They found her IG @Manasteel. Nice fucking ass man. I’d lose my shit if I saw her in a crowd.


I will most likely delete this video . Just wanna show you guys this amazing experience I had with this milf. There was sort of a street performance going on. The mother was leaned against the barrier and had her 3 year old son in front of her.

This lady let me move side to side on her ass, let me go as deep as I can several times (0:12 is an example). I actually did not cum in a min this time. I had my dick hot dog in bun style. Aimed downwards in her crack. I pressed my dick deep in her crack till I finally came in my track pants.

At 0:22 when my left leg twitched is when I started cumming. The rest of the video from there on I’m releasing about 8/9 days worth of cum. I was spurting and spurting over and over. I actually stayed behind her for another 20 more min trying to get another nut. I was not successful. I emptied everything out already lol

Thanks @sky the seeker I love that story as well.

Fuck on a side note, you know what’s the worst? The other day I humped this 15/16 year old with a 3/10 ass. I just chose her to get my fix. I came pretty quick. Hadn’t fapped in a while so that usually makes me cum quicker. After I finish . I’m looking around the train and I see a THiCK ass on a 18/19 year old. It was so fat and she was leaning her ass against a pole ;(((. Don’t you hate when you cum against a average broad or below average broad and seconds later you notice a thick ass across from you

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