first found this forum. The first story I read I think was a guy called Terence and he poked a lady in short Adidas shorts in the presence of her boyfriend.
After that I mostly read Black Shoguns stories, your wild concert ones, actually those detailed accounts are what got m

1847 more byte(s), click here!

encoxadalover (Sat 06 Jun 2020 15:07:37 GMT)



p.s the above video is not mine, just sharing it

Guest (Sat 06 Jun 2020 10:47:43 GMT)

Rock Hard, welcome back dude (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Do you have anymore stories on this chick:

What happebed to her man?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 06 Jun 2020 10:30:17 GMT)

Time to get while the gettin' is good!!!

Building on what BUSTER said LMBAO!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 06 Jun 2020 10:23:38 GMT)

Re: Rock Hard - Strawberries & Cream Festival

Welcome back Rock Hard. That festival looks "fertile". Them "pink strawberries"--------->(_*_) would make me "cream".

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Rock Hard (Sat 06 Jun 2020 07:18:12 GMT)

My last experience before COVID

Hey it’s good to be back, I never really go away though I was keep a look out for some good stories here. It’s incredible how long this board has been going for but has never changed. Where all the old guys at Blackie, Red Dragon any of you still here? Blackie used to give me jokes, his stories used to inspire me to go harder. I’ve always been abit of an aggressive Chikan, which I know has a

3906 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 06 Jun 2020 06:03:06 GMT)


No way bro! Is that the Rock Hard?!! Man you are a legend. I loved your stories in the archives section and how you always used the catchphrase rock hard somewhere in your stories. One of my favourite stories is when you jumped the heavy chick with her friend and I think it was you who humped/cummed against a sexy milf in leather pants who was dancing on you or something like that. You are a true

789 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 05 Jun 2020 21:48:51 GMT)

RE: Funny how things go

I've seen a lot of white people supporting but I haven't even thought of that possibility. I think there's a very good chance that will happen once things go back. Even the bitchy girls might change up.

Rock Hard (Fri 05 Jun 2020 15:53:25 GMT)

strawberries & Cream Festival :(

All the London players wow I am so gutted I was all set for strawberries & cream festival check out last years highlights and some of this years performers..

Not just this but all the other festivals, nottinghill carnival etc.

Shit is fucked players.

Bros be talking about little swipes here and there in supermarkets and shops.. I don’t do any of that far to risky. Festivals and carnivals people are chilling / drinking. Yeah I used to do the underground frequent and stuff but even that towards the end was becoming more and more risky. Anyway it is what it is.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 05 Jun 2020 10:33:41 GMT)

Re: Buster - Unite

LOLOLOL!!!! Now that is just TOO funny!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Fri 05 Jun 2020 00:57:04 GMT)

Perverts unite

Primary just happened and a couple of protests and riots. As a black man I resonate deeply with all of this but as a deviant I can’t help but see how much opportunity there is to hump. Guests is the reason why I recalled the photo linked beside me lol! Best believe before they shoot my black ass I’mma find a way to "shoot" on some phat asses.

Tell some stories or something I have nothing right now but damn I already know some of y’all are still doing this shit despite how dangerous COVID and the cops are. Peace!

Guestz (Thu 04 Jun 2020 21:33:56 GMT)

Funny how things go....

As bad as Covid 19 is/was?, it's ironic how this is turning out. I will admit that I was one that didn't think it wise to open up the country. I believed the scientists. But when the unexpected (at this time at least) happened to bring everybody out! A month ago I would not have imagined streets in major cities across the nation and even around the world would be doing protests and baring flesh i

831 more byte(s), click here!

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 04 Jun 2020 18:10:03 GMT)

Still All In Good Time...

The protests are definitely a fair way to gain an understanding as to how folks feel about being around each other, no doubt...but, speaking for myself, when I made mention of the reference 'time will tell' I was directly referring to the current restrictions in effect at the moment. We have to remember that, essentially, just as we as chikans have always remained ready, so have our willing targe

1405 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 04 Jun 2020 08:55:06 GMT)


There's a second part to this story, in which the old man Bill and the protagonist Kevin fuck the younger sister. Wish I could find it somewhere.


registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 04 Jun 2020 07:47:38 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Well work has me busier than ever, I can't even get out on my off days because of family stuff, and it is killing me, but as Guestz has noticed its warmer and girls are wearing less, I have seen so many more girls with bare legs man I can't wait for it to get warmer.

Anonimo (Thu 04 Jun 2020 05:02:25 GMT)

Protest Groping Cum girl black (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Here is a photo of the result of my cum on his big ass of the black girl

Anonimo (Thu 04 Jun 2020 04:59:28 GMT)

Protest Groping girl black (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

I was at the protest, most of the day, but walking, every now and then I was groping black and white girls in the day, but I had almost no luck lol, but when night came, there were many people gathered, and I saw far away a black girl had a huge ass, so I decided to get closer, first I started rubbing my penis a little to her big butt, a little I reached for it, to know if I was willing and indeed, she liked it, as I did not say Nothing, I took my penis out of my pants, and I placed it just below his big butt, I was like 20 minutes enjoying his butt during the protest, which I could not bear, and I decided to ejaculate on his big ass, it was a very sensation pleasant :)

Guest (Wed 03 Jun 2020 23:16:30 GMT)

LA protest crowd

LA has the biggest crowd i have seen since corona started look at all this peolpe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeR1BwfnQjg

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 03 Jun 2020 19:28:23 GMT)

Re: BigT - Ready NOW

I know man . . . all the talk about "the end of chikan in our times" LOL! All you have to do is understand what motivates people for cryin' out loud! Virus? WHAT virus??? LOLOL!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 03 Jun 2020 18:08:56 GMT)



And some said people won’t be as willing to be in large crowds in a few months times. People are already ready NOW! LOL

Guest (Wed 03 Jun 2020 16:45:22 GMT)

Hello Danielle?

Hello Danielle?

Are you still around here? :(

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 03 Jun 2020 11:53:15 GMT)

Re: BigT - Protests

They busy bruh, they busy LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 03 Jun 2020 08:37:06 GMT)


I know Chikans are attending these protests. I’m shocked there’s no stories

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 02 Jun 2020 15:46:21 GMT)

NYC Subway Groper Story


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 02 Jun 2020 13:47:58 GMT)


I remember rubbing on a transport operator in my youth lmao. The world has changed. I don’t think you can try those kinds of things anymore, definently no humping a police officer in 2020.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 02 Jun 2020 10:23:51 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Lemonaaaaaade!

If a successful chikan is anything, he is an opportunist. Ask our one and only Hall of Famer "Opportunist" himself, or "Oppy" for short LOL! He had one story where he claims to have rubbed on a police woman in an elevator.


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Tue 02 Jun 2020 08:07:26 GMT)


To the dude who wrote about how he and his brother groped their aunt booty. Do you have more stories to share of groping her and or any other relatives?

Does anybody have any stories to share about groping relatives?

Also, to NYC subway Groper and anyone else who got lucky during this protest crowds, please share the details.

Guestz (Tue 02 Jun 2020 01:36:15 GMT)

When life gives you lemons....

It's the time of year when festivals and concerts get my money for the sole purpose of allowing me to chikan. But since a pandemic change the course of my stay here in earth (for the time being), I've decided to make the best of my situation.
I started out a pure groper. With the exception of a time I remember humping a classmate in first grade, I've primarily stuck to gr

2993 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 01 Jun 2020 22:28:17 GMT)

Re: NYC Subway Groper - Protest Nuts

WOOOOOOO we can't wait!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Nyc subway groper (Mon 01 Jun 2020 21:27:10 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

You make a good point. I will post the story . Thank you! Its all pervs here. No one should judge

badger the guest (Mon 01 Jun 2020 02:56:58 GMT)

you are mere humans

you are all fakes. you are not badgers. don't cry. people here is not your mother nor your nanny.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 01 Jun 2020 00:55:36 GMT)

Memory of Humping in My Black Frotteurism-friendly Country

One special memory from over 15 years ago that I have of operating in my frotteurism-friendly environment concerns a bespectacled milf, who was sitting towards the back of a bus. Before I could get to position myself by her side, I was standing just in front of her, and I accidentally stepped on her toe. She reacted loudly: "Ouch! You stepped on my toe"! I apologized. Soon after that, I was able to get into my desired position. I pressed my erection against her left shoulder and ejaculated after a short while. And she did not say a word or make any adverse response while I humped her. I was struck by the contrasting responses. When I accidentally stepped on her toe, she was loud and vocal, but when I deliberately humped her shoulder, nothing was said.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 01 Jun 2020 00:31:17 GMT)




The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 31 May 2020 23:49:49 GMT)


ATTACKING OTHER MEMBERS . . . YOU'RE OUT . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! Gentlemen, the count on shining a FLOODLIGHT started on 30 May 2020 at 00:24:36 GMT. Who has been attacking whom on his own authorized attack page, also known as the Main Board? I'm simply drenching it in bright light. And we're just getting started. I told you that the count was going to be long. My confidence has been extremely well-placed.

"Past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct."

Next time, HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you think/say/write these things.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 31 May 2020 23:06:33 GMT)

So Ironic

Everybody can see who is trying to badger whom.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 31 May 2020 19:45:27 GMT)



"Past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct."

Next time, HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you think/say/write these things.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 31 May 2020 19:16:02 GMT)

Neither Justice Nor Piece of Ass

A few years ago, a guest told me that he did not want to read my stories where I was humping mainly black women. He told me that I should move to the States and only then write accounts, presumably about rubbing on white women. I have been watching the news coming out of the U.S. recently about nationwide protests over the actions of policemen in Minneapolis. I heard a young, black man saying that to be black in America is a crime. I am glad that I did not take that guest's advice. I will stay in my black country and enjoy its frotteurism-friendly environment.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 31 May 2020 13:43:02 GMT)

NYC Subway Groper

If and when you feel comfortable doing it, please post your story. Maybe it's not now. Maybe it will be "then". Or maybe never. But, I think there will be plenty here who will want to read it.

You might recall the man who posted here saying that he was a doctor who engaged in chikan during the deadly protests against the corrupt government in Sudan. There have been other "protest chi

579 more byte(s), click here!

encoxadalover (Sun 31 May 2020 01:52:12 GMT)

some recent stuff



The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 31 May 2020 00:08:45 GMT)

For Whom the Abuse Tolls

STRIKE NUMBER (I'm actually going to stop counting because I know the count is going to get long . . . argumentative/attacking other members) . . . YOU'RE OUT . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! If anybody would have EVERYTHING to gain from such a rule, it would be me.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 30 May 2020 23:52:19 GMT)

2020 May frottophilia award

May I have the monthly award nomination, please. This is the time to select the best chikan writer of the month.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 May 2020 23:51:15 GMT)


Yesterday I said that I would love to have a policy of zero tolerance for abuse, now it is being stated that I am not in favour of it. I guess that being able to read and understand is a wonderful thing.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 22:46:18 GMT)

Ladies & Gentlemen

To view the transgressions of "another member", look not to the abuse section, but look RIGHT HERE on the main page where he is permitted by "the authorities" to do what he does. To manifest in his underhanded, offensive, and disruptive campaign RIGHT HERE. Do you think that maybe such a person who benefits from a system that allows him to engage in bad behavior might DESPERATELY seek to defend

2897 more byte(s), click here!

Cautious Guy (Sat 30 May 2020 22:41:05 GMT)

In memory of George Floyd

Sad stuff to hear about Mr. Floyd. I hope everyone attends a protest in his name while frotting carefully, packed crowds. He was in porn films and believe he would want frotting in his memory R.I.P

Guest (Sat 30 May 2020 22:10:18 GMT)

crowded protest (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

In all the live stream for the protests around the united states i been watching there is so many phat ass girls in the crowd and march so any chikan out there having a field day

Guest (Sat 30 May 2020 20:09:09 GMT)


Guys please. Why do you two need to keep fighting. It's been years.
I would like to hear the double nutt story of Union Square Rally instead of you two arguing.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 May 2020 18:31:10 GMT)

Defending Ayashi, the Real Owner of this Site

If you examine the abuse section, you will see that one person is usually involved in the mud slinging contests. That speaks volumes. In the past, that person has tried to explain this by saying that when you are at the top of the pile, everyone tries to attack you. But that argument does not hold up, because, as far as experience with humping damsels is concerned, I have a record that no one here can beat. But this post is not about me, it is about defending our webmaster. He was compared to racist murderers ('Minneapolis's finest') which is just pure abuse, and he was charged with being biased and not active, which is just unfair.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 15:39:56 GMT)

Try, Try Again

STRIKE NUMBER THREE (derogatory comments toward other members, argumentative/attacking other members) . . . YOU'RE OUT (and you're failing rather miserably . . . just like I knew you would . . . you simply can't help yourself) . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! It's Ayashi's site (which I have contributed to greatly over the years btw), but it's MY personage Mr. Allrounder. ALL pe

3780 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 May 2020 12:56:25 GMT)

Defending the Webmaster, the True Owner of this Site

As I said, there is no 'next' because I am not making any new points. I am simply standing by my earlier statements, because they have not been refuted. The webmaster was compared to 'Minneapolis's finest'. Now 'Minneapolis's finest' are racist murderers, so what conclusion are we supposed to draw from that comparison?
Donald Trump also likes to make incendiary remarks, then he tries to wriggle his way out when there is negative reaction, so some people are in good company.
Some people obviously would not last long here if abuse was outlawed completely. Webmaster Ayashi, Red Dragon, Narflarf, and I can all attest to that, and we are only the most recent targets. I have never subjected the people I mentioned to abuse.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 11:34:21 GMT)

Try Again

STRIKE NUMBER TWO (argumentative/attacking other members) . . . YOU'RE OUT ("next" is the post you just made) . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! I'm not IMPOTENT either . . . but Ayashi allowed you to call me that, and left the post here. So again, that made him complicit to YOUR abuse. Every time somebody abused me and he failed to act when he could have, starting from the very

1300 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 May 2020 08:40:10 GMT)

Defending the Webmaster

There is no next. I stand by what I said. Comparing the active and unbiased webmaster to murderous, racist Minneapolis policemen is abusive. And some people would clearly have a hard time being here if there was zero tolerance of abuse which they say they want. Past and PRESENT behavior really is the best predictor of future conduct.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 01:21:49 GMT)

Hmmm? Delay . . .

He's thinking of his next attack . . . emboldened to be more direct . . . .

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 01:10:58 GMT)

Keep Trying

STRIKE NUMBER ONE (and so predictable) . . . YOU'RE OUT (that was quick) . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! I'm no RAPIST either . . . but Ayashi allowed you to call me that, and left the post here. And that made him complicit in it.

"I would love to have zero tolerance of abuse, but some members might have a hard time maintaining their presence here if such a policy were implemented."

"Past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct."

Next time, HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you think/say/write these things.


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 May 2020 01:01:51 GMT)

"Try Me"

Past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct. Webmaster Ayashi, you may have your faults, but I do not believe that you are a murderer. Right now, you are being abused by being compared to homicidal Minneapolis policemen.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 30 May 2020 00:24:36 GMT)


"I would love to have zero tolerance of abuse, but some members might have a hard time maintaining their presence here if such a policy were implemented."


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 29 May 2020 23:35:41 GMT)


Thank you, webmaster Ayashi, for your ACTIVE and UNBIASED moderation if this site, which is yours and no one else's. I would love to have zero tolerance of abuse, but some members might have a hard time maintaining their presence here if such a policy were implemented.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 29 May 2020 17:29:25 GMT)

Re: Pro-Chikan

DAYUM I love me some Latinas! I bet they would get pissed though if a guy contestant got a boner. Besides, that would be some kind of embarrassing on TV LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 29 May 2020 15:25:21 GMT)

Re: NYC Subway Groper - Union Square Rally

Just like I said . . . as soon as people think they can get away with it . . . HUGE crowds. Who knew it would be this (police brutality)? Who knew anything about "coronavirus"? Chikans score nuts under all kinds of circumstances. A good protest is one of them! I say go with the story . . . run it!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 29 May 2020 12:43:56 GMT)

Whatever You Will

Being ACTIVE and being ACTIVELY BIASED are two different things. Such as allowing one to freely and repeatedly manifest their PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE attacking behavior . . just like now (including posting as "Guest"). . . nobody said anything about "another member". It's just unacceptable. But that's just the current problem. The fact of the matter is that there were big problems here long before

3853 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 29 May 2020 07:24:09 GMT)


I would like to thank webmaster Ayashi for his ACTIVE moderation of this board. Not everyone may agree with his decisions, but that is a different matter.

Nyc subway groper (Fri 29 May 2020 04:20:19 GMT)

Union Square Rally

I know the protest was for a serious cause and its a sensitive matter so ill ask if its cool to post my story? It was a double nut

ProCHikan (Thu 28 May 2020 10:22:39 GMT)

Chikans number one game show to enter!...

EVERY Chikan needs to enter this game show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UVLb9aMJEE

JB (Wed 27 May 2020 21:32:23 GMT)

For: BigT, Smurflette, and The BodyBuilder Chikan

Following up on 24K Magic’s review, there is more than “crowdsurfing shit” loool

In terms of content:
1. Crowdsurfing is my particular taste so, yes you will see that. I guess I enjoy it the most because it’s real.
2. I don’t have any encoxada as I find it mostly to be seizure inducing camera work and an over-abundance of penis. No offence intended lads, just never got onboa

1149 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Wed 27 May 2020 18:46:52 GMT)

Anyone got these videos?

Anyone got access to these videos:


Some good vids there

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 27 May 2020 11:17:01 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Private Videos & Ego Trips

That actually was another good feature about Foro Chikan. Nobody could post without a registered handle, no exceptions. Also, the site was ACTIVELY moderated (got to be pretty lax in the later years though). That helped prevent the site from becoming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szwr4G-zQ3g.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Klaus (Wed 27 May 2020 06:53:16 GMT)

Concert experience

I no longer chikan, but I took my nail clippers to every concert I went to.

When the hall was packed, people were shoving, and I was behind some gorgeous teenager, I would take my nail clippers out, crap a small piece of cloth of the slut’s trousers or skirt and start clipping away.

Nobody ever noticed and I was never caught. Usually, when the fabric had dozens of tears in it, I quietly ripped the cloth apart to reveal the underwear in its full glory.

Once I then managed to repeat the entire process on the bitches underwear as well. I then rested my erect member between her butt cheeks until I exploded. Bitch was terrified and never said a word

registered member: Narflarf (Wed 27 May 2020 05:19:20 GMT)

Re: Private Videos & Ego Trips

If you have something to discuss, it would be great if you could secure a member ID here instead of just being an anonymous Guest. That way we can also talk about your stories and content as well.

Guest (Wed 27 May 2020 04:05:36 GMT)


Soo allarounder whens the last time you had sex!!?? Thats a riddle for you to solve lol

Guest (Tue 26 May 2020 21:40:09 GMT)


I’ve heard it said that trolls should be ignored. I can definitely vouch for that.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 26 May 2020 18:01:35 GMT)

Sex Starvation and Argumentativeness

I've heard it said that lack of sex causes men to become argumentative. Can anyone vouch for this?

different guest (Tue 26 May 2020 17:10:50 GMT)


What would a chikan site that's worth paying for in 2020 look like?

Multiple well lit HD angles?
Proof of spontaneity?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 26 May 2020 16:09:48 GMT)

Re: BigT - Circular Argument?

No it's not . . . a niche site without consistently good content is still a site that people aren't going to pay for . . . people aren't going to pay for a niche site just because it's a niche site if it doesn't consistently deliver the goods. Nobody has been able to deliver an English language site like you describe (quality, well-recorded, frequently uploaded content), and that you seem to pres

964 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 26 May 2020 15:23:20 GMT)


The argument is very much a circular one. The very fact that the chikan market is so niche, is the reason I consider it worth paying for, and I guess I’m assuming others see it this way too. It’s so difficult to find quality, well-recorded, frequently uploaded content. $10 a month is nothing lol

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 26 May 2020 13:35:54 GMT)

Re: Guest - Private Videos and Ego Trips

"Guest" wrote the following:

"Attention to all those content makers who bitch and complain about their content being "stolen" and re-uploaded without credit. It's your own fault. People do this because they want to create profiles with "original content" because that's what you degenerates require to view your videos nowadays. News flash. Nobody owes you anything. Your payment for this is t

2855 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 26 May 2020 04:05:44 GMT)


Did you guys see some of those beaches and pools they were jammed packed.. for you pessimist stay calm and just watch everything is gonna be alright dont jump off a bridge because you couldn't rub up on a girl that probably would've only lasted 60sec lol its gonna be alright... Your 60sec of heaven shall cum lmao

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 25 May 2020 22:10:55 GMT)

The Crowds Come Out!

They crowdin' day and night! They crowdin' day and niiiiiiiiight! HUT, HUT HUT!!! Now I likes mine all ROUND and JIGGLY and WOBBLY and WHITE! Ahma dig muh dick all up in her cheeks like somebody head fulla lice! HAHAHA!



Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Mon 25 May 2020 18:55:17 GMT)

Private Videos and Ego Trips (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

Attention to all those content makers who bitch and complain about their content being "stolen" and re-uploaded without credit. It's your own fault. People do this because they want to create profiles with "original content" because that's what you degenerates require to view your videos nowadays. News flash. Nobody owes you anything. Your payment for this is the experience and the memory. Let's s

937 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 25 May 2020 17:46:07 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun & Big T

Encoxada is definitely a huge niche category of porn (for good reason) so it would be difficult to find a large audience willing to pay for it. Like you said, the steady stream of new content would be what keeps people coming in, but with this virus that's damn near impossible. Once things open up I'll definitely have a lot of backup clips. Markus rokar has paid chikan clips, but they appear to be

403 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 25 May 2020 13:34:30 GMT)

Re: BigT - @Narflarf

Well, let him try and let's see then. There have been some others to try with paid content English language sites, and they have all failed. And it wasn't that there wasn't any good content at all (except for Western Chikan which totally sucked).

There typically just wasn't enough fresh stuff. It would cost more to run and maintain the site than money coming in. Does Narflarf have a wi

475 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 25 May 2020 13:00:08 GMT)


The whole be a friend thing is quite annoying for me. I would, however, genuinely pay a monthly subscription for quality humping content. Being a very successful Chikan, it’s very entertaining to see what other guys are able to achieve. I don’t think you have to worry about verifying your identity, nobody is looking for a random guy on the internet who is grinding in an unidentifiable music venue halfway across the world, who hasn’t even been reported. You’d, for sure, make a lot of money.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 25 May 2020 12:56:33 GMT)

Recent successes

I understand public transport and live music events had dwindled opportunities.

But I am curious, with recent reopenings of public places, has there been ANY recent successes? Any fleeting supermarkets humps, any successes near beaches? Hell, anybody taken advantage of a few crowded buses I’ve seen?

I’m sure some people are still getting some humps in, even if it’s nothing like before. I’ve never gone this long without a single hump and it’s been eye-opening for me lol

Guest (Mon 25 May 2020 12:05:46 GMT)

Tag teaming aunt in pool

Hi fellow chikans. I'm a first time poster. I too am extremely frustrated with the current state of affairs. Anyway, I wanted to narrate an incident that happened in my teenage years.

We went on a family holiday to a beach resort. I have a huge family. In total it was about 20 of us.What I'm about to narrate is a 100% true story of what I like to call 'tag team chikan'!

Now one of

2024 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 25 May 2020 10:42:04 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Paid Encoxada Content

I don't think there's much of a customer base for paid chikan content. Not outside of Japan anyway where they seem to like to watch that fake stuff. People have tried, but it just doesn't seem to last for very long, and they end up folding. Either you do it for the love of the game (and have your stuff stolen), or you just don't do it at all. I think the only way people would pay is if they were getting a LOT of new and original content of REAL chikan all the time. Here is where most everybody fails. They can't come up with a steady stream of new, authentic content.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

ManaSteel (Mon 25 May 2020 05:50:39 GMT)

Re: Narflarf

Try using Connectpal. I’ve seen others use that site to host their original chikan content in the past. It’s a subscription based service and you decide what you want to charge.

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 25 May 2020 01:06:12 GMT)

Paid Encoxada content

I officially decided to delete my Xhamster. After seeing some of my vids reuploaded on other sites I got pissed and nuked it. The amount of money, time, & risk put in just for a bunch of people begging to be added as a friend got too annoying.

Gonna find a way to get paid for it at least. With my stories and previous videos I've already established what I can do. Only thing tricky about sites like that is that they require you to confirm your identity. If not for that I'd probably had been verified on Pornhub years ago, making my money back for all the concerts & festivals I attend.

registered member: West Indian (Sun 24 May 2020 21:53:56 GMT)

Bounty vs Beenie

That Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man Verzuz battle soundclash really took me back to my days at parties and gatherings in the early 2000s. Caribbean music like dancehall reggae and soca provided the perfect cover for me to get my freak on and grind and ride countless booties.

Almost makes me feel like trying to relive that once this covid situation dies down.

Guest (Sun 24 May 2020 20:54:08 GMT)

Hello Danielle!

This is for Danielle who posted back on 28th March!

Sorry for no-one acknowledging you...great story!

Are you still around here? Also do you have anymore stories??

Would love to hear from you!

Hope you're keeping safe!

registered member: smurflette (Sun 24 May 2020 19:19:22 GMT)

Reply to onlyfans gropologist

Unless you're supplying a video for preview, what good is a picture of crowsurfing supposed to do? If your material is truly worthy of paying a subscription for, then release a video to the public eye so we can witness what talent you claim to have Mr. Gropeologist

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sun 24 May 2020 06:36:19 GMT)

Re: All the way to (a semblance of) normal

It's getting closer. I can feel it in my bone....

Guest (Sun 24 May 2020 03:19:38 GMT)

Thought of patron (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

That only fan account makes me wonder if after the covid thing is over I might try and make a patron for my dick out and cuming on girls ass at festivals videos. Do you think I could get in trouble if I don’t show the girls faces

24K Magic (Sat 23 May 2020 21:24:13 GMT)

RE: BigT

It's not worth it. It's no different from groping videos on Xhamster. No encoxada videos, just crowd surfing shit.

JB (Sat 23 May 2020 21:11:25 GMT)

More content for indoor time

Some last bit of teaser content
For more visit onlyfans.com/gropeologist

BOND007: SHADOW (Fri 22 May 2020 12:34:13 GMT)


I hear ya, Shogun...as what you have said pinpoints exactly what I was referring to, brother...when I had stated ''time will tell.'' A great and perfectly apt illustration, in your reference to the history of mankind....as that very history consisted of..and continues to consist of...a sequential order of events that had occurred ..and continue to occur...over a particular duration...that much is

469 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 22 May 2020 11:21:23 GMT)

Re: Shadow - Time Will Tell

Well, I'll just leave it like this . . . I believe the history of mankind supports my proposition . . . those are some pretty staggering odds.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 21 May 2020 19:47:15 GMT)


Can anyone vouch if this is any good?


Raha (Thu 21 May 2020 17:51:54 GMT)

memories are made of this... (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Don't we hate these bat eating chinese for ruining our fun guys?
There is an event which i was looking forward to coming next month but cancelled due to corona virus.
Last year I had this Milf with her son of about 7 years old beside her. She was waiting for her husband/bf to finish his race. She had this loose fitting summer dress which you can tell she had a g-string panties. I had seen he

2699 more byte(s), click here!

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 21 May 2020 14:16:35 GMT)

Time Will Tell....

Not much more to share than what is stated in the title, fellas. Truth be told, none of us have the inside scoop to accurately predict the procedures that will take place next.....we can only form opinions...be they whatever is considered among us as informed or misinformed....until we witness what literally takes place over time. In the meantime, I have my eyes on the skies...as I am waiting to see what the new implementations are...concerning border closures in various countries.......

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 21 May 2020 12:44:56 GMT)

Mello's Old Memories

By all means, post your stories, Mello. I want to see if your "chikan paradise" is more favourable to frotteurism than mine.

Guestz (Thu 21 May 2020 12:43:02 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Thousands flock...

You're 100% right Shoges. I saw it this past Saturday in the downtown area I live near. Went through there in the afternoon (which was warm and sunny) and packed! You'd have thought it was a summer holiday. Skin exposed everywhere you looked, lines everywhere to put in orders at the many restaurants in the area, but no social distancing and not a damn face mask to be seen. If they had 'em they were in their pockets! The only thing that's gonna stop folks from going full-tilt is going to be a severe resurgence of this virus. If it stays at the levels it's at now folks are gonna think they don't need extra precautions. Uh I'm starting to think we'll just have to wait until August or September to roll around to see where we're at.

Guest (Thu 21 May 2020 12:31:35 GMT)

Great content to pass the time indoors

This seems a suitable audience for onlyfans.com/gropeologist

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 21 May 2020 11:58:08 GMT)

Re: The Man - all the way normal

And what if no effective vaccine (or medication) is ever found? That is still a distinct possibility. Do you really believe that without a vaccine there will never be huge concerts (and other packed events) ever again? Come on man. Not going to happen. One way or the other, with time mankind WILL get back to something we can call an acceptable normal. It may mean a lot more deaths, but if that's what it takes, then that's what's going to happen. People are not going to accept their live being placed on hold forever, and they shouldn't. All this fatalist gloom and doom. Optimism versus pessimism. I say how about some doses of realism?

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 21 May 2020 11:33:13 GMT)

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is staring us right in the face now here in the U.S. This is going to be a big test of how people are going to behave. My hunch is that, where they can get away with it, it will be behaving badly (crowds).

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Mello: Blaze (Thu 21 May 2020 09:09:35 GMT)

Reminiscing old memories

I've not shared any of my stories here but I'd like to. As most of us are stuck at home and can't do anything about staying home (lol). Some of my outings are mind-blowing as my (undisclosed) place is a chikan paradise.


TheMan (Thu 21 May 2020 07:07:47 GMT)

all the way normal

all valid points made. things re looking like they are approaching some type of normal. people in parks, at the mall, stuff like that. that is good. time will tell when it comes to concerts, parades, festivals. i can't see any of that happening without a vaccination, doesn't matter what city but especially the large cities.i just think that all of this is bigger than the virus. it is all abou

1334 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 20 May 2020 21:09:04 GMT)


I'm working on keeping myself fit and healthy, so that I will able to take full advantage of the opportunities when things return to normal. It's such a pity that not all of us will be able to do the same.

Guestz (Wed 20 May 2020 20:45:47 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Thousands flock...

You're 100% right Shoges. I saw it this past Saturday in the downtown area I live near. Went through there in the afternoon (which was warm and sunny) and packed! You'd have thought it was a summer holiday. Skin exposed everywhere you looked, lines everywhere to put in orders at the many restaurants in the area, but no social distancing and not a damn face mask to be seen. If they had 'em they were in their pockets! The only thing that's gonna stop folks from going full-tilt is going to be a severe resurgence of this virus. If it stays at the levels it's at now folks are gonna think they don't need extra precautions. Uh I'm starting to think we'll just have to wait until August or September to roll around to see where we're at.

Guest (Wed 20 May 2020 16:31:51 GMT)


Me and you are on the same page when it comes to this topic of things returning to normal i live in nyc theres no way in hell your gonna social distances in a big city like this nyc is a party city just like vagas like los Angeles like Miami ppl are not gonna social distances when things open all the way up once the bars and clubs start opening then the concerts come after ppl are creatures of habit you really think there gonna stop college kids from partying your crazy! and clueless! about life and the social aspect of human nature

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 20 May 2020 14:36:03 GMT)

Thousands Flock

And nary a mask in sight! This is the kind of stuff that is going to happen. Because it's what people do.


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

TheMan (Wed 20 May 2020 12:54:50 GMT)

black shogun

i see what you are saying and i do not want to appear confrontational when making my points, so i hope that i am not coming off that way, as we are all in this thing together. using the spanish flu as the only example before this virus, the world got past that and went on for many generations, so that in itself is evidence that all of this lock down stuff will not be here to stay forever. still,

804 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 20 May 2020 11:00:02 GMT)

Re: The Man - Stay Grounded

I don't think you're really "hearing" what I'm saying. I said that "as soon as things are possible" . . . meaning that when people have the opportunity (whenever that is) . . . they are going to go right back to what they were doing. Now, the authorities can come up with all kinds of rules and regulations to stop the crowding, but it won't last forever, and won't always be effective.


923 more byte(s), click here!

TheMan (Wed 20 May 2020 05:58:39 GMT)

have to stay grounded

guys, we can't use rose colored glasses when looking at this situation. i don't think that we can or should rely on whatever happened at a few bars in wisconsin, as a way to demonstrate what the immediate future for what we do will look like. check this article out, as i think this is more in line with what we are most likely to face now and maybe for some time. even the founder of warped tour, who is also featured in this article, has his doubts


Guest (Tue 19 May 2020 05:37:09 GMT)


We can frot in a mask and gloves with a condom on, perfectly safe lol. Might even help frotting long term if masks become socially acceptable at concerts.
Who nutted on you?
A dude in a mask

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 18 May 2020 20:00:57 GMT)

Re: Guest - Untitled

Yep Guest, as soon as things are possible (bars, concerts, nightclubs, etc.) people (somebody) are going to be out there. And I mean in droves! What happened in Wisconsin is a perfect example of the pent up desire for people to be out and about and partying and having fun. No question. They don't care. That is, unless they or somebody they care about gets sick and dies. Turn out the liiiiights the party is over!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Mon 18 May 2020 17:18:58 GMT)


I said it before I'll say it again you guys are living in a bubble if you think social distances is gonna last look at Wisconsin a few hours after the state opened up the bars where jammed packed at the end of the day ppl by nature want to be social and close to other ppl and no government or police force can stop that you'll have riots in the streets if they try to enforce that

Guest (Mon 18 May 2020 08:23:24 GMT)

You guys will stop being a Chikan because of corona

Also will you guys feel comfortable going into a crowd? I don’t think many people will even want to Chikan in big crowds since your risking your self too.

Maybe I’m wrong, I just don’t see this working out with this whole social distancing, being extra aware and clean culture going on.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 18 May 2020 07:38:57 GMT)


There must be so many chikans in this crowd https://twitter.com/benarasiyaa/status/1262283822290407424?s=21

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 18 May 2020 04:58:48 GMT)


I've decided to just wait out this pandemic. There was a time in my life, decades ago, when I went four years without humping a woman, so if it takes 18 months to develop a vaccine, I can wait for it. Even if no vaccine is developed, they will most likely work out an effective treatment for the virus the way they did for HIV. I don't see us having to practise social distancing forever.

Guest (Sat 16 May 2020 20:33:14 GMT)

This is over guys. Corona has ended this.

I don’t think life will go back to normal after this. I don’t think people will go into deep crowds or huge human gatherings without caution. There’s no way there’s going to be oblivious girls to Chikan since everyone is aware of there surroundings.

A lot of people will get caught. If someone sees a guy extremely close to someone they going to look. So relive all the events you had since it’s now over.

encoxadalover (Fri 15 May 2020 15:47:29 GMT)

found some cool new videos



Busgroper (Thu 14 May 2020 22:56:32 GMT)


Thanks for setting ur videos to public.

Id be happy if u add me

Guestz (Thu 14 May 2020 18:13:03 GMT)

Memories...For now

Since this is the time of year I usually get out and get busier after the dormant winter months I find myself now just reminiscing to past the time during this pandemic. Does it take the place of real chikan activity? Hell no! But it's all I got for the time being.
It's usually these days, from mid April thru October, when I could either find a festival to look forward to or visit my

1915 more byte(s), click here!

encoxadalover (Thu 14 May 2020 16:01:19 GMT)

@Narflarf / StarDude

Thanks for making your videos to public ... i really enjoyed them.

I would love to become your friend, if you want to add me if would be great -


p.s - i don't have anything to offer , don't have any videos .. if you add people with no content then please do add me .... thank you.

Nyc subway groper (Wed 13 May 2020 00:41:26 GMT)

Ching Chong


TheMan (Tue 12 May 2020 19:44:13 GMT)

Black Shogun- Herd Immunity

chief moron in charge. lol. facts bro. him and his dimwit 'task force' that are supposed to be leading the charge. please. the white house is practically a haven for the virus now. the craziest irony ever.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 12 May 2020 15:47:54 GMT)

Re: The Man - Herd Immunity

Righto . . . and at the same time that the Chief Moron in Charge is trying to act like all is well, the virus is spreading in the White House! SMDH!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

TheMan (Tue 12 May 2020 14:53:45 GMT)

Black Shogun- Herd Immunity

i hear that and you definitely make valid points, as i agree the world cannot remain closed forever. this strain of coronavirus is unprecedented, so that is what appears to be creating the most obstacles. i think that the herd immunity approach may have led to an increased death rate, along with a greater impact on the health system, which would have been devastating if that approach was taken, w

954 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 12 May 2020 13:47:38 GMT)

Re: The Man - Herd Immunity

It's true that, in the absence of a vaccine, you would have to accept a much larger loss of life. But what's the alternative? To allow the world to fall deeper and deeper into an economic depression? There is no easy way out, and in the absence of a vaccine (and no guarantee that we will ever get one), some hard choices are going to have to be made.

The world can't remain closed foreve

524 more byte(s), click here!

TheMan (Tue 12 May 2020 12:09:04 GMT)

the herd immunity

the herd immunity option is a possibility but not only is it a gamble, it also does not apply to every country. sweden managed to get some results but the way to those results were grisly, as a lot of lives were lost in the process. i was speaking to some friends in the uk, in london that is, who told me that they were using that method in the beginning stages but had to fall back as th method w

614 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Tue 12 May 2020 01:25:00 GMT)

Public vids

Been slowly making some videos public to give chikans something to hold themselves over with this quarantine.


One of my recent favorites. Crowd wasn't as packed as I liked until pretty late into the show, and the group of Indian girls I was e

1536 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 12 May 2020 00:34:26 GMT)

My Friend's Question for the Prescient One

My friend, the believer, would like to know if your abilities are limited to foretelling events and knowing when to semi-retire or whether you also have the powers of mediumship. Thanks in advance for your serious response.

Nyc subway groper (Mon 11 May 2020 20:24:52 GMT)

Hurry up and buy

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 11 May 2020 17:15:03 GMT)

Herd Immunity

The other thing that might help down the line, vaccination or not, is "herd immunity". If enough people are infected and recover, then this will afford some level of protection for the "herd" from re-infection, at least for some time. And if one is re-infected, then hopefully the disease won't be as virulent due to the presence of antibodies to fight off the disease.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 11 May 2020 17:09:59 GMT)

Very well then . . .

You're wish is granted . . . and here is my first prognostication for the remainder of 2020.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Rock (Mon 11 May 2020 14:37:56 GMT)

Response to guest

If you think that Life will go back to normal or packed concerts then you are very hopeful. By the time those events are back it will be way into the winter (possible 2nd wave) or summer next year. There may be other opportunities the odd packed train when things start getting back, but full on context body to body- I doubt it will be that packed for a very very long time.

As a player in w

1015 more byte(s), click here!

TheMan (Mon 11 May 2020 13:59:51 GMT)

time to wait and see

i think i see what SHADOW means especially about that second wave part, as i had said before, social distancing has killed this thing. this new normal is also going to be a problem. if you can't even stand near someone at the mall, how will you be able to get the green light to be plastered onto a chick's ass, in a crowd where the virus spreads faster? doesn't make much sense. Guest also makes a

578 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Mon 11 May 2020 10:16:15 GMT)

The Rona

I'm gonna have to disagree to the people who think there is no end in sight. Countries have been lifting restrictions and people have flooded shopping places just like normal. I truly believe that while these social distancing restrictions will be in place for most of the year, for the 3rd quarter of the year, things will be mainly back to normal, and next year hopefully too, but I do believe we are starting to come out of these dark times now.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 11 May 2020 07:03:00 GMT)

A Serious Question

I don't believe in that kind of business, but a friend of mine is looking for a psychic/clairvoyant/fortuneteller. Would any of our more prescient contributors like to volunteer?

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 10 May 2020 22:34:26 GMT)

Really Got Me Thinkin'......

This situation has no real end in sight, in my opinion...and I say so on the basis that we have to factor in the recurring reference to the 'second wave', that has been prevalent throughout global media. With that taken into consideration, by the time things appear to become established in the 'new normal' phase, the regular flu season will be back upon us, which will only provide a practically i

1709 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 10 May 2020 16:42:48 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Reality

It would seem that my decision to semi-retire in January has turned out to be rather prescient.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 10 May 2020 14:38:40 GMT)

Icing on the Cake

Like Guestz, I've had my share of this game, in my case, probably more than my fair share. I remember back in October of 2008, I climaxed with ten willing women, three of whom I identified afterwards. And my all time record is the 13 voluntary women I humped to orgasm in April of 1999. In the months before the lockdown I was doing about five consenting women a month. So I've had my fill. By the time things return to normal, I may have moved on to a more orthodox way of life.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 08 May 2020 06:53:03 GMT)

Re Conquerer

Westernchikan is a site that makes fake groping videos, the girls are actors and everything is staged, if you want to pay someone to grope try a hooker...its not to difficult to work out, or you could travel too Japan, hear they have bars where they are sections that look like train carriages and you can pay girls to grope them.

Guestz I agree, these times are terrible but the human spirit is very resilient and will bounce back and as I said before just as us pervs are champing at the bit to get back in to the "fray" all our targets will be just as eager to get out partying going to clubs, festivals and getting their lovely bare flesh in sight, I saw a program a few days ago regarding spring and summer fashion and it is clear all these. teens/20's are eager to do the same

Guestz (Fri 08 May 2020 01:02:27 GMT)


Tough times for a chikan. But the truth is people are dying and that is terrible. Yes I disappointed I can't go out and do my nasty, but considering what a lot of folks are going thru chikanning is irrelevant. Our time may come or it may not, at least anytime soon. But I'll say this: I've had my share of this game, this pastime. And whatever happens now will be either okay or icing on the cake. I'

472 more byte(s), click here!

Busgroper (Thu 07 May 2020 23:15:17 GMT)


I'd be happy if masters here add me on xhamster.


encoxadalover (Thu 07 May 2020 16:56:56 GMT)

finding unseen content in Quarantine

Not alot of people have seen this guy videos but i feel they are really really good - https://xhamster.com/users/aticcus99/videos

check out his content -

if anyone wants to add me as a friend here my link ( i don't have any encoxada videos ) - https://xhamster.com/users/encoxadaloverrr

The Conquerer (Thu 07 May 2020 06:54:35 GMT)

How does Westernchikan work?

I’ve always wondered how does that site work? Like I’d love to sign up and create those scenes of course but is there anywhere where I can pay someone to encoxada/grope them?

encoxadalover (Thu 07 May 2020 01:40:35 GMT)

Favourite Artist

Just wanted to ask you guys who is your favourite chikan/groper on xhamster ?

I am huge fan of the content of following gropers -








Mickey chikan
and many more

Can you suggest some of the chikans on xhamster who are the best or are your favs ?

if anyone wants to add me as a friend here my link ( i don't have any encoxada videos ) - https://xhamster.com/users/encoxadaloverrr

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 06 May 2020 21:50:29 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Sluttery

I know exactly what you mean man. Here is one of the early lines from one of my old stories:

"When I opened the main door to the arena lobby, my heart skipped a beat and I had to catch my breath! There were quite a few people there already, and over 90% of them were chicks! I repeat . . . well over NINETY-PERCENT!!! I was so excited and the butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach so much that I had to sit down before I passed out!"

I know the feeling man, I know it too . . . talkin' bout gettin' ready to engage in that . . . that . . . that "sluttery slaughter"!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Wed 06 May 2020 21:04:35 GMT)

How corona will affect frot

How can you grind on people if people are more aware now? Unless it’s a player even then more people don’t want human contact with random strangers as much as before.

I was at a store and everyone was look at each other like we all had corona. Same way 911 changed airports, this will most likely change how people do public gatherings.

guest (Wed 06 May 2020 16:16:44 GMT)

My dream situation

I read all the stories on this boards archives and I must say the ones that get me excited enough to go out and search are the ones of girls pinned against the barrier at concerts! I'm young and horny and the thought of these sluts in thin clothes or barely anything (shorts, ass cheeks exposed) drives me to the point of exploding! As soon as things get normal I'm gonna go out to as many concerts as I can to try to make my dream come true. I want to pin some hot butt cheeks against a stage barrier and grind so hard I make her scream then spurt all in her ass!

Guestz (Wed 06 May 2020 14:14:06 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I'll tell you another thing I miss besides the actual chikanning: I miss the anticipation of the nearing event- the lead up to the actual arrival at the festival, then once there seeing all the potential targets moving about the festival grounds. Those bid festivals I attend are usually during the hot months of where I live, and there's so much "sluttery", a word I made up for all the bare flesh exposed trying to stay cool and/or attract attention. Arriving at those events leaves me dizzy with anticipation. I love it and can't wait until we can get back at it.

African chikan (Wed 06 May 2020 11:10:18 GMT)

chikan trade

Hit me up with all your chikan videos and pictures via my email achikan@yahoo.com and I WILL SHARE my videos passwords from my xhamster profile with you guys too..

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 06 May 2020 09:24:43 GMT)


I’ve watched a ton of amazing videos since being unable to Chikan. One thing I’ve noticed and wonder, why is there next to no videos shot from London? I know people see a lot of success from there but I wonder, is it harder compared to other areas of the world?

Guestz (Wed 06 May 2020 00:00:02 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/who, you say?

I do, I do!!

Nyc subway groper (Tue 05 May 2020 23:01:48 GMT)


Hurry up and buy

Nyc subway groper (Tue 05 May 2020 19:28:29 GMT)

Weird chinese guy

Ill post story when i feel like it.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 05 May 2020 16:10:33 GMT)

Who misses it?

You know you do LOL!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Tue 05 May 2020 06:44:49 GMT)


Alfr3dogutierrez - Amazing video! Can you add me as a friend on xhamster? Name on xhamster is whutman21

Alfr3dogutierrez (Tue 05 May 2020 03:02:04 GMT)

Check and comment me videos


encoxadalover (Tue 05 May 2020 02:55:08 GMT)

add on xhamster (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)


Hello , i am not a member of this forum but i have been visiting this forum for over 4 years , i wanted to add you guys as a friend on xhamster i have give link of my account ... if you have any encoxada videos you want to share then please do add me .... but please keep this in mind that i d

960 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 04 May 2020 07:13:40 GMT)

Nyc subway groper is back - Chinese pervert

Tell us the story bro!! I'm starving for this one!! Haven't chikaned in soooo long!!

Nyc subway groper is back (Sun 03 May 2020 17:11:27 GMT)

Chinese pervert

Can spot this perv a mile away. Chikan . Chinese. Ching Chong

Nyc subway groper is back (Sun 03 May 2020 16:29:58 GMT)

Im back

Just another day at the office : story ro follow

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 May 2020 17:56:15 GMT)

Alter ego

"Guest" is right; Richard Rubwell must be my alter ego, because there just cannot be two well-educated, articulate frotteurs in this whole, wide world.

Guest (Sat 02 May 2020 10:47:45 GMT)

im uploading some vids

raindropdroptopha on xhamster.

Not my vids but some quality stuff

Guest (Sat 02 May 2020 10:22:15 GMT)

Aite stizzy

Im 'raindropdroptopha' my bro, i ain't got no vids tho :(. Might upload some later

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 May 2020 03:54:41 GMT)

@Richard Rubwell

I accept most of what you say, however, not all of the "deceitful ones" are proven. And, somehow, the ones who have been outed just continue posting as usual.

Guest (Sat 02 May 2020 00:45:10 GMT)

The truth be told

Arm Humper has made up an alter ego and talks to himself.

Richard Rubwell (Fri 01 May 2020 23:20:35 GMT)

Arm Humper's "proven liar" remark

You have to realise, Arm Humper, that whenever men get together to recount their sexual experiences, there is going to be a certain amount of exaggeration, inflation, and outright invention. That's why I take everything I read here with a grain of salt. You can use your own judgement to work out who is bending the truth, and who is just making things up. In fact, from your remark, I can see you've done that already, but you're mistaken if you think there's only one person here who doesn't like the truth.

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Fri 01 May 2020 18:27:05 GMT)


Nah I wont be uploading this one because it's not a great video bro. I was too occupied so I wasn't looking at the camera at all.. I literally just hit record and hoped that I'd catch it all, it woulda been a fucking classic if I did and what's your username on xham?

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 01 May 2020 01:00:26 GMT)

April 2020 chikan award

Please have your nomination for April 2020 award.

Guestz (Thu 30 Apr 2020 23:23:15 GMT)

Re: guest

Let me tell you where you're right first: Yep, I only go out 3 or 4 times a year looking to bust a Nutt. Used to be waayy mor often but I'm fine with that. The problem is that it's usually this time of year that I attend my first outing. That won't happen now. It was first rescheduled for fall but now I received my refund. Another problem is just because I only look for that nutt at a minimum nowa

608 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 30 Apr 2020 13:14:14 GMT)


Add me on xhamster, my G! You got some crazy vids :D

Guest (Wed 29 Apr 2020 14:19:51 GMT)

Stizzy 1 fiddy

You can post a mute version of your video

Guest (Wed 29 Apr 2020 14:16:35 GMT)


Another thing alot of these huge events and parades are huge money generators for the city or state or country that its held in...

some of you guys live in a bubble.. think of the big picture government and city officials want these events to continue just because of all the money it pumps into that particular state/city/town/or country its good for business and at the end of the day cash rules everything around me..money talks over everything

To my fellow nyc dudes were getting hit hard do y'all really think there gonna forever cancel the west Indian day parade?? And do you really think ppl are gonna practice social distance at that parade??? Nigga pls

Guest (Wed 29 Apr 2020 14:00:52 GMT)


Guestz you don't go out everyday looking for a nut so why the fuck are you going crazy?? According to you.. "You only go out 3 or 4 times a yr" and for the rest of you guys everything is gonna return back to normal in due time you think your gonna be able to practice social distance in a club😂😂😂😂 yeah right!! or at a concert😂😂 yea right!! If thats the case general admission conce

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Guest (Wed 29 Apr 2020 07:19:31 GMT)


Would love to see a video. Wouldn't mind the video being mute throughout, we need new content

Guestz (Wed 29 Apr 2020 01:15:59 GMT)

This damn virus has my head spinning.

To show you chikans how much I love this pastime, I'm gonna let you know how my mind works. I'm constantly now trying to figure out a way where we can beat this 6 feet-separation thing. If it's inhaling or touching a surface and putting it to your face that's the problem, then the key seems to be wearing a good mask and not touching the mouth or eyes. Face masks are really the biggest deal, follow

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Stizzy 1 fiddy (Wed 29 Apr 2020 00:10:17 GMT)

The sun brings out the horny side of people

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that old grandpa at the bus stop.. he missed bus after bus just to watch me do my thing haha,the dirty perv probably had a harder boner than me.. What we was doing must have looked like the start of a porn scene lmao

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Tue 28 Apr 2020 23:55:14 GMT)


Luv my guy! Writing stories isn't my strongest point and you should know by now I don't do fairy tales, I got a video of this encounter but my voice is in it. But yeah this is when we was front to front and there's the bus stop in the back.

And for the feds watching this suck ya mudda! *sticks out tongue*

mikewoo (Tue 28 Apr 2020 22:22:40 GMT)

Untitled (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Some of ya'll against this but personally when they get scared and freeze out it makes me horny af because you know you can do anything to her but she's so scared to react, i just start to press harder with my dick it feels amazing, specially young schoolgirls

Guest (Tue 28 Apr 2020 12:43:17 GMT)

Great stories on the board

Liking the new stories on the board.

My man stizzy, always with that good stuff! :D

Guest (Tue 28 Apr 2020 12:11:55 GMT)

Stizzy Photo

Where and when was that picture taken Stizzy? It doesn’t look like it was taken outside at a bus stop, but inside somewhere.

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Tue 28 Apr 2020 09:27:12 GMT)

The sun brings out the horny side of people

I was in the hood on a nice sunny Sunday and I saw one of those typical hood white chicks that love black dudes, I done something extremely out of character and went up to her and spat some game.. Well if I can call it that haha. I wont lie my game is kinda weak but the looks make up for it 😉

Anyways, we was walking and talking and we stopped at a bus stop because she wanted to show me s

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Guestz (Tue 28 Apr 2020 03:00:45 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

My first really big outing was at first rescheduled for the fall, but now they've offered a refund. I'm taking the refund now. It things get better, which I doubt at this point, I'll repurchase it later. As a side note I groped a foreigner in short-shorts today at a local Walmart. Couldn't help it- she was so slutty looking and flaunting her beautiful tan thighs so I just went for it. I got her and I could tell she was pissed, but after attempting a second time I could tell she was aware and trying to avoid it so I retreated. I loved how smooth she was. If only I could have hade her against a barrier id have nutted on her for sure! Oh well...

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 19:15:34 GMT)

Well it's official!

My MONSTER summer jam BASH has been cancelled! Oh well, I knew it was coming . . . next year! This DAMN virus! Sigh . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 18:56:48 GMT)

What Type of Lawyer to Hire if You Get into Trouble

Hire a lawyer who has good moral standing; do not hire one who is a proven liar, or one who is obsessed by the dirtiest part of the human body, the anus.

Kevin (Mon 27 Apr 2020 15:02:27 GMT)


Hi am back

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 27 Apr 2020 08:05:49 GMT)



Fuck you Mr Covid-19. We need to get back out there.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 05:27:34 GMT)

Just the facts!

And don't look for advice on where and how to obtain legal services (or pretty much anything else) on a frotteurism site by somebody who goes by "Arm Humper" . . . if the shoe fits wear it . . . call a "spade" a "spade" . . . and that's a fact Jack!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 05:18:40 GMT)

Be Careful, Men.

Do not hire a lawyer who cannot argue rationally or debate properly. Do not employ a lawyer who gets beaten on one point, and then moves on to another and another, getting beaten each time. Do not engage the legal services of someone who resorts to name-calling and personal abuse instead of dealing with abstract issues.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 04:47:27 GMT)

The worst kind

Real men know how to have meaningful relationships with real women, and they understand that rubbing on strange girls is not "having sex". Unless of course that is, that's the most one could ever hope to get. Real men are also smart enough to never take advice regarding any important life matter from weird people on the internet. Otherwise, they most certainly would indeed need a lawyer before it's all said and done.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 04:15:29 GMT)

Ignorance of the Law

Ignorance of the law is especially deplorable in those who claim to have some knowledge of it, but who tell you one thing about it at a certain time, and then state the opposite later on. Choose your lawyers carefully men, choose your lawyers carefully.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 02:31:42 GMT)

Ignorance of the law . . .

is no good excuse . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 02:29:03 GMT)

Ignornace of the law . . .

is no good excuse . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 01:42:01 GMT)

Specific Advice, since We Are Talking about Fools

If you are a lawyer, good, bad, or indifferent, or just have a little bit of legal knowledge, and you get into humping trouble, do not try to represent yourself. There is an old saying to the effect that "a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client."

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 01:23:19 GMT)

And the most consistent advice of all . . .

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 00:47:06 GMT)


As a certain member himself said earlier this month, "anybody can get arrested...even the best of us," so again I caution, if you ever get into difficulties, choose your lawyer with care.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 27 Apr 2020 00:28:15 GMT)

Superior General Advice

Don't invite problems that would require you to seek the services of a lawyer in the first place.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Apr 2020 00:17:23 GMT)

General Advice

If any of you ever get into trouble, chose your lawyers carefully.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 26 Apr 2020 20:29:22 GMT)

So why didn't she turn around?


After all, people are always aware of exactly what's happening no matter what (say some), and he could have been trying to steal her purse or something (again say some).

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Apr 2020 16:47:24 GMT)

Unaware Targets

Sometimes the woman is fully aware of what is going on, and sometimes she is not, but it does not matter, so long as you get what you want.

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 26 Apr 2020 16:42:33 GMT)

Re: Board Shiz

Buster, I think it's about the luxury of choice. I've had several times where I was groping a girl and she showed no objection until I put my hands around her waist. My guess is the hands around the waist becomes too intimate and they want the freedom to leave whenever they want.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Sun 26 Apr 2020 15:42:53 GMT)

Board shiz

1. Narflarf it’s so irritating when shit like that happens. Like you can be plastered to them with an obvious boner, but if hands get added the whole hump usually ends in a dud. I think hands make it too real for the target. A prodding dick and hands are compartmentalized I guess. I’ve seen that in female stories that seems to be so. Regrettably I’ve experienced it as well with a big booty

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Guest (Sun 26 Apr 2020 13:58:13 GMT)

To grope or not to grope.

I quit my groping activity a little over a year ago now. I was grabbing a lady friends ass while she was passed out drunk. She woke up and outed me to everyone I know. Being young all my friends were big 'me too' snowflakes. So literally every one of them disowned me, I lost a lot of good friends. After that I swore I'd quit and I did, but the urges sure haven't quit. I don't know what it is with

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 26 Apr 2020 12:16:26 GMT)

Every situation is different . . .

And a part of what makes one a master chikan is being able to read the situation correctly, and act accordingly. Sometimes a girl is fully aware of what is going on and feels everything. And sometimes she isn't. At the end of the day, either way I don't give a rip as long as I achieved what I wanted to, and got away with it. So that I can do it again one day. And nut in that butt!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Apr 2020 04:49:17 GMT)

Hear, hear!

Narflarf makes an excellent point at the end of his story:

"Really shows that girls aren't oblivious and she felt every bit of dick. Makes it hotter to me that way."

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 26 Apr 2020 01:54:11 GMT)

Spurting Seconds

Since things are slow I figure I'll tell a story of my last outing before quarantine. Went to a concert and had a few groped, nothing major due to it not being crowded enough for my liking. Once things got crowded enough I saw this Latina in heels and a party dress (overdressed for a simple shirt and jeans gig) which stuck out to me so I got behind her and tested the waters.

She was a playe

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Guest (Sat 25 Apr 2020 13:17:26 GMT)

5 foot tall teen snack

Thinking of this little snack tonight. She was a ditzy little slut in high school. I took advantage needless to say I'd grab her pudgey little ass or tits and she'd laugh it off. She rode my bus so I'd always cop a feel of her ass. Or sit with her so I could play with her tits and juicy little thighs.
I would even put her hand on my dick and hold it there while the dumb little piece of ass giggled. One day as she walked past my seat I grabbed her by her hips and put her on my lap I unhooked her bra and played with her perky little tits while she bounced on my lap. Eventually the driver noticed and made us break it up. Damn I swear those teens are the best they'd let you get away with anything.

guest (Sat 25 Apr 2020 12:50:51 GMT)

Re: Guest - Another hot story Stizzy

We know it's you Buttmasher so stop trying to hide lols!

Guest (Sat 25 Apr 2020 09:57:15 GMT)

Another hot story Stizzy!

Hot story bro!!

What was her face like? Any other pics? That ass looks soft like a pillow!

You know I gotta ask for some more stories haha

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Sat 25 Apr 2020 08:13:41 GMT)

Milf old enough to be my mother

Ohhh boy oh boy oh boy!! It wasn't hard to miss this target. She was 50, white and big as fuck dancing in a 90% black crowd which had a much younger audience.. The fact that she came to this event on her own tells me she was on a mission to drain as many black balls as possible, she just didn't wanna act like a complete whore in front of her friends.. Similar to why us chikans attend these events

1044 more byte(s), click here!

Chikan_Adventures (Fri 24 Apr 2020 21:46:53 GMT)

Hard times

This damn virus has made me stop making encoxada, I think that until there is a vaccine, we will not live a normal life like before. I can only remember this concert where this tall girl with big buttocks danced on my cock.

Richard Rubwell (Wed 22 Apr 2020 23:05:55 GMT)

Stizzy's Squishy Teen

Where and when did this concert take place?

Guest (Wed 22 Apr 2020 11:15:47 GMT)


Sick story stizzy! You always got that real stuff!

Drop some more mann

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Tue 21 Apr 2020 10:27:21 GMT)

Double chikan

You need to see this shit fellas! 2 for the price of 1 LOL


Stizzy 1 fiddy (Tue 21 Apr 2020 10:23:58 GMT)

Squishy Teen (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

This picture was moments before I rammed my cock in between her squishy lil arse cheeks! I spotted her in a moshpit and I tactically made my way towards her by blending in and pushing folks out of the way LOL, anyways I found myself behind her when the moshpit had calmed down and I went straight to work!

I know some of you prefer forcing rather than players but i don't mind either and luckily for me she was a player!
My groin was super glued too her back side, arms wrapped around her tight lil body while she was backing it up all over this big black dingaling.. Ahhh I enjoyed this teen bitch so much before moving on to her friend LOL, I'm gonna stroke one out over her tonight for sure

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 20 Apr 2020 20:58:59 GMT)

Reply to Eric

A few years back I humped and came against the shoulder of a willing white Latina, but I do not know if she was from Venezuela. Right now in my undisclosed location it is impossible to do any humping because of the Covid 19 restrictions, so I am hibernating, like frotteurs in most other parts of the world. Btw, the good-looking girl in your picture, is she Portuguese?

Guestz (Mon 20 Apr 2020 14:06:56 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Good BJ's

Yessir! Had many a BJ, but one girl from way back still stands supreme to this day when it comes to a great BJ. Girl used to amaze me, she could suck ah penis so damn good! She was a human vacuum! Sucked so hard you literally could not take it for more than a couple minutes at best! Toes would curl up like the Wicked Witch Of The Wests' feet did in the Wizard Of Oz! For real!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Apr 2020 12:40:35 GMT)


"Chinese Chikan" wrote a handful of stories here several years ago that I enjoyed. Especially the one where he allegedly aggressively chikaned a Russian girl tourist at a beach somewhere. He said that this site was blocked in China, but he found ways to get around that. Who knows where he is? Hopefully not in a Chinese prison. And hopefully not in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Black Shogun!!!
Sem-Retired Chikan

Guest (Mon 20 Apr 2020 08:09:55 GMT)


Wasn’t there an Chinese/Asian chikan, Black Shogun used to suck up to a year or two back? What happened to him?

Also what happened to Ninja? I remember he used to try to know where everyone on the board was from.. Red Dragon confronted him about it and they used to call each other names

Eric (Mon 20 Apr 2020 08:07:10 GMT)

Board Post and Thoughts/Opinion

I know it’s bad all over the world. This sucks as in my particular undisclosed vacation land, there used to be long lines for the bank and ATM. Now you have to social distance from each other. Like this is an updated photo, the blue jean girl looks so hot but If i was there I won’t get a chance to grope due to this social distancing. Hey Allrounder! How’s the corona virus measures in the cou

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 20 Apr 2020 01:22:01 GMT)

Re: Max Mond - Humped my girl

A BJ can be better if you're getting it from somebody who really knows what she's doing and is good at it. Slurp that pee hole so damn good gotcha legs pure tee levitating up off of the bed LOL! Spurt all in her lips! Yes siiiiir!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Mon 20 Apr 2020 00:59:44 GMT)

@max mound

I do the same to all my girlfriends put my dick between there ass its called a assjob when its that time of the month no penetration... somtimes i do that when there not on the period😂😂 somtimes its better then sex lol

Guestz (Sun 19 Apr 2020 22:56:51 GMT)

This Damn Virus

Im sick of this pandemic shit! Can't plan a damn thing, can't get money back (yet) on concerts already paid for; cAnt get close enough to grope these sluts wearing barely nothing. It's just effed-up situation all-around. I want the country opened back up but it has to be done responsibly, which means it's gonna take some time. In the meantime there needs to be some laws regarding these damn shorts and spandex these potential targets are wearing. A chikan can only take so much!

Max Mond (Sun 19 Apr 2020 22:31:02 GMT)

Humped my girl

Its that time of the month so no sex, and thank God no pregnancy. So i humped my gf from behind till I came while she was preparing food in the kitchen. It felt amazing to part cheeks with force this way. She asked why I found this better than a blowjob. I dont know but that's a good question.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 19 Apr 2020 13:35:50 GMT)

Reply to Max Mond

Well, I guess New Yorkers like to mind their own business and that works in your favour. By contrast, my countrymen have a reputation for being nosey and that does not help me. On the other hand, we do not have undercover policemen on public transport here and frotteurism is not on the radar of local law enforcement, so there are pluses and minuses when you compare our two scenes.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 19 Apr 2020 13:30:17 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Hey guys

Quitting chikan is so easy Narflarf . . . like quitting smoking . . . why virtually all of us have done it so, so many times! Like the start of every week even LOL! Nicotine AND "crack" is addictive.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Max Mond (Sun 19 Apr 2020 10:42:13 GMT)

I'm not the only frotter


People know what's going on. For one thing, I'm not the only guy doing it.There are certain train cars that are always packed where you see the same people. The women could easily avoid groping men by using the next door of the same car, yet day after day they use the same crowded door of the same carevery day. To see the same person more than once is very rare, but see the same

1302 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 19 Apr 2020 02:35:01 GMT)

Hey guys

It's been a while. Last time I went out to a concert was a little over a month ago (probably the longest amount of time in the 4 years I've been doing this) and it feels so odd. First 2 weeks I was going crazy looking for anything to attend, now I'm home for nearly 2 weeks from work quarantined and my urges aren't as strong.

I have an excellent clip of me getting 2 nuts off on a spicy Latin

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 19 Apr 2020 02:22:07 GMT)

A Question for Max Mond

I would not say that I have regulars, but there is a fairly large number of women whom I have humped to orgasm twice, thrice, and four times. I guess you have these regulars because you take the same train at the same time every day. As a rule, I do not do that, so when I repeat, it happens by accident. But there have been times when I have "haunted" a certain route at a certain time, and I find that after a while, other passengers start to notice what I am up to, and they will say things about me, and try to intervene. So my question is, if you haunt a particular train, do you not find that other travelers get wise to what you are doing and try to get between you are your target? (as willing as she may be).

Max Mond (Sat 18 Apr 2020 17:26:12 GMT)

Been trying to quit


The cops know me,and i know them. That's why I only position myself near a girl.I never touch first. If she wants it she has to make the move on me. I've never been into forcing anyone. This and white privilege keeps me free. I've quit many times, but it won't quit me. Ayashi described it best that it's like an addiction. Thank God i'm living with my gf who is so hot, I fuck her a fe

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 18 Apr 2020 16:47:24 GMT)

Re: BigT - Getting hard

Itchin' for a scratch? NO, my man say he itchin' for a HUMP LOLOLOLOOL!!!!


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 18 Apr 2020 16:37:36 GMT)

Getting hard

2 months since my last concert. It’s getting hard for me. Regular sex is cool I’m still sneaking over to her house lol, but as we know, it just is not the same. Knowing it could be like this through the summer is crazy. My favourite teen filled outing, not yet cancelled, likely will be. I’ve been holding it together till now but it’s starting to affect me. Never been this long without a hump

Guest (Sat 18 Apr 2020 04:33:36 GMT)

@max mound

Bro you playing the public transit game... These undercovers know your face already trust me even if you never been arrested or never had an encounter with a cop

if your that paranoid its time for you to quit and evolve im battling that decision myself with priors and an open case that i know im going to beat if i lose im a registered sex offender for a 30sec grind smh..

i lost my f

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Max Mond (Sat 18 Apr 2020 00:20:49 GMT)



I'm not bringing more people into this world till I know what's up. Not only the virus, but this "contact tracer" apps and heat cameras installed everywhere and who knows what else is being developed to spy on us for our protection is enough cause for suspicion. When we frot, they'll record us (which I believe they already do on trains), and then track us. It's never going to be the same. In the name of Corona they'll scare us into getting vaccinated next. It just all feels like poorly scripted sci fi movie. Makes you wonder why a virus with a 2 week incubation period never existed before. The whole world is imprisoned right now. This corona is a tool that was created as far as im concerned.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Fri 17 Apr 2020 11:58:06 GMT)

I like this about her (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Her ass first and foremost. Fuck you think this post about lol. Her ass in the pic I’mma see if I can snap a better photo of what she looks like rn abit later.

Anyway my "cousin" I previously molested has an actual cousin who is quite attractive and a freer spirit. It’s a long story with my "cousin" I’ve told before, but let’s talk about her cousin we’ll call Genie. Quarantining

8410 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 17 Apr 2020 10:42:12 GMT)

I like this about her

Her ass first and foremost. Fuck you think this post about lol. Her ass in the pic for my imaginative chikan.

Anyway my "cousin" I previously molested has an actual cousin who is quite attractive and a freer spirit. It’s a long story with my "cousin" I’ve told before, but let’s talk about her cousin we’ll call Genie. Quarantining has been depressing for my chikan dreams, I abstain

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Guest (Fri 17 Apr 2020 04:46:14 GMT)


Some of you guys are losing it..like its the end of the world if you dont get a chance to hump on strangers max mond im from nyc too i even lost someone i knew think of something else to do start a family this goes to alot of you guys but now im thinking i hope yall dont start a family especially having a son im gonna leave it at that good luck fellas

Guestz (Fri 17 Apr 2020 03:02:10 GMT)

It's real guys, and it's no damn joke

I just got word from an infected relative. This ain't no joke

Guest (Fri 17 Apr 2020 01:19:53 GMT)

Stizzy, any good stories with white women?

I know you got that real shit!

Max Mond (Fri 17 Apr 2020 01:15:50 GMT)

We all need to find something else now

I'm in NYC, the epicenter of pandemic. I've survived by staying home as much as possible. Its been 10 days since o last went out for groceries. Let's say Ikeep this up for another 3 months and nyc is virus free. But now Knoxville is the new epicenter, or Minneapolis, or some where else west of here. No one is going to stop an infected person in smallville from travelling to nyc and spread the virus to those of us who avoided it by staying home.this thing will keep coming till most people have the virus. The free life we knew is gone. No more chikaning random women on the trains anymore. We need to find other hobbies.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 16 Apr 2020 23:20:20 GMT)

Re: Chiking - when it's all over

Chikans be poppin' up outta the woodwork hahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

chiking: chiking (Thu 16 Apr 2020 22:56:09 GMT)

when this is all over

people will be so happy to be in crowded places. people will forget we exist.

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 16 Apr 2020 17:25:02 GMT)


LOL! No doubt, brother. Tell you what though..I wish I really 'knew' enough ahead of time, to not only alert everyone but also to avoid getting my hopes up for a deep riding 2020. Oh well...I guess we live..learn...and stay six feet away from phat asses...once we are ever allowed to leave da house?! SMH. LOL. Gotdamn. This here is some 'Twilght Zone' type shit, homie....

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 16 Apr 2020 16:46:51 GMT)

Re: Shadow - The Pause

I knew that was you Shadow! Like I used to say . . . the Shadow knows! Hahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

BOND007: SHADOW (Thu 16 Apr 2020 16:16:00 GMT)

Re: The Pause...

Really shows how long I have been away. I had forgotten my log ID. LOL..my bad, peeps...

Guest (Thu 16 Apr 2020 14:04:33 GMT)

The Pause...

Been way more than a hot minute since I have rolled through here...but under the current circumstances...seemed only apt to do so. Good to see Shogun still in effect; scrolled through and even saw another vet from way back, Max Mond, contributing too.

The days of festivals, parades, concerts, with thousands packed together...don't hold your breath, as I doubt that will return anytime soo

1574 more byte(s), click here!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Thu 16 Apr 2020 08:33:01 GMT)

The (near) future of L.A. chikan???

I check in on the board periodically to peep the discussions. Obviously, with coronavirus all the rage (pun intended), leading to the shutdown of events that would typically draw crowds (echoing what Shogun reported earlier, L.A. mayor is suggesting that concerts & sporting events may be on hiatus until 2021), does this L.A. Times article give a glimpse into the near-term future of riding?

534 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 15 Apr 2020 15:29:15 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Only time will tell. Psychologically, I'm retooling for 2021. Not just for chikan activity, but for other things I had planned for summer 2020 too.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Wed 15 Apr 2020 14:26:37 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

Yeah I agree, as disappointing as it is. But the one hope I have, if it makes sense, is this: If mask are required in public, and we are still supposed to wash our hands, maybe (fingers crossed here) in the fall if things have calmed down enough we can have concerts. My reasoning is, if the virus has subsided and our mouths are covered we can be amongst each other. Of course if you CAN hump you won't be able to lick hair and breath into the targets ear while dumping your load into that ass, but you get my idea! If not late fall (which is when my big festival was postponed to) but some time next spring. In any case, it's the biggest challenge in my lifelong hunt for the outside of relationship/marriage extra nutt!

Dick Rubwell (Wed 15 Apr 2020 03:52:32 GMT)

Arm Humpers 2nd Pic: Old and Young

Look at the smile on that old copper's face! Those two young women have made his day.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 15 Apr 2020 03:43:07 GMT)

Two Women Rub Themselves on Policeman at Carnival Parade

I guess the Notting Hill Carnival wont happen this year. This picture was taken there a few years back.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 15 Apr 2020 03:34:43 GMT)

Woman Humps Female Police Officer at Carnival Parade

Male police officers are often targeted at Carnival parades by female revelers. In this picture we see a variation on that theme.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 15 Apr 2020 00:13:26 GMT)

Throwing in the towel

After listening closely to the authorities, I'm convinced that no large concerts will be allowed to be held this summer, and maybe not even for the rest of the year. There will be a re-opening of the country, but massive CHIKAN BUTT FUCK concerts will not be a part of that. I'm totally convinced after today. Well, there's always 2021! And at least I will get my money back. Sigh!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Tue 14 Apr 2020 20:21:25 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon.

Read the book "The Hot Zone"

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 14 Apr 2020 18:43:23 GMT)


That's the one that scares the bejeezus out of me. It's nothing to screw around with either. Get ebola and not have access to the absolute best medical care ASAP . . . and you are a DEAD man! I don't want "the ebola", and would stay my ass home for as long as needed in order not to contract it. Fully retire LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 14 Apr 2020 17:15:42 GMT)

Re: Guestz

No argument here regarding Ebola, the two key points are one, Ebola was it was largely regarded as an out break in Africa, so there wasn't any real traction regarding finding a vaccine, two with Covid 19 the WHOLE world is throwing its resources behind it, all sharing info and technical know how to try and find a cure, once again because of the global economic impact it is having.

Guestz (Tue 14 Apr 2020 15:33:03 GMT)

Re: Blaze/Big T

Damn! And I practically grew up hanging out in that intersection. I'm wrong

Mello: Blaze (Tue 14 Apr 2020 15:13:59 GMT)

Nipsey Hussle tribute

The picture is from Google tho...

TheMan (Tue 14 Apr 2020 15:12:52 GMT)

BigT -Nipsey Hussle

i was not there but i used to live in LA for years. the chikans out there must have had a field day because those barriers were packed for hours upon hours. on top of that, the sistas that were out there would have been too preoccupied with stargazing to bother about what you would have been doing and those that realized would not even care. while living out there, i got mine plenty of times in

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 14 Apr 2020 13:53:22 GMT)


I thought the same until I googled pictures. It was as rammed as a concert.

Guestz (Tue 14 Apr 2020 02:02:22 GMT)

Re: Big T/Nipsey Hustle tribute

I didn't even know about that. But my guess is it wouldn't have been the type of gathering that would produce the right type of coverage for Chikanning. Black crowds are tricky. Unless pandemonium breaks out you can't really get that close up on sistas. It would be interesting to hear some stories though.

Eric (Tue 14 Apr 2020 01:59:31 GMT)

Cute Girl from HS on Tinder

Hey guys!

While we all can’t wait to find the vaccine, let’s just take it a day at a time.

I was bored at home and I decided to hop on Tinder. I saw on the Top Ten profiles for the day, a girl from high school. Guess who? Fat Ass Y girl. Knowing I am a sucker for that ass, I still swiped right lol

God I remember the good ole days in high school, she was the cousin of my

2711 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Mon 13 Apr 2020 15:21:38 GMT)


How many of you chikans have gotten ahold of what you deem as a target you never would have imagined tagging, but to your surprise you got a player to boot?
I remember several years ago at one of my festivals stumbling on what I considered a "red neck" girl. At first she seemed like an unapproachable target. She was talking a bunch of crap about how "she hated being cramped in tight

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 13 Apr 2020 15:07:23 GMT)

Nipsey hussle

Did anybody chikan at that Nipsey Hussle tribute a while ago? Don’t think anybody posted a story on that but that must’ve had an excellent crowd

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 13 Apr 2020 12:05:54 GMT)

Re: Guest - Dayglow/Life in Color

I thought about going to one of those events one time, and got really close, but decided to bow out. Didn't want all of that fuckin' paint all over my clothes and messin' up my ride!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Mon 13 Apr 2020 12:03:18 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

Just to remind you of how man doesn't always have the answer despite technology: Although Ebola has a 50+ kill rate. Its been around since 1976 and has come back over and over, despite the CDC working on a vaccine since the first time they encountered it. During the Obama years if you remember, it was brought to Atlanta in the form of 2 victims. Now you research to see whether or not there's a vac

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 13 Apr 2020 09:28:28 GMT)

Re: Guestz

I don't think you can really compare the outbreak of the 1918 pandemic with what is happening here and now, for one there wasn't the scale of the medical resources at work as there is now and they didn't understand the scale of that pandemic, we have countries around the globe putting their immense biological knowledge together to beat this, I mean the CDC wasn't around then, many countries didn't

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 13 Apr 2020 00:13:29 GMT)

As Jesse Jackson used to say . . .

Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive that things are safe enough to let up on the COVID-19 scare over the summer a bit so that maybe we can get a few "happenings" in . . . before potentially having to go on guard again in the fall and winter. Bring on the vaccine baby!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Apr 2020 23:58:32 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Why?

Nobody said it was going to be "over" by this summer Guestz. In fact, we can expect it to go in waves, with a return later in the year after a slower summer (but with the virus clearly still being around). I rescheduled a trip I was supposed to take early this summer for a year later rather than push it to the fall for precisely this reason. COVID-19 is likely to come back this fall/winter. I'

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Guestz (Sun 12 Apr 2020 23:18:50 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon/Why?

Do some history work. The Spanish Flu hit in 3 waves. The first wave wasn't so bad,. But the second and 3rd waves were the real killers. Once things relaxed after the 2nd wave was when the bigger problems arose. The flu started in March of 1918 and the 3 waves didn't end until 1921. Why does folks think this is a 3-5 or even 12 month thing is beyond me. I just believe, since it's more widespread than even 1918's debacle, that it could be much longer than that pandemic. Look, I'm like you Red Dragon, I want it to be over and done with like yesterday. But thinking even by this summer seems like Trump thinking by April 12th that we'd be in church! I just believe there's going to be waves of this stuff.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 12 Apr 2020 17:53:41 GMT)

Fear Factor

The only ones who will be afraid to come out will be those who were afraid before this pandemic started. In other words, they live their lives in fear anyway. Or, perhaps they belong to a high risk group, in which case they do need to be careful. But otherwise, most people are going to get back out there ASAP! I hope in time for my scheduled summer event. Because if so, then I'm gonna chikan butt fuck me some grown ass white college girls. Diggin' all up in between them cheeks! Sho' will!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 12 Apr 2020 13:20:36 GMT)

Re: Sweden

In Sweden the buses and trains are not full anymore, as people are being told to work from home, this practice has been a way of life for many years so it required no adjustment or extra time to implement, they are allowing gatherings of up to 50 people bars are open and restaurants but the death tole is creeping up, but it is doing just that, creeping its NOT spiking like it has in other countries, so maybe their way of doing it works...if you check the death rate in other countries in europe it has spiked a lot let alone the US where Drump has mishandled it in true Drump fashion, the man is a moron!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 12 Apr 2020 12:55:16 GMT)

Re: Guestz

I disagree, why? because on the tubes in London and buses its packed not enough to frott because many people are working from home, but I suspect when the lock down is lifted and a few months have passed things will slowly get back to normal, crowded buses and trains and clubs, simply because that is human nature to get back to normal, doing what they want to do, in fact in London some idiots are refusing to respect the lock down, so I am not worried, I just want this to be over so I can get my nasty on properly ;)

Guest (Sun 12 Apr 2020 05:38:22 GMT)

Defunct Events

Did any chikans go to Dayglow/Life in Color?


Guestz (Sat 11 Apr 2020 23:27:40 GMT)

Re: Where are we headed with social distancing.

It's probably just me, but I think this dilemma we as chikans are in will be around longer than we want. The country may open up in the near future but it will be drastically altered. Best we can hope fore would be everybody wears mask, but the 6 ft distance-thing changes. Unless of course they come up with a vaccine, which probably won't happen for at least 18 months+.

Bad-Boy (Sat 11 Apr 2020 20:48:45 GMT)

Re: Eric (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Thanks Bro! i'm semi retired, i mostly do clubs on occasion now...but yeah that was me with the BBQ story...damn she had a Fat Juicy ass!

I'll see if i can find some old stories to repost for the masses

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 11 Apr 2020 16:05:46 GMT)

Re: Eric - Sweden

I think we need to take a bit of a wait and see approach with Sweden. It could just be that they are in a different stage of the pandemic. I have seen reports in the last few days indicating that COVID-19 deaths are starting to rise in Sweden. If they start to spike, then the Swedish authorities are going to rue the day that they didn't take precautionary measures sooner when they had the chance to.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Eric (Sat 11 Apr 2020 05:19:08 GMT)


I must be a fortune teller as I told ya guys that a “guest” would ask me to comment stories even though I don’t have one at the current moment. I asked fellow members to politely share if there was anything new as I assumed someone could have gotten lucky with the panic buying, but I guess not.

You should have re-read my post to educate yourself. Canada has been on lockdown where a

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Apr 2020 00:58:58 GMT)

Carnival Action

This is a quite common practice at the Carnival street parade.


registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 10 Apr 2020 17:19:35 GMT)


I'm on a Hiatus fellas!! Mainly due to this Corona Pandemic as the whole country is basically on lock-down. But as Shogun always says, once a chikan, always a chikan!! ;)

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 10 Apr 2020 15:32:49 GMT)

Stay at home and watch . . .

That's the best concert chikans can do at the moment . . . .


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:33:44 GMT)


Do you have any stories???

Eric (Fri 10 Apr 2020 07:41:29 GMT)

Bad Boy

Bro it’s nice to see you on the board again! How have you been? What’s your status on the board? Are you still an active chikan or have you retired?

I hope no “guests” attack me for asking for stories like they did to Buttsmasher. Whatever happened to Big T and Buttsmasher? It feels like the board is lately being contributed solely by Da Groper, Shogun and all rounder.


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Bad-Boy (Thu 09 Apr 2020 23:02:03 GMT)

Re: Eric (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Whats up Eric..yes its m,e the one and the same...i don't post as much anymore, but i check in from time to time

Guest (Thu 09 Apr 2020 20:22:51 GMT)

The office tease

Girl at my job is a tease, especially it seems since we social distancing. Comes to work really looking slutty knowing no one can get near her. So I got her good today. Got there early and grabbed her bottle of expensive hand lotion and took it into the bathroom and deposited a huge load of my cum ion it then shook it up. I saw her slathering it all over her bare arms about 2 hours later.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 08 Apr 2020 18:40:57 GMT)

Humping a Tourist (Eric: Story Request)

One of my more interesting (hopefully) humpings of a white tourist took place in 2016. She was a slim blonde, about 35 years old, travelling on a bus, alone. That last detail is important. Tourists usually move about in groups, and I find that if a female visitor is with her husband or boyfriend, as often happens, then she is much less likely to say yes. This particular visitor had clearly come to

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 08 Apr 2020 15:23:21 GMT)

Re: Mohammed - Good Times in Spain

Another good bet brother, and maybe even better, is La Patum de Berga, a multi-day/evening folk festival in Berga, Spain. Especially when the sun goes down and the "fireworks" get started! In Mexican Spanish, slang for a "boner" is "verga". Hence, I refer to this festival as La Patum de VERGA! HAHAHA!



Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Mohammed (Wed 08 Apr 2020 08:18:13 GMT)

good times im spain

I want to attend the spanish bull run but will it run this year ?.

Also they stepped up security because of sex attacks is it safe for chikans ?


Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 08 Apr 2020 08:15:19 GMT)

Guest: Good Times in Spain

Great picture indeed. The girl with her face upturned seems to be getting humped by two men at the same time. Hope they were both able to climax. You occasionally see similar action during our Carnival.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 08 Apr 2020 08:02:13 GMT)

Eric: Situation in the Caribbean

Here in my "undisclosed location," Eric, we are under strict lockdown. The virus arrived here later than it did in the U.S. and probably Canada, so we are a little behind those countries. My last outing was in the middle of March, when I came against the shoulder of a young woman on the bus. I am hoping that things will be back to normal by September, which is normally the start of my "humping year." As I noted earlier, there was a time in 2015, when, for medical reasons, I was forced to stay put for about six months, so I have already survived a similar situation. I am not sure how things are in Canada, but stay home, stay safe, and you will get through this!

Eric (Wed 08 Apr 2020 07:25:29 GMT)

Board Post

Bruh, what happened to allrounder? I wonder if Black Shogun chased him off the board hahaha

Anyways, in case he didn’t see my message. I will simplify it. How’s the Chikan activity in the Carribean? As Trinidad is very similar to my undisclosed vacation getaway. Although Trinidad is more developed.

I did want to clarify my comments on majority of females being older in my ar

1839 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 08 Apr 2020 07:15:52 GMT)


With the current buttfuck starvation we’ve all been forced into, I’m guessing we all have that one memory they wish they could relive the most.

Mine, I definitely posted on here is from summer last year. A white teenager at a public gathering, bent over the barrier, wearing these unbelievably high riding denim shorts my God. I thought she wasn’t game because when I got on it, I did ge

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Guest (Tue 07 Apr 2020 19:28:04 GMT)

Good times in Spain

great picture taken from Pamplona Spain. Running of the bulls

Guestz (Tue 07 Apr 2020 17:17:49 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

i agree with you on that note RD. If you look at what happened during spring break down in Florida it should at least tell you what will happen once the reigns are off! As soon as the festivals and clubs are back in full effect the freaks will come out! That's when I'll be there right with them! My only differing opinion is how long that will be.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 07 Apr 2020 16:14:52 GMT)

Re: Arrests

Well I know what can happen by being careless, but I also know its going to be just like I said just as us pervs are raring to go so will all these club, party, festival and just socialized starved teens/20s will be just the same, it will be a veritable smorgasboard for us, all we have to do is exersize a little caution and it will be very rich pickings, of that I am certain.

Eric (Tue 07 Apr 2020 07:34:01 GMT)


Good morning, gentlemen,

I was wondering how’s the chikan activity like in the Carribean with this rona virus?

I remember you figured out my “undisclosed” vacation spot last time I went and when I was telling dem stories.

I assumed you are in the neighboring country. You know the one that people get your country mixed up with mine because of similar things.


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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 06 Apr 2020 16:54:21 GMT)

Re: Stizzy

I know that's right brooooo . . . startin' to get horny as hell . . . thinkin' bout . . . thinkin' bout . . . thinkin' bout butt fuckin'! But like I said, it's coming back, it's comin' back! We just gotta wait it out is all cause it's comin' back STRONG! Boston Strong??? Nope! CHIKAN STRONG!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Mon 06 Apr 2020 14:42:34 GMT)


I asked her for her Instagram, I can tell by her name and other pictures she's Turkish. Bro i'm finding it hard to come to terms that I wont be going this year, I've been getting tons of booty over that weekend every year for the last 10years 💔

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 06 Apr 2020 14:33:56 GMT)

Turkish . . .

Actually, she looks more like a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) versus a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl). The two are often used interchangeably, but they are NOT the same thing. Reminds me of when it was the in thing for fat women to call themselves "thick". It was like the man's handle say . . . YaNotThickYaFat! Hahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

webmaster: ayashi (Mon 06 Apr 2020 14:21:17 GMT)

Re: March 2020 frottophilia award

March award goes to Danny Da Grabber and his school days adventures. Oh, and to those big big knockers.

Stizzy 1 fiddy (Mon 06 Apr 2020 14:09:55 GMT)

Turkish Pawg

Moments before I had my cock and balls wedged in between her humungous arse

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 06 Apr 2020 14:03:12 GMT)

Re: Stizzy - Turkish PAWG

Turkish Tookus is some of the best Muslim ass I have ever had Stizzy. Turk girls I have found to be very good and very, very dirty in bed! How did you know she was Turkish???

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 13:25:13 GMT)

Not Going Down to His Level

Here's an article by a respected physician about the connection between infrequent ejaculation and prostate cancer. As I suggested earlier, practising abstinence during this difficult time is probably not a good idea.


Stizzy 1 fiddy (Mon 06 Apr 2020 12:57:12 GMT)

Turkish Pawg

the last couple of days I've been beating my meat over last this Turkish pawg that let me destroy her arse last year at carnival, devastated that this years event won't be going down.

Mohammed (Mon 06 Apr 2020 11:45:56 GMT)

Quit Chikan ?

There have been so many legends who have come and gone some still here like Nanbread, Black Shogun, Rock Hard, Punjabi Butt Humper.

Rockhard was one the coolest chikans. Wonder whether he actually quit ?.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 10:41:43 GMT)

Abstinence and Erectile Dysfunction

I did a quick search and found this article, reviewed by a doctor, which says that abstinence increases the risk of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer,

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 04:36:02 GMT)

his Level

I don't try to hide the fact that about one out of eight of my numerous WILLING accomplices are schoolgirls, some of whom are underage, but that is besides the point. A certain member seems to be incapable of conducting a reasonable, rational debate of an issue. As I've said before he always resorts to irrelevant name-calling and personal abuse, attacking the messenger and forgetting about the message. In case you ever want to engage in a proper discussion of the issues, let me remind you of the point, which is, that you, a layman, know better than the professionals, and if you want to ignore their advice, then you are likely to suffer from (more intense) impotence. And btw., Viagra can have serious side effects, including blindness.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 03:51:04 GMT)

He Will Take You Down to His Level

For some reason, all debates with a certain member always descend to name-calling, personal abuse, and irrelevant ad hominem attacks. As I said before, there's nothing like sticking to the point during a debate, and the point is that you, a layman, know better than the professionals.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 03:02:15 GMT)

Welcome to the Delights of Impotence

As I said, if you prefer impotence, and want to go out only four times a year, don't listen to my "worthless bullshit," take the advice of a layman who knows better than the professionals.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 02:48:39 GMT)

Applauding the Brave Who Are not Embarrassed by Their Condition

On that note, some members, like Guestz, have admitted that they suffer from erectile dysfunction, others have not. It's quite a common problem among middle-aged and senior males. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 02:06:45 GMT)

Misery Likes Company

If you prefer impotence, then don't listen to people wiser than me. I'm sure there are some who would like you to be in the same boat as them.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Apr 2020 02:00:52 GMT)

Missing the Point

In my advice, I never mentioned masturbation. My recommendation, or rather, the recommendation of people wiser than me, concerned not what you do, but how often you do it.

Bad-Boy (Mon 06 Apr 2020 01:59:18 GMT)

Re: Guestz (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I'm vet on this board bro...i'm familiar with those guys...i know they are careful...I'm referring to the ones that won't be

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 05 Apr 2020 23:38:43 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Arrest

Anybody can be arrested if they get sloppy and/or throw caution totally to the wind and forget about good technique. Even the best of us, if we get too "cocky" (pun intended), can be apprehended if we don't watch out. Was concerned about Narflarf because I thought he was taking way too many risky chances. Here's hoping to a safe and successful return to "the practice" for all of us when the time comes. I'm semi-retired, so won't be out there as much. Be safe. Do your jobs! And for Christ's sake DO NOT get caught with your dicks out! OK??? LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 05 Apr 2020 23:32:32 GMT)

Re: Max Mond - Quitters have to quit

Don't even try it Maxie LOL! You know good and damn well that you will be out there again one day. More power to you if these circumstances lead you to quit. But I'm not buying it! Old chikans, like old soldiers, never totally quit. We just fade away into the sunset. In the meantime, enjoy staying home and eating and fucking on your employer's time and dime LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Bad-Boy (Sun 05 Apr 2020 22:53:57 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I only do clubs and parties now bro...plenty of consensual asses there...and sometimes you can end the night Happily if she gets horny enough

Guestz (Sun 05 Apr 2020 21:13:52 GMT)

Re: Bad Boy/arrest

I guess you don't know chikans like Black Shogun, Red Dragon, myself, and a few others here. I will not be getting arrested when this shit is over. Don't know about any others besides the ones I've mentioned. But we are seasoned enough to know what's up. It's just gonna be about experience at that point.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 05 Apr 2020 20:10:17 GMT)


Five years ago, I went through a long dry spell similar to the one that's facing all of us now. For medical reasons, my mobility was severely limited, and I was stuck at home for about six months. For the first half of 2015, I fed myself with recollections of the past and dreams of the future. I can give a little piece of advice about surviving this present difficult time. Don't try to practise abstinence. Your male member needs regular exercise just like your arms or legs. I'm not a medical professional, but people who are recommend that a middle-aged person (like me) should try to ejaculate at least once a week.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 05 Apr 2020 17:44:49 GMT)

Re Bad Boy

So about 90 percent of us, including you, unless of course you always get consensual girls....
I for one will be taking full advantage of all the festivals and all the girls going to and from the reopened clubs ;)

Mad Max (Sun 05 Apr 2020 13:53:50 GMT)

Quitters have to quit

Thanks to covid19, those of who've been wanting to quit but couldn't,are now forced to quit. I'll still have the memories of nyc subways and my office. On the bright side, working from home is good for constant eating and fucking during the day. My girl has realized the way to my heart, and my cock, is through the stomach. We've been eating good home cooked food. Daily routine is to eat,fuck, do some work from home, and repeat several times a day. I feel like I'm 16

Bad-Boy (Sat 04 Apr 2020 23:03:54 GMT)

Arrests (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I can tell alot of you guys and CHIKANS in general are going to be getting arrested when everything gets back to normal...especially you guys that like to " force grope" women and girls...you're gonna be all horny and hyped up and extra aggresive...and those undercover cops on the trains and buses are going to bagging you up left and right...

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 04 Apr 2020 12:50:36 GMT)

Ayashi - March MOTM

Ayashi, who is the March Man? I went for Danny da Grabber.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 04 Apr 2020 09:30:16 GMT)

Re Mohammed

I have had that happen a couple of times, pretty sure I posted them on here too but possibly as Black helmet, one incedent was only fror one stop, I got on a tube train and pressed this mousy blond woman up against the glass beside the doors, she was around 25 to 30, slimish build, my cock got hard as I pressed it up on her pussy, she went bright red and was clearly uncomfortable, but she had no w

1789 more byte(s), click here!

Not Armhumper (Fri 03 Apr 2020 15:12:23 GMT)

Nyc still good to go

Its not worth catching the virus but the new york trains are still a good hunting ground.... and as far as the video... how u know her breath stink?

Mohammed (Fri 03 Apr 2020 10:59:09 GMT)

pussy humping

Arse humping is great. Pussy humping is erotic as hell. I remember years ago there was tube delays on the central line.

I wasnt hunting at the time but the carriage was jam packed like sardines. I was near the door. Out of nowhere this white arse bitch walks up.

Says 'i am so sorry' she then squeezes in between me and this other guy. Her pussy is pressed up against my balls her boobs pressed into my chest ohhhhh boyyyy talk about heaven LOL.

Her face was almost in mine. A very pleasurable ride for 3 mins.

Things like that dont happen everyday lol

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 02 Apr 2020 19:47:17 GMT)

Re: Mohammed - White Bitch Chikaned

That's an old clip brother Mohammed. Very, VERY old! BUT, rarely is that entire length of it seen. Nice find and re-post! Boy got not only some arse but some pussy too. Thing is, her breath was stankin' so she was thoughtful enough to chew some gum LOL! Then we know the boy went home and yanked off . . . then died from the pure tee coronavirus he was all up not only in her ass crack and against her pussy, but up in her germ-ridden face too HAHAHAHA!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Mohammed (Thu 02 Apr 2020 18:41:39 GMT)

White Arse bitch gets chikaned

I exploded in my pants as i watched this scene in the crowded bus. The guy was so lucky to get this white arse bitch


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 02 Apr 2020 14:41:46 GMT)

Re: ManaSteel - St. Patrick's Day Re-post

Cool man! Was just looking to rev it up some since nobody here was gonna be having any St. Patrick's Day fun.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

ManaSteel (Thu 02 Apr 2020 04:24:31 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun - St Patrick's Day repost

I've been away from the site for the past month and missed a lot. The St Patrick's Day story with pic of the aftermath was one of my few contributions to the site. Thanks for the repost.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 01 Apr 2020 22:21:48 GMT)

Re: Bad-Boy - Siiiiize Matters

When fully erect I gotta whopper too! I try to keep it hidden with a long shirt. BUT, I takes that "bad boy" out though! Aaaaaahahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Wed 01 Apr 2020 22:15:43 GMT)

@ bad-boy

Mine is the same shit i had a girl at the pr parade say the same shit she says "he has a big one" to the friend standing right beside her the friend says "you lying" my girl say "nope!!" While shes laughing through the convo anyway 20 mins went by im grinding on my girl hard the friend wasn't getting any action so she turns to her friend and says have fun and she left...lol.. 1hr later i bust a nut and grab the bitch tits and rub her nipples until she left good times i wrote a story here when it first happened

Bad-Boy (Wed 01 Apr 2020 17:41:59 GMT)

Re: 24k magic (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Yeah, i'm over 8 inches my hand size is almost 9 inches and my dick is almost as long as my hand when erect...i would never take my shit out...but that's why i always wear thin sweats, thin Jeans or go commando to parties and bars, so i don't have to...a true consensual partner loves feeling a big dick in her ass so you won't have to take it out... i once had a woman tell her friend when i was in her ass how big my dick was, and she would move up from time to time to give her friend room to squeeze and hold my dick...that was an AWESOME NIGHT! one of my more memorable experiences.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 01 Apr 2020 14:20:19 GMT)


Dumb bitch got butt implants. Natural is always best! Just eat more fattening beans and rice LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Mohammed (Wed 01 Apr 2020 13:10:42 GMT)

brother black shogun

Brother Shogun

I nearly exploded in my pants when this white bitch was bending over. Its so good.


Guest (Wed 01 Apr 2020 09:47:44 GMT)


Teenagers will come back to events first as they have less to fear, their still socializing right now whenever the cops aren't looking. Next will be the young adults who don't live with their parents, then we come next :)

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Mar 2020 23:39:13 GMT)

OK look man . . .

Mofo's need to stop sweatin' all this shit! It's coming back, and it's coming back STRONG! This is not the first time the world has gone through something like this. Spanish flu, polio, etc. And things ALWAYS come back and ALWAYS will! Until the day the sun no longer shines. And that's where I'm gonna be too . . . in a place where the sun don't shiiiiiiine . . . all up in them PLUMP, shiney white behiiiiinndss! I don't know about you Guestz, but ahma TORQUE them SOCKETS UP boooooooyyyyy! We comin' back, and we comin' back STRONG! I don't care how long it takes! Hell, chikans already lickin' their chops waitin' for the next World Cup hahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Tue 31 Mar 2020 23:11:12 GMT)

The way things are going....

The way it's all shaping up with this virus is really troubling. If I'm not mistaken, I could be wrong, but I believe I may have been the first to even mention this virus was a problem when it came to chikan. Go back and check. But from the onset I thought it was cause for concern. Right or wrong then, I'm thinking it's now definitely a game-changer. All those good, tight, sweaty concerts, where I had my bare, monkey-wrench out, tightening up those "sockets" may really be a thing that we'll have to do without for much longer than I've anticipated. We'll have to see.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Mar 2020 20:54:07 GMT)

Re: Mohammed - Grown, Plump. Twenty

She is porn star Alexis Texas brother Mohammed, and the picture is one from when she first hit the scene and became an immediate rising star. You can find her plump, phat, "grown", white arse all over the internet. And you're right. Chikans would be FIGHTIN' in the crowd to get all up on that "whooty" (white booty)!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Tue 31 Mar 2020 19:15:48 GMT)


Y'all mofos can just dream about chikan now. That covid19 is around.

TheMan (Tue 31 Mar 2020 17:13:41 GMT)

social distancing

looking at all of these daily briefs, especially from the US and the UK, it is really starting to look like social distancing may possibly kill the game altogether. just as there may be the possibility that these targets will surface from their lockdowns looking for closeness, i think that there is a greater possibility that social distancing will still remain prevalent, leaving them paranoid as well. it is already warm in places like egypt and south africa, yet they have people in protective suits spraying shit all over the place so that leaves the whole hot weather impact to question. may have to rely on archived material guys, as there will be nothing legitimately fresh from the US and Europe for some time. fucking virus brought this social distancing and wiped us out lol damn

Mohammed (Tue 31 Mar 2020 15:44:47 GMT)

Grown, Plump, Twenty

Chikans would be fighting over that whitebitch. If only i could hunt her in the crowds. I would nail this piece of meat with my filthy haram penis.

Who is she brother ?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Mar 2020 13:00:03 GMT)

Grown, Plump, Twenty-Something White Hind Parts

What I have ALWAYS preferred! Yes siiiiiiirrr!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Mar 2020 12:56:51 GMT)

The March Man

GOT to be "Danny da Grabber"!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

24K Magic (Tue 31 Mar 2020 11:57:33 GMT)

Legit Concern

Does any one else have this problem where their dick is above average (mine is 8 inches) and they can't take it out during a concert or festival in fear of it being too big and hard on her and getting caught?

Guest (Tue 31 Mar 2020 11:36:06 GMT)

please vote master chikan

please vote master chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 31 Mar 2020 04:18:02 GMT)

Age Difference Excites Me

When I look back over my decades long career, it would seem as though age difference has always excited me. I began humping females to orgasm on the bus in my early teens, and at that time, almost all of my targets were full-grown women. I was particularly attracted to office workers. My thinking at that time was identical to Master Chikan's,: Why hump a girl when you can hump a woman? However, as an adult, I found myself being drawn to well-developed schoolgirls in their pretty uniforms, even though I hump women of various ages, obviously within certain limits. So, though I favoured different demographics as an adolescent and as a man, one feature is consistent, and that is a preference for age difference between me and my targets.

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 31 Mar 2020 02:11:16 GMT)

2020 March frottophilia award

Nomination please.

London Sex Beast (Mon 30 Mar 2020 14:56:28 GMT)

mutton and lamb

I respect each and everyones opinion. Fuck meat is so rare these days. I will go for any meat.

Master Chikan (Mon 30 Mar 2020 13:35:09 GMT)

more great stories

Since I was 11 or 12, I have ridden the New York City subways every day after school. I could walk home, but I don't want to, because every day at rush hour the subways are jam-packed with sexy business women. Why go after a girl when you can go after a woman? It all started when I was 11 or 12. The car was very crowded that day and I was sandwiched between two people. In front of me was a busines

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 30 Mar 2020 13:15:32 GMT)

Guest: Nonsense about Lamb

Not everyone can appreciate caviar, and the Bible tells us not to cast pearls before a certain type of animal.

Guest (Mon 30 Mar 2020 05:50:17 GMT)

Master Chikan

Excellent stories master chikan. At last someone who is sharing sensational stories. Rather then talking nonsense about lamb, mutton and chicken.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 29 Mar 2020 19:47:01 GMT)

Why Men Choose Lamb over Mutton

Mohammed stated that men will always choose lamb over mutton because it's in their DNA. I think he is right, and I have an explanation for why that is so. Psychologists tell us that men are hard-wired to favour women who will give them a large number of children. Thus, men all over the world prefer women with wide hips, and having wide hips is a sign that a woman can bear many children.
Now, a female who is 17 clearly has more childbearing potential than one who is 37 or 47, and for this reason, all things being equal, most men will choose the 17 year old over the one who is 37, not because he is thinking about having offspring, but because evolution has hard-wired him to make that choice.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 29 Mar 2020 15:42:47 GMT)

Again, Please Stick to the Point.

I never said that it was "problematic" to prefer women over adolescents. I actually stated the opposite, when I said that everyone is entitled to their preferences. So, unlike you, I'm not trying to stigmatize people because of their likes and dislikes, which are in their DNA.
But that is all besides the point, which is, again, that females in their 20s are full-grown women and therefore they cannot be called lamb. Women who are getting married and starting families are not lamb. If you can dispute that point without bringing in irrelevant and extraneous matter, then I will entertain the discussion, but if you cannot then you should keep quiet.

Master Chikan (Sun 29 Mar 2020 15:36:36 GMT)

stories from my psst

Today, I decided to spend some time in a local library. Because I have read how Gourmet Groper has seen up the skirts of many women while at the library, I too hoped to find a "spectacle" to behold. And wouldn't you know it but that I had some luck right off the bat! First thing!

Although not as exciting as GG's live report from the library way back when, my eyes did fall upon a most beauti

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 29 Mar 2020 12:30:02 GMT)

Master chikan

All bars in London are closed due to lockdown what are you talking about?

Master Chikan (Sun 29 Mar 2020 10:42:50 GMT)

lsst night

Last night I thought it would be a good night for humping young girls in bars, in leciester square, with the football and everything.

Unfortunately I was wrong, whilst in the bar "sharking" for plum young bottoms to juice myself on I noticed a young blonde wearing tracksuit bottoms leaning on the bar with her two juicy cheeks portruding throught the elastic material of her jogging bottoms.

770 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 29 Mar 2020 08:55:26 GMT)

richard rubwell lamb and mutton

Chikans care more about fuck meat whether its mutton or lamb. If the meat is fuckable who cares ?.

Mohammed (Sun 29 Mar 2020 07:33:38 GMT)

arm humper

I disagree any girl who is 20 or younger is juicy lamb meat. Over 25 hitting 30 they become mutton. Why ? because they are old and have been fucked so mamy times.

Men always choose lamb over mutton. It is in our DNA.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 29 Mar 2020 07:16:35 GMT)

There's Nothing Like Sticking to the Point

The fact remains that a female in her 20s is a full-grown woman and cannot reasonably be called "lamb". I am not going to argue about irrelevant matters. There's nothing quite like sticking to the point while debating. Try it some time.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 29 Mar 2020 01:35:31 GMT)

Lamb vs. Mutton

Thanks for the encouragement, Richard Rubwell. I'm actually a generalist, an omnivore. Each demographic has its own attractions for me. But you are probably right when you say that I prefer schoolgirls. I like the students who are well-developed, the ones who are big for their age. I'm also attracted to the girls who go to elite high schools or religious institutions. Part of the "problem" is that schoolgirls here wear pretty uniforms, and a student who fills out her gear is an extremely pleasant sight. Finally, to make a point that is minor (no pun intended), a female in her 20s is a full-grown woman. Everyone is entitled to their preferences, and people tend to like whatever they get the most of, but I don't see how you can accurately call such a woman "lamb".

captain arse licker (Sat 28 Mar 2020 15:39:14 GMT)

mutton and lamb

Go for lamb over mutton anyday.

Mohammed (Sat 28 Mar 2020 15:04:37 GMT)

young woman is like a young lamb so tasty

Young lambs are like college girls so tasty and yummy. On the bakerloo line i use to enjoy hunting for american college girls so juicy.

When you are plastered all over her body. Your bulge in thier cracks you feel alive and buzzing. Smelling her delicious hair. I have even rubbed my lips on the juicy necks of these college girls.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 28 Mar 2020 11:55:28 GMT)

Choice Cuts

The age of 14 (besides being jail bait) would be more like having veal, whereas age 40 would be the mutton if you ask me. Per my tastes, the 20's are the sweet spot where the tasty lamb can be found. Yum, yum!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Richard Rubwell (Sat 28 Mar 2020 05:50:35 GMT)

Lamb vs. Mutton

There are many hunting animals who prefer their prey to be young, because they favour the tender meat of a lamb, for example, over the tough flesh of a full-grown sheep. Likewise, it is clear that some of the hunters of this forum have a preference for innocent schoolgirls over the older, more experienced members of the sisterhood. I refer to people like Red Dragon, Mohammed, and Arm Humper, all of whom I salute. Don't let anyone try to make you feel guilty for following your natural hunter instincts. It is natural for us to prefer two at 14 to one at 28. I like it when these girls look at me with their innocent eyes, clearly asking, "what are you doing?" and I continue to hump them until I come, giving them their first lesson in perversion!

Danielle (Sat 28 Mar 2020 05:07:15 GMT)

My experience

Hey guys!

I recently just found this forum and I have been enjoying everyone's story on the archives. I've been looking for a place to share my story, although not as exciting as some of yours Haha

I'm a female, 4'11, pretty innocent looking but I enjoy it when a man rubs up against me. One of my most enjoyable experience was when I was heading to college early in the morning by tra

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Mohammed (Fri 27 Mar 2020 14:51:29 GMT)

london dead

I had a school girl uniform. So i took it to the chinese shop in piccadilly circus. The chinese super market was open. I asked the manager if they had any massuers available. He took me downstairs. Three chinese girls were available i settled for the petite one.

We went to a room and we negiotated a price we do body to body massage providing she wears the school girl outfit.

I told

752 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 26 Mar 2020 05:55:45 GMT)

Madness in great ones must not unwatched go

It may be time to invoke the 25th Amendment. (The quotation is from Shakespeare's "Hamlet".) It's one thing when a novice appears in this forum suffering from a few fixations, but it's another thing when the leader of the free world starts to make bizarre statements.

Guest (Wed 25 Mar 2020 16:41:01 GMT)

Re: Good news from Trump

Our country is in good hands. This will all be over soon.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 25 Mar 2020 11:51:45 GMT)

The Esteemed Trump

He is an idiot who would have us all sickened/dead in order to save the economy that he planned to run for re-election on. His Easter date, rather than based on scientific data, is based on a "gee wouldn't that feel good" (rolling eyes). No other country that has dealt heavily with coronavirus has been able to come back that fast, and neither will the U.S. We aren't seeing any real relief at least until this summer. If anybody in government seriously believed differently, then there would not have been bi-partisan support for a $2 trillion dollar stimulus package. Trump is an idiot and a moron. Impeachment didn't bring him down. I hope his handling of COVID-19 does.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Wed 25 Mar 2020 08:50:34 GMT)


Good news for frotteurs of young women, maybe less good for their grandparents

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 25 Mar 2020 02:43:36 GMT)

Good News from Trump?

Forget about New Year's Eve, if the esteemed US President is right, things should return to normal by Easter (April 12th)! According to him, the churches will be packed, so I'm looking for some stories of humping at places of worship from my American colleagues! (I have humped women's asses to orgasm in churchyards and at Gospel concerts, so I know that it can be done).

Guest (Wed 25 Mar 2020 01:33:44 GMT)


The girls who crave contact will be the first ones who go out to events.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 24 Mar 2020 06:28:13 GMT)

Re Guestz

I hear you bro' but I am similar, the longest was when I served time and that was more than a few months, haha the first thing I did was get back on the proverbial horse too, lol and I too will be fucking like crazy, in fact my gf has already started to reap the benefits and is more than a little suspicious as to why she is suddenly getting so much more sex, lol, of course you will miss it...BUT d

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TheMan (Tue 24 Mar 2020 00:14:47 GMT)

Black Shogun

hell yeah brother. i am all the way with you on that one. i feel sorry for my first target once we get past all of this madness lol

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 23 Mar 2020 21:39:33 GMT)

Re: The Man - Not Till New Year!

Hey, I would hate to have to wait that long, but if we do, then it is what it is. Cause on New Year's Eve I be nuttin' bro! Nutted all up on some plump, phat, round, soft "whooty" last time LOLOLOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Mon 23 Mar 2020 17:01:39 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon/Recovery

I'm sure it will recover, but my concern is when. It will not recover until the threat has passed, regardless of human nature. Human nature is telling most of us to keep our asses inside and to listen to the social distancing warnings. That will not end until the threat of getting sick ends. And what they're saying is this could come in waves over an 18+ month period. I don't know about everybody else on this board, but I've never, in my whole adult life, gone more than 4-5 months without touching, groping, or grinding on total strangers! Not my whole life. I will be screwing quite a bit, but I'll miss that other "life" too. But the timing couldn't be worse: my wife is not in the best of health, so I'll have to deal with that too.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 23 Mar 2020 15:29:37 GMT)

Re Guestz

I think it will recover to what it was before simply because of human nature, people want to go out and have fun, drink, party, go to clubs, bars, you can't fight human nature, it will come back just as before..as for my flashing dude that has been fucked by this, not only are people social distancing they are staying at home so who am I going to flash?? lol I am in the same boat as all of you, remember I like to frott and arm hump too! so doubly fucked!!
Stay safe.

TheMan (Mon 23 Mar 2020 14:56:54 GMT)

Black Shogun

i see where you are coming from. i also agree people being natural social beings too. the thing is, the turnaround will not be as near as we may hope. like Guestz said, social distancing will be around for a long time, i believe until late in the year if not later. the people that we saw outside in the news were just in some sort of denial mode so, yeah, if we were there, that would have been g

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webmaster: ayashi (Mon 23 Mar 2020 12:07:08 GMT)

Re: Ayashi Inquiry - Black Shogun

It is PHP version mixed-up and now it is fixed.

Thank you!

Guestz (Mon 23 Mar 2020 11:59:07 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/"Strong"

im No scientist, but my gut says this: we're gonna see it get worse, then subside, only to come back again later. Until we get a reliable vaccine to combat it we'll have to practice "social distancing". In other words for us chikans "abstinence"! Of course Red Dragon might be able to still do his flashing, but those that like to connect with our targets will have a long road ahead

Mohammed (Mon 23 Mar 2020 11:47:09 GMT)

london dead

London has been to quiet no crowds no chikan. Last few days i have been going to the chinese brothel in piccadilly circus. I pay chinese girls to wear short skirts. Then fuck them in the arse and spit in thier hair for 40 quid.

I came specifically to hunt white office girls on central and jubilee lines.

Its depressing.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 23 Mar 2020 02:53:36 GMT)

Re: Guestz & The Man - Reality

Just look at ALL the people who were STILL going to the beach right in the midst of this thing. They would STILL be out there right now if officials hadn't shut it down. Naw, naw, naaaaaaawwww . . . when this is all over, things are coming back . . . and they are coming back STRONG! People are social beings, and when it's safe, they are going to be out in DROVES! Would be out all over the place right now if they could all over the place. Just wait until all kinds of venues open up again. Mark my words . . . it's all coming back . . . and it's coming back STRONG!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

TheMan (Mon 23 Mar 2020 02:07:35 GMT)

Guestz -Reality

that is exactly what i have felt for some time now to be honest. looking at the way things are, can't see how we can go from social distancing to riding targets in a matter of months. might as well forget the rest of this year and hope for the best next year.

Guestz (Sun 22 Mar 2020 22:55:34 GMT)


Im not so sure things will get back to normal for the foreseeable future. It's selfish wishful thinking for us as Chikans to expect it. This is really serious and I don't think anyone can say it'll be back to normal even within a year. I'm just going to follow the rules, stay out of other people's way as best I can and pray for the world to just recover. Beyond that, if it works out that we can play our game later, good. In the meantime you guys stay up on the recommendations of the leaders, the scientists. Good luck!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 22 Mar 2020 12:23:20 GMT)

Ayashi Inquiry

I tried to post videos on the Video Clip Links page, but it didn't work. You may want to see if there is a problem with posting clips there, as I could not. Thanks.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Alist (Sat 21 Mar 2020 18:22:40 GMT)


Hello, long time follower here. Is the xhamster person chrisredfield999 also in here? I wanted to know if I can be added to your friends list on xhamster.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 21 Mar 2020 13:33:02 GMT)

And . . .

I see you haven't Black Helmet. Sorry, but I'm tired of your shit and you're not having the last word.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 21 Mar 2020 13:29:27 GMT)

Re Guestz

Dude its probably the same for many of us, it sucks for sure, but I agree with Guest on here when this finally passes there will be loads of partying girls dying to get out and party, the bars and clubs that survive will be packed again the concerts and festivals that had to cancel or reschedule will be packed so perfect right? and all those horny semi drunk girls will be our "prey" again...so roll on that!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 21 Mar 2020 13:26:17 GMT)

Re Shogun

Well at least you have finished ranting,,,thank fuck for that

Guest (Sat 21 Mar 2020 12:34:32 GMT)


Who is this "Richard Rubwell"? Newbie interrogating long-standing members of this site. Is he even a chikan?

Guestz (Sat 21 Mar 2020 11:58:20 GMT)

Re: Richard Rubwell

Theres a difference. I have always done the chikan-thing. If you read my history, I'm not constantly out on the prowl year-round trying to do it. I have a healthy sex life with my wife. As I mentioned recently, I had bought tickets for festivals and since this virus hit I thought for sure that they would be cancelled. Turns out they are postponed until the fall. I'm good with that. So that means I

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Mohammed (Sat 21 Mar 2020 11:38:51 GMT)

Gaming in london

I came to london wrong time. I was so excited to go back to my old haunt on central line. To begin my groping in the crowds. but city is quiet.

I saw some office girls at liverpool st but i could not get near them.

I was so angry i went to a chinese store and asked if they had masseurs. Chose a chinky with big tits.

Had to pay her 40 quid just to lie on her stomach so i could bugger her crack
i basically lied on top of her naked got angry and pumped my juices in her crack.

Then i spat in her hair. i wad so angry.

Guest (Sat 21 Mar 2020 10:29:32 GMT)

Blatant Chikan

This guy is so brazen. The bus is busy but this is just so obvious..

What’s people’s thoughts on thus video ? - seems real too.


Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 21 Mar 2020 10:20:40 GMT)

Response to Richard Rubwell

The number of women who would be "paralyzed by shock" would be, I believe, very small, because when women take the bus in my country, they must know that they might be humped. Information like that travels quickly in a small nation like mine, and, apart from word of mouth, the topic has been well discussed on social media. About 20 to 25 years ago, when I tried to mount a woman, they would sometimes glare at me, as if to say, "what the fuck are you trying to do?" but I don't get that response anymore because females have grown accustomed to the idea of being humped on the bus.

Richard Rubwell (Sat 21 Mar 2020 04:19:24 GMT)

Questions for Arm Humper and Guestz

Arm Humper, how do you know that the 20 to 30% of females who don't resist you are actually willing? Couldn't some of them be shocked and momentarily paralyzed? You said that you come quickly, no? Maybe you accomplish the act before they decide how to respond?

Guestz, you said earlier that you were not going to shrivel up and die because of 2 or 3 missed concerts because you had access to real pussy, but now you are experiencing "torture" because of the same missed concerts? Don't you see an inconsistency in your two positions?

Guestz (Sat 21 Mar 2020 02:16:12 GMT)

The torture of it all

The situation at hand now is pure torture on so many levels. First off, this time of year is when I'm starting to get antsy about the upcoming festivals. I've been on my winter hiatus and I'm horny to do my thing. Tickets in place and the weather is starting to bring out the skin. We got an early spring happening where I live, and of all weeks the girls are shedding the clothing and showing the pe

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TheMan (Fri 20 Mar 2020 20:18:52 GMT)

Black Shogun and Guestz

i sure hope you are both right, i really do. especially with the entire state of california on lock down right now. in a situation like that, no jobs means no income for targets to pay to attend concerts. sounds pessimistic i know but that situation in california could spread to other states, even parts of other countries at this point. london, as another example, is not that far from something similar right now

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Mar 2020 19:40:33 GMT)

Safe Corona Butt Fuck Chikan

Chikan gotta get up in the crack NO MATTER WHAT :-D!! LOLOLOL!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Mar 2020 19:37:40 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Hoes!

The hell with them hoes man. What about a trick??? Tricks uuuUUUPPP! Hoes DOOOwwwwnnn! HAHAHA!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Fri 20 Mar 2020 19:12:29 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/ "Hoes"

Haha, speaking of hoes, I heard a radio talkshow host say that the hoes working the brothels in Nevada we're protesting because they weren't being supplied N95 face masks!!! I SHIT YOU NOT!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Mar 2020 15:22:08 GMT)

Times so hard . . .

Pimps be layin' off hoes! LOLOLOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Mar 2020 14:34:13 GMT)


Nine months from now gonna be a lotta "coronavirus babies" LOLOLOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Thu 19 Mar 2020 21:34:14 GMT)

RE: The Man

I disagree. I think that once the government (or whoever) gives the ok that we're clear to return to our lives comfortably, everyone will be happy to get out. Especially on the concert scene. I believe so much energy is being held in right now and teens/20 year old girls cannot wait to let it all out and they most likely won't care about having someone pressed on them or having a dick in their crack lol. I can't wait for concerts man

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:24:59 GMT)

Like I said . . .

Take a look in the mirror . . . claiming taking the "high road" . . . but angrily calling "rubbish" on other people's approaches about things you know nothing of, and spinning non-believer drama. You're gonna really be feeling sorry if you get caught with your dick in your hand again . . . don't let it happen hommes. Keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road! LOL! Wait for it? More "high road" one upmanship!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 19 Mar 2020 15:34:33 GMT)

Re Black Shogun

WOW! I almost feel sorry for you, you are so paranoid is is sad, for one I did NOT choose any of my user names, I don't have any ambitions on being you far from it and talk about ranting....dude take a chill pill and look in the mirror because your paranoia is really sad, I couldn't even be bothered to read the drivel you ranted on about, it is pure delusion, if you base your argument on the fact that I had a similar name...sad...do some reading, all your rants make you sound as I said paranoid!!

one upmanship? I just take the high road because as the intro says on here
"Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there."....

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 19 Mar 2020 14:28:06 GMT)

Re: Danny Da Grabber - Abusing Quiet Girl With Big Tits

Young man . . . with guys like you coming up in the ranks . . . the future of the Me Too Movement is secured! HAHAHAHAHA!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Danny Da Grabber (Thu 19 Mar 2020 13:10:34 GMT)

Abusing quiet girl with huge tits

One of my favorite targets, I'll call her Kari. She was kind of a quiet girl and had the biggest knockers in school. Me and a friend used to talk about her tits and how much we wanted to grab, suck, motorboat them etc.
So one day she was wearing a sexy top with some cleavage showing. Me and the friend were talking about how juicy her boobs looked today. So he dares me to grab her tits. I was s

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 19 Mar 2020 09:56:16 GMT)

Re: Guestz & The Man

There you go Guestz! There you go! See there? Hahaha! I told you! We all takin' some hits and gonna take some more, but don't give up! Don't give up the ship! Cause the time is gonna come again when you gonna riiiiiiiide them hips! LOL! We cool . . . .

As for your question The Man, I see it goin' the other way. Human beings are social creatures. When this mess is over, people are going to flock back to the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and concerts in THRONGS! They will be so happy it's over that they will attend big CRACK PACKED concerts with joy and glee . . . and so will we! LOLOLOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Thu 19 Mar 2020 00:39:32 GMT)

There Is A Chikan god!

Black Shogun, you said it! I told you I think yesterday that I hadn't given up on the festival I was looking forward to. Now it's true I didn't have a whole lot of faith, but I was a tad bit down. I kept checking the internet for some type of a sign.
Well, low-and-behold it came thru! The festival has indeed at least been postponed to the fall of this year, and although it's 7 months away, it'll have to work! Festival-goers were ecstatic that it's not altogether cancelled. We'll now have to see how the rest of this spring and summer months shape up. In the meantime we'll get by day-by-day.

TheMan (Thu 19 Mar 2020 00:29:51 GMT)

what do you all think?

all of this social distancing will probably change the way that people gather at events. even once the height of the mania subsides, people will most likely be nervous to be in large gatherings. wondering if making close contact with a target at an event will be a thing of the past?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 18 Mar 2020 20:07:50 GMT)

Re: BigT - Images

BigT wrote: "Regarding those images, I’m amazed it was possible to actually photograph chikans in action like that lmao."

At least I always strive to make a contribution to the board. I always have, and I always will. Now, the pictures are indeed amazing! One thing about them that amazes me is that the chikans being photographed apparently didn't have enough awareness of their surround

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 18 Mar 2020 19:32:03 GMT)


Can we move to disagreement to the abuse board, please.

Regarding those images, I’m amazed it was possible to actually photograph chikans in action like that lmao. Somebody needs to attempt this again, it’d be interesting to see this in 2020/2021.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 18 Mar 2020 18:28:15 GMT)

Yeah, you read it right . . . .

And have a good look in the mirror hommes. Because it's like I've said before. All you ever really do is criticize. You've never added much here in the ENTIRE time that you've been here. That's my point, and that's a fact jack! And I've said it before. Said it before, and I'm saying it again.

You showed up here, and I was "Black Shogun", and you decided you were gonna be "Black Helmet"

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 18 Mar 2020 15:36:57 GMT)

Re Black Shogun

Name calling? really how old are you, I'm a "wanker" and you're a pervert, just like the rest of us on here..so how much high ground do you think you have there buddy?? more childish rants.. you never could take criticism,
It has no bearing on what I say if I have been in the hall of fame or any other Hall! you just can't take anyone else telling it like it is!

Good day to you...wait for it?? more rants and and name calling...smh!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 18 Mar 2020 10:51:48 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Reposted Pics

Yeah Guestz . . . makes a chikan want to (un)semi-retire! Ha! I had planned to really get out there and do it up. Go out last Saturday, and then on St. Patrick's Day itself to nut in some butts. But with everything going on, I decided not to, and instead chose to do my civic duty with "social distancing". The exact opposite of what a chikan prefers huh? LOLOLOL!

So, since we aren't su

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 18 Mar 2020 03:53:07 GMT)

To Whom It May Concern

I do not believe that all of the women I attempt to hump are consenting, and have never tried to give that impression. From the very beginning of my time here, I have stated that I have a success rate of between 20 and 30%, or, to put it another way, for every one woman who tells me yes, there are two, three or four who say no. In my stories of more recent years, I often mention and briefly describe the women who turn me down, so no one can honestly maintain that I think that all of the women I meet in my adventures are willing.

Guestz (Wed 18 Mar 2020 00:29:00 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun reposted pics

Man! I remember those pics like it was yesterday. Black Shogun, when I think back on all the stories and pics you've shared, it renews my interest in this game. But the bad thing about it is the damn timing! What is sh brutha to do at this day and time? I'm so disappointed in how this virus has disrupted our lives that I can't think straight! Just think: for a lot of people it means cancelled vaca

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:58:53 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

Same guy and same girl.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:56:08 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This picture was taken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I said to him, "You have great taste," and winked at him. He smiled and said thank you with a smirk on his face.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:50:19 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

Same guy kissing the same girl's head, different angle.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:48:24 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This is the picture I was telling you about. This man not only was rubbing onto this girl but he also kissed her head several times; I have two pictures of that. (I wonder how excited he was? I would say ... VERY).

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:38:01 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

Same guy and girl.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:35:36 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

OK, I found the picture I was talking about. It is not the best and a bit off centered. That was because as I took it the crowd surged and jolted me. But one thing I like about it is you can clearly see his fingers are clearly now in her hair. What amazed me about him was evn though he was going berserk on her outside of a small grin on his face he didn't moan or anything like that. I don't honestly know if his "doodle" was out of his pants; I wasn't really looking. Enjoy.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:32:16 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This is a great picture. It was taken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This guy had his mouth right into this girl's pony tail. Notice his eyes are closed so you know he really had to be enjoying it. (I have second picture of him on her which I didn't scan because of she appears to be quite young. If you want me to I will at a later time).

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:29:34 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

Here's that same guy again. I have four pictures of him on this girl but only scanned this one. They show from when he started, she realized he was doing it and with a big grin on her face manage to get herself out of the crowd. If you want I will scan and post the other three but I didn't do it because I thought it may have been too much. What I do like also is there were two other guys right there (you can barely see them but they are to this guy's left) who had THEIR own girls that they were rubbing on. I don't know why but when I see two or three guys all doing it at the same time it gets me turned on. I also will be posting a couple of pictures where two guys were double teaming the same girl.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:26:56 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This was also taken at the parade. I used to see this guy all the time. He was very aggresive and would rub on anything; young or middle aged, black or white. I haven't seen him for at least five years now, I assume he probably passed away and is in "frottage heaven" now. (LOL) He will be in a few other of my pictures.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:24:37 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

Same dude and girl.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:22:26 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This picture and the next one is of this guy (who I see occasionally around) on a girl at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. At one point he kissed her hair a few times but I had run out of film.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 21:19:38 GMT)

St. Patty's Day Parade Rubbin' Pic by JTBORD

This guy was on this girl, again at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. If you look closely there are two short girls directly in front of her. It was really packed and at one point he began to lightly moan.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 20:55:09 GMT)

Another Chikan's St. Patty's Day Story (author unknown)


Went out to the parade today and had a great time. The streets were so packed that I was able to ride a short blonde for a few minutes with my cock out, hidden under my hoodie and grope a few of her friends. I moved up and down a small 2 block area until I found a tall milf with a lovely bubble butt. I wasted no time approaching her. As I positioned myself behind her I not

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 20:48:12 GMT)

Another from the archives . . .

Here is the first St. Patty's Day story I remember posting on this site:


Ahhhhh St. Patrick’s Day! Maybe it’s what you could call an American version of Oktoberfest, which occurs in Germany. I wouldn’t know though since I’ve never been to Oktoberfest. But, I imagine it’s like St. Patrick’s Day . . . a celebration where throngs and throngs of peo

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 20:29:16 GMT)

St. Patrick's Day!

Today happens to be St. Patrick's Day! A chikan holiday! Unfortunately, with all that's going on in the world today with coronavirus, there will be no new St. Patty's Day stories coming from me. Soooooooo . . . I decided to look into the archives and find some of my old stuff:


So how did you chikans fare on St. Patrick's Day ay? I scored a high quality chikan

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 16:41:39 GMT)

OK look Red Dragon . . .

Or BLACK HELMET! You ain't got no rings, you ain't got no rings! You ain't got no championships! You ain't got no busts in the HOF! So instead of standing there yapping with your dick in your hand trying to terrorize the female populace, and show how knowledgeable you are about something you clearly don't get, why don't you write something good for a change instead of just criticizing everybod

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 17 Mar 2020 15:50:13 GMT)

Re Black Shogun

Mate I know what it is like to ride at a concert, I have never said I have years of experience at it but what I do have is plenty of common sense, I also read a lot of stories from girls that have been groped at concerts and it is clearly evident that what you talk about is rubbish, there is not a chance in hell that a girl doesn't know what a cock feel like rubbing up behind her, all the dynamic

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 12:41:13 GMT)

Re: Danny da grabber - Groping Popular Girl

Thanks for the stories Grabber. Since you're the only one writing any at this time, you are bound to be recognized for it LOL! Say, do you have any where you fucked a girl in the butt??? That's what I like hehehe! Anyway, I've done some grabs here and there too. Not my main thing, but I've done it. And got other guys blamed for it too hahaha! At the same time, one of the few times when I invited serious trouble was from a butt grab, as noted in my story AT EASE MEN!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Mar 2020 10:25:40 GMT)

Red Dragon Rant

First, actually, you did "saw" (say?) that we are the same with the following:

"[T]hat is the way I am, just as Shoges says, its the same for me . . . . "

Then you went on to write:

"I love the idea that I am dominating that cute teen/20's so that she can't get away or look away . . . . "

And I'm saying, NO that's not me or what I like to do. It seems to me that based

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Danny da grabber (Tue 17 Mar 2020 10:21:33 GMT)

Groping the popular girl at school (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

So continuing all my favorite stories from my 10 year groping career. In middle school the girl all the dudes wanted was named Val she was really cute and thick. Had an ass to die for. Once during lunch I was behind her in line. I decided to try to go for a discreet grope. I got close and brushed my fingertips on her ass. She immediately turned around and started loudly outing me as I denied it. C

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 17 Mar 2020 07:17:08 GMT)

Re Concerts

Well its official...Donald Dump has banned all gatherings of more than 10 people, I can imagine that means all concerts are banned, it has curtailed my outings, where I flash has closed its borders and the buses over here are virtually empty....it sucks ass...How has it affected you guys?

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 17 Mar 2020 07:10:45 GMT)

Re Black Shogun

I didn't saw we were the same, of course there are differences, you say you're happy to do the nasty without her knowing about it is just delusional and I am not calling you out or anyone else who feels the same I am just stating what I have said many times before, women know what is going on unless they are very drunk or high, if they are not they put up with it and shut up because of social cond

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Guest (Mon 16 Mar 2020 23:36:23 GMT)

Women need to be groped

I think some women need to be groped as much as we need to grope them, so the first few big events after we stop social distancing are going to be packed full of willing and active frotees

Guestz (Mon 16 Mar 2020 23:19:49 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

Haven't completely given up yet, but here's the deal: The tickets were sold early-on, and at the prices they were (right before Christmas) I opted to pay on a monthly installment so I would have to think about it. Just as the last installment was withdrawn this virus-talk started. The website is still advertising and selling tickets! They are moving forward as if everything is smelling like roses!

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 16 Mar 2020 22:16:22 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Loss of 100's of bucks

Guestz, did you check to see if those shows have been rescheduled? If so, then you can just go at another time. Also, I do see where some venues around here have been willing to give full refunds. Don't throw in the towel just yet! See if you can go to rescheduled shows or get some money back!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Lucas (Mon 16 Mar 2020 17:57:58 GMT)

Looking to pay someone

Where do y’all think is the place to look to pay someone to stand behind and let me grope them? I was thinking craigslist but I’m not sure

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 16 Mar 2020 14:48:16 GMT)

Concert Dates

I see concert dates being cancelled and rescheduled for later dates in the year . . . much later like well into the second half of 2020. This DAMN virus!!! Fuckin' up MY program . . . and everybody else's!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Mar 2020 14:40:07 GMT)

Knowledge is Essential

Guest wrote:
You grope shoulders, we grope ass..I wouldn't even call it the same art. You're the most dedicated at groping shoulders for sure

I respond:
There's a reason I call myself allrounder. I hump shoulders AND asses. Anyone who knows even a little about this forum would know that.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 16 Mar 2020 14:13:46 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon - Differences

We are similar Red Dragon, but not exactly the same. I think you truly enjoy creating dismay and discomfort for your targets, while I would just as soon be satisfied with the girl not ever knowing what I've done, or really not understanding what's going on, at least until it's too late and I've already "nutted" . . . or by that time she can't stop it from happening . . . similar, but not quite the same.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Mon 16 Mar 2020 14:11:13 GMT)

Re: "Does it have to be a stranger"?

In about 100% of my targets nowadays it's strangers. This is because I'm married, with grown children, and I have to do those that have NO connection to anyone in my family. Decades ago I groped an in-law, got screamed on (in private), but was able to convince her not to say anything after an hour of gut-wrenching begging. Not a good situation and one I regret immensely. I'd groped her so many t

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 16 Mar 2020 07:52:58 GMT)

Re Allrounder

As you stated I am similar, I am single but have one woman I see regularly and sex with her is very good indeed but flashing/groping is another level, I love the idea that I am dominating that cute teen/20's so that she can't get away or look away, and as I have regularly found the ones that actively want to see me cum ( flashing ) I have had a few girls that have allowed me to frott them, but when it comes to groping/frotting I don't want consensual ;)

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 16 Mar 2020 07:49:16 GMT)

Re Guest: Does it have to be a stranger

Without question, its the same for me whether I am flashing or humping or groping, strangers is the only way, I don't want to hump anyone I know although it has happened a few times, once I had to squeeze on to a packed tube with my sil ( she was around 19 at the time ) I got in behind her and avoided her arse juicy was it was like the plague, that is the way I am, just as Shoges says, its the same for me, I like to take it, steal it, I DON'T want it to be easy, that requires no skill no effort, don't get me wrong I have been in situations where I have had chances almost handed to me because of whatever, but often they have been women that are not to my tastes so I have not enjoyed them much at all, as I have stated here many many times I am very fussy.

Guest (Mon 16 Mar 2020 06:44:45 GMT)


You grope shoulders, we grope ass..I wouldn't even call it the same art. You're the most dedicated at groping shoulders for sure 😂😂😂

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Mar 2020 02:46:19 GMT)

Real Dedication

Because of all the comments I read about "real sex" it does clearly appear that, as I said, of all of the members of this site I am the one most passionate about our passion. I would even say that I prefer frotteurism to "real sex". When I was screwing my last girlfriend, in order to climax, I used to fantasize about girls I had humped; and when I wasn't screwing her, I was wet humping her. I enjoy ejaculating against females who are up to 35 years younger than I. I like to wet schoolgirls wearing their pretty uniforms. I love to orgasm against the same female stranger multiple times. Splashing out on acquaintances excites me. Rubbing my erection on a plump shoulder stimulates me. Identifying previously unknown partners on social media makes me hard. I just adore frotteurism.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Mar 2020 00:11:27 GMT)


A guest wrote:
Groping is just a fetish and doesn't mean we don't get real pussy! some people here are married men and others just practise this strange fetish at events such as clubs/bars/concerts.. where meeting women is one of the main reasons people attend. It's kind of clear who hasn't had pussy in decades though

A positive way of putting what you are implying here and clearly stated elsewhere, is to say that of all the members of this frotteurism forum, I am the one who is the most dedicated the art that we practise.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 15 Mar 2020 23:35:14 GMT)

Re: Guest - Strangers in the Night

I've always strongly preferred strangers. I don't want anything given to me . . . I would much rather "steal" . . . steal my pleasure right out of her crack. For me, this has always been far more exciting. To secretly chikan butt fuck attractive strangers in the ass. And then maybe at some point, it becomes not so secret anymore LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Mar 2020 23:17:46 GMT)

Guest: Does It Have to Be a Stranger?

It doesn't have to be a stranger, it could also be an acquaintance. I can count on the fingers of two hands the acquaintances that I humped to orgasm, but when it happens it's more exciting than a stranger.
I have never humped a girlfriend in public, but that sort of thing happens a lot, for example, at dances, and I imagine it could be stimulating, not so much from the frotteuristic point of view as from the exhibitionistic; that is to say, the couple may be thrilled by engaging in sexual activity in public and having an audience for their show.

Guest (Sun 15 Mar 2020 18:12:40 GMT)


IF you had a girlfriend who liked you to grope her on the train/concerts etc would this make you happy? Or does it need to be a stranger

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Mar 2020 17:32:22 GMT)

Rubwell: Intellectual Dishonesty

I like your example of the man who was getting so much real pussy that he came just by touching the woman's butt with his finger (lol).

People often seem to forget it, but this is not a "real sex" forum, it's a frotteurism site.

Man u fan (Sun 15 Mar 2020 09:09:31 GMT)

sweet Catholic nun

Just yesterday, around 09 hrs, this nicely built nun groped her as usual I wasn't wearing any underwear at all, as I was passing at this packed govt venue with both just turned 18 and older people waiting to get their National registration cards. I was all geared up looking for a target, as I really like the married ladies coz they're the best, to my surprise, just spotted this Catholic nun in I c

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Guest (Sun 15 Mar 2020 09:02:03 GMT)


Groping is just a fetish and doesn't mean we don't get real pussy! some people here are married men and others just practise this strange fetish at events such as clubs/bars/concerts.. where meeting women is one of the main reasons people attend. It's kind of clear who hasn't had pussy in decades though 👀

Rubwell (Sun 15 Mar 2020 05:48:40 GMT)

Intellectual Dishonesty

Arm Humper, with his air of superiority, is not my favourite person, so I don't enjoy taking his side, but I'm also no friend of intellectual dishonesty, and I can see that clearly in the "real pussy argument" that I see advanced here from time to time. It goes as follows. "I get a lot of real pussy, so chikan is just an extra that I can take or leave." But when the same people who say this write their stories, its, "OMG, OMG, I came all over her smooth, bare thighs!" Or, "OMG. OMG, I came in my pants just by putting my finger on her arse!" I'm sure that I'm not the only person who sees an inconsistency here.

Guestz (Sat 14 Mar 2020 13:50:57 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/ Big T image

Semi-retired Bkack Shogun speaks the truth, and if you want to stay out of trouble, heed the words! But one thing I wanted to comment on: There could possibly be more to this photo than we see. That guy could be there with a girlfriend or a sister. The only way attention would be deflected is if it was obvious that he was attending that show with a girl/girls. It can and does happen. I recounted

739 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 14 Mar 2020 13:14:17 GMT)

Re: BigT - Image

That photo is obviously from a concert with a heavy skew towards female fans given whoever the artist is. There are plenty of artists with cross gender appeal where you will see far, far, far more guys (and chikans) in the crowd at their shows. So yes, the community is small, but it isn't that small!

Another word. Chikans should think long and hard before they ever go to a show like this

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Danny da grabber (Sat 14 Mar 2020 13:00:36 GMT)

My first grope, Mary the senior. (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

I'm 22 and recently retired from groping for good. Having some strong urges to go back so I thought I'd share all my favorite stories try to relive the moments. I'll start at the first ass I can remember touching. You never forget your first, at least I wont. My first dive into the world of groping was when I was 12. My 6th grade teacher had an assistant in my class, a girl who was a senior. Her n

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 14 Mar 2020 11:49:22 GMT)


That image is a perfect example of what I said a few weeks ago. There is literally NO MEN second row. The concert chikan is a very small community. >

Eric (Fri 13 Mar 2020 20:58:07 GMT)

Spot the Chikan

I am sure that's a man with a gold cap and he's a chikan. Look at the face. If not, he must be a boyfriend forced to attend the concert.

It looks like he is about to bust a nut. He must be in heaven with a majority of female concert audience

Grabber (Fri 13 Mar 2020 17:45:49 GMT)

New to the community

Really glad to have found this community. I'm 22 been at it since I was about 12. Tons of stories from my high school days to now I wanna start sharing.

Guestz (Fri 13 Mar 2020 12:09:42 GMT)

Girl In The Office

There's an Ethiopian girl that works in the medical office I work in. I watch ger around the patients and staff and I notice something: she doesn't worry about her private space as much as most girls that are as pretty (she's stunning) as her. I've brushed up against her several times. And sometimes when she comes to me to ask questions she gets close enough to where she's leaning against me, whic

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 12 Mar 2020 23:50:00 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Missed Concerts

Yeah Guestz, but it sure would be nice to get your money back if you already paid for tickets to concerts that get cancelled. I rarely ever spend the money to insure, but I did for a show I hope to go to over the summer. Hope it works out for you man. Hope it works out for all of us!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 12 Mar 2020 23:39:52 GMT)

Missing the *Magical Concerts*

Actually, Guestz, my comments weren't directed at you.

Guestz (Thu 12 Mar 2020 23:35:34 GMT)

Coronavirus buying frenzy

I'll say this- I had a freaking ball today groping all types of females in the crazed grocery store frenzy! Gosh almighty, it's warm here and there's spandex EVERYWHERE you go, from Walmart to grocery stores to the pharmacy. Got in 10 deep lines and nudged my pecker into several targets with no reactions. Al of them were on the phones making plans for what seems like Armageddon! One sister with a

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Guestz (Thu 12 Mar 2020 17:41:41 GMT)

Re: allrounder

Yes I'll be disappointed if the concert-thing doesn't happen. But what I'll do is just get more real pussy! Nutting on these hoes at festivals is all extra, so I won't shrivel you and die from missing 2-3 concerts!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 12 Mar 2020 14:30:55 GMT)


Now premieres are being cancelled :(. I’m thinking strictly concerts for the next few weeks.

Guest (Thu 12 Mar 2020 14:22:57 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr - Where you at :(

Where you at dude, looking forward to the stories

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 12 Mar 2020 13:28:46 GMT)


My point is that I have not been waiting eagerly on the magical concerts. I'm doing my thing right now. I ejaculated with my erection pressed up against a woman's bare shoulder just yesterday on the bus.

Guest (Thu 12 Mar 2020 10:10:50 GMT)

I solved it

We could all try frotting in the crowd in the hand sanitizer aisle

Guest (Thu 12 Mar 2020 10:04:54 GMT)


Especially if school shuts down

Guest (Thu 12 Mar 2020 09:37:43 GMT)

Arm humper

Trains and buses will also be pretty damn empty so it won't be good for chikans at all... well atleast in the US and UK

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 12 Mar 2020 03:11:30 GMT)

Those Who Depend on the Future Tense

If the damned virus doesn't go away with the coming warm weather, all those who were pinning their hopes on the magical concerts will be bitterly disappointed.

Guestz (Tue 10 Mar 2020 23:15:21 GMT)

Re: Big T

Hell, I've really cut my action back to festivals only, so this really bad for me. If my shoes are cancelled I'll be up a creek when it comes to chikan at least.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 10 Mar 2020 11:32:10 GMT)


What, is, annoying me is that I’ve been away from music festivals for a few years. Bought some tickets this year, and it just so happens to be a year of this nonsense. I’m hoping they aren’t cancelled, that people don’t stay away from them, and that people don’t change their behaviour due to fears of it.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 10 Mar 2020 11:30:01 GMT)


The funniest thing about this coronavirus is that Chikans have a very high chance of coming into contact with someone that has it. We intentionally put ourselves in the most crowded of places, day in, day out. Stay safe people!

Biggie smalls (Tue 10 Mar 2020 00:24:28 GMT)

Rican Day parade (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Hope the Puerto Rican Day parade don't cancel this year 😁😁😁 all those mixed big butt Puerto Ricans I be riding on 😋😋 feels so good yummy in the summer eew I hope that Chinese shit gets situated who here in the New York areas going to go out if it ain cancelled

Freddy Johnson Jr (Mon 09 Mar 2020 00:17:45 GMT)


You guys remember me. Thats good. I will tell that story as well. Funny u mentioned that event. Its coming up again soon. Ima give it 1 more go before i am do e for good.

Guest (Sun 08 Mar 2020 10:38:14 GMT)

Freddy Johnson Jr - Pls tell the stories 'Gov Ball Again'

Dude, you have some awesome stories. Please tell them!!

Can you tell the 'Gov Ball Again' story please, the one with the chick with the wedgie


Guestz (Sun 08 Mar 2020 04:45:06 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/cancellations

It's like I said earlier. And they already have their sights set on the next big one: Coachella is being seriously talked about.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 07 Mar 2020 12:18:14 GMT)


Man, stuff is getting cancelled left and right! They cancelled SXSW in Austin, which is huge every year. I'm planning to go to a big show this summer, and I hope this thing is over by then. But just in case it isn't, I insured my ticket. If I can't attend the event for any reason, I will get my money back. If cancelled due to the virus, they would probably offer refunds anyway. But, the ticket was expensive, so not taking any chances.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Freddy Johnson Jr (Fri 06 Mar 2020 12:12:28 GMT)

Im back

Did a short bid. Now that i served my time i can atleast tell the story without threat of jail time. Before i do i was wondering if anyone wanna hear about the PoSmoke funeral encounter. I understand if its too soon and u guys think its sick and perverted.... shout out to freddy 3rd. U guys lost a real soldier there. Not only did he visit me but his stories are the real deal...

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 06 Mar 2020 11:19:48 GMT)

February chikan award

Hey, I forget to ask you the monthly frottophilia award for the second month 2020. Do you have any nomination? Who has been the best writer?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 06 Mar 2020 08:52:59 GMT)

Perverted Man on Willingness

A woman once let me hump her shoulder to orgasm on the bus. A few days later, I came across her at a bus stop. She was with a male friend and she told him what had happened between us. She stated to him that she had been trying unsuccessfully to move away from me, but that part simply was not true. So you cannot always trust the way women report these events. Most women do not want to seem like sluts, so they are not going to get up in public and say, "I enjoyed the feeling of a stranger pressing his dick on my bun.' One of the stories you linked to sounded quite fishy in this regard. As I recall, the woman said she felt something pressing on her bum, but did not work out what it was until the police stepped in, then she took the guy to court and got him convicted. Wow.

Guestz (Thu 05 Mar 2020 23:36:45 GMT)

Re: allrounder


Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 05 Mar 2020 23:16:12 GMT)


When the 18 year old "morsel" moved away from you more than once, that should have told you that she did not welcome your attentions. You lost control, and, in effect, the girl became your conscience.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 05 Mar 2020 23:01:46 GMT)

Guestz: Please stop

I once came across a girl who politely asked me not to hump her, but it did not make me feel horrible. I thought she was much better than the ones who create a scene and try to embarrass you in public. In the case of the polite girl, I obeyed her request and simply moved on to the next 'candidate'.

Guestz (Thu 05 Mar 2020 17:04:02 GMT)

Re: Buster

Im sure some of the others can vouch for me on this because if they've been at it long enough they have plenty of experiences. But Busters last post rang another bell for me and reminded me of a situation that happened decades ago. I was at Venice Beach working a busy warm Sunday afternoon crowd, and came upon a perfect opportunity: A maybe 18 year old bubble-butted brown skinned morsel that was i

657 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 05 Mar 2020 04:39:47 GMT)


* Italy to ban public events to contain coronavirus - draft decree

* The decree seen by Reuters orders "the suspension of events of any nature... that entail the concentration of people and do not allow for a safety distance of at least one meter to be respected."

Just cancel summer if this is what we need to do to stop coronavirus

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Thu 05 Mar 2020 01:55:43 GMT)

Buster the consent fiend

I just recently apologized to a girl for groping her repeatedly. The sad part was she was trying to rationalize my behavior for me. She has a banging body and I enjoyed my time with her, but just remembering the looks she would give caused me to cringe. Plus she made a big decision I felt had implications that dealt with me so I wanted to save my ass if it ever pops up that I have less than model

3184 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Thu 05 Mar 2020 00:49:28 GMT)

Re: Big T

I agree with you. Ever since this Metoo movement got going I thought our shenanigans were done for. But each year during my outings I'm proven wrong time and again. I really believe some of these sluts are taking advantage of the situation in a twisted way. Whatever the case I like it!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 04 Mar 2020 20:11:13 GMT)

Oh man

Man. I had a very interesting encounter with two women today on public transport.

Today I wanted to rub my cock on women’s hands, I didn’t want booty. I had several successes but this one with two girls was very exciting.

I had it faced upwards but underneath my t shirt. HOWEVER, my balls become exposed when I get hard as my t shirt isn’t long enough. So I’m holding the pole

1599 more byte(s), click here!

Perverted man (Wed 04 Mar 2020 18:17:32 GMT)


qucik search here again stories from women who don’t complain don’t even move when it happens just accept it and take it, or deny it’s happening when deep down they know it is.


When I read these stories I feel bad, we probably damage people a little. But then I’ll be out 2moro and see a hot chick on crowded bus or train and my urge will draw me to go for it. We play with fire every damn time.

Perverted man (Wed 04 Mar 2020 18:08:11 GMT)


Thanks for the reply! I think the subject of consensual is a grey area. I’ve found players before usually at concerts where a girl will explicitly grains back on you. Moments like that are rare and you’d be lucky to find one probably like 1/50 or more?

I understand your point though about the struggle and yes it’s a little thing if mine that probably makes me a grade below how low th

1242 more byte(s), click here!

TheMan (Wed 04 Mar 2020 16:16:58 GMT)

Black Shogun - The Olympics

you might be on to something with that prediction bro. an Olympic test event has already been cancelled. who knows what will take place next

Guestz (Wed 04 Mar 2020 15:44:20 GMT)

Re: that "Guest" response to Perverted Man should have been me, "Guestz"

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Guest (Wed 04 Mar 2020 14:22:10 GMT)

Re: Perverted man/chasing tail

Okay, for me Perverted mans approach is not for me. When they are cornered and clearly not enjoying being almost "raped" I don't get joy out of the experience. I prefer that my target doesn't know, doesn't care, or actually is turned on by what I'm up to. What really gets my juice flowing is when my target realizes what's happening and is almost giddy with excitement. I had one at a venue once las

683 more byte(s), click here!

Perverted man (Wed 04 Mar 2020 13:48:25 GMT)

Chasing tail

Had a wicked way with this student today in the pic. Had to follow her to get pics. Got a few more close up but none from the front. As she saw my face after mashing her so didn’t want her to see me again lol.

She is a college student must be 16/17 18 max but no older lol. Tiny little body. She gets my bus everyday, it’s a public use bus but gets very busy during rush hour. Up until tod

1844 more byte(s), click here!

guest (Tue 03 Mar 2020 22:28:23 GMT)



The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 01 Mar 2020 16:40:07 GMT)

The Olympics

The Japanese have really got to be worried about the 2020 Olympic Games. I mean, what if there was an Olympics . . . and nobody came? Actually, what I have heard is that if things go from bad to worse, then they would look at postponing the games until some other time. Let's hope things don't go there with . . . this damn virus...

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 01 Mar 2020 16:14:47 GMT)

Re: Guestz - This damn virus ...

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. One of the so-called "chikan holidays". Went to look at buying a ticket to the annual show I like to attend, and guess what? CANCELLED!!! Now, they didn't come right out and say that it's because of the coronavirus scare, but no other kind of reason was given either. I gotta think it's because of . . . this damn virus...

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guestz (Sun 01 Mar 2020 03:56:39 GMT)

This damn virus...

Im really starting to worry when it comes to this coronavirus phenomenon fellas. When you think about it, what will a huge crowd be if everyone is worried about getting sick? Clubs, bars, large venues- you name it they are all subject to cancellations if this gets out of control. I have already purchased ticks to several venues and even airline tickets and I'm concerned. This could be a game-changer for the spring/summer months if it doesn't go the hell away....

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 01 Mar 2020 00:05:24 GMT)

BigT: Dissatisfaction with Public Transport

I use buses, like BigT, and, in general, I don't care how long or short the encounter is; as long as I have enough time to climax, and I usually do, then I'm happy. In my country most bus routes take about an hour, some are 90 minutes long.
I once humped a woman for about 60 minutes on one of the longer routes, but that was an exception, because I learnt for myself and later had it confirmed by what others said in this forum, I worked out independently that many women will allow you to ride them for a certain duration only. As some people put it here, many women "have a clock," so, it would be nice to hump every woman for 30 minutes, but for practical purposes, it is best not to dawdle.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 29 Feb 2020 22:30:18 GMT)

Re: BigT - @Shogun

I'm not sure we're actually disagreeing BigT. Or if we are, then it's not a strong disagreement. I mean, I never really thought of it in terms of what had to come first . . . the music or the ass cheeks . . . because I've always felt like I could always easily have both whenever I wanted. It helps to have diverse musical tastes. I get your point though.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 29 Feb 2020 22:19:12 GMT)

Public transport

I have actually grown tired of public transport. I grew addicted to it as when I was younger, in my city, the bus system was very underdeveloped and it meant that, for years, you could get really deep, long rides in. I’m talking 15-30 minutes on the same woman. There was also, the older structures of the actual bus, there was a front isle that was similar to a barricade, and women would, obviously, lean way over. This has all changed over the last 5 years. It’s meant that I’ve had to move to other modes of transport, and I ofcourse, still have regular successes but as Shogun has said, it’s far too fleeting for my taste. 5-10 minute just doesn’t satisfy me. I do think I’m coming off the transport system.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 29 Feb 2020 22:14:34 GMT)


I actually disagree.

You’re lucky that you have wide music tastes. I’m really only into hip hop / r&b and these concerts don’t happen every week. If I want to ride ass for hours on end I need to go to concerts outside of my music taste. I’ve been to rock, I’ve been to 80s music LOOL. Believe it or not that 80s concert yielded one of the most aggressive rides I’ve ever had. I spoke about it on here. That woman rode and rode and rode this dick in such an unbelievable fashion. Such a deep, sensual ride. What I’m trying to say is in my opinion, the booty comes first, the music is second. Look at the images of the crowd of previous concerts by the artist/band and if it draws enough women, im there!

Guest (Sat 29 Feb 2020 19:54:32 GMT)


Just bought tickets for all the best summer outdoor concerts and festivals, if they all get cancelled for coronavirus I'll be furious

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 29 Feb 2020 18:16:41 GMT)

Re: Guest - @Max Mond

"Guest" you raise a good point. If you're going to work concerts, then you at least ought to attend those featuring music that you like. Same thing goes for bars and nightclubs really. Lucky for me I have wide musical tastes. So maybe one concert I wanna chikan butt fuck some reggae chicks. Then maybe next time butt bang some metal headbangers. Then next time pork some young pooty pockets at a popular pop artist show.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 29 Feb 2020 14:54:31 GMT)

Re: Max Mond - Subways versus Concerts & Bars

Max, not to sound overly critical, but your comments show that guys who don't work the concerts really just don't "get it". Pick the right concert (very easy to do if you know the popular music scene), and you are virtually guaranteed some good riding! Extremely high odds in your favor. You're gonna chikan butt fuck. And you're gonna nut! Multiple times even! And not get busted. Even with

1841 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Feb 2020 13:56:02 GMT)


Guest wrote:

"It's these consensual experiences that really are my favorite part of the 'game' and I have to thank my looks for that."

So another factor affecting success, wherever he operates, is how handsome the frotteur is. Handsome frotteurs are more likely to enjoy consensual experiences.

Guest (Sat 29 Feb 2020 10:26:29 GMT)


If I come back from a rush hour night and I've chikaned 2 or 3 girls then I'm satisfied, If I come back from a hip hop concert or a dancehall event and I haven't chikaned at least 10 girls then I'm pissed!

Guest (Fri 28 Feb 2020 23:28:34 GMT)

@max mound

I said the same thing in Aug of 2019 my first weekend festival concert ever and "guestz"came at me hard! 😂😂 because ("i said i had so much fun just attending keep in mind my sole purpose was to get that experience to bust a nut") and i was successful both days but at the end of the weekend i don't see how someone would pay that much money with the sole intention to bust a nut on a chick thats either with it or not and not enjoy the music or atmosphere... oh and my tickets where 60$ for the whole weekend

Max Mond (Fri 28 Feb 2020 18:28:28 GMT)

Subways vs. Concerts & Bars (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

I've only done subways because that's where I picked up this habit, and i also picked up my current girlfriend. If I happen to be at a concert, and something comes my way, I'll take it. But to go to a concert just to frot seems like a lot of effort for something that might not even happen.

I read some of you guys' stories about bars, but I don't know. I'm worried what would happen if I sti

843 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 28 Feb 2020 14:51:06 GMT)

Re: Allrounder

In all honestly Allrounder I don't give a screw whether they remember or not. I'll remember! In the end I just wanna nutt..

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 28 Feb 2020 13:43:09 GMT)

Another Variable

Another variable to be considered is the woman's degree of sobriety/insobriety. At concerts, your targets are more likely to be drunk and/or high, and this can work in your favour, but not everyone wants to hump a woman who might have no clear recollection of the event after she sobers up.

In any case, even if concerts are easier, as some people stridently insist, so what? As I have said before, you don't learn anything by repeating easy operations over and over again.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 28 Feb 2020 12:12:39 GMT)


Over a decades long career, I have climaxed on over 1500 women at parades, bars, concerts, classrooms, churches, and my mainstay, public transport; so if I'm a novice, I would like to see what an experienced frotteur looks like.

As BigT says, the matter is a complex one. It's not simply one location vs. another; other variables come into play. For example, I find that women are more likely to say yes when they are unaccompanied, and they're especially difficult to do when boyfriends or husbands are around. Now, it's much easier to find unaccompanied women on public transport than it is at concerts. So, it really is a complex conversation.

Guest (Thu 27 Feb 2020 08:55:56 GMT)


Arm humper the only novice in this topic is yourself. I am both a train and concert humper so I'm speaking from experience when I say concerts/festivals are much easier And like big T just said, he goes to rock concerts to hump booty.. that's not exactly the demographic for grinding, daggering and humping like a hip-hop concert or a dancehall festivals.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 27 Feb 2020 06:34:43 GMT)


I think the conversation is a little more complex than that. By ‘small’ I’m referring to totality. How many men go to totally random concerts to hump, this I definitely think is small. But there are some genres of music that attract a crowd where humping is commonplace, like hip hop geared to teens. I say it’s complex because, again, these young guys won’t go to say, a random rock band to hump, like I do. So it’s definitely a small subculture, but at the same time, women definitely still encounter it a lot and it does still happen alot because there are many opportunistic chikans, if you could call them that.

Guest (Thu 27 Feb 2020 05:31:13 GMT)


Hi my chikani friends. I've been lurking on here for a while. I'm an extremely successful public transport chikan (haven't attended many concerts, but would like to).anyway here's my question. How attractive are you guys? I don't mean to bost, but I'm very attractive - average height but muscular, athletic build with a handsome face and most importantly a huge dick.

Now I've noticed that m

433 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 26 Feb 2020 19:02:30 GMT)

Something Does Not Compute

BigT makes the observation that the subculture of concert frotteus is quite small, but, a few weeks ago, un the public transport vs. concert discussion, somebody claimed that when women go to concerts, they expect to be frotted. if the concert frotteurs are so small in number, how is it that women go to these shows just waiting to be attacked? And if the 'problem' is so prevalent, wouldn't the authorities step in to check it? Something does not compute. I would take the experienced BigT's word for it over that of some anonymous guest, who is probably just another novice who doesn't know what he is talking about.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Tue 25 Feb 2020 23:56:26 GMT)

Interesting Indeed

When I first found this site, I saw this site was overwhelmed by how many people related to my desire and actually acted on theirs with success. After spending time on this site and starting to understand this niche I have become irritated. Irritated because there are so many times when I look around and see a situation my chikan mind considers gold! Like that bitch could’ve gotten felt

900 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 25 Feb 2020 04:14:40 GMT)


i used to think i was disgusting but you all are a whole new level.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 24 Feb 2020 17:20:55 GMT)

Interesting observation

Something I have started to notice with concerts is how small this chikan subculture is. When I go to them, as I have been for I’d say 8 years, and when I look at pictures of the front row when I’m analysing the crowd demographic, I just never seen men second row. I’m starting to realise there aren’t actually that many of us out there that frequent the night scene, not sure why that is. People are addicted to public transport / public events.

Bad Boy (Mon 24 Feb 2020 17:09:09 GMT)

Re: Stickler (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I know a dude like stickler, Likes to go to Gay Bars and rub on Lesbians and trans folk. Always asks me to go with him, i tell him i'm good on that, you are on your own.I've been losing my urge to frott women anyway. i don't do trains and buses, and i rarely hit the clubs anymore...am i evolving?..lol.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 24 Feb 2020 16:27:01 GMT)

Hilarious women

Some of these women are so funny. Recently had an excellent time at a concert with a white woman. All night she bounced that ass on my dick. Fast, left to right. Slow and sensual, rotating my swollen head in a circle while all I could do was moan.

This one was funny though, at one point, she turned around and asked me to hold her spot while she went to get a drink. I said sure, she then says, thank you so much, YOUVE BEEN WONDERFUL.

In my head I just started laughing. I’ve been wonderful? All I’ve been doing is grinding this erection in between your asscheeks. The concert game is just ridiculous. She came back and rode this dick into oblivion with her calfs on top of mine and her thighs on top of mine. God I felt like I was doggying her.

Guest (Sat 22 Feb 2020 17:43:56 GMT)


Is there anything better than a young adult female, freshly showered and drenched in tanning lotion, in short-shorts pressed up against a barrier at an outdoor concert? The smell of her washed hair and the thought of my hot dick grinding up in her is all I think about this time of year. Bring on the warmer months!

registered member: Archie (Sat 22 Feb 2020 10:46:58 GMT)

Encoxa xVideos link

Mr Encoxa, unfortunately the frotting clip on the weblink you posted a few days ago is fake fake fake. The background soundtrack of a London Tube journey has been dubbed on to that video (the exact same soundtrack is also dubbed on to other "groping videos" on that site. Also, that is not a London Tube train in the video either. The couple in the vid were acting, they knew each other.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 22 Feb 2020 08:36:43 GMT)


Agreed BodyBuilder!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 21 Feb 2020 12:17:33 GMT)


Are people forgetting this is a frotting forum lol. Leave dating elsewhere.

Guestz (Fri 21 Feb 2020 11:38:28 GMT)

Re: Max Mond

Max I do know your trials well. Like I said, it's what the consequences might be that you can't risk. I've got that sort of thing going on right now, but luckily I've been in the situation so many times in my life I know to not push it. There's this Ethiopian beauty that has always kind of flirted with me in her sly little way. She's married and so am I. She knows my family. But so many times I've

842 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Thu 20 Feb 2020 16:40:17 GMT)

Sharon intruded my space (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

Sorry to bother you guys with my daily trials and tribulations around my lust and frotting, but I have to share. I've been trying to ignore Sharon all day, thanks to you guys' advice. But just 10 mins ago, she to my office cube. I kept myself close to the computer, with my legs underneath my desk, to show that I'm not interested anymore. But she wanted to get a better look at my screen to see my w

1049 more byte(s), click here!

encoxa (Thu 20 Feb 2020 11:29:53 GMT)

Subway touching video!!! awesome wow!!! (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Guy touch her pussy in subway awesome video ! https://www.xvideos.com/video54048169/stranger_boner_man_fingering_unknown_woman_s_pussy_over_clothes_in_public_train_and_she_liked_

Stickler (Thu 20 Feb 2020 03:43:34 GMT)

Lay the wood so good he Or she can't resist it (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Omg he she looked so youn even with the pound of makeup you can tell...
So we are in line I spot.... Them walking in 511 strong back and a ass ....that you can sit a glass on fit toned the girl on the other hand she was short Hispanic.... Keep in mind it's a gay bar straight people go in their as well so... So we get in their they headed straight to the bar I test the 511 hour glass ass out not

1178 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 20 Feb 2020 01:34:17 GMT)

Flashing (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

Max, I want to respect the site and not get into too much detail about it. It's not a frotting story. Our feeling of attraction was mutual. She was a light-skinned black girl with a beautiful body. I had an honest conversation with her before anything happened. I let her know i wasn't looking for a relationship and if we did fvck that wouldn't change anything. She agreed and we had a lot of fun. Thankfully she never made any problems.

Knowing that this coworker of yours caused someone to get fired already, I would run in the other direction and leave her alone immediately. Don't let your lust take over sound decision making. Leave her alone now is my advice.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 19 Feb 2020 23:42:36 GMT)

Re: Max Mond - Flashing

Man you already know the answer. You DO NOT mix this shit with friends, family, or the workplace. DON'T do what you already know you should not do!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 19 Feb 2020 16:10:05 GMT)

Re Max Mond

Dude take it from a seasoned flasher, I have flashed literally tens of thousands, I kid you not!! but have I ever flashed at work? NEVER!! don't shit where you eat!! DON'T DO IT!

Max Mond (Wed 19 Feb 2020 03:26:51 GMT)

Flashing (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

Guest - do tell more. How did you get her into bed? And was it all you'd imagined?

Guestz - You make a lot of sense. Everytime she is close, I feel this horny female energy coming from her, which makes me hard. But she is higher up. Today, she is game, tomorrow we might have a problem over work related issues, and she can use this to get back at me. There is rumor she did exactly that. She slept with a VP from another office in another city to get promoted, then she turned on him and got him fired.

Guestz (Tue 18 Feb 2020 19:50:06 GMT)

Re: Max Mond/Flash?

Is your job worth losing? You have to consider that because you have no idea what the consequences of what you think is a harmless "flash" might be. If you're 100% sure of the outcome, go for it. But in my experience, what I thought was going to be routine as far as consequences turned into more than I had imagined. It's your call....

Guest (Tue 18 Feb 2020 16:41:40 GMT)

Should I flash? (WARNING: she may be 40 years old) (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

At work?? Nah i wouldn't risk flashing at work. Keep her guessing. Make it so that she can see how excited you are without exposing it. That's what I did. Almost the same situation as you. I was sitting down, coworker came over talking about something. I felt myself hardening so I made sure she noticed but through my pants. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. So this did two things. 1. it let her know that I was attracted to her and wanted her. 2. it kept me safe from anything crazy like being reported because I didn't flash, grab, or make any sexual movements or comments. I say almost the same sitaution as you because I wasn't trying to frott her, I wanted to fvck her. Thankfully I was able to, about a month after, many times after that encopuanter at my desk.

Max Mond (Tue 18 Feb 2020 15:04:57 GMT)

Should I flash? (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

Sharon was at my desk this morning, and I had my legs spread wide apart. She hardly looked at the computer screen. She mostly stared at my crotch and her cheeks were blushing. I "felt" her eyes. I was getting stiff, so I closed my legs. I wasn't ready for that yet because I have some important work to to and need to focus. I don't know....i feel like flashing Sharon. Is that a bad idea?

Smurflette (Tue 18 Feb 2020 04:53:25 GMT)

Back for two concerts

Some of you may or may not know my videos, one more concert coming up this weekend. Had a long break, but I'm back. After this next concert, I'm gonna be shooting for festivals again, it's almost that time. Definitely gonna hit ultra and edc vegas up. But my next concert will be me going for absolute domination.I wanna see how deep I can dig it in these teens.

Guestz (Sun 16 Feb 2020 21:02:46 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

If you're satisfied then that's all that matters! Your needs are met through your preferred choices, so no need for me feeling bad for you. I just know you and I like cumming of these targets, bare skin-wise, and I know that at least in my settings it can easily be done several times in one afternoon with skim chances of trouble. Truth be told I do a lot more nasty stuff than I ever really talk about, even in some of my most-detailed stories. I just don't always remember all the details. My next really great weekend is still a few months off. It's a 3-day festival but I'll only be attending 2 of the 3 days because of a prior commitment to my better half! Gotta keep her happy or I'll never be able to do this other stuff!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 16 Feb 2020 15:53:08 GMT)


I'm reminded of the words of John F. Kennedy: "We choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Sometimes in order to grow and learn you have to challenge yourself by doing difficult things.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 16 Feb 2020 15:41:52 GMT)


It has been said that doing concerts is ten times easier than using public transport, and, if that's true, it's not a bad thing. however, if you want to test and develop your skills, there's a lot to be said for riding on buses, where you have to convince SOBER women to go with you and then you have to arrive at orgasm all within a limited time. Where I'm concerned, I'm well adapted to the demands of riding the buses, because I've always been able to reach the climax in a short space of time. I was better 25 years ago, but I can still accomplish the task without using up too much time.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 16 Feb 2020 15:00:50 GMT)

Re Guestz

No need to feel sorry for me, I have been in this game a long time and have had thousands of upon thousands of flashes gropes, cum on girls bare skin, even though I have not been to any major concerts I have more than had my fair share and that of many others too, and I am far from finished, spring is approaching which means more and more bare skin will be on show...now that alone makes me feel like I am on cocaine just imagining it... woooweeeee!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 15 Feb 2020 21:56:19 GMT)

Red Dragon: Lesbians

Out of my humpees whom I have identified, two declare themselves to be lesbians. At first, I was surprised that such a woman would be willing to let a man hump her, but then I did some reading, and I learnt that a significant percentage of lesbians engage in sexual activity with men at some point. Incidentally, one of my lesbian humpees is the niece of another woman against whom I have ejaculated three times, so when I did her, I was able to realise one of my big ambitions, that is, humping to orgasm two women who are closely related by blood.

Guestz (Sat 15 Feb 2020 17:09:54 GMT)

Red Dragon

RD I feel sorry for you if you've not done concerts or festivals. I cannot imagine missing out on some of the stuff I've done at those venues. Wouldn't trade it for any other situation. My guess is that if you ever get to one, in hot weather, over a weekend stretch, you'll be sprung like a person on crack cocaine! That's how I felt the first time I attended an outdoor festival in the summer, by myself. All I could do was imagine how many summers I had left in life!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 15 Feb 2020 15:53:35 GMT)

Re Allrounder

You are right I am a public transport groper simply because as a flasher I can combine the two when I am out doing my nasty, I have had some bumps and a little bit of groping at parades and Pride, even cum on a couple of Lesbians, but that was at least a decade ago, I will get to a concert one day ;)

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 15 Feb 2020 15:32:40 GMT)


I don't because I no longer live in the UK, its more buses where I am over here in Scandinavia ;) and when I get back I like to use buses there too, of course I am anticipation and awaiting better weather, all I want to see is bare legs and feet ;)

registered member: Archie (Fri 14 Feb 2020 17:28:22 GMT)

Tube fun

Red Dragon, do you still do the Tube thing
now & again, or are you waiting for the return of better weather to re-start your efforts?

Anyone know if there any other Tube fans here on this forum?

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 14 Feb 2020 16:49:08 GMT)


That nasty crap is not for this section

Max Mond (Fri 14 Feb 2020 16:06:40 GMT)

Crashed Sharon's ass (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I have a hot 40s upper management coworker who may have the hots for me. Let's call her Sharon. She has short brown hair was really pretty once, isn't fat, isn't thin, but has meaty enough body, with decent size hips, shapely arse and medium breasts. She and a few others in her category have been eyeing me lately. I'm the only single guy. So a few days ago Sharon accidentally touched my dick when

1230 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Fri 14 Feb 2020 13:40:07 GMT)


Wait, there's someone in here who lives in Brazil - or have I misunderstood? Who's in Brazil, and is that in Rio by any chance? I'd absolutely love love love to do the chikan thing there!

Guest (Fri 14 Feb 2020 10:29:32 GMT)


thanks BS. i envy you living in brazil where money can buy world best assholes. lol


Guest (Fri 14 Feb 2020 09:44:33 GMT)


Take the gay shit to the off-topic section. No one on the main board wants to read that

Stickler (Fri 14 Feb 2020 04:05:11 GMT)

Holly hood wood is all good (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

West Hollywood trans genders love it when you ride dress up ass out cash out
Bars to cars no problem with these ladies black sho gun!,,,,,
knows what I am talking about ya dig me about to go in this gay bar right now ya dig pull this hot dog out and put it in some Buns ya dig...... More stories coming soon

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 14 Feb 2020 01:22:43 GMT)


I already noted that we have novices and veterans; members who live in the past or the present or the future. I should also have mentioned that in this forum we have humpers who enjoy forcing themselves on women (they like it when she doesn't like it) and we have others who are consensual (they believe that pleasure shared is pleasure increased). So much wonderful diversity!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 14 Feb 2020 00:00:35 GMT)


Nuts deep all up in her bright pink arsehole . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan . . . but all the way LIVE active cornholer of attractive women only . . . .

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 13 Feb 2020 23:31:45 GMT)


Here is a recent photo of the girl I humped to orgasm a few years ago who now does some work as a model.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 13 Feb 2020 23:08:10 GMT)

Diverse Interests

Yes . . . and some have the confidence to go for and nut against attractive women . . . while others don't.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Max Mond (Thu 13 Feb 2020 18:44:28 GMT)

Her time of the month caused me to grab (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

I'm still with the same I girl I mentioned earlier, one of myfritters. Don't want anyone else. It's only when it's that time of the month that lose control. That ass grab was the only time I ever did it. I want women to molest me. Female energy feels so good. It's so comforting, yet arousing. A coworker in her 40s "accidentally" touched my dick for 10 seconds during a firedrill, and it started to move, and she moved her hand away "startled" and apologizing. I just gave her a specific smile letting her know it wasn't accidental. Her cheeks blushed and she gave me smile back. If this can happen often, I'm in heaven, and start posting stories of this new space for me.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 13 Feb 2020 16:26:30 GMT)


This forum is a wonderfully diverse site. We have battle-hardened veterans who know what they talk about, and green novices, and people in between. We have members who live in the past (surviving on memories), others who live in the present, and still others who live in the future (hope is their sustenance). So much diversity!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 13 Feb 2020 15:28:45 GMT)

Re Palm Up

Done that a lot of times,. my technique is that I wait till I am getting off or on a train/bus, I do it when the girl is getting off and I am getting on, so I pass her swinging my hand back and cup her arse on the way pass, perfect, if they are a little drunk then I just carry on, some girls try to complain but I am usually lost in a crowd, it works well in any crowded situation, if they are not drunk I tend to turn around saying oops then just carry on, never had any probs with it, some girls suss what I meant but can't do anything.

Guest (Thu 13 Feb 2020 13:03:38 GMT)


Have any of you ever worked around females that you know would be willing partners if you caught them in tight spaces like at concerts or a bar? I'm working with a new one that I'm sure would be that type!

registered member: Archie (Thu 13 Feb 2020 10:17:48 GMT)

"Palm up" approach

I'm still new to chikaning but I'm not sure that I'll ever build up the confidence to actually be cupping the buttocks of an unknown woman in a crowd! That surely takes balls of steel and, knowing my bad luck, I'd probably get spotted by a looky-loo or choose the wrong chick in the first place!

Either way, this summer's definitely going to be a learning experience; a very steep learning curve. Oh yes!

registered member: Archie (Thu 13 Feb 2020 09:55:55 GMT)


More drivel! Yet more inane, self-absorbed, totally uninteresting ramblings. If only the Trinidadian authorities were less inept.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 13 Feb 2020 01:12:39 GMT)

Groping and Humping

I like to let my dick do the groping. Usually, before I hump a woman's shoulder, I "caress" her with my male member, rubbing it on her and dragging it from side to side. I don't know what effect it has on her, but that action usually fills me with an uncontrollable desire to fuck her shoulder and unload my seed.
About 20 years ago, I used to literally grope and hump girls at the same time. For example, I remember humping the right cheek of a schoolgirl's posterior while feeling up her left cheek with my left hand. Nowadays, I just use my male member.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 12 Feb 2020 23:23:52 GMT)

BUT . . .

I came back strong just one night later!


Last night at the bars, Shogun took his chikan experimentation and subsequent pleasure to new heights. I went out on the town with two female friends. Actually, I knew only one of them initially, but she had brought her cousin with her. The cousin was so, so pretty . . . from the midwest . . . that "

13319 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 12 Feb 2020 12:25:11 GMT)

Re: "Chikan Parade Rest Method"

Although I didn't have a name for it Black Shogun, that was the exact "method" that got me into serious trouble. One of the 2 times in my decades of chikanning. Without too much detail (because the consequences of my actions still bother me), I was in that same exact position, minus the beer, when I got caught. Believe me, I wish I'd just gotten kicked out of a bar! What happened to me was a life-

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 12 Feb 2020 10:44:36 GMT)


Agree that grabbing is not the best idea. One of the few times over my long career that I ran into trouble, I did that in a bar. Wrote a story about it a very long time ago. I re-publish the story here:


Last night I went to a couple of my favorite bars and ended up practicing a new chikan technique. It had not been my plan to do this. It just sort of happened. Things

8575 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 12 Feb 2020 10:21:52 GMT)

Re Grabbing

@ Guestz Legend, I agree with you, that is why for me your stories are the best on here
@Max Mond, I am not in my 20's anymore but I am in good shape and I get that a lot at work, there are a few girls/women who do just that with at work, I have had my butt patted on numerous occasions, the same with tits pressed up against my arm..sadly..I love it ,lets me know I still got it ;)

Guestz (Tue 11 Feb 2020 20:57:38 GMT)


When it comes to the issue of grabbing and taking chances in places or situations where you can get caught red-handed, I gave that up years ago. It's why I only do my nasty a few, choice times a year. I've had only two true brushes with trouble in the decades I've been at it, but thousands of outings with no trouble at all. Those outings have reduced to a crawl, but I get the most out of them when

804 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Tue 11 Feb 2020 20:15:31 GMT)

Men molested at work (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I have black friend who works in healthcare. A married woman has been "harrassing" him, he complains. She stands too close and makes sure his penis touches her crotch. She makes sure her tits rub on his arm. She reared her ass into his several times. She even grabbed his junk once,and that's when he quit his job. I would love that job.

Max Mond (Tue 11 Feb 2020 14:34:01 GMT)

@guest (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)


Except for that recent mistake, I'm mostly dormant. I don't go out of my way for anything. Women come after me, always have. Cops used to know me, I've been chased before, a cop flashed his neck badge, etc. But luckily, I pretty much stopped. But like gambling, you need to know when to get out. I see alot of guys, especially older guys, obviously waiting at the train station for a cr

975 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 11 Feb 2020 01:12:59 GMT)

Re:max mound

Max i been saying that for awhile on this board where both from the same place i can tell they way you write there cracking down real hard on this when the governor of the state is on the news every week talking about this shit you know its real if you get caught by undercovers your going to trial period even if the girl refuse to testify its going to trial im speaking from experience like i said before have your lawyer money ready!!

Max Mond (Tue 11 Feb 2020 00:43:44 GMT)

Meant to say dont grab anything. (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Be careful my brothers. I meant to say don't grab anything, no matter how shapely and plump she looks!

Max Mond (Mon 10 Feb 2020 19:41:28 GMT)

Never grab ass on subway (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

I got lucky. One should grab anything onthe subway. Please be careful. Especially, the older guys. We are all being watched and you guys are really being obvious.

I dont think CEOs take trains, but I've frotted managerial types when I was extremely active. They're just like anyone else - stressed out curious with what they can get away with.

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 09 Feb 2020 19:24:19 GMT)

High profile target hump

Have any of you guys ever humped and nutted against a high profile target?? Some woman who is a CEO/MD/Director/GM at a prestigious Company?? Would LOVE to hear the story if somebody has!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 09 Feb 2020 19:23:09 GMT)


I know that inability to rise to the occasion can be a sensitive subject, but this is a frotteurism forum, therefore, if a member is able to extend his career beyond normal or usual limits, that is something to be celebrated not despised.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 09 Feb 2020 14:46:20 GMT)

And then . . .

There are those who carry on . . . like a punch drunk fighter who doesn't know when it's time to hang 'um up . . . as they have nothing else better to do with their mostly meaningless lives.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 08 Feb 2020 20:44:30 GMT)


It seems as though people are retiring left, right and centre. Some go voluntarily, they decide that the risk is not worth it; others are forced out, either because of age and infirmity (they're no longer able to rise to the occasion), or because they're stopped by the law. I myself want to go on for another five years, when my diary of frotteurism will cover a span of 20 years, and then I will see how things stand and consider my position.

Guest (Fri 07 Feb 2020 19:18:18 GMT)

Stardude retires

We have lost another legend guys let’s take moment of silence for stardude he has retired his account on xhamster I hope he is ok and returns one day

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 07 Feb 2020 01:57:42 GMT)

Max Mond's Lucky Escape

Just imagine, Max Mond, if you had gotten into trouble with the police, it would all have been over a mere ass grab. Hardly worth it. Next time do a risk/reward analysis.

Max Mond (Thu 06 Feb 2020 20:59:18 GMT)

I went too far (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

I went too far. Normally, I'm not aggressive. But recently I saw a beautiful ass on the platform and grabbed it walked past me. She was shocked and angry, but wasn't sure it was me. But she did look st me angrily and left. In a few minutes NYPD came from all directions to my location. Thank God for white privilege, none of them suspected me. Instead they started eyeballing the typical nyc chikans I see every day- older, obvious black dudes. Those guys got hard scares from the police. I left on the next train never looked back. At the next station, my station, there was more police waiting, but didn't look at me. I got lucky this time, but be careful guys.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 06 Feb 2020 13:54:03 GMT)

Re Archie

Hot post, I had something very similar back in the 90's on the tube, but the girl was a student or office girl, no more than 22 or so, and was wearing a skirt that was soft, I also pressed the back of my hand between her crotch and she pressed back hard and back then girls had hairy pussies, I felt her pussy hair against the back of my hand, that was very hot and as in your situation it only lasted a few minutes..well done!

registered member: Archie (Thu 06 Feb 2020 05:39:55 GMT)

Fun on the Tube yesterday

I had a VERY brief, consensual, chikan encounter yesterday evening on a busy, but not jam-packed, subway train.

It's cold here these days so most people are wearing long, thick coats, which obviously tend to thwart chikaning activities. Because there are so few butts to be seen right now, Mr Chikan's attention is grabbed by any that actually do happen to be on show.

So I'm waiting on

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Guest (Wed 05 Feb 2020 14:27:20 GMT)

Cum for a coworker

I had a nasty thought the other day. My sexy coworker keeps her lotion on her desk everyday. She' Ethiopian and has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. She's a big flirt, but there's no chance in me screwing her, ever. She bends over in front of me in a sneaky way giving me a look at the top of her ass whenever it's just me and her, but that's it. It drives me wild but I can't do anything about it. So yesterday I devised a nasty-little plan: I jerked off in a small cup and when the office was empty I poured my specimen into her lotion! This morning I passed her desk when she got to work 2-3 times to finally watch her applying her lotion all over her arms! She's walking around with my cum on her!

BigFootBum (Wed 05 Feb 2020 01:14:25 GMT)


I just recently had 2 of the BEST DAYS OF CHIKAN in the my LIFE.
Sunday I worked a renown famous clubs crowd of females trying to get in, in particular this tall (5'10) blonde with huge titans and large, ROUND PHAT ASS and she was a STRIPPER come to find out and she was totally game even even the crowd coverage came out. I pulled my shit out on her and she bent over to fake-adjust her tight as

1571 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 03 Feb 2020 23:12:02 GMT)


Welcome to the forum, Nordestino. That was nice trick you played on that girl. In my country women do not dress so immodestly. Feel free to share any other of your stories with us.

Guest (Mon 03 Feb 2020 00:23:56 GMT)


I sometimes see a chikan that looks like that Kimmel groper at raves like the ones Narflarf goes to, wonder if it's the same guy

Can we have a discussion on indoor vs outdoor events now that the concert vs mass transit arguments have died down

Nordestino (Mon 03 Feb 2020 00:20:51 GMT)

História + Videos

Olá amigos!

Já faz alguns anos que acompanho esse site, porém não participo muito, já que, prefiro os vídeos de chiken, mas mesmo assim encontro muito debate e conteúdo aqui.

Sou do Brasil e moro em cidade litorânea com um pouco mais de 1kk de habitantes, sistemas público de transporte é ruim, isso proporciona muitas aventuras, mas hoje foi muito interessante.

1622 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 02 Feb 2020 23:31:48 GMT)


Decided to throw in the towel. Just isn't worth the risk anymore. All the times I've seen xhamster accounts close down presumably because the chikan may have been caught is alarming. So I just got rid of everything to free myself. The risk is too much and compared to years ago this board isn't even what it used to be. Constant infighting, people pretending to be other users, people who always ask for stories yet never contribute themselves. If I don't see any of your mugshots in the news, good luck I guess. Narflarf out... ✌️

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 02 Feb 2020 22:54:53 GMT)

Don't Blame MeToo Movement

As I've said before, a successful frotteur must have an acute sense of danger.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 02 Feb 2020 14:46:56 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Night Ruined

It wasn't the MeToo movement Narflarf. It was you. You acknowledged everything you did wrong in your post. You didn't exercise patience or the appropriate caution, strategy, and tactics. For example, NEVER chikan from the back of a concert crowd where you usually don't have sufficient cover. Same for the sides, unless maybe there is a side barrier offering defensive cover. You also received some warning shots but chose to ignore those, which led to you being asked to leave. No telling why he just let you go without contacting the police or something. Be more careful the next time. You're a better chikan pro than that.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Guest (Sun 02 Feb 2020 14:42:56 GMT)


4:03 is the exact moment he hit the spot

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 02 Feb 2020 14:26:49 GMT)

Re Groper

What the fuck is wrong with pooliver? what is the name of this site, we should be celebrating the fact that a fellow perv is getting some ass, good luck to him I say, she was a bit of a moose imo but he was enjoying himself, I too am sure he was up in her arse! good for him.

poolliver (Sun 02 Feb 2020 09:24:24 GMT)

Re: Groper in a show

I agree he is completely groping the hell out of her ass. She is definitely uncomfortable and completely aware she is being violated but too afraid to confront him and knows the cameras are live on her where she is standing and unwilling to make a scene in case she embarrasses herself. I feel bad for her. And look at slimy stinking looking dude doing that to her.

She looked over her shoulder about 3 times but he shifted the opposite direction each time.

Dunno if he can be recognized/ID'd because of his cap blocking his full face.

Guest (Sat 01 Feb 2020 20:24:25 GMT)

Groper in a show


I believe that guy wearing LA hat was definitely groping the girl.

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 01 Feb 2020 17:08:06 GMT)

Night ruined

So I've waited nearly a month to go to the rave I wanted to go to, and it was a quick roller coaster of emotion. So many hot girls in tight/revealing rave-wear ready to be groped and the place was small so everyone was packed in. Got super horny just seeing the girls while waiting in line, the anticipation was killing me.

Once inside people were already crowdsurfing which was chaotic with w

1726 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Feb 2020 15:54:39 GMT)

@ A Certain Member

Can't confuse a veteran with a novice.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 01 Feb 2020 13:36:57 GMT)

Re: Archie - Boasting

Careful or you soon will be accused of being me! Because it just HAS to be! Now, I see that your thrill for chikan is on. But alas, for me it is gone! Doesn't mean that I will never do it again. Rather, I will look for my moments. St. Patrick's Day. Halloween. Homecomings. New Year's Eve. Special events. Etc. In the meantime, "press" on!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Feb 2020 12:46:15 GMT)

Archie's Adventures

I hope you enjoy your magical concerts, where the women who say "no" on public transport will suddenly flip and be open to your advances. In fact, if Cheeky is right, all of the female concertgoers, every single one, is going to tell you "yes". Hopefully these shows will give you some relief from your fixation with the online diagnosis of autism, and from your self-confessed "obsession" with a certain type of ladies' clothing. What baffles me, though, is why you want to branch out from your fingertip-on-bottom practice, which you find so immensely satisfying and exciting. Anyway, good luck with your new adventures, little Archie.

registered member: Archie (Sat 01 Feb 2020 05:18:05 GMT)


But the thing is, nobody was boasting. You suggested that my version of frotting is neither exciting nor satisfying, since I don't cum during it. I countered by saying that I cum frequently during actual sex, therefore I honestly don't feel the need to cum via the frotting thing.

Not a boast, but a fact. *shrugs shoulders*

[note to self: perhaps it'd be best not to mention "shoulder

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Feb 2020 01:54:02 GMT)


If you want to boast about how much "real sex" you're getting, you've come to the right place, a frotteurism forum.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 01 Feb 2020 01:50:10 GMT)


If you want to boast about how "real sex" you're getting, you've come to the right place, a frotteurism forum.

registered member: Archie (Sat 01 Feb 2020 01:19:06 GMT)

ArmHumper's "light"

Well I have lots of sex - as in actual sex where my dick moves in & out of actual real-life women's pussies. I cum frequently. I don't often feel the urge or need to masturbate at all, let alone be masturbating against the shoulders of little girls, Mr ArmHumper.

The frot thing for me is a new thrill, and an addictive one too. In my opinion frotting doesn't necessarily have to be about

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 31 Jan 2020 20:55:42 GMT)

Archie, I've seen the light.

Instead of humping women and schoolgirls to orgasm, from now on, I'm going to place my fingertips on their bottoms, as you do. I think I will find that infinitely more exciting and satisfying.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 31 Jan 2020 20:26:48 GMT)

A Simple Question for a Certain Member

If you are so "bored with frotteurism," why are you here?

Guestz (Fri 31 Jan 2020 12:52:36 GMT)

Re: Sneaky

Regarding the girl bumping you from behind: a few years back I had a girl doing that while I was working two girls in front of me at a crowded festival. She kept bumping with her hands, tits, hip, excusing herself so often it was annoying me After a while it dawned on me that maybe she was hot and bothered by what I was doing to the girls in front of me. So, being a seasoned chikan that I am, I s

1339 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Fri 31 Jan 2020 10:58:33 GMT)

Correction: autistic

For the record, I didn't actually accuse anyone of being autistic. I posed a genuine question that was based on the fact that, through the experiences of a couple of friends who have autistic kids, I know a little bit about how autistic brains work.

Taking Cheeky's "10x easier" throwaway comment so literally spanks of textbook autism, hence my question.

ArmHumper seized on Cheeky's

1056 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 31 Jan 2020 04:40:01 GMT)


SEMI-RETIRED . . . and not TIRED . . . BORED with chikan . . . no challenge anymore . . . TOO EASY . . . time to GROW . . . you will be chikaning until the day of your very last social security check! So sad! I shall read about. I shall view. I shall commentate. But rarely shall I do! Because . . . .


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

Sneaky (Fri 31 Jan 2020 04:25:51 GMT)

Decent attempt and question

Still pretty new to this. Anyway I was at a concert a couple weeks ago and got some decent action. The venue is kinda small so I didn't want to take anything out. Anyway, when the main event came on, it got way more crowded than I expected, which pleasantly surprised me. Got behind a few girls who didn't mind me rubbing up against them. There was one girl behind me that kept bumping into me with her chest. She also kept lightly blowing on the back of my neck. Wasn't accidental, it was deliberate blowing. Does that mean anything? Sorry still new to this type of thing.

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 31 Jan 2020 02:30:14 GMT)

award award award !!

This is the time for the first Monthly Award for the year 2020. Please nominate your favourite frottophilia writer of the month.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 31 Jan 2020 01:14:37 GMT)


I am well aware of who called me what, but you can continue to make redundant posts. When you're retired, you need something to keep yourself busy.

Arm Humper
Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 31 Jan 2020 00:12:39 GMT)

Oh . . .

It was somebody else who called you WEIRD too hahahaha :-D!!! Wasn't me!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 31 Jan 2020 00:07:03 GMT)

You GO Boy!

Hahaha! I didn't accuse you of being autistic. Somebody else did haha! But as usual you wanna blame me. And you keep right on a "having sex" by rubbing on women now ya hear LOL! After all, you said that's what it is. S-E-X! Based upon the "data", you gotta have even Wilt Chamberlain beat then LOLOLOL!!! Having "sex" by rubbing on shoulders.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired (but only from chikan . . . I spend my time gettin' REAL sex!).

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jan 2020 22:40:54 GMT)

Things to Keep in Mind

Thanks for making my point for me. As I said, personal abuse and name calling are no substitute for intelligent debate.

Arm Humper
Still going strong; neither tired nor retired.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 30 Jan 2020 21:42:50 GMT)

Please also keep in mind . . .

that "autistic" argument is not the same as "intelligent" argument ;-)

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jan 2020 16:22:53 GMT)

Public transport and Concerts

Something else for Archie and all of us to bear in mind is that "personal abuse is no substitute for intelligent argument."

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 30 Jan 2020 12:59:34 GMT)

Re: Archie - Public Transport vs. Concerts

Welcome to this place Archie. And remember. Don't quarrel with a fool. For he will take you down to his level, and he is more experienced there.

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jan 2020 09:55:54 GMT)

Schoolgirl Makes Me Cum

Yesterday afternoon on the bus, I got what I had been looking for all month, a schoolgirl partner. A student of an old school with a good reputation let me masturbate on her shoulder, and I am pleased to report that she even made me cum.

The first bus I took was not really favourable for frotteurism, as it had some empty seats most of the time, but there was a middle-aged woman who attracte

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jan 2020 03:18:21 GMT)

Archie: Public Transport and Concerts

I don't throw numbers around and make wild claims. When I say that I've cum against well over 1000 women that's not a wild guess; it can be backed up by data. When I say that I have a success rate of about 25%, again, that can be supported by records that I've kept going back many years. Cheeky could have said concert humping is much easier, but instead he used a number value and I took him at his word. People with a scientific turn of mind are accustomed to using quantifiable terms. What do you mean by "much easier'? 10 times easier? OK. I think you were just surprised that I took his statement to its logical (and laughable) conclusion, which, btw is not pontification, nor is it majorly odd. Good luck with your concerts. I hope you're not disappointed.

stalker (Thu 30 Jan 2020 02:35:00 GMT)

Concerts vs Public Transport

Well, I have no experience in both, but I found it interesting in this matter that it generated this whole debate, lol. Look, I do not support chikaning because it is against the law, but at the same time I do not judge you, and therefore I think that within what you practice, if you want to be more effective, you should unite. In this debate about where the practice of chikan is more favorable, i

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registered member: Archie (Thu 30 Jan 2020 01:19:57 GMT)

Public transport vs Concerts

Serious question ArmHumper - are you slightly autistic, or perhaps you were being deliberately obtuse? I'm asking this because I don't think that anyone who read Cheeky's opinion that frotting at concerts is "10x easier" than public transport frotting would've taken that comment literally.

I'm guessing that Cheeky merely meant that concert frotting is "much easier" rather than precisely 10

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 30 Jan 2020 00:31:28 GMT)

Archie: Public Transport and Concerts

I don't know what data it was based on, but Cheeky claimed that humping at concerts is 10 times easier than doing the same on public transport. Now on public transport I have a success rate of about 25%. If Cheeky is right, and concerts are 10 times easier, that means that a concert frotteur should have a success rate of about 250%. In other words every woman, with no exceptions, who goes to a concert, will be open to the sexual advances of men that she doesn't know. I would like to wish you good luck when you go to your concerts later in the year, but with Cheeky's predicted 250% success rate, you wont need luck, you'll just need stamina!

registered member: Archie (Wed 29 Jan 2020 23:38:14 GMT)

Public transport vs Concerts

Sorry, I meant to write...

All of this surely makes for better naughty opportunities for Mr Friendly Chikan than the humdrum, daily commute on public transport to and from work (and/or school in Mr ArmHumper's case) does.


registered member: Archie (Wed 29 Jan 2020 23:12:00 GMT)

Public transport vs Concerts

I'd have to agree with Red Dragon's view. Mr ArmHumper your "nymphomaniacs" comment was, in my humble opinion, unnecessarily sarcastic and/or defensive. I don't believe that Cheeky said or even implied that females at music festivals, concerts or gigs instantly metamorphose, butterfly-like, into rampant nymphomaniacs!

However, it remains an undeniable fact that lots of females at concerts

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 29 Jan 2020 16:26:02 GMT)


Which side of the debate are you on, Red Dragon? For all the years that you've been on this site, I've known you to be a public transport chikan.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 29 Jan 2020 09:53:50 GMT)

Re Public transport vs Concerts

Its a similar situation to when girls go on holiday they go to fuck around, but at home they will be more discerning, same with drunk girls at the weekend they let their inhibitions down like when they go abroad, where as when they are going too and from work its not what they want...mostly anyways!

Guest (Wed 29 Jan 2020 05:17:30 GMT)

Posting anonymous

I feel like people would post more videos and stuff if There was a board like this on the deep web and more people used tor as there main browser it would be more anonymous because of the tor network check out this information

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 28 Jan 2020 18:58:53 GMT)

Concert Metamorphosis

Poor me; I used to think that women were women wherever they happened to be, but now I realize that they suddenly become nymphomaniacs when they go to concerts.

Cheeky (Tue 28 Jan 2020 12:32:37 GMT)


Groping at a concert is 10x easier than public transport due to the fact that it's more acceptable, women go to concerts knowing that they're going to get groped and its also so ramm packed that it's impossible to not have your stiff boner up some ass

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 28 Jan 2020 11:42:29 GMT)

Alleged Difficulty of Public Transport

When I go out on my adventures on the bus, about 95% of the time I return home satisfied, in all senses of the word, so I'm not convinced by the claims that public transport is so difficult.

Guest (Tue 28 Jan 2020 03:10:14 GMT)

Public transport vs Concerts

I accidentally hit Send before I'd finished! What I wanted to ask was if "e" could say what type of artist/concerts to look to look to attend, because now I keep thinking about about the incredibly thin material he said that those women were wearing.

Must be just totally amazing to be easing your fingertips, or the back of your hand or your dick against the butt of a woman who's wearing haram pants or an ultra-thin silk dress.

I've said this before, but I can barely wait for winter to be over and for drier and hopefully sunnier days to return.

registered member: Archie (Tue 28 Jan 2020 02:41:04 GMT)

Public transport vs concerts

Wow I just love the comments saying that concerts are fantastic for the groping thing, and I especially liked what "e" said about the extremely thin-materialed outfits that some women were wearing in the groping encounters he mentioned. That has seriously whetted my appetite, like so much.

It sure seems that public transport frotting is way more difficult to achieve and also that concert

1456 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 27 Jan 2020 19:47:26 GMT)

Public Transportation and Concerts

I have limited experience of concerts, so I'm not going to pontificate about something I don't know much about. It would be good to hear from someone who has sound knowledge of both fields. What public transport has going for it, at least in my country, is that it is cheap, and it offers opportunities twice a day, at least five days a week. Public transport has allowed me to cum against well over 1000 women. I'm not sure I could have done that by going to concerts.

Guestz (Mon 27 Jan 2020 16:14:23 GMT)

Public transport vs concerts

I think public transport would work in the right cities, but not in mine. Really, it might be a county to country factor. Although I have no experience in third world transportation, from what I've seen is it can be quite fruitful. Even London seems to be ideal, as I guess NY Subways once were. Concerts work best for my liking. I now only go out maybe 3-5 times a year to large festivals. But each

732 more byte(s), click here!

e (Mon 27 Jan 2020 14:22:19 GMT)


Public transport versus concerts –

There’ s one major difference between public transport and concerts. Everyone at a concert wants to be there and is happy. There are obvious consequences from this.

Also, a concert can last an hour or two. Except for 3rd world countries, you are not likely to have a bus ride/subway ride that takes that long.

Yes, some women expect

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Jan 2020 19:26:01 GMT)

Archie: Arms and Fetishes

My interest in women's arms developed after I humped many of them; it was not a "pre-existing condition". As a result of rubbing on so many of them, I can become aroused by the sight of a naked arm, but I wouldn't say that it's my favourite female body part; it's more of an extra. To describe my attitude to the female arm I would use the word "fondness" rather than "adoration" that you employed.

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registered member: Archie (Sun 26 Jan 2020 07:00:50 GMT)

Public transport/concerts

From reading the often facinating chats in this forum it seems that most of you gentlemen feel that the frotting is more do'able at concerts than it is on public transport, right? Apart from Mr ArmHumper (who appears to find females' shoulders their most erotic body part), it seems that most of you are more hooked on music concerts as a favoured hunting ground.

Mr ArmHumper have you always

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Guest (Sun 26 Jan 2020 02:43:37 GMT)

Ideal frott material

I Been at this for about 2 decades or more now but I didn't start until "late" from some of the stories I read here. In my experience the best "targets" I run across are at crowded concerts. Sometimes you can spot them with their moms escorting them. I have a way I spot them and go in for the strike. The shows I attend are usually for younger crowds and moms try to come to watch their daughters, but I either get the moms who soon realize they can sneak some strange dick up their asses or I get the daughter who might stray to far from mom in a crowded mosh pit, if one happens to form. I got one once that was trying her best to get away from mom- I gave her a sticky gift between her legs.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 26 Jan 2020 01:47:21 GMT)

Guest: Safety Concerns Clarified

I agree with you about being aware of your surroundings, not posting unnecessary details that might get you caught, and especially not being aggressive. I have been humping and cumming against women on average about once a week every week for the last 24 years without being stopped by the law, and I think the main reason for this is that I am not aggressive. Being pushy will get you a bad reputation, and eventually you will be stopped.
And I wasn't trying to take shots at you. I realize that you probably experienced legal problems and want to help people avoid going through what you went through.

Guest (Sat 25 Jan 2020 21:07:40 GMT)


LOL your such a OLD WERDIO lol but i love you lol no homo i like your stories like i said i been doing this and its not a business!! Its a criminal activity we don't get any money from this unless you want to be stupid and post an illegal activity online

(fyi i have a girl and still choose to do what we do)

you trying to take shots at someone you never met or seen Lmao

When i say stay safe it means just being aware of your surroundings and not being to aggressive and not posting unnecessary details that might get you caught


Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 25 Jan 2020 16:14:10 GMT)

Other Guest: Slim Pickings at this Time of Year

The first three months of the year are always very busy for me frotteurism wise, because at this time school is in, and when schoolchildren are attending classes, the buses are always full, and they offer many possibilities for humping. And the weather here is warm all year round, so I don't have to worry about women wearing coats. I have already humped and cum against four women this January and hope to do another two before the end of the month.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 25 Jan 2020 15:51:32 GMT)

Guest: Better Safe than Sorry

If you're so concerned about safety, then I would humbly suggest that this business is not for you. If you want to eliminate all risk, the best thing to do would be to find a girlfriend or masturbate.

Guest (Sat 25 Jan 2020 13:46:53 GMT)


My saying is better safe then sorry where im from a backhanded swipe to a butt can get you registered as a sex offender if convicted..

there even trying to make it a felony for first time offenders so fellas be careful out there and have some money saved up for a lawyer just in case because those legal aids/free lawyers are gonna throw you to the wolves

Guest (Sat 25 Jan 2020 13:10:45 GMT)

Lack of stories on this board.

it Must be slim pickings around this time of year for everybody. I know it is for me, but I might have some dates coming up in the spring that should help me. Has anybody on this board ever been to The Final Four events? I will be in Georgia during the week of that event they hold for 3 days. I've never attended one, but I heard someone say that Taylor Swift might hold a free concert in the park in Atlanta. Can you imagine her giving a free show for a college crowd? That seems like a chikans paradise! I'm gonna try to attend it

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 25 Jan 2020 04:58:33 GMT)

Guest: Legal Difficulty for Posters

Ravishing a woman is considered a serious crime all over the world, so I can understand why the police acted as they did in the case you cited, but I suspect that law enforcement has more pressing concerns than coming after someone like me who humps only compliant women, or someone who backhands women's backsides in a crowded supermarket. I've been in this forum for almost 16 years and have never heard of someone getting into trouble for something he posted.

stalker (Sat 25 Jan 2020 00:57:05 GMT)

Re: ArmHumper/Guest

Thank you for your opinion. I have no idea of ​​the consequences present in this medium, so I appreciate your point of view. I would like more people, if possible, to participate in this debate ... bringing experiences of their own or from people who watched, for example.

(Ayashi forgiveness for the message I sent earlier, I pressed the send button in a hurry lol)

Finally, I ask the webmaster, who I think has "baggage" in this matter: What do you think about this topic raised earlier?


Guest (Sat 25 Jan 2020 00:08:54 GMT)


Arm humper thats not necessarily true each country is different shit i live in the u.s and each state has different laws and levels of seriousness when it comes any sex crime where i live a police officer got convicted of conspiracie to commit a crime because he was on a website about eating and raping women the law confiscated his phone and laptop and in court they showed that he used his positio

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 24 Jan 2020 23:36:18 GMT)

Stalker: Contributors Getting into Legal Difficulty

I don't think that consensual humpers such as I are in much danger because of what we publish. In fact, I cannot remember a case of anyone here getting into legal difficulty because of their posts. It seems as though law enforcement is more interested in catching people in the act. Having said that, I seem to recall a case where a man ejaculated onto a teenagers back and the police were able to track him down via videos of similar exploits that he had made public on the Internet, but even there, what got the police onto him was the girl's complaint, not the videos per se.

Guest (Fri 24 Jan 2020 06:52:17 GMT)


why is it so hard to paragrpah your stories? some of you guys do realise that gigantic fucking walls of text are basically unreadable right

stalker (Fri 24 Jan 2020 05:48:31 GMT)

It's just a question, don't be offended, please.

I would like to know, from you who keep this means of communication active, if you believe that somehow the stories contained in this forum, with images and references (in order to prove the veracity of the facts reported), can cause problems to any user, such as prison or something like that. I do not ask this question in a threatening tone or anything like that, it is a question on my part, and I ask you once again not to take it as an offense. Thank you very much in advance!

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 23 Jan 2020 18:49:04 GMT)


Where are the stories at people??

Guest (Mon 20 Jan 2020 16:42:47 GMT)


Have you guys checked out encoxada.co ?
It's similar to this, new as well.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 18 Jan 2020 00:21:09 GMT)

Frottee Encourages Me

This afternoon, a young woman let me masturbate on her shoulder until I came, and she also helped me to reach my climax. The scene of the event was a bus going up the West coast of the island.

My first attempt on this vehicle was on a seated, buxom, brown-skinned milf with curly, brown hair. Next up, after she turned me down, was a bespectacled schoolgirl who also declined my arm hump offer

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 16 Jan 2020 13:47:03 GMT)


If somebody is gonna plagiarize you would think they would pick something obscure. I remember the aquarium story too. Not too many stories about chikaning at an aquarium. But then again, it would be hard to go obscure on me since I've read pretty much everything on the site.

Black Shogun!!!

Guestz (Wed 15 Jan 2020 20:04:42 GMT)

Re: Allrounder/Buttmasher

As soon as I started reading it I stopped. I recognized it and just shook my head.

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 15 Jan 2020 19:00:34 GMT)


Hey man can you pls remove the stories that are posted by these random trolls claiming that they are their own?? Jeez get a LIFE you lame ass idiots!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 15 Jan 2020 15:19:50 GMT)

Plagiarism: Aquarium Story Sounded Familiar

The story about the humping at the aquarium was first posted in 2009 by "Geoff". I've copied the beginning:

Geoff (Sun 17 May 2009 23:14:28 GMT)
Origins at the aquarium (WARNING: she may be 38 years old)
I started off as a groper in junior high school about ten years ago. It never even occurred to me to hump until I saw another young chikan in action on a class field trip to the city aquarium. Parents would volunteer as chaperones for these trips because our class was so large. There was a girl in my class named Jen; she was alright looking, but her mom was a smokeshow MILF.

Guest (Wed 15 Jan 2020 13:39:06 GMT)

ChikanNovice Festival slut video

Well done on the festival slut video and for sharing it with the community. Here is a link to my xhamster account that I've just created. I've tonnes of material to upload so we can share if you like.


Guest (Wed 15 Jan 2020 12:22:17 GMT)

Re: TAG Team - Bomb

Geez some people need to learn what a PARAGRAPH is. I'm not wading through that!

TAG team (Wed 15 Jan 2020 05:21:17 GMT)

BOMB (WARNING: she may be 38 years old)

(WARNING: she maybe 38 years old)

I started off as a groper in junior high school about ten years ago. It never even occurred to me to hump until I saw another young chikan in action on a class field trip to the city aquarium. Parents would volunteer as chaperones for these trips because our class was so large. There was a girl in my class named Jen; she was alright looking, but her mom wa

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Eric (Tue 14 Jan 2020 18:57:48 GMT)

Butt Humping and Got Injured

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while. Been busy with school. Short story of chikaning below with no nutt unfortunately.

I was waiting for the public transportation stop. The bus arrived and opened the doors. All the post secondary students seemed to crowd up the bus as it was packed like sardines. I got in and I noticed a white lady with short hair in front of me on her phone. She mu

1240 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Tue 14 Jan 2020 16:08:27 GMT)

Everyone is looking

I was in the subway yesterday and there were extensive delays due to some water main break. I got in a train as people emptied out. There was a cute blonde girl biting her lower lip in front of me when I got on. She looked horny. She probably saw something or was in something. I'm not looking for anything. But she stared so hard at my crotch, I couldn't stop the growth and erection. My eyes felt

984 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 13 Jan 2020 08:09:04 GMT)


Oh here's another one I remember so vividly.. Guest's Dad had fantasized about humping and nutting against him for a long ass time and one lucky day he got that chance and he humped the daylight out of his Son't booty crack and nutted so hard that he fainted from the experience!!LOLZ.. LMAO.. Now that's a STORY!! Now go suck your daddy's dick you worthless maggot..ROFL..LOLZ..

Guestz (Mon 13 Jan 2020 03:57:04 GMT)


Since it's usually slow on this board around this time of year I'm gonna repeat an old on for the guys that are newer here. I shared this years ago but I'll tell it from my recollection today since it's one of my personal favorites.
Back in the 90's there was a huge 3 day festival I started attending. I'd never been to one like it up until that point so I was ecstatic with the possibil

3771 more byte(s), click here!

Other Guest (Mon 13 Jan 2020 00:50:41 GMT)


Guest is triggered

Guest (Sun 12 Jan 2020 21:09:55 GMT)

Buttmasher’s mom story (WARNING: she may be too young)

Buttmasher’s mom was at the front of the stage. She immediately bounced on my dick until I came. The end.

Is that good enough for you?

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 12 Jan 2020 18:51:01 GMT)


Where are the stories brothers??

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 11 Jan 2020 00:56:49 GMT)

Narflarf Quitting

Good luck with your attempt to discontinue the practice. I find it addictive. I can't count the number of times I've quit only to return to the habit after a few days or weeks.

registered member: Narflarf (Fri 10 Jan 2020 02:26:19 GMT)

Upcumming Rave

Got a rave coming up sometime this month which I'm looking forward to. My last event was on New Year's day, but unfortunately the bar was surprisingly not that crowded so I hardly got any sort of footage or grope opportunities.

Even though it was last week it feels like ages since I groped. Gigs have been slowing down near me, and with no major holidays until St. Patricks day things will be

1164 more byte(s), click here!

Observer (Fri 10 Jan 2020 00:58:12 GMT)

Guest: Unbelievably Amazing Story

I would like to believe your amazing story, Guest, but one has to be cautious about tales concerning a friend of a friend. That's how false rumours get started.

Guest (Thu 09 Jan 2020 09:00:21 GMT)

Re: Buster - Paragraphs

If you want people to read your posts, please understand that paragraphs work. Trust me.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Thu 09 Jan 2020 07:55:21 GMT)

Trust me (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I guess here’s the homecoming story promised months back lol. Kindaish

Anyway I am so fucking bored during finals and I have a raging headache so I leave the class and kind of walk back in forth in the school hallway. Looks like a fucking ghost town minus the couple of kids chilling I am uninterested in. Couple minutes past I decide I should head back to class before the teacher gets wei

6433 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 09 Jan 2020 04:20:44 GMT)


Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

Guest (Wed 08 Jan 2020 19:17:56 GMT)

Heard an unbelievably amazing story yesterday

Okay guys I read stuff on here all the time that I find fascinating, but a girl I know related a story about another friend of hers that turned me on, so I'm gonna share it here.
About a month ago a group of us (some I knew and some I had never met) went to a concert that was packed like sardines in a can. Because I usually go by myself I had to lay low with my usually behavior. To b

1232 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 08 Jan 2020 07:45:44 GMT)

Re Funeral

Its a chikan paradise IF you´re not fussy who you frott, I am sure there are young women somewhere in that crowd but looking closely most if not all look like fat frumpy middle aged women, for me that is not an option, I'll gladly wait till warmer weather over here and head over to London and frott all those lovely Asian, English and European tourists.

Afro d (Wed 08 Jan 2020 05:20:21 GMT)


Is this a male only crowd ???

Afro d (Wed 08 Jan 2020 05:16:22 GMT)


Arm Humper and Guest look closely again at the videos or better still try and link up with chikans in morocco, algeria, egypt and you'll understand what i am talking about.
It is not a religious event. its more like a procession.
There are spaces where both male and females freely mix.

Guest (Tue 07 Jan 2020 20:07:20 GMT)

Iranian Crowds

Only if you're GAY Afro D, and those crowds are so large that I'm sure there are some in them who are LOL! The women are mourning separately and out of sight of cameras and big crowds.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 07 Jan 2020 17:08:52 GMT)

Iranian General's Funeral

I could be wrong, but it seems to be only men at that funeral. Traditionally, muslim women do not attend funerals.

afro d (Tue 07 Jan 2020 12:25:01 GMT)

Iranian General's Funeral

FOLKS! It is a chikans paradise in Iran at the funeral of the slain general. The videos of the crowds are just amazing.

Guest (Mon 06 Jan 2020 23:49:27 GMT)


You mfs are crazy talking about making discord and join chat accounts for illegal activities let's make a discord and join chat account saying how much we love to sell drugs too while we at it smh

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 06 Jan 2020 23:38:02 GMT)

your friend: Hugging Widows at Funerals

I give your writer friend full marks for ingenuity. I think he was going to a lot of trouble for a small reward, but I do not regard it as unethical. To me it is more amusing than anything else. I have heard of men being able to cum from long hugs, but I do not suppose that he was doing that.

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 06 Jan 2020 18:23:31 GMT)

Butthump pics contd!!

OOps couldn't attach the pic.. here it is!!!! PAYDIRT!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 06 Jan 2020 18:22:42 GMT)

Butthump pics contd!!


registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 06 Jan 2020 18:22:11 GMT)

Butthump pics contd!!

Almost there!!!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 06 Jan 2020 18:21:15 GMT)

Butthump pics!!

In sequence!! Getting in there, sinkinggg innnn.. the feeling we all LOVE!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 06 Jan 2020 18:19:37 GMT)


You gonna keep us hanging like this brah?? C'mon man, tell us about what happened on NYE!! Well I for one had some good fun at an end of the year shopping crowd!! Got ma butthump onnn god damn right I did!! The buttmasher mashed some bubbles alright!! Checkout the pics.. was all up in her booty crack!! This is pic is just before impact!!

Shawnhero (Mon 06 Jan 2020 16:54:43 GMT)

Re: Mike

How about writing your experiences with the school girls?
Full photo of the girl with face will be great too!

your friend (Mon 06 Jan 2020 15:40:59 GMT)

Hugging big breasted women

I knew a guy (he's a writer, rather well known among literature enthusiasts) who used to go to funerals, faking to be a great friend of the person who died, only to feel the breasts of the widows when hugging them tightly. Do you approve of this or do you think it's a bit too unethical?

NewClubber (Mon 06 Jan 2020 14:42:46 GMT)


We should make a Discord! It’d be great. And it would be live so we wouldn’t have to wait to have our comments/stories approved

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 06 Jan 2020 12:34:48 GMT)

Re Mike

Great work, get a pic of the face next time too!

enc2020 (Mon 06 Jan 2020 08:14:06 GMT)

Concert touch

40 minutes the guy try to touch her ass lol

Mike (Mon 06 Jan 2020 00:25:34 GMT)


@Femaleguest It's in Mexico
@Guest i havent been able to record while sticking my dick in their asses because my phone is too big and it'd be obvious, so i just try and take photos when we get off
@Gringow https://t.me/joinchat/OC6mvBO5hfzX3yKYlKyDqQ heres the link to the group, to anyone wanna join

Gringow (Sun 05 Jan 2020 19:22:38 GMT)

Re: Mike

Yeah man, great idea.
It would be great to have a group chat on Telegram where we exchange videos and pictures. By the way, I have some that I've never posted online.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 04 Jan 2020 17:43:49 GMT)

Last Year's Tally

Last year, 34 girls let me climax against their shoulders or backsides. This is one of my lowest scores since I started doing this frequently 25 odd years ago. Ten of my willing participants were schoolgirls. 28 were shoulders and the rest were posteriors or mounds. The best two experiences occurred on January 31st, when I came against the shoulder of a chubby, light-skinned girl from an elite school; and on February 19th, when my partner was a tall and exceptionally well-built young woman who let me ejaculate against her arse. Here is the tally month by month:

Jan. 7
Feb. 5
Mar. -
Apr. 2
May 3
June 2
July 1
Aug. -
Sep. 3
Oct. 6
Nov. 2
Dec. 3

Femaleguest (Fri 03 Jan 2020 12:26:13 GMT)

Happy New Year

How where your hollidays guys?

As I asked before where is that? I use to use those same skirts back in school

Yeah now that I look back that’s a funny situation/position to be in with an Asian guy LOL

Here’s a little preview and stories soon to come

Guest (Fri 03 Jan 2020 00:18:57 GMT)

Video (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

@Mike you need to film and post a video of you humping a schoolgirl whore pleaseeeee

Guest (Thu 02 Jan 2020 19:16:01 GMT)


Do you have any picture of your cum on her skirt?

Mike (Thu 02 Jan 2020 06:44:28 GMT)

Coles (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

little whore cleaning my cum off her skirt, love schoolgirls

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 02 Jan 2020 06:44:08 GMT)


Another lame ass guest, talking out of his ass..lolz.. Dude, Open your eyes and read the forum.. did you not see the latest post with pics?? Hiding behind the 'Guest' handle and talking shit.. WTF have you contributed to be criticizing me?? As I have mentioned before, go suck yo daddy's little dick off, cos' that's the only thing that you do right.. LMAO!!

Mike (Thu 02 Jan 2020 05:55:35 GMT)


What you guys think about having a telegram group

Guest (Wed 01 Jan 2020 21:36:34 GMT)

Re: buttsmasher

Where are you from?! You ask so much detail of everyone else experiences with out posting your own and trust and belive if a guest comments doesn't mean its coming from 1 person 90% of the time its probably coming from multiple ppl most on here start out as guest


"COME ON PLS TELL ME" in buttmasher text voice😂😂😂

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 01 Jan 2020 19:29:21 GMT)

Papal Visit

As well as climaxing on girls at gospel concerts, I have also had orgasms by humping women who were going home from church on the bus on Sundays. I knew they were coming from church by the way they were dressed. Doing a girl who is dressed up in her Sunday Best is a special experience!

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 01 Jan 2020 16:52:21 GMT)

New Years Eve Nutts!!

@ Shogun and @Willy, pls tell us your stories in details brothers!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 01 Jan 2020 16:07:44 GMT)

The Papacy

I have worked two papal visits. I have also worked The Vatican itself. As for the visits, neither was particularly fruitful. During the first, we were lined up along a grand boulevard as if waiting to see a parade. There was plenty of space and little cover, so my opportunities to hump were limited. I remember there was a Mexican family near me, and the oldest daughter had a big, round boo boo

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 01 Jan 2020 15:59:35 GMT)

New Year's Eve 2019!

Who nutted on New Year's Eve??? ME, ME :-D!!!

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 01 Jan 2020 13:58:54 GMT)

Papal Visit

I have never "worked" a papal visit, but I have climaxed at gospel concerts a number of times. You can find willing participants anywhere.

big dick willy nilly (Wed 01 Jan 2020 05:41:30 GMT)

best 2020 nut in time square (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

I blew the best nuts in time square from the train into the streets lifting coats squat in my knees I busted 4 times dick out under skirts even watched it fall on the back of this Dominican chick shoe as she got off the train 2020

Bootysnatcher (Wed 01 Jan 2020 04:08:08 GMT)

Pope visit

Has anybody on this board ever worked a pope visit? I just saw a crowd gathered for the pope and it looked promising.....

Guestz (Tue 31 Dec 2019 17:41:38 GMT)

Happy hunting

Yes I'm quiet lately but wanted to wish you a Happy and hopefully prosperous New Year, along with the best "target hunting" a frotteur could ever imagine.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Dec 2019 15:01:05 GMT)


Pardon me . . . that was a short Chinese man's NECK LOLOLOL!!!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 31 Dec 2019 14:59:47 GMT)

Happy New Year Everybody!

@Easy Rider - Being Noticed
I try to keep them eyes open as much as I can because you gotta remain aware of your surroundings. Besides, you don't want to get caught rollin' ya eyeballs around in your head in pleasure . . . last time I was in some ass I had shades on . . . so nobody could see how much I was enjoying that white crack (she had THIN yoga pants on!!!).

@Buttmasher - New Year's Eve
Yeah, ahma be on the prowl lookin' to NUT in pretty white or Latina ass crack!

@Femaleguest - I'll Be Back Soon
Ya titties jammed up in a short Chinese man's next. STILL one of the funniest lines this year :-D!!!

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 31 Dec 2019 01:08:55 GMT)

Re: Frotterurism Award for December 2019

Now is the time to name the best author of the month, 12/2019. Please nominate your favourite writer. Oh, and if you have any nomination for the Man of the Year 2019, etc. ... well, please do ...

Guest (Mon 30 Dec 2019 20:49:50 GMT)



Please add chikannovice

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 30 Dec 2019 19:19:08 GMT)

End of year craziness!! Contd..

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 30 Dec 2019 19:18:10 GMT)

End of year craziness!!

Attached are pics of a chick I got hard while she was busy looking through clothes!! A picture is worth a thousand words!! Didn't get a sustained butthump for a nutt, but it was totally worth it!! Had a bubble booty on her that I humped damn hard for about 2 minutes!! Ahhh soooo soft!!....

Guest (Mon 30 Dec 2019 16:47:53 GMT)

That special moment

that moment when the target gets caught up in the hysteria and you plant a seed in her ass....

Guest (Mon 30 Dec 2019 14:10:57 GMT)

Big t story reminds me

Love your encounter Big T. Funny how the looky-loos get off on seeing somebody else get dick. I had one get jealous after she watched me destroy a "sista"! White girl said out loud standing right behind me "yeah he's been humping the shit out of her". Thirty minutes later I was humping her right up the caboose'

Willly going nilly (Mon 30 Dec 2019 03:49:03 GMT)


All be out for New Years in New York if you don't get a nut on New Years you suck I no I do every year especially on New Years story for the board will be made soon

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 29 Dec 2019 15:59:12 GMT)


Today was such an erotic experience.

I was on this white woman, likely 30+ who was with a friend and her small son. When I got on her, the friend motioned something, I don’t know what, and she ended up moving her bag away from me. She responded with, all I can do is laugh.

So now I’m in between her leggings covered cheeks, deep, I can feel them splitting around my cock and I actu

514 more byte(s), click here!

Femaleguest (Sun 29 Dec 2019 09:08:07 GMT)

I’ll be back soon

Ref: Buster
Glad you liked my stories, sorry been MIA. For a wile, just been busy with work and life, plus nothing story worthy had happen, till the holidays that is LOL 😈

Ref: Mike (schoolgirls skirts)
Where you from buddy I swear to God those are the exact skirts I use to wear to school altho I had a bigger ass than that LOL

Gritty (Sun 29 Dec 2019 04:17:08 GMT)

My first three attempts in movie theater

Guys, I usually like touching girls in concerts, just want to hear your opinions on groping women during the movie in a movie theater.I tested waters three times and found it risky. Location: Toronto

First attempt: It was at Star Wars 3D, had to pick a specific seat at Cineplex, I sat next to a lady in her late 40's, she's on my left, and on her left is her husband. In the middle of the mov

3676 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 28 Dec 2019 03:10:22 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

Please add me: https://xhamster.com/users/head4

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 27 Dec 2019 17:58:55 GMT)


Did you nutt in that booty bro? New story coming soon brothers, stay tuned..

Guest (Fri 27 Dec 2019 04:16:14 GMT)

RE: Chikan strikes again

Looking at her twitter profile, the bitch has a nice ass too. Not the first or last time a nice load getting dumped on her. And New York definitely puts in work, but real chikans are everywhere!

Chikan_Adventures (Fri 27 Dec 2019 00:02:58 GMT)


Sorry I forgot to attach the image

Chikan_Adventures (Thu 26 Dec 2019 23:54:56 GMT)

Encoxada girl big ass

This girl had a huge ass, she didn't realize that my cock was touching her. My God, it felt good on her hot buttocks. In the end she realized, but I was satisfied.

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Thu 26 Dec 2019 19:40:22 GMT)

Magician shit

Ive been bored because of all the infighting lately and increased lurking so Ive been looking at some of the older submissions.

First off I miss femaleguest agh, second off her stories both humorously involved somebody faking an action in an attempt of discreteness, but planting their intentions very clearly in her crack, on her hips, on her breast. The part that makes it hotter is the ackn

551 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 26 Dec 2019 07:10:07 GMT)


STFU Guest read my posts on the board and then talk. WTF have you contributed?? Go suck yo daddy's dick now without being fucking loser.. I've humped nutted against many many women and have shared my stories on here, all I'm saying is that Freddy got aa once in a lifetime opportunity with IG Model who has a dream booty, understand that you worthless piece of shit!!

Guest (Thu 26 Dec 2019 01:14:56 GMT)

Re: chikan strikes again

We should troll that bitch!! why would she post that on social media unless she wanted the attention from the start bitch take that L!!

Guest (Thu 26 Dec 2019 01:07:42 GMT)


Buttmasher your a pathetic weirdo more so then some others on here and always have been since your first post always begging for details and pics on how some other dude did some shit go out there and do it then you can put 2 and 2 together with out wondering how its done

Guestz (Wed 25 Dec 2019 22:37:45 GMT)

Re: Chikan strikes...

May I point out one mysterious fact about this target with cum running down her thigh? Instead of her going to police to report this heinous act trust upon her, she takes a photo to post on social media then her response is she's not gonna dance with n.....s again!

Guestz (Wed 25 Dec 2019 21:33:30 GMT)

"Guest" chikan strike

i V was jealous beyond words of that image you you posted! Been there, done that, and love it!

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 25 Dec 2019 18:52:04 GMT)

@Shogun - NYE

Any NYE plans to go out on the white girl booty hunt??lol.. I'm sure you do brother!! Need the story if you do as well.. I have a new years festival coming up as well.. will update soon..

Guest (Wed 25 Dec 2019 17:16:10 GMT)

Re: "Chikan Strikes....

Yall couldn't guess how many times I did that in clubs....

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 25 Dec 2019 14:52:11 GMT)

Freddy - Amirah

Brother I'm even willing to pay for the rest of the story!! I believe you, pls finish the story!!

Guest (Wed 25 Dec 2019 12:39:20 GMT)

Chikan strikes again

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 24 Dec 2019 14:22:05 GMT)

NewClubber: Favourite Non-humping Parts of the Frotteurism Way

Interesting question, NewClubber. I greatly enjoy identifying damsels who let me climax on them. Sometimes finding the online profile of such a woman gives me an erection. Some of these humpees become my friends on social media and I derive pleasure from interacting with them. I also enjoy going places and seeing women who allowed me to orgasm on them. One of those girls works in my local supermarket. I humped her 13 years ago, but I know that she remembers me, because I recently heard her tell a colleague that "he likes to jerk off on women that he doesn't know."

Guest (Tue 24 Dec 2019 12:53:47 GMT)

Merry Christmas!

And a happy chikan NUTT!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Tue 24 Dec 2019 02:05:20 GMT)

Black Shogun - Being Noticed

I know your post was in response to another poster. Nevertheless, I had to LOL when I read it!

Reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when I lined up behind two out-of-town sistahs at a concert. Turned out they were from Oakland, and I figured they might be game.

As the concert heated up, the one I'm behind gets this rhythmic sway going. Needless to say, I'm pasted o

957 more byte(s), click here!

NewClubber (Mon 23 Dec 2019 20:44:25 GMT)


What is your favorite non-humping/groping part of this lifestyle?

For me there's a weird excitement I get when I research a musician and look up their concert videos to see what they're average crowd is like.

Another is when I get to the venue. I love staying lowkey and scoping out potential targets. I usually attended concerts for popular musicians so it gets PACKED full of infinite targets

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 23:32:09 GMT)


And watching to many videos!!! And fellas if your in nyc stay off them trains there arresting and convicting for bumps not even humps a 30sec contact will get you a life time conviction

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 21:40:24 GMT)

Velma or daphne

velma got a dumptruck

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 19:39:07 GMT)

Movie theatre

Erin spotted the man who was to become her tormentor as soon as he entered the crowded theater. The old man in the drivers cap and sports jacket was a strange sight in an auditorium crammed with young people. He looked dumbfounded as he surveyed the dimly-lit cinema for a place to sit, sticking out like a sore thumb.

Erin's friend, Steph, who was nursing an extra large Coca-Cola, turned to

20102 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 14:56:23 GMT)

Armhumper: we should team up

Come to nyc and we can do a 2 man on the subway, then have some drinks and jerk off on each other at my place, lets stop the fighting

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 22 Dec 2019 14:15:36 GMT)

What an idiot!

Been readin' and believin' too many fake stories!


Black Shogun!!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 22 Dec 2019 07:04:32 GMT)

Freddy- Amirah

Please disregard the haters man!! I will appreciate it SOO MUCH if you can share us more details on how you humped and nutted on her!!

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 04:44:12 GMT)

Videos (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Do you guys know where to find real videos of schoolgirls getting groped? All I can find is fake Japanese crap

Guest (Sun 22 Dec 2019 01:20:43 GMT)

Big T and the teen

That story was short but sweet. That sounded like such a good time. Love those youngsters

Guest (Sat 21 Dec 2019 22:40:21 GMT)


Hope that wasn't one of you guys that got caught busting a nut on a mother standing in the toy section with her child in a Florida walmart

Guest (Sat 21 Dec 2019 22:20:43 GMT)

ChikanNovice video

Can you please give me an invite please? https://xhamster.com/users/greedo51

Butthumper (Sat 21 Dec 2019 20:09:56 GMT)

The original turd

the 1st freddy the turd. What a looser!!!

Black Shogun (Sat 21 Dec 2019 20:01:12 GMT)

Grinding Grandpa


The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 21 Dec 2019 19:37:27 GMT)

Another lovely encounter

Todays best success was a teenager with a sister and mother.

She was wearing these thin jeggins, and the moment I slid in she said I get quite paranoid when people are close to me - but she didn’t move! It was like a weird kind of green light. Like she wanted to let me know she knows im close and can feel this dick.

I got erect in between her and started jostling left to right, and

756 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 21 Dec 2019 19:28:25 GMT)


It was quite crowded, and no, I tend to zone out when humping on public transport. If you don’t overthink, you tend to not stick out as much. Just act normal. Even though your cock is buried inbetween some soft cheeks!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 21 Dec 2019 18:45:04 GMT)

Freddy - Amirah

Forget the haters man!! Do you mean to say that you nutted 3 times inside her booty?? God damn man, WE NEED DETAILS!!

Freddy Johnson The Third (Sat 21 Dec 2019 16:37:49 GMT)

U n words!!!

You maggots shot yourselves in the foot!!! U doubt me one second then the next u ask for more details??!! Didnt even give me a chance to finish story! I have plenty of pics and videos!!! U nggers!!! Why should i post anything else for u naysayers!!! Kiss my peruvian ass!!! Stick to posting about bullsht and arguing with each other!! I have better things to do!!! In nyc it’s unlimited opportunities!! I benefit!!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 21 Dec 2019 10:06:38 GMT)

Freddy the Third - Amirah Story

Bro pls tell us whether you nutted all inside them round bubble ass cheeks!! Or if it was only a few drops that were left in her crack and the rest landed on the ground??!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 21 Dec 2019 00:05:10 GMT)

Amirah Story

I so wanna believe it's TRUE brother but, just tell me how she didnt notice the huge wet spot you left after cumming in her huge booty?? She should have megikned about it on her IG following right?? After all she has a 2.8M Follwing on IG?? That's pretty scetchy from my point of view dont you think??

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 20 Dec 2019 23:01:28 GMT)

Archie: Being Noticed

I usually climax quite unobtrusively, with no shaking of the whole body, so, as far as I can tell, I rarely attract attention during the moment of truth. I like to come when the bus is not moving, so that the woman can feel my erection vibrating against her shoulder, but, in most instances, I believe she is as unaware of my ejaculation as the other passengers.
The very first time I came by humping, I was a schoolboy wearing shorts as part of my uniform; I climaxed by accident, and all the evidence of my pleasure was visible on my bare left leg. I was worried that someone on the bus would notice, but, apparently, no-one did.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Dec 2019 21:05:03 GMT)

Re: Archie - Being Noticed

LOL your post reminds me of the time a guy was observing me having an orgasm in a super crowded, crack-packed bar, only he didn't realize what he was seeing. You see, I had been chikan butt fucking a girl with me pecker out in what was to become my second favorite college bar of all time for the practice of chikan (now closed).

My dick was all up in the college girl's butt . . . and I wa

857 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Fri 20 Dec 2019 19:44:34 GMT)

BigT cock to vag

Wow what a sexy post. I've had a few fingertips (or back of my hand) to vag on crowded public transport but never had cock to vag. Was your experience on a subway train? Was it packed, or not really? Were you conscious of other passengers looking?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 20 Dec 2019 17:24:29 GMT)

I love white MILFS

My goodness. These white women.

I had another cock to vag today. I had my boner buried between the soft, thick thighs of this very thick white milf wearing thin trousers. I would move left to right and back and forward, just massaging my meat inbetween her. It felt so good. I could feel her decently sized breasts on my chest, and her calf’s around mine. From time to time I could see her bite her lip.

But what made this post-worthy, was at her stop, she looked me in the eye, and said with a massive smile, it’s been a pleasure. The most undoubtable green light I have had with cock to vag, Ive been told better in between ass cheeks, but not like this.

I dont know why I spent my last 9 years doing only booty. I hope I can have my first nut in this position! I

registered member: Archie (Fri 20 Dec 2019 15:23:19 GMT)

Being noticed

While you're actually nutting don't you guys worry that you'll be spotted? I mean for those few brief seconds when you're in spasms as you're spurting your load, you're slightly unaware of your surroundings because you're briefly transported to another plane; the French nickname orgasm le petit mort ("the little death").

As your body is jerking/in spasms and you're momentarily "elsewhere"

571 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 20 Dec 2019 12:34:34 GMT)

If You Can't Find A Good Reply, Say You Haven't Read the Post

While debating, when all else fails, you can always claim that you haven't read your opponent's post.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Dec 2019 11:39:29 GMT)

If you say so!

Whatever you say you ungrateful N-word LOLOLOL!!! Actually didn't even waste my time reading whatever "a certain member" wrote LOL. Who cares.

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 20 Dec 2019 05:18:32 GMT)

Freddy the third - Amirah Story

Don't listen to these haters bro!! Please reply to my questions about how you humped and nutted on Amirah!! These are my questions again, were you able to bury your dick as far as possible into that deep crack of hers and and nutt all up in her booty?? Did you have your chest to her back and smell her hair also? What was she wearing as a top? Sleeveless? And were you able to flex and pulsate your dick deep in those ass cheeks? Also do you have any pic/video?? Please REPLY to these questions bro!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 20 Dec 2019 04:55:12 GMT)

A Certain Member Misses the Point

I can only repeat what I said earlier. Stories or the lack thereof has never been the issue. If a certain member still doesn't get it, he can continue arguing with himself. A few days ago, I wrote:

I have never, Guestz, criticized a certain member for his lack of stories, as such. What I censured him for was attacking me when I was one of the forum's most active frotteurs and he had not contributed a single story for years. You have to admit that it's laughable for someone sitting in the comfortable armchair of inactivity to be criticizing soldiers fighting hard in the battlefield.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Dec 2019 00:00:05 GMT)

Fakes, Retirement, etc.

This is not an easy place to be for many. All of the abuse. Nobody has been the target of that more than me, from the very beginning when all I wanted to do was tell my stories. If Guestz leaves, he won't be the first to do so, and he won't be the last. That's for damn sure! I learned a long time ago that this place is the wild, wild west. It's every man, woman, and child for themselves! And as far as posting stories goes, almost nobody will ever post more of them than I have! I earned my stripes a loooong time ago. Whether I post more or I don't, I don't have a damn thing to prove to anybody! And that's final!

Black Shogun!!!

Note: LMAO at Freddy Johnson and "you ungrateful N-words" LOLOLOL!!! Now that there's some abuse LOL!

Guest (Thu 19 Dec 2019 22:30:10 GMT)

Freddy the turd

we dont care

Freddy Johnson The Third (Thu 19 Dec 2019 20:17:17 GMT)

Re : Armhumper

Yes his demise came from a black woman on the train. Dont go chasing waterfalls, he should of stuck to the rivers and the lakes that he is used to...

Guest (Thu 19 Dec 2019 17:09:54 GMT)

Freddy Wrongson The Fake

I can’t believe I waited for that fake story. You had time to use flash but not take a picture or a video of humping big booty Instagram model?

Freddy Johnson The Third (Thu 19 Dec 2019 16:48:47 GMT)


You ungrateful N words!! We come on here risking encarceration (because this site is easily traceacble) we on here to share miments of our lives and people dnt appreciate our time and accuse us of lying... i see why people stop posting. Then u hide under the “guest” handle. I have info on a flawless 2 man subway system, i have notes from both freddys and a pro chinese chikan freind , i could have been a great contributor to this board. I chikan for the thrills , in real life i work and make decent money and i could pay for any chic i wasnt good looking enough to date. I have no reason to be on here lying. Enjoy this forum and your pathetic lives. I will go back to mine.

Guest (Thu 19 Dec 2019 10:04:17 GMT)


That story is so obviously fake. What happened to this board

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 19 Dec 2019 06:22:04 GMT)

Freddy the Third - Amirah Story

Holy shit!! If that's true you are the luckiest chikan alive!! Also, were you able bury your dick as far as possible into that deep crack hers and and nutt all up in her booty?? Did you have your chest to her back and smell her hair also? Need details bro!! Damnnnn!! What was she wearing as a top? Sleeveless?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 19 Dec 2019 05:05:59 GMT)

Freddy Johnson III

We did not always agree on all matters, but I'm sorry to hear that Freddy Johnson Jr is in prison. Any more details on things like how he got caught etc. would be welcome. Even though he was black himself, he did not like black women (to put it mildly) and he had a notion that they were dangerous and that sticking to white women was the best way of staying out of trouble. I guess that theory may not have worked out so well for him after all.

Freddy Johnson The Third (Wed 18 Dec 2019 20:07:19 GMT)

Amirah at the tree 🌲 lighting

Skip to 2nd paragraph if u not interested in my bio and introduction to chikan...First off thanks for you guys interest in my recent endeavor, i stumbled on this site by no accident a few months ago, quick back-story on me, i dated the last chick Fredddy Johnson dry- humped before getting arrested and serving his current bid, she told me the story in detail and it got me rock-hard and i wondered i

2958 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 18 Dec 2019 17:53:26 GMT)

Re Guestz

Dude, fuck all the haters, I for one will miss your stories as they are amoung the best on here.

registered member: argiechikan (Wed 18 Dec 2019 17:00:46 GMT)

Re: chikanNovice

If you're adding people in xhamster you can add me too dude ;)


registered member: probeman (Wed 18 Dec 2019 10:06:24 GMT)

ChikanNovice Festival slut video

by The way, I forgot to mention I sent you an invite, my name is savear, thanks

registered member: probeman (Wed 18 Dec 2019 10:02:49 GMT)

ChikanNovice festival slut video

i Wanted to send you my xhamster account so I can get an invite to see the festival slut video, plus I have a lot of candid videos I’ve filmed over the years. Please invite me, that would be great, thanks. Here’s my account


Guessed (Wed 18 Dec 2019 05:38:46 GMT)

Guestz's Retirement

Please stay with us dear Guestz and continue to share your wonderful stories! In a moment of madness you did something naughty. I don't know why you did it. You didn't gain a damn thing and had to suffer the consequences. But don't worry, people get attacked here all the time. Black Shogun has been attacked recently for his stories and even for his lack of stories, for example. So just do you and have a good time. We are looking forward to hearing more from you, maybe next Spring or Summer.

ChikanNovice (Wed 18 Dec 2019 04:32:30 GMT)


I can't add you as friend as you don't accept friends invite/request on xhamster. Send me an invite on my xhamster account so I can add you as friend.

registered member: probeman (Wed 18 Dec 2019 04:06:19 GMT)

Freddy Johnson The Third Amirah Dyme story

Could you please upload the amirah dyme story please, I know who she is very well!!!! Please, thank you

registered member: probeman (Wed 18 Dec 2019 04:01:11 GMT)

Freddy Johnson The Third Amirah Dyme story

so this is my first time ever messaging on this site ever and what made me come out is when I saw a pic of Amirah Dyme's fat plump soft juicy asscheeks in those black tights on e board and I saw that Freddy Johnson The Third has a story on how he came in her fat asscheeks!!! Telling from the date you still haven't posted the story, but I know extremely well who she is on ig, she has one of the

981 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Wed 18 Dec 2019 01:46:00 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher

I rubbed off on them. I usually jerk myself off when I want to get closer to cumming as quickly as possible while being able to aim at an ass instead of missing completely. Only times I tend to cum when humping is if I'm horny enough to cum freehand, and even then it has to be in a situation where the girl isn't moving away much so I don't have to constantly be trying to close the gap between us.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 17 Dec 2019 22:27:03 GMT)

Setting the Record Straight

I have never, Guestz, criticized a certain member for his lack of stories, as such. What I censured him for was attacking me when I was one of the forum's most active frotteurs and he had not contributed a single story for years. You have to admit that it's laughable for someone sitting in the comfortable armchair of inactivity to be criticizing soldiers fighting hard in the battlefield.

Guest (Tue 17 Dec 2019 17:15:15 GMT)

Retirement Speech For Guestz

Guestz, please don't go. I love your stories man! You got many supporters on here such as allrounder and shogun. Who cares that you used 1 different handle on here! We all do this sometimes. If Shogun and allrounder can be here for about more than 20 years, so can you.

Please kindly stick around and tell us more of your frotteriousm stories.

We the chikan must stick together on this board!

If Guestz hasn't been added to the hall of fame yet, he is my nominee for this year hof class.

Guestz (Tue 17 Dec 2019 14:19:47 GMT)

Fake handles

You know, I've been thinking ever since I got "busted" using fake handles as to why I even did it? Didn't gain a damn thing and had to suffer the consequences. Then I thought to myself 'fuck it'! Okay, I did it. Okay, now what? Then I decided that Ive been doing what a chikan does most of my life without answering to nobody but myself. I realize as much fun as it has been sharing and reading stori

609 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Tue 17 Dec 2019 14:03:33 GMT)

Freddy the Third - Story

Hey, where's the story??

registered member: Buttmasher (Tue 17 Dec 2019 12:29:30 GMT)

Narflarf - Triple Take

Hey, did you nutt on your targets by purely humping them or by rubbing one off??

Guest (Tue 17 Dec 2019 12:15:35 GMT)


Archie how old are you? You might stick out like a sore thumb if the crowd is too young

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Dec 2019 11:15:29 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Triple Take Event!

Narflarf scores a hat trick LOLOLOL!!!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Dec 2019 11:14:12 GMT)

Fake Handles

What I said was true. And nobody brings anybody else down to some level. You are on the level that you choose to be on. And what goes around will come around!

Black Shogun!!!

jester3213 (Tue 17 Dec 2019 10:30:57 GMT)

narflarf add me to friend please

Hi Narflarf, can you please add me to friend on xhamster? My account is https://xhamster.com/users/jester3213
sorry for the request, i assure you for a correct behavior with your contents.
I know that a lot of people are asking you this, but i will appreciate it a lot.
Thanks in advice man

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 17 Dec 2019 07:50:20 GMT)


My goodness. 3 in one night. I do not know how you and Shogun have enough in the tank to pull this off LMAO! Great work though. After one I can only ever get a boner after that.

registered member: Narflarf (Tue 17 Dec 2019 04:05:52 GMT)

Triple Take Event!!!

Recently came back from the big event concert I talked about and couldn't have gotten luckier! 3 nuts in one night, matching my best record yet again! As usual I chilled around and waited for the venue to get packed, then I scoped out any potential targets. For the first 3 hours things weren't very eventful, couple of short gropes that led to nothing but I saw a girl with what I thought was a skir

2439 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 17 Dec 2019 02:31:46 GMT)


Why is it that a certain member is always trying to drag me down to his level? He forces himself on women, so I must violate them too; he uses fake handles, so I must use them too; he tells lies, so I must tell them too...My dear friend, some of us have morals.

registered member: Archie (Tue 17 Dec 2019 01:47:48 GMT)


Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll definitely try to be at some music festivals and/or gigs next year. Still wonder if I, a grown man, wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb as I roam through the crowds seeking butts to brush against and enjoy but hey I'll give it a try for sure.

In the meantime I think I'll probably try the crowds that pack into the streets of central London to see in the New Year.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 17 Dec 2019 00:06:50 GMT)


Let's see . . . you got GUESTZ and whoever else using fake handles for time immemorial (ARM HUMPER TOO), but I'm the one called out for false aliases??? GIMME A BREAK!!! Give it a rest! People using all kinds of fakes and sittin' back and laughing while others take the heat!

Black Shogun!!!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 17 Dec 2019 00:02:26 GMT)


You can go to any concert as long as they are a big enough act. Check their twitter following and Facebook page. If there are enough, then it’s good enough! Simple. I don’t go by bands, I’ve been to so many acts I’ve never heard of lmao.

Just last week (a story I havent written yet) I went to an act from the 90s! and it was still one of my best ever outings. Leggings wearing woman r

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Guest (Mon 16 Dec 2019 16:22:14 GMT)

Re: Archie

I do concerts only. If you're going to do those go for the spring/summer festivals that draw thousands or indoor venues that tend to sellout. One hot act is Billie Eilish. Whatever the youngsters are raving about. And on that note, raves are really a great deal! The crowds that have youngsters that are new to concert going are the best.

registered member: Archie (Mon 16 Dec 2019 12:55:40 GMT)

What concerts?

Guys, are we allowed to say which singers or artists we're talking about here, for chikan naughtiness? I think it was Astro who said a few months ago that he'd been to see a particular band 300+ times, with chikaning on his mind, but didn't say what band it was. I for one can barely wait for the return of better weather next year. Winter months drag on forever!

Also, nobody answered when I was asking about whether you're actually dancing with a girl who you're about to nut on.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 16 Dec 2019 08:39:16 GMT)


What you’re saying is very true, it happens. Aside from lookey loos there’s also the issue of women genuinely interested in you, causing you to get too much attention drawn to you. This is a difficult one to counter because it’s not you’re behaviour that you can change giving you away lol, it’s just your presence.

It’s happened to me several times in different scenarios, youre lucky concerts are dark - imagine outdoors! What I will say, is sunglasses help to let people know you don’t want to converse, and are excellent to help you blend in as the eyes often give a lot away about your mental space. They also help you appear less approachable.

Sneaky (Mon 16 Dec 2019 06:08:45 GMT)

Stop talking to me!

So I am relatively new to the concert groping. A few times a year for the past couple years but quite a few this year in particular. The first couple went pretty well, nothing spectacular since it was all new to me but enough to get me hooked. Well lately I have ran into the phenomenon of the girls trying to converse and such with me. Take the last one I went to a couple weeks ago. Get there a lit

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The Chikan Undertaker (Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:38:15 GMT)

Frotterurism Award for December 2019

Hello all,

I agree with allrounder. Black Shogun shouldn't be binding his time with fake personas to accomplish his goals of drama filled activities. The chikan man don't like that. Shogun or Shogues, it's time for retirement. May your stories and user handle, rest in peace!

My vote for man of the month is the hall of famer, a worthy chikan in Mr. Teen Groper. There's not too many like you. You are a good competitor. One of the best ever.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Dec 2019 20:55:46 GMT)


I wish a particular person would post his weak arguments under his real handle, because it is very clear who he really is. Nobody is fooled. I can only assume that he is adopting false personas because he is ashamed of the intellectual poverty which his propositions evince.

mike (Sun 15 Dec 2019 16:52:23 GMT)

Schoolgirls (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

What do you guys think of schoolgirls? i'm obsessed with them and every time i see one i have to rub my dick on her ass i can't help it it feels so good to bury my dick in their skirts
image of schoolgirl's ass i had my dick stick to on the bus man it felt like heaven

NewClubber (Sun 15 Dec 2019 14:10:05 GMT)


Dude! Tell us the story of how you got arrested and locked up! I’d love to hear what happened. That must’ve sucked

Anyone else ever get into trouble with the law?

News & Observer (Sun 15 Dec 2019 13:51:54 GMT)


There is no problem with onlookers if everything is consensual. They know if and when a woman is being accosted or not. They may be shocked by what they are seeing, but if the know it's truly consensual, then they are unlikely to try to interfere. So, laying low to avoid onlookers is just another diversion from the truth.

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 15 Dec 2019 10:14:19 GMT)


Wtf man.. why are you trying to impersonate me?? Lot of impersonators on here lately!! Get a life!! Big T and me.. I'm buttmasher and NOT buttsmasher guys, just to be clear I've contributed with stories and pics, just checkout my content on the board.. enough of this drama, now where is Freddy the third's IG Model hump and cum story?? Still waiting bro!! Lol..

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 15 Dec 2019 08:40:16 GMT)


Why is someone pretending to be me lmao?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Dec 2019 07:34:11 GMT)


Obviously someone was pretending to be buttsmasher and BigT. It seems clear that whoever attributed my report to buttsmasher also ascribed Carlos's story to BigT. Neither of them had logged in, so it's a pretty straightforward case of impersonation.

The Original Observer (Sun 15 Dec 2019 04:22:33 GMT)

This is getting confusing

It seems as though we have two Observers. All of this impersonation is getting confusing.

The silent observer (Sun 15 Dec 2019 01:56:23 GMT)

Mysterious Member


You are right allrounder. It's seems like Big T, Buttsmasher, Guestz and others have been exposed over the while. It's simple information about this few months the pressure of being a chikan leads to fake information and fake accounts to ego boost one another.

Like the saying of Eric or Black Shogun "Who's a real chikan and who ain't one?"

I been watching this board since 2009. Who else is going to crack under the pressure of being a chikan? Maybe a few of the members are trying to look good for the upcoming hall of fame nominations.

Fantastic photo oh dear legend Mr.Teen Groper, how I missed your stories so much! Please kindly post more when the timing is right. You are my nominee for MOM for December month.

Thank you,


Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Dec 2019 00:23:46 GMT)

Mysterious Mischievous Member

Some unknown person is getting up to mischief for some unknown reason. The report attributed to Buttsmasher was actually written by me in October, 2008, and the story ascribed to BigT was really authored by Carlos in July, 2004.

registered member: MrTeenGroper (Sat 14 Dec 2019 22:13:05 GMT)

Gorping teens the past few years! (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Haven't written anything here in many years, but for you guys wondering. Yes I'm still alive!

Even though I've been absent from here, I've been very active in real life. Probably groping thousands of teen asses. But A while back I actually got caught, not following my own rules. And the girl just beeing 12 with a juicy ass, actually got me 30 days in prison! Damn! Considering I've been doing this for ten pluss years, and groped and molested thousands of teens, I feel lucky actually. Maybe I'll post some stories in the future. But for now, keep safe mates.


BigT (Sat 14 Dec 2019 21:44:00 GMT)


Last Friday I had lunch with one of the operation managers of the company I work for. We saw a beautiful new secretary who had round and plump buttocks. The operation manager told me that she was the secretary of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He said that she was single and she didn’t have any boyfriend. He said that he has heard about some rivalry between men for her. He also told me that

13551 more byte(s), click here!

Buttsmasher (Sat 14 Dec 2019 21:25:14 GMT)

Big Booty Attack

My good run of form continued yesterday (Thursday) when I came to a pleasant orgasm against the backside of woman who works at a bank. Slim, oval-faced, brown haired and forty odd years old, there was nothing really remarkable about her. She was not a six-footer like the girl last week, nor was she big and buxom like Monday's damsel, but she did have a cute little ass that I plastered myself on. S

434 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 14 Dec 2019 16:54:08 GMT)

Re Archie

I am not bashing you but what a lot of people fail to see is that girls will put up with a lot of stuff if they are unsure how to react, they are conditioned by society to "not make a fuss" or "just accept it" so teens do, until they get a little wiser, I have frotted so many girls like that, they know its my cock, but again don't know how to react, when I am flashing too, I love that, I also know how far to push, don't get me wrong I have made some big mistakes, and had some epic fails, but compared to how much success I have had, I am very happy with my stats.

registered member: Archie (Sat 14 Dec 2019 15:14:04 GMT)


While I concede that the majority of my public transport attempts are (unfortunately) unsuccessful, the simply delicious successful ones are most definitely consensual - yes honestly! I'm genuinely not "deluded" in saying this.

Last night for example, I had two separate incidents of super-clear and consensual frotting. Both were teens who were wearing tight, thin-materialed jeans that delib

1244 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Sat 14 Dec 2019 13:33:19 GMT)

More obervations

Been scrolling back through the messages on this board and also looking through the Archives section (which unfortunately isn't up to date). Amazing stories! Anyone know why the Archives are so old and not recent?

Do we ever have anyone from Brazil writing about frotting/encoxada? Do any actual females ever contribute? And nope I don't mean men posing as females, such as that Guest (male) p

2960 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 14 Dec 2019 12:59:17 GMT)


I've been watching this board a really long time, but it's getting to feel like a bunch of bitches always going in on each other. Damn I don't know why I even bother. I used to lie stories by groinrubber but somebody ran him off. There's still some good ones on here that I like but too much drama lately. I notice guestz is quiet after he was busted posting under another name. The guy that accused him sighted his email address. Why out each other like that? I don't blame him for backing away if you going to bring attention on like that. We should be able to come on here and tell stories about our experiences without being ridiculed or worse exposed in a way that somebody could be investigated. I wish those guys or somebody like them start telling stories and all this bitch-ass arguing stops

Hellrey (Sat 14 Dec 2019 11:30:31 GMT)

Re Chikan Novice

Hi Chikan Novice

love your vids man! Can you add me please?


Thank you in advance

Guest (Sat 14 Dec 2019 10:35:32 GMT)


please add chikannovice hemingway77 i messaged you

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 14 Dec 2019 04:10:11 GMT)

Sense and Consensuality

I have been able to practise my craft for so long (40 years) precisely because I don't force myself on women. If I was non-consensual, I would have been stopped long ago.

And I decided to lie low when arm humping got into the news not because of my targets themselves, but on account of potential trouble from onlookers who would have been sensitized by the story on social media.

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 14 Dec 2019 04:00:05 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

Personally, I myself never tend to go for girls that show major signs of discomfort. Years ago I remember groping this girl at a concert who was happily swaying side to side, but once I started she began looking over her shoulder a lot, tied her sweater around her waist and had her arms crossed. Her body language was like a waving hand that curled up into a trembling fist. Needless to say I switch

788 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 14 Dec 2019 02:16:23 GMT)

Consensual Nonsensical

Don't believe all the BS that so-called "consensual gropers" are telling you. Most of them are delusional or just plain lying! Consider Arm Humper. Here's a guy who by his own admission has been humping women for approaching HALF A CENTURY. In all of that time, he claims he never forced himself upon anybody, and all his victims (that's what they really are) willingly gave of themselves to him.

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Guest (Fri 13 Dec 2019 18:11:08 GMT)


Hi ChikanNovice! Please add me, my username is iwillbebans.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 13 Dec 2019 17:15:22 GMT)

Re Archie

Ok this is my last comment on this matter because, I come here to post and read what other chikans get up to whether its dick out or not, preferably dicks out, but let me say it again I don't care about my flashees/gropees, why? because in the grand scheme of things having someone flash/grope you is way better than being mugged or raped or worse, I don't go after kids but anything over the age of

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Guest (Fri 13 Dec 2019 14:31:45 GMT)

Re Chikan Novice

A lot don't have any content but a lot of us like Shogun and BigT dont video our targets. Thats why we salute Narflarf and Smurfette. Sometimes we can get a picture but thats it.

Your call if you dont wanna add us, its understandable since its risky. Some of us just want to see your exploit and how well you did.

ChikanNovice (Fri 13 Dec 2019 11:12:13 GMT)

Friends request

I unable friends request on my xhamster account so you can send me an friend invitation.

However, I notice a lot don't have any content.

Blaze (Fri 13 Dec 2019 10:57:52 GMT)

Add me pls Chikan Novice

Add me bro

Thank you in advance

Guest (Fri 13 Dec 2019 07:30:53 GMT)


Add me bro


Observer (Fri 13 Dec 2019 01:49:41 GMT)

Arche: Consensual vs. Forced

Here we have consensual humpers, non-consensual humpers, and people who say they don't care one way or the other. The consensual humpers are the ones who are the most successful in terms of number of partners and length of careers. If you want to get into trouble, go down the non-consensual path.

registered member: Archie (Thu 12 Dec 2019 20:57:11 GMT)


Red Dragon, I suspect that Observer was probably trying to highlight some apparent inconsistencies with your stated likes. You recently said in here that you don't like it when women feel disgusted/scared, a that might give the impression that you care about women's wellbeing and whether they're comfortable etc.

However, Observer reminded us that actually you've in the past talked of "cons

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zuwayex (Thu 12 Dec 2019 09:30:21 GMT)

Add me please Chikan Novice (WARNING: she may be 31 years old)

Please add bro


thank you

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 12 Dec 2019 08:57:04 GMT)

Re Observer

Sad, just sad, if you have nothing to post but my quotes then I feel very sorry for you, do yourself a favour post something instead of rehashing my comments, it just makes you look sad

registered member: argiechikan (Wed 11 Dec 2019 19:43:41 GMT)

re: Archie

Yes, I'm from Argentina! But right now I'm in other country... In a couple of days summer is starting over there and it's the best time of the year for chikans: lots of skin everywhere but, I'll miss it, fuck.
As for what type of concerts are the best, you should look for the flavor of the month among teenagers. My guess would be Billie Eillish right now, but there are a lot of options.
If you are like me (and like almost everyone in the board) and like to nut really deep between some asscheeks, in these kind of concerts when the main act is about to start you can do almost anything. I lost count about how many nuts under skirt I have pulled.

I have never been to an EDM festival, so I don't know how is it, but looking at the footage from Narflarf I know that I have to try it.

fatchikan2018 (Wed 11 Dec 2019 18:22:32 GMT)

Add me please Chikan Novice


Thanks in advance! looking forward to seeing the vid bro

Guest (Wed 11 Dec 2019 17:04:54 GMT)


Wssup my brothers! Been on this site for a while but never posted, I love all your guyses stories n would love to see some videos! I just made an xhamster so I can start posting more, would appreciate it if I can get some friend requests 🙏

hend (Wed 11 Dec 2019 14:10:47 GMT)

Add me man

Yo ChikanNovice

Could you add me man?



registered member: encoxadab (Wed 11 Dec 2019 13:57:50 GMT)

Add me Chikan Novice

Please add bro

My xhamster account : https://xhamster.com/users/encoxadab


registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 11 Dec 2019 08:42:45 GMT)

Freddy Johnson The Third - Amirah

Fuckkkk you mean you actually humped and nutted inside them cheeks!!!! NEED DETAILS BRO!!

Guest (Wed 11 Dec 2019 07:52:21 GMT)


Chikan novice
I would like to watch your videos, i really apréciate the opportunity.


African chikan (Wed 11 Dec 2019 07:42:36 GMT)

Chikan mania ::, ADD ME I'VE GOT CONTENT

I've got great content from African buses

alfr3dogutierrez (Wed 11 Dec 2019 04:49:28 GMT)


have you ever groped a celebrity? ill be glad to read your stories.


Dadinho007 (Wed 11 Dec 2019 00:14:02 GMT)




Freddy Johnson The Third (Tue 10 Dec 2019 17:04:08 GMT)

Another pic of Amirah

ill post the story saturday on my off day about how i came in her fat ass. Sorry

Guest (Tue 10 Dec 2019 06:11:57 GMT)

Weird memory involving mom

Hi, first time poster here. I'm not sure this is the right forum to post but here goes. I'm 19 right now, but this happened 10 years ago on a crowded bus, and I wanted to get it off my chest

So, it was a Saturday afternoon and my mom and I had just finished shopping for shoes. Anyway, we were on the way back home, and were seated on a bus. I was on the inside, while my mom took the outer se

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Guest (Tue 10 Dec 2019 03:18:03 GMT)

RE: Chikan novice

Can I get an add? https://xhamster.com/users/snipedre

Bsas (Mon 09 Dec 2019 22:57:29 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

I've been trying to add you for awhile.
Great content.


registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 09 Dec 2019 19:09:28 GMT)

Freddy Johnson The Third - Amirah INstagram model at christmas tree lighting

We can't wait for the story bro!! Need DETAILS brotha!! lol.. Don't tell me you were all up in that shit!!!!

jflood (Mon 09 Dec 2019 15:00:22 GMT)

looking for ppl with content i have some myself and am looking to add more very soon. Have a convention coming up

ChikanMania or anyothers with content pls add i have some myself and am adding some more within the next few months. Big one twords end of feb.


Aileen Mcafee (Mon 09 Dec 2019 14:18:53 GMT)

hi you ar in this youtube video, hahahaha

hi i have received a video, it has leaked, it is about the fashion 2020 summer, you diddent get it from me, hihihihi https://youtu.be/BagSYhzdixo

Guest (Mon 09 Dec 2019 14:02:31 GMT)

Love nutting on my victims

There's nothing better than feeling a victims bare asa then cumming on them.

Jester3213 (Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:56:01 GMT)

Add me please

Please add me ChikanMania!!!

registered member: Archie (Mon 09 Dec 2019 04:35:29 GMT)

Re: Narlarf EDM concerts

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm guessing that you're not in Europe, because you mentioned an EDM concert this coming weekend but it's cold and grey here in England these days. Winter!

Has anyone in here done the UK music festival season, like Glastonbury and Wired etc?

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 09 Dec 2019 03:12:11 GMT)

Re: Archie

Outdoor festivals (especially at night) are great because the lack of light and ease of blending into the crowd. It helps that at many EDM festivals people are often either drunk, high, or on coke or ecstasy. So basically they're completely oblivious to groping and in their own world.

Might have a big indoor/outdoor concert this weekend depending on availability of tickets. Haven't been to the venue in months, but last time I was there I blew 3 loads in one night, so I hoping for some good success if I go. I still think about the first girl I nutted on. A thick white girl smoking weed, probably high out of her mind when confetti started raining down from the sky when I soaked her ass. In her leggings I knew she eventually had to feel it seeping through to her ass.

Guest (Mon 09 Dec 2019 02:50:51 GMT)


Chikan novice could I get an add? I have a little content of my own. Sane to stardude if possible. https://xhamster.com/users/jdm7

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 09 Dec 2019 00:14:58 GMT)


I found this from five years ago. It isn't the study I was referring to, but it makes a similar point:

Over the last few months I've done some research and found that, at least for me, schoolgirls are more likely to say yes. Over a given period I tried 46 women and 10 said yes; a success rate of 21.7%. Over the same period I tried 27 schoolgirls and 9 said yes; a rate of 33.3%. To put it differently, with grown women my chances are about 1 out of 5, but with students the odds improve markedly to 1 out of 3.

Stefanie_2004 (Sun 08 Dec 2019 23:16:04 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Hey there im new here. Add me please: https://xhamster.com/users/stefanie_2004

Freddy Johnson The Third (Sun 08 Dec 2019 22:34:07 GMT)

Amirah INstagram model at christmas tree lighting

story to follow

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 08 Dec 2019 22:21:19 GMT)

Teens' Enthusiasm

The enthusiasm of teens could be explained, as Archie suggests, by naivety or raging hormones or, as I believe a combination of both. I would also add a third factor: the natural curiosity of young people. Whatever the causes are, it is a fact that teens are easier. I did a study recently that I shared with this forum, but I can't find it right now. As I recall, I found that my success rate with s

428 more byte(s), click here!

Observer (Sun 08 Dec 2019 21:33:21 GMT)

Red Dragon's own words

13 July 2015: "I like it when they show signs of discomfort."

5 December 2019: "I am not happy if they are disgusted."

8 December 2019: "I have never disputed my preference."

ChikanNovice (Sun 08 Dec 2019 19:49:24 GMT)

re : Xhamster

Grrrr forgot to type my username.

Guest (Sun 08 Dec 2019 19:48:24 GMT)


Narflarf/StarDude I still can't add you as friends on xhamster. I think I'm on your block list?

Ok. I sent friends request to most you asked. I rarely add anyone who doesnt have any original content. I'm making an exception for frottophilia only for this time. I hope to see you guys post some original stufff in the future?

Don't expect new stuff for a while. It's cold weather and I'm also taking a break.

registered member: Archie (Sun 08 Dec 2019 19:46:42 GMT)

Till they nut, not not. :-)

Ooops, an unfortunate typo in that last post!

registered member: Archie (Sun 08 Dec 2019 19:44:14 GMT)


Argiechikan are you called that because you're in Argentina?

Yes if you're only 26 then I understand how you're able to stay under the radar at teen concerts, you wouldn't stand out too much. Are we allowed to say what concerts we've been to? I read Archive stuff on this site that mentioned Justin Bieber concerts.

What about outdoor music festivals? I've often heard that they're chi

701 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: argiechikan (Sun 08 Dec 2019 18:30:36 GMT)

Re: concert chikaning

I don't know what to say about blending in the crowd because I'm 26 years old, but I see all the time old chikans in these kind of concerts and nobody blinks an eye about them. I think most people in there think that they are someone's dad. The problem is that if you fuck up you are easily recognisable by security and other people.
I don't know how some of the older chikan in here are still able to nut deep inside on teen asses and manage to get away without any problems, it would be a very piece of info to have ;)

PS : posting with my handle now because I found my password.

registered member: Archie (Sun 08 Dec 2019 17:55:02 GMT)

Teen chicks' enthusiasm (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

My main turn-on is, as I've said, the frotee's complicity, ie when it's HER who does as much of the subtle pushing as me and when she makes it abundantly clear from her body language that she's happy with the groping encounter and is encouraging it and enjoying it.

"Consensual" does it for me - big time!

For this reason I have no special wish for the frotee to be a teen. Young or a

8303 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Sun 08 Dec 2019 16:43:39 GMT)

Concert chikaning

From reading the amazing stuff on this board over the past few weeks it's clear that chikaning at concerts is incredibly common - and successful too! I have a question! How do you guys manage to blend in well with the younger audience? I'd love to dabble in this, but doesn't a grown older man stand out like a sore thumb at teen concerts? Don't people there stare at you and make you feel uncomforta

610 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 08 Dec 2019 16:11:39 GMT)

Re Novice chikan

I think it would be better to have a separate thread for this.
Anyway please add me as well, https://xhamster2.com/users/brokenlascivus

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 08 Dec 2019 13:33:28 GMT)

Massive success

I’ve been away from concerts for awhile, as I’ve been having so much success on public transport / a regular outdoor event. But I decided this week I needed to return, and man. I had so many intense buttfucks, all from white women, and none were teens! One was a total MILF, two others looked mid to late twenties.

The first was a mother with her husband and daughter at the barricade. Man

4088 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 08 Dec 2019 11:47:02 GMT)

Re Novice chikan

Can't see the vid can I get an add, I have original content, not just favs

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 08 Dec 2019 11:14:51 GMT)

Re Observer

I have never disputed my preference and neither am I doing it now, So why you feel the need to post a tiny amount of what I have said is beyond me, do you feel like you have earned some respect? or validation?


Guest (Sun 08 Dec 2019 04:38:06 GMT)


You did the ultimate troll move😂😂😂 you guys really think hes gonna add you smh

Noob (Sun 08 Dec 2019 04:14:21 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

Add me please!

Guest (Sun 08 Dec 2019 03:26:35 GMT)


loved your story!! please add :)

Groper4eva (Sun 08 Dec 2019 02:30:23 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

Can you add me please? Love the story!


Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 07 Dec 2019 23:47:21 GMT)

Argiechikan: Teens Are Easier

I agree with you, Argiechikan, that teens are easier, but I differ as to the reason. You say that they let you have your way because they don't know how to respond. My belief is that they give into us more often because they are more sexually frustrated and horny. They have the same drives and desires as full-grown women, but, in many cases, they don't have the same opportunities to satisfy them, so they are more likely to be frustrated. By contrast, women in their twenties probably get more sex than they want, and so are less likely to give in to us.
Actually, we could both be right. Some teens from sheltered upbringings may be so innocent that they "don't know how to respond" while others may be so horny that the let you have your way and enjoy the experience.

Milkthewhale (Sat 07 Dec 2019 23:29:28 GMT)

Hello everyone

I'm not new here, I've been reading a lot in here and the stories are amazing...
Its the first time i write something here tho...
I'll leave the link of my account hoping someone adds me, i don't have a lot of videos :/


Thats the link

Guest (Sat 07 Dec 2019 20:25:21 GMT)

Chikan Novice

You got some dope videos, hope I can get an add

TheMan (Sat 07 Dec 2019 19:00:18 GMT)

ChikanNoviceAdd please

add me as well please. thanks.


JackEncoxada (Sat 07 Dec 2019 18:40:48 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Add me!
Also If anyone has premium content i’m willing to pay! just shoot me a msg


solot1000 (Sat 07 Dec 2019 16:45:14 GMT)


please add. Thanks :)

ChikanNovice (Sat 07 Dec 2019 14:18:52 GMT)


Narflarf, for some reason, I can't invite as friends. It says ¨This user blocks you¨. ???

Guest (Sat 07 Dec 2019 12:44:36 GMT)


Looking forward to the vid =)


Guest (Sat 07 Dec 2019 09:32:33 GMT)


You can't post a pic like that with a video linked to it but have it set to private lol. That's cruel


surfin (Sat 07 Dec 2019 06:56:36 GMT)


nice story man! add me, my xham profile is: http://www.xhamster.com/users/slidersurf2010

registered member: Narflarf (Fri 06 Dec 2019 23:35:49 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

Been looking to add you for a while. When you get a chance I'd appreciate it an add.


Don (Fri 06 Dec 2019 21:42:57 GMT)


https://xhamster.com/users/dannyrichard69 add me pls bro

registered member: MrTeenGroper (Fri 06 Dec 2019 21:06:30 GMT)

Groping teens in Europe? (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Looking to travel one of the weekends before Christmas to a major European City, but I'm wondering where would be the best place to find young hot teens with nice asses. As you guys know, I love to grope, grab and fondle teens asses. I was thinking London, but not sure about the teen scene there. Also the CC-tv stuff really scares me. Since I will be travelling abroad I'll be out having a good time and can also be much more risky than home. Where should I travel? London, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen etc etc?

EncoxadaFan (Fri 06 Dec 2019 19:30:37 GMT)

@chikanNovice (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Chikanovice Can you add me bro ?


Kloot123 (Fri 06 Dec 2019 19:10:31 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

I love your content.
Can you add me, thx

argiechikan (Fri 06 Dec 2019 18:39:58 GMT)

Non consensual

Woah, a lot of people with xhamster accounts in here.

Regarding the willingness of my target I don't think it makes a difference for me in the sense that I don't get more excited knowing that she doesn't like it. So as long as she doesn't say anything, I'm going to get more and more aggressive. This is what happens with a lot of teens, they don't say anything because they don't know how to respond so they are usually the ones that leaves concerts with an asscrack full of cum. That's why I love them the most, not because they are teens.

Slime39 (Fri 06 Dec 2019 17:29:44 GMT)


Please add..looks like top notch content

Newb (Fri 06 Dec 2019 14:24:01 GMT)


If you can add me please bro: https://xhamster.com/users/phinesse2#

Observer (Fri 06 Dec 2019 13:53:41 GMT)

Red Dragon in his own words

13 July 2015: "Never been one for all [that] consensual crap. I like it when they show signs of discomfort."

27 May 2014: "I prefer non-consensual frottees, the feeling is sublime."

11 February 2015: "I love to make a woman feel trapped."

dontmindme00 (Fri 06 Dec 2019 08:24:17 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Please add, thanks!

Twerkortho (Fri 06 Dec 2019 05:12:53 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Nice job! Can you please add me too? Twerkortho

fantastic picture man

John Doe (Fri 06 Dec 2019 05:02:41 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Can you add me whutman21

Enxadafan (Fri 06 Dec 2019 00:30:12 GMT)


Hello brother, can you add "bibaluno".
You re always top notch


Argiechikan (Thu 05 Dec 2019 21:25:30 GMT)

Re: chikan novice

Hey chikannovice, loved your story. I like a lot your videos in xhamster. I am squall1982, can you add me???

Slick (Thu 05 Dec 2019 20:13:11 GMT)

Re: ChikanNovice

Brandoncn on xhamster. Add friend please?

Jester3213 (Thu 05 Dec 2019 18:44:44 GMT)

Xhamster profile exchange

Hi everybody, i follow this board from so far and i love it! I joined xhamster and i have a good favorite video selection. If you wanna see it my username is jester3213
I appreciate a lot if you wanna accept my friendship

Guest (Thu 05 Dec 2019 18:36:01 GMT)


https://xhamster.com/users/neiltow Can you add me, please?

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 05 Dec 2019 18:04:53 GMT)

Re Archie

Each to his own, and I don't think you're boring either, but as I stated I like teens and 20's, I am not happy if they are disgusted or scared either, but I accept that many girls might not be happy about what I do, but that as they say is life!

CF (Thu 05 Dec 2019 16:42:10 GMT)

RE: ChikanNovice

Can you add me? Coolfrank217_

I just commented on your 21 video. I would appreciate it!

ChikanNovice (Thu 05 Dec 2019 12:28:57 GMT)

Festival Slut (video)

Couple months back, I went to this big outdoor festival, many stages & type of artists. Anyway, I make with my way to this stage where a hip hop rapper is about to play. Place is already full. I saw this girl with a friend. Dressed with a one piece like top with pantyhose(?), with the bottom give her a wedgie. She went by fast by me, I tried to follow them but its type of crowd that lets girls

1187 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Thu 05 Dec 2019 10:48:16 GMT)

Defenceless targets

Red Dragon, we're turned on by slightly different things. You say that it doesn't bother you if your target is squirming to get away but can't escape because the train is too crowded, and that you like it when teens don't know how to react when your bare cock is against them. See for me that wouldn't be a turn-on.

Call me boring, but my own personal turn-on is when the target's actions cle

2324 more byte(s), click here!

Guest 😏 (Thu 05 Dec 2019 10:17:28 GMT)



Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 05 Dec 2019 03:39:08 GMT)

Archie: Identification

It is definitely easier for me to identify accomplices because I live in a small country, but the converse is also true: it is easier for women to identify me.

Usually, the process starts with some piece of information about the female: where she works, where she lives, or where she goes to school. If she is with friends, you may overhear her first name. You then take one, or a combination of those bits of info online and do your thing. Of course you have to have a good recollection of what she looks like. My diary is useful in that regard. if she has some unusual feature, that can help you confirm the identification, something like unusual height, or even something simple like the wearing of glasses.

registered member: Archie (Thu 05 Dec 2019 01:09:41 GMT)

Allrounder repeat frots

Interesting! Unfortunately, getting the names etc of "regular" frot partners would be practically impossible to do here in England - way too many people. It would be really sexy to do that though, to know a bit of information about the private lives of females who've allowed groping encounters to happen. But in a populous country how would you even start to gather such info?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Dec 2019 22:27:47 GMT)

Responses to Archie Clarified, Continued.

Usually when I repeat with a woman, it happens by accident. I enjoy it greatly when it happens, but I don't deliberately seek it out.

You mention getting to know the faces of partners. Of course this will happen with "regulars" or any partner who you see more than once, but I like to take this a step further by learning the identity my accomplices (names and photos). In most cases I use onl

576 more byte(s), click here!

guest (Wed 04 Dec 2019 20:17:46 GMT)

Re: Archie

Archie I'm new to posting here but I want to explain how I get away with my dick out game. I only go to places where it is gonna be dark and crowded. Concerts are the best. Winter or summer I always dress so I can pull it out and come on my targets. I never got caught or even suspect. Sometimes the girl will play with it. One time a girl approached me after the concert in the parking lot and offered to suck it. My friend couldn't believe it but it was true. You have to know how girls act when they like it so do a lot of practice.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Dec 2019 19:21:19 GMT)


I have humped and climaxed on the same woman on different days many times, I wd. say about 12 or 15 times for a 2x repetition, less often for a 3x repetition, and I've done three women four times each (my record).

Women do sometimes push their shoulders against me, but it happens very rarely, maybe 5 times out of 1000. Once I was humping this woman's posterior, it was the second time I was

1314 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 04 Dec 2019 17:42:30 GMT)

Re Archie

Speaking for myself, I have never had repeated frotts, I did start off by groping though, used to palm girls pussies on the tube back in the day all under the cover of a crowded carriage, I used to get on behind young office girls, the shy type, they would often move over to the sided at right angles with tier backs to the glass partition from the side way seats, this left their pussies unguarded,

935 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Archie (Wed 04 Dec 2019 15:32:36 GMT)

A few general questions....

Some questions:

1) How comes the Archives section (and other sections too) aren't recent? They seem to have been last updated back in 2007 etc.

2) NewClubber, you're mentioning concerts with predominantly female audiences - who was this recent artist that you saw?

3) Attending music concerts seems like a great idea, and I can see from the posts that people have left that it's

3209 more byte(s), click here!

NewClubber (Wed 04 Dec 2019 12:02:10 GMT)


Yeah I'm aware of that. I was mainly asking why women are MORE sluttier in predominantly female crowds

Guest (Wed 04 Dec 2019 11:33:08 GMT)

Re: Repeating Stories

Speaking of getting busted, Guestz hasn't said a mumbling word since he got busted posting under multiple aliases. We await an explanation.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Dec 2019 05:52:05 GMT)

Why It Is Necessary to Have a Sense of Danger

A Chinese man learned his lesson the hard way when he got kneed in his groin after allegedly rubbing his privates against a female passenger on a bus.
The incident happened on Luoyang, Henan province in China, reports Shanghaiist.
A video of the incident was uploaded online.
In the recorded footage, the man was seen getting up from his seat.
He inched closer to the woman, who was sitting alone, apparently preoccupied with her phone.
The man then proceeded to do the unthinkable: Blatantly rubbing his crotch against the woman’s leg.
The woman responded aptly by kneeing him in the groin and calling the police.
Officers soon arrived and the man was arrested.
He was reportedly held for five days.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Dec 2019 05:03:02 GMT)

It Does Not Always Turn Out Well

SINGAPORE - A former senior lecturer from the National University of Singapore (NUS) who molested an undergraduate while on board the campus shuttle bus was sentenced to 14 weeks' jail on Thursday (Oct 17).
Long Yun, who was part of the faculty at the university's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, had rubbed his groin against the left thigh of a 20-year-old female student for ab

1435 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Narflarf (Wed 04 Dec 2019 03:06:05 GMT)

Re: NewClubber

I'm still discovering the mystery of women myself lol. But I have better luck groping women than talking to them, so I run with it. Despite what many girls say I think some of them enjoy the thrill of an anonymous grope.

There have been times where at a club I'd have my dick all up against a girl, but as soon as I put my hands on her waist she freaks out and leaves. Funny how a dick is less

1786 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Dec 2019 00:17:05 GMT)

The Man: Repeating Stories

Something I have noticed recently is people getting busted left, right, and centre. :)

NewClubber (Tue 03 Dec 2019 22:35:08 GMT)

Something I’ve recently noticed

I’ve recently noticed that when i go to a concert with a musician who has a significant female fan base there is SO much ass.... almost TOO much lol. More ass than you know what to do with! It’s insane!

The concert I recently went to had a rowdy crowd that was about 60% female. Every time I would get knocked off an ass I would end up smashed up against an even better one lol! One gir

538 more byte(s), click here!

The Man (Tue 03 Dec 2019 18:45:35 GMT)

repeating stories now?

philly 'thanks' for repeating a story from the archives. a guy called crack invader wrote the original back in 2014 yet here you are repeating the exact same story as if it happened in july 2019? smh.

here is the original:

''crack invader (Sat 08 Feb 2014 07:05:29 GMT)

philly creasesteak

summer parades in the big city are where its at if you want to get shaft deep

2061 more byte(s), click here!

philly (Tue 03 Dec 2019 13:29:07 GMT)

Philly July 2019 with a bang 2020 better better (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

in the big city are where its at if you want to get shaft deep in some strange ass! I spent a summer with some fam over in Philly and went to their 4th of July parade. Woooo. That ish was motherfuckin chikan heaven! The crowds were so thick and the crush was so intense at spots that you could really put a saddle on a female, and those crowds were swarming with gropers and rubbers. I almost felt ba

1821 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 03 Dec 2019 13:24:33 GMT)

Accommodating Alumna

Yesterday on the bus I masturbated to orgasm on the shoulder of a school girl who was so patient and accommodating that I felt I could anything to her and she would accept it. For some reason, it took me longer than usual to climax, but she seemed not to mind at all that a stranger was rubbing his penis on her shoulder for an extended duration. While I humped and pumped away on her left shoulder, she played with the lobe of her right ear. From my experience, it is always a good sign when your target starts to play with something while you are humping her. My willing partner in anonymous sex was brown-skinned and square-headed with a rounded nose. She had tapering fingers and wore glasses.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 02 Dec 2019 23:52:14 GMT)

Re: Archie - Locations

Yep, the good ole US of A (a "pretty country" unlike some others), but have done the humpty hump in many, many places around the woorrrrrrrrlllld ("pretty countries" only LOL!).

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 02 Dec 2019 19:19:17 GMT)

Re Archie

Dude I do it wherever I can, London and here in Scandinavia, but I find English women are easier to frott, and tourists of course, I go after tourists wherever they are, especially German or Polish, they are the best then Japanese or Chinese/Korean, best looking and most compliant ;)

Be safe!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 01 Dec 2019 20:06:28 GMT)

Cautious Guy

Almost three years ago, in January, 2017, we were visited by a "Cautious White Man" from the South, who was fascinated by black girls with their "big, meaty asses". He badly wanted to ride one of them, but was afraid she might react badly. If the present Cautious Guy is the same person, it would be interesting to know if he was ever brave enough to tackle one of those ebony damsels, and how she responded.
Btw., I imagine that how white milfs treat non-white riders might depend somewhat on location. A white milf from the South might behave differently to one from New York or Los Angeles, for example.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 01 Dec 2019 14:00:26 GMT)

@Cautious Guy

@unwilling MILFS.

I’m black, and I have repeatedly said on this forum that I feel like white woman 30+ are the most accepting of me.

One thing I will say, as others I think have said, is grooming, physique type, and dress sense play a huge role in how uncomfortable a woman is with you behind her. So, it may not be about race in that case, and it could more likely be an unfavourable combination of the factors I just said.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 Nov 2019 19:01:35 GMT)


Welcome to the forum, Archie. You are right, I live on a Caribbean island. We get a fair number of visitors from your country every year, especially during your winter months, and I have given quite a few of the female English tourists a special reason to remember the time they spent here. I think the ministry of tourism should give me an award. :)

registered member: Archie (Sat 30 Nov 2019 16:13:44 GMT)


Am I correct in thinking that Allrounder is on an island (Caribbean maybe) and that most of the other contributors, Black Shogun etc, are in America? Anyone ever try Rio de Janeiro in Brazil? How about New York, on subway trains downtown around Times Square etc? Damn this stuff is addictive! :-)

Cautious Guy (Sat 30 Nov 2019 14:39:45 GMT)

Unwilling milfs

Has anyone experienced this with white nillfs. I was in line Black Friday shopping and was observing the crowd lining up. I saw a blonde mom with her two young kids with a thick butt/wide hips. Almost instantly, I see a Mexican dude(clean cut, well groomed) attempt to get on her. IMMEDIATELY after slightly seeing him, she jerked side ways and glared at him. I guess he got the red flag and took off. Not even two minutes later, a white kid, maybe around 21-22 mounts her really aggressively. As before, she looked over. But, when she saw it was a young white guy (average looking) she didn’t think anything of it and was laughing with her young kids in line. What gives??? Does anyone else experience white moms are very tough when non-whites try them ?

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 30 Nov 2019 06:07:24 GMT)

November award

Now is the time for the monthly award. Please nominate your favourite humpable story writer for 11/2019.

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 30 Nov 2019 06:03:49 GMT)

Re: London Tubes

>Is it possible to delete a message

No you cannot. But I do.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 30 Nov 2019 00:46:57 GMT)

Enjoying a Long, Trouble-free Career

I agree with BigT. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and have a sense of danger, and possess the discipline to limit yourself to women who show by their body language that they are game or at least tolerant, then your chances of getting into trouble are close to zero.

By the way, there was a time when I did it at bars and concerts, including gospel concerts, but, throughout my decades long career, buses have been my mainstay.

registered member: Archie (Fri 29 Nov 2019 22:19:27 GMT)

London Tubes

Thanks for the wise comments, guys. Much appreciated! Red Dragon, do you do the full-on chikan thing here in London? That was a good tip you gave re trying buses in central London now & again. That idea would never have occurred to me. :-)

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 29 Nov 2019 20:32:16 GMT)


What I will say, is that in ANY city, for a case to be made against you, the woman needs to make a complaint.

They can sit there and watch you going up and down for 8 hours, not that I advise that, and still be unable to do anything to you. So as long as you are seasoned enough, you can take a certain amount of risk.

You just gotta make sure she’s game. And know when to leave it if she isnt.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 29 Nov 2019 17:28:30 GMT)

Re Archie

Sounds like fun, I am the type that likes to press his bare cock all over girls where ever I can, I arm hump them too, but a word of advice, the Tubes have extensive cctv, which is sadly monitored, especially the busy lines Vic, Picc, Northern Central, and so on, trust me when I say if you travel around too much you will get followed and stopped, which can end badly, instead, I would reduce the amount of times you go around the network and focus on travelling from A to B often during the day, again don't make too many trips at the same day, alternatively I would use the buses, they can get just as packed and they get stuck in traffic too!

Be safe

registered member: Archie (Fri 29 Nov 2019 01:59:37 GMT)

London Tubes

Hi everyone. First time posting on here. I've been reading the stuff on this website for about a week and wow, it's just great to read the experiences of other people who are into this stuff.

Some of your stories are absolutely amazing to me. I would say, though, that broadly speaking there definitely seems to be two distinct types of chikan: a) the type who rubs his cock against the woman

1705 more byte(s), click here!

Sanchez (Thu 28 Nov 2019 22:02:17 GMT)

thanks giving Day parade (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

thanksgiving DAY parade was a mad success got in and out behind so many families that were enjoying themselves no problems at all it was so much fun I only like moms and older daughters in their twenties got behind this dark Italian family looked like they where half black thick dress with long black stockings all give more details in my next story

Guest (Thu 28 Nov 2019 13:26:32 GMT)


Has anyone on here ever went to a beach or pool concert i.e like they type that b.e.t use to have with spring bling or m.t.v with there spring break concerts i watched a old clip of spring bling with trina performing and all i could think of was how much fun some of those dudes are having with all those big asses in bikinis

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 27 Nov 2019 23:31:25 GMT)

Humpees Masturbating

I also wonder whether women I have humped ever masturbate while remembering what I did to them. I would like to think that some of them do this, but I guess I will never know for sure. I once asked an acquaintance-humpee about this in a roundabout way, but she would not give me an answer.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 27 Nov 2019 23:28:47 GMT)

Re: Narflarf

Well as we know, unfortunately a squirrel doesn’t always find a nut. As for the squat and lift, it works best with really short girls with plump, round, bubble butts.

Black Shogun!!!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 26 Nov 2019 12:43:54 GMT)

TheAssMan comment

TheAssMan recently said something that has given me a lot of satisfaction in the past: I have no doubt that she fingered herself silly when she got home.

Ive definitely had many humps that I just KNOW the woman cherished in her memories at night and I recently felt like I had one like that.

I got on public transport and saw these two thick white women, had to be between 18 to 24. Whe

648 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 26 Nov 2019 12:27:52 GMT)


Black Friday is, meh. It’s not like an event, the hump is not long enough!

It is, however, full-fledged concert season with many huge artists performing at instantly sold out venues!

I’m hoping to hear a lot of success stories.

Dick Conway (Tue 26 Nov 2019 01:52:51 GMT)

Public Masterbation

Want to talk about Public BlowJobs and Concert Masterbation.

Agent007Chikan (Mon 25 Nov 2019 23:05:17 GMT)

Black Friday Coming Up

There should be crowds at department stores and malls, let's hear the stories soon guys.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 25 Nov 2019 14:58:49 GMT)

As expected

Just as I thought. Ha ha ha ha ha!

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 25 Nov 2019 00:03:32 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

I didn't get to do the squat & lift at the concert, but I do have a story though. I feel like the squat & lift technique is optimal on girls with big asses that have some overhang. That way when you squat you get wedged right between her cheeks and pussy where the sweet spot is.

Anyway, I get to the event and only around 20-30 people are at the front, granted it is a tiny venue but

1646 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sun 24 Nov 2019 22:18:16 GMT)


The biggest change I’ve noticed is security measures. Many, many events I attended new into the game had very little overcrowding measures. There were no wristbands required for entry, or any type of overcrowding control. So there was a lot more being squashed together!

Now, a lot of free events have some sort of protocol in place to limit the amount of crowding in one place. Some events

558 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 24 Nov 2019 21:09:30 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Technique

So how did it go Narflarf? Any luck and/or need to use the "Squat & Lift" technique? It can work really well on a little shorty!

Black Shogun!!!

NewClubber (Sun 24 Nov 2019 20:01:03 GMT)


You guys have any experience going to concerts held by female musicians? I know the crowd might be predominantly female but... Im worried I might stand out lol

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 24 Nov 2019 00:59:19 GMT)

TheAssMan: Found Her Again

I like to do repeats, and I've done the same woman twice many times. I have humped three women four times each (my record). One female was a school girl, one was a white milf, and the third was a black milf. I was able to identify the student and the black woman.

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 23 Nov 2019 21:54:47 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

Interesting technique Black Shogun. I'll give it a try tonight at the concert I'm going to tonight. For shorter girls I usually have to bend my knees to make contact with their ass, but never considered going up once I'm underneath her cheeks.

This gig won't be as crowded as my usual ones, so might not get to cum, but if I do it'll be a lot since I've been holding it in for a while and taking Zinc on the daily.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 23 Nov 2019 12:52:04 GMT)


Speaking of physically lifting up girls during chikan, that reminds me of my patented "squat and lift" technique, as described in the terminology section:

Q: What is squat and lift?
A: One of chikan technique. A man stands behind a woman and presses his member against her butt. He then bends and then straightens his knees, partially lifting her feet up off of the floor, and poking right on her gate or rubbing the full length of her crack.

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 23 Nov 2019 12:46:57 GMT)

Re: TheAssMan - Found her again!

Nice story! Over my long career of concert humping, I recall "bumping into" two different girls at two different concerts. Good job!

Black Shogun!!!

TheAssMan (Fri 22 Nov 2019 21:52:28 GMT)

Found her again! (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Last year I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life with an angel descended from heaven. She was around 14, with a cute and pert little bubble butt; so soft and firm as only a teen girl's can be. She had a cute face, pouty lips, innocence with a touch of naughty mischievousness. I was new to the game at the time, and didn't get to enjoy her nearly as much as I would have liked. Still,

4214 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 22 Nov 2019 14:55:50 GMT)

Lifting Women Onto Cock

At first, I read the title of guest's post as, "lifting a chick WITH my cock," and I began to wonder...No, I have never lifted a woman onto my member. I tend not to use my hands during my adventures. I do everything with my dick. When I was a teen, I remember humping a nurse's right shoulder on the bus and putting one of my hands on her left shoulder to push her onto my cock. She did not object, but I never repeated that experiment.

NewClubber (Fri 22 Nov 2019 08:59:21 GMT)

Big T

What do you think has changed in the 10 years?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Thu 21 Nov 2019 13:15:18 GMT)


It’s crazy the way this game absolutely takes over your mind.

In my ten years in the game I think I’ve had my best, if not second best year. Hours-long buttfuck after hours long buttfuck consistently week in, week out. Vag to cock, face to face, moaning women, from leggings to high daisy duke teens who have been so game.

Yet, I still feel, even right now, that I’ve not done enough. That I’m missing something. I’ve never felt this hooked on this game.

Guest (Thu 21 Nov 2019 05:41:30 GMT)

Lifted a chick on my cock

I've been browsing this forum lately and have realised that I in fact am a full fledged chikan! I have had many experiences and I just want to narrate one.

I was at this crowed event (not going to state my city/country)and as usual got behind this chick. She was extremely short, about 5 feet but quite plump. Anyway, I did the most outrageous thing next. In fact I still can't believe I did

997 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 20 Nov 2019 08:49:45 GMT)

Furious teen

Have y’all ever had a teen absolutely livid that she had to move away from you? Lmao

I was at an outdoor event humping a daughter with a family, likely all tourists. I was behind her with the dad a couple people down and the mum somewhere far away. I was all on her for some time. Ass firmly on my lap, back on my chest, legs on my legs. I was loving it. I know she knew, deep sighs every ti

1348 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: TBONE (Tue 19 Nov 2019 12:25:58 GMT)

Stil Humpin.

Want to drop a line that I am back to share some tales.
Been a long time.
Glad the site is still up.
T Bone Out.

stizzy1fiddy (Mon 18 Nov 2019 06:49:36 GMT)


Theres not much you can in that situation but wearing earphones and acting oblivious helps. You should be a better judge of character instead of humpin girls out of anger lol

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 18 Nov 2019 05:39:25 GMT)

Narf -Anime

Awesome pics bro!! But you still didn't answer my question whether you rubbed your cock on that ass and nutted?? Or did you rub one out??

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 18 Nov 2019 04:46:17 GMT)

More to cum

A few more pics, definitely my magnum opus. Shame I couldn't get a pic of the how it looked initially. The crowd started to die out after I came so my biggest concern was some looky-loo from behind walking up to her and pointing it out, or her boyfriend switching sides with her and having some of it rub on him. To put into perspective what you see is actually less than HALF of what I unloaded on her. Spent a good deal wiping it off since the milky white sticks out like a sore thumb. Looked like someone dipped a paintbrush in cum and swiped her skirt with it. These Zinc tablets are the real deal, and that was just 3 days consecutively taking them.

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 17 Nov 2019 14:00:18 GMT)

Narf - Anime Convention

So what your basically saying is that you rubbed your cock and nutted on her booty right?

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 17 Nov 2019 09:07:49 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher

That's my story about the anime convention, forgot to log in. I didn't want to make it obvious by actively humping her so I acted like I was reaching over her to get a book while pressing my cock into her cheeks. Then she leaned over to get a book at the further end of the stand and basically gave her ass up to me while talking to her boyfriend at the same time! No way she couldn't feel me, it's always hot seeing a girl that's willing to do that, even if she has a man.

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 17 Nov 2019 08:30:10 GMT)

Guest - Anime Convention

Did you hump and nutt on her bro??

Paki (Sun 17 Nov 2019 07:01:57 GMT)

Need advice

I spend alot of time hunting for white girls on the London tubes. I attack them in the crowds.

Yesterday One white English whore pissed me off. I jumped in behind her in the carriage and began rubbing my cock into her skirt.

Slowly grinding and licking her hair. She then turned to me and said "what are you doing" she kept repeating this line. I had nowhere to escape. Finally when the train stopped I escaped.

How should a chikan react or defend himself in this situation

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 16 Nov 2019 17:23:33 GMT)

Anime cumvention

So I was at an anime convention recently and had a lucky happenstance occur. Whenever I'm at cons I stick to mostly candid, upskirts and some light groping but nothing too crazy. This year I was at a con and they had a hentai (anime porn) booth and of course a bunch of dudes were gathered around. But among them I saw this pink haired girl at the front which stuck out to me. I thought to myself how

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 15 Nov 2019 23:52:01 GMT)


This morning, about 2 weeks after that woman from my island tweeted about shoulder humping on the bus, I took back up my old hobby with success. On a bus, I climaxed by pressing my erection into the right shoulder of an attractive, long-limbed, brown-skinned, young woman. I was lucky that, in my country, just after that tweet, there was some sensational news that overshadowed the message I was wor

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 13 Nov 2019 06:35:50 GMT)

BigT: Face to Face

Earlier this year, I was able rub myself to orgasm against a pretty school girl while we were standing face to face in a bus.
The photo I've attached has nothing to do with you. The person for whom it is meant will get the message.

Guest (Tue 12 Nov 2019 22:15:35 GMT)


Guestz using multiple handles!!!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 12 Nov 2019 21:09:32 GMT)

Face to face

Had an amazing white girl today.

We were face to face on public transport. I had my boner right in between her legs, it felt amazing. I could feel my head squishing right into that pocket where her meaty thigh meets her box.

I was looking away and she kept looking at my face but I could tell she was loving it. There was a point where she kept moving up then back down, and that would

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 12 Nov 2019 09:49:18 GMT)

Re guest5

For me its a split between Germans and Polish, when I am out on the hunt, if I hear those accents I will move mountains to get opposite, behind, beside where I can to flash or frott them over the years no other nationality comes close in terms of how pliant they are...Japanese, Chinese or Koreans too are also perfect, But white girls are my overall favourite, nothing beats getting them all hot and bothered

registered member: Buttmasher (Tue 12 Nov 2019 06:34:41 GMT)

@Guestz and guest5

How come you both have the same email address??

guest5 (Mon 11 Nov 2019 19:09:26 GMT)

Question for everybody

I'm wondering what is the ethnic group/nationality/race that we enjoy the most cumming against? In my case girls from country's like India really get me excited. I love them all when I'm out on the hunt, but when I get a chance to spear a girl real good and hard and shes Indian I don't even try to hold back. I'm a animal when it comes to them! What girl does it for you guys?

Guestz (Mon 11 Nov 2019 16:49:19 GMT)

Another "cherished" moment

There's one other "cherished" moment I want to mention. There was a girl about 16-17 years ago that I had pinned against the barrier at a large festival. I was digging and humpin' this girl something fierce, and something was happening behind us in the crowd that made us look back. Well, my target turns her whole body around which puts the top of her lovely thigh into my groin-area. I only fake at turning so I can have my tool nestled right near her groin/upper thigh area. The pressure is unbelievably perfect. I'm moaning now- and I see her take a deep breath then swallow hard! That caused me to start spasming hard, shooting a load as she stood there against me! The look on her face was priceless! My only regret was that I didn't have it out so I could leave her with a present!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 10 Nov 2019 22:38:49 GMT)

Guestz: Reactions that I Cherish

Another reaction that I like, is when I'm humping the shoulder of a willing woman who is wearing a top with a revealing neckline, and she looks down at her breasts to see exactly what she is putting on display and what I'm looking at, but makes no attempt to hide the goodies from me.
Yet another one, and this one I've mentioned before, is when I'm humping a damsel who is with a female friend, and she tells the friend what I'm doing, but continues to let me do it until I cum. I once had this experience with two teens who were identical twins. It's pleasant having an audience, albeit an audience of one.

Frottageist (Sun 10 Nov 2019 13:17:59 GMT)

Allrounder don't understand

Since all the women give themselves to you why do you need cover? Makes no sense. If they give themselves it is consensual and you don't need to hide what you are doing.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 10 Nov 2019 00:55:55 GMT)

HandsOn: Fool the Island

There's some merit in your suggestion. I will consider it.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 09 Nov 2019 23:30:39 GMT)


After an amazing summer, I’m dreading the cold weather we’re being hit with. My outdoor events are hit with all kinds of long coats! I’m used to it every year but this year I’m seeing more and more log costs than normal, there seems to be a style change going on :(

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 09 Nov 2019 23:28:38 GMT)


A million chikans are in that crowd furious they broke the barricade! LOL


HandsOn (Sat 09 Nov 2019 18:13:35 GMT)

Fool the island...

This is your chance to fool the island Arm Humper. For a while become a Butt Humper. The ladies will be looking for a snake on the arm or shoulder, but the snake will be sitting snuggly between the slices!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 09 Nov 2019 05:15:11 GMT)

My Cover Has Been Blown

Last week a woman on my island made a post on a social media platform on the topic of shoulder humping. Her message attracted a lot of attention and it found its way to all the other major platforms. It seems as though nobody had raised this topic online before, at least, not since the proliferation of social media. Until now, I have been helped by the fact that I was flying under the radar, but now that has changed. My plan is to lay low for a while, until people start to forget about the post that that woman made. Fortunately, there have already been some spectacular news stories that will help to drive the shoulder humping news from people's minds.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 09 Nov 2019 04:56:39 GMT)

Reactions that I Cherish

I like it when a willing target makes eye contact with me when I'm humping her shoulder. Sometimes an unwilling woman will also look up at me, but to express displeasure, but she does it in a different way, and after a while you learn to distinguish between the two glances. My favourite response, though, is when I have my erect member on a woman's shoulder or backside and she pushes herself against me to encourage me. I have a clear memory of the time a woman made me cum by doing this.

Guestz (Tue 05 Nov 2019 15:53:06 GMT)

Reactions that I cherish

One of the things I cherish most about my favorite pastime is the reactions I witness and the results of some of my naughty behavior.
Things that I relish: When I grope a nice, smooth thigh in really short shorts, and instead of the target saying anything, she reaches down and feels the skin I just touched. As if she's thinking about what just happened, or she's reliving just being felt-up.
Or, after abusing a fresh-smelling young, bronzed white girl, seemingly fresh out a shower or having just been rubbed all over with suntan lotion, I bust a nice huge nutt on her skin and the two smells intermingle in the air! Gives me a hardon just thinking about it!

Guest (Mon 04 Nov 2019 14:52:46 GMT)

London clubs?

Which are the best clubs in London?

frottager (Mon 04 Nov 2019 13:18:25 GMT)

One more nice video!! (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Lucky man wish was me!!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 04 Nov 2019 01:27:19 GMT)

One thing is indisputable . . .

HOMOS suckin' cock and jackin' each other up the butt are having S-E-X!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 03 Nov 2019 23:56:03 GMT)


You say that we are fulfilling a fantasy from a disorder, not having sex. Just because the DSM says something is a mental disorder doesn't mean it's not sex. Until the 1970s, the DSM classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Do you really think homosexuals weren't having sex before the Seventies? Were they just "fulfilling a fantasy from a disorder"? And you say that there is a legal definition of what sex is. So what?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 03 Nov 2019 20:13:20 GMT)

Some Simple Questions for a Certain Member

1. Does the principle of silent consent exist in American law or not? In 2005 you were "100% certain" that it did not, now you're saying that it does.

2. If you're so convinced, as you have stated many times, that the vast majority of women "hate to be humped", why then do you continue to hump women?

3. If, as you clearly imply, humping women to orgasm is just a poor and paltry substitute for what you call real sex, why are you here?
If you can't answer these questions, then you should be quiet, or else you'll continue going around in circles, like a dog chasing its own tail.

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 03 Nov 2019 19:22:08 GMT)

@Shogun - Recent Stories

God damn it man, you lucky mo fucka!! lol.. Now that's what I'm talkin about!! Excellent stories brotha!! Keep em' coming!! So I'm thinking you go out on the White girl booty hunt on Friday nights and Saturdays?
Anyways, haven't had an luck in getting a nutt but I did get some really good humps in today on Public transport. Was butts to nutts on this Jeans clad Teeny, who had a nice round bubb

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 03 Nov 2019 17:17:05 GMT)

Re:encoxada groper - Frotteurism is not sex

Of course it isn't sex! But a guy like Arm Humper desperately wants for it to be. He NEEDS for it to be . . . otherwise, he would have to own up to the embarrassment and stigma of not having had real sex with a woman for virtually his entire life . . . "rubbing" is his sole way of dealing with the sexual frustration and achieving orgasm with the help of unsuspecting women (who have NOT consented

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encoxadagroper (Sun 03 Nov 2019 16:08:01 GMT)

Frotteurism is not sex

I can't believe you guys are arguing about this. What we do is not sex. Frotteurism is a mental disorder in the DSM-5 (doesn't make it any less fun lol). There are specific legal definitions for what sex is, and thinking what we do is anything more than fulfilling a fantasy from a disorder is delusional. This is not a matter of opinion, it's fact.

African chikan (Sun 03 Nov 2019 13:55:36 GMT)


I think we as frottophilia need to have our own telegram page where we share pictures and videos of encoxada. Let me know what you think about this.

My xhamster page is www.xhamster.com/africanchikan

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 03 Nov 2019 11:45:30 GMT)

Acceptance by silence . . .

Is a type of acceptance of a CONTRACT:


So, unless you're out entering into contracts to grope women, the legal concept of "acceptance by silence" does not apply to chikan! It's criminal law that you better be worried about.

AVOID getting into trouble in the first place by NOT listening to people who don't know what they're talking about.

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 03 Nov 2019 06:42:19 GMT)

Something Wrong with Member of Certain Member

Two hours and no come? What's wrong?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 03 Nov 2019 06:38:19 GMT)

Nice Attempt at Deception

Anybody can adopt a persona and try to disguise their writing style, but some people are famous for posing as "guests". They've done it for months on end in the past. When they're challenged they always allege paranoia.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 03 Nov 2019 04:47:16 GMT)

@Guest - Untitled

There I go . . . "talking to myself again" (rolling eyes)!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 03 Nov 2019 04:44:22 GMT)

@ Buttmasher

I would not say that her crack was particularly deep. But nor was it shallow either LOL! The thing is that her butt was nice and round and plump and soft, but with just the right amount of firmness too. All wrapped inside of those thin black stretch pants allowing me to feel ALL of her tender cheeks and into her crack. Did not take me long to cum! But hey, that's all old news now! Went to m

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 03 Nov 2019 03:47:08 GMT)

Guestz wrote . . .

"I suppose I could relax a bit, but I'm now a father and a husband, and I don't need that humiliation in my life at this point. I'm thinking a lot of the seasoned Chikans just don't need it as much or are just not willing to put in the amount of time as we did in our younger days. You youngsters need to earn some stripes and learn to write good stories!"

Now I heard that! LOUD and CLEAR!

Black Shogun!!!

Guest (Sun 03 Nov 2019 03:18:33 GMT)


Enough already with the bullshit i think im the one who started the whole debate if what we do is sex only because armhumper is a weirdo! But i like some of his stories shoges your a narcissistic asshole that keeps posting that blk girls face on this site she has nothing to do with what we do stop doing that dumb shit yall go back and forth like the movie grumpy old men as far as being caught in the u.s for this shit the system would treat you worse then a rapist i know from experience in nyc... i cant speak for other states but the threat is real against us even if a women is a player confronted by an undercover shes gonna go against you!!! And thats facts

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 Nov 2019 23:58:24 GMT)


Whether or not frotteurism is sex, is a matter of opinion, not a matter of fact. I have mine and you have yours, and shouting at the top of your voice, "it isn't sex!" isn't going to change anybody's mind. Because an encyclopedia says that frotteurism is done for "sexual pleasure" doesn't mean it's not sex. When you screw a woman, aren't you doing it for sexual pleasure? And anyway, I was never arguing that all forms of frotteurism are sex, I'm talking about humping willing women to orgasm. But if you still want to have the debate about whether humping is sex, then you are arguing against yourself, because you don't have a good response to the question, why are you here, if you believe, as you imply, that frotteurism is a poor substitute for what you call real sex?

Guestz (Sat 02 Nov 2019 23:53:51 GMT)

Re: HandsOn

when I first discovered this site, yes, it was full of stories that kept me coming back for more to enjoy and more to learn from. But times have changed, HandsOn. When I started reading this sites stories, the smart phone was in its infancy. A lot has changed since then, and people are much more aware of the types of things that take place now. When I started reading there were no drones flying ar

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 Nov 2019 23:35:34 GMT)

Another Simple Question

On the question of consensuality, if a certain member is so convinced, as he has said more than once, that the overwhelming majority of women "hate to be humped" then why does he continue to hump women?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 Nov 2019 23:23:41 GMT)

If You Get into Trouble, Choose Your Lawyers Carefully

On January 9th, 2005, a certain member stated categorically that "in American law ... there absolutely does NOT exist a 'legal maxim' that silence = consent. That is absolute RUBBISH! Of this, I am 100% certain. That is just plain hogwash!" Now he says that "the principle [i.e. maxim] of silent consent exists in contract law." I guess we'll hear something else when he finally gets his law degree via night school. Hahahahaha!

HandsOn (Sat 02 Nov 2019 22:10:31 GMT)

Gone camping...

Master Ayashi - loved this site when I first came across it, but lately not so much. There was not to much of vearing off the subject, which is getting a hand, arm, member, or any body part onto an unsuspecting, or if lucky, willing member of the lovely female persuasion. There were stories from packed concerts, bars, schools, parades, trains, buses, camps etc etc. I lapped them up! I know a site

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registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 02 Nov 2019 19:15:19 GMT)


Was the brunette you got have a deep ass crack? Also were you all up on her booty when you nutted? Haven't had a proper earth shattering butt fuck nutt in ages bro!!lol!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 02 Nov 2019 14:23:50 GMT)


If you don't believe what I said about what the Arm Humper fellow thinks is "consent", and therefore "consensual sex" (I said "mutual" in my previous post but "consensual" is better), then just go back and look at his earliest posts. It's all there.

And Guestz, thanks for being level-headed, honest, and fair, and basing any conclusions on TRUTH and FACTS. This I can always respect. The classic clinical definition of a frotteur is somebody who FANTASIZES that he has a sexual relationship with his targets, but he in FACT does NOT. Anybody can look it up. We don't have to accept ignorance and lies:


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 02 Nov 2019 13:53:09 GMT)

Re: @Guest - Untitled

Guest you mentioned "consent" in your post. Now when this "Arm Humper fellow" first showed up here, I began to immediately challenge him on some of the outlandish ans just plain incorrect stuff he was writing. For one, he asserted that under the law mere silence equals consent. So, in other words, if a woman says nothing while you're pleasuring your boner between her butt cheeks, then she has co

1438 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 02 Nov 2019 13:34:26 GMT)


Well let me be brief. I'm under no obligation to explain myself or otherwise answer to you. End of story!

Black Shogun!!!

Guestz (Sat 02 Nov 2019 12:56:01 GMT)

Is it sex?

All you have to do is read Wikipedia and you get a clear answer on what it is we do. We rub our tools against unknowing/unwilling, and occasionally willing targets for OUR SEXUAL PLEASURE. But this does not make it sex. It's an alternate means of satisfying a sexual release/tension. Rape is sex, but it's is not a sexual relationship between two people.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 Nov 2019 08:47:15 GMT)

Conversations With Himself

you can keep using the different personae, but nobody is fooled.

Guest (Sat 02 Nov 2019 02:52:14 GMT)


We don't get stats on how many women refuse themselves to armhumper or what he thinks is consent, just the successes. Can we have a chikan survey on whether frotteurism is sex? I say yes.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 02 Nov 2019 02:41:47 GMT)

@'Guest" and Any Other Names You Want to Go By

All of that verbiage, and you still haven't answered my question. I am not going to go down old rabbit holes. I'll give you another chance to respond. If you believe, as you imply, that frotteurism is a poor substitute for what you like to call real sex, why are you here on a frotteurism site?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 01 Nov 2019 22:46:45 GMT)

Again it’s easy to get paranoid but . . .

I’m not posting as “guest”. If I have something to say, I will say it in my chikan name. And no change in subject either. It’s the kind of stuff I’ve pointed out for a long time. And now that we know by your own words that you’ve been rubbing on women (having sex) for FORTY YEARS, that makes your claims all the more improbable. Hell you could be in your 70’s for all we know LOL!

Note: I’ve been a loud proponent of requiring everybody to have a handle in order to post to remove the scourge of the “guest”

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 01 Nov 2019 22:38:00 GMT)

Re: Guest @Arm Humper

YEP that's exactly what I thought about today! He's essentially expecting us to believe that for forty plus long years women have nothing but just voluntarily "given themselves" to him. We've all lived and experienced enough to know that's an outrageous claim that defies both the odds and just plain logic! It’s a part of what I’ve been saying all along.

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 01 Nov 2019 22:31:06 GMT)

Why Are You Here?

That's a nice attempt to change the topic, "Guest" (as you now choose to call yourself), but you haven't answered my question, so I repeat, if you're so convinced, as you imply, that frotteurism is a poor substitute for so-called real sex, why are you here?

Guest (Fri 01 Nov 2019 21:26:11 GMT)


I usually have your back on your opinions but frotteurism is not sex and if you consider it sex your more demented and more of a weirdo then i thought if you consider it sex then your raping and stalking women and cyber stalking women everyday of your life and bragging about it and i know what your gonna say...



Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 01 Nov 2019 20:18:48 GMT)


To those who imply that frotteurism is a poor substitute for so-called real sex, I ask, why are you here?

Onlooker (Fri 01 Nov 2019 19:48:04 GMT)


Where do all of these "bubble-butt" Caucasian women come from? Are there really so many of them out there, or is it just a flattering way of saying she was your typical-white-girl-with-a-flat-ass? Me thinks the latter.

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 01 Nov 2019 11:37:38 GMT)


No offense bro, I did 'argue' with that unknown guest just cos' he was talking wack about me..lol.. Gots to defend your honor you know.. Anyway thanx for getting back to me and what you wrote right there in your last post was 'detailed' enough for me man, hellz yeah let the good times roll, the Shogun is back, hope to hear more soon!! I'll be putting down some stories as well, so stay tuned..

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 01 Nov 2019 10:45:24 GMT)

@ Buttmasher - Golden Years

First of all, you "argue" when somebody says some shit about you. Look at what you wrote last Monday. So imagine it all the time? You get tired of the shit and say I ain't takin' it no mo'! Second, I have neither the time nor interest at the moment in writing detailed stories. So, none will be forthcoming. Third, no she did not look like that. But very attractive and kind of short and brunet

1251 more byte(s), click here!

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 01 Nov 2019 07:06:22 GMT)

2019 October award

I'm now inviting the nominations for the October 2019 award. Please name your favourite writer for the man of the month.

Buttcummer (Fri 01 Nov 2019 06:27:41 GMT)

Never came on her ass (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Even though my name is buttcummer I haven’t been able cum on single girl that I have groped with my dick out of my pants so to all my fellow growers that have I applaud you because I now realize how hard it is to do

Observer (Thu 31 Oct 2019 22:54:53 GMT)


Allrounder is the only one here who is not afraid of Black Shogun. Everybody else gets on their knees before him and does what I'm not going to say.

Guestz (Thu 31 Oct 2019 21:40:05 GMT)

Re: allrounder and Black Shogun

Shogun is right about me speaking for "myself". But what I'm scratching my head about is: how the fuck did I get into this current discussion in the damn first place?

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 31 Oct 2019 19:48:11 GMT)

The Golden Years Are Not Always Golden

I would advise a certain member to re-read his statements before he posts them to make sure that his arguments are intelligible and make sense. The golden years are not always golden, and old age sometimes has demerits.

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 31 Oct 2019 19:47:27 GMT)


Enough arguing bro!! Let's hear your latest encounter in detail!! Did the girl you humped and nutted against look like the Bachelorette?? Can't get enough of her!! So pretty lollol..

Cautious Guy (Thu 31 Oct 2019 18:20:23 GMT)

Please be mindful when talking about spots

hey fellas,

I have been in the game for awhile but can we please be mindful when discussing areas. Someone just mentioned a parade..... I can imagine law enforcement monitors this forum. Lets not tell them where we like to go.

zzzzzzz (Thu 31 Oct 2019 15:20:17 GMT)

bad counselor

Where's bad counselor? Them stories were great and I want to hear more...

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 31 Oct 2019 10:36:09 GMT)

Further Furthermore

Errrr . . . it's obvious who you're talking too . . . buuuuut . . . I've been on business travel for a few days and am just now catching up with the site! LOLOLOL (shaking head)!!! You should know by now that when I have something to say, I'm going to say it! So let's see.

First, you clearly described what you do as having "anonymous sex". Then when somebody said it wasn't sex, you "beg

1506 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 31 Oct 2019 04:09:21 GMT)

Furthermore, "Guest".

I would just like to add, for the benefit of the so-called guest, that this is a frotteurism forum. It is not the right place for boasting about how much so-called real sex you are getting, and it is certainly not the correct place to attempt to belittle people like Guestz and myself, who have been practising and perfecting our skills for 40 years or more.

Wildcard (Wed 30 Oct 2019 15:50:34 GMT)

Chikan = Sex?

Other chikans such as Guestz have said time and again that chikan is not sex. Chikan is chikan (groping). And sex is sex. They are not one and the same. Unless you never get any sex at all. In which case you're using groping for your only outlet of sexual gratification. There should be no shame in this. Just admit the truth.

Guest (Wed 30 Oct 2019 14:39:32 GMT)

No need for paranoia here

I did not have sex with that woman (finger wagging)! Sound familiar? It should.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 30 Oct 2019 14:26:46 GMT)

I Beg to Differ, "Guest"

Some people are famous for posing as (unwelcome) "guests". Guest should post under his regular handle. It's kind of obvious who he really is.

Rubbing on a stranger's body until you climax is a form of anonymous sex. Just because there's no penetration doesn't mean there's no sex. If a man comes by rubbing his penis between his girlfriend's breasts, he's still having sex, and that is, essentially, the same thing that I do.

Guest (Wed 30 Oct 2019 12:06:21 GMT)

Having sex

Rubbing your penis on somebody's arm or shoulder isn't having sex. That's a substitute for having sex. And if you've been at this for 40 years (egads!) that says you have not been having a lot of sex in your life.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 29 Oct 2019 23:46:26 GMT)

Guestz: Just Ccame to Mind

Guestz, I can remember some events from 20, 30, and 40 years ago, but only very rarely do I recall faces, and that saddens me a little. It means that, in my small but densely populated country, I must be quite often passing by women whom I have had sex with and not recognizing them. I guess that's one of the drawbacks of anonymous sex. That's why I like to get picture identification of my partners via social media, because then I never forget them.

Parade (Tue 29 Oct 2019 22:48:10 GMT)

New York Halloween Parade a million plus in the streets (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

Who’s going to New York green village Halloween parade????? I no I am I have a great great time every year so much ass to get on its Ridiculous it’s a free-for-all😓😬😬 let me no ✌🏽

Bad-Boy (Tue 29 Oct 2019 18:52:08 GMT)

@spookynut (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I agree with Guest...I don't know where spooky nut was , but wasn't
the Halloween PARADE...I know every story here isn't real...but come on

Guestz (Tue 29 Oct 2019 14:37:34 GMT)

Just came to mind...

Any of you ever just out-of-nowhere remember really good chikan moments? I just remember one that happened about 27 years ago. I can't remember all the details of it, other than it was hot and the venue was packed like sardines. But the end result was this: a younger white girl with a tank top that exposed her bare back received the head of my bare dick, I nutted right in the small of her back then watched as the cum ran down into the top of her ass. The thought of it makes me stiffen up!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 29 Oct 2019 04:45:05 GMT)

Security Officers

Guest wrote: "What do you mean you humped a 'security officer'? If you mean some private, hourly, lowly-paid person wearing a badge OK. But if you mean a uniformed, municipal police officer, then nobody is going to be quick to believe that, including that the police officer cooperated with you! Such claims are too much and not believable."
Absolutely, guest no.1. Did that "guest" (whoever he really is) actually think that I was going to tell a story about humping a policewoman who plays along? And you're right; I have climaxed on school girls who have become doctors, lawyers, and accountants, but I don't care whether my partners are rich or poor, so long as they're willing.

Guest no.1 (Mon 28 Oct 2019 14:50:43 GMT)

Guest: Armhumper's Security Officer

Come on, guest, everyone knows what a security officer is, as distinct from a policewoman, so stop trying to manufacture a controversy. And humpers in general are not concerned with how their targets are paid, they are concerned with finding players, which is what Armhumper did.

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 28 Oct 2019 06:21:49 GMT)


This was a question solely for Shogun, nobody asked for your input, so why don't you mind own business?? Also, go check out the archives and see whether I've contributed or not without whining like a little girl..lol..

guest (Sun 27 Oct 2019 19:39:21 GMT)


Instead of posting pictures asking people if they have chikaned anybody who looked like that and pleading for detailed stories how about some detailed stories of your own?

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 27 Oct 2019 17:58:34 GMT)

@Shogun - Thoughts??

Ever buttfucked a chick as attractive as her bro??!!

... attached file (webp) 40540 bytes

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 27 Oct 2019 16:10:47 GMT)

National Chikan Holidays in the United States

They are as follows:

1. Halloween
2. New Year's Eve
3. St. Patrick's Day

Then of course, depending on where you live, there could be a number of local chikan holidays to add to your list. Although maybe Halloween and definitely St. Patrick's Day are more target rich, my favorite is New Year's Eve . . . chikan butt fuckin' in the new year! A rockin' New Year's Eve? No, no, NO

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Guest (Sun 27 Oct 2019 14:29:41 GMT)


Im in nyc and the main Halloween parade is on Thursday oct 31 are you talking about a different parade?

Spooky nut (Sun 27 Oct 2019 03:33:00 GMT)

NYC Halloween Parade 2019 (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

NYC Halloween Parade

I want to start out saying that I have to try and avoid the Halloween parade for next year, especially after getting stopped by the cop last year. IT was total craziness. I can't believe some of the shit I was doing, and I'm lucky again not to have been arrested.

I say again this is the ultimate perv paradise. You have limitless opportunities, it turns you into a

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registered member: Narflarf (Sat 26 Oct 2019 22:41:09 GMT)

About that time...

Halloween is only a week away and the anticipation is making my hair stand on end! So many girls in hot costumes getting the opportunity to show off their bodies, and at parties it just makes groping all the more enjoyable. It's become practically a chikan holiday for me, and I attend the same Halloween party filled with young, slutty college girls and even got to hook up with a girl I groped. Can't wait to see what this year brings.

Anonymouschikan (Sat 26 Oct 2019 19:25:32 GMT)

Heavy heart

I'm one of those that been lurking for years enjoying the stories and partaking of this sport. But I got a confession to make about my past actions. I've had to deal with one target that I made a mistake with. Here is my story.
In junior high school I was almost a loner. I was shy and unsure of myself. I saw guys interacting with the girls but I didn't know how to begin enjoying that life.

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Guest (Sat 26 Oct 2019 16:17:54 GMT)

Security Officers

What do you mean you humped a "security officer"? If you mean some private, hourly, lowly-paid person wearing a badge OK. But if you mean a uniformed, municipal police officer, then nobody is going to be quick to believe that, including that the police officer cooperated with you! Such claims are too much and not believable.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 25 Oct 2019 18:34:00 GMT)

John Amadi

Check your email inbox, John, I have sent you a message.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 25 Oct 2019 05:34:17 GMT)

Humping Security Officers

Since we're talking about how to deal with security, I should mention that yesterday on the bus, I humped the backside of an obviously willing, female security officer and reached an intense climax. She was the third security worker that I have done recently. She was about 30 years old, brown-skinned, plump and tall, with an oval face and harmonious features.

I had to take three buses a

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John Amadi (Thu 24 Oct 2019 13:11:09 GMT)

Armhumper let's connect (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Hi Arm humper, we do the same style of humping. I love humping shoulders and cumming every morning. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and if u Google it you will see that it's the most populated city in the whole of West Africa. message me via my email address your country let's relate(enobong83@aol.com). I can invite u to Lagos if u want.

Guest (Thu 24 Oct 2019 01:08:34 GMT)


I also find it extremely uncomfrtable getting busy at the barricade with security nearby. Even if the girl is obviously into it, I usually don't blend in to the crowd very well so I'm worried about drawing extra attention so I usually hang back a bit from the row of girls on the barricade. On the other habd I've never seen someone get thrown out of a club for grinding too hard so ¯(ツ)_/¯

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Guestz (Wed 23 Oct 2019 11:44:50 GMT)

Re: NewClubber/barricade question

Although I've been slack on getting to the actual barricade lately, my method is easy if I follow the guidelines I setup early in the game: one, always try to go to venues that are going to be really packed. Since I like to have access to bare skin, I usually do my dirt in the warmer months that bring large outdoor festivals to the area. This is a must for what I do. I can't imagine being a chikan

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 23 Oct 2019 06:49:28 GMT)


I have never humped at a concert, but I have done it often on busy buses right near the driver, one time it was an Asian tourist with her parents, the father could clearly see me up on his daughter, he was less then two meters away as was the driver, the key is "prep" start slowly, and not aggressively, if the girl is easily dominated then you can take it up a notch, I use the same process when flashing, good luck!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 23 Oct 2019 02:53:50 GMT)

NewClubber: How to Deal with Security Nearby

I'm sorry to hear about your wasted $20. Better luck next time maybe. I am not going to answer your question directly, because I don't hump at concerts, but I will describe the following parallel situation that may help you. I once humped and climaxed on the shoulder of a woman on the bus who was sitting next to a police woman in uniform. How do you do that? You do it by not diving straight in. Y

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NewClubber (Tue 22 Oct 2019 22:12:11 GMT)

Narf/Ask A Chikan

Thanks for the suggestions narf. Went back to the same club on saturday (chasing the dragon lol) this time at 11. It was more packed but I didn't have as much success unfortunately, all of the bitches there were super stuck-up and cunty. Only got one shitty hump/dance. $20 wasted. Might start clubbing sparingly

I've been concert humping for a few years, I usually stay in the middle of the crowd or towards the back of it. I always see you guys on here talk about humping chicks on the barricade... how do you do it? One time I got up to a chick the barricade and it didn't seem... right? Like it seemed like a bad idea mainly because the security was quite literally in arm's reach or maybe just a yell away. So what are your tricks for safely humping on the barricade?

john (Tue 22 Oct 2019 16:04:47 GMT)

Look video how the guy groping her ass

Amazing video!!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 22 Oct 2019 02:39:09 GMT)

Max Mond: Ethnicity

Bad Boy, who is black, found that he was very lucky with Caribbean women living in North America. I'm in the Caribbean and I have climaxed on over 1500 humpees, most of whom were black, so I know that you can be successful with black women, as long as you are genuinely interested in getting through with that demographic.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 21 Oct 2019 22:29:45 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Recent Night Out

During my own recent night out, I went to my old number one haunt for chikan butt fucking white college girls . . . the place where I'd enjoyed a 100% success rate over the years (always nutted once and often twice) . . . and I can report that I'm still perfect! Like nothing changed after all of this time! Rode several co-eds up the butt and busted a nut late in the evening against a bubble butt brunette. Tried to go for seconds up in there but was unsuccessful. But have NEVER failed to jizz in this place at least once at every outing. Amazing!

Black Shogun!!!

Max Mond (Mon 21 Oct 2019 19:57:55 GMT)

White Girls (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

As a white guy, i will tell you that Spanish and Asian girls, especially those from QUeens NY, are very receptive as well. In general, I can use my white privilege on most girls, white, and non-white. Except maybe black girls. Other than a few exceptions, I haven't gotten a good response from most of them.

Guestz (Mon 21 Oct 2019 14:16:14 GMT)

Recent night out

I had found a sold out small venue with an artist that attracts young folks, so I thought I was in for a great time. Got a ticket through a scalper, so it was more expensive than I like, but I knew it would be packed like I like it so I spent the money. For 2 weeks leading up to the event the forecast was warm an dry, so I was expecting plenty of skin, even though it was indoors. Well I was disapp

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registered member: Narflarf (Mon 21 Oct 2019 02:55:22 GMT)

Re: NewClubber

I've been doing this for nearly 3-4 years now and with the club scene 11 PM is definitely the peak chikan hour. Most nightclubs open at 9-10 PM and usually have girls getting in free before midnight or free all night. Because of that you get a surge of girls coming in between 11 and 12 trying to get in before they have to pay the cover charge.

The bar section is great since there's a small

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Guest (Sun 20 Oct 2019 22:05:15 GMT)

Riding All Night

Was the hopper flatulent? Lol. All of that hopping has to have an effect.

Guest (Sun 20 Oct 2019 00:22:27 GMT)



Where is the picture of the phat ass white girl you danced with?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 19 Oct 2019 19:17:37 GMT)

Speaking of riding all night . . .

My festival went well. Young brunette white chick jerked my dick off with her ass! She was a "swayer" and a "hopper". I was on her butt for a solid hour as she took my dick on the "chikan march" . . . you know . . . leeeeeft, leeeeeeft, left right leeeeeeeft! Then she started hopping up and down, and I just let her jump on my dick and shit. When the artist she came to see was in the very last song of her set, the girl really started to hop then! I put my dick in the up position and leaned into her cheeks . . . I know she had to feel that "slab" too . . . and then I "nutted". There was still one more act to go, but I wasn't interested. Got something to eat and drink, then split. Concerts, bars . . . just like old times!

Black Shogun!!!

NewClubber (Sat 19 Oct 2019 15:06:50 GMT)

First club outing / narflarf xhamster (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I'm the guest from yesterday who asked about clubs/bars. Well, I went to a popular local nightclub last night. It was a lot of fun and got some gropes and humps in. I've only ever humped/groped at concerts.

I got there around 12:30. It was packed but it wasn't as packed as I was expecting. I got a few sexy bitches to twerk their phat asses on me. It felt amazing. One tipsy bitch let her slu

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registered member: Narflarf (Sat 19 Oct 2019 04:10:37 GMT)

Re: Guest

Prime time for nightclubs is usually 11PM to 1AM. That's when most clubs are often at their higher amount of people.

I usually don't try much outside of densely packed venues, but going to the bar section of the club can be an advantage. Usually people are lined up trying to get the attention of a bartender and pretending you're doing the same while leaning over a girl helps.

Guest (Sat 19 Oct 2019 02:48:22 GMT)


> how do you guys know when a club/bar is going to be crowded?

There's no real way of knowing other than asking or visiting at different times, clubs and bars can have their "prime chikan hours" anywhere between 10pm and 3am. If I'm leaving a venue late in an area I don't know, I'll usually check out any nearby venues to see if they still have a crowd outside, as it's a sign they have a late primetime.

I think we should have an "Ask a chikan" session. How do you approach girls from behind in a packed or slightly less packed club? Do you have a technique?

Guest (Fri 18 Oct 2019 23:15:51 GMT)

Her Ass Was Small But...

On the topic of white girl worship, when the black humpers here do a white woman, if they mention the dimension her posterior at all, they usually say something like "her ass was small, but it was well-proportioned" or "her ass was not big, but it was cute". I mean, they could just tell the truth and say "I humped a flat-ass white girl".

Guest (Fri 18 Oct 2019 13:09:18 GMT)


how do you guys know when a club/bar is going to be crowded? I seem to always go at the wrong time. Should i aim for later?

Guest (Fri 18 Oct 2019 11:45:49 GMT)

Groping the White

I think that the guys on here who say that they go for white women because they are easier to grope are just making up an excuse. The real reason for their preference is that they have lust in their hearts for these white girls, and chikan allows them to fulfill that prurient desire.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 17 Oct 2019 21:38:16 GMT)

Wide-hipped Wonder

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have to say that I agree with the last guest who says that you can find as many black women who want to be frotted as white. And remember that black women in America and the Caribbean have been freak dancing for the longest time.

Yesterday on the bus, I arrived at orgasm after pressing my erect penis into the plump shoulder of a wonderful, wide-h

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Guestz (Thu 17 Oct 2019 19:45:38 GMT)

Another tip from a career chikan.....

In anticipation of my next outing I thought I'd share a few more tips for those less-experienced in "chikanerry" haha!
This came to me while doing reconnaissance for the venue I'm going to attend. The show that I have a ticket for is on that I consider to be on the riskier side. After viewing many different videos for the artist, I realized that a.) it's going to be almost 100% white, and

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Guest (Tue 15 Oct 2019 23:38:03 GMT)


Yoo at the end of the day every women!! not only white women!! wants to be touched..

woman no matter the race are the same they want attention and the feeling of being wanted and sexually desired but not by an (over aggressive creep)!!..

where all perves and creeps

(including women)

but some on here take it to the next lvl for no reason then wonder why white men come after us

Fyi women are pervs too!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 15 Oct 2019 22:48:51 GMT)

Bob Marley also said . . .

Get up, stand up! Grope her if she's white! DAAAAAAAAAAA! Get up, stand up! Grope white titties tight! Oh . . . uuuhhh . . . he didn't say that??? OK!

Black Shogun!!!

Guest (Tue 15 Oct 2019 21:36:02 GMT)

In the Immortal Words of Bob Marley

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but you can free your minds."

bad counselor (Tue 15 Oct 2019 20:22:10 GMT)

swimming hole grope (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

This was during my second year, by now i was a lot more confident with what i could get away with and i took full advantage. Jess came back every year and she was one of my favorite targets for obvious reasons. #1 she was hot and had huge tits, #2 she was a little attention slut, #3 she didn't have a lot of girlfriends so it was easier to put her in situations to molest her.

So we're doing

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Guest (Tue 15 Oct 2019 17:01:04 GMT)

Re: white girl worship"?

It just so happens that they allow the most chikan action. I'm betting that any race/ethnic group that allows the type of action they white girls allow will get ink on this site. If we all lived in Japan it would be those Japanese girls on the subways getting the phrase. But I live where where concerts attract the best groping situations that happen to be white sluts

Guest (Tue 15 Oct 2019 02:33:56 GMT)


But also, white women are definitely more receptive at concerts and events so it's win win. Since I started going to raves I've been surprised how many white girls are specifically looking to get grabbed and squeezed and manhandled by strangers. A few times I've danced with a girl with no intention to frot, and she has grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, ass or pussy.

Guestz (Tue 15 Oct 2019 02:09:09 GMT)

"Guest" question

As far as I'm concerned, I've explained my reasons for seeking out white girls. It's the same as Latinas, Asians, Indians, etc...I just find that they are easier targets to deal with. I truly love them all! But my experience over DECADES is that white girls, especially blondes (hate to stereotype, but I got plenty of ammo) take it and will even participate better than my big booty sisters! If that bothers you, oh well...

Guest (Tue 15 Oct 2019 01:34:58 GMT)


Some people only get to touch white women in situations like this (or by paying for them)

Guest (Mon 14 Oct 2019 19:18:29 GMT)


Whats up with all the white girl worship on this site?? I dont get it💁💁 and (MOST) on here are probably not white/European lmao

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 14 Oct 2019 18:56:09 GMT)

@ Shoges

Hope the girl you had was as pretty as her!! OMG!!

... attached file (webp) 40540 bytes

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 12 Oct 2019 14:03:22 GMT)

@Shoges - I hit the crack jack!!

Hellz yeah brother!! It's about time you came back and with another AWESOME story!! Can't wait to hear more for you man in DETAIL!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 12 Oct 2019 13:31:08 GMT)

Hit the Crack Jack!


I hit the crack jack! And ahma go back for more and more and more and MORE! WHAT YOU SAY??? I hit the crack jack! And ahma go back for moooooooore! Ahma go back for moooooooore!!!

As I looked to establish a dormant practice, I found that the landscape around town had changed signi

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 11 Oct 2019 10:58:13 GMT)


I too have a festival to attend. It's a popular time of year for these festivals. I shall attend one. As I look to re-establish my "practice". That would be chikan butt fuckin' attractive, strange women and girls.

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 10 Oct 2019 16:55:12 GMT)

Re Guestz

I look forward to reading that post, as for me I have a festival coming up in a few weeks, I just hope the stars align so I can make it, loads of semi drunk girls so plenty of chances to get my bare cock out and onto to some skin....can't fucking wait!

Guestz (Thu 10 Oct 2019 00:16:44 GMT)

Re: allrounder

Most of the time early-on I came in my pants. But I hated it so much that I started looking for the thinnest pants I could find- so it would deep through! Back in the late 80's I found some pants out at Venice Beach- out near the area known as "Muscle Beach" where the weightlifting goes on. The ones I bought were super soft and super thin- so much so that more than a few times when I was wearing t

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 09 Oct 2019 17:35:30 GMT)

Guestz, Red Dragon

So Guestz, throughout your career, did you cum much in your pants, or did you exclusively ejaculate onto women's bare skin?

Red Dragon, it is good that Guestz is not alone. I have never rubbed my bare member on a target's naked skin, but I did once cum on a woman's uncovered leg, when my dick was out. She took it in her stride, and took out a tissue and wiped away my semen.

Guestz (Wed 09 Oct 2019 16:56:21 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

Red Dragon, I couldn't go another month into the fall without finding a good, sold-out show to attend! I found a new artist that is hot and attracts the kind of standing-room-only, out-of-control crowds that I love! Got lucky on the circumstances that will allow me to attend this show, and I promise to make the best out of it! Your kind of targets too. So you should get a great story out of it. I'll be able to post in about 12 days. Looking at youtube video of the artist, and I'm truly stoked for this one.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 09 Oct 2019 14:34:00 GMT)

Re last post

That was me

Guest (Wed 09 Oct 2019 14:27:58 GMT)

Re Allrounder

I am with Guestz on this, nothing beats bare skin smooth bare skin, when I have gotten my bare cock on legs or even a shoulder I go nuts, heck even hands, love that!

Guestz (Wed 09 Oct 2019 12:18:05 GMT)

Re: an added note, Allrounder

I failed to mention, that once while feeling particularly horny but not wanting to risk catching anything, I paid a prostitute to allow me to rub my pecker all over her legs, stomach, in between her tits, and in her face! Her skin was extraordinarily soft and smooth, and I commented on it as I made my "rounds". I finally bust a huge load on the inside of her thigh. She smiled and mentioned that sh

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Guestz (Wed 09 Oct 2019 09:41:06 GMT)

Re: allrounder

Yes Allrounder, I love the feel of women's skin. I've been that way since before I can remember even starting kindergarten! I remember a girl that lived ion our street. She was of Hispanic descent. She would have on dresses when she came over to play with my older sister. Her skin was "different" from what I had ever seen. Then, as you said, mini skirts became the big thing, and ads on tv emphasiz

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 08 Oct 2019 21:29:40 GMT)


I notice that you have a thing about women's skin. You like to feel the smoothness of their flesh and to cum on it. I think you said once that it goes back to your childhood, when women used to wear mini-skirts and you used to feel their bare legs. Am I right?

Yesterday I came to a violent, vitamin E orgasm after rubbing my fully erect member on the shoulder of milf on the bus. I was extra excited by the fact that her plump arms were naked. She was wearing a sleeveless top. I like it when the woman's arms are bare, but I do not have a thing about women's skin as you seem to do.

bad counselor (Mon 07 Oct 2019 19:20:18 GMT)

4 corners (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

Thanks for the man of the month award. lots of great stories lately, love the pics from narflarf too. Here's another story from my time at summer camp and I have abunch more to come.

Another favorite game we played in the water with lots of opportunities to grope girls was called 4 corners. in this game you can play with a huge number of people, 40 easily, you divide into 4 teams and split

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Guestz (Mon 07 Oct 2019 18:47:23 GMT)

Since it's slow on the board, a question

just thinking earlier today about a few particular past targets that really stand out. I've been at this for literally decades, and I've had my share of "special" moments. But still, some of my best groping/chikan experiences came(no pun intended) in the nascent days while exploring my little nasty habit, in the form of those high school girls I was privy to "rehearsing" on. There's a few girls fr

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webmaster: ayashi (Sat 05 Oct 2019 05:56:16 GMT)

September MOTM

The bad counselor just grabbed a good feel of September award while pretending honestly supervising horny boys and girls in swimwear (or in pajamas or with perky pointing nipples).

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 04 Oct 2019 18:50:25 GMT)

Arm Humper Reveals One of His Trade Secrets

Yesterday evening on the bus I came to a very big climax as I pressed my erection into the shoulder of an attractive young woman. She was short, light-skinned, and pleasantly plump. Her face was heart-shaped and she wore glasses. She looked good in her navy blue skirt and close-fitting orange top. My partner in anonymous sex was about 25 years old. In my experience, women of that "in between age"

2464 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 04 Oct 2019 15:49:07 GMT)


Anyone have a good rave story? Ravedudes pics has me contemplating getting a ticket to a show coming near me. The idea of rubbing on bare white cheeks is getting me hard

wol (Wed 02 Oct 2019 17:19:21 GMT)


I just made an xhamster account because i wanted to see more of your amazing videos. But it says that you currently aren't accepting any friends.

Is there a way that i can be added ? This is my account: https://xhamster.com/users/wolferwolf

Guest (Wed 02 Oct 2019 09:28:57 GMT)

RE: Concert Cum

Hello Narflarf,

Thank you for your reply. Is there an email address I can contact you outside here? Wanted to ask you about, the IR on the cam.


registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 01 Oct 2019 21:40:15 GMT)


I vote for bad counselor, I loved how he groped and spunked on that teen slut

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 01 Oct 2019 15:43:35 GMT)

Another School Girl

Yesterday on the bus, I rubbed my rigid rod on the rear of a sixteen year old student before arriving at an intense orgasm. I enjoyed doing a damsel wearing uniform as she was. Also, I will soon reach a major milestone, and the age difference between me and my young target excited me. Furthermore, I am pleased by the fact that I am still able to "rise to the occasion". At my age, that is not something that can be taken for granted, as some others can attest. My partner in consensual, public, anonymous sex was tall and brown-skinned with a broad backside.

Guestz (Tue 01 Oct 2019 13:07:35 GMT)

M.O.T.M. Vote

Since I assume we can't vote for ourselves for man of the month, my second choice would be for bad counselors' "king of the hill" story. I would have loved cumming on that white teens bare body in the water!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 30 Sep 2019 18:45:04 GMT)

2019 September award

Some good stuff this month from the likes of Guestz, Bad Counselor,Buttmasher, and Narflarf. I think Guestz out worked everybody else with his three-part "mini-series", so I'm going with Guestz this month.

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 30 Sep 2019 18:02:08 GMT)

Re: Guest

I use a police bodycam with night vision. It only records in Black and white but it gets the job done in terms of quality. The only night vision camera on the market that record color is $800 so definitely not worth it lol

Guest (Mon 30 Sep 2019 09:23:11 GMT)

RE: Concert Cum

Hey Narflarf,

The screenshot here is excellent quality. what camera did you use to capture this great quality shots bro?

I am also into club adventures but do not have anything to record. Thankful for your help brother.

webmaster: ayashi (Mon 30 Sep 2019 06:18:02 GMT)

2019 September award

Now is the time to select the man of the month. Please nominate the best chikan writer for September 2019.

registered member: encoxadab (Sun 29 Sep 2019 23:50:54 GMT)

Narfkarf concert cum

Hey stardude
I think that was fantastic. An excellent ass. I would have liked to be in your place. Bro could you add me on xhamster to see your videos. Thank you for all

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 29 Sep 2019 01:51:09 GMT)

Concert cum

And here's my "egg yolk" on her lol

registered member: Narflarf (Sun 29 Sep 2019 01:44:38 GMT)

Concert upskirt

Here's the upskirt of the girl I mentioned in my last story.

RaveDude (Sat 28 Sep 2019 17:41:44 GMT)

why i love raves

When i go to raves i can typically rub the head of my cock in between some bare ass cheeks

RaveDude (Sat 28 Sep 2019 17:25:33 GMT)

re: Guestz

Go to a rave!!! Find a popular edm artist that's coming to your area! Bro women show up to those shows literally in leotards and bikini bottoms and short-shorts or leggings. They're asses are usually hanging out for groping.

I've lost count of the amount of nuts i've busted on white sluts

Guestz (Sat 28 Sep 2019 15:51:42 GMT)


A few weeks back I wrote of the good time I had at a huge festival I'd never attended before. It was majority African American with an abundance of juicy, booty shaking lasses in attendance. Yes I had an absolute good time on the cabooses I mounted, and enjoyed the way my targets milked my built-hot, steamy-frothed love juices. But I got to admit this here and now: I now realize I'm not satisfied

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 27 Sep 2019 20:03:12 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Spunk Fiction

"Broke an egg on her ass" LOL! Haven't heard that one before. Well, in many Spanish-speaking countries, a guy's nuts are called "huevos" or "eggs" hehehe! But yeah, sometimes the smaller venues can lead to some of the best experiences. As a matter of fact, when I was still active, I started to prefer the smaller venues in my latter active years. Large enough to still pack 'um in, but small enough to avoid some of the rowdiness and chaos of a larger venue.

registered member: Narflarf (Fri 27 Sep 2019 13:51:51 GMT)

Spunk Fiction

Although I'm away on a business trip right now I still have to find some opportunities to grope. Went to this rock concert last week and didn't expect much due to the size of the venue compared to the lack of people but I got lucky.

Scoping the area I couldn't even find girls worth groping, yet alone ones within a dense enough area to grope. I started losing hope when the 3rd cover band had

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... attached file (webp) 201236 bytes

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 26 Sep 2019 00:27:05 GMT)

She Tells a Friend

BigT, I also like it when she tells a friend. Sometimes that action is a prelude to rejection, but when she communicates with a companion and still lets you do it, I find that very exciting. Once I was humping a milf's ass when she told her friend what I was doing, then the friend put her arm around my target's waist, saying she was doing it to stop my target from moving. A rare variation on this theme came when I humped the shoulder of a teen who was sitting next to her identical twin sister. Twins tend to share everything, so, true to form, my target told her sister what I was doing but let me continue. My target's sister looked at me, but did not say anything. After I climaxed and withdrew they started, talking about me. I cd. not hear the words, but it was clear what the subject was.

registered member: Buttmasher (Wed 25 Sep 2019 17:21:41 GMT)


Awesome bro!! But the pic isn't clear enough for me? Much appreciated if you can attach a clearer pic of her or a video!!

Guest (Wed 25 Sep 2019 13:26:50 GMT)


Nice shit! Do you have a video or any other pictures?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 25 Sep 2019 12:24:33 GMT)


“She turned her head and looked absolutely shocked that she managed to make me bust a nut”

I absolutely love it when she either looks back at me, moans, or tells a friend

I remember this happening to me twice in one day, and the dynamic of the first was very arousing. There were 3 white girls, the one I wanted was thick and wearing leggings. As I entered the event, her friend was

1157 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 25 Sep 2019 09:07:54 GMT)

They talk it, we live it

Before last Friday, I had not practiced frotteurism for about six weeks, because of an old injury that flared up at the end of July. I was therefore very excited when I returned to the game on Friday morning when I rode the shoulder of a female security guard on the bus. I was successful at my first attempt, the very first woman I tried told me yes. This milf who provided me with a sweet orgasm had an oval head, a small nose, and skin the colour of chocolate.
I was able to indulge in my taste for females in uniform again on Monday, when I climaxed on the shoulder of a school girl who was about 16 years old. She was dark and long-limbed with a small head and a little nose.In both cases, I started by caressing the shoulder with my member before fervently fucking the female.

Stizzy1fiddy (Wed 25 Sep 2019 06:19:30 GMT)

They talk it, we live it

This is moments after I unleashed 2weeks worth of spunk right up her fat,soft,white ass! as you can see in the picture that my cock is a little worn out from all the humping that I was doing(she was like my 20th target that day). She had a little bag which she could have used to block my access to her booty but she enjoyed my rock hard boner rubbing all over those cheeks!
She was pretty tall for a girl so her ass sat perfectly in my groin and she was wearing a very thin romper suit which allowed my bare cock to feel every inch of her Pawg ass to great detail. As I was making a complete mess on her she turned her head around and looked absolutely shocked that she managed to make me bust a nut haha.. That's an experience she'll never forget

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 24 Sep 2019 21:40:33 GMT)


How can you NOT be a chikan when it is packed liked THIS??


Guestz (Mon 23 Sep 2019 12:55:27 GMT)

First Nutt (on a stranger)

I'd been practicing my chikan-thing for years on girls that I was close to at the private school I attended. So after graduating high school I was plumb out of options when it came to my side hobby. I spent a lot of time getting my grind on in whatever situation I came up on in crowds, but that never led to a "busted nutt"! Not until a huge outdoor festival I finally attended two years later.

6357 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 23 Sep 2019 00:50:42 GMT)

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

While looking for my Inaugural Nut story, I came across the following written by me on Thursday, December 5, 2002. You know, if somebody wants to make certain allegations, they should be held accountable for telling the truth and nothing but. The full story. And especially when they themselves assert that honesty is the most important thing (once again no credibility):


999 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 23 Sep 2019 00:35:27 GMT)

Re: Guest - I got a question

Years ago I wrote about my first time. I entitled the story:


Shogun remembers well the first time he ever achieved orgasm against a strange girl's bum while humping her in a crowd. It was at a large outdoor concert in the late summer many years ago. At that time, I was not going to a lot of concerts or other crowded places with ultra-excited anticipation of the possibi

7812 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sun 22 Sep 2019 23:28:25 GMT)

I got a question I hope you guys will answer

Who of you remembers the first time you busted a nutt chikanning a stranger? If you do could you please share your experiences? As for me I remember it was against a black girl at a concert back in the early 80's. I was so shocked because she caused it by practically doing a lap dance on me and I was blushing because I thought everybody was watching but it was so damn good I couldn't stop her. She made a mess in my pants!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 22 Sep 2019 15:17:59 GMT)

Deep up inside them cheeks!! Cont..


registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 22 Sep 2019 15:17:01 GMT)

Deeep up inside them cheeks!!

Hey brothers!! The Buttmasher has been busy this Sunday and the pic attached is the evidence!! OMG ppl!! I butt fucked so many pretty girls/women continuously for around 2-3 hours and may have ended up humping around 30-40 women!! It was a HUGE event and the crowds were enormous!! Wasn't able to nutt but damn near came on two occasions!! The one in the pic had PHAT round onion and didn't even notice me humping away and was totally oblivious, which I LOVE!! More to come!! @ Shogun, enough wit the hate bro, come out with your legendary stories already!! LOLZ!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 21 Sep 2019 03:16:44 GMT)

Re: trans_rub - sweet!!!

Trans_Rub! WOW! Have not heard anything from you in AGES!!! A poster from WAY back in the day. I;m talking years and years and years! WOW! Welcome back!

Black Shogun!!!

Veteran: trans_rub (Sat 21 Sep 2019 00:26:19 GMT)

sweet !!!

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.

bad counselor (Fri 20 Sep 2019 22:14:09 GMT)


Thanks for pointing me to those stories by Eleven. So hot! I didn't read them all but they seem really similar to my experiences, seems like we had similar techniques of exploiting chaotic situations to molest girls.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Sep 2019 15:46:25 GMT)

Re: bad counselor - Eleven

The chikan Eleven wrote a bunch of camp-related stories. He's in the Hall of Fame, so easy for you to find them if you want to read them.

Black Shogun!!!

bad counselor (Fri 20 Sep 2019 14:55:34 GMT)

panty raid (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

i always tried to encourage the male campers to be pervs. i dunno why i guess i just thought it was hot, even if it wasn't me doing it. it also normalized it for everyone so the girls wouldn't see it as a big deal if they got groped or whatever and it would let me see which girls were likely to put a big stink vs which ones liked the male attention. so i always encouraged them and then tried to ma

9322 more byte(s), click here!

bad counselor (Fri 20 Sep 2019 14:40:16 GMT)

camp stories

Black shogun, no i never wrote any previous stories. I'd love to read those camp stories if you have a link though. sounds super hot! Love that story about the asian guy cumming on the hot blonde too, my kinda perv.

Eric, thanks. i have some more recent stories, mostly i stick to concert groping these days. for some reason i can't stop thinking about my camp days lately. so many good memories. and great work rubbing your dick on that slut.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Sep 2019 12:22:03 GMT)

"Water Sports"

The best cumming in the water story I remember was written by Chinese Chikan (wonder what happened to him?). I found the story, and here it is:


Hi guys,I am the Chinese chikan.Here to post my second story.

Many asian guys have irrational fantasies about white girls,especially those tall,blonde ones. I am one of them. However, only two of out my countless at

5523 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 Sep 2019 12:17:10 GMT)

Re: bad counselor - cumming underwater

And people thought what they needed to worry about was folks peeing in the water. ICK! LOL! Wondering if you used to write here under another name? There was another poster years ago who wrote about how he was a camp counselor and used to grope the girls. He even posted a pic of one of the blonde teens he groped upset and crying as proof of what he had done.

Black Shogun!!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 20 Sep 2019 03:17:13 GMT)

At the Seaside

I have heard of a couple of local cases of girls being tackled while bathing in the sea. One was about a man who was feeling up girls as they swam. The other was about a girl who was "attacked" by another sea bather. This story was told to me by a female acquaintance against whose shoulder I had cum while on the bus. She said that she was standing in the sea when a woman came up behind her, slapped her on her mound, and complimented her on the size of her endowment. My acquaintance said that she did not mind being "attacked" by that lesbian.
Sea bathing is popular in my country, but I have never really tried to do anything there, because I do not see how I would be ale to cum.

Eric (Fri 20 Sep 2019 03:01:36 GMT)


Wow that’s an amazing story bad counselor! Hopefully you got more recent stories as well.

Black Shogun and all rounder, just my 2 cents whomever he chose to grope whether heavy or skinny, shouldn’t we all pat our brothers on the shoulder when we get lucky? I remember someone else on this board stated they don’t care whether the girl shape or race is but if they get their groping on th

3019 more byte(s), click here!

bad counselor (Thu 19 Sep 2019 15:45:45 GMT)

cumming underwater

Hey glad you liked the story! It's pretty hard to get off against a girl in her bathing suit, takes just the right situation. Guestz, love the feel of girls bare thighs underwater! There was definitely a lot of times when i wasn't able to cum and had to take care of myself after i got out.

I cummed underwater a whole bunch of times though, sometimes even with my dick out of my trunks. It feels amazing and you can cum right up against a girls bare skin without them feeling your cum or leaving any evidence behind.

Guestz (Thu 19 Sep 2019 15:23:30 GMT)

Re: Jung Of The Hill/Allrounder

That story was amazing! And I'm with allrounder on not ever reading a story here on cumming underwater, unless the story years ago regarding a guy at a water park ended like that. But it reminds me of something I did for a while after I graduated from high school. I used to go to a public swimming pool on my days off, and I would go solo and just grope girls in the pool. I know I probably looked suspicious as hell, but I'd get underwater close to them and swim by and brush my hand or my hardon against their bare thighs. Never came in the water, but I would have to get out and finish in the bathroom! That had totally slipped my mind until your story.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 19 Sep 2019 15:00:00 GMT)

King of the Hill

I do not recall reading about underwater ejaculation before in this forum.

Max Mond (Thu 19 Sep 2019 14:54:28 GMT)

Feeling Awful (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Men, I need your opinions. While my gf is away, I met a girl, had many drinks, and ended up fucking her at her place last night. She is cute and sexy. The sex was great. It was a such a high last night. But right after I came, I felt awful, like I was sad and suicidal. I've never felt this way before after great sex. After we were done, there was just nothing. I wanted to get away from her place fast and I wanted to forget I ever met her. Never had this feeling before. Any opinions?

registered member: encoxadab (Thu 19 Sep 2019 02:52:22 GMT)

Add me on xhamster

Hey buddies i would like to have add in my xhamster account as friend. So please narflarf add me i m encoxadab.

The same for another guys chikan123 please add.


bad counselor (Wed 18 Sep 2019 22:32:26 GMT)

king of the hill (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

There was a floating dock in the lake so I would get the campers to play King of the hill, which they loved and always resulted in total chaos. Perfect opportunity to grope some little sluts. Everyone starts on the float. SO you get 10-15 people on a tiny float and it's already chaos. the float is sinking in corners and everybody has to move and shift to keep their balance. sometimes I would play

5500 more byte(s), click here!

bad counselor (Wed 18 Sep 2019 22:28:51 GMT)

groping girls at summer camp (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I always had a thing for groping and frotting girls from a young age. I worked as a counselor at a mixed summer camp, boys and girls 13-16 for a few years. This was in the early 2000s so it was before me too and before everyone had a camera in their pocket so you could get away with a lot more than you could today. I'm not going to get specific with dates or locations or names or any details like

981 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 17 Sep 2019 14:05:33 GMT)


Hey, I'm on xhamster as encoxadagroper. If you'd let me check out your new video I'd greatly appreciate it

registered member: Narflarf (Tue 17 Sep 2019 09:42:53 GMT)

Re: A Puzzle of Perversion

You're right about that allrounder, context is funny sometimes. A woman will be mortified and embarrassed to be seen in public in her underwear, yet will proudly strut across a beach in broad daylight in an even more revealing bikini.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Sep 2019 19:40:15 GMT)


Good luck with your studies, and thanks for your encouragement. I am not confusing your undisclosed location with anywhere else. I know that market that you mentioned more than once. I was a small child when we moved, so I did not have any say in the matter, and I was not into frotteurism yet. It would be another four years before I took my first steps in that field. My very first target was white (and therefore pretty). She was sitting in front of me in class when I felt up her backside and she let me have my way. About four years after that I arrived at orgasm for the first time as a result of rubbing myself on a woman's posterior on the bus.

Eric (Mon 16 Sep 2019 18:15:17 GMT)


Hey Black Shogun.

Yeah thanks for the advice. I am actually a former high school athlete and pretty good shape. However still seem rather cocky and have a hard time losing that attitude and gaining the correct confidence to get ladies attention. It’s a confidence issue that has made me a chikan. Anyways enough of me, good luck in getting some chikan butt humping before winter comes. But I remembered you do work well in the winter time, loved the New Year stories the most.

If I didn’t have a confidence issue, would have loved to actually fuck phat ass Y from high school.

That’s it from me for now.


registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 16 Sep 2019 17:01:36 GMT)

Re Guestz

I know how you feel, I am not a concert goer like you guys, I get my frott on on the buses and trains, and have had a lot of success at certain events like pride and other cultural events that are unique to my country, but they are fixed events that only happen once a year so when family matters or work conspire to ruin them I am pissed and get very annoyed... loved the last post by the way, even if she was black ;)

Guestz (Mon 16 Sep 2019 14:15:04 GMT)

Black Shogun

In addition to great stories Shogun, now you're kickin' down something positive for the youngsters! I have to give you respect for not only your techniques as a chikan but also as an "Elder Statesman"! In all seriousness, you encouraging that youngster to get a good education/foundation under his belt is good. A great job can afford you so much in life it's immeasurable. Staying in shape, looking good, and leading a normal life outside of chikan will help you stay level headed when you do exercise chikan! My "regular" life is why I don't go at chikan-life full throttle! When I didn't have a spouse was when I was completely out-of-control! I like chikan, and will always have it in me. But I will not let it control me.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 16 Sep 2019 11:17:30 GMT)

Re: Eric - Chikan, Hot Women, etc.

Yes Eric, I will be a chikan for life. It's a part of me. But times (people and things) do change. That's the natural course of living. Sometimes a chikan is active, and sometimes not. I've chosen for a long time not to be. As you can see, I have some "other" matters keeping my attention.

When it comes to women, young men have a lot to learn. I had to learn those same lessons. I w

807 more byte(s), click here!

Eric (Mon 16 Sep 2019 04:39:16 GMT)


Black Shogun, damn dude you’re right about that girl being hot. But you been writing for years! I seen past posts in the archives from you since like 2000 before I was born. I assumed you were like in your late 50s or early 60s by now. That girl looks like she’s in her late 20s. Where do you find these girls? How the heck do they follow you back? You need to share hot girls Instagram handles h

1159 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Sep 2019 03:55:15 GMT)

The Importance of Being Honest

Being opposed to forcible frotteurism lets me be friends on social media with women whom I have humped.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 16 Sep 2019 01:43:57 GMT)

Eric continued.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with looking for your targets on social media. Here is a picture of one I climaxed on 3 years ago. I am one of over 1000 people who follow her on social media. She is a student and model.

Guestz (Mon 16 Sep 2019 00:39:58 GMT)


Hotdammit! I effed around and missed a golden opportunity to get some prime white ass this weekend! Question: do any of you feel like I do when you let a sure thing slip by? It just about makes me physically ill. I definitely dropped the ball this weekend. Now I'm scrambling to try and find some way to make up for it. I'm mean, last weekend was fine, but I'm needing more of that perverted stuff. Good thing I had my boo around to take up some of the frustration b

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Sep 2019 23:17:50 GMT)


I enjoyed your story where you did the same girl twice. That is something I like to do as well. There is a certain milf who let me climax on her four times. That is my record.
And there is nothing creepy about looking for your target on Instagram. It is better than "buggering a blonde" who you would not recognize if you saw her again a week later. Many of the women whom I successfully targeted are my friends on social media

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Sep 2019 23:03:36 GMT)


The incident I was referring to happened almost six years ago, and I did not record it in detail. I was on a bus route that was unfamiliar to me, and I tried to hump this woman's shoulder, but she turned me down. Not being one to use force, I turned my attention to a different woman who was standing nearby. She was tall and had a big backside. When the first woman saw what I was doing, she said, "there is a pervert on the bus". But her commentary did not prevent me from reaching a climax with the second woman. I can easily multiply stories like that one. I get called out less than one percent of the time, but I have been out thousands of times, so you can do the math. I think I am less likely to get challenged on familiar bus routes where women get used to being rubbed on.

Eric (Sun 15 Sep 2019 17:46:40 GMT)

All rounder and a Special Story

Honestly you’re so right about the puzzle of perversion, all rounder. Haha were you trying to relate the story to my experience of being caught. Fuck! I now realized to wait for more cover up and to be more observant of your soundings while frotting. Never make your intentions seem clear.

I never heard the story of when you may have been caught. Please share your detailed story as I am i

1900 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sun 15 Sep 2019 17:33:58 GMT)

@Shoges' return to the 'game'

Brah, I know it takes time to build up this sorta practice. The thing is, you've been at this for a long ass time and as have I and I too have taken long breaks from time to time. But, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't take long for me to 'return' to the game. But that's me, all I'm saying is that I miss your detailed stories and would love to hear from you again!!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 15 Sep 2019 12:39:04 GMT)

A Puzzle of Perversion

People can be funny sometimes. You can be on a bus, trying to rub yourself on a woman's backside, and if another woman sees you, she may call you out, saying something like, "there is a pervert on the bus". The same woman who challenges you will go to a party or street parade and let a perfect stranger rub himself on her posterior. On the bus it's deviant, at a party or parade it's normal; a puzzle of perversion.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Fri 13 Sep 2019 18:20:56 GMT)


There is an old saying, I think it's Swedish, to the effect that "a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled" and it is one of my guiding principles. Therefore, I enjoyed your latest story because your target so obviously enjoyed herself.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 13 Sep 2019 17:22:56 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher - New Stories

It takes time to build back up a practice man. And I'm on nobody else's time but my own right now. Like I said, and I don't care what anybody else claims, I DO NOT make stories up. I've been a chikan for years and years and years. The stuff I've told here has only been the very best of the best. The extraordinary. I'm not God's gift to humping. Ha! I'm the Devil's!!! And so are plenty of

841 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 13 Sep 2019 17:09:39 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Did it again

Damn . . . now Guestz just told a tale! That was one of those "old-timey" yarns from yesteryear . . . from the glory days of Ayashi BBS! Clearly the leading story for MOTM honors already! Will be hard to beat. Shows Guestz can really put it down. If and when he wants to!

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 13 Sep 2019 16:47:56 GMT)


Hey man, eagerly awaiting your new story bro!!

Guestz (Fri 13 Sep 2019 13:45:22 GMT)

Did It Again, part 3

So I see this black girl to my left that I hadn't noticed. She slipped in right when the main event started. She was wearing tight, paisley-colored spandex, and had a slamming booty. I didn't hesitate to go in on her with my grinding. No preliminary touches other than to feel how soft her ass was with my hand. As soon as my dick stiffened up enough for her to know the deal she turned and smiled at

2303 more byte(s), click here!

Novver (Thu 12 Sep 2019 18:03:02 GMT)


I guess it would have been easier to post this. 🤣

bblastoff (Thu 12 Sep 2019 09:44:59 GMT)


Hey Narflarf it's cool I understand I get a lot of requests too if you could unblock and add me as a friend user bblastoff on xhamster https://xhamster.com/users/bblastoff that would be great I love your content and don't want to miss out on new stuff.
Thanks for the replying too on what's up

Guest (Thu 12 Sep 2019 05:54:45 GMT)


I'm on xhamster as Novver. I'd like to view some of your new stuff if possible.

registered member: Narflarf (Thu 12 Sep 2019 01:04:14 GMT)

Re: Novvet & bblastoff

Sorry if I may have accidentally deleted/blocked anyone by mistake. I did a purge of my friends list, I tend to delete most people that have little to no original chikan content of their own.

I put my messages on private because you wouldn't believe how many dozens of requests I get in my inbox from people asking to be added or begging for passwords. And some people will continue to ask continually which makes it pretty annoying. And with so many on my friends list it becomes hard to keep track.

videoguy (Wed 11 Sep 2019 15:15:25 GMT)



Check out the rest of his vids. He's the best

videoguy (Wed 11 Sep 2019 15:11:22 GMT)



too bad he didn't take full advantage of her this!

Lucas (Wed 11 Sep 2019 09:08:05 GMT)


Does anyone know the best chikan sites or just websites where it’s the best videos of boners in girl’s ass cracks? Also, isn’t there like Chikan art and where do you find them?

Guestz (Tue 10 Sep 2019 14:10:32 GMT)

Did it again, part 2

So now I'm back at the first stage, and it's now a lot busier than earlier. Since I gave up a spot close to the barrier I have to slowly inch my way back. I'm a thinking it'll take at least a change of performers to allow that move so I wait. Just when I decide to chill for a little while I see two "sisters" making their way thru the crowd towards the very spot I was in before, so I follow them. I

2449 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Tue 10 Sep 2019 10:52:53 GMT)


Any gropers from Oslo,Norway.
I am looking for someone to grope my friend's wife...Writing this message on his behalf..we are active on xhamaster..If you are okay ,let's connect on xham.Kindly drop your xham I'd link .

Guestz (Mon 09 Sep 2019 16:42:33 GMT)

Did It Again!

Well guys, as per my yearly experience during the late, "Dog Days" If summer, that guy "Guestz" does it again! When out and did some good old-fashioned chikanning and busted a bone-shattering nutt all over the backside of what I can truly call a player!! But first let me detail what led up to my pleasurable night-ending experience.
I had mentioned a while back that I would not be attendin

4681 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: JJMaster643 (Mon 09 Sep 2019 15:22:23 GMT)

Introduction and Story (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Hello everyone, new here, found this site through searching, I'm an amateur and looking to improve my skills and find busier areas. I've got a small story though from about 3 months ago...
I was in an arcade with some family and they were eating and I had finished my meal, and I wanted to cash in some tickets. There was a big queue, and at the end there was a teenager, she looked like she had j

1761 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sun 08 Sep 2019 17:15:17 GMT)

Recent (successful) Outing

I've got a story to tell of my most recent endeavor that I think y'all might enjoy. But I'm gonna wait until I can take my time and write it. It'll be soon. So stay tuned....

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 08 Sep 2019 13:07:51 GMT)

Encoxadab - Some Questions

Foro-Chikan was the best chikan site ever for chikans hardcore until some asshole got it shut down for posting kiddie porn. Probably did it on purpose! The site wasn't the best managed, but there was little bullshit since most everybody there was dead serious about the practice of chikan. Here, you should scroll to the top of the page and register a handle so that we will know which posts are from you and not from fakers. You can watch any video posted here as long as it isn't password protected. The video clips link page has a ton of videos that can be viewed. Many of the links are old, but they still work. Look and enjoy!

Black Shogun!!!

bblastoff (Sun 08 Sep 2019 03:24:02 GMT)


Same here can't see the new vid I"m on the blocked list but don't know why? xhamster member bblastoff. Would love to see the vids not sure why I'm all of a sudden blocked?

Novvet (Sun 08 Sep 2019 01:35:24 GMT)


Tried to look at your new vid, but you removed me from your friends list completely. Did I do something to offend?

Encoxadab (Sat 07 Sep 2019 22:53:54 GMT)

Some questions

Hi buddies i'm encoxadab from chile, i have been on this of chikan for a long time, before i post on forochikan.com.ar but its no longer avalaible. I have some questions about this forum, first, i would like to know how can i watch the videos and see more post , if exist another comunity forum or something like that. I have a xhamster account since 2013 and If you could add or incorporate me to communities I will be grateful. Sorry for my english

Guest (Fri 06 Sep 2019 20:33:39 GMT)


Hey Narflarf, what's the password to your new video?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 06 Sep 2019 18:59:34 GMT)

Re: Guest - Hilarious

Look man. Up in here talkin' bout "God's gift to humping". Don't you know that ain't got nothin' to do with the Lord??? That ain't got nothin' to do with Jesus fool! Chikan is the Devil's work! Would say sit down and shut up, but you're probably already sitting. So how's about you stand up and STFU then. Done messed around and pissed The Shogun off now! Somebody finda get chikan butt fucked! That's all I know!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 06 Sep 2019 16:33:38 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher - YEAH BRAH!!!

Only the extraordinary deserves mention upon this "dishonorable scroll", as Master Frotteur so aptly put it. You see, I don't make my stories up! If I did, then I could be putting stuff up all the time just like that. But I don't! So, when I have something worthy to tell, then I will tell it. Been out of practice, so it will take a little while, including investigating some potentially good new venues. And all "guests" hiding behind fake names and multiple handles can bite me! Ahma chikan BUTT FUCK these hoes!!! And that's final! Ain't that right Buttmasher? LOLOLOL!!! Gimme a 'lil tiiiiiime :-DDD

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 06 Sep 2019 16:33:07 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher - YEAH BRAH!!!

Only the extraordinary deserves mention upon this "dishonorable scroll", as Master Frotteur so aptly put it. You see, I don't make my stories up! If I did, then I could be putting stuff up all the time just like that. But I don't! So, when I have something worthy to tell, then I will tell it. Been out of practice, so it will take a little while, including investigating some potentially good new venues. And all "guests" hiding behind fake names and multiple handles can bite me! Ahma chikan BUTT FUCK these hoes!!! And that's final! Ain't that right Buttmasher? LOLOLOL!!! Gimme a 'lil tiiiiiime :-DDD

Black Shogun!!!

Guest (Fri 06 Sep 2019 14:35:35 GMT)


It's been the same of thing between these two for years. One thinks he is the nicest most gentle and caring chikan there is in history and the other puts himself on a pedastal and believes he is god's gift to humping. The reality is, they are both nuts. Peas in a pod. It's pretty entertaining though so....keep it going guys. Love a good laugh.

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 06 Sep 2019 12:02:48 GMT)

Re: August chikan award

Femaleguest has won August award for her double teamed story. You gave 200% safisfaction!

Oslo (Thu 05 Sep 2019 13:43:31 GMT)

i want to some one groped my wife in Oslo early (WARNING: she may be 47 years old)

i want to some one groped my wife in Oslo early, she is small, with short black hair and light blue eyes,

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 04 Sep 2019 02:06:24 GMT)

Red Salamander

Your sister was humped on the bus on her way to school in 2013 and you would like to know if I did it. Almost certainly not. I did not frotteurize many school girls that year, and I am pretty sure I did not do any students who were on their way to school, only ones who were on their way back home.

Chikky (Tue 03 Sep 2019 17:09:09 GMT)

UK Freshers week! (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

So here in the UK it's Freshers week soon, lots of young high schoolers graduated to university. The club and bar scene should be incredible!

Is any taking advantage of this event and if so can you can any tips about what your planning?

Myself ill be taking an camera and mingling as a photography student whilst groping as much ass as possible, nightimes at the club should be paradise with the girls drunk on the dance floor.

chiking: chiking (Tue 03 Sep 2019 01:54:11 GMT)

I've been at this for a long time

I've done this so many times for a long time. I've perfected many techniques, I use phycology to my advantage. I have a night vision spy camera and i have great footage. But i would be afraid if anyone ever found out. I am a popular guy with many friends.

Guest (Sun 01 Sep 2019 11:15:32 GMT)

Agree with other Guest

I mean Black Shogun you said you quit and haven't been posting on here anything worthwhile so I don't really get why you're still loitering. To look for wank material?

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 31 Aug 2019 14:34:17 GMT)

August chikan award

This is the time to name the best author of the month. Please nominate your favourite writer for August 2019.

Guest (Fri 30 Aug 2019 21:00:47 GMT)

Black Shogun

Nah fam, I been watching this board for years. All posters on frottophilia deserve recognition. I see what I like. Narflarf, Guestz, Allrounder, High school humper, 2 female guests, Eric, and some others on here who go active and than inactive quickly are doing tremendously. Haha bro there's no multiple aliases unless you are referring to yourself Shoggy and Black Shogun. Just saying that dude you

626 more byte(s), click here!

RedSalamander (Fri 30 Aug 2019 19:38:09 GMT)


My sister got armhumped once on her bus to school by a middle-aged man back in 2013, it couldn't have been you ArmHumper could it?

Guest (Fri 30 Aug 2019 18:35:40 GMT)


I've seen way too many guys get caught nowadays by these undercover officers, but it's their fault tbh since they shouldn't be loitering on platforms where cctv operates. Going back and forth on train routes is also risky. I get on trains before the usually crowded stop and manuever myself as the train fills up. No suspicious behaviour for the officers to see.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 30 Aug 2019 16:28:03 GMT)


I go for Joebgood, that was easily the best one this month, it gets my vote.

Guest (Fri 30 Aug 2019 13:27:17 GMT)

Black Shogun

Spell check

*You can't keep up with the other chikans such as female guest, Eric, allrounder, guestz, Narflarf and red dragon.

My vote goes to Female Guest, high school groper(the senior dude), and Eric.

Joey you did good but not detailed.

Guest (Fri 30 Aug 2019 10:52:58 GMT)

Public Transport for me :)

I don't really feel comfortable in festivals so I use public transport. Public transport is the most risky since you can't really leave if caught. But if you know how to read crowds and the target, it shouldn't be a problem getting a good frot in. in a crowded environment, the targets assume that any contact is accidental so frotting isn't that hard. Touching a target is what leads to most people getting caught since they don't know how to do it discretely. It's best to do it when the bus/train is filled till the point people can't see below the shoulder, and even then do little taps with the back of the hand to see how the target reacts. If she's jumpy you gotta move away at that point. If she doesn't react, you can go for it.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 30 Aug 2019 04:58:20 GMT)

MOTM August 2019

Ayashi hasn't made the call for nominations yet, but I'm going to go ahead and go with JoeBGood (Humping Teens at Concert)for this month. That story brought the excitement and THRILL of CHIKAN to the forefront! The rush of CHIKAN flowing through your veins! So unless somebody else comes up with something in the next day or so, then JoeBGood gets my vote for August 2019.

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 29 Aug 2019 14:43:14 GMT)

Re Guest

That is just staged shit, and is of no interest to real pervs like us!

Guest (Thu 29 Aug 2019 02:43:03 GMT)


Damn!!! i guess i hit a nerve with you its just not my cup of tea (id rather go with my girl) it was my first experience id rather hit a club or bar damn!!! Can i have my preference?? I tried it mainly because of your stories!!!

i wasn't feeling it!!! Probably because it was my first experience but i had success!!

and F.Y.I i been on here since 2009 before you had a handle!!!

But i respect your stories brother👍 i just have a different point of view and f.y.i

i been locked up for this shit!! i have a problem too!!! My dna is on file Thats why i said i don't want to be a hypocrite..

"Nothing but love bro💪👍"

EncoxadaLover: Dr Nitma (Wed 28 Aug 2019 23:58:24 GMT)

Two old with two youngs

what about this video guys?


I love it and i have more from my country

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 28 Aug 2019 20:25:06 GMT)

Public Transportation, Why I Chose It.

I would say that public transportation chose me. Some decades ago, I was a horny teenager looking for an alternative to masturbation, and I was taking the bus to get to school, and these buses were usually crowded; eventually an idea came to me, and the rest is history.
I guess every type of frotteurism has its plusses and minuses. If you're on a bus and something terrible happens, then you're trapped, it's true; but if you're not aggressive and respect your target, your chances of getting into serious trouble are close to nil. And frotteurism on public transport is extremely cost effective. I get what I am after about 95% of the time for an average of 6 or 7 U.S. dollars.
So it's just right for the frequent frotteur.

Guestz (Wed 28 Aug 2019 12:44:30 GMT)

Why I chose festivals

I posted about why I chose festivals before. I do it for several reasons. It gives me the opportunity to accomplish two of the pastimes I love to partake of. One, I go to the outdoor, spring/summer venues to not only grind my scent into pretty targets, but to also grope as many bare thighs and ass I can get my sweaty hands on! No bar or nightclub that I know of will have the shear amount of expose

622 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 28 Aug 2019 10:22:20 GMT)

Answer to Red Dragon's Question continued

I would just add, that what I think and know about what I do, and what the average onlooker on the bus thinks about the same are two different things, hence the need for caution on my part. I know from years of record keeping that a significant minority of women are willing (historically, the number is 22.5%, lately it has increased to about 30%). But the average onlooker on the bus assumes that no woman would be willing, and because of this difference, I have to operate with a certain amount of caution when rubbing on a woman's backside, shoulder, hand, leg, mound, or whatever other part of her body I come against.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 28 Aug 2019 00:50:35 GMT)


A little while ago, when I said that those who force themselves on their victims have something wrong upstairs, someone asked me if I thought that what I did was ok. The answer is a simple yes, because I don't try to compel women to accept my advances. Frotteurism is considered illegal because of the question of consent or lack thereof, but if your targets are willing then you are not breaking the law. My only problem would be with underage damsels for whom I have a well-known weakness But so long as the target is a willing adult, then it is really all above board. Of course you will come across people who want to be heroes, but they are few and far between, most people either do not notice what I am doing, or just mind their own business.

Guestz (Tue 27 Aug 2019 14:48:39 GMT)

Re: "Guest"/serious problems statement

What a waste of a post on your part, guest. GTFOH! First you start off with "I been around here a long time on this board". WTF? You obviously have the mindset of the rest of us to fucking begin with, then you go out and practice what we discuss. You didn't like going from stage to stage (which I don't do because getting up front at large crowded festivals takes too much work) "in the hot sun", an

877 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 27 Aug 2019 10:17:22 GMT)


To be fair, nothing competes with festivals. 8 hours of non stop humping with women who are often more willing in that environment is second to no other place, especially with the skimpiness of the clothing in those festivals.

There is also then taste. Some like teenage, 16-19. There’s far more at festivals. Then there’s also timing, some of us can’t explain/ don’t want to be out until the AM. They want to work middle of the day, 1pm. So there’s a lot to consider.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 27 Aug 2019 08:58:16 GMT)

Active Month!

Some nice submissions this month. Pete, JoeBGood, Femaleguest, and of course Narflarf. And others! Some real competition for the monthly award for a change. Femaleguest made me laugh out loud at the picture of her jugs jammed up against a short Asian man's neck hehehe! And Joe . . . ELEVEN spurts 'o cum??? You must not have had any release in a long, looooong time! Jesus! Anyway, August has not been a vacation month on Ayashi-BBS!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 27 Aug 2019 06:29:22 GMT)

Re: Guest - Festivals

Yeah, I agree! I moved "crack packed" bars and nightclubs up the food chain a long time ago. Lower "cost per nut" for one thing LOL! Also, like you I'm not interested in moving around in that hot sun going from one stage to another one. I want one stage, or even better yet, I prefer indoor shows these days.

Black Shogun!!

Guest (Tue 27 Aug 2019 00:27:40 GMT)


My first ever 2 day festival is in the books i had success both days the last was the best!!! But i cant see myself spending 100+$ on a festival roaming from stage to stage in the hot ass sun just to bust a nut i actually enjoyed myself and cant see myself going alone the next time around...i been around on this board a long time and you guys inspired me to try different things especially festivals i dont want to be a hypocrite but you guys have serious problems just to attend a festival and the main focus is to get a grope and nut go to bar/club its easier

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 26 Aug 2019 10:13:54 GMT)

Re Guest

Guest they catch them using cctv, when you up skirt ( I do it a lot ) you have to follow girls and if you do it a lot and you're not careful your behaviour can give you away, in fact no matter how careful you are if you have to follow girls around to get the vids it can be really obvious, I more of an opportunist, to be honest, when I am, out on my hunt if I see one and can get her/them I will try.

registered member: Narflarf (Mon 26 Aug 2019 04:08:34 GMT)

Rock out with my cock out

I have a big 2 day festival coming up soon. I'm in another state on business, but the lack of action has been getting to me and I don't want to get rusty before the big event! So I decided to go to a rock concert to get some groping in.

It was a pretty small venue with a big crowd which was great. I always keep my eyes open for any targets walking to the back of the line when waiting to get

3727 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 24 Aug 2019 02:43:10 GMT)


I am glad that you have been enjoying your vacation in your "undisclosed location". Doing a woman in the presence of her husband is risky but can be fun. And that last statement is not meant as a cue to anyone in particular, but it will probably be taken as one.
I am looking forward to the start of the new school term next month when the buses will be fuller than they are now, and school girls in their pretty uniforms will be available.

Guest (Sat 24 Aug 2019 00:14:58 GMT)

@easy rider

500? Jesus. How do they even catch people that upskirt like that. The phone was in a backpack

Nitma (Fri 23 Aug 2019 23:58:50 GMT)

Encoxada & Perreo (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

How about this kind of encoxada? This teen looks too hot!


Eric (Fri 23 Aug 2019 20:41:12 GMT)

Milf at The ICE Cream shop

Hey Bros!

Damn allrounder South America is still so awesome. Going to miss it in a couple of days when I am gone off to posts secondary.

Today I was at an Ice cream shop with my older Dad. A hot ass light skin Indian Milf came in with her husband and 5 small kids. She was wearing a short red tank top that just tiny bit goes over her kadankabonk of an ass in spandex tights. I was eyei

1406 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 23 Aug 2019 16:45:28 GMT)

Shoges & Guestz

Hey bros, haven't heard from you guys in a while. Are you guys still in the game or what?@ Shoges, have you come out of your Hiatus or still abstaining from White girl booty humping?? Lolz.. Let us know brother, your one of the if not the best writer on this Forum to date. period and dat's a fact!! Would LOVE to hear another one of your new exploits if you have any!! @guestz, bro, is the festival that you are in anticipation of attending Kaaboo Del Mar by any chance??

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Fri 23 Aug 2019 15:14:51 GMT)

Ruh Roh! (part IV)

'Prolific' doesn't begin to describe this....

Man Accused Of Upskirting Over 500 Women Caught In The Act In Madrid


chikan star (Fri 23 Aug 2019 11:14:51 GMT)

pete wife

hey pete did this happen at caribana by chance?

Guest (Thu 22 Aug 2019 10:27:17 GMT)


That video isn't Gatamon7, that's Chrisredfield999 on xhamster - plus he has proved he is legit with his other cum videos. Maybe that one specific MIGHT be staged (I think it's real), but if you see his other videos and talk to him you know he's legit

the results are different in 3rd world countries like South America, very easy to get away with stuff they do

Gringooo (Wed 21 Aug 2019 23:16:15 GMT)


@bargs do you know where he is posting now ?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 21 Aug 2019 20:49:49 GMT)


I don’t have the time to sit here and copy and paste evidence. Even if you go to related videos you see the same hair and body structure. He stages his videos, but we can agree to disagree I don’t really care lol.

Guest (Wed 21 Aug 2019 20:10:21 GMT)


Bigt i think this is one of the vids your talking about

... attached file (mp4) 16476239 bytes

Guest (Wed 21 Aug 2019 20:06:15 GMT)

Re:big T

I know the video's your talking about I think your talking about xhamster user chrisredfield999 he always has the funny lighting and the same chick dancing the sameway and tries to portray it as a real scenario

bargs (Wed 21 Aug 2019 12:19:23 GMT)


@BigT yeah that's bs, it's not the same girl and it's not the lighting. Look at these three vids:




Totally different skin tones, body types, hair styles, and asses. He's the best there is.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 20 Aug 2019 21:50:23 GMT)


I called him out. They are fake. It’s the same girl in all his videos. Some, were all in the same location with some weird, staged lighting and camera angle as if it’s not even in a concert. They’re all fake

registered member: Buttmasher (Tue 20 Aug 2019 15:43:18 GMT)

Best Interview ever!!


registered member: Narflarf (Tue 20 Aug 2019 12:58:57 GMT)

Re: Gringooo

I think a while back someone called Gatomon7 out for faking his videos. I think it was the same girl in most, if not all his vids. Either that or he only chikan girls with the exact same body type.

Not a fan of the fake stuff because it portrays groping as being much easier than it is. Someone viewing will think "that seems easy!" not knowing the video is a couple groping and try to do the same thing and get in trouble.

Grop (Tue 20 Aug 2019 12:54:02 GMT)

30 minutes groping video!!! (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)


Boobsgroper (Tue 20 Aug 2019 10:36:14 GMT)

Chikaning friend’s relatives

Chikan creep
Chikaning friend’s relatives

I would love to hear your encounter of how you groped your friends mom.
I am on Hangout ,telegram.Lets connect

Guest (Mon 19 Aug 2019 23:15:59 GMT)

Re: Gringooo

There's some good guys on Xhamster but their videos are private and you have to have original content for an add

Gringooo (Mon 19 Aug 2019 22:00:19 GMT)


Guys please, does anyone of you know someone as good as Gatomon7 on xvideos?? Since he's gone, I can barely eat.

Guest (Mon 19 Aug 2019 16:48:59 GMT)

Video (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)


I think this is the video, wish it was longer.

registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 19 Aug 2019 13:48:41 GMT)

Chikan creep - Chikaning friend’s relatives

Welcome to the board brother!! Now that's an entirely new area we haven't touched on,on this board right guys? Please do share your stories in DETAIL!!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Mon 19 Aug 2019 12:35:12 GMT)

Re Pete/Buttmasher

Okay fine I understand why you don't want to post a pic on here, I don't use hangouts so nevermind.
Buttmasher thanks for relaying the story, like you say sounds like she got the mother load of a chikan, lol good one him!

Chikan creep (Mon 19 Aug 2019 12:34:27 GMT)

Chikaning friend’s relatives

Anybody here grow chikaning their childhood friends relatives? i have a few experiences with friends sisters/mothers and even chikaning my sister’s friends.

Guest (Sun 18 Aug 2019 13:27:32 GMT)


Amazing story Joe! Do you have anymore details of the first teen you humped? You're very good at telling stories, hope you can share more!

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 17 Aug 2019 16:54:17 GMT)

Pete - Wife's Story

Hey peepz!! So I recently got in contact with Pete via Email and we got to talking over google hangouts and he vividly described to me on how his wife got chikaned right in front of his eyes!! Well I tell you my chikan brother-en, from the way he described everything she got humped GOOD!! He gave me complete permission to write his entire story on his behalf as didn't feel ok writing it himself an

1962 more byte(s), click here!

Mokha (Sat 17 Aug 2019 14:53:35 GMT)

Grope video

Is it the video where the women is attacked by the group in the store? One guy lifts her skirt and smacks her thong clad butt?

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 17 Aug 2019 11:06:04 GMT)

Re Joebgood

Great story!

Pete (Sat 17 Aug 2019 10:53:24 GMT)

A First


I can’t send it here. Send me your email or hangouts and I will try and send there. Thanks.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 17 Aug 2019 10:33:02 GMT)

Re Pete

Forgot to ask, did she talk about how it felt after she calmed down? did you ask her if it was big? and how it felt when he nutted in her arse, please send a pic of her arse, just crop it like the other one.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 17 Aug 2019 10:31:09 GMT)

Re Pete

Thank you for your honesty, it sounds like that guy got the grope of his life, I have cupped a few pussies in my time, and even front frotted a hot blond on the tube a good few years back now, but that was insane she was into that too and I dicked her cunt hard.
I too like it when they show discomfort, had one a few months back on a bus. teen brunette, have to post that one, she was not enjoying it at all but for the four stops I had her pinned she had no choice but to take my hard black cock.
I can only say thanks foe sharing it, shame she was in tears but life goes on

Pete (Sat 17 Aug 2019 07:26:14 GMT)

A First

Yes - it was absolutely shocking. He had left a huge load straight on her ass crack. Didn’t know it and her skirt had actually kinda gone in. She was in distress and was smoothening it and it came to her hand. She actually had tears in her eyes. And it was so visible on her ass crack. Infact as we walked I even noticed a few men looking and kinda have a nodding smile. Was crazy.

Video hunter (Sat 17 Aug 2019 07:21:58 GMT)

Classic grope video

Bros there is this video I want to share here but can’t find it, basically it’s a sexy European lady with her friend in supermarket then these guys lift up her short skirt and smack that booty. Do you guys know if that vid is still around?

Guest (Sat 17 Aug 2019 06:30:25 GMT)

Pete's wife

Pete, how did you know he came on her? Did you guys notice a cum stain afterwards?

registered member: Buttmasher (Sat 17 Aug 2019 05:43:34 GMT)

Pete - Wife

Nice!! Pls send the pics to donmanroofus@gmail.com

Pete (Sat 17 Aug 2019 02:51:48 GMT)

A First

Hi Butt Smasher,

Thanks. I do have some pics of her behind but don’t think I want to post in the open forum. I can probably send it to your email.

To answer your question.... yes he did

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 16 Aug 2019 20:17:18 GMT)

Shoges - SHOTS!!

That video was hilarious bro!! Anyways, which one would you choose out of the lot in the pic brotha!!?? LOLZ.. Meaning which booty would your heart desire to pleasurably sink your nigro shlong into and nutt deeeeeep inside of?? I would hands down go for the one on the far right hetting ready to down a shot!! SHOT SHOT!! lololollolzz..

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 16 Aug 2019 20:12:50 GMT)

Pete- Wife

Hey Pete thanks for your explanations bro!! Gotta say your wife looks good!! I'm sure that chikan had a really heavenly time humping her!! Need some more answers from you. Did the chikan nutt inside her booty? Also would greatly appreciate it if you could post a pic of her butt if you don't mind!! I'm sure she has a big one!! LOLZ..

Pete (Fri 16 Aug 2019 18:03:15 GMT)

A First (Reply with her pic)

Dear Red,

Thanks. She is well maintained. Has a natural Asian curve to her body. Very feminine looking. Even her personality is very feminine. I am posting her pic here without the face. I hope it will be safe.

It was not a carriage. It was a street parade. Sea or people all over. Absolutely not an inch of place. It didn’t start immediately. I was not exactly behind her but st

1220 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 16 Aug 2019 15:56:50 GMT)

Re Guest

Thanks, for that, but if you read some of the regular posters on here you'll understand what I mean with details. you could start with what she was wearing, what kind of body she has, its great to read she is a mix of white and Asian, my two favorite kinds to frott/grope/flash. I understand you didn't see much, but you could share with us what kind of build the guy had, was he tall and well built, you could also tell us what line you were on, did it start straight away after you guys got on the carriage, hoe long it went on, you could also detail how your wife handled the situation, you have already stated she was uncomfortable with it, was she blushing, red faced? sweating?
Did she mention it afterwards?

Thanks in advance

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 16 Aug 2019 12:45:16 GMT)

Re: Buttmasher - White Girls Doing Shots




Black Shogun

Guest (Fri 16 Aug 2019 03:23:58 GMT)


Dear Red and Butt Smasher,

I am not sure if you got my reply. And was it detailed enough. I am not an experienced poster. Pls ask if it’s not clear. Also I am still wrestling with the various emotions. The arousal the intimidation the guilt...have always enjoyed chikaning reluctant women... never thought I will get to see it myself. Standing right next and seeing her in discomfort with him behind.


Joebgood (Fri 16 Aug 2019 01:05:24 GMT)

Humping teens in concert (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I've been reading everyone's story for a few years now, finally worked up the courage to post a story.

I'm about 30 years old but absolutely get turned on my teenagers, I always go to newest hip-hop/rock/pop craze concerts to hump these teenagers who rarely ever respond because they don't know what's going on. It's an amazing feeling when a thick teen jumps and dances when I'm deep into the

4055 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Thu 15 Aug 2019 19:20:50 GMT)


I always read the stuff on this board. Lately there have been girls posting and I thought I would share a story involving a girl I know.
This girl is in her mid 20's, white, and has the body of a black girl. She gets a lot of attention from black guys because she has a real nice ass. She was telling her friend the story I'm gonna share. She likes concerts- loves all kinds of music but rap mu

852 more byte(s), click here!

Pete (Thu 15 Aug 2019 18:48:52 GMT)

A First

Dear Red and Butt Smasher,

Thanks for your comments. I am not sure if I can post her pic here. Kinda scared. She is a brunette. Is mixed. Mom is white and Dad is Asian.

Didn’t know u wanted the details. Didn’t want to bore u. The guy was black. And that partly explains my intimidation. He was absolutely stuck to her and was dry humping her. That’s what I saw at first. She was

490 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 15 Aug 2019 17:40:08 GMT)

Re Pete

As Buttmasher said, details details, what did she look like, was the chikan black? white? did your wife look in real discomfort? post those details!

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 15 Aug 2019 16:00:42 GMT)

White girls doing Shottttssss!!!!

@Shoges, @Guestz whom would you choose to do the mating ritual?? Which, in our case is wet humping at THE BAR!! LOLZ..

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 15 Aug 2019 15:57:16 GMT)

Pete - Wife Chikaned

Bro welcome to the board!! Can you please share more details on how your wife got chikaned!! Maybe include a pic of her body with face blurred out if you don't mind. lolz.. Also, is she white/black/hispanic/asian? And did the chikan nutt inside her booty?? Need details bro!!

Pete (Thu 15 Aug 2019 14:15:17 GMT)

A First

Dear fellow Chikaners,

I am Pete from the UK. Am 40 and married. She is 36. I have been a Chikan for sometime now. Not as professional as many of u here. But try when I can and succeed most of the time. I have always enjoyed with ladies who are with their spouses or BFs, and reluctantly let me chikan. Don’t know y but get a special thrill. More than a lady who willingly lets u.


539 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 14 Aug 2019 12:11:52 GMT)

The height of my chikan "season" is nigh!

Man oh man! This is the time of year I'm like a horse in a stable itching to get out and run! Every good-looking female I see I imagine mounting at a concert barrier. Saw a white one this morning and could only envision "cutting her cake" with my "knife"! She had to "feel" me gazing at her cheeks. I'm only weeks away from 2 huge outdoor festivals, so you veterans know my state-of-mind all too well. Got my diet and exercise poppin' so I'll be able to keep all the humpin' and pumpin' going nonstop!

Guest (Mon 12 Aug 2019 03:13:16 GMT)

Re: easy rider

You definitely have to be careful on public transit here in nyc but as far as the guardian angels there a joke always have been always will be!!

The biggest threat are undercover cops! They'll put charges on you quick trust me im fighting a case right now with no women coming forward to testify or writing a statement against me.. but i still might go to trial the court system in nyc is tuff on this type of stuff and they'll treat you like a rapist

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Sun 11 Aug 2019 18:49:42 GMT)

Ruh Roh! (part III)

Buyer beware....(and any NYCers on this board wish to comment)

Perv Busters: Fight crime on the New York subway

The Guardian Angels and their citizen "safety patrols" were born on the New York subway about 40 years ago in response to the city's crime-ridden transport system.

More recently, a new division of the group has formed - a women-led group called Perv Busters which aims to prevent sexual assaults on the transport network.


Guest (Sun 11 Aug 2019 16:56:13 GMT)


I got a simple question: Statistics say that millennials are have less sex these days. Some are abstaining from it all together. If that's true, how would they recognize a bare dick rubbing on their bare skin?

chikan star (Sun 11 Aug 2019 12:29:40 GMT)


Welcome jyoti tell us some of your stories

Guest (Sun 11 Aug 2019 09:26:15 GMT)


Welcome to the board Jyoti.I would say that you are in the right place and given half the chance... there are many here who would *Erhem..* Publicly assist you. As a lurker, i look forward to reading your experiences.

HandsOn (Fri 09 Aug 2019 17:44:29 GMT)

Lucky Asian fellow...

I am tall - 6ft 1inch, so unless I find an Amazon FemaleGuest, no chance of nose between two lovely globes when standing nose to nose. But tell us just to complete the visualisation of lucky Asian fellow, what bra size you fill. That is presuming those can be found in your bra draw? Are you half a handful, a handful, or does one need two hands to cover just one breast?

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 09 Aug 2019 15:51:07 GMT)

Re Femaleguest

Love it, as I am a selfish bastard I have never tried to double team anyone and I wouldn't like it if someone tried, great post!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 09 Aug 2019 12:32:02 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest - Double teamed

OMG old girl say she had her titties shoved up in a SHORT Asian man's neck HAHAHAHAHA :-D!!! Too funny LOLOLOL!!!

Black Shogun!!!

Femaleguest (Fri 09 Aug 2019 09:39:19 GMT)

Double teamed

Hey guys didn't want you all to think I left or anything, work has got me busy, thanks for the woman of the month award lol
So another instance I recall was once getting double-teamed, don't think these guys knew each other at all but I was getting out work at the usual time, rush hour. At the bust stop we notice it was pack of people somewhat more than usual, my coworker didn't love far s

3104 more byte(s), click here!

... attached file (quicktime) 519460 bytes

Jyoti (Fri 09 Aug 2019 07:07:31 GMT)

me ... the willing victim (WARNING: she may be 22 years old)

Me...I like being touched inappropriately...in broad daylight....in public places ...by strangers and strange men... Me.... Woman...22.... and have had probabaly a 100 orgasms in public trains.....

Guestz (Thu 08 Aug 2019 13:18:02 GMT)

Time only flies while you're having fun...

As a long-time chikan have you ever noticed how the calendar goes backwards when you got a major outing lined up? Damn! I've received my tickets to two big ones soon, but somehow the clock is slowing down the days! When you don't get out as much (my case) any sure-thing can't get here fast enough. Then when the day(s) arrives it's gone in a few ticks. Painful...

curiousguest (Wed 07 Aug 2019 19:10:38 GMT)

Senior HS Groper (WARNING: she may be 69 years old)

I love your Stories so far, do you have more to come, more details maybe? (about the feel, the reaction, how far you went). Great work!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 07 Aug 2019 17:01:31 GMT)

Re Guest69

I like all types, model types down to the meek nerdy type, it is as you say more or less these bland girls are not used to any attention, so they are easier and also don't know how to react, I also flash and in that case the nerdy ones are worth their weight in gold as so many of them love to see and feel cock

Guestz (Wed 07 Aug 2019 14:39:11 GMT)

These girls love attention

So I go into a gas station to play lottery. The station is small so the aisles are cramped. I'm filling out a lottery slip on the side of the station I entered from. I hear a girls voice at the counter so I move quick to see who it is. DAMN! It's a black girl with a huge turd cutter in the tightest bright pink Lycra you would ever want to imagine! Apparently she'd been in earlier and bought the wr

990 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Wed 07 Aug 2019 04:46:38 GMT)

Ref: guest69

I can definitely relate to you and I know what you mean, to me is they got a great ass it what's important, altho I got my couple of almost 10 that I've enjoyed, I've had more enjoyment with the average jane. I've never done the concert groping tho, hard to fit in and find one where is possible but I've more of a train/subway chikan altho it's getting really difficult for us now, my stile is to be casually press up against a nice ass and get hard in between her ass crack, didn't know I could reach the point of ejaculation but boy was I wrong. I've read some comments about the player not player types and not sure I've ever met any but I think most of them had to notice and either too scared to say anything or just let it happen

Guest (Tue 06 Aug 2019 23:03:14 GMT)

Ayashi Forum Only Videos

I think that encoxada videos that are private or password on Xhamster should be posted here. This forum isn't easy to find from a casual person.. Anyone else agree?

guest69 (Tue 06 Aug 2019 19:39:23 GMT)

My strange attraction

I want to share my story as a chikan. I didn't know what it was called but I happen to like rubbing on girls and surfing the net I stumbled on this site. Wow! I never knew how many do what I do. But I have a different way of doing things than most of you. I don't care what nationality my targets are. I don't care if their faces are cut or not. I don't like fat girls but I don't mind them average o

482 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Tue 06 Aug 2019 13:17:04 GMT)

Re: Allrounder

Yes alcohol is your friend! Remember, Black Shogun takes advantage of those booties right at the bar, and I'm guessing that that's one reason he is able to dig so deep in the crack! I know it helps at my festivals, and not only alcohol: a lot of these concerts attract that age group that's into drugs of some type too. It's a recipe for some great chikan action. Think! It ain't illegal-yet!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Tue 06 Aug 2019 03:57:22 GMT)

Alcohol the Unsung Hero

I know that it is possible to get away with coming on a target's bare skin, because I have done it, if only once. But if find it necessary to voice a note of caution. Guestz does his thing after dark at all day festivals which means that his targets are probably drunk and/or high. Unless you work in similar conditions, I think it would be inadvisable trying to ejaculate onto a the skin of a woman, be she black, brown, yellow, or white.

Freddy Johnson The Third (Tue 06 Aug 2019 00:06:26 GMT)

Black girls

this video here is proof on the whole black girl debate.... i did forget to post my stories and i will this week,

... attached file (quicktime) 1463018 bytes

guest (Sun 04 Aug 2019 18:53:17 GMT)

White vs Black girls and cum

I remember while in h.s. the differences in black girls and white girls. Black girls had the curves when it came to asses and it was so hard to not want them. I would bump those big booties every time i was in a crowd. But they were always different from the white girls. They might let you jump them or sometimes if you were lucky you might fuck one. But the white girls viewed cum differently. I never got one to suck it. Not in high school. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, white girls sucked you off before you had a chance to even think! I think that's why Guestz prefers to go to mostly white festivals- those younger girls don't seem to get so upset about cum on them as black girls do. I know that in my case that's a fact. What do you guys think?

webmaster: ayashi (Sun 04 Aug 2019 01:09:20 GMT)

Re: July frottophilia award

Femaleguest is the Woman of the Month. Look at her lovely bum bum!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 03 Aug 2019 03:59:19 GMT)

Fathers and Daughters

Writing about daughters reminded me of a different case that I partially described a few years ago. It concerns this girl who let me arrive at orgasm against her arm when she was 17. When I identified her, it turned out that she was a straight A student. She is now training to be a doctor at university. I also learnt that her father is some kind of pastor who has travelled to the Holy Land. I wonder what he would do if he found out what I did to his precious darling? He would probably want to have me castrated!

HandsOn (Thu 01 Aug 2019 20:23:03 GMT)

Back of hand test...

Long ago done away with the back of the hand test. I just slide the palm of the hand right onto the lovely curvy arse, and down the V to the crack. You may only sometimes have a few minutes, so do not waste. Just in case you are wondering if I am insane, the palm rest and tomahawk pressure ALWAYS depends on the thickness of the material. Demim - can have a super hand feel, and sometimes they not even aware. Lycra that grabs the arse like a second skin - very gentle feel with the palm there. I like that part of lycra where the arse meets the crack. Lycra maybe a better material to rest the python and marbles on, than a hand. Those dress shorts great as well. Soft material like silk. So many gorgeous woman, so little chikan time!

registered member: Buttmasher (Thu 01 Aug 2019 16:28:48 GMT)

Freddy the Third - Story

Brother, where is your story?? Pls tell us in detail!! Waiting eagerly!!

Freddy Johnson The Third (Thu 01 Aug 2019 14:04:02 GMT)

They had a finale, but so did the sho-gun lol classic

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 01 Aug 2019 05:03:57 GMT)

Re: BigT - Daughter

I have had several daughter experiences over the years. The best one ever was the one I wrote about in the following republished story:


I dug out a young white girl's asshoe recently at a concert show. The thing that made it so "special" was that both her elderly parents were present and at her side to protect and defend her! The show was in a smaller venue, and the c

3008 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 31 Jul 2019 23:18:50 GMT)

Big T: Daughter

I like to do women when their other family members around. I once arrived at orgasm by rubbing myself on the shoulder of an underage girl who was sitting next to her mother. That was risky, but I only realized that they were related after I came. If I had known, I probably would not have made the attempt. Every now and again, I will do a woman who is travelling on the bus with her small children, and as I have already reported, sometimes these women will take out one of their breasts and nurse her infant while I am masturbating to a climax on her shoulder. Doing pregnant women is another of my specialities.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Wed 31 Jul 2019 22:59:25 GMT)


From the combination of South American and Caribbean and also some other details you mention, I can work out where your "undisclosed location" is, Eric. Do not worry, I am not going to out you. I lived there for a few years. I hope you enjoy yourself down there.

Eric (Wed 31 Jul 2019 15:21:40 GMT)

Hot South American Girl (WARNING: she may be 26 years old)

Hey everyone!

What's up? I been vacationing in an undisclosed location in Southern America. I am pretty sure Allrounder or someone from this board is from the carribean so shoutout to them for detailing how easy it is to butthump here. As damn for the past few days when I really been chikaning it's been pretty easy where they even say sorry. I been chikaning slim thick blacks and Indians.

2380 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Wed 31 Jul 2019 11:54:46 GMT)

Re: M.O.T.M.

I agree with Black Shogun: Femaleguest Guest my nod

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 31 Jul 2019 07:56:05 GMT)


I had one of the hottest experiences very recently. There was this family, dad, mom, and white teen daughter with a phat booty. Not going to detail it all as it was the norm, deep buttfuck where I rubbed my boner all over her and she throwing it on me.

But at one point, she put both hands on the barricade and really stuck it out. The mom, in a protective gesture, put arm round her waist. Th

582 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 31 Jul 2019 04:59:32 GMT)

July 2019 MOTM

I'm gonna cast a vote for "Femaleguest" as "Person of the Month" for July 2019. It's not often that we get a woman here who can give us some female perspective. AND she gotta BIG "boo boo"---------> (_I_) HAHAHAHA!!!

Black Shogun!!!

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 31 Jul 2019 04:20:54 GMT)

July frottophilia award

This is the time to select the best chikan writer of the month. Please nominate your favourite contributor for the month of July 2019.

WienerMan (Tue 30 Jul 2019 21:31:10 GMT)

Sensitivity of the ass

I've been doing some tests with my hand touching my ass. I cannot tell the difference between palm and back of the hand. Unless I really try to cup and cop and a feel. Of course my ass is like 38, has meat on it, a lot of girls don't seem to notice when you touch them through the jeans.

So I think whether you test water with back of the hand or your palm doesn't matter. Of course it's much easier to pass off the former as an accident if someone else saw it. What are your thoughts?

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 30 Jul 2019 11:23:56 GMT)

Just to add

Just to add, I also think some women love the anonymity of it. Like, this man I don’t know can’t help himself but rub his hard cock in between my ass. Then there’s also some who think THEY are chikaning US LOL. Trust me. They think they fell into our lap on accident and that we may not even know it’s happening, at least at first. All in all in my opinion it’s more enjoyable if you don’t talk to her at all. If she gives it up go along with it, see how far you can take it. There’s really no need to engage her.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 30 Jul 2019 10:53:52 GMT)


Woman wanting a frotteur and wanting to be chatting up and then fucked are two different things. By talking to her you may have made her think you wanted to go further with her. This could have made her put an end to what you were doing. In my experience it’s honestly best to never talk to her if groping or grinding is all you want. Ofcourse, chikans are different and have different techniqes and some see success that way. I personally have never tried it and don’t think I will. I see enough success never talking to her.

WienerMan (Tue 30 Jul 2019 04:12:54 GMT)

Big mistake I made

During a rock concert I was standing next to this MILF (pretty face, a bit chubby, but big ass and tits) and two young dudes, who I later found out to be her son and his friend. During the opening act, the lady would move her ass from left and right, eagerly meeting my hand, and I ended up palming her right ass cheek, and she only looked sideways a couple of times, not saying anything or move away

595 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Mon 29 Jul 2019 14:32:14 GMT)


Would you call this frott?

afro d (Mon 29 Jul 2019 07:55:46 GMT)

players and non players - Femaleguest

Welcome femaleguest, it is always pleasant to get a lady contributing to this board. looks like you've had an experience with a chikan who took you to new heights. With us chikans or let me talk for my self, it all depends on the situation, if there is enough cover you can get to do quite alot. it also depends on how the lady reacts. when i say quite alot i mean literally anything, eg at concerts at night and depending on what a lady is dressed in. And i know you clearly understand what i mean by been taken to heaven. Personally for me the pic you sent, i would not approach you if you were dressed in those tights. i prefer free dresses, soft clothing. Jeans are normally a no go for me and for many chikans as well.

Guest (Sun 28 Jul 2019 15:17:45 GMT)

Indie concert fun

Went to this indie rock concert, got there early, tapped a college girl's round bum while the security looked at her ID, immediately she turned around and looked at me, I said sorry, decided not to follow her.

I picked a spot in the second row behind the fence, there's a good-looking petite brown (Indian/Latina, I couldn't tell) girl in front of me, at first I thought she's with a dude, tur

2119 more byte(s), click here!

WienerMan (Sun 28 Jul 2019 06:16:18 GMT)

Shoving my fingers into her soft boob

Went to this rock concert at a small venue, it was packed. There's this hot young girl wearing glasses with a guy, at first she was almost in front of me, but then she looked at me suspiciously, and ultimately chose to stand against the wall on the side at the second row, behind guy she's with, I knew she didn't want to be touched, during the third opening act, the guy went away to buy something,

1585 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sat 27 Jul 2019 16:20:59 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

Let me tell you how this works when it "cums" to me! I got into this " thing" I do by a series of events in my lifetime. First it started with me naturally being overly horny. I say that because as far back as I can remember, as I've told on this board before, I've been a humper. I honestly don't remember a time in my life that I didn't get aroused more than what I thought was normal. I was humpin

1705 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 27 Jul 2019 13:28:27 GMT)

Re: femaleguest pic

Woman your ass is made to milk a cock, deep crack to, I would love to burry my shaft in that booty of your, thanks for the pic

Guestz (Sat 27 Jul 2019 12:53:56 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

OMG! Femaleguest I'm sorry, but there'd be a problem if i was on you at one of the festivals I attend!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Sat 27 Jul 2019 10:29:03 GMT)



Weirdly enough I perform far better alone. When I’m with someone they tend to draw too much attention to the two of us in a negative way. Alone, I get to warm my target up to be game a lot easier.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 27 Jul 2019 07:17:55 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest - Pic

DAYUM!!! Girl gotta "boo boo" . . . girl gotta BIG "boo boo" (_I_) HAHAHAHA!!!

Black Shogun!!!

Femaleguest (Sat 27 Jul 2019 05:28:26 GMT)


Here you go guest Hope you like LOL
I got more stories to come just haven’t found a chance to properly sit down and Wright it

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 27 Jul 2019 01:55:41 GMT)

Big outdoor festival

Got a big outdoor festival coming up tomorrow that looks absolutely MASSIVE in terms of the amount of people showing up. I always like to research events beforehand and I have a big event each month until December already, which shows how far ahead my game plan is lol. Of course I may sprinkle in some smaller concerts and shows in just to keep myself in the game.

But if this goes well it could change the entire game of chikaning for me. I recently got in contact with another chikan who isn't too far from my neck of the woods that's going to this event, and the two major ones I'm going to in following months. Having a friend has the potential to be a big game-changer when it comes to distractions and blending in. Definitely look forward to teaming up with a fellow chikan!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 26 Jul 2019 22:53:05 GMT)


That squat and lift is something the women love too. Many a times that move has resulted in a moan of some sorts, or atleast a signal that she is aroused if you know how to read women.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 26 Jul 2019 15:17:22 GMT)

More Learnings

Many years ago, I contributed heavily to a terminology section that was established on this site. There, I described many of my patented techniques, such as "the squat & lift", "the bounce", "the tomahawk chop", and "Mr. Stink Finger". Others contributed to the definitions as well. You may read these terms to further familiarize yourself with the basic tactics, tools, and psychology of a master chikan:


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 26 Jul 2019 12:02:01 GMT)

Re: Guest - Tips

I need to hang with you, learn from the master, any tips?

My first advice is not to go down the road of becoming a skilled chikan. But if you are determined to do so, then read the stories and watch the videos . . . as many as possible for these are instructional in and of themselves . . . you will pick up so much in terms of tips and techniques. In short, study all that is here.

Black Shogun!!!

Guest (Fri 26 Jul 2019 08:42:46 GMT)

Re: players/ nonplayer

I think you hit it on the nose on that subject, I’ve only had the good fortune to find my self press up a woman’s ass that was a player once and to be real it caught me of guard, it was a OMG moments her ass was soo firm and plump and her crack soo deep my cock just sank in it and all she did when she felt it was smile back at me, imagen my face of surprise as she wiggle slight

1180 more byte(s), click here!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 26 Jul 2019 05:28:33 GMT)

Re: Buster - Lesbians

I don't seek out lesbians and/or have an infatuation with them as "unobtainable". Just so happens that I was in one's ass crack during an epic New Year's Eve countdown. I didn't even realize that they were lesbians until they started kissing LOL! Will never forget it as I nutted a HUGE load during the countdown (second time that has happened in my long career . . . to literally "nut" the New Year in hahaha!). I had saved up five weeks of "seed" just for New Year's Eve cuz I knew it would be good. A guaranteed ride 'n nut hahaha! Now, I have thought about going to a Pride parade though given some of the feedback I've seen here about them. Maybe I will give one a try some day. Who knows?

Black Shogun!!!

Friendly Neighborhood: Buster (Thu 25 Jul 2019 22:09:21 GMT)

Some thoughts and questions

1. Europamaster
I’m no christ, by any means as my first experience groping was with a family friend who trusted my family to be family in her time of need, but to double team that girl with her dad! That’s tough. That’s a situation out of a porno lol.
2.My idea/question on the recent player vs non player discussion?
I recently ran into my first players at drama parties, but I still

1532 more byte(s), click here!

mario_ch: europamaster (Thu 25 Jul 2019 20:30:03 GMT)

Extreme heat help

I'm thinking that extreme heat (> 35°) helps you to grab girls. Today it was 42° where i live and it was so easy to do it. This is not the first time i notice it.
Some girls looks languid, and doesn't resist (of course in the gentle art of chickan). I'm right ?

mario_ch: europamaster (Thu 25 Jul 2019 20:05:06 GMT)

Little Chinese girl (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Today is a very warm day, commuter train is disrupted.
I notice a targer, a chinese tourists family who wait on the platform.
The daughter, who wears a short black dress, is so pretty.
She is short and has a doll face. The train which enter in the station is crowded, and i know it will be for few next stops.
I mangage to go into the train just after her, but at the end, her father plac

2034 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 25 Jul 2019 05:49:24 GMT)

Guestz et al.

Some of these compliant "lesbians" must really be bisexuals; that's the only reason I can think of why they would yield to us. Bisexuals are, I am told, stigmatized in that community, so I guess many of them prefer to identify as lesbians. Back in October 2015, I came against the round backside of a school girl. When I later found her profile on social media, it said that she was a lesbian, but I do not think she was telling the truth. In March of 2014 I did the posterior of another school girl who was an open bisexual. She's a big lass, and about 6 feet tall, so I imagine that she plays the dominant role when she goes with other girls.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 24 Jul 2019 16:33:05 GMT)

Chikaning Lesbians

Maybe my best New Year's Eve chikan butt fuck ever involved a lesbian. I wrote a story that included what happened. I re-publish the lesbo part of that story here:


Hello friends . . . it's Shogie . . . I'm not gonna write some long, drawn out, detailed story. But, I had to write something because some new ground was broken last night. For the first tim

2597 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 24 Jul 2019 14:37:18 GMT)

Indian love

I havent documented my experiences for a while, but the ass I got recently! She was Indian, but with a strong accent from somewhere in the states so she was a tourist. She was very much the MILF type with a HUGE booty in denim shorts. To make it even better, I saw a large wedding ring, and her husband was briefly with her before going somewhere else.

I rode this woman for over an hour and s

1742 more byte(s), click here!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 24 Jul 2019 14:37:01 GMT)

Re The BodyBuilder

Yes you're right, chikaned a lot of girls at various pride events...lesbians and straight.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 24 Jul 2019 14:23:19 GMT)


Oh I see! And the lesbians, Jesus. Pride parades are the places to be! The success rate there is through the roof. If you’re a Chikan, you want to attend pride parades where you are!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 24 Jul 2019 09:50:48 GMT)

Re Guestz

I have a soft hot for lesbians too, flashed bucket loads, but I have also groped/frotted a few, armhumped a cute one while she had her friend sitting next too.
Love em

Guest (Wed 24 Jul 2019 00:48:02 GMT)

Re:big T

I wasn't disagreeing with you if there are players or not i was agreeing with you that there's players out here bro!...

it doesn't matter the race iv had different ethnic groups give it up to me its all about the approach and when i say give it up i mean feel my dick on there hip see my face and then turn there ass to me... once again im in nyc its a damn melting pot out here.. But the few times i was called out and when i say few/4 times it was by 3 black women and 1 Spanish but thats my target audience😂😂😂27yrs in lol

And to james you dont contribute shit so so s.t.f.u

Guestz (Tue 23 Jul 2019 13:30:35 GMT)

Re: Allrounder

Strange as it may seem, the one group of targets I don't mind knowing what I'm doing is lesbians! I've found a strange attraction to them knowing I got my pipe jammed in 'em or against them. Had several instances over the years for this experience. What's interesting to me is they'll be all lovey-dovey with each other and if the angle is right I test the waters, then slip the girly one the high, h

602 more byte(s), click here!

femaleguest (Tue 23 Jul 2019 11:41:20 GMT)

players and non players

The few times I've talked to female friends of mine about this subject or that we have mentioned in a random conversation I've heard mix feeling about it, some want to make it seem like an annoyance and disrespect, and I can see that, while others altho they don't show it get a thrill out of it and even go as far as to feel flattered that they get that reaction, but that is unusual the odds ar

478 more byte(s), click here!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 22 Jul 2019 21:14:07 GMT)

My Way

I like my frottees to be aware and permissive of what I am doing to them. Obviously, not all the women I encounter are willing. I keep exact records, and for years, I found that about 23% of my targets yielded to me, but, from about the start of 2017, my success rate increased to about 30%.
Quite often, my willing targets acknowledge me by looking at my member, or looking at my face, or doing both. Another rarer form of acknowledgment comes when she tells a female friend travelling with her what I am doing to her but continues to let me do it.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 22 Jul 2019 18:18:17 GMT)


Woops, I stand corrected lol. And of course, I read your entire catalogue when I first found this site all those years ago! Just misunderstood what you said

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 22 Jul 2019 16:55:17 GMT)

Re: BigT - Players

I never said it either, so don't project that over here. Read my own stories! What I said is that people better not go out dealing with perfect strangers acting like EVERYBODY is going to be a player. They are NOT. Go out and act like that, and you're just begging foe trouble. THAT'S what I said. Never once have I said there was no such things as a player. Never!

Black Shogun!!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 22 Jul 2019 15:35:56 GMT)


I never said there isn’t players, maybe you mean Shogun?

If you mean BLACK players. Yes, I agree, I’ve had some. Just in my opinion, compared to white women, the ratio doesn’t even come close. Maybe it’s just where I am in the world. My success rate with black women is far lower than with white women. I think where I am they’re used to bad experiences with aggressive/poorly skilled chikans.

Guestz (Mon 22 Jul 2019 14:34:23 GMT)

Re: James

I agree with you "James", 100%. But I noticed you didn't really add a story, only another picture!

Guest (Mon 22 Jul 2019 04:11:33 GMT)

Re: James - Blah blah

And 0% of that 10% comes from you.

Guest (Sun 21 Jul 2019 23:16:40 GMT)

Re:big T theres player's

Big T i been on here for yrs as a guest sharing stories and commenting...

im a project kid/ (African American) listin when i was a kid playing and when i say kid i mean 7 to 12yrs old (im 39 so do the math) we was playing a game called 7/11 that meant 7 kisses and 11 humps 😂😂😂 it was identical to tag..

The girls where the target and the boys would chase there chosen target

555 more byte(s), click here!

James (Sun 21 Jul 2019 17:33:18 GMT)

Blah blah

Where are the actual stories?????

I'd bet if you went through all the posts here on the main board over the last 6 months or so that maybe 10% of them are actual stories 😂😂😂

Guestz (Sun 21 Jul 2019 12:10:32 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun!

Black Shogun said " Guestz is that you?" LOL, yes it is my style on so many occasions, but the one thing that I wouldn't do is film it! As for the rest of the videos you shared: If I'd been in any of those situations I probably wouldn't have pulled my tool out neither. See like I said, I operate in stealth! By day I usually keep it in my pants, unless the venue is super packed! This pic is a good example of the conditions I chose to work in. And even better, 99% of the time I'm at the barrier, the girls are in shorts, and I got my "special" clothing on! No one is going to notice a dick out in these conditions! Especially when most have been drinking all damn day! My kinda party!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sun 21 Jul 2019 10:30:33 GMT)

Re: Shoges

Hands down the best chikan vid out there, saved in my favs for a few years now, awesome!!

Agent007Chikan (Sun 21 Jul 2019 09:42:33 GMT)


Femaleguest, tell me what day, what time and what color clothes you will be wearing and I will come chikan with you at Venice Beach. 👍

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 21 Jul 2019 08:36:40 GMT)


Guestz! Is that you??? Hahaha!


Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 21 Jul 2019 08:34:21 GMT)

Beach Chikan

I've never attempted to chikan at a beach. I don't even like the beach LOL! If you do go and try, watch out! Both Guestz and Easy Rider have noted how it's not like it used to be due to increased police/undercover presence. Be careful! Here are some related videos (notice how the chikans mostly avoid skin-to-skin as this is ordinarily VERY risky!). Enjoy!

925 more byte(s), click here!

Max Mond (Sun 21 Jul 2019 01:36:06 GMT)

I'm dating my frottee

I've been saying for a long time that most women are players if the guy is their type and no one sees it. I'm in a good relationship with a frottee right now since winter. The frotting never comes up in conversation though. Strangely enough o don't have the same urge to frot when I'm with a good girl. I only do it occassionally now, when its unavoidable.

Guestz (Sat 20 Jul 2019 19:58:19 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest/Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the busiest tourist attractions in L.A. it has been for decades. It's been in scores movies; plenty of celebrities live in the area, and it's really a must-see type of destination. If you visit L.A. for any length of time you need to go there. But if you really want to experience it, try to go on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon. If you walk the boardwalk you'll see street perf

609 more byte(s), click here!

Femaleguest (Sat 20 Jul 2019 16:43:45 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Booty Banditry/guest

I love Black Shogun stile, altho the dick as much as it sounds naughty in my experiences I would be scared it would call too much-unwanted attention and also the mess, I prefer cum to be in me or on my skin LMAO not on my clothes

Guezt: how does that Venice beach work? I got a trip coming up to Cali with some friends so who knows

I did go once to a nude beach, it was fun although no frott happen but got to see a lot of interesting things

has anyone ever frott on a nude beach? or even yet has any one chikan in a beach or in bathing suit period?

Guestz (Sat 20 Jul 2019 14:24:36 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Booty Banditry

Shogun, you hit the nail on the head! That is really what I thrive for: stealth! The recent postings by Femaleguest expresses her dislike for us taking our dicks out, which I understand in her case. But I can assure you and the board that 90+% of my targets never know it's out! Yes there have been those that realized it, but out of that 10 % that knew it, I'd say less than 1% of them had negative

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HandsOn (Sat 20 Jul 2019 11:14:07 GMT)

Apologies to schoolgirl...

Apologies to schoolgirl. I see that you are 17, and in secondary school. Ok and now onto fantasising...

HandsOn (Sat 20 Jul 2019 10:59:32 GMT)

Age of schoolgirl guest...

Hello schoolgirl guest. When you post again please let forum know your age, so that our fantasies can take flight. Guess schoolgirl can mean anyone from six to twenty, but since you have a nice playfull, cupfull handfull, guessing sixteen to twenty, although depending on what is in the water, a twelve year old these days can be endowed with two handfulls. Lucky schoolboys, since my days on the school benches are sadly long gone.

HandsOn (Sat 20 Jul 2019 10:07:37 GMT)

The mound...

I've always liked a little variety than just straight frotting, so lately I have switched my attention to the pussy mound to see just how far I can push it with hands and cock. Difficult getting in on someone with frontal facing cock, but have been successful just once with cock on mound. It was an absolutely packed train, and contact was broken when people got in and out. Been more successful with the hands. It amazes me how many girls/woman just do not know that there is someone right between their legs copping a gentle feel. Two best so far have been hitting the jackpot, and feeling the side of my tomahawk hand slipping between the lobes. With summer here soon, want to make it breast time. What is nicer than a cupped handful of breast, or your elbow or hand resting on a big breast?

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 20 Jul 2019 06:31:33 GMT)

Booty Banditry

When it comes to chikan, I don't want my target to give it to me. But, I don't want to take forcefully against her will either. No, the excitement for me comes from secretly "stealing" out of her crack. This is why I say I prefer for the girl to be pretty oblivious, at least until it's too late, and I already "nutted".

Black Shogun!!!

Blackstroke (Sat 20 Jul 2019 05:54:27 GMT)

Frott vs Sex (WARNING: she may be too young)

I don't what kinda sex you guys having, but mine is than humping some strange...although it's a rush so is the first time you get with her.
So count me out of that line.

Guest (Sat 20 Jul 2019 04:50:53 GMT)

@guest getting caught lil boobs

This little bitch fake a.s.f get the fuck out of here!!! You say "you pervs" but have a story about you going after a guy😱 you the type of bitch that will get a guy locked up!!!!

registered member: Narflarf (Sat 20 Jul 2019 04:41:38 GMT)

Re: (female) Guest

Honestly, I once had a groping experience that led to to a one night stand and it was anticlimactic. I definitely liked the "non-consensual, non-verbal" agreement we had to please ourselves in the middle of a concert.

It was at a Halloween party, she was dressed in a long button-up blouse that wasn't covering up a lot of her ass. I slid up behind her and she started grinding on me and it el

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chiking: chiking (Sat 20 Jul 2019 01:30:17 GMT)

This room got lit

Also your absolutely right I think players like to stand near the doors, If its packed enough I use my hands usually. Today I was on a train there was this player but the train wasn't packed enough and there were people looking. It looked so obvious I was far enough away and there was a lot of space. She took like 2 steps back and people didnt say anything. It didnt last long and it wasn't really memorable I just thought it was funny. My perspective has change now that I know players are real and not just our imagination

Guest (Fri 19 Jul 2019 23:11:29 GMT)

Getting caught and little boobies.

Hi. I’m the school girl who posted before. It’s interesting reading different perspectives and the various stories. Question, have any of you guys had more than just frotting action with your targets? If one of your targets offered a HJ or a BJ would you guys go for it or would it shatter the “non-consensual” fantasy? By “non-consensual” I mean she’s into it but doesn’t make it loo

2362 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Fri 19 Jul 2019 14:54:16 GMT)


I dont know what city your in but im in nyc the way the trains are designed if you really want action stand by the doors with your ass exposed meaning dont put your back to the door or your back against the seat partition and someone will jump on it i tend to believe from my experience women who stand like that are naive or players 70% of time there's no reaction me and some other guy double teame

1506 more byte(s), click here!

HandsOn (Fri 19 Jul 2019 11:30:44 GMT)


Femaleguest if that really is a picture of you with scrubbed out face, all I can say is WOW what a body, and how squeezable and frottable! If I spotted you on the train, and there were fifteen people in my way, there would be one hell of a ten second commotion, and then I would suddenly be right behind you - lmao.

Femaleguest (Fri 19 Jul 2019 04:11:01 GMT)


Guest: I figure that, but not here to convince anyone, just want to share my experiences if possible and get some feedback, also love reading other people stories, and yeah I'm pretty sure they are many more females that are into this just not to open about it, everyone has a least a little naughty pleasure. Of course I'm not going to exaggerate and say I go out looking for it or that something happens everytime, but I do can say I enjoy it and hopefully you all enjoy my perspective of it and my retelling.

Eric: I'm from central America but live in the USA and glad you like it I hope to post more

Guestz (Fri 19 Jul 2019 02:37:11 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

I'm gonna let you in a one of my secrets: First off, if that' picture is actually you, my complements! Now if I'm lucky enough to catch your type in the venues I routinely pick, I'm gonna be extra careful about pulling my tool out. Black girls I'm extra cautious about, although it was Black girls that I actually honed my skills on. I've learned a lot about them through my years of doing this hobby

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Guest (Fri 19 Jul 2019 01:46:07 GMT)

Re:femaleguest pic

The dudes on here gonna ask for a pic of you holding up a i love ayashi sign and still wont believe you are real if you produce it😂😂..

theres no such thing as women who likes this shit according to some on here 😂😂😂

Eric (Thu 18 Jul 2019 23:32:24 GMT)

female guest

May I know if you are Canadian or American?

Also keep posting stories as I like them! :)

Femaleguest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 17:31:45 GMT)


Chiking: who knows LOL

Guest: hopefully I can hang around and keep getting good feedback, I actually didn’t know there was a site for this, I do have more experiences but not a good writer so bare with me, I'll keep submitting more if you all like.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 18 Jul 2019 15:25:20 GMT)

Re Femaleguest

I have never been teased like that, but as one who likes them unwilling, I guess its not a perfect scenario, though I would take what you were giving me, but with my bare cock out, its the only way I know, or the only way I want to do it, in my pants is not an option.

chiking: chiking (Thu 18 Jul 2019 15:13:10 GMT)

Female guest

Let me be the first to nominate you for the monthly award. You know I've been conflicted as to what we do is bad. But my suspicion that my females like it are what kept me In it and the fact that i love this shit. Thank you for giving me the females point of view.
I'm the type if I get an elbow or anything I move on. I wonder if I ever ran into you lol.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 18 Jul 2019 15:10:02 GMT)

Re Guestz

Dude I agree with you, I am the same when do what I do I am seasoned enough to know how far to go with the right girl/s...we who have been at this game all our lives know the score.

Armhumper, you are delusional if you think what we do is "okay", you implied as much by saying something is "wrong upstairs" if you force yourself on women, ask yourself this, do you rub women openly so that ANYONE can see?
or are you hiding it from all the other passengers? if so something is wrong upstairs with us all, own it and deal with it.

Guest: Player not playing the game, I will keep doing what I do the way I do ( dick out )

Guest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 12:28:13 GMT)

Re:femaleguest/dat girl

Femaleguest and dat girl its good to have some women on here i hope yall stay and share some stories the history of this board women dont hang around to long

Guest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 12:19:14 GMT)


That's a hot story, do you have any others like that? and maybe a picture of yourself in a skirt? (you don't need to include your face)

nice to hear from a female perspective for a change

guest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 11:53:04 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

What you described in your last post was hot! I'm one of those that pulls it out. If a girl reacts the way you did in that post with me? I'm gonna pull my wank out and leave you a prize for teasing me! You would pull that dress out and find a hot gooey mess!

Femaleguest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 10:17:58 GMT)

Re: cummed on/ teasing

Guest: like I said before not that I know of, only once I noticed I had some dried white stains on my skirt good thing it was dark when I got off the bus. I’ve had felt a few times when the guy orgasm/cum in his pants there reaction was different and hardly noticeable so who knows if I miss a few LOL
The most blatantly was this guy we was ridding this train and a 10 min ride became 20-25

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Thu 18 Jul 2019 01:52:41 GMT)

A female's perspective

I have a well known weakness for school girls, but I can agree with the other two prohibitions listed recently by the (English?) school girl using the handle "Guest". Like her, I am against frotteurs ejaculating onto their target's clothes or skin. And I am also against frotteurs trying to force themselves on women. I think something is "wrong upstairs" with people who enjoy forcing themselves on their targets.

Guest (Thu 18 Jul 2019 01:06:37 GMT)

Player NOT playing that game!!

Hello y'all it's me again. I'll just call myself "Dat Girl" for now. I commented as a GUEST on "I'm a player but please keep it in your pants!" (Wed 19 Jun 2019 23:17:19 GMT) http://www.frottophilia.com/forum/1560986239.html

I'd like to start by sending a shout out to Black Shogun and all others out there who keep it real by ke

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Guestz (Wed 17 Jul 2019 20:57:03 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

To answer your question Shogun, it's kinda both. I do try to be discreet. Most times I'm really sneaky about having it out. But like I said before, I've had my share of what I call "players", and when I sense (very strongly) that I'm on one, I will escalate my nastiness! Just like you do when you're "digging all up in that crack" because you obviously have one that's either not aware or is definit

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 17 Jul 2019 16:47:53 GMT)

Re: BigT - LOUD!

There was another one I saw from years back where a white woman went off on this Latino guy who was trying to butt hump her on a train. He had been behind her, and she caught the guy with his dick out. White woman went OFF hahaha! Dude tried to deny it, but she wasn't havin' it. I was actually looking for that video but couldn't find it.

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 17 Jul 2019 16:44:39 GMT)

Which one is it?

Guestz you can't have it both ways. First you said this:

"When you are sandwiched in a crowd of targets and groping them, if they don't react to your hand chances are good that they won't feel a penis against them either."

Then you said this:

"I had 2 at a big festival a few years back that were VERY aware of my naked dick on their thighs but did absolutely nothing to avoid i

529 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Wed 17 Jul 2019 16:06:44 GMT)

To female guest

Have you ever been cummed on in public? What was your reaction (if you were)

Guestz (Wed 17 Jul 2019 15:50:17 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

Femaleguest, I understand your point-Of-view on this subject, but I've been doing it for so long I'm not turning back! One thing I've noticed with my targets that I've cum on (most of them white or Indian or Hispanic), they are usually oblivious or very accommodating. I had 2 at a big festival a few years back that were VERY aware of my naked dick on their thighs but did absolutely nothing to avoi

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HandsOn (Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:56:47 GMT)

Going commando?

From the few feels I have had and observing those arses, can it be said that Moslem girls go commando under the burka, and even braless? Would this be so they can still feel sexy under that hot garb, and also to give the husband the twos up, who is trying to keep pervert eyes from perving her? Those commando thighs rubbing together, gets her off silently a few times a day. If MoslemFemaleGuest is out there, please confirm or deny my observations. If you have some pictures, or a video will be even more appreciated - lmao!

Femaleguest (Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:28:34 GMT)

Re: preferences

Re: Black Shogun
I totally agree pulling your cock out it’s taking it a little too far, gladly no one has gone that far with me that I know about; although I did end up with white stains once in poor taste and good thing it was late night.

From central America but live in the US and back then it use to be more of a common happening than now, busses tend to be over

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:14:16 GMT)

Re Shoges

That is why I flash smart, never flash with men next to you either, you have to choose the girl carefully, he was asking for trouble...smh

Guestz (Wed 17 Jul 2019 09:55:09 GMT)


That subway "flasher", and in my opinion flashers in general, are begging for trouble. I know I talk about my "dick out" exploits, but believe me there is a huge (no pun intended) difference! I wear clothes that help me conceal my tool in emergencies. I only choose venues that will be packed basically like sardines, which make it very hard to see below the waist. I rarely take it out in daylight h

1357 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 17 Jul 2019 09:09:13 GMT)


Those subway flashers gamble a whole different type of risk, I could never do that. He even did it on a very crowded train lmao.

But also, like I said, when black women get loud, they get LOUD.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 16 Jul 2019 17:00:44 GMT)


Because if you get caught you're more likely to get this:



Black Shogun!!!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 16 Jul 2019 11:04:47 GMT)

Dicks out??

Stop taking our dicks out?? I’ve wrote before about how a teen put both her hands behind her and stroked my rock hard dick that was out of my joggers. How can we stop when there are women like this!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 16 Jul 2019 05:03:55 GMT)

A lady speaks

STOP taking your dicks out . . . in other words . . . do as I say, and not as I did LOL! Also, since you ordinarily have no idea going in if you are "the right guy" (which will quickly turn into being "the wrong guy" if caught with your dick out), always proceed with caution.

Guest (Tue 16 Jul 2019 03:53:10 GMT)

A female’s perspective.

Hi. I’m new here. And a girl. I’m 17 and in secondary school. I used to think of myself as someone who would stand up to sexual assaults. Hell I’m even a black belt and an athlete. Reckon I could take on the average perve on the tube. But after what happened to me I guess my perspective has changed somewhat.

So I’m in the train on the way to school. Attire is standard uniform, whic

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Max Mond (Tue 16 Jul 2019 01:38:21 GMT)

All women are players....for the right guy

Women are all players....for the type of man they like. If you are their type, you can have anything. If not, does not matter how good looking you are, you get nothing but elbows and handbags. This is the reason women complain about menfretting, yet for the right guy, they are open (literally) to anything.

HandsOn (Mon 15 Jul 2019 15:24:16 GMT)

Moslem/Desi Indian Girls (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

It has been written on this forum before about Desi Indian girls eating ghee. I have only ever been on two Desi girls, but man it was nice. Soft, touchable, deep, sinkable and squirtable! I beleive they are also super horny, but yet to test. Moslem girls I am very very careful around, although in a thick crowd I have had a slide, feel and cock rest, sometimes even through a burka. Even with just the eyes showing and looking at the ass and how young and handsome the husband/boyfriend is, one can still work out if she is a 7-9 under the burka.

Guest (Mon 15 Jul 2019 00:12:10 GMT)

Got some Questions

I got a few fast questions, if someone would give me the rundown it would be very appreciated.

1. What are some good pants for frotting? Preferably a pair that doesn't make you stick out like a sore thumb at a festival/parade/concert/etc.

2. Got any tips for goin in hard during the day? Normally I stick to night venues and all that but them booty-bumping music festivals got me worked up!

3. Are those oops69.com videos legit? I keep seeing them when I search but something tells me its scammy

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 14 Jul 2019 17:11:01 GMT)

Guestz also wrote . . .

"Same with girls that will let you cum in their mouth! Ain't a lot of 'em, but they're out there!"

I am well aware (believe me), and this is more common than most "civilians" probably realize. Bust all over their mouth and lips . . . and fuck them in the ass (for real). I'm well aware (wink, wink) . . . "playa". What I been doing for the last three years LOL!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 14 Jul 2019 17:06:23 GMT)

Re: Guestz

Guestz wrote: "Women can get off by the rubbing we do, and can also rub their tits against a man/women and receive stimulation also." That reminds me of a post I made here many years ago (see specifically RUB MY TITTY):

(Mon 13 Jan 2003 23:56:21 GMT)


Shogun has had many, many experiences over the years. Some of them could not fill out one of my full-fledged stor

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Guest (Sun 14 Jul 2019 13:59:58 GMT)


The players are out there very few far and between but their there i wrote a story here a few yrs ago about one called

(shes a player) type it in at the bottom it will pop up i have a regular i cuaght about 4 times the last time i caught her she took her backpack off and started grinding against me so hard she pushed the lady that was on the side of her out the way so she can get a better

1120 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sun 14 Jul 2019 12:56:33 GMT)

Re: Shogun

I think I mentioned that they (players) are rare in my last post. They are. But when you have been at it a long time and had the chance to have run into several, you do know they exist. Not only that, I've heard females (of course not a lot) talk of "ouwie, girl he had his dick on my ass, and it felt big!). Doesn't mean that they want it exposed and squirting on them though! But then there's a sma

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 14 Jul 2019 07:32:12 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Preferences

Guest wrote:"Shogun doesn't like the word 'player'". That's not true. I don't have an issue with the word itself. What I don't like is those who would suggest that every girl they've been rubbing liked and/or consented to what they were doing, call them "players" or whatever.

And can't women speak for themselves? I mean, the have access to the internet just like we do. If they like it

1051 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Sat 13 Jul 2019 20:33:55 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest

This is my take on it, and I've been at this for 40+ years: I don't want my target to know when I'm grinding on them, at least not initially. I prefer them to be oblivious while I destroy whatever part of their body I'm working on. But over the years there have been those that joined in what I was up to. Shogun doesn't like the word "player", so whatever you want to call it when a girl is smiling

1189 more byte(s), click here!

Guest (Sat 13 Jul 2019 14:32:12 GMT)


Femaleguest, it depends perhaps, what country you based?

Stizzy1fiddy (Sat 13 Jul 2019 14:15:33 GMT)

Red Dragon

Thanks bro, I fucked up by not tucking in my tshirt so you could see my rock hard boner but I'll keep that in mind for the event next month ;)

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 13 Jul 2019 13:21:58 GMT)

Re: Femaleguest - Preferences

I always preferred my targets to be mostly oblivious to what's going on (or at least act like it), at least until it's too late and I already "nutted". Despite what the writings of many here indicate, I know full well that most women are NOT players or enjoy being groped by some strange guy, especially if he's got his dick out!

The classic clinical definition of a frotteur is somebody wh

689 more byte(s), click here!

Femaleguest (Sat 13 Jul 2019 10:55:36 GMT)


I always wonder what do you guys prefer since I’ve read on here that some love when the female is willing to be game and acknowledge what’s happening,or by my personal experience when it has happened to me I try to act as if I’m unwilling, oblivious to what’s going on or just timid to say or do anything about it, and it seems to turn them on even more. To clarify I don’t go out looking to be groped, wouldn’t know where to start; but the times it has happened I’ve enjoyed it, mostly the frott part.
Guess I have the ass for that lol 😝

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 13 Jul 2019 09:57:32 GMT)

Re Stizzy1fiddy

Great vid, those girls were hot!

Guest (Sat 13 Jul 2019 07:29:39 GMT)

Re: JWTM - High School Seat Grope

Well if my knee could nut I would be impressed, but since it can't. Hahaha!

JWTM (Sat 13 Jul 2019 07:11:48 GMT)

High School Seat Grope (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Quick story of one of my most memorable groping experiences, while there aren't much to really name though. It goes back to my time in high school, freshman year. My english class was watching a Romeo & Juliet parody film. I sat behind this one averaged looking blonde hair chick, we will call her Ashley. We've known each other for a few years now, and were always cool to one another.

3346 more byte(s), click here!

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Fri 12 Jul 2019 18:26:29 GMT)

Re: Guest - Untitled

I'll say thanks for posting the links to those Youtube videos. Without delving into detail, I know what's going on in those, including who MAY be taping and posting.

May be some fallout as a result.

Jr (Fri 12 Jul 2019 02:56:32 GMT)

Groping content

Hi everybody. I used to post things here before so I welcome anyone to come check out my videos of groping (most of them are anyway). They're all originals. You can add me as well if you have an xHamster account and content.


Happy groping!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 11 Jul 2019 16:39:28 GMT)

Re Guest "It's hot in here"

Welcome to the board, hot story, please feel free to share more

Latinchikan (Thu 11 Jul 2019 15:12:16 GMT)

memories (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

I wouldn't call my self a professional chikan but I did start at a young age and my favorite spots or situations where always public transportation, either buses or trains (subways) in high school I used to enjoy it almost daily too bad that here in the states is very difficult besides going to concerts or something, anybody have similar fun memories?

Guest (Wed 10 Jul 2019 23:47:05 GMT)

It’s hot in here.

Hi to all. Just wanted to share some of my stories. I’m currently working in a city in South East Asia. Been here 2 years. It’s humid as hell but the plus is the ladies here wear really light clothing. The racial demographics are Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians and the foreigners who make up the rest. I myself prefer chinese and malay women as they are open to a spot of frotting action. In

3184 more byte(s), click here!

ChikanNovice (Wed 10 Jul 2019 18:07:27 GMT)


Do you have a xhamster account where we can see your videos?

Stizzy1fiddy (Wed 10 Jul 2019 15:12:22 GMT)

Big T

I know for a fact you don't know me personally because I've seen you in action before on the central line lmao, London is a small place.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 10 Jul 2019 14:10:03 GMT)


Such a small world. I know exactly where this man was and who he is lmao. I didn’t go to that festival this year but I damn sure know I should’ve!

Guestz (Wed 10 Jul 2019 13:38:39 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun

Yeah a girl just like this one in your post walked into the gas station yesterday. She had on a grey see-thru dress exactly like that one, but she was about six feet tall with heels. I almost lost it! She went back to the cold beverage aisle, and I thought about following her back there as she bounced that ass from side to side, then decided not to. I could have caught her coming up one of the narrow lanes and "accidentally" sideswiped one of her thighs but I was a little nervous! No one saw her go back, but I saw what she was packing! As soon as she came back out in the open all eyes were on her!!

registered member: Narflarf (Wed 10 Jul 2019 00:35:44 GMT)

Festival Season

I'm working on Pervert's Paradise 6 at the moment, but want to wait until the end of festival season to finish putting all the clips together. I have a huge festival coming up near the end of summer and can't wait. It's a rave festival which means tons of skimpy/slutty outfits! But honestly, preferences aside I feel like white girls are more submissive making it easier. As a black guy that has lived among many black & Latino girls let me tell you most had no qualms about making a scene in public lol.

And I really wish all the beef here could be squashed. I just want us to share all of our chikan experiences without judgement, you know?

Guest (Tue 09 Jul 2019 18:50:07 GMT)


Good luck Freddy, but happened to your other stories bro? we're looking forward to reading them, especially the chick with the wedgie!

Freddy Johnson The Third (Tue 09 Jul 2019 16:44:49 GMT)

Ticker Tape Parade nyc

its Hat trick time. I have a bad memory so ima post during the event. Wish me luck u coons. Gonna be a lot of white ass

Guestz (Mon 08 Jul 2019 22:45:13 GMT)


Man y'all know I like cumin on those white girls! But this year I'm goin' back to black. I'm taking a break from the usual and giving the sisters a chance to milk me! That big fest coming up is shaping up to be a whopper! I'm just crossing my fingers that it doesn't attract the wrong elements since it's gonna be so many great acts on the bill. Bad elements at these type of shows can go sideways with the wrong folk. But if all goes well and the weather holds up I'm gonna bust!

Arm Humper: allrounder (Mon 08 Jul 2019 21:44:36 GMT)


I have humped many black women and I don't find them specially troublesome. Less than one out of a hundred say anything to me, and those who explode on me are even rarer. Some black damsels treat it as a joke even when they are unwilling; they will turn down my offer and then laugh about it with their friends. It is easy to stay out of trouble as long as you do not behave aggressively. I do not know if black women from the Caribbean are different to those from the U.S. where openness to frotteurism is concerned, but it's worth remembering that twerking and freak dancing are in the DNA of both groups. We have been doing that forever, and frotteurism is only one step away from freak dancing.

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 08 Jul 2019 18:04:04 GMT)


Listen. I’m so scared off black women im almost at the point where I don’t even dare touch them.

White women, on the other hand, just give and give it up. I’ve had times where a woman has been hesitant to give it, turn around take a look at me, and then turn back forward and practically stroke my cock with her crack for hours on end. White women, in my experience, are ALOT more willing if they aren’t the racist type.

Black women, I’ve had some players, but man, it’s rare for me these days. Because when they get loud, they get LOUD. Indian, I haven’t done many lately, but when I used to. Man oh man that’s a different type of booty altogether

Stizzy1fiddy (Mon 08 Jul 2019 12:56:52 GMT)

Chickans paradise (Video included) (WARNING: she may be 14-16 years old)

So I wen't to the festival on the weekend and it was absolutely packed with sluts in the most skimpiest outfits you could imagine, I chikaned so many girls from white, black, Indian to somalian and most of them were Teen whores.
I've never seen a place so packed as it was for this particular group (No exageration, multiple people were collapsing and had to get carried out lol). The group couldn

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registered member: Narflarf (Mon 08 Jul 2019 03:58:36 GMT)

Re: Guest54

I never thought about race like that but it's an interesting perspective to have. Some white girls may not want to jump to conclusions and seem racist by assuming that because a black guy is close to her he wants to grope her. It may be even more present with liberal white girls that are all about supporting minorities and representation.

Then there's obviously the white girls that fetishiz

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Guest 54 (Sun 07 Jul 2019 19:25:26 GMT)

Summer is in full swing

I'm the kind of black chikan that loves white meat. Summer has brought out the skin in my town and I gotta find a club or concert to go too before it's over! For the 4th of July I was at a fireworks show that was packed with white girls barely wearing anything. I groped so many with no reactions at all. I think I like white girls for 2 reasons. They always wear shorts and the skin just feels diffe

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sun 07 Jul 2019 03:24:17 GMT)

Pearls of Wisdom

It was written that "a big belly can get in your way when you are trying to hump a woman". We eagerly await any other pearls of wisdom which you may want to share with us.

noob groper (Sun 07 Jul 2019 02:19:45 GMT)

first experience

Hey guys, I know you get this kind of post often, but I'd just like to share the first 'real' experience I had.

I've been lurking on this site since I was 12 or so. I'm 20 now, never posted before. I'm not sure when I acquired this fetish, I think it was when I was a kid and ran into chikan porn once, got me hooked.

my experience has been all over the place. i live in a city with an

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afro d (Sat 06 Jul 2019 22:30:31 GMT)

Re: Guest - Caught on Camera

i have spotted more than two chikans in the youtube vid. and yes the black chikan although not necessarily a novice has a sluggish chikan style that attracts attention to himself. the chikan with a black tshirt and a black baseball cap worn backwards has a much smoother style. and the old guy standing behind the black chikan who once in a while tries to catch a peep (hate it when dudes peep like that)

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 06 Jul 2019 12:00:02 GMT)

Movie Premiere

Here's another one at a movie premiere that a lot of you have probably seen before. Again, in broad daylight and even more obvious. I have never been to one of these, but always thought it would be cool to go to one. But, I would prefer something more crowded, and with the cover of darkness LOL!


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 05 Jul 2019 12:18:52 GMT)

Re: Big T - Acting nervous on purpose?

That's never a good strategy. And in his case, he failed and is caught on camera doing what he's doing. I think all of us seasoned chikans conclude that he's trying to hump . . . with his big belly self . . . and was spied out. On camera and on YouTube no less!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Fri 05 Jul 2019 07:24:03 GMT)


Although his style is not something I would do, I have seen chikans who act mentally ill or disabled. He could be pretending to be overly anxious/unstable to avoid suspicion. It’s like those Chikans who pretend to be visually impaired. It works for some people.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 05 Jul 2019 04:28:03 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Caught on Camera

Narflarf exactly. That was the other comment I was going to make. Having a fat belly is an impediment to successful butt fuck chikan. Unless you just happen to get off on rubbing your navel against a girl's back! That would be weirder than humping arms if you ask me LOL! It's best to have a flat stomach as that makes it far easier to approach and successfully make/maintain contact.

registered member: Narflarf (Fri 05 Jul 2019 00:37:29 GMT)

Re: Guest

Not sure if the dude knew that girl in the video or he was just having casual conversation with her, but he made things too obvious. Being cautious is a must, but being too cautious is a curse. Looking around too much draws suspicion, and fanning yourself with your phone of all things makes you look like an idiot.

Can't clarify as I'm a thin chikan, but it looks like his belly is groping her ass more than anything else. As said before, I wouldn't try that in daylight with such a small crowd. Dude is an amateur for sure.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 04 Jul 2019 07:07:39 GMT)

Re: Guest - Caught on Camera

Naw, naw . . . naw! Totally not my style! I would never try to do that in broad daylight with so little crowd cover. But, I would say that the guy's technique is not TOTALLY bad as none of the people around him seem to know what he is doing. It's just that some extra observant "looky loo" zeroed in on this guy and was able to pick up what he was up to. And the guy drew attention because he is acting a bit to nervous. You can easily catch him looking down at that FAT butt too LOL! Guy better go somewhere and lay low for awhile.

Guestz (Thu 04 Jul 2019 04:14:08 GMT)

Re: HandsOn/ EasyRider

The one in the blue and white gets my nutt....
EasyRider: so the "white" festival finally gets it! Just announced they are adding new artist! I guess they read some of the complaints and are scared it's gonna bomb! We'll see who they ad. If it's good enough maybe I'll sell a kidney!

Guest (Wed 03 Jul 2019 22:51:27 GMT)


Grope Guest:
Re: Black Shoges hope it ain't you!!

Hey Black Shogun buddy, I hope this ain't you caught on camera...

HandsOn (Wed 03 Jul 2019 20:10:42 GMT)


Webmaster: ayashi. My post "stars, stripes and crack" seem to be missing attachment sent with the post. Would these be able to be added to the post please, otherwise the post seems to be somewhat meaningless. Since pulled of an internet site would there be copyright involved? Then my bad for future reference. Thankyou

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 02 Jul 2019 16:24:30 GMT)

Re: Easy Rider - Disguise?

Please expand upon that thought.

Guest (Tue 02 Jul 2019 13:34:14 GMT)



I knew a good one called for, but they shut down. You would be hard pressed to find something like this bbs anywhere else.

In the mean time... fake or real?


Stizzy1fiddy (Tue 02 Jul 2019 12:21:41 GMT)


Whats up bro! I haven't been actively hunting for arse to rub my dick on and grope on the tube & trains like I used to before.I feel like this whole metoo movement has exposed us chikans big time and is giving women the confidence to report it or speak up and there's a lot of looky loos now that might try and be a hero as well. I'm strictly a festival/concert chickaner now.

I miss the days when not everyone was aware of tube/trainer gropers and I could jump from train to train looking for the perfect oppurtunity :(

Femaleguess (Tue 02 Jul 2019 09:17:46 GMT)

Other chats

Just a simple inquiry, anyone knows if there are more frott rooms? Forums? Or chat sites for this? Even if in Spanish, just asking

Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Tue 02 Jul 2019 02:18:04 GMT)

Re: Guestz/BigFootBum

Guestz - Agree with your assessment of the festival options. The "white" fest has really taken a couple of steps back from its heyday. I would fly into your city specifically for that fest. Wouldn't waste my time on this years' version.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the "black" fest. In reviewing the lineup, I'd bet the average age of attendees will skew higher than you think

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webmaster: ayashi (Tue 02 Jul 2019 00:17:06 GMT)

June 2019 chikan award

Now is the time for the monthly award. Please nominate your favourite chikan writer for the man of the month.

HandsOn (Mon 01 Jul 2019 18:59:52 GMT)

Stars, stripes and cracks... (WARNING: she may be too young)

What is a man to do? Could not resist sharing Ana Braga and Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos playing on the beach. I dream of approaching the barrier at a concert and they are both standing there in tight lycra gym gear.

TheMan (Mon 01 Jul 2019 14:16:59 GMT)

looking busy and very focused (WARNING: she may be too young)

hey man. the performers are on the stage above you, not down there :-)

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Mon 01 Jul 2019 10:44:45 GMT)


Better research will yield better results!

I have definitely had some of my best chikan nights at free, local, outdoor music performances. Just need to research which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t. There will be a lot that aren’t.

WienerMan (Mon 01 Jul 2019 03:55:14 GMT)

Two free concerts really sucked

Attended two free concerts near my city, waste my time both times. First time it's a reggae concert at city square, the line-up sucked, both weren't famous, and both were late, and they never gathered a crowd large enough to do any serious rubbing. The audience were mostly black. Second time it's a rock concert in the park, they put a 2 metre fence around the stage, so people didn't gather at the front, also loads of seats, so many sat down. The bands were kinda old, mostly old people showed up.

Guess there's no such thing as a free lunch. Or maybe I need to study more about demographics of concerts.

Guest (Sat 29 Jun 2019 17:18:33 GMT)

Re: Bigfootbum

Bigfoot yeah I don't want to mention it by name, but it's just before the predominantly white fest, which is getting a lot of negative comments on its website. The Black festival I'm attending is really getting positive feedback from past concert goers and it's fueling my excitement. I'm starting to believe it's going to be epic. There's gonna be a wide range in age attending this one so I know I'm gonna have a good time. Can't wait to report back but it's still a ways off, so I suffer!

BigFootBum (Sat 29 Jun 2019 12:27:53 GMT)

Festivals and Concerts

This past March I got my chikan on in pants and bare rod too at a month long college beach festival.
Very fun seeing I ran into very game girls who let me put bare pickle on them. Lol
I went to my 1st concert ever this year and almost nutted bare until the girl that was game af that I was chikaning friend passed out because her dumbass got too high off weed making their whole group carry he

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Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Jun 2019 01:04:25 GMT)


I left out a word in my last post. I meant to say the following. It happened to me last year when I was returning home AFTER climaxing on a girl's shoulder.

Arm Humper: allrounder (Sat 29 Jun 2019 00:57:52 GMT)

Being Humped by a Woman

A guest recently asked if anyone had ever been humped by a woman. For years I dreamt about being shoulder humped by a damsel on the bus, as the guest was, and then it happened to me last year when I was returning home climaxing on a girl's shoulder. I wrote about it at the time, so I wont repeat myself, but it was great having a fantasy fulfilled.

HandsOn (Fri 28 Jun 2019 20:06:27 GMT)

Confusion time

Just some confusion starting to creep in with all the "guest" handles. I read a female and man guest post here recently. Can I maybe suggest if for instance your name is Tom Jones, and you want to post as guest that you post as "guestTJ"? Otherwise a proper handle will alsn be good. Can I also compliment some of the gorgeous rear ends pictures recently posted. Here in deep hot summer, love following behind teens on the escalators, with those shorty short shorts, with the butt flaps hanging out, and going cabong cabong cabong....

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 28 Jun 2019 18:55:28 GMT)

@Stizzy and Freddy the 3rd

Hey bros, where are the stories??

registered member: Buttmasher (Fri 28 Jun 2019 17:31:24 GMT)


@Shoges, have you ever humped and successfully nutted on a white girl that looked like this?? Damn look at her!! 10/10 in my book for sure!! She's actually a celebrity.. her name is Julianne Hough..

Chikan star (Fri 28 Jun 2019 04:05:04 GMT)

Unpopular girl

So its been awhile since I've posted but had to share this story. Last weekend I went out with my girlfriend and some of her friends from work. Five girls and me and one other guy a delivery driver from her job , an older guy kinda fat so we all go to this club and I notice the group of girls are kinda giving this one girl the cold treatment. so I ask my girl why she explains the others don't like

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night stalker (Thu 27 Jun 2019 22:19:18 GMT)

molesting a baby whore

Summer has me so horny. All these dumb little sluts are walking around showing off their tits and ass I can't control myself.

I molested two dumb bitches today including this little baby whore, Pic attached. She was probably 12-13 but with nice firm tits not huge but big for a little girl. She was wearing a tanktop that showed off her cleavage and her bra strap pulled up to push up her ti

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guest (Thu 27 Jun 2019 17:37:43 GMT)

Re: Big T image

I never post here but I like to read. But big t's picture of the girl in the shorts made me tell this little story from a long time ago.
I was at a beach once at 4th of July celebration and it was super crowded. As it got late in the evening everybody starts making their way to the pier to get a good spot to watch the fireworks. I think Guestz mentioned the beach before in his writin

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The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 26 Jun 2019 13:46:11 GMT)

Pic for my other post

This is the pic for my last post!

TheMan (Wed 26 Jun 2019 13:17:25 GMT)

do i really need to point him out?

use your spidey senses. he is right there in front of you

Captain_Chikan (Tue 25 Jun 2019 23:10:18 GMT)

That ass enjoy!!! (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

This beautiful girl had big round buttocks, I had to have them ... She ended up with my dick, I finished wetting my trousers ...

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 25 Jun 2019 18:53:56 GMT)


Two teens wearing denim shorts in a very similar way to the image recently rode the hell out of my meat.

The first one was with a friend who knew what was up. This teen just pressed back and kept going on her top toes and back down, she never flinched. I was also in shorts, so so could feel her soft thighs and calf on mine. God it was amazing. When the crowd looses after maybe half an hour

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Guestz (Mon 24 Jun 2019 18:39:51 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

Just a quick update on my festival choice: They are constantly adding more acts to the venue I chose because of it marking a significant milestone in its history. They updated the list of artists on the bill and it's starting to dwarf the other festival. I'm reading posts of people (white girls) actually jumping ship on that other festival for this one! Ouiwee! I'm getting pumped!

Guest (Mon 24 Jun 2019 11:37:14 GMT)


Hi all. I’m new to this site. Kind stumbled on it as I searched for people with similar experiences. Has anyone ever been frotted on by a woman? It happened to me a few days ago. I’m 20 & in university.

Anyway I’m lucky that I have a direct bus to school. Even though it’s a 45 minute ride, I get to sit and take a nap or read up on notes before class. I usually sit on the aisle

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Max Mond (Sat 22 Jun 2019 18:50:21 GMT)

Mosh pit

Mosh pit is great for anything: grabbing and squeezing any female body parts while knocking out the competition. I'm white, over 6'3' and 230 lbs (when fit), heavier when not fit. I stick out at rock and rap concerts. But that is what draws girls to me. I'm in my Latina phase now. Though I'm with a white girl now, I can't stop thinking about Latinas lately: Colombians, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans. I've taken a train ride after 6 months for just this purpose. I absolutely love Latinas, their dark sultry eyes, sensuous movements, different skin types and hair, and how they speak with their eyes.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 22 Jun 2019 11:10:11 GMT)

Re Ganzan

Looked good but I never frott anyone in jeans, done it a couple of times bare dick of course and it is just too painful

registered member: RED DRAGON (Sat 22 Jun 2019 10:54:03 GMT)

Re Guestz

Okay, I look forward to reading your nasty exploits ;)

Ganzan (Fri 21 Jun 2019 20:32:32 GMT)

Non-Verbal Consent

Non-Verbal consent?
Like this?

Guestz (Fri 21 Jun 2019 18:08:35 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon II

Red Dragon, I know you and I both love us some white girls, but at the same time I grew up initially learning my chikan techniques on my beloved Black girls! I expect different behavior from them than I do Whites and the like. While I know white girls will wear what I want and I can get away with touching, groping and cuming on them, it's a different expectation with the sisters. I've found that i

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HandsOn (Fri 21 Jun 2019 10:06:38 GMT)

Got ya...

Considering an interesting scenario here. Guest turns to slowly start filing out of an 42000 strong Coldplay concert, and someone mentions some shining wetness on her lycra shorts and cotton T-shirt. She gingerly reaches back, and immediately knows it is cum. It is sticky to touch, and still warm. Mad as all hell, she looks around, but can see no one obvious. She then heads to the security office,

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Guestz (Fri 21 Jun 2019 09:53:11 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon

The Black venue. It's a much better choice this year. Looking at video footage from past years there is a sizable crowd of white girls present at it. And by the list of performers this year it's probably going to draw from my traditional choice this time of year which is the white festival. Mind you, I say White festival because it is probably a 75/25 ratio white. I'm betting the Black venue will

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 21 Jun 2019 07:29:30 GMT)

Re Guestz

So you booked the black gig or white one?

Senior HS Groper (Fri 21 Jun 2019 04:50:33 GMT)

Groping 2 teens in bookstore (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Hey everyone me and my budds went to our local bookstore after school to see if we can find some booty. This will consist of teens so if you don't like that don't read it. We like them big, phat, small, tween, teen, anything as long as it's got shape. We found two girls, probably around 13 together looking at some items. We already know the plan, make sure no one is there, stay away from cameras a

3142 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Fri 21 Jun 2019 01:14:36 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun/Red Dragon

You know what fellas, I did some investigating via the Internet. Check some social media posts, and I came to the conclusion that the Black event is going to be huge while the White-leaning festival is really on the downward spiral. In fact, some on the White blog were asking me what and where my choice was gonna be!! So I went ahead and purchased my ticket. It's gonna be epic. And the exciting part is I've not been to this type of gig in a while so it'll be interesting.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 20 Jun 2019 17:41:27 GMT)

Re Guestz/ Narflarf/ Guest

My two cents is as you suspected go for the white concert, no contest.
I knew Narflarf was black, the reason his cock looks white is because the vids are filmed in night vision.
Guest I have cum on girls and as for cuming in my pants not going to happen!
But welcome to the board

Guest007 (Thu 20 Jun 2019 13:39:32 GMT)

Re: "Guest Player"

To the Guest Player that doesn't want to walk around with cum stains on her clothes: Why don't you meet us with the bare dicks out halfway? If you are a player why don't you just reach around and jack me off? I've had a player or two help me out like that before! She goes home with clean clothes and so do I! Happy as a MF! Cause if I got a player I don't want to cum in my pants!! Welcome to the board!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 20 Jun 2019 05:34:53 GMT)

Re: Narflarf - Black or White?

Well, the guy we've all seen parts of in the still pics is and/or looks white. Doesn't matter. Am I black or white? No, you're under arrest for having your DICK out LOL!

Black Shogun!!!

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 20 Jun 2019 05:31:49 GMT)

Re: Guest Player

Well, you all heard the lady. I TOLD you guys! DO NOT get caught wit yer fuckin' DING-A-LINGS out! OK??? Hahahahaha :-D!!!

Black Shogun!!!

registered member: Narflarf (Thu 20 Jun 2019 00:31:56 GMT)

Re: Stizzy1fiddy

Now that I think of it you are right about the demographic of white girls at rap concerts. I haven't gone to full on rap concert, but have had shows that feature a rapper as a guest or one of the opening acts and noticed how crazy the white girls get once they're on stage. They know the lyrics word for word while I'm trying to figure out who this random rapper is.

And yeah, I'm black lol, didn't think people didn't know

Guest (Wed 19 Jun 2019 23:17:19 GMT)

I'm a player but please keep it in your pants!

I consider myself to be a friendly girl, a "PLAYER" as you may all call me. I'm glad I stumbled upon this forum so I can say my piece.

At times, once in a while it's nice to share a moment of non-verbal consensual intimacy with a stranger as long as he knows the limits. Often times the experience is spoiled by you guys taking things a little too far. By too far I mean spoiling the experienc

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Guestz (Wed 19 Jun 2019 13:33:27 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun Advice

Black Shogun I think you're right- although I like the White girls and their bare skin and easy access when it comes to whipping my Johnson out, I will probably be a damn fly in the ointment at that White festival. Thanks for the input to you also Narflarf, although you made some sense that keeps me slightly tormented. I'll let everybody know my decision as the two events get closer to happening.

Stizzy1fiddy (Wed 19 Jun 2019 12:39:51 GMT)


I'd say go where ever you feel comfortable doing your business, you could be black and still feel unsettled and out of place at a hiphop event. I've always wanted to go to a rock concert because I know the oppurtunities in the moshpits would be endless! but no matter how I dress i'd feel out of place and wouldn't be able to grope as easily because i'd be paranoid that all eyes are on me lol.

Just so you know there are tons of white people at hiphop festivals if not more, it would have to be a pretty damn ghetto event for it to be anymore than a 50-50 lol

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Wed 19 Jun 2019 08:35:28 GMT)


Narflarf is black? Lmao. Thought this guy was white

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 19 Jun 2019 05:39:34 GMT)

Re: Guestz - Serious Question

Generally speaking, I say go where the girls you like will be. I like the white girls and the latinas, so there you go. But, you can't ignore the age of the crowd. If you're talking 13, 14, 15, 16 year-old girls, maybe you don't want to be in that crowd as you will stand out too much as a "creep". Any crowd that is 20's and up mostly, I say go for it. If that's not the crowd with the white girls (with their parents lurking around), then go to the other concert with the big, black booty!

Black Shogun!!!

Note: Narflarf, did you refer to yourself as a "brotha"? I thought you were a white dude LOL!

registered member: Narflarf (Wed 19 Jun 2019 02:50:04 GMT)

Re: Guestz

I'm in a similar dilemma myself. Money is really tight for me this month so I have to sell my beach festival tickets this month. Sucks because I never went to a beach festival before and I can only imagine all the bikini clad asses waiting to be groped. I do have a cosplay convention this month though, but that's more candid and upskirts than groping, but who knows if I'll get lucky in a crowd.

940 more byte(s), click here!

Guestz (Tue 18 Jun 2019 18:14:13 GMT)

Serious question

I got a dilemma facing me, and I really want to know what my fellow chikans would do if in this situation. Here it is: I have two really big festivals coming up that I need to decide between. One will gave a guaranteed amount of young, White girls that will undoubtedly be wearing shorts up to the ass, that I love to abuse. It's a two day affair at the end of the summer. The only problem is I will

835 more byte(s), click here!

The BodyBuilder Chikan: BigT (Tue 18 Jun 2019 13:51:35 GMT)


Many women LOVE IT. I think that is something that goes under discussed on this board. I’ve been well documented in how many times I have heard a woman moan in pleasure as I’m in her crack. I used to read that before and think posters were lying/exaggerating. They literally do. I even had one today that did, and she kept lying to her friend that it was because of a CRAMP lmao. But we both knew

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