paid for chika latino bitch in london

Fucking china virus has brought london to standstill. London was once chikan heaven so many woman here all shapes and sizes. Our city also attracted so many chikan blacks, pakistanis, white boys, yellow skins. Now its a barren city.

A few days i found a website and found a chikan columbian hottie her arse was so good and she was young 24 years old hmmm ohhhhh.

I paid her to come to my house when she arrived i moaned mmm ohhh corrrr

She was wearing tight skirts , juicy arse and long legs so i told her to stand and look in one direction. I bear hugged her and then lashed my tongue into her hair licking it twisting my tongue through her hair saliva gushed from my mouth into her hair ahahaha.

She stood motionless i then did squats behind her rubbing my crotch on her arse up down then began grinding whilst bear hugging her. My hard erection running circles around her peachy bum ohhhhh corrrrr ahhhhhhh.

We then got into bed and i began licking her face she got annoyed and pushed me away and said no. So i said ok lets fuck she put condom on and i started fucking her hard ahahahahah.

I began breathing hard in her face like perv ahahahhaahah. Like huuhuhhu.

I did sneaky one as i finished sex i licked her face again (advanced chikan technique) then told her to leave.

I wish lock down would finish fucking chinese.

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