guestz, I dont respect you no longer at all for putting that brother RIP on blast for all the effort he put in his lifetime on earth pushing equality for black people especially here in America.
I'm not religious by the stretch but I know the charity work that he's done for your people bruh and putting his picture out like that was some real lame ass fag shit to do in the chikan community.
I seen dumbasses on here complain about blowing covers by asking friendly questions like whats good "times" to chikan, etc. but you just took the cake by SNITCHING on a fellow chikan like that regardless dead or alive.
How would you feel if I hacked and doxed your information bro????? I WON'T, but point is, that would be FUCKED UP. Right?
Ayashi please do the chikan community a general favor that when one chikan exposes another chikan via uploading a photo that identifies them that you take the photo down or dont allow the post to go up at all.
That was some EXTREMELY messy shit guestz pulled. SMMFH!!!!!

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