Dealing With Disappointment

This post is motivated by something that Chikan Expert mentioned. He spoke of how bad he feels when he humps a 3/10 girl "just to get his fix" and then he sees a much better looking damsel soon afterwards. I know that feeling, but for me the biggest disappointment comes when I am humping a woman and she moves away from me just when I am starting to cum, causing the so-called "ghost nut." Fortunately, this has not happened to me recently, but when I experience this or some other form of disappointment, I usually say to myself "better luck next time," knowing that ghost nuts are rare and that I return home satisfied to a greater or lesser degree 95% of the time. Since I use the buses, that "next time" usually comes soon after the disappointment, but I wonder how people who go to concerts manage when things do not go well. It must be crushing to know that you have spent a fair amount of money just to get a ghost nut and to know also that your next time for better luck may be many weeks if not months in the future.

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